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Ths Busy Corner The Smith Building
Always the Ilcut of Everything for
the Lmst Money
Oir Store Closes Ever Evening at 5
oclock Saturdays Excepted
Has brought out an imposing spread
of extraordinary prices It has been
Bailing under true colors aided by stiff
reduced price breezes It continues to
Klidc along In the same een tenure
with which it started out and when
Its once anchored those who realize
the many beautiful bargains it brought
with it will hae nothing but sweet
memories to think of
Our Usual Sale
of Hosiery
llae jou participated In the distri
bution of values in this department
Values that cannot be duplicated else
where We usuall make a specialty
of this line
vpmns full regular made
uuick nnc uouon Hose double
soles heels and toes our reg
ular 25c kind per p ilr
omen s extra size Hose Ilcrms
dorf fast black full regular made
plain black black with white nfr
feet and black with split soles S
choice per pair -
Womens All oer Lace Lisle Thread
Hose full regular made and ftm C
seamless In three qualities IS
atyles are all new EOc 83c and
Womens Navy Blue Four thread
Lisle Hose Rembrandt rib warranted
fast color suitable for bath- f wt
lng as well as dress regular - S
Mc quality per pair JmJ
Childrens Cotton Socks In
white black and tan colors m r
all sizes some sold for 25c IS
some for 3Gc new price w
Childrens All over Lace
Thread Socks In white black
red tan pink and blue all
sizes per pair
Boys Heavy Bicycle Ribbed Cotton
Hose fast black and seam
less sizes 6 to 10 Inches regu In 1C
Jir 19c quality reduced to I k
per pair 1
This department Is located first floor
Section 1 Smith Building
Books Books
From the best Book Department in
Carljles Works ten volumes 12mo
Jng gold back standard
euuion is value for
England 5
ilacaulays History of
vuiuuica nan leatner
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ec vm at i w for
Macaulays History of
England 5 volumes half c t A t
calf full Illustration 5 J A A
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oiumes gilt back pub
lished by Llpplncott
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2 -volumes cloth bound gilt
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trated all these beautiful UU
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Book department basement annex
Busy Corner Building
S Kann Sons Co
Busy Corner Smith Building
Market Space
leitic mid ICupjierbcr MuHt AiiKivvr
CliarKCH of Connplrncy
Louis Semel and Samuel Kuppcrberg
charged with conspiracy to defaud were
given a preliminary hearing bcrore Judge
O Donnell in the United States branch of
the Police Court yesterday They were
held In bonds of J20G0 to await the action
of the grand Jury and In default were re
manded to Jail
Semel and Kupperberg are accused of
trying to defraud the Washington Traction
and Electric Company by making a false
claim for damages for alleged personal
Injuries to the former
Feracl It is said boarded a car on the
Ninth Street line and when near the
Penrsjlvanla Railroad depot tumbled off
He appeared to be hurt and Kupperberg
ho was either on the car or was close at
hand when the alleged accident occurred
was it is said active In succoring Semel
end enquiring Into how the accident hap
pened Later It Is said he appeared at
the olliccs of the company and Hid a
claim for damages for Semel who he
raid had a broken arm The railway au
thorities told Kuppirlxrg they would In
titlBate tht matter
While the enquiry was being made a
third man appeartd and told the railroad
officials that efforts were being made to
defraud the company
Warrarts for the arrest of the alleged
conspirators were obtained and served
Irom the evidence given at the hearing
today It appears that Semel and Kupper
berg have been victims of railway acci
dents before It was said that Semel
tindtr the name of link had filed a tlalm
for alleged injuries Incurred on a Boston
line and that this he later compromised
for iU It was also stated that he now
under the name of Flnkclsteln has n
suit pending against a Baltimore road for
10 000 In both Instances Kupperberg
seems to have been on hand to look after
hla needs
The Ileal Iresrrlpttou for Malaria
Chilli and fever la a bottle of Crow Tastclrst
Chill Tunic It is simply Iron and quinine In a
tasteless form Jvo cure no pay Price 0c
3Iajor Sylvesters Estimates
the Fiscal Y nr 1U03
SnlnrltH and ti1k of lie Service
KSOIsVS The Ollle irs
mill Men Iiorlj l ilil for the He-
lioiixilile Unties Ileiiireil of Tliim
Major Richard jlv ester Superintendent
of Police e sterdi submitted to the
Commissioners a schedule of estimates for
the conduct of the department for the
fiscal eir ending June TO 1903 The sche
dule aggregates x0GSS or 173745 over
the appropriation for the current fiscal
ear The schedule Is accompanied with
a statement cxplanatorj of the amounts
asked and in defence of the betterment
of the department It Stveril particulars
The schedule follows
Major anil Superintendent 3 300
Captain anil assistant supcnntriidint 2ex
5 captains at lS0i aeh 903J
1 chief clerk who fchall also be property
cltrl 2000
1 thrl lTOO
3 clerks at W each 27ii0
4 surgeons of the Police and lire Depart
ments at each 2400
Additional compensation or sixteen pri
vates for pecia service in detection
and prevention of crime or so much
thereof a mav be nee es5ar 3 P40
10 lieutenants at Jt5el0 each 15000
41 sergeants at leO0 eaili 49310
245 privates of class 1 at 110 each HOjO
S3J invates of class 2 at SlOSO each 350400
3 telephone operators at SX each 1601
24 dole scrceants at SlOtO each 25KO
13 Ialwrers at 000 each 7600
Messenger 700
Messenger 600
Major anil Superintendent mounted 240
1 captain mounted 240
fl lieutenants sergeants and privates
mounted at 240 each 12240
CO serireanl and mate mounted on bi-
cvcles at 550 each 3000
24 driven at 540 each 20
1 police matron GOO
Kor rent of cub station at Anacostia 3oO
Kuel 3000
Repairs to stations 5000
Miscellaneous and contingent expenses in
cluding the purchase ot new wagons re
wards for fugitives modern revolver
installation c f card svstem in the de
partment stationer booss telegraph
ing printing binding gas ice wash
ing meals for prisoners furniture and
repairs thereto liedn and bed cloth
ing insignia of office purchase and care
of horses bicrelc s police equipments
and repairs to the same harness for
age repairs to vehicles van and pa
trol wagons and expenses incurred in
the prtvertion and detection of crime
and other neccssarj items 30000
1 motor vehicle for the use of Headquar
ters 1200
Flags and halyards for stationhouses 125
For erection of stationhousc and stable in
Southeast Washington on site of present
Fifth precinct station and furnishing of
same 30000
For rent of buildiner to be occupied tem
porarily during the construction ot the
new Fifth precinct station 600
Fcr rent of Police Headquarters and prop
erty rooms 2700
Total 1806625
In explanation of the above schedule
Major Sylvester sajs
After a period or thirty jears during
which time there was no departure from
the original organization of the Metro
politan Police Force in the District of
Columbia and In which time the -various
features of the social and business con
ditions to say nothing of the Govern
ment Institutions underwent great
changes incident to advancement and
progress everywhere and along all lines
It was deemed expedient to rearrange and
repair the system so as to make It In a
measure at leaEt competent to meet the
general development and changes Dur
ing the last Eesslon of Congress wise pro
vision was made for many of these yet
there remains much to be done before the
department will be Improved to such ex
tent as will make It what it should be
at the capital of the United States the
model for all others
For years the Major and Superintend
ent was taxed with many details not a
few of which partook of a clerical char
acter until his legitimate work was so
encroached upon as to Impair his useful
ness In many ways as the executive offi
cer of the department Minor matters
of detail absorbed so much of his time
as to absolutely prevent him from giving
that attention to more Important duties
so Important to the proper working of a
large body of men engaged In the pre
vention and detection of crime
By law npproved February IS 1901 a
captain and assistant superintendent
was provided who has been assigned to
the supervision of the most Important
auxiliary connected with the department
the detective bureau for the proper
and successful conduct of which the
Major and Superintendent Is held respon
sible in this jurisdiction Tho wisdom
of this assignment cannot be questioned
when it is understood that the official in
charge thereof is the closest In business
relationship and rank with the Major and
Superintendent Upon such representative
rests the responsibility of dividing the
work Involved in tho reduction of crime
and the apprehension of criminals For
merly an inspet tor of the force exercised
this authority and he was usually one
of the lieutenants A closer communion
and therefore a procedure on one lino
of policy Is now effected The captain and
assistant superintendent possesses that
authority in law which seeurts for him
the respect of the command immediately
in hand and of the whole force if neces
sary In the conduct of the secret serv
ice he gives It an impetus and intelligent
action which an officer of lower rank and
authority could not be expected to give
Tho result Is Improvement In the ab
sence of the Major and Superintendent
through leave or sickness he becomes
the acting head of the department and
having been selected from the ranks that
official Is enabled to properly superintend
the detective branch as well as the force
He must possess peculiar and many
qualifications give his time night and day
to the work in hand be a student and a
director possess firmness and ready ca
pacity for the solution of delicate prob
lems be honest and fair respectful and
willing kind and strong read human na
ture In its many phases know the law
of his own and other Jurisdictions have a
full knowledge of his men and properly
assign cast3 committed to his charge and
much more for the inadeejuatc compensa
tion of J1SO0 a year It Is unreasonable
to ask so much for so little and is not
in kteplng with whit would be the action
of a well regulited business firm or cor
poration In submitting these estimates
I hive recommended that the s ilary be
made at leist J2000 The statesman the
diplomat the rich and the poor must
at times conlide In this official for assist
ance and one worthy of such confidence
is surely worthy of n good living remun
The next Item of Increase relates to
the pay of the captains These oflicers
prior to inc enactment or the law ap
proved February Si 1901 and In the last
appropriation act were provided for as
lieutenant inspectors at 11600 per annum
There are four of them now and If It
should became necessary home diy to
call out the entire police forte of the Dis
trict one captain would command 150 pri
vates which to anvone familiar with
organization appears retklets and inexpe
dient No captain could be expected to
manipulate the proper working of more
than 100 so that If the department Is pro
vided with another official of such rank
It will nearlv adjust the organization
One captain Is now tinplojed mount
ed to visit all the stnllnnhouses In the
District to set- that the horses wagons
Inmess signal svstem supplies of all
kinds buildings uniforms
and property requirements are maintained
as they should be to inspect uniforms and
helmets as to make and vve ir to preside
at court martial hearings and to cover
all matters by proper written reports
Two ciptains exercise dil and night
ly supervision over two polte districts
each containing five precincts They
transmit and return to the teveral sta
tions In their respective districts nil offi
cial reports emanating from headquarters
all orders of the Major and Superinten
dent inspect the stations and enforce
economy in the use of materials and gas
reduce forage and laundry bills see that
he records arc kept In accordance with
aw enquire Into and observe the de
meanor of the members of the force keep
up an Interchange between the Mnjor and
Superintendent and th commanding offi
cials of the ten precinct stations com
pose membership in court martial caFes
make recommendations for the Improve
ment of the force inspect drill and tar
get practice visit the beats of the pri
vates at unexpected hours attend fires
ind assist nt miscellaneous drtles
The fourth captain is constantly en
gaged In promulgating the orders of the
Major and Superintendent in making de
tails and assignment of members of the
force in hearing and Investigating com
plaints of all Kinds receiving me public
summarizing reports inspecting and pass
ing on reqjtsitions ror supplies ana im
provements correcting deficiencies re
ported by the District captains and ex
ercising general duties Inside and outside
of headquarters and In keeping the Ma
jor and Superintendent in constant touch
vvitn the details as reported to and xrom
the ten precinct stitions He must also
act In court martial hearings
I recommend tint one more captain
be provided for all night service at Po
lice Headquarters to sjpervie the de
tective branch as well as the office of the
Major and Superintendent and that the
pay of the captains be raised from 1500
to 1800 a j ear
The remuneration of three stenograph
ers who are classed as clerks should b
at least 0X each One of them now re
ceives this compensation while two of
them get but 720 Their otllce hours are
from 9 until 5 o clock exceeding those ot
the Government clerk and they are con
stants emploved Including Sundajs and
holidays and I feel confident the small
Increase urged would be granted readilv
were the situation fully understood
The pay of the police and fire depart
ment surgeons should be increased and
the Increase recommended Is more than
earned when It Is realized that there are
over SOO men whp require their services
during the near In addition to visiting
the sick and injured It Is their duty to
examine all applicants for both branches
of the service Seven hundred and twen
ty dollars would be fair compensation for
the service required
Sixteen privates selected for their spe
cial qualifications are detailed as detectives-
Fourteen of these receive an ex
tra allowance of 240 a jear It is but
Just that the same pay should be provided
for the other two These men incur many
minor expenses in connection with their
work which they liquidate from their
private funds through their desire to suc
ceed in cases thej mav be handling and
all should be accorded equal means for
me increased drart on their resources
which are limited in any Instance The
continued petty thieving Incident to this
jurisdiction requires a strong and zea
lous detective service and every encour
aging facllit should be accorded It for
ready and successful action
The salaries of the several police lieu
tenants are 1320 each a year and they
have not been advanced for nbout fifteen
years while their duties have Increased
In every way Doubled commands police
regulations to enforce and twice the de
mands upon their time energy and Intel
ligence that formerly prevailed rifteen
hundred dollars would be more in keeping
with just return for the labor performed
and the same proposition holds good as to
the sergeants who have not realized be
yond the original pay awarded more than
a score of v ears ago They arc now paid
iiiv wmen snouia De an even zuu
Many jears ago the law making pow
ers established two classes of policemen
the first known as privates of class 1
the second as privates of class 2 The
former class was established as a proba
tion number at compensation of 900 per
annum and the number of them was in
such proportion to those to class 2 who
are paid 1MI a vear that after -a ser
vice of two years they could be advanced
to the higher grade of pay Practicing a
supposed plan of economy each jear
afterward when the force was Increased
the additional numbers were of class 1
generally so that now the original pro
portion Is badly broken and a private of
class 1 docs not earn his advancement
until he has served as such for about ten
vears Such provision has year by vear
served as a menace to the best service
discouraging those who have faithfully
labored and coveted the advancement
which was In the first place allotted to
come after two years satisfactory service
The 900 man is required to labor Just as
long do as much and grows older all
the time as does the 10MI man nnd jet
must stand the discrimination Owing to
the limited force It Is necessary to oper
ate the six hour change that is on duty
six hours on reserve six hours again on
duty six hours so that from twelve to
elgnteen hours work Is required of the
members of the force out of twenty four
It is not to be wondered at that members
of the force want tight hours jrovlded as
a dass work and nearly half of the force
receiving 15 a month more pay than the
others Such a condition Is not conducive
to the best results There must be unrest
If not open criticism
expecting a return to the nrobntlnn
period of tvvo years and then advance
ment to follow these faithful public ser
vants look to me as their spokesman to
urge consideration of this matter and I
think it onlv fair that the unnirrnt dis
crimination should be remedied and that
100 of the privates of class V should be
awarded the increase from 3iO to 1050
a j tar wnicn would restore the plan or
iginally provided by Congress and carry
with It that encouragement to the young
and active man who expects to win his
way by honest endeavor
Two more desk sergeants will be re
quired for the substation at Tcnlej town
one for day and one for night tmploj
ment These employes were known In the
last appropriation bill as station keep
ers but the act approved February 2S
1901 made them desk sergeants in ordtr
to have authority in the station house
during the absence of the lieutenant or
sergeant and that an ofllcer empowered
to accept collateral might alwajs be Ip at
tendance They have many nnd varied
duties of a police and clerical character
to perform which I will mo e fully ex
plain In a supplemtntal report They arc
on duty twelve hours each and now re
ceive M0 a year As their duties are in
creased and they have become mtmbers
of the force to all intents and purposes
as well as being clerks their pay should
be advanced from what It was jears ago
to 10S0 per annum which I sincerely
hope may be done
Two more laborers arc asked for one
to have charge of the work at the Ten
lev town station one at the sub station at
Anacostia and I recommend that the bal
ary of the laborers In this department be
fixed at G0O
Favorable action was had upon the
recommendation of your Major and Su
perintendent last year that an appropria
tion of 00 each per annum be allowed as
mounted service to that number of pri
vates of the force riding bicycles Under
Eczema is caused by an acid humor in
the blood cominjj in contact with the
skin and producing great redness and in
flammation little pustular eruptions form
and discharge a thin sticky fluid -which
dries and scales off sometimes the skin is
hard dry and fissured Eczema in any
form is a tormenting stubborn disease
and the itching and burning at times are
almost unbearable the acid burning
humor seems to ooze out and set the skin
on fire Salves washes nor other exter
nal applications do any real good for as
lonjj as the poison remains in the blood
it will keep the skin irritated
For three years I
had Tetter on my
hands which caused
tbem to awcll to twice
their natural size Tart
of the time the disease
was in the form of run
ning sores very pain-
iui Bnu cauing me
much discomfort Tour
doctors said the Tetter
liad progressed too far
to be cured and they
could d nothiug for
me I took only three
bottles of S S S nnd
was completely cured
Thi3 was fifteen years
ago nnd I have never
since seen any sign of my old trouble Mas
L B Jacksov i4ij McCtc St Kansas City Mo
S S S neutralizes this acid poison
cools the blood and restores it to a health v
natural state and the rough unhealthy
skin becomes soft smooth and clear
cures Tetter Ery
sipelas 1soriasis Salt
Rheum nnd all skin
llicoCAC ttn
tf i nnip
this provision the men purchase their
own wheels and keep them In repair
throughout the jear As their tours of
duty are adjusted with the limited num
her of wheels at command two men pa
trol during the clayi and a relief of two
men during the night until 12 oclock
when one man making the fifth com
pletes the day by operating through the
precinct until morning This detail num
bers five men to each precinct or fifty
men in the ten precbicts
It Is advisable that this force be In
creased at least ten which wculd re
quire a further annual appropriation of
300 This would enhble the assignment
of the same number of men for dtilv be
tween midnight nnd morning as are en
gaged in the work during the day time
and up to 12 oclock at night
An increase of three drivers will be
made necessary by the opening of the
Tenlevtown statlonhouse one for day and
one for night duty and the assignment of
the Major and Superintendents driver to
the Tenth precinct statlonhouse In ex
planation of the latter clause the Major
and Superintendent is at this time de
prived of the use of a driver and must
pay such expense from his ow n resources
Bv reason of the transfer of the am
bulance service from this department to
the Board of Charities four drivers are
dropped from the police roll
Two drivers are assigned to each of the
ten precincts and one to the Police Court
van which makes dally hauls of pris
oners from the stationhouses to the court
and from the court to the jail or work
The next Item is that of a police ma
tron At the present time three matrons
are cmnloved under the police appropria
tion two of whom do the searching and
care for the prisoners at the House of
Detention and the thirel has supervision
of women who arc not proper subjects
for the latter Institution and who may
be held at the statlonhouse
It Is at once apparent that a single
matron cannot give twenty four hours
service at the statlonhouse hence this
request for an additional emplove In this
line of work
With the new Tenth precinct station
open and another station In Tcnleytown
there must be an increased supply of
roil furnished the department and for
this extra heating an estimate Is made
for 0 In addition to the current appro
priation In this connection I might add
thit the Increased price of coal will at
once emphasize the fact that this is an
economical recommendation
Many of the patrol wagons purchased
for the department over ten years ago
have experienced their days of useful
ness and It will be neccssarj to supplant
them bj new ones In order to do so the
contingent fund must be added to This
consideration the expenses involved in
an Increased police force bj way of beds
bedding gas Ice and In fact the multi
plicity of needs convince mc that 30000
for the ensuing year will be a small and
close estimate
I am here reminded that for the past
two jears Congress cut down the esti
mates of jour Superintendent in this re
spect which for the first time caused
the incurring of a deficiency After a rec
ord for jears without a deficiencj it was
disappointing to the Major and Superin
tendent to have to Involve the depart
ment in debt at all and It Is to be hoped
that Congress will give the Items stated
that consideration which will result In
ample provision being made in this re
lhc detective bureau has property re
covered to secure or prisoners and wit
nesses to transfer from Headquarters to
other places and to make prompt and
rapid convejance of the same the trans
portation facilities which it Is now
to hire should be owned bj the de
partment A patrol wagon might be call
ed from Its legitimate aise at a station
but this would Impair the precinct work
and give rise to proper criticism from citi
zens in front of whose premises such a
convejance might be stopped I have es
timated for a motor vehicle for this and
other purposes
An Inspection of the Fifth precinct sta
tion building would result In Its condem
nation Erected thlrtj odd years ago It
todaj presents but few fenturts which
would Indicate It to be a stationhouse In
the modern acceptation of the term
There Is a flight of stairs to climb before
It can be reached dark rows of Iron
clls encased In solid masonry without
ventilation give it more the appearance
of the Black Hole of Calcutta than any
thing else The basement at times over
flows with water and the rear jard ad
Joining the sleeping rooms Is continually
damp and covered -with insanitary dls
colorations The antiquated closets arc
contiguous to the so called dormitory
where members of the force must sleep
the dreams of the slumberers to be dis
turbed by an intolerable degree of heat in
summer and the disgusting odors which
have their origin In the next door closets
nt all times The lot which Is owned by
the District is on a corner and is am
ple in extent for the erection of a suita
ble station edifice and stable The old
building should be torn down and a new
one erected in lis stead the cost of which
Is included in the estimates at 30000 The
location is In Southeast Washington ad
mirably situated for the purposes In the
midst of a well populated district em
bracing the Library of Congress the Capi
tol the navy jard and hundreds of busi
ness houses and private residences
If provision Is made for the erection of
a statlonhouse and stable in Southeast
Washington on the present site of the
Fifth precinct the housing of the com
mand temporarily or during the period
when the house Is under construction is
a question which must be disposed of
and it is suggested that an appropriation
of C0O be made for the rental of a build
ing for such purposes
In support of the propositions hereto
fore presented the Major and Superin
tendent will be prepared to furnish data
from other localities in the United States
wherein the reasonableness of the increase
of paj recommended wall be shown
Then we filter the
Then we sterilize
And Schlitz beer is aged
The beer that makes you
bilious is green beer
When you order a beer
for your home get the health
fulness without the harm
Gt a pure beer get an old
beer get Schlitz Call for
the Brewery Bottling
Pl one 4S0 ScMiti
61S 21 U fci b V Washlnston
onVd condition ofhe Rstssssrv im
blood Send for our book and write us -X
about your case Our physicians have
made these diseases a life study and can
help you by thetir advice we make no
chargeforthisservice All correspondence
b conducted in strictest confidence I
Whatever you drink out
side let your home beer be
Schlitz That is pure beer
No bacilli in it nothing to
make you bilious
Beer is a saccharine pro
duct and the germs multiply
rapidly in it The slightest
taint of impurity quickly
ruins its healthfulness
We go to the utmost ex
tremes to prevent that
Cleanliness is a science
where Schlitz beer is brewed
We even cool the beer in
Elate glass rooms in nothing
ut filtered air
m ttv uA t 1 ivr
S2SSFjWk 2s1
nfiiin ITrMJrffilftry
Major Syl ester Reviews a Clash
of Policeman and Marines
The Ictriitmniis hniignnge Tnwnril
nn Officer of the Ilarraeka Con
di iiiniil Licenses to IH xlcluns V
Inlniun IurU Petition Answered
Major Sjlv ester yesterday forwarded to
the Commissioners the papers in the case
of Private F M Dent charged with in
toxication and conduct unbecoming a po
liceman Before the trial Ofllcer Dent was
found not guiltj Major Sylvester in pass
ing upon the case appended the follow
ing statement
Appreciating the hardships which at
tach t barracks life the Superintendent
of Police exercised every prerogative and
liencj within his gift to ensure to the
marines engaged In baseball recreation
a means of securing the same with the
least possible restrictions The Superin
tendent went so far as to confer with
Col T A Bingham United States Army
Superintendent of Public Buildings and
Grounds who has the so itheast plaj
ground under his supervision also with
Lieutenant Scott who had charge of the
Marine baseball team and It was hoped
that might occupy the ground re
ferred to without incurring the hostllltj
of the residents of that locality but when
It was found that complaints were being
made charging inattention and inactivity
on the part of the police when the
ers knocked their ball into tho street
Heber L Thornton and others
of Crammers Addition to Takoma
Park recently united In a communication
to tho Commissioners requesting certain
information relative to the grade of
streets and railroad tracks in that sub
division The petitioners cited the fact
that in ltM thirty six acres of land were
subdivided Just west of Takoma Station
and that streets ninctj fett wide were
dedicated to the District taking in all
about nine acres of land They also called
attention to the fact that the Brlghtwood
Hallway Company constructed a railroad
on Umatilla Street upon grades approved
by the Engineers Office They com
plalntd that these tracks were so elevated
on Umatilla Street as to practically ruin
several squares of ground for building
Having stated these facts the petition
ers wanted to know whether the car
tracks are really laid in conformity with
approved grades and also whether grades
could not he established at the intersec
tions of rifth and Sixth Streets with Um
atilla Street They stated that they had
lost several sales on account of the doubt
In the minds of prospective purchasers as
to the stability of the grades ot the car
tracks the parties mentioned not being
willing to run the risk of having the
street car tracks lowered when the street
Improvement takes place
The Petitioners also state Ihat n rtrnnn
lithlc sidewalk had been laid on the north
side of Vermillion Strctt from Fifth to
Seventh streets northwest and they said
that this sidewalk fell toward Tifth Street
at such a steep grade that if adjoining
property was to be considered level street
crossings such as have been established
at Sixth and Vermillion streets were un
suitable unsightly and very injurious to
interests The petitioners asked
that In connection with the improvement
of Vermillion Street this year a grano
lithic sidewalk be laid on the south side
from Fifth Street to the Piney Branch
The foregoing statement was referred
to the surface division of the Engineer
Department and C II Hunt the comput
ing engineer has reported as follows
I recommend that the work described
be included In the next list to be adver
tised for objections under the assessment
svstem being requested bv a mntoritv of
the abutting property I also recommend
mat tne petitioners be informed of this
action and that they be further told that
the grade of the railroad tracks on Uma
tilla Street conforms very closelj le the
npproved grade which nas been establish
ed nftiT rv enrful innii1rnHin nf
different Interests Involves The details
of the grade erf the new walk will be given
carenu consiuerauon at me time of Its
The above report has been approved by
the Commissioners and the petitioners will
be so Informed
As the result or the examinations held
under the direction of the Board of Med
ical Supervisors In July the follow Ins
named physicians were jestenlay licensed
to practice medicine Drs Iercy A
Howard V Barker Herman K
Kittredse Charles A Tlgnor Andrew B
Miller Nell D Graham Philip S Chan
cellor George I Simpson Henry I Col
lins John P Sellman jr William T Da
is Samuel J Morris Adolphus Ii Ben
nett jr Walter II Merrill rjltjih S Ma
son Thomas S D Grasly Ioicn B T
Johnson lrank I Iliiicoe Henry Bicas
Will L Iles Koce M Iurmin Willi im
13 Phlles Gioree 13 Lewis Clifford Spe
Onl three of the phjslclins examined
failiel to attain the per cent necessary to
entitle them to licenses As the result of
a similar examination Mrs Annie 13 ISur
Bess ami Mrs M i II Williams were
licensed by the board to practice inid
Clurleb Earl of the Columbian Ilulld
Intr recent wrote ta the Commissioners
r lathe to the tai sale and Issue of a
lax deed on pirt of lot 1 squtre II He
nslcs that In lew of the possible sale of
tho property If a tax deed Is asked
for In connection with a certificate held
j by Robert Slater In the amount of 11713
lt be withheld until a hearing can be had
upon the subject
The matter was referred to the tax de
partment and the Assessor has reported
mat the Records of his office show that
the tax sale certificate is outstanding no
deed havlmr been Issued As the holder
of the certificate Is entitled to a tax
v thc -Assessor says there Is no au
thority of law to withhold the same
whenever It Is called for The Assessor
recommends that Mr Earl be so informed
A claim for extra work was recently
presented to the Commissioners by W D
Spier due to the deepening of the trenches
and the use of additional brick In laying
the foundations of the male workhouse
on the grounds of the Washington Asjl
um The Inspector of Buildings states In
his report upon the matter that his office
has erarefully computed the cost of the
extra work nnd material and recommends
that the contractor be allowed 377 60 upon
his claim This recommendation has the
approval of the Engineer Commissioner
nnd it Is understood that the board will
acquiesce In the decision
The Assessor today reported favorably
upon the application of Edward Derrick
of S00 Nineteenth Street northwest who
requested the refund of the amounts paid
for assessment for Improvements on lot
2 and 3 square 1093 for the years 1900 and
1901 The Assessors report was based
upon erroneous payment of the tax
The Commissioners acting upon the
complaint ot Z S Bjckler of 1S32 Ninth
Street northwest today approved tho
recommendation of the Elctrical Engi
neer that the Chesapeake and Potomac
Telephone Company be Informed of the
presence of attend wire stretched over the
roof of thepremlses named -and that tht j
be requested to remove the same
making themselves subjects for the en- A MOTHER SITES FOR HEB CHILD
forcement of the regulations an under
standing was had In such in
stances they were to furnish collateral
and be spared the embarrassment of be
ing placed In a station
As the citizens continued to protest it
became necessary for the police to be
mindful of their duties which It was In
tended should be performed with the least
harshness practicable On the occasion
In question the regulation was technical
ly violated and two of the marines were
placed on their honor and permitted to
go Into the barracks for the purpose of
making arrangements to answer the
charge one of them giving a name other
than his own Finding that they failed
to keep their tvord the policeman ap
plied to tho officer of the day for the
men but did not secure them as they
had left the barracks He was told to
procure warrants which he did but made
a mistake as to the Identity In the cai
of one of the men arrested i
It Is admitted that It is a dangerous
us unpleasant as it may nave apv a i
to those Interested nothing remain 1 i
him but to proceed The ocjr ia ct
be emphatically reminded that the grat
uitous remarks which It is shown he made
to the officer of the day were unwar
ranted although therer may have been
some provocation and I shall take occa
sion to educate him In this particular
As to the officer being Intoxicated that
Is not proven He is a man of florid com
plexion whichmlght lead to such a con-
elusion was there disposition so to de
termine but his statement that he was
not in such condition is substantiated hy a-
number of citizens whose habits in this
respect are most exemplary
I recommend with the single excep
tion of the oldcers conduct which I have
noted that the charges be dismissed
mindful at the same time that the two
marines should have maintained their
understanding with the police and have
made response to tho officers summons
after they reported at the barracks In
stead of misleading him by giving a
wrorg name In one instance and in elud
ing him by going to the riv er
I regret this occurrence following a
disposition to serve the members of the
ball team and their estimable leader
whom I know personally to be an officer
of excellent standing but I cannot help
feeling that the defendant was endeavor
ing to do his to the best of his
ability believing that he would be sup
ported by the complainants whose co
operation was promised
Sim L C Welln Auk to Be Awarded
lt CaMtody
Proceedings were Instituted yesterday
by Louise Wells against her former
husband Fenton G Wells asking that a
decree of the court awarding Fenton the
custody of their child be revoked and that
she be awarded Its
It is explained in the petition filed by
Mrs Wells that In May 1S97 she and her
husband were divorced The proceedings
were begun by her but the separation
was granted on the cross bill filed by
Wells who alleged that his wife deserted
him The decree of divorce obtained bj
Wells stipulated that Mrs Wells should
have tho care and custody of their child
and that its father was to 10 month
ly for Its maintenance
In June 1900 however the decree was
modified giving the custody of the child
to the father an J relieved him from the
further payment of 10 monthly to his
former wife
thing for n police officer to relinquish ill It was stipulated In the amended de
duty after having taken formal steps it i however that Mrs Wells should
have the privilege of havinsr her child In
her custody every other between
the hours of 9 a m and 5 p m
Mrs Wells declares that without the
of the court her former hus
and has removed her child to Briggs
Clark couzv Vn So long as the child Is
allowed to remain there she declares that
the privileges granted her in the amend
ed order of the court are being denied
her and she asks that the decree of Octo
ber 24 1900 be annulled and declared void
Mrs Wells further states that she is
now residing at No 2140 Pennsjlvania
Avenue and is amply able and willing to
provide for her child and asks the court
to again award her Its Henry E
Davis and Kirkwood Flora are named as
counsel for the petitioner
TThf iUnsfliinflton Times
AVentlicr Indications
Fair today and tomorrow light southeasterly
windj becoming southwesterly
Highest temperature 2 pra E0
Lowest temperature Gam 67
bun rose
Moon rises
512 AJf I Sun sets 6 KrM
515 AM Jloon sets
Low tide 1 M AM and 210 PM
High tide J IS AMandSlSlM
Lamps lit toda
Lamps out tomorrow
731 PM
121 AM
Kemans Topy Turvy Burleseiuere after
noon and evening
A Ilrokcn Slot Machine Found
A slot machine broken open and emptied o
its- contents both cash and merclianduef was
found in Ihe rear of Truck D of the Fire Depart
ment The machine wa3 jmoved to the Second
precinct police station xsuthlng I known of
the original location of the machine
To Stop ItceUIeHH Car Jumping-
Major Sylvester lias called the attention of the
police through their lieutenants tc the reckless
manner in which hoys jump en and off moving
cars in -violation of the police regulations and
has instructed them that they must do all in
their power to put a stop to uch recklessness
To Examine a DcntI Doj for liable
Toliccman F Siebert of the Secono precinct
police station about 3 30 yesterday afternoon
at the request of the owner Edward Booze shot
a supposed mad dog on Mr Boozes premises
J 30 lihode bland Avenue The dos had bitten
a siattr of the owner Genevieve JJooze three
jears of ace The carcaa of the U04 was re
moved to the Bureau of Animal Industry for ex
An Unknown Colored Hosm Ilnrinl
The bodv of the unknown colored boy who was
drowned in the basin at the foot of Fourteenth
Street a week ago will be buried in the potters
field this morning If it is not previously
claimed In preparation for burial and to
permit of possible future identification the
bodj was photouraphed jcrterdaj b Department
Photographer Johnson A number of persons hate
called at the trorzue and Mewed the bodv but
-none of them lias been able to idintif it The
Doy was aiouc nine or ten jears ow and was
clothed in rays
AV1U if John Commit
The will of John Connolly datcil September 6
ljuy was filed for probate jesterdar The testator
bt ueatli to his diuqhter liar Margaret McKec
premises 2123 K Mrcet northurc st and a small
lot ia sub lot A in square 2 fronting on ii
Street and Twenty woml Street northwest To
his on Francis 11 Connolli is left the j remises
in the rear ot 2123 K Street anil also premises
729 and 731 Tuentr first Street and 2U0O due
fiom the Catholic Knuht3 o America and any
otner money unuti me rcsiaior may iue it is
aloo directed that 25 be ghen to each of the
testators grandchildren
IV Charge Kiilnst n leillccMiiun
J Patterson as counsel for Jennie lalden
colored who was recently tried and fined by
Judc Mills on complaint of 1ohccman Stetenton
whom he charges with bcin the father of her
child will this mominjr move for a new trial
in her cae It is also said that he will brinj
two cml actions strain- tho policeman one for
Jennie and the other in behalf of her mother
lieutenant Jurdin has been nulvin an investiga
tion in the Interests of the Police Department
and it is -aid that the officer strains wnom the
charges have been preferred will be uianoned
before the trial board on suuruay and gnen an
opportunity to clear hiniMit
V Hnpl lUcowrj rrom Injnr
Ilenrv Doie who it was thought had been
BcnoiMy injured jesterdi morning by a Lot
falling on him and who ua mi Ten n so severe
from jJiock when he nachd the LmtrTgener
Hospital tint a thorough examination was
dtimed adwable recuperated rapldh dtirinr the
day Toward evening it was thought afe to
permit him to go home with hi w fe and enter
Ioc 1- thirtv nme years oTd and Iita near ths
comer of Honda Vvcmuand Nirth street north
west citrda morning almut It oelotk he wai
engaged in loading a wagon In front of ISIS Wilt
hcrgcr htrect northwest when he lost control of
a heavy box which he lifting and it fell
upon him inflicting the injur which necessitated
his going to the hospital
C A S TO R I A Fcrlafaalsand CMta
The Kind You Have Always Bought
k -
Good Sideboard
Poorly Priced
iKy a aiw
A moat excellent Sldoboard
largo and roomynicoly polish
ed heavy carvinp beveled
plato mirror
Mayer Pel
415 417 Seventh Street
Use Coke once and youll never use
coal daring the heated term Makes a
hot fire while yon want it Uzring no
dirt and no clinkers Just the thing for
this season Order some today
ii bushels Large Ooke delirered 100
10 bushel Large Coke delirered S2M
CO bushels Large Coke delirered 110
25 bushels Crushed Coke delivered 250
40 bushels Crushed Coke delirered 370
60 bushels Cni Jied Coke delivered 530
UJ Tenth Street N W
Just the thing it youre
ft lawn to sprinkle every
CTening Fastens to the
end ot the watering hose
Throws the water in all
directions Price 25c
Coal 5 Per Ton
New River Red Ash Eg CoaL luitabU for
range grate steam hot water or hot air fur
Give It a trial
702 11th St K W
tth and K Sti S W 13m and D Sts S W
All the newest and most
attracting styles fcin xnen f
shoes Blacks tam pat
ent leather Equal to any
HOT shoes SO CA
043 PennaylTsnlav A rean
2cH I llWlliM
n s J
Genuine stamped C C C Never sold In bdk
Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
something Just as good
Amon ths Interesting exhibits
at the late Parij Exposition was a
fine display of Roruk Air Cushion
Truares ot all kinds supporters
and various aopliancca for men
women and children from 1224
F St 2i TV which took the high
est award over all competitors
American and foreign The RoncJc
Air Cushion Tru3s Company lcadj
the world To weeks trial Two
years guarantee Catalogue and
consultation free 1221 7 St X
II r Yn ra Unit Piju Ccpjtr Cobrtd Sjcti lcio Oil
IlSie 10U Sore rji jn tli Voutl Hur lifLjf writ
for proofs of cure We solicit th most otXint
bars enrol thd worst eases in 15 to 23 darb
pitaliSm lOU pac book FREE No branch oUton
1651 Masonic Temcle Chlcao Ill
OrlrlnaJainil Ittalw 2 t
F Alvsrsrrtiabi LIt tut Vntriit
tor IiaUlH
In 1IEII ad OoM nctiUJc boitn actvlej
with MaaTrifchon Talin aA rrti
1CtftUi SabsHUatUiM and Iralta
tla But f TBar Dmrnt cr uni j tm
1 Jillr rr Ladle tnr by re-
Ilnifrini t kil a a
Meatta UU pr J J V
Uric Acid Which Poisons
The blood and weakens the Kidneys qu Icily ex
pelled by usioi Uarnera Safe Cure Sold by U
Phnnr I7i 12 quart bottles tne Wasi
riiuiiv IW1 Ington Drewmg Cs tamoui
ffir RpOr Golden Hop Beer nr L De
1U1 UWLi
llTered in unlettered wagons
AvciimimI of MenliHpr n IHcjele
XeUon Shepherd a colored boy fourteen rears
old was arrested jcterday aftcrncvifi by Police
man Siebert chansrd with grand lircenv The
boy is accused of stealing a bicycle valued at
J5 from Latijette Leaman
Ilnrrlajje IalcenscH Imtuetl
Marriage licence were issued 3 esterJay t George
II Kroner anil Harriet E Jeter Jack E Brown
District of Columbia and Josephine B 0urt
ne Culpeper Va Chirlc J Fester aid Fllz
tbeth Slorgan Frank I Horan and Pearl
E Tat lor William C Lipphard aid Bessie L
Browning Harry M Ball and Marr E Kellev
Clarence W Jleloney and 31attie Kerr Server
Horace A Manjrum and Bebeecca 31 Burrows
Harr B Chae and Sadie I Bean
Tli I eat I Hecorcl
The following deaths for twenty four hours were
reported at the Health Department tip to neon
yesterday Thon as S3 jears Mr Harriet
L Noraan CI years Chanty nn Pierce 59
yars Sarah Chisle 55 years Martha Pitt3 Sted
mans 53 jears Ferdinand Lovrenstcin 45 yrr
Henry Bell 37 years Louise Kelly 21 yeirs
William Thomas Brown 2 years Charlc E
cIi ckles 13 jears John Thomas Bent 13 rears
Kurt Robert F C Voeleckner 1 jear wlet
Mi Hired nn Lee Cole 1 year Clara Sdve 1
month Benjamin Saunders 1 month Benjamin
Green 5 dajs
Bears tho

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