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Finihlied Strong Hut Failed to De
feat the Senator-
The Spider Drove lee Irom the ltox
When lliej Recovered Ibclr 1UU
tliiK 12es Mercer Complete the
Gnme IIiiiiiIIIj Llluismiin Hurt
Yefcterdiij Grime
American League
Washington 13 Clevelind 11
Detroit 5 Boston 3
National League
Philadelphia 7 New York G
Boston 5 Brooklvn 1
Chicago 4 Pittsburg 1
Pittsburg 2 Chicago 1
TodrtjN GmtleH
American League
Washington at Cleielind
Baltimore at Chicago
Philadelphia at Milwaukee
Boston at Detrlot
National League
Brookljn at Boston
Philadelphia at New York
Chicago at Plttburg
Clnlclnnatl at St Louis
Hovr he CIuli Mitntl
Chicigo 5
Boston 61
Baltimore 55
Detroit 57
Philadelphia 55
Washington 46
Milwaukee 37
jtioval levgue
Pittsburg CI
Philadelphia 2
Brooklyn 1
Bt Louis 69
Boston 52
Chicago S
New York 42
Lost PCt
Lost PCt
4ft 601
47 565
50 511
66 421
59 416
59 416
CLEVELAND Ohio Aug 29 After
plajing In listless fashion during the ear
ly part of the game throwing away sev
tral chances of run making by dopy play
ing and with the score standing 13 to 1
the Cle elands made a nnlsh that scared
the Senators but failed to land the game
Seeral of the home plajers appeared to
be very tind when the game was started
and although Lee was batted for nine
hits In fie innings the best that the
Buckejes could do was to score one run
while the Senators were halng great
srort In sending men across the plate
with the kind assistance of Umpire Con
nolly on two occasions Yet had the
Clev elands played their game the contest
would hae been a pretty one
Bracken did not pitch a bad game but
the Senators took a liking to hi pitching
all the time and in six Innings had batted
out fifteen hits for a total of eighteen
bises True several of these hits were
made when chances had been offered to
retire the side and two close decisions
given agalnt Cleveland but this was no
reason whv the locals should have quit
It was In the seventh Inning that the
Clev elands started to play ball but it
was too late although the visitors were
given a good scare Lee who had been
batted hard all afternoon was forced to
retire during the middle of the eighth
inning and Mercer was called in to save
the game and he was equal to the
emergency A hit In the seventh or
eighth inning especially In the former
would have done great damage With
one out in the seventh Cleveland scored
four runs and the bases were full But
the best the next two baiters could do
was to give a foul and strike out
In the ninth Inning Coughlin saved the
game by a grand stop of Bradleys low
grass cutter which forced La Chance at
Four ot the Cleveland batsmen made
four hits apiece which assisted greatly
In the batting average line The game
was loosely plajed In the Held by both
teams which may account for so many
Clingman of the Senators was hit by
a pitched ball In the second inning In the
leg and was forced to retire from the
game it Is not likely that he will be able
to plav for several days This forced a
change In the make up of the visitors
Foster coming In to short and Gear play
ing left field Two games will be plajed
tomorrow The score
Waldron cf 2 4 5 10
Farrell 2b 12 3 2 0
Dungan If 0 2 10 0
Clarke c 0 14 0 0
Grady lb 2 2 7 0 1
Poster If ss 1114 0
Coughlin 3b 3 14 4 0
Clingman ss 10 0 0 0
Gear If 112 0 0
I ee p 2 2 0 4 1
Mercer p 0 0 0 0 0
Total3 13 16 27 15 2
Pickering cf 3 4 5 11
O Bricn rf 3 4 l 0 1
Beck 2b 0 13 3 0
Ia Chanee lb 2 4 6 0 1
Bradley 3b 12 3 2 0
Harvey If 0 4 3 10
Shiebeck ss 1113 0
Connor c 0 0 5 1 0
Bracken p 110 4 0
Totals 11 21 27 13 3
Washington 14204200 013
Cleveland 01000044 211
rirst base by errors Bracken 5 Lee L
Left on bases Cleveland 12 Washington
8 First base on balls Off Lee 1 Struck
out B Bracken 2 by Lee 1 Three base
hit Bradley Two base hits Shiebeck
OBrien Pickering Harvey Grad Fos
ter Gear Waldron stolen baes Wal
dron Grady Coughlin Double play Shie
beck to Beck to li Chance Hit bv pitch
er Clingman Wild pitch Mercer em
pire Connollj Time of game 2 hours
Error lnrgcl IlejtpoiiHlIile or the
- Vletorj of Detroit
DETROIT Aug 29 Boston got three
runs In the fifth Inning today and save el
a shut out Sievers pitched star ball and
was given glt cdgcd support Bostons
errors were responsible for most of De
troits runs The score
2 U TO A E
Barrett cf 1 2 5 0 0
Holmes rf 1 17 0 0
Casey Zb 0 12 0 0
Gkason 2b 0 12 0 0
Klbvrfeld ss 1 12 3 0
Nance If 1 12 0 0
Dillon lb 0 3 C 0 0
McAllister c 1 0 13 0
Stovers p 0 0 0 10
Totals 5 10 27 7 0
Dowd If 113 0 1
Etahl cf 0 13 0 0
Collins 3b 0 113 1
Freeman lb 0 17 2 0
Hemphill rf 0 10 0 0
Parent ss 0 0 2 3 1
Ferris 2b 0 15 2 2
Crlger c 10 3 4 0
Winters p 110 10
Totals 3 7 21 15 5
TTctrolt 11000210 x 5
Boston 00003000 03
First base by errors Detroit 3 Left
an bases Boston 4 Detroit 7 rirst
base on balls Off Winters 3 off Sievers
Z -Struck out By Sievers 1 Two base
hits Hemphill Dowd EJberfeld Sacri
fice lilts Holmes Sievers Stolen bases
Barrett Nance Double plays Parent
and Terrls Freeman and Crlger Umplro
Cantllllon Time ot game 1 hour and
40 minutes
A Plcnsnnt Duty When I know iny
thing worthy of recommendation I consider It my
duty to tell It ui Iter James Murdock ol
Hamburg Pa Dr Agnewi Catarrhal Powder
las cured me of Catarrh ol fivo yctra standing It
la rtrtalnly magical in 1U effect The first appli
cation benefited me In fire minutes Bold by
S Williams Ninth and F Streets Edmonds
Wllliims Third Street and lcanirlvinla Arc
ane 7
Tilt Plmte mid ClilcnfiH feplll
neii lit IlttMlmrK
PITTSBUBG Pa Aug 29 Pittsburg
and Chicago each won n game here today
In the first ecnt Hughes allowed the
lenders onl two hits and beat Doheny
who also pitched well
The second game was another pitchers
battle but Chcsbro had a hhadc the bet
ter of It and had the honor of scoring
the winning run in the ninth The score
riTTsnuRG n n ro a i
Clark If 0 0 10 0
Beaumont cr 0 12 0 0
Davis rf 0 0 S 1 0
Wagner ss 10 3 2 0
Bransflcld lb 0 0 12 0 0
Illtchcy 2b 0 0 14 0
Leach 3b 0 10 3 0
Yeager c 0 0 6 2 1
Doheny p 0 0 0 0 1
Clarke If
Beaumont cf
Davis rf
I Wagner ss
HransIIelil lb
Ritchey 2b
Leach 3b
O Connor c
Chesbro p
27 12
mn Afin a II TO A E
Hartzel If 2 10 0 0
Green cf 10 3 0 0
Dexter 3b 0 13 0 0
Dojlc lb 1 0 10 0 1
Rajmer ss 0 12 2 0
Chllds 2b 0 2 13 0
Mcnefee rf 0 2 0 0 0
Kahoc c 0 0 S 1 0
Hughes p 0 0 0 3 0
Totals 4 7 27 9 2
Pittsburg 01000000 0 1
Chicago 00020002 0 4
First base on balls Off Doheny 1 off
Hughes 2 Struck out By Dohcnv 4 by
Hughes 4 Three base hits Hartzel
Beaumont Sacrifice hits Kahoe Mene
fee Stolen base Ramer Double plays
Davis Yeager Hit by pitcher Clarke
Wild pitch Hughes Passed ball Yeager
Umpire ODay Time of game 1 hour
and 40 minutes Attendance 50
The Second Gitiiic
It II 10 A E
0 2 10 0
0 2 4 0 0
0 12 0 0
0 0 10 0
0 1 10 00
0 0 14 0
10 2 2 0
0 15 10
1112 0
S 27
Hartzel If 0 3 2 0 0
Green cf 0 0 3 11
Dexter 3b 0 0 4 2 0
Dojle lb 0 17 10
ItajmT ss 0 0 112
Childs lb 112 2 1
Menefee rf 0 12 0 0
Kahoe c 0 0 3 0 0
Eason p 0 0 0 2 0
1 6 24 9 5
None out when winning run was scored
Pittsburg 00000010 12
Chicago 00000010 0 1
rirst base on balls Off Chesbro 1 off
Eason 3 Struck out By Chesbro 4 by
Eason 1 Three base hit Menefee Sac
rifice hit Davis Stolen base Hartzel
Double play Chesbro to Bransfleld Hit
by pitcher Dexter Passed ball O Con
nor Umpire O Dav Time of game 1
hour and 50 minutes Attendance 6500
QimUer Down the filnnts In a IonK
Drnvvn Uut Gnme
NEW VORK Aug 29 The Quakers
downed the New Yorks today In a long
drawn out and poorly plaed game The
New Yorks could not hit Townsend bjt
the Philadelphia pitchers wild pitches
and Barrys fumbles came near giving
the game to the locals The score
Thomas cf 2 2 0 0 0
Barry 2b 12 2 6 3
Hick rf 12 110
Dilehanty If 3 2 10 0
Jackiitseh c 0 18 3 0
Jeininga lb 0 3 S 1 0
Hallman 3b 0 0 2 10
Cross ss 0 0 3 3 1
Townsend p 0 110 0
Totals 7 13 27 15 4
Selbach If 2 0 10 1
Strang 3b 0 0 0 2 0
Van llaltrcn cf 12 3 0 0
Davis ss 112 10
McBride rf 114 10
Murphy 2b 0 0 14 2
Gunzel lb 0 0 10 0 0
Bowcrman c 0 1 6 2 0
Taylor p 10 0 0 0
JllcKman u u u u u
Matthewson p 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 6 5 27 10 3
Batted for Taj lor In eighth
Philadelphia 10102300 07
New Tiork 1J1100211 0 6
rirst base by errors New York 3
Philadelphia L Lt ft on bases New
York 6 Philadelphia 13 First base on
balls On Tavlor 6 off Townsend 6
Struck out By Taj lor 3 by Matthewson
i by uownsenu iwo Dase nits vic
Bridt Delehantv Stolen bases Selbach
2 Bowerman Jennings Flick Barry 2
Double play McBride and Ganzel Wild
nitches Tow nend 4 Passed ball Bow
erman Umpire Dw j er Time of game
2 hours and JO minutes Attendance 2000
The CliuinploiiH Kuh A IctfxiiH for the
Hell iienterf
BOSTON Aug 29 The Champions
were beaten this afternoon In a loosely
plajed game by the score of 5 to L The
visitors were unable to touch up Victor
Willis for more than six scattered hits
while the locals bunched their hits In thf
fourth and aided by the poor work of
Dablen at short scored three runs The
Single rf 113 0 0
lennej lb 119 2 0
Do Montrevllle 2b 0 14 3 2
If 113 10
Hamilton cf 12 4 0 0
Lowe 3b 12 12 1
Long ss 0 0 0 4 0
Klttridge c 0 12 2 0
Willis p 0 0 12 0
Totals 1 1 27 IS 3
duoomax n h ro a e
Ke ler rf 0 10 0 0
Pheckanl If 0 13 0 0
Dolan cf 112 0 0
lb 0 0 10 0 0
DalJ 2b 0 15 3 0
Dahlen ss 0 2 16 2
Irwin 3b 0 0 110
Farrell c 0 0 111
Kennedj p 0 0 0 3 0
Ahern c 0 0 110
Totals 1 6 24 14 3
Boston 10031000 x 5
Brookljn 00000010 0 1
First base by errors Boston 3 Brook
ljn 2 Ieft on bases Boston 4 Brook
ljn 3 First base on balls Off Willis 2
off Kennedy 1 Struck out By Willis 2
bj Kennedj 1 Two base hits Dnlan
Dal Sacrifice hits DeMorttreville 2
lAmg 1 Stolen bases Lowe
Double plav s Klttridge De Montrevllle
Lowe and Tennev Implre Nash Time
of game 1 hour and 10 minutes Attend
ance 25W
The TnlmlntorH Found tin- Trensnrj
Pitcher to Their IIKI11K
Some one circulated the report that
there would be a baseball game at the
National Ball Park jesterdiy and several
hundred spectators went out to see It
but when thej nrrived at the park they
were told that nothing of the kind was
to take place and that the men who op
erate the tabulating machines nt the Cen
sus Ollicc had merely gone out to have
a little practice and Umber up with the
Trcasurj team furnishing the victims The
Treasury lads asserted that It was all
bosh to say that the Census team had
won all their games by superior plajlrg
and that it was merely luck that enabled
them to hold the lead so long They said
that with the team they had out jester
day thej could easllv shut out the doughty
statisticians but that remained to be seen
Captain Brooks of the Tleasury clans
thought that he had made a luckj find
In a lad of about seventeen summers and
earning around with him about ninety
pounds nnd bearing a surname of Herring
but Brooks was away oil as the hirst
Street men succeeded In getting eighteen
runs ofT of this lads delivery In the four
innings that were plajed and there were
bright prospects of their getting as many
more had the game not been ealled at the
conclusion of that inning The score by
Census 4 4 9 1 IS 10 0
Treasury 1 0 102 44
Batteries Hajes and Davis Herring
and Russell
The suspension of tho national agree
ment on September 30 by the National
League will not be tho means of tho big
league getting ball plajers free from at
least one of the minor leagues
They wont get a plajcr from the
Eastern League said President Powers
of that organization All of our players
are under contract for another year and
the suspension of the national agree
ment means that the National League
cannot even get plajers draft as
heretofore The only way they can get
them Is hy actual sale can get
them from the time our season ends to
the end of theirs If wanted but the plaj
ers according to our cortract must all
return to us at the beginning of our next
st a son
Last spring knowing that the tcn jear
agreement expired this jcir the Eastern
1 eague adopted a new form of contract
Thls contract was drawn up by Harry
la vlor tho Plajers Association lawje r
and President Powers sajs it will stand
the test of the law ihe Etcond clause
In It reads as follows
The second further agrees that
the hrst partj shall have the option and
right to renew this contract with all its
terms provisions and conditions for the
baseball season Immediately succeeding
the one herein provided for provided
that a notice of the exercising of such
option be given the second party by a
w riling addressed to him at ills last place
of abode prior to the 15th da of Septem
ber of the current year of this contract
Ihls has been done said Mr Powers
pointing to the latter part of the forego
ing beginning with the word provided
There is no reservation at all In the
contract and it Is legal If the National
League undertakes to giab any of our
plajers It will find itself Involved in a le
gal battle It amuses me to hear the Na
tional League men telling about what
Eastern League plajers they are going to
get Agents have been out looking for
plavers and aon e kiiuw
about this contract The contract was
virtually forced on the Eastern League
and now we are Independent of the na
tional agreement A j ear from now our
plajers will be free agents anless thej
sign arother contract but until then they
belong to us Our players are all signed
for liiUi Whether other minor leagues
are similarly fortilled 1 do not know
Ban Johnson Is the greatest baheball
diplomat that ever broke into the game
Single handed and with the expenditure
of a very small sum ofoney he has
succeeded In breaking down the National
League monopoly- which the late Al
Johnson John M Ward General McAl
pln Major Prince and other brairy men
failed to accomplish eleven years ago
after spending it is estimated In round
numbers a million dollars trying to do
it Not more than 300u0 was expended
but It went to the right place the
plaj ers
First Baseman Hart of Baltimore says
he w ill go back to making paper bags be
fore he pays the 23 fine Imposed by Ban
Johnson The chances are that he will
be given a chance to make good his
The London papers print the result of
the big ball games In the United States
each day
It is said that Outfielder Smoot of the
Worcester club has agreed to go to
Cleveland next season
Boston now has seen all of the Ameri
can umpires except Sheridan It may be
that these officials are something weird
In ether cities as nlleged by the howlers
but here In Boston their work Is fully up
to that of Nntlonal League umpires
Haskell Mannassau and Can
tillon have given unqualified satisfaction
to the spectators here make their
mistakes but what umpires do not Mr
Johnson Is Justified In standing by such
officials to the end The Boston players
deserve a word of commendation In this
connection for their gentlemanly conduct
In the long setlts now nearing comple
tion Boston Herald
George Mullln of the Fort Wajne team
of the Western League Is said to have
made a dicker with tho Boston Ameilcan
League team for next year Mullln had
offers from three other American League
teams but the bait thrown out by Boston
was most tempting Mullln first attained
prominence In the baseball world when
a pitcher on the Wabash team of the
Three eye League in 1SJD
When the Athletics left for the West
were minus tho services of Lave
Cross Ijijole and Plank Cros twisted
ankle will keep him from plajing for sev
eral weeks at least and the chances aro
he will not again this season La
Joles knee seems better but he may have
to rest a week or so Plank Is out fcr the
first time since Winters hit him In the
head with a pitched ball In Boston two
weeks ago
Amnfeur IIiiNebnll PInjcrit
The Katzenjammei Kids defeated the
Callen Streets Wedn sday by the score
of 22 to 8 The line up Is ns follows
J Iudwlg cf J ntzglbbons rf L ntz
glbbons If B Lawless bs J Buck
3b H Cole 2b C Stcrger lb J law
less and J Miller c W Carrick p
With a Name That Has Achieved
The Worklngman the Merchant the Clerk all agree that
the REGENT SHOE is the triumph of mens footwear
Easily stands the test with any 13 50 or 54 shoe
The Regent
Pa Ave
2o I
A Large CiowU Witnesses tlic
Knees at the Coiseuiu Howl
Aiitocjelc Content Introduced In
WllNliiiihton ltcflnl OIT nt
Uiillroml Truck ll conl
Etiiiiileil In ilii1InihiliitIon Use lit
Washingtons firsti motor ejele races
were witnessed by an audience of more
than 40oi persons at the Coliseum last
night who were well repaid by the In
terest and excitement provided by thesa
events Tour teams two at a time com
peted in the lour motor races held and
the speed made while not breaking the
record recentlj made on the six lap track
at Baltimore rivaled fast train speed A
one half mile novice race and a one mile
handicap amateur race in three heats
preceded the motor races which weie
followed by a police pursuit race and the
final of the one mile handicap Fred
Long paced by Howard Bhlne on a mo
tor blcjcle during the evening rode a
fast exhibition mile in 205 1 5 equaling
the track record made by C L Miller on
June 27
There wene six entries In tho one half
mile novice race but the Issue was never
In doubt The winner August Long took
the lead at the start and was nev er
In the first heat of the one mile hand
icap C L Miller at scratch who has
made some fast time on the track In the
past and who holds the track record for
a mile was unable to do better than sec
ond place J O Bardolph with the as
sistance of a forty jard handicap fin
ished in front pushed hard by Miller
who was barely a wheel width behind
The time in this heat was 2071 3
In the second heat C L Bode finished
ahead with C J Mueller second The
third heat was a loafing race the win
ner W N Ward wheeling over the black
paint at the finish In 219 2 5 seconds
In the final C L Bode with a 9J jard
handicap nearly walked away with the
There w ere two heats to the five mile
motor races the vvinners In each event
cmalifjing for the final heat of ten miles
and the losers quallfjlng for the final of
five miles The Washington Blue Fljcr
team got off a trifle In tho lead of the
Baltimore Rojal Blue team in the first
heat and kept the lead for three miles
with the front wheel of the second motor
nearly touching the wheel In front The
two motors spun round and round the
track In this relative position lap after
lap at tremendous speed and making a
racket that suggested the locomotive
character of these vehicles Every effort
of the Itojal Blue to pass the leading
motor was frustrated until three miles
had been recleel off when the Baltimore
team drew alongside of Its competitor and
gradually assumed the lead under ter
rific speed A grandstand finish brought
In the Royal Blue team a winner by
less than half a wheel length to the good
The Black Joe team in the second
heat took the start holding It for over
three miles when the two teams alter
nated in the lend amid great excitement
for the next two miles The Yellow
Boy team took the lead two laps before
the finish of the last mile at a critical
moment winning ilsoby no greater mar
gin than the first heat had been won In
the ten mile final the Yellow Boy won
the race from ttfe Royal Blue by less
than three inches to the good The sum
marj follows
Half mile novice Won bj August Long
Scott llamll second Time 111
One mile handicap amateur First
heat won by J O Bardolph 40 yards C
L Miller scratch second Time 2 07 1 5
Second heat won by C L Bode 90
jards C J MuelIr 43 yards second
lime i2 5
Third heat won by W N Ward 35
yards J Hill 15 j arels second Time
2 19 2 5
Final won by C L Bode J Hill sec
ond C L Miller third Time 214 1 5
Five mile motor race professional
First won bj the Baltimore Rojal Blue
team Gaudete and Sherer the Washing
ton Blue Fljer team MeFeeters and Zim
merman second Time first mile 12s
second mile P27 third mile 1271 5
fourth mile 126 2 5 fifth mile 126 2 5
Five miles 7151 5
Second heat won bj John Nelsons
lellow Boy team Johnny King and Bob
Hunter Joe Nelsons Black Joe team
Bob Sehultz and R G Bennett second
Time first mile 130 secono 123 3 5
third 129 fourth l2S3 5 fifth 129 five
miles 7261 5
Ten mile linn motor race between win
ners of the first and second heats for
first and second prize Won bj Gaudete
and Sherer Johnny King and Bob Hunt
er second Time first mile 132 3 5 sec
ond mile 132 third mile 1 30 4 5 fourth
mile 1321 5 fifth mile 1323 5 sixth
mile 1312 5 seventh mile 1 29 4 5
eighth mile l2S4 5 niith mile 125 last
mile- 1251 5 First five miles 7401 5
second five miles 7201 5 Ten miles
15 002 5
Five mile second final motor race be
tween losers of the first and second
heats for third prize Won McFeeters
and Zimmerman Bob Sehultz and R G
Bennett second Time First mile 133
second mile 1311 3 third mile 132 3 S
fourth mile 130 4 5 fifth mile lJ7 2 5
five miles 733
Police pursuit race Won by II A
Quail In three miles and one fourth lap
M G OBrien live laps second J W
Van Horn third Time 7 20
Officials Honorary referee C R
Klosterman N C A referee L S
Connelly assistant referees W II Duffj
F P Llbbey Judges J C Wood W J
Foss C r Majer timers A M Mc
Cormlck W T Robeitson E P Hough
A H Davison scorer- E S Byrnes R
r Lemat E II Shuster George S Ball
clerk of course R Jose assistant clerk
E J Murphy announcer I W Moore
starter W Jose
ItcmiltN nt hnrntoirn
SATtATOGA Aug 23 Hcsults of todays races
track fast
Hrst race For three j ear olds and ppward
selhrur one and one sixteenth miles fpecdmas
Shan 7 to 1 vton Aruith Hums 7 to 5
second Altlica Wondeilj 7 to 2 third Time
147 3 5
Second race Handicap for three- ear olds
five and one half furlongs Utopian hau 8 to
5 won Tribes Hill Hurns 5 to 2 second
Hells Commoner J Woods 7 to 2 third
Time 1 07 3 5
Third race The Saranac Handicap for
and upward one and one eiffhth miles
Dublin Shaw eren won Baron Pepper Beau
champ S to 1 second Cliuctanunda Burns
C to 5 third Time 15313 J
lourth race For maiden to j car old fire
and one half furlongs FrUol VNonderlj 5 to
1 won Hose Court Thompson 3 to 1 second
Fontenlx OConnor 5 to 2 third Time
101 4 5
Filth rac Handicap ff all aces one mile and
serentj jards Fir6C Avalp McCue 3 to 2
won Ben HcDhui J Woods 1 to 2 second
Agnes V wondcrlj to 1 third Time
141 4 3
Result nt Hnvvtliorne
ILVftTHORM Aug 29 nesulU of todays
races track fast 1
First race For two year olds selling six and
one lialf furlongs Landgecr Birkcnmiith 3 to
2 won Huzzah Coburn 8 to 1 second Lucy
Loclct Iiauseh 3 to 1 ttird Time 1 21 3 4
Second race For and upward
seven furlongs F defal Coburn 1 to 2 won
Lhadla Domlnlcl 3 to l second King Dellis
W inkfield 4 to 1 third Time 120 3 4
Third race Steeplechase handicap short course
Corillo P Clai 5 to 1 won Lord Farandole
Dolan 0 to 5 second Mac Larcn LULson
even third Time 25S
Fourth race The Midsummer Stakes for two-year-olds
six furlongs Nellie Waddell Cay
wood 10 to 1 won Hose War Rausch 20 to
1 second South Trimble Sullivan 3 to 2
third Time 115
Fifth race Handicap for three-year-olds and
upward ona mile and a furlong Argregor
Kauseh G to 5 won Jlmlnez Sullivan 6
to S second Haviland Gormely 9 to 5 third
Time 1 53 3 4
Sixth raci For three J ear olds and upward
selling ono and one sixteenth milts Admoni
tion Dean even won Whitfield Knight JO
to 1 second Prairie Dog Sullivan 1C to 1
third Time 143 3 4
Entries at Hawthorne
IIAWTIIOIIXE Aug 29 Entries for tomor
rows races 1
First race For maiden two-year-olds five and
I one hall furlongs Pomftcy Mihasa 109 Ucrmis
lufl lluzzali Ifrt Tomrru Foster Tripp It haa
it Tcmnjn or ilua 1L laray bron
Cre wert City 1ft
Sreond race1 rcr tlirec ear old and uporaril
selling mx furlongs Miee riohcTtr Triaditsa
111 Mamie Iljvw 11U Emma It 103 ClnritJ
leliool fir Seamlal 101 lto a Ihali 07
Natural G 02 Lady Una Ida V Pirates
vicoi 10
Third race For three-year-olds and upward
one mile St Marcos Ktoptlan Prince 107 Jlae
Hcncln Fijin Torpedo 191 hunja 100 li
bit urn K
l oi rth race For tl and upward
one mile and scrcntr jardif Vrnrejrcr JS Honey
ISo HI Trinity Hell 93 llcrnota Oil
Hlth race Kor d- a I in fire fur
lonz Commander Foter 112 Harjrir Maliel
mn 107 hmmett Orr 19a llle cd Da noicL
LcRal Maxim 105 The Stcwardes 13 Haytlon
102 Jane Oakcr Lady Uird Lady Lise Drum
mend CS
siath rac For and upward
sellinjr one and one ixtrnth miles Laureate
106 hlrner L Ill Little S ner Searcher 97
I w Do Vernetta lammny Chief 03
tlfonse M Zack Phelps 91 vbout 83
Hnvv thortic Selection
lrt race Ilnzzah llcrrrls Mehaca
Second race Triaihtza Mastic Davis Snare
Third race Kunja Max Itcndix Illiloum
ruurlh race Tnnitv Hell Areirrepor Honey
Hftli race Hajdon Mabel Winn Harzi
ixth race Laureate G w V Searcher
IlcftnltN nt Kort Eric
FORT II11E Aug 2J Results of todays races
track last
First rac For two-rear-olds selling six fur
long Hadc Bell Redfem 5 to 2 won icon
Jackson 5 to 2 second Delia Cce Callahan
8 to 1 third Time 1 15 1 2
Second race For two-year-olds selhnz four
I and one half furlongs J Patrick C Wikon
1 even wn Jloderatur Mindtr 15 to 1 second
I rank Becker Blake 5 to 2 third Time 031
inird race ror and upwaru
one mile All Saints Thompson 2 to 3 won
Dr Fannie Vaton 8 to 1 second huclairc
McCJuade 5 to 2 third Time 141 1 4
lourtti race lor d fillies selling
four and one half furlongs Ilalmetta Ttoxler
C to 5 won Abbey Dell Jackson even second
viviani iceuierni o to 1 tnlru lime uw
Fifth race For three- ear olds and upward
selling seven furlongs Badinage Troxler 3
to 1 won Lady Kzcl Cash 30 to 1 second
Quavi Holand 3 to I third Time 12S 1 2
Sixui race lor all ages selling five and one
haf furlongs Hacebud McQuade 5 to 2 won
Mrtle an Weber 5 to 1 second Competitor
Troxler 5 to 2 third Time 1 od
Entries nt Fort Erie
FORT IRIE Aug 23 Lntnea for tomorrows
Iirfct race For three-year-olds and upward
selling six and one half furlongs- Roal Salute
109 Prince of Afrca Scmpire 105 E C Rus
sell Ordeal 104 Drogheda Midnight Chimes
Avoca 102 Militant 97 Infallible Lakevicw
Belle Margaret Steele 95
Second race lor two-year-olds handicap four
and one half furlongs Meditation 111 Paper
Maker 100 La Crimea 103 Wire In 98
Third race Owners handicap lor three-year-old
and upward one mile Baffled 00 Lady
Silver 69 Hie Away 70 filibuster 63
Fourth race For aid upward
handicap one and one eighth m les Talala 107
Olntinale Simon 104 Uledi 102 Mynheer 101
Grav Dally 100 Idith Q 90 I elia Parr 89
rifth race For four-year-olds and upward
six furlongs bailor King Prince EtJier 108
Ocie Brooks lC Irandoo 00 Innominaticn 03
The Laurel 05
Sixth race For three- car olds and upward
selling six and one halt furlongs Bean 107
Lille Hammcrton 103 flaneur 101 Jlr Pom
mcro 103 Curtsey 101 MIcou Magnus Troll
100 Ruth Parks OS Punctual 07 Relucent 05
Fort Erie Selections
First race Militant Lakeview Belle Sempire
Second race Meditation La Crimea Paper
Third race Lady Silver Hie Awaj Filibuster
Fourth race I dull Q Gray Dally Uledi
liftli race The Laurel Ocic Brooks Frandoo
Sixth rate Curtsey flaneur Relucent
Hesultx ni Deliunr Park
DFLMAR PKRK Aug 23 Results of todays
races track fast
First race For two year olds selling five and
one half furlongs Aleda Powell 8 to 1 won
Croxicr Jones 4 to 1 second Halmis Watson
even thud Time 110 1 1
Second race For three-year-olds and upward
selling one mile and seventy jards Aurca
Howell 3 to 2 won Ignis Powell 4 to 1
second Satan Coat Jones even third Tune
Third race For all ages six furlongs Hunt
resu O Nelll even won Miss Gohghtly
OBrien 3 to 2 second Revoke C Hucston
15 to 1 third Time 114 3 I
Fourth race For two- ear olds selling five
furlongs Wi aendinc Watson 5 to 1 won
Roe of Red D Hall 5 to 1 second Attella
Powell 4 to 1 third Time 102 1 1
Fifth race For three-year-olds and upward
sellln r one and one eighth miles Zazel Wat
son 3 to 1 won Hardly Jones 15 to 1 sec
ond Orris 0J 11 9 to 5 third Time 1 55 1 1
Sixth race For three- ear olds and upward
selling six anj one half furlongr Four Ieaf C
Lindsey 4 to 5 won Belle Simpson Powell
SO to 1 second The Wag Watson 15 to 1
third Time 121 3 4
Entries nt Dclmar Park
DELMAR PARK Aug 20 Entries for tomor
rows races
First race For and upward
selling six and one half furlongs Roy McDon
ald 100 Jack Willis 104 Mandamus 102 Mc
toxen 101 Kid McCoy 107 Dat 100 Kenneth
Jr 104 Capitolla 102 Harry K 103 Asoka
104 Fairburn 07 Nellie Wlhrouth 101
Second race For maiden two-year-old fire
furlongs Judge Friendly 105 Bendora 103
Bart Howe Lady Clank Clarena 100 Colonial
Cirl 105 nrtlnng 100 GoodV Cood 105 Ravel
la Jigger Called Back 10
Third race For four- ear olda and upward
selling one mile Ann 01 Durrcll OS Domlnls
100 Mary Hageman 101 Thalia Black Emily
Oliver 01 Nekarnis loo George B Cox 103
Ransom 100
Fourth race For three- ear-old- and upward
selling seven furlongs Fairy Day OS Miss
Patron 105 Tickful 107 Dick Hobson 100
Porter B 07 Revoke Ill Ladas 101
Fifth race For three- ear olds and upward
selling one mile Pirates Daughter 01 Crej
lon 104 Highland Prince 100 John Jlorton 101
Elbe 102 Hsie Bames hlsme 101
Sixth race For three- ear olds and upward
selling six and one half furlongs Tw 0 Annies
102 Grandeur II 105 Zanetto Percy It 107
Kiss Quick 103 Jlound Cit 107 Samivel 101
Ed L 107 Euterpe 103
Delmnr PnrU Selections
First race Kenneth Jr Jack W ilhs Diaz
Second race Colonial Girl Bart Howe Lady
Third race George B Cox Nekarnis Durrell
Fourth race Miss Patron Tickful Fairy Day
Filth race Pirates Daughter Kume John
Sixth race Ed L Mound City Euterpe
Tho 111 ns GrlRHliy Arrested for the
Holil Up of Alcvxnnder Drummonil
Thomas Grlgsby colored thirty years
of age was arrested yesterday byPolice
man Catts of the First precinct and
locked up at the Twelfth Street station
on a charge of highway robbery- It is
said that he has admitted having taken
part In the holding up of Alexander
Drummond on B Street between Six
teenth and Seventeenth Streets north
west two weeks ago The police have
suspected Grlgsby for several dajs of
being one of the three highwaymen that
relieved Mr Drummond of ttO In cash a
gold watch and chain an Elk charm a
Knight Templar charm and an Elk but
ton about 2 oclock in the morning
Policeman Catts yesterday obtained ad
ditional Information and finding Grlgsby
who lives In Willow- Tree Alley In a
cook shop on Thirteen-and-a-half Street
placed him under arrest Grlgsby ac
companied him eiuletly to the station
house but when an attempt was made
to search him he stoutly resisted and
tried to get rid of several articles which
proved to be the charms and Elk button
that had been taken from Mr Drum
mond Ihe prisoner at flnt asserted that
he had been given the nrticles by a man
to pawn but when he was closely ques
tioned by Detcctlvo Sergeant Peck he is
said to have admitted that ho was an
accessory to the robbery
is said to bo an old offender
It Is stated that he was sent to the peni
tentiary In 1SS1 for seven years for the
highway robbery of a man named James
Ho Is known among
his associates as Tom Greaser He will
be given a preliminary hearing in tho
Police Court this morning
Policeman Catts made a second arrest
last night as the resjlt of statements
made by Grlgsby Lewis Holmes a ne
gro was locked up nnd Is charged with
having been Implicated In the hold up of
Drummond Holmes denies knowledge of
the robbery hut circumstances and tho
story told by Grlg jby seem to be against
him The police nro now looking Xoc a
third suspect In the case
Samuel Friedlander V Co 416 Seventh St N W 4I6
The Clearance Sals of Summer Goods
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Below We Give a Hint
of Todays Opportunities
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School opens soon now U the chance for economical mothers Stylish
He brcasted and Tctec suits made of blue black and fancy cheviots ff- AQ
teed to ear sizes from 3 to 18 years values ranse nih as 1 on sale today J I UX
OQC for Itovs Wah suits special clear
J1 y ing price worth up to 1 50
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with sut rows of pretty braid
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A QC or fine farasol enlds and ends slightly soiled values range as high as 300
OQCor Childrens chool Umbrellas
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Dry Goods at Clearance Prices
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new effects Ut colors
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Samuel Friedlander 3c Co
46 Seventh Street N W
Peculiar GroumlM of n Yoniiff AVIfen
bait for Divorce
In a petition for divorce flleel yesterday
by Nannie M Barclay asking a legal sep
aration from her husband Edgar Leslie
Barclay jr she states that within a
few dajs after her marriage her father-in-law
said to her You had better leave
the best place for you Is at home be
cause you will never get along with Ed
It Is explained that Mrs Barclays
maiden name was Ward and that on Au
gust 5 1SS9 she was married to the de
fendant at Alexandria Va At that time
It Is stated she was only seventeen years
of age and her husband a little older
On returning to this city It is explained
that Mrs Barclay went to the home of
her parents and her husband to his It is
also stated hy Mrs Barclay that her hus
bands parents treated her coolly appar
ently regretting that their son had mar
ried her About a week later Mrs Bur
clay states she visited her sister and
when she returned In the evening to the
home of her husbands parents she says
her father-in-law ignored her and re
fused to speak to her
The following Sunday she says her
father-in-law said to her You had better
go home as he did not think Leslie her
husband was able to take care of a
Seeing everyone turn against her Mrs
Barclay states that on August 19 1SS3
she returned to her homo but did not
take her clothes with her These she
states were sent after her a week later
by her husband and his parents
She claims that her husband deserted
her without fault of hers because of the
mean disposition and per suaslon of his
parents who molded his boyish will to
suit their wishes and compelled him to
drive her from their home Itobert E
Mattingly is named as counsel for the
A Colored filrl Held to Answer for
Aliened Theft
Housebreaking is the charge that Dalsy
AVilllams a seventeen-year-old colored
girl will face In the Police Court today
John A Davis who lives at 1711 Xorth
Capitol Street is the complainant and a
number of articles of wearing apparel
alleged to have been stolen by the girl
will figure as evidence
The arrest of the girl was made yester
day by Detective Miller and Beck who
have been working on the case since last
Saturday when the ofTence is said to
have been committed The girl was taken
to the House of Detention for the night
Ihe articles stolen will be recovered
About i o i lock Saturday night the girl
who was formerly cmplojcd as a servant
In the family of Mr Da is returned
to the house in carch of plunder The
family was away for the summer and as
Daisy knew the location of the various
doors and windows she had little trouble
In prying open a rear entrance and gain
ing admission to the house She went
Immediately to the upper rooms where
the feminine clothing was known to be
kept and for some time she reveled In
the delight of trvlng xn various gar
ments Among other things selected as
suitable for her use was a handsome seal
skin sacque and some pieces of lace
She made all arrangements for her de
parture when a game of eye spy be
ing played by the children of the neigh
borhood thwarted her She becamo
frightened and abandoned the sealskin
The girl says she wanted to borrow the
clothing for a few days
ALEXANDRIA Va Aug 3 It was
ascertained here this morning frpm good
authority at Fairfax Courthouse that
Willis Petty who was confined In the jail
at that place Friday last on the charge ot
attempting to criminally assault Mrs
Roberta Payne had been taken from his
cell there and carried to some point south
The authorities had endeavored to cover
up their tracks but It was stated there
was excellent reason for believing that
Petty had been carried to Charlottesville
to await trial In this city This disposi
tion of the prisoner was deemed necessary
to prevent a possible outbreak of mob
violence after It was ascertained that he
was confined at Fairfax
In the Police Court this mornlnr Ell
Grlffen George Grlffen Thomas Jones
John Travers Jr John Gllmattin Ar
thur McMahon and Mat Williams were
arraigned to answer the charge of form
ing part of the mob which on last Mon
day night Invaded the city almshouse in
rearch of Willis Petty The mayor after
hearing the evidence In the esse fined
Mat Williams J10 and also fined James
Hoed io Reeu was not arraigned but
will subsequently be arrested Williams
protested his Innocence but Superintend
ent Smith was positive that be was in
the mob Thomas Scantling and Elbert
Wheatly were witnesses but they
claimed that they did not recognize any
of the accused
The funeral of Mrs Bridget Qulnn wifn
of Edward Qulnn whose death occurred
last Tuesday morning took place at 9
oclock this morning from St Marys
Catholic Church and was attended by a
large concourse of relatives and friends
of the deceased The services were con
ducted by Rev Father H J Cutler as
sisted by Father Ahern and Father
Oleary S J of Georgetown The fol
lowing were the pallbearerst Messrs
Thomas Hoy P F Gorman Edward
Hughe John Harlow M Igo and Mar
tin Lawler The floral tributes were nu
merous nnd handsome The Interment
was made In St Marys Cemetery
Mrs Laura A Goodrich wife of Sid
ney Goodrich died at her residence
northeast corner of Fairfax and Cameron
Streets at an early hour this morning
after a brief illness The deceased was
hut eighteen years of age and leaves an
Infant child about a week old Mrs Good
rich was formerly a Miss Mudd The fu
neral arrangements will be made later
C W Ridley has sold to Albert Drelfus
a house and lot on the wet side of Union
Street between Prince and Duke Streets
for 330 Julius Drelfus has sold to Albert
Drelfus a houe and lot on the north side
of Commerce Street between Pajne and
West Streets for 500 and a house ad
Joining to Joseph Drelfus for the same
II W Barbour has sold to Ellen W
Castleman a house and lot on the west
side of Lee Street between Queen and
Princess Streets for the sum of JCS
Frank Kg colored was arraigned In
the Police Court this morning on the
charge of vagrancy He was In the habit
ot loitering in the northeastern section ot
the city and terrtfjlng some white women
who reside In that locality The mayor
fined the prisoner 3 and in def iult of
payment he will spend his spare time in
removing the grass from the streets
Dr M D Delaney assisted by Dr A
A Rittenour yesterday performed an
operation upon Miss Frances P Simpson
daughter of Gilbert Simpson tor a tumor
The tumor was successfully removed
and the patient Is doing well
A colored man named George Wanzer
will help to pull the grass from the citvs
streets because he beat his wife and did
not have 5 when his case was decided In
the Police Court this morning
Charles Stuart Geisendaffer the three-month-old
son of Charles Geisendaffer
died last night at the home of Its father
1J20 King Street The mother of the chld
died July C
M Pasteur of France invented a process for kill
ing all possible germs in a product and we use it
After each bottle of Schlitz beer is filled and sealed
it is sterilized
This is an extreme precaution The beer is brewed
in extreme cleanliness cooled in filtered air then
filtered It seems impossible for a taint of impurity to
get to it Yet we sterilize every bottle
We who know brewing know the value of purity
We add vastly to the necessary cost of our beer to
assure it You who drink it get the healthful results of
our precaution Your physician knows ask him
Phone 4S0 Schlitz 615 21 D St S W Washington
Every Bottle Sterilized

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