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The Busy Corner The Smith Building
Our Store Closas Every Evening at 5 oclock Saturdays Excepted
Our Rebuilding Sale
Another Friday and another one of those much-talked-of remnant Bales
which hold sway alnajs on this clay of each week at the busiest shopping
centre In all Washington The prices on our best seasonable goods have been
ruthlessly slashed The consequence large sales and rnanv of them This
causes more short lengths odd and ends and broken lots They do not stay
there long enough to tell the tale when once placed on sale They fly like a
bird of passage much to the benefit of yourself and your purse
Mil Remnanis from Our Third Floor Busy Corner Building-
2 bales of I7 lnch brown muslin run
ning in length from 2 to 20
yards good strong cloth Milt- f 7 C
ble for many uses worth o
5c In the piece for O
Inlsnce of our new corded dimi
ties iind line batlte lawn
representing a full line of light O 7 C
1I value for W D
1500 arils of new shirting
regular fall stIes CI standard
ciotn regular percale nnin
sold from SSc to 3150 now
CG inch Brown Muslin extra heay
the same quait which sells i y r
an tlin nla tsio nt T 1 nasal- IT ii fm ss
The balance of our Dimities Iavvns
and BitlFlis in all the very best stjles
not an old ptttcrn in the lot full
dress and waist lengths light and
dark colorings goods which i 7 r
sold In the piece trom K 1 Lc to L ja
13c per ard for CJ
Thousand irds of new corded Mad
ras and Ginghams the Ftvles are ery
neat and arc the very thing for wo
mens waists or men s negligee
shirts 12 l 2c and Lc value tst
The balance of our Pongee Foulards
In ail the latest silk Koulud stjles
nay light blue cllovv pink black
and white grounds which n
sold in the pkee at 2Scj 1 7
The balance of our new dotted Swiss
Hull showing all the latest lace ef
fects black and white grounds rt 3C
vorv desirable sold In the lAl
piece nt ISc for J
Extra quality White India Lilian and
Sheer White Onrimly Swiss q Of
In waist and drets lengths XJf
which we have reduced to J
Tine sheer White India IInonJ extra
wide some of the pieces run f fC
as high as 12 jard lengths III
sold regularly at 30c pertl v
The balance of our tine Satin Lib
erty Printed Silk Mulls and tine Satin
Itae Dimities still showing a full
line of stjles and colorings 1 ft I C
goods worth In the piece I Ao
from 29c to 59c pcrJd for -
AIo the baancaof our Fine Silk
Mousselines in eery desirable plain
shade such ax iiav pink light blue
cerise tan grey ellow
ender green arul hlack 1
lar C9c grado per yard
Silk Ramnancs Cheaper Than Ever
We hae about 1500 yards of Fine Silk Remnants which we wish to close
out at a greater sacrifice than we have eer quoted We hae marked them so
low In price that we feel assured that their speed v departure Isa positive fact
in mi lot win De iouna i nnieu touiaras vvasn silks ejora
ed Taffetns Fancv Colored Japs Flannel Taflctas Colored
Bengallncs and Colored Faille every piece an excellent
length silks among this assortment arc worth up to JL25
per yard You hive the choice of any or all at --
First floor centre bargain tables Busy Corner Building
Childrens Petticoats
made of good qu illty
cambric with waists and
full width skirt finished
i with lace edge the sizes
are from 1 to i r
jWas c now
1 lot of Childrens Ging
ham Dresses striped and
checked stjles ery neat
and perfect fitting sizes
1 to 3 ears sold l r r
75c and 9c
Second floor front Busy Corner Building
4 8
7 Cloth Reefers for
children In green brown
and blue made of all
w ool material
ages 1 2 and 3 wpf
years sold
SI 25 now
Three PhanamsiaJ Valuas in Winds Untarruslins
3 Womens Long Petticoats made
of good quality chambraj In pink
blue and old rose made with deep
umbrella liounc finished with e lnch
accordion pleated rullle and
Ihrre rows nf evilnreel hrjiitl
2 Womens Night Gowns made of
good quality nalnbook empire stjle
revers and oke trimmed with two
rows of line Valenciennes Insertion
and edge to match finished f r r
with beading and colored rib- VfX
bon sold for 1 6S now - v
An odd lot of Womens Night Gowns made of cambric and nainsook high
V and square neck tome have yokes of allever lace bark and front trimmed
at neck and sleeves with lace edge and ribbon others have four rows of em
broidery Insertion and 30 fine tucks finished with deep ruffle of Cl
embroidery round oke and sleeves back has fine tucks and I UX
teau pleats sold from I2SS to J33S now JJ
Second floor rear Busy Corner Building
I Odds and Ends from Our Stationery Department
Here are some very enticing values which ought to force these few Items
from this department without much effort
29c quality of costal bond paper In
beautiful Venetian blue large
square shape only which we 110
shall close out at per pound U
Envelopes to match per pack- c
age O
A big lot of 15c quality odd colors
and sizes In envelopes plenty of
cream and white in good shapes Ac
In this lot per package
We are closing out a lot of good
quality steel pens assorted CC
kinds per dozen D
Mucilage by the bottle hardwood
rulers and tablets which wc
sold for Sc each being slightly 1c
soiled your choice of any a
20 rolls of 10c quality crepe paper
all good colors slightly dam- Ac
aged per roll
This department jou will find located first floor sections 3 and 4 In the
Smith Building
Our Housefurnishingr Department
The odds and ends which we offer you from this section are really sacri
ficedvery near every Item quoted below Is very near half of former selling
C sets of Mme Potts sad irons three
In a set complete with de- CfC
tachablc handle for JO
12 cars of horseshoe Jly full size
packagi which sold regularly CC
at 10c for
150 feet of rubber garden hose
slightly defective was w per QC
foot for J
to cans of ready mixed paint al
ways selling at Lc per can we CC
sell jou 2 for J
12 tea and coffee canisters slightly
scratched from handling which CC
we sold for 12c for
C wash boilers good quality made
with heavy copper bottom CQC
slightly dented Fold for JirforJ
10 good size bread boards- slightly
soile d which can be easily erased
with a little sand soap or 1 CC
polio sold for 25c 1 J
2 wash basins wash pitchers and
chambers left from toilet sets
very highly decorated worth A QC
ji for Jy
C Carlsb1dchlnadlnner sets etra
qualltv all different decorations sin
each one the last of the kind a few
broken piece or piece short A QC
to each set old for 118 for 77 D
This department Is located on the third floor at the Busy Corner Build-
From Our Winds Suit Department Second Floor Smith Building
We Jut feel as though most anvone would be willing to Invest th Ir money
In these reduced goods as anvthing offered In these two columns Th prices
which we have made are actually sacrificed The goods whlcllareiohereif are
cleA Uslghtly merchandise Not In the least shopworn or hurt The reason for
these reductions should be plain to all
50 womens percale waists In pretty
shades of blue hello and old ffr
rose stjllsh patterns mon ff
ev ery size reduced from Doc to
IS extra quality plaid wool waists
If ou think that the texture should be
a trifle too heavy for present wear It
will more than repa ou to
la them bv for later In the tOC
season we have reduced them Mr4
from J250 to
15 odd medium weight Jackets either
Eton or flv front stiles some
few are silk are reduced SO in
frrrLjSSO 10 and 112 S to JV
S Fancy All wool Golf Capes 27 and
30 Inches Jong made of excellent qual
ltv material and formerly
sold for J1U anu U W
duced to
S very high cost fine Linen Ulsters
made of the verj best grade of pure
linen material which weSC l
have reduced from J1QS to JUU
4 Fancy Linen Suits made up very
neat and at the same time have that
swagger appearance which all fine
dresses possess reduced A nfi
from 1650to 0yJ
Rebuilding and Improvements are re-
We have SThlleireTrlrfacklntosTies
made with deep capes which arejde
tachabk they art Riftarnntie d perfect
and waterproof dld for j v
10U and 12 50 not having P f iV
all sizes we reduced them H I 5 11 1
G white serge skirts warranted strict
ly all wool some of the
lot are plain others are Crtofl O
trimmed we reduced P Ua
thehe from Js75 to 1SJ
30 Fine Taffeta Silk Waists prettily
hemstitched and tucked these
have In mod every size but SO QQ
not In color- tb ere 13 now t O
2 flnH Imported Tailor made SultB In
a pretty shadevqj tustor all Mlk lined
throughout the sizes are 3S and 40
those that they wlU fit will
get a grand bargain reduced C7 FA
from J25 to JU
C Imported lirilllantlne Suits In black
brown and blue- oil of the moft ser
viceable outfits which anjone could
IKMxtlily buv they furmerly S7 OU
sold for tli50 and W now I O
3 fine All wool Serge
Skirts exceedingly nobby tailor
made and perfect fitting
which are reduced from Sin AA
J20 to
Market Space
The Attorneys Opinion on a Tax
Bale and Deed
An AppllcAflein for WnceIIatfnii
InvorHlily Itepurteel tpon Tue
Comptroller to ItcconMleNr the e
Inn Caie A IteqneBtj fjor a PnrU
Andrew B Duvall Attorney foXthe Dis
trict yesterday submitted to thctommiK
sloners his opinion upon rtte Application
of James O Tavlor through his attorney
R A Ford to sct aside the tax sale of
April ISM of OS of an acre In plat 4 G
and R Pike subdivision The applica
tion also includeel a request for the can
cellation of the tax certificate Issued to
M B Newman With reference to the
matter at issue the Attornej sajs
It appears that on March 19 1X9G this
property was convejed to said James O
Tailor and assessed to him for the gen
eral taxeb for the jear 1W8 In said as
sessment the improvements thereon were
omitted the property was advertised and
sold at the sale for taxes In April 1SUD
The property was bold as It had been ad
vertise el namely 05 of an acre G anel R
It appears that the land convejed to
Taylor was 17 of an acre the computa
tion of tt area having been erroneously
made The act of Congress with refer-
ence to taxes and tax sales in the District
of Columbia provides Section 15 that the
said Commissioners shall not convey any
property sold for taxes If they shall dis
cover before the conveyande that the
sale was for any cause Invalid and Inef
fectual to give title to the property sold
but they shall cancel the sale and cause
the purchase money to be refundeiL to
the purchaser his represcntataVie or as
It is quite apparent that nOValld deed
could be given based on thltr tax sale It
would be Impossible to describe the US
of an acre sold for taxes I am of
the opinion that the sale for this cause
Is Invalid and the same should accorel
lnglv be set aside and the tax certificate
In March last the Commissioners sub
mitted to the Comptroller of the Treas
ury for his decision a statement of facts
relative to the claim of John J Nolan and
Walter D Nolan trading under the name
of James Nolan Sons The claim re
ferreel to was that the forfeiture of 15
per diem upon contract No 2775 to repair
and change the plumbing lnJhe Grant
school building should not be exacted
The following month the Comptroller
rendered a decision in which It was helct
that in making settlement with these con
tractors the amount forfeited under the
terms of the contract should be deductd
from the contract price as liquidated
Yesterday the Comptroller Informed the
Commissioners that he nad been request
ed by the Secretary of the Treasury to
re examine and review the decision The
Comptroller states that he understands
the contractors claim that all the perti
nent facts were not submitted upon which
to base a decision The Comptroller
states further that the decision was ren
dered upon the facts presented by the
Commissioners and he Informs the Board
tliiit If they desire to submit addition il
facts he will be pleased to consider them
in connection witn tne etjsc me comp
troller further states thief fits ultlmste
decision will be based entirely upon the
facts presented by thcHoard
Lieutenant Commander John R Edwards
U S N and Major -ft-Sal Abbott
U S A have w rltten iti Oie Commls
slonen relative to the dirrfprhg or refuse
on the vacant lot just north of Connecti
cut Avenue between Tw enty tlrst and
Twenty second Streets northw est They
have informed the Commissioners that
the dumping of refuse upon this lot is
the source of a nuisance the people
living in the vicinity They state that a
bad smell emanates from the dump and
that In their opinion It Is a menace to
the public health
A sanitary inspector from the Health
Department was sent te Investigate the
complaint and he has reported that the
dump in question Is only for the use of
street sweepers and that the elumping is
In accorelance with the regulations of
that department It In UQcttrstood that
the use of the lot for the purpose named
is not to be long continued and that an
other place for the punxiWwllI have to
be found In the opinion the Health
Department the elump is not near enough
to the houses in the vlclrVy to become
an actual menace to the health of their
occupants and that because of the tem
porary nature of the deposit of material
there it would not be advisable to take
any action in the premises
S T Abtrt a few dajs ago wrote to
the Commissioners calling attention to
the lack of a park in the vicinity of Kcn
jon and Thirteenth btreets northwest
and suggested that the ground for a pub
lic reservation be acquired there The
matter was referred to W P Richards
of the Engineer Department for consid
eration aid report He now states that a
reservatim was ence embodied In the
first section plans of hlghwajs and thus
had the recommendation of the Commis
sioners but that Congress directed a re
arrangement of these plans and provided
that no reservation should be platted
over an existing sub division
In view of this fact Mr Richards
points out tint the Commissioners are
prevented from taking any action such
as that suggested and must wait the
action of Congress Mr Richards recom
mends and the Commissioners have ap
proved that Mr Abert be Informt d In
accordance with the facts pointed out
Some time ago John XI Taj lor acting
for Susan V I tuck tiled a rtqutat with
the Commissioners to rtdeem the title to
sub lot 2 northeast of square 1065 b
palng the tax fur 1WS with costa and
penaltltis to M B New man the pur
chaser at the tax sale of ISM The matter
was referred to the otilcials of the Tax Do
pirtment and reported upon aderclj by
them Thereupon Mr Taj lor wrote a sec
ond Urn to the board abklntf that the
matter might be reviewed and poualbl
with a rrersed decIMon orf account of
certain reasons which he stated
li 11 LmrmllU the As3ejssor In re
porting upon the case the t econd time
nth that the rcquhemenU of the law
have been complied with and that he stes
no reason for changing the former rtc
ommcndutlon In the cabe which was that
tiie ComrninHioners were without author
itj to Krant the
Horatio N Taplln of 1437 V Strict
northwiEt recently entered complaint
with the Commissioners that two collec
tions of water main tax had been made
against lot square 1163 It appears from
his statement of the case that the collet
tlons were made under the dates of Sep
tember lO IV JO and January 15 1101
The AtsesMir in his report upon the
complaint states that the books of his
ortee Miow the duplicate paments and
he rt commends that the labt named pa
mt nt be refunded Thlb the CommiMdoii
tr hae approved
A complaint from 11 Diggings of 3u3
North Carolina Aenue southeast was
recently received at the District Huitdtug
of an excehtIe charge for water rent
againt premises 3IS Third Street south
east It was found upon rfernee of the
matter to the Water Deparlintnt that er
roneous panunt had btu made in the
amount of US und it wii3 iecommended
that the amount be refunded
On a similar complaint from II C Mc
Ktmify the Water Department has rec
ommended the refund of 3 paid f r wa
ter rent on premlfes 1141 Vermont Ave
nue northwest -
Recommendations for similar refunds
hie been made for duplicaj payments
for water rent for premises 13JI Street
northwest and for premises 1217 Q Street
southeast The former refund was nade
at the rtiuet of Thomas E Waga jmin
and the latter on the request of litnm i
I have a reparation that will rid jour Iioum
of fleas Wooldrldgeg
Zht tttoglunflton
Weather Indications
Fair tutlay and tomorrow light southwesterly
HfKhfft temperature 4 p m
Lowest temperature 0 a m
Sun roae 5 07 A M J Sun lets
Moon riMA 1223 AM Moon sets
-04 PM
Low tide 0 32 AM and 10 05 PM
Hih tide 3 OS AM and 337 P M
Lamps lit today 740 PM
Lampri out tomorrow 418AM
Uaces at Colifeum evening
A Man Ifneler Indictment Arretted
Jceph Fox who Is under indictment in the
District for larcen and larcenj from the person
and who forfeited his bend bon c time ago has
been arrested at Saratoga X Y and will he
brought back here to ktand trial He it charged
with the larcem of 95 from Thomas V Scott
After being indicted Vox as released on sX0
Mn rr Ihr p IleeMiHei IniumI
Marriage htenws were issued joterdaj to
Berkeley lnri District uf Columbia and Lillian
A Gallaher Kails Church Va Jaint II Ian
lo and Itota il Ilailey Henr Muse and Joanna
Madion William K Meters and Louna M Mel
ton loth of Baltimore U alter Timbers and Hiza
latest Oeore II hd wards and Man lKve luth
of Danville a John Jonefl and Julia Jackson
Mnrrle d In lie CIerkn Mllce
forjfe W Kd wards and Mar Ikte liotli coor
etl from Ilanille al were married jerterday
in the jftVe of the clerk of the Supreme Court
of the Diatritt at the City Hall The eeremonv
was performeti b the Her T Allen who hap
pened tu be 111 lite ofnee at the time the couple
made appheation for a marriage licen After
the cerenionv waa performed the iiarties quietly
left the Imildin
A loIlctinnn Ankx Innmte
Suit watjlled jesterda by Kduard IL Herbert
a member nt the Metropolitan polite against
Amelia Ltnch to recover claimed aa Lm
agea for slanderout remarks he alhn s the de
fendant uttered regarding linn Herbert state
that on Jul CO laol the defendant amon either
tliiujr paid ol him tint he in an habitual drunk
ard and in the habit ef Katiiblhitr It Is abi al
lejred tliat the defendant ehirtreel 1be plaintiff
with beiTt a man of immoral iharaeter Turner
k Mitchell are named as t uuiiel for the plaintiff
A Ietllliin for n ClillelM Aflniitletii
A petition was filed in the Supreme Court of
the District jeterda b Addie M Hiuh wha
rfskje the pertuiMioii of the cnnt t adopt Hazel
A hmart as htr ovin thdd anil li ir at Iau It
U tsplaineii that during the last flc jeari th
child has I it- I wllU the petitioner and that in
lffX Its parent mre ik tore id Kor about fic
jears th petitioner the lurmtx of th
ehihl ha Ye not eoiitributid to its support Ir
Utnh al o uted that the hat the written 101
cnt uf Mr nurt to adopt the child
Mr Jaeob Kickeniun csme Into our store
home time aco aufferiiifttlth diarrhoea bo birfh
that he va paiofr biood ea I A etdeI
A Co of Home Wl He had been under the
doctor treatment but jot no relief Ue fixecl
him up a dov of Chamberlains Colic Cholera
and Diarrhoea Itemed and he purchased a siral
loiilc of itt and fit twentv four houra he ua
vell Kor wle bj llctry mans wholerale aud
retail 922 K Street
Special Prices for Today and Tomorrow at Johnstons
Watermelons 10 cts
Fresh and Fine Large Watermelons iCor ioc each these
are thesiza you would payoo and 25c for Wi the little grocers
We deliver them Lave your order eariyi
Very large live Chickens will be at 24c each Good fresh
dressed Chickens will be 17a lb 3
Best Granulated Sugar 18 lbs for 1
3 lbs of good fresh Cream Crackers for 25c Bottles of Lemonette makes
20 glasses lemonade for 10c Best fresh packed Canned Lobster for 25c can
Well made 3 strlng Brooms for He
Elgin Butter 22c lb
Best Cream Cheese 14c lb
12 boxes of Good Fresh Pack Oi Sardines for 48c
12 boxes of iGood Potted Ham and Tongue for 4Sc
12 boxes of Sardines in mustard or tomato for lSc
12 boxes of Deviled Ham and Tongue for aSc
ArmourVs English Lunch Sausage for - ioc
Oood new Omnd Salmon tnl enns if c
I Fresh Creamery Butter- 21c lb
Fresh Roasted Peanuts 5c bag Shred Wheat Biscuits 12c Armours
Lunch Tongue 20c Armour unSl Iced Bacon In glass jars 20c Victor Coffee
A In seiileel tins either whole grain ground or powdered 2Sc can Iarge
4- ties Honey 15eC Flaccus Crab Apple Jelly Mustard Sweet Pickles Catsup
t etc 10c each
I- Fresh Ginger Snaps 34c lb
A great line of Cake Sneclals The Beechwoel BrHml of Cakes 12e lb
Iced Clifton Cakes 12c Utopias 12c NIC Nacs ScMb Pretzels 12c lb
A big bargain In Condensed Milks for Friday and Saturday 3 cans
Baby Brand for 25c Pet Cream large cans 10c Small cans Cc
Good Large Grain Rice 64c lb
Good New Prunes 34c lb
Very Large Fat Mackerel 8c lb
The large bottle O K Root Beer Extract mates 5 gallons of the drink
our price 6c Flake and Pearl Tapioca 3 lbs 25c Hires Root Beer Extract
ISc Helnles Root Beer 10c Cocoa Shells 5 lbs for 24c Market Baskets 5c
2 pkgs L verlngs Coffee for 25c Pet Cream large cans 10c small cans
Cream 6c Millers Chocolate ISc Tar Toilet Sonn -V
i Rest Familv Plniir 2 fiR Ml i
12 lb sacks of best Family Flour for sSc The 24 lb 5
sacks for 55c Quarter barrels for 1 10
Cut Pricefor Pillsburys Flour
12 Jb Sacks of Pillsburys Best Flour for 33c
The 24 lb Sacks for 65c Quarter Barrels 130 1
Barrels of Pillsbury Flour S510
Sacks of Table Ground Cornmeal 12c Graham Flour G lbs for 25c
Entire Wheat Hour 50c sack Ballards Obelisk Flour 33c 65c
Small cans Victor Baked Beans 5c large cans New Eng
land Baked Beans 8c
Big Soap Department Bargains
12 cakes of the Everybodys grodLnidry So3p for
22c Babbitts Soap 40 Babbitts 176 Powder 3jc
Soapine 3jc package 5 pounds of WashingSoda for 9c
Best Sugar cured Smoked Shoulders 9ic lb
Best Sugar cured Hams for V I3c lb
Best California Hams for 10c lb 1
Knickerbocker Package Sago Tapioca and Farina ioc
Colburas Package Sago Tapioca and Farina ioc J
Cruikshanks Chili Sauce Catsups Mustards and Pickles ioc
Armours Eoned -Turkey and Chicken for 25c
Armours Canned Corned Beef and Hani 15c 2
Babbitts 1776 Washing Powder also Soapine for 3jc pekg
JOHNSTONS 729 7th St N W f
JACOB BOOL Proprietor J
Hit bvnMllk Bottle
Artnur GoddariT a nine-year-old boy living at
34 Harrison Strectfctfa painfully injured about
the head as the result of having been hit with
a milk bottle thrown bv Robert Johnson a
ilajmatc Goddard was taken to his home and
Watson summoned His condition is not
A AVorkmnns 3Ieinej Stolen
William K White living at 31i South Street
Georgetown reporte d to the pohee of the FightU
precinct lust night that while at vtork oa the
new apartmrnt house known as the Xorthamp
ton on W fctreet northwest jestcrday after
noon fame unknown part appropriated his
poeketliook containing 52 in chance and wveral
car tickets The case is being investigated by
Precinct Detective Barnes
Iimnnc 1ntlent Taken Aw aj
The superintendent of the Lancaster County
Insane Asjlum arrhed n Washington yestcrdaj
and took Lack with him Wilton iL Hupert uho
had evaped from tlut institution as he admitted
to banitarv Officer 1 Yank when he entered the
latter office Wednesday Hupert claims to be
todtf detective and insists that he existed in
Ue tear 7l at the time of the fall of Hcreu
Li neum
MlKht Ilrt em u HeiiiHe Hoof
About 1125 oclock jetterday mornini 111
alarm ttai sounded from box 31 the occasion
beini a slight fire on the roof of house iW Man
tis htre et southeast txrupied by Washington
Williams colored The fire ii 11 let ed to hate
been ttarteel by a bpark from a tinners furnace
which liad been in use on the roof but a phort
time before The damage to the property will
not excee d 50
The Walker Knnernl To tiny
The funral of Kichard B Walker who w
drowned at Cltetapeake Ilcach Sundat afternoon
and whoe body was recoTercd Wetlneday morr
liw wilt taker place thit afternoon from the
chapel connected with tn undertaking etab
Ihment of J W ilham Lee 332 lYnnlvana
Attnue northwetrfj wiere the body was taken
on reaching the evit Tlie mtenntnt will be at
Oak Hill
A IruIlleNs Search bj ThleieM
The locomobile showrooms kept by M Kline at
1021 Connecticut Atenue northwest was broken
into some time bewetn midnight Wetlnedaj
nffrht and dat break jesterday morning hut noth
nitf wai itoIcnTThe thietc were evidently look
ing only for moji The glaM in the window
to a rear ttllar door was broken and the entrance
thu4 effected K dt nk where the moiuj was
formerly kept as forced open with a screw
driter but nothing was secured as the monc
had been transferred to another dace
lilt ou the llenel With n Stone
The polite of the Fourth precinct are trying
to htate an unknown colored man who Is Mip
poed to hare thrown a ctone that hit George
Prtor colored on the head Wednesday night
Iryor I twtiitt two j ears old ami is employed
as a dntcr tor Dr C W Mono of 513 Third
street MUthwet and Wtnlnesdat night limited a
Mumnur garden and ai a reult of a
a colored damsel to whom he
fjid In lute Uen pating atttntinn a row
was tiarrowlv attrtfd While ou his way home
attout 11 oclock at night when near the corner
of nrat antl J Streets houthucft he was hit by
the stone hjl It ns nctessart to remote him
to the i n ergtjify Jtahpital fur treatment
The- Ieai lticrtl
The f dlwim deah for twenty -four hour
were reported at the Health Department up to
noon jtUriIatfr Trlir Sherwood I years anU
Heislng O ycae Piter Clark 45 years hrancin
MtNtead 25 jiUnfliarlvs Riley 22 yean 1er
rt lowern 10 3Vf1 Jee Yl Iiwrey 12 years
JittM Dfll 2 yenH Flizabeth Connorn 1 month
I unnie Ijwreiice tTroa 1 day ifjnC of Lithe
Jamt 1 day
iImi to Itnltlmore 11 11 el He turn
Saturday and Sunday August 10 and 11
ksI otdenMgk 7Khsatsd
A Notable Friday
For Remnants
REACHED THE FAG END OF THE SEASON These are nil thrown out
for RemnantDoy at prlcts that never fall to summon great crowds to the
veekl feast of Remnant Bargains your money will reach the very acme of
Us builHEJlowjertoday These are only a few of the many good things
White Goods Department
1 LOT RCMNANTSof 40 Inch India
Linen tine sheer quality also 40 Inch
linen finish Victoria Lawn and 40 inch
Apronette satin striped border and
hemstitched and drawn work effects In
white Fabrics Worth 15c and 18c a
ard grouped together for tOjC
Remnant Da at 12
1 Lot of Rerrinants -consisting of
plain Swiss hemstitched -lawns mer
cerized stripe and plaid orffMndie lawns
and striped Madras and India
Linen Worth 10c vard to- C7C
day JS
Wrappers 59c
Lately selling up to 100
There are about eight dozen for
Remnant Day which we mark 5SC In
stead nf JL You will 11 nd In this lot
Colored Lawns and Batiste Wrappers
all maae with deep HfluncS around the
bottom neatlv trimmed with nifties
over the shoulders fancy braid edg
ing ruffles collar and cuffs
broken sizes of our entire as- CQC
sortment for J
Shirt Waists 37c
Jl arid 75c Shirt Waists today 37c
The low est point reached j ej for such
fine waists for which 6u were glad
to payjip to Jl a little earlier In the
season In the lot are India Linen
Waists Lawns Madraslexcale Ging
ham and Chambray Waists In stripes
and figures also plain black anel plain
white waists latest -styles and trim
mings Less man cost today
but clearance will be quick 37c
Boys Wear
CA PS Galatea
Friday 12
linen m
breros Yachts and Sailors 1 0 JC
that sold for 25c Friday 12
regular ic iiuaim
Draperies and Matting
Third floor
One lot of Remnants of Dotted and
Colored Swiss Denims and Sllkollnes
In lengths from 14 to 5 jards Worth
124c and 15cTa yard Remnant f 3C
price U5
LESS CHINASr This lot for Friday
consists of Remnants of Matting
worth from ISc to 40c a yard 1iJC
Fridays remnant price m 1UJ
Odds and Ends in Notions
10c Nainsook and Stpcklnet Dress
Shields a pair 5c
Treasure Safety Pins dozen Ic
Box of Fancy Glass Pins lc
10c Fancy Garter Wei length 3c
Be Cortlcelll 50 jard spool silk 2Vic
5c Smiths Best Needles paper 2c
10c Good Scissors pair 5c
5c Gold Ec Needles case lc
Be Bone Collar Buttons dozen Sc
5c and Sc Feather Stitched Braid -
Sard pieces slightly mussed Zic
All This Week
Hindquarter of
Genuine Spring Lamb j
10 cts lb
Mnrketfns delivered to any
part of the city Open 4 a m
to IO p m
528 5l5 MS 541 CENTRE ilARKET
Of etery kind and rruantity
Typesetting rVTachines
Hayworth Pub House
512 Sth St X IV
Goal 5WfonT
New Biver lUd ksh Egg Coal suitable for
ranjte grate tttam hot vvattr or bot air fur
Give It a trial
wm J ZEH
Jx nth st n w
eth ana K Etj V 13th and D Sta 2 W
a 1 a i
iswHCTcii at Ti
S01 D03 Seventh St
Cotnplete Hou srfurniihers
a Dozen
Quart Bottles Is the price
a dellcions fully nged
hcr i hoTrW hcer that
oftc dellfebt to keep on
lee for use these warm
summer- eVtnrnc Deliv
ered in unlettered wagons
and F Streets NE
jyono 2154
Thrift is a Good Revenue Great
Saving Results Trom Clianliness and
i tJiV PARK PRrNTS In BoejeV
lcngths for wrappers large 1 7C
range of patterns yaid T JS
1 200 vards nf TAt ciA tt i
full yard w large VsoVtment of
today e 10 a Jard S 30
Jlemnants of fine Dress ic
hams sold for 124c for Oi
Wash Fabrics
AND DIMITIES In light and darK
colorings lengths from 2 to 10
vard3 worth 6 and 6c a yard f7C
Remnant price Ab
1200 yards of LAWNS AND DIMI
TIES In light dark and tinted
grounds striped figured and scroll
designs in lengths suitable for shirt
Waists and dresx tvitterns nmil3f
ivj iiu ii c values ltemnant Aic
fr a mu
Sf jS
Ribbon Remnants
Bunches of Baby Ribbon so much
used for Beading from 2 to 5 IC
yards your choice of bunches A
Fine lot of Loulslnc and Metallic
Taffeta Ribbons In plenty of Whites
Pinks and Blues Lengths from 14
to 3 vards Price off the piece Qjc
lie In Remnants today 02
Remnants of Embroidery today
of unusual yariety and attractiveness
owing to our very successful sale this
Lot 1 Narrow Hamburg Edging and
Torchon Laces In neat and effective
patterns goods sold off the
piece at 5c a yard Remnant 13C
price 1
Embroidery and Insertlngs In Swiss
Cambric and Nainsook About 100
different stjles In this lot In remnants
from 154 to H yard lengths
Values up to fc and 10c Item- l 7C
nant price a jard Js
Shoe Department
A lot of Ladles Oxford Ties and
Juliets sizes 3 31 2 4 7 and 8 val
ues up to J250 These are of kid skin
and patent leather with tip of the
same or patent leather tips QOC
Fridays for OO
Our 53c Table consists of Ladles
Prince Albert Low Shoes little gents
tan lace shoes and childrens strap
sandals broken sizes values 1 CQC
A lot of Childrens Spring Heel Tan
Button Shoes sizes 6 to 8 also a lot
of Misses and Ladles Shoes in r r g
odds and ends 50c values for A J
Refrigerators Screens Etc
tomor 2 4O
Balance of our Walnut finished Win
dow Screens 15 Inches high 1AC
open to 34 Inches 1U
This very large solid
oak Sideboard with French
plate mirror three roomy
drawers and cupboard
nicely carved and finished
Mayer Pettit
415 417 7th St
Greater boon to man than wealth y
Warners Safe Cura giyjs him heallb
Washington Paris
Amonff tbc intercatin exhibits n
at th late Pari Eaposition vtaa a
fin Utopia of Itoruk Air CAiahioo
TrusFft of all kinds aupportcra
and tarlou p cn for tnTi
Komen and children from 1224
F St S W which tooi the high-
eat award over all competitors
American and foreign The Rorick
Air Cliques Truss Compan leads
the world Tio neela triaL Two
yesrs cuarantee CatalcfiJe and
consultation free 1H F St 2i
Nllll lllif BlLvianS
Iav Ton S0 n1 Coppwobrrf Sects ICia Oil
tor proof of cures VV solicit th met ob tmat
eoMi VV ua eurad tha worst ceu in 15 to 35 dare
CapitliTOuilLllJO1 book FREE- No braichooSs
1651 Masonic Temcla Chtcaco 111
T7t 117 tfjt frtr unnatural
GawKBtMei V Irritatioos or ulcerations
t to it tic tar of mucoui niembrane
PrtTfau Cdotass PanlfM and nut
tLVANSUHEUlCiLOa Ktnt or IHlnoua
Sola y Drnrsuu
or w in plain wrapper
vj eapretf prepaia ior
It 00 or 3 bottles 1275
Clrcnlar sent on it

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