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Lansburgh Bro
STOiin cors evkmnos s
About 10 dozen Wrappers In odds and
ends made of extra tine quality percale
In dalntj light shades the sizes are 49
12 and 41 the are made with separate
waist lining extra width skirts and ex
cellent workmanship These rf
Wrappers hae beeen selling UV
for L9S JLK and 148 lour Jf
Ladles Muslin Drawers made with
deep umbrella rufilc with tucks r
some hemstitched ruffle
Ladles French Cambric Corset Coders
round neck with hemstitched CC
lie others trimmed with lace
Ladles Muslin Chemise corded QAf
bands vzes 34 to 4 J V
Lansburgh Bro
420 o 426 Seventh St
I Suit in
Stock at
i a Discount
of 25 from
Marked Prices
ana un urean
PijiucnU arranged to suit your conre
oitmcc Aceily or month So notes no
ti7 19 521 523 7th St S W
Eet II and 1 St 3
Perhaps you would like to laugh
If to jou want perfect teeth Too can
liar anythlns in DtTlSTRY at the lowest
prices bJtltaction guaranteed Painless op
s ttion
Flectrical appliances for eTcnin wort
Consultation free
Infy lids risited at their homes by compe
tent dentist 15 ears experience
XV cell or monthly payments
OCSce and Residence 1011 II St N W
925 Pa Ave
eCVa O O O OO e -3 OO rwwvfyg
Dont Give The
Coal Man Money
by tuinj Coal for the
I I 2i CT summer coo Wing Use Coke
JEi the economical fuel It
tcalr a quicker and bet
ter fire than coal and costs
OffJSC F but a trIfle 0rdcr ctoke
25 bushel Large Coke delivered flOO
40 buhela Large Coke delivered 90
CO bushel Large Coke delivered 4 10
5 bui heli Crushed Coke delivered 2M
40 bushels Crushed Coke delivered 370
60 buthela Crushed Coke delivered 530
413 Tenth Street N W
CO Main Store corner 7th and B
Streets Branches all over tfct citj
and In all mark eta
12 S14 7th SI TIB Market Ssaes
lllcitrdo Alsnrer AkUk for St000
for Propertj Dmtro ed
Claims for alleged damages were filed
as follows cstcrdiy with the Spanish
Treaty Claims Commission
Itlcardo A Alxarez of Palmira Santa
Clara Cuba In the sum of JCS9W fii
property destroxed in Cuba during the In
surrection of ISM
Antonio Maria JImlnez y Incxeldo
against the Goxtrnment of Spain In the
sum of JI2533 J10000 being asked as ad
ditional damages for the deprlxation of
the use of 32019 the amount of actual
damage nsked
The form oMhls last claim Is quite un-
Alleged CounlerfrHtTH Arrexted
The Chief of the United States Secret
Serxice receixed information esterdi
of the arrest AVtdneslay on the Snake
Jllxer ntar Huntlngtoi Oregon of n it
Coon and Bud Butts They are charged
with making counterfeit Jo gold pieces
A complete counterfeit outfit was capt
A Ilf Sni Ins Mctlnl Axxnnletl
The Secretary of the Navy has axxarded
a life sax Ing medal to Prlx ato C Donin
for the rescue at his own peril of Pri
vate W H Gibson from drowning at
Olongnpo P I Both men are members
of the Marine Corps The rtport upon
the case sas that Glon fell overboard
and would hae been diowned but for the
heroism of his comrade wlo plunged Into
the water at tho risk of his oxxn life
and saved him
C A S T 0 R I A fir Icfanb and catsn
pie Kind You Have Always Bought
Colonel Greenleaf on Conditions in
the Philippines
llii llfltln or in HnVetlx enows From
llf ne Ueiiinrkiililj Ioxi
mllio Vr AMilch the 1 roups
fcr DIhijokIiiu of the IimiHd
Col Charles It Grcenleaf Chief Sur
geon of the Philippines under date of
Ma 31 his made quite an extended re
port tonccrning the health of the army
in the Philippines lie sas the health
of the soldiers continues good the rutlo
of non effectix ci for the nine montli3
ending March 31 being 7 02 per cent dur
ing which time the strength of the army
ranged from K791 to ft4C The princi
pil diseases were tphotd lexer m ilarial
fecr djsenter diarrhoea vmercal
diseases and wounds and injuries the
highest being malarial fever at 15 23
The improvement he says Is due to
n certain extent to greater care in san
itation and the weeding out of weaklings
and chronic invalids The seasoned men
who pass a ear in the tropics and ob
serve ordlnar hgienlc rules show a
small sick list
t Typhoid fever has not existed as an
epidemic and most casts are due to In
dhldual carelessness on the part of the
men The use of mosquito bars Is gen
eral and the men understand and appre
ciate the fact that It prevents the Inocu
lation of malarial poisoning by mos
quitoes Smallpox exists in a less degree
than before but has not entirely disap
ratal sunstroke Is scarcely known and
though men often drop out on the march
oxercome b heat they soon recover
Colonel Greenleaf sas The steady
Increase in enereal diseases among our
troops from S 97 per cent in September
1900 to 20 42 per cent of total sickness In
April furnishes ground Tor greatest ap
prehension and Is ait item not exceeded
In importance by any other affecting the
health and cfllclencv of the army In the
J Philippines Lest our forces become
seriously crippled and nn Irreparable in
jur be done to the people of theso
Islands the subject must be looked at
squarel and dealt xxlth as any other con
tagious disease
Colonel Greenleaf then discusses the
xarlous forms of the disease and sa3
that It spreads more particularly from
Manila and recommends the segregation
of xx omen in a certain part of the town
and a supervision of their health as a
precautionary measure Also that sol
diers be treated at a special hospital at
Las Banos as there Is a hot springs sim
ilar to that at Hot Springs Ark
Colonel Greenleaf sas It is poor econo
my to keep soldiers In the Held who haxo
suffered sex ere illness and approxes the
transfer of invalids to the United States
From August 1 to April 3 3 993 soldiers
xx ere sent home for treatment Many of
these cases were trifling and he thinks
the soldiers generally recoxered on their
way home Of insane soldiers 121 Lave
been sent home since August 1 and Col
onel Greenleaf accounts for the numuer
by sax ing they are casts of melancholia
and simple acute mania and the causes
are to be looked for In the general con
ditions surrounding the life of the soldiers
in the Philippines acting on predisposed
Contrary to the general belief in the
United States there Is not much disa
bility from alcoholism the habits of tho
enlisted men varjing but little from those
In the United States An exciting cause
for a certain proportion of insanity is
xx ell as the origit of a large proportion
of the drunkenness In the provinces is
the use of the so called xlno of tlw
natlxcs a crudely distilled alcohol which
taken in excess causes xxild delirium and
xarlous delusions
A portion of the report is dexoted to an
account of the management of affairs by
the Board of Health of Manila At the
date of the report the plague In Manila
xx as at its periodical height and Colonel
Grcenleaf directed a number of contract
surgeons to report to the Board of Health
for duty a- sanitary inspectors Colonel
Greenleaf closes the report with a rec
ommendation for an Increased medical de
partment in the Philippines
A Itullnfir on the Iament of Tnxen
on Hank IHvltlendii
The Auditor for the Treasury Depart
ment has reported to the Comptroller of
the Treasury a decision making an origi
nal construction of a statute as follows
The Merchants National Bank of lial
timore Md claims the refunding of 1
217 3 tax paid on dlxldcnds The claim
xx as alloxved March 1 1901 by the Com
missioner of Internal IJcxenuc xxhoso
finding of facts shows that from 1SGG to
1S71 the Merchants National Bank of
Baltimore owned stock In the Merchants
National Bank of Petersburg the Na
tional Bank of Tredericksburg and the
Shenandoah Valley National Bank at
Winchester and returned for taxation the
dtxldend received from such banks and
paid thereon the tax prescribed by law
Each of the said banks had also returned
the dlxidends dcclrred by them for taxa
tion and had pad thereon the tax pre
ribed by law The tax on the dlxidends
paid by the Merchants National Bank of
Baltimore so far as It Included the tax
on the dividends received from those
banks was a duplicate pament of the
tax on the same dlxidends
The Auditor said In his decision which
was approxed by Mr Tracexxell that he
did not base his Judgment upon the
ground that the plaintiff corporation Is a
mere agent or trustte for it own share
holders in receiving and pas Ing out this
dixidend He decided that the plaintiff
corporation Itself as a shareholder In the
Winchester bank is not bound to treat this
dixidend on xvhlch the income tax has
been paid as income liable to assessment
again by the Ooxernment whether it
found ft necessary to u e or chose to ap
pl the dividend In one way or another
An Order Oo rriiiiii Liilior of lot
otllcc Hmiilo ei
An order has been Issued to postofflces
by the PotoHlce Department requiring
that j frll das serxice must be given
by each of the emplOts In the Postof
llce employ Orders Issued in the past
In regard to the use of time recorders
W S Shallenbergcr Acting Postmaster
General xxho issues the present order
insists must be complied with
Tht time of empIoe as taken from
the records as made by thcmstlxes must
be regardi d ns the ofllcidl time The re
nnrdt r nro to be us d by tlu assistant
J postmisters superintendents clerks car-
rlfrto anu ail oilier tminujLa in iciiuuihk
for dut on liaxing for or returning from
trips or mciis and at th close of the
das work
At least once dilly the jggrtgale time
total number of xxorklug hours and mrn
Hts ttrxed bx each tmpoe must bo en
tertd in a time book and the tapes xxlth
the original record stcurd p isted in i
book f jrnlhcd bj the department for
that purpose The failure of an tmploye
to register will b trtatcd as a xlolatlon
of the regul itlons and must be riporled
to thi derartnunl by postmaster for
Tlif Debt of MtltrjiLTiiu
William B Sorsby the United States
Consul at San Juan dtl Norte Nicaragua
Informs the State Department tint it la
announced that the Government has com
pleted all arrangements for pa Ing the in
terest coupon of the foreign debt amount
ing to J2I t7 This interest coupon Is not
due until January 1 1902 but It setms
that the Government Is disposed to an
tllpdte its pasment
Tent of llc MriiiKlinm
A test of the torpedo boat Strlnglnm
was made jesterday it Nexxport The
boat was built by Hinn A Holllngsvxorth
nt W ilmligton Dtl and Is to make thirty
knots an hour
Bears tho 7
Signaturo j
UkaS mzt
Wnr Uciinrtment Authorize Mile
ililllloini llnllrrlrn
The Secretar of War esterday author
ized the organization of nine additional
batteries of field artillery as follows
Fort Douglass Utah one battery the
Twenty stcond under Capt Adelbert
Cronkhltc Port ithan Allen VU two
oatterles the Txxcnty thlrd Capt John
Conklln Jr and the Twenty ninth Capt
K K Gale the la esidlo of San Fran
cisco one battery the Txxcnt -fourth
Capt John V White Manila P I one
batter the Twtnt -fifth Capt Charles
G Woodward Vuncouxer Barracks
Wash one batter the Twenlx slxth
Capt Henry L Hawthorne Washington
Barracks Md one batter the
i r Tnhn T
bon Barracks Mo one bitter the
Capt Charles T Mcnoher
ton xxalia xxain ihii uue mi
the Thirtieth Capt V V McGltichin Jr
ti 1 - u or tr I nrirnnlscil 1V
a transfer of part of the troops from the
i 1 l fnllniillll
existing organizations nt mu hjwi
points namtd Twent -second from the
Twelfth at Port Douglass Utah
tI1 1a riAvnnlh nt FVlft
ton N Y Txxcntx -fourth from the Tirst
at Jreslulo san i rancisco ineuij mui
from the Fourteenth at Manila P I
m ri -A T7I hti nt
couxer Barracks Txxent -seventh from
the Tourth at Washington Barracks
Txxent eighth at Jefferson Barracks from
tne aixieentn at ion i
t -ninth at Tort Ethan Allen M from
the Third at Havana Cuba and the
Thirtieth from the Tenth at Tort ft alia
Walla Wash
Comptroller Trncexvells Ileclslon
HtcnrtlliiK n lllsclmrccil Soldier
Tai Tf wiiiie UK Madison Alley
northwest on August 21 appealed from
the action or the Auditor ior tno x in de
partment In disallowing his claim for pay
and alloxxances as private Troop 1
Klexcnlh United States Cavalry The
Aniiinr snid In his decision that the
amount of fines Imposed b sentences of
summary courts martial is in excess ut
nl that TeOllld OtherXViSO
lj uu a -
be due Haxing been discharged by ord
er of the Secretary or xvar Hon
or for his oxvn misconduct said tho
Auditor no tnxel allowances are due
Robert J Tratewell Comptroller of the
Treasury in passing on the case said
that as it did not anpear that Whites
discharge xx is a punishment for any spe
cific offtnee he was entitled to travel
pay from place of discharge to place of
Mr Tracowell continued He Is charg
ed with J50 fines imposed by sentences
of nummary courts martial nn amount
In exces of the pay and clothing alloxx
ance due him In accordance with the
practice of the Pay Department and the
accounting officers the amount of his In
debtedness on this account Is not an off
set against his travel pay Upon n re
Msion of the aboxe described account 1
find and certify a difference of J1S 16 due
from the United States to tho claimant
being travel pay from Fort Mer Vir
ginia to Iockport N 1 454 miles at 4c
per mill
The Fourth VnxlKned to Vnrlou
IoKtN In the Ml
Secretary Itoot esterday directed a
oknnnn In t tl n 1 Cc I n m n t Of thf FOUrth
Cavalry recentl returned to the United
Stat s from the Philippines ine ortitr
assigns the headquarters band and one
squadron to Fort Riley Kan one
squadron to Fort Leavenworth Kan
and one squadron to Jefferson Barracks
The headquarters staff and band of the
Fourteenth Caxdlry Is ordered to Tort
Grant Ariz from Fort Leavenworth
Kan one squadron to the Department
of Colorado two troops to Fort WIngate
N M and txxo troops to Tort Logan Col
The Sixteenth Battery of Field Artillery
new at Fort Riley Kan Is sent to Fort
ot Tliouirht Here That lli Reported
Indlnponltion In herloim
Trank W Hackett the Acting
Secretary of tho Naxy has received no
word from Secretary Long regarding his
reported Illness and is inclined to lelleve
that Ms chief Is only slightly indisposed
Mr Hackett had a personal letter from
Secretary Long several das ago in
which he stated that lie xxas quietly cn
Joing himself in Maine amid the scenes
of his boyhood The letter did not inti
mate that he was ill
General Glllcxplc AftliiB llruil of the
War Department
Secretar Root has returned to his
summer home at Southampton Long
Island after spending three days in
Washington He Is somen hat indisposed
and acting upon the advice of his phsi
cian he has returned to Southampton to
prexent his ailment from assuming a
striojs form Assistant Secretary ban
ger is also absent from Washington and
General Gillespie Chief of Engineers is
Acting Secretary of War
The Crcxr for the Illlnoln iht Irne
ticnll Compleleil
The fall season for actlxc recruiting for
the nixy Is about to begin The crew for
the Illinois Is nearly completed and Is as
sembled on board the Franklin at Nor
folk From that vessel It Is expected
the will go to the Illinois about Sep
tember 10
Crexxs for the Prairie and Olympia are
being assembled on board the Wabash
at Boston These vessels will go into
commission some time this fall
The Bureau of Navigation has Issued
orders for a recruiting part under Lieut
Do Witt Blamer to lslt the middle West
During September the party will visit
Detroit Clex eland Cincinnati and Kan
sas City Mo
Orders have also been issued to the Al
varnilo under command of Lieutenant
Cluxerius to the shores of the Ches
apeake during the month of September
and it is contemplated sending a recruit
ing party during October and November
to North Carolina South Carolina Geor
gia and Alabama
A recruiting office will be opened In the
custom houe Boston OctoLtr 1 under
Commindcr Harrinon G Colb It will
bo headquarters for naval rttrulting in
the Eastern States
Coiiimlilidcr Crni of llie llilui
Heportx IjOhi of Illillsti il Xlcll
Commander Craig of the Albany yes
terda ic ported to the Navy Department
by cable the accidental drowning of
Frank Sililltz Timothy McCarth and
George Ptrklns three cnllstd men of the
navy at m i last Sunday night and Mon
day Schlltz and McCirthj were sbep
Inj on the poop of the vessel and slid
overboard about 11 o clock nt night dur
ing an txctptlonallj heavy roll
The Albui rtmalncd ill the locallt of
the atcldmt all during the night and
until lonr after daliht but fallnl to
see or rtcover th3 bodies of tht men On
tht following tia Perkins fell oxerboiril
and xxah drowned Ills body xis re
ex ercd and xxill bo hurled ashore at
Adi n neir xvhlch point the xtssd xvas
xv hen both accidents occurred Com
mindtr Craig isked that tht rtlitlves of
tht men 1 nntlfitd and this h is botn
done b the dtpartimut The homt or
ScliliU was at 14 Johns Piatt Cib iso
McCarthy was a nativt of Inland ind
lib marcst of kin Is Thomas McCarthy
Glencoe County Ktrr Inland Mrn
Alice Williams Gltn Cove Long Island
N V is Hit ncirtsl of kin of li rlins
Hit Trt llNiir Stlltt nit nt
The receipts of tin Government ytslcr
day according to the Ixisur stattment
rtielied the sum of lfiS71 Jl and ron
slsted of tustoms S7127lJJ9 inltrnil rt
time JTJTojK mist illantous SI I il
The cxpondlturcs amounted to JD OiJJ
having a balance ot receipts over di
burscments amounting to 3S71 3L
A ionislimciitj Canted by Their
First V6rkto Set Girt
exx lersej n ill iHcMerves nnd
tim Artillerymen nt the
llciolter llnlureJ The liar Inml
nml llnlne MnrltMiiieii A vleoincil
i -
SEA GIRT NJ Aug 29 The shooting
of the Irish riflemen today was extraordi
nar enough to make the American
marksmen open their Ces wide with
wondtr and astonishment They had been
in this country less than twenty hours
and were still suffering from the effects
of an eight day sea 0age when the
wtnt to the butts but they cracked out
bulstes with remarkable rapidity
There is no doubt that the Amtrlcan
team will have to do some extraordinary
shooting to keep the Irish American
championship on this side of the water
When the Irishmen went to the 9o0 ard
targets the were followed by a curious
crowd The shooting on the 9 ard
range was about the best performance
exer gixen at these targets and much
curiosity was evinced as to what the
Irishmen would do when they moxed back
and shot on the ltX0 yard targets but
their showing was equally good
Captain Wilson did not make public
any of the scores but it was exident that
he was much pleased with the work of
the shooters both as a team and indi
Battery A light artillery of Boston ar
rlxed todiy In charge of Corporal Hale
and spent part of the afternoon on the
twent -fix e ard rexolx er range prepar
ing for the rcvolxer team match which
they xx on last year and which will begin
on Saturday of this week Corporal Hale
brought with him Lieutenant Avory who
made a score of 4G In practice Private
Cobb 40 Sergeant Blake 46 Prixatc Put
nam 14 Prixate Rogers 41 nnd Prlxate
Wolcott 44 Lieut Sumner Pane and
Sergeant Huddleson of Massachusetts
also arrived toda
The Nexv Jersey Navpl Reserves from
the Portsmouth did considerable prac
ticing on the rexolvcr ranges Those
who have been selected to make up the
team are Capt E H Sloper E L Shro
der Jr C H Warring A H Lozler
William Jones and B C Traynham
The Maine shooters came in camp to
day and receixed a hearty reception The
team is In charge of Col Elliott C Dill
Inspector of rille practice In Maine and
Col Lucius H Kendall commanding the
First Infantry Maine The other mem
bers of the party are Capt C J Killc
her Capt W II Watson H F
Greenan W II Matthews U S Varney
R C Purinton Sergts D A Kaler W
L Smith W P Clark W L Hatch S
E Coburn H W Warren M L New
burg Corporal E W Judkins and Pri
vate H A Baker The Maine riflemen
like the Rhods Island shooters aro
equipped with heold Springfield rifles
The State made no appropriation for
sending a team here but the members
came as Individuals r
Marylands aggregation of marksmen
has arrived In the jarty are Major M
Rawlins Capt Washington Bowie and
Scrgt E O Wright coachers Captain
Abbott Sergt George W Keasmeyer J
S McSherry and Curran Lieut Gustav
Ridgeley Corporals C E Lane and T II
Yard Privates C R Kemp J C Given
and D D Porter They will shoot in the
Hilton and interstate matches
Battery B Frst -Heavy Artillery of
Massachusetts known as Captain Lom
bers team will arrlxe soon with ten
men William D Foulke of Philadelphia
winner of tho Wimbledon cup last year
who has been selected as one of tho
coaches of the all Amerlcan team ar
rived today and began his duties at once
Tomorrow the matches begin and will
continue for eight days
Under Instructions from the President
Capt George P Ahern Ninth Infantry Is
directed to appear before the Army Re
tiring Board at the War Department for
The order directing Capt James A
Ran Fifteenth Cavalry to proceed to
the Presidio San Francisco for appoint
ment as adjutant of the Fifteenth Cav
alry Is revoked
Capt James G Harbord Eleventh Cav
alry Is detailed as assistant adjutant
general and assigned to duty at the War
Department -
Capt LaRoy 3 Upton Fifteenth Infan
tr Is ordered to West Point for tem
porary duty nt the Academy
First Lieut Malcolm Young Artillery
Corps is ordered before the examining
board at lort Myer for examination as to
his fitness for promotion
Chaplain Brant C Hammond Tifth In
fantry having been found by the Army
Retiring Board incapacitated for active
service on account of disability incident
to the service Is placed on the retired
The Secretary of War has made the
following assignment of officers recently
appointed John R Myrick promoted to
colonel assigned to Coast Artillery Abner
H Merrill licutt nant colonel Coast Ar
tillery A illiam Ennis lieutenant colonel
Coast Artlller Henry L Harris major
Coast Artillery Arthur Murray major
Coast Artillery William E Birkhlmer
major Coast Artillery Thomas R Ad
ams major Coast Artillery John A
Lundeen major Coast Artillery George
If McMnnus captain lWth Compan
Coast Artillery Joseph Wheeler Jr cap
tain 110th Company Coast Artillery
Adrian S Fleming captain lloth Com
pany Coast Artillery Brooke Payne cap
tain Coast Artlller Harry F Jackson
captain 107th Company Coast Artillery
Robert E Callan captain Coast Artil
lery William S Guignard captain Coast
Artillery Edwin Landon captain lOSth
Compan Coast Artillery Clarence H
McNeil captain Coast Artillery Joseph
P Tracy captain Coast Artillery Ll0d
England captain lOth Company Coast
Artillery James W Hinkle Jr cap
tain Coast Artlller Percy M Ktssler
captain 2ith Company Coast Artlller
Johnson Hagood captain Coast Artlller
George T Patterson captain SSth Com
pany Coast Artlller Frank K Fergus
son captain 111th Company Coast Artll
ler Robert S Abernethy captain Coast
Artillery Edwin O Sarratt captain
Coast Artlller Albert J Bowlev cap
tain Coast Artillery Bertram C Gilbert
captain Coast Artillery Lawrence S
Miller captain 60th Company Coast Ar
Second Lieut Herbert E Mann ap
pointed with rank from February 2 1901
to the Seventh Cavalry He xxill report
in person to the commanding olllcer Fort
Columbus Nexv York for temporary dut
Stcond Lieut Eben Sxvlft jr appointed
from first llutinant Porto Rico Pro
visional Regimeut of Infantry with rank
from February 2 1J01 to the Fifth Cav
alry He will proceed to Nexv York City
Second Lieut Henry H Hall appointed
xxlth rank from Fel ruary 2 1901 to the
Twenty third Infantry He will report In
person to the commanding officer Fort
Columbus N Y for dut
First Lieut Joseih S II irdln to the
2d Company Coast Artillery He xxill
protted to Join that comuiny at Fort
Tiumbull Conn
First Lieut Terence E Murphy to the
lf th Compan Coibt Artlller He xvlll
proceed to ioin tint comn iny at Foit
V 1111 lms Me
First Lieut Ilerry II Sheen to the 79th
Companx Co ist Artlllcrv He xxill pro
ceed to Join that comp my at Tort Adams
R 1
First Lieut Slxnnus G Orr to the Jjth
Companv Coat ArtllW He v 111 re
port In person to the oommandlng ofilccr
Fort McPhf rson Ga for temporary du
Second Lieut Alan Iefort Artillery
Corps recently nppolt ted xxlth rank from
May 8 1901 is ntt iched to tho TSth Com
panj Const Artillery He will proceed
to loin tint lampuijv at Fort Adams R I
The follow Irg trarsfcrs are mad Cipt
Guy 11 1ntton from the 9th Caxaln t
the 1 th Cavjlrv Cant Frank S A m
strong from tin Uth Civ airy to the Mi
fax llry fI or Lea Tebliiir from thr
2d Infanlrx to the 17th Infantry MjJj
Charles L FWi from the 17th Infan
try to the SA Infantry
Ileut Col imrf I llurbank ArtllltiX
Cnrps Is V i i d ns a menib r of tht i x
r In1 ig board convened at Go trni s
Islind xlre I icut Col John L II man
Artllltr Corps hereb rellexed
XInnr Exhibit Irnlxeil nt the Mont
Kouier Count Fnlr
ROCKVILLE Md Aug 29 The third
day of the Montgomery County Agricul
tural Fair opened here this morning with
a largo attendance of people from Wash
ington City and this county This is the
big day of tho fair The premiums have
all been awarded and there are but few
appeals from the decision of the judges
In thn afternoon the racecourse xxas tho
attraction for the persons Interested In
the races The contests resulted as fol
County trot or pace lairse J2U0 Grant
W W Raplty won Walton Boy W II
Babbitt second Montgomery Boy C C
Waters third six heats run Time
2 3P4 2 37 2 38 2 35 2 3GH 13
2 J pace Purse SZU Trank Keenan H
lhornton won Rochelle Hans Ik Ober
house second Lady Phillips G F Dyer
third Gov Bushnell Kavanaugh Bros
fourth four heats run lime 232t4
1 A iA i 30VS 8
Hurdle mile dash Purse J100 McFon
so F It Keys won Beauregard M
Wilson second Boston T A Hickman
2 0 trot Purse 200 Baby J S Mc
Kinne won Eagle Boy J K Borders
second txvo heats Time 2 3IV4 232
Flrnt premiums hae been awarded as
Works of art landscape In oil Miss
M E Mcran portrait In oil Miss E W
Tibbott still life in oil Miss Emma S
Stabler figure in oil Miss M E Moran
decorative painting in oil Miss M E
Moran landscnpe in water color Miss
M E Moran still life in water color
Mrs J F Defenuorf figure in water
color MIsj Laura Wagner decor
ative palntintr in xxater color
Miss M E Moran painting in
pastel Mrs Irxing Underbill pencil
drawing Miss M E Moran India ink
drawing Miss M E Moran cravon
drawing Miss E W Tibbott Ink drawing
Mrs B n Diggs photograph portrait
Glen Poole
Dairy Pound of fresh butter Miss E
Baker lot of honey Miss Mary Merritt
Farm products White wheat Emmett
Doxe red wheat E W Jones buck
wheat D H Horner white corn Em
mett Doxe white ear corn E W Mon
day elloxv corn Mllford Offutl elloxv
ear corn Urban Wagner rc E M
Lenoxvitz oats Seth W Warlield barley
D H Horner tobacco W J Dowden
Domestic manufactures Cotton quilt
Mrs D H Warfleld silk quilt Mrs D
F Pogan knit quilt Mary L Mackall
worsted quilt Miss Clara Griffith crochet
quilt Miss Bessie Peter knitting in
worsted Miss E Baker crochet m worst
ed Miss E B Holland afghan Miss Nel
lie J Miller embroidery in linen thread
Mrs J E Slaymaker knitting in linen
thread Miss J E Darby crochet in linen
thn nd Pearl Fowler point lace Miss
Mary Wagner battenburg in lace Miss
B L Zelgler drawn work in linen Mrs
G II Lamar outline work Mrs C W
Baggarly embroidery in silk on flannel
Mrs Charles Abert rag carpet Mrs E
W Monday curtains of silk rags Mrs
Edward Pierce silk embroidery 011 fancy
stitches Miss Annlo Watklns embroidery
on other materials Miss Rose M Hol
land knitting la silk Miss Sophia Hlg
glns crochet in silk Miss Mary Trail
crochet in cotton Miss Bessie Peter knit
ting in cotton Miss Grace Darby darning
Miss Eliza Waters plain sewing by hand
Mrs O M Llnthlcum plain sewing by
machine Mrs J W Warner patched
garment Miss Mary Granger hemstitch
ing Miss Julia Anderson button holes
Mrs J W Warner sofa cushion Mrs
J A Kemp pin cushion Miss Ida Dove
rag rug Mrs L A Darby honlton work
Mrs R C Warfleld embroidered centre
piece Mrs A J Maddox embroidered
dollies in silk Miss Ida Offutt extra
stitch In silk Miss Annie Watkins fancy
work Mrs Irving Underbill articles not
less than five Mrs M Hicks
Fruits Apples Mrs J E Thompson
quinces Miss Ellen Farquhar grapes
Mrs H L Wells plums J W Offutt
damsons Seth W Warfleld pears Mrs
H L Wells watermelons Emory Rlck
etts muskmelons Emory Rlckettsi dis
play of fruits grown by exhibitor Urbin
Wagner display of fruits collected E W
Monday display of apples collected J E
Garden products Beets R P Ilines
cabbage Catherine Hutton cymllngs
J E Thompson pumpkins E W Mon
day eggplants R C Warfleld cucum
bers Joe Harris lima beans Miss Emma
Warfleld string beans Miss Sadie Ptnn
salsify Miss Ellen Farquhar parsnips
Miss Ellen Tarquhar carrots Miss Mcg
gle Welsh celery Miss Ellen Farquhar
potatoes Charles Heagy sweet potatoes
MIs Maggie Harrison tomatoes T V
Robey turnips E W Monda onicns
T Counselman parslc Mrs Edward
Harris sweet corn Urban Wagner pep
pers Julian Grlfilth Jr hops Mrs M A
Hall kale T W Monday okra Mrs A
L Bowie display of vegetables Reuben
P HInes
riowers Cut roses Mrs J N Wagner
cut geraniums Mrs D H Warfleld cut
fuschlas Miss Ellen Farquhar cut
dahlias Miss Fannie Peter cut asters
Miss Mary Trail cut nasturtiums Mrs
C W Baggarl cut begonias Miss Ellen
Farquhar display of growing plants
Mrs D H Warlield plate of cut flowers
Miss Ellen Farquhar hanging basket
Miss Ellen Farquhar fancy grasses Miss
E Baker growing palm Miss Elizabeth
Fields ferns Miss Oberta Higglns Cen
tury plant Miss Elizabeth Fields
Cattle Avrshlre Hunt Drum herd
bull cow bull calf htlfer calf Swiss reg
istered herd cow heifer heifer calf
Swiss grade Z M Cook herd cow
heifer heifer calf Dutch belt grades
F II Cashell cow and heifer Red
polled Isaac Tord bull and heifer Polled
August grade Caleb Stabler cow and
grade Herford heifer
A Portrait of cx Secretnry Kennedy
to He Accepted
John P Kcnmdy called upon Mr Hack
ett tho Acting Secretar of the Navy yes
terday and offered to loan to the Navy
Department for the purpose of haxing a
copy made an oil painting of hi3 uncle
Hon John P Kennedy who was Secre
tar of the Navy under President ril
Secretary Kennedy was appointed from
Mar land on July 2C 1811 The Nax y De
partment Is making nn effort to secure
pictures of all former Secretaries and will
accept the offer of Mr Kennedy and haxe
a copy made of the painting of Secretary
nvy Ordersu
Lieut R F Lopez upon detachment
Bennington to Wisconsin Instead of to
home Lieut II Eldredgc retired de
tached branch Hdrographlc Office Nor
folk Vn Iasstd Assistant Pax mister
G C Schafer detached Bennington
xx hen placed out of commission to home
and wait orders Assistant Pa master
D M Addison detached Petrel
xv hen placed out of commission to home
and xxalt onlers Boatswain J W btoik
lev to Indiana as relief Boatswain
Johnson Boatswain W II Johnson de
tached Indiana upon reporting of relief
to Columbia Gunner C E Jaffe detach
ed Phil ulelpha upon reporting or relief
to Naval Academy Assistant Gunner O
G Neumann detached Naval Academy
to Philadelphia as relief Gunner Jaffc
Carpenter J A Barton detached Phil i
delphia upon reporting of relief to Col
umbia Assistant Carpenter J F McCole
detached Vermont to Philadelphia as
relief of Carpenter Barton En
sign J T Bovvers to home immedlate
1 Ranger Ensign W 1 Cronan to
hoini immedlatdy Don Juan de Austria
Ensign J Hilllgan Jr to home Immedi
ately New Yor0 Ensign It N Marble
ji to home immullitcly Wilmington
Ensign C H Woodward to homo im
mrdiatil lsla tie Luzon Ensign U S
Mac to home immediately Atlanta
oiiiorrtil With the Vtliirm
Webster Street Chief Justice of the
Third Judlclil district of Arizona xxas at
the Dipirtment of Justice yesterdax
xvhero he lipid a length conftrente with
Attorne General Knox
Ib L6n S
Used by people of rofinemon
for over a quarter of a contury
T x
t Leaders since 1867 T
They will accumulate from
week to week They must be
disposed ot each Friday And
just at this time of the season
we class almost all the sum
mery goons as Remnants You
can pick up some very big bar
gains today
Mens Fancy Tlannel Cheviot
Worsted and Casslmere Suits that
are worth up to twice nnd more the
special price are offertd today
Sires Are Broken
Mens Fancy Flannel Suits In
fact choice of any of the fine and
finest Flannel Suits left for
Slit s Are Broken
Sizen Are Ilroken
Size re Ilroken
Boys Double Breasted and Nov
elty Gray Cheviot Suits extra pair
of Pants with each Suit worth J3
Reduced to
Sizes Are llroLen
Boys Corduroy Pants a small lot
and most of them are small sizes
worth 73c a pair Reduced to
Sizes Are DroLeu
Boys Negligee Shirts good pat
terns with each Shirt pair of sepa
rate cuffs to match worth L Re
duced to
Slzea Are Broken
Slzen Are Ilroken
Boys Wash Sailor Suits not
many of a kind but quite a variety
of kinds Suits that are worth 1
and J150 REDUCED to
Bos Wash Sailor Suits Blue
and Brown striped effects well
made and worth 29c REDUCED
Slzea Are Ilroken
Mens Colored Balbriggan Un
derwear the grade that is worth
50c a garment some Shirts and
some Drawers REDUCED to
Mens Seamless Hose In Black
and Tan fast colors splendid
value for 15c a pair REDUCED to
Size Are Ilroken
Mens Leather Belts only a small
lot and In odds and ends but this
seasons stock worth 50c RE
SIzeH Are Ilroken
Mens Silk and Grenadine Club
Ties odds and ends of the seasons
best patterns regular 25e quality
I Slzen Vri UroKen
4 i
Mens Derbys and Soft Hats
only one of a kind light and dark
colors various shapes odds and
ends of 1 and 51 o0 grades RE
Sizes Are Broken
Boys and Childrens Crash and
Duck Hats and Caps Cloth Yacht
and Golf Caps nnd all the Boys
Straw- Hats make up a lot with
values up to 1 for choice at
j Sizes Are Ilroken
5 i
Ladles Black Vic Kid Ovford
Tle3 with kid or patent leather
tips stxlish lasts xxorth 1 50 a
pair REDUCED to
I ndles Black Vlcl Kd Box Calf
and Pattnt Leather Oxford Ties
last of some of the most popular
lots- xxorth up to S4 a pair RE
Sizes Are Broken l
Youths Black and Tin Vlcl Kid
and Runsl i Calf Lace Shoos stout
and durable stxllh shapes xxorth
1 50 a pair REDUCED to
Sizes Are Ilroken
Saks Company
Pa Ave and 7th St
New fork Washington Pari
During the summer the store
closes at 5 oclock Saturdays at 1
Fridays Our
Remnant Day
And for this week theres a multitude ot
odds and ends short lengths broken slzei
and assortments and all sorts of rem
nants and in our determination to clos
out everything a bit summery we hav
marked them nt very low prices for quick
Special Bargains in
White Goods
15 pieces Black Mercerized Batiste an
excellent quality
10c a Yard
Reduced From 30c
10 pieces White Checked India Muslin L
large and small effects good quality
Sc a Yiird
Reduced From 12c
Second floor
Bargains in
Womens Neckwear
23 dozen Womens Wash Ties in tat
vlth red pink nnd lavender edges pln
with white edges and lavender with man
popular polka dot effects They aro lon
enough to be worn as twice arounds
oc Each
Regular Price 2oc
10 dozen Womens White Embroidered
Turn over Collars made en linen bands
sizes 12 and 12 1 2
Also 10 dozen Silk Bows to be worn wltl
linen collars a variety of polka dot cf
c Each
Regular Price 13c
rirst floor
Suit Department
11 Grass Linen Skirts trimmed with allt
over vertical tucks and six rows of whltt
braid on cut flounce Reduced from JL25 u
oc each
2 Blue Linen Skirts trimmed with thrct
rows of white insertion on bottom ol
flounce Reduced from 600 to J290 each
6 Chambray Shirt Waist Suits all ovel
tucked lav ender blue pink and oxbloodi
sizes 34 3G 33 and 40 Reduced from SUM
to 290 each
20 Madras and Zephyr Gingham Waists
sizes 32 to 42 Reduced from L23 and 1M
35 White Lawn Waists trimmed wltl
tucks and embroidery sizes 32 34 and
58 Reduced from 160 to jc each
10 All linen Wulsts with black embroid
ered dots sizes 32 and 34 Reduced Iron
1 25 to 5190 each
Third floor
Misses Department
6 Girls White Lawn Dresses trimmed
with lace and embroidery sizes 4 6 8 and
10 Reduced from 500 and 7 So to 259
1 White Lawn Dress all over lace yoka
and lace trimmed skirt size 14 Reduced
from 12 3 to 375
j 20 Plain Chambray AVaists sizes 10 12
and 14 Reduced from 95c to 50c each
C Cheviot Reefers sizes G 8 10 and 12
retllleetl from S5 TO nntl 1750 to 250 onph
Third floor
Boys Department
15 All wool Navy Blue Sailor Suits
prettily trimmed and braided with black
and white braid sizes 3 4 5 6 7 8 and
12 Reduced from 373 to 1 9a each
5 All wool Nax y Blue Serge Ballot
Blouse Suits with separate detachabla
xvash collars sizes 2 1 3 5 and 6 Re
duced from 750 to XI 50 each
20 Washable Kilt Suits with wide skirts
and deep hems sizes 1 2 and X Re
duced from 125 and 1 50 to 50c each
7 Navy Bide Galatea Wash Blouses
neatly tr xmru and braided sizes 3 4 5
and t Reduced from 1 and 125 to SOc
Third floor
Mens Department
6 Mens Coats black alpaca and grey
serge light weight sizes 34 and 35 Re
duced from 3 and 4 to 1 50 and 2 each
12 pairs Mens Fancy Mercerized Silk
Drawers sizes 34 40 and 42 Reduced
from 1 23 to 5uc pair
7 Mens Naxy Blue Bathing Suits sizes
2S nnd 40 Reduced from 1 to 50c each
First tloor
Infants Department
2 Childrens Pink and White Pique
Coats trimmed with embroidery and
stitched bands Reduced from 7 50 to
4 00 acli
2 Pique Coats one red finished with
white stitched bands and belt at waist
tho other white trimmed with embroid
ery and stitched bands Reduced from
550 to J 75 each
2 White Pique Reefers sailor collars
neatly finished with hemstitched ruffle
Reduced from 1 25 to 75c each
2 Blue Mull Picture Hats trimmed with
white lace Rsduced from 200 to L1
1 Fine Nainsook Dresses Hubbard
stle tucked oke trimmed with em
broidery and insertion Reduced frors
200 to 1 0 each
Second floor
Linen Department
5 dozen 22 lnch Napkins John S Brownt
make Reduc d from 4 50 to 373 dozen
C pairs Hemstitched Linen PiIow Cases
subject to mill Imperfections size 22- bj
M Inches Reduced from 2 and 250 tc
1 50 pair
Second floor
Blanket Department
1 pairs 10 4 Wool Blankets subject ta
mill Imperfections Reduced from 3 ta
2 25 pair
3 pairs 11 4 Wool Blankets subject to
mill Imperfections Reduced from 4 to
3 pair
1 11 4 Wool Blanket subject to mill im
perfections Reduced from 3 to 4 50
Second floor
Hosiery Department
11 pairs A omens Black Cotton Hose
xxlth white ftet sizes S and SV Reduced
from 35c to 25c
17 pairs Childrens Tan Cotton Hose
plain- size IVz Reduced from 23c to 1
pairs for 25c
Tirst floor
China Department
1 Dtcorated English Porcelain Dinner
Set t ixcrod butter dish missing Reduced
from 13 W to 893
1 Handsomclv Decorated Toilet Set
with jir several pieces missing Reduced
from 5 50 to 1 S3
1 Decorated Covered Slop Jar slightly
difectlxe Reduced from 2 00 to 12a
9 dozen Decorated English Porcelain
Cups and Saucers Reduced from 120 to
i5c dozen
7 Decorated Austrian Glass Vases Rc
ductd from 25c to 5c each
t Decorated English Porcelain Ewers
and Basins Importers sample Re
duced from 350 to 200 each
Fifth floor

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