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The Presidents Improvement De
creases Chances of Any Delay
Tlic Final Arrniiccmcnt Heine Com
plrtcd Siiiiiiimiii Soiiln Intv Snlel
to Ilnve touted JlnelnyM Proof
VltuCMri Riiimfiivel by Attorney
Unless the Presidents condition should
become precarious which is not now ex
pected in view of the enjassraslng reports
from his bedside the Schley Court of En
quiry will meet at the Washington Navy
Ynrd at 1 oclock Thursday afternoon ac
cording to the terms of the prtcept and
then and there begin an investigation of
the conduct of Rear Admiral Schley dur
ing the Santiago campaign Should the
President die or his case become cxtrcme
ly grave the court will meet and adjourn
without taking up any business or open
ing up the case According to present In
dications however with the condition of
Mr McKlnlcy steadily improving and the
prospect of his recovery from the would
be assassins bullet there will be no de
lay on his account No one connected
with the Investigation is needeil at Buffa
lo and It is pointed out that no good
could be accomplished by a delay pro
vided the President continues to Improve
Admiral Dewey and Rear Admiral Ben
ham -were at the Navy Department yes
terday and had a conference regarding
certain details of the proceedings of the
court They also had a talk with Acting
Secretary Hackctt and Captain Lemly
the Judge advocate of the court One of
the results of their conference was a de
cision regarding the daily sessions of the
court There will be two sessions each
day one from 10 until noon then an ad
journment of an hour for luncheon and a
second sitting from 1 until 3 oclock
In accordance with the instructions of
the precept the court will meet at 1
oclock on Thursday and organize How
much progress will be made toward a
start on the first day will depend largely
upon what Is done in regard to Rear Ad
miral Howlson That Admiral Schley
will challenge him Is regarded as certain
He will set forth hN reasons for asking
that Admiral Howlson be relieved from
the court It Is thought that but a short
time will be required by the two remain
ing members to decide the question In
case they conclude that Admiral Howl
son should be excused from service some
delay will doubtless be occasioned while
the department obtains some one else as
the third member of the court It is said
that the department has in view some
one who will be eligible for service and
who will doubtless be accepted In case
Admiral Howlson is removed Admiral
Howlson had not reached the city at a
late hour last night but is expected to
arrive In Washington oday or tomorrow
morning at the latest
Whether cr not Admiral Sampson will
attend the court is a matter still ns un
settled as it has been since the court was
ordered The reports concerning his
coming are conflicting and until his
name is celled it will not be known
whether he will go upon the stand
The oflicials at the Navy Department
prcfess to have no communication from
Admiral Sampson concerning his attend
ance at the court At the close of office
hours yesterday no surgeons certificate
had been received at the department
making any report upon Sampsons con
It was stated yesterday at the Navy
Department by an authority regarded as
entirely reliable that Lieut Roy Camp
bell Smith a son-in-law of Rear Admiral
Sampson acted in the capacity of proof
reader for Historian Maclay and lhat he
read and edited personally every word in
the history bearing upon the West Indian
campaign the publication of which was
the immediate cause of the present Court
of Enquiry -
When asked about this Important de
velopment in the case last night Judge
Wilson one of the counsel for Admiral
Schley said that he had not yet learned
of the fact He was disposed to regard
the statement coming as it did from an
authoritative quarter as highly Impor
tant Just what bearing this will have on
the Court of Enquiry is not known al
though it will no doubt be brought out at
the forthcoming investigation
Judge Wilson last night started on a
hurried visit to New York on business
connected with the Court of Enquiry He
declined to comment on the nature of his
business there It is understood however
that Judge Wilson has left the city at
this time nn an important matter and
that the result of his trip is counted on as
being of considerable advantage to Ad
miral Schley It Is thought that he has
gone to see at least one of the witnesses
to be called before the court for testi
mony and his return is expected today
oinmander Schroeder Naval
Governor i m who was executive of
ficer of tl during the San
tiago cac -a arrived in Washington
and was at the Navy Department yester
day morning He was one of the first wit
nesses summoned home after the Court of
Enquiry was ordered His name appears
upon the list of witnesses to be called by
the Navy Department He saw the Act
ing Secretary of the Navy Mr Hackett
and then had a talk with Captain Lemly
tly judge advocate of the court
Lieutenant Commander W H Souther
land who is also a witness for the Navy
Department was in to see Captain Lemly
yesterday as was Lieut C H Har
low who has been here for several days
Lieutenant Harlows name is on botli
lists Lieut Edward McCauley who Is
a witness for Admiral Schley is In Wash
ington and regwtered at the department
Lieut Alex Sharpe Jr who was on the
Vixen during the Santiago campaign has
also arrived In response to a summons
from the Navy Department to appear be
fore the Court of Enquiry
dit F A Cook who commanded the
lirooklyn during the battle of Santiago
repeated yesterday to Admiral
Judge Wilson Captain Parker and Jlr
Rnyner the admirals counsel his story
of the West Indian campaign Judging
from the length of time consumed the
recital was an IntercKtlng one Admiral
Schley and his counsel were closeted in
the nnartments of Judge Wilson at the
Shorchum from 10 oclock in the morning I
until late in the afternoon going over the J
case The most important feature of the
question developed yesterday was this In
terview j
It Is understood that the story told by
the commanding oillccr of the Brooklyn
covered the entire campaign in the West
Indies The narrative was listened to at- i
tentatively by the attorneys who ques
tioned captain cook closely concerning
the important points in the campaign
Every detail however small was careful
ly weighed by the lawyers and Its proper
significance then considered The testi
mony of Captain Cook will be of the ut
most Importance ns he was in the thick
of the sea battle His knowledge of other
matters In connection with the campaign
it is understood will be of great value
to Admiral Schley
Lieut James S Sears Admiral Schleys
Jlag lieutenant during the West Indian
campaign was also present at the confer
ence at ihc hotel yesterday He too was
examined by the counsel for Admiral
Schley and it Is understood that his tes
timony before the Court of Enquiry will
be especially valuable The other otilcers
of the Brooklyn who were in the city
have left and will not return until their
testimony Is needed before the Court of
Capt Henry W Carpenter United
States Marine Corps was yesterday ap
pointed provost marshal of the court Ills
duties will be to preserve order and with
his assistant to look after the court
room and attend to the wants of members
of the court The convenience and ar
rangements Qt me courtroom nae uecn
practically completed in the new gun
ners workshop and while the room will
have no elaborate decorations it will be
fitted up to meet all requirements of the
Court of Enquiry
Yeaterdnyji Onmcw
American League
Chicago 4 Boston 3
Chicago c Boston 4
Cleveland 4 Philadelphia 1
Detroit 8 Baltimore 5
National League
New York 5 St Louis I
St Louis 11 New York 3
Brooklyn S Chicago 0
Pittsburg II Philadelphia 5
Boston 5 Cincinnati 3
Today CiumCN
American LeagueS
Chicago at Milwaukee
Philadelphia at Cleveland
National League
St Louis at New York
Chicago at Brooklvn
Pittsburg nt Philadelphia
Cincinnati at Boston
Hon- the Clubs Slnnd
Won Lost PCt
Chicago 75 4G 620
Boston j - CD 51 575
Detroit 04 EC 533
Philadelphia Gl 57 517
Baltimore 5S 5S 500
Washington 53 C4 453
Cleveland 51 07 432
Milwaukee 44 75 370
Won Lost PCt
Pittsburg 72 42 032
Philadelphia 70 4S 593
Brooklyn CS 50 570
St Louis 63 57 525
Boston 5S 59 493
Chicago 51 74
Cincinnati 44 07 591
New York 45 C9 595
Hold on the Peiinimt Strengthened
by Bclitlnir lIONton
CHICAGO Sept 9 Chicago strength
ened its hold on the lead today by win
ning a double header from its nearest
rival Both were close and exciting In
the second game Chicago hit Winters
hard enough to win In the first Inning but
after that he was a puzzle The score
McFarland If 0
Jones cf 1
Mertes 2b 1
Hartman 3b 0
Foster rf 1
Isbellrlb 0
Burke ss 0
Sullivan c 1
Callahan p 0
Dowd If
Stahl cf
Collins 3b
Freeman lb
Hemphill rf
Parent ss
Ferris 2b
Schreck c
Mitchell p
Lewis p
Chicago i
Jones cf
Mertes 2b
Haitman 3b
Foster rf
label lb
Burke ss
Sullivan c
Dowd If
Stahl of
Collins 3b
Freeman lb
Hemphill rf
Parent ss
Ferris 2b -
Criger c
Winters p
2 3 0 0
4 10 27 10
K 11
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 0
3 0
Griffith p 1
24 18
t 1 1 0 S 0 0 1 x 4
01020000 03
Left on bases Chicago 5 Boston 2 First
base on balls Off Lewis L Struck out
By Callahan 2 by Mitchell 2 Lewis 1
Homo runs Foster Freeman Three base
hits McFarland Freemanl Two base hits
Hartman Burke Collins Parent- Stolen
base Jones Umplres Sheridah and Has
kell Time of game 1 hour and 30 min
Tlic Second Game
McFarland If 1
2 0 0
3 0
Totals G 4 27
13 2
0 T
0 0
0 1
0 1
0 0
Totals 4 11 21 13 4
Batted for Winters in nin h
Chicago 50010000 x 6
Boston 0000001034
Left on bases Cfiicago 4 Boston 10
First base on balls Off Griffith 3 off
Winters 3 Struck out By Griffith 3 by
Winters 3 Three base hit Ferris Sac
rifice hit Stahl Stolen bases Hartman
lsbell Umpires Sheridan and Haskell
Time of game 2 hours
Clevelnnd DcfcatM the Quakem in a
Guild Game
CLEVELAND Sept- 9 The home team
beat Philadelphia handily today Dow-
ling was a puzzle throughout The score
Pickering cf
Cennak rf
Beck 2b
La Chance lb
Bradley 30
Harvey If
Sheibeck ss
Wood c
Dowling p
Fultz cf
Davis lb
Lajole 2b
Scyhold rf
Mclntyre If
Ely ss
Power c
Dolan 3b
Bernhart p
It H
0 2
0 0
4 13 27
21 13
03001000 x 1
00000100 01
First base by errors Cleveland 4 Left
on baes Cleveland 8 Philadelphia 4
Struck out By Dowling 1 by Bcrnhart
4 Stolen base Pickering Double play
Cermak Siiclback and Beck Umplrcs
Connolly Time of game 1 hour and 31
Detroit llllttrrN Illliilerion the Oriole
Pitcher In ISvo lmiliiirr
DETROIT Sept 9 Todaj s game was
puzzling for Detroit at the start but good
fielding held the visitors score down ilc
Glnnlty was hit hard in the second and
third innings The score
Barrett cf
Holmts rf
Casey 3b
Glcason 2b
Klherfcld ss
Nance if
Dillon lb
Shaw c
Ycager p
Totals v
Donlin lb
Seymour rf
Williams lb
Kelster ss
It roil le cf
Dunn 3b
Jackson If
Bresnahan c
McGlnnlty p
8 It 18 10
1 1 1 2 0
4 8 IS 6 2
0 3 3 11 0 8
2 0 0 0 0 24
First baseliy errors Detroit 1 Ift on
bases Baltimore 3 Detroit- 3 First
base on balls Off McGtnnity 2 Struck
out--By McGlnnlty 2 Three base hits
Nance Dillon ii Two base hits Yeager
Seymour Double play Seymour and
Bresnahan Hit by pitcher Shaw N3ncc
Wild pitches McGlnnlty 2 Passed ball
Bresnahan Umpire Hart Mine of
game 1 hour and 10 minutes
Moiu September Furniture Sale
Crcitct furniture burlng opportunities nth Ii V
vi i
Murphy p
New York
St Louis
Davis ss
Strang 3b
Ganzel lb
Maul p
Levington p
Kltnon Kent the CliidiKfix Well
Scitttircil Throughout
NEW YORK Sept 9 Tlie Brooklyns
shut out the Chlcagos today Kltson kept
the Chcagos hits scattered and the
champions bunched hits on Eason In the
first three innings Excellent fielding was
done by Daly Slieckard Hartsell and
Green The score
Ilartzel If
Greu cf
Dexter lb
Gannon rf
Itaymer es
Childs 2b
Hicke y 3b
McCormick 3b
Kahoc c
Eason p
Trials 0
Keelcr rf 0
Sheckard If 2
Dolan cf 1
Kelly lb 1
Daly 2b 1
Dahlen ss 1
i Irwin 3b 1
i McGuire c 0
Kitson p 1
Miller 2b 0
Totals 3
St 1auh 2 5 10
New York 0 0 2 1
9 24 11
Totals S 11
0 0
2 27 18
The Second Gnme
Burkett If
Heidrick cf 1
Wallace Ss 1
Padden 2b 2
Donovan rf 0
Shrlver lb 0
Kruger 3b 1
Nichols c 2
Suthoff p 2
Totals 11 17
Selbach If 0
McBride rf 1
Van Haltren cf 0
27 12
0 0 0
0 0 0
First base on errors New York 3 St
Louis 1 Left on bases New York 9 St
Louis 1 First base on balls Off Maul
1 off Levington 2 Struck out By Lev
ington 5 by Suthoff 4 Three base hit
Suthoff Two base hits Davis Heidrick
Stolen bases Davis Padden Heidrick
Double play Miller and Davis Hit by
pitcher By Levington 3 Passed ball
Bowerman Umpire Dwyer Time of
game 2 hours Attendance 1SO0
White lletlred From the Ilox In the
Third Inning
PHILADELPHIA Sept 9 Pittsburg
lmtted White from the 1kx in the thiol
inning making more runs than Philadel
phia secured in the full nine The score
0 3
31200011 x S
First base by errors Chicago 1 Lclt
on bases Brooklyn 5 Chicago S First
base on balls Oft Kltson 2 oft Eason 3
Struck out Hv Ivttsnn 2 liv Fisnn 1
J Three base hit Kltson Two base hits
Sheckard Irwin Stolen bases Kelly
Daly Dolan Gannon Double play
Daly Dahlen and Kelly Umpire Nash
Time of game 1 hour and 40 minutes At
tendance 1300
Xcvv YnrkK Take One Giiuie When
Their Inclc ChnueN
NEW YORK Sept 9 One run and two
hits was all the hard hitting St Louis team
coulj gather off Matthewson who pitched
the first game for the New Yorks this
afternoon Murphy who opposed proved
an easy mark for the tafl enders Jn the
second game however the Cardinals ev
ened things up The score
Selbach If
McBrlde rf
Van Haltren
Davis ss
Miller 2b
Ganzel lb
Warner c
Matthewsen p
Strang 3b
Burkett If
Heldrlck cf
Wallace ss
Padden 2b
Donovan rf
Shrlver lb
Kruger 3b 1
Totals S 14 27 14
0 5
0 1
First base by errors New York 2 St
Louis 3 Left on bases New York S
St Louis 5 First base on balls Oft
Matthewson 4 Struck out By Matthew
son S by Murphy 1 Two base hits
Van Haltren Warner Sacrifice lilt Van
Haltren Stolen bases Van Haltren Pad
den Wild pitch Matthewson Umpire
Dwyer Time of game 1 hour and 36 min
1 211
0 0 3
Davis rf 2 1 3 0 1
Clarke If 12 0 10
Beaumont cf 112 0 1
WagnerTss 3 3 1 C 0
Bransfield lb 2 3 6 2 1
Rltchcy 2b 12 3 3 0
1 each 3b 13 0 0 0
Yeager c 0 0 3 10
OConnor c 0 0 10 0
Tannehill p 0 0 10 0
Chcsbro P 0 0 10 0
Totals 11 15 27 13 3
Thomascf 1110 0
Barry 2b 112 2 0
Flick rf 13 10 0
Delehanty If 0 3 10 0
DoiiKlas c 0 0 7 0 0
Jennings lb 0 1 10 1 0
Mailman 3b 1115 0-
Crovs ss 113 2 0
White p 0 0 0 1 0
Duggleby p 0 112 0
Totals 5 12 27 13
Pittsburg 0 1 6 0 0 0 0 1 3 11
Philadelphia 1000013 005
First base by errors Philadelphia 1
Left on bases Pittsburg 7 Philadelphia
8 First base on balls Off White 2 off
Duggleby 1 off Clu sbro 1 Struck out
By White 4 by Duggleby 3 by Tanne
hill 2 by Chcsbro 1 Three base hits
Wngner Leech Two base lilts lark 2
Del hantv Sacrifice hit Rltchey Stolen
base Itltchey Hit by pitcher Hy Dug
gleby 1 hv Tannehill 1 Wild pitch
Tannehill Pussed ball Ye ager Umpire
Kmsle Time of gnme 2 hours and 20
minutes Attendance 2377
RfiKtin WIiik EiiNlIy ly the Worlf in
One lnnliiK
BOSTON Sept 9 It looked like an
easy victory for Cincinnati up to the
fifth Inning In todays game and the visi
tors hit Nichols hard while Deinontrevllle
was the only man to lilt Sudhoff safely
during the first four Innings In the
fifth Boston hit Sudhoff for six consecu
tive hits scoring live runs and winning
The score
Slagle rf 0 10 0 0
Tenncy lb 0 0 9 2 0
Demontrcville 2b 0 2 2 2 1
Cooley If 0 0 2 0 1
Hamilton cf 12 5 11
Lowe 3b 1 2 1 2 0
Long ss 112 4 0
Kittrldge c 115 2 0
Nichols p - 1112 0
Touils 5 10 27 15 3
Bay cf 0 0 4 0 0
llarley If 0 0 0 10
Beckley lb 0 18 0 0
Crawford rf 110 0 0
Fox 2b i 0 0 110
Stelnfield 3b 12 4 2 0
Magoon ss 12 3 2 0
Pcltz c 0 14 2 0
Sudhoff 0 10 3 1
Totals 3 8 21 11 1
Boston 00005000 x 5
Cincinnati 01002000 0 3
First base by errors Boston 1 Left on
bases Boston 4 Cincinnati 3 First base
King p
Burbank If
Atchlnson ss
Bradley 2b
Ogle c
Balllnger rf
Loud cf
Shaw ss
Dudley lb
Brady 2b
Bielaskl 3b
Brooks If
Erdgood c
Davis p
Hardy rf
Holt cf
tt t
on balls Oft Sudhofl 1 Struck out By
Nlchols 4 by SUChofr 2 Three base hits
Nichols Stelnfeblt TTwo base
Sacrifice hft Fox Stoenbase Sla
gle Double plays Hamilton Long and
Ttnney Lowe aivl Lcug Hit by pitcher
Hnrley VmpIreyT Bremn Time of game
1 hour and 22 minutes Attendance 16
i i
They Ill ll Depnrtmeift lenirne
Jy Ilentlnc Tri tiHnryitex
The nine Treasury1 men representing
the baseball lenient In that department
were feeling chesty yesterday and had
raked together qaito u formidable team
to defeat the Postolllco nine but after
five innings of nip and tuck playing they
gathered in their sticks called In their
caddy and started home with another de
feat Jotted down in their lost column
The postmen who have beca playing ex
ceptionally good ball went out to admin
ister a shut out to the coin counters and
after the third inning they had what Is
known in baseball phraseology as a cinch
of the lead pipe variety They wleUcd
thc calcimine in great style and their
opponents were WJHloped without setting
foot on the counting block and barely
scarring the whitening on the third
The game was a pitchers battle all
through and had Davis the Treasurys
slab artist received better support the
mailmen would not have scored all their
live runs Klrg who occupied the centre
of the diamond for the men from the
great stone building on Pennsylvania
Avenue during Walkers absence ptched
a line game and had the money changers
completely at his mercy allowing but
three of them to get next to his delivery
for a base hit His support although a
trifle ragged in one inning was otherwise
perfect and this coupled with the ina
bility of the Fifteenth Street men to swat
the leather into unguarded territory gave
the postmen the game witnout any
very great effort on their part Hits wero
as scarce as hens teeth and In the case
of the Trcasuryites runs were not obtain
able under anv circumstances for try as
they might theycould not induce any of
their number to cjross the pan Five of
them came to the plate Intending to con
nect with one of Kintfs drops and assault
It for about three sacks but the twlrler
viewed the situation In an entirely differ
ent light and proceeded to toss over three
of his speediest and most elusive ones to
those who had any such notion The
postoffice n
Chamberlain lb 0
Hook 3b 1
4 15 9
0 3 15 8
Postoffice 0 0 3 0 25
Treasury 0 0 0 0 0 0
first base on balls Oft King 2 off
Davis 2 Struck out By King 5 by
Davls 1 Two base ht Bielaski Stolen
bases Loud 2 Hiirbank 2 Davis and
Atchlnson 2 Hit by pitcher Davis
Passed balls Erdgoodi 2 Umpire Mace
Time of game 1 hounand 5 minutes
Following is theTofflelal standing of the
Department League teams as announced
by President Lamar
iWon Lost Per Ct
Census Office 12
Bureau 1
Postoffice 6
Printing Office 5
Treasury 4
Interior 1
2 S57
4 C3G
4 600
6 455
5 444
U 0S3
The Senators turned their faces home
ward yesterday and after playing at
Chester Pa today on Wednesday will
commence the final series of the season
at the American Park The work of the
Manning players on the present trip over
the Western circuit has been much better
than any of the clubs most enthusiastic
admirers looked for Had the same rec
ord been made when the club first tackled
the Western teams on their own camp
ing grounds the Washingtons vould un
doubtedly be occupying a postion well up
among the leaders for It was the set back
encountered on the early trip that gave
the men the Idea that they were just
a bit out of their class and caused them
to play Irregular ball and with the con
tinuous dropping of games came the in
evitable lack of Interest on the part of
the local admirers of the sport- The game
put up by the Mannlngites during August
was a splendid sample of baseball and
succeeded in lifting the percentage com
fortably distant fiom the winners of the
booby prize The pitchers have rounded
to in excellent shape and almost any of
the corps with the possible exception of
Gear can lie relied upon to go In the box
and win out If given Jialf way decent sup
port in the tle ldlng and hitting depart
ments Gear has not yet come up to ex
pectations but the members of the club
announce that lie is proving to be a most
capable secretary of the Ball Players As
sotiation so what right has the public
to register any kick on the twirlers ef
forts If the locals continue the good
form that has so far characterized tnelr
work on the trip they will returnwell
ensconsed In sixth position and there is
a lighting chance that we may finally
wind up the season at the end of Sep
tember at the head of the second division
The club will have the decided advantage
of a series on the home grounds which
is always of Inestimable Value and with
tno pitcners uoing sucn goou worK anu
with the rcbt of the men hitting the ball
frequently and hard enough to cause any
innnsintr twirler in Indulce ill little snells
Pitcher Garvin of Milwaukee nssaultcd
a hotel porter the other day and the no-
llce are now looking for him
Manager Mack U said to have signed
Oatclur Bourgeois a Chicago rmati ur
for next season Hugh Duffy was also
after the player
Willie Keelcr of Brooklyn who was re
ported to have signed with the Athletics
for next year says he will remain with
Ned Hunlon
Bubo WndcTcll is pitching n Wisconsin
tovvni It is claimed he would like Hart
to Misnend him eo he- could sign with
Comiskey in tlic American League
iUiI 3ntches Herfiin on the Scn
Girt Kiltie
SEA GIRT Sept 9 The matches to
day on the Sea Girt rille range were spe
cial events arranged principally for the
betfefirof the Irlh ard Canadian
men who were prevented from entering
many of the individual matches last week
because they were not eligible thereto
Todays principal event was an all-comers
match with VH being up in prizes by
the National Rifle Association The match
Is to be hot in two stages at SCO 900 and
1000 yards the first of which was finished
late this afternoon Each contestant is
allowed ten shots at each range military
rides to have u handicap of eight points
There were many who objected to fhU
handicap declaring It wastoo small and
shouldbe at least twelve or fifteen points
The entrance fee was SI
This match attracted thirty three con
testants Lieut O M Allison shot so
poorly on the SC0 and 900 yard targets
that he decided to withdraw finding that
there was no possibility of getting within
the prizo money Frank Hyde the
f ran crack shot who is more than seventy
years old and -is better than many of the
younger ones did excellent work His
shooting at all of the three ranges
brought him close to the leader at the
finish of the days ivogramme
The match was conspicuous for one
thing and that was the splendid scores
made by the Irishmen It looks very
much at this time as If they would get
the bulk of the prize money although
the match is only one half over and a
dark horse may show up Hyde led all
the contestants when the shooting was
concluded on the 00 and 900 yard ranges
but he fell a tritie behind when the rifle
men moved back to 1000 yards Tile best
ShootllllT of the dnv wa flrmr hv Afnfnp
K Allllner of the Irish team Jle has
1 with which to start the second stage
of the match tomorrow
The scores at the end of the first stage
were as follows Dr J C Sellars Ire
land 136 Frank Hyde New York 135
John Morgan Ireland 133 Capt W H
Martin Elizabeth 132 Col Sergeant E
Skedden Canada 331 Thomas Caldwell
Jianu la James Wilson Ireland
128 Howard Geusch Madison N J 126
Robert Durcan Ireland 126 John McKen
na Ireland 125 Sir Henry Thynne Ire
land 124 Dr S I Scott Washington
123 W T Bralthwalte Ireland 122 Capt
W II Davidson Canada 122 Private 8
I Paupst Canada 122 J It Williams
Ireland 120Rcut William DcV Fouike
Philadelphia 120 Lieut H M Bei Wash
ington 117 Dr Bull Bloomtield 116 F
W Henry Ireland 116 Ernest Dunnan
Ireland 113 SSrgcant Major HIgglns Can
ada 113 Lieut U N Farrow Washing
ton 106 Gunner A Fleming Canada
LLieut G C Shaw Washington 105 Ma
jor G B Young Washington 101 Corp
R W Evans New Brunswick 99 Ser
geant Jacieson jersey City S3 Lieut H
H Lelzear Washington 93 Lieut W W
Cookson Washington 9i Lieut A S
Jones Passaic 19 -
The other match today was for the
three motlallonr and placques presented
bv the French Shootlnir Kocletv in iho
National Rifle Association There are
also two stages to this etent The first
was decided today when the following
scores were made
Lieut G M Shav 128 Capt W E
Martin 123 Lieut K M Bell 113 Lieut
A AT Allison 1C3 The second stage will
be ended tomorrow Gen Bird W Spen
cer thanked the visiting riflemen for
coming to Sea Girt Capt James Wilson
replied for the Irish team After thank
ing the New Jersey Rifle Association for
the courteous attention shown to the
visiting marksmen he paid a high tribute
of respect to President McKlnley and
expressed the hone that he might soon
recover Capt W H Davidson of the
Canadian team echoed the same senti
ItexuKK nt SheepHliend nay
6HEEPM1EAD BAY Sept 9 Results oi to
days races track fast
First race For all ages six furlongs on main
track Modrinc Walsh 6 to 1 won Smoke
OConnor 3 to 5 second Bellario Burns
10 to 1 third Time 113
Second race For three-year-olds and upward
selling one and one eighth -miles on main track
Ethics Cochran 3 to 5 won HammoclrMc
Cinn 8 to 1 -second Fatalist Wonderly 8
to 1 third Time 155
Third race The Sapphire Stakes for two-year-olds
last five rind one half furlongs of new
futurity course Pretoriua Biirns 5 to 1
won Eroshee OConnor 3 to 1 second Home
stead Wonderly 25 to I third Time
Fourth race The Ocean Handicap for three-year-olds
and upward one mile Ten Candles
Spencer 5 to 1 won Paul Clifford Wonderly
12 to 1 second Cold ncels Burns 0 to S
third Time 138 3 5
Fifth race For two-year-old fillies last five
furlongs of new Futurity course- Little Gem
Hennessej 100 to 1 won Lady Sterling
Mile 6 to 1 second Lady Itadnor Shaw 3
to 1 third Tinje 101
Sixth race For three-year-olds and upward
one and one half miles on turf Maid of Har
lem Cochran 3 to 1 won Baron Pepper
OConnor C to 5 second Kamara Shaw 31
to 1 third Time 233 3 4
Entries at SIieepKhend Bny
SHEEPS1IEAD BAY Sept 9 Entries for to
morrows races
First race For two-year-olds last eix furlongs
of new Futurity course Belles Commoner
112 Bon Mot 107- Rose of 100
Andy William Kaloma 107 Lombre KM Desti
tute 104 Chaugnawaga 107 Endurance by
Right 12J Flora Pamona 119 Schorrs entry
Second race Handicap for three j ear old and
upward one and one eighth miles Waxtaper
3 Watercure 122 Advance Guard 119 De
canter 113 The Rhymer 112 Belle of Troy
109 Bellario 108 St Finnan 10 Tlic Amazon
Bounteous 103 Howdy Iticle liS jueen
Carnhal Hops Arak Boojum 103 Vesuvia 105
lone l ishcrman iu an Laus Welsh Jirl IcJ
of doubt as to his ability to get aw aj with TcpIt11 103 ScolIl UuJl ualioon PottasHi
the Senators there is no good reason M Ml u0 td chorister 10 Idle Waja
From Philadelphia comes the announce
ment that Monte Cross has been signed
for Washington for next season Well
Manager Manning cannot have too many
of the Cross stripe of players to suit the
local fans
Johnny Farrell Is having numerous bou
quets thrown at him In the Western news
papers for his splendid work at second
for the Manning men Everybody is ask
ing where the Washlpgtons secured the
brilliant little infielcler and scarcely a
person will believe that he Is a sub Far
rell Is hitting the ban remarkably well
and seldom misses figuring in the base
hit column nt least oritwo occasions per
Mercer is coming down the pike at a
phenomenal gait Winnie ls a cute youth
and knows that he Is now working for a
record that meansi a fat salary for next
season At tho rato ho was pitching a
few months ago Mercer could not have
caught on In a minon league let alono
holding up Manning forl3150 which ls his
stipend this seasoiu i
Bill Everett whd wnfr not good enough
for Washington h3s taen on a new lease
of life since going to Denver whore he
captains the team Ho has brought his
club from a tall end position To the front
of the procession There must be a heap
oi iiiiierenco uetween tne American anil
Western leagues
Tho Chicago Nationals have signed
new outfielder named Gannon
15 Clierras W Tonlctim 100 Mintage 100
Princ e of Mellioume Politician IOC
Sixth race For and upward
helling one and one aUucnth miles on turf
Thoroughbred 09 Anna Darling 81 Lucent 97
Black IHck 69 The Amazon 113 Larva 0S
Ceo Simons DMurber Astor Dolando 105
Double Six 90 Federalist 105 Annie Tliompson
SheepHliend Un- Selections
First race Schorrs entry Peninsula Kose of
Second race Advance fJuard Watercure De
canter -
Third race Voter Cameron Taul Clifford
Fourth race The Bachelor Miss Mitchell
Semper Ira
Fifth race Cherries Ione FiOicrman Arak
Sixth race Annie Thompson Dolando Ator
llcHtiltK nt Ilureiti
HAIILEM Sept 9 Iicults of todays races
track good
First race For two-year-olds four and one
halt furlongs Hat Mitchell Hope 0 to 1 won
Major Bird Knight 4 to 1 second Jane Oaker
toburn 3 to 1 third Time 051 4 5
Second race For three-year-olds and upward
six furlongs Moneimuss Dominick 9 to 5
won The Lady Cohurn 6 to 5 second Joe
Maitin Bossinger G to 1 third Time 113
Third race Mcepleclia handicap for
arul upward short course ueenship
Lloyd 3 to 1 won Lord Chesterfield II Tay
lor 5 to 2 second Sea Itoer Caddy 10 to
1 third Time 342 2 5
Fourth race For and upward
one and cne siiteenth miles St Marcos IV-
hiim 2 to 3 won 1 deral uonncly y to
second Kunja Sullhan 10 to 1 third
147 1 5
Fifth race For five and onc lialf
furlongs Aimrantr Dominick 5 to 1 won
South Trimble Sullivan 9 to 5 second ltarf
Tag Davison 4 to 1 third Time 108 2 5
Sixth race For three j car olds auJ upward
one and one eighth miles Strangest Davison
3 to 1 won Searcher Ounnely 5 to 1 second
Charley OBrien Otis 3 to 1 third Time
151 3 5
SeverTthTacc For and upward
scllingr one mile and fifty ards Baird Otb
10 to i 1 in McncloraOWnkllcM een sec
ond Prairie Dog Sulivan 5 to 1 third Time
llnrleni aVIeeifollM
IIVHIEM Sept 9 Kntriet for tomorrows
First race- For maiden two-year-olds five fur-
ions Lc of Langdon Blue Hint Sister Addle
115 Corinnc Cnlaml 111 Ljsbcth 109 Th
fetcwardefld Lucy Loclet ins
Second race For three-year-olds and upward
Klllns six furlonfi Tjllic V QUTr lie
pilaris 100 Haiun -Whisper Low- Lucille
Bramble Ctinklc 191 Elsie Kuhn Virginia Wil
cox MHs Zjra 103
Third race Kor three-year-olds and upward
felling fix urloiKS Golden Link tarn Laranw
Pattoon Pupil 112 Waltonstein 10 Emma C
I M0S Srtir Ilella Ostrand Ljron Bell 103
Little Duche 11 SS
Fourth race The Junior fstakm for two-year-olds
six furlonpi Jaubeit Ha Wretli 107
Heriodbde Allan 103 Luclcn Auplebr 100
Harry New 95ilIIracle II TW
Iifth race For all aies one mile Frelini
miystu 108 Fcrmcro 103 Uncle Jack Pay the
Fiddler My Chicken ir Mix Bendu Sean her
96 Pay Jic SI Ednard E 89 Miracle II 74
Mxth race For and upward
cllin one and one ixteenth mill Syria 1C5
Vox llanl Zacatosa Uasmar 102 False Lead
100 Conundrum 6 Ida V S6
Entries nt Ifnrlem
First race Lysbcih Lucy Locket Corinne Un
Second race Oliver Jic Tillie W Lucille
Third race Lyror Bell Emma C L Wallen
Focrth race Miracle II Jaubert tVycth
Filth race loruiero Max Bendix Pay the
Sixth race Synia False Lead Ida V
JlexuttK nt Fort Erie
FOItT EI1IE Sept ltesults of todays races
track fast
First race For and upward
rite and one hall furlongs Ordeal McOiads
even won Sona B Troxler 2 to I second
John Todd E11L 10 to L third Time IrOS
Second race For two-year-olds selling four
and one half furlongs Dash Pirnnan 2 to 1
won Papcrmakcr JIaj 9 to 5 second Frank
Becker Boiacil 2 to lt third Time 051 1 2
Third race For and upward
selling one mile Tip Gallant Troxier 6 to
1 won ZitcfeM A Weber 10 to 1 second
I unctual Adams 2 to 1 third Time 142 1 1
Fourth race For two-year-olds selling four
and one half furlon ra Mesica Houck eren
won Ccutine W Woods 4 to 1 second Martha
D Donovan 15 to I third Time 056 1 S
race ror anu upward
selling and one half furlongs Llllie
menon Keuiem 4 to J won Jlaple iroaler
4 to 1 second Minnie B Boland 10 to 1
third Time 121
Sixth race For three-year-olds and upward
selling one mile AVarrcnted Harden even
won YVaterhousc Mav S to 1 second Arjan
anta Adams 10 to 1 third Time 141 3 1
Iteanltn at Delrunr
DELMAK PARK Sept 9 Results of todays
races fast
First race For three-year-olds selling six
riurIorS Lady Ilramble ONeill 2 to 5 won
Fickle Saint OBrien 3 to 1 second Dick
Hobscn Xaaraet 20 to 1 third Time 115 1 2
Second race For three-year-olds and upward
Lone mile Satin Coat tlleli 5 to 2 won Eleven
Dells Ltndey 3 to 1 second Percy K
Powell 6 to 1 third Time 142 1 2
Third race For three-year-olds and upward
selling six furlongs Vilmar Howell 10 to 1
won Cored Powell CO tol second Horseshoe
Tobacco Patton 6 to 5 third Time 1101 1
Fourth race For three-year-olds and upward
one mile Olenwood Lindsey 20 to 1 won
Blink Howell 6 to 5 scond South Breeze
ONeill even third Time 142 1 4
Fifth race For five furlongs
Attelle OBrien 2 to 1 won WakiU Howell
3 to 1 second Ogle tWieill 3 to 2 third
Time 102 1 2
Sixth race For three-year-olds and upward
selling six and one half furlongs Nearest
Bell 3 to 2 won Salinda D Hall CO to 1
second liilee Howell 8 to 1 third Time
Reconitrncted American Liner Sails
From Sew York Tomorrow
The reconstructed American Lincsteam
shlp Philadelphia which arrived in New
York on her maiden trip Saturday will
sail tomorrow She was rebuilt by the
famous firm of Harland Wolff limited
and little besides the1 mill which was ex
ceptional for Us strength and ductility
remains in the new Philadelphia and this
steamer now has few equals among the
great jfleet of trans Atlantic express
Thfe ventilation of all the steamers -of
the International Navigation Company is
a feature which in Its completeness has
been so favorably commented on By ocean
travelers In the Philadelphia the same
standard of excellence has not only been
maintained but new features have been
added which will result In still better ven
tilation and the absence of disagreeable
There has been a complete new installa
tion of electric machinery and a larger
number of electric lights
An entire new system of plumbing and
sanitary fittings has been installed
These are all of American design which
is well known to be the best in the world
The dimensions of the Philadelphia are
Length 560 feet breadth 634 feet depth
42 feet and tonnage 10500
The steamer has an entire new bottom
and the twin screw quadruple expansion
engines boilers steering gear rudder and
all auxiliary machinery are new and of
the most approved type
Dnmnges Asked by the Father
Little Mnlsle Clxxel
William CisseladmlnIstrator of the es
tate of Maisie S Clssel yesterday filed
suit against Thomas W Smith and the
District of Columbia to recover 10000
claimed as damages alleged to have ac
crued on account of the death of Maisie
S Cissel It is exnlaJncd that Maisie S
Cissel a child eight years of age on July
Third race The night Stakes for all ages f23 last was playing on Fourth Street near
seven turlongs utolignt HHj Uimeron 55
oter Ha njusKey King ts h
Georgia Avenue At this place the de-
t rendant Smith maintains a lumber yard
Paul Clifford 105 anu l ls salu Pari oi nis siocic was pnea
Fourth race The Mincola Hurdle Handicap for on the west side or Fourth Street about
three-year-olds and upward two miles over I fifty feet from Georgia Avenue While nt
tftrht hurdles on turf Semper Ira 111 Tbe j play near a stack of lumber a heavy piece
Bachelor 17 Draughtsman 149 Matt Sinpon of timber fell it I sTld upon the child
152 Cephalalgia 110 Miss Mitchell 133 and she was killed lhe District is made
grace 105 a defendant because it permitted so it
Fifth raee Ior three j ear ohh non winners is alleged Smith to occupy the pavement
of S500 in 1901 six furlungs on main track of the street for the purpose of stacking
his lumber John C Glttlngs and John
It Shields are named as counsel for the
CntiErht After SI MonthsIisenee7
William Green colored thirty five years
old has been locked up by the po
lice of the Seventh precinct charged
with petit larceny The crime with
which he Is charged Is said to
havo been committed last Febru
ary and the police have been looking
for him since then Green says that he
removed some furniture from a house of
woman whom he knew and later with
her permission sold it This is denied
however by the police who say that it
wes sold without the womans consent
Upon hearing that ho was wanted for the
offence Grfcn left the city and had not
been seen until last night when Policeman
Connor was Informeel that Green was in
the city and arrested him He will be
given a hearing In the Police Court this
The CoIImcihii llnces
A contest which ought to be of fast
order is scheduled to take place Thursday
night at the Coliseum when rchie Mc
Eachern who defeated Bennle Monroe
here east week and Burns Pierce both
of Canada meet in a fwenty mile motor
paced race McEncherri and Pierce both
claim first honors for the Canadian cham
pionship and the contest Thursday night
will give the local public a chance to
form their opinion of who is the fastest
rider Both men are in first class condi
tion and have of late been eloing excellent
work on the tracks In the Eastern cir
cuit McEachern is a speedy Canadian
and his riding since the opening of the
middle distance championship races has
attracted attention ail over the country
and in his own home The riders will be
paced by four motor cycles anel this will
ensure a fast race from start to finish
CluirKed With n Iilcjele Theft
Two colored boys named William Webb
nnd Eugene Dorsey were arrested yes
terday afternoon by Detective llerndon
charged with tho theft of a bicycle from
Joseph Boss of tH Thirteenth Street
northwest The bicycle has been recov
ered Both boys were lodged In tlie House
of Detention hst night and their parents
were notified of tholr arrest They may
be tried today In the Police Coutt
A Yoantr Woman Falls Unconscious
In WnxnlnRtoiK Circle
A young woman leatly attired and ap
parently refined fell unconscious on the
gras in Washington Circle last night
after attempting to end her life by taking
laudanum She was removed by the po
lice to Hospital and will
probably recover She gave the name of
Ella Willis and her home as Falls
Church Vo
The young woman created no concern ss
she entered the Circle from the west
shortly before 10 oclock and walked to
and fro along tlic asphalt walks appar
ently In a deep study Several persons
saw her Including Bernard Nesblt Au
gustus Wllllge and William Finn all of
whom were pissing through the Circle at
the time At one of the water fountains
near the east side of the Circle the
young woman stopped appeared to hesi
tate and then picked up the dipper at
tached by a chain to the fountain Sha
took a drink from the dipper and then
according to those whojsaw her becamo
confused staggered and finally fell to
the ground
An untnown negro had Jurt entered the
Circle from the east as the woman fell
and he ran to her nsiMin tcii ni
I others followed nnd the woman -was pick-
A Kiv ras3 wnere sne nau ral
h e nesro hurried ofT to find the
police and somebody ran to a nearby
telephone and called for the ambulance
iltin a fow nutcs Policeman Cox of
the Third precinct station responded to
a call in the patrol wagon and the young
woman still unconscious was removed
to the Emergency Hospital
Physicians on duty found their patient
In a serious condition suffering from
laudanum poisoning Remedies were
puea ana tne treatment customary In
such cases given It waa some time be
fore the patient was revived and her name
secured She was then sent up to a ward
for the night
Polieemaa HibI questioned the yonng
woman closely at the hospital but
declined to say anything about herself
No clue to the cause of the attempton
her life could be obtained from hery and
the patient refused to say where relatives
or friends might be found Apparently
twenty five years old and prepossessing
In personal appearance the young woman
attracted attention but nothing was to
be learned about her A bottle supposed
ve laudanum was found
in ashington Circle by the police near
the SDOt Where th Vnilner YK nman fall
So far as known nobody accompanied thei
vuuuK woman wnen sne entered the park
last night
The Order of Reil Men to Continue
Their Fair This Week
White Eagle Tribe No 17 assisted bv
White Eagle Council D or P No Urn
proved Order Red Men who have been
holding a very successful lawn fete at
Seventh and K Streets southwest for the
past week have decided owing to over
whelming requests to continue lt during
the present week The proceeds are for
the benefit of the sick fund of the order
There will be dancing on a large pavilion
music being furnished by an orchestra
The committee having charge of the af
fair consist of Brothers W IL King
Chairman S M Pearson Secretary A J
Sanford Treasurer A II Wall store
keeper and T R Beavers from White
Eagle Tribe No IT and Brothers E Bris
coe and Sisters C W Plaskett A J
Sanford 31 Price and E Price from
White Eagle Council D of P No 4
The various booths are In charge of the
following Ice cream and cake Mrs C W
Plaskett candy and peanuts Mrs A J
Sanford lemonade and soft drinks Mrs
S F DeNeale fortune teller Mrs J F
Wlllig cane stand S Hobbs nigger head
E Hziz c -phonograph Mlsa E Price
cigars arid Vo acco Miss M Price paddle
stand S- M Pearson
A small admission is charged and those
holding tickets bearing date of last week
can use them this week
On September 13 there Tjill be a prize
waltz open to all Appropriate medals
will be given to the winners Plenty of
Indians in all their feathers and finery
are present every evening
Justice Anderson to Hear the Cases
of Sirs Hnbcpck ssi Others
Justice Anderson sitting for probate
business will on Friday next hear testi
mony relative to the mental condition of
the following named persons alleged to be
lunatics Catherine E Babcock Horace
E Alexander Ward B Bryan William N
Wilder Dabney C Harrison Edward
Beach Michael Dorsch Leila Branch
Charlotte Wells and Elizabeth Dyer all
white Harriet A Brown George A
Ward Alice E Smith Eliza Hall and
Lunar Blackncil all colored
There seems to be some doubt as to the
identity of Mrs Catherine E Babcock
When first taken Into custody it is said
she stated that she is the widow of
Colonel Babcock who was a member of
General Grants staff That per
son was Col Orville ii Babcock A
lady who is well acquainted with Mrs
Babcock however Is authority for the
statement that tho woman is the widdw
of tho late CoL Charles P Babcock U
Arrested After One Days Work
Detective Hartigan arrested a German
named Caesar Grinspahn about thirty
years old last night on suspicion that
he may have taken 10 belonging to Hen
ry Achterkirchcr a saloonkeeper at 205
Seventh Street northwest The prisoner
worked for Achjerkircher yesterday for
the first time and at headquarters he de
nied knowledge of the alleged shortage of
10 Grinspahr said he had been in this
country only three months He landed in
New York after a voyage from Hamburg
Germany and came to this city only a
few week3 ago He may be given a hear
ing this morning in court
H EPSST efaflfffl T3flr
Day and night sunshine and shadow
are not more different from each other
than a healthful from a sickly woman
The healthful woman carries light and
sunshine with hex wherever she goes
1 tie woman
who suffers
from ill health
casts a shadow
on her own hap
piness and the
happiness of
others She
cannot helpit
Those who suf
fer cannot
smile and sine
Ill health a woman is generally trace
able to disease of the delicate womanly
organism Many women hare been re
stored to happiuess by the use of Dr
Pierces Favorite Prescription It estab
lishes regularity dries weakening drains
heals inflammation and ulceration and
cures female weakness It mates weak
women strong sick women well
I feel it ny duty to inform vou that I had
been a sufferer for many yearsfrom nervous
ness with all its symptoms and complications
writes Mrs O N fisher of 1S61 Lexington Ave
New York N Y I was constantly goinr to
see a physician or purchasing medicine for this
or that complaint ns my troubles became nn
bearable In the spring of 1S97 my husband
induced me to try Dr Pierces Favorite Pre
scriptton After taking one bottle and follow
ing your advice I was so encouraged that I took
five more bottles of Favorite Prescription and
then I did not take any more for several weeks
as I felt so much better but still I was not com
plttehr cured I commenced taking it again and
felt that I was improving faster than at first I
am nit now cross and irritable and I hnve a
good color in my face have also gained about
ten pounds in weight and one thousand of com
fori fori am a new woman once more
The dealer who offers a substitute for
Favorite Prescription does so to gain
the little more profit paid on the sale of
less meritorious medicines His profit t3
your loss therefore accept no substitute
Dr Pierces Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent free on receipt of stainpa
to pay expense of mailingowy Send 21
one cent stamps for the paper covered
book or 31 stamps for the cloth bound
Address Dr U V Pierce Buffalo X Y

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