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Some Legal Opinions Regarding
llie Crime of Czolgosz
Tile lVMvcr fif CmiKreflH to MnUe Al
tflrUK in llir IriHltlcut n Cniiitnl
Offence CmiMtittif lonnl INiInt In
Vlcmo of IihIbc Dillon
NnV YORK Sept 9 In discuvsinir to
day the status under the law of Ion
Czolgosz the would be assassin of Presi
dent lIcKInloj ex Judge John F Dillon
took the pround that Congress has tht
power to mike such an olTence as his a
capital crime althonsh other lavijers
tminent in criminal liw declare tint such
legislation would work one of the most
radical changis ccr made in the liw In
this countr
It has been contended that a constitu
tional amendment would be ncrtssary be
fore a change In the law could be made
wherebj one citizen of the United States
Is set apart and differentiated as it were
from all others since the principle ljing
at the Mr base of the American sstem
of gocrnment is that all nun are equal
under the law- Judge Dillons standing
t Brains Rule
the world
food makos Brains
Try it
Sold by all Grocers
Sj iiiiiiKIij or lie World for the Suf
fering Ircicnt
At the White House and the State AVar
and Nay Departments officials were on
duty jesterday to receive communlcitions
from Buffalo and elsewhere concerning
the condition of the President Air Adee
the Acting Secretary of State with the
assistance of the Acting Chief Clerk Mr
Martin the Chief of the Consular Hu
reau Mr Chilton and others received
and arranged the scores of telegrams of
condolence that continued to pour In from
all ocr the world
as an authority on constitutional and ar and Navy Departmerts over wires
general law gives great weight to his
Concerning the punishment which can
be meted out to Gzulgosz under existing
law there is little difference of opinion
among lawyers There Is no equity side
to the case In other word the attack
made on the President Is a crime but no
greater and no less a crime than an at
tack made by any man on any other man
Criminal law defines the crime and fixes
the penalty It is for a jury to determine
on the facts
Judge Dillons opinion is as follows
Legislation adapted to this and similar
cases making an attempt to assassinate
tho President the Vice President ai d pos
sibly an of the heads of the departments
though unsuccessful a capital offence
which I think ought to be done itust
come from Congress Such offences with
regard to the head of a nation in almost
every other country than this would be
treason and punishable capital
But under the Constitution of the
United States treason is defined to consist
only in levlng that is making war
against the United States which Implies
an assemblage of men organized forcibly
to overturn the Government or to resist
its authority or to give aid and comfort
to the enemies of the United States which
implies a state of war Therefore the at
tempt to assassinate or even the assas
sination of the President could not be
punished as treason
But nothing stands in the way of Con
gress making the assassination of or at
tempt to assassinate the President a cap
ital offence punishable In the Federal
tribunal -iv hich I think ought to be done
It could not of course be made retroac
tive to cover a previous offence of this
Judge Roger A Pryor who prior to his
elevation to the bench some twelve jears
ago Tanked as one of the ablest criminal
lawjers In the countr pointed out some
of the dangers In the amendment suggest
ed by Judge Dillon In discussing the
opinion given above he taid
In Judge Dillons statements of the
law as It exists I entirely concur His
huggested amendments of the law are of
too OTtat cravitv and difficulty to be dis
posed of out of hand It is a question
which 1 prefer to consider more deliber
ately whether in the definition of punish
ments a discrimination should be made
between a private citizen and a public
officer Ail legislelJorrprujeelecJ der the
stimulus il popular passion is apt toTe
Where would you draw the line be
tween the man and the official If ou
have a law for the President why not for
the Cabinet officers And if for thesewhy
not for subordinate officials clerks In the
departments at Washington or elsewhere
or all Government officials The Injury
done the United States as a nation by
the asslnation of its President is un
doubtedly very greatTbut so far as the
principle goes the nation suffers Injur of
a similar kind though of course much
less in degree b a similar crime com
mitted against other officials The law
roust deal with principles and it would
be hard to draw the line
General Prjor In association with Gen
Benjamin Butler and John Randolph
Tucker appeared as counsel for bpies
the Chlcaso anarchist when the latter
had ljeen convicted In an Illinois court
and appealed to the Supreme Court of the
United States Discussing the legal as
pects of the Czolgosz case toda he said
Tho decision of the Supreme Court In
the Spies appeal was a very sweeping
one and it ha6 a direct bearing on the
present case I havent the least doubt
that if Emma Goldman said one half the
things she Is report to have said about
killing rulers and particularly the Presi
dent of the United States she could be
tried as an accessory to the crime and
If Mr McKlnley dies could be made to
surr capital punishment That is the
law as laid down by the Supreme Court
In all my experience both on and off
tho bench the Czolgosz case is the most
remarkable one 1 ever knew It seems
to be clearly established that he Is a Jew
I have never known a Jew to be charged
with murder Look over the calendars
of the courts any day and 0U will find
Jews charged with various kinds of of
fences tut very seldom with what law
ers call crimes of violence and never
In my experience with murder
1 am inclined to agree with Senator
Piatt that a case like this calls for lvnch
law While I do not advocate violence
It almost beems that it is justifiable under
such circumstances Should the Presi
dent die his tssassin will have a lengthy
nnd hard fought trial with elaborate ar
guments forensic display ad nauseam
nnd a resort to every possible and some
impossible expedients by his counsel
supported by the fame which he believes
no has brought upon himself Czolgosz
will die came and the ery object of the
law which is to inflict punishment for
the purpose of deterring crime would be
Hutr much better It would have been
If Czogosz had been torn limb from limb
the moment after he committt d the
crime How much better would the pur
p6se of the law have been served by such
fcUmraary punishment as Is meted out to
a mad dog or a venomous snake I do
not wish to be understood as advocating
lyrrh law but this seems to be one of the
els s when it would be justified If It
ev er Is
Popular Ieellnic That the Colored
31 II n Should lie Honored
Officii enquiries are being made con
cerning the colored waiter James Park
er whose prompt action Friday afternoon
ln grappling with Czolgosz probably saved
thePresldtntsllfoand certain prevented
the firing of another shot Kver since the
announcement of the circumstances at
tending the shooting of thc President and
tho description of how Parker closed upon
tho assassin while those who were charged
with the prelection of the President life
fitood by in parazid consternation there
has been a feeling that something should
be done for the man
When it Is taken irto consideration how
rapidly a modern double action revolver
can be fired Parkers action proves the
possession of great mental and muscular
activity The assassin himself has stated
that It was Parkers stunning blow that
prevented him from tiring another shot
used exclusively qt Government bJtiness
between Buffalo and Washington
The Acting Secretary of State and Ills
assistants worked throughout the day
sifting out from the great mass of tele
grams those that were to be given to the
press All the messages from foreign
and sovereign governments were an
swered by telegraph The others will
probabl be acknowledged by mail In
eases where rulers of countries and
prominent persons abroad asked as did
tho Queen Regent of Spain to be kept
informed of tho Presidents condition the
requests are being complied with All the
official bulletins are sent to these persons
Last night at the White House was the
day from Buffalo and fewer visitors pre
sented themselves to enquire concerning
thc condition of the patient
After nightfall the building was silent
A few of thc White House stan were on
duty with Assistant Secretary Barnes
and Executive Clerk Foster in charge
Not a solitary -visitor arrived to relieve
the dullness
Colonel Sanger esterdav was the only
caller up to noon He enquired concern
ing the Presidents condition and spent a
few minutes in conversation with Colonel
Montgomery In charge of the telegraphic
room The latter showed Colonel Sanger
thc S 20 oclock bulletin from Buffalo an
nouncing the favorable condition of the
President Both Coione Sanger and Col
onel Montgomer commented upon the re
duced temperature and respiration and
the strong pulse of the patient as shown
ln the bulletin Both appeared confident
of the speedy recovery of the President
Aulick Palmer United States Marshal
for the District ot Columbia was the last
caller of note He arrived shortly after 3
oclock and spent but a few moments
with Major PrudTi
Among the messages received yesterday
were the following of notet
From the Russian Ambassador to the
United Statesr
Profoundly grieved at the infamous
attempt I pray to God the precious
life of the Illustrious and respected
President ill be a cd
From Shekib Bey the Turkish Minis
ter In Washington
I hare the honor to inform our
excellency Imperial Ottoman
Gov eminent upon bins Informed of
the heinous attempt committed against
his Excellenc Mr President of the
United States has Instructed me to ex
press to the American Government Its
keenest regrets and Its sentiments of
sincere sj mpath
From the Charge dAffaires for Austria-Hungary
Manchester Mass
Just returned from Buffalo I find
directions from Count GoluchowskI
dated Vienna 7lh Intt according to
which it becomes my duty to convey
to the Government of the United
States the deeply felt 8 mpath of the
imperial and roial Government on ac
count of the ruthless attempt agilnst
the life of his Excellenc William
McKlnley President of the United
States and to express his warmest
wishes for the recover of his Excel
lency the President
While thus compllng with thc In
structions of my Government I have
the honor Mr Secretar of State to
renew to ou also the same ver deep
smpathy and ver warm wishes
which I expressed on the occasion of
my lsit at Buffalo for the recovery of
the President
From the President of Bolivia
President McKinleV Washington
I deeply deplore the nefarious crime
committed on the person of our Ex
cellenc rfnd make sincere wishes for
0ur speedy and happy recover-
Trom thc King of Servia
I beg our Excellenc to accept the
expression of my most profound sm
pathy on the occasion of the heinous
attempt made against ou
Telegram from the Minister of Foreign
Affairs of Japan handed to Mr Adee Act
ing Secretary of State by Mr Takahlra
Japanese Minister at Washington
Profoundly moved at the news of
odious attempt against person of thc
President his Imperial Majesty com
mands ou to convev to Mr McKln
ley his deep sympathy and also sin
cere wishes for his prompt recover
From the United States Vice Consul at
Cape Town South Africa
Ma or and citizens express indig
nation and abhorrence at outiagu
wish President speed recover
From the Bolivian Minister for Torelgn
My Government deeply deplores tii
attempt of which his Excellency Pre
McKlnley has been a victim to3
hopts his happ rtcovirs
From the United StaUs Consul at Port
Thc Governor In behalf of the colo
ny of Mauritius eonves to people of
the United States and famll of 1ris
idt regret and s mpath at attempt
xnae on Presidents life
Trom the Prince of Monaco
I express to ou sincere grief and
my horror of the crime committed on
jour person ALBERT
Trom the Lord Ma or of Sheffield Eng
The citizens of Sheffield desire to
express their deep abhorrence at tho
outrage on the President their great
s mpath with him and the people of
the United States of America and their
earnest hope that hi ma speedily re
The Seen tarv of Slnte Hue In Ilnf
fulo fill llornlni
BOSTON Spt 9 Secretary Hay left
Boston this nfternoon at 3 oclock for
Buffalo to Join the othc r members of the
Cabinet already there He went over tho
Boston and Maine Railroad In a private
parlor car attached to thc regular train
He Is duo at Buffalo at 8 oclock tomor
row mornlnj Just before the train pulled
out this nfternoon Secretary Hay was
seen by a reporter When asked for an
opinion as to the result of the attempt
on the Presidents life ho said
Only medical men of the greatest In
telligence can form any opinion as to the
outcome Every hour that thc President
holds his own is a source for hope and
comfort Nothing definite can be expect
ed from hU bedside for at least a day or
Police Now Certain That Emma
Goldman Is Not Here
Mnjor jlteMter on the Lookout for
lersoiiH buspceleil of Anarchistic
Tendencies Hcliictiuit to Criticise
Cnrelessiicss of the llulTnlii Olliclnls
The much wanted Emma Goldman
whoso anarchistic uttcrarces are said to
I hae incited Czolgosz to his terrible crime
The remarkable rapidity with which the
ntempting the ife of President Mc-
news of the attempt to kill the President
was known across the seas is Illustrated
bj these and other telegrams Karl Tri
da night a despatch of smpathy came
from Havana and early on Saturday
morning similar messages were received
from Manila
Colonel Sanger the Acting Secretary of
War and Colonel Ward tho Acting Ad
jutant General of tho Aryy were at their
desks In the War Department most of the
day while officers of the Bureau of Navi
gation received messages addressed to
the Navy Department All the bulletins
issued b the Presidents phsieians were
sent to the White House and the State
Klnle is not in this city and the police
and detectives are confident that she will
not come here
After carefully watching the Incoming
trains for twent four hours and making
a thorough search of the city Major S1
v ester stated list night that he thought
that the Buffalo authorities were aware
of the present whereabouts of the notori
ous woman and would be able to place
their hands on her whenever she was
wanted She Is not in Washington and
there is no likelihood of her coming here
he added
All of the members of the police force
are eagerlv following the instructions of
their chief to keep a general lookout for
those who may be suspected of sjmpv
thlzlng with the red flag movement and
any suspected persons will be promptlj
placed under arrest
Time and again Major Sjlv ester has re
iterated that persons of known anarchistic
tendencies will not be permitted to remain
at liliert in this clt and at no time
would they be permitted to hold meetings
or In iinv way Incite the people He is
surprised that the authorities of other
cities have permitted such gatherings
As President of the National Associa
tion of Chiefs of Police of the United
Slates and Canada Major Slv ester has
already Instituted proceedirgs looking to
tho concerted action of the departments
milelest of all Ihat have naRsril since the vl ol e countr anu 01
attack upon the life of the President On- thc world in th suppression of anarchy
1 three bulletins were received during the ln Klvln r his views on the best manner
ln which to accomplish the desired result
he said esterdi
I woud suggest an immigration law re
quiring the production of credentials of
good citizenship from the last place of
residence ln foreign lands to be signed
and scaled by thc authorities the produc
tion of evidence of ability of such person
or persons to support themselves for at
least a ear before granting suth creden
tials an international law making utter-
1 ances of threats against a Government or
its officials treasonable
I llie establi hnient of a national
reau of criminal identification in Wash
ington to operate as a clearing house for
j all police Information that may be com
I municatcd to it b those charged with thc
enforcement of the criminal laws in for
eign countries in our own countr
towns and cities this bureau to collect
criminal information and disseminate it
th it Is thc Chief of Police ot Jersey City
would notif such institution of names
and actions of anarchists In his section
who were operating In cities towns and
elsewhere and ever police officer sheriff
and constable in tho land would be in
formed within a week and govern
themselves accordingly In addition pho
tographs and descriptions QLall criminals
forwarded and sent to all police officials
in good standing Such a bill Is now
pending In Congress endorsed by the At
torney General and the chiefs of police
associations of thc United Slates and
Our representatives aliroad under In-
ternatioual agreement la procure from
time to lime -from those ln authority such
Information as would be of value to be
distributed by the aforesaid bureau und
a reciprocal action on the part of our ovn
authorities The establishment of a closer
relationship between the police authori
ties of this and foreign -countries as pro
posed in m letter sent out to the mem
bers of the National Association of Chiefs
of Police esterday In the meantime to
treat any and all such persons as va
grants or lunatics and have thtm secured
The declaration by an person that he or
she is an anarchist should place them ln
such categor ln this conmction I may
add smpathy should not prevent those
rcgardeM as mildly insane from being
confined for proper treatment Humanity
and public safety warrant It
While Major Slvester Is reluctant to
crltlctae the officers of other cities It Is
evident that he believes that had proper
precautions been taken Czolgosz would
never have been permitted to reach or
Injure the President When asked point
blank whether or not he believed that it
would have been possible for Czolgosz to
hive reached the President in this city
with his hand covered with a h tndki r
chlcf as has been described In the press
despatches the police chief smiled sig
niflcantl and replied that he preferred
not to anotttr the iiuesilon at the present
time Many of the subordinate officers of
the department were less cautious In their
remarks and roundly denounced the
Setret Service officers and the exposition
officials for what was termed their care
lessness ln thc matter
A number of men who have done duty
at the White House were seen and were
moot emphatic In criticising those who
had been entrusted with the safety of the
Prisident The order of Major Slv ester
requiring thc detectives on duty at the
White House to scrutinize close all
visitors but most particular their
h inds was cited and many instances
were recalled where persons have been
taken out of the receiving line and ex
nniiiid or required to leave the place
because of their nanus being covered
Persons are not even permitted to have
their hands In their pockets on such oc
casions and if any had those members
even slightly covered the officers have
In conic suspicious and have Immedlatel
Investigated The local police who have
made a business of guarding the Pr si
dent are fn nuentlv more foreeful than
polite in clnraeK rizlng what the alltgc
was unwarranted carelessness and in
competence on the part of the Secret
Service c Ulcers and rdherswho were v Ith
tho President at thc time of the assault
N Ilirlj Lines While the President
I If Ih in OjuiKcr
LINCOLN Neb S pt 9 -Mr Br an
in The Comionr under th caption
The Nation Mourns discusses thc as
sault on the President He sas in part
Beneath the partisanship of the Indi
vidual lies the patriotism of the citizen
sometimes dormant it is true but nlwas
active in hours of peril or misfortune
While the Presiderts life h ings In the
bal ince th ro are no party lines Thc
grief of person il friends and close polit
ical associates may be trre poignant
but the sympathy is not more sincere
than that extended by political opjx
ihere Is no place for anarchy In the
United Stats There Is no room here
for those who commit counse1 or condone
murder no matter what political excuse
m ly be flgun d In its defence The line be
tween peateful agitation nnd violence is
clear and distinct We have freeslom of
speech and freedom of tho press In this
countr and the are essinllal to the
malntenince of our llbcrt If anyone
desires to criticise the methods of gov
ernment or the ceindurt of an official he
his a ptrfct right to do so but his ap
peal must be to tho intelligence and pa
triotism of his fellow -citizens not to Im
prove social or political conditions by the
shedding of blood
A Dentist
I have been prescrlt
practice for 15 eirs i
the most delightful ai
the most efficient denl
thc market Sample 1
For the 1
Br mall S3 mil He Hall
In my
to be
Secret Service 3len Preserve Silence
am to Their V urk
BUFFALO Sept 0 S R Ireland the
Stcret Service operative who arrested
Czolgosz returned to- Buffalo today Mr
ireiind disappeared on Saturday night
having been despatclteu In search of evi
dence as to the whereabouts of Emma
Goldman He went to Rocntster where
he saw the mother and sister of tho
woman from vvhoo teachings Czolgosz
sas he received tho inspiration for his
On his return to Buffalo today he was
driven to the MUburn house where he saw
Secretar Cortelou At that time Mr
CortelOU was for the moment alone
In the house except of course
the phjsiclans After a fifteen
minutes Interview with Mr Cortelyou
Mr Ireland went to the Buffalo Club
where he saw Secretary Gage He took
to Secretar Gage somo telegrams and a
verbal message from tho chief of the
Secret Service
Secretary Gage was about to start for
the Milburn homo and Detective Ireland
walked with him from the club to the
house The report that he then made
to Secretary Gage as to tho result of his
work both refused to disclose Acting
under the general request of Secretary of
War Root to suppress all information as
to the existence of a plot or the move
ments against the anarchists the local
police and the Secret Service men main
tain the utmost reserve and will make
no statement of an official nature
Only three Secret Service men are in
Buffalo today but moro wld bo here to
morrow Thoso now here are Ireland i
rosier and Gallagher While In Rochester
Detective Ireland found evidence that
Emma Goldman had been in Rochester
and Buffalo recently but no evidence to
show where she stopied while In Buf
falo or with whom she had relations
Emma Goldmans mother said she was
last in Rochester Ave weeks ago Her
sister fixed the time as three weeks ago
They declare they do not know where
she went on leaving Rochester or where
she may be at present Tills information
was conveyed to oupei2tendcnt of Po
lice Benll whosa men have failed to
discover or trace any of her movements
while ln Buffalo Were it not for the let
ters found at Chicago bearing thc date
Buffalo August 29 they would have no
proof that she had been here
Nothing official can be had from thc
local police or the Secret Service regard
ing their present opinion as to whether
Czolgosz had a confederate or confeder
ates at thc scene of the attempted assas
sination and Indeed they are equally re
ticent as to whether the evidence In their
hands tends to establish a matured con
spiracy The local police give the im
pression that th2 believe the attack on
the President was a conspirac of which
others have criminal knowledge The
statement comes from an official of the
Secret Service that that branch of official
enquiry holds to the theory that Czolgosz
acted Independently Inspired by the an
archistic doctrines lot Goldman and her
followers but not actuated by any direct
relations with them
It Is said a Secret Service official a
distinct thing under our law for me to
counsel with ou privately and Incite you
to a crime and quite another for me to
make a speech in the presence of a hun
dred people calculated to affect ou In
the same way No evidence has been
produced which can truthfully be said to
prove a conspiracy against the life of
the President No trace has been found
of the nrai -with the black mustache who
approached the Freslcryit directly In front
of Czolgosz If he was air aoeonipjlceJ
Czolgosz has not Tnfraed it and there
Is no evidence bejoniline first suspicion
Central Lnlior Vitloni itrt 1nss
ilcmnntnry IlcsoliitloiiM
Tho Central Labor Union at a meeting
held last night adopted resolutions ex
pressing S mpathy for President McKln
ley In his suffering and hopes for his
speedy recovery from the wounds Inflict
ed b the wouhl lKS assassin Thc resolu
tions also strongly denounced anarchism
as being detrimental to trades unionism
The following preamble and risolutions
were olfered by Charles E Dietrich Sec
retar of the Central Labor Union
Whereas the President of the United
States has been struck down by the hand
of an asassin to the horror of all loal
and true citizens of the country and
Whereas we deem it an occasion to
test our hearty denunciation of the com
mission of such a deed and that we de
nounce anarchism as detrimental to
trades unionism therefore be It
Resolved by the Cehtral Labor Union
of Washington D C That we tender
to President McKlnley and his Immediate
family our sincere s mpath with the
fervent hope that he may be long spared
to round out a life of usefulness to his
beloved countr
Resolved further That the secretary
be Instructed to telegraph this resolution
to the President and furnish a cop to
the press
Thc following resolutions were also
hereas the President of the United
States has been stricken down while in
the dlseh lrge of his official duties and
Whereas the retail clerks and all
trades unionists stand for law and order
and for the protection of life and prop
ert be It
Resolved That we denounce the doc
trines of anarchy and deplore the act of
the would be assassin and earnestly pray
and hope for the speedy recover to
health ef our beloved Presitlcnt and the
ejulck punishment of his would be assas
The meeting was attended by a full
quota of delegates from nil the affiliated
unions President Feeney whs in the
it wis decided after some discussion
that in the future no single union affiliat
ed with the Central I abor Union would
be permitted to miintain i boeott
against a llrm or Individual llie matter
has been under consideration for some
munths but final letlon was not t iken
until 1 ist night In the future if any
orgmizition affiliated with the Central
Iibor L nlon lias n grievance against any
dim or individuvl It shall be reported to
the central bod The circumstances will
be Investlgited by the Grievance Com
mutes of th Central Labor Lnlon and
the organizations action on the report of
th it committee will be fin ll in the matter
It was stated by a member of the Re
tall Clerks Union that at i meeting of a
speeial committee It w is unanimousl de
cided to agltito the matter of the ue of
the working card i With this end in view
sub committees were appointed to visit
til the local unions tilllllateel with the
Central Labor Union and American Feil
cratlon of Labor and request their mem
bers to purchase goods on from clerks
In retail stores In tills clt who hold work
ing cards It is also asked that prospec
tive purchasers refuse to bu from clerks
who are not members of the Clerks
The movement It is said was endorsed
b the Central Labor Union several
months ago Similar movements have
been successfully operated in other large
cities to the extent of building up the
clerks organization until It Is now the
third largest ln the United States
Pope I en Mllel to lie Irciiurlnir n Let
ter to the Povverw
ROME Sept 9 A statement Is current
that the Pope intends to issue an enccli
eal denouncing anarchism He will it Is
said take the Initiative In Inviting the
Christian Powers to take joint action
against Anarchists or according to an
other version will appeal to society and
governments to revert to those religious
principles which are an efficacious bul
wark against tho doctrines of antrchlsm
When weary and brain fatigued tetV and find
reliet in llojal Headache Tablerts J doata 10c
Wu anil Sennr Calderon Vx
coiiati the Anarchists
Tin- Former H vplnlnn Chinese 1111
fur Such Enemies of hc
Ill vt Ienin Iteprenr Hint i v e Tells
of the Pre slilcntM Soltnrj Wnlls
Diplomats who have returned to Wash
ington frcm Buffalo where they were
during the Presidents Day exercises
when President McKlnley was shot ex
press the utmost horror at thc sad oc
currence and speak irtcrestlngly of thc
Minister Wu spoke feelingly last night
of the crime which has been committed
against the nation and showed kcenly
that he felt the full force of the enormity
of the unhappy termination to the festivi
In China we would consider such a
man as Czolgosz a parricide said Minis
ter Wu and would deal with him as the
laws of Confuscius direct He would suf
fer the Hng chi or thc death of a
thousand cuts The worst crime a man
can commit is to kill his father but to
kill his sovereign is worse if such a thing
Is possible To kill the father of ones
country is worse than murder I am over
whelmed to think that go good a man as
President McKlnley should have been
made the object of such a murderous at
He was friend ln tho bitter trials of
last ear and I am filled with a profound
pity and sorow to think that this thing
should have befallen him
None of the Diplomatic Corps were
present at the time of the shooting of the
President but they were sufficiently near
to gather son e valuable Information and
all express great sorrow at the sad ter
mination of thc exercises at Buffalo
Among tho other members of the Diplo
matic Corps who have returned to Wash
ington from the exposition are Senor
Manuel Alvarez Calderon the Peruvian
Minister who spoke with deep feeling of
the attempteil assassination the Presi
dent The Peruvian Minister with oth
ers accompanied thc Presidential pirty
to Niagara Falls returning ln the after
noon to Buffalo
While outside the Milburn house wait
ing for thc arrival of the party Dr Silva
the Colombian Minister came up said
Minister Calderon We shook hands and
ch itted together pleasantl We learned
from a friend of the President that he
was then out for a walk and that he was
entlrel alone I thought at the time
that perhaps it was unsafe for the Presi
dent to be abroad unaccompanied and
asked if the ame fear was not experi
enetel by the friend to wfiom we were
talking She replied that there was no
fenr to be anticipated in so orderl a city
as Buffalo These walks the President
had said to his friend are the greatest
pleasure I have and I would not wish
to be denied them The are very neces
sary to mv life I cannot do without
Ihem They are m one chance for self-
Dr Silva and I continued our walk in
thc neighborhood of tho Milburn home
added the Peruvian Minister comment
ing upon the democratic- Instincts of the
American pepole Shortly afterward we
saw the President turn a cornerand enter
thc Milburn residence He was alone 1
was greatly Impressed by the scene the
chief of a mighty nation walking unac
companied upon the streets of a noisy
and closely populated city
At Niagara the President was light
frpcrtciL He talked and chatted pleasant
ly and seemed in suVh execieatpirits
I shall alwaS think of President 5lcKlrt
ley when I recall the Falls He was the
life of the little party and was especially
anxious that we should all understand and
appreciate the workings c the electric
light plant He persanally explained a
number of points about the raacliiner in
connection with the plant which were not
fully intelligible to the rest of the party
At half past 3 we returned to Buffalo
We learned that the President would hold
a reception that afternoon and in view
of this fact knowing that a crowd would
be present made our plans for other
things There was not a member of the
Diplomatic Corps In the Temple of Mu
sic when the attempt was made upon the
life of the President Together with Dr
Silva I went to the Hall of Machinery
When we returneel the news of the horri
ble tragedy was afloat We saw Mr Cor
UIOU and learned the details What im
pressed us most was the calm with which
the American people received the news
Immense throngs filled every available
space but there was no disorder no de
monstration We were stopped by hun
dreds of people enquiring for news but
there was nothing said except that which
was spoken quietly and with dignity
And et the anxiety was most acute I
realized one thing about the American
people tney nave a great power of
serve as well
a great national
I am astonished that there Is no law
in this countr to prevent the transmis
sion of anarchistic matter through the
mails In Peru we have a law which
makes an attempt upon tho life of the
President a capital crime however un
succesiful the attempt may be The three
native born It would seem to me that
assassins of your Presidents have been
the people of America used to free Insti
tutions should be incapable of sucii
Mr Kogoro Takahlra the Minister from
Lilian was also horrified at the attempt
maue upon me uie or tne Ircslelent He
voiced thc sentiments of his people he
said in expressing the utmost sorrow and
pit at the unhappy event
The CommiNHloncr Vftsuretl fIhat the
President A III Live
Thc telegram was recelveel
last night from Commissioner Macfarland
who Is at present in Buffalo
M grief indignation and abhor
rence inexpressible on Frlda have
been swallowed up 1 i the hope and joy
of toda I have just come from Mr
Milburn s wheie 1 was assured that
the march of recover steadily contin
ues and feel confident that the Presi
dent will live
Txikeu to Peilice llemtiiuitrter
sevv A irk Iletee tiv s
NHW YOltK Sept 9 Ciptiln Titus of
the Detective Bureau today seized the
trunk left In Alfoniu Stutz at thc Lu
theran Mission in State Street Stutz who
arrived in this countr on the Deutsch
Iand on August 29 is under arrest in Buf
falo on suspicion of being concerned in
the anarchist plot to assassinate Presi
dent McKlnley
Thc trunk reached headquarters at 1020
oclock nnd was at once taken into the
ofhee of Captain Titus There behind
locked eloors it vvas opt neil in the pres
ence eif m in of llie detectives who are
on tho case It Is a wickerwork affair
fastened with a padlock on the outside
Up to a 1 ite hour th captain refused to
fttate what the trunk contained Xeither
would he tell what if nny Information
was found ln the letter to Stutz which
vva delivered nt tho mission for him af
ter he had gone to ItufYnlo
Stutz after leaving the Deutsehland
went to the Iuthfan Mission He on
icmnliied there one night and then went
to Iluffilo After his departure a letter
and a postal c ird the latter signed
ra Steffen were received at the
mission for him These were tumid over
to the police lat night by the Hev Her
man J Berkcmelcr the pastor of the
inN sinr
M liters are in such a state now-
Captain Titus
tint 1 must be ezcuseel
fnm tniklnir about the case I will not
ss what we are doing or will do at this
Hoses September Furniture Snle
UruULkt furnaurc hmln opportunities 11th F
The PreltlcntN AVonl After the At
tciiipteel AsMiueslnntlon
BUFFALO Sept 9 In view Of the as-
enrttnna n nl ifnilfila tlinf tliA Prallni
I when he was in the -very shadov of lrath
made the statement nttrlbuteel to him
that Czolgosz was not fivlj responsible
for his dte d the statcmsnt of one who
was the first to v nter the Pan American
Expcsltion Hospital after the President
had been carried In has some authority
This man is a phsiclan He was at same
distance from the Temple of Music with
a friend when at a few minutes after i
oclock their attention was attracted by
a man who oinn omnlng down the road
way waving his hands in the air He was
a man apparently about sixty ears old
and was bareheaded The phslclan3
llrst thought was that he was either in
toxicated or had been driven Insane by
the heat
What shall we do he was shouting In
the faco of every man ho met along the
roadway when he came to the phslclan
he threw out both hands appeallngl and
screamed again For Gods sake tell mc
what shall we do
I should say replied the phsiclan
soothingly convinced that the man was
out or his senses that you better go ask
the police about Ask the first policeman
ou sec
The stranger shook his head despairing
ly and ran on Thc phsiclan watched
him with some concern nnd saw him turn
about on the steps of the Fine Arts build
ing and shout his enquiry again but this
time he added The President has been
shot we must do something
The phslclan and his friend ran to him
with the Idea of keeping him from mak
ing an such horrible statements In his
Irresponsible condition When they re
monstrated with him ho became calmer
and convinced them that he was neither
insane nor drunk but simply unbalanced
by grief and horror The physician and
his friend saw an ambulance whirl by
with a number of cavalry outriders and
ran after it to the hospital They found
the President already on the operating ta
ble and very calm and collected The
phslcian In question Is not a surgeon
and cared to do no more than to approve
thc action of the hospital authorities in
sending for Drs Mann Mnter and
Parke He assured the President
that when they came he would have the
benefit of the best skill that there was In
Buffalo He added a remark on his sor
row to see the President In such a con
Poor fellow exclaimed the President
I don t believe he knew what he was do
The CIiiciiK AnarcliiMtM Arrnifrnetl
nnel Promptly Itciuniiilcel
CHICAGO Sept 9 Anarch s disciples
had a glance at thc laws working today
In the Harrison Street police coart Jus
tice Prindivilie and the police did the best
they could They hustled the twelve un
kempt hungry looking men and women
Into the bul pen continued their case for
ten days held the men without bail re
fused to hearken to their pretests and
sent them to jail
What do ou want done with these
people said Magistrate Prindivilie as
he looked down into the dock ard saw the
twelve expectant prisoners
We want ten das more to prepare the
case ard we want the men held without
ball responded Prosecutor Owens
September 19 said the judge Men
without ball women 3000 Next
If It please our honor Interrupted
Abraham Isaak would not it be possi
ble to hear the evidence now so that we
may go to our homes We are ery un
comfortable We have no soap no water
and c ate herded together like cattle
Cant we Tre ieard
Case Is contlrged said the magis
trate - -
Besides Mr Saitlel an attorney two
other Iawers have been engageuffOT the
anarchists They are Charles Turner
Brown and Iajmond Bobbins These
three attornes met this afternoon and
decided to apply to some judge for writs
of habeas corpus for Roanick Fox and
Schnleder the last three men arrested
who have no charges against them
After a conference with the attornes
for the anarchists under arrest City
Prosecutor Talor decided late this af
ternoon to ask -for release of the women
prisoners Maria Isaak sr Maria Isaak
Jr and Julia Mechanic Mr Taylor went
before Justice Prindivilie and asked him
to enter a nolle prosse in each case and
the three women were released from cus
tody this afternoon
A nsliIiiKteniiniiis Make Fine Scores
In JVntieiual Golf Tourney
after dark when the last two pairs fin
ished in the eiualifing round of thc sev
enth annual tournament for the amateur
national golf championship of the United
States tonight The play began at 7 In
the morning XV J Travis of Garden
City L I made the best sccre as fol
lows Out 42 in M 81 Second round Out
ST in C9 TG Total 137 Travis plaing is
regarded as u very remarkable exhibi
tion his outgoing score of 37 in the after
noon being especially noteworth
The entered plaed
splendidly four of them finishing higu up
They were
W F Hitt Yale Golf Club and Chevy
Chase Countrv Club out U In C9 S3 Out
40 in 40 92173
Ormsb McCammon Chevy Chase SS
92 W
J W McKlnle Columbia 01 93 ISt
L I Harban Columcia 31 91 IS3
The first half of the quallfving rourd
showed an even dozen AVashingtonians
contesting with scores ranging from S3
to 106 for thc eighteen holes These play
ers ranked as follows
1 Hitt Yale Gejlf Club and Chcv
Chase Countr Club out 44 In V total S3
F D Frazler ashington 47 Dr
L L Ilnrlitn Columbii 43 44 S7 Orirs
by McCamnipn Chevy Chase 44 41 -is
F Oden Ileirstmann Chev Chase i0 3
9 J William McKinlCCelumbia 47 41
31 Dr W U Uarb in Columbia 4S 40 91
M J Kvans Columbia ot 4t us A Brlt
ton Columbii 4 50 9s Sam Dilzell
Fdgewater Countr Club and Chevy
Chase 5 34 104 I v Weaver Colum
bia W 4J 103 F O Tyler Washington
49 37 infi
Among the recent college plaers who
ranked high were R M Hers Ch irles
Hitchcock jr J I Lineweaver and John
Held Jr all of Yale J A Stlllman S
Frothirgham and II Ilolbremk of Har
vard Percy Pne 2d of Princeton II
IC Hill of the University of Pennsv I
vania and Frank Croker of Brown Fnl
v erslt
V rertlflente for n Childs lleiith
Georgi Hazelocc the three-year-old
son of Frank Hazelock colored living on
the Caral Koad about a quarter of a
mile above Its junction with the New Cut
Btiad died esterda about 3 o clock with
out medical attention The Coroner was
notified and Issued a certificate of death
fiom natural causes
Cholera morbus often results fitillr before
mctlictni can be rocurcil or a phwu m sum
n oncil UiatcltTlmn Colic Cholera and Diar
rhuea Kcircd is a certain cure for this Uicwve
Hcry fjmilr frhoud be proitel with u It
co ts but a trifle am is certain to be nccileil
sooner or later iiuy it now ror sale h llenrr
I ana wholesale ana rcuu v r strrec anu
all drugg1
ih in
MIE On Sunday September f 1901 at 5 SO
a m afttr a Ion and painful Illness CVTMV
KINK widow of the late Daniel liea
Funeral will take place from her late residence
1113 righteenth Street northwest MednesOa
nit ininff 0 30 oclock thence to SL Matthew -man
Catholic Church where requiem mass will
be aid for Iter soul Friend And retatues in
vited la attend
Prep School
Tour jtinf High School Ckrone prepare for
trcshman Id OrorRttown or any other Colltx
Special attention to Day Scholars Houra 9 IS
a m to 3 p m
Send for catalogue
Rev Jerome Daugherly S J
Wvvtro ijix y 77
Lcnman Bui dins 1I2S Kew York Are
Day and renins Sessions
Ixrx Hates Penmanship ShorthanL
Touch Typeiirritins CitiI Stmre
CREfiG ajstcra ot Shorthand learned in about
hair the time required by other ajratems Eaiy
to learn eny to write easy to read Call or
rlte for conrincing proof We haTe instructed
thousand of student llAttlllSOV U WRICHT
Loan and Truvt DuiMinjr corner F and 9th
Established 20 years
The principal was offlcial court stenographer
also public accountant
COURSES Shorthand Trpewritinjr Booklieep
Insr Ciril Service and all branches of Business
Students in may take without eitra
cost Bookkeeping and the Business and and Eng
lish Courses Practically private instructions
Join at any time We 2nd positions for all
lull course graduates Day and night sessions
Catalogue Call and see us
National University
rractfeal two year course leading to degrw
of LL B Post graduate course of one additional
year leadirg to degree of LL M
34th annual opening of all classes OctoW f
lfiOl at 6 30 ocloct p m Evening seaioas ex
For Catalogue apply to ECGEXE D CArtUSL
Secretary and Treasurer Columbian Budding
FULL course tuition to Woods Commercial Col
lege for sale only 13 Address BOT Ea thu of-
nce m3 3
SVKT CFC1LLVS ACADEMr 601 East Capitol
St hoarding and day school for girls and joun
ltdies primary commercial and college pre
paratory courses music and art clasjea resimed
Monday Scptcnber 16 1901 for further particu
lars address SISTER M ALCITSTA Superior
Established ISTfV riav or Vifrnt
Session 3i a year Business Shorthand Type
St Johns College
I Select Day School for Jlcn and Boys
English Science and Business Courses
Apply for Catalogue to BBOTIIER ADD VS
Alexandria Va
Boarding and Day School for Young Ladles and
Children The Kil year begins Tuesday Sept 3
Terms moderate lor catalogue address SISTER
Teacher of Singing
Studios 933 F Street third floor Twenty
pupils of the past season signed as principals for
1SO1 02 with the Bostonians Lulu Glaser Cbra
ranv Runaway Girl Francis Wilson Foxv
er Florodora and other companies
Academy for boys Home life ind Individual
nstruction Terms moderate Address
Undertaker and Emfmlruer
Everything strica7yNfirst cIass on the most rea
sonable terms - -
Telephone call Main JiA
Undertaker and Liver
tlS Ponn Ave K W Wsshinston D
PECIIL NOTICE Accident at Ia are and 1st
mi between and a p m ptember 5 lady
falling on leaving yellow car will each person
vho saw the accident please send name and ad
drH to JOHN S FNT 21 D St sc or to
LORENZO V BULE 631 F st iir
Williamson will not be responsible for any debts
contracted by lua wife Florence B Williamson
c7 3
THOs J 0hN SON Auctioneers
913 F Street northwest
By virtue cf tertain deed of trust dated
Jjlv 5 1S93 and recorded July 11 133S in Liber
Z0d folio 391 et sen one of the land records of
thc District of Columbia and at the request of
the pjrtv secured ttierchv we will sell at public
aucti m in front of the premiss ON SFITEMBFIl
19 1901 T 4 30 OCLOCK P M the following
descrilietl land and premises situate in the Dis
trict of Columbia and described at lots 3S and
39 block 2 o Oregca L Green subdivision of
part of Chichester fronting forty feet on Jef
ferson Street Vnacostia D C by a depth of lJ
feet Improvements consist of ten room house
and stables
Terms will be eay and will be maae known
at time of sale deposit of one hundred dol
lars 10rt wal be required at time of sale
Conveyancing recording and rerenuc stamps at
cost of purehJer
S M JONES Trustee
Deceased No 1C31 A Jmimi ration Docket
Xpplication havmir been made to the uprerre
Court of the District of Columbia holdin a spe
cial term for Orplians Cout hmineas for let
ters of administration on said estate bv Joseph
Uepetti a creditor it is ordered thu 20th
lay of uust 1301 that notice w hereby
to the unknown heirs at law and next of
kin of said decedent ami to all others concerned
to appear in paid court on FUIDU THE 4TII
M to show caue whr uch application he not
crantcd This notice shall be published in the
Wahirfiton Law Reporter and The LTenin Times
once in each of three successive weeks before
the return day therein mentioned the first pub
lication to be not less than thirty days be lor a
said return Uy
Hi thc Court
10IIN R R0C7FR ctinjr Register of ills
TLKNLR MITCHELL Attorneys for appli
t Central Store 948 La Ave
X Oldest Stand 412 lourtli St S K -
I- Oioice large Lemons 10c doz
j Large Botes Parlor Matches 9 doz V
V 1 anjc New Mackerel 7tc each V
j 2 drape NuU 5c V
Larue Tostum Cereal UK
y Coldm Crown Coffee 23c
J A Dish Mop free with every pound this i
V uetk J
- Hawk Fye Oata 74r X
y Bet Cheese IZ J
j J T D Pyles Six Stores J
Leading Physicians
In America England and on the Continent y
that Kidney disease U quickly cured by tuing
Warner Safe Curb
By the Koch Lcne Cure
ISO Nassau Street New Tort
And C27 E Street Wahlnstoav

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