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Hear Admiral Howlson ns a member of
the Court off Enquiry was taken up
Shortly after the arrival of Judge Ra
ner Ensign George 13 Rice reached the
city He -Rill one of the witnesses for
Admiral Schley at the Court of Enquiry
After registering nt the Navy Depart
ment Mr Rice went to the Shorcham
where he recited his knowledge of the
battle of Santiago Ensign Rice was en
gineer officer on the Brooklvn in charge
of the machinery of the after turret
and his testimonj will be of considerable
Importance He came to Washington
from Manila pursuant to orders
The action of the Attorney General In
his communication to Assistant Secrttan
Hackett of the Navy as above referred
to is understood to hate been recelved
with satisfaction by both Admiral Schlej
and his counsel They lielleve It is
gathered from authoritative sources that
the action of the Attorney General has at
last placed the Court of Enquiry In its
proper light by showing plainly that he
regards It not as a Government prosecu
tion but as an enquiry pure and sim
ple The attitude which has been taken
apparently by some persons has been
that Sampson s side of the case hjs been
the Governments side The action of the
Attorney General Is said to have settled
all such erroneous opinions
Attorney General Knox when asked
concerning his reported declination to as
sist the Xaw Department In the prosecu
tion of the Schley case before the Court
of Enquire asked to be excused from dis
cussing the matter He ssld that he
would prefer that all Information be
Blen by the Navy Department He did
not denv that the facts were as stafed
but said that to confirm the report would
lie eoulvalent to discussing It which he
did not feel at llbertv to do as a matter
of courtesy to the Navy Department
When -the Court of Enquiry convenes on
Thursday afternoon Admiral Schlej s
case after vveks of hard and constant
work on the part of his counsel will be
fully ready for presentation and the
preparation of the case has been com
pletcd and nothing remains to be done
but to exnmlne what few witnesses may
reach the city before the oiurt convenes
The case is well in hand me laDor in
its preparation has been enormous Many
witnesses have been examined Their ex
amination by the counsel for Admiral
Schley has often consumed as much as
six hours and the work in consequence
has been tedious in the extreme
Thousands of sheets of closely typewrit
ten paper contain the evidence which It
Is confidently expected will completely
vindicate Admiral Schley
The admiral his never enjoyed better
health in his life and is vigorous and
strong- If one can judge from his
he is in perfect physical con
dition His complexion is clear and his
eye a bright
Scene on n Wimel When fna of the
BufTnlfi Aftinnlt Wnn Received
PHILADELPHIA Sept 10 When the
pilot went aboard the American liner
Belgenland bound to this port from
Liverpool and Queenstown at the
Capes with the newspapers telling
of the atteippted assassination of Presi
dent McKInley at Buffalo he found the
news had already been carried to the pas
sengers by the Marconi sj stem of w lreless
telegraphy The passengers of whom
there were 13 on the cabin list learned
of the attempt to take the Presidents life
when the vessel was about forty miles oft
Nantucket R I The greater number of
them were returning tourists rejoicing
that they were so near their homes and
they were preparing for an entertainment
on Saturday evening
About 4 oclock as the Belgenland was
passing the Nantucket Lightship flags
were seen on the essel dlsplaving the let
ters B J Come nearer have Im
portant information
Captain Hill closed his vessel In on the
lightship and through a trumpet came
the startling words President McKIn
ley was shot at Buffalo jesterday after
noon Is still living When the passen
gers received the startling Intelligence
there was the utmost consternation on
board and a great many were Incredu
lous believing that they had not heard
the message correctly and It had to be
repeated A deep gloom immediately fell
over the vessel and nothing was talked
of but the awful crime at Buffalo
The entertainment that evening was
abandoned and Instead the passengers
held religious services offering prajers
for the recov ery of the President and the
welfare of the country The exercises
were Interspersed with the singlnj of pa
triotic hymns
When the pilot came aboard the papers
were eagerly seized by those on board
that they might learn the details of the
attempt on the Presidents life The
Belgenland landed her passengers early
j esterday morning
Delicti b a Woman Wrapped in the
American Flu
BALTIMORE Sept 10 A lively polo
war in which a half dozen county police
-were called to prevent a collision betveen
a small army of determined residents
mostly women and twenty employes of
the United Rallwa s Company took place
esterday morning on East Baltimore
Street between East and Highland Ave
rsyes Just outside the eastern city limits
ani within the borders of Hlghlandtown
The struggle started about 7 a m when
the workmen began an attempt to plant
Iron poles In place of large wooden ones
Three poles were planted In front ts as
many houses without opposition but
trouble began when the workmen started
to dig a hole in front of 3423 the home of
Mrs Edward Burton Mrs Burton and
several members of her family drove the
workmen away and placing a chair over
the excavation sat upon It until the work
men withdrew from the scene
Seeing that serious trouble would re
jsult In a further attempt upon Mrs Bur
tons property the workmen went In
front of the home of Charles A Dorsey
at 3327 They formed u circle about two
of their number who immediately began
digging a hole Mr Dorsey and his fam
ily appeared to be helpless Word was
telephoned to the Canton Police Station
and Patrolmen Mann Moore Sealover
Carter Hutching and Constable Grace
soon appeared on the scene Threats of
arrest made by the officers forced the
workmen to withdraw As soon as they
were off the sidewalk Miss Eslella Dor
sey a sister of the occupant of the house
made a dash for the hole She secured a
chair and wrapping herself in the folds
of an American Hag opendly defied the
The workmen soon gave up the fight
and withdrew Intil a late hour last
night a guard was kept by the residents
who feared an attack would be mtfde at
night The women did not stay outdoors
but a close watch was kept
About a ear ago the street was the
scene of a llvolj contest The workmen
were dcefated and yesterday was their
llrst appearance since that time
William C Dorsey a large property
owner in that section said last night that
tb2 failure of the railroad compuiy to
build a drain under the bed of Baltimore
Street at Highland Avenue was the cause
of the trouble A change of grade he
ruin caused water from Highland Avenue
to Hood the cellars of the Baltimore
Street houses
31uivul Built Cii by Common beitne
lor ears 1 have not been able to drink
offee as it made me ery nervous and
Ac me a headache No one loved coffee
more than I and it was a severe trial to
abandon Its use Nearly three jears ago
1 saw Postum Cereal Coffee advertised
und concluded to trv It
1 have been so well pleased with It and
Its healthful effects that I h ive used it
3ver since I carrv packages with me
when X visit other places
When I began to drink Postum my
muscles were flabby as my habits are
sedentary but for the pist two jears my
muscles haye been hard and 1 never felt
etrongcr In my life than I do now at
lxtj j ears of ige and I attribute my
strength of muscle to constant use of
Postum 1 drink It three times a da I
icl so enthusiastic about Postum that
I cannot recommend It too highly wher
ov r I go Wishing ou great succchs
jours truly Rev A P Moore 171
Rhode Island Street Buffalo N Y
The reason Iotum builds up the hu
man body to a prime condition of health
Is that when coffee is left off the drug
efTectB or the poison disappear and the
letnents In Postum unite with albumen
of the food to nuke grey matter and re
fill the delicate nerve centres all over the
body and in the brain This sets up a
petfect condition of nerve health and
the result Is that the entire body feels
U e C2vct of it
Jtrreteil in CIiiwiKO She Sayb She
Dili Xot Know Czolirosz
VI t Him Once lnl unit Would Not
Illm AKnin Her Lec
ture she iim Cnnliitnetl NotliinK
Violent Contempt for Hie lolce
CHICAGO Sept 10 Emma Goldman is
in the hands of the Chicago police The
woman whose teachings fired Czolgosz to
attack President McKInley and who may
have even a closer relation with the Buf
falo crime was taken Into custody at
303 Sheffield Avenue this morning by
Captain Schuettler of the Sheffield Avenue
police station the officer who first won
fame in the detection of the Haj market
A chirge of conspiracy to murder Presi
dent McKInley was at once lodged against
her Application for bail will be denied
by the police She Is now at the Har
rison Street police station annex This
afternoon the police also arrested Charles
G Morris at whose flat Miss Goldman
had been sheltered
The police are now seeking the two half
brothers and sltcr of Morris who also
dwelt in the Sheffield Avenue Hat They
charge that all are anarchists and that
thej knew the indentlty of the woman
who they were sheltering Miss Goldman
sent the following telegram shortly after
her arrest
H Holsteln 213 Joseph
Rochester N i Arrested
worry Will be out
Av enue
Do not
boon Comfort
Miss Goldman told Chief ONeill that she
was having a little fun at the expense
of the police department She had in
tended today to give herself up to the
If these officers had come twenty min
utes later I would not have been there
she said 1 would have been on m way
to deliver mjself to the police
An emphatic denial was given to the
suggestion that the assassin was spurred
to his deed by her utterances
I dont believe it she cried earnestly
I dont believe he ever said it- 1 have
read the accounts but I dont believe
they are true 1 never urged violence
31 j lectures have never been published in
pamphlet form or in a book They have
been printed In periodicals but they
never have advocated murder 1 do not
favor such means to our end
Her stories of the meeting with Czol
gosz tally with those of Isaak and of the
assassin himself
I met the man they say shot the Pres
ident It was in Chicago on July 12 I
would not know him If I should see him
again I did not learn his name but 1 do
remember afterward seeing his name
published In Tree Society with the
warning that he was a spy
I was to leave or Rochester that day
Miss Isaak was going with me and her
desire to see Niagara Palls and the Pan
American Exposition led me to make the
trip through Buffalo Just as we were
starting from the house with the party
which went to seo us off the door bell
rang Some one went to the door and the
stranger asked for Mr Isaak Mr Isaak
was not in but he was told that If he
would go to the Lake Shore station Mr
Isaak would be there One does not pay
heed to such things when parting from
friends I always stay at the Isaak home
and we are warm friends
My train went at S30 oclock so It was
quite dark when we got there Mr Isaak
was waiting for us and he introduced
the man Afterward I had a short talk
with him
1 came from Clev eland here said the
man I have heard jou lecture
He said he came to Isaakbecause the
latter was the publisher of Free Society
I only talked with him a few minutes I
cannot recall his features It was too
dark to distinguish them I think he had
light hair His hat was pulled down over
his ears and shaded his face so that I
could not distinguish his features at all
I would not know him again if I should
see him
1 have never heard of him since she
continued I never saw him before We
Miss Isaak and mjself arrived in Buf
falo the next daj Saturday and I left
on Monday We went to the Tails togeth
er and on Monday MJss Isaak was taken
to the exposition I did not care to go
because I had seen the Paris Exposition
and did not think the Buffalo Fair would
compare with It From there I went to
Rochester where I remained nearly six
weeks with my sinter Mrs 11 C Hoch
steln In Jackson Place
Miss Goldman wis asked Is the man
Morris with whom you are stopping an
No sir he Is not so far as I know
You would not Implicate everyone with
whom 1 talked In this case wnuld jou
One crazy man has done this deed and
because he sav s he is an anarchist vou
would Implicate all of us
JJO OU believe Miss uolaman Ihat
anything jou said Incited that man to
hlr deed was asked by Mayor Harrison
If he said that he is not an anarchist
That address dwelt particularly on the
mistaite oi people oi coniounaing anar
chy with violence I am not ph sonolo
gist enough to see what was going on In
that man s mind ard I am not responsi
ble for what he did but I know that wliat
I said did not Incite him to anything
How long have jou been In Chicago
I have been here sev eral days I have
been following the case closely but 1
thought I would give the police a little
fun I am rather glad I did not give my
self up earlier for It would have been
hard to cause this man to lose his posi
tion Pointing to Captain Schuettler
Proceeding she said
McKInley Is simply a tool In the hands
of the wealthy He is the most Insignifi
cant President the Unitetl States ever
had Still I do not see whit could come
out of killing him I know that there arc
people in desperate circumstances who
may be driven to commit desperate acts
Miss Goldman professed contempt for
the St Louis police She said I got to
Chicago Sunday leaving St Louis Sat
urday night I was In St Louis from
Thursday evening until Saturday nrht
I saw them but they did not see me
Why aid ou come here was jsed
I came here to get Isaaks out I was
at the house at 3003 Sbcflleld Avenue since
esterday afternoon I wanted to know
If bail would be allowed to get them out
of prison
She seemed to Ignore the police and re
marked that she wanted nothing to do
with policemen and that If they did not
make themtebes appear necessary to the
people they would starve to death for the
want of Intelligence Continuing she slid
I alwajs travel under an assumed
name and my last trip began at Pitts
burg whence I went to Cincinnati St
Louis Chicago and Buffalo I was In
Buffalo on August 13 but do not remem
ber having met any such man as
Su the police imagine thev are going
to make another affair like that of 1SSS
they are badly mistaken because they
will be unable to get any evidence at all
The speech 1 made to which Is ac
credited the inciting of the deed was on
behalf of modern phases of anarchs and
it contained nothing of a terrifying nature
and neither did it refer In any way to
the present The police are useless orna
ments and It is all their own talk
Major Harrison questione d her close-
ly on her connection with Chicago and
Paterson N J anarchists but ull her
answers were evasive carefully guarded
or else flat denials
New obstacles confront the Federal and
State authorities In Chicago in the possi
ble prosecution of Miss Goldman It Is
the opinion of several lawjers that Miss
Goldman cannot be extradited for trljl
in New York unless she and Czolgosz are
charged with an offence under the Federal
statutes The suggestion that the would
be assassin must be tried under State
laws ot New York for assault with intent
to kill would It is said preclude the pos
sibility of Silas Goldman being extradited
as an accessory before the fact a her
alleged Incendiary statements were not
made In New York and she Is not a fugi
tive from Justice from that State
It Is said however that she and Czol
gosz might be charged with an offence un
der section K0S of the Federal statutes
which fixes a ten year term of Imprison
ment and a 15000 fino for two or more per
sons who conspire to Injure any citizen
in the exercise of any rights secured to
him by the Constitution and laws of tho
United States The enforcement of this
statute against Miss Ooldmin and Czol
gosz would It Is -aid permit of the for
mers extradition from an State
More mpnthetie ThroUKli
Dlliloiiilitlc Clinimels
The tide of sjmpathy and sorrow for
President McKInley In his suffering and
for Mrs McKInley In her great grief is
still flowing full and strong as when the
llrst Intelligence of the villainous attack
was flashed to the four corners of the
earth But the ebb Is near The change
will come when the associated physicians
announce that the last evidence of danger
Is past and the rising tide of rejoicing
obliterates all vestiges of the former sor
Among jeatcrdajs messages were the
follow ing
From the United States Ambassador to
Copy of a telegram received from
Foreign Office Governor General the
Karl of Hopetoun to Mr Chamber
I hive to express for mjself and
for the Ministers on behalf of the peo
ple of the commonwealth the sincere
sjmpathy we feel with the people ot
America In the attack that has been
made upon President McKInley and
the earnest hope that the assassins
blow may not prove mortal and that
the President may be spared to con
tinue his wise guidarce of the eles
tinles of the great people of the United
States of America
Also a telegram from the Governor
the Karl of Ranfurly to Mr Chamber
People of New Zealand learned
with horror dastardly deed President
McKInley Express sympathy with
Mrs McKInley In her great affliction
and also with American nation
Also sincere sjmpathy from the
Senate of Australia with the President
of the United States CUOATE
Trom the Charge dAffalres of United
States Embassy Rome Italy
Adees indicating lirprovemcnt re
ceived this morning Much sjmpathy
for President continues expressed
Many enquiries at embassy All Min
isters of the Gov ernment sav e per
haps one have personally called or
have telegraphed to express horror of
crime their sincere wishes for Presi
dents recovery and warm sympathy
with American people
Following received from Count of
Turin the Kings cousin who spent
some time recently in the United
States and convejs Kings and own
Horrified at the attempt I beg
jour excellency to accept my keenest
svmpathy for the speedy recovery of
Mr President of the United States
SAVOIA Conte dl Torino
Also have received sympathetic tel
egram from Prinetti Minister for For
eign Affairs Guldo Bacelll of the De
partment of Commerce Italian Grind
Master of the Free Masons Monar
chal Association of Casteggi Walde
sean American Missionary Church of
Forano Sablna various political or
ganizations and even members of the
Popes family
i ho embassy book contains names
of Senators Deputies municipal offi
cers of Rome representatives from all
the embassies and many travelers
telegrams have also been received
from many members of the diplomatic
corps who are out of Rome
From Minister for Foreign Affairs Qui
to Ecuador
The Government and people ot Ec
uador sincerely deplore the calamity
that has befallen the worthy Chief
Magistrate of jour great Republic
victim of a monstrous attempt and
make wishes for his recovery Be
pleased to receive these wishes and to
convey them to the Government and
people of the United States and to
the most excellent Mr McKlnlej
From the Charge dAffalres British
Embassy Newport R I
Governor or South Australia desires
me to offer on his behalf and that of
the Government and people or tho
colony an expression of earnest sjm
pathy for the President and of con
gratulations to the United States on
his providential escape
Governor of Natal desires me to
convey to the President of the United
States and the family of the President
the hearts elt svmpathy of the people
of Natal They earnestly that
the almighty may spare his life
Governor of Jamaica desires me to
convey to you the expression of horror
with which Jamaica received news of
the outrage on the President and of
svmpathy with the American people
From William Brear Major of Halifax
Major and Inhabitants of Halifax
England have heard with feelings of
Indignation of attempted assassinaton
of President McKinley and to express
to the people of the United States
their heartfelt Rympathy and hope for
a speedj recovery
Trom Mr Lion United States Consul
at Kobe Japan
Behalf Americans Kobe kindly
convey Mr McKinley sincere svm
pathj because of assault on Presi
From F W Coding United States Con
sul at Newcastle N S W
Chamber Commerce extend pro
found sjmp ithj Letter
From Florence Italy
Americans Florence express heart
felt svmpathy President
with earnest wishes speedj recovery
Resolution received from the Universal
Peace Union and Pennsjlvanla Peace
Union 1305 Arch Street Philadelphia Pa
The Unlvers vl Peace Union and
Pennsjlvanla Peace Society In their
executive sessions this records and
beg to be forwarded sincerest sjmpathy
for President McKinley his family and
our nation fervent hopes for his
speedy recoverj and utter condemna
tion of the inhuman dKloj al and un
godly act of the assassin
President of the Unlvcrsul Peace
Chairman pro tern for Hon William
N Ashman President of the Penn
sylvania Peace
From Chicago III
The members of the below -named
society in meeting assembled have re
ceived with profound regret and great
Indignation Intelligence of the das
tardlj attempt on the life of eiur dis
tinguished President anil all desire to
convej through jeur excellencj our
sincere sympathv with our true lov
ing citizens in this melancholj event
We trust and hope that so valuable
and true a life as our President Mc
Klnlej s ma be spared for the wel
fare of the people
In behalf of the members of the
Polish National Alliance Branch No
1SS of Chicago Ill
o NeiTH of tin AfHnNHitis Pint Cem
niunlciiteri Freini Abrontl
Nothing is known at tho Italian Legi
tlon as to the accuracy of the reports
cabled from London Monday night to tho
effect that the contents of letters disclos
ing a plot to ass lslnate liie President
had been communicated to the American
police by the pollen of Italy
It was stateel authoritatlvelj at the Le
gation jestertlay that such Information
Wis not tra ismlttd through that chan
nel According to the Indnn cablegram
the letters Intercepted were written by the
anarchists of Paterson N J lb fellow
conVlrators In Italy
lIuUMevviirnilnu fit tin cvv IVntli
Preelnet Delitjeil
By direction of Major Sjlv ester Lieut
John Kenney and the members of his
command wilt not bold this week the
housewarmlng of their new stationhouse
and the reception In honor of the citi
zens living within the bounds of the new
Tenth precinct The event has been In
definitely postponed out of respect to the
Major Sylvester stated j estcray morn
ing that the proposed reception was pure
ly a social affair and that in view of the
condition of the President It would be
Inappropriate for the original plans to
bs executed
Checks on Xatui nlizatioii Urged
by Henry E Davis
Strict Limitation Ilut o mini
of AH Imiiilcrntlon Siill
iIouk Uttcrniie ex Cnll for renter
Punishment Tbnn at Irene nt
In speaking jesterday of the attack
upon tho President and of wajs to pre
vent the commission of crimes of a sim
ilar nature E Davis formerly
United States Attorney for tho District
Tho attack upon the President will
bring good out of evil If It shall cause an
overhauling of our laws respecting na
turalization and sedition and produce
proper legislation dealing with those sub
jects At present we have no law on the
subject of sedition except as applied to
the armv and navy and our laws relet
ting to naturalization nro grossly lax In
their provisions and administration
A review of the legislation respectinr
naturalization brings to light some inter
esting facts and suggests that in somu
particulars our forefathers were wiser
than ourselves Ever since the net of
29 1733 It has been a provision
of our naturalization laws that before an
applicant may be admitted to citizenship
he must provo hi3 residence In the coun
try for a specified time and also cause
It to appear to thfi satisfaction of the
court that elurlng that tlmo ho has be
haved as a man of good moral character
attached to the principles of the Consti
tution of tho United SUtes and well dis
posed to tho good order and happiness of
tho same This sounds very well In the
reading but as every lawyer knows the
proof by an applicant of his character
attachment to the principles of the Con
stitution and well disposition to tho good
order and happiness of the United States
Is quite uniformly of the most
sort Tho applicant brings to the
court two or three of his persona friends
who come for the purpose of helping him
to citizenship and they answer the most
formal questions propounded tho eourt
in the absence of any representative of
tho Government or opponent of any
sort It Is only occasionally that some
Judge subjects the applicant and his wit
nesses to anj thing like a rigid examina
tion and the result is that in ninety nine
cases In one hundred indeed In a great
er proportion than that the applicant Is
admitted to citizenship with scarcely any
more formalltj or consideration the
court than would attach to the signing
of an order of publication
I have often thought while witnessing
the proceedings in naturalization cases
of the loose way In which aliens be
come citizens and of the grave danger
which lurks In the existing practice The
act of June 18 1793 conlains some provi
sions which I think it -would be well for
Congress to recall Thlis It was provided
by that act that clerks of courts before
whom declarations of Intention were
made should certify and transmit to the
Secretary of State ab tracts of all such
declarations giving a suitable descrip
tion of the name age nation residence
and occupation for the time being of the
alien and should also afterward send to
the of State certified copies of
all records of naturalization The act
further provided that alL aliens residing
or arriving in the Unlteel States should
be reported to and registered by the clerk
of tho district court of the district of
residence or arrival or In some cases
to the collector of port of arrival or place
of residence or some ofJlcir or person
there or nearest thereto authorized by
the President to register aliens such re
port to be recorded In a book to be kept
for that purpose and a certificate of the
report and registry to be granted to the
person making the report and to each
individual concerned therein and a tran
script of such registry to be sent to the
clerk of the district court who should
rile the same in his office and enter and
transcribe it in a book Monthly returns
of all aliens registered were to be sent
by the clerk of the district court to tho
Department of State A penalty was pro
vided for every alien who should neglect
to make a report and he was obliged to
give surctj for his good behavior during
his residenee In the United States until
such report and registry should be made
and on failure to do so was to be com
mitted to JaiL When afterward the
alien applied for admission to citizenship
the date of his registry was taken as the
time when his residence within the Unit
ed States commenced
The act of April H 1S02 while continu
ing part of the provision for report and
registry omitted tho requirement respect
ing Its transmission to the Secretary of
State but the act of March 22 1S1C re
quired the certificate of report and regis
try and nlso the declaration of Intention
to be exhiolted by every alien on his ap
plication for citizenship and that each
should be recited at full length in the rec
ord of the court admitting the alien oth
erwise any pretended admission of an
n to be of no validity or effect
These very provisions do not
exist In the present laws governing nat
uralization and I have long been of opin
ion that the restoration
of some such pro
visions to the law would be most whole
some and Is as I think essential to the
proper government of the subject I
think that there should be created a bu
reau of naturalization under the State De
partment that every alien residing or ar
riving in the country should be required
to report and register as under the old
law that a certificate of his report ami
should be sent to the bureau of
naturalization which should at once
transmit a of the same to the United
btates Consul nearest the place of brth
or foreign residence of the alien that on
the application of the alien for admission
to citizenship notice of the applleation
should be given to the Consul and also by
publication at the place of residenee in
this countrj and the place of foreign resi
de nee of the applicant and that the
United States Attornej should In eaeh In
stanec appear before the court to vvhleh
application is made examine the appli
cant and present to the court certified
copies of all reeonls relating so the appli
cant und also such report at the Consul
maj h iv e made to the bureau This would
not be a verj cumbersome process and
would enable the court considering the
application to have the fullest possible
Information In relation to the applieant
and his fitness for citizenship In this
way undesirable applicants could be kept
from citizenship and the antecedents of
every applicant as to character politlcil
views and everything fully Investigated
and revealed
It Is contrary to the spirit of our peo
lle and institutions to talk of anj whole
sale exclusion of aliens This has
alwajs been consldyreel open to desirable
Immigration and it is a truism that some
of our best and most useful citizens have
either been foreignborn or born of for
eign parents We continue to In
vite Immigration but we should protect
ourselves against the atlmlsslon to either
residence or citizenship of tho undesira
ble and rash and wholesale measures are
not to be thought of In the premises
As respects uealtng -with undesirable
residents of the whether aliens
or not a very serious problem presents
Itself It Is provided by the Constitution
of the United States and of everj State
ccnstltutlon and Is bred in the bone of
our people that fr edom nf speech ami of
the press shall not be unduly curtailed
At the same time the right of self-preservation
is dominant with us as with all
peoples and we have the right to en tct
suitable legislation which on the one hand
will not unduly Irfrlnge freedom of
sreech or oh the other permit undue
license in the direction of abuse of our
sj fetcm of government or of those who ad
minister it
Tho famous act of July 11 171S in re
lation to sedition caused as is well
known the greatest commotion nnd was
for a time a living issue in the iolltlcs of
our countrj 1 the light of recent events
it Is almost Impossible to imagine why
such a commotion was created by the act
but at the time it was passed when tho
country was in a formative period and
we had but recently thrown oft th joke
of monarchj It was not unnatural that it
produced the discussion and disorders
which flowed from It The act provided
In substance ngnlnst unlawful comblna
tlonn or conspiracies to oppose any meas
ure or measures of the Government or to
impede the operation of anj law nf the
United States or to Intimidate or pre
vent pc son holding office under the
Government from undertaking perform
ing or executing his trust or duty and
against tho counseling advising or at
tempting to procure any insurrection
riot unlawful or combination
whether such consplracj threatening
counsel advice or attempt should have
the proposed effc ct or not and It also
provided a for any person who
shoulel write print utter or publish or
cause or procure to be written printed
uttered tor published or should knowing
lj assist or aid In writing printing ut
tering or publishing false scanda
lous or malicious writing or writings
against the Government or either House
of Congress or the President with In
tent to elefame either or to hrlhg either
into contempt or disrepute or to excite
against them or any of them the hatreei
of the people or to stir up sedition within
the United Sates or to excite any unlaw
ful combinations therein for opposing or
resisting law of the United States or
any act of the President done in pursu
ance of law or the powers vesteel in him
the Constitution or to resist oppose
or defeat anj such iaw or act or to aid
encourage or abet hostile elesign of
any foreign nation agalrst the United
States their people or Government
It will be observed that notwithstand
ing the somewhat sweeping provisions of
this act it did not assume to provide a
punishment for assaults upon or Indigni
ties to the President or any other officer
of the United States except In cases In
which hatred of the people toward the
President might be Incited or hlmsclf In
terfered with in the discharge of his du
ties This was undoubtedly because
Congress sought to avoid creating any
such offence as lese majeste but I see
no reason that a similar act might not be
passed extending to cases of assault upon
or Indignities to the President or other
high officer because of his holding his
office or carrjlng out the will of the peo
ple in the discharge of his duties I would
go further and In addition to providing
he should be driven from the cniintrv
If such a law were passed as I think It
properly can lie we would be able to
reach all persons who by incendiary
teachings or acts should attempt to bring
about a change in cither the spirit of our
institutions or the personnel of the offi
cers administering the Government
The attempt upon President McKln
lej s life I regard as the most atrocious
of the three assaults upon our Presidents
because It Is confessedly the fruit of an
archistic views and teachings which we
have too long permitted to go uncontrolled
Surely we have the right to say to those
living within our borders that their at
tempts to bring about a change In our
Institutions or laws should be confined
within the limits of legitimate discussion
aimed at bringing about a change in pub
lic opinion and the expression of such
change In due form of law and quite as
surelj we have the clear right to forbid
rabid and Inflammatory utterances
whether of Individuals or organizations
which are calculated to sap the founda
tions of our system and undermine and
uestroy good order The meeting of Con
ior me oetter control oi seditious speech
will not subside or mhterially lessen be
fore it shall have time to act and I be
lieve It to be the desire of the people
without regard to party that Congress
shall take prompt and decided action In
the desired direction
Secretnrj Giikc nnd Attorney Gen
rnl Knox Tnffe Confident
Secretary Gage who returned from Buf
falo jesterday morning said that the
condition of the President when he met
him last was most encouraging
I have very little anxiety about the
final outcome Mr Gage continued No
I havent any In the case of an
ordinary patient the physicians would
have said positively twenty four
hours ago that all danger was passed Of
course I should feel easier if the Presi
dent was on his feet entirely well but I
have no doubt that his recovery is as
sured as positively as anj thlng can be as
sured in this world
Attorney General Knox who returned
from Buffalo Monday night was at his
desk In the Department of Justice yes
terday morning The Attornej General
reports the President in excellent spirits
and confident of his speedj recov The
case Mr Knox Is assured is progressing
The Presidents anticipation of his
early recoverj Mr Knox said was
ALEXANDRIA Va Sept 10 The reg
ular meeting of thej Cltj
Council was called to order shortly after S
o clock tonight with President Frederick
J Paff presiding The session lasted about
an hour and but little business was trans
acted A lengthy communication was re
ceived from Mayor Simpson In which he
deplored the attack made on President
McKInley at Buffalo The major
also paid a glowing tribute to the Presi
dent which was listened to with nten
tlon After the reading of the communi
cation Hubert Snow den moved tLat It bo
received and that a commitle cf two
members from both bodies be appointed
to draft suitable resolutions n respect to
President McKlnlej
The Finance Committee reported fav
orably on the resolution offered at the
last meeting to give the Relief Hook and
Ladder Company the sum of 100 to at
tend the annual meeting of the State Fire
mens Association which meets in Staun
ton September 23 Council unanimously
adopted their report
The Finance Committee reported
on the bills of Francis I Smith
and Samuel G Brent for legal services
rendered In the case of the traj or vs the
board ot pollco commissioners In sub
mitting their report on the matter the
comnittee were of the opinion that as
had not been consulted In the mat
ter by either side they haei no right to
tho bills Council concurred in their
report Tho question Is now being asked
where will the attornejs get their fees
from It now seems that each slele to the
controversy will have to pay the hills
The Committeo on Public Property rec
ommended favorablv that a keeDer be
nolntenl for the cltv town
rot onlv expressed in words direct- j some time past
i i luai cueee uui nii iu ue in
ferred from the plans Mr McKlnlej wa3
alreadj evolving for the time when he
would be entire lj convalescent The
President said the Attorney General
talked of his return to the Capital at no
late date ami proposed the closing up of
his home and the ending of the etecutivt
business at Canton
J 1 1 Brlgham Assistant Secretarj of
the Department of Agriculture returned
to this from Buffalo yesterday and
said regarding the condition of Mr Mc
Klnlej that Secretaries Root Gage
Hitchcock and Wilson who were with
the President believed the President
would get well and that they felt so good
about it that could find words
to express their Joy Mr Brlgham in
recommending a safeguard against simi
lar cases said that everj man ought to
show both hands when he approaches the
President und that some one should be
present at reception to shake the
hand of everj one before he reaches the
m Held u Sliver Cltj N II Ieml
inir nn In estfssntlon
John E Wilkle chief of the United
States Secret Service received Informa
tion of the arrest at Sliver City
N M of Antonio Maggto a member of
the Andrews Opera Company orchestra
on the reported charge of having distri
buted among the members of the troupe
and orchestra at various places anarch
istic literature xd of having made the
statement some tim ago that President
McKInley would be assassinated before
October 1 He is also reported to have
said that he was sorry that the President
was not killed
Chief Wilkle Immediately- on receipt of
this inform itlon notified Marshal Fora
ker at Albuquerque to send a deputj to
Investigate the affair Magglo Is held
jiendlng his examination and Investiga
tion of the report
Antfiiilo eiiiiorlo AVllM Onlj
iire4nliir Ills IndlKnntloii
The presence of a supposeel anarchist
at the Baltimore and Ohio depot and his
apprehension Detective Barbee occa
sioned considerable excitement for a time
morning The man was in a
excited state at being put off a
westbound train and waved his hands
wildly above his head as he chattered
aw iy In unintelligible language
The suspect was taken to Police Heael
qu irters vv here he succi eded In Inform
ing the officers th it his name was Andinn
Lennordo and tint he was on his way to
Rlchwood W Va where he expected to
go to work on the railroad In New York
he gave a man the money to buj him a
ticket to Rlehwood he declared nnd on
arriving In Washington he discovered th it
he hid only been supplied with a ticket
to this city and that his friend had pock
eted the rest of the The Board
of Charities suppll d Leanordo with a
ticket to his destination and he went on
his way rejoicing
The- Miootln r if the Ire xlileiit
stroiiKlj IJeuonnceI
National Tent No 1 Knights of the
Maccabees with a membership of over
A at Its review Mondaj night passed
ringing resolutions denouncing the at
tempt on the life of the President and ex
tending svmpathy to Mrs McKlnlej The
MnecalKCs are a fraternal Insurance as
sociation with over 5H0OJ0 members in
various parts of the countrj who arc
iwiil tnfntli r hv the orincloles of the
organization with strong bonds of broth
erhood Its ideas of co operation are dis
tinctly opposed to an an ircniiic eeaiii
ints Thi membership In this city is
about lCeJi and s growing constants
In compliance wnu ms insiruciiuna in
keeper of tle records will engoss the
i solution nnd communicate its contents
to Mrs McKInley by mall
The Item Irexi rliillon for Malnrln
CliIILl and lerer U a bottle o Croc Tast len
Chill Tonic It i simply iron and quinine In a
taste-le-- froi o cure nj pal Price 50c
ciock air
a nunlshment nf the nrTemipr nrm ire thnt Uurke moved that tho ordinance creating
after suffering the prescribed punishment suh an office be referred to the Joint
Co nmittee on Public Property and Gener
al Laws
A long legal resolution was Introduced
by Mr Burke at the Instance of A W
Armtrong who Is legal counsel for the
Washington Alexandria and Mount Ver
non Electric Railway Company In ref
erence to the running of the railroad
companjs cars In the cltj The mem
bers looked upon the resolution with sus
picion and it was at once referred to the
committee on general laws The gist of
the resolution seemed to be that the
wanted the privilege of taking off a
car known as the Dinky car which
runs through the streets of the city
Under their present charter the company
are compelled to run this car at least
once an hour on certain streets and If
they do not thev forfeit their charter
None of the members seemed to fullj un
derstand the whole of the resolution
Councilman Trlmyer offered a resolution
that the sum of 1590 be appropriated for
the purpose of purchasing a lot adjoining
the Relief Hook and Ladder Company s
house The resolution ha been offered
times before to the old council It
gress Is fortunately so near at hands that f ns referred to the committee on finance
the existing universal indignation and cryTJJr Trlmyer wants the lot purchased so
uic jijiiJiMiiy 1111 niirn eue enue viiiitrs
build a more commodious house
The funeral of the late William S
Clark son of Alderman Thomas W Clark
whose ejeath occurreel In Baltimore on
SatunlayMast took place at 5 oclock this
afternoon from tho residence of his fath
er 114 So Vi Fajette Street and was at
tended by a large number of friends and
relatives The Rev E V Regester of
the Methodist Episcopal Church South
conducted the funeral services nnd The
Interment was made In the Methodist
Protestant Cemetery The following were
the pallbearers Messrs Frank Hoy R
II Cox William Poss George Reynolds
Carter Smith Clarence Remington and
Levls Harding
The funeral of the late William C
Richards whose death occurred last
night took place at 10 oclock this
morning from his late residence 109 South
Fajette Street and was quite at
tended The services were conducted by
the Rev E V Regester and the Inter
ment wasmade In the old Methodist Ceme
terj The following were the pallbearers
Messrs S II Lunt S L Monroe C C
Carlln William Clark F Crelehton and
George Hugei the latter of Washington
Tho special grand jury will tomorrow
morning consider the case of Willis Pet
tv who Is now confined in the Jail at
Tali fax Courthouse on the charge of at
tempting to criminally assault Mrs Ro
berta Pajne wife of John Paj ne
on Augusr 22 The prisoner will
not be brought here until after he lsin
Mrs Elizabeth M Roxbury widow of
Jacob Roxbury died last night shortlj
before midnight at her residence 1107
Prince Street after a lingering illness
The deceased had reached an advanced
age and had been In feeble health for
me ueceaseu was quite
well known Several grown children sur
vive her The funeral arrangements win
be made later
Owing to the fact that several mem
be rs of the City Democratic Committee
nre out of the the meeting to have
been held this morning for the purpose
of forming nn organization has been
until 10 oclock tomorrow morn
Postponed the meeting tomorrow morning
n ehalrman will be elected
William H Wade has purchased from
the Mercantile Railway Building and
Ixjnn Association two frame houses on
the west side of Columbus Street between
Wolfe and Wilkes Streets for 500
Two agents representing Are engine
manufacturers were In thLs today
and held a conference with the members
of the board of fire wardens relative to
the purchase ot a new fire engine and th
repairing of the Columbia engine
Alexandria Council No 33 Junior Order
of United American Mechanics will cele
brate the eleventh of their
organization with an entertainment at
the opera house Thursday September 19
An interesting musical and literary pro
gramme has been prepared for the occa
Pollee Chief fienernl
of Annrrlilsts
Major Svlv esters proposltiot looking to
the cu operation of the chiefs of police
of the world In the suppression of an
archy Is meeting with the unqualified ap
proval of all the members of the Board
of Governors of the National Association
of Chiefs of Police of the United States
and Canada that have been heard from
nnd there Is reason to believe that the
endorsement will ba unanimous Several
daj a ago in his official capacltj Major
Sjlv ester ellrected a circular letter to the
members of the board of governors sug
gesting that irritations be extended hj
the association to all of the principal po
lice chiefs of Europe to identify them
selves with the international association
and inaugurate measures looking to the
complete suppression of anarchists and
their teachirgs letters strong
lj endorsing the plan were received from
Major B F Howard chief of police of
Richmond Va and Wiley Williams chief
of police of Columbus Ga J J Dono
houghnf Omaha J II Mf agcr of Louis
ville and W S of New York the
remaining members of the board have
not J et leen heanl from but there Is
little doubt that they also will commend
the plan and that the work of sending
out the Invitations will be commenced be
fore the end of the week
It is intimated that Major Sjlvester will
also bring they matter to the attention of
Congress at its next session and that If
no more rpllcal measure is advocated ho
will urge the passage of a bill establish
ing tho bureau of criminal Identification
on a national besls and making It a bu
reau of the Depnrtment of Justice This
plan was brought to the attention of Con
gress a its last session but through pres
sure of other matter it falletl of proper
The recent attack upon the President it
Is urged ha3 more established tho
necessity of such a bureau for the pur
pose of keerlng track of crimluils and
permitting them to be watched not by
the pollco of a few cities and tint with
great difficult j owing to their frequent
chance of hae but that their movements
and records may accurately kept by
tho National Government for tHo use of
the police departments of the entile coun
Toilnj Piny fur the miiteur Clinm
Iiluunliip nt irtlilleld
In the amateur golf championship nf the
United States began at STOoclock this
morning with the of the tie for
the last three plajs In the qualifying
round between six of the contestants
The contestants were Louis Livingston
Westbrook Golf Club I M Bjers Pitts
burg and Yale M C MacDonald the
riorida champion C R Corj Wollaston
Golf Club W B Hltt Baltimore and
Frank H Croker cf DcaJ
Prep School
rojtrr jtm High School Cburie prepart for
trnhman In Georgetown or any other COllt ta
Special attention to Day Scholars Uoura 3J
a in to 3 p to
Send for cauiogw
Rev Jerome Daugheriy S J
Loan and Trust Duildiwr corner F and 9th
Eitabluhed 30 year
The principal was official court atenographcr
al J bHc accountant
-Shorthand TjpxtlluiK bookaeep
tnjr Ciril Ser flce and all branches ot BuslneM
Students In Shorthand may take without extra
coat Hookke eping and the Butineai and and Fng
liah Count Practically prlrate uutructlon
Join at any time We Und position tor all
full course irraduatrm Day and night aessioca
Catalogue Call and k xa
National University
Tract leal two year courae leading to degree
of LL B Tost graduate course of one additional
year leading to degree ot LL M
nth annual openii ot all claaaes October 1
1001 at 6 30 oclock p m ETemne sesalons ex
For Catalogue apply to EUCESE D CARUSL
Secretary and Treasurer Columbian Building
Day and errning cl fa In theoretical and ip
plled electricity Sluilenti actually construct
dynamos and other eleetrical apparatus
Courtes thorough enlarged and improred com
plete in one year
Opens September 30 Catalogue on request
ll Twelfth st nw
10O3 I st ntr formerly 1100 O st nw young
lady experienced teacher rtcrlre adults or
children as students in arithmetic and English
also giTM practice in the art of conreratfoa and
direction for general culture Hours for inter
Tlews 3 to S and 7 to 9 elO 3
SAIST rrcILIAS AC1DEMY Ml East Capitol
at boarding and day school for girls and young
ladies primary commercial and college pre
paratory courses music and art classes resumed
Monday September 16 1301 for further particu
lars address SISTfctt IL AUGUSTA Superior
Session 23 a year Business Shorthand Type
St Johns College
A Select Day School for Young Men and Bora
English Science and Business Courses
Apply for Catalogue to BROTHER ABDAS
Alexandria Va
Boarding and Day School for Young Ladles and
Children The 32d year begins Tuesday SepL 3
Terms moderate lor catalogue address SISTER
Teacher of Singing
Studios SSS F Street third floor Twenty
pupils of the past season signed as principals for
1501 02 with the Bostonuns Lulu Glaser Com
pany Runaway Ctrl Frances ilson Foiy Quili
er Florodora and other companies
AatSemj for boys Home life and lndiridual
instruction Terms moderate Address
WAVri ll Iv nH wmi nnll 1
Shorthand Touch typeantirar rim service speed
nidation luuitl iiEMeiArilrl 13 t st
Estate uf MAR i O WILKER deceased No
10387 Administration Docket 23
Appbcation having been nude to the Supreme
Court of the District of Columbia holding a
special term for Orphans Court business for let
ters of administration on said estate by Thomas
Cavanaugh a creditor who prays that such let
ters may be issued to Ernest C Thompson It
ordered this 10th day of September 1001
that notice is hereby given to the unknojru next
of km of said deceased and to all others concern
ed to appear m said court on TUESDW THE
OCLOCK A M to show cause why such appli
cation should not be granted This notice shall
be published in the Washington Law Reporter
and Washington Tunes once in each of three suo
ce wive weeks before the return day therein men
tionedthe first publication to be not less than
thirty days before said return day
By the Court
JOHN R ROUZFR Acting Register of Wills
J C DE PtTTRON Attorney for Applicant
Ulidcrtnkcr and Erubnlmer
Everything strictly first class on the most rea
sonable terms
Telephone call Main 310
fCnelertnke r and Llverv
122 Pcnn Ave N W Washington D C
The President Xot Yet Free Trom
IJutiKer of n llelniine
Dr Wllli im C Woodward the District
Health Officer has been following the
press reporti from Buffalo caref ull and
has kept close vatch of the Presidents
condition as repealed by the bulletins
Speaking of the sjmptoms yesterday he
commented on the generally f uorablc
tone of the bulletins The one point he
thought which indicated the need of
great watchfulness- on the part of the
surgeons H the temperature
Dr Woodward said that while a tem
perature of 100 or thereabouts did not she
him any uneasiness he thought It rather
high under the circumstances In his
opinion It Indicates that the President is
not wholly oat of danger and he inti
mated that the presence of so high tem
perature might be an indication that
there Is a seat of trouble somewhere that
might et cause a relapse Dr Wood
ward said tint It must be remembered
that the bullet still in the Presidents
body is not sufficiently located to assure
the phsicians that it may not be a source
of danger nnd he thought it would be
well to keep these facta In mird while
hoping for the best and accepting the
general favorable smptoms
Dr Woodward stated that the tempera
ture reported In the bulletin should not
gie any anxiety but at the same time it
is sufficiently high to necessitate the
greatest watchfulness and to leave a
doubt as to recovery of the patient Un
til this element in the case is eliminated
Dr Woodward thought It was too early
to state that the President is actually be
yond elanger
AVitshlnKtmilniiN nt Iluffnlo
HIFFALO Sept 10 The follnwlrp vis
itors to the Pan American exposition
from Washington are registered at Iluf
falo hotels Statlera J S Farrell II
Tlurgfs J Burgess A B At
So cure for mcK and nervous headaehcl lit
Rural IleaiLiehe Tablet Prompt safe
SHFv On Sundaj September S 1W1 at JJ1
a m after a Ion and painful illne 4 CAT1I
widow of ttie late Daniel Shea
luneral will take plaee from her late re ailen
ltl1 Klchtpenth Strict nirlift UedRCsdjl
nieiiiinj 030 oclock thence to M Matthews Ro
man Catholic Church where requiem mass wu
be said for her soul 1 rlerds and relatives h
vilcd to attcrd

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