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The Presidents stomach was opened
second shot was serious it was not
necessarily fatal
Svlzed Detectives
The man who did the shooting was
seized immediately by the detectives
He offered no resistance at first but
refused to give any information about
himself Later he said his name was
Fred Pieman that he was twenty
eight years old and had come to Buf
falo from Detroit a week ago He was
living at 1025 Broadway He gave his
occupation as a blacksmith and said he
was born in Detroit It was not until
evening that his right name was
The reception to the President this
afternoon was one to which the general
public had been invited John G Mil
burn President of the exposition had
introduced the Executive to the great
crowd in the Temple and men women
and children came forward for a per
sonal greeting Among those in line
was Czolgosz whose left hand was
wrapped In a handkerchief Folded in
the handkerchief was a 32 calibre der
A little girl was led up by her father
and the President shook hands with
her As she passed along to Uje right
the President looked after her smiling
ly and waved his hand in pleasant
adieu Next in line came the would be
assassin As the President turned to
the right again bringing his right hand
about in the characteristic manner
withvwhlch he extends it while receiv
ing Czolgosz thrust out both his
hands brushed aside the Presidents
extended arm and brought the revol
ver hidden In the handkerchief up
against the Presidents stomach At
the same Instant he pulled the trigger
Flrnt Build Too Hlch
The first bullet entered too high for
the purpose of the Anarchist who had
fired again as quickly as his finger could
move the trigger On receiving the first
ehot President McKinley lifted himself
on his toes with something of a gasp
Jlis movement caused the second shot
to enter Just below the navel With
the second shot the President doubled
slightly forward and then sank back
Detective Gary caught the President
In hlarms and Mr Mllburn helped to
support him It had all happened In an
Instant Almost beforethe noise of the
eecond shot sounded Czolgosz was
seized by S It Ireland a United States
Secret Service man who stood opposite
the President Ireland hurled him to
the floor and as he fell a negro waiter
John Harper by name leaped upon
him Soldiers of the United States Ar
tillery detailed at the reception sprang
upon them and he was surrounded by
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Attempted Assassination at a Reception on the Buffalo
Exposition Grounds
An Anarchist Named Czolgosz Fires Twice at Mr McKinley
When About to Shake His Hand in the Temple of Music
One Bullet Pierces the Walls of the Stomach Doctors
Unable to Find It by an Operation Crowds Seek to
Lynch the Would Bo Murderer Story of the Tragedy
BUFFALO K Y Sept 6 President
McKinley was shot twice by a vculd
be assassin as he stood in the Temple
of Music at the Pan American Exposi
tion at i oclock this afternoon The
shots were fired by Leon Czolgosz of
Detroit who said afterward that he
was an Anarchist and had only done his
The attempted assassination tcok
place In the presence of 3000 people
who had crowded into the Temple of
Music while 10000 others stood outside
the Temple waiting for a chance to en
ter and shake hands with the Presi
dent f
The first bullet struck the sternum in
the Presidents chest deflected to the
right and traveled beneath the skin to
a point directly below the right nipple
The second bullet penetrated the abdo
men Only a superficial wound was
caused by the first bullet and within
five minutes after the physicians
reached the President it had been re
moved The second bullet was not
An operation was performed on the
President at the emergency hospital
on the exposition grounds at 6 oclock
by Dr Matthew D Mann Dr John
Parmentcr and Dr Herman Mynter
a squad of police and Secret Service
Detective Gallagher grabbed Czol
goszs right hand tore away the hand
kerchief and seized the revolver The
artillerymen seeing the revolver in
Gallaghers hand rushed at him and
handled him rather roughly Mean
while Ireland and the negro held the
would be murderer endeavoring to
shield him from the attacks of the In
furiated artillerymen and the blows of
the policemens clubs
Supported by Detective Geary and
President Mllburn and surrounded by
Secretary George Cortelyou and half a
dozen exposition officials the President
was assisted to a chair His face was
very white but he madejio outcry and
sank back with one hand holding his
abdomen His eyes were open end he
was clearly conscious of all that had
Flriit Thought for Ills Wife
Hi looked up into President Mllburns
face and gasped Cortelyou The
Presidents Secretary bent over him
CVrtelyou said the President My
i wife be careful about her Dont let
Moved by a paroxism he writhed to
the left and then his eyes fell on the
prostrate form of the would be
v i ti i -- 4
uuiuicuuuanasnououna urainage En Czolgosz who
tubes were inserted the Incision was
sewed up and at 745 oclock the Pres
ident was removed to the home of John
G Mllburn at Delaware Avenue and
Ferry Street The doctors stated after
her knov
lay on the floor
bloody and helpless beneath the blows
of the guard The President raised his
right hand red with his own blood and
placed It on the shoulder of his secre
wu u we c iUpui Lct no one hurt hIm he gaspeili
and that while the wound caused by the
nd sank back in the cnar whe the
guards carried Czolgosz out of his
An ambulance from the exposition
hospital was summoned Immediately
and the President still conscious sank
upon the stretcher Secretary Cortel
you and Mr Mllburn rode with him in
the ambulance and in nine minutes
after the shooting the President was
awaiting the arrival of surgeons who
had been summoned from all sections
of the city and by special train from
Niagara Falls
CoimcioiiN in tin- Aiiiliiilniivf
The President continued conscious
and conversed with Mr Coitelyou and
Mr Milburn on his way to the hospital
I am torry he said to have been
the cause of trouble to the exposition
Three thoughts had found expression
with the President First that the
news should be kept from his wife sec
ond that the assassin should not be
harmed and third regret that the
tragedy might hurt the exposition
Crondo Cnllier UiiieLlj
The news that the President had been
shot passed across the exposition
grounds with almost Incredible speed
and the crowd around the Temple of
Music grew until It counted fifty thou
sand people This big crowd followed
the ambulance to the hospital and
then divided Itself Into two partsone
anxious to learn the condition of the
President and to catch up every rumor
that came from the hospital the other
eager to find the would be assassin and
to punish him
Certain it is that If the officials had
not used remarkable dllllgence in tak
ing Czolgosz out of the way of the
crowd lie would have been mobbed and
beaten to death CzoIgsz had ben car
ried Into a side room at the northwebt
corner of the Temple There he was
searched but nothing was found upon
him except a letter relating to lodgings
They washed the blood from his face
and asked him who he was and why he
had tried to kill the President He
made no answer at first but finally
gave his name as Xieman He
is of medium height smooth shaven
blown haired and was diessed in the
ordinary clothes of a mechanic He of
fered no explanation for the deed ex
cept that he was an Anarchist and had
done his duty
A detail of exposition guards was sent
for and a company of soldiers A car
riage was South of the
Temple a space had been roped off The
crowd tore out the Iron stanchions hold
ing the ropes and carried the ropes to
a Hag pole standing nearby on the
Lynch him cried a hundred voices
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Wmmssmi SSSkx SSSmSfflX
C flPr
BUFFALO N Y Sept 7 230 a m The condition of President McKinley at 2 oclock this
morning was as reassuring as could be expected Although he was naturally suffering slightly from
what is known as delayed or secondary shock caused either by the bullet of the would be murderer or
the operation there was every sign that the patient was bearing up wonderfully well At the hour
stated Mr McKinley was free from pain and was resting easily His temperature was 1002 only
slightly above normal while the pulse had decreased to 120 the respiration was easy and unlabored
at 24 The physicians declare that the only danger now is from complications the most feared of these
being peritonitis The second bullet fired iy the Anarchist passed through both walls of the stomach
and hasJiot yet teen extracted An operation was psrforiiied the wounds in the stomach being
sutured but the bullet could not be found The wound of the first bullet was little more than a
contusion the flesh not having been pierced v
and a start was made for one of the
entrances of the Temple
Soldiers and police beat back the
crowd the guards and people -wrangling
shouting and fighting In this
confusion Czolgosz still bleeding with
his clothes torn and scarcely able to
walk was led out by Capt James F
Vallaly chief of the exposition detec
tives Commandant ltoblnson and a
squad of Secret Service men Czolgosz
was thrown into a carriage and the de
tectives jumped in on him Captain
Vallaly sprang to the drivers seat and
lashed the horses Into a gallop The
crowd burst Into -a roar of rage
Murderer Assassin Lynch
hang him they yelled Men sprang
at the horses and clutched at the whirl
ing wheels of the carriage Caolgosz
huddled back Inthc corner concealed
between two detectives
The rope the rope yelled the
crowd and they started forward all In
one grand fight the soldiers to save
and the citizens to take a would be
murderers life Soldiers fought a way
clear at the heads of the horses and
pursued by the infuriated thousands
the carriage whirled across the Espla
nade the horses dashing at a full gal
lop over the triumphal causeway
through he Lincoln Parkway gate andj
down Delaware Avenue until police
headquarters was reached
Thousands left the exposition
grounds and learning that the man
had been taken to police headquarters
followed theie willing to do violent
justice If the President was dead As
evening came on the numbers grew so
that the multitudes blocked all the
streets In the vicinity of police head
quarters ten thousand asking one
another Is the President still alive
Hopeful HiilletliiM Cllerd
All efTorts to dispel the crowds were
vain The com ersatlon of this mass of
people penetrated ever to the cell where
Czolgosz lay Now and then the crowd
would surge over to one of the newspa
per building bulletin boards cheer
ing wildly when the statement wns
Hashed out that the hope of recovery
was entertained
While this crowd threatened thelire
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KM ft Iter Car sine rgk Ubbei Co
of the would be murderer every effort
was being made toepffjr scientific aid
to the President anTto bring to him
the best surgeonithatjcould be secured
Dr L W Lee otSfeLouls Dr Storer
of Chicago andf DcVan Peyma of
Buffalo were or thejjroltnds and joined
the hospital sta t JDr Matthew D
Mann Dr HermnnVMynter and Dr
John Parmenter werifsummoried by tel
ephone and DrsL Harrington and
Stockton were brought to the grounds
in swift automobiles
The President was borne from the
Temple of Music at 414 oclockby Drs
Hall Ellis and Mann jr who were in
charge of the ambulance The crowd
fell back when It saw the figure of the
President on the stretcher There was
no need for the police to ask the crowd
to move Sack Along the route of foun
tains nnd through the hall the crowd
itself cleared a pathway crylngr
Keep back keep back make way
Cnrrled to the HoMiiitnl
Colonel Chapln vpf General Itoes
staff wltf the mounted escort that had
accompanied President McKtfiley In his
out door appearances slnca his arrival
in Buffalo surrounded tholambulance
and they went swiftly to the hospital
The doctors were at the Presidents
side within thirty seconds after his ar
rival and the nurses had made ready
for the task of the surgeons
Outside the hospital the police estab
lished safety lines and the crowd fell
back- thousands rernanlng there for
hours and whispering questions to those
who went In and out of the hospital
In the room with the President were
Messrs Milburn anVl Cortelyoi In the
half of the hospital- were fohn N
Scathcred of the executive immlttee
of the expositlogCand James Wilson
Secretary of Agriculture Melville C
Hannn of Cleveland was also present
The first news thntcame from the op
erating room was that one bullet had
been extracted and that this wound
was superficial arid by no means
Then enme the news of the second
wound arid the Information that the
bullet had not been found and that the
doctors had decided to wait for a con-
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sulfation of surgeons before beginning
an operation At532 oclock W V
Cox Secretary of the Government
Board of Exposition Managers arrived
with Dr Rlxcy Mrs Itlxey and Mrs
Thjy had come direct from the Mil
burn home wt Te Mr McKinley was
sleeping all unconscious of what had
happened Officers of the army and
navy Including Captain Hobson and
foreign diplomats who came here for
Presidents Day crowded the corridors
of the hospital
At 6 oclock Captain Vallaly brought
the news that he had delivered the
prisoner safe at police headquarters In
the custody of the detectives who ar
rested him As the G oclock whistles
were blowing Mr Scatcherd and Harry
Hamlin emerged from the hospital and
asked that the crowd move still farther
back and preserve quiet The request
was obeyed Instantly
It was announced at this time that
the President was about to undergo the
operation to find the second bullet Dr
Mann performed the operation assisted
by Drs Parmenter Mynter and Rlxey
The crowd waited patiently for twen
ty minutes when the news was brought
that the President had undergone the
operation that the bullet had not been
found that the drainage tubes had been
Inserted the Incision had been sewed
up and the surgeons were hopeful of
the outcome
Two telegrams were sent to Vice
President ltoosevclt at this time one
notifying him of the shooting and the
other Informing him that the President
had regained consciousness after the
operation Dr Rosen ell Park whose
reputation as a surgeon Is internation
al was performing an operation at Ni
agara Falls The New York Central
brought him to the scene on a special
train and he arrived in time to be con
sulted In regard to the operation
Arrangements were made to remove
the President to the Mllburn house be
fore any reaction might set In At 050
oclock Dr and Mrs Illxey Mrs Cor
telyou and Webb C Hayes a son of
the Into President Hayes drove to the
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Mllburn home to make preparations to
receive the President
Two nurses frcm the hospital took an
automobile loaded with supplies down
to the Milburn house and at 725
oclock the ambulance backed up to the
hospital door Four surgeons carried
the stretcher on which the President
lay His head rested on a pillow and
a white sheet concealed all but his face
which looked as white as the linen
around it There was not a sound from
the crowd All heads were bare
It could be seen that the President
was conscious His eyes were open
but he made no sign Dr Park who
had removed his qjat and rolled up his
sleeves entered the ambulance and sat
at the Presidents head while Dr Was
din of the Marine Hospital sat at his
feet General AVelch and Colonel
Chapln sat with the driver and the
military guard rode out at the herid of
the ambulance Behind the ambulance
went two automobiles carrying Secre
tary Cortelyou Secretary Wilson Mr
Mllburn and Dr Mann
It was found that the second and
serious wound was a bullet hole in the
abdomen about live inches below the
left nipple and an inch and a half to
the left of the median line The bullet
which caused that wound penetrated
both the anterior and posterior walls of
the stomach going through and com
pletely perforating that organ
It was found also that as a conse
quence of the perforation the stomach
fluid had circulated about the abdpmi
nal cavity Further examination dis
closed tha the hole made by the en
trance of the bullet was small and
clean cut while that on the other side
of the stomach was large andragged
A five inch incision was made and
through that aperture the physicians
were enabled to turn the organ about
so as to suture the larger bullet hole
After that had been sewed the abdom
inal cavity was washed vith a salt so
The other and slighter wound was
directly in the middle of the breast
above the breast bone It was a con
tused wound and the flesh was not
broken The ball evidently had struck
the flesh at the breast bone and
glanced During the operation the
Presidents pulse- remained at about 130
belnff at that figure when the operation
was concluded
The anesthetic used in the operation
was ether- The Presidents respiration
was normal throughout and at no time
was his breathing labored or difficult
The operation was a complete success
from the point of iew of the physi
cians The danger now Is from compli
cations the one most feared being peri
President McKinley showed no indi
cation of having suffered from the
shock of the attempted assassination
or the operation If this condition con
tinues as is probable he will recover
Late tonight under fire of cross ex
amination by detectives the would be
assassin admitted that his name was
Leon Czolgosz He came Kere from
Cleveland a week ago and hired a room
from John Nowak a saloonkeeper at
107 Broadway He says he had no In
tention of assassinating the President
until this morning
While he was being examined at police
hcadquartPrs a small satchel which was
found in his room was brought In It
contained his picture and the empty box
which had held the revolver The prison
er Is unmarried can read and write and
seems to be a fairly Intelligent man
At 910 oclock Superintendent Bull sent
out an order to arrest all the persons at
the Nonak House Detectives Solomon
Geary Divine and Hanafelt arrested No
wak and three others AH werctaken In
to Superintendent Bulls office Tlnd exam
ined Among the prisoners was Czol
goszs roommate who Is the office boy
of Reuben Goetz a prominent Republican
Czolgosz says no one aided him in his
crime but the police say otherwise They
say he was shielded by an accomplice as
he approached the President In the Tem
ple of Music
A patrol wagon stood all night In front
of police headquarters filled with blue
coats and answered several riot calls The
most serious riot occurred at 10 oclock
when a great crowd surged down West
Seneca Strctt toward headquarters howl
ing and shouting and ready for a lynch
A squad of police charged the mob and
Thornley Hudson the ringleader a rail
way brakeman was knocked down with
a police club This stopped the onward
movement of the crowd Two others ar
retted were A W Dnycr a broker forty
years old and Benjamin Downer who it
is said were trylns to incite the crowd
to bneh the assassin
All the people needed was a leader and
they would have taken Czolgosz from his
cell and hanged him
After the operation the patient rested
quietly and later was removed from the
emergency hospital to the home of John
G Milburn In Delaware Avenue At S4J
a verbal bulletin was Issued stating that
the President was not as strong as
expecteil and that he appeared to be
slightly weaker from delayed or second
ary shock This was followed by other
unsigned bulletins of a more reassuring
nature together with the announcement
that the patient was resting easily and
that no other bulletins would be issued
unless there was a decided change In his
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Should He united Agahinl the Com
imn Foe of Society JnxtlOlnir the
Protection of Europes llnlrra
LONDON Sept 7 The British public
and the people of Europe will learn of the
attempt on the life of tho President of
the United States only this morning but
the first news soon spread among the
clubs after tha closing of the theatres
here evoking expressions of a universal
hope of his recovery and abhorrence of
the deed There was deep relief when
It was learned that Csotgoszs revolver
was not as likely to prove as deadly as
Cesarlos dagger at Lyons In 1S94 when
President Carnot fell by an Anarchists
hand at the moment he was paying a
similar visit among his admiring fellow
The crime which will now shock Europe
comes as a startling substantiation of the
deep felt anxiety of the police of all Eu
ropean countries who even now are
doubling their numbers and redoubling
their vigilance whenever a ruler emerges
from his circle of friends and attendants
Into the region of crowds This caused
unprecedented privacy within the masses
of uniformed guards during the Kaisers
and King Edwards Journeys on the occa
sion of Empress Fredericks funeral and
the same motive compelled the French
Government to confine its programmer
for the Czars visit to places where he
will be surrounded by uniformed protec
tors and there will be no risking the
crowds of Paris lest they conceal an
Anarchist vowed to murder the Russian
ruler v
The entire press of London Joins In pay
ing a tribute to President McKlnleys dig
nified character and friendly personality
which should be the last In the world to
provoke a murderous attack The Morn
ing Cost says
Another of those inexplicable events
which disgrace humanity has to be re
corded This morning the day after the
amiable and broadmlnded utterances of
ills Presidents Day speech with his heart
full not merely of zealous regard for the
Interests of his own countrymen but also
consideration and friendliness for his
neighbors and commercial rivals Presi
dentMcICInIcy has been the victim of a
murderous attack The blow struck at a
monarch or President is a blow aimed at
the majesty and power of a nation Iso
lated Insane outrages are bej ond previ
sion or even safeguards but there are cer
tain measures of precaution which all na
tions can take and take In concert which
they are justified In enforcing The com
mon enemy ought to be extirpated as ho
can be by joint International action of
the great nations
The Telegraph says When the
British Empire was plunged Into grief by
the close of the great and glorious reign
of Queen Victoria the genuine sorrow
manifested by all classes In the United
States proved to us that they felt our
loss as their own Sympathy can only
be repaid with sympathy Thereis noth
ing In the international condltlorivof the
United States upon whose prosperity we
dwelt only two days ago with justifiable
pride or in their external relations which
could account for the existence of the
passions that breed assassins Assasslna
tlon and incitement to assassination are
not political but anti social offences
Those guilty do not strike against a
particular form of government but all
organized defence of law and order In
a vast majority of cases the man who
presses the trigger is morally less a vil
lain than the cowards whose denuncia
tions he translates Into action
The Daily Stall says President
McKinley has been a wise and far-seeing
ruler He was the first to recognize
clearly the necessity for expansion of the
United States His period f office will
always be famous as the epoch in which
the foundations of the American Empire
began He Is not perhaps a great states
man but Is a man of plain sterling
The Mail thinks that It Is notoriety
and publicity which In most cases leads
a criminal to pterpetrate such atrocities
and says that If the criminal could be
dealt with on the spot one great Induce
ment crime would be removed There Is
no reason why rulers should not be ac
companied by one or two armed men who
In such cases would have orders to shoot
and shoot at once
The Dally News writing under the
Impression that the Presidents wounds
are mortal says that a brave upright
governor of men perishes In the execution
of his duty He was a typical American
In this country he might have been a
general or director of a big business In
America he was the wise President and
his Imperturbable self reliance and belief
In the destiny of his country made him
the most beloved of Presidents His last
speech sounded the note of a commercial
empire In which his name will be asso
ciated He was the first President to ex
pound the imeprial Idea which has play
ed havoc with old party lines in America
as it has done here
The Standard says All the fustian
about vindicating the rightSof the poor
and avenging the wrongs done by Gov
ernments is but the vicious gloss that
disguises the brutal Instincts of vice We
do not wonder that the multitude did
their best to lynch the assassin The
deaths of Lincoln and Garfield differ from
the present crime
The Chronicle says that the closest
alliance between the police of all nations
and the greatest vigilance within each
country are the only effective weapons
society has against the common enemy
On political grounds as well as on
grounds of human feeling it would be a
grievous calamity If McKinley does not
recover The President stands for a
policy and an epoch- Ills work is not
A KeiiHHtirliiK Iepntci Received
lroni Secretary Cortelyou
Shortly after 1 oclock this morning
Colonef Montgomery gave out a despatch
just received at the White House from
Secretary Cortelyou at Buffalo The mes
sage read as follows
The Presidents physicians at 1
oclock this morning gae out tho fol
lowing bulletin The President Is free
from pain and is resting enslly Tem
perature 1002 degrees pulse 110 res
piration 21 CORTELYOU
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