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The President Ioiii Jloro Than
Holding His Onn
PliylciaiH Gratified by the Favor
able S mptoms
rncnNinohR Cnufictl 1 the Knrly
Ivllll OOII lJiHtllllltVtI IleMtlCMKIleKH
of the Pntic nt Merelj lint Must
lie ICpcctcd -The DnnRer Prom
llliiml PoIkouIii Prnetlc nllj
ljllmlnnteit Ihe Ilullet to lie I eft
I ntuuehed Inlet Slnlntnincd Ninr
tTc Slllburn Hume- VlNiturN Oliver
eil I13 tlie cu DnrliiB the Day
BUrrALO Sept 9 This has been an
other day in which all the news which has
come from President SIcKinlej s sick
room has been good news the best news
possible It is pcrfectlj safe to say that
every doctor in attendance upon the res
ident believes he will set well Of course
none of tic phjslcans has as jet fully
committed himself to that statement The
most they will say is that the condition
of the President seventj two hi 3 after
his wounds were inlilcted is that of a man
who is going to recover
The last bulletin in the afternoon con
tained the expression The Presidents
condition continues to improve lie is
gaining ground in other words and not
merely holding his own He suffers no
pain lie is composed and comfortable
the bodily functions are reported as nor
mal and not a single unfaorable symp
tom has developed A phjsician of long
practice in this city said that in the case
of an rdtnary patient if there were no
Ejmptoms of blood poisoning after
hours that factor would be elim
Perhaps continued the doctor in
the case of a President the phjslcians in
charge may think it better to allow an
other twentj four hours to pass before
they go so far as to say that all danger
of that complication is over Yet as a
matter of fact if there are no symptoms
of blood poisoning after scventj two
hours it is safe enough to count blood
poisoning out of the problem The next
danger is that of peritonitis Of that the
danger cannot be said to be passed before
from five to seven dajs But there has
not developed a single sjmptom of
peritonitis He acts prcclsclj ssa man
who was going to et well like one who
wss going to move steadily and evenly
onward to recovery
ot IILe Giirflclds
People are quoting with some uneasi
ness the early bulletins and the general
atmostphere of hopefulness incident to
the first few dajs after President Gar
field was shot Dr was spoken
to on that subject tills afternoon
To begin with he said there is a
difference of twenty jears of progress in
surgery to be taken into account when
we compare the cae of President Gar
field with that of President
Then again the place of General Gar
fields wound was an unfortunate one
that of President SIcKinlej s is very for
tunate The surgeons could not get at or
nccuratelv locate the Injuries to Presi
dent Garfield We know exactly where
the Injuries of President SIcKInley arc
The cases arc not parallel and then as
I said there has been great progress In
urgcrj in the interval between 1SS1 nd
The first bulletin this morning caused
tome little uneasiness It reported Presi
dent SIcKInley as having passed a rest
less night It was remarked that rest
lessness was one of the early sjmptoms
of peritonitis The bulletin caused de
cided disappointment and among the less
sanguine ones a distinct tendency toward
giouu This however was speedily dis
sipated It was explained bj physicians
that restlcsncs in a patient injured as
Is President SIcKInley must be expected
at times
But all was relieved by the 9 20
a m bulletin This bulletin wai Arm and
positive in tone The- good news spread
with surprising rapldltj throughout the
city Naturally the took more and
more exaggerated forms as It was passed
on from one to another It was even re
ported that the phjslcians In charge had
made the formal statement that the
President was out of danger
This however simmered down to the
statement that a member of the Cabinet
had said that tomorrow the phjslcians
would announce that the danger was
Cvcr Whether the phjslcians will go to
far as to commit themselves to that ex
tent as early as tomorrow remains to be
The conservative sentiment Is not only
that they will not but that the strong
probability was that no such statement
would come from them for three or four
dajs even If the President eontlnues to
Improve without a setback of anj kind
So -Search for tlir IlnIIct
Nothing was done today in the way of
endeavoring to locate the bullet that is
In the With no sjmptoms of blood
poisoning from It and with every rrospect
that It hanbecomo encjsted there is no
apparent anxiety among the phjslcians
about it Meantime the treatment of the
81GOO Im Indlnunpiillx unit Hetiirn
Via II A It It
Account Sovereign Grand Lodge I o O F
TicleU good Koine September 12 to 15 valid
returning until zSd except by deport and pajlng
fee of W cent extension to October T may te
Best Qunllt III Lumber Alvvn old
I7 lianfc LILbey Co and Georgia Cooruig 2
President and the routine of nursing con
tinue the same as from the start
No food is token bj the patient The
only nourishment taken today was by an
injection of lukewarm water and the
white of an egg No sedatives are given
for the reason that the patient Is on the
whole quiet and rsts now and then sleep
that is restful The same rigorous meas
ures to enforce absolute stillness for a
distance of two blocks all around the Slil
burn house are continued as before Hopes
in all directions
arc drawn across the streets
rections two blocks awaj ropes bejond
which no pedestrian may pass without
showing credentials
The soldiers continue to pace their beats
all about the house itself and about the
Glcnny house that is next to it The only
persons permitted In the block whereon
the Slltburn house stands are the people
who live in the houses there the visitors
who are admitted to the Slllburn house
and the telegraph
the newspaper reporters
graph operators the soldiers the police
the Secret Sen ice men and such messen
gers and letter carriers as have errands
It is altogether a curious and rather an
impressive scene There are five large
tents on the vacant lot oproslte the
house In the largest of these are tho
newspapermen with a long table stretch
ing down the middle on which to write
and over in a corner three or four tele
graph instruments clicking way The
United States soldiers occupy the other
four tcnts
On the opposite corner and on another
vacant lot is still another and a smaller
tent Ths is the official telegraph office
of the Western Union Telegraph Com
pany Through this office which at first
was In the Slllburn barn hut which was
removed on account of the noise of the
instruments go out all ire bulletins as
to the Presidents conditio i which are
sent to all quarters of tho globe Here
also messages of sjirpathy from the
kinss and emperors rulers of all kinds all
over the globj find their Imal destina
On the grass In fiont of this tent nws
paper men hrri chairs and tables this
afternoon and some were dictating their
stories to typewriters and then turning
them In sheet by sheet to the telegraph
operators Newspapers from far and
wide are represented and at all times
there Is a throng of anywhere from
twentj to reporters about the tents
It is a busj little scene In Its but
the marvelous and Impressive feature of
It all is the sllcnco In which evcrj thing
is done There Is a hush like that of a
church in the intervals of the service
Avoiding All Vilxe
What talking there Is done is done in a
low tone hardly above a whisper When
injbody comes from the Slllburn house
there is a quiet almost tiptoe rush across
the street toward them on the part of the
reporters He Is held up on thc pof
and Interviewed in semi whispers Sen
ator Hanna Vice- President Itooscvelt
Dr nnd parilcularly Sir Slll
burn aro the special favorites among the
newsj ape men
Sir Corteljou said that Sirs Slc
Klnlej was better Informed as to the c
act facts In the President s case than has
been reported She knew the nature of hs
Injuries and like else Is
buojed up the continued favorable re
ports of the physicians which In her case
naturally have been presented with more
emphasis than in the formal bulletins
given out to the public
Sirs SIcKinlej is still under the careful
supervision of Dr and Is bearing
up unusuallj well under his prescriptions
and advice Sirs SIc illiams the rela
tive from Chicago with whom Sirs
went driving today and
said that the Presidents wife passed a
fairly comfortable night and is giving all
her strength to going through the ordeal
she has been called upon to meet She
saw her husband this morning and had a
longer talk with him than on any pre
vious visit
Of all those who came from the Slllburn
house none seems more pleased over the
Presidents condition than Senator Han
na He said of the news that the doctors
gave him when he called at the house ths
morning that it was just glorious and
he added that the Pre sident was so bright
that he would be calling for a cigar next
The doctors still refuse to allow the Pres
ent to talk and evidently a good deal
that he would be glad to say renalns un
MletiKtli Miuvtn
Notwithstanding what he had gone
through and the fact that he has receiv
ed no nourishment he still
has a remarkable degree of strength This
was illustrated this morning when with
out assistance he turned In Ills
bed without suffering pain what
Ilardlj second to Senator Hanna in the
matter of encouraging optimism is Col
Sljron T Hcrrick of Cleveland Why
the President asked for a morning paper
this morning said Colonel Hcrrick but
of course he did not get it He speaks
confidently of his rccoverj and mentions
things which he proposes to do when he
gets well He has not jet seen anjone
save the doctors the nurses Sirs SIcKin
lej and Sccretarj Cortelvou Speak
ing of the subject of the- assassination
Colonel Hcrrick continued A year or
two ago the President was speaking of
the possibility of being nssassUiated ard
he said tliat at public functions there was
no of preventing it
Dr II A Knoll the X mv expert who
is In charge of the apparatus brought
from New York jesterday was at the
house for a lew minutes this morning
He arrived nt 10 05 and left at 12 JO I
do not believe then is anvthlng to war
rant an operation in present In said
in response to questions Prom what
I have learned I think the phjsiclans be
lieve that It woubl be unwise to ta the
President b strength jt the present time
Proof nld l He KiirnlNlied In
Ii tlerx
LONDON Sept 9 A despatch to tho
Central News from Home sajs that it Is
learned from a r liable source that there
was a plot to assassinate President SIc
Kinlej this bIng proved b letters wrlt
tti anarchists and Intercepted the
Italian police
The latter communicated the lnforma
tlon to the American police that the an
archists of Pat rson N J hud decidid to
kill Pr sident SIcKinlej and President
Ioube during the jear following King
Humberts assassination
or Train Nervier in tlnntlc
Cltj Ala PeniiN Ivanltl Knllroiitl
On ami after Tuesda Sieptcmbir 10 the At
Jsrtlc City t icial will be ltlnlran Com
mencing on that date through Pullman Buffet
Parlor Car mil be operated on train leaving
aslilntou 12 15 noon neek days
Clean Well Ilremed Lumber Alvvnya
ready to ue at Cth it and X Y ave and 12
lnch boards tlSO
Encouraging lJiilIptinsS From the
PreMtknts IMiysiciniis
lIiroiiRH fintlicr in the lnrlj llorn
IiiB to Ie arn the 1Irnt TiiIIiikh
The Hoc torn Untlrclj SntUlled
KoHiilU f the CoiiKUItittloim
BUFFALO Sept 9 The Ideal Septem
ber which the sun ushered in this
morning seemed to those who waited out
side the Slilburn house to mike the con
ditions pirtlcularlj favorable for the
patient Inside on whom all their Interest
centred As has been the case every
morning before the first bulletin has
been issued there was the greatest
felt as to how the President had
pissed the night No bulletin had been
Issued after the one at 9 p m in which
the Presidents condition was said to be
The onlv clue which the watchers had
as to the Presidents condition after that
bulletin was given by Harry Hamlin who
left the house at 230 a m He sala there
was no change so far as those in the
house outside of the physician and
nurses knew Dr Parke had been the
phjsician assigned to watch the Presi
dent during the night although Dr
it has been learned spent little
time awaj from the President as his in
timate knowledge of him is of the great
est Importance and consequently it is
that he Is not on duty
Despite the early hour there was the
usual crovvd waiting to receive the bulle
tin at G o clock
bhortly after S oclock the doctors who
had not taken part In tho all night vigil
began to arrive at the house DrVas
dln the Hospital specialist was
the first to reach the house ard Join Dr
Itixej who had remained In the house all
Drs Sljnter and arrived
shortly afterward and It was apparent
that the morning consultation alwajs
preliminary to the Issuing of tho fore
noon bulletin was about to be held It
was learned that the consultation which
Is not as thorough as that held in the
afternoon developed the fact that the
satisfaction as to the Presidents condi
tion continued
Before the bulletin was issued there
were a number of urrivals Among the
visitors were ex Postmaster General Bis
sell Secretary Wilson and Charles P
Sanger Tho bulletin was Issued at 9 0
a m It read as follows
The Presidents condition is becoming
more and more satisfactory Untoward
incidents arclcss likely to occur Pulse
11J temperature 100 S degrees respira
tion 2S
IlLItiltN inXTEll
cumus vcBunNCY
George B Corteljou Secretary to the
This bulletin was one of the most en
couraging that has been issued so far It
showed more conclusively than others
the gradual rise In the hopes of the
Jtosw ejr Iarke and Secretarj
came from the house together shortlj
after the bulletin had been issued Dr
Parke answered the manj enquiries put to
him bj the newspaper men with a cheer
ful and positive assurance of confi
Th situation siid he Is cntlrelj
sattsfuctorj There are- no sjmptoms to
ciuse alarm
Dr Parke was then asked about the ear
lier bulletin and what Importance the
phjslcians had attached to the restless
ness of the President during the night
and if it warranted any apprehension re
garding his condition
Not In the least he replied It Is en
tirely natural that a patient in the Presi
dents condition should have some pi
riods of restlessness But he is
not receiving narcotics He is fully
consclous at all times when he
Is awake and his mind Is clear
Of course the danger point has
not been passed but the continued ab
sence of unfavorable sjmptoms strength
ens our hope The period for peritonitis
to appear Is rapidly passing and there Is
not a sign of Inflammation
The consultation began promptlv at S
o clock this afternoon and lasted about
flftj minutes The dctiils of It were
awaited with the greatest interest by the
watchers outside Before It was over Ab
ner SIcKinlej with Sir Sleeks was scn
on the lawn chatting and later Secretary
Gage Secretarj Illtihcock and Secretary
Wilson who had lemiinfd to learn tie
result came out
That the consultation had developed
nothing to caUEe anxietj and that the re
sult had been quite the eontrarj was
shown In the announcement made by Scc
ntary Gage as he walked down the
street that he and Attorncj General
Knox would leave for Washington this
We have been much reassured the
consultation said Sir Gage evcrj thing
seems to be all right 1 guess the other
members of the Cabinet will be going
back In the- next twentj four hours or so
Of course we will hold ourselves in readi
ness to start back here at a moments
notice and some of us maj come back
I he bulletin that alwijs follows the
consultation was given out about 3 SO al
though the time on It was 3 oclock It
was as follows
The Presidents condition steadily
Improves and he is con forcible with
out pain or unfavorable sjmptoms
Bowel and kldncj functions normally
prformd Pulse 113 temperature
101 respiration 30
ilHtlUN 1U VII It
rutin is sum itsiv
George B Corteljou Secretary to the
This bulletin showed a decrease In the
pulse from 122 to 11J but an increise of
0 3 of a dtgree in the temperature In
spite of that the bulletin was of a very
satlsfactorj nature showing that nothing
alarming h id developed at the consulta
tion and onlj strengthened the hopes that
hive been slowly rising that the Presi
dent would recover
The first doctors to appear after the
consultation were Dr Sljnter and Dr
larke Tliej were followed shortly after
ward by Dr Sfinn and Dr SlcIJuraej
Dr SIj liter said the consultation had been
somewhat briefer than the one jestcrday
afternoon nnd that not an unfavorable
sjmptom had been discovered Dr Parce
said that by tomorrow tho doctors would
hpecliil Sleeper fur Ileer 1 iirU
la U k O It It on train leaving Washington
110 a m Saturday nights and return on train
leaving lccr 1arJc 12 51 a in bundajs nighu
0 Scnuhorc Wcekniul Trip rj
Via II i O It II
Beginning July 5 all traina Fridays and Sat
urdays good to return until follouing Tuesday
to Atlantic City Cape Hay Sea Ule City and
Ocean City S for the round trip
Prompt Lumber Delivery nlvvnj I
Frank Libbcy Co and white pine doors 1
undoubtedly bo ablo to speak
When Dr SIcBurnej came out he said
We are perfectly s iUsfUd Kverj thing
is favorable Tho pulse and temperature
are slowlj lowering which are encourag
ing signs Of coarse tho danger is not
pissed but every hour without unfavor
able sjmptoms gives us more encourage
The President Is calm and courageous
I shall stay here tonight but go
awaj tomorrow
Dr Slann who came with Dr SIc
Burnej In answer to enquiries addressed
to him disclosed a few Interesting facts
concerning the Presidents treatment He
said that jtsterday the President took
a little cold water through the mouth
Everj thing- else was Injected It was
necessary to make a slight change
In this treatment It was found thtt
the cold water did not agree with him
and water ts hot as he could take
It was given him The results had been
much better Dr Slann said the Presi
dent showed a disposition to talk but
the doctors had given orders that he not
be allowed to
We found said Dr Slann no signs
of pus or peritonitis but of course the
danger of these Is not jet passed It Is
too earij to saj when it will b passed
There is no crisis In a case of this char
acter In penumonln for instance there
Is a sudden drop In the temperature
which shows that the danger point Is
passed But a case of this kind Is grad
ual one way or another
The doctors said they would return at
10 oclock for another consultation after
which a bulletin would be issued
Senitor Hanna called for the third time
during the at 230 He came out ft
5 oclock
Senator Hann t was asked if ho had anj
opinion to exprss regarding the sugges
tions made by the Governors of different
States on the advisability of legislation
to efface
I hope It will materialize but It is a
matter I dont feel like discussing just
at present said the Senntor
The regular guard was maintained
about the house and the streets in Its
vicinitj The soldiers who relieve
those who have been on duty all night
are brought here In wagons from Fort
Erie i
Vice President Roosevelt made a half
hour call leaving the house at 1210
oclock He was Int high spirits and
seemed to feel that the crisis bad been
passed He laughed iheartily at the at
tempts to photographhlm and pulled his
white souch hut down low- on his head
In answer to a question as to the Presi
dents condition he exclaimed
Splendid splendid I am confi
dent confident that every
thing is all right j
The President makes an ideal patient
His nurses have not the slightest trouble
with him and lie jokes with
them There are three nurses each doing
four hours at a time AH prescrip
tions are signed by Dr Itlxey and are
made oift on all sorts of odd slips of
paper Tliey arc filled out at a local drug
store The greatest care i3 exercised In
writing nnd filling the prescriptions and
special messengers are entrusted with
A great deal cf intejtitas teeri mani
festdJnthe4J0sHfoli taken by Dr SIc
Surney amTliis opinio of the methods
emplojcd by the othrr surgeons AVhile
professional etiquette prevents him from
giving public expression of opinion on
that point he has nevertheless privately
expressed emphatlcallj his hearty ap
prov nl of the work of the other surgeons
Senator Hanna said this morning that
Dr had expressed his approval
In most positive languag and had avowed
his admiration for the cool headed
promptness with which the operation
fraught with such consequences had been
performed Another memberbf the Pres
idents corroborated this statement
in detail There is no lessening in the
guard and the attention to details is In
no wise relaxed
Sir Slilburn has exerted himself to pro
vide comfortable quarters for the newspaper
ind soldiers
per men telegraph operators
diers He has ordered wooden floors for
the tents and electric- lights The Secret
Service men are at the Slllburn houso
dailj These are under instructions not
to discuss the shooting Willi anjone anu
obej their orders absolutelj
Tho crowds at the barriers continued
during the daj and the police are em
plojcd as medlumr to spread the contents
of the bulletins
Abe ut Irum the llonce Unrlng the
In torx Consul tat ion
BUlFAIO Sept 9 Second only to the
- t Atrwl Vtfh tlriVLl
interest eaKen n me wuum w ic
dent is that manifested by the people of
Buffalo In his wife unquirers regaruiib
the President never fail to ask for her
and how she Is standing the ordeal which
must be such a hard one
There was a crowd at the rope barriers
rr tli f irrlnire was admitted to the
restricted area today and there were
manj who recognized It as the one in
which the Presidents wife had driven out
jesterday for the first time since 1 nuaj s
shocking event Policemen were asked
tlmt and again if they thought her con
dition would permit her going driving
and whether she was llkelj to go bj
where they were
The carriage drove Into the Slllburn
grounds and up to theIde entrance as on
the daj before Sirs Chard and Sits Slc
Williams came out Then Sirs
riei bv Secretary Corteljou who
opened the carriage door came out and
went down the steps leaning on me una
f it- She wore a blue silk
dress rind hat trimmed with violets Sirs
SIcWilliams got into the carriage with
her and the two were driven down Del-
- vmime A thev nassed the crowd
of watchers It was noticed that Sirs SIc
Kinlej looked very pale nnd careworn
i rnm the fact that both vcsterdav and
today Sirs SlcKInlcv was driving nearly
all of the tmc during which the afternoon
consultation was held it would appear to
be the Int ntion or those in whose care
she Is to have her from the house
nt neh n time The carriage returntd at
3 JO the drive having been a trllle longer
than that taken jesterdaj Secretary
Cortelvou leipeu sirs rrom me
carriage and leaning on his arm she
enter d the house
As usual the consultation of all the doc
tors Ir attendance on the- President this
nflftrnnnn W 1S the lonLTrst held ihiritlir lllf
day nd the most important It Is al-
wavs held berore the aiiernoon imiieun
Is Issued Todaj there was no bulletin
nd ir nit nt nnnn tVi ilretnrs ile
cided artel this to Issue bulletins only
finta I Vkn rvAMmrt 1 ninallltalrill Clirvuljl
ill II I II1V hllVtall Vt0 Ul a Ullllllll
an ch mge in the Presidents condition
UL ItXlil ll innftll uii ni
bulletins IrrtspectUc of this decision
If lO lo IllilTalo ami Hi llirn if 10
Via IeniiMj Iv niiia ltd II road
Pan- Vincrican I spmitloil excurion Mill leave
W ashlncton by gpetiai train Wedne alai Septem
ber 11 ticket pood leturnins witliln i ertn daja
inclmhnK date ol Bale similar CKurlon Sep
tember 17 26 October 2 8 17 23 and J
Interest on dewMtn subject to check
Hanking dept Uniun Trust ft Storage Co 1111 F
Ilel rinreo Slilllirlcx onlj SSTS per
1000 and lull ei C by 20 at Cth aud S Y ave
London Pnpers Still Urge Jleasurcs
Against Anarchy
The Drill IVeiT Alone 1cnrs Tlint
ItcnreKKlnii Mnj Ilnil in an Aioinalt
on IlbiTtj V United Action by
the Worlds Police SuKKextcd
LONDON Sept 10 The newspapers
here again this morning focus attention
on the progress of President SIcKInley
and the suppression of anarchism Re
garding the Iresident there is a chorus
of gratification that the latest news Is
also the best
In respect to anarchism there is an ex
pression of satisfaction that the Ameri
can Government does not appear likely to
be driven to late steps bj the per
fectly natural popular clamor for the
wild justice or revenge There are some
such as the Standard which mildly
lecture the Americans for having toler
ated the murderous propaganda In their
country although as the Slornlng Post
observes Great Britain certainly cannot
throw the first stone Inasmuch as revo
lutionaries of every sort have been al
low eil usjlum here for generations
Tho Standard again urges that the
sure way of suppressing the anarch
ists Is to lay hands on the propagandists
whom It compares with the thugs and
holds that anarchism can be crushed In
Europe and America as the thugs were
in India The favorite opinion seems to be
the co operation of the police of all na
tions as a means of suppression
The Dally News alone propagates a
doctrine which Is one or laisscz falre It
Is the celf respect of Burope It sajs
which iias so far restrained it from pro
claiming war on anarchism There Is a
formidable danger In repressive measures
Bepression begets r pression A Govern
ment maj begin bj fighting crime but it
ends by an assault on liberty of
opinion It would not be long before a
war against anarchism became a war
against socialism
The first of society Is to deal
with the conditions making for Ignorance
starvation nnd suffer
ing Until the modern State learns how
to lessen the volume and Intensity of
social anarchism will continue to
The papers of jesterday afternoon also
express a demand for a gen
eral suppression of anarchists and
The Globe sajs However objection
able ex post facto legislation may be
deemed as a rule this case Is one
that calls for the passage Congress of
a special act It Is simply monstrous that
an attempt to kill the Chief Slagistrate of
a great nation should he treated no worse
than an attack upon a private individ
The Pall Slall Gazette s as Such
miscreants as Czolgosz have no right to
find rest anywhere They deserve to ba
hunted down reciprocity of the police
and comprehensive extradition treaties
wttil from which they
come The paeTisW EiSSests Inter
national concerted action looklnSvtB illI
The St James Gazette sajs We
would urge that on such occasions a per
sonage like the President should alwajs
be surrounded by an armed escort charg
ed to shoot and cut dovvi would be
assassin and whether the attempt be suc
cessful or not no questions be asked
The Star urges that all newspapers
refrain from scattering broadcast the
blographj of criminals which merelj ad
ministers to the- diseased anity of other
UeelarcM That the HniiKcr Point Hns
llccn Pnsnetl
BUFFALO Sept 0 Serator Hanna
said this evening after his last visit to
the- Slllburn home
The risk Is nil The President is out of
dinger He will surelj recover Dr
Is my authority for the state
ment The phjslcians set seventj two
hours as the limit of the dangerous pe
riod That crisis was passed at 5 oclock
this afternoon
Senator Hanna Is to start for Cleveland
tomorrow noon to attend the National
Encampment of the Grand Armj of the
Bepiiblic He is one of that great organi
zations joungest members he was in
stalled onlj a few months ago He served
four months In the civil war Senarbr
Hanna will return to Buffalo
Do jou thing Id go he said this
evening and leave this town were I not
convinced bejond the shadow of a doubt
that the President is to recover No siree
I cant do anj thing here and I cant do
anj thing when I return But I can be
near William SIcKinlej during the most
trjlng hours of the flftj -seven jcars of
his life and that is enough for me
A Proposition Mnilc by the Ohio
Democrats ltefnseil
COLUMBUS Ohio Sept 3 Chairman
SI A Dougbertj of the Democratic State
Committee submitted to Charles
Dick Chairman of the State Republican
Committee a proposition to abstain from
public speaking during the campaign In
view of tho attempt to assassinate the
President Chairman Dick tonight declin
ed to accede- to this proposition Sir
in his letter stated that a
similar proposition was mad the Dem
ocrats in aSSl the j ear President Garfield
was assassinated and was accepted bj the
Republicans General Dick in his rtplj
points out that this is erroneous Gov
ernor Nash who was then Chairman of
the Republican Committee refused the
proposition though later after Garfields
death in September the spe king cam
paign was suspended for ten dajs or
more General Dick quotes Governor
Nashs letter in 11 as follows
The Republican Committee has deter
mined that a fair honest and candid pre
sentation of the principles of the Repub
lican party would be neither improper nor
unpatriotic These principles President
Garfield loved and advocated with all his
gri it power From ills life long and mag
nificent rteord we know that their tri
umph is most earnestlj wished for bj him
Whether by the will of Providence Iresi
dent Garfield lives or dies It Is the sa
cred dutj of Republicans to use all proper
means to maintain thO e principles Ires
ident Gnrlleld when a soldier for the un
ion nevtr faltered because an eminent
and useful commander fell upon the field
of battle II Garfield s voice could be
heard lie would bid his old comrades Mo
not abandon principles because 1 sufftr
In contending for these principles nnd
their President the Republicans will fol
low his example and his command
General Dick takes tills same position
Snrfolh A ntlilnirton Mcamliont Co
Delightful trips daily at 6 30 p m from foot
7th st to Old Point Norfolk a Uracil Ocean
View and Newport ms Oencrai Ticket Office
bond lluililinir 14h st and X 1 ave Pbone
22Lv lor ethedule see page 7
RvcrythlliK rcnilj to eoiiMtruet a
collage at one uajs notice Floorlmj 125
Libbej i Co
Condition of the Iresident an llc
ported b III riiynlcinn
Following arc the bulletins Issued by the
Presidents phjslcians jesterday
G a m The President passed a some
what restless night sleeping fairly well
General conditions unchanged Pulse 120
temperature 10- 2S
George B Corteljou to the
9 30 a m The Presidents condition is
becoming more and more satisfactory
Untoward incidents are less likely to oc
cur Pulse 112 temperature 100 S de
grees respiration 3S
r ii niVFT
II d si
George B Cortelyou Secretary to the
3 p m The Presidents condition stead
ily improves and he is comfortable with
out pain or unfavorable sjmptoms Bow
el and kidney functions normally perform
ed Pulse 113 temperature 101
liUIl 11
P Jl IttfET
George B Corteljou Secretary to the
9 30 p m The Presidents condition
continues favorable Pulse 112 tempera
ture 101 respiration 27
George B Corteljou Secretarj to the
Declares the President to Be in a
BUFFALO Sept 3 Dr Charles G SIc
Burnej of New York who arrived here
jesterday to join the staff of phjslcians
In attendance on the President was seen
by a reporter tonight at the residence of
Dr Slann upon his return from the con
sultation held at 3 oclock He was asked
for an expression of his opinion of what
the had meant from a surgical stand
point He said the had been passed
with no unfavorable symptoms
in the Presidents condition
The past twenty four hours he said
have given us a great increase of confi
dence In that time things might
have happened that have not happened
No attempt has been made to find the
bullet We are not In fact concerned
about it AVe think that It Is In tho
muscles of the back and Is behind the
lowest rib While we have not seen nor
felt It we have come to that belief from
the two holes made bj It
We don t care anjthlng about the bul
let unless It gives localized pain In that
case we would know about where it was
and would remove It by an operation If
the X rays arc used It will probably be
only through curiosity nowvTheJ2res
dentirad a lower piistiToday Even
at Its presinc rtHe quality is good
Sir SlcKinleys pulse Is erratic
and even at its Increased rate It is
strong and good
Dr was then asked when
the Iresident in the event of continuing
improvement could be felt to be out of
When he has a normal temperature
pulse and normal breathing
When might that be doctor asked
the reporter
In a week
Do jou think he is going to get well
I think he Is doing well I cant answer
categorical questions jes or no though
Tomorrow- morning we be able to
paint the picture in rosy colors I think
it best to wait until then before making
things too optimistic
In the first place the President might
have had violent and fatal peritonitis
That danger has nor been eliminated
The peritonitis that might develop now
w ould be of localized character and could
be treated much more Then
again he might have had within these
twentj four hours septic poisoning That
danger also has practically been elimi
nated The restlessness that the Presi
dent had last night of which mention was
made In the bulletin this morning was
simply the result of ljin in bed There
was no weakness resulting from It
Response to the German Emperors
Slessnc of Condolence
BERLIN Sept 9 At the request of
Sirs SIcKinlej her thanks for the Im
perial message of were
convejed to the Emperor and Empress
Among the earliest callers at the Ameri
can Embassj to offer condolences was
Yan Chang who it is said is to bo the
new Chinese Ambassador to France He
called especially on behalf of Prince
Chun the brother of the Chinese Em
peror and not as the Ambassador of
China to which post he his not jet been
Tho American later published
the message from Sirs SIcKmley In this
Tho touching message of sympathy of
their Siajestles the German Emperor and
Empress has been convejed to Sirs SIc
KInley and the lias been In
structtd to make feeling acknowledgment
ill her name
The French Gov eminent Taking
llv cr lr cnntioll
PARIS Sept 3 The character of Inter
est In the Czar s v islt to France has been
entlreiv changed the shooting of Presi
dent SIcKInley Public nnd official atten
tion is now almost wholly centred in the
measures that will be taken
to protect the imperial visitor during his
stay in France
The Temps describing the prepara
tions at Comp Igne saj s that such pre
cautions were never t iken before All
the workmen emplojed in the palace have
been photogrnplud and their personal his
tories Investigated Each must carry a
duplicate of his otlkiil photograph which
will be the passport of admission
Similar measures will be taken with the
servants who will lie emplojed In the pal
ace during tho Czars staj there
There are manj detectives of Compeigne
moving among the workmen A special
police guarded the archi
tect is exploring every room passage
and exit of the patace The building is
surrounded bj numerous sentries nnd
night These will quadrupled before
the Imperial party arrives
D O tVecU Unil Countrj Trips
Tickets sold Saturtlajs and Sundays for return
until folIowinr Monday at reduced rates from
Washington to Charleston n Iredrrick Annapo
lis Junction and Intermediate points
riynna HusIucnm College Mh and K
Business Shorthand Typewriting 25 a jcar
Cam nnil boat loaded iritis Inmlicr
tree and dressed shcathio 12S at Cth and
N X ave
Price One Cent
Crowds of Strikers Prevent the
Men Krom Entering the 3IHIs
A BUI of Impeachment Acnlnut
Mayor lllnck Drawn Up To lie Pre
cntcd nt a Special Meetlnu of the
Council Violence Bnrely Averted
McKEESPORT Pa Sept 3 SIcKees
port has been In the hands of a mob
which cowed the police shut down
the great works or the National Tube
Company and compelled tho company to
deter resumption SleanwhIIc several of
the best lawycra In the county were at
work putting the finishing touches to the
bill or Impeachment which Is Intended to
oust Slavor Black Irom his office ror non
performance of his duty
The bill was to have been presented to
the select brarch of the city council to
night but owimr to thebsence of sev
eral members the matter has been de
ferred A special meeting will probably
be called within the present week to con
sider the matter There are eleven mem
bers or the select council one from each
ward or the city It requires a two thirds
vote or eight members to pass the bill
Nine votes ore already assured for the
The crowd about the National Tube
Works began gathering shortly after
dark last evening and all night long its
numbers increased Shortly before 7
oclock the workmen began to arrive at
the tube mills ror work By this time a
thousand or more pickets had established
a close line about the great mills The
police were on hand but made no effort
to keep the crowd on the move Every
man who carried a dinner bucket was
stopped ard questioned as to his Inten
tions If he said he was going to work
in the mill he was turned back Many
cf the foremen and superintendents of de
partments were turned back In the same
Not more than a couple or dozen or the
thousand or more men who were at work
In the mills last week returned to work
this morning The rest Joined the crowds
in the streets until by 7 oclock tully 5000
people were packed Into the streets about
the main entrance to the mill
A SI Saunders General Superintendent
or tho Tube Works was turned back by
a crowd of pickets He tried to explain
who ho was but explanations did not an
swer He was informed that he could
only procefd at great personal risk and
he rctund home to wait until the ex
citement had died down a little
It had been intended to start the tube
works at 7 oclock this morning An hour
or more before this time the crowd begin
to thicken about tho Locust Street
entrance to the mllL It swejlcd up
Locust Street to the Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad tracks and
along Fourth Aenue to a point below
Street the lower entrance or the
mill and surged up the avenue above
AValnut guarding the upper entrance or
the works making In all five blocks filled
with silent men it is said that most of
them had ccme down intending- to go to
workjr the chancesweTevorabIe They
came singly and by twos amTChreiSg
When they reached the vicinity or the
mills and found a crowd or 500 or lOCO
pickets about stopped and joined the
crowd They wero halted by the pickets
and rew or them went home They sim
ply waited around with tho crowd to
see what happened to the others It was
very quiet too quiet In fact to make one
who understood the situation feel com
fortable the corstant accession of
non strikers to their ranks the picket
crowd grew
At 7 o clock the big whistle blew In the
mill Attcr the w hlstle sounded th crowd
came pouring in rrom every direction It
swelled out into Fltth Avenue and
stopped the traffic on that street Elec
tric cars could barely push their way
Chler of Police Slorrissey did all ho
could to keep the crowd In order With
the forty or men half of them depu
ties he had at this point he could do
nothing to move the crowd but he post
poned the outbreak which he sajs he
feels Is coming
Archie Duncan - member of the select
council or the and foreman or the
threading department in the tube works
single handed and unarmed kept back
the whole mob this morning and backed
It down when a rush was made to drag
out three foreigners laborers who had
slipped past the pickets and entered tho
mill The men were Inside the mill yard
before the pickets noticed them and then
a jell went up The laborers halted and
half turned round The crow surged for
ward and started In after the frightened
foreigners Duncan was standing at the
entrance and leaping directly in tront or
the coming mob he called out
Dont one man or jou try to enter
this gate Ill fit the first man over the
line The mob stopped considered the
matter an instant and then Tell back
Duncan stood In the entrance and
looked them all over He had
shown his nerve In 1S31 and the crowd
knew him
Henry Lee a workman emplojed in the
pipe department of the big mills was as
saulted at Fourth Avenue and Walnut
Street by a mob He Insisted upon going
to his work and had his dinner bucket
in his hand The bucket was Jerked from
his hand nnd the crowd set upon him
Lee fought back for a second but know
ing that fighting was useless he turned
and ran
This morning the deputies tried to clear
the tracks of the Pittsburg ana Lake
Erie Railroad The crowd refused to
move Policeman Fred Lamp ordered the
mob to move and one of the leaders called
out Come on bojs Our police say to
go and we will go Weve got to keep
them with us jou know Ihe crowd
moved off at once
On Saturday Slajor Black summoned
juo or more business and professional
men to appear before him this morning
at 030 o clock and be sworn in for special
policemen Not more than a dozen or two
answered The list Included every politi
cal enemj of the major everj person
who has criticised his actions and every
member of the city council and board of
school controllers He sajs the riilure
or these people to appear demonstrates
what he has claimed all along that the
business and professional clement will
not serve In the po se comitatus to pro
tect the eitv
The crovvd hung about the mills all daj
Several times it pressed forward aj If
with the Intention or rushing In but each
time the sight or the Coal and Iron police
deterred the mob and prev nteel hasty
action The tube companj had provided
an unusually large force for tte occa
sion ami the element which was most
anxious to make trouble did not care to
risk closer relations with It
Ocean Stenmxlilp Movements
NEW YORK Sent 9 Arrived Steamer
- 1 - I It Arrfiaul i lltf
-- -- i
lMUliiaiiuii I-
True from Ntw ork al Gibraltar
Uinian irom ACff iotk ui uuisuw
rrTilaj nnil Snturilny Sen Iinr Hx
uurlon Ala Ipihwj Iniia Hull
Between Washington and Atlantic Citr Cape
May Sea Ule Citj anJ Ocean City V J r Jfs00
round trip Tickets on sale for all train Fn
ihw and Saturdays sood to return until follow-hi--
Tuesday- Lat wlllnff date beptember II
Suburban Cottae Constructed
without dclav alien supphed by Crank Libbej

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