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i 51 CrtL
Number 2654
The Franco Turkisil JCiiptmc Not
Itczaidcd ns a Crisis
Itillle I That the CrnrM Trli In
He Attended li Any riilillt nl ln
nouncciuciitK evv Itulnii As
Krciloii Delvlntr Inlii the lnl
Special Cablegram Copy netted
LONDON Aug 31 Europe at large still
refuses and rightly to believe thit the
Franco Turkish embroglio constitutes a
vi rlo 2 ninacc of peace It Is quite true
that France or rather the present French
Government can accept only one volu
tion after taking a position which admits
of no retreat with dignity but there Is
ccry reason to expect such sickling on
the pirt of the Sultan as his Interests
clearly demand
Efforts have been made by alarmists
In the past few divs to find eidence or
hints of n Russian desire for an open rup
ture and the use of extreme measures
which would force a crisis of the whole
Eastern question Nothing tangible how
ever has been forthcoming On the other
hand ample assurance accumulates thit
the Czars prospective visit possesses
nothing except the most peaceful signifi
Kven the Continental friends of the
Boers are becoming discouraged in their
hopes that the Czar will take occasion
during his visit to express disapproval of
Lord Kitcheners proclamation in regard
to tin burgher who do not surrender by
September 15 which has been universale
condemned outside of Great Britain It
is quite in accordance with the Boers
best Interests if the but knew it that
the Czar did not permit himself to voice
foreign criticism unless he is prepared to
follow it bv action amounting at least
to the worlds solemn protest Anything
less would have but one effect namely
to consolidate British public opinion into
unanimous support of the policy of pur
suing the Boer subjugation to the bitter
For this reason it is not likely- that the
Czars visit to Emperor William of Ger
many and President Loubet of France
will develop any political announcement
of an event of first importance It is
possible that Itussla will do something
soon to counteract the serious British In
dictment contained in the Blue Books
which have been recently issued charg
ing Russia with duplicity and perfidy In
the Russian Far Eastern negotiations
It Is difficult however to imagine how
the Czar can manage such a delicate mat
ter In connection with his visit Cynical
anti Russian opinion is In fact obliged
to content itself with ascribing merely
sordid motives to the Czars latest patron
age of his Republican allies M de itte
the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs
needs money to a greater extent now than
ever before and It Is well understood
that a repetition of the furore of ISM will
be quite sufficient basis for another Rus
sian loan in France
British attention today Is not directed
so much to the Czars visit and the pos
sible outcome of the France Turkey inci
dent as to the Russian aggression In a
new quarter Great Britain only today
discovered that as a result of the
and stupidity of the present admin
istration Russia has suddenly become
practically dominant In Persia and even
has the temerity to stop British trade
with that country The situation is such
a striking example of the weakness and
even cowardice of the British foreign
policy for the last few years that It is
worthy of examination
The Indian Government has opened a
new route for large trade between India
and Persia the new line being by way of
Quetta and Nushkl The development of
a great trade has been checked however
by Russia which blnce the beginning of
last year controls the Persian custom
houses and is therefore able to interpose
obstacles and annoyances which are fa
tal to trade This extraordinary situa
tion Is the result of circumstances which
are described In a leader In todays
In 1SSS the Persian Government being
in financial difficulties was anxious to
borrow money which British capitalists
were willing to lend on the security of
fered The negotiations were favored by
the British Government and the nmount
of the loan had already been underwritten
In London when the Russian Government
got wind of the affair and practically ve
toed the transaction undertaking at the
tame time to provide the money required
on the security of the Persian cuttoms
At this point the support of the British
Government was withdrawn from the
transaction or at any rate it was not
energetically accorded and matters re
mained In statu quo with the exception
that the veto of the Russian Government
was allowed to prevail until early In ISM
when the loan was taken up by Russia
From -that time forward the Influence of
Russia In Persia has been In the ascend
ent while that of Great Britain has per
ceptibly waned Hence the troubles and
obstacles encountered by Indian mer
chants on the new Quetta Nuthkl route
and hence many other outward conse
quences of the policy of drift and ab
stention It is now clear that we stood
at the parting of the ways when we al
lowed Per a to do the bidding of Russi i
and to decline to complete the almost
completed arrangements she had made
with a group of British capitalists but
we made our choice and we must now
take the consequences
The Times goes on with an almost
pitiful appeal to the Government to meet
this and other phases of Rutslan aggres
sion with wisdom and courage and with
out evasion It Is alas a wasted prayer
It Is hopeless any longer to expect a pol
icy of firmness ejid -vigor from the pres
ent British Government In dealing with
any great Power which chooses to be ag
gressive outside of actual British domin
ions Lord Salisbury In his last days of
power is xn opportunist pure and sim
ple and nothing short of an attack upon
vital British Interests can force him Into
an unyielding deensivc policy
Papers everywhere discuss today his ap
proaching n sfgnatlon but there is abso
lutely nothing new in this regard He
would nave retired months ago if the
South African war had been Mulshed and
nothing will Induce him to remiln in of
fices after the coronation festivities or
after the close of the next session of Par
liament He is not only tired of life and
political affairs but It is well known that
there Is no personal affinity between Sal
isbury and the King The Iatters choice
of a successor will undoubtedly be the
Siuke of Devonshire but this selection Is
y no means certain for Mr Balfours
claims are of course strong
Prof Matthew Flinders Petrie In a lec
ture this week summed up In few sen
tences of Intense Interest the litest evi
dence of the antiquity of the human race
Antiquarians now- have to deal with
Egypt There is an unbroken chain
of historic record from 50U0 II C beside
actual object which carry history back
7000 years further thus giving 9000 years
to human history But this Is yet far
from the beginning There were traces
tjl ii To Hnltlniorc ami Upturn viu
II A O nurdn and itiiiiiliis
August SI nd September 1 ticket good return
ing until following- Monday Cood en all trains
except Iloral Limited
FljiinM Business CoIIeirp Slh nnd K
Eurincvs ELortuand Typewriting 2J a jtir
K gfec
which showed that civilization must hive
come from another country but where
no one has the slightest Idea
The earliest gaves have figures of a
race of buhmen ef a type discovered sim
ilar to those found In 1 ranee and Malta
proving that the race extended from Af
rica Into Europe Then there are figures
of women who were captured from still
earlier races which prouibly were of the
piliolithic age Beyond this there was a
time when the climate of Egypt was to
tally different from today when a rain
fall fertilized what is now deert and
when animils of which all trace has ben
lost Inhabited the country Other laiJs
might how the age of man to be more
remote by physical evidences but no
where could we feel more plainly the cer
tainty of the antiquity of man than in a
place nine thousand vears of con
tinuous remains did not jet bring us Into
the vast periods of tho e climatic and geo
logical changes through which man kept
up the chain of life to the present day
C T Yerkes who Is Interested in elec
tric underground systems in London
wnile discussing the transit problem of
London yesterday enumerated what
should pass as a municipal proverb He
The curse of large cities Is that they
believe themselves above beint taught
He procecdeel to demonstrate this by
citing the case of London which is far
behind nearly all the onllnary sized towns
of the rest of the civilized world He also
pointed out how far superior Glasgow
Leeds Liverpool Manchester and
were to the metropolis of Eng
land in this respect
The ancient aqueducts and reservoirs of
Jerusalem testify to the abundant pro
vision that was made lor running water
in the holy cltv when It was the metropo
lis of the Jewish State It Is only within
the last few weeks that they have been
brought again Into the serv ice for the
city which during Intervening centuries
has been dependent upon the scanty ac
cumulations of rain water The droughts
of the present summer led to distress
which hipplly the new Governor of Je
rusalem Mohammed Djovad Pasha hid
the will and energv to combat He se
cureel the Sultans consent immediately to
lay a pipe from Solomon s pools nine
miles south of the city The pipe draws
from the sealed fountain mentioned In
the songs of Solomon My beloved Is
like a spring shut up in a fountain
It Is a dpep subterranean spring which
from the time of Solomon has flowed
through an arched channel to a distrib
uting chamber The tunnel Is roofed with
stones In the shape of an Inverted V It
passes through the valliy where the leau
tffnl ancient Hardens of Solomon are
mentioned In Eccleslastes It passes the
spot where Elijah said that he rested in
his flight from Jezebel and crossed the
plains of Ephralm where David in the
heat of battle with Phllistlres longed for
water from the well of Bethlehem H
nally after passing round the slope of
Zlon It enters the city through the
grounds of the Mosque Omar which Is in
the old temple nrea
This drawing of water from Solomoi s
pools will enVale the use of twelve an
cient fountains In the ctly It lll re
quire twenty kilometres of piping ten
centimetres in diameter when finally in
stalled The Governor has also success
fully repaired the Virgins Fountain In
the Valley of Jehosaphat outside of the
city walls Its waters pass to the pool
orSfloam through a tunnel built by Hez
eklah as his workmen recorded by a
rough hewn Hebrew Inscription This In
scription was stolen but afterward re
covered and is now In a museum at Con
The central telegraph office has been
the scene of embittered strife between
the comptroller and 20JO women telegra
phers The comptoller who Is a man of
severe mind trained in the north order
ed the closing during working hoiVs of
the dressing rooms where looking glass
es are kept The girls petitioned against
this and protested against his tyranny
The comptroller replied by accusing them
of squandering the time of the Govern
ment Despite angry a peals over the
comptrollers head he still refuses to un
lock the door and the girls have got to
take messages for eight hour without
consulting their mirrors
The South African Wnr Responsible
for Thclr Low Wneei
PARIS Aug SI The prolongation of
the war In South Africa has brought
starvation to the diamond cutters For
merly they earned 30 a week out of
which they paid their employ er less than
one dollar a day for the implements they
used and the motive power Now the men
are compelled to work In such a way that
their net earnings hardly yield I a week
There has been a meeting of the coun
cil of two hundred at which 120X cutters
from Amsterdam and 8 cutters from
Antwerp were represented and It was
unanimously agreed that a general strike
should be Inaugurated The cutters who
are working will be assessed 5 per cent of
their earnings for the strike fund
Vicar Expresses
Disapproval of the ItfTcrlncx
LONDON Aug SI An Incident which
Is not without a humorous aspect oc
curred at Shakespeares Church at
last Sunday After the
morning service nearly loO visitors most
ly American proceeded to Inspect the
tomb where the vicar Joined them
The vicar displayed some small Ameri
can coins and expressed the pain and an
noyance he felt at finding several similar
contributions at the morning offertory He
said they represented the smallest possi
ble value In America and were utterly
worthless In England
The vicar concluded by offering to re
store these coins to the contributors but
no one appeared nnxious to claim them
Irench Papers AVllIlns Tlint Germnn
Milp Should Oil There
LONDON Aug 31 There has recently
been a press campaign In Paris ugalnst
the North German Lloyd steamers being
allowed to land at Cherbourg Inasmuch
as they have been picking up passengers
who might have gone by the French
Trans Atlantiquc Company The writers
of these articles have urged the Govern
ment to exclude foreigners from the outer
harbor on the ground that Cherbourg is
a military port Now however a mar
velous change has arisen since the port
authorities of Dover approached Emperor
William with the idea of Induclni the
German liners to call there The Paris
Matin now says
The removal of the North Germ in
Lloyd Steamship Companys port of call
must be prevented at all cost We may
cherish recollections and hopes but wo
must look to peaceful competition In the
domain of future victories
Windows Alonir the Coronation Iro
ceNHlmi Route- to lie Plenty
LONDON Aug 31 House agents are
confident that they are competent to cope
with any American demand for places
along the line of the coronntlon proces
sion It is surprising that a lirge num
ber of Englishmen have already decided
that they arc not anxious to look on this
show and tint they are willing to throw
their accommodations on the market for a
fair price
Private L mini Hecuptured
HAVANA Aug 31 Private Lvmin of
the Second Cavalry who wbh sentenced
to Imprisonment for life last May for
killing a girl nnd who escaped has been
caught and handed over to the police
lailior liny Kxcuritloii to Pen lnr nntl
hurr In II A It It
Undrr auspice I O it Iate VAahiiiRton
6SU a in returning leave tUkunr S 3J p
in S iitimlxr 2 Hate 175 to Pen liar and
25 to rttlurs anil return Secure tickets
the committee ur at uliou monans of excur
- y1 K t
Victim- of tlit Montana Wreck
Killed Without Warning
Others Who Were Penned Inder the
UeltrlM lliinied to Heath b the
IIiiuk h 1hn Added to the Horror
Ihlrtj NlY Known to He Lost
KAL1SPELL Mon Aug 31 As the re
sult of the breaking in two of a heavily
loaded freight train thirty lives were
lost and thirteen Scandinavians were
more or less seriously Injured near Nyack
forty miles east of here last night The
known dead are
1 T DOWNS asitant superintendent of the
Great Iortliirn veci t of llinot N U
MltK liOHNS lus sen
III Mil IlbAlR cock aboard the private car
The killed had not the slightest oppor
tunity to escape so sudden and unlooked
for was the crash To add to the horror
of the situation the wreckage immedlltc
lj caught fire burning the bodies to a
So Intense was the heat th it the tele
graph wires were melted thus preventing
sending for aid The passenger engine
however was detached and made a fast
run to tills city for medical assistance
which was of little aid as the unfortu
nates were beyond the physicians skill
The injured were brought hero later and
are receiving attention in the railroad
At 8 30 last evening a train of twenty
eight cars loaded with shingles and lum
ber broke loose on the mountain grade
on the Great Northern near Essex fifty
miles west of here The grade Is very
necp and the cars came down the moun
tain at frightful speed crashing into the
rear end of a passenger train just pull
ing out of Nyack seventeen miles below
On the rear of the train was a coach
loaded with laborer from Duluth bound
for the railroad work at Jennings There
were forty six of these ind all but thir
teen were killed All ejeept five of the
killed were burned In the wreck It is
impossible to get names at this time but
most of them were Scandanavlans
Next to the rear car was the private
car of Assistant Superintendent P T
Downs of the Great Northern Mr
Downs and his son and a cook were In
the car The body of the cook was re
covered but no trace of Downs or his
son has been found The wreck caught
fire almost immediately and the three
cars of the passengers and ten cars of
the freight train were consumed At
least thirteen of the- laborers were burned
alive None of the passengers in the
Pullmans or the coaches forward was
The fire destroyed the private car cre
mating the bodies of those within The
llames were quickly communicated to the
car ahead or rather to what remained of
it and the bodies of the killed -were also
burned The car third from the rear was
burned as well but those within managed
to escape when the collision occurred
The fire continued to spread through the
mass of debris caused by the destruetlon
of the dozen freight cars and the consign
ments of valuable freight Finally the
passenger train was cut In two between
third and fourth cars from the rear and
the coaches were drawn to a safe dis
tance from the flames
All the telegraph wires arc down and
communication was thus cut off Physi
cians were taken to the scene from this
city and all traffic was for a time sus
Cnptaln McNeil Keted on Ills Return
to Cumberland Mil
Jesse McNeil who commanded McNeils
rangers the famous Confederate cavalry
troop arrived here today from attending
the reunion of his old command at Moore
Held W Va
During the clvi var McNeil and forty
of his men slipped into Cumberland one
night when the town was surrounded by
12000 Union soldiers and going to the ho
tels where slept Generals Kelly- and
Crook placed them under arrest and then
stole out of town and made their escape
with their prisoners to Moorefleld There
the Union generals were kept until pa
rolled at the home of one of their cap
tors with whose sister General Crook fell
In love At the close of the war he mar
ried the yourg woman
Upon Captain McNeils arrival here to
day he was lionized many who had
fought against him during the var turn
irg out to do him honor The first place
visited by Captain McNeil was the hotel
where at midnight he had aroused Gen
eral Crook and bade him put on his clothes
nnd then hustled him out of town on
horsebick McNeil Is a native of Moore
fleld W Va but after the war located In
Seymour HI an is now a wealthy man
At the reunion at Moorefleld McNeil
roomed with a Union soldier whom he
captured during the civil war at the muz
zle of a revolver
The Slaicr of lint IIcmleroii
Cimclit enr Strnieliii rir viii
HOLDEN Mo Aug 31 Wllllam Tran
cis the negro who murdered JIIss Mary
Henderson last Tuesday was captured
tonight in a schoolhouse four rrlles west
of Strasburg
A telephone message reached here from
Strasburg about dark to the effect that a
negro had been seen creeping through a
meadow Into the schoolhouse The news
created great excitement at St asburg
where a large crowd had returned after
an unsuccessful attempt to locate the
Under the leadership of Marshall Bailey
they started for the schoolhouse deter
mined upor capturing the murderer dead
or alive Surrounding the building to pre
vent escape dozens of armed men poured
through the door and windows and soon
found the fugitive
A telephone message received here at
10 oclock says that tnc prisoner will be
taken to W irrensburg on the Missouri Pa
cific train No 8 It is expected that he will
be burned to death A message from
Warrensburg says that the streets of
that city are thronged with an excited
crowd of people all clamoring for the Im
mediate execution of Trnncls It is not
believed that the officers of the law will
be able to protect the prisoner
Inveuieiitii in llnviiiin
HAVANA Aug 31 City Engineer Bar
den will for experimental purposes put
down three sections of pavement one of
vitrlfled brick one of granite blocks and
lone of Medina sandstone That which
proves most durable will be used for roads
where traffic Is heaviest
A Crown Prince at Illciihelm
LONDON Aug 31 Prince Frederick
William the German Crown Prince ar
rived at Blenheim today on a visit to the
Duke and Duchess of Marlborough The
latter was formerly Miss Consuelo Var
di rbilt
910 Itiiunil Trip to HnlTnlii - 1JIO
count lllntrlet Dllv v 111 Ienn
Mjlwuilli Itiiilronil
Tickets will le ll Aianirt 31 September J an I
J va id or return until September 8 iuclushe
at rate nf 10 round trip fiomi on all trains
Iloubie ilally wrvlte of vetibulcJ trains
ieiUl cciemuilc on lmWents Day Sept J
5 - is
The Only War Snld to He Open to
Clilncae of Itnnl
BERLIN Aug 31 A correspondent Is
Informed that no communication has been
received as to Prince Chuns decision re
garding the ceremonies to be observed
at his reception but he must come here
if at all before the Kaiser goes to Dant
The situation Is so delicate that the
protocol will not bcslgned by the Minis
ters nt Pekln until the object of Prince
Chuns expiatory mission has been ac
complished It is also stated that some
of the Ministers nt Pekln are dissatisfied
with the text of two hitherto unprlnted
PARIS Aug 3L Referring to the bow
ing and head knocking ceremonials to
be observed when Prjrice Chuns mission
appears before Emperor William a
Chinaman informs the Figaro that
Princes do not kowtow in China Thsy
will do so on this occasion if Emperor
William insists but will commit suicide
immediately afterward
A Defiant Reply Returned to General
Kitchener Proclnmiitleiii
CAPE TOWN Aug 31 The Boer com
mander Lottt r who Is at the head of a
body of invaders sent an unprintable re
ply to the proclnmatlon of Lord Kitchen
er In regard to burghers who do not sur
render by September IjS The proclama
tion was sent to Lotter under a white
The Boer invaders ave active In the
George district thirty two miles from
Moselbay and about our miles from the
coast ji
M burghs commando has returned to
Honey nest Kloof where they seem In
clined to remain
Colonel Alexander after engaging the
Boers under Van Derilcrwe drove them
fiom Stcytlervllle
evr MlnlKtrj Determined to Main
tain the Price nt 5000O0O
COPENHAGEN Aug 31 It is said
that the new Danish Ministry has de
termined to maintain the price at which
the Danish West Indies are to be sold
to the United States at 500000
DeftccmTeil From Umrene Itcntilinr
nnln Sun of JoeiIilne
Eugeno of Is dead at the
age of fifty four
The Duke Eugene of Leuchtcnbcrg was
a general In the Russian army and was
a descendant In the direct line of Eugene
Benuharnals who was Josephines eon
The latter was an adopted son of Napo
leon I and a ijceroy qf Italy
GuubontK Ilke 1 40 Proceed to Itocan
del Toro
COLON Colombia Aug 31 The Gov
ernment today sent re enforcements to
attack the Insurgents whure holding Old
Bank near Bocaa Del Toro It is esti
mated that the rebels aro SO Btrong
A British gunboat Is otf that port and
It is probable that the American gunboat
Machias will also proceed to the scene
of action
Another Ilnvniia llnnkluir Firm snld
to Have Been Ilefrnnded
HAVANA Aug 3 The alleged forger
of the check for 43000 on the Spanish
Bank has not yet been caught There
are rumors that attempts are being made
to hush up the matter These reports
apparently have no foundation The peo
ple here take these things as a matter
of course The few who suffer say noth
ing The rest are accustomed to this way
of dealing
The Dlscuslon says that the Upmans
the German bankers were swindled by
the same gang for Si0 The Upmans
decline to talk about the subject
ChnnircK In the HnvnnnvSewer Con
tract Specification
HAVANA Aj jL Acting Governor
Scott h is forwnrded n letter by Mr Bar
den the city engineer to the ayuntamlen
to acquainting thorn with the fact that
Governor General Wood has approved
certain changes in the specifications of
the sewer contract of Havana and rec
omnendinsr the same to the ayuntamlen
to The principal changes are that when
a bid Is mnde the bidder must deposit
UWOOU Instead of 5uO000 and J3000CO more
when he obtains the contract It is also
provided that 10 pr cent of the contract
Is to be deducted in monthly estimates un
til the total reaches 7S00u0 Instead of
10 per cent each month until the contract
is finished
Instead of paying J2MO0O on getting the
contract to reimburse the State for the
Indemnity paid to Michael J Dady 6 per
cent Is to be deducted each month for
this purpose until tho money is paid
SerlouM Cliiirjc Iloilarcit Proven
AKlllnst 1 liree Chlcnfro 1nllccmcii
CHICAGO III Aug 3J Lieut Peter J
Joyce Detective Sergcant John Cramer
and Patrolman John Tracy were dis
charged from the polleo force today by
the Civil Service Commission for fraud
through bogus expenso accounts The de
cision was reached afterjttn minutes dis
cussion The result of the enquiry is re
garded as a direct bloy at Capt Luke
P Collenn chief of ddtctlves for Joyce
has been considered his right hand min
The commission has Ueclded that tho
men are guilty of thecbarges brought
against them by Chief OKclIl President
Lindbloom after the secret conference
We hive decided to discharge all three
of them
The formal opinion In the case was not
handed down until late in the afternoon
These are the charges against each of the
officials implied In the expense account
scandal Lieut Peter Joyce making false
officlnl report and conduct unbecoming
an officer Detective Sergeant John
Cramer conduct unbecoming an officer
Patrolman John J Tracy conduct unbe
coming an officer and making a false of
ficial report i
Acting Mayor Walkef expressed himself
well satisfied with the outcome of the
It is a stand against graft and the
commissioners arc to I e congratulated
on dealing with this- case without
gloves declared Mr Walker
It Is expected that the discharged men
will take the question Into tho courts
nnd make a desperate attempt to be put
back to work Attorneys for all three of
ficers have announced as much
ICkH I ban Half ItnleN to California
ami lteturn
with pmerou sti rer jo Mlree for Fpienpal
Conv union Tickets on lc via Sjutlieni Hail
uuy September IS to A J Toston General
Vgctit fill Pa ave nw
jTnnagcrs Say They Can Keep the
Furnaces in Operation
Aiiinlcnmntcd Striker Hold Another
Mcctliiir There In an Euilcnvar to
UrKe the Men to Come Out o
CliaiiKC in the General Situation
McKEESPORT Pa Aug 31 Three
hundred men crowded Into a narrow va
cant lot In Duquesne this evening and
listened to arguments as to why thcy
should strike Not more than halt of
this number were from Duquesne The
McKeesport strikers organized a parade
this evening and 123 of them marched over
to Duquesne and helped to swell the
crowd about the speakers stand Speech
es were made In English and Polish as
a large proportion of the audience was
made up of foreign laborers The audi
ence was noisy and heartily cheered the
Speeches were mado by William J
Pierce President of tho International As
sociation of Electricians Andrew Adams
a Polish agitator Stewart C Sharp the
local organizer of the Federation of Lab
or a Pile named Horrocks and Steven
Madden formerly secretary of the Amal
gamated Association The gathering was
presided over by George Hollow ay Presi
dent of Enterprise Lodge
Every man met on the Duquesne streets
has a different story to tell conewping
the steel works The leaders of the strike
claim that 123 men walked from the open
hearth department todty The officials
of the company deny this absolutely and
say the men who were discharged last
night were all that failed to show up for
work this morning The plant will start
up between 4 and 6 oclock tomorrow aft
ernoon The furnaces will be charged at
S oclock in the morning but this is done
largely by machinery and few men are
The residents of Duquesne and the of
ficials of the mills sav they do not fear
a tie up but It is certain that many are
on the anxious seat today anil there will
be an easier feeling after starting tomor
row if It Is demonstrated that enough
men can be gotten Into the big mills to
keep them In operation
The strikers feel that this Is a desperate
effort and everything depends on its suc
ci ss
PITTSBURG Aug 31 There have been
no startling developments In the steel
strike situation today- The Amalgamat
ed Association apparently continues to
lose ground nnd It is believed there will
be a generalmoiiementon the part of the
constituent companies of the Steel Trust
next week to resume operations
Tr e effort to tie up the Carnegie mills
at Duquesne has met with failure The
discharged men met with disappointment
In their efforts to close the plant
The leading topic In business and labor
circles here Is the editorial In the Labor
World of yesterday calling for the re
moval of T J Shaffer President of tho
Amalgamated Association The Labor
World Is the organ of several Influential
trades unions of Pennsylvania and Us
declaration Indicates clearly tbet the
leader of the steel strike does not have
the confidence of all the working men
No news has been received today from
Messrs Hickty and Cooper the repre
sentatives of the Bay View lodge at Mil
waukee who started home yesterday to
make a report on their conference here
with Mr Shaffer and tho assistant sec
retary Mr Tighe
The Westerners were asked to urge
their lodge to remain out for a short
time and the hope was held out that the
strike mav be settled soon Men who
talked with Hickey and Cooper believe
that the Milwaukee strikers will return
to work next week
fton Unlou Man rlrcH Into a Crowd
of Strikers
CLEVELAND Ohio Aug 31 The first
clash of union and non union men In
Cleveland since the Amalgamated strike
was tciared occurred today One man
was shot while several others were se
verely beaten But for the opportune ar
rival of the police there might have been
a long list of fatalities
Tho outbreak was the result of the de
sire of nine of the non union employ es of
the Crescent mills who have been shut
up inside the companys fence for two
weeks to spend Sunday at their homes
Accordingly- they- left the works at 1030
a m Nothing unpleasant occurred until
they had reached Bessemer Avenue and
Porter Street a few- blocks distant when
they encountered a gang of strikers who
began to revile them
The non union men did not relish the
epithets and retorted in similtr terms
With this start It did not taxe much to
begin a bittle and stones bricks and
bottles were thrown at the union men
One of the non union men said to be
Andrew Brock drew a revolver and fired
indiscriminately into the crowd Only
one bullet took effect striking George
Lupaccki In the right leg
Tho crowd of strikers became more tur
bulent thin ever and a rush was made
for he non union men who tried in vain
to escape the punishment which was
meted out to them rortunately how
ever a squad of police arrived at this
Juncture hiving been notified that the
men were going to makt an attempt to
leave the works The crowd scattered In
all directions
No arrests have been made but it is
expertod that the man who did th shoot
ing will be arrested upon his return to
w ork
Much lliiinnKc Canned to Farm Lnnds
lit Maryland
CUMBERLAND Md Aug 31 A most
remarkable cloudburst occurred in this
locality this evening and advices are that
it extended over a range of 200 miles
The Baltimore and Ohio tracks at Raw
lings this county were covered with four
feet of water which soon ran off but
trains were obliged to run several miles
In one and two feet of water
Trains ran through great quantities of
debris along the tracks of the West Vir
ginia Central The greatest sufferers are
farmers whose lands are flooded and
whose produce was carried away by the
hundreds of waves that rolled down from
points along the mountains
Such 11 Itlchmonil Company
RICHMOND Va Aug 31 Suit has
been brought against the Richmond Pas
senger and Power Compiny by David A
Ainslie for OWU0 and It is understood thit
George Ainslie has severed I1I3 connection
with the firm of Martin Ainslie because
of alleged bad treatment of hb brother
who was u director in the railway com
G A H Jnlloiial Incnmiimeiit
Clevelnml ami Ian Amerlean lx
poxitlon Illllfulo In II a It
Official route Tickets valid solng
8 to 12 vain until 15th except by
deposit and payment of fee of 50 cents limit
may be extended to October 8 Hate to Cleie
lanel anil return direct 11 To Cleveland and
return lla llullalo 15 Tickets and infor
mation can be bad at II O It It olfiees and
cf G A I committees
Vot n Leader Hut Wnnld lie Good
in the Senate
LIBERTT Mo Aug 31 Senator
George G Vest In a letter to a friend re
peats his declaration that the silver issue
should jiot be pressed but he claims that
he is a strong bimetallism
While I have not surrendered one par
ticle of my devotion to bimetallism I
think changed conditions have for the
time made It unnecessary to divide the
Democratic party on the question of the
free and unlimited coinage of silver at
the ratio of IS to 1 without the consent
of other nations A good general does
not surrender when he changes his line
of battle to meet a new alignment on the
part of the enemy and when causes be
yond his control have altered the plans
he has made for the Campaign to ad
here stubbornly to an Issue which has
ceased really to be one for the time at
least is simply Idiocy
If I could do so I w ould put Colonel Bry
an In the United States Senate where he
would take high rank and be Invaluable
to his country and party His ability
courage and honesty are unquestionable
but I do not think him a great leader
Leadership Is a peculiar and rare talent
A man may be an orator lawyer and
statesman yet not necessarily- a good
leader Jefferson Van Buren Lincoln
and McKinley have been the greatest po
litical leaders and managers In this coun
try nnd Mr McKinley has never had a
superior In that regard
He Visit a Trulnlnsr Vblp nnd Re
fliaen to T11IU Polltlex
CHICAGO Aug 31 Vice President
Roosevelt ime back to Chicago Irom
Springfield early today He refused to
discuss politics Sir Roosevelt spent the
forenoon in the reading room of the Amer
ican Literature Association At 1 oclock
he went to the Union League Club for
luncheon as the guest of Colonel Strong
At 3 30 oclock he went aboard the train
ing ship Dorothea The Vice Presitlent
was much Interested In the naval militia
and spent a pleasant afternoon with Cap
tain Allen and the other officers and men
Tomorrow at breakfast he will be the
guest of Paul Morton of the Santc Fe
His later engagements are purely person
al and he asked that no mention be made
of them He will leave for Minneapolis
in the evening remaining there two days
then going to Burlington Vt to attend
the reunion of the Vermont Veteran Asso
Mankind a Candidate for Secrefnry
of the Commonwealth
Hanklns of this county- now clerk In the
office of Secretary Lawless asserts In a
very peremptory manner that he -ins not
withdrawn from the race fbrthe position
of Secretary of the Commonw ealth
Judge C G Gooch and George Wi Le
Cato will also run for the position
Eiceedlndr Small Crop In the Territory-
Aronnd Dalian
DALLAS Tex Aug 31 The cotton
crop In the territory tributary to Dallas
on tho opening day of the season of 1901 2
must be reported a failure so far as any
thing approaching an average seasons
yield Is Involved In the comparison
Notwithstanding that the area In the
territory mentioned 1 fully t per cent In
excess of that planted last year the
shortage will be at least 33 per cent un
der last seasons yield
The drought Is responsible for approxi
mately all the decrease No Insects have
been reported In the territory as a whole
and only a few scattered fields were re
ported attacked during the growing
Deal Financed Thronh the Sale of
II F A P Stock - -
lantic Coast Line Company of Connecti
cut has retired J2500000 of Its 4 per cent
certificates of Indebtedness These certifi
cates were bought by the company In the
market at prices ranging from 56 to SS
Cash for this purpose was supplied from
money- In -the companys treasury and In
the sale of stock owned by It In the Rich
mond Fredericksburg and Potomac Rail
road Company
This ownership constituted a majority
of the stock of the latter company This
road w ns sold to the new company formed
to take over the railroad lines from Wash
ington D C to Richmond Va In this
company the Atlantic Coast Line will
have a fifth Interest
A Resident of Surlnfr Mill Va
Killed With an Vie
LYNCHBURG Va Aug 31 One of the
most brutal murders ever reported in this
section was committed at Suring Mills
last night by a negro who killed Thomas
Brightwell a white man by splitting his
head open with an axe Brightwell was
the son of Moses Brightwell of Concord
and was engaged in the milling basiness
Two negroes giving their names as
Leonard Harris and James Graves have
been arrested here anel are thought to
hive been Implicated In the murder plot
The police are now- on the trail of another
negro who Is supposed to have struck
Brightwell Many citizens have volun
tarily offered to help In pursuing the
negro It is thought that he will be
lynched If caught
Victims of n Trolley Accident In
Illriiiinirhaiii Aln
BIRMINGHAM Ala Au- 31 On a
busy thoroughfare todav In the pres
ence of a dozen people an electric car
running at a high rate of speed struck
and ran over a jojng white womin with
n baby in her arms Both mother and
child were horribly mangled and died in
a few minutes
The bodies were conveyed to an under
taking establishment where thousands
of people saw them but were unable to
identify them
The motorman of the car was arrested
on a charge of muder A crowd of In
dignant citizens began talking of lynch
ing and the man was transferred from
tt e city jail to the county Jail where it
Is much safer
Tonight Curry Norris employed In the
Reynolds lumberyards went to his home
and not tindlng his wife and baby there
came to the city to look for them He
soon heard of the shocking accident and
hurricel to the undertakers establish
ment Upon seeing his wife and child on
the boards ha collapsed
nixtrlet Day September t
Pan- ViiierUlln KxpiiHltion
Only IO Hound Trip II U It R
Tickets on bale from Washington August 31
September 1 and 2 Kood returning until Sep
tember S inclusive Ml tral 3 eveeut ltojal
Limited and Black Diamond Eapress
Price Three Cents
Says He Believes He Will Be
Elected Governor of Virginia
To Open the Cnmiililujn Tomorrows
IHacumicsi thsYuuntr Mans Chance
In the South Giirer Startllnsr
Vlevvn on the Jfesrro question
Col J Hampton Hoge the Republican
candidate for the Governorship of Vir
ginia Is In Washington on his way front
the Buffalo Exposition to Franklin Court
House where tomorrow he will open his
campaign and fire the first gun in tho
hardest fought political battle which tho
Old Dominion has probably ever experi
That Is In Mr Montagues district
said Colonel Hoge referring to the com
ing campaign ard 1 hope that he will
be there when I open the fight I should
be happy It he were present 1 am con
fident that I shall be elected and I am
as equally positive that a Republican ad
ministration In Virginia would be a great
thing for my State
Speaking of the statement printed In
Richmond today In which a member of
the Democratic Committee is said to havo
declared that there would be on hand 10O
000 with which tho Democrats Intended to
conduct the political battle I can only
say that I cant see how- the money Is
to be used except for the purpose of pur
chasing the liberty of the people and to
lead to their ultimate slavery
For ten years the white counties lit
Virginia have given a Republican majori
ty and the Democrats have carried tho
black districts through trickery
Mr Montague holds In his pocket an
office obtained by the same methods which
he himself denounces It stamps those
who gave It as thieves and perjurers
Mr Montague evidently speaks when ha
talks of the trickery In politics in Vir
ginia with a knowledge of experience
He has declaretl that the entire machine
system is rotten and corrupt and that It
extended to our Legislature which Is
throttled by a railroad lobby and that
the State has been marked by the corrup
tion of one man power It would be
strange If Mr Montague should give his
sanction to the use of a J 100000 campaign
Colonel Hoge discussed at length tho
condition of the South which section ho
declared had been retarded in what
would have been its natural growth by a
short sighted policy- on the part of the
voters who year after year he declared
have gone to the polls and voted bllndlyr
for measures ruinous to their part of ther
country The South according to tho
Republican candidate for Governor Is
logically a protection section and trio
doctrine of free trade he thinks has
been a short sighted policy
Let the South break away from thd
blindness and folly of the past sale
Colonel Hoge and we shall once mora
produce statesmen instead of politicians
The South has been wrong She wants to
get out of the rut and come to the fronts
wheTe she rightfully belongs
While In New JPork recently I dis
cussed the possibilities or the South with
a well known capitalist He believed ho
said that the South offered a remarkable
field for the Inv estment of capital Yet It
would seem that we have taken the very
measures to prevent capital from being
Invested We have deliberately shut our
doors At the same time In spite of all
that has been done for the ruination or
the Soath capital has been invested la
quantities not so large of course as
would have been possible but still to -a
considerable extent and the South today
Is experiencing a boom It is the greatest
section of the United States and Its pos
sibilities are bounded only by lndustrj
and capital
What do I think of the chances of the
young man of today added Colonel
Hoge thoughtfully I think that a
voung man In this country- is bound to
succeed unless he hides himself where
he cannot be found The opportunities
for the wide awake hustling young fel
low were never better than they are now
and in no section can they half way equal
the possibilities to be found in the South
And that brings up an Interesting ques
tion Why- Is it that all the enterprising
v oung men of the South leave their homes
and go to some- otherState to make a
living to engage ln buslness or a pro
fesslonT It is absolutely true that they
do that very thlngv
And yet the field offered In the South
In any State In the Sifuth Is a greater
broader one than Is to be found elsewhere
Nevertheless our progressive young men
go North or West and leave behind them
opportunities greater by far than they
can hope to realize elsewhere There Is
scarcely family In the South today
which has not some member engaged in
business in another section of the
This fact Is due to the short sighted
policy of the South We are not dealing
todiy with the Issues which our forefa
thers were called upon to confront We
have advanced and- the questions which
rose fifty thirty vears ago are not those
of the present The South must go for
ward and It must abandon the policy of
prejudice ana blind leadership
The race question in the bouth rn tho
opinion of Colonel Hoge Is settled There
Is now no danger to be discovered In the
negro question nnd he thinks that the
question will never again trouble tho
people of the country and especially of
the South
The day w hen a negro could become
a member of Congress or a United States
benatorhas passeei They win never again
secure these elective offices The race
questio i should be handled aside from pol
itics It has nothing to do with politics
and the sooner the white people of Vir
gini 1 and the buutn realize this the bt
ter It will be for them The white man the
white race the superior race can manage
its political government with one hand to
use a metaphor while It deals with the
social question with the other And the
vvhito man as an individual can cope
successfully with the situation I have
that confidence In the race to which I be
long The dread of negro supremacy In
the South Is a fear long since past Tho
v hite man shall rule and the negro un
derstands it
The negro today- Is more Immoral and
is more nearly a barbarian than he was
when was first brought Into America
In the South the institution of marriage
among the negroes is dying out Tho
place of tne negro is descending He Is
approichlns the status of the brute more
nnd more each year But there Is no dan
ger to be feared from this for the white
man individually and collectively can
successfully cope with the question at all
The negro In Virginia politics will not
amount to a great deal in the coming
campaign For myself I believe in giv
ing to the negro all of the rights endowed
to him throjgh the Constitution the right
of suffrage the privilege of owning prop
erty But I do not favor the negro as an
The South is logically the expansion
section of the United States The posses
sion of the Philippines and the commer
cial awakening in the Far Kast give to
the Southern States the opportunity
which his figuratively speiking been
awaited for centuries In the South man
ufactories are bound to grow ami tho
section Is destined to become the manu
facturings section of the country And
when the Southern States demand a pro
tective tariff the Northern States and
particularly those of the New England
States will demand a tariff for revenue
Colonel Hoge will leave the cltv today
and will go Immediately to Franklin
Court House He will speak In Richmond
on the night of September 6 ard at Har
risonburg on September IK This will
practcilly end bis active campaign foe
the governorship
U Seashore Week End Trips O
Vin II X O It It
ncsinnms July S all IniHs Fridays and Sat
urelajs rood to return until following Tuevday
to t artic City Capo Var Sea Isle City and
Ocean City I for the round trip

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