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The Experts in the Lower Pittri
ijiirir jlillGoOut
The- Amalgamated VNoclntlfn Con
fident of Crlpplinir the Plant To
eltlj Joy Alionir the MriKe rs The
Mee 1 AYurkern In K I up ev Jo lis
PITTSBURG Aug 11 Jhc efforts of
the strikers to cripple the Carnegie lon
er mill apparently met with more succes3
At noon today ten cmplojes -went
out and at least fixe of them were ex
pert men Tonight a good many of the
evening shift promised the crowd of strik
ers before the gates not to go to work
but walked down a side street and en
tered the mill the back way
Later in the evenlag a meeting was
held in the hall of the American Mechan
ics who route d out the strikers as it
was their lodge night Then the meeting
adjourned to a barber shop A lot of
men took the Amalgamated Association
nbllgation and the reporters were told
that they were emplojes of the lower un
ion mil If this be true the mill will
hardly operate in full tomorrow But un
til then the truth or falsity of the claim
that ICO men now belong to the mill lodge
will not be known
At C oclock this morning the da shift
will go on and from it the Amalgamated
Association claims its recruits The A mor
tem Sheet Steel Company today an-
unce d that it had decided to dismantle
remote another mill the Chartiers
e et Steel plant in Carnegie ten miles
from Pittsburg The mill emplojs 400
skilled and unskilled men who are idle
on account of the strike The mill will
probablj go to the Kiskiminetas Valley
where the Deuces Wood mill of McKces
port is to be taken
The strikers were very Jubilant tonight
Lewis T Brown the general superintend
ent of the Carnegie lower mill admitted
that twelve of the regular men hid iuit
but said that he hid filled their places
and the mill was running as usaal
At Wellsville the Amalgamated men are
going to work on street improvements
and through the aid of the pottery oper
atives union Amalgamated men are rill
ing the places of laborers in the potter
ies Recently contractors engaged in rail
road and county work needed laborers
and secured manj men who belonged to
the Amalgamated Association
Several hundred bojs struck at the tube
works In McKeesport today and seem to
hae crippled operations there throwing
the tube workers -out of work but this
sfike was against the wish of the Amal
gamated Association The union had
stated that it preferred the tube workers
to remain at work so that they may make
as much money as possible before the
inevitable shutdown that must come when
the tube workers are out of material
Hence the strikers sought to Induce the
buttweld boys not to go out
XrW YORK Aug 13 -Ralph M Eas
lc Secretar of the National Civic Fed
eration still hopes that there is a possi
bility of bringing about a meeting le
tween Gompers and some of the olllcials
of the United States Steel Corporation
with a -view to arbitrating the strike
Now that all the building trades and
many other labor organizations here have
pledged themselves to support the strik
ers financially and otherwise the New-
York unions are now as arioas to have
the strike settled as the strikers them
selves Mcst of the New York unions
were talking arbitration today
WELISV1LLE Ohio Aug IS -George
Hvans superintendent of the Lisbon Tin
Plate Mill and the four men who with
him started for Cleveland but were
mobbed in Nles and were locked up in
the Jail for safekeeping arrived here to
day He and his companions hired a
team and were driven to Lisbon There
thej w ere met bj a crowd of striktrs
who cheered the party and escorted It
The management of the Welisville Sheet
Steel Plant Is gaining daily on the
strikers Todaj ten turns were run two
more than The eight strikers
charged with unlawful assembly were
held for court today In 5M0 ball One of
the accused men is a son of the manager
of the Lisbon plant
Lender Find It llnril lei Kern Them
In Order
McKEESPORT Pa Aug 13 The
rlrike of the bojs this morning in the
butt weld department of the lube works
has given the strikers a serious problem
to wrestle with John Bannon one of
the leaders of the strikers Jaid this even
ing the officers at the head of the move
ment greatly regret the walk out of the
tube works bojs as they are difhcult to
Veep under control
An effort Is being made to organize
them and keep them off the streets by
holding plenty of meetings for their ben
efit but the bojs do not take kindly to
the idea They want some excitement
and It was with difficulty that they were
kept back today from going Into the mills
to drive out the men jet at work
All day long several hundred of the
youngsters stood along Gould alley front
ing on the lap weld department of the
works and jelled at those who were
working inside The tube company ap
pealed to the major to have the disturb
ers disperse but the major refused on
the ground that cheering and j clling does
not constitute a breach of the p aee and
that the bojs congregated on streets
The feeling between the major and
corporation Is growing more bitter and It
was pointed out that although the major
refuses police to guard the mills the
chief of police Patrick is con
stantlj with the major since he began to
receive threatening letters
At noon a crowd of a cpuplc of thou
sand strikers gathered at the gates of
the tube works and booted the workers
as came out to luncheon The crowd
remained around until the day turn went
off and the night turn went on an en
deavored to dissuade the men from ioing
to the mill
Twelve of the furnaces In the lap weM
department are In operation tonight but
the butt weld department Is idle
Will ot McftiNC to Haul oii tulou
Mnde Mrel
WHEELING V Va Aug 13 Amal
gamated leaders have consulted Balti
more and Ohio engineers as to the
of getting them to refuse to haul he
product of non union mills to steel plars
The engineers told them that while thej
sympathize with the strikers they could
not refuse to haul anything The strikers
consulted quietly with the engineers at
JJenwood Junction
Kunlliern 3Inrlnnd Fair
Upper Marlboro Auk it II 13
Train leare District line station a JO and 103 5
a m 1230 and 230 p ro via Clinapmlr
Israeli Rillwajr itcturning Icare ltrr JII
boro S 50 and 733 p in Fine raring pro
gramme crery iij Only SO cent for the round
Jlay Lumber uptown I Prices lowest
Flooring J125 F Lilbey Co
A Bitter Tirade IhkiiciI J Friars in
the Philippine
MANILA Aug 13 Hie friars have Is
sued a circular to the public through the
Centro Catholicn in which an
athematize the Government in the dis
guise of an eloquent anil passionate ap
peal to Catholics The circular declares
tint Governor Taft has declared war
against God and denounces the members
of the Philippine Commission
The occasion for this is said to be that
in a recent local dispute in Tarlac City
Covcrnor Taft iued a proclamation to
the effect that ho neither desired to nor
could interfere in religious questions and
reminding the persons Involved of the
separation of church and state
The pamphlet calls the Government buf
foons talkative pigmies illc persecutors
and pusillanimous politicians who are
seeking to overthrow the Church under
the guise of a pernicious and arc
attempting to eclipse the sun of the moral
world It calls on Catholics morally to
unite against this impious and irreligious
To Milt the United stntes for III
YOKOHAMA Aug 13 Marquis Ito
formerly Prime Minister has been or
dered his phjsicians to take a sea
vojage and he will soon shortly start
for the Inlted States where he will make
a brief visit
Mnkeil Men Went From en to hent
in nu M K A T Trnln
TORT WORTH Tex Aug 13 The
southbound M K T passenger train
that was held up masked men at
Cinev I T did not reacli this city until
nearlj 10 oclock this morning four hours
late The pasccngers the masked men
boarde d the tram after thej had djna
mtted the express car and safe Thcj
went from passenger to passenger and re
lieved them of all valuables and money
thej had Just how much was secured is
not know n got only SI M out of the
safe as the bulk of the was left
at Muskogee to be picked up by the K
T fljer
The mail clerk wis forced to precede
the robbers as thej went through the
coaches and the monej was deposited In
a mall sack he carried Those in the rear
car had time to hide their money which
of them did One old woman hand
ed over a 50 eent piece all she had The
roobers took pltj on her and gave It back
Some shots were fired to Intimi
date the passergers before began
their work
Sam SI Gaines Superintendent of the
eleventh elivlsion railway mall service
sajs it will be impossible to tell for some
dajs how- much the robbers got but
he does not think it was much A report
reaches here that a United States mar
shals posse caught seven men soon after
the robberj Just west of who arc
believed to be a part of the gang One
Is an ex section man while the othi rs be
long to the neighborhood of
Dclcctivpi Saj Tlint Winters In ot
Mcutitllj Responsible
SAN FIJANCISCO Aug 13 Two more
liars of gold valued at I4 i3i were re
covered from the at Selbjs this
morning It Is thousht that the remain
ing five bars will be found tomorrow
The gold still in the bay Is worth about
Sheriff Veale of Contra Costa
today removed Winters to the county Jail
at Martiner at the request of the citj
detectives The prisoner has made con
siderable trouble for the officers during
the last few- dajs and Is either feigning
or he is close to
lunacy Detective Scjmour declares that
he is not right in his mind In this con
nection numerous reports that the gold
robber will escape prosecution on the
ground that he Is not mentallj responsi
ble become Interesting In fact tills is
about the only method which he can
be saved from imprisonment
It Is generally recognized and even ad
mitted some of the officers that he
was promised very lenient treatment in
addition to a substantial reward if he
would surrender the stolen gold All
signs point to a determination to carry
out this contract
The- CourtK Pat Aside the Million
aire In mine- Wife-
MIAMI ria Aug it H il Tlaglcr
today obtained a divorce from his insane
wife The Euit by which Mrs Tlagler was
put aside by her multi millionaiie hus
band was disposed of quickly
Mr riagler in Ills jear
is once more free to marry again if he
chooses It has been Insistently reported
for more than a jear that as soon as he
obtalne d a divorce he will a joung
woman a Southern girl of excellent fam
ei Orleans Determine to Begin a
CiiinpuiKii lit Once
NEW ORLEANS Aug 13 -The New
Orleans Board of Health has determined
to begin Its fight against mosquitoes at
once instead of waiting until next spring
as was lntende d Such experi
ments as have been made tend to show
that the nuisance could he very mate
rially reduced hero if the work is begun
Only a part of the city the front of the
Eleventh and Twelfth wards will be
freed of mosquitoes This
section h is been assigned to four sani
tary inspectors who will devote thilr en
tire attention to it for several weeks
visiting house In the district in
specting all water supplies and treating
all possible places for the Incubation of
mosquitoes with oil
It has been decided to use paraffine oil
In the cisterns the chemist of the board
having recommend d tint as the most
successful In destroying mosqultois
Crude Beaumont oil will be U etl In the
gutters and open ponds Dr P Michi
nanl of the Board of Health will super
Intend the whole work
Detail of Hie I Ill I Given the
Bonrtl of Prude
CHICAGO Aug 13 The stntement In
detail of all the transactions of the now
famous Maj corn deal of George II Phil
lips In answer to a complaint preferred
by George L Inman of Champ igne 111
was presented to the board of directors
of the Chicago Board of Trade at this
afternoons meeting
The statement gave the name of everj
person who went into what is called a
blind pool to share alike In all profits
that might accrue or losses that might
bo sustained The statement shownl that
H3250U0 bushels of corn wire traded in
during the deal by 274 persons
The net profit at the clone was nbout
it cents a bushel on the average or JlltC
Corner Xevv York nc one mi eant
h the Lumber Depot Iloorinjr 1 25
Libber 4 Co
The Virginia Democratic Conven
tion to Jleet Today
JVo Denis Without function of the
Red loi WllInnlH ninInntlon
for Mcoml llnee Mnj Give An
derson the Plum Jeffries hecks
NORFOLK Vn Aug 13 Somew here
about the hour of noon tomorrow J
Eli sen Chairman of the Democratic
party of the State of Virginia will call
to order in Armory Hall a State conven
tion of that This day and date
promise to be long remembered not onlj
by the delegates who will be present to
gether with the visitors but also by the
State at large by reason of the Import
ance of the matters to be disposed of by
the convention
Of course the nomination or State offi
cers is to a certain extent a feature
but because of the fact that some of these
officers have been decided upon
hv the vote of the people In sending their
delegates to the convention this will be
of secondary consideration Ihe
questions of prime issue will be those
which will come up before the Committee
on Resolutions for initial consideration
Tlds means the platform of the State
partj the de clsion of the referendum
clause nbout which so much has been
written the general primarj plan the
election of United States Senators the
people and the fellow -servants bill
The Is already the host of a large
majority of the delegates to the conven
tion both large and small They came
prepared to talk as well as to act and as
to the former they are fulfilling expecta
tions to the limit Almost man of
the 1100 or IM now In the city who
will be present at the convention tomor
row has to some extent at least a
scheme up his sleeve by which he will
nominate his candidate But for each
scheme there is another until nt this
moment there Is no absolute of
Just what In the nature of deals will be
It is a settled fact that no deal will be
made without the sanction of the friends
of Montague The red fox will cer
tainly control the convention so his
friends sav and they do not propose to
nllovv an j thing to happen which will In
the slightest degree militate agalnt the
favorite Not that IJiey fear anything of
the kind happening for believe and
their belief is founded upon the present
situation that the Norfolk convention
will to a certain ext3nt be like the Roan
oke convention of four jears ago but one
real candidate for Governor the other
places on the ticket to be filled after
a fight
At one time it appeared as if Judge
Robertson would be a figurehead
in the fight for Attorney General but de
velopments of today seemed to bring him
forward quite For exam
ple a month ago his name was men
tioned in the nature of a dark horse It
was or seemed to be understood at that
time that Senator Jeffries had almost a
walk over for the place but when the
name of Major Anderson was brought
forward there was a change In the situa
tion Finally the contest for the secur
ing of delegates grew warm and warmer
and then it was that Judge Robertson
became a factor In the fight Ills friends
had decided hopes and after several con
sultations with leaders of other candi
dates here today these hopes became
much stronger
As In days of jorc the of
the State promlsts to cut some figure in
the nominations Tor example Senator
Jeffries and Senator Willard are both
from the Eighth Congressional district of
the State The latter is receiving the
hearty support of the friends of Monta
gue and for that reason is confident of
winning jet when the friends of Senator
Jeffries met and considered it advisable
to make n light to hive the contest for
the generalship settled before
that for the lieutenant governorship It
was in the nature of throwing a bomb
shell in the camp of the other candidate
from the same district
It was pretty well believed with how
much truth it is impossible now to tell
that the State vould not stand for the
selection of two of Its principal oiheers
from the same section There is but one
countj w hlch separates the home of Sen
ator Willard from that of Senator Jef
fries both being in the northeastern part
of the State and with the tidewater sec
tion asking for recognition It would seem
manifestly- unfair to no attention to
it and give all the favors somewhere
Now the supporters of both candidates
from the Eighth district recognize this
and arc inclined to realize that one or the
other must lose Just how far this In
clination will be borne out by the facts
cannot now be state d with any material
degree of but to saj the least
thej will not take any chances The
Willard supporters hive precedent and
ability to support their contention that
the ticket should be filled up in the reg
ular order Of course this will make the
fight Senator Jeffries harder than It
might have been hut it Is stated that
shoud his friends after a conference de
cide that it would not be advisable to
make struggle to have the attorney
generalship settled first will ex
pect some support from the Montague
In this connection it Is stated that the
delegates from Culpeper County will not
vote as a whole for Jeffries there being
two or three delegates who will oppose
him but asjthe same is true of the posi
tion of other counties on the same ques
tion this may not mean anj thing to the
hurt of the senator
In view- of these facts the strength of
Judge Robertson now appears not as a
dark hosc buj rather as a compromise
candidate It is stated In the lobbies that
he is cloer to Montague thin iny
other candidate for the general
It is said also that should Willard be
named as the Lieutenant Governor Jef
fries will not have a brilliant chince for
the third place on the ticket and tint
this then being true Judge Robertson
can belt Major Anderson Of course this
statement I- only given for what It Is
worth as the supporters of Jeffries are
jet confident that he will win Ills badges
are to say th least more numeiously
worn than th iso of any other candidate
for the same oPlce and this imj or may
not mean anything There may he a most
Interesting struggle on the lloor of the
convention to have the third place on the
ticket filled before the second Should
this he done It Is the general opinion th it
Jeffries will win otherwise he will hive a
bird fight
Mr Montague did not arrive here until
the middle of the d ty but his apartments
were open from early morning with his
brother in charge
Another qjestion which was largelj
discussed among the delegates today was
that of embracing national issues in the
conventions platform Senator Barks
dale of Halifax who will be temporary
chairman of the convention is epeictetl
in the course of his speech to maleo some
pointed remarks on free silver and the
policy of the Republican
It was decided positively tonight by the
SlilliKlen SliUiKlen Milntrlcs HiMt
and best only Si75 Ctli and X V ave
ttdirington fR
leaders that the Committee on Resolu
tions which is to be appointed tomorrow
shall make no reference at all In its re
port concerning reference back to the
people of the new constitution when it
shall have been prepared The commit
tee may take a vote of confidence In the
Constitutional Convention leaving It to
its honor to fulfill the pledge of the State
convention which ordered the Constitu
tional Convention
Before the State Committee which held
a lengthy meeting tonight there came
from Richmond the proposition to elect
Senators bv the vota Of the people This
was referred to the Committee on Reso
lutions which will report favorably on
It tomorrow
officers of the convention
were named as follows Chairman W P
Barksdale of Halifax County se crctarj
Joseph Button of Appomattox
Henry R Pollard one of the leading at
tornej s of the Stnte will be made per
manent chairman of the convention
That Mr Montague and his friends are
determined to control the machinery of
the for the next four jears at least
was clearlv demonstrated tonight when
almost district In the State held a
caucus and endorses -Montague men
for district committees In but two dis
tricts are there chances or these en
dorsements belnc turned down these be
ing the Third and the Tenth but Mon
tague believes hu will be entirely success
ful in each of thesis
Delcjrnten to the Democratic Conven
tion PnnHlnp Tlironsh Klclimonil
RICHMOND Va Aug it Richmond
has been thronged all day with politicians
and delegates to the Norfolk convention
The delegates stopped off to rpend a few
hours resting before getting into the
work of th convention
Judge George W Morris of Charlottes
ville was at Murphys last night stopping
over to see his friends He spent some
time In the lobby at Murphys Hotel
Senator W P Barksdale of Halifax was
also at Murphjs These gentlemen left
this morning for Norfolk
General Montague left this
morning for tha seat of war and his pri
vate D A Ritchie will leave
this afternoon Mr Montague will have
his headquarters at the Monticello Hotel
Among the friends of Mr Montague who
made the trip were Col John S Harwood
Dr Fuller Gaskins Isaac Diggs and
others Cljdc Vv Saunders also went to
Norfolk on the same train
Senator of Essex Judge J W
Fleet of King and Queen VV S Court
ney of King and Queen Capt John A
Curtis of Richmond Harrj M Smith
and Chris Manning left this afternoon
Interest attaches to the formation of
the State Committee authe Norfolk con
venion A member of the committee from
the Tenth district discussed the antici
pated resolution today The member is
a strong follower of Senator Thomas S
Martin und he said he was pretty certain
that the blight was to be kept upon
I happened to be on the train coming
to Richmond and overheard a conversa
tion between two Albermarle delegates
which outlines the plan pursued through
out the State With a view to having
tilings nu one waj tnc leuucra in mai
euunt nac bviici tut jiuica u an u
delegates save two or three and these
are In the hands of three men Since the
proxies have been secured one of the men
In whose possession thej are has an
nounced himself a candidate for the State
Committee And- that Is anti machine
work with a vengeance- I expect to see
two thirds of the committee composed of j
new men
Several of Richmonds delegates arc al-
readv on the scene or action anil it is
generally expected that practically all of
the delegates win De in tomorrow morn
Robert N Pollard the youngest of the
Richmond delegates to the convention
left this afternoon for Norfolk He is the
son of City Attorney II R Pollard and a
law student at Richmond College He
said that he had prepared 1 speeen ne
purposed dtlverlng upon advocating the
selection of Col John S Harwood for the
Stale Committee
Stroiif OppeNltlin to III Retirement
rrom the Jennie
ST LOlIS Aug 13 At the
erate reunion in Springfield last week the
question of the proposed retirement of
Senator George Graham Vest from the
political arena wair discussed and
it was there determined that strong
sure should be brought to bear to Induce
the Senator to consent to re eiectlon
Those who nre urging the election of
Senator Vest rs his own successor saj
that thej are not animated by hostllitj
to ex Governor Stone or other candidates
for the toga They urge simply that
the Senators achievements for the State
and his piestlge In the Senate should en
title him to continuance in his seat as
long as he retains his powers of mind
and body
It would take ten j cars said one of
the Vest adherents nt Springfield last
week for a new man In the Senate how
ever capable to attain to the place In
the upper branch of Congress which Vest
now holds undisputed
What has been said of Vests prestige
applies equally to Senator Cockrell who
Is now considering the question whether
he will retire at the end of his term
A number of Democrats In Missouri
will never be satisfied with having either
Vest or Cockrell put aside until they arc
relieved of their duties by death or ab
solute phjslcal Incapacity
None of the prominent politicians of
the Stte has become openly Identified
with the Vest movement but it is said
to have reached a stage where It has at
tracted the attention pf the managers of J
the State Senatorial campaign
Afier the sentiment of Democrats
throughout the State has been ascertain
ed by a quiet canvass it is proposed to
lay the matter bcforeSenator Vest who
is now in retirement at his home near
Svvcit Springs MOi
Compliment on the WorU of the
ortll Atlantic Sllilid rolls Men
NANTUCKET Mass Aug 13 -Extravagant
praise was incited from Capt
Lewis Bajlj It N attache of the British
Embassy it Washington by the rapiditj
and ease with which the marines of the
North Atlantic squadron performed their
feats of 1 indlnr guns lira the
warships and their splendid work in
mounting them upon the sand in more
th in record tlrrc Thq skirmish drills and
pistol target practice todnv were also sub
jects of his commtnuatlon which he per
sonally expressed to7 Major Dojen In
charge of Camp Long
The Alabami as the result of the haul
ing down of hr jellow Hag indicating
til presence of mumps on boird moved
to a position nearer to the flagship and
todaj landed one of her live inch guns
and two six poundere 1n quick time
lhe weather llkj lint of manj d ij
pievlous has been bad Thick fog sur
rounds the vessels while the constant
dilzzle dampens not nnlj the clothing bu
the ardor of excursljiiists and virv tew
take the trouble tn row out to the ships
Ulllelnl French Viihun riKurm
PARIS Aug 13 The official censas
figures In regard to France show a pop
ulation of 3SC41 33 an increase of il 3 1
in the last five years Paris shows an in
crease of HSC0i Marseilles 4742S and Nice
Mdlntr 15I O per IOO i ft
Hustle pattern 1 inch thick F Lilbcy Co
Attacks on Americans Disclaimed
by the Ihitish Coiibiil
Orlenns People However Mnj
Lny the -Matter Before the Stnte
Department Suit IlrouRrht Annlnnt
Him by Pearson Hie Boer General
NEW ORLEANS Aug 13 Arthur Van
sittart British Consul at thl3 who
Is charged with having denounced the
press and the American people apropos
of the Mechanician explosion was noti
fied today that the Department or State
might give his case some attention to see
if his hostility to the American Govern
ment and people did not render him a
persona non grata Mr Vanslttart de
nied the language attributed to him and
It is perfectly absurd j ou know I
could not have said such a thing 1 have
had these things happen so often that
are getting to be a nuisance Do
jou blame me for being bluff and some
times Impolite- to reporters when go
away and put such things in my mouth
as these words It Is a shame you know
to take advantage of a man when jou
know that his high official position for
bids him from writing a denial
I know- that I have a lot of enemies
here I do not know who are but
I krow that I have them and I know
that they are trjlng in every way to se
cure removal but the evidence of
the confidence of my Government in me is
the fact that I am still here Three
jears ago jou know they tried the same
game and it failed miserably This
scheme will fall to the ground in the
same I have to put my word
against that of a reporter and the de
partment at Washington will believe me
know where I came from and I do
not know where the reporters come from
and that is all there Is to It you know
But it is getting to be a nuisance to make
these explanations and can j ou blame me
if I get gruff at times
All that I will have to do about this
matter Is to say that I did not say it
and I know that the of State
will take my word against that of any
reporter I can laugh at tho reporters
when they try to put me In a hole like
this because I know that they cannot
do It j ou know
I think that the whole thing arises
from the fact that I treated a reporter
rather discourteously the other morning
The Consul seemed to be much
worked up over the Interview and said
repeatedly that he could not possibly hav e
uttered such words as were ascribed to
him but during the conversation he once
or twice touched on the political situa
tion and he did not seem to believe from
the tone of his expressions that the
American people were helping him sup
press the Boers quite as much ns he
thought he had a reason to expect
The matter it is said will not be al
lowed to rest When Vanslttart during
the Spanish war made uncomplimentary
and even hostile remarks about the Amer
ican people he got out of the difficulty
bj denjlng the remarks and placing his
word against that of the reporter who In
terviewed him This time however Ir
ritated by the Mechanician explosion he
became more excited and made the same
remarks against America and the Ameri
cans as those objected to Several re
porters separately and away from each
other Interviewee him and are all
willing to make affidavit as to his lan
It has also come out today that even
In the transaction of consular business he
has frequently- treated his visitors to ti
rades against the American people and
a number of business men are willing to
testify to that effect The entire mat
ter will probably be laid before United
States Senator Foster with the request
that he call it to the attention of the
department and ask for Vanslttarts re
General Pearson the Boer agent here
through his attornej s Messrs Clegg
Qulntro has determined to bring suit
against Vanslttart for K0000 The action
is the result of the statements made by
Mr Vanslttart to the chief of police when
the Consul demanded to know why Gen
eral Pearson had not been arrested in
conne ctlon with the blowing up of the
Mechanician with the result that detec
tives wero detailed to follow the Boer
officer Several bjstanders heard the
statements made by Mr Vanslttart and
forwarded them to General Pearson wno
consulted his lawjer and decided upon
prompt and vigorous measures
General Pearson was Indignant
over the suggestion of the British Consul
that he Pearson was instrumental In
trjlng to blow up the Mechanician and
announced his intention of making the
Consul produce evidence he had for
so foul a charge General Pearson has
been anxious to get the Brltlsh Boer case
before the courts here in some waj and
has brought several suits to be
thrown out of court on the ground that
his complaints were matters to be set
tled the State Dcpirtment not the
courts The present suit Is a personal
one and cannot be thrown out on anj
diplomatlc grounds
The Mechanician has been repaired and
will leave tomorrow but with a
short crew of muleteers She will be dock
ed and thoroughly repaired In England
after this trip to Africa In the mean
while the other British mule transport
the Milwaukee upon which the American
muleteers mutined and are now in Jail at
Port Durban is having nil manner of
truublc The for the mutiny
over the vile food furnished seems to have
been shouldered on Captain Challis the
commander for when the vessel arrived
heie and all hands whether miiltteers or
not declared th it the food was unlit for
men to eat and that the men were badlj
triatid the captain v as dis
Dr J G Stulb the phjslcian of the ves
sel declares that he was treated
and even assaulted because he protested
agiinst the treutment of the men Dr
Stulb saj s that much of the food was
poisonous and he so told the captain The
result of the wretched foeid was a serious
outbreak of Dr Stulb denies
that there was any mutiny aboard the
vessel the men however refuseel to work
unless given sufficient food were
put in irons for this and imprisoned at
On the trip back to New Orleans Dr
Stulb hid several severe personal diffi
culties with the captain and when the
louislani quarantine station was reached
lie aliindonid the hip to seek the pro
tcrtlon of the qu irantlne officers Dr
btnlb tod iy libeled the Milwaukee for his
p iv which was refuseel him and brought
a p rsonal suit In the United States Court
for Jiloo damages ngilnst Captain Challis
for 111 treatment on shlpboird
The British mule transport Montczum 1
arrived here today from South Africa
sixteen American muleteers left Cape
Town on her for New Orleans hut two
of them and first names
unknown died on the home vojago frm
the hardships h id undergone an 1
their bodies were buried nt sea
Oeemi MeniiiMlilp llm e mciitN
NEW YORK Aug 13 -Arrived Fried
erich Dcr Grosye Bremen Anchorla
Glasgow Arrived out Amsterdam from
New York at Boulogne Mongolian from
New York nt Glasgow
Norfolk A Washington Stcnmbont Co
lVtigbtlul tiipi ilallr at C 30 p m from foot
7tlt fct to Old Point Norfolk a Uracil Ocfan
lew and Xcwport 3ews rortchedulr sec page 7
Klln drled Hoards Kltt per tUO ft
Bright one vvidtl CtU and X Y aie
reels Certnln the Shamrock II Cnn
Carry Off the Cup
LONDON Aug II The Daily Graph
ic prints an interview- wita Sir Thomas
LIpton in which he sajs tliat he Is con
fident of success In the Americas
Cup He believes that in the absence of
accidents and flukes of wind the
Shamrock II will hold her own- He fears
the Columbia more than the Constitu
tion He said
In my opinion she will be chosen to
defend the Cup unless from a mere mat
ter of sentiment tho New York Yacht
Club having built the Constitution de
cides to sail her the Co
lumbia Is the better boat This was the
opinion of Captain Sjcamore and all the
experts on the Clj de before the departure
of the Shamrock II If I win the Ameri
cans nre sure to challenge in 1902 and the
races then would probably be off the Isle
of Wight
When asked What if the Shamrock
II does not fulfill jour expectations T He
replied optimistically That Is a contin
gency I refuse to discuss
In another interview Sir Thomas saj s
that if he does not vin this time he docs
not sec how the Cup can be recovered
OverhnuIIne for the Third Race of
the Series Tomorrow
NEWPORT R L Aug 13 It was a
day of rest and the crews of the racing
jachts did nothing more than overhaul
the j achts and get ready for the third
race of the series which will be sailed
tomorrow This race will In all prob
ability be over a course of fifteen miles
to windward or leeward and return and
the Regatta Committee will be on board
the Electra ex Commodore Elbridge T
Gerrjs steam yacht The start will be
off Brentons Reef lightship at 11 oclock
This race will be the last sailed off
Newport until the trial races which are
to be sailed on August 31 September 2
dnd 4 Early on morning the
two yachts Constitution and Columbia
vlll start west If the weather is fav
orable will sail but If there is not
enough wind for them will be taken
In tow by their tenders the Mount Mor
ris and the Park City and they will
reach Larchmont In time to start in the
race off that clubhouse on Friday morn
ing There will be three dajs racing off
Larchmont the one race given by the
New York Yacht Club off Glen Cove and
the two races off Oj ster Bay for cups
given the Seawanhaka Corinthlan
Yacht Club
Sails were hoisted on the Constitution
and Columbia but they were only hoisted
to and during the afternoon were
lowered and stowed Tomorrows
race will be the thirteenth in which the
Constltttlon and Columbia have met- Of
the twelve that have been sailed the
Constitution has won six and the Colum
bia six The Independence sailed In four
of these and was beaten in each race bj
both the Constitution and the Columbia
and she sailed two races with the Colum
bia while the Constitution was having
her rig changed and the Columbia won
these two
Captain Haff of the Independence went
to this morning to see Mr
Clapp the of Mr Lawson to
find out what Is to be done with the
yacht A telegram was sent to the
Larchmont Yacrt Club asking If the In
dependence was eligible for the races
given by that club This morning a replj
was received stating that she was not
If Captain Haff gets back early tomor
row morning the Independence will go
out to trj some new sails and she may
have a try with the racers
The CIinllengrerM Steel Mnt Stepped
nt Erie Basin
NEW YORK Aug 13 No time was lost
in getting Sir Thomas Liptons cup chal
lenger the Shamrock II for her
tuning up prior to hjr races with the
American defender text month The
Shamrock II arriv si here on Sundaj
night was towed into Erie Basin the
next and the work of equip
ping her with her racing rig was under
In the afternoon the towering steel
mast which extends skjward to a height
of 1G0 feet was stepped This im
portant proceeding was supervised bj
Willlam Cochran the rigger and was ac
complished in quick time The mast is
said to weigh six and a half tons and
from the time the tug began the
work until It was stepped ras a
little over twenty minutes
The Shamrocks consort the Erin went
Into drjdock todaj at Erie Basin where
her hull and were reburnlshed
The Shamrocks tender the steamer
Porto Rico went into commission at Erie
Basin The engineering force of
tho boat struck for higher
David Barrie Sir Thomas personal
representative here refused to accede to
their demands and sent the tug James
A Law rence to tow the Porto Rico to the
Mr Barrie and the officers of the Erin
and Shamrock are to go to Larchmont
on Fridaj to see the Constitution and
Columbia race
Sailing with fair Thomas LIpton to
morrow will be Mr Watson Robert Ure
J B Hallard and Sir Thomas secreta
ries John Westwciod and William H
Duncan Ratsej is to sail on August 21
IIIm Recent peeehi M Declared to
llllc Ueu ii Iloiulmfttlc
BERLIN Aug 13 The Vosslsche Zci
tung in a leading article severelj
ciritlclses Field Marshal Count von Wal
elersces speeches since his return from
It sajs that the Counts bombastic as
sertion that while the German reputa
tion In the East Is ailvanclng that of
other Powers Is declining Is likely to
cause perturbation In diplomatic circles
The paper intimates that Count von
Waldersee woud like to be Chancellor
Spains IvIiik Vmeit Prom the IihIIk
nitj of Cold HlMhe H
LONDON Aug 13 A San Sebastian
despatch to the Mail saj s that
the cooking skill of the sisters of King
Alfonso sived the rojal from cold
meats and preserves on the first of
the strike in the kitchens where thej
went and cooked the hot dish that
was served
The strike is ascribed to the strictness
with which the kitchen accounts are
kept This offended the of the
lhe Pnellle Cable Bill In the House
of Commons
LONDON Aug 13 The bill for the con
struction of the Pacific cable bj Hie Gov
ernment passed its second reading In the
House of Commons today by a large ma
Fljnns llnsiiiean College Mil nnd K
Duvlntss fcholhand Typewritins 5 a year
softeNt ellovr finest 1oplnr I l J
and 5 ctnu 1 cr foot good stock F LlbbcY
Price One Cent
The Empress Frederick Laid at
Ilcst Reside Her Husband
PlnceU In the Tomb In Sana Sonet
Park In the Prrnencc of the Em
peror and Kliiir Kdn nrd Service
Private for Fear of AnarcliUU
BERLIN Aug 13 At exactly noon
tho body or Empress Frederick was
laid beside that of her husband in the
mausoleum at Sans Souct lark Potsdam
In tho presenco of King Edward and
Queen Alexandra of England Emperor
William and Empress Augu9ta Victoria
of Germany and a host of royal rela
The Interment was as private as possi
ble and consisted of a funeral
cortege from Wild Park to tho mau
soleum Only two foreign Ambassadors
were present Sir Francis Lasccllcs the
British Ambassador and Andrew White
the American representative to Germany
the latter having come from Rugen to bo
The body was taken from Cronberg
last night The train traveled through
out the night ard arrived this morning
at- Wild Park where Emperor Wijiam
King Edward and their consorts were
awaiting its arrival About three
persons were allowed to enter the
park and they were made aware of the
start of the cortege at 10 30 oclock by the
tolling of the Friedcnskirche bells
The route of the funeral procession was
entirely throftsh the park and the pub
lic road was crossed once At every
gate soldiers of Empress Fredericks
famous guards were stationed and mem
bers of the secret police were scattered
all around Reports of the alleged pres
ence of Anarchists were rife so all pre
cautions were taken to prevent any at
tack on the members of the royal fami
The morning was cool and clouds cov
ered the sky By a coincidence it was
only at the moment when Predlger Per
siiii uttered the German equivalent of
dust to dust ashes to ashes etc
that the sun shone out
At 11 oclock the Empress Augusta
Victoria and Queen Alexandra passed In
a carriage drawn by four horses and es
corted by postillions Other women mem
bers of the royal families followed all
wearing long crepe veils The sound of
Chopins Funeral March through the
trees told that the cortege had taken
twenty minutes to pass The orcer was
as follows
The Court Marshal
First Itrgiment of Guards four deep -with band
The Impress Posrn Itegiment
The Black Hussars uith band
The Foot Guard with rolling muffled drums
The clergy vuth the Iter Dr Drjander the
Court chaplain and the armys Catholic Buhop
Prof itenrers and Dr Spllsen who attended
the late Fnipress during her iiuiess
Pages in red but weannjr deep crepe
The coffin raised on a double bier drann by
eight splendid Mack horses with tossm plumej
and housed trappings bearing the Prussian eafilc
The Kaiser and King Edward followed
on foot both In the blue uniform of the
Empress Fredericks Regiment of
Dragoons the former wearing the deco
rations of the Orders of the Black Eagle
and the French Garter A miscellaneous
crowd of officers followed and an enor
mous wreath of lilacs closed the cortege
The ceremony at the mausoleum began
half an hour after the cortege started
After the bodj had been deposited in the
sarcophagus prajcr was said and the im
perial returned to the new palace
PARIS Aug 13 Memorial services for
Empress Frederick were held today In
the Protestant Church on the Rue
Blanche Hcrr de Scloze the Secretary
of the German received the in
vited guests The British Ambassador
Sir J E Monson and Count Tornlelll
the Italian representative to Frame were
the only -Ambassadors present Henry
Vignaud First Secretary of Legation rep
resented Gen Horace Porter the Ameri
can Ambassador
Mr Pierson the Transvaal Consul
signed the register on Dehalf of Dr
Lejds European diplomatic representa
tive of the Transvaal Lieutenant Colonel
Saint Marc represented President Loubet
M Delcasse Minister of Foreign Affairs
and M Lejgues Minister of Public In
struction were the only members of the
Cabinet present The others were repre
sented bv
LONDON Aug 13 Memorial services
for Empress Frederick were held In the
Chapel Rojal St- James Palace today
The Duke and Duchess of Argyll the Mar
quis of Salisburj members of the House
of Lords and House of Common and
representatives of the various foreign
embassies were present Mr Chaote the
American Ambassador and White
the secretary represented the American
King Edward to Remain In Germany
for borne Time
HOMBURG Aug 13 King Edward and
rvMi A lvirlrii n111 nrrlee hfrf tnnlirht
The King will remain here for some time
Queen Alexandra will go to Denmark on
a visit to her father King Christian
A List of Killed Wounded 11 ml Ml
inc Sent In
LONDON Aug 13 The War Olilce Is
sues the following casualty list
Sttlnacker s Horse at Opissanes North
on August 7 Captain Francis killed three
men wounded two missing and nineteen
prisoners Tenth Hussars at Wanhoop
August 11 one killed and three woundetl
at Klip River August 6 Fourth Royal
Fusiliers IJeuteimnl Moore wounded
Explolon in 11 llnil IbiK Adilrexsed
ta the lvruips
COLON Columbia Auf -1 W
in a mail has addressee tr 1
tho German cunmakcrs s x l
eel last night on board th 1 stv 1 -
er Crotia
The metal room was damaged aim
mail was destroyed
Hundreds ut People Mild to Be Den
tltute in Inmund
CIIRISTIANIA Aug 13 There has
lton n prtnl tire In Fnrsund on the
North Sea Twelve hundred persons have
been renderetl homeless
The Ansoelntions Hill Sent to the
Ireneb President
PARIS Aug 13 The Law of Associa
tion bill will be submitted for President
Loubet s signature and will be published
at the end of the week
E I- Godkln ot 111
LONDON Aug 13 In reply to an en
quiry about his health E L God
kin formerly eiitor of the New York
Evening Post said he was very well
The Department Limited
For ClitsipcaLe Peach leaves Pitnct Line Sta
tion week dajs 5 p m Through fast train
Suburban oottnge Ilxtn bid on lowest
alwajs at Wh and X Y avc F Libbey Coj

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