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Lansburgh Bro
stoiie CLOns imos s oclock
Fridays Great Sale
Remnants and
Odds and Ends
1 500 J ard of fine Imported Illack Skirting
Ratine and Tailor txrgn worth from
lj to SHc per rani esiK eially re- IC yd
iiurd for thU sale to - J
25c down White k nglhh Buck Towels li
vards Ions and 4 yard ide 1C rnrh
n excellent hatlunir towel V
15 dozen Turkey Ked Dmhes warranted fat
colors 50c ralne to O CC fJOZCIl
clow at -- I
Fxtraonlirurj values in Tearl nirached Sheet
ins cut m anj quantity desired-
7 1 value 20c at He vanl
8 4 value tic St vanl
9 4 value 25c at 17c yard
8V vards of 4 4 Iiclit and Dark Us- fZ yel
uted lVn ale Iteninants UK value at J
Vie nae arramed a 3c counter consisting of
Fizuresl Crepe Cloth Calicos and
man other item worth from c to OC yJ
15 c per jard Clo Jicl pnee - J
V lot of White Duck Hcmru v- CC yjj
4 J
reduced to -
TO varili of White Dotted and Hgured Curtain
Swiw Remnants worth from 13c to QC yd
yard Uo unR price J
Lansburgh Bro
420 o 426 Seventh St
On Go curt ji
mid IJhIjj
i nrrinK
In mentn
ArrnxiKcd to
Salt jour
Co n enience
Afkl or
Yll sumircT furniture including Kp
fncrators Mattinpr s and Willow
at ffrcath reduced prices
t7 19 521 823 7th St N ML
Eet H and I Sts
Fine Hand sewed Oxford Ties
Black and Tan -worth regular 2
Tan and Black Oxford Ties high
grades worth 250 and 10 SALE
722 7th St N W
Perhaps you would like to laugh
IX to jou want perfect teeth You can
hav injthing In DrNTISTRY at the lowest
pri fcati faction guarantc ed Tainless
FJectrical appliances for cTcnlng work
CofuuItatcn free
InrMiil lilttd at their homes bjr compe
WT dcntit 15 jears rip pricnce
Weekly or month payments
Ollrt end Rcaidrnc 1011 II St- X W
A Bargain
in a pplrcdid square Piano jj
ex eel1 en t tone and condition V
fctefnn av and Other Tianoa
925 Pa Avo
Jor -v IIiiIMImkh lit Cup- fhnrlex
Bids for the construction of new build
ItigH at the Unltfil States Quarantln
Station at Cape Charles Fisherman
Island Va were opened jesterday a
follows W II Vlrden of Lewes D 1
1190 100 elavs James K Grlfflth Lewes
Del i5S4 SO dais James A Confer Bal
timore Mil JW II dns E Morgan
Kewiwrt Ne8 Va J5H0 M days rieck
Bros IhIUdelphla 3725 to he finished
Iiv Ue ernher II 1901 A E JIurray Xor
folk Va J3752K C5 dajs
j a S T O R I A ft ui Chiton
he Kind You Hare Always Bought
Conditions in the Philippines lie
viewed Up to July 4
ltetlrlnt Ciiimiiiiiiile r fif the Aiiiit
tiui liltnr KoreeH lit Islnntln
1 he CMirrnl MiiUc M ItfMitiiiiMiiilli
tluiiN fr the e Moiutar Sjulein
The War Department is In receipt of
the r port of Gen Arthur SI icArthur
until mentl the commanding general of
the arm in the Philippines com ring the
period from October 1 lW to Jul 4
1101 the time when he relinquished his
command toTJemral Chaffte He treats
at some length the gemral situ itlon In
the islands r suiting from the collapse
of the lnsurretlon so far us any armed
and organUed forco of the Filipinos is
coneernid While the abandonment of
field operations b the nities lias
brought a pirlocl of coinpirntiv ln
ntiit he sijs that resistance is still
offered b the guerrillas aided in secret
b nun of tlie people This forms a dis
turbing clement in bringing about a com
plete pacilicatiou
General MacArthur tells of the methods
emplojed hy the Americans against the
guerrillas the punishments for crimes
and the attitude in general of the people
toward the Goernnnnt now established
He makes report of the arIous official
orders decrees and proclamations whlcTi
were Issued during the period n uneil and
which hae heretofore bten mide public
of the deportation of insurgent leaders to
the Island ot Guam under the direction
of the Secretary of War and other acts
calculated to bring aliout peace and good
go eminent in theJsiinds
Speaking of the Held operations of the
arm General MacArthur tis that
there were on October 1 1900 the date of
his last report 413 stations which the
necessities of the situation made it In
cumbent to increase to Ml and he sa5 sTVf IS lullllnS frails ha3 eYZ
txsted The Spanish ellscouraged the
tliat command w in contact with
cery is
some hostile force He speaks of the
good work done by the armj and the aid
rendered b the people who are lojal to
the authority of Uie United States At
tl e time the report was written there
was practically no Insurgent force north
of the Paslg Ricr although there were
diminishing disorders In southern Luzon
The Viscaas he states are all picified
witli the exception of the Island of Sd
mar 3n Mindanao and Jolo the Insur
gents had surrendered and disbanded Of
the situation in this regard General Mac
Arthur says
It is respectfully submitted that po
ery gratlfing conditions herein lirefly
recapitulated hae not been brought
about entirely by the hand of Providence
Neither must the attitude of the peopie
who hae declared for peace or even that
of the leaders of the Federal pirty be
attributed entlreb to unreserved pro
It would therefore be unsafe to as
sume these conservative forces as en
stant factors the friendlv operation of
which can be relied upon Irrespective of
external Influences Jn due time and be
jond any question If beneficent repub
lican institutions are Iermitted to oper
ate with full force the Filipino people
will become warmly attached to the
United States by a sense of self interest
and gratitude In the meantime the mold
ing force In the isHnds must be a w ell
organized army and navy Am thing In
the Immediate future calcalated to im
pede the activlt or reduce the efficiency
of these Instruments will not only be a
menace to the present but put in
jeopardy the entire future of American
possibilities In the archipelago
The report tells of the canture of Agui
naldo givingstht details briefly ns hive
been heretofore published lie Bavs that
the Immediate results which followed
his taking and the remote consequences
make the capture an important one It
erved to dispel he states the growing
tendency amom certain of the Filipinos
to idealize tie peisonaliti of Agulnildo
Thev believed him possessed of a certain
charm ard surrounded him with mjthlcaf
liRnds which made him appear to them
as invincible
The report contains the following ac
count of casualties Americana Killed
2tj wounded 490 captured 118 missing
at Insurgents Killed iS45 wounded
1193 captured C 57 surrendered 23 Oj
During the same period the following ma
terial was captured or surrendered from
the insurgents Rifles 133 rllle am
munition 23i5 rounds revolvers S53
bolus 3 3ir eMiinon UJ cannon ammuni
tion 10270 rounds
The report speaks of the cordial co
operation rendered bv the nav In many
important transactions
jcntral MjcArthurs recommendation
for a monctarv hjstem for the islands
is as follows
The American gold standard to be es
tablished bv authorizing the coinage of a
pe o containing twelve and nine tenths
129 grains nine tenths line to be repre
sented in the circulation by coins contain
ing such multiples of the standard peso as
niH be regarded as most convenient of
2 A tabic of equivalents to be de
clared bj law between Philippine Isold
money and United States montj In all Its
various forms Including national bank
notes on the basis of two to one that is
to say one United States dollar equiva
lent to two Philippine gold pesos as
therein preslibd
3 A sub I lary Filipino coinage em
bracing such subdivisions of the peso as
are most convenient conforming as much
as possible to the subsidiary coin of the
United States and with an established
rate of equivalents as in the case of gold
that is to ta one United States crdn
equivalent to two Philippine coins of the
same denomination
4 The establishment of Filipino na
tional banian precisely the ame in all re
spects as now authorized in the United
Slates including United States bonds as
a basis of circulation
3 AH currency issued under the fore
going svsunn to hive full legal tender
functions in the Philippine IMands for ail
public dues and private ueuts and the
isiuivalent United States currt ncv and
subsidiary coinage as authorized in the
for going sections 2 and 3 to have legal
tender qu illtles in the PhUlppines to the
i ann extent and precisely the same as in
the United States
Gineril MacArthur declares in speak
ing of general conditions that the power
which holds the Island must of necesslt
tact an active and potent influence upon
the affairs of Asia He statis that the
Chinese ire not necessarv ns labor rs
and recommends the gradual decreise of
Celestials In the Islands In conclusion
the report sajs
The presence of America In these isl
ands is sitnuly one of results In logical
sequence of great material prosperity
and in remote consequences Is likely to
transcend In Importance an thing record
1 In the hlstor of the world since the
discovery of Am rlca To doubt the wis
dom of the United Stat s remaining In the
Islands is to doubt the stabillt of repub
iiean Institutions and amounts to a dec
laration that a nation thus governed Is
incapable of successfully resisting strains
that arise naturally from its own free
dom and from Its own productive en-
lKlie Tllen Vlunt ltfk Prom ptl Pnlil
The Commissioner of Internal Itevmue
John W Yerkes estirda rendered a de
clsion In regard to h gaerv taxes In wliiih
he held that the pa ment eif such taxes
must be made within one ear of tin
testntot s death and prior to the dls
trlbutlon of theeettate The ilieJslou was
made at the lequesl elf Charles U Cole
collector of the Twent tlrst district at
Sjiicuse X V -who encloses In his let
ter 1 notice filed hy E J Xorthrup at
tnrney for the executors of the estate
of Pimelia B Rogers
More Spniilfeli Trent rinftus
The following claim eacli alleging
Iosss to pergonal prjperty were filed
with the Spansh Treat Claims Commis
sion esterdny Francis Selglie IHi 4J7
Gusto Gerner and wife 23144 John Gul
teras ami wife 3 CI 1 13 Mercedes Navarro
Majcslty and husband S21Ci
Bear3 tho J9
Signature fj
O P eolN IiivestiKiitloiiN for the
IJ imrtlufllt of Rrlrulnrr
F Cook chief botanist at the De
partment of Agriculture has reecntl re
turned from a six weeks trip to Porto
Rico Mr Cook was in charge of the in
vestigations In tropical agrcultur which
the department has bcenonductlng In
the island
lu nnswer to a question as to whether
frilt growers In the States had mottling
to fear from Porto Rienn corliie tltlon Mr
Cook said that he thought iiott for some
time to come at least Aside from the
staph s eoffei sugar and tobacco the 1 1
habitants export very little bcilng content
to produce me relv enough to -satisfy theh
own neeels Some Americans are engaged
In orange grow ing and the ide i has also
been advanced that Porto Rico may some
day rival the Bermudas In the produc
tion of potatoes but while the island is
undouhteellv suited to such crops It Is too
earl jet to prophesj their future
Many Americans who are experiment
ing in various kinds ot ngriculti re seld
-Mr CooiiT would do better to stick to
the production of the well established
staphs of sugar coffee1 and tobacco
Some persons were no doubt prevented
from going into the coffee business
through fear that the present depression
in the business In the Island is perma
nent I lie conditions of dlslrcss which
prevailed In the coffee regions were how
ever onlv the logical conseepiences of
short crops due to tha war and the great
hurricane There will be u large coffee
crop this v e ir
Mr Cook sas that during the period
of starvation man Porto Weans in the
eoflee section were given work by tho
Government ujxin the macadamized roads
some of which were Degun b the
irds As the work was cirrleel on chiefly
in those districts where the most rigorous
suffering was experienced that the peo
ple might have some means of livelihood
the result Is that the present 3 stem is
ruber patch v Mr Cook thinks that
wagon roads are not so much in Immedi
ate demand as are cart tracks and bridle
ivotning in tne snape oi local organise
Idea of the people taking the initiative In
an m itter whatever and as a conse
quence the people look to the Government
to make the llrst move in an thing that
is done
1 found the sentiment existing toward
Americins to be ver friendly said Mr
Cook Any complaints of an existing
animus nre I think due rather to per
sonal than to national unpopularity The
Porto Rlcans seem to be very well satis
tieel with their change of government
They were very enthusiastic abcut free
trail even those who did not know what
was meant by It
Som of the American merchants who
went Into business In San Juan and
Ponee during and after the war have
closed up shop But this should not be
taken as a sign of 111 omen for these
were dealers whose support came chiefly
from the aniy and the crowd of Ameri
cans who were attracted to the island by
curiosity and other interests Immediately
after the war A Spanish merchant will
consider that he is doing very well how
ever on an income that an American
could hardly live upon Mr Cook sas
that while the Spanish are very con
servative and do not take readily to In
novations American goods are slowly
gaining ground
The school Sstem Is progressing In an
encouraging manner Teachers are badly
needed There is a normal school at isan
Juan with an attendance of about CM
MntUtle K of Svhool Mllltln mid Vot
Intr Kr in Pise btntrs
The fourth bulletin of a series giving
statistics concerning school militia and
voting ages and the citizenship of foreign-horn
males was bmieel esterday by
the Census Office for the -States of Ken
tucky Louisiana Maine Maryland and
Of all the persons of school age In Mas
sachusetts In 1900 a little less than one
sixth are foreign lwrn while In Maine
the same element constitutes S per cent
In Maryland 2 6 per cent and In Louis
iana 1 2 per cent In Kentucky however
persons of school age are practically all
of native birth Colored persons of school
age constitute In Louisiana 4S0 per cent
In Mar land 211 per cent and In Ken
tucky 13 1 per cent of the entire number
of persons of school age In 1900 this ele
ment being composed almost entirely of
persons of negro descent-
In Massachusetts 40 per cent In Maine
15 S per cent and in Mar land 9 4 per cent
of males of militia afevire foreign born
In Louisiana and Kentuck th proponon
is less being 31 for the Ihrmer and 21
for the latter Coloroel males of militia
age in 1900 constitute 437 per cent of all
males of militia age in Louisiana while
In Maryland the constitute 19 8 per cent
and In Kentucky 139 per cent
Foreign born males of voting age In 10
constitute in Massachusetts 41 2 per cent
of all males of voting age while In Maine
this amc element constitute 17 8 per cent
and In Mar land 13 3 per cent of all males
of voting ane In Louisiana and Ken
tucky the proportions are even less or
S and 1 6 per cent respectlvel
In Masnachu eeti foreign white persons
constitute 407 per cent and native white
persons of foreign parentage 19 6 per cent
of the whole number of males of voting
age in ISO these two elements combined
representing a trifle over three fifths of
all males of voting age in the State In
vaine arid Marlmd these same two ele
ments combined eonstltute a trifle more
than one fourth in Louisiana a little more
than one sixth and in Kentucky not ejuite
one eighth of all males of voting age
Colored males of voting age constitute in
Louisiana 45 i per cent in Mar land 189
per cent and in Kentucky 13 8 per cent
of the whole number of males of voting
age lu 19 this clement In each of these
States being principally persons of negro
The proportion of Illiterates among
males of voting age as a whole Is com
parativclv small in both Maine and Mas
sachusetts being in each case 1 pep
cent but in Ixiulsiana 37 G per cent In
Kentucky 18 8 per cent and In Mar land
12 3 p r cent of all males of voting age
ire illiterate The proportion of Illiter
ates lu e icli of the three State last
nimeel is due to the presence of Illiterate
persons of negro descent Of the nitiv
white males of voting age who are of
mtiie parentage in Ixjulsi ina In 19
-0 3 per cent arc Illiterates while in Ken
tuck 15 0 per cent of this element are
illiterates Of foreign white males of
voting age In Louisiana 24 t per cent are
Illiterates whilti in M line 21 4 per cent
in Massachusetts 13 b per cent In M irv
land ID 7 per cent and in Kentucky b t
I r cent are illiterates
llltliiiul Hiiriil Mull Routes Vn
iiouii for State
Additional rural free delivery routes have
been established b the Postollice Depart
ment to commence October 1 as follows
Ilinois Beardstovvn Cass Count one
earrier length of route 2umils area
covered 2i square miles population
si rved ry0 number of hou es on
route 110 carrier J J Allard
Cisne Vane Count four carriers
lengtii of routes 9S miles area covered
127 square miles population served 21C3
number of houses on routes 4S1 eurrlers
11 M Brock J G Cisne S W Larson
L R Kmmeuis Star route Xo 33210 to
be discontinued Postolilees at Enterprise
Johnsonville and Round Prairie to be sup
pile el by rural carrier mill to Cisne 111
Mao land Uallston Harford Count
on carrier lengtii of reiute 21 miles
urea overeel 2u square miles popul itlon
serve 33t number of houses ein rout
110 e arrler C E Amoss hale villi
orcstr County on- earrier I ngth of
route 2oat miles area covereel J square
mlhs popnl itlon serves 23 number of
houses on route 131 earrier II L Tim
Xebrasjcn Geneva Ulllmore Qountv two
carriers length of toutes fit miles area
ceivered 8S square mlhs population serv
ed 1075 number of Iiouch on routes 213
carriers C I H1 lSnrlV Bradliy
Waverl lamcaster Countjione carrier
lengtii of rout 27 miles afa covered
23 squaro miles population served ft
number of houses on route i Iff carrier C
1 Glllham i
Vliile rsmi Here fur the- Dii
JuFtlce Anderson was at the City Hall
yestereliy for a short time He had just
returned from the Thousand Islands and
stopped in Washington to attend to some
private business He left tin- cit again
yesterday afternoon and will be- away
about a month
The 5o eminent to Jo in Partner
ship With Exporters
I nlqlie Experiment PnipiiHe il li
tin- AKrli iiltiirnl Dei itrtmeiit
Milppe rs to lie lteiniliuriel for
An Iush Hint Vln lie-
A series of experiments unique even in
the- of the Agricultural Depart
ment hns been approved b Seeretary
Wilson at the Instance of what Is known
as the Pomolcglc il Bureau of that de
partment There were some misgivings as
to tho legal aspect of the proposition but
these hav e been dlspdsed of b a favor
able decision of Ihe Comptroller of the
T i easury
It Is proposed by the Agricultural De
partment to go Into partnership with a
number of merchants and exporters the
terms of the parrnerihlp being that the
United States shall stand all losses and
the exporters reap all the profits Vet It
Is clalmenl by the pqSolosical experts of
the department that the Government will
nap profit enough In the form of scien
tific knowledge to con peusate for any
loss that ma be sustained through the
otherwise uneqinf partnership
The communication of the Secretar of
Agriculture to Comptroller Tracewcll In
regard to the matter is as follows
In the appropriation for Pomologlcal
Investigations 1902 Digest of Appropria
tions r02 page 313 this language Is used
To lnvestlgite In co operation with
the other divisions of the department
and experiment stations of the several
States the market conditions affecting the
fruit trade ofthe United States and for
eign countries and the methods of har
vesting packing storing and shipping
fruit and vegetables and for experimental
shipments of fruits to foreign couitries
Jor the purpose of Increasing the expor
tation of American fruits and for all nec
essary expenses connected with the prac
tical work of the same
Certain questions have arisen in con
nection with the attempt to carry out the
provisions of this appropriation act which
seem to require authoritative decision
These questions have taken form as fol
1 Ma this department under the au
thority of this act enter into
arrangements with dealers and ex
porters whereby the department shall
guarantee a definite minimum net retirn
per package on fruit picked packed ship
ped and sold under directions from the
pomologlst of this department through the
ordinary ciiannels of trade Under such
an agreement the exporter would receive
the net proceeds of sales that is all pro
ceeds after deducting freight and other
charges connected with the shipments and
sales If this net return should be less
than the guaranteed amount the dif
ference bttween the net proceeds ac
tually realized and the guaranteed
return would be paid the exporter out of
the money appropriated for Iomological
investigations Respecting this project
the pomologlst of this department sas
This plan seetns highly desirable If
It can be adopted as under It the shipper
has the incentive of probable profit to
stimulate in him due care and attention
In the handling of the fruit in the beat
possible way lhe department simpl as
sumes the risk of losses due to unfore
seen accidents in transit or to a tem
porar glut and coniequent low price In
the foreign market oa arrival of the con
signment In short t ic department would
In effect agree to make good to the ex
perimental shipper a stipulated price
based on that obtainable at home In case
the shipment for any reason should fall
to realize that price
2 If ou shall decide that the law does
not permit the department to enter Into
arrangements by which minimum prides
may be guaranteed to exporters then the
following question Is presented May the
department contract to defray the whole
or any part of the transportation of fruits
belonging to private owners the packing
shipment etc to be directed by the offi
cials of the department the entire pro
ceeds of the sales going to the person who
owns and ships the fruit
3 If neither of the plans above pre
sented shall meet with your approval
then the question remains Has the de
partment under the Tanguige of the ap
propriation act above quoted authorlt to
purchase fruit outright for experimental
export shipment and sale through com
mercial channels If so may the pre
ceeels of such sales be used for further
purchases In continuing the experimental
shipments as In the first Instance or must
the proceeds of all sales be covered Into
the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts
- 4 1 ncer tne autnoriiy to investigate
the market conditions affecting
tho fruit trade In the United States and
foreign countries nhd the methods of har
vesting packing storing and shipping
fruits and vegetables is It permissible for
the department to ceinduct experiments
with fruits In storage and may fruits for
such experiments be purchased At the
termination of such experiments must the
proceeds of the sale of the fruits found
marketable be covered Into the Treasury
us miscellaneous receipts
If the department is limited to the pur
chase shipment and sale of sich fruits
and vegetables and If the proceeds of
such sales cannot be used In continuing
the shipments the amount appropriated
is altogether too small to allow of experi
mental operations on a scale sufficient to
Influence the exportation of American
fruits to anj appreciable extent The
language of the appropriation is by no
means specific and Inasmuch as the sug
gested plans for co operation In the exper
imental shipments are quite different from
any work heretofore engaged In by this
department the matter Is submitted to
ou for jour advice as to the legality of
the sever il proposed methods
Comptroller Tracewell rendered the fol
lowing decision
Ithout going into the question at
length it may lie said that ou are au
thorized to Incur any reasonable and
necessar expense within the limits of
the appropriation and not otherwise for
bidden bj law to carr out its objects If
then fore you shall d termlne that a
guarantee to private owners or shipp rs
is In jour first suggestion or the pay
ment by the Department of Agriculture
of transportation charges on private ship
ments made under the direction of the
department will best accomplish the ob
ject of appropriation I know no law
which forbids the s ime
It ma not be improper how ever to
suggtst that Just so far as the arrange
ment ou mn make may differ from or
dinary purchase and deliver should be
our care to protect the United States
from Imposition or hiss
In repl to your other enquiries I have
to si that the pro eeis of all sales of
fruit bought from the appropriation eith
er for shipment or storage must under
the provisions of sections 3inj and Xll of
the Revised Statutes be covered into the
Treasurv as miscellaneous receipts on ac
count of proceeds of Government prop
for n lvU Utile er
lb Comptroller of tin Treasury Robeit
J Traeewell esterday rendered a dec
slon authorizing the rtimburscm nt cf
Capt Ira A I a lies Artillery Corps
I nlte el States Army to the amount of
70 for tin hire of a nurse when 111 at
Port Monroe for sven vveks from Feb
ruar 7 to March 23 1901 The claimant
was on dut at this post whin tak n 111
ami as there was no wa In which he
ould procure treatment except In the
hospital of enlisted men he was force
to hlr his nun nurse
vlllt IiiiikV Vitiiui
Acting Secretar Haekett his decided
not to take up the matt r of the contro
vers belwen ex benator Chandler and
Rt ir Admiral Evans hut will lllov tin
matter to lie elisposed of b Seen tir
Long The latter If he deiides to give
the case rounder -thin at all will not t is
It up until after he r turns fiom Ills vie i
linn which will In about the lt of Sp
Socrys rPliisb r
nesi Jiundee s ek Jioadaclie UTisea lu liei
tion break up a cald prevent a fever Joe
Uy mall cf C I Hood C Co Iowcll Ilass
ltat HI4 Ttti It
Market 8vaci
Samuel Friedlander Co 416 Seventh St N W 4I6
Odds and Ends
C for Men Straw llat clearing sale
lalaUCT UL IU tS
at San Francisco will have to look to her
owners for ttivrnent vv hue the tuff
cum was sett oil for the Lennox their
llrst purpose jvrafl to rescue the passen
gers aboard an4 recover Government
CrcilltorH of n Iluffalo Hank to De
Ill Id a Dividend
Edgar J Vaughn temporary receiver
Remnants Odds and Ends
7 C thc yd or cnn nti of atin Plaid Nainsook Mrrrinuc Challlcs Scotch Lawns
ii Pacific Print Camhrirs Tea Towchns jard wide Bleaee d JluJini
values ranKc a high ai 10c
Our Bargain Tables
2C fr Womens 10c Swl Ribbed t t
low neck and slecTele
IC a cake for Iiocver line Castile Soap
pcriuineu aiteouilelj pure
8C for 23c Rolled Oold Lint Cuff nuttons
bracelet Hat Pins Hair
Rarrettes etc
IC for Womens 124 Famous Pe erlesa
2 Rlac k U seamless and stainless
double toe and heel
Odds and Ends
yartl for lOo Embr
OjX the EmbroIJcrlt and
laces edgings and io eertions
AC for 10c Fast DUck H
will near well
O IC or 1000 slieet Perforited Toilet Ti
J2 per Allen rerfumnl Talcum Powder
Cut term ilk Soap Silver MeftiT Mucilage
for VomrtT 19c Lawn and
Amoskca Gingham Apron well made
Womens Summer Waists Odds and Ends
At 25c 39c 49c 59c and 89c Values Range as High as 175
1 Q C for omen 75c Percale T rappers
J well made and perfect fitting
CQC for Womens L5 Duck Dress Skirts
J 7 trimmed with six row of fine braid
Mens and Boys Clothing Odds and Ends
7QC or Mers 2j White Vft plain slQCfr JJojs ah Suit pfn and
and farcj single and double breasted - striped ensh raluca up to 100
1 AC or Boys 33c Brownie Overalls blue
9 C made for Boj s Jc Wash Trousers well s denhn
Straw Hats- Odds and Ends
I 1fiC JrT Children 25c Straw Sailor
I w cial cleannir Rale
Mens Furnishings Odds and Ends
07C for Mens and Bots 50c 2ecliffee l HQ for Mens 15c fcood quaht Elastic
Shirts prcttjr patterns penders ire buckles
Samuel Friedlander c Co
416 Seventh Street N W 416
Owner mill ot the riniernment
iipilllielllle fur It
It has been determined that the Govern
ment will not be required to pay salvage
on the disabled transport L nnox which
broke her propellor shaft recently w hllo
en route to San Francisco
The Lennox has been a chartered trans
port and the Governments contract with
her owners provides that as soon as she
becomes disabled tho Governments re
sponsibility as well as the per diem for
her use shall cease
In consequence the Iaqua which picked
her up at sea and broucht her Into port
of the insolvent City National Bank of
Buffalo X Y presented in person to the
Comptroller of the Currency yesterday his
report upon the character of the ahaets
of that Institution
The Comptroller sajs that it is still Im
possible to state the exact amount of loss
which will fall upon the depositors The
investigation has developed the fact that
the capital surplus and undivided profits
have be n entirely lost and there will
be some little loss to the depositors
Tho Comptroller approved the recom
mndiilnn of thntemnorary receiver that
a 15 per cent dividend to the creditors be
declared this win ue paiu wmim
n xt thirty dajs The total liabilities of
the bank at thJ time of its failure were
J SS4J 91
Spunlieh VVnr 1 eterana Kntertnlned
j Ihelr Couimunder
The members of Nelson A Miles Com
mand Spanish War Veterans were very
pleasantly entertained Wednesday even
ing at the residence of their commander
Capt Charles W Parker 9ul Flint Street
Brlghtwood Refreshments cigars and
music from a quartette engaged for the
occasion made the hours pass quickly
Captain Parker goen to the national
encampment at Buffalo N Y on August
J3 as the representative of this com
mand and this ocportunlty a3 taken
for learning the wlshea of his comrjele s
In reference to several Important matters
which will there be brought forward for
consideration Many of the members
slgnitieel their intention of Joining the
ele legation on the trip and at the same
time visit the Ian Americiin Exposition
nv Orelers
Commander A C Dillingham commis
sioned commander from July 11 linn
Lieutenant Commander W P hlte
commissioned lieutenant commander from
July 1001
Ileut F If Clark Jr commissioned
lieutenant from February 19 1901
Ileut A A Pratt commissioneel lieu
tenant from Julv 1 1901
Lieutenant Commander M L v ood
detached from duty at navigator of
Kenrsarge to duty as executive- of that
vessel as relief to Lieutenant Command
er Merriam
Unit W lido Evans to Chicago Ill
issume charge Branch Hidrogrnphlc Of
fice August 15
Ileut C C Marsh detacheel Essex to
ICe ar jirge as nav lgator as relief to Lieu
tenant Commander Woexl
faurgion F J B Cordeiro to 1ensa
col i v ard
Passed Assistant Surgeon D 11 Morgan
detached Pens icola lard to Norfolk
Paymaster M M Bamsay detacheel
Bureau of Supplies and Accounts August
10 to duty connected with fitting out
Illinois August 13 and tor duty on board
v hen commissioned
Passed Assistant Paymnster O M
Iuk sh to Portmouth N II Yard Sep
tember 16 for dtitj as assistant to general
storekcep r
Puts d loiMiuiMer G L Der
to Bureau of Supplies and Accounts
August 11
Pabiel Assistant Pajir aster T J Arms
ilitaclud San Juan uiion report
ing of relit t to lioni and wait orders
Ilsed Assistant la master V A
lenltt detached Bureau of Supplies and
Vecounts August J to San Jinn station
is pav otlic r purchasing pay officer and
Mnrekeper as relief of Passed
Iu in istir Arms via stenner
nlling from New York august il
Lieutenant Coi imaueler J C Cresap
led at Norlelk 1 August o Uil
Itrnr Admiral Kcnpff Ins cibleil from
iv It P J under elite of August 7 1MI
s loi
Ensign dolphus E Watson ilftachesl
i lie nil Mav i to 1 rolle
Ensign William 1 W lis detached
rolle lei 1uicau of SniK ition
BiUsviln Dennis J o Connell de
ached tfavitc htntlon to Bureau ot Navl
Boitsaii Erneht J Brown detnehe I
Iavlte lltisllital to Glacer
Aitlng B itsujln Jfeph CI incv nttd
itlng Gunner John T Swift assignee
to M liiia hso Civ He btatlon
eiiiiiilssliinir Junes ItetiiriiM
W A Jones Commissioner of Indian
Atfilrs who has been in New York the
pant week on cfelal buMness has re
turned and was at his ofRce vesterday
Eye Eye Sir f
Our Opticist f
Fits Glasses
Free of Cost
i RHarrisCo j
Cor 7th and D Sis NW I
A Board nt Son Franclaen to Ex
amine Ilentenailtn
The War Department has Issued an or
eler convening a board of officers at San
Francisco on August 13 for the purpose
of examining lieutenants of the line with
a view of their transfer to- the Corps of
Engineers The board Is to consist of
Col Ji red A Smith Corps of Engineers
Lieut Col William II Heuer Corps of
Engineers Lieut Col Charles E L B
Davis Corps of Engineers Major Robert
J Gibson surgeon and First Lieut Ar
thur W Morse assistant surgeon
The order savs The professional ex
amination of the candidates for transfer
will be conducted In accordance with a
plan to be formulated by a board of offi
cers appointed April S 1901 from this
office which plan will be duly commu
nicated by the Chief of Engineers to the
president of the board The examination
of each candidate should be written as
well as oral and the board is given dis
cretionary authority In making its rec
ommendations to take Into consideration
the general capacltv character temper
ament Judgment habits and physical
condition of the candidates Each candi
date will submit to tho board a letter
from his last commanding officer setting
forth his qualifications on the points
above indicated and those letters will be
made a part of the record of the pro
ceedings of the board In each case which
record will be forwarded to the Adjutant
General of the Armj through the Chief
of Engineers who will endorse htsrcc
Army Order
Major Wi Ham II Corbusler surgeon
and Capt John S Knlp assistant sur
geon are detailed as members of the
board appointeel to meet in New York
City August 15 for the examination of
officers for transfer to the Corps of En
gine rs
Capt Hugh D Wise Ninth Infantry
is ordered to Join his regiment via New
iork Cit j
Major Medad C Martin quartermaster
is ordered from Fort Ontario to Fort
Heath and Fort Warren Mass and Tort
II G Wright N V on official business
p mining to the Quartermaster s De
First Lieut Frank R I ang Ninth In
fantry now on sick leave is ordtreil upon
expiration of same to recruiting duty at
Portland Me
Capt Jeremiah 7 Dare quartermaster
is ordered to Clifton Heights Phil idel
phl i on otlicial business pertaining to the
Quartermaster s Department
Capt A llllam A Shunc Eighth Cav
ar is ordered to Join his regiment in
the Department of Cuba
Chaplain Erret P New son Is assigned
to the Ninth Infantry and ordered to
Tort Sam Houston for temporary duty
Itcr which to Join his regiment In the
Lieut Col John L Clem deputv quir
ermiiFtir general In ldditlon to his
ill ties as chief quartermaster Depart
ment of Toxas is ordered to relieve Col
John Simpson lssi aant quartermaster
Teneral of his duties fts acting chief com
missiry of that department
Lieut Col U llllam ri Patten deputv
mi irterm tster ceiienl is ordered to pro
ceed to Boston Mass on official business
itrtaliilng to the Quartermaster s jue
n irtment
First Lieut John W Jovcx Ordnance
D piirtment is relieved from datv ut the
Watervllet Arsenal Wntervllet N Y
and ordered to this citv to rrpirt to the
hiif of Ordance for lut In his otflc
Dr Lfoii s
Tooth Pwder
Used by people of refinement
for over a quarter of a century
New York Washington Paris
During the summer store closes
at 3 oclock Saturdays atl
Our September Booklet
Student now in press will be of
great assistance to parents in pre
paring their sons and daughters
for school or lege If of inter
est to you leave or send us your
address and we will mail youa
Fridays Our
Remnant Day
Articles of use comfort conve
nience and ornament for home
and the person are in the list and
everything is plainly marked and
so ananged that you may know
at a glance whether it will or will
not meet 3 our need
Bargain in
Womens Night Gowns
10 dozen Womens Cambric and Nain
sook Night Gowns V Square and empire
stjlea trimmed with embroideries Inser
tions and edges- Elegantly made and fin
100 each
Begular price lo0
Second floor
Bargain in
Childtens Nainsook Dresses
10 dozen Childrens Dainty White Nain
sook Dresses Hubbard style trimmings
of insertion embroidery and tucks Ex
cellent value
7jc each
Kegular price 100
Second floor
Bargain in
Womens Lisle Hose
A manufacturers entire sample line of
Lisle and Cotto i Hoge In a great variety
of stvles and coldrs plain and fancy All
e3e 3 pairs for 100
The regular o0c quality
rirst floor
Black Goods Dept
6 vards Small Figured Crepon Reduced
from 15 W to 1750 for pee
6 ards 10 Inch Striped Crepon Reduced
from 13 W to Jt jJ for pee
4 vards C inch Silk and Wool Cordette
Reduced from 110 00 to HM for pee
2 yards K lnch Black and White Check
Reduced from JiOJ to tlOO for pee
2 yards 4 Inch Black and White Plaid
Reduced from JioO to S1 5 for pee
i J arils Black and White Plaid
and Check Reduced from 500 to n50 for
i yards -U-Inch Black and White Plaid
and Check Reduced from H00 to CM
4 yards 10 ircn Silk and Wool Grenadine
Reduced from 1600 to 300 pee
3 1 2 yards 41 Inch Silk and Wool Crepon
Reduced from -75 to 4 SS for pee
3 lards 44 lnch Silk and Wool Iron
Frame Grenadine Reduced from 4 50 to
1225 for pee
41 2 vatds Silk and Wool Fancy Check
ed Grenadine Reduced from i9 u to JI 53
for pee
First floor
Parasol Department
1 Black and White Parasol trimmed
with chiffon ReducJrora 500 to ILX
1 White Parasol trimmed with chiffon
Reduced from 5 00 to 250
6 Coaching Parasols assorted shades
Reduced from 4 00 to 200 each
First floor
Shoe Department
59 pairs Womens Walking Oxfords tips
of same medium round toes
Good ear welt sizes 4 to 7AA
3 to 7bA 3 to 7B 1 to 8HC
1 to SD Reduced from 350 to 200 pair
IS pairs Womens Dark Tan Oxfords
hand turned solea sizes 4ft to 7A 2 2H
7 7b and 8B 2 2fe 7 74 and SC 1 2
7Vs and D Reduced from 250 to 150
21 pairs Womens Tan Russia Calf
Walking Oxfords round toes extension
soles military heels sizes 4 and 4AA
3 4 6 bh and 7A 2H 3j 5Vi 6 G- and 7B
1 lb 2 3 C bVa and 7C Reduced from
3 00 to 5200 pair
Third floor
Jewelry Department
25 pairs Imitation Shell Side Combs
Reduced from 25c to 3c pair
30 pairs Imitation Shell Side Combs
Reduced from 50c to 25c pair
First floor
China Department
1 100 plece Decorateel English Porcelain
Dinner Set one covereel dish missing Re
duceel from 7 50 to 4 95
1 Decorateel American Porcelain Toilet
Set with jar large pitcher odd Reduceel
from SV50 to 550
4 odd Decorated Toilet Pitchers man
ufacturers seconds Reduced to 50c each
5 Covered Dlsnes manufacturers sec
onds Reduced from tW to 25c each
4 odd Decorated Covered Chambers
slightly imperfect Reduced from COc to
35c each
3 Decorated German China Fern Dishes
Reduced from l 00 to 50c each
10 Decorated Austrian Glass Vnses Re
duced from 15c to 5o each -
19c Pressed Glass Cream Pitchers Re
duced from 10c to 5c each
3 Table Mirrors slightly marred
Reduceel from to 33c each
i dozen Decorateel English Porcelain
Cups and Saucers Retluced from Jl 20
to 75c dozen
Fifth floor-
Lamp Department
1 Brass and Onvx Lamp Reduced from
7 50 to JJ50
1 Briss and Onvx Lamp Reduceel from
7 00 to 250
1 Brown and Brass Lamp Reduced
from 10 to 350
1 Brass nnd Onyx Itmp Reduced from
7 50 to 1 00
1 Decorated Limp Globe Reduced
from 5I to J350
1 Rubj Lamp Globe Reduced from 3 60
to 250
1 Corrugated Pink Lamp Shade slight
ly damaged Reduced from 121 to DOC
Tilth floor

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