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The Wisconsin Ordered in 1oadi
iitB for Duty There
To Proceed nt Once From PiiKt t
ontiil o sun lriiiiclcti mill Await
Instruction Yiiit t of Cnminer
tint Interests tn tin Isthmus
Acting Secretary Hnckett jesterd ry aft
trnoon Issued in order directing that In
struction bo cnt nt once to Admiral
dm In command of the Asiatic Sta
tion to procecel Immcdlatels with the bet
tlcship Wisconsin from Puget Sound to
Sin Francisco and there hold htmclf in
re ullness to procctil to ftnrai If occa
sion demands the presence of a warship
thire It Is possible that he may then
he Instructed to proceed direct to the
isthmus for the purpose of protecting
American Interests and ensuring frte
tnmslt across the neck of land The de
partment desires to hae a vvirshlp some
what nearer to the scene of the Colom
hlin trouble than anv of them are at
present In case the presence of a essel
becomes imperative J nd for this reason
If the situation continues threatening the
Wisconsin will be ordered upon reaching
Suji lanclsco to proceed still farther
Jhim action was taken jesterday pri
rvrrlly upon the suggestion contained in
a J ommunlcation received at the Stite
Department from J Kdward Simmuns
the President of the Panamt Itillroid
to the effect that a warship be sent to
Panama Jdr Simmons ilo requested
that a warship or ships be sent to Colon
Hi later which was written from New
YnTlt was nid ntlj sent before he was
adiiscd that a vessel had been ordered
to that purt Acting Secretarj Adee ves
terday Informed Mr Simmons otllciallv
that the Michiis had been gien orders to
proceed southward and that her destina
tion was Colon
Sir Simmons commi nication silted
that he was apprehensive of trouble on
the Isthmus and interference with Ameri
can inteiesU as a result of the revolu
tionary uprising in Colombia He con
firmed the report of Consul Uudger that
a train had lwcn held up on the Panama
road and several Government officials
captured His reports have been re
el ived from the nllroad s agents and of
ficers In Colombia He suggested also
that a warship be sent to Ptnama which
is on the west side of the isthmus He
did not state- that American propcrtv was
in jeopardy but that he is apprehensive
of trouble
The Iowa and the Wisconsin are both
at present in luget bound and with the
exemption of the Alert a training ship
and the Jlanger a boat neither
of which is suitable for the purpose
these two battleships pre the only vessels
which can be sent to Panama from the
Pacific side ban Francisco Is 31UJ miles
from Panama and It will therefore be
marl If not quite two weeks before the
Wisconsin could reach the Isthmus lb
JIachlasleft Boston jesterday for Hamp
ton Jloads She will there receive her In
structions to proceed to Colon
The Mate Department csterdaj had no
cablegrams or mail advices from either
Colombia or Venezuela
Mnrfn for Mttiuptoii HoiiiIm on Iler
Wnj to Colon
BOSTON Aug 8 The Machlas Lleu
lemi t Commander Nathan Sargent
Tnlttd States Navy in command got
steam up early this afterroon and at t
oclock weighed anchor and steamed down
he harbor on the run to Hampton Boads
where it Is exjected she will get orders
to proceed at once to Colon to protect
American Interests
The coal and supplies which the ship
needs before leivlrg for Central America
will moit llkelj go aboard at Hampton
Roads Here also she probably will take
on an addition ll supply of ammunition
Lieutenant Commander Sargent said this
morning that he does not expect to go
em the cruise but that Lieutenant Com
manflefMcCrca who Is now on dutj at
Washington will relieve him before the
iunboat sails for Colon
If Lieutenant Comirander S irgcnt is re
lieved he probabl will go at once to the
General Board as Admiral Dewcjs aide
He Hud Ilfxided In lie- DIslrH t for
liff learn
William Daw eight -four ears of age
a resident of the District of Columbia
for the past fifty jears died at his resi
dence 91G4 Nineteenth Street northwest
yesterday morning after an Illness of
about a months duration Mr Daw who
had never been ill a day in his life be
fore was overcome by the heat In the
first part of Jul Since that time he has
been confined to the house and bedridden
though showing Indications of convales
cence at one time
Old age however prevented recovery
and he expired jesterdaj morning He is
survived by two sons and two daughters
Sirs Belle Burch and Joseph A illl im
II and Marietta Dan
Mr Daw was born In Cornwall Eng
land eight -four jears ago coming to
America when an infant He located
when a Oung man In Alexandria where
lie learned the trade of harness maker
About 150 he moved to Georgetown
Tihero he Was emploed as a lournejman
Just after the civil war he ngaged In
business for himself ns a harness maker
opening a shop In Georgetown He was
active in business until the time of his
Funeral services will bo held Saturday
morning from the lite reside ni e Re
quiem mass will be celebrated at St
Stephens Church
Why Men
Should Buy
Shoes Here
Simply a mutter of eeon
qiiiy thats all Itut its
jfiu hest leasou in the
voi Id
The shoes we sell aie the
kind diessy men like the
kind anv man would want
o wear
Till vv limit u i r fif
fis HiUK shoes so i lose to
jOst that ecry pun baser
ran readily apnrci Lite the
min he has made
ThereN pi onoiny two fold
in getting exactly what ou
want at the least expense
Mens Oxfords S 1 95
liiese are ol patent leather
kid ami are - f
la rcgnlarlr worth J I lls
J 30 spnul 1 S U
Mens Oxfords S250
Choice ol men rrjEiilir 91
and i mack and Tjn Oxford
iniliidinjf SU
cy Adjtuui A
Co iiuit for
Infants Shoes 30c
On ratk of Infants ftioes
and Hipper In black and tan
site 4 to 0 f fr
north up to 103 llu
now JJ
1334 F Street
I In- IrKinIn Document Mnj Jo to an
lliriilKtel IMectitrnte
RICHMOND Va Aug S it Is under
stood in this cit tonight tint an effort
will be raiili in the gubernatorlil conven
to rescind the notion of the Norfolk
convention of list jeir which ordered
tint the people vote on the question of
holding the constitutional convention and
tint the new constitution be submitted
to the people for ratlllcitlon -rejection
There Is now 1 stjons movement among
the members of the convention to have
the constitution submitted to an abridged
Wilier A AVntson a member of the
Constitutional Convention and Common
wealths Attorni for Nottowav Count
wis In the cit esterda and left here
last evening for a trip North He was
seen by a reporter and asked to define
his views on the work elone b the con
vention Mr Watson said
Wha do the Richmond delegates want
to do with the negro The have kept
silent on ever occasion that has arisen
to get rid of the black man In politics
They do not bfin to hive decided views
ns to what thev want done with the
negro f
Ir Watson thinks that the negro should
be entirely eliminated from politics that
his race will revpr be equal iwililcally
or lntclleetmllv to the Anglo S xon Ac
cording to Mr Watsons views the negro
Ins no right to ben politician or a voter
on the other hand he should pernlt the
white min to gnerunnd rule lite affairs
of State and nation without the old or
advice of the blacks air AVatson is In
favor of a scheme which will not allow
any ntgroes to vote He deel ires he does
not want to see another Gfie cast a ballot
In Virglnii
So far as the white man is concerned
Air Watson dTH nrtt want -him to be dc
rivd of a vote undtr any circumst inces
He wants it so led that the while people
will neit bo hampered when thi go to
the polls The iriale members of ever
famil who hive paid J0 In taxes
should be entitled li lite 0d nI1 ol
ditrs over sixty should be exempt from
taxation and allow ed te cat hlr billots
An educational yuallllcatlon seems to be
inslgnllietiut so far as It pertnins to the
vvnite voter in the ejes of Mr Watson
11 Is also In favor or exempting all men
from garnishment who tarn less thin
J5 per month
What do iou think of the scheme to
have district Judges throughout the
State nfis asked
I think it a good thing The counties
would save a greit denl bv It The drain
upon a count treasur to pa Its Judge
and Commonwealths attorney Is heavy
Sir Watson thlnksthat one Judge can
preside over the courts In a circuit of Jive
countIesind that tacit county would save
a large amount of money each month A
Commonwealths attorney has about three
dnjs of hard work in each month says
Mr Watson Sometimes not more than
one or two felony cases come before a
term of a county court and Jhe sefsion Is
of about two das duration
It has been learned here on what seems
to be unimpeachable authorlt that the
Constitutional Convention adjourned last
Frida In order to allgw the members to
visit their homes and be cnubled to go
to Norfolk next week to attend the
licrnatorlal convention In fact it is
knoyn that almost half the members of
the convention will go to Norfolk State
Si nntor Carter Glass Semtor Daniel
Messrs Watscn Wsor Withers Judge
Llarnes and others will be In Norfolk next
Delegate Jitteson of Huckingham
gives out the following Interview
As much as we desire haste the con
vention in Its action should not be un
n cessarily hastened in its Important
business The public and the convention
are both wprKing and there need be no
sort of dojbt about the fact that the right
of stiff nge will be properly restricted
The people In the last decade and even
longer both In the North and In the
South have gone through an evolution
Negro suffrage In the South has seen Its
best or rather Its worst das and Is
gone to return no more for many long
ars until its suffragans have learned
to perform the proper function of voters
The experiment has had a fair full and
honest trial under the most favorable cir
cumstances jnd It Ins proved an utter
and complete failure It has done greit
harm and has seriously retarded the
growth and prosperlt of jll the Southern
States of this fnlon It will be radically
changed by this convention In Virginia
Public opinion has crj stallizeel In the
opinion of the writer and the following
principles have been practicall agreed
upon as the proper b3Sls for a change
No manwl I be allowed to vote unless he
owns ard pas taxes upon J2U0 worth of
property rial or personal or both or can
tead and write the English language and
has thirty das or more before the elec
tion paid his capitation tax of ii but
with the exception of the capitation tax
these provisions must not appl to Con
federate soldiers and sailors nnd their
linenl male descendants To thee quali
fications must be added the fact that the
man who voto must be of sound mind
must never have been convicted of pett
laren or felony and must have resided
Jn the State twelve months and in the
count or cit In which he casts his bal
lot for six months before he can vote at
any election
MImm lllern liclf Ktoii Serljr Klllt il
t nr Ctirnell Inlv emit
ITHACA N V Aug K With her body
hanging b the feet over the brink of
Kail Cre ek Gorge Just liack of the Cor
nell campus her face d rcolored nd
bruied Allegra Hggleston Seelt grand
daughter of the historian and author Kd
ward KggUstoo was found dead late this
afternoon by Miss dlsworth a student
In Sase College
Miss Scle was a graduate ttudmt of
Corn 11 and htd been entertaining a num
b r of members of her soclet the Kppa
Gimmi Gamma at the handsome Seilve
home In University Avenue this cit her
father mother and th othtr members
of the fnmllv bilnr at I ake George
Her guests left today and In the after
noon she was seen by neighbors to leave
the house alone and go for a walk She
chose a prett patch leading along Iorcst
Iike anil the gorge where there Is a
heav for st growth During hi r Jaunt
n violent thunderstorm came up and It
Is supposed th it she sought shelter be
neath the 1 irge tree where her bod w is
Fame girls who were In 1 house nearb
after the storm had subsided made a
search of the wood knowing that some
damago h id been done The vvero horri
fied to llnd mar an Immense decacd i Im
tree the bod of i woman iho tree
was burned and charred 1 1 stroke of
lightning and tin re- were broken branches
and leives scattered around
Coroner Brown vasat once notllied and
he removed the body to the Ithaca
morgue were ll la for seviral hours un
identified Klmll Mrs Frederick Col
son wife of the celebrated Cornell cox
swain and Irof G L Hurr were called
and tbe reill7rd at once th it the body
was tluit of MI Sei The coroner s id
he vv is posltlvi sic had been Killed by
lUMneiiK Nnrnmlj Drown
ing In ICilth lnko llaoii
GAlVrSTON Tex Aug X The south
bound Southi rn Pacific passenger train
from H iumont to Sabine Pass fell
tliiotigh the bridge ovr Keith Iike
Ha 011 sewn miles north of th it place
at 11 3H oclock this looming The entire
tiuln was precipitated Into the bauu al
most sinking out of sltht
Thlrt passengers wire aboard and hid
It not been for the tug Karnet being an
chored nt ir by with a fishing party they
would hive perished The membirs of
the lishlug party and the crew of the tug
hastened to the rescue of those In the
train Ity cutting through the roofs ot
the erirsall the passengers were llbcratc d
T C btril tiling an oil prospector nnd
the Unman of the train are the only ones
hurr and their Injuries an nut thought
to b serlinis
ouldrldg cs and Cat soap Mll5 fleas anl
6jt your pot
A Lour List Prepared hy the Xavys
Jude Adwifntc eneril
t MuitlnKn KUft Cnptnliisihiilninotie d
1ln1ir11l IMiilipn III lefli Iemls to
Conllle t I1117 Mntemeiifai 1 lie Mnrj
of How Isoiih llillM Discredited
1 17
Orders were Issued esterday at the
Nav Department directing tlreturn to
the Inlted States of Hoatswaln Dennis J
O Connell now at the CnVltCstatlon in
the Philippines Hoatswaln OConnell is
one of the most important witnesses to
be called before the Schley Court of En
qulr He was chief quartermaster on
the Hrookl n Hear Admiral Schle s flag
ship at the time of tho light with the
Spanish vcssils and had command of the
signal men on the HrookljTi
He will be called to testify as to what
signals were given b the llrookIn dur
ing the light and will prove a valuable
witness in this respect According to
Captain Cook s report on the battle the
Iirst signal given b the Hrookl n was
Enem coming out notion Other vvlt
liesbes will be summoned from distant
points from di to day until all who will
be required will be under orders to return
to the United States
The Judge Advocate Generals Office of
the Nav Department has prepared a par
tial list of th1 witnesses who will be sum
moned to appear before the Court All of
the various captains of the filet oft San
tligo with the exception of Captain
Philip deceased of the Texas will be re
quested to be present In addition to
these the list contatnsthe following
Iieut S A Staunton Sampsons Hag
lieutenant and author of the despatch an
nouncing the difeit of tho Spanish tleet
He Is now attach d to thejinnkton
Iieut C C Marsh bampspns Hag sec
retar now with the Ma lower
Commander William P Putter Chad
wicks executive ollicer on lheNeSv York
now attached to the League Island Navy
laeut R T Mulligan nlso attached to
the New York and now executive of the
Lieutenant Commander N E Mason
executive of the Hrookl n and now In
charge of the torpedo station at Newport
Lieutenant Commander A C Hodgson
who ha I an Interesting controvers with
Admiral Schev about the loop order and
now at Newport
Commander J A Itodgers who was ex
ecutive of the Indian 1 nnd now in charge
of the Sixth lighthouse district
Comminder 3 P Coml navigator of
the Indiana nnd now commanding the Al
Lieutenant Commander Seaton Schroe
der executive of the Massachusetts and
who comes from Guam to appe ir before
the court
Lieutenant Commander T M Potts who
was navigator of the Massachusetts and
now executive of the Richmond
Lieutenant Commander A W Grant
who was attached to the Massachusetts
and now executive of the Indiana
Lieut J H Glennon who was on the
Massachusetts and now attached to the
Lieut T G Dcwe a nephew of the
Admiral and now on board tho Alabama
Lieutenant Commander G M Harber
executive of the Texas and now naval
attache at Tarls ind fet Petersburg who
will present some facts In relation to the
celebrated loop representing before the
court In a wa his chief- the late Hear
Admiral John W Philip who was com
Commander L C Hcrtncr navigator of
the Texas who is nowronnected with the
apprentice sjstem at litooJKftn
Lieut Harry Phelpsott the Texas now
with Capt C D Slgsbqeln Washington
Lieutenant Commander Alexander Sharp
in command of the VUn now on the
Lieut Charles H Harlow executive offi
cer of the Vixen now at tile Boston Navy
Commander II P Itodgers of the Ion-
now equipment officer of the Urookbn
Nav v- Yard
Lieut W H Schudzet navigator of the
Lieutenant Commanders H M Wltzel
and John M Orchard of the Iowa
Lieut Louis S Van Duzer also of the
Iowa s
Command r J K Cogswell of the Ore
gon r
Lieutenant Commander Jl T Nichol
son n ivigator of the Oregon
11 utennnt Commander W H Allen and
Lieut A A Aekermau of the On gon
The death of Admiral Philip removes
an Important wltniss In the case espe
elall in regard to Ihe loop of the
Ilroekln The enemies of Admiral
Schlej arc however placing much re
liance upon a letter said to be In the
osKcsslon of HIstorfauMaclay In which
Admiral Philip Is said to have written
the following
The Texas at this time was doing her
best to close on the Spaniards when to
my surprise and consternation I saw the
Hrookln Hwlng around with port helm
when all the other American ships had
used the starboard helm away from the
Spaniards and place htrself directly In
our course I was comielled to stop iind
reverse our englnis and even then came
neanr to a collision than I could wish
On account of this circumstance the Tex
as lost a splendid chance of closing with
the enem
Against this alleged correspondence la
the statement made b Admiral Philip in
his official report of the bittle In which
he states specificall that It was the Ore
gon which blanketed the lire of the Tex
as He docs not In this report say any
thing about the Hrookl n
otllclals of the Nav Department
discredit the sior telegraphed from lios
ton to the edict that Hear Admiral Hawi
son who has ben selected as a mi mber
of the Court of lnqulr h id expressed
himself in favor of Sampson enrl in the
controvers concerning the battle of ban
Wlun Admiral Howlson was n quitted
by Mr Hacki tt the Acting fceeretar of
the Niv to serve en the court he was
explicitly asked If he had ever expresses
an opinion in the matter Admiral How
ison replied that be had no bias In the
case and that he had said nothing con
cerning thi controversy He added th tt
he saw no reason whv he should not serve
as a member of the tribunal
AhUh KIIIOOOO for the VIIetel
ntion of IIIm M Ifcn ireetloni
John Stager wio It Is said is a resl
dent of this city h Is instituted suit In
tho New York courts against Charles C
Worthlngton of that ell to recover
JK JdoO claimed as dam iges for the al
ii ged alienation of the affittions of his
wife b the defendant The plaintiffs
wife Maude Seager filed suit for divorce
against him In the District courts in
April last and 011 June 6 was granted a
separation Mrs Seager was one of the
three Hlee sisters She asked for divorce
on the ground of desertion and her hus
band did not put In any defence
Worthington until ncently It Is stated
was President of the Iumping Knglnc
Comp in of New York Seager was pil
vale stcretar to Daniel S Iimont while
the hitter was Secret try of War Mrs
Seager It Is stated Is a slsti of
George W Lederer the theatrical mau
agtr that several months ago she ac
companied him on a trip to Hurope and
that In fore returning to America
stopped In London and that there Mrs
beager first met Worthlngton
While absent It is stated Mrs Se igcr
wrote frequmtl In a most nlfectlon ite
manner to hi r husband llir last Uttir
was a great su prisc to him however for
In it It is alleged she informed him th it
she was tlnsl of him and did not intend
to nturn and live with him an longer
She also frankl admitted it Is said tint
wlun she returned to this country she
vvoulJ begin procti dings for illvorn
When Mrs Seager r turned to lAinerlea
she was imt by her husband who tried
to dissuade her from tho step she slid
she would take He was not suj eessful
and when she filed a petition fv diorce
he made no di fence
Scnger however It Is said made en
quiry as to the cause of his wifes action
and from what he learned tonrluded that
Worthington was responsible for the
course pursued by lis wife He slid tint
he lenrned thit while his wife was in
london she and Worthington wie in
stantly In each others compaii and that
they stopped at the Krmln Hotel It was
while they were slalng there Seagji
states that his wife wrote to him salng
that she would not live with him Jgiil
to Illriiilntcliiitii Com en
Hon Mnj Orer for n llnnquet
Delegates to the forty lirth session of
the International T prgraphlcal L nlon
en route to the Birmingham Ala con
vention were royr ly entertained b loci
printers last nlkht at a bnnqutt and re
ception held nt the Hotel lritz Heuter
lor more than three hours sparkling wit
and discourse of more serious import held
compiny with drinkables and eatables of
all descriptions Ihe tables at which the
125 guests were seated In the large dining
room were arranged in the form of
mammoth mignets Ihe printers bare
out their reputation of being hail fellows
v ell met and fraternized wjth the com
positors from moije distant cities In a true
comixislng room wayi
Joe M Johnson onl of the trustees of
the local T pojcntphlcul Lnlon was
master of ccremqpfes and Introduced the
vnrlous speakers of the evening In re
marks serious nrfd otherwise which met
with constant aijplaufc at the hands of
his brethren He was authorized to call
time on my speaker who consumed
more than ten minutes or who became
tiiesome but noonce was the privilege
The address cf welcome was delivered
by E A M LavvnnfJircsident of Colum
bia T pograplncal Union No 1U1 the as
sociation of local pTrrters In happ sen
tinces Mr I awine bade the strangers
wilcemc nnd mctnphoricall handed them
the kes of the cityj
W M Leavittia fdfclegate elect to the
lllrmlngham convention responded In bc
halt of the aisltors He laid special stress
upon the agreement between the book
binders printers and pressmin and upon
the reci nt agreement between the Pub
lishers Association of the United States
nnd the executive council of the Inter
national T pographlcal Union
Capt O I Dunlap who was mentioned
on the pragrammc as a Kansas officer
during the war and a Kansas oillce holder
ever since devoted himself to re iting
stories of fimous characters well known
In the Government Printing Office many
cars ngo much to the amusement of
both loial and out-of-town stireolpers
H 13 W ear Chairman of the local dele
gation to HIrminghim also delivered 1
brief address as did John M Karquhar
of the Industrial Commission and a for
mer member of Congress
Trank Kldd ca iseit considerable amuse
ment and much applause by Ids remarks
on the old time printer a genus now
almost extinct he said but whose mem
ory would alvvas be kept fresh and rcen
pnd herd in loving regard so long -us the
craft continued
Chirlcs H Govnn delegate from the
Big C t pographlcal union of New YorK
City struck the konote of the purpose of
the lllrrringham convention Jn hia re
marks nnd was listened to Intently He
thought that ft was time worklngmen
learned something of political econom
The root of the troubles of the laboring
man he believed lay In taxation With
a proper condition of affairs he declared
that U was within the power of the labor
ing jian to destroy the Steel Trust In
twert four hours
Wm M Garrett Secretary of Columbia
T pographlcal Union Of this city made a
short address and was followed by
Chailes T Graff one of the Washington
delegates to the Birmingham convention
and 1 ranK D smith and others
iluslcal selections rendered by William
Murphy and Edward V Thomas assisted
In making the occasion an enj0able and
noteworth one Muny of the delegates
took a late train for Birmingham at the
conclusion of the banquet Others will not
Ieave Washington until this afternoon
A Government ClerU nntl IIn Coin
imnion 4111 n Wnllf Meet Huiki
Sergeant Carter of the Detective Bu
reau at Police Headquarters recelv ed an
emergency call over the telephone short
ly after 10 oclock last night from Gross
drug store corner of Fourteenth nnd
Park Streets Mount Pleasant stating
that the police were wanted in that vicin
The message which was an unusually
long one stated that a young man ac
companied by a joung lady resident of
that section had been set upon by two
ruffians near the corner of Fifteenth and
Sheridan Avenue northwest that the
oung man had been roughl handled and
the men had finall succeeded in carring
the oung lady off into the woods The
message further stated that ever body
was wild with excitement In staid old
Mount Peasant and that the citizens
wen then engaged in m iklni an active
search for the two men
Sergeant Carter who by long service in
the Police Department had become ac
customed to receiving such messages lost
no time however In despatching Detec
tive Sergeants Baur and Lacy to the
scene He then called up the Eighth pre
cinct station and Boon Sergeant DoIc
accompanied b Policemen Kersten and
Nebb was hurrjlrg toward the home of
the ounglnd on Howard Avenue
Lion arriving it thi scent Dole
learned from the night watchman at the
ingleslde apartment house that a oung
lady had run into that house vvhili her
companion was busily engaged In a pugil
istic encounter with the two nun Dole
and his men at once secured a discrlptloa
of thi two assailants and placed under or
rtsl 1 m in answering the same but the
oung man was unable to Identjf him as
one of his apsall ints
W hen sv n b a Times reporter last
night shortl after the affair the oung
man who gave tin name of DeW lit Hart
well stated that he and a oung lady
f rlend b the 11 ime ot Miss Annie Col
Iett who resides t 1111 Howard Avenue
were standing near the 1 orner of Seven
teenth nnd Howanl Avenue some dis
tance awav from the oung lads home
when suddenly a m 111 sprang from a
clump of bushes and made a piss at him
llirtwell dodged him and returned the
blow with tin result that his opponent
fell to the ground Mr Hartvvil said tho
man then called for hlp nnd another in
dividual sprang out and Joined In the af
fair In the meantime the oung 1 idy
ran Into the Ingleslde apirtmtnt house
several doors away nnd summoned the
night w itchman At the sight of
thi strangers Hid
Mr llirtwell Is 1 Government clerk
and resides at 736 Twelfth Striet north
wist The onlv description he could give
of the 11H 1 is that the wen sh ibblly
dressid One was of rather largo frame
and the othtr somewhit smaller Mr
Hartwclls face was slight scratched 1
as 1 result or tne eniounier anil ne com
pliimd of pilns In the head After the
men nil avva he went at once to Miss
Collctt s home and one of the neighbors
t Iinhiinb1 In iha nll tt rf I Kn ll litf
- I - - I--- u ink
pnclnct who are now Investigating the I
sllcIitiTM Linked ToKethe r nuie
n Iollei muiia CurloMlt
Ioliceman Stahl of lh Klrst precinct
st mon tiQk John T Motlev nnl fortj
ftu vtars Into custody last nlrthl ou a
charge of Insanity John C Atkins a
friend of Motley who accompanli1 the
litter it the time of the arnst and who
Is taking Motl back to his home at ltie
iKpot 1rliiO Hdward Countv Vn from
nn Institution at Tnlontoun la also
went to thu station and asked tint his
friend he eared for until this
nio nlns Then the Journey Into Virgin 1
win oe resunieu
Atkins stand that he inled in the city
lite jestenli afternoon In eharBe of
Modi whose ment il condition his not
li n oi nd for sOmn lime Onci In the
tit Atkins did not know just whit to
do with his eharge until morning lie
niKaKed a room it an Aenu hotel hut
noer lining h n in Washington before
he w lulled to se fhe sights insteld of go
In at once to hell Not iliriug to lenw
alone In the hotel Alklns struck
nn the Idit of u ilng h indeuffs while he
mn 11 trip about flie town Acrord
In he h inileufled himself to Molki
and led the liltir about the streets for
an hour or more In this manner Atkins
was njiing himself as het he could
when Iollei man Stahl h ippened alnrg on
Ills blcjcle Stahl did not riulti under
stand the case Vnd he took flotlt and
Alklns to the stlitton thnt the former
might be e ired for tenipirarll Atkins
readily agreed tr1 lenvb Motley In ihirge
of th pollee until thfe morning lie then
lift the ftatlnn and iloon returnid to his
hotel for th night
V Rood thing aflfe Joeial iliiilpition H Itojjl
llcailae hc Tabtfta hour iloiea X tenia
Arrests Follow it Complaint hy a
Stieet Jtailwaj Company
Two Men tiiMit o Ilnve Vlteniiiteil to
Ixart Jlouo 1 rum the
llon for vllrged Injuries W lint
tin- Pullet Clnlm to Know
Samuel Ijjlnkelsteln alias Scmel aged
thlrt -four leafs and Samuel Kupfir
berg fort cars old were arrested list
night charged with conspiring to defraud
the Washlriiton Traction and Electric
J Compan Klnkclstcln It Is said brought
in alliged fa e claim ag ilnst the corn
pan for damages which claim was
groundless according to olficlals of the
corporation while Kupferberg Is alleged
to have furthered the claim In various
was The mn are held for a hearing
this morning in the Police Court
rinketstcin and Kupferberg came here
one week ago and secured lodgings nt
different places It was not suspected
that thi knew each other nor did this
fact become evident until the arrests
were made jesterda afternoon On the
afternoon of the Inst Kinkclsteln
boarded a car of the Ninth btreet branch
ot the Washington Traction Company
somewhere near his lodging house 51
btreet southwest He
was bound apparentl for the uptown dis
trict of the tit but while In the neigh
borhood of the Pennslanla depot he
fell from the car and rolled Into the
street Among those who went to his
assistance according to the police and
railroad officials was Kupferberg who
witnessed the accident from the sidewalk
Kinkclsteln jvas assisted to a convey
ance of some kind and removed to his
boarding house Kupferberg Is said to
have accompanied him but however this
may be a phfslcian was summoned to
attend the man who had suffered the fall
It Is not et cfear who called the phsl
clan although the police suspect that
Kupferberg figured In this feature of the
For several das it appears Finkelsteln
remained at home Not so with Kupfer
berg The police say they believe that
the latter Interested himself greatly In an
effort to secure money from the railroad
compan In ordcV to settle what wa3 said
to be u claim against the corporation for
damages because of Injuries sustained by
Flnkelsteln in his fall from the car Yes
terda Finkelsteln called at the offices of
the railroad company at the car barn on
Fifteenth Street to see about his claim
Previously Kupferberg had urged this
matter upon the officials of the compan
and had It 1s said asked the sum of
11500 In settlement In full of the claim of
Finkelsteln This sum had been denied
and there are those who say that Kjp
ferberg alwas claiming to act for Fink
elsteln next set his figure at JiOO for set
tlement of the claim Afterward the sum
was again reduced it Is said to J400
which was demanded from the company
In behalf of Finkelsteln
Matters were In this shape jesterday
vvhen FlnkelsUln sought the company offi
cials In person to secure some recogni
tion of his alleged claim Meanwhile the
railroad people had consulted detectives
and Detectives MUler Peck and Flather
had begun wurk on the case They had
secured a description of both Finkelsteln
and Kupferberg and when the former ap
peared esterda atr the car barr he was
taken Into custod He was taken to
Headquarters anvU after questioning was
locked up at tlvs SJNth precinct station
Later in the evening Kupferberg who
had learned of the capture of Finkelsteln
vas arrested at the Pennsylvania depot
as he was apparently about to leave the
cit on a train Xor the North Kupferberg
said he knew nothing about Finkelsteln
but the latter it is said had already
admitted knowing the man who had
pressed his claim for money with the rail
road cornpan A large valise carried by
Kupferberg way searched and articles
said to belong to Finkelsteln were found
therein Kuplerberg Is held at the First
precinct station
Little Is vet known about the pris mers
except that they have been at various
times In Bostuit Mass New York City
Baltimore and possibl In the West
Their records will bo fully Investigated
In his cell last night Kupfeiberg said he
had nothing to do with Finkelsteln He
said he aid notJsnow the latter and did
not want to knpw him He claimed to
know nothing about nn demiiiu for
mono from theJWafhlngton Traction and
Llcctric Compap or an other street
railway company Finkelsteln sas he Is
a peddler He was pit through a close ex
amination last night by the detectives and
railroad officials
Hint tier of Imiiortnnt InjierH
mid IteeorilH nii N the lelu
IlearliiK on the petition of Robert CI
TeKeler for a writ of habeis corpus to
secure his release from Imprisonment
which was to h ie been hid jesterdij
before Justice Clabaugh was postponed
until Mondty next The postponement
was mide on motion of Assistant Dis
trict ttorne TngRnrt who explained
that cirtaln papers and records necessir
to the proceedings hae notet been rt
celtd bj him
Tegeler Is a coal ptser in the United
States Nav who claims th it he Is un
law full restrained of his liberty and held
In custodj bj SI ijor Thomas X Vood
United States Marine Corpo at the brie
or guardhouse at the ni ard this clt
court Is asked to enquire Into the
m itter and discharge the petitioner from
This Is the first time such a cae has
come before the court and eon lderahle
importance- Is attached to It as the de
cision rendered will determine whether an
nlltul man In the lulled States Navy
Is compelled to obe an ofllcer of a naval
mlllti i Inttallon
as she in ty till
of them
f lilt 1 iiiikIik IeNrteuluj In
Km Je erltj
At the Cismltj Hospital last night It
was siid thit Miss Lorettn Kemp for
seen dtys a patient suffering from hlc
eoughs was much better The phjslclans
lnllee the joims woman Is now on the
roid to recoeeiy
falnte Hbt Ma tfternoon Miss Kemp
his bce n strioual 111 and hi r condition
w is nt one time alarming She hi came
ihnost eh lusted from seen i pisms
am n ll f was onlv afforded hj tlie in
Uui net of tn anesthetic frefyentl ad-
niluistiitd list niht however tho
patient slept a good deil bin apptned
scmewhit stronger and will prolnblj be
refresh d to a much greater degree this
morning Man friends i illisl jesterda
at tin huspltil to eniiulre about her con
Mrs Murrell IllspiiMse Mseil of llt r
Home- 1 1 mporiiril Lnretl Ior
Mrs lmogeue Ilobinsgn Morrcll who was
dispossessed of her home 711 Nineteenth
Street Wednesday last for the
of a mouth h rent of C5 due in ad
anee for the month of August has taken
up temporarj quarters with Mrs Kllza
heth HtJ rlng a eltrk in the Goernmtnt
iniilo who without previous iieiiutlnt
anet with Mrs Morrell tend red lier
shdter and assistance Jlrs Morrell ex
pects to nmiln with Mrs Herring for a
fortnight a welcome for that period be
ing assurtd hi r when she will have made
arrangiments for her future
The sidewalk In front of the house and
of those ndjolnlng is still littered with
the furniture bdonglng to the evicted
tenant M in of the more valuable
im iuv lu taken in enargi ny tne
nelghlHirs tif M
Morrell until such time
ike some other disposition
OfTeliniv il Cvrn to 3lrelf F A Bot
tom tlrugkW Oookshirc IJue tor 4J
i ears 1 biiltensl frtni Cjlarrlu Jl I realh uaj
lery offrniltr even to nyaelf 1 rll everjtlnns
wlitli pruimstd me a tore I wan ln
eiuted to tr lr V neivs Cauirlial Powiltr 1
cot relief iiutantly alter tlnt applicatlan It
rurrd me and 1 am tne from nil the ellectj of it
sil1 hy K s vtilllam Mnlh anl P streets
lmimW Williams Third Street and Ienn
htlvama tvenuc U
t - iT T J
Largest Complete Outfitters South of New York
I We Reach the Limit in Special J
I Offerings Today 1
t Tcitay is Friday REMNANT DAY and that at once
X suggests extraordinary selling But today is to be a Friday 4
j among Fridays the most interesting and attractive of- the whole 4
X fifty two of the year Remnants among lines that are never J
X nanted Prices quoted that are lower than the past has record of 4
Men Coat and Vrtt
out ol Chetiot Cassimrre
w orated aftd fcerjc Suit
that have Hold up to
broken sirit iEDLCED
Mcna Inhncd Flannt
Coat Hit ulN
that hare sold up to 10
mostly urge sites
250 -
irohs Smts Pants left
irom all wrU of hnlt
that have sold upta j20
Cheviot Worsted Vrse
10 Hors
fchort rant Wool
Suits and with each suit
an ettra pair of Fanta
sizes are 8 aml 15
rears RtrSLCFD from
3 to
0 Hojs aid Ctadi
Inen and xrgp Coats
left from Suit that liav
ld at I9 and 2
sues 7 g 9 and 10 years
15 DojV
Wiesli Suits aize 7 8
ami 10 years and IIIv
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8 Boy- Silk hOftOm
eKIlee Shirt all ot
them are- size 12 and
are rtular oJc Shirts
lfn Vts left from
Foits Cherlot Wonted
Cassi nere Vrge etc
ehoiec HEDLW D to
1cn rancy Vah
Vesta worth up to 20
single and
hroVt n sues RE
Boy lftc Mnen Collars
and 13c Linen Cnflfa that
are lstMly smh d but
fine 2101 linen srattenny
sizes RrMTChD to
Men Star echsree
Shirts in scattering sizes
altogether about lour
dozen each with separate
eoILir and cnlTs to
match RtDLCtD from
1130 to
Mens tt hlte Unlaund
dered fchrU broken sizes
of the best 50l Shirt
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Mens Itibbnl Bibnc
an ShirU ami Drawers
shirts 36 to ii- Prawers
32 and 31 ULDLCLU
from 50c to
All the odds and endi
of our regular high grade
3c Silk Netkwcar em
bracing the popular
shapes and desirable col
c nnc and patterns
TABLE contain
ing broken sizes In
tan anil black Ox
ford Ties Lace
anil Uutton Boots which hive been
belling at J2 Ji50r and W
TABLK containing all of
our Jl 50 and Ji Crash
Linen Oxford Tits and
JI V and iZ Kid Boots and
Oxfords In broken sizes
TABLE contain
ing K50 ind
JJ Crash Linen
antl Tan Kid and
Calf Lace Jjlioes anil Oxfords In
shapes and nearl every
size or some sort
Ihe Irt side lit le t lines oiiilinltll
liini in it Celiu Murder I use
The President has deelined to eommute
to llf imprisonment the sentence impostd
uuon Private Ihlneas Foutz Comiunj IC
Nineteenth Infintrv who was eonviited
ot murder committed at Handaue Cebu
He has approved the proceedings of the
court mirtlil which heard the c ise and
will not Interfere In the execution of the
sentence which Is tint he be hinged
This Is the first instance slnee tnt
cinnlng of the war In th
win re the President has declined to com
mute the sentence of a soldltr convicted
of minder or other crime and sentenced
to rVuh Koutz was convicted eif killing
fe vva Torres a Filipino girl bj stab
bio her to the heart with a sword c ane
tin s ivember 13 1W The crime Is said
tev luv been v erj atrocious
Mens t hlte Duck
TanU worth 2 and 3250
fnr I ami White Ifcick
Pant worth 91 ami l SO
broken aire ami some
are soiled
Choice o any Mans
or Boys or CbiU Straw
Hat fn tlie hou e no
matter what the shape
the straw the cwt or
the original sclhnff pnet
Ladies Cinras and
Crash Linen Oxford-
broken loti of course
but extra qualities abd
deoirable Mjles t 5
and 175 a pair UK
Ladiei IJlack and Tan
ici Kid Oxfords UKHtl
wnall zes all the
shapes represented m th
lot are the latest worth
100 a pair REDLCKD
Mines and Childrens
Oxfords and tra Slip
PCm sizes runnui from
7 to 2 ItKDLCLD from
1 a pair to
Broken lot of Fancr
Cotton Hammock full
size with pillow
peauer wortn 51
Saks Company
Pennsylvania Avenue and Seventh Street
The iinnsnaliy heavy s ellinji of our Half Yeaily
flohin Shoe Sale pnnes that we are jmttiiifr be
foie ou jjeiiuine shoe barirains Today we put
out 011 centre tables the hioken Me lines whieh
aie the natural result While theie aie not all sizes
in all lots theie aie all ies in the several lines ami
in eery instance the saing is extiaoidiiiary
Heres the list
Broken lot of Croquet
Set full S hall setsr
packed in
Ftron bo worth 41 RE
c TABLK containing Boys
9 W and Girls Lace Shoes
J Oxford Ties and Sandals
which sold for J150 and H
In broken sizts
3 Reliable Shos Houses
By the Kocli Lung Cure
150 Naiuu Mrrct Ne York
And 27 street Washington
TABLE containing Mis
ses and Childs Tan Ox
ford Tiea anel Sandals
which sold for Jl and
2 tables of mens shoes
v f TABLE contilnlng Mens
- VI V ne and Black Canvas
1 f Tenuis Lace Shoes and
w Ties also Black
and Tan Imttition Alligator House
Slippers nearly every size In the
Cor 7fh an K St
M ani 1916 Pa Are
233 Pa Ay S E
Cliff House ChaBeDach1
I nler new nunaj oment MIIS Jl D JltTCIIELL
of U Jlultun lroj nctur
loeid Tahle Service iUti froT
s to lij ptr eveek
tilIrcss Vllts JI D JIlTCllfcLL or particular
Near warrcnton KstabMicd Isni
I oration uniurpased for health and social In
flihnttst Prepares for bulnes coltej e and Cor
ernment academitsi Session opens septemliel
19 Vlilrisut
PhlIIipInes I T1c llr1PK Bethel Academy P a irmu
K Dcparte1 this life tetl t T 10O1 at
i i p ni after a short hut painful illne t
L GOW N letivuitf a b sonsiiljte evlelow and Ire
thdlren to mourn lus lttaS
The lsat of lirisutt the- JKiinp ot pcr
11 tlut btjutt whlth wc allU vtr gave
The nitlis of clorv leal but to the Kfave
in Ills MIHHV M lllllltr N
rimeTal from hi lale resulence 30s Twelfth
Strtel northwest I nJar ustMt at t oeloik
p til
cailemy for bojs Home life and Individual
instruction Terms moderate ddresa
W P V10N U S N
tuderlaker nml Llyerj
Tern Ave V V VVahinctoa D
ami Street
Uain Store eorncr 7th and S
Branches all over tht cit
in all markets
AH the newest and moat
attractive styles in mens
shoe Black tans pat
wit leather kipial to an
00 shoes 0 Cfl
made iwJvr
Uia 1eunirlTniila Avenue

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