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Many Circumstanced Combine to
Belter Price Generally
St raul nml I nlon Inciflc pnlii
TnKe Hi- I cm In the Ilnilmis Hit
ClptimlHtio IIcssk on Hie Airrlcnl
tnrnl Situation Ilclil bj the btrcct
NEW lORIC Aue 13 The further Im
provement In prices in todays stock mar
ket was again plainly enough nwins to
the spread of the comlcllon th it the
strike of the Amalgamated Asoclitlon
is on the verge of colHpe The days
developments sefmed to hinge almost ex
clusively on the views in this regard and
for the time being at any rate the agri
cultural situation seems to have been
rclesttrtl to the background
London took a favorable view of the
local situation nnd sent in not only ma
terially higher prices for American stocks
but fairly liberal busing orders the total
purchases on tint account amounting to
ovtr J000 thares A large number of ud
dltlpnal returns of railwav traffic for the
first week of the month were submitted
and made uniformly gratlfvlng showings
There was otherwise an almost utter
absence of definite news bearing on par
ticular slocks in the railway list
St Paul nnd Union Pacllic returned to
the leading position they have recently
occupied and both stocks were dcciilcdlj
strong Conjecture regarding the rate of
dividend to be declared on St Paul stock
a month hence Is now becoming active
and It seems to be the common bent of
opinion that the stock Is to be established
upon a 7 rer cent annual bals Bcjond
any question the condition of the property
and its earnings and prospects would
warrant such action on the
part of the management but thus far
there have been no authoritlve intima
tions as to the course which will be pur
The street has been treated to mnnv
unofficial estimates of what the St Paul
common will show In the waj of net earn
ings for the ended fiscal jear and without
ngard to the figures current it may be
assumed with safety thtt whatever the
ofllcill statement shows will be bettered
by the returns for the current fiscal year
on account of theprescnt splendid pros
pects for a bountiful spring wheat crop
The particular strength appearing in Un
ion Paciiic and Southern Pacitlc could not
be directly accounted for by any new de-
V hile as noted the agricultural situa
tion has been temporaril dismissed from
attention there appears to be a quite
general feeling that the Governments re
port erred somewhat on the side of con
servatism and at all events It is still the
case that erfectly trustworthy reports
from the Central Western States reit
erate previous assertions that the com
munities most affected by the shortage
in the corn crop are by no means so deep
ly concerned over the matter as Wall
Street has been
Other notably firm features of the rail
way list were Atchison Pennsjlvania
Reading and Erie The bituminous coal
stocks were decided strong
Virfok and Western Baltimore nnd
Chesapeake and Ohio Sugar Rtllnlng
eontlnued to relcct pressure but apart
from the reports regarding the health of
the president of the comp inv there was
nothing to be cited In connection with
the course of the stock
The local traction issues plajed only
a small pait In the das dealings The
specialties were generally firm
notably for General Electric and Peoples
Gas The money market continued ex
trvmtl ensv and Etirllng exchange was
firmer but there was no suggestions that
there would be any immediate engage
ments of god for export
The preliminary report of the Bureau
of Statistics of the Treasury Department
for July the first month of the current
fiscal jear showed an Increase in the ex
ports of dpmestic products over the cor
responding month of last vear of over
3rW0iX The greater part of this Increase
was In brcadstuffs but noteworthy gains
also were furnished from the shipment of
cotton and provisions
Since January 1 the increase In our
of domestic products amounts to
over HiOOOW In comparison with last
ears figures the onlv considerable fall
ing off appearing In mineral oils
Xe vv lorL Stuck IxeluiiKC
llf li
xAiral Copper HSli
Arrer Car A Koundrj Sy3
Amir Cotton Oil 33i
7Amcr Ice 33
xAnur Locomotive 24
xsmcr oeonothe pld Sl
xAmcr Malting CV
xArrcr Halting pld 27A
xAmer rrecltlnz 51
XAmcr Sirelting rid W
lmer S usar 131
X Anaconda 444
At T S F U
At T A S F pfJ 0i
Baltimore A Oliio S4
xltrooMjn Hapid Tran 744
Canada outlnm 104
Canadian Pariflc JIIH
Chesapeake A Ohio 4S
Klicaco A Alton TK
Chicago A Alton pfd 77
Chicago Great Western i2M
Chic Ct Vest tfd A UK
Chic Ct Wt pfd II 47
Chic ln i A L 35z
fine Ind A L 1 fd 71
Chic M A r 1S14
diic ii a st r pfd it3ji
Clue A Northwest 13
Clue It I t T 139
Chicago Term Tr 164
Clic Term Tr pld 3S
Colorado luel Iron S54
Col k Viuth 1st pfd S3
Col A South Sd pfd 21
Consolidated fiat EOH
Continental Tub ctta di
Ilt aware A IIudMra ltVrS
Pcnier A Ilio Cr tld 31
xWstiL of Aiur Sli
xDul S S st K
xDuL S S A- At pM 1Hi
Jne 374
Knc first pd 65H
1 ne second pfd 51
Cas A hb e Herein Co 35
Gcrtral Eltnc S53
CIuMjbC curar IUnniru 55
Great Northern ltd 178
Hotlng allcv SS
Illinois Central 145
International Taper Sti
liter Taper pfd 7S
xlnler Tower fii
Iowa Cntral 23
Iowa Central pM 74
LaVc Frie A Act tern 01
10ns Inland 70
Louifrillc A ahille 10214
Wanliattan Merited 117V4
xllttropolitan St It 1C4
Jlexiean Central 24
Mexican atlocal eta 104
Minn A I 10S
S T A S S M 5M
Vo Kan A- T tC
Mo Kan A T J fd M4
Jflouri Taclfic 102
Kational Ilucuit 424
xNat llinit pfd 1WIV
Jatiocal Salt pfd 77
evr lork Central 153A
K Y C A St L 41
J Y a A h L 21 pd f IK
N V X II A 11 2154
K V O A W 3SI4
orioli A- Vtern MH
North American Co 101
Nnrthem Tacillc pfd tt4
racific Mall 40 4
Tt nntlvania Hailrod 144
Peoples Cas A C llli
Aripr lt
Low- Net
est inc chgi
1124 1I34
2li 23
834 33H 14
Zi 33
224 23 2
4 E4 4- 15
274 274 i
51H HU
100 1OT 14
123 13014 4
ii 4414
72 74S -1
S4H 3514 i
3714 SSli 2
73 7454 i
68 6314 14
109 111H Sli
44 40 2
37 37
7014 7C4 4
21 2214
61 Sl li
47 47 1H
3414 354 14
70 704
1W 1614 34
1S3 IS14 1
193 133 3
11 Ub 14
lf4 114 1
374 7 14
3i 30 2
fi14 1r 14
5 52 U
224 23 4
220 220i 14
100 1C0 14
31 31
8 tM
WK 10S
1614 1S4 1
3 374 1
05 fi5
51 51 1
S5 35
252 253 21
55 55
178 178
524 54 U
1414 145 1
21 24 24
7CVt 7s 1
4 91 1
33 33H 1
74 74 2
74 7
101 1024 1
116 117 1V4
ICO 160
234 21 4
10 10 14
108 118 J l
24 25 4
28 20
53J 5314 1
14 102 14
424 4214 14
1OU 100
70 77 4
1514 152 24
33 40
fcl4 81 1
2154 2154
32 33
SIT 53 1
S 9044
t6 34 4
40 40
143 144 4 n
100 11114
Low- Net
etc til inc chVi
Tressed Sfrel Car 424 424 JH
QuieUilver pfd 10 10 10
Keadimr 41 40 414 14
Head ns firt pfd 77 77 774 1
Heading weond pfd 52 51 52 1
xlirpuhllc Iron A Steel 20 1374 13
xncpublic Iron S pd 714 74 744 4
St 1 0 I 2d pfd 27 27 27 1
St L A Adk 11C 11C4 1154 H
St U A S F 3I4 30 394
St 1- A V 2d pfd 67 074 C74
St Loum S VV 30 294 204 1
St Louis W pfd 0i fl4 C2 1
Slow hef pfd SO M
Southern Pacific 5 51 55
SOTthcm Railway 20 234 234 74
Southern Hallway r f d S5 Sl S
Tcnnec Coal Iron C14 00 C114 4
Texas A Pacific 424 42 42
Third Vc It It 123 123 123 1
Twin Citj It T 97 05 80 1U
xl men Ilae Jk T 10 1V4 10 2
Inion Pacific 374 814 97 1
Union Pacific pfd Sj4 6S SS
U S liprrss 90 S3 M 3
xlJ c leather 13 124 13
xU S leather iifd SO W SO 14
U S Kubbcr pfd 50 56 50
U S steel 44 434 434 4
U S Steel pfd 33 32 33 4
a Car Chem 50 59 50 4
Waha h 21 214 21
Wabah pfd 33 34 3j4 14
Wei tem Union Tel 134 924 91 li
IMivelins A L K IS 17 IS
Uh k U F 2d pfd 30 30 30 1
Wisconsin Central 204 20 2014 1
Wiiconin Central pfd 42 42 42
Total mIck 4224J shjrcs
jKv liidend
lEcrcac Decrease xUnlislcd
Gorernnicut Xlontlii
Sid Asked
II S Zs II 1900 30 Q J K7V I05J
U S 2s C 1900 30 Q J 107 US
U S 3 s It 1M Q r I0B4 103
u s 3 it 1303 it a y loH 109
U 4 IPOS Q J 11 1IJ4
U S 4 1M7 Q J 113 IMH
U S 4 It 13a 137 138
U S 4 C l25 137 131
U S 5 It 1901 I07V 116
U S 5b C lOI Q F 107 lOui
Prices again advanced jc terday the
gains being more Important than any
seen In the past week or more and con
tinuing from the opening to the close of
the session Business was dull however
nnd for the most part professional so
that no particular can be at
tached to it Considering the clnracter
of the miirket and the season it seems
probable that the advance has gone about
far enough for the present and if there
Is a high opening today e areful people
generally will be Inclined to sell out and
take their profits The market is not one
to go short of however as the tendencj
Is likely to be toward a higher level for
some time to come The bad news is out
and has been more than discounted in
the declines In prices The level at pres
ent is entirely reasonable and In many
cases low considering the outlook for
good business during the coming jear
The news of the day was unimportant
and In no way accounted for the advance
In prices The strike situation was no
lietter if so good No new cheerful intel
ligence was received from the West but
Instead the statement that there is no rain
In the corn belt London was cheerful
and a bujer of American securities but
this side pajs little attention to London
recently knowing that it is a manipula
tive market entirely as far as Ameri
cans are concerned Mone was easy
but this was no new thlrg and neither
are the fine earnings statements that con
tinue to be published
The grangers were the features of the
advance St Paul getting above 101 and
clcing at the top and Atchison getting
nearly to 75 and also closing at the top
level for the session It was said that
the Berwind pool was bujlng Atchison
and the street whether rightly or not
asserted that this meant Pennsjlvania
absorption It was noticed that Penn
sylvania stock was advanced also in much
the wine way s Atchison The conserva
tive view to take of this story is not to
believe it as both Atchison and PennsI
vanla Interests have denied it persistent
ly Atchison earnings are large how
ever and the officers of the company con
fident and the present prices of the stocks
docs not hcem unreasonable
In connection with the St Paul boom
Roswell Miller was quoted in a most
optimistic strain regarding the outlook
for the svsteni He stated that with a
tremendous wheat crop the compan will
in all probability earn much more than it
did last vear when there was only a small
wheat crop He stated further that there
will be a much lighter expenditure of
monej for betterments this vear than last
because the improvements contemplated
have been completed In large measure
The St Paul method has been to make
betterment expenditures under the name
of operating expenses so that the cut in
these outlavt will make an Immediate
showing in very much Increased net earn
ings This is a most bullish argument on
the stock It is not probable that there
will be an immediate Increase In the divi
dend on the stock as the last increase
was made onlv a few months ago but It
Is fairly safe to predict that it will be on
a 7 per cert basis Inside of a jear
Two other systems that will reap the
benefit from a very big wheat crop will
be Northern Pacific and Great Northern
It is said by friends of the companies that
they expect to Increase thlr gross earn
ings flOOCOOO this jear and that the net
increase will likely te at least half of
this figuring on the basis of recent re
The Steel securities were very strong all
day but did not advance as much as the
grangers This is in line with the policy
of the pool that is In control of the mir
ket operations of the securities of the big
trust There are careful market people
that would not be surprised to sec the
stocks advance steadily though slowly
during the entire progress of the strike
Sugar was the weak feature of the mar
ket It was tumbled to 123 and got up to
only a little better than 150 during the
afternoon advance In the general market
Thr story was told that the companv was
attempting to piddle out the 15000000 of
new stock that has been authorized This
plan of selling new stock In the market
has been carried out successfully before
as for Instance In the case of the Penn
sylvania Issue of a jear or more ago
when the company realized several mil
lions of dollars by getting rid of its stock
well above par There are reasons for be
lieving that this will not be attempted in
the present Instance however for one
thing the plan viould not be likelv to suc
ceed so well as it did with the Pennsjl
vania stock which was at that time pir
ticularly well liked by the public An Is
sue to stockholders at par is more likely
What the reason of the present decline
Is the street docs not know
The earnings of the Southern nailway
for the first week of August showed an
Increase of 20072 The Increase from
1 has been 1GjCi0 The showing Is a
particularly good one The outlook for
the Southern Hallway securities and for
Louisville and NiBhvillc Is attractive at
this time with the cotton crop making
such a good showing and the business
situation in general so prosperous So
also Norfolk anil Western and Chesa
peake and Ohio look well
The experts say that the price of an
thracite coal during the coming jear will
be at a record level At the same time
the production will be especially
the present estimate being for more than
M000000 tons Conservative people con
sider the outlook for the anthracite coal
ers especiallj good for this reason The
low priced securities In particular look to
be excellent purchases The Ontario and
Western does not belong to the h ird coal
combine but It is in entire harmony with
It and will reap all the advantages of
the present good conditions In the trade
Ontario and Western stock Is well liked
The argument is made that the poor
corn crop Is hkelj to be a good thing for
the stockholders of the Southern Pacific
This does not mean of course that it
will add to the earnings of the company
This m et VertttbU YiUllr tho nroacriDtloa of funom French DbrttcUn will nnlcVl
tennjQlot ell uerroai or ltoasoiof tUogeaerath orcim tucht Xoal Jlttuliootl In
4mnltv Jmlu In ftto Ziicil NruiiuM Litttkaton Ivor you IEjlJUy
I Ilmples Untltnrta fu Marry Eslmufti In Drain Varicocele nnd Con
I til nation It stop til Ios by Cr or night irarcntsqaickncsf of ditchArtre wlach If no
Kebt la4i La SnrmntArrhrrfc nnd all tiia hoTon of lmnntfBcr ITIlIimf K rlcaasom
the 11 rer tbt Udor Ct IIDHlfc K ttrerrthtios And rrtr t small weak orcns Tim suffereri r
potcurtdbf dcUr is beinas ninety per cent r troubled wttb 1roatntSUs CUIIIKNK ti tho Jtlf
known rcnwly to cnr wilbout d oprmtion y9ttinoaial Awrtttcncuaratcionaod monCT tettumoa
tf MXboxrt do Ptffeci trmn nt car 8100 a box liforS VOO by mall band for free cuculrta4
UtUaoUU AlJmi DAVOL IXCtklCXAft CO nan rrausUco Cnl
Tor rile by EDWARD STT ENS Ninth Street and Pennarlrtnla Ainut
but that the Union Pacific people will
have smaller earnings and will need the
dividend on Southern Pacific more for
this reason The policy of the Union Pa
cific seems to have been to put evcrj pos
sible cent into the Southern Pacific property-
in the shape of betterments It is
a good pollej In the long run no matter
how unpleasant It maj be to the
stockholders that have held the stock
n long time without realizing any income
from It If now however the earnings
of the Union Pacific are to be cut much
by the short corn crop it will be seen
that the pijment of Interest on the
new convertible bonds will be the
more a big problem with the manage
ment The temptation to declare a divi
dend undoubtedly earned on Southern
Pacllic stock will be strong
I Friends of Tennessee Coal and Iron
1 talk hopefullj of the prospects for the
I stock in the next bull market
The evv iorlv Curb JInrket
NEW YORK Aug 13 There was only
a modeiate amount of trading in tho mar
ket for outside securities todaj ITtces
again showed a slight improvement
United States Reduction and Refining
which appeared on the curb
claimed some nttention todaj Opening
at G it rose on good bujlng to 274
but later declined to 27 The preferred
stock Irrought 42
American Can common opened up 4 per
cent to 21 and on transactions of StW
slnres advanced to 214 United States
Cotton Duck common found a market at
30 Bay State Gis sold at 15 10 Tennes
see Copper was up a fraetion selling at
17 Compressed Air was up 4 per cent
to 1G International Umbrella 3W changed
hands from 2 to 2 Tobacco bonds
05000 changed hands from 664 to 66
Fort Scott Memphis sold at 73 General
Carriage 25HO sold from 1 to 10000
Seaboard 5 s found a market at 10lj
KnrniiiKK of Itnilnnj N
NEW YORK Aug 13 The following
reports of railway earnings weie made
Weekly gross Chicago Terminal Trans
1901 1900
firt week An J312CS 20fO0
From Jul 1 1C4C41 145135
Toledo St Louis and Western
First week Aug f5S714 J3S917
From Jan 1 1562104 1070613
Chattanooga Southern
lourth week Jul 3SV 3347
Jul 1 Jul 31 3009 9000
Alabama Great Southern
Frt week Aug 3S704
Mom Jul 1 213111
Fir t week Aug 034479
From Jul 1 3442064
Pere Marquette
FiPt week Aug 175631
Irom Jan 1 5015973
Norfolk and Western
Firt week Aug 275851
from Jul 1 1507150
0O7S i7
32763 14
Cleveland Lorain and Wheeling
Firt week Aug 40514 44521 3SS01
From Jul 1 251334 214323 164303
Texas and Pacific
First week og 155477
Jan 1 Autr 7 0442310
Itio Grande Wettern
First week Aug 05000
Irom July 1 524400
Detroit Southern
First week Aug 23361
From Jul 1 104330
Semi annual reports The half- early re
port of the Midland Ilailna of England
for the lx months ending June 30 1901
shows income account as follows
Oilier income
5209657 5300582
3131710 3333111
1635147 2027441
175050 177203
Total id 2010107 2201643
Int and rental 4S53C3 4720SJ
Halanee I524S3I 1732503
Previous halanee 41353 39203
Totalbal for dir 1500192 1771000
The Northeastern Hallway Compiny of
England reports as follows for the half
jear ended June CO 1901
Op expense
Int rentals
431209 4353233 Dec 40001
2650c0 2752209 Inc 97657
1402J3 1001024 Dccii3SSl
Balance 683651
Dividend C52937
Surplus 35314
Annual reports The Boston Electric
Light Company reports for the fiscal year
ended June 30
Income 102095
Or erating expenses 545600
Net income 491 0P4
Other income 142072
Total Income 033750
Interest 354593
453470 305919
273798 307512 103133
Small Iiivculmeiit Order the Chief
Fnctor In London
LONDON Aug 12 Only a small specu
lative account was disclosed at the open
ing of the fortnightly settlement today
Contango rates were lighter on Ameri
can stocks they ranged around 4 per cent
In the days market small Investment
orders from the public were the chief fac
tor American shares were strong on the
growing belief that the steel strike Is a
failure The granger and coal shares
were specially well supported
Consols were in strong demand
Paris exchange on London unchanged
at 25 fr 21c Berlin rate unchanged at
20m 454 pfg
The following London prices were
quoted todaj
N T Lon N T
2 P M equiv close equiv
ConroK monev 91 5 10 01 7 10
Consols account 91H 944
Anaconda 91 10 9
Atchison 75 734 75J 73
Atilin pfd 99 S5 97 tiii
Rtltlmcrc A Ohio 09i 974 100 075
Baltimore A Ohio pfd 0 JZH 90 S3S
Canadian PjcIIc 112U 109V4 112 100
Chesapeake A Ohio 40 41 40 45
Denier A llio OranJe 12Vi 41i 42i 41U
Denver k It C pfd 03 Olli S3 Wt
Lne 33 37 37 38
trie first pfd COi 64U Cfl4 04
Kric Fecond pfd 51 49 51 49
Illinois Central 14C 143 1404 143
Kansas A Texas 2T4 20U 26 20V4
Kansas A Tex I M 53 524 5414 53
Lotm viHe k Nashville 10114 102 101 102V
New lork Central 15114 151 151 1W4
Northern Pacific pfd 99 93 99 90
Norfolk Western 53i 5 544 52
Norfolk k West pfd 91 f W 97
Ontario A 33A 32 34 3311
Pennsjlvania 73 14J 7314 14354
Heading 21 41 21 11
Heading first pfd 3914 77i 334 774
lliadmg second pfd 2C4 514 20 51
St Paul 1C3 1534 104 1UK
iutlrru Pacific 50 554 SO- 6M4
Southern Illa SO 29 3014 2314
outhcrn rtjlluav rtd 6f 64 66 61i
Inion Pacific 9014 9914 3714
Union Pacific pfd 9114 63 91a 3
U b Steel 15 43 45 44
U S Steel pfd 95 92 91 9314
Wabash pfd 3911 3S14 3514 3614
AVllHlilliKton Stock Exchange
Sales D C 3CSs 25CrJT13 1 1
Bid Asked
Funding currency S 05a 123
Capital Traction It 11 fa lOStf lOSX
Yla li Trac A Elee Coll 414 04 CiJi
Met B It 5s 1325 114
Met 11 I Cert Indebtedness A
Met II It Cert Indebtedness B
Colunbla ft It Gs 1914 115
Columbia It It 2d mort 5s 103 103f
Cili A Suburban 1 It 103
rjieostla A Potomac 5s 100
Wash Cas Co ser A Gs 10O2 27 107 1 10
Wash Cas Co ser Ii 0 1j01 23 107 110
U S tlec Linht Deb Imp 1307 105V 100
U S Hec Light Cert Imicpt 105 IOiSH
dies A Pot Tel Con Sa 101 107
American Sccurit A Trust 5s 1005 Ul
ash Marlet Co 1st 6
1311 7000 retired annually 113
Wash Hkt Co Imp 6 1012 27 110
Wash Mil Co ext 0a 1314 27 119
Masonic Hall Asn 5s C 1103 105
ntriean Craphophone Deb 5s I00
National Safe Deposit ll
Wash Loan and Trust I7l I7i
American bcurity and Trust 2I5 25
VUtnlnzlon Deposit Ul
Lnlon Trust and Slorace lOsf I03V
Real Estate Title 0 35
Columbia Title l 5s
UashLizton Till 3X t
DisUil Title svi
Bid Asked
Bank of Washington 375
Metropolitan 1 725
Central 1 235 300
Tarmers and Mechanics 235
Second Iu5
Citliens 105
Columbia - 170
Capital j Itt 170
West Fnd 120 124
Traders 131
Lincoln 1 J 125
Capital Traction 103 102X
City k Suburban 25
Firemen 23
Franklin 40
Metropolitan 7d 0
Corcoran 03
Potomac 01
Arlington 27
German meriean 225
Natlonal Union 7 SX
Columbia 10 II
BIbbs 7 8
Teoples C OS
Commercial 4 S
Chesapeake A Potomac
Washington Qas 53
Georgetown Cas 70 80
Mergenthaler Linotjpe 169X 170
Lanston Monotype HH
Ame ican Graphophone i 9
American Graphophone pfd oX 10J4
Pneumatic Cun Carriage 00 10
Washington Market US -
Norfolk A Washington 101 181
Ex divdend
Lower lrlccK ltule for Ilolh heat
anil Corn
CHICAGO Aug 13 Wheat was rather
dull lower and Irregular Local traders
were more bearlshly inclined owing to the
easier tone of foreign markets Liverpool
and Paris were d loner The announce
ment of another large amount cleared
1540000 bushels at the seaboard gave
them alarm and they covered the closing
being a trifle under yesterday Primary
receipts were considerably less than last
5 ear The seaboard reported only four
loads of wheat
Corn was nervous nnd lower There
was scattered long selling Some of the
cash houses also sold The support was
confined to local bulls The commission
house interest was somewhat smaller A
strong factor and one which will help
prices materially if it continues Is tho
resumption of the Eastern cash demand
100ttX bushels being sold here today to
go to New England points Over half the
visible supply is held in Chicago There
Is no change in the crop advices The
weather is more favorable in the Western
States for late corn but Indiana Ohio
and Illinois are badly in need of rain
Oats were firm There was some real
ing by local bulls and short selling
by the bears These offerings were well
taken by commission houses A promi
nent receiving house was conspicuous as
a buyer The cash demand for oats Is
Provisions were active and higher for
ribs and pork on buvlng of nearby de
liveries bj packers and on a good invest
ment demand for January Lard was
about steady Theclose was firm There
was a better cash trade in both meats
and lard with very favorable prospects
for further Improvement
Clilcngo Grain and Provision Market
Corrected dallr b W D Ilibha Cu mem
bers of the New York Store Cxccunge 1110 9
W HEAT Open High Low 2 00
rleralwr 734 73H X 73- 73
December 75 70 75 75ff
59 53 59X
December 61 t 62 01 Jt 62 j
Septr mber 36I JSTi
December S7K 31 X 37s 3fj 3t
New York Cotton JInrket
Open High Low Clos
September 717 717 717 717
October 722- 727 721 724
December 724 723 724 72S
January 727 7 33 726 732
WlHiIvnale Provision nnd Grain
Market Quotations In Fall
BALTIMOItE Aug 13 Following are
todaj s quotations In the local wholesale
provision and grain markets
Wheat Stock in elevators 1776930 bus
The market for Southern was easier in
sympathy with Western Receipts were
less liberal and with a good demand at
the decline all of the offerings were read
ily cleaned up Sales were made on grade
at 77c for No 2 red 7214c for steamer No
2 red and CS14c for rejected Sample lots
as to quality and condition brought CS 70
72 73 and 0 cents
Western wheat opened easier August
7014c Foreign markets were all lower in
price in face of yesterdays advance while
speculative on this side was easier on
realizing by holders of wheat August
and September were 7Cc early and prices
improved to 76c October sold at 7714c
while December was traded at 79c No
quantity of wheat for sale and demand
was narrow Private cables Indifferent
and U K has no confidence In present
prices Mnrket closed firmer spot Au
gust 7710 bid ne askeil September 7674c
bid 77c asked October 7754c bid 77c
asked December 79c bid Sales 160 J
October 7714c 10000 December 79c 1CW
steamer No 2 red spot 73c 10000 August
764c 10000 September 7614c 2000 steamer
No 2 red spot Canton 73c Settling
price contract 7014c No 3 red 73c
steamer No 2 red 73c
Corn Stock in elevntors 279843 bus
Southern was entirely nominal Ii the ab
sence of receipts or offerings There was
an undertone of lrmnets however and
prices were nominally the same as jes
terday Prime lots of white and ellow
ailoit at OCiiCT cents Cob firm at 3 10iJ
i 25 per bbl for carload lots prime jellow
on spot
Western corn was dull and easy There
was no demand whatever for corn either
local or otherwise and no supplies are be
ing obtained in the West August was
nominal nt Clj014c Interior advices say
that acceptances were light and faith In
corn Is still strong Private cables dull
Market closed dull spot August 63c ask
ed Sales 3 cars mixed spot C3c Settling
price mixed 6214c steamer mled 6114c
Flour Market was steady Western
Sneer 2 15ii2 55 Western Extra 2 CO
36 Western Family J3l3 45 Win
ter Patents 3 7lrfi3 95 Spring Patents
S3 Soft 1 10 Spring Straights 375i3 85
Spring Bakers 2VuJ10 Baltimore
Best Patents 160 B iltlmore High
grade Fimllj II 50 Baltimore High grade
Extra Jl 10 Baltimore Choice Family
13 83 Maryland Virginia and Pennsj I
vanla Super 2 45f253 Maryland Vir
gin e and Pennsylvania Extra J2GOH33
Man land Virginia and Pennsj lvania
Family J3 30fii45 City Mills Super JilOff
2 60 Rio Extra U 7S5r390 Itje Hour me
dium to choice 2S323
Oats The marketsWHS firmer Stock In
elevators 109290 bus white No No 2 42
4214c do No 3 41414114c do No 4 4i
4014c do ungraded 4oti404c mixed No
2 lOHiic do No 3 sai4fi40c No t 3Df
914c ungraded Wtfllc These quota
tions are for newoats
Rc M irkit wib firm Stock in ele
vators 67G22 bus No 2 nearbv In car
lots 5CWi57 No 3 rve 5414c No 4 rve
53c No 2 Western rye 5765S In export
Huttcr Market vas firm Creamerj
separator extri Kc ijxtru first 21iie
creamery first 2nd crpamcrj imitation
extra ISc lowit and Northwestern
ladle extra ICirlTcJ do extra first 15fiI6c
Western btore iiackcil MUllc Ohio rolls
first IVylGc Econd 125il4c West Vlr
KlnK rolls first HiTlSc second 13ftl4c
Elgin creamery prints 14 Ib 2Cft27c do
1 lb i iflJjC do 2 lb 23u24c Marj land and
1cnnifjlvanln creamery prints V4 lb 2IU
ISc do l lli 23024c
Eggs The market is firm Strictly
fresh HillSc Western lliU5c
Ioultrj Market Is Old fowls
1CKT11UKC per lb spring chickens 14c
roosters 23fii0 apiece ducks SfiSo lb
Green coffee -Market quiet No 1 Rio
grade Dc
Roasted coffee M irket steady Bulk
roasted coffee Pure javnSlicMiracillio
21 He pure Lnguajrn 214c pure Santos
lc African Java ISiie RIo ble nd 17c
Peiberrv mixture lC4c pure Moclm0s4c
Jaa Mocha blend 27c The o coffees
are In fnncj bags paper lined If p ickeil
in cans or tubs 14 tent higher
Package brands E I C 100 Ib cases
I0ic oo lb cases 10 6c 30 lb cases
10 7c Lion coffee In 100 lb lots lOoSc
In CO lb lots 10 7Sc
Cotton -Market quiet Middling S l 16c
strictly low middling 7 15 16c low mid
dling 7 13 lOc Stock in Baltimore 2270
H out I Ilaslncxs Pnsaed Over In
Favor of Inlinr Dor Finns
The meeting of the Building Trades
Council held last night was very brief
No business of Importance demanded the
consideration of the delegates ami an nC
Journment was made to allow the commit
tee In charge of the celebration of Labor
Day to get to work Of this rommittcc
there wre present Henry L Streb J E
Mitchell C A Holmes Thomas Shec
han and S A Clements composing the
general committee nnd one additional
member representing each affiliated or
Ihe committee reported that the work
so far has been very satisfactory the sale
of tickets has been exceplionallj large
and there is evtry reason to believe that
the outing to River View will be it great
success The committee on entertainment
rcpored that an excellent programme of
amusements nnd athletic games is being
prepared and those who spend
the dm with the members of
the Building Trades are ensured
of a most pleasant outing There
will be two games of basebill One in the
morning between teams representing the
tinners and painters organizations and
one in the nfternoon bytwo nines repre
senting other unions
XJenlerN FIneil nnil AVnrrantH IsMncel
for Others
The Hetlth Department officials are still
pushing the campaign against persons al
leged to be guilty of selling milk and
cream below- the standard required by
law Kate Birmingham Margaret Mc
Allister Adam Gaddls and William G
Vlnce were In the Police Court esterday
charged with selling milk containing less
than 314 per cent of butter fat They
pleaded not guilty but were fined S3 each
which they paid Caroline A Shlpman
against whom a similar charge was pre
ferred forfeited 13 collateral
During the day warrants were issued by
A Leftwich Sinclair acting prosecuting
attorney for eight other persons They are
Lillian M Timmons 2021 Fourteenth
street northwest Milton B Jeffries 1240
Tvventj -eighth Street northwest George
Rosenberg 1240 Twenty eighth Street
northwest John A Storm 1708 Thirty
second Street northwest John M Sher
wood 1708 Thirty second Street north
west Alonzo B Ball 123 Carroll Street
southeast Engelbert Endres 2101 I street
northwest Richard J Benson 133 F
Street northwest
Lillian M Timmons Is charged with sell
ing cream containing formaldehyde Tho
others are charged with selling cream
containing less than 20 per cent of butter
fat The warrants were issued on sworn
Information given bj Dr R L Lynch
Acting Chemist for the District
Ihc Court Petitioned to Order a
Mortjrnpe Canceled
William A Mann and Thomas W
Buestedt Jcstcrday filed suits against
the Anglo Amprican Savings and Loan
Association and Its receivers Charles S
Wilbur Edward D Candee Samuel Mad
dox and John Rldout asking for an ac
counting and the cancellation of certain
mortgages The complainant state that
they had borrowed from the association
about 2O00 secured by mortgage on real
estate and twenty shares of its stock
The greater part of the loan it is
stated has been repaid but on account
of differences among the receivers It Is
said a settlement cannot be effected it
Is also explained that since the loan was
made the Anglo American Association
has been declared Insolvent
Daniel E EH Snes n Company for an
Erroneous Report
Daniel E Ell ostcrday filed suit against
the Washington Title Insurance Company
to recov er 15000 claimed as damages be
cause of an alleged erroneous certifica
tion of the title to a piece of property
purchased by the plaintiff from Johanna
Talbot It Is explained that on August 29
1899 the plaintiff emploved the defendant
to examine the title of the west half of
lot 111 In square No 1229 owned by
Johanna Talbot which the plaintiff wish
ed to purchase It is contended that the
title company undertook to report any
lien or encumbrance which might be
against the property Accepting the re
port of the company in good faith the
plalntirf purchased the premises for S3
OOO EH avers however that at the time
the defendant company made its report
the premises were encumbered Because or
the ecumbrance referred to he alleges
that he Is restrained from building upon
the west half of lot 111 in square 1223
He did not discover this however until
April 2S 1900 when he was estopped from
building C Maurice Smith and James
B Archer Jr are named as counsel for
the plalntirf
Bids Received for n Stable at St
1 Ellialeths
Bids were opened jesterday In the office
of the Chief of the Miscellaneous Division
Interior Department for the erection of
a stable for the use of the Government
Hospital for the Insane
There were four bids as follows the bid
ders being Washington city firms W B
Upton Co 3J9tf time to complete the
work six months Richardson Burgess
J331S1 time five months Mead Rey
nolds 29491 time six months and Noble
H Thomas C9C6C time six months
Congress appropriated onl 123000 for
the stable but the bids were based on
the plans and specifications submitted bj
Dr Richardson Superintendent of the
hospital It was decided to make certain
chinges in the specifications so as to
bring the stable within the amount of the
appropriation The bidders will be ask
ed to make reductions in their bids in ac
cordance with the proposed changes
A Deeil of Trust Filed to Svcnre the
ltepiijiiient of l 000
The board of directors of Providence
Hospital yesterday placed on record In
the office of the Recorder of Deeds a deed
of trust pledging all of square 7M for the
pijment of the sum of 1200000 to the
Philadelphia Saving Fund Society within
ten jenrs Pemberton S Hutchinson of
Philidelphla Pa and Richard W Tjler
of this cltv are named as trustees
The loan which will bear interest at
the rate of 4 per cent per nnnum was
made b the directors of the hospital bv
of an act of Congress passed
February 6 last
The propertj pledged Is located in the
square boundetl bv D E Second and
Third Streets Southeast and Is occupied
by the hospltul buildings
iMtafe Left to the TcntatrlxN
Six Children
The will of Ann E OHiire dated De
cember 22 18S was filed jesterdiy for
probite She nnines her daughter Eliza
beth OHure and Michael J Colbert ex
ecutors and directs the following dispo
sition to be made of her estate To her
daughters Elizabeth and Iaura C
OHare all her household effects and her
cottage situated on Shepherd Road It Is
stated however tint these bequests shill
not operate agilnst the bt nellclarfes In
the distribution of the estate
It Is directed that the share of the tex
titrixs son George A O Hare shall be
charged with 5W with Interest from
IVbrel irj 189i Ihls sum It Is directed
shall be equally divided among the oilier
children To her daughter Ctthi rine J
Tolson the testatrix leives 1 firm In
Montgomery Count j Md The slnro of
this benellciirj it is directed shall be
ch irged with J150 a jear from 1890 to the
time of the death of the test itrlx To
her son John S O Hare Is left certain
turnpike stock
After the bequests iiame d are made It
is directed that the remainder of the es
t ite shall he divided among the
testatrixs six children
Mnliirin Chill nnd Fever
Quickly cured by taking Llixcr lUbck
for the fall carapjffi is now berr A resume of
last wetks market will bear out th opinion
eiprewetl by us in our announcement a week
uro nder the caption Opportunity in
The market hat been hardening all the week
jml prices hare been advancing
Now the Time to Enter the Market
Stock are rapidly beinj accumulated and the
upward swint will soon be in full prosre It
U a safe precedent in time of ProfperitT hu
ttock after decline of from 10 to 25 points
We will be pleated to enumerate upon receipt
of letter or upon a call at an of our offices
the stockn which in our opinion should make
the pTcatot advances
If you have not already an account why not
open one with us and participate in the poi
biities now offering in Vail Street for makln
money The best way to necure Rome ot the
benefits of prosperous times is to hare an interest
m the market We will be plcaed to present
tou with a copy of our 400 page cloth bound il
Guide to Investors
upon request It is conceded to be an authority
upon financial matters It w Invaluable to busi
ness men generally and enable anyone to inTtt
money keep the principal intact and make It
pay an income c offer equal advantage to
the small as well as the large investor and
have every facility to handle jour business to
your complete satisfaction
Write or call at any of our offices the one
most convenient to you All being connected
with the home office by direct and exclusive pri
vate w ire enables us from anj of them to
equally satisfactorily execute your order upon
the New York Boston Philadelphia and Cliicago
Kstahlishcd Mnln Oftiee
IK JO jJm 53 Iwi Y
1428 F St AVf AVHhington
Boston Philadelphia PUtRburg Worcester
Baltimore Washington Cleveland Newark Buf
falo Rocheterl Syracuse Albany Ponghkcepsie
Montreal Toronto Beading Atlantic City Cin
cinnati Toledo Columbus Detroit Providence
Lowell Hartford Springfield
Determining the character and financial re
sponsibility of your broker is as important as
the selection of right stocks
4 and 5 Per Cent
Loaned co Real Estate In District of Columbia
Lowest Commission
100 F 8tnt
Vembrn New York Stock Eichaag
1419 F Street
Correspondent of
New Tort
Money to Loan
At 4 and 5 Per Cent
701 14th St NW
The Washington
Loan Trust Co
Loans in any amount made on approved
real esUre or collateral at reasonable rates
Interest paid upon deposits on monthly
balances subject to check
This company JtcU as- executor admuv
1st rat or trustee agent treasurer registrar
and in all other fiduciary capacities
Boxes for rent In burglar and fire prool
vaults for safe deposit and storage of
- able packages
JOX1X A SWOPE Vice President
ELLIS SPEAR - Second Vice President
DRICE J HOSES Assistant Treasurer
Is prepared to assume the management of your
real eftate Careful attention given to all de
Capital 500000
Letters of Credit
without rinoval irom jour possession anil In anj
amount Irom 10 to 300 Cur rates are the
cheapest and jou can make your own terms
Loam made within tiree hours from the time
sou appir e ian for le interest onlj anj
do not want yon tooo so you need hare no
tear o losing them Our offices are up on the
filth floor away Irom the street and are so ar
ranged that we can ensure strictest privacy Drop
In snd pet our rates
Room 74 Atlantic Building
Take EIeator ti Filth Floor
Loans to honest employes Think of ill We
loan money upon notes without security ot
any kind
It Will Coat You Nothing
To call and allow us to quietly esplan why
we can save you money If you want money
quick see us today No delay Honey
Baiting Courteous tieatment tlways He
want your trade iou want our money
Thats enourh to make the deal We loan
money on furniture Pianos etc aho at
reasonable rates
602 F Stroot N W
Money to lend on urnltnre and
pianos loiTCKt rntesu JIASTEItS A
CO Ilooiu 11 1 Harder bulldlusr
HERE IS your opportunity to procure a loan
on your furniture or piano from a private party
at a low rate Address BOX lJO this offlce
e20 tf
HIAL No delay CIURLL3 A I1AKLI Rooms
40 and 44 lletxerott Duildinz 1110 F St
HONEY LOVNFD salaried people and retail mer
chants upon their own names without security
easy paircnts TOLUtN Room 49 Iao VU 11
UONEY TO LOAN st 154 to 5 per cent In sums
of 1000 to 110000 on V C real estate pay oil
I snd 6 per cent mortgages and begin anew all
transactions conducted wilb economical considera
tion for borrowers U IL SAUNDLUS A CO
1407 F st nw
Prof JJiiIPn Yoiiiijr Son Sntciiniti io
Inform itlon w rccclMil tutonli at
tho house of Prof H Dull of the
Smithsonian Inlltutlon tint his mniB
est son William Austin Dili who was or
a pleasure tour with his mother dictl on
August C nt Sanlniw Mich The jouth
pissed away In the Oneril Ho ipitl
tlitre from tin- effects of uu operation
performed on him for appendicitis lie
was fifteen jenra old His Boils has lieen
taken to lluffulo for interment
Prof LMll who is tnnelinff in Califor
nia for his heulth Is hurrslne to lluffulo
to be prisint at the burial ot his son
Evo 25 4300
Telephone Main 234 5
This week Sixteenth season
Next Week Clarks New Royals
Engagement Extraordinary
Cabin John Bridge
Every Night at 9 o 3 lock
Prof DUNKLE in his daring thrilllnsr
1000 FOOT SLIDE FOR LIFE descending
by his teeth from a wire strunjr from
pinnacle or Cabin John Bridge Hold to the
ravine below
The Paris Exposition Sensation engaged
at an enormous expense Band concerts
and other amusements a3 usuaL
-- -
llth and Ea Capitol Streets
Thursday Aug 15815 p m I
Between 4 Motors
TOM FCKt lellow Hyc
MLSONS Yellow Boy Joe
MJiOVS Macs Joe
In case of rain the following ereninz
Two Games for One Admission
Ailmlsulon 25c Grand Stnnd ROc
Take II Street Cars direct to American League
M1VT Detroit August 15 18 and 17
Free Vaudeville
Fury nisht weeL Auc 12 by well Vnown artists
Extra attraction Wednc day Aug 14 ROOSTER
Columbia Pleasure Park
Terminus Columbia R R
Chesapeake Beach
Trains Leaie District Line StatiDi
Week Days 10 30 a m tJO p m 5 00 p M
Sundays 930 1030 ud 1130 a sx 230 310
515 and 745 p m
Returning Leave the Beac
Week Days SS0 7 and 10 p m
Sundays 2 3 6 8 and 10 p as
Oniv 50c Round Trip
Columbia electric cars bearioe red signs rua
through to District Line station without trans
Way trains for local stations leare District Lice
Station week days 930 a m and 530 pm
Sundays 930 4m and 515 pm
Special Excursion
Chesapeake Beach
JO CENTS ROUND TRIP Children Hall Fare
Trains leave District Line Station 1050 am
2 30 and 5 00 p m
Returning leave the Beach 330 700 and
10 pm
Chautauqua Beach
Formerly Bay nide Hound Trip 50c
ea Bathing Cabbinff Music Amusements
Building lots lor sale and tentg for rent
Trains B fc O 910 a m 430 p m Sunday
910 1 5 Leave Beach 6 SO a m 730 910 pm
Bav Ridce Go with Young Peoples Club
FRIDAY 16th iupcrb Crabbing Fishing Bath
Str Charlts Macalester leaves at 10 a- m
2 30 and 6 W p m Indian Head trips ever
evemnc Sundays excepted at 6 30 p m
Sundajs 11 a m 230 and 6S0 p m
Summer Wines
For summer ue we would advie Vinrmia
Ports and CUnts Orange Wine or Rap
bcm They are cooling delicious and bene
fictaL As for our complete summer wine
Chris Xanderrtlehs
We Will Lend You Money
On jovt furniture pUnot organs etc and jot
can ptj it back In amall wetklj or monthlx pax
Absolutely No Delay
Onr business Is etrlctlj confidential bo em
tarrassins questions to ask J on Lowest rates in
tiis citj Private offlce
613 F Street NW
Than a straight business proposition to lend rout
money to help tou out of diUculties If yoa
have Furniture Piano or other ffood security
n can help you oiH and the terms will be mads
tc suit Jour cnTenience in paylnj Call to sea
us and get at the bottom of our business methods
EVANS company
707 G ST X V
ROOU 3 First Floor Rear Opp Patent Offica
At lowest rates and on the ar jou appij Wo
are loaning on the Buildin snd Loan Association
plan vhicn makes the eost ot rarrrlng loans
much less than jcu par elsewhere and allows you
to par It off in anj sued roles Jou desire run
nine from one to twelve months It jou hare l
loan with some other corapanT we wilt par it
off srd sdrance jou more money it desired Kates
eheerfulli ttsenv and no cost to vou unless loaa
Is made Call and eel rates- I rant roco Cst
National Mortcjaze Loan Co
625 F st N w
If iou need money kIc ua a
call jou cun make jour otn
termn as to rcpajment oC lon
and the 3gis will be left 1A
your untilsturtitil possession
Our rotes Kill plenxe ou as
thev are the loest and our
method of lotnlng H tho best
nnd easiest o publicity
vntc oniccs
Washington Mortgage
610 1 10
Loan Co

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