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Selling of Stocks Toward the Clot v
for Western Account
The street Awnitn Dctrloimitnt In
the SlrlUe MtimtliMi tlier Muiilri
Tlie ItnnU vtntement Uiifnx -ruble
Speculation AliuoNt tit a MiiiiilKtlll
NLTW YOKK Aug 10 Speculation In
stocks was ilrtually at a standstill this
morninjr jendinK the publication or the
Gen eminent crop report and because ot
prospects of Important le eopments In
the steel strike oer Sunday Higher
prices for American securities in Londo l
haflwery little effect on the local mar
ket presumably because they were not
supplemented vUth orders
In the last hour of business the market
was depressed by seillnff that was chleHy
for Chicago account and vhlch was based
upon expectations that the Government
crop report would show a condition ot
corn not much better than CO per cent and
poIuly lower In addition the Chicago
contingent has found a new specific basis
for crmtlhUIng its bear campaign in an at
tapk by the local authorities on the Peo
ples Gas Company The local profession
al element followed the lead of commis
sion houses that handled the bulk of the
Chicago business and there was also some
liquidation of speculative accounts by
dealers who did not wish to carry stocks
oxer Sunday because of possible unfavor
able developments In the labor situation
The majority of the developments In
that situation this week or certainly the
more important ones have been adverse
to the strikers A crisis In the strike will
be reached tonight or tomorrow when
members of the Amalgamated Association
In Chicago Milwaukee and other impor
tant points determine whether or not they
will obey the strike extension order Is
sued by President Shaffer in the early
part of this week Should they decide to
eiuit work in all of the plants included In
that order or even In a majority of them
thct strike bids fair to be a protracted
one and one that will entail great Iost es
and sufferings upon those who participate
in it
The weekly statement of averages of
the associated banks was somewhat of a
disappointment to the street The gain
In lawful money shown was less than
half of the most conservative figure
reached In jesterdays preliminary com
pilation of the knrwn movements of
money The increase of nearly S90u0099
in the loans was also a surprise to the
street The two changes noted Increased
the deposits to an extent that requires
all of the increased cash and as much
more from the previous surplus to pro
vide the requisite reserve In conse
quence there Is shown a decrease of
5121000 I surplus which though not
large was sufficient to Induce traders to
sell stocks The banks still have a sur
plus of nearly a000i which is ample
for all Immeillate purposes
The chances are that money will con
tinue to drift to this centre from com
paratively nearby points and there will
be further receipts of gold from Alaska
for some weeks to come The most that
can be counted on from the Tre asur De
partment is that its disbursement will
about keep pace with its collectors
Trade reports bank clearings and rail
way tralllc returns are of the most en
couraging character
Regarding the last named it is to be
notcel that the figures of gros receipts
for are phenomenally large being
113 per ctrt greater than for the same
month of last vear The improvement
was distributed throughout the country
Bank clearings for the week exce el those
of tluuuxv ious six business 6ms bj s
per cent and as compared with the cor
responding week of last ear the increase
Is Ci per cent
Coincident with these movements it is
to be noted that the rise in commodlty
prlccs whlh began in June after a re
action of fifteen months was continued in
Julv Prices for finished products of iron
and steel have advance partly becaue
of the strike and nlo In response to an
unusual active demand for them Con
trary to general cipctntlons the most
chtrful trade advices arc received from
distributing centres which would natur
ally be adversely affecteel by the damage
to the corn crop notably from Kansas
City St Ioulh and Omaha
A somewhat lower level of prices for
securities particularly for stocks not
withstanding the favorable conditions
that haxe been noted Is not surprising
In Iew of the almost general suspension
of speculative activity that usually oc
curs at this season of the year and the
feeling of caution cajsed by the labor
troubles in the Iron industry
There certainly has been no important
liquidation in the stock market since the
middle of last month and it was so
thorough at about the present level of
prices that there is not likely to be a re
currence of It unless some unforeseen
disaster of great Importance should oc
cur At the same time a fairlv large
short Interest has been created and any
decided favorable event would unques
tionably produce a two Elded market of
considerable magnitude
IVcw Torlc Moclc Ixclinnpre Aup lO
High- Low- Net
est ire chgs
Amalgamated Copper 112A 111 111
Am C 4 Fdry 2S M 2a
Am C F M S3 I2 fci 4
Am Co ion Oil 334 S3 334
xAmeriran Ice H 52 22 1
xtmrncan Ice pfd CS4 CSi Cfc 4
xAmcrlcan Smelt SI SOA Sn4 1
xAmeriran t ur 133 132 133
xAmerlcan Vieioien v 17 17 17 k
xAnaeonda 41 3 A i
AC T 4 S F 4 71V4 72 14
At T S F pfd 95 01 91i
Bait Ohio 00 or 4
xBrook liapid Transit 73i 73 73Vi i
Canadian lac 1W 107 104
Clus L Ohio 4i3 ll Si
Chicago Creat West 21V6 214 V i
Chi Ind 4 L 31 4 31 31
CliL I L pfd 70 GVJ CO
Oil M A S I 157 150 150 4
Chi M St I pr lfcJVa KHi 1S2 1
Chi II I i P IS 138 139 1
Oil Ter Tr 19 174 174
Ch Tcr Tr pld 37 ttu 36U
CoL Southwestern 13i 13 13
Col S 1st pfd 62 62 62
Consolidated Gas 21614 216 21814 2
DeL A Hudson 153 lie lfci 1
Ben It O pfd Wi SOU Mt4 i
Fne 3Vi 351 30i H
Eric 1st rJ - raVs H 1
tr A T II 61 31 51 1
Cencral Elrclnc 25054 240U 21SV4 1
Clocrae 6 II 7 17 SflVi S6V4 4
Crcat Notthern pfd 170 175 170 1
lloekins VaIc 52 52 52
lllinolj Central 113 112 142 2
International Paper 214 2114 214
xlntcr Fower WA 004 W4
Iowa antral S14 SS So 111
loira Central pfd 75 7314 7314 V
I ale E A 60 60 CO 3
Iotiul A NaJivIll 114 10014 100i 14
Jlanhattan Me 116U 11514 HSl M
xlM Street Rail 1W4 104 16411 11
Mexican Central 2SU 23 23 U
Hex Nat ctfi 1014 I 10
Uicn A St L 107ai 107j 1071 111
M S P S S M 24Vi 2414 2414
Wo K A T pfd 521 5214 62H H
ilUsoun Pacific VJVt Ut14 0011
lliscult 4211 41H 4211 11
xNat Lead pfd 00 SO 00
K Y Central 150U 15014 1504 H
h V C bt I 314 8314 3314
Y a St I 2 pfd 764 73 7814 111
N V O 4 W 82H 31H 31 11
horfolk A Matcrn 51 Hi 51
Tadfic Hall 2 38 SS 1
Penn- 11 It 11314 142 14211 U
IM Ca 0 10314 107i 1065 1
rrcned S Car 42 424 42 Jk
Srading 40 2JH 3 U
Readme lt Pd 7eS 7C14 764
linduis 2d jfJ U 50 504 1
n p lr A Stl 1911 1614 13i H
Kfp I A 8 pfd 74 7314 7SH 14
xltubber Goods S4 2S 2614 114
ft L t Wk WW 11314 1UH i
EL L i S F 834 3311 8011
Et l a a r 2 pfd caii ta cc 111
St L 8 W 2SU 28 2614
Et L 8 W pfd 001 W C0 1
Southni Pacific 63 53 U
Boutbem Ity 2811 2814 28H
Eouthmi Ity pfd 831a 8314 83 i
Stan K A T 14 614 614
Tren O 4 1 69 534 5014 Is
Ta k Pacific 42 40 4154 It
Tln Citr R T S3 4 06 1
Union Pacific 0311 94H 94 1
Vnlon Pacific pfd 814 14 SEli 14
High- Vet
ctt tfU inc tliVa
xU S Leather 12 121 121 14
xU E Leather pfd 70 701i 7a1 1
U S ltuhUr IS IS 19 U
U K Keel 41i 4114 414
V k iteel pfd ikPi 1014 vl4
Waliah iis 204 201i
WaUai pfd 3 ls St iJ 3s4 4
Wet Umcn Tel 01H ai4 911j 4
W A L E 1 U 4014 434 434 14
11 A L K 2 pfd 23 23 23 1
Uiaeomin Central 20 20 2054
Decrease xLnheted
Total kiIm 137300 fharrs
TLe mot aetive securities were Atehison com
mon 123W share- M Paul 4500 iJiares Ijie
3100 chares Mwjjun Pacific 43 sliares Peo
ples ClN 13700 fliareili bt IjuTcnec and Adir
ondack 370 share Southern Pacific 1000
tlnu s I nou Pacific 14lCO shares Inited States
Steel eorairon 18300 shares and Steel pfd 570
The movements of the stock market dur
ing the past week have been much less
Important than the news that has caused
them The txpectation ot the Govern
ment crop report the most Important ot
the ear If not of the last decade has
hung over the market heavily The dec
laration of the general strike first and
later the expectation of its being carrieel
Into effect have been a curb to all opera
tions unless for lower prices Despite
these matters or extreme moment the
market has been dull During the first
four davs of the week prie 1 1 idiancl
During last two days there was a
recession In vhlch the tarlv gains were
lost In most casts Neither movement
was Important or large Both were the
result of professional operations almost
entlrelv And the conclusion to be drawn
from this K that the public Is not In the
market that it has sold out that the In
siders and Important people generally
hold stocks that there Is little floating
stock and that the big Interests do not
wish either a boom or a slump at this
time If the public had been in the ic
cent market there woukl have been a
great dumping out of stocks during the
past two weeks If the Insiders had wish
eel a lower range of prices the y would
not have supported the market every
time it had a decline or a point or so
If on the other hand there had been any
desire for a boom the very creditable ad
vance made by the professionals in the
early part of the week would not have
been checked Uy the Insiders
The outlook is not a bad one It seems
possible If not probable now tint there
will be a decline at the opening tomorrow
morning This will be well nigh assured
If the strike order of President Shaffer Is
obejeel very generally The Government
crop report Is not a good one though it
might well be worse Hie bank statement
jesterday was a poor showing on the
surface at least These matters mav very
well cause a further slump at the opening
of business but after that there Is a
very good chance or a reaction and a
movement toward better prices The
worst or the news will be out Alreadv
the effect or the strike and the short corn
crop have been very fully discounted
This being the situation It is not to be
supposed that the Insiders will sell stocks
and they are the only people that have
any to sell
The crop report shows the condition of
com on August 1 as 1 rully as bad a
percentage as had been cxpecteel and a
little worse than some people had looked
for There was a decline In condition
during July of 27 points and on August 1
It was 33 5 points lower than at the same
date last year 25 9 points below the aver
age on August 1 1433 and G points be
low the mean averages of the past ten
cars It Is of course impossible to
make accurate figures as to the probable
crop from this condition but an estimate
may be made of between 1300600000 and
1400000000 bushels
Since August 1 there hive been much
needed rains which have helped the out
look wonderfully and It seems probable
that the vield finally may be nearer
1GO0O00OO0 bushels The spring wh at
condition figure is all that was expected
80 3 This is 239 points higher than th
figure at the same date last jear and
only 12 points lower than the mean of
August averages for the past ten jears
It will be seen that with an average
wheat yield and a very largo winter
wheat crop the total crop will be well ln
excess of the average The outlook for
the Western farmers and for the railways
Is not a gloomy one The farmers will
have enough corn for feeding purposes
In the sections where the earlv corn was
badly damaged they are planting turnips
and other crops for fodder The wheat
yield will be bountiful and It will not
have to be fed to cattle and hogs but will
be sold at high prices Corn prices too
will be high The returns on this years
crops will be goed and with the money
remaining from the bountiful crops of
the past two or three jcara the farmers
wllll have quite as much as usual to
spend The railways will do a big and
TfieLiquId Crt7llinniMXSiS LiWdPomfer
eryMorriing3LJlf3JV 1 TEEH CmrymgM
- 1
U ilium H Ilihbs senior nHmher of V II llillu v Co ktock hrokcra member New York Slock
txeJiansc President Washineton block Exchange Director West hnd National Hank
IV D Illbbs is a good example or the 1 her of the Washington Stock lixchange
sucftssftil Mock broker He began at the I ln 1RW He is correspondent of the New
bottom of Ills profession without monev 10CK rm of 1 idenbiirg Tlialmann Co
or Influence culy twenty jears ago and
is now thcsinlor member of the firm of
V B Hibbs A Co one of the b st known
lnTashington and well known In New
York Ircsldijit jof the Washington Stock
Exchange and member of the New York
Stock Ilo has aggiesslvenrss
eulckne s and nerve couped with good
business judgment all excellent if not
absolutely necessary qualities In the
making of a successful broker He Is
Keneous and frank and has the faculty
of making friends well developed Ills
business connections both In this city
anil Xcw York arc- Impartant and valu
Mr Hibbs was born at Gortlonsvllle
Va In UCI at the close or the war He
Is of English descent his ancestors hav
ing settled In Amulci Jn the latter part
of the seventeenth century He has lived
In this city incc Infancy He hid the
benefits of the usual common school edu
cation -
Mr Hibbs began his business care er as
a boy in a brokerage office In 1J Since
that time lie lias risen steadily In his
business first hecomlnff liinlnr m miwr
of a firm and afterward founding the
firm of W B Hibbs A Co Mr Hibbs
became a member of the New York Stock
Exchange lifUcnr jears ago and a
j and or numerous other important New
York Philadelphia Boston and Chicago
broxeragc houses
He became President of the Washington
t tock Exchange ln IMS and has be en
electee to that ofiice successively every
year since that time His re elections
have been a mark or particular favor as
In re cent vnr It has been a tradition
of the exchange that the office of presi
dent shall rotate from 3 ear to 3 ear each
ears vice president successively becom
ing president n the following jear
During his Incumbency In the oltice the
business of the e xchange has increased
greatly and the Interest or the public In
Its dealings has grown largely He has
been prominent ln the many recent large
operations In local securities He Is a
director In the West End National Bank
and a membe r of the Board of Trade
Mr Hibbs was married in IS85 to Miss
Mollle Smith daughter of Judge W H
Smith He Is a member of the Chevy
Chase and Century clubs and of the
Washington Jockey Club He takes a
great Interest ln horse flesh and at the
last horse show was one of the chief pa
trons and also one of the Judges
Mr Hibbs Is the father dl the plan to
increase the size of the Washington
Stock Exchange and erect a building- for
lt use It Is his hope that a start on the
project for a Washington Stock Ex
change Building can be made during his
Incumbency as president or that Institu
prosperous business As a number of
their officers have already predicted they
will probably keep up to the phenomenal
rcconl or last ear surprising as that
may seem after the pessimistic utter
ances of the past month CeSrn crops do
not run the Government or even the rail
ways The failure of a portion of one
corn crop does -not spell ruin The Bpring
wheat crop was very poorjast jear and
yet the St Paul made the record earn
ings of Its history and the Northern Pa
cific did the same t
The bank statement jesterday was a
disappointment on the surface at least
It will be seen that the Increase of loans
was large again and that this increase
with the small Increase In cash made
deposits larger by 3000000 which neces
sitated an Increase In the reserve of
2230000 The Increase in cash was not
sufficient and there was consequently a
decrerse In surplus reserve of more than
SlOOOCeiO The Increase In cash was less
by at least 700000 than was expected The
figures were as follows
Reserves decreased 1212400
Loans Increased 791S70O
Specie increased 2549800
Legal tenders decreased 1333000
Deposits lncreaseel 94CSS0O
Circulation decreased 19C0O
A careful nnalvsis of the showing does
not cause arxlctv The increase in loans
Is probably due to considerable buvlng
operations by large Interests lately and
these purchases Indicate confidence In
the stability of the market There was
an increase In cash and would have been
an Increase In reserves except for the big
gain in loans above referred to The re
serve fund is still more than 20 000000 in
txcess of legal requirements The out
look is good for a continuance of easy
The following table shows the recent
movements of prices In the active securi
vmerican Swrar
July 13 Auz 3 An 10
13J4 13GS 133
American Tobacco 1294
Ateluion 73i 721
vtelnn pfj 914 944
Baltimore A Ohio 03 904
Brooklyn Itapid Transit 70 75
Oieapeake A Ohio 4814 454
St Paul 130 15S4
Ilock Island 1394 137
Iturhnzton 195
Colorado Fuel k Iron 9914 954
Consolidated Gas 211U 2221
Illlnon CVntral 11SU 145t
Vlclropolitan 100 160
Manhattan 11614 11711
Jlissomi Pacific 13 07
lork Central 1514 151
Ontario A Western 34 32
IennsWvania Hall 144
Heading 1st pfd 7414 76s
Southern Pacifier 514 544
Southern ltailwaj 291 291
Southern Hallway pfd 82S 84
Texas Paelfic 3Ssj
Tennessee Coal SO CI
Union Paelfic 014 07
Wabash pfd 3C14 3311
Western Union 00 0114
II S Sled 434
U S Steel pfd 02i
The coal securities generally have held
tht lr own as hive the Gould Southwest
ern stocks Pome of the grangers aro off
a little and some have made small gains
The Steel slecks went off at the begin
ning or the week on the announcement of
tho Shaffer strike order but since then
have held their own well
Gross earnings of all railroads ln the
Unifd States reporting to Duns for
July are 50732912 a gain of 13 2 per cent
over last year and 232 per cent over 1SS93
The lncre ase continues remarkably large
Southwestern roads aro still In the lead
but on all other classes earnings show a
very uniform percentage of gain The
statement Includes many leading s stems
and about one half the total mileage of
the country It Indicates a prosperous
condition for the railroads and the coun
try as well for It shows a volume or
business ln all leading classes of freights
gre ater than ever befeire known at this
season Below earnings of roids report
ing are given by sections or chief classes
of freight compared with last vear
Jul 1301 Cent
Trunk 511434CS3 Cain 1173040 114
Other Eastern 512450 Cain 66761 11 0
CVntral Western 1163079 lialn
Crant er 621l8M Cain
Southern 11261281 Oain
Soullmest 83ih Cain
Pacific 5221exO Iain
U S Heads
6303310 1G3
631231 114
750791 72
lCKOiS 2J1
616214 141
50732912 lain jrlX8 13 2
2501469 Cain 21913 9 0
2795423 lain 221980 8 0
56032830 Cain 6313258 128
Ilallroad earnings for the half year Just
clGsed are greater than ever before
known Iteports for June ure nearly com
plete though several of the larger sjs
tems usually reporting monthly have de
layeel their figures owing to the close of
their fiscal vear When these roads are
Included aggregate earnings for Juno will
approach the large May total The per
centage or Increase each month shows a
larger volume of traffic than In any pre
ceding year Earnings of all United
Ann Arbor
Bui Jiorh
Hocking Valler
Int Gt N
St Paul
States road reporTMJTnonthty arc com
pared below with test jeir
IWl Cent
Jsnuar fltetfifHe Cam 10 332830 105
lnurr 07718 8y Gam 7S31H S5
J reli 114rA36aiain vWMia u a
1 I si Cain 11701447 122
11J507 Villain 1333l54 13 7
SVI6liam 013iav 0 8
It is Interesting to ajld to these figures
that the St laui Statement for the first
week of August tieglttB Hint months
lecord In the samehWrtccme way I he
lucre se for the wecK Is more than
One of the few piccts or news during
the week aside from the steel strike situ
ation anel the corn crop despatches was
that re girding the proceeeilngs against
the Peoples Gas Comany of Chicago
A petition ln epjo warranto proceeding
attacking the constitutionality ot tho
e barter ot the company was entercel on
Eriday he grounds or the proceedings
are tnat the cenolidation of the gas
companies or Chicago Is not expresses
In tho title or the act cf 1M17 as requlreel
15 law Different despatches from Chica
go said that the proeee elings were for
Illtlcal cflect entirely tint they werei
entered Into at the Instigation of a scn
sitiontl new sjiaper unci tntt thy were
for the purpose ot manipulating the stock
market The despatches geiierallv ex
pressed the opinion that the compiny will
win th suit and that the stock is cheap
ui its present price The earnings of the
loneern during the last fiscal vear were
the largest ln its history a long way
something like 10 per cent having been
earneel on the stock
It would seem that there Is a gooel
ehancc for activity in the Gould securi
ties during the coming week and con
servative eple are advising the pur
chase of these stocks and especially of
Missouri Pacific anil Texas and Pacific
on the reactions Both of these securities
nave been strong all the past week on
what has seemed to be good inside buy
ing Stories of the probability that tho
Gould reorganization plan will be taken
up ln the near future larc heard
St Lawrence and Adirondack has con
tinued active during the entire week anel
has made a good advance ln price The
new activity ln this stock has caused
much surprise the story most generally
told being that the New York Central
has acqulreel or is acquiring a closer con
trol of the company which will res ult In
a better return for stockholders
The Curb Market
NEW TOKIC Aug 10 Trading ln the
market for outside securities was ex
tremely quiet today the total transac
tions aggregating less than 1500 shares
The tone of the market held firm how
ever but price changes were confined to
the fractions
Notwithstanding the report that the
sheriff has taken charge of the property
of the General Carriage Company uneler
an attachment of 11000 the stock ruled
firm In the curb market today About
300 shares changed hands at 1H It was
said that the action of the sheriff was
fully expected and therefore it had been
Trading In Bay State Gas amounted to
over EOO shares all of which changed
hands at J The strength was attributed
to the fact that 4 prominent stock ex
change house has received the endorse
ments of holders representing over 60
000 shares of the stock and that the af
fairs of the company are now being fully
investigated to ascertain the present
status of the company
Other transactions Included 100 Inter
national Umbrella at 2 200 Canadian Land
at lli15i and 200 Apacbe Copper at 451a
NtiV YOKK Aug lO Railway earn
ings were reported ipclajj as follows
Gross for the first weelc of August
AUGUST 11 1901
wf022 113114 92525
92916 87422 74570
M27J 1163 58203
705695 C97H7 7EL29S
The Chlcai and Alton reports for June
1901 1900 1899
Gross 737728 096100 543817
Oper cap 503676 443124 399311
Net 254154 253036 154605
Gross 12 mos 9036C53 7796449 0742203
het 12 rnos 8110560 2964627 2433811
The Chicago and Eastern Illinois re
ports for June
1901 1900 1899
Cross 488611 392255 36333
Oper cxp 255182 244616 118493
Ket 185423 147653 141870
Gross 12 mos 6653446 S14SSW 4681660
Net 12 mos 2113eSC 2289875 2088950
The Southern Hallway reports Income
account for the fiscal year
1001 1910 1693
Average miles 6612 6803 5378
Cross earn lOOO 31200609 25853660
Op cap A tales 24343625 21831416 17356353
Net 10316837 3309123 7937331
Other income 496700 31S805 S2S4M
Total income 10815363 9CSS22S 5325600
Int A rental 7181293 6755442 0207253
Other charges 93767 15534 24028
Total charges 7I760C2 6770077 3231261
Halance 3540500 2917251 209159
Dividends 2400OeO lSOOOOO l1720l
ll05OO 1117231 921015
Extreme IlulliiexN In Ilotli British
nnil American hhnre
LONDON Aug 10 The stock market
was almost empty today and Idle to a
degree Domestic shares were neglccte d
and American stocks merely held their
opening prices There was a slight en
quiry for Atchison both common and
The Bank of England has bought 33000
gold ln bars
Eollowlng were todays quotations
N Y London 17 Y
2 PM cqulv close equiv
Consols money
Consols account
Atchison pfd
Halt A Ohio
Halt A Ohio pfd
Canadian Pacific
Ches Ohio
Den A ltio
Den A Itio G pfd
Irie 1st pfd
Ene 2d pfd
Illinois Central
Kan A Texas
Kan A Texas pfd
Louis A hash
X Y Central 13414
North Pac pfd 994
Nor A West iZi
Nor lUt pfd 01
Ont k Wwtem 331
Pennsvhania Kl1
Heading 204
Heading 1st pfd 5914
Heading 2d pfd Wi
St Paul 162
Southern Pacific SSH
Wiulhern Ily 2Bi
Southern Hy pfd 86
Union Pacific H
Lnlon Pacific pfd W4
I S Steel 42s
V S steel pfj 0J
Wabash pfd 4014
9114 9315 10
94 8 16 94
74H 72Ji
96 4
724 75U
964 99
108 lllii
4414 45s
42 42H
91 93t
36 37
65 0614
60 60
111 1484
62H 54U
1005 104
151 15114
51 53 U
3214 S34
143 734
40 20
7614 394
6111 26i
1C7 113
631 60
281 30
34 8311
95U 99i
8814 9014
414 44
wis m
39 414
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Wlliion flntcmnt ChecUss
WenkncH In the Corn PH
CHICAGO Aue 10 AVhcnt nas strong
the factors bInr the VI advance at
rpool anel 14Q1 centime at Tarls The
strength ln cotrp grains helped Local
professionals were the principal support
although commission houses were better
lmers thm sellers Light offerings were
a feature Primary receipts were con
siderably less than a year ago Clear
ances were heavy 1350OH0 bushels The
lslble supply will Increase moderately
Secretary Wilsons admission of serious
damage to the corn crop was the factor
In that pit and it tendeel to check the
weakenlns Intucnce of the forthcoming
Gournment report There was general
buIng with the replacement of some local
line the more deferred futures being the
favorites September trades were mostly
in the shape ot changing The cash de
mand Is slow
Oats were active and stronger There
was decided Improvement In the outside
trade Offerings were light The cash de
mand was reported better Tonights Gov
ernment report Is expected to Flmwn fur
ther decline In condition Receipts 3C3
cars with 375 estimated for Monday
Provisions were higher In svmpatliy
with stronger hag and grain murktts A
leading local packer was a liberal buvcr
of October ribs hnd there was u good in
vestment demand for January deliveries
The closing wah steady-
CliIcitKo Griitn anel Provlslcin Mnrkct
Corrected dallr b TV B Hibhj a Co
Un ot the iew York Stocs Ccoause 1113 P
WHEAT Open High Low Cloi
Ttfnlr THJ 7IK 7IH 71 U
December 734 73 73 73i 5i
5S 53 5SK
Dccember 60 C0i CO C0i
Member 33 33 6 35J4 2ZH
December - 36k 37 3654 3H
Sen Yeirk Cotton Market
Open High Low Clo
September 7 21 721 721 7 2
October 7 2a 730 725 7 30
December 730 734 723 731
January 7J0 736 730 16
Wholesale- Irovlnlotl nnel Grain
Market Quotations ln Foil
BALTIMORE Aug 10 Following are
todays quotations In the local wholesale
provision and grain market
Wheat Stock ln elevators 2072G03 bus
The marker f6r Southern opened strong
and higher and under moderate receipts
and a good demand prices recorded
further advances Sales of graded lots
early were recorded at 4V4c for No 2 red
70c for steamer 2 red and CCc for rejected
Later sales were made at 71c for No 2
red TOVlc for steamer 2 red and C64c for
rejected Sample lots ns to quality and
condition Bold at 67c 6Sc 72c and 1c
Market for wheat opened strong Mar
ket closed steady spot August 74Vic nom
inal September 74i4c nominal Settling
price contract 74Jlc No 3 red l4c
steamer No 2 jed TlVlc
Corn Stock ln elevators 277019 bus
There was an absence of receipts or of
ferings of Southern today and the market
ruled dull and entirely nominal although
In sympathy with Western the feeling was
firmer Prime white was quoted nomi
nally higher at 63gtHe afloat and yellow at
62863c Cob was firm at 43 per bbl for
carload lots prime yellow on spot
Market for corn opened dull Market
closed strong spot August 60c nominal
September 604c nominal Settling price
mixed 60c steamer mixed 0o
riour Market was steady Western
Super J23022S3 Western Extra J2333
2 SO Western Family J315S3 30 Winter
Patents 353i3S0 Spring Patents JXSSQ
410 Spring Straights T37TJ3S3 Spring
Bakers 12 903310 Baltimore Best Pat
ents 4 43 Baltimore High grade Family
J435 Baltimore Illgh graUe Extra J3 93
Baltimore Choicer Family 370 Maryland
Virginia Did Pcnnsjlvania Super 12303
256 Maryland Virginia and Pennsylva
nia Extra J233rt2W Man land Virginia
and Pennsylvania Family J31S330 City
Mills Super S225S2 50 Klo Extra J3 60f
3S5 Rye flour medium to choice 2Wip
3 23
Oats The market was steady Stock ln
elevators 15791b bus white No 2 iJc
do No 3 41S414c do No 4
do ungradeel 40ifi4JHe mixed No 1 Wa
404c do No 3 39S234c Np 4 3SUft39c
ungraded 384i404a These quotations
are for new oats
Re Market was steady Stock ln ele
vators 63fc05 bus No 2 nearby ln car
lots 56c No 3 rye 54c No 4 re 52c
No 2 Western rje EG14S57C in export
Hay Market firm No 1 timothy
lt5o No 2 1550S16 GO No 3 SU 50615 0U
No 1 clover mixed Jll50ftl3tW No 2
clover mixed J13 Oogil OO No 1 clover
1300fll3 00 No 2 clover J1130S1200 no
grade hay JS OOfflO CO
Straw Market was easy No 1 straight
rv e new J12 00312 DO tangled rye blocks
old 3 003S 50 wheat oat straw JS0OJP
9 00
Mill feed Market was firm Winter
brun as to weight J1600gi700 Epring
bran in 200 lb sacks J1S on do in 100 lb
i acks J1S 50 Western middling in bulk
J16 0061700 City Mills middling steady at
J19 a ton
Grain freights The market was quiet
Liverpool per bus 2Vjd August London
per qr Is 3d August Glasgow- none
offered Belfast Is Cd August Bristol Is
9d August Dublin Is Gd August Leith
2s September Copenhagen 2s August
Cork 2s 3d August Denmark 2s 3d Au
gust picked ports Is 9d August Ant
werp 2s August Rotterdam Is 9d Au
gust Bremen 30 pfgs August Hamburg
Is 6d August Dunkirk 2s 3d August
Butter The market Is firm Creamery
separator extra 23c extra first 21Ji22c
creamery first 20c creamery imitation
extra ISc Iowa and Northwestern
ladle extra 16yi7c do extra first 15S16c
Western store packed 13nc Ohio rolls
first 15ilGc second 13illc West Vir
ginia rolls first 142115c second 1314c
Elgin creamery prints 4 ib 6527c do
1 lb 25g26c do 2 lb 23ft24c Mar land and
Pennsylvania creamery prints 54 lb 21U
23c do 1 lb 2324C
Eggs The market Is firm- Strictly
fresh 14c Western lie
Fish crabs and clams Market was
dull Bluefish per lb 2513c crocus per
sugar bbl J2S3J rock boiling per lb 120
15c do medium per lb Sc do pan per
lb QGc white perch large per lb 12
15c elo medium per lb SfclOc perch el
low per lb large 56c elo medium 20
3c pompanos per lb rI6c sheepshcad
per lb SiilOc star or butter fish per bbl
J3S1 mackerel bay per lb large 10c
grey trout per bbl large J3J35 do per bbl
small 1150 flounders per lb 4iioc stur
geon per lb dressed 10c do skin on
per lb Sc tailors por lb large luoc do
small 2j3c catfish per lb 3c green pike
native per lb S10c snappers per lb 3V4W
Ic clams white per 10 25Sj30c hard
crabs per flour bbl 75cSJl do per su
gar bbl JlOOSl 25 soft crabs per dozen
best stock COiitOc do poor tofalr 155J25C
Green fruits and vegetables Market
was quiet Apples Eastern Shore Mary
land and Virginia per bbl fanoy J
do per bbl fair to good Jl 508173 do
common small 75cHl do per i bbl bas
4iiMc do per bus box loatflc beets na
tive per bunch Kalc blackberries
Eastern Shore per quart Rochelle 4Gfc
do Wilsons Cti7c do wild 3U174C do
Itappahnnnock per bucket SkVVSe do
Iatuxents per bucket 33540c cabbage
native per 100 flat Dutch 4G canta
loupes Anne Arundel Gems per bas
green 25fl35e do ripe SOlilWi do native
large per 100 J150ii250 do Vork River
per cute CtfiiSc carrots native per
tiuneh 1c celery New York per iloz
stalks lOftCOc corn Rappahannock per
doz 456c do Eastern bhore Mil per
iloz 5i7c do native per doz ug ir 6USc
cucumbers Anne Arundel per peach bas
TOeilOc damson s Marl land and Virginia
per bbl J501i4 do per bus Jlyl 10
elo per peuch bas 60c elq per bucket Sofa
4Ce eggplants Anne Arundel per bas
KillOc huckleberries Eastern bhore
Mil per it bW7c do Irstern Shore
Maryland and Virginia per bucket
10c onions Rappahannock per 2 bbl
Insket 60663c do full bbl J160tfl GO do
Mars land and 1ennsj Ivnnli yellow per
bus JMiCOc peaches Mar land and Ir
glnia per box jillows 75ciiijl do per
box teds 70fS0c do per bisktt jellovvs
405ibV do reds 30ii5oe elo per box
rancy Jltil 25 do mountain per 20 lb bas
3Hi40c do Georgia per 6 basket carrier
tl Wi2 do Smith Carolina per carrier
tl 0ti2 pears Manning Elizabeth per
basket 40K75e do Cistern Shore Bart
le tts per bas 30ff40c de per box if75c
do small green per box lOiidOe do
Georgia Le Conte por bbl J2SC 50 plums
New Vork per 8 ll basket 15iJ0c do
Eastern Shore per quart 2J53c squash
Anno Arundel per basket lfi20c string
beans native per bun COflXc tomatoes
Potomac per 2 basket carrier 75cJfJl do
per 6 basket carrier 405jG5c do uer
Buy Stocks Now
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W R Vermilye Go
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Solicits onlrrs or investment or on margin in
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Grade Investment becuntic
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Molible rules of all Exchange Kotr jr cent
intert allowed on balance subject to iJWff
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mall free on application BMlUt I W
ourhandsomecloth bouna IIIUECTAB9 tl
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peach basket 305JI0c elo Rappanhannoclc
per peach basket S0ji3oc elo Eastern
Shore lid per bnoket 35C10c Oo per
box 4t050c do native per measured bus
70075c do Anne Arundel per basket
EtViOc watermelons per 100 selects 20
22T do primes 12S1G do small 5JfS
Groceries Raw sugar Is quiet refined
dull Per 100 tt lots Granulated
13 55 cut loaf J6 6 Keystone A 5 20
jellow sugars 5l0 eT4 70 Ololassts N
O St Clare Sic Klngsland Sic Sun
light N O Mc St Alncent P IL Sc
St Johns P K ISc No U Suear House
ISc Syrups The market was steady
Gold Sledal 27c King Vanila 29c
Itock Candy Drips Tic Gilt Edge Z4c
Corn 22c No 12 17c Tea was Arm Hy
son superior to fine 2SS32c choice to
choicest 4246c uncolored Japan new
crop hnest 31fl33c choice to choicest
22jHc extra choice 4Cc Oolong Amoy
nnd Fuchow new crop finest 4043c
choice to choicest extra finest 304c
Potatoes The market was firm White
new York RIer per bbl No 1 TS3 50r
do culls and seconds JlM 32 do
Rappahannock per bbl Rose J3JJ3 25
do Eastern Shore Marjlattd per bbl
3f3 50 elo Virginia per bbl 30340
native per bus bot 90cfj110 do Mary
land and Pennsylvania- per bus No 1
S0cl sweets new North Carolina per
bbl yellows 434 50 do Eastern Shore
Va per bbl 4i4 23 yams new per bbl
3 255373
Poultry Market Is steady Old fowls
10 illc per lb spring chickens 13ollc
roosters 25ffCOc apiece ducks SfiOc per lb
A cure ron cuoLnnA infantum
Last May says Mrs Curtis Baker of Boo
walter Ohio an infant child o our neighbors
was ufTering from cholera Infantum The doctor
had hen up all hopes of recovery I took a
bottle of Chamberlains Colic ClhoUra and
Diarrhoea Remedy to the house telling hem I
felt sure it would do good if ued accordrajf to
directions In two da 3 time the child had
fully recovered and is now nearly a year since
a vigorous healthy girl I hare recommended
this remedy frequently and liae never known it
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Henry Evan wholesale and retail 022 F Street
tiie srrocK or the
Can only be ftecurcd at
for a few days longer as the sutrptxn
book I at this price will
and the price of shares will
ThU Is the only company which to ensure
absolute certainty of returns to Its share
Its officers and directors personally xnaVc
this cuarante e
All mail orders for stock at the prant
figure 01 30c per share par Talue 1W Ml
paid and non suewablc mutt bear date not
later than August IT to secure allotment
No certificate issued frr lew than flftjr 50
shares Make all checks drafts and money
order parable to order of
No 8 Eachanre Tlacc Denton Mass
MO Threadneedle Court Beaumont Texas
4 and 5 Per Cent
Loaned a Real Estate In District ot Colaabia
Lowest Commission
1009 r BtresC
Ifeo bm iftw Tork Btock Eachanrt
1419 F Street
Correspondents of
New Tork
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eciicc llOUIS v w iu w 4
Tuesdays Thursday Saturday Evenings 63
to 8 Sundays iu 10 1
Rice Pfledical Society
Prof F Jl Ilicc F K S Manager Edward H off II D Director E C Baxstow iU D
Offices 613 13th Street N WM Washington D G

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