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Number 26 i
His Conferonrc AVidi ShaflVr Gives
Uise to Many liiuuore
Hopes still Knterliilneil if n 1rncr
fill Settlement f the Strike He
rri It In the Wnj Tin- llnnp
Mills slowlj Kenuiulliir OlnTHliinj
PITTSBURG Aug S Samuel Jumpers
the President of the American Fisliratlon
of Lnbtr irrlid hen this morning had
a conference with M M lrland the ex
lYcsldent of the AmalRJitiittd Associa
tlon and then went over to the office of
President Shaffer Gompers was closeted
several hours with Shaffer anil when he
came from the conterence he refused to
talk He said he might make a state
ment lii the evening hut tonight he had
nothing to siy
It Is generally understood that American
Federation mm who have signed con
tacts with their emplojers cannot under
the rules of the order be called out on
sympathetic strike Gomperh visit has
ncce pt in part the proposition made to
him bv J Pierpont Morgan and Charles
M Schw ib
Because M M Garland was one of the
men who Interested himself in tring to
effect a settlement in the earlj dav s of
the strike some persons see more than a
coincidence In Gompers talk with G ir
land and sa it is an indication that
Gompers Is here for other reasons than
merelj to size up the situation espe
cially as Gomners also met tnnirht Jos oh
tmplojing men who Joined the Amalga
mated Association only last spring and
would also have sacrificed the sheet mill
at WVllsvllle Ohio
Xow the WellM HL plant has practicallj
been abandoned bj the Amalgamated As
sociation as it finds it cannot prevent
the manufacturers from operating it with
non union men The trust has as ex
plained demanded the McKeesport sheet
mill but it is Intimated that If Shaffer
will consent not to la claim to the four
hoop mills mentioned the trust will waive
Its demand for the McKeesport mill It Is
believed that Garland and Gompers can
obtain a settlement on these termb unless
Morgan and Schwab have now deter
mined to fight the matter to a finish
If Shaffer con ented to give up at least
the four hoop mills there would be a
dltliculty concerning the men employed
there whom he Induced to Join the union
Shaffer has been laving so much stress
on Jhe fat t that the men In non union
mills received from -0 to 30 per cent less
In wages than the workmen In union
mills tliat even If he were disposed to
give up the four hoop mills the strikers
might deem his consent a betraval of
their Interests
Shaffer himself has said since his re
turn from Xew York that the status of
the hoop mills was the only obstacle in
the wuv of settling the strike and de
clared that he would not betray his new
reeruits It is the fear of blame for a
betraval of union men It Is believed that
holds Shaffer from Informing the manu
facturers that he is readj to sign a peace
trcatv If fchaffer falls to make haste the
matter will he out of his hands
The hoop mill combine made a good be
ginning lu starting up the Clarke mill
jestcrda and the LIndscy McCutcheon
today and it is getting read to place
non union men in the Painter mill to
morrow It looks as if throe of the hoop
mills would soon be In full swing If
that should happen thf Mnalgamateds
chances of a favorable settlement would
be materitlly lets
Action I17
the Arclililftltofi
steel strike
XEW YORK Aug 8 It may be stated
on the authority of one of the foremost
ofllcials of the United States Steel Corpo
ration that no mediation b Archbishop
Ireland or an one else between the- steel
companies and the strikers has been sug
The reports that Mr Morgan has b en
approached by Independent parties tha
person giving this Information said with
a view to a possible settlement of the dis
pute are untrue When It is rejnembereil
that the strikers themselves admit that
they are not lighting for the redress of
grievances interference on the part ot
outsiders would to sa the least tie in
The situation Is becoming brighter
ever da Apparentl there will be no
difllculty lu opening up as many of the
closed mills as we wish As to the threat
ened extension of the strike our Infor
mation Is Jhat but a very small percentage
of the men In the Federal Steel and oth r
companies would respond to a call to quit
A report was current In Wall Street to
day that a new move Is rontcraplated In
the matter of labor organization It Is
proposed as the report goes to organize
the non union mill workers The move
ment has grown out of the conditions pre
vailing in the present strike which have
compclleel a large number of union men to
flzr To Iliillliiiiire nml Itrltirn 1-
Yin lenn Ivnnln KnilruMil
TlcleU en le atunl and Sunday Aiyrmt
Yj and It good to return until Mondar vugiut
a All tralna e xerpt Congrfwional Limited
rinorini Lumber at 123 per 1M ft
Te npua ami giooTcd and Urescd Libb Co
quit work by reason of their allegiance
to their organization ajid not because
they favored the strike
With an organization of non union men
it is believed that man dissatisfied union
laborers would withdraw from the union
It is felt also tltat such an organization
would do much for the protection of non
union men In time 3 of labor disputes
1 lie Outlook for n Gem nil I le llp
Coiijlilrrril Goiiil
McKEESPORT Pa Aug -Strike
leaders were scarc about McKeesport
todaj The news that a start h ul been
effected at the mills of the Lindsc A
McCutcheon plant in Pittsburg drew a
large number of them to tint cltj No
meetings were held and the strikers left
at home put In the time picketing the idle
mills the railw a stations and other
points where strike breakers might be
expected to land A large number of the
men hae gone to work on the city streets
at repairs and other improvements
A general ma s meeting has been ar
ranged for Saturduv evening in the Opera
House It will be addressed by President
Shaffer of the Amalgamated Association
and I rtsident Gompers of Hie Federation
aroue a good deal of conjecture Some
argue that Sh iffer desired Coroners
of Labor The strikers are building all
hopes on the Federation
ence MWMnss thit the published reports The
of L conference with the Federation chief
wonld encourage the rank and Hie of the
association Others lellee that Gompers
xatHs to hear Shaffer t Mdc explained and
to learn how deeply the Federation ma
hae to furnish financial aid to the strik
ers Stfll others ha an Idea that
tvts m11 hi hi rp in thf Jnlprpst of warn
llrst threat of Iolence thit his
bttn made during the prrscnt trouble was
hurled today bj the Hev Stewart Sharp
the angel of peace as he has been
dubbed bj some of the papers
lie Is a reerend by brett only being in
charge of a mission Sunday school Uer
since the strike began he has been paitio
and that he ill trj to induce Shaffer to ularh actUt n faring up the men turn-
lng his mission Into a meeting place and
has ueen appelnte d an organiser for the
rcderatlon of Labor a fairly good paing
Job One- of the newspaper men suggesteJ
to Mavor Black tliatfchorp was doing
more agitating than any one man in the
cltv The mav or took It and
started an Investigation with the inten
tion of suppressing Sharp If hi found hhn
too pernieiousl active Sharp declared
war against all newspapei men and
v antcd to nn them out of town Xone
the Secretnr of hfm but
Bishop of the Ohio State
Board of Arbitration who came to Pittb
burg esterday
Lncs the United States Steel Corpora
tion purposes to fight and destroj the
Amalgamated Association peace maj not
be so far awaj as It seems just now
Kractlcall the onl things that interferes
with an adjustment of the dllilcultics be
tween the btcil Trust and their workers
Is the condition of four hoop mills two
In Pittsburg one in Allegheny and one in
Jlonessen These mills were non union
when Shaffer issued his strike notice
against the rhcet steel hoop and tin plate
combines nearly four weeks ago Prompt
ly on Shaffers call however the men In
these plants came out on strike thus
showing that the were organized
When Shaffer met Morgan and Schwab
In New York he insisted as a prerequisite
basis of settlement that the four hoop
mills be recognized as union mills This
demand the two trust representatives re
fused to concede Morgan and Schwab
een went further and declined to treat
with the Amalgamated Association unless
it was first understood that the scale of
wages to be signed would appl only to
those mills in which it was In ogue at
the beginning of the scale 5 ear of 1900
Had Shaffer agreed to the terms he would
hae not only lost the four hoop mills
but also the big sheet mill In McKeesport
the quarrel on the
streetb betv ern the angel of pcac anel
the correspondents created no little tr
Toilav tomorrow and Saturda arc pay
davs at the different departments of the
National Tube Compan It will be the
last before the general strike order
goes into effect About JiiOOOO wil be ds
tributcd among the 10005 empoes of the
compan The merchants of the cit are
preparing to make the most of this last
pa The general opinion here Is that the
strike is going t6 be a long one and that
It will be a couple of monttis before
another pay will be distributed among the
There Is little doubt here now tint the
rolling mills of the tube compan will be
completely tied up The outlook for a
complete tie up Is such that all fe ir of
any violence next Sunday night and Mon
da morning has been dissipates At the
same time It Is not believed the mills
will long remain Idlf There Is a large
percentage of the men emploe d In the
Xatlonal and Boston mills wiio are op
posed to the strike They wart to work
and after the first week of Idleness it is
believed they will straggle back again
the Federation of Labor will then at
tempt to call out the tube workers and
tbt real test of strength will come
Western Steel WorKcrx Mnv IJIsotic
Sliiffer Order
CHICAGO Aug b William C Davis
Vice President of the Fourth District of
the Amalgamated Association of Steel
Workers arrived home today from Mil
waukee where he has been with several
of his deputies looking after executive
business for the association
Immediately on his appearance an en
velope containing President bh iffer s
general strike order was pressed Into his
hands From that moment the skilled
mechanics of the great steel industries at
South Chicago Joiiet and Milwauke e
were uneler olliclal orders te go on strike
at It o clock on baturday night
Whether they will do so or not Is as
much an unsolved riddle as ever Mr Davis
hastily prepared duplicates of the order
and sent them to the recording secretaries
of the lodges In his district Action will
be taken Sunday by the three lodges at
South Chie jgo unless spec meetings
arc called to vote on the ejuetlon of
going out
The Vtforiie Ceiierul Mnv He Cited
for Permitting Combines
A plan to have the Attorney General
of the United btates cited on quo war
ranto preiceedlngs to explain wh he has
not enforced the Sherman Anti Trust law
was adopted last night by District As
sembly Xo SG of the local Knight of
Labor The action Is taken at this time
to assist the striking steel workcrsin
thiir light against the Steel Trust Presi
dent Shaffer of the Amalgamated Asso
ciation has been communicated with nnd
has been Informed of the local action
Iegal action in man of the States Is
The first steps- toward this end were
taken list Tuesda night by Local As
sembly S67I Knights of Labor The
ic tlon was rcKrte d last night to the Dis
trict Assembl embracing all the locals
and was unanlm6ulj adopted The mut
ing was held ot their hill Four-and-a-half
Street and P nnslvanla Avenue T
V ODea District Mastef Workman
Hx Attornc General Trank S Mannett
of Ohio has been communicated with and
has agreed to net on behal of the Dis
trict Ass mbl lure the Trainmen s Rail
wa Associitlon of Ohio and the Ameri
can Anti Trust League In this city A A
Lipscomb was chosen b the committee
to be asked to lake charge pt the local
end of the Ckhe
He Vs the Kirst Iteniililiemi Cm
rrnor tif e- Jersey
TRKNTOX X J Aug S William A
Xewell ex Governor of Xew Jersey died
at his home In Alleutown toda
William A Xewcll was the first Repub
lican Governor of Xew Jersey serving
from lu7 to ISoO Prior to that he had
leen a member of the House of Repre
sentatives from Xew Jerse and being
a phslcian attended John Quint Adams
when that statesman was strleken with
Ills fatal illness In the House chamber
In ltftO he was appointed G6wmor of
Washington Territory by PresUh nt
Ha is He remained in the Wist for
many je ars nnd n JM G was a candidate
for the Populist nomination for Governor
in Washington He also served as Muor
of Seattle- Two ears ago he returnee
Kast and resumed the practice of medi
cine lu his native place Allentowu He
was eighty three e ars old
SflO To llulTitlu nml Itelurn lo
In leuiiii Iv itiiln Itnllriiiiil
Kxpositiem rxcunut n uiU 1 avc
Washington 7J a m Tliursdj August 15 ar
riving llunato 7 10 p m Ticket go tI rt turniu
on all trains witliin given UaiR fiieluding date
ef sale simIiir excursion uu t 21 27 31
beptrmbe 1 2 5 II 17 anj ie
ce cur lonil IliMin flOO each
Uiite pine too J4 incl thick Cth and X Y av
Police Declare That Iic Man
Worked Alone nml Unaided
II111I llecn mi Hmploje of the Sellij
orks Denies All Know ledger of
tile During Crime Iti iitnrknlile
CI111I11 of tlrciinnif mil lul ll Idciic c
who unaided opened the steel safe it
the Selb Smelting Works and carried
awaj more than h ilf a ton of gold bars
is in a cell at the Hall of Justice hle
the form tl charge has not lieen pi iced
against him Superintendent Mti nrlintl
of Pinkcitons Western lilsion s ild to
day that tht i id sufficient evidence to
tonvict him in an court in the 1 ind
This man Is John Inters all is Buck
Taj lor a former emploje of the belli
Works Winters was arrested at bin
Rafael jestcrda aftcn oon by W 1J
Sacrs of tne llnkerton bureau anil De
tective Tom Gibson of the local depart
ment He wac taken Into tustod at the
home of a girl he had gone to lsit
Winters was qut stloned nnel cross qucs
tiontel for hours Desperate and driven
to bay haggard and worn after hours of
mercifess interrogation conlronted with
evidences that gie the lie to man de
tails of his ingenious explanations he
still persists in his assertion that he had
no part In the crime and knows nothing
ot the whereabouts of the stolen gold
nocence thougn the mas of incrinlnat
ins evidence tint has been gathered
against him is overwhelming In his
lonel cabin half a mile from the scene
of the robber were found man articles
th it give the strongest corroboration to
the emphatic declarations of the detec
tives that Winters lb them ister ciiminal
for whom the have been tirelessl
searching His own actions add to the
case agilnst him
Last Moudav night the night the crime
was cummlttrd accoreling te his own
story he burkd a portion of a bult of
clothes he wore when at work The re
mainder of the suit he sis he threw
into the ba the night before The uc
tectlves believe that he dcstrotd the
clothes because they bore c idences of
his undcrgound work while he was en
gaged in digging the tuniel which tia
access to the safe Furthermore they
have evielenee that he was seen in the se
same clothes late on Mond iv evening
hours after he claimed he dcstroed them
W inters came here from Texas some
seven or eight ears ago He was 1
pioed at the Selby Works for some ears
lull n cli m il lita nntllnn ilirtut lhrit
-- -v wvuh
mmilhs ago claiming that the sulphur
fumes had injured his he ilth He was
e mplo ed about one of the furnaces and
hail a gooel opportunity to get Informa
tion in regard to the eompans business
and methods Since he left the smelter he
has livcel alone In a little cabin in the
hiils about half a milef from the works
Ho declares that he has not been near
the bcb Works since he quit but the
have- conclusive evidence that he
was seep five times In the- last few weeks
within twent feet of the tunnel leading
under the safe
In his cabin the detectives found a small
storage batter with a long wire and 1
small but powerful incandescent light at
tached Oa this batterv jeerc mud spots
similar to the soil through which the tun
nel wab cut The olhcerb arc confident
that he ucd this light while working in
the tunnel at night The cover of the
shaft at the entrance to the tunnel was
made of black sllesia cloth tacked on
Iath3 with ver peculiar lpng pointed wire
tacks In Winters cabin was a strip of
the same cloth and pajrt 0 a package of
similar tacks ri
The officers also found inilhe house a Ja
panned Iron shovel with uihollow handle
on which was mud Hvidcntly from the
tunnel He had strengthened the hollow
handle bv forcing Into it a piece of wood
The police feel sure that this was one of
the tools used In makl ig the tunnel In
the tunnel the detectives found a piece of
chalk such as Is useel In chalking drills
while from Winters hillside home a small
bag of similar chalk was t iken
Winters who nlwas wears a golf cap
of slate color had on 11 new cap when ar
rested An old cap of the s me size and
general appearance was found in the rail
road tunnel within a few ards of the
entrance of the burglars shot When
asked to explain his possession of the
new cap Winters said his own had blown
off Into the ba on Monday night the
night of the- robber
Xone of Winters working clothes could
be found In the cabin and In explanation
he said he had burned them on Mondav
as he was short of fuel Buckles and but
tons In ashes show that he undoubtedl
burned them but a plentiful srpply of
wood at the cabin gives a deniil to his
explanation Two revolvers were -also
taken from the house on one of which
are the telltale stains of tunnel mud De
tective Sevmour said toda
We are con meed and will prove that
Winters planned and carried out this rob
ber slngle h inded He begin the work
almost Immediate lv after he left the cmn
pan service and waited until the proper
time to make his haul He did not use a
boat but left two bars at the waters
edge as a blind He carried the treasure
away in suceesslee trips on Manila night
and undoubtedly buriid It near the
Winters is about thltty sevi n or thlrty
cmht earn old and the offlecrs art ton
fidtnt lit Is an cx convlct lit gaimd the
sobri iuct of Hutk Taylor by his skill
with the rllle He Is a remirkabl good
shot While absolutely denlts an
knowledge of the trlme his stories are
most cot tradlctor
Ills account of his life is marked by
the fact that some nine or ten ears are
not attounteel for The detettive s s ly this
time was spent in an Eastern prison
Olinimltlon In the- Itenoliitliiii He
Kiirillng lie ew lorkeri InM
DALLAS Tex Aug S In the House of
Representatives of the State Legislature
at Austin todav an animated discussion
took place over the visit of the committee
of the Xew York Chamber of Comimrtt
to Texas In May labt
Mr Little- of San Antonio introduced
resolutions thanking the Xew Yorkers for
the Interibt they took In coming to Texas
and expressing tin hope that the result
would Ik 1 tloscr commercial union be
tween Xew York and Texas- Mr Xapler
opposed the rtsolution taking thej ground
that It 1 ndorsed the criticism of Texas
liws by New Yorkers
Speaker Prince took the floor and advo
cated the uiHsdRu of tlit nrrsolutlous
Without disposing of the rtbliltion the
House adjourred to mxfMAnda
Sieelul Sleeper for Ileer Park
Ma II A O II I on rain liivit Vailiwtan
110 a in baturJaj mglita and Tialirn un train
leaving 1 1aik 11 il a 111 sunJija liigkta
11 iiiim lIUHlnesN Collrice Si nnd It
Bualnc fca Miortliaid Tpcuriting 15 a jcac
Suburban e ottiiKS Siding IflrO It
la 1x7 rustic dtiiacd I ibUy Co
LeiKH of Life nml DvNtrnctlnn nt tlic
Iorlnmoiltll Vn 11r1l
nado struck the navy ynrd here toda and
caused a loj s of life and property The
big stone shed of John fierce contractor
collapsed under which one hundred
granite cutters were at work and fully
half of them were burled in the ruins
Mrs Howard j who had sought
shelter In the building was taken out
dead Joel Pearson ti stonecutter died
after being taken from the ruins Half 1
score of others were rescued ind taken
to the naval hospital
The big llo itin derrick carried away
the massive masonry nlers on the west
side and swung out into the stream al
most crushing the InUed States gunboat
Vixen and anl tug Sluux The ard
forces and crews of the Vixen Kagle
and Yankton assisted b the varel tugs
lln lllv forced tin derrick back into Us
li Mr Ilrjnn XllKcoiiittcnitiiceM a
Jlolt In Ohio
L1NCOIX Aug BrJi devotes
his leading eslitorlal in The Commoner
this week to expl lining why he discoun
tenanced the bolt In Ohio He sas
Whether the Ohio Democracy is to
take Its position on the Grovcr Cleveland
side of public Issues Is a question et to
be determinesl at the primaries after the
people understand the issues presented
To leive the partv at this time is to as-
He stubbornl clings to his plea of In- I tume tN b lost and b assuming It
lost help the enun When the light was
made between WJ nnel lt sfi we had an Ad
mlnlstritlon to light as well as nil the
hanks and railro ids now many who
wire against us then act opcnl with the
enemy and those who have returned after
a temporary sojourn in the camp of the
cnim are handicapped bj the record they
havc made bit the question which con
fronts the lojal Democrats of Ohio is how
best to correct the mistakes made by the
convention and thJS rescue the Demo
cratic part from the control of those who
would Rcpulillcanlze It
The fact that the platform contains
much that is goccl together with the
further fact that the candidates nomi
nated from Mr Klbourne down through
the entire list hive been supporters of
the part ticket In recent campilgns
would make it Impossible to organize a
bolt with any promise of success ihe
first effect of a bolting tlckH would be
therefore to augment the chances of
Republican success this fall Ihe second
effect would be to le sscn the Influence of
ine uomng Democrats In future- party
it is not fair to assume that the con
vention spoke for the rank and tile in
repudiating the Kansas Cit platform
and those who left the party at this time
would weaken the reform element of the
part and give to the gold and corpora
tion tlcmcnt greater proportional Influ
ence in the part management
The rouiniiiiier nnd lie Nntlonnl
Wltelinimi to He Lomliliieil
tlonal Watchman wjilch for several
cars past has been published In this city
has been transferred to W llliam Jennings
Bryan of Xebraska and will be consoli
dated with The Cnlmroner
DeiimeriitH Dei lure VIeLiiurluM
liiirgis Cull foe 1111 Answer
man nor McLaurin spofce toda Tillman
passe d through Columbia tonight going
to Union where he will speak tomorrow
H is doubtful If McLaurin will be at
Toda Repri tentative Latimer made a
violent attack on Mclmrin Tillmans
friends declare he mubt take some action
regarding McLaurin s charges that they
are too severe to be passed off
Ail mi nil IIIkkIiisiiiis Squadron in
Kliures lii Iitricct Priictlce
XAXTUCKET Mass Aug S The ves
sels of the Xorth Atlantic Squadron
Rear Admiral Hlgginson In command
were engaged In target practice off Gay
Head In the vicinity of Xo Mans Land
tod 1 The heavy guns could be heard
vcr distlnctl at Xantaskct
The squadron Is ixpeeted here dail
Admiral Higginson his had the ground
surveyed ne irer the Coskata life saving
station The- onl fault he found during
the recent encampment was the scarelt
of fresh water On sinking wells fresh
water vas found In large qu entitles near
tht life saving station nnd It Is there
tint the men will lad and throw up en
trenchments and pitch their tents
The lighthouse tender Ma flower Capt
A P Bartow has been on the grounds
and rtpiintesl the buos so that ever
thlng is In readiness to rcteivt the bat
tleships Admiral Higginson has enlarged
his fleet by the addition of several tor
pedo bo itb and one or more cruisers The
sta of the battleships will be for two or
three weeks
I11 lie llroken I 11 If V11 fine Is Vrv
rniiKi il li s eitmMr E
BOSTON Aug S -Charles P Clapp T
W Lawsons secretar give out the fol
lowing statement tonight
Ihe onl Impending engagement of the
Independence is a race under the auspices
of the Indian Ilnrbor Yacht Club to tike
place on August 21 and Mr Law son be
fore leaving for an Eistern cruise whicli
he intends to extend until September 10
gave instructions to have the Independ
ence put in the best racing condition pos
sible and to remain nt Newport tuning up
Toda I received this telegram
Exceedingly regn t tlntowIng to In
ability to secure entry either Constitu
tion or Columbia we are compelled to call
off race scheduled for 24th Inst
I communicated the smie to Mr liw
son and he has glvjpu me lnstruetlons to
bring the Independence to Boston at 11111 e
and to keep her In racing condition until
Septeniber3 and to ilu ever thing fiaslble
to arrange as man race as possible 1m
her and any or ill of the utlu r
nlnct -footers to take place mull 1 In- nil
spices of an achi club In 1111 witti is
until r ail conditions uind If 110 11ms
tan be arranged by that date to h ii htr
broken up at onte
Oc eiiii Sti iiiiiHlllli Mnv eiile nts
NEW YORK Aug S Arrleil Pretorl 1
Hamburg Galiilco Hull Kentucky Co
penhagen Tuscarora laindnii Arrived
out Teutonic from New York at Llvir
pool Tuerst Blsmartk from New ork
at Cliiibelirg
f Ot to ln ilerlrk IlilKe rstow 11
nml 3tiirtluslitir
bule II A II It Station aJif njrtoii
stiifU Viijutt II 7 a in sto pili at inter
nt duti italiulDt Iti tnnJiu hale Miltm tolir
and at f and Freslorlek at p in
1 same ill
Number two 100
art t litems Jx20 uli auJ N au
I lie-
U CTawrfJair
The Field Mar hal Decorated With
the Order of Merit
A Ite Klnient of to Ilenr ills
Mime Clieerlni Crowds Greet Hint
In tlic streetN of lliimliiirir HIhc of
Gen uiii lrestltre in the lnnt
HAMUURG Aug S Despite the Em
perors absence and the public mourning
for Empress Frederick the arrival here
of rield Marshal Count von W aldersee
was made the occasion of a great dem
General von Wittlch an aide-de-camp
of the Emperor represented his Majesty
Ihe burgomaster and a number of mlll
tnj otlicers welcomed the Ileie m irshal
at the landing and conducted him to the
town hall The route was lined by many
thousands of spectators andthcre was
much cheering
The Senate welcomed Count von Wal
dtrsee at the town hall and here also he
was greeted bj General von Gossler Min
ister of War A luncheon followed at
which General von Wittlch read Imperial
orders thanking Count von Waldersee
for his services conferring upon him the
Order of Merit and announcing that a
regiment of Schleswlg artillery would
bear his name
Count von Waldersee made a speech In
which referring to the campaign In
China he said that the Germans by their
discipline unit tltlclency had won the re
spect of all nations even the Chinese
which was particularly valuable as the
Aslitlcs onl respect superior force The
German name had greatly risen In Asia
during the last ear
The bestowal of his name upon a regi
mfnt Is a signal honor fur Count von
Waldersee This Is the first occasion in
j Prussian History of a general s name be
ing given In his lifetime that honor
being hitherto reserved for sovereigns ana
Count von Waldersee will report himself
to the Kmperor at Homburg tomorrow
and will attend the mcmorl il services at
Cronberg on Saturday
Snlitos Uiimoiit -Not Dlxrournired by
Ills Airship reek
PARIS Aug S M Santos Dumont the
aeronaut mtt with an accident this
morning He started at C 12 oclock In his
attempt to make the trip from St Cloud
around the- Eiffel Towtr and return in
ordtr to secure the Dtutsch prize He
reached the lower In nire minutes
When half way back about fifteen min
utes nfter he started he noticed that the
front of the balloon was bulging Inward
which would indicate that the gas was
escaping Thereupon M Smtos Dumont
attempted to drive air Into the balionet
which Is a small balloon within the
large one but the motor failed tc acL
Thcrrthe gas went out of the rear bal
loon which hung in a llabby way and
threatened to catch the screw M Santos-Dumont
became fearful of an explo
blon and fall and in order to avoid thts
he stopped the motor thus leaving the
billoon at the mercy of the wind It
drifted about a while and then came
down In ail awkward position between
two blocks of the Exposition Trocadero
Hotel where It hung suspended M Santos-Dumont
cllmbtrd to the roof a
qulckl as a cat by means of a rope
which was lowered and escaptd without
M Santos Dumont told the btory of the
accident to the few- persons who were ad
mitted to the yard Around his wrist he
wore the rtligiojs meelal presented to him
b the Countess DEu daughter of the
late Dom Brazil which he
laughingl kissed sa lng It was this
that saved me
He was as mejrr as a cricket M
monts worst enemy if he has one can
not say that he Is not a genuine and
plucky sportsman
On the nrrlval of the firemen sale age
operations were begun The pompiers ac
companies by M Santos Dumont and a
few others went to the roof There the
machine la at an angle of 60 degrees the
screw resting on the roof of the lower pa
vilion of the hotel and the prow leannig
against the side wall of the upper pavil
ion ten ards from the summit The bal
loon proper hung limp and badly torn by
the explosion when it collided witli the
g ible chimnes The balloon was diagon
ally across anel bridged a awning cavern
blxty feet deep If it had not caught as
It did the chances are lot to 1 that M
Santos Dumont would have been killed
but the oung Brazilian seems to bear a
charmed life
It Is commonly stated that rep 1 Irs to
the balloon will cost 50000 francs M
Santos Dumont sas it will be ready on
September 1 and that he will make an
other trial btfore September 15 when the
tompetltion closes for lirOl
Christine Cnnve rtN to He IuiilMlieil
- Il the Authorities
SHANGHAI Aug 8 M Galata French
deputy who was sent to settle the mis
sionary troubles In Kiangsi province has
returned He has agreed to deliver eleven
Catholic converts to the Chinese authori
ties for punNnmtnt and alsti a native
Catholic priest who will bo first tried
li his Bishop The settle nient is consid
ered to be equitable by all pirtles
Mr Goodnow the American Consul his
become doen of the eliplom itic corps
here owing to the replacing of the Portu
guese Ccnsul who will return home
Ihe Se eouil In Ciiiiilinliiil I mle r Gen
erill lie ers 1 lelils
LONDON Aug S General Kitchener
reports to the Wnr Office that Com
mandant VUllers nnd two Held conn ts
have surrender il at Warm Baths
Ic Villiers was second in cumin mil un
til r General lleers
etienil Kit eliriier He ported to
Have Ihmiii iI It trm lll lull t loll
LONDON Aug S A telegram from
Dtllhiiu alludes to a proelauiiitiou Issued
b Gintral Kite li tier Intimating tint
sti ni measures will In tike 11 to tnd the
war No di tails are glvtn
It prohibit embodies tht Governments
Instructions In tonnet tion with Conimand
unt Kritzlngers threat to shoot Kaffirs
siilinlmr llnlilliiK His Post Onl at
the KIiiks ltl lllllMt
PAltlSVAiig S Judge Case of Aus
trilla who paisf through Paris todi
told a correspondent th it the Marquis
of Sillsbqrjr li ul ngrteil to Tern ln as
Prtmler until nfter the toronitlon onl
at the urgt it request of King Edward
SJS0 Spee lal Sntiirilii Trip
lu Old IVInt orfutk Va Mt iili Oitan icii
and Nrwjiort iw via Norfolk and U i ddnston
ktiamer vjtlmUt o 30 p m hound trip JJ 50
Number 11111- SIiIiiuIin 3 1
ttirivi 5x 0 I lildit V lv
The Kmperor TnUrs n Knrcivell Look
nt Ills Mother
CROXBERG Aug S The body of the
Empress Frederick was placed In a cof
fin early this morning Later the Empe
ror took a farewell look nt the bod and
then the coflln was sealed In the presence
of his Majesty and a few members of the
imperial famil Divine services were
htld In the death chamber in the even
ing the Bishop of Ripon and Canon
Shore reading from the English burial
scrv Ice
The Emperor Empress Crown Prince
and all of Empress Fredericks children
except Prince Henrj who Is at sea and
other near relatives attended iTie service
which lasted only twent mV tes after
which the famil returned to Homburg
The coffin consists ot three cases The
first Is of oak lined with metal and cush
ioned with white satin the second Is an
oak coffin and the third Is a state coffin
also of oak but covered with purple veN
vet ornamented with rosettes designed
by Lmprcss Frederick Upon the lid Is
a velvet cushion supporting u golden im
perial crown The coffin has ten heavily
gilt handles
It is a coincidence that the last public
English strvlce Empress Frederick at
tended in the English Church at Hom
burg was on August 11 IX when Canon
Shore preached a sermon In memory of
her Cher Duke of Saxe Coburg and
Gotha and on the same date this ear he
will deliver a sermon in memory of Em
press Frederick
Canon Shore was for a long time cnap
Ialn to Ouecn Victoria and hnld3 a similar
ofllce under King Edward
Evtrnordiiiiir Precautions Ilelnir
Taken nt Cronlicrjr nml Homliarjr
COLOGXE Aug S The Cologne Ga
zette whose statements are frequently
regarded as semi official sas In regard
to the alleged arrests of Anarchists at
Cronbcrg where Empress Frederick died
and where Emperor William and other
members of the roa family are at pres
ent that posts of the Hussars are spread
along the entire road from Homburg to
Cronberg and even In the neighboring
w oods
The Hussars found four Italians who
were brought to Ober Ursel eight miles
north of Frankfort-on-the-Main
ing of an incriminating nature was found
in their possession and they were sent to
Frankfort The Italian workmen at
Ursel are being closely watched They
are not allowed to appear on the strets
after work hours and posts of the Hussars
have been placed there to guard them
On the occasion of Emperor Williams
former visit to Cronberg the secretary of
the Anarchists socltt wS expelled over
the frontier The Gazette expresses the
opinion that this district is now clear of
Smerrlmn Not to Attend the
mini Mllltur Iitneue ri i
BERLIN Aug v In consequence of
the mojrning for Kmpres Frederick the
Invitations sent to foreign princes and
other eminent personagts Including Earl
Roberts and Mr Brodrick the British
War Minister to attend the military ma
neuvres have been canceled
It had been reported that King Edward
and the Czar would attend but If they
intendeil to do so Js not likel that they
wlll now be present
The House of Ceiuimous PiinmIuc
Itnplill 1111 Snniil IlUIs
LONDON Aug 9 Employing the new
cloture rule regarding votes on supply
the Government passed in the House of
Commons during the night votes involv
ing 70C iOOijO
The Irish members repeatedly tried ob
structive tactics but the Government
as repeatedly asked for and obtained
cloture and in the vote secured large
It is now S40 a m and the divisions
are continuing
Still Siilleltitlloii t to Iteeelve
the saermiiciitM
ROME Aug S Slgnor Crispl continues
to oppose the solicitous desire of the
Neapolitan clergy to administer the
sacraments to him In reply to a recent
hint he said Let It be It Is a matter
between mself and Christ
The Noted Colored lrire liKhter Suc
clilnliM to Coitsiitiiptloii
VICTORIA B C Aug S The death of
Peter Jackson the noted colored pugilist
Is announced He tiled on July 23 at
Roma near Sdncy N S W from con
fcev e 11
Me n Mn Have lleen Lost In
the Collision
White Star steamship Oceanic which sail
ed from Liverpool v esterday for New
York collided this morning off Tuskar
Rick Ireland with the steamship Kln
cora of the Watcrforel Steamship Corn
pan limited The eollKion cturretl dur
ing a tie nse fog The Klncora sank Stv
tn of the crew hive been rescued but
seven of the Kincoras men are missing
It is possible that thtv were picked up
b other vessel during the fog
The Klntora was struck amidships All
the passengers of the Oceanic were in
bed at the time and there was some com
motion until
them tint there was not the least cause
fur alarm
Headwin was kept on the Oceanic after
she struck the Klncon In order to give
tin ertw of the 1 itter a chance to clamber
on bo in The- boats of theWhlte Star
liner were lowered to rescue every man
The Oceanic rem lined In the vicinity of
the collision until dailiglit but nothing
was then visible be onel some iloating
The Otianlc has 11 hole four fcit long in
the plates of her port bow two feet above
the water line and was compelled to re
main here for an examination
After an txamlnitlon by divers the
Oceanic left here at 3 oclock this after
noon for New York
The Klncora was a coaster trading be
twem WaUrfonl and Limerick
Among the pissengers of the Oceanic
were Eugene Kellv Mrs vv u D btokis
William Zlegler vv 11 lain V
tmlt Lieut Col lewis Pavn Daw nay and
Mrs Oawnav Mr 11 nil Mrs James J
Corbctt Richard Carle nnd Ethel Barr-
Price One Cent
Difficulties the Inlands First Pres
ident Must Meet
Senor Pnlnin Points Out the Lack of
a Provision to Euaure
a Govern
ment 3InJnrlt In the LrglilatUe
II much ex Need ot More lnt
HAVANA Aug S La Lucha pub
lishes a letter from Senor T Estrada Pal
ma addressed to Fernando FIguerdo In
which he sas In substance that It la to
be supposed that the victorious candidate
lor the presidency wilt have a plan of
government to carry out which will need
the support of chambers but he asks
what If these are composed of as many
factions as there are political groups In
the Island
In reply to his own question he says
that in this case it will be extremely dif
ficult for the President to do anything
for it Is to be supposed that opinions In
the Cuban Congress will be even more
violent and mutually opposed than In the
political parties as the questions that
will have to be setlleel such as the
treaty relations with the United States a
reciprocity treaty and the pa men t of
the army all of which are very impor
tant are likely to cause keen differences
of opinion
If the executive does not have a ma
jority in the chambers not only his own
discredit will result but that of the coun
try also Furthermore the Cuban con
stitution does not guarantee unity of ac
tion As the Governors of provinces who
are electee by popular vote and the sec
retaries share responsibility with the
President It will be very ellfficult for an
honest patriot to guide affairs under such
Senor Palmi declares that something
should be done toward arranging matters
In such a way that a sufficient number
who share the views of the future Presi
dent shall be electeet to the Senate and
House cf Representatives Those Inter
ested should get together and prepare a
way to attain this end
Senor Palma adds that for the above
reasons he had told Gen Maximo Gomes
that a man like himself Palma of In
dependent character cannot consider him
self sufficiently brave to be a candidate
for the Presldenc as the important part
is not to be elected but to make a suc
cess afterward Without any organiza
tion or mutual understanding between the
various elements composing the Govern
ment the President will have no chance
to succeed
Senor Palma sas he bases his opinion
on the pr--sent state of affairs In Cuba
where confusion and rivalry are ever
where seen He apparently declines to
become a candidate though at the same
time he speaks of getting things in shapes
in order that the President may have a
majority in the chambers
The Constitutional Convention today
approved Clauses VIII to XI of the elec
tion law with a few moelihtatlons
Ilond Creditor May Take Action
Atralnst the City
HAVANA Aug S The holders of 5200
000 second mortgage bonds Issued by the
Havana munlcipalit which were drawn
for pajment before January i 1SS9 but
not paid wish to levy on the municipality
for pament The military order- which
prevented claims brought against muni
cipalities for liabilities prior to 1S39 has
been declared not to affect these bonds
and the holders have obtained Judgment
against the cit
The plan of the municipality was to
pay off all municipal debts when a loan
was ral ed Senor Gener says the bud
geLof the present ear cannot meet more
than the current liabilities If the bond
creditors are allowed to proceed matters
will be serious Senor Canclo Secretary
of Finance has rejected the Havana bud
get and sas that a new one will have to
be prepared as the present one Is based
on a problematic estimate of values the
new- assessments giving an apparent In
crease in the citys income of J1SA00O but
until the assessments on property are ex
amined and determined the old assess
ments must according to the law be used
as the basis
Senor Cancio sas that if the munici
palities of the Island are to be kept In
order the cannot have autonomy If
they are allowed to rule themselves they
will be ruined If the municipality of Ha
vana is to be put in order the only way
to do It Is to have Governor General
Wood take charge
One hundred and lift white Cubans are
to be enlistee 2 period of two Irani
under the same conditions and qualifica
tions governing recruiting In the United
States for the purpose of taking charge
of the artillerv in the Cabanas Fortress
when the Americans withdraw These
troops who will be known as the Cuerpo
de Artillerla will be trained b American
officers Captain Aultman of the artil
lery will the prepiratlons to ob
tain recruits
A Grand Iur Investigates
Orlenns ConiuilsMloner
NEW ORLEANS Aug 8 The grand
Jury today recommended the Impeach
ment of Thomas J Moulin Commissioner
of Public Works of New Orleans for mis
feasance and general Incompetence in of
Moulin Is the Democratic leader of the
Seventh ward one of the largest wards
In the city and in the division of the of
fices was nominated for Commissioner ot
I Public Works one of the most Important
places in the gift of the city having
I charge of the street cleaning garbage
removal drainage public works etc
1 There has been trouble ever since
Captaln Cameron assured llns selection a ear ago So many se-
I ni1 hint lhil
1 - n -ii no
nous Mit
he usketl the city council to grant an in
vestigation A committee was appointed
which disclosed considerable carelessness
In the administration of the department
but not enough In Its opinion for his
removal from office
The bad working of the department
especial in the matter of drainage has
renewed the complaints with the result
that the grand Jury today recommended
Moulins immediate Impeachment which
can bo ordered by the city council
Cnstlmr 1 1 the llemiltM eif the
RICHMOND Va Aug s loiter reports
from southwest Virginia show great dam
age to the Norfolk and Western Railreiad
b fsterdays storm At Walton Just
east of East Radford the entire road ted
is washed out for fifteen or twenty fiet
nnd also 1200 to 1 500 feet of ballast from
Warren of 1 gdetracks Trestles on the North Caro
lina division are more or less out of lin
anil some of them are undermined Traf
fic bus In en susperded
moie Tn v orfolk nnd Western Railway offi
II t O Week R111I Ciilllltrj Trips
Tickets fold SaturdajJ and Sundaj for re turn
until following Monday at reduced rates Irom
ashinstou to Charleston n I redenck Annapo
lis Jnnttion and intermediate points
For lltutli leans Dutriet Line Sta
tion xieek this S p ni Through Lut train
llent soft i llnw Poplar It
cinu lr loot wb and it 1 avc
cials si thit the d innge from lloo ls to
the road within the last four mouths a
southwist Virginia and West Virginia
has exceeded 1iii0
12 tu llaltlninre anil lte tnrn v In
II V O sntiiriln 11ml suntlny
Viurtiet 10 and 11 tickets pood to return until
following Mtntliy Good on all traias extent
ltoal Limited
Out-of-town Lumber IIhIh I1I1I mi
freljliU prijuid to jour station by Libbcj Cs

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