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Number 2C63
The President Sialics a Rapid
Advance Toward Recovery
Pure Beef Juice Given With Xo
Unfavorable Itt Milts
Sliclit Inflniuiuntlnn Cnnses the Ite
iiinvnl of the Mltches in the skill
annul Vo IVar aiT Caiinplli nllauis
From This Fiiet Ixltorx lit the
Mllhiirn llnnac Cheered lu the Tlal
liisrs f Contlinieal Improvement
Cabinet Meinliom Ieiivlnr llnniilo
The Present Aianeets f the Cniae ns
t levied lij the AttenallnK Ihjul
BUFFALO Sept 10 Convalescent Is
the word that today is on evcrj bodjs
lips With the exception of the ph si
clans who are conservatively careful not
to commit themselves to a statement thit
Is even a shade bejond the fact all per
sons who have had access to the Milbnrn
house do not hesitate to saj that the
chances of an evil turn are so remote that
the convalescence of President McKlnley
has practically begun Gcneril Grosvenor
who arrived here this morning said that
the President was at the threshold of his
convalescence and that the convalescence
would be rapid This of course is the
optimistic view
Remote as they are the fact jet re
mains that all chances of the develop
ment of serious sjmptoms are not vet
eliminated and will not be for at least
three or four dajs to come And jet
everj doctor In attendance fullj In his
heart believes that the President is go
ing to get well and probably each and
every one of them believes that his con
valescence will be rapid That they do
not commit themselves to a formal state
ment to that effect is simply because
there Is perhaps onl one chance in live
hundred that they would be oversanguine
in doing so and thej do not propose to
take that chance
Of all those who have cut out the ele
ment of uncertainty from their calcula
tions none is more confident in this re
spect than the President himself He not
feels sure he Is going to get well
but in his own mind seems to have an
impresrion that he Is about well
He wants to rend the newspapers he
wants to sit up Already he Is making his
future plans He said today that he
-wishes to go from here direct to Wash
ington just as soon as he was able to
travel and lie asked the doctors how soon
that would be
Their answers did not fully lift the veil
subject They told him In
substance that as jet It was a little too
early to tell As a matter of fact It will
be three weeks at least before they will
permit him to be moved Not that such a
length of time Is absolutely imperative
But the phjslclans who have the tre
mendous responsibility on their shoulders
are determined that not one single chance
that they can foresee or Imagine shall be
taken They are determined that the
President shall not only be practically a
well man when he starts back but that
he shall have a considerable degree of
strength They understand perfectly well
what sort of an ovation he is llkelj to
receive along the route In spite of all
the precautions that might be taken of
all the consideration the people might be
determined to show it is foreseen that
there will be scenes and incidents calcu
lated to cause the patient more or lets ex
citement and quiet and freedom from ex
citement are two things that were In the
very groundwork of their treatment
So It may be put down as practically a
certainty that the President will remain
right where he lc until on or about the
lit of Octob r
Secretaries Hitchcock and AVllson and
Postmaster General Smith after visiting
the llilburn house started for the exposi
tion out evidently changed thtir minds
and returned In live minutes to the house
At 1128 Stcttarles Root arid Hay arriv
ed and were followed two minutes later
by Vice President Rocsevelt The meet
ing of the Ave Cabinet officers and Vice
President Roosevelt was locked upon as
being prearranged and excited a great
deal of comment While the meeting was
In progress C F llobcrly Bell general
manager of the London Times arrived
and was admitted About 11 oclock sev
eral baskets of flowers Including Ameri
can Beauty roses gladiolas snivels
Kalserin and bridesmaid roses and Jap
anese lilies were sent to the house by
Governor Gregory of Rhode Island Flow
ers from tho Fourth Signal Corps were
also received
The Vice resident left the house at
UD0 having spent an hour there Ho
said I regard the Presidents recovery
as absolutely certain and that is tho
opinion of all those around him 1 did
not see tho President mjsclf No itlt
ors have seen him I shall leave this city
lor Ojster Bay this evening
That is In Itself an Indication of how
confident you feel
Yes he answered I am
confident absolutely confident
Has the presence of yourself and five
Cabinet members In the house at the
came time significance
Xo It has none he answered 1
have not seen Secretarj Haj for a long
time and I was glad of the opportunity
for a while There was no formal confer
ence none nt all
Dr Henry A Knoll the X raj expert
was at the house during the morning He
said that the machine was all fitted and
tested with the ten Inch coll He said
I do not know when the operation will
tie performed or when the machine will be
used Jt will all depend oh the sjrgeons
In charge The machine Is all ready
When 1 was first called here the President
was too weak to have an operation per
formed hut his condition Is entirely sat
isfactory now
I do not believe there will be anj oper
ation and 1 do not know whether it
will bo tomorrow or not Ah jou know
the bullet perforated the stomach and Is
lodged In the muscles of the back It Is
entirely harmless where it is and the
SOUT To Mill Irnnclneai Oil mill
Return Via II A t H It
trcount General Tricnrul Convmtion IrotrtUnt
pi opal CLurcli TliU t valid going rtcmber
IX to 23 returning until Jkoicmbar 13 v u Iort
lnd or lusft bound point one way J9 ailtl
tinniL ia La Antrala and Portland one uaf
t3 SO additional For luttlicr information
at II at O olflcm
Beat Quality In Lumber Alunj s amid
by Franl Libber L Co and Georgia flooring 2
main point to be considered Is not the re
moval of that bullet but the avoidance
of peritonitis which h is been succcssfullj
done It will be removed but 1 do not
know exactly when
The consultation held tonight bj all the
doctors was one of the longest jet held
It lasted from 920 to 1123 W hlie it
was being held there were the usual
calls from members of the Cabinet who
arc here and who stnjed until thej heard
the result of the consultation The
length of time consumed bj the doctors
in their consultation tonight give rise to
fears that there had been an appearance
of some unfavorable sjmptoms In the
Presidents case Before the doe tors ap
peared Postmaster General Smith and
Secretaries Wilson and Hitchcocl came
out of the house followed Secretaries
Hay and RooL They said the doctors
were still engaged in their consultation
and had not come downstairs lhey had
been informctl though they said that
the satlsfactorj conditions still con
When the doctors appeared nt 11 30 thej
said there was nothing which could be
called unfavorable and did not mike any
mention of what the bulletin Inter was
found to disclose In fact this bulletin
saemed to those waiting for it to have
an unfavorable tone containing what it
did after the encouraging ones of thcalny
It explained whj the doctors had been
bo long engaged In the consulLitlon al
though from Its wording the doctors np
parcntlj want the impression given that
thev do not attach great Importance to
their discover
It was half an hour after they had gone
before the bulletin was issued It seemetl
somewhat strange th it when had
come out from the house and were aiues
tloned as usual the newspaper men
that thej had made no mention of this
Dr McBurnej did saj In answer to a
question that he would not go home to
night Before the consultation he hail
announcetl thit such was his Intention
Evlrlentlj the dlsc ovcry of the intlam
mation which appeared tonight caused
him to fjrstnone his departure Dr Mc
Burnej tnld that the beef -Juice would be
administered through the mouth everj
hour and that the President had already
taken some with no unsatisfactory re
sults This was a most Important step
forward he said Drs Park and Rixev
will remain on dutj tonight
The fact that Senator Hanna Attorney
General Knox and Secretarj Gage have
gone however Is in Itself sufficient
to Indicate the confidence with which the
outlook Is regarded Dr Mann said this
evening that the President could not be
regarded as convalescent however and
that It was Impossible to say just what
he could be so regarded for the reason
that convalescence was a rather Indefinite
Dr Mann added that while the danger
from peritonitis was now over It
could not be said that all danger of blood
poisoning was passed
There might jet be feared poisoning
from the bullet he said and an ab
cess formed about the bullet Concerning
the extraction of the bullet I may say
we have not yet given the matter a
All the doctors agree that the cool
weather which came opportunely was
of great benefit to the President The
cool conditions still cortinue although
the atmosphere has been heavier during
the last twentv four hours and not so
bracing as was the case on
Even if It should turn to a BeptemDcr
hot spell however at this late stage of
the case the effect upon the President
could hardly be worse than merely to
retard the recovery of his strength He
still retains his calm cheerful frame of
The doctors still discourage his talking
and still resolutely bar his door to all
callers save Mrs McKlnley and now and
then Ir Cortcljou The sjstem of nour
ishment still remains as first adopted a
mild saline solution of warm water to
gether with the white of an egg admin
istered by Injections Xow and then the
President Is permitted to take a small
swallow of water although he does not
complain greatlv of thirst
Mrs McKinleys condition Is all that
the most sanguine could expect under the
circumstances Her life today was the
same routine which she has followed un
der Dr Rlxej s advice ever since the
President was brought to the Mllburn
houtu She remained In her room slept
a good deal saw the President for a few
moments and went out for a short drive
In the afternoon She is fully convinced
that there is not the remotest dinger
of other thtn a favorable Issue of
her husbands illness and constant re
assurances on this point together with
such sedative medlcircs as are given to
her serve to keep her nervous sjstem
comparatively composed
She 1 still so feeble however that it
Is evident she leans heavilj on the arms
of those who asti t her to the carriage
The keen anxle tj however thit was felt
at the outset as to her condition has
given waj to confidence Just as it has
in the case of her husband
A Proposc el Cclebrntlini in Honor af
Mr Melvliile jK H erj
XHW YORK Sept 10 The New York
Commercial will say tomorrow
Confident of President McKinlejs ulti
mate if not his recovery
from his wound and his restora
tion to perfect health President
Milburn has authorized the auuounee
ment of another Presidents alay
at the lan Amerlcan Exposition While
Its exact date cannot of course be fixed
as jet we mutt assume that It will be
some time between now and the time
set for the official closing of
the exposition anl thl carries with It
Inevitable assurances from the Presidents
phjslclans that their patient will be a
well man within the next seven weeks
This Is glorious news Let Presidents
Daj be extended In its observances from
Buffalo so as to comprehend the entire
United States and let the people
from Eastport to San Francisco
make It a Jubilee to commemorate
an event that could hardly be more in
spiring in all that it will The
Governors of all the States can Issue pro
clamations to that effect and Presidents
Daj miy thus become a golden mile stone
In our liltorj and a new red letter day In
oui calendar
A llullllifnre Nurse ta Help fair
the Irajalalrilt
BAITIMORi Spt 10 -Miss Grace Mc
Kcnzie of Baltimore a trained nurse left
Union station last night in a special car
for Buffalo where she will assist In nurs
ing the President back to health
Miss McKcnzie left In response to a tel
egram from Dr I M Rlxcv requesting
her to come at once Jllss McKcnzie Is
a graduate of the Womans Hospital
Nurses School of Philadelphia
rliin llnialneiiai Collrirr Hlh and K
IlutlnoJ Suortliand Typewriting 125 a jear
Clrnii Well Drraaed Lumber llavnjn
read lo ux at rth it and N avc and 12
inih boards lV
Itoci n cry of the Prc iilcnt Felt to
Je 1 Certainty
Cheerful IlillIftliiN Sprenal With
Womlerfal ltnlall ThruilBliont
lliifTnlii HlrafliiKulNlicil Gucxfa Call
hem to Mr IlelCInlej
BITrTALO X X Sept 10 There were
indications in and around the Mllburn
house today that the suspense which dur
ing the last few days has seemed to Bid
den the faces of Cabinet Ministers and
all whose interest in the President has
made them constant visitors at the house
had almost entirely been lifted Today
five of the members of the Presidents
Cabinet were In the house at one time
When thev came out it was to spend
some time In a chat on the lawn before
Visitors leaving the house would often
meet Senators or members of the Cabi
net and there would be little discussions
on the sidewalk which were plainly Indi
cative that those who had been visiting
the house had come to feel that everj
thlng wis all right This feeling in fact
seemed to extaiid to all classes In
the crowd that gathered at the rope bar
riers everjone said had Just
come there to find out If the President
had been pronounced out of danger by
his phjslclans That was what everjone
secmedto be waiting for No state
ment to this effect was made In any of
the bulletins that were Issued from the
house at the usual periods
Between 2 a m and G 30 a m there
was not a sign of life about the Mllburn
mansion At rare intervals those who
watched on the opposite side of the street
could sec the light brighten a little In the
Presidents room and then in a few mo
ments turn down again This was when
some of the nurses were attending to his
wants It was a little after 7 oclock
when the first morning bulletin was is
sued although the bulletin Itself was
dated at 5 20 oclock It read as follows
620 a m The President has passed
the most comfortable night since the
attempt on his life Puise IIS tem
perature 100 4 respiration 21
This was the Jjrst of the manj cheering
features of the day at the house While
the pusc was a trifle higher than in the
bulletin issued the evening before the
temperature had gone down slightly and
this In connection with the statement
that the President had passed the best
night since tho attempt on his life made
the bulletin a cheerful one Soon
after this bulletin had been Ksueel Sec
retary Haj came up to the house in an
automobile accompanied bj Lewis Bab
cock They had come direct from the
train which brought him here from New
Hampshire It was 713 oclock when he
got tu the house
He was met on the lawn bj Detective
Gallagher who said something to him
that made the Secretarj turn around and
walk slowly toward the automobile again
the detective had told him
that It was too earlj to sec anjone but
had given him the news contained In the
latest bulletin As the bulletin was read
to his face lit up and he
exclaimed Good the country will re
joice Then he went down to the Buf
falo Club In the automobile but returned
to the house later
There was a consultation of the doctors
before the next bulletin made Its appear
ance at 10 oclock but the time on which
was glv en as 9 oclock All of the doctors
took part In the consultation This was
the bulletin that was Issued after It was
fl a m The Presidents condition
this morning Is emlnentlj satisfactory
to his phjslclans If no complications
arie a rapid convalescence maj Le ex
pected Pule 1W temperature 5SS
respiration 2G This temperature Is
taken by the mouth and should be
read about one degree higher bj rec
This bulletin was even better than the
one before It contained decldedlj the
best news jet rccaived from the sick
room Dr Park came out from the con
sultation ft 9 05
Is everything he was
Oh lovelj lovclj he replied
How is Mrs McKlnley
She Is all right She passed a com
fortable night and is feeling well
Dr Mjnter and Dr Wn dn soon fol
lowed Dr Park Dr Mjnter said The
President 1i doing splendidly and he Is
out of the woods I should saj with plen
tj of di j light ahead
Speaking tcnoutlj Dr Mjnter con
I have never been really optimistic
because 1 do not prejudge serious cases
but now lean aj tojou that cverjthlng
In the Presidents condition warrants the
statement that he l on the road to nul k
recov cry
Dr Wasdin said about the stme thing
He statcal that the chance now against
recovery was slight His tempera
ture was splendid and his pulse was get
ting to be normal
This bulletin In a remarkablj short
time giincd circulation throughout the
city of Buffalo
It seemed to tell a good deal more than
others had done and the people all the
morning discussed It and said that the
result was all right for the Illustrious pa
tient From one of the doctors It was
learned that the President had slept well
during the night and that when he awoke
he was cheery and even chatty In fact
he was decidedly In a brighter mood him
self than he had been on any morning
prev lous
Dr McBurney slaje d longer than usual
with the President this morning and when
he came anit of the house he announced
that It was his Intention to go to Niagara
Tails this afternoon and that he would
not be at the afternoon consultation
He said that there was now only u very
remote possibility of peritonitis In fact
he considered the danger point as practi
eallj passed The President he said
should be In vary fair shape In from
two to three weeks If evcrj thing keeps
on We always allow three weeks on a
rase like this In fact I am not worrjlng
over the case anj more and there Is n
poslbllltj that I may go to New York
Verj soon after tho doctors had left
tho morning visitors began arriving rirst
came Comptroller Ch irles G Diwas Sen
ator Fairbanks and Judge Thej
wmt In the house about 10 50 Thej were
In there but a lew minutes when
Senator Hanna and Secretary Hitchcock
Postmaster General Smith nnd Reprriien
tativu Grosvenor of Ohio eme up This
ilistlnguisha d delegation of visitors gath
ered on the walk in front of the Mllburn
houe as thej woc leaving and had a
Aftavr that was over Senator Hanna
Senator Fairbanks nnd Representative
Orosvtnor jumpeal luto an automobile and
saiu tney were going to me exposition
and Sa cretary Root walked
up to the house about 1145 and It was
Iron beds J250 J Albert Houghton 1220 C
lranL Lilhtj L Co ami whitcijirc door JL
onlv a minute or so later that the Vice
President was seen coming along Dela
ware Avenue He stayed about an hour
When he came put he said
I regard the Presidents recov as
absolutely assured and that Is tho opinion
of all those around him I did not see
the President during visit to the
house nor has any of the visitors I shall
leave Buffalo today for Ojster Baj
While the Vico President was in tho
house there were also there at the same
tlmo SecretaryHIlchcock Wil
son Postmaster General Smith Secretar
ies Root and Haj It seemed for a mo
ment that the house could not hold any
more visitors for in addition to them
were Abner McKlnley and his party Rep
resentative Gros enor and people
of Buffalo So mlriy of those of tno exec
utive branch of the Government came to
gether at one tlmai at the house that a
rumor rose that they were hiving an In
formal meeting there Vice President
Roosevelt settled ttiat at once when he
came out and was asked about It
It was slmplj a coincidence ho slid
of being there together and there was
no such thing as even an informal meet
Senntor Hanna and Senator Fairbanks
came bick from the fair grounds earlv In
the afternoon and Senator Hanna an
nounced when he came that he would
leave for Cleveland right away All of
the doctors with the exception of Dr Mc
Burney returned to tho house for the 3
oclock consultation
Dr McBurnej as he had announced In
the morning had gone to the Falls and
the fact thit he decided to absent him
self from what has been the most impor
tant consultation of the day only
strengthened thetvlcw that had been tak
en ever since the morning bulletin
that the doctors although not sajing so
in official statement nevertheless be
lieve e the President was about out of
The consultation this afternoon only
Insted twertj Ilvq minutes The bulletin
which was given out at 4 oclock said
There Is no change from this morn
ing s favorable bulletin Pulse 110
temperature 100 respiration 28
Now that the President shows so much
improvement In his condition the people
are beginning to tend flowers to him
Shortly before noon today a whole wagon
load of flowers arrived at the Mllburn
house the gift of Governor Gregorj of
Rhode Island to the President They
jwere accompanied by a message of the
tenderest sympathje and encouragement
i The flowers which were in baskets were
placed on the lawn and were photograph
ed before being taken Into the house
Iwo large bouquets came from the First
Signal Corps also today and some of
the friends of the Milburns sent other
To enumerate the other things which
are being sent at this moment to those In
attendance on the President according to
one of the phyrlclans would be to name
a list of almost every of the pat
ent medicine kind and a great many pri
vate prescriptions beside There are hun
dreds of letters coming to the doctors ad
vising thers to use this or that medicine
Mrs McKlnley tliok her customary
drive this afternoon As on the other
dajs she has gone out her companion
was Mrs McWllllims her cousin Her
drive today lasted Slr hour and when the
carriage cme ackMrs McKlnley was
observed to be talking with Mrs McWIl
liams and acting in a manner which
seemed to Indicate quite an improvement
In her condition
Before Mr Rooselelt left for Oj ster
tonight he made a call at the house
lasting several minutes He left at 515
There Is nothing I can he said to
the newspaper men except to reiterate
what I have already said about the Pres
idents condition It Is all right or I
would not be leaving
On the different visits made to the house
today Senator Hanna It was observ
ed that he was each time accompanied by
Secret Service Agent Ireland Mr Ire
land waited until the Senator came out
and went away with him He has not
been so guarded before this One of the
Secret Service avtnts gave as a reason
for this precaution the fact that Senator
Hanna had been even more of a target
for newsnaner attack than President Mc
Klnley nnd that It wasvfelt that an at J
tempt might be made to io mm harm
some of those who get their Ideas
from this kind of Journalism
He said that tho Secret Service agents
had themselves requested thit Senator
Hanna take this precaution while he re
mained here A similar request It was
said tonight on goexl was made
by the Government agents to Vice Presi
dent Roosevelt He Slid he did not care
for It though And that has been the
reason why he has not been seen with
nnv detectives It Is known have
followed him though
A telegram vas received tonight
Cortelvou from the Hon John D
Long Secretarj of the Navy who is at
HIngham asking whether In the opinion
of Secretarj Cortelj ou It was nccessarj
for him to come to Buffalo He his been
the member of the Cabinet who has
not come here so far
Secretary Cortcljou sent the followlrg
alespatch In reply tonight
Hon John D Long Hinglnm Miss
lherc was the usual consultation of
doctors held before the night bulletin was
given out It convened about D oclock
but It was nearly two hours before the
following bulletin was Issued
The condition of the President is
unchanged In all Important particu
lars Ills temperature is 100 G pulse
111 respiration 28 When the opera
tion was done on laIt was
noted that the bullet had cairied with
it a short distance beneath the skin
a fragment of the Presidents coat
This foreign material was of course
removed but a slight Irritation of the
tissues was produced the evidence of
which has appeared only tonight It
has been necessary on account of this
slight allsturbance to remove n few
stitches and partially pen the skin
wound This incident inn five rise
to other complications Is com
municated to the liul he sur
geons In attendance to make
their bulletins entirely irank In con
btquence of that sepirntion of the
edges of the surface wound healing of
the same will baj somcwhit delajed
The President 1 now well enough to
begin to take nourishment by the
mouth In the form of pure beef juice
Tha znr Ieaveia Caipeiihlirxeii am 111
Ina lii fair DnatrlK
COITNIIAGUN -Sept 10 The rojal
family of Denmarjr ard King Edward
and Queen Alexandra of England took
luncheon with the Czar and Czarlnr on
board the Russia jacht Standirt
Afterward the j acht with tho Czar
aboard startcs Jor Dnntzlg The Czarina
with hex hlldren galled for Kiel on the
jncht Polar Star
Forgers UId llnvnmi
HAVANA Septt 10 The ringleaders In
the recent robbaJ J of3000 from tho
Spanish Bank and 153000 from Upmann
To have been nifested The robberies
were committed tnrough the agency of
forged checks
Lumlier DilUery nliTnyn llvnt 3IiIk1 only Jf57 per
rrotniit jy III ni Cjiiroa J -
1 ni - U anl S Y iim
1000 aud fall kite 0 ly 20 at 6th avc
Sccrclary ttaKC ami Attorney Gen
eral Khom Depart
Otheria AVnlt In IlliITnlai to Greet the
President When He Reenters
IraiiiilseiuniN Public Reception
Mil He Ahiiiuluiieil In lie Ililure
BCFFALO Sept 10 The Buffalo Club
which has beei the seat of
the United States Government since Pres
ident was shot was almost de
serted outside alebrlties today Vice
Praldent Roosevelt Vft town and so dial
S nator Hanna Secnl ary Gage and At
torney General Knox
Secretarj saj s he will remain here
several davs to await the opportunity to
grasp the Presidents hand Senator Han
na will return on Friday Secretary Root
Secretary Wilson and Secretary Hitch
code are to remain here to greet the
President when the surgeons permit him
to be seen
Up to this hour only Mrs McKInlej the
surgeons nurses nnd Secretary Cortcljou
have seen the President Not even Sena
tor Hanna nor Abner the Pres
idents brother have been admitted to the
sick room These surgeons are auto
crats kindly ones to be sure but they
will not take chance where the Presi
dent is concerned want him kept
quiet for several alajs to come
When the President is recov ereal
It Is proposeal to have a special thanks
giving day In Buffalo Only those who
have been here since the President was
shot can speak of the kind
ness hospitality and courtesy of the Buf
falo people John G Mllburn llarry
Humlln ex Postmaster General Wilson S
Blssell Edwin Fleming Secretary of the
Pan American Exposition ex-Representative
Lockwood Norman E Mack anal
others have worked like beavers to
scar to It that the peoplo of the United
States should have facility for get
ting the news of the Presidents condi
tion and especially Is this true of Mr
Fleming Mr Milburn and Mr Cortelyou
have had a vigorous aide In Mr Fleming
and no one speaks more cnthusiastlcallv
of these matters than the members of
the Presidents Cabinet and Senator
of the newspaper correspondents
are to return home tomorrow evening
It should be said that everygrent news
paper In srls London and Berlin has
had Its repiesentatlves here and as a spe
cial evidence of Interest the London
Times has had three of Its best represen
tatives on the spot were hurried
on from Toronto Montreal and New
York This Is mentioned merely to Indi
cate the great Interest all nations have
had In the fate of President
The Buffalo Club has been the common
meeting place for Vice President Roose
velt the Presidents Cabinet and the cor
respondents from all parts of the world
and all have chummed together In the
desire to give ths people of the civilized
world the quickest and most accurate
news of the Presidents condition
No member of the Presidents Cabinet
will be quoted -on the subject for the
reason that all wish to await the decision
of their chief but It be said that the
Presidents official household and others
quite as Important In the McKlnley Ad
ministration will advise their chief in the
future to forego promiscuous public re
ceptions Several members of the Cabinet
are very pronounced In their views on
this subject and jet they say can
not presume to speak for President Mc
KInlej who has alwajs been fond of
greeting the American people
He delights to have the folks come up
and shake hands with him in the old
fashioned and to deprive him of this
pleasure It was added would tend to
make him unhappy Still It was Insisted
other counsels may prevail
with him
llepiilillennH lllnnieal fair MnUlntr Po
litical Capital uf the Crime
LINCOLN Neb Sept 10 Addressing
his home Democratic convention
Mr Bryan said
Wo meet hero under circumstances of
distress to all parties The result of
events at Buffalo I hive been glad to
see that Democratic conventions over the
Stato have been passing resolutions con
demning that cowardly and dastardly
deed I am not surprised because of what
has been done by Democratic conven
tions but I am glad they have done so
because thero are Republicans small
enough to hide behind the nations sor
row In order to make political capital out
of It
Our Is as sincere and our
horror Just as great Wo are that
there Is to bo found in this nation one
map who would use force and violence to
change the nations head There Is a law
ful for every evil There Is not
In Democratic or Populist platform a
single utterance that would justify any
eftort to change the laws v lolence and
bloodshed We aro in favor of a govern
ment adminlstereel so as to bring It so
near to the people and so pliant to tho
popular will that hope
for redress for every wrong
Resolutions written Bryans
were adopted denouncing the
assassin pledging to tho Govern
ment presided over by until
another is chosen In his place and ex
pressing gratification over probability of
his recov
Islmial lait EeralneM n
Tribute tn the President
BUFFALO Sept 10 In opening the
services of Rhode Island Daj at the ex
position Governor said one of
the purposes of the meeting was to
Praise God tint the President will live
the big audience rose and burst
Into cheers while the great organ of the
Temple of Music pealed triumphant
strains After a of nation ll airs
by the Salem Cadet Band Chairman Wil
son addressed the gathering At the con
clusion of Mr Wilson s remirks Senator
Hanna was Introduced lie said
I old not come here this morning to
receive an ovation like this I came here
on this auspicious occasion to add my
congratulations to those of the people of
Rhode Island for the appropriate
hivO chusen to hold these ceremon
ies Cliveland also claims an Interest in
September 10 and everj jear some sort
of a celebration in honor of Perrys Lake
Erfc victorj is lielaltit m home
It Is a we alwajs celebrate I
came here too to join In eprissng
thoughts that the director general has
expressc al so eloquently I wish to re
eaho all that be has said about the Pres
idents condition The danger line has
been p rVsed
This remark was followed tremen
dous cheering lasting seven minutes
An Austrian Oil Ilietairj Horned
TRIESTE Sept 10 Tho largest oil
factory lu Austria was burneal lat night
The damage amounts to 4000000 crowns
liver thlni renaly to eainiatrnct ai
cuttage at one dajs notice Flooring 125
Lible y It Co
Condition of the President n Re
ported h Ills Phjulciniis
Following are the bulletins Issued by
the Presidents phjslclans yesterday
520 a m The President has passed the
most comfurtible night si the attempt
on M iise 118 finiKrtur 1001
P M niEY
jj n imv
it ii b w vsniv
George E Cortelyou Secretary to the
9 a m The Presidents condition this
morning Is eminently satisfactory to his
physicians It no complications arise a
rapid convalescence may bo expected
Pulse 101 temperature 93 S respiration
Ths temperature Is taken by mouth
and should be read about one degree
higher by recti ra
P if ItlFY
rtosHKM rtrtK
iimjiw viysTttt
fugk m wisiiin
Ocorge R Cortelyou Secretary to the
3 20 p m Thero is no change since this
mornings favorable bulletin Pulse 110
temperature 100 rc piratlon 2S
r m rtixiY
eccem wasdin
ch irles mcburney
George B Cortcljou Secretary to the
10 SO p m The condition of the Presi
dent Is unchanged in all Important partic
ulars His temperature is 100 6 pulse
111 respiration JS When the operation
was done on Friday last It was noted
that the bullet had carrld with It a short
distance beneath the skin a fragment of
the Presidents coat This foreign mate
rial was of course removed but a slight
Irritation of the tissues was produced
the evidence of which has appeared only
tonight It his been necessary on ac
count of this slight disturbance to re
move a few stitches and partially open
the skin wound This Incident cannot
give rise to other complications but It is
communicated to the public as the ur
geons In attendance wish to make tneir
bulletins frank In consequence
of the seperation of the edges of the sur
face wound healing of the same will be
somewhat delajed The President Is now
well enough to begin to take nourish
ment the mouth In the form of pure
beef juice
George B Corteljou Secretary to the
The Vice Preialdent Leaves Ilnffnlo
for IIIm Hume
BUFFALO N Y Sept 10 Vice Presi
dent Roosevelt left Buffalo at 930 oclock
tonight for his home In OjsterRaj He
will be several dajs on the He In
tends to spend a day or two In the Adiron
dacks and will reach Oyster Baj on Sat
urday morning He said that he
would not think of leaving Buffalo were
there any apparent danger of a change
for tho worse in President McKlnlej s
condition no matter how slight -
One of the phjslclans attending the
President told Mr Roosevelt today that
he actually felt less anxjety for the Pres
idents condition now than le did -a hen
tho President was attacked by the grip
a j car or so ago The Vice Presidents
was very spent He called at
the Mllburn home In the forenoon and
fouid Hay there Tho two
were engaged in close conversation for
nearly three quartera of an hour On his
return to the house the Vice President
received a warm Invitation from the au
thorities of the Pan American Exposition
to visit tho grounds during the afternoon
Haj replied that after his very pleasant
experience nt the expostiion when he
came as its guest he did not care to go
when tho President of the United States
was ljlng so seriously ill In this ho
knew he could not enjoy himself under
the circumstances and ho alid not want
to spoil his first Impression After lunch
ing with Mr Wilcox Mr Roosevelt clear
ed nhich of his mall
At one time during the afternoon thero
were five Secret Service men and Buffalo
plain clothes men perched on the edge of
the terrace In front of Mr Wilcoxs home
The Vice Presidei t vleved them with res
ignation He said ihit he appreciated
the kindliness of the spirit wlilch put
them there but there could not be any
use for them
He was reported to have said
that it would Impose a serious burden
on the taxpayers of Ojster if it
should become necessary to attach a spe
cial policeman to him at all times and
that due consideration for his fellow
townsmen forced him to frown upon the
The Vice President as has been said
before does not believe that sort of
a bodj guard unless it Is of the sort which
surrounds the Czar of Russia or else
keeps all men out of gunshot range Is
effective against an anarchist assassin
He regards the constant presence of
guards as almost a stimulant to the dis
ordered Imaginings of those with a mania
for gaining fame homicide The guard
gave him however at least one oppor
tunitj for a good broad smile during the
A mm with a generous equipment of
roseate whiskers camo up the walk late
In the afternoon He was a man the Vice
President knows well and is always glad
to see but the guards were Impressed by
the anarchistic possibilities of the con
spicious whiskers and held the visitor up
The incident contributed to the
Vice Presidents enjoj ment of his friends
Mr Roosevelt made his last visit to
the Milburn house about 1 oclock After
his visit as he came down the sidewalk
toward the group of newspaper men who
were waiting outside the house to hear
from him the news from the lYesident
two women who hid somehow got Into
the ropeal off street ran up to him and
asked him if he were reallj the Vice
President He said tint he was nnd they
both shook hands with him and asked
him about the Presidents condition
There Is not the slightest probahilltj
that he will not recover said the Vice
Int that grand said both women at
once and beggeal him to be sure that
nothing thit could be alone for the Presi
dent should be left undone
We will go bick and tell everj body In
Pittsburg what you sav assured
Mr Wilcox give an Informal dinner for
the Vice President at his home tonight
Mr Roosevelt was obliged to leave earlj
in order to citch his train The members
of the Cabinet arc Informed as to
his intended movements
fill To IiidlnnnpollH nnal Return I cj
Via leiinnj lv niiiii Itailronil
Acrount Sjveretan Grand Lodiro I 0 O K
tickets am sale September 11 to 15 good to re
turn until September 23 1 vtenion pmilegca
Cnrr nnal haints loaded with Lumber
free and drccd Elicatlung 1 2 at CtU an 1
X Y are
Price One Cent
The Third Member of the Schley
Court of Enquiry Arrives
Attorney General Knoxs Refnsal to
Implicate the Administration In
the Cnse Klnnl Touches to the
Mnrylandera Case Maile Veiterdar
Rear Admiral Henry Lv Howison one
of the thrco members of the Schley Court
of Enquiry arrived in Washington last
night and registered at the Ebbltt House
He came from his home In Yonkcrs N
Y to be present at the opening and or
ganization of the court at the Navy Yard
tomrrow Mrs Howison accompanies
him Admiral Howison Is an officer of
very pleasant manners and address cour
teous and dignified He declined how
ever last night to discuss any pb me of
the Schley case or the probabilities of hU
remaining upon the court
A double ban of silence prevents me
from making any expression upon the
subject even if I cared to do so at this
time said Admiral Howison In the
first place the ordinary proprieties of im
position would enjoin me to refrain from
talking of the controversy It is impru
dent for one who Is to sit as a member
of a tribunal of this character to express
any opinion whatever upon the case
which 13 to comas before him In the sec
ond place In companj with ail other offi
cers of the navy I am prevented by the
orders of Secretary Long from saying
anj thing upon the subJecL Furthermore
there Is nothing which I desire to say re
garding the case
Admiral Howison expressed great sor
row at the attempted assassination pf the
President and gratification at the reports
of his probable recovery
Admiral Howison will report to Admiral
the President of the Court of En
quiry and it Is probable that there
will be an Informal meeting of the three
officers some time for the purpose
of discussing some of the details of the
proceedings of the tribunal Admiral
Howison will report to the Navy Depart
ment his presence In Washington but he
Is not required to report there In con
nection with the business of the court
As has been stated heretofore Admiral
Schley will challenge Admiral Howison
when the court conv enes and his counsel
have prepared a somewhat argu
ment in- support of their contention that
he be relieved from service The basis
of their objections to Howison is of
course the alleged Interview published In
the Boston Record and other state
ments alleged to have been made by How
ison prejudicial to Schley all of which
were unknown to the latter at the time
he accepted Howison as a member of the
Lieutenant Commander Alex Sharpe
jr who commanded the VLxen while the
battle of Santiago was in progress was
at the Navy Department yesterdaiind
had a talk with Captain Lemly the Judge
advocate of the court regarding the los
of the Vixen and the evidence he Is to
give at the hearing
The Acting Secretary of the Navy Mr
Hackett received a letter from Attornej
General Knox yesterday afternoon tn
which Ine latter responding to a sugges
tion of Mr Hackett that an officer of
the Department of Justice be assigned to
assist Judge Advocate General Lemly In
the conduct of the Schley Enquiry said
thit he could find no authority for per
mitting a civil legal officer of the Gov
ernment not connected with the Navy De
partment to participate In a purely naval
Investigation The suggestion was first
made by Mr Hackett about a fortnight
ago and brought from the Attorney Gen
eral a statement slrrllar to that made
The Attorney General recognized
the right of an officer of his department
to participate In a court martial case
where the Government vas in the -position
of a prosecutor but in the Schley cn
qulrj there aro no direct charges and
the court Is merely to ascertain facts and
report its orlnlons and findings It has
no right to prescribe any punishment Its
functions correspond to those of a grand
When Mr Knox was In Buffalo he re
ceived another communication on the
subject from Mr Hackett citing prece
dents for the appearance of civil legal
officers of the Government In military
enquiries The Attorney General talkeal
over the matter Informally at Buffalo
with two members of the Cabinet He
expressed himself as satisfied that the
Department f Justice had no authority
to detail one of its officers and said he
was opposed to doing so also on the
ground of policy In his opinion as ex
plained to his Cabinet colleagues the
matter was one for the De
partment the court being convened for
the purpose of making an
1 the Navy Department was not In a
position to call for outjkte assistance
The suggestion that an officer of the De
partment of Justice be detailed in the
case grew outof the desire to have a skill
ful cross examiner familiar with court
work undertake the oral examination of
witnesses proaluccd by Admiral Schley
Tho functions of the judge advocate Is to
the facts before the court and these
will be embraced of official rec
ords Judge Wilson of Admiral Schlejs
counsel is regarded as one of the best ex
aminers of witnesses in the country and
as it is obvious that Admiral will
depend largely on oral to sup
port his case the assignment of an as
sistant to the judge advocate to devote
himself to the cross-examination
of the Schley witnesses and to relieve
him to some extent of tho great amount
of work falling on his shoulders has been
deemed Acmlral Schley will
be represented three attornej s Messrs
Wilson Raj ncr and Parker two of
whom tho first and last named have
practiced before naval courts
Judge Advocato General will be
assisted In lajing the facts before the
court by E P Hanna the solicitor of the
Judge Advocate Generals Office Mr
Hanna s duties will be It Is understood
to arrange the documentary
Until a late hour last night Admiral
Schley and his counsel were cathereal
about the big table In the apartments of
Judge ilson at the Shorcham Amunr
those present during tho daj were Ad
miral f hlej Admiral Avatson Captain
Iarker vir uajner juugc vv uson taeuc
B W Wells and Ensign G B Rice The
conference lusted until late last night
but although some additional points of
Importance were developed the meeting
of Admiral Jehley and his counsel last
evening was without incident
Judge Wilson who leit trie city tor rvew
York on Monday returned last night The
nature of his business was not divulges
although It has of course connection with
the Court of
Judge Rajner of counsel for Admiral
Schley arrived in Washington from Bal
timore jtsterdu anil went immediately
to the Arlington where he met the ad
miral The consideration of the papers
relating to the proposed challenge of
Norfolk V- WushliiKlon Steninhont Ci
llelishtful trip alailr at fl 30 p m from loot
7th at to Old Point orfolk ta Beach Ocean
lew and Newport fws Ceneral Tlclct Office
Bond Buildmjr 11th St and N V are Tlione
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without ilclaj wncn supplied by Frank LiLbej
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