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Tbr ilinsffiiiHjton tTimrsJ
miDAY AUGUST 9 1901
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I In- Strike- vAnr
In a situation as acute as that of the
steel strike no one knows what a day
or an hour may bring forth Yesterdaj
developments were few On the whole
they were faorable to the trust The
big McCutcheon mill was
started with non union labor much to
the surprise of the strikers but there
was no attempt on their part to inter
fere It seems to be the policy of
Messrs Morgan Schwab and their as
sociates to reopen one plant after an
other and thus present to the strikers
an object lesson of their ability to re
sume operations In spite of them
Behind this ram ement of course is
the tacit notice that mills once placed In
commission with non union labor will
remain non union and there is no doubt
that the trust is determined to pursue
that course What Immediate effect the
covert threat may have on the men or
dered out next Sunday and Monday re
mains to be seen The corporation man
agers appear to be satisfied that it will
be potent to greatlj reduce the number
vv ho w ill obey the Shaffer order On the
other hand the people at strike head
quarters claim to hae urprlss In
store for the trust As matters stand
it Is jet anjbods game The crux will
come next w eek
Tin- Drift of American
In an article intended to show that
the fears of the anti imperialists are
groundless the New York Independ
ent indulges In seme very curious
and If we mav with propriety use the j torv
term shallow reasoning The argu
ment of the Independent is in sub
stance that the whole drift of public
sentiment in this countrj has been in
the direction of larger and broader lib
erty therefore it cannot be possible
that there is anv purpose to deny the
full measure of American liberty to the
people of our newly acquired terri
tories If the fact w ere as stated there
would be no question of imperialism
before the country At cl events there
would be no ground fcr the contention
that the foreign policy of the Adminis
tration is imperialistic in character for
the drift of sentiment referred to by
the Independent would have rranl
fested itself in the treatment of the
islands ceded to us by Spain
It is -very true that prior to the
Treaty of Paris the drift of sentiment
In the United States had been In the
direction of broader and more en
larged freedom foi the masses of the
people But it o happens that the
policy adopted toward Porto Rico and
the Philippines shows a direct counter
current and this it is that has raised
the question of imperialism Suppose
some man should assume the title of
Emperor place a crown upon his head
and claim supreme power beirg sup
ported in his course by the dominant
political party of the nation In the
face of such facts what weight could
be attached to an argument that there
was no imperialism in the country and
could b none because the drift of
American sentiment had alwavs been
the other vav Such a contention
would be absurd and yet it is essen
tially the argument which the Inde
pendent makes
It is not a question of the former
drift of public sentiment but one of
what ve are doing now- It is because
the treatment of Porto Rico and the
Philippines is utterly at variance with
the former drift that vast numbers of
intelligent and patriotic people have
taken the alarm In what possible way
can the denial of constitutional rights
to Porto Rico make for an extension of
liberty The present Adminlstrrt n
has asserted the principle that the
President and Congress have absolute
ly unrestrained power in newly ac
quired territory In what way does the
assertion of absolute power over other
peoples show a drift toward llbeity
If when the Administration urged this
doctrine it had been repudiated by his
rarty we mav be sure that the Inde
pendent would have made haste to
declare that such repudiation showed
the unswerving devotion of the Ameri
can people to the great pilnclples of
constitutional government upon which
the Republic was founded The Repub
lican party having not only failed to
rebuke the policy but actually sanc
tioned it we must reach the opposite
conclusion that the drift of public sen
timent so far as that party is con
cerned is away from constitutional gov
ernment and in the direction of abso
Again we may ask in what way does
the denial of constitutional safeguards
to ten million rillplnos and In fact
a denial to them of all political rights
in their own nitlve land fhow a
strengthening sentiment in favor of
liberty among the American people
The Spooner resolution empowered the
President to establish a government of
pure absolutism in those Islands It Is
beside the question to argue that the
President Is a kindly man and will not
abuse his power This is not a question
of men but of principles Russia is as
much a despotism now as it was in the
days of Peter the Great or Catherine
the Second although the present Czar
is a kindly man The fact that a par
ticular Russian Czar happens to be of
kindly disposition does not make Rus
sia a Republic by any means
The Independent says The United
States is a country of liberty It was
the parent of government by the peo
ple The whole genius of our Constitu
tion Is for freedom These things
have all been true until recently They
ought to be true now and it Is because
the principles staled by the Independ
cnt have been disregarded and per-
verted in the new territories that the
cry of Imperialism has been raised
In an argument on behalf of the Ad
ministrations foielgn policy it Is almost
an Insult to common Intelligence to say
that the whole genius of our Constitu
tion is for freedom when under that
polio the genius of the Constitution
is held to hae no application to Porto
Rico and the Philippines
After thus stating the principles of
the American Govermrient the Inde
pendent then proceeds to spcdk of our
colonial svstejm1 and the manner in
which we are governing alien rates in
Porto Ulco anil the Philippines Inter
mingled with this Is much in the way
of glittering generalities about free
popular go eminent to be established
In the Philippines as soon as It can be
done all of which sounds well cen if
it is somewhat out of harmony w Ith the
facts The simple truth is thnt under
the Administrations policy there can
be no free popular government in those
islands for the reason that any such
government is merely onv of sufferance
and not of light As the matter now
stands the President can establish a
free popular government today and
abolish It tomorrow That may be the
Independents idea of government in
accordance with the genius of the
Constitution If so it would be In
teresting to have that able Journal ex
plain what would constitute a case of
governing in disregard of the genius
of that immortal Instrument
Tln IloiTlscin Tlicleli nt
The general sentiment expressed in
our exchanges esterday and what ad
ditional we hear this morning is ample
ev idence that the Boston Records re
vival of How icons Charleston n Inter
view In July lSS has created a strong
Impression throughout the country that
he Is rot a fit man to sit on the Schlej
Court of Knquir We have Secretary
Longs promise that the members of the
tribunal would be men who had taken
no personal stand In connection with
the Sampson scandal and who could
not be accused of expresslngan opinion
cither In favor of the claims of Samp
son to the honors of the Santiago a ic
tury or in support of the rights of the
actual victor to the laurelsof the great
sea fight fought and won by Commo
dore Schley JDuj If jyipeaiinccs go
for anything a man who must have
been known toAciriigT5ecretary
ett and Crow nlnshield as a bitter
Sampson partisan has been chosen as a
member of the court The deduction
which decent Americans will make Is
not to be escaped They will believe
that the design of the navj ring con
spirators to suppress the truths of his-
and to deprive Rear Admiral
of the credit due him In the In
terests of the absentee Sampson 1 as
become desperate and regardless of
consequences and will evpect and
demand the intervention of President
If what Ilowison Is reported to have
said in the interview referred to be
what he did say then it is manifest
that he Ins prejudged the case which
he has been appointed to Investigate
and he is disqualified from
sitting in It What la charged against
him Is that on the occasion mentioned
which was just after Schleys destruc
tion of the Spanish squadron he de
clared that to Sampson belongs the
credit for the victory and he is said
to have added the- following attack
upon Schley We quote from his lan
guage as -printed in the Boston Rec
schley ii not respected a Sampan U Sjmp
Sttii is a brave cool intelligent officer fcchley
lud the reputation of Unfr ncrrotu and hot
headed in the aral Vcademy and he does not
htand high in the estimation of natal officers
as Sampson doe Of the two men bampon is
respected far more
We are perfectly willing to concede
the that when Hackett ap
pointed Ilowison vs a member of the
Court of Enquirj he did not
know of this public expression of the
appointees views concerning the prin
cipal matter at issue and did not know
that Ilowison was as prejudiced In re
gard to the same as himself or Crow nln
shield but it is a that
we can concede or that the American
public would think of conceding the
probability being that Hackett and
Crow nlnshield were advised
of Howlsons mental attitude when thej
selected him
It is possible that the Administration
Imagines It can the public opinion
of the nation and outrage the naval
service and Justice b supporting the
conspiracj to punish a gallant officer
and citizen for winning one of the
greatest and most glorious naval vic
tories in our without Incurring
opprobrium if so the Administration
is sadly mistaken The American peo
ple have reached a definite conclusion
In the premies and it is that the
honors of Santiago belong to Rear Ad
mlial Schlej and that the conspirators
who are trjlng to iob him of them de
serve court marital and dismissal In
disgrace from the service
A nlliilnlxhliiH Illrth Itute
And now Ihigland or rather the
United Kingdom Is becoming alarmed
over the declining birth rate In that
country- In 1S75 the annual birth rate
was thirty -live per thousand and the
death rate Since then the
death rate has fallen to eighteen which
Is indicative of better condi
tions and perhaps an Improvement In
jnedlcal and surgical art Standing by
Itself this would be a encouraging
feature But it does not stand alone
for the birth rute Is also falling off
having declined to twentj nlne per
thousand This decline in the birth
rate is said to be more rapid than that
of Frarce for the same period of time
It is pointed out that this ratio of de
crease If continued would soon bring
the population of the United Kltgdom
to a standstill because there is no
chance for anj thing like an offset In a
diminished death rate which as already-
stated is now down to eighteen
per thousand In spite of sani
tary precaution with every possible
improvement In medicine and surgerj
anil even ill the face of Dovvlelsm and
Christian Science people will continue
to die when their phjsical organisms
are worn out
But we need not stop with the United
Kingdom In a letter to the Iondon
Times Dr Kremantle the dean of Rl
pon states that the same phenomenon
presents Itself all over Europe except
in Russia with England leading the
wajv That Is to pay the birth rate Is
falling more rapidly in Kngland thun
elsewhere It has frequently been
statdd of late that the same Is true of
the United States although the Im
mense Immigration into the country
has tended to divert attention from it
and also to lessen its immediate
There is probably no moie Important
question lonf renting the human race
than this nntter of Increase the excess
of births over deaths for it has a di
rect bearing upon the future of man
kind as a whole anl also upon the rel
ative power of natlonsFar example
if the luireiiletlnn of FrrtrirSsrirllld re
main stationary for UrcBnest lifty
jears and those of Germany Great
Britain and Russ i contitiio to in
cre ise as thej hav e been dblfijr clearly
France would be completely overshad
owed by all of those countries In the
matter of phjsical power as represent
ed by population assuming of course
that the populations of these other
countries showed no
But with no i heck to the Increase it
has been shown that in all probabllity
only a few centuries would be required
to crowd the world uncomfortnbly and
greatly Intensify the struggle for ex
istence This as The Times has here
tofore suggested would in itself nat
urally check the Increase We also In
timated that long before that point was
reached sociological conditions might
come into oieration that would produce
throughout the world as a whole or a
large part of It the same phenomenon
of an almost stationary population that
is now observed In Trance Judging
from reient developments that time
may be nearer at hand than the most
of us have imagined
If this reduction of the birth rate
were the result of physical degeneracy
it might be regarded as foreshadowing
the extinction of the human race But
we know that during the last h ilf en
tury In Great Britain and the United
States there has been a marked im
provement in the phjsical development
of both men and women and the same
Is true In Germany The di
minished birth rate is undoubtedly ow
ing to psj chologlcal causes and we
may conclude that these causes
will prevent either the over
population of the earth In its entirety
or the extinction of the human race
The Trouble nt lniinma
The President of the Panama Railway-
has addressed tha Gov
ernment expressing his fear that the
line between Aspinwall and Panama is
in danger of being damaged and traffic
suspended if nothing worse at the
hands of the Colombian insurgents
AcordIngl the Machlas will be fitted
out and despatched to the scene as soon
as possible and further steps be
In 1R3 In similar circumstances It
was necessary to send a landing partj
of marines and bluejackets to hold the
From present Indications
something of the sort may have to be
done again The Colombians must
moderate their transports or ours will
be seen coming along loaded with
Jollies and Jackles who mean busl
Tin- llnllvviiy Grlminal
The tiampj Ws cropped up
again this time in Plalnfleld New
A gang of masked men bound and
gagged a Polish woman who keeps a
boarding house in thlt place and
searched the house for valuables find
ing six hundred dollars Such
incidents are not as unconmon as they
should be in mall towns on the llni of
the great railwaj s and thej illustrate
a new danger which las come to light
since the birth of the stfam engine
The immense transporta
tion afforded the network of rall
vvavs which covers the land gives op
portunity fcr the tramp to
escape from the scene of his
wrongdoing In this ease the roobers
could with very little trouble enterthe
house do their dasfiiSiy work leave
their victim helpless and get out of
town and into XewvYoik before any
thing could be done about it
Before the time of the railway the
malefactor had for refuge only the
woods and swamps and the slums of
large cities and he could not jnove
from place to place with great rap
idity Nowadays a thief a murderer
or other criminal can be discharged
from a jail in Illinois and be In New
York within a if he is able to beg
steal or pay for a ride There is such
a thing as the railwaj police but it is
necessarily more or less Ineffective
There are too manj rascals In the
United States and their means of cir
culation are uncomfortably abundant
Aeulcetftt Nutlte lmid
It was recently stated by an Irish
gentleman that In the part of Ireland
from which he came blackberries were
unknown as a food not because they
were not found there but because they
vvere so plentiful as to be regarded as
too common for use The housewife in
short considered that she would be
wasting her sugar and her time by
making Jam wine preserves or pies of
This statement has since been contra
dicted and it is probable that such a
condition of things existed onlj In a
part of Ireland If It did anj where but
it Is not at all an impossible situajlon
Some of the richest most delicious and
most healthful foods produced bj our
own country are allowed to go to waste
because people consider them lit onlj
for the poor Brow n bread corn bread
beans molasses and many edible cuts
of beef and mutton aie disdained In
favor of more expensive and less nutii
tlous food not because people do not
like cheap fare but because have
an idea that It Is somehow beneath
their dignity to tut it
It might be worth while for some
fashionable restaurant to make a spe
cialty of a few cheap and old-fashioned
dishes served daintilj but sim
ply The profit would be considerable
for the materials would cost almost
nothing the only labor required would
be that of hunting for some old-fashioned
housewife who could make them
as should be made
The fact is that foodstuffs which are
common If thej are healthful and good
ought to form the main diet of people
In moderate circumstances The fiults
which grow without toixlng in this cli
mate should be cultivated and eaten In
preference to Imported troplial product-
There Is no wl dom in neglecting
the abundant and Inex
pinslve blackberry strawberry rnsp
beriy and apple for the sake of ba
nanas and pineapples This has been
done to such an extent that owing to
the lack of profit in the cultivation of
native fruits they are actuully In some
parts of the country more expensive
than those Imported and It is cheaper
to buy hinpnas than native berries
This ought not to be so While it Is
good to have at our cummand ull the
food products of all parts of the earth
and to borrow rleht and left from the
of all nations theie Is no
use In wasting the resources at hand
when theie are people every
where who have not enough to eat
The foolish and senseless Idea that a
bill of fare which Is cheap Is not as
good per se as one which is
ought to be dispelled
It is to be regretted tint the attempt
to settle tho strike in San Frincisoo has
failed and that tho end now sterns to
be far ofT in the future Within the list
day or two some other associations of
laborers have joined the strikers and in
some Important lines the industries of
the cltj are almost pirnljzeil Major
V halen mndo an earnest effort to bring
about an adjustment and two or three
dajs ago it looked asjf he might be suc
cessful But the outlook Is not good at
this time As Irt thej case of the great
steel strike the demand of the San Fran
cisco strikers is slmpiy for the recogni
tion of the unions They profess to he
entirely Kstlnried jwith their pay and the
hours of labor
After several ttaj s of silence laird
Kitchener agtin comes to the front with
the statement that another of his frontier
jwsts has been surprised and twentj llve
nf his troopers capture rt together with
their horses The War OIHco in Indon
m ikes a greit deal elf the captures of
worn out Boers their women but if
we know how tocount the honors have
been not mui h An the British side for
the past three months
It need surprise no one to learn that
the Filipinos were not ovir enthusi istic
at the i juguratton of Governor Taft
The inauguration implied a measurable
supplanting of the military poiicr bi the
civil but bejond that the ceremonj had
little or no significance to the n itlvcs
Govfrnor Taft came to them merely as
the satr ip of President McKinley and the
government set up was Just as absolute as
if the Governor had been named by the
Czar of all the Russlas Xo people ever
warmed up much over that kind of a
government If Governor Taft and his
associates In office hail worn to perform
their duties In accordance with the Con
stitution of the United States there Is
good reason to believe that there would
have bun more enthusiasm The people
of a Territory from which the Constitu
tion has been excluded tan hardly be ex
pected to burst many blood vessels cheer
ing at the inauguration of a government
which to them simply represents des
potic power
It was announced In JNew York jes
tcrday that the Morgan combination had
taken over the fifteen plants of the
Shelbv Steel Tube Manufacturing Com
pany all operated with non union labor
Here then Is a fresh field for Mr Shaf
fers Amalgamated missionary activity
If the trust cm keep the plants
going it will ratlur tend to disarrange
the strike plans
Andrew Carnegie has offered Montreal
J1300wJ for a librarj provided the city
will contribute a site and spend 115000
J early in maintenance
Business engagements will prevent
Thomas B Reed from delivering an ad
dress at the Old Home Week celebration
in Portland Me
Subscriptions in St Paul to buy a lov
ing cup for Dr Justice Ohage who had
presenttd the city with free baths came
in so rapid that it has been decided to
erect a drinking fountain as a testimonial
to the doctor
The University of Goettlngen has be
stowed the degree of doctor of philosophy
honoris causa upon Joseph Joachim the
great German violnlst who ricently
celebrated his seventieth
Geronimo the noted Indian haa an
nounced his conversion to Christianity
and Is to all airpearances a devout be
Prof Halsey C lves has been ap
pointed chief of the Fine Arts Department
of the Ixiulslana Purchase Exposition He
has been In charge of the Museum of
Fine Arts in St Louis since 1SS1 He has
received decoratUmS from the King of
Sweden and the King of Denmark and
has a wide reputation In the world of art
Chisholm of Cleveland a grad
uate of Yale Is working In the rivet
works owned by his millionaire father in
the Ohio citj and earns 1 73 a
Young Chsholm does not make believe
work but is always n dutj at 7 oclock
in the morning his determination being
to learn rivet making He
does not agree with Schwab the Steel
Trust man that education Is a bar to
progress In manufacturing
In his recent baccalaureate sermon
President Buckham of the of
Vermont thus defined a gentleman- A
gentleman Is one who Is more thoughtful
of others feelings than of his ow n rights
and more thoughtful of others rights
than of his own feelings
Dr G Eldridge a member of the
Faculty of Yale Universltj has resigned
his place to accept the chair of modern
langu iges at the of Idaho
Mrs Mary Austin Carroll of Boston
whose father Arthur W Austin was a
well known lawjer and who died on
Julj 2tf 1SSI and left the Income of the
estate valued at about 400000 to her for
life and then to the of Vlr
gini i has arranged that the income of
the entire estate less 3000 reserved for
herself shall be transferred to the Uni
versity of Virginia aftir April 1 ISO
Word has been received in New Haven
of the serious Illness of Prnf Gustave J
Stocckil for nearlj a ciuarter of a century
nt the head of the music department of
Ynle He w is during that time the col
lege organist retiring when the music
school was being orgmilzed about six
J ears ago Prof Stoeckel is over seventy
jears old and has not enjojed ruggid
health for several veirs He is at the
home of his son Judge Stoeckel in Nor
folk Conn
St Clilr IL D editor of
the Brookljn Bagle has accepted the
Invitation to deliver the oritlon at the
ceremonies of New York State Day at
the Pan American Exposition on Sep
tember 18 Governor Udell mid his staff
representatives of all branches of the
State government and a large delegation
of the National Guard will attend
1 he Bev Dr J imes T DrlscoII pro
fessor of sicred Scripture Hebrew and
Uall in at St Josephs Dun
vvoodie Yonkers Ins be n appointed
president of the new scholastic of the
Order of i t Sulpke to be attached to the
Catholic University Washington
lrof O P Phillips of the Soutlurn
Calltornii Museum representing the Bu
reau of American Ethnologj is in the
Pueblo region where he is obtaining mo
tion pictured Illustrating the Industries
ceremonies and domestic customs of tin
Pueblo pe ople s
Under the will of the late James Tole
m in of Lomlon the sum of XJ30OJ0 is bt
eiueithed to cliaritj and the executors arc
given an absolutely free hauil In Its dis
Dr Hans Blum one of the biographers
of lllsinirck his become me ntallj de
ranged owing tr his losses tluough the
recent failure of the I e Ipzlger I ink and
has been pi ice el in an asjliuu He is a
son of Itobtrt Blum who was evecuteel in
Vic mi i during the revolution of 181S
The Earl of Devon who rettiitlj cele
briteel his ninetieth blrthdij his hem
for in my jeirs reetor of luvvderh nn
near ind Prebeiidnrj of Eveter
He alwjijs tloes dritv in his p irish church
ami regularlj pr lehes in Ills turn as
in Exercr f ithcelral He Is a
good pieacher an e vimplirj rlirgjuun
anil hiihl esteemed among his p irislilnn
ers and neighbor
A peculiar seuve nir Is kept In Lorel
Sallsliurjs hlstiirlic lioirc nt Bitfield It
Is a stone our n poll nil In weight with
which the vindev -e his carrl ige wis
smashed at Dunllrle iu October JI ll 4
His two dauRhtifpi vrTf teilel with him
in the vehicle Uui birtunaltlj all three
escaped unlnjuretl Lord Salisbury- i 1
on that occisiuit delivered the last of a
series of spteches In Scotlund
The Trench budget as voted by the
Chamber which has just ended Its ses
sions shows 35MWOUOO francs for ex
penses but to this figure must be added
73000000 francs for fulfillment of current
laws and the running of different ser
vices or offices 230u0 0l0 owed to the
Companj cf tho Southern Rallwaj s and
3109000 for the Algerian budget This
makes a real and grand total of ex
penses estimated for the next year of
3743000000 francs If to tnat national
budget nrej added those of the depart
ments or provinces and of the town
ships which amount to about 1000000 000
francs it is seen that the yearly taxes
of France are nearly five milliards the
figure of the Prussian war indemnity of
1S71 After the pajment of that Indemnity
and of the expenses resulting from the
war the debt of France was 22 000000 000
francs now It Is 33 000000000 to which
must be added the debts contracted by
the departments and the townships or
communes amounting to 4 OO9O0OCM
This makes a grand total of 330u0000 000
francs at the mlninum and 37000000007
at the maximum representing the na
tional departmental and communal debt
of Trance
The notable extension of electric tran
sit facilities abroad Is something which
amazes old time travelers visiting Kurope
In recent jears The irrepressible trolley
has lnvidfd the most secluded precincts
of foreign cities and furnishes a con
vmlence in getting about fully recognized
b the thrifty and time saving tourist
II a Continental town of any size
but has felt the effects of electric expan
sion All the smaller as well as the
larger cities of France Switzerland Hol
land Belgium Oermanj and Italy have
fine electric cars on which one may ride
for a single fare varjing from 1 to 6 cents
The pretty blue and white electrics of
Lucerne and Frankfort add much to the
nnlmatlon and Leauty of the street scenes
lhe ride on top of the electric from The
Hague to Schevenlngen Beach Is hardly
to be outdone by a tjll ho or a private
victoria In Glisgow tho omnibuses and
horse cars are being displaced gradually
but surely bj electric traction But more
than one generation will pass
out of existence before there Is surcease
from laber for the time honored hansom
of Bondon
The castle of Homburg In which King
Edward will reside during his summer
visit to was the home of a
daughter of George HI The castle con
tains one of the most pathetic memorials
of that sovereign a picture of him as an
octogenarian blind and incapacitated It
Is full length In profile and the poor old
man Is seated clad In a purple dressing
gown with the star of the Garter on his
breast He wears a long white beard A
few years ago the picture was shown
till In the packing case In which it had
been sent to his daughter who died In
1SI0 With it were some specimens of
girlish needlework sent to her aunt by
Princess Victoria
In order to prevent overcrowding by
the indiscriminate admission of foreign
students the of Heidelberg an
nounces that hereafter aliens will not be
admitted to the medical department un
less thej have undergone an examination
full as rigid as that demanded of the
German students In the past manj
American students have secured entrance
on diplomas Issued bj colleges which are
claimed to be much below tho German
Political circles In Paris agree that the
colonial sjstem of France and the way
lt has been administered will prove one
of the principal topics of discussion in
the campaign preceding the general elec
tion which Ti lit i take place ten months
hence Even ardent supporters of the
Waldeck RoiiRMCnll Ministry admit that
there is much to be desired In the present
colonial sjstem of France which Is not
only very expensive for the mother coun
try but has so far shown no great signs
of development In the territories where
It is administered
Le Slecle recently contained an ar
ticle on the subject with particular bear
ing upon the present crisis In the French
Congo Modern Franca said the writer
contains no contingent of vigorous joung
men who care to studj colonial questions
or who would be fitted for agencies in
the Congo where commerce is not facili
tated as in Senegal by natives who have
been tamed into willingness Then too
when French hiilders of concessions reach
their destlnaflonthey find no local sanc
tion for cnteiifjg Into possession maps
are Incorrectlj hUile and as for enforce
ment bj military authority thatis quite
out of the questlufl with an lU discipllned
militia of 000 or 700 The writer then
draws a lesson from what the Belgians
have accomplished In the Congo Tree
When two jears ago public opinion
was excited bj the prosperity of
in Congo and bj the rise in the shares
or certain iseigian companies i neu it
self uion the French Congo withcut en
quiring into the cause of success There
u4 nn nuriirent knovviedce thut the Bel
gian Congo is intersects 13000 kilo
metres of navigable waterwajs j nil that
the couttry is almost ex
plored The authoritv of that Uate Is
generallj ncogilzed at least along the
rivers A numerous armtd forci exists
while the initiative of the King ft cs a
definite economic direction to the work
of the Administration
There were no similar conditions In the
French Congo as the holders of conces
sions speedily realized to their detriment
landing at Brazzaville or Libreville with
illusions and Inexperiences the new di
rectors of companies or their agents were
told that in the French Congo with the
exception of Ubanghl and the Senga there
were no navigable waterways no roads
no rallwaj lines and no boats for river
transport The country was vlrtuallj
unknown and our autliontj was not ac
knowledged except over a very limited
surface Between the central Government
in Paris and the local powers there was
no uult of views and even among the
latter there were dissensions
In no is the traction problem more
complicated and Interesting than In Paris
The attempt to deal with it along modern
lines and in accord with modern neces
sities and at the same time to preserve
the traditional beautj of the capital
which Is a source of such greit revenue
to it lias perplexed the authorities to
such an extent that the prestnt complex
ion of Paris from the traction point of
view Is no indication of the arrangements
to be ultlmatclj adopted
Half a dozen sjstems of electric rall
waj s are being tried in one quarter alone
twentj dlffirent stjles of cars are to be
seen in a half hour stroll through the
streets An antiquated and vtry objec
tionable sttum tramway line follow i the
saaie route as the ultra modern metro
politan underground haunted throughout
Its entire length by crowded omnibuses
jet the accommodations arc so insufficient
that the little passenger bents on the
Seine are also full to discomfort and oc
casionally dump their burdens into the
river frum sneer lliiniliij 10 maneiivrc
propcrlj under such conditions
The bill which his just neen Introduced
Into the Belgtui Chamber of Deputies by
tlie Government Is based upon the re
port of the recent mixed commission
flic principle of pi rsonal service prohibi
tion of employing substitutes which was
so stronglj urgeel bv the commission h is
however been abinclonesl In the olll
Ever effort was made to enelorse the
commissions reion me ml itlnn In this re-
spict but the ministers who drafted the
bill hid to choose the altera ttlve of de
feat In voting the war budget or nuiin
t lining the sjstem of re mplacemmt as
it now stsiids It m iv be recalled that
the circumstance of General Bnisslu s
utteiipt teV introduee personnl service In
13 led Hi failure and to 1 Is own reclgn i
tlon as Minister of War This reform
it Is thought will not be realized for
some ers to come Other portions of
th bill shov lhe effect of the pissing
anav of thl ffir entertain el a jear ago
that England could not be relied uon
n e as or n Franco Germ in war to
maintain th Integritv of Belgium The
inns will i mifii as at present cnnstl
ti ted em u footing but in time eef
vv ir the annual contingent will be raised
from its pre sent average of 13Jci men to
IX ouo A rteliictlon Is made In the term
if service- and volunteering will be m
cnuragid in v litems wajs so us to allow
a corresjMindlng decrease In the annual
The British Board of Trade has Issued
a statement concerning the production
and consumption of coal and the num
ber of persons employed In coal produc
tion in the principal countries of the
world during a number of years past
The result shows that the coal Industry
In the various countries Is growing for It
Is seen that the amounts produced In -1900
were In all cases greater than in the pre
ceding jeur the Increase In tho produc
tion of the United States being note
worthy proving ns it does that for the
last two jears the production of the
United States has exceeded thnt of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain while
the production of Germany represents less
than one half and that of France ahd
Belgium together less than a quarter of
thnt of the United States The total pro
duction amounts to something like Cfloon
CC0 gross tons per annum for which Great
Britain and the United States together
account for nearly three quarters As to
the value of the coal at the pits mouth
figures for 1900 are said to show J2CJ for
Great Britain 540 for France and Bel
glum 11 SG for and tl 20 for the
United States presumably soft coal only
The value of the coal was rearly sta
tlonarj in the United States as compared
with the figures of twelve jears preceding
whilo In Great Britain thevalue was more
than double the figures at that time This
would seem to show thnt the cost of labor
anel development In Great Britain has pro
gressed at a very rapid ratio while the
introduction of machinery In the United
States has tended to offset any such ex-
pinsion In the Initial cost
The countries which export coal In ex
cess of the amounts Import are Great
Britain Germany the United States Bel
gium and Japan and the coal producing
countries which Import coal In excess of
the amount they export are Russia Swe
den France Spain Italy and Austria By
far the larger tonnage under this head Is
France which imports 13000000 and ex
ports perhaps 2300000 tons After taking
into consideration these facts of imports
and exports one comes to the figures re
garding the consumption of coal
In 1900 the United States consumed 239
G2S000 tons the United Kingdom 1G67S6000
tons Germany 99201000 tons and France
46P1S000 tons
From this It will be seen that the con
sumption of coal In the United States
surpasses that of Great Britain or any
other named though reeluced to
per capita it Is not so large as that of
Gtcat Britain In making up Its esti
mate the board of trade figures are evi
dently made by dividing the tonnage bj
th number of inhabitants though
there are many sections of the
United States wherein the papulation is
large and jet the coal consumption is
verj small the southern
States Apart from the demands of steam
spinning the consumption of ccal per
head of population is found In the high
est nrooortlon In these countries where
It appears to be a misdemeanor in In
diana to call a man Mark Hanna It
Is however legal to open a Jackpot with
a lead dollar Chicago Tribune
American capital and Yankee enterprise
will start the blood of laziness and put
a new spirit Into the people who now- loaf
and live on bananas Talk about rcin
carritlon Cuba Is in the first stages of
a glorious reincarnation at the present
moment New York Herald
A si igle American firm has rented six
teen shops In Vienna to sell Yankee made
shoes But our Infant industries are
still pap fed a tariff on foreign shoes
New York World
The steel strikers are finding the enemy
a rather troublesome obstacle to deal
wltn Organized money In unlimited
amounts is harder to overcome than an
arm with banners Columbus Press
It is to be hoped that In the mix up
nothing will happen to Mr Schwabs million-dollar
salarj Baltimore Herald
The general feeling Is that since this
h is been launched on Its career
as a world power the
Administration we have had
enough of lighting The blood of soldiers
of the United States Is too precious to be
used to enrich the soil of Cuba the Phil
ippines or anj other land Buffalo Times
It is singular enough and It raises a
protest to find an officer whose conduct
won a decisive battle on trial for his
course during the movements anel ma
neuv res that preceded it There is sus
picion of the existence of a clique and a
Portland Oregonian
The great number of emplojes who vote
the Republican ticket because they are
told thvt its success will bring them
higher wages never get a smell of the
which their votes bring to their
protected emplojers Chicago Chron
Ex Senator Chandler has given Fight
ing Bob Evans book quite a boom but
it Is not llkelj to become one of the reallj
successful Ilterarj works of the j ear un
les it Is barred out of some Sundaj
school librarj pretty soon Chicago
Since there is work on steel vessels for
at least a jear ahead for everj American
plant at full capacity It would seem as
If the shipbuilding Industrj is In no spe
cial need of government it encouragement
just at this time Boston Herald
If Mark Hann i can settle strikes while
jou wait there never was a better op
portunltv for him to work a few hours at
his trade Chicago News
All the shlpjards in the countrj are so
busy that thej have to neglect Govern
ment ships in order to complete their pri
vate contracts on time Thej would neg
lec t them still more If had a subsi
dj Kansas City Times
Senator Stewart of Nevada who has a
keen scent for spoils declares that faena
tor Hanna Is the logical Kepubllcan can
did ite for the Presidency In 1901 It Is
quite llkelv that other spoils
mongers will also be In favor of Hannas
nomination at least up to the time of
the meeting of the Republican Nutinnal
Conentlnn But will It be believed that
this is the same Stewart who taking up
his beloved Crime of 1871 indlgnantlj
left the Republicans In 1S9 anel went over
with the Nevada Populists to Brj un
Philadelphia Record
candon President of the Ayuntamlcntn
steam traction and machinery worked by
steam are most In use such as Great of the city and
Britain the United States and Belgium
and the lowest in those countries where
steam Is comparatively speaking little
used It is said that the of coal
consumed for locomotive purposes bj the
companies in Great Britain was
HOuOOuO tons last J ear In France It
amounted to COOOOuO tons and for the
United States It Is safe to say that the
amount was 40000 Ouo tons
The prime reason the United States
stands at the head Is the wide area of its
coil fields and the number of States in
which coal is produced Pennsjlvania
jields 23 per cent of the total output
Illinois is the second Mate in the Union
In the production of coal West Virginia
third and Ohio fourth Following these
in order are Alabama Iowa Marjland
Indiana Colorado Kansas Kentucky
Missouri Tennessee and Wjomlng These
States draw their from four of the
seven lielels into which the coal area of
the United States are divided These four
coal tiells are the Appalachian which ex
tends Irom iennsj Iv anla to Alabama In
clusive ard embraces besides those two
States Ohio Maryland Virginia West
Virginia eastern central Kentucky Ten
nessee and Georgia The central em
bracing Illinois Indiana and western
The western containing the
coal areas in Iowa Karsas Missouri In
dian Territory Arkansas and Texas the
Mountain field and the Pacific
Slope States
In discussing the varjing features of the
coal trade of this countrj there Is one
which is of more than passing interest
and one which surely should not be over
looked for It means much to us as a na
tion The returns of the exports of coal
from this countrj for the fiscal year end
ing with June show a growth of more
than 20fCiO tons as compared with two
jears ago while the increase in value of
the total tonnage exported is upward of
JSOOOOuO Our exports during the last jear
reached 76761 49 tons valued at 122371496
as compared with 71S9G43 tons In jO and
50319 In 1S99 valued at J19 302S13 and
The American Institute- of Mining En
gineers ono of the best known technical
roei tles In the United States haa decided
to hold one of Its regular meetings In the
City of Mexico next November following
the precedent established tome tl ne ago
when regular meetings were held In Un
don Paris and Canada
The meetings of the institute are held
usually at places of scientific and prac
tical Interest and wherever It meets It
has aivoejs received the roost bountiful
and cordial hospitality from miners
manufacturers capitalists and official
authorities The Institute numbers among
Its members men of recognized scientific
ns well ns of wealth and posi
tion because Its membership contains
rot the engineers and speci altsts
dedicated to the branch of mining but
manj other professional men such as
geologists civil engineers chemists and
also manufacturers railroad men and
capitalists Interested in the development
of the practical sciences
The membership of the American In
stitute of Mining Engineers extends
throughout all the countries of the globe
and it has many In all the- na
tions of the American Continent In
Mexico alone there are 120 member scat
tered throughout the country and con
nected with some of its most Important
mining and smelting works
When it decided to hold one of its regu
lar meetings in the City of Mexico tho
members of the institute had for their
object to leam personrlly about the min
ing wealth of the country to study dpon
the ground the development and progress
attained In Mexicos mining business and
also to extend their acquaintance for fu
ture mutual benefit by- meeting the en
gineers and capitalists directly or indi
rectly interested in the brand of science
which the Institute cultivates specially
An excursion of one months duration In
the countrj will enable the members of
the Institute according to a carefully pre
pared programme to visit some of the
chief mining districts and Important man
ufacturing and business centres such as
Chihuahua lorreon and neighborhood
Guanajuato Pachuca GuadalajaraAguas
Callentes San Luis Posoti Monterey
and the of Mexico and surrounding
The City of Mexico having been se
lected as the principal centre for the
meeting where the Inaugural and tech
nical sessions will be held during the com
ing month of November the members re
siding there understanding the fa -reaching
Importance of this coming event and
acting under the authority cf one of tho
vice presidents of the Institute Engineer
Carlos F de Landero who re sfdes In Pa-
chuca have formed themselves into a lo
cal committee to organize a reception
of the institute and of the mem
bers who will attend the meeting To
that end the local committee alreadr
counts on the kind protection which has
be n given by Engineer Leandro
Fernandez Minister nf Tlrv
Jose I Limantour Minister of Finance
rngineer -Manuel Fernandez Leal Di
rector of the National School of Engineers-
Hon GulIIermo de Ianili v
other well knnwn nil
distinguished cersons who have been
pleased to give the committee their sup
port in order to obtain the greatest pos
sible success in organizing a hospitable
interesting and distinguished reception
Secretary I ong has made tho mistake
of Ignoring the complaint and request of
his able predecessor He snould
have thought of the ract that after he
goes out of office he may be maligned bj
some navy officer and that he would like
to have vindication from assaults which
he will be uasble to repel
Mr Chanaler therefore announces that
he will discuss in print all the questions
In the case He will explore the record
of his assailant He will overhaul the
transactions of the Navy Department
while It has been under Secretary Longs
This will be a most edifjlng exposure
Mr Chandler Is familiar with all the
facts and with the law of the Navy De
partment He has a pen steeped in gall
and venom He will try both Kvana and
Long at the supreme bar of public opin
ion He will strip from both the gaudy
feathers of their renown His statement
will be mighty Interesting reading as
old Horace Greeley used to say it wilt
be an apprul to the people
Messrs Long and Evans will suffer
more from this tribunal than would
have suffered from a naval court Chi
cago Chronicle
No more foolish combination for a Re
publican ticket in the next national elec
tion than that of Roosevelt and Yates has
been proposed or will be Report has it
that Yates desires to run with Roosevelt
What Roosevelt desires is not jet pub
lished but it would be little creditable
to him to presume he would not be shy
of such a running mate if he had any
chance of heading the ticket It would
constitute a ticket for the bhojs but
sober men would regard It with alarm as
tj plcal of restlensness and recklessness
Of course Yates would not count after
election as a force in the Administration
for any more than Roosevelt does now
but the combination would have a slgnfi
cance inspiring anj thing but confidence
We know what Roosevelt Is a blustering
vain man who showed himself wanting
In qualities of high statesmanship and la
genuine independence when he was Gov
ernor of New York Yates Is now Gov
ernor of Illinois He was nominated be
cause he had no political record and was
elected on that of his father During the
campaign he was prolific of fair promises
In office he has forgotten most of them
showing himself not a thoroughgo
ing spoilsman but a scandalous nepotist
It is altogether unlikely that Illinois
would seriouslv support him for nomina
tion as Vice President Boston Herald
iivceiiim expect vtiov
As the Treasury surplus Is still increas
ing because of the retention of a large
share of the war taxes It is thought that
the Republican majority In Congress will
be persuaded to bestow millions of
public In bounties upon transpor
tation companies on the plea of restoring
American shipbuilding
If it were not for the lingering expec
tation of receiving large steamship sub
sidles out of the pockets of taxpajers
there would be no disparagement of the
of American shipbuilding in
terests Although this industry has un
dergone a new development under the
most favorable conditions without public
aid there is no doubt thut the subsidy
scheme operates as an obstruction to Its
march More jards would be opened and
more ships would be built for the ocean
strvlce at fair profits but for the pros
pect of the larger gains from
Apart from the of this subsidy
scheme its removal from Congress bj
tlie elefeat of the Hanna bill at the njxt
session would be promotive of the ocean
transportation Interests of the country
Philadelphia Record
The prospective pardon of one of the
men involved In the Cuban postal frauds
and the persUtent talk of the difficulty
or of convicting Neely havu
naturallv created the impression that
would -lot be brought to trial at all
The Havana Post sajs that Neely will
be released and that he is even now prej
paring to leuvo for his home Remem
bering that Neely had more or less Inti
mate rel itlons with men In high place In
our Government one can repel
the conclusion thai If he escapes prose
cution it will be because it is desired that
he should escape Is there a fear tint
facts might come out that would retlect
on the Hmth family It is
known that Neelj was recommended by
Heath anel that Heath was verj
much interested In his welfare Rathbone
who Is also charged with malfeasance is
another man with a pull and the forcing
of the Neely case to an issue might be
unpleasant for Rathbone and bis backers
in a word the whole case is complicated
with politics Therefore when people hear
tnat it fs uoubtrui wnetner a case can De
mule out against they naturally
wonder whether politics has not some
thing to do with the- matter Indianapo
lis News

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