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The Busy Corner The Smith Building j
Always the Best of Everything for the Least Money
We Close Every Evening at 5 oClosX Saturdays Excepted
White Goods
We must admit that the sales on this hue have waned con
siderably It partly makes its exit with the season but jet
theres always a demand for something of this kind
We have one case of superior
fine sheer quality India Llnon 40
Inches in width sold -I If
lng to sell It this -week at
Tine Imported Lace Striped and
Cornea Liwns assorted r
goods formerly 25c now
The Northeast Washington Asso
ciation Opens Sessions
JT nenoliitlon neplorinst tin- Attack
en the lrcntdrii eeil of Lnrcc
liillrc Porec In the MntU lreclnct
Tvio Street ItnlliTny Coniiilulntn
Of all the participants in the annual
season of municipal discussion the North
cast Washington Citizens Association
has been the first to get under way The
opening meeting -was held last night at
Northeast Temple Evan H Tucker was
in the chair Resolutions were unani
mously adopted regretting the attack on
President SIcKinley expressing the sym
pathy of the organization and advocating
Congressional action -which would wipe
out the curse of anarchy
The pressing necessity for a larger po
lice forca in the Ninth precinct was em
bodied in a report submitted by Dr L D
Walters Chairman of the Committee on
Tollce and Fire Departments The ad
ministration of the precinct under Lieut
J C Daley was comrrended but it was
pointed out that the presence of public
resorts such as American League Park
the Coliseum and the Benning track
where large crowds frequently gather
and the nature of haunts like Chesapeake
Junction necessitated the vigilance of a
much larger force than fifty three men
When the meeting opened President
Tusker in calling the members to order
made reference to the detachment from
the office of Engineer Commissioner of
Capt Lansing H Beach W J izzell
Offered resolutions deploring this action
Bv S Sowerbutts chairman of the Com
mittee on Streets i resolution was intro
duced recommending that in cases where
streets are to be extended east and west
beyond tue city limits they retain the let
tered name The recommendation was
Dr W E Kirby and S Sow crbutts were
appointed a committee last spring to ag
itate among other citizens associations
the advisability of a change In the date of
the inauguration ceremonies The com
mittee in the report made last night
stated that little progress had been made
during the summer
A letter was read from the National
Municipal League stating that the
Northeast Washington Citizens Associa
tion had been admitted to affiliated mem
The great need of larger playgrounds
ndjeining school buildings was the subject
of a resolution presented by F D Foster
chairman of the Committee on Schools
He cited the fact that the grounds are
now so small that the children overrun
them into the streets and are subjected
to danger from wagons and street cars
The resolution was adopted
Before the meeting adjourned two colx
jilalnts iule bitter in tone were- made
of the manner In which the CerfimbU
Street Railroad was operated It appears
that residents of the northeast section nf
the city arc- unable to reach the Capitol
on payment of one fare although the
distance Is comparatively short The in
tricacies of the transfer sytem nrevent
the connection Another Instance cited
was the case of a member who goes to
Rockville and back every da He said
he had been Informed that the fare was
25 cents but is continually charged 30
despite protests to the officials of the
company Motions were made to have the
Committee on Conveyance of which
Major J B Burke is chairman intesll
pate these matters
A vktu eiT ly Cilxlu d With n
Itnyor Durliif n lunrrel
During fin altercation about noon yes
terday at the corner of Four-and-a-half
and C Streets southwest Robert Short
colored thirty three years old of 4W
B Street whs cut on the head
with a razor by William Taylor colored
of TIC K Street southwest Taylor made
his ejpc while Short was removed to
the Emergency Hospital After the wound
was dressed Short was able to go home
But for the prompt response of the phy
sicians with the Emergency ambulance
and their quick work on reaching the hos
pital Short would have bled to death
Two of the arteries of the hsud had been
eevercd The case was reported to the
First precinct police station Several men
were detailed to investigate the case
Exceptional alue in firm sheer
Imported Persian Lan nnd fine
Batiste 47 inches wide We hae
only a limited quantity of
either w orth 40c per yard O C C
special this week at
First floor Section I Busy Corner side
The time is beginning to loom up for these goods
Sew dresses will demand new foundations We are ire
pared for the greatest stampede in this department for
the stock already represents many new things for the
fall aud many more will follow These items are for a
few days
n - noli rrtst ninflf PPTTlllnr finish- I
iv pieces Ui illl iiv - - ----- w
like a moire silk which is worth Sc per yard for
1 lot of fine color d Pcrcallne of the 15c quality a few
shades missing causes a reduction 10 oe mam iu
15 Inch genuine Grey Herringbone Haircloth the 20c
Kiuu we aiai otu rtfc - -
10 pieces of Ilnen Canvas in black only a special lot U
iVtllCIl we oousm ul a jiliiu uw nfa
Black back Figured Waist Lining the kind that usual
ly sells for 15c for
1 lot of Mercerized Shadow Silk in assorted colors
allv sold at 15c per yard for
Lining Department first floor section G Busy Corner Side
Our Linen Department
The first to offer is one case of extra heavy Cream Irish
Table Damask 04 inches ide with 12 choice patterns from
which to select the price for thtse goods is very special at
lo onecaseof assorted red and white plaid Table Da
mask CO Inches wide which we guarantee fast color the us
ual Dricc is 3c per yard we offer the same at
KO dozen of bleached double pile Turkish Bath Towels 2o
inches wide and fle feet long weighing 10 pounds to one
Is what we call a Jumbo affair and they are worth
50c each the price - -
First floor Section G Busy Corner Side
A Ilonlne Jurorn Ilnre Killed Icrv
insr Two VjunmIe
The selection jesterday of Charles B
Walker as a member of the grand jury
of the District to fill the vacancy caused
by the resignation of John M Steele on
July 13 last recalls the fact that the latter
was a member of the jury which returned
the indictment against Mrs Lola Ida
Hcmry Bonine charging her with the
murder of James Sejmour Ayres on May
15 last
Mr Steele was excused on July 13 from
further service as a member of the grand
jury on the ground that he had accepted
a position at theWashington Navy Yard
as an employe of the Government At
that time the question of his eligibility to
serve as a juror was discussed By some
it was contended that his action in tak
ing part in the finding of the indictment
nullified it because he was at the time
really In the employment of the Go em
inent The law however does not dis
qualify a person to sit as a juror for the
reason that he is employed by the Gov
ernment but states that In such cases
the person may be excused from Jury
Fred Sauer and B F Joy also members
of the grand jury were yesterday ex
cused from further service and the names
of four other persons were drawn two
of whom will be selected today to till
the acancies
A Ilounc Osvner DcrlnrcH XluildcrN
Arc Injuring Her lroiert
Katie Jorss yesterday applied to the
Supreme Court of the District for an In
junction to restrain Louis H Emmert and
Frank A Lutz Jr from completing the
construction of a certain brick wall which
she alleges is injurious to her property
The complainant is the owner of lot 2G in
block 29 Mount Pleasant which Is known
as 1443 Bacon Street The building she
states extends for thirty fe t along the
line of the adjoining lot which is owned
by the defendant Frank A Lutz jr
The complainant says that her party
wall is located wholly on her own prop
erty About a j ear ago It is further
stated a building was erected on lot 37
known as premises 1451 Bacon Street
Without any authority whatever th com
plainant declares that the person who
built premises 1451 Bacon Street used the
wall on her property which Is thirteen
inches thick
A few dujs ago it is said Emmert who
Is a contractor commenced elevating the
wall of premises 1451 Bacon Street ad
Joining the property of the complainant
This additional wall It 13 said will be
raised to the height of another story and
is wholly on the property of the complain
The court is asked to restrain the de
fendants from proceeding with the erec
tion of the wail referred to during the
pendency of the litigation Lambert
Baker are named as counsel for the com
The Alilftltim Cime to Awift Attorney
General Ivuom ltetiirn
Judge Arthur H Noyes of the United
Stati s District Court of Alaska who ar
rived iu the city Sunday was yesterday
too ill at the Shoreham where he is
stopping to take any action In the case
before the Department of Justice which
has brought him to Washington Judge
Noyes Is here to answer certain charges
which have been preferred against him in
regard to the appointment by him about
a year ago of Alexander McKenzIe as
receiver for certain Anvil Creek mining
claims which are now Involved in litiga
tion btfore the Circuit Court of San Fran
As Attorney General Knox Is now at
Buffalo no action will be taken In the
case of Judge Noyes until after the for
mer returns to Washington Judge Noyes
Is suffering from a severe attack of asth
ma contracted in Chicago His phscan
lias ordered the patient to observe com
plete rest and quiet for a few days
Judge Noyes has prepared a report
upon the care which will be submitted to
the Department of Justice in due course
of time
aM cyjjiur 3u cai s v ftfrvv om i -
and n pziHn Thats good -
Jne joy ol a new arrival in the iamily is usu
ally overcast by the shadow of the pain and dis
comfort the expectant mother must bear
Jf she knew of and used MOTHERS
fRlEMO this would be all dispelled Tell
yourfriends about it as being a simple liniment
i exclusively -for external use that relaxes the
muscles so that pain and suffering are unknown
1 1 irfll fc lent bv cxnceit CAid n ifcrlDt ef Drb ItOA nr
I totdaoffctatbeurfctalftUkeipoaMUeDrufg BcfcM Maacr
I lv Mlfe4 f tc oaulBlnc teow aitvitc to txpectut metkert
TMB nusiuut EGCUTOB CO Atlanta Ca
Vn to lo I oM htr of
The Succeof the Loral Firemens
IJect nt Excursions-
I he ItecciptN Add Xcnrly JfTMlOO to
Belief AkxiH lntfniiH Iliiids Injury
to 1 ropertj lij the Clllcciurn of
Ashev FreediiiunN IloHiitiiI Force-
William T Belt Senior Assistant Chief
Engineer of the Fire Department and
President of the Firemens Ilclicf Asso
ciation has submitted to the organiza
tion a teport upon the two excursions re
cently held for Its benefit According to
this report the association has added to
its funds nearly J3lnK
Chief Belt states that the sum of 419 50
was leceKcd through donations the
Gimewell Fire Alarm Company of New
York and the Eureka Tire Hose Company
giving each 550 the Hollow ay Company
of Baltimore J23 as did the following con
cerns li France Engine Company the
Gutta Percha and Rubber Company the
Washington Jockey Club the Arlington
Columbia Commercial and Potomac Fire
Insurance Companies and the Washing
ton Gas Light Company Joseph Kauff
man Son of Baltimore sent a check
for J13 the Thomson Steel Collar Company
one for 12 Woodward Lothrop 10
Capt E S Randall 10 and other checks
for smaller amounts Tickets sold at the
wharf brought In 47 Assistant Chief
Kurtz sold tickets amounting to 1150
and the twenty three companies of tho
Fire Department received for the tickets
given them to dispose of J77C25 making
a grand total of 3S125 The expenses
Including boat hire printing and other
necessary items Amounted to 31935 which
made the net receipts reach the sum of
293490 This amount together with the
sum of 100 donated some time ago by
Mrs Jane- Illtz has been placed in bank
at 2 per cent interest
The association is composed of members
and cx members of the District Fire De
partment and several weeks ago thiough
the efforts of Chief Dutton it was placed
on a firm business like foundation Chief
Belt being elected as its President Fore
man T J Brown of No 14 engine com
pany Vice President Assistant Foreman
II C Egloff of chemical engine com
pany No 1 Secretary and Foreman
James Keliher of engine company No
14 Treasurer The association is a bene
ficial one and has no connection with
the municipality its affairs being conduct
ed by the officers elected who serve for
one year
Col Henry G Sharpc of 1713 M Street
northwest recently wrote to the Engineer
Commissioner complaining of the care
lessness of the men engaged In the col
lection of nshes from his house He
states that they have broken off the cor
ners of the stone steps by luting the ash
cans fall Colonel Sharpe states that
they have been warned several times
about the matter but that there Is not
much improvement in their conduct
Colonel Sharpe states that he com
plained to the Superintendent of Street
Clanlng and that the latter had called
at the house and bad interested himself
in the matter in a commendable manner
Colonel Sharpe btates further that In his
opinion the trouble arises from the em
ployment of boys in the ash collection
service who are not physically strong
enough to lift the cans
The Engineer Commissioner referred
the matter to Commissioner Ross and
Warner Stutler the Superintendent of
Street Cleaning has reported that the
attention of the contractor has been
called to the complaint of Colonel Sharpe
and that the former has been notified of
the damage jlone and directed to see that
his men are more carefdl in the future
Mr Stutler states that the contractor
employes on each wagon a man and a
boy the latter to look after the team
while the man empties the cans Mr Stut
ler states that the contractor Is responsi
ble tor damage done to private property
in the manner described It is further
stated that the collector denies having
done the damage reported by Colonel
John Walter Smith Governor of Mary
land has acknowledged the letter of the
Commissioners relative to the disorder on
the vacant ground between Chesapeake
Junction and Deanwood Park Prince
George County This matter was made
the subject of a special report by Lieuten
ant Daley of the Ninth police precinct
this report being sent to Governor Smith
with the letter of the Commissioners
Governor Smith Informs the Commis
sioners that he has sent their letter and
the report of Lieutenant Daley to the
Sheriff and States Attorney of Prince
George County and that he Is now await
ing their reply The Governor states that
he hopes some way may be devised to
enforce the law In the section referred to
Westerfield McKfnlay recently made ap
plication to the Commissioners in behalf
of his client Alonzo C Harnett for the
discharge of tax for 1898 against lot 11
block 4 Howard University sub dlvlslon
II II Darneille the Assessor in report
ing upon the application states that a
certificate was Issued September 13 1S9S
to Charles G Williams on the property In
question which was then assessed to A
D Itaub and that on this certificate the
tax for 1KI3 amounting to 132 was omit
It appears that the petitioner swears
that he purchased the property upon the
faith of this certificate and the records
show a conveyance of the property by
Charles G Williams to the petitioner No
vember 2s 1900 Mr Darneille states that
it is evident that the purchaser relied
upon the certificate for a tear title and
that he is cntitle d to relief under the uct
of May 13 192 He therefore recommends
that the collection and recovery of Ihe
tax for 1495 on the above property be
barreil as to the subsequent purchaser
It Is expected that the action of the
Commissioners will be In accordance with
the above recommendation
Thomas J Ryan Acting Secretary of
the Interior has transmitted to the Com
missioners a list of the reorganized force
of emplojes of the Freedmans Hospital
to tako effect October 1 1901 With this
list Is a memorandum showing the po
sitions created those abolished and the
salaries reduced
The memorandum shows C7 employes on
salary who receive in tho aggregate 15
MS The appropriation Is 1C00 which
will leave a balance at the end of the
year of 152 Five salaries an- Increased
six positions are abolished and one salary
is abolished In the reorganization tin re
Is a n I Increase of JJM
The rlosing of the Bathing Beach will
take place next Wednesday afternoon An
attractive programme of swimming and
diving contesl i has been arranged by the
committee in charge and It Is expected
that the event will attract a large num
ber of the best swimmers to partlelpite
The committee appointed by the Com
missioners to manage the affair has se
cured a number of valuable prizes to be
given to the successful contestants The
programme Is
One hundred yards free for all
Flfiv yards for bojs under fourteen
jears of ngt
mbrella race free for all
Two hundred and llftv yards free for
Sixty yards for boys under sixteen
ears of age
Dive and swim under water free- for
Clothes race
Four hundred and forty yards free for
Plain nnd fancy diving
Consolation race fifty ards
It will thus be seen that the programme
is vine of unusual int r st for th spec ta
tors Including as It docs events ot i
spectacular and rumic n ilur
Under IlondH for UiiUIiik ThrentH
Tlomas P Daly eliargul with Making thi tat
agaiiut his wile vs arraigned in the Police
Court iefctfrdaj lie was put under ltomld in
the turn of 1 to ktrp the peace uith the alter
native of trrviiig thirty da in jail
Monoh September bale
Greatest furniture buying opportunities 11th P
I pi A MA
Ga 7 octave Walnut Chickering splendid tone
oJ0 7 octave Eb IJloomfield Otis
lo0 7 octave Eb New York Piano Co
1000 71-3-octave Steinway Sons Square Grand a
Sun ro c 53 A M I Sun sets 617 PM
Moon rucs321JtM floon sets
Low tide 1225 PM
High tide 557 AM and 623 PM
Lamps lit today
lamps out tomorrow
051 PM
115 AM
Academy o llusic The Outpost afternoon
aril evening
Kernans Utopian Burlesqucrs afternoon and
ji Trro Month Sentence
Robert Bailey a colored man about sixty years
old charged with kecpirr a disorderly house
was yesterday sentenced to sene two months iu
the workhouse by Judge ODonnell in the Police
Jailed for Theft of Innt
Charles A Asltton colored was convicted in
the lolice Court jeatcriLy ol stealing two pairs
of pants worth 13 from Hibbert Uieman lie
was bentented to scne fcixty dajs in the District
A ISoy Sent to the Reform School
Georse Lruis colored fourteen years old
tliarged with being idle and incorrigible was sent
to the Reform Sthool by Judge ODonnM in the
United btated branch of the Police Court jes
Itu IZrrinK bnd to lie Cured For
Louis Tambawa about fourteen jeara old was
yesterda turned oter to the care of the Hoard of
Childrens Cuardians for one month by Judge
ODonnell in the Police Court He was charg
ed with stealing from another newsboy four
newspapers alued at 5 cents
Killed for 1111 AHsnult
WlUurd Young colored charged with assault
ing Edward Bailey also colored was fined 20
by Judpe ODonnell in the United States branch
of the Police Court jesterday with the alter
native of serving sixty days in jail It was said
Young cut Rallty with a knife
IlurKlnr Alarm bounded
The iwlice of the Tenth precinct were
Quod tn limi 1017 Kalaranid Avenue north-
west by the burglar alarm sounding Henry Sey
mour Hie occupaiii m te w nwi
the city with his family The basement door was
found open but nothing was missing
Sentenced for Crnii
Samuel Chapman and Henjamin Anderson color
ed were convicted in the lolice Court jetcrday
of shooting craps on fcpnng Mreet northwest on
Sundav In default of a fine of 25 impowd
on each of the acciwad they went to the work
house for three inonll John Uatton and Daid
Catkins colored for shouting craps on Tenth
Street southwest received similar sentence
Letter CnrrierT Ilorc ItmiN Aiwij
A horse attached to a buggy which was King
used bj Htnrj I Clark a letter farrier for
the collection of mail ran away from in front
of Itradburys ttore Twining City 1 C about
1 oclock Wftlinbiy atternuuii and collided with
a fn uiht train ttiat was in motion at the Carroll
Street crossing o the llultitrurc and Ohio Hail
road 1 he I uguy was itunpMelj demolished
but no one UJ4 hurt
AVI11 of i II Ilnriier riled
IMuin II llarner by hi will dated October
la 1S9S filed esterdziv for probate dirreU that
lib cbtatc shall be divided between his wife
Roberta Marner ami lib daughter Clara J Ilar
iiir The tttte coiiMaU vt tne life hnuranei
policj for in the Mutual Ufo A olitioii
of Iliiighamton and anthr for lx
in the onhr of hostn rn mU Robert Harrier
14 named as executrix and abxj as guardian of
the otlur beneftciarj Clara J Harncr
The Ienlh IteconU
The following diaths fur fortj iight hours Htr
Tt ported at the Health Department up to noonjes
terdav Charles Khmer 05 ears hjnih Jane Mor
riMiii J jcars John Kmory MiConus 79 jca s
Joseph Cuaitk G5 j tarn Carolire Will W
j rare llizaKth i toti W jears James Meph n
vun CI tear Iue ttolwm - jurs Jonn It
jeans William U Ccrbm 45 ur
Mi c Smith i vt rs Sin 1 inglcon
jear Xlonli H UiUvn 23 jean lluaic Oole
ii an 22 jears James Ranks 20 tears Chaile
V Chfsm 7 jtars With 1 Oretn 3 jcars Alice
lirowu 2 jears John Ilurdette 1 jear Paul
Rami UusmII 1 month Jiacph Twine Ir das
Nellie Hrown 8 dajs
tii nt t ritt v rimun i i
lull evening 8 to 11 Dincing tomorrow evening
TTard work and unremitting attention have been given this summer to the buying of our fall stock The 1902 styles are
beautiful Our Mr E II Droop spent weeks in the factories devoting days at a time to the selection of only sueh Pianos as
contain ami embody the TOTALITY of a singer and players ideal
TOXE has been the principal quality sought after handsome cases of course but they were secondary considerations
In a fews davs
Stein ways E F Droop Sons Iluntingtons Crowns A I Chases and Gablers will arrive An immediate disposition must
be made of the entire stock of 1001 styles now on hand new and slightly used
The Greatest Piano Sale in the History of Washington Is on Now
Prices plainly marked Accommodating -terms or discount for cash
Rare Bargains in Squares
00 Chickering walnut case
remarkable piano for tone and action equal to a
5iJ0 upright 20500
Terms 1 5 S aud 10 per month
Astonishing Values in Grands
750 Hardman Baby Grand nearly new 30000
1000 Weber Parlor Grand rosewood fine tone 25000
1500 Steinway et Sons Concert Grand 25000
1050 Steinway Sons Baby Grand used 5 months 75000
1000 Chickering Parlor Grand in all respects as
good as new 45000
Terms 10 15 and 20 per month
r i
S2 gife
Another exceptional value in Parlor
Suites A highly polished Irame cov
ered in tapestry 5 large pieces In
au o caueu casn
stores ask 2a for the
fj Q n p
1 Our price and h I X J j
This handsome
Quartered oak Ta
ble size 21x21 on
top heavy carv
ed rim with un
dcrshelf for
Mayer Pettit
415417 Seventh St
That are made to
stand wear worth
Walker Burks
1013 1015 7th St N W
Complete Homcfurnlshers
ttil 003 Seventh St
Corner I Eye St
DumiiKen of 10000 AnUcd
Suit wai Instituted yeatcrdaj In the Supreme
Court of the District by Frederick Thompson
against the Metropolitan Railroad Company to
recover RM claimed as damages for personal
injuries It U alleged that on May 11 lat
Thompson was rtruck by one of the cars of the
defendant while be was ero io Miouri Avenue
between Fourth and Mxth MrccU northwest He
state that besides beinjr bruised about the body
he was injured internal Rujal A and
James A Cobb arc named as counsel fur the
plaint iu
Coiiuuendiitidii for the lolice
Manj of the prominent citizens of the Second
precinct which included that territory between
K and l Streets and First btreet cast and Fif
teenth Street wev1 jesterday forwarded to Major
SjluMcr a larpelj binned communication tom
mcndiitr Lieutenant Iljnips for the excellence
of his administration of ik1icc affairs in that ter
ritorj since he has takt n charge of that eom
itiaml The rougher tlcnunt ha been subdued
and restrained at ccrj point the communication
btutrs de spite the lack of on the
part vl the iHee courts in divcouragms
1 he plae e hw be e n larelj rid of
objectionable characters and the tctreets can now
c with greater freedom from inaiilt or in
jury than was formerly the case
MnrrliiKe MeenieN iHKiied
Marriage licum were imd jcstcrdij to JmKon
1- Cash and Oeorgiiina IlarrU Robert O Hell
ItiJimond a and Mice M Williams Ljixh
burg i Hezekiah U MeCauley and Minnie A
Ilurke William Smith and Rosle 12 Jroverman
irgie II Uradj ForcsUlile Md and Rhcebo
K Robinson Sat lleP unt Md John It Hil
uri Ann Ailor Mich and Mary R Blake
M trict of Columbia Harwj K Miancr aud da
R Thoiup oii Allen Ihubcr and Fannie Rrugn
dv ard iriHin ind Rom Mrnmoiu Uilltaiit
- r -id Ijjuim Rollinev L Stanley
in J l ucv Adhton both of Hanover a
Leltoy S Frey and Ucanor M Murraj Richard
pviicr and Rciie Molme James R Jones and
tacic Turner Iamuel Harris and Fannie Cruni
uitr Wiltiam N lmch and Vora Roarman
Hide Out to Cnliln John HrlilRC
aud enjoy tliubp fine Cabin John dinners All
the delicacies Rand concerts ecrv tvcnin
Pianos reserved for later delivery Every instrument warranted
Unprecedented Offers in Uprights
100 C C Iriggs Co has been rented 1 1300
J50 E Gabler Bro has been rented 10300
00 Huntington walnut case used 4 months 20300
300 Huntington ebonized case used 5 months 20000
300 Huntington oak case used 4 montlis 19300
450 E Gabler Bro lias been rented 21000
300 Marshall Wendell walnut rented 13500
475 Mathushek Sou walnut new 31000
373 Mathushek Son ebonized new 28000
325 Mathushek Son maliogany new 24700
330 Crown Piano used 8i montlis 30300
350 Steinwaj Sons ebonized has been rented 39000
330 Steinway Sons cbonizeil has been rented 41000
030 Steinway Sons ebonized has been rented 42500
We were the first in Washington to sell self playing instruments we change- our agencies once in a while tteause we
have found something better thats our case now Weve been selling several 6therhfakes but in fntme the CECILIAN
will be our leader All other stock will be sacrificed For today
250 Ebonized Pianola New including 5 rolls music 175 cash Several Angeius and
Angelus Orchestral players from 150 to 215 Time payments if desired
We cannot tell you all about our Special Sale here a visit to our music rooms will convince you of the truth of our
statement that this city has never known such a sale
E F DROOP SONS 925 Perraa Ave N W
Tfte itfflrtrimton Times
Ventlier Indlcntlona
Partly cloudy today Light southerly wind
Tomorrow threateningr probably bhowers
Highest temperature 4 p ra 7G
Lowest temperature 8 a Hi 43
w To Perfect Manhood
VAIUCOCKLE Under our treatment
this insidious disease rapidly disappears
Pain ceases almost Instantly The poold of stag
nant blood are driven from the dilated veins
and all soreness and swelling quickly sub
side Every indication of Varicocele soon
vanishes and in its stead come the pride
the power and the pleasure of PERFECT
bTKICTUIlE Our treatment dissolves
the btricture and removes every obstruction
from the urinary passage allays all in
flammation stops every unnatural discharge
reduces the prostate gland cleanses and
heals the bladder and kidneys invigorates
the sexual organs and restores health and
serum treatment for this disease is
the latent marvel of medical sci
ence endorsed br the great specialists
of Europe and America It contains no dan
gerous drujrs or injurious medicines of any
kind It goes to the very bottom of the des
casc and forces out every particle of impurity
Soon every sign and symptom disappears com
pletely and forever The blood the tissue
the fleh the bones and the whole yutem
are cleansed purified and restored to per
fect health and the patient is prepared anew
you are now- reaping the lianest of your
folly Your manhood is failirur and will eoon
be lost unless jou do something for yourself
There is no time to lo Impotency like all
sexual disease b never on the standstill
With it jou can make no compromise Either
ou mut master it or it will master ou
and fill jour life with misery and
scribabler woe- We hare treated so many cases
of this kind that we arc as familiar with them
as you are with the alphabet Once cured by
us jou will never again be bothered with
draiiw preuintureness weak organs
failing memory os of ambition or sim
ilar symptoms which rob you of your manhood
and absolutely unfit you for study business
pleasure or marriage Our treatment for
weak men will correct all thene ami re
store jou to what nature intended a hale
healthy happy man with PilAMCAL MEN
are reflex originating from other dieaes
For instance sexual weakness sometimes
comes from Varicocele or Stricture innumer
able blood and bone diseases often result from
contagious blood taints in the system or
physical and menta decline frequently follow
impotency In treating diseases ot any kind
we always remove the original WE CURE
The Man Who Has Been Cured
of a malignant malady peculiar to his sex
knows that a great blight has been lifted
from his life He realizes that the stumbling
block to his businfw prosperity and social
success has at last been forever removed
Having thus regained the grvat Cod given
power of COMPLETE VITALITY he re enters
the race of life with renewed HOPE AM
BITION and COURAGE and with that VIM
and IGOR which mike vicrory possible in
every undertaking This has been the happy
experience of legions of men whom we have
recently cured for life of VARICOCELE
Irec to the Poor Examination and Advice Kree to All Strict
Confidence Observed Ao Nnmci Published
Legal contract given to all patients to hold for our agreements Co
not bltate If you cannot call today write and describe your trouble Suc
cessful treatment by mall Office hours 10 a m to 530 p m Tuesday
Thursday Saturday evenings 630 to S Sundaj s 10 to 12
Reference Uet Ilnnkn nnd Lending BuIneiH Men of Thin City
Rice Medical Society
Trot F R Rice F R S Manaccr KJwarJ ISoCt M D Director E C Birstow II
D Consultant Edward B Citchell Secretary
Offices 613 13th Stree N W Washington D C
The Cleaner Tis the Cosier
Tis What is Home Without
EH 702 HA St
nl tn iirii lnw
I PrrQUCatttlon
All the newest and moat
attraLtive ttjlea in mena
shoes Ulackj tans pat
ent leather Kqual to anr
tliiO ihoes SO CH
made VJ3V
043 IcmtnylTnnla Atenae
We Want You to Know
-our new location 27 F at Vc nant jrou
to impel t our immense new etocW ot depend
able lant Oils Ufihes Glasi etc and
get acquainted with our scale ot reasonable
Warren Dyer
627 F St Formerly of 515 Mnth street
Phnni lni 12 quart bottlea rt thtWanh
I lIUllu liui fncton Brewing Cs Umou
fnr Hppr Golden Hop Beer lor r 91
1U1 LwCi itrered In unletterea wasons
Use Rig CJ for unnatural
irritation or ulcerations
of mucous membranes
rainless ana noi
rurrtfiuePucutrtii Pn cent or Doisonous
or fleni iu pinu wrapprr
bv exoreid crvpald for
II JjO or 3 bottle 273
Circular sent on reaKst
OflRINE a pcsltlre cure of the liquor
habit Can be given without the patient 9
knowledge and is absolutely harmless Guar
anteed remedy or money refunded For sal
In Washington by
Edward P Mertz
Ftiarmadst 1110 V IX Kelt to Columbia
CATARRH is a systemic disease that
local remedies alone do not reach S S S isa
reliable and safe cure for thU diy Q O C
gustinj disease
Among lhe Interesting exhibit
at the late Paris Exposition was
fine display of Rorlijc Air Cushion
Trusfe of all kinds supporters
and various appliances for men
women and children from 1231
F St N W which took the high
est award OTer all com peti tors
American and foreign The Rorlck
Air Cushion Truss Company leadi
the world Two weeks triaL Two
years guarantee Catalogue and
eoniultatlca free U24 F St N
Hsr Vnn S I RI Coppsr Colarri Spots 11 Oil
Um IOa j rjitu ato Moatk Hu Falling writ
tnw otwtillaXtfl
rswiifa tVt Pi rut
easo hav enred th worst cuos In 13 to 33 di ijfc
Capiul500jnoluurpat book FREE- No branch oDcm
1651 Masonic TrmU Chicago I1U

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