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TlicIJciiIt of the Stale Convent inn
Held in linltiinorc
II I rlntl Venilnnfeil for
n ml Tlimiinx 1iirrtiii fur
Clerk of the- oorl of I he
Ilnlfonii doptoil lij the Delccnles
BALTIMORE Aug G Anil Gorman
and antt ltasln wore the key notes at the
Republican State Convention which met
al Ford s Opera House today and nomi
nated Herman S Plitt for State Comp
troller and Thomas Parran for Clerk of
the Court ot Appeals Chairman Golds
borough started the ball rolling in his
opening speech and the platform when
adopted clinched the light as the lsue
of the campaign The he ivy ruins during
the forenoon dampened the clothes but
not the ardor of the delegates Cabs and
carriages were in great demand around
the Rennert as the delegates started for
the Opera House which was well filled
when Chairman Goldsuorough rapped for
order at 12 30 oclock
Mr Goldsborough spoke in sonorous
tones in calling the convention tog ther
After he had finished his speech he called
for nominations for temporar chairman
and Ashley M Gould of Montgomery
County placed In nomination George
A Pearre of Allegan Count J Thcjoung
Representative fresh from the lctories in
Allegany yesterday came on the stage
escorted by Mr Gould Representative
William B Baker and Dr Washington
G Tuck of Anne Arundel Charles H
Llnville of Baltimore City was nimiil is
temporary secretary by Citj Chairman
Mason and Isaac U Price of Wicomico
and Guy B Grofft of Baltimore County
were named as assistant secretaries
Credentials of the various counties were
turned in and the counties then named
their representatives on the committees
on resolutions and credentials When
the lirst district of Baltimore Citj
was called it developed that there were
four Alrey and four Stone Mason dele
gates seated and lach wanted to name a
man on each committee Some country
delegate suggested that each should go on
the committee with half a vote and this
was instantly agreed to
The convention at 115 o clock took a
while the committees
recess for half an hour
mittees retired
William P Stone and a party of friends
occupied the boxes on the right of the
stage Senator McComas sat in the main
auditorium back of the delegations A
number of cltv and county leaders were
in the boxes on the left of the stage
The convention reassembled shortly af
ter 2 o clock Adrian Pose of Charles
Count Chairman of the Committee oa
Credentials reported that there were no
contests either in Baltimore City or
throughout the counties and recommend
ed that the temporary officers be made
permanent This was unanimousl agreed
Ashley M Gould the Chairman ot the
Committee on Resolutions made the re
port of that committee He first read
resolutions changing the constitution of
the part In slight particulars firt as to
the method of filling vacancies and sec
ond as to allowing all of the members
of the State Central Committee in a Con
gressional district In ears when a Con
gressman onl is to be elected to meet
among themselves and set a date for the
convention without bringing the matter
to the whole State Committee
Another resolution appointing a com
mittee of nine to be appointed by the
chair to make recommendations to the
next State convention two jears distant
of an changes needed In the constitution
of the part ovas adopted
Mr Gould then read the party platform
it was liberal applauded At one stage
a delegate from Howard Count Inter
rupted to propose three cheers for the
American flag
At a late hour this afternoon Herman
S Piatt was nominated for Comptroller
and Mr Thomas Parran for Clerk of the
Court of Appeals Both nominations were
1 acclamation
Mr Piatt was put in nomination b
George R Galther and the nomination
was sec mded b A L Drden I M It
Griffln of Calvert Count nominated Mr
The Republican State Central Commit
tee met immedlatel after the adjourn
mert of the convention
The following platform was unanimously
adopted b the convention
The Republicans of Mar land in State
convention assembled reaffirm the na
tional platform adopted at Philadelphia
Lnder President McKinley and a Re
publican Congress the United States has
become a great world power Industr
has revived Labor Is emplocd at the
highest wages The gold standard is firm
1 fixed Our export trade leads the
A Republican Congress has just re
duced taxes JWOC0W et our credit Is
the highest In the world Our national
Treasury in place of a Democratic defi
cit shows an increased surplus
In diplomacy the successful manage
ment of President McKinley In China has
added new glory to the American name
In Cuba the nations pledge is beinj
faithful fulfilled To Hawaii and Porto
Ilico American administration already
brings marvelous progress
In the Philippines insurrection has
been suppressed and civil government is
Meadily superseding military control
Under our Hag personal freedom and a
government of llbert regulated bv law
are the beneficent results fast coming to
the people of our distant possessions e
conPdently pledge our Republican Sena
tor and our Representatives in Congress
to uphold our great President in hi suc
cessf Jl administration to support the Re
puollcan insular policy now sanctioned b
the Supreme Court to maintain the pub
lic credit pnd to guard the protective p il
icy which hap brought us such prosperity
at home and an export trade which the
V jrld envlcs
a generation of fraud and vlu
lencc at the polls Republicans gave our
IeopIe peaceful fair and free elections
reaseesseel propertv and equalized the
burdt n of taxation in ease of the laborer
and the fjnner assesses JGOWO iv addi
tional st cls and bends gave free school
books to our children gave Baltlmurr i
modern city charu r refunded the public
Uebt at lower inlirest and so reduced the
leb that It would have been wiped out in
four or- jears of Republican rule
The lepuhlicjn part compelles offi
cials of the Gorman iUln administrations
to disgorge public mones and colletleil
lTibll dues from corpora
tion Republicans first gave In counties
and Men mlnorlt representation in th
idm plstration of our schools
In four years a Republican State ad
mlrhitration redeemed ever pledge
whe on It was ele cted In two ears the
prese nt Democratic admlnistntioii has
broken ever pledge whereby Democracy
regineel power It promised to pass laws
repress the great and growing evil of
tri The Democratic Legislature
d i bill to re eem this pledge which
the Democratic convention was ashame d
even tt repeat in this ears platform It
pledged a non partisan administration of
the poi ce department of Baltimore and
to emancipate the force from partisan
eontrn Instead the administration of
the a iice law Is u sham and a fraud It
pleeieo a reduction of State taxes et
Jn the regular session the Legislature was
xtravagant and corrupt beyond prece
tlent and in extraordinary session wasted
money on a partisan census useless to
the Mate but valuable to the Democratic
fatapalgn workers at the taxpayers ex
pense perpetrated a most unfair gerry
mander of Baltimore city districts and
made Itself Infamous by its unconstitu
tional disfranchising election law
Twice It defeateil the corrupt practices
act which it promised to enact Jt prom
ised a non partisan administration of the
public schools and jet promptly so em
powered a partisan Governor that he
forthwith turned out every non partisan
board and put the public schools In ev
ery count upon a political basis
The Republican party which redeemed
oil Its pledges to the people of our State
now gives these new promises which it
will as surely perform-
In the words of our own Declaration of
Illghts we reaffirm that the right of the
people to participate In the legislature is
the best security of liberty and the foun
dation of all free government
And every male citizen having the quali
fications prescribed by the Constitution
ouuht to have the richt of suffrage
Therefore a Republican Legisliture will
repeal our unconstitutional election law
and enact the bill prepired the im
association that formulated the election
law of lJeanel restore minliood suffnge
In Maryland
It will en ict the corrupt practices bill
prepared by the same organization and
thereby decrease or prevent the briber ot
It will take out of politics the police of
Baltimore Clt secure appointments 1
the merit sjstem and put an ml to pro
motions and dismissals for political rea
sons It will pass a new police bill pre
pired b the same organization
It will reinilite Itrlrafln elections It
J will adopt a compulsor primar election
law anu maiec uie primaries is m n
has made our general elections
It will bring the local control of the
schools In the counties near to the school
district and et remove It further from
partisan politics
It never legislates in reckless disre
gard of business interests but It is re id
h law to curl and defeat organized
trusts which stltle comp ttlon In trade
and to suppress all combinations which
cr Ue a monopol It passed the onl
Pedenil laws against trusts and In this
State will handle these problems with
conservatism and courage
The oster and crab industries of
Mar land give emploment and support
to a large part of our population In the
packing houst s and on board the numer
ous craft that take ojsters from the
waters of the State capital nnd labor
join hands and an legislation may be
declared unwise and hurtful that ueeei
lessl hampers the legitimate operations
of the one oi burdens or curtails the priv
ileges of the other
We condemn the Democratic htite
o ster law or ison in th it it has ere ited
a small -army of ollici Us selected from
the mercantile and other aveications with
almost unlimited povvrs and has worked
greit hardship upon both the packer and
boatm ih and placet burdens upon the
whole oster Industr too grievous to be
The ostcr beds and bars In some sc
tlons of the State are much worn and
need replenishing from these bottoms
m in thousand sturd citizens take their
livelihood and bring in Urge measure to
their various communities what prosper
lt the enjov
The Republican partv as in the past
pledges its best efforts in behalf of this
most worthv cla ss and favors th it legis
lation which will revive nnd replenish
these oster bottoms at public expense
All the rights which the ostermen and
crabbers have had in the past shall re
main to and be enJocd b them ar 1 not
pass into the possession of a certain few
who are depending upon Democratic leg
lslation to abridge ancient rights and
grab public territor
It will favor the planting of 0ster
shells on the barren lKttoms of our rivers
and bas and the enactment of intelligent
legislation to conserve the Important fish
Industr of the State
We appeal to all good citizens to unite
in defeating the selfish political bosses in
their consplrac begun with the extra
session to perpetuate themselves and
their methods b one sided elections and
to thwart the first purpose of that con
splrac by defeating the election to the
1nited States Senate of the Democratic
leader who dictated the disfranchising
election law to a servile Assemblv Their
victon would again fasten upon our State
the reign of corruption and violence over
thrown In 1S95 and enable them to en
trench themselves for a generation behind
a far worse disfranchising election law
than the jn Amerlcan lav we are pledged
to repeal
If we succeed we will defeat the elec
tion to the United States Senate of a man
whose views on tariff and finance fluc
tuate with political exigencies who Is
stable onl In unvarving control of the
Democratic part machine If we succeed
we will forever destroy the power of that
Democratic citj boss who beyond the
average span of human life has tolled
legislation and controlled Baltimore poli
tics for revenue onl
NfKro Convicted nnd Sentenceel to
Deiitlt in Uorty Minute
CANTON Ga Aug 6 Raymond Ross
the negro who assaulted Mrs Mlllei In
Cherokee County and was brought here
from Atlanta escorted by the Governors
Horse Gu irds was tried convicted and
sentenced to be hanged In forty minutes
Julge Gober ordered a special term of the
court and the negro was brought her
this morning As it was feared an at
tempt would be made to lneh him the
Gov ernor ordered a compan of military
to accompan liim
As soon as the train reached Canton the
soldiers IjS in number under the com
mand of Major Barker formeil a square
around the negro and he was hurried to
the courthouse A jur vvasS uickiy
obtalned the ev idence heard and the
stntence pronounced all in fort minutes
It cost the State Just to try him
Soldiers hive been calleel out several
times recently and each time the expense
account has been heav
Vn IiH roiisr of ir0000 Likely
W Illiln the liar
ATLANTA Ga Aug G The pension
roll next jcar will be increased HMOuO
Commissioner Lindse already has ap
provd the applications of 851 new in
digent pensioners forty four in the dis
abled class and ten In the old cl iss of
widows This makes a total of 901 new
applications that have been approved
In addition to the foregoing the pension
commissioner has also approved the appli
cations of 1017 widows of the new class
provided for under the act of the last
legislature and known as indigent
widows It wil1 be been therefore that
there are ahead nearly 2j0 new names
to go on the pension list
There will be at least 500 more appli
cations approved b October 1 next mak
ing a total of about 2 5Uu new ones in addi
tion to those alreJd on the rolls
Last ear there was paid out for pen
sions about JCDJ000 With the additions
herein stated tli reforc the pension roll
next car will foot up m the neighbor
hood of JOX
Iinr Gi neriil diirvvj to He Klrst
ltiho of iKoonii
PITTSroN Aug I The Rev K A
Garvc vicar general of the Scranton dio
cese monsignor of the lapal household
and pastor of fat John s parish here this
afternoon received the ollici il bull fiom
Rome appointing him Bishop of the ncw
I created dloqese of Altoon u
The document vv is accomp inled by no
informotoln In regard to the territor to
be included in the new diocese but the
monsignor sis this is no doubt in the
hands of Cardinal Giboons 1 he investi
ture will take place in bt Petirs Cathe
dral facrtnton the eirl part of
r the date being set as earl as possi
bl in ordir tint the new Bishop in ty ns
sst In the arrangement of details In th
form itlon of the dioc fee
icar Gtneral Garvey is one of the
most prominent elergman not onl of
the facranton dioccs but of the entire
Ke stone Stale His nam his on three
previous occasions been suggested for bish
oprics in the fatite During his two ears
Iastorate here he has accomplished the
erection of two chapels In suburban sc
tlons of this parish and has been an inde
fatigable work for the temperance cause
inducing over i0 numbers of ins parish
to take the pledge
His successor for the I ttston pirlsh Ins
not et been naned
V Ieiiiis Ivitnlu foul roiiipmiH Mu
nlelpiil lnterprlHi
ALTOONA Pa Aug 6 The Lick
awnnna Coal and Coke Compan has Just
let contracts aggregating fc0f for the
building of the town of Waerhum named
in honor of the president of the compan
Three hundred houses four churches
two schools a town hall llrehouse nnd
a public park arc provided for In the con
The Pennslvanla Railroad Company Is
running a line Into the field and Waer
hum will be the terminal point The
company is opening several of the largest
and best veins of coal in thu bituminous
DeliKite FIikhI Disc ussps the Ques
tion of Sulhifre
lie Ilcclnrcs There Is No Inline
for n Iiiukc in the ColiMlitntioii
Which Will Dlsrriinehixe Vnj Con
siderable Number of Nt liltr Men
RICHMOND Vn Aug fi Discussing
the work before the Constitutional Con
vention II D 1 lood who represents Ap
pomattox Count In the bod said today
Without divulging the secret delibera
tions of the Suffrage Committee of which
I am a member I mav sa that sufficient
progress has been made to establish the
fact that the report of the committee will
pncticall disfranchise no white man
No matter whether the right of franchise
be based upon a property or an education ll
qualillcnion or some other qualification
there Is not the slightest chance for a
suffrage clause tint will dlsfrinchlse any
considerable number of white men It
will carr out the Norfolk pledge upon
this point The convention was called
for the purpose first to eliminate the
negro vole to the utmost practicable ex
tent and sccondl to reduce the taxes
and the expenses of operating the gov
ernment If these two objects are ac
complished there Is no combination of
opposing influence that tan defeat the
I use the expression defeat the con
stitution because thero ought to be no
question no hesitation about submitting
the constitution to the people by which
I mean the whole people those qualifies
to vote under the present constitution
Judge Harrison tells me thit If thus sub
mitted It will carr b a thousind major
it in Iredcrick County whereas it will
in his opirlon be defeateel by a thousand
v ctes if submitted to an abridged elector
ate Judge Campbell or Amherst and
various other members tell me that In
thlr counties It will stand a far better
charce of ratification if submitted to the
unabridged rather than the abridged elec
In regard to the reduction of taxes Sir
riood said
Perhaps I should have confined my
remark to a reduction of the expenses
of running the State government But
In this connection I will state I am en
gaged with Judge Harrison nnd some oth
er members in formulating a new scheme
of taxation Our plan is to practically
relieve the people of all State taxes upon
I real and personal property I believe it
can be demonstrated that these classes
I of property real and personal estate need
only bear the burden of taxes for county
and clt or corporation purposes and not
for operating the State government This
would do away with boards of equlllza
tlou and all th it sort of thing and bring
about the result that personal propert
would bear its commensurate share of
taxation with real estate in county and
clt taxation It would result in greatl
reducing the taxation on these classes of
propert In m section It would reduce
it one half
B the proposed sstem 1CX000 would
be taken from the revenues oX the Com
monwealth and in order to make this
up the towns and cities would have to
surrender their right to tax railroads and
other corporations Without increasing
the tax upon these coijiorations there
would be an increase of between JeXlOM
and 5000 on the revenues of the Ftate
The counties and municipalities would
lt have to surrender the right to im
pose license taxes upon the sale of Jiquor
and upon all similar licenses The differ
ence can be made up b turning over to
the State all the tax upon railroads and
other corporations and b increasing the
liquor license tax This liquor traffic will
stand a much heavier tax than the pres
ent one
Colombian Illplomnt Here Discredits
Snclt Reports
The State Department received no in
formation csterday regarding the war
fare In Venezuela and Colombia In fact
the department has not been official ad
vised that there is a war between the
two countries All the news which has
eome to the department is merel to the
effect that the United States Consuls fear
that American trade may be interrupted
by the revolutionary movements now in
progress The scene of the reported trou
ble is several hundred miles from the
nearest United States consulate and more
than 100 miles from any seaport so that
reports of the movements of the various
armies arc vague and unreliable
Senor Herran the Charge d Affaires of
the Colombian Legation doubts the au
thentlclt of the nllcged reports given out
in New York b Senor Guerra the Insur
gent representative there He said es
terda If the battles reported b Se
nor Guerra had rcall occurred I would
undouUcdl have been advised b cable
Senor Herran has received a letter from
the Acting President of Colombia Mar
roquln dated Jul 9 reporting that Gen
eral Uribe Uribe the insurgent leader
was at Manealbo on the Venezuelan
frontier tning to organize a filibustering
force to Invade Colombia The letter ex
plains that the Colomblin Government Is
not at all disturbed b General Uribcs
A cable report to Senor Herran elated
Jul J7 reports General Uribe still at
Maracalbo and the situation unchanged
Mr Herran declares that the Govern
ment has a force of about 120U0 men con
centrated In the viclnlt of Manealbo on
the frontier read to meet the Insurgents
and thit altogether Colombia Ins 51000
men who can lie calleel upon In an cmer
fenc There is nothing in the advices to
indicate thit the frlendl rel itions be
tween Coleimbla and Venezuela have been
termlnet d
J he Depirtmcnt of State Is still without
Inform itlon later than tint reeeiveel fist
week which gave no news of an bittle
but merel lnulitcil i fear on the part of
the L nfted States Consul at Oilon that
trailic micjit be eIsturbel should the two
countries ge to v lr
I In Vim ier r still ill I nrgi
HAGiniSTOWN Aug C -George Bur
tell the nero wno w is shot in a crap
g ime on Sundav is dead William How
ard who s ehirged with the sjuioting
escape d during the commotiem which fol
lowed and is thought to hive made his
wa on a freight train either to liarns
hurg Pi or Cumberland Howard is a
small ellow man with a voice like a
woman s
1 lie Klnel of ConVe When IoMtini In
Well Millie
Three great coffee drinkers were m
old scheiol frienel and lie r twe d inghtcrs
They are alwas c irrplatnlng ami tak
ing medicine I determined to give them
Postum looel Coffee Inste id of coffee
when the visited me so without saing
to them about It I m ale a big pot of
Postum the first mornlrig using four
heaping teaspoons to the pint of water
ind let II boll tweut minutes stirring
elovvn occasional
Before the me il was half eiver e ieh
one pas e el up the cup to be refilled re
marking how fine the corTee was T lie
mother asked for a thinl cup and en
ejuireel as to th1 brand of colfee I used
I dldn t answer her question Just then
feir I hid b ard licr sa a while be f ore
that she eliilnt like Postum Iejeel Coffee
unless it wits more than h ilf old-fashioned
After breakfast 1 told her tint the
coffee she likeel so will at breakl 1st w es
pure Postum Pood Coffee and the re ison
she likeel It vvas because It was proper
msde tint is It wcj bolleel long eneiugh
tej bring out the llivyr 1 hive In e a
brought up from i nervous wretched in
valid to a fine conelltlem of phslcal
health bv leaving off coffee and using
Peistum lmiel Coffee
1 am eleilng all I can to help the w oriel
out of coffee slaver to Postum freeelom
anil hive e lrned the gratitude of nun
many friends Myra J T uller ItC Troost
Avenue Kansas Clt Mo
The- vliiiilc lpnl Cluirtrr to fin Into
KITcrt I In J
MANILA Aug new munlclpall
t will comprise thlrtx lht officials
twent being natlve s and elghte e n Ameri
cans The latter are at the head of a
majorit of departments Some of these
departments are as follows
Municipal board Senor Herrera Presi
dent Barr Baldwin formerl Unlteel
Slates Marshal at San Francisco and
Captain Tutherl formerl of the Twen
t -sixth Volunteer Infantry Kiev en na
tives are members of the advisor board
Clt Attorne cx Lleutenant Hausscm
with three native and two American as
Judges of the municipal courts Cop
tains MacManus formerly of the Thlrt
nlnth Volunteer Infantry an1 Liddell
formerl of the Twent -ninth
There arc also five native Justices of
the ieace chief of police ex Captain
Curr of the Llcvcnth Cnalr chief ot
the secret service ex Lieutenant Ttow
brldge assi ssor Captain Sleeper forrner
1 of the Thirty seventh Infantry
The charter will go into operation to
The following have been appointed
members of the insular constabular
Captain Golfsborough formerl of the
Port -third Volunteer Infantry second
assistant chief Simon Keldsteln quarter
master Henry Schack formerl a lieu
tenant in the Thirt -second Volunteer In
fintr commissary Gus Johnson dis
bursing agent and Captain Curry for
merly of the Twent -seventh Volunteer
lnfantrv chief cle rk
The Spanish Consul here has re
ceived instructions from the Minis
ters of State and War that no par
don will lie granted to Senor de lavera
a member of the Philippine Commission
He will also receive no decoration this
action Is taken because as alleged facnor
de Tavera wrote a letter to the former in
surgent general Geronlmo last April In
which he referred in an offensive manner
to the Spanish Government
Onl aiinor lucHtinim tn He Settled
Lnlrr Innsilovriic Snys
LONDON Aug C In the House of
Lords today Lord Lansdowne Foreign
Secretary said there was a general agree
ment on the Joint note addressed to
China with the exception of one or two
points referring to the indemnlt but the
amount of the Indemnity the rate of In
terest and slrkirg fund arrangement
were settled
There was a complete agreement re
garding the revenues selectid for the se
curity of the loan bonds An Important
group of questions remained in referenc
to commercial facilities which would re
quire time to settle It was questionable
whether these might not be handled in
some other place than Pekln by repre
sentatives of the great commercial inter
ests in the Hast
Lord Lansdowne jjurtlicr said he consid
ered the Powers wlsanqt to attempt tore
form the Chlnse Government although
that was needed He thpught that China
had received a lessejn wllch would Induce
a more prudent policy hereafter He con
sidered that the Anglo German alliance
which undoubtedly included Mahchurla
was most valuable Russia had agreed
that the Anglo Russian dispute at Tien
tsin should be Investigated Meanwhile
the had evacuated the goods ard of the
railway over which tha dispute arose
Russia hail not eiuallfieU in any way her
statement that shedld not desire perma
nent 1 to occupy Manchuria
PEKIN Aug 6 Tho Chinese troops
who were expected In the vicinity of Pe
kln for the last flvp daS have arrived
Between l0u0 and 2000 Infantry cavalry
anel artillery who came from the South
crossed the stone road leading to the
Summer Palace going north during the
pabt twent -four hours
This Is contrary to the orders that no
Chinese troops be allowed seven miles
from an foreign post but the orders ow
ing to the heavy rains- were suspended
and the troops were allow eel to use the
stone road leading around the city
sallnhiir N Son AkiiIii n Cnuse of
lnuKhter In Pnrlliiineut
LONDON Aug fi In the House of
Commons today Lord Hugh Cecil a son
of the Marquis of balisbury again amused
the House by his exhibition In accusing
the lit Hon blr John Gorst vice
president of the Committee of the Privy
Council formerly Solicitor General and
Conservative member for Cambridge Uni
versity of breaking a pledge he had given
to the House
The Rt Hon fair William Vernon
Harcourt Liberal former leader of the
Liberal Opposition with mock solemnlt
clnractenze el this as the most serious al
legation that had ever been made against
a master
Lord Hugh Cecil amid loud and ironical
laughter said ho deslnd to apologize if
he hid said an thing dsrespectful or re
flecting upon fair John Gorst s honesty
London Offset to the Brewing Pro
fe sMeirshlp In HlrinliiKliiiiti
LONDON Aug C Tlic Hon Mrs Ar
thur Bertrard Russell has headed a
moement to raise funds for the establish
ment of a chair of temperance In London
Iniverslt as n off set to the brewing
professorship at Birmingham University
Kiiirliiiiels III1I for the- enr Iteuehes
I ONDON Aug C In the House of
Ceimmons toda Sir Miehiel Hicks Beach
Chancellor of the Uxcheetuer stated that
the total imperial expenditures for th
jcar ending March 31 last iucluding the
war expenses were M Mix pounds
Port iilil Ill Police- lo Protect the
lukiof lork
C PH TOW N Aijg GrPrcmler Sir Gor
elun Sprlgg In reply U a protest from
Port Ulizabeth against the withdrawal of
a portlcn of the peVlice force of that place
for diit at Cape Trwu during the visit of
the Duke did Duchess of Cornwall and
iurk stated that lie Is pledgcel to his
Majestv s Government to t ike extriorell
nir measures feir thu protection of the
ro il party elurlng tlielf sta here
Ite suit of Ceinfe rem e em the lr
I e tiitCMiei - llotiueliir
Governor McMillln of Tennessee who
has been In conference with Governor
TIer of Virginia over the boundar
line between the tvrei States spent es
terda afternoon in the Supreme Court
I ibrar reviewing pjpers bearing upon
the control ers Governor TIcr re
turn el to Irglnl i ifter coming to an
amicable agreement with Governor Mc
Millln on tin question involved Thu
settlement vvas reaclieel after a confer
ence with the Commission under the
Co ist and Geodetic Survc established
to define the boundar To Governor Mc
Millln was delegited b mutual agree
ment the duty of s curing the origin 1
surves of the boundar cont lined In the
arehlves of the Supreme Court Library
The e xih uses of the commission were
dlseusee ami an agreement was reached
to divide the cost between the two
Mates Two of the commissioners are In
Government rmpleiy members of th
Co ist anil Geodetic Hurve The third
member of the commission is not In Gov
ernment service As the pa of the com
missoners did not exceed J10 er ill
the total expense will be well within 53000
Governor McMillln expects to return to
Tennessee todayv -
Selection of Atlinlrnl HowNon
Completes the Schley Court
1 he- tpiioilitlilent Ilrcelicel A itli Sn4
iNfnctlon li lloth slleH to the1 Con
trnv rr - A Piirtlnl 11st or v
to lie Culled Compiled
Rear Admiral Henry L How Ison re
tired Jns been selected to fill the place
on the Schle Court ofillnqulr made va
cant b the request of Admiral Klmberly
to be relieveel on account of HI health
This announcement was made esterdiy
afternoon b Acting faecretar Hackett
In response to a telegram from Mr Hack
ett Admiral Howlson wlrejd that he would
be able to serve on the court anil the
matter which has been hanging fire for
a week was thereupon finally settled
Admiral Howlsons name was one of
the four suggested to Mr Hackett by
Capt James Iarker assistant counsel for
Admiral Schley as being acceptable to his
client Captain Parker said that with
two ot three exceptions whom he named
Admiral Schley would bo satisfies with
an of the rear admirals on the retired
list and he made especial reference to
Admiral Howlson and threw others as be
ing epeciail acceptable The names of
those who were regarded as objectionable
cemld not bo learned
The selection of Admiral Howlson Is re
girded with m ieh favor by both sides In
Schle controversy In slgnlflng his
acceptance ef the assignment the ad
miral stated to the department that he
haei no bias or prejudice In the matter
and that he had expresseel no opinion
upon the merits of the case He Is an
officer of high honor ard integrit and
his brother officers declare that he has
steadfastly refrained from being drawn
Into the Schley controvers in any way
The Navy Department has compiled a
partial list of the witnesses who will be
summoned to appear and give testimony
before the court Orders have been sent
already to -those who are In remote parts
directing them to como home in order
that they may be hers at the time the
court meets on September 12 The ma
jority of the officers to be called upon for
evidence In the matter are close at hand
at places from which they will be able
to reach Washington within a few elas
The list Is not jet complete and additions
to It will probably be made as names are
suggested and certain points arise which
it will be neccssar to elucidate to the
The department has also received from
Admiral Schley a list of witnesses whom
he especial desires to have present
Acting Secretary Hackett has this list
but esterday ho declined to make it
public It is acknowledged however that
Commander Seaton Schroeder the present
Governor of Guam Is one of the officers
whom Schley has asked to have present
He vvas executive officer of the Massa
chusetts during the Santiago campaign
Orders detaching him from service at
Guam have already gone forward and
will be conveved to him b the Yorktown
which has been ordered to Guam He will
proceed to Yokohama Japan where his
wife and children are spending the sum
mer and from there will sill for San
Francisco He will doubtless reach Wash
ington shortly after the court convenes
During his absence Commander Wiliiam
Swift of the Yorktown will be acting
Governor of Guam It Is the present in
tention of the department to have Com
mander Schroeder return to Guam upon
the completion of his duties before the
Court of Enqulrj
Another witness requested by Admiral
Schle is Lieut Benjamin W Wells who
was his flag secretary oa the BrookIn
during tha Santiago fight He is at pres
ent on leave in Europe and orders have
been despatched to him to return in time
for the convening of the court Still an
other wltaess requested b Schley will
be Ensign William B Wells who is at
present attached to the Asiatic station
Rear Admiral Hcnr Lcurgus Howl
son vvas born in Washington nnd vvas
appointed to tho nav as acting midship
m in from Indiana on September 2b 1S54
He vvas at the Naval Academy from 1S55
to 1SZS and was warranted as midshipman
June II lts Ho was attached to the
steam frigate Wabash on the Mediterra
nean Squadron for a ear
Previous to the civil war he was serving
on the Pocahontas with the Gulf Squad
ron He vvas transferred to the Pawnee
and promoted to passed
irj u jsiii anil master February J fol
lowing He was present on the Pocahon
tas at the surrender of Fort Sumter by
General Anderson He was subseefuentl
empIocd in Chesapeake Ba and Poto
mac Rivr convoiug troops to Washing
ton He was nromoteil to lieutenant Anrif
J9 1SC1 and sent on special elut to outside
pichct poti at Clouds vims vj with
howitzer and crew sklrmishinir with
Stuarts Cavalry In September 1V1 he
was made executive officer ot the Augus
ta of Admiral Duiont s squadron He
took part In the capture of Port Itojal
1 liideu in command of a compan at T -bee
Island He was cngiged with rams
off Charleston in Isu2 He was later exe
cutive officer of tlie Nantucket and vvas
present at the engagements of Forts
Moultrie Sumte r and Wagner in 1S63
In August liW he was urdered to com
mind the Ble nviile and participated in
the battle of Mobile Ba in 1SGI Ies he
was with the blockading seju letron on
Cilveston He vvas made lieutenant com
mindir March J 1M and shortl aftcr
waiel was ordered to ordnance etuty at
the Washington Navy lard After the
civil w ir he occupiesl various positions
on shore dut and in command of the
M itlover tonstell itlon Minnesota ana
I nlteil States steimship Vindalia He
was mule ciptiln M ireh - 1ssj nnd was
In commanel at Mare island Navy lard
for sevenl ears from August I lsr
After being relieveel at Mare Islanel Ael
mlril Hevvbeon was placeel In command
nf the Bobton Nnvv Yard where he re
mained during he Spanish war He aft
rrwiml took command of the South At
Iintlc and was relieved b Ad
miral Schley
lie vvas retired on October 10 1SD3 hiv
ing attained the ape limit of sixt two
jears He has tnel fifteen ears ojvd four
months sea elut and twent -eight ears
nnd eiht months shcire Jut lie was
mail i reir idmlril November 2- 1S9S
dmlnl Howl on s home Is at onkers
N Y but he Is now snemling the summer
at Congress Hall Saratoga
Ilv S nntor Ihurstoii Will Veil lie of
111m Ceeiinsel
NEW YORK Aug 1 -Ex Gov Tohn M
Thurston of Nebraska who has been
talng at Atlantic Citv with his fimll
came to town this evening and went to
the Fifth Avenuo Hotel Mr Thurston
sail It was not true that he had offered
his services as counsel to dmlnl Schley
and he adeed tint he was not going to
He slid tint he thought Admiral Schlev
li id the better of It nnd as he vvas a
perstmil friend he hid scnt a telegnni to
him silng so That was all the interest
he had In the case
Tiie Schh controvers he s ild is
an unfortunate one I do not think tint
thrre is much new m itter to come out
but the whole stor li is never been told to
the nation connectedly and ns It should bo
will piss on it will be a fair one and that
lbere Is no doubt tliat tbe court tint
Its findings v 111 be In accord with the evl
ailiirtl Jrifle Reports I lint It linn
lletii lliiiliireef
Tho Signil Corps Olllce of the War De
partment esterdav received a coble
grain from General Greedy the Chief Sig
nal OlIlLr stating tint the cable between
C itobologan and Carrigar i had be en re
Gi m ral Greely announces tint he starts
from Catobologan for Bitangiis toda
The Ilent Prrse rljitlon for Miliaria
Chills and fever U a bottle of droves Tastclea
Cliill Tonic It is- uiniply iron and eimnlne in a
form ho no pay lrCe i
lie Iliils the Same- Inltlifnl
AvrnltliiK Him
Capt James Parker assltant counsel
for Rear Admiral Schle has returne el
from New York where he had a confer
ence with his cllcrt ana was at tho
Navy Department again jesterday ex
amining the papers anil records in the
cose In which he is interested He work
ed in the office of Secretary Long where
he was held lncomunlcado no one being
allowed tf Islt him while he was en
gigeel In his search of the records
He was still surrounded b the faithful
force of watchers from Rear Admiral
Crownlnshleld s office
IJeutenant Barnes who Is said to have
been personally distasteful to Captain
Iarker because he persisted in walking
up and down in the room to the anno
ance of the attorney was not In command
of the guards however This duty has
been assigned to IJeutenant Webster of
the Bureau of Navigation who was an
ctllcer aboard Admiral Schle s flagship
during the Santiago campaign
Captain Parker expects ti be engaged
with his work for svcral da3 to come
A Police Officer Fnfeill vVeiiiielrel In
n Charleston lloniee
perate battle was fought here tonight
between an armed squad of policemen
and a notorious banel of negroes
At 9 oclock the police received In
formation that a negro who Is supposed
to have murdered Mr Jones the chief
of police of Shelby N C was in a house
In Alexander Street Lieut John P Dunn
Lieutenant McManus and several ser
geants went to make an Investigation As
they started up the stairs the negroes
in the room opened fire Dunn was shot
over the heart and will die The police
squad succeeded in killing George Wash
ington colored and his companion Mike
Washington was captured
There was intense excitement but the
extra squad of police arrived -and pre
vented a serious race clash
Xvvo Men Severely Scourged In Dif
ferent Indiana Coantle
INDIANAPOLIS Aug G Two cases of
brutal whitecapplng occurred tn this State
and in counties remote from each other
In one case sixteen masked men appeared
at the home of Willard Gore In Howard
Count took him to the woods tied him
to a tree and whipped him until the blood
The charge against Gore was that he
was abusive to his wife who Is an inva
lid and to their four- ear old child After
beating Gore till he was almost lifeless
the mob threatened him with death if
he gave occasion for them to come again
Matthew McKcnzie of Monroe Count
was the other victim He too vvas taken
from bed at midnight by masked men
and brutall whipped with switches He
was then given five das in which to
leave the county The charge against
him was that he is too lazy to work nnd
is likely to become a cllargc on the coun
ty as he is getting old It Is said he re
fused to work in the fields last
week saying he was not well
The Louisiana Board Paid
for the Burnet Hnuie
NEW ORLEANS Aug 6 The Louis
iana leprosy board has been reimbursed
by residents of Jefferson Parish for the
leper house burned by incendiaries several
months ago
The board purchased the Elkhorn plan
tation in Jefferson and was about to
move the lepers there against the pro
test of the people living in the neighbor
hood when a mob set fire to the house
and burned it to the ground
There was no insurance but the peo
ple of Jefferson made good the loss by
popular subscription on the understand
ing that the lepers would not be settled
at Elkhorn
Directors Ilvconimeitd a Pool for
Coniiiiunlt of Action
NEW YORK Aug 6 The directors of
the American Cotton Oil Company today
voted to recommend the acceptance of the
prcpostion made by a stockholders com
mittee for the pooling of the compan s
stock under limited powers for a com
munit of action if necessary including
authorization for the sale of the pooled
stock should a bunch buer appear will
ing to pay not less than 105 for the pre
ferred and GO for the common
It was authorltatlvel stated after the
directors meeting that no proposition has
been received looking toward a consoli
dation with the Virginia Carolina Chemi
cal Company as reported or with any
other corporation
V linn Boiled to Death
NEWPORT NEW S Va Aug 6 While
R W Flowmov who was emploed at the
Consumers Light Heat and Ice Com
paqs plant was leaning over an exhaust
well filleel with boiling water esterdav he
lost his hilance and fell in He was dead
before he could be extricated
l elleivvstone M ork Comiiiciieleel
Representative Cannon the Chairman of
the House Appropriation Committee has
written a personal letter to General Gil
lespie the Chief of Engineers of the War
Depirtmcnt warmlv commending the
work which has Iteen done in Yellowstone
lirk b Capt Hiram M Chittenden the
cnMneei officer In charge of the national
park Improvements Mr Cannon has just
completed an exterslve trip through the
Tei lie Holler Inspector nt Mntiiln
The Secretar of War esterday notified
the Civil Service Commission th tt he had
selected from the three names submitted
Arthur G Rose of San Francisco for
appointment as boiler inspector in the of
fice of the captain ot the port at Manila
Philippine Islinds With other applicants
Mr Rose took the civil service examina
tion sevenl months ago and w is notl
fieel of his appointment esterdav The
position of boiler Inspector pa s -250 per
Certificates Issueel te ItnilKs
A certificate was issued yesterday by the
Comptroller of the Cu renc
the following national bulk to bein
business The First National Bank of
Dysirt Iowa capital 150000 Oscar Casey
Preshlent J II Lunemann Cashier
The ceirporile existence of nation il banks
wis ixtemled for twent cars as follows
The Seconl National Bank of Re
Pa urtll close of business August G 1921
the Union N itlonal B ink of Newpeirt It
I until close of business August t 1J1
POWHL On Monlje Vuguit 1 PHI If
beloved son of Vu utiw an I Hctecce j Powell
ai el kixtecn jurs nine UJs
rimera freem In residence 1012 lat
CjMtvl street on rliur aljv Vuini t S at 2
p m Relative anl frien U arc liimed to at
Ciiiin fton Ky papers eo
1UNS N The remains of UMlsI 1IVNNVN
will lie taken from trie vault it SI limt Olivet
Cemetery and buried on eelncsday 1 p m
usmt 7 10U cl
1111 1 Ifel hi rjee away 5oneby usrint
o 1 t at Z oelock a in at CIS seventh street
southwest IlsMl MMs Ill I IVs l j eI
nineteen month Iieloveel eluifiMir of Inima I
and Le slie Illllinsll
A precious out from in gone
voiee vie loves n etill
V pljee I vaeant in our home
Wliuli never can be fllUef
Iimrril private WrdnehJJv uust 7 ljOl at
p m
C MU I It On Hie morning of Vui iit 0 1001
V LTHt son of rrank N anl Mary J
Carver in hi twintv fourth year
luneral will take place from the residence o
lib parenU 1131 I Mreet northuMt Thnrjljj
nt A s e octbek u i interment urliate
The Chandler Letters Analllnir
Mr Ionicn Action
It was admitted at the Nay Depart
ment jesterday that ex Senator Chandler
hod tvv ice w ritten to Long call
lng the lattcrj attention to the attack
made Ufeon him Chandler and his con
duct durirg the time he was Secretary of
tho Navy by Rear Admiral Robl ry D
Evans in his bejok A Sailors Log
which was r ccntly published No action
has been taken upon the matter however
as at present It cannot be said to be under
consideration If anything is done toward
calling Admiral Evans to account for his
statements such action will be taken in
all probability by Secretary Long
Acting Secretar Hackett would not
make tho letter public yesterda al
though In the language of an official of
the department It is written In
Chandlers characteristic stle and
full of tire The second letter is dated
July 15 and as It came In while Acting
Secretary Hackett was away on his vaca
tion anel Is addressed to Secretary Long
Mr Hackett does not feel like taking any
action In the matter especially without
first having consulted Secretary Loig
Admiral Evans was at the Navy Depart
ment cstcrda and had a short talk with
Mr Hackett at which lime the matter of
the contioversy with Mr Chandler was
mentioned Upon leaving the depattment
Admiral Evans said in regard to Mr
Chardlers statements
So far as our relations are concerned
we are merely two private citizens I an
sure he is not my superior nor was he
when my book was published I would
take no orders from him If he has
made any charges against me I have not
seen them
Did you and Mr Hackett discuss the
matter he was asked
There was positively no discussion of
the matter I paid my respects to him
that is all
It is learned positively however that
Mr Hackett called Rear Admiral Evans
attention to the Chandler letter While
no formal discussion took place a copy
of the letter will be furnished to Rear
Admiral Evans and he will be given an
opportunity to make any reply he may
desire The letter does not ask the court
martial of Rear Admiral Evans nor does
it request the appointment of a court of
enquiry Into hl conduct
Total Vnmbrr of Dead in the Piilla
delphla Explosion Unkno rn
PHILADELPHIA Aug 6 Three hun
dred men will work all night dea ins
away the ruins of last nights explosion
on Locust Street near Tenth The deaths
at present number seven Only one body
that of Lizzie Mountain taken out of the
ruins of her home has been Identified
All the residents of houses destroyed
have beren accounted for but it is thought
that there may have been some ner -
on the sidewalk who may be burled
Her Aliened Husband Found Dead
in the lard
BOSTON Aurr 6 Mrs Nellie HteiVes
forty years old is held without bail on
the charge of murder She Is charged
with the murder of John Eldredge with
whom the police claim she has lived as
his wifo In Charlestown for the past
eight months They roomed together at
a lodging house on Chelsea Street They
frequently quarreled
Yesterday morning Mrs btokes aroused
the other inmates of the house and told
them her husband was missing from their
room An Investigation followed and the
body of Eldredge was found in the back
yard It was evident that he had either
fallen or was pushed out of the window
three stories above
An Axed Ilnltliuorrnn Tahes an
Overdose of Laudanum
BALTIMORE Aug d Jacob Berger
seventy years old who for the past two
weeks has been making his home with
John Stromer 2000 West Pratt Street
swallowed an overdose of laudanum in
the garden of Emit Schellbergs saloon
1931 West Pratt Street yesterday even
ing Berger went to Undertaker Paulus
a short time before and told him to make
out his bill for his funeral expenses
When he swallowed the laudanum he
threw the bottle away Kate Elbers
kirch who lives at Mr Schellbergs saw
him take the poison She told Mr Schell
berg who notified the police and Ber
ger was removed to the Maryland Uni
versity Hospital It is thought he will
recov er
Yesterday Berger was to have received
a permit to enter Bay view but he asked
Mr Stromer not to go for It About four
years ago Berger s wife died He then
went to live with a niece in Canton
Some time ago he was admitted to the
Home of the Little Slstes of the Poor
When it was Iearneel that Berger owneel
a house on Payson Street the sisters told
hm It was against their rule to keep
anyone who had means of provieling for
himself About three weeks ago Berger
sold his house He received 5350 for It
He also had s0 which he kept to pay
his funeral expenses
Huron De v oelmont Alleges He Was
Ceimpelled to Gnmlile
BUFFALO Aug 0 Baron Thce dore de
Woelmont who sas he is a nephew of
the Belgian Minister at Washington sas
he was robbed of J10 at Niagara Falls
last Sunda He tried to get the Niagara
Falls police to act and declares he receiv
ed no satisfaction from them so today
he made his grievance known In the news
papers In oreler that the public might be
He says he entereel a place over which
a sign was dlsplaved designating it to be
the Midway- He was ushered Into a room
w he re gambllag was In progress and ho
alleges was fo ced Into the game urder
threats Alter he hael lost the moaey he
threatenee to draw his revolver If he
v as not allowed to depart He complain-
ea to eae pone migtstrate ne said but
was lnforr eel thit nothing couiel he done
except to close the place
car Narrcnton Established ltuO
I ccati n for health am social in
flutncci Prepare for btuiness coll se and Cot
eminent academic- Scbaion opciu bcpteiib r
19 Jtlrm
The Principals Bethel Academy P O Irginia
VcaJerny for bojs Home life and indlTldual
Instruction Terms mode rate Addre3
Cliff House cToaacUhquo
Lrnler new manaserrcrt MKS M D 111TCIU LL
of U aslimi rton Proprietor
HsiiiNf iTiiiNr itovmo cnmuc
ood Talk fcirncc Itated from
fi to ij per week
Addreiu illta M D MITCHELL for particular
JIHbrY COTTYRE Coon al Beach artesian
uell j to 7 a uerk 1 Mork j from wlurf
lavihon or front Call Uuital office Illl Pa
ave m mT 1
4 -
All the newest aad mot
attractive ttjles In cienj
hoes Black tain pat
cnt leather l qual to anr
made Z3U
U I3 IenB 1 rnnla A enoe
Eil Coms Wiisa Least Ep2leJ
Therefore keep the blood free from rbeumath
uric add poUcn by tbe ue of Warcer bafj
131 Perm Ave If H t titrton a C

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