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SUTFlinFR 15
These coolnights require extra
covering We are having a special
bale of Bcdwcar and it would be
to your advantage to come and
look our stock over and get prices
Larue lzo Grey Fleece Blinket heay
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crochet edge both milled and plain fin
11 4 White Wool Blanket extremely
soft and downy joud expect the price
to be J275
Jl 4 Heavy--a eight White Wool Blanket
finely and closely wot en silk bound red
and blue borders Kcguiar season jji ----
11 4 All wool Grey Blanket mode to
wear onl a few pairs left hcavj weight
Remember its all wooL Made to sell for
SI 50-
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heavy weight fast color strong and dur
able Worth all of U 50-
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will be found as low as the low eat cash
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W 19 621 823 7th St H ff
Bet H and 1 St3
Painless Extraction Free
When Teeth Are
Tilth the rc enforced suction our plates fit
more accurately
Cold Crowns J3 rorcclain 4 Cold Filled
tlM White Idlinc 50c and up
DR PATTOH Dentist 910 F St H W
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OflWsndnesidVnee 1011 II St K IV
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Street lirancnei all er tbt city
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ltae your teeth extracted
by dent i ta that pain jou Me -guarantee to
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charge a cent Our extremely low summer
rates on all work will hold good or a fcfaort
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K110 UrNTibTS
1201 Pa ave Opp Raleigh
Sew office hours 6 a m to G j ui faun
days a a m to p m
p0 0j3jCsyvo - - -- xcxo OuOs
woe inc
025 Pa Avo
ra i
r s Ll O I
ltetrulutlon AfTe tlnHr DiHrrtrrs
An amendment has been made to the
army regulations providing that a board
of sun cy shall not be called when a sol
dier deserts except in cases where it ap
pears to the commanding officer that ar
ticles of public property lnie been lost
by leason of th dsrtlon In those
cases tho board Is to determine the moniy
lalup of the articles lost and to charge
the amount against the deserter on the
next muster rolls of his company
Aaiir SpntilNli Trrnljr Clnlin
John H Jovn has filed with the Spanish
Treaty Claims Commission a claim for
23245 Indemnity for damages to personal
property In Cuba
CASTOR I A Fcr Isfania and Chiltrui
iiB Kind You Have Always Bought
Its Refunding De crilicil by tlc
Register of the Treasury
Ills Inlrrentliic Aimiml Uelrt Sub
mitted to tecrelnr inc Spaiiiili
Inil Illilllj frrtllirntrs Mmir In
bnlnrli H llenniniuHil
In his annual report submitted to the
Secretary of the Tnitury jesttnlas 1
loons Hcgister of the Treasurj in
an Interesting manner and with plain tnb
ulitlnns illustrated the workings of that
diiislon of the Department with
which he has been entrusted About the
Diision of Loans Mr Ions said In part
Like the two ears which next pre
ceded it the year just closed has been
marked by changes In the public debt of
great magnitude The alues which hae
been imolved ha- not been cqu ile d for
many jears The largest singlo item was
the irsue of Ui9l7 0 in engraed bonds
equil to nearb half the Interrst bcarlng
debt of the United States which took
place in a little oer ile months This
represented the completion of the trans
ferrins of this amount of the public debt
rrom a 3 4 and 5 per cent basis to a 2
percent inicstnunt
The total amount of bonds hanalcd by
the dhlsion has continuously Increased
ctery jcar since the fiscal jear 1S36 97
when the amount was tZT797S30 During
the lear recently closed the amount was
i 12j119C9S the increase In nlues ener
the preceding jcar was ii wi
the number of bonds handled was L79S
larger than In 1SS9 1S0O
Speiking of the refunding of the public
debt at 2 per cent Mr Ljons sajs
As stated in my last report on March
H 159- the Secretary of the Treasury is
sued a circular under an act of Con
gress of the same date in which he of
fered to reeelie bonds of the 5 per cent
loan of 190 the 4 per cent funded loan of
1307 and the 3 per cent loan of 190S 191S
and to Issue In exchange therefor a like
amount of 2 per cent bonds due in 1930
with an adjustment for the differences In
rate of interest uion the various loans
Very large amounts of bonds at the high
er rates of interest were immediately pre
sented for refunding at 2 per cent and
the issue of the latter bonds began March
17 19X As the preparation of cngraed
bonds in the usual form must necessarily
consume seeral months certificates of
less elaborate design but bearing the
exact phraseology of a registered bond
were printed for use until the regular
bonds could be completed These certifi
cates which were known as proiislonal
bonds were all retained In the depart
ment but the owners were permitted to
transfer them and they were receiied
by the Treasurer of the United States as
security for circulation and for deposits
of public moncjs precisely as would haie
been done with bonds of the usutl form
On the 30th of June 1900 the amount
of such proiislonal certificates outstand
ing was J307125S30 During the present
fiscal jear the Issue of the proiislonal
certificates was necessarily continued un
til bonds were received of a sufficient
number of denominations to render it pos
sible to begin the isue of the engraved
bonds in exchange for the proiislonal
bonds During this period the Issues of
proiislonal coupon certificates amounted
to 5Tj01S0 and of provisional registered
certificates to S1S32M00 making the total
Issue of proiislonal certificates In ex
change for bonds of other loans from the
beginning J32t004M During the two
fiscal j ears in which the Issue of provis
ional certificates was in progress the
owners of J3K7909 in registered proiis
lonal certificates requested that their or
ders be changed to coupon certificates so
that when the reissue of these certificates
finally took place the issue of 2 per cent
bonds in place of coupon proilsional cer
tificates 391350 registered proiislonal
certificates 32201050 total JO260O4uO
On July 24 I930 a sufficient amount of
registered 2 per cent bonds of scleral de
nominations had been recclicd to begin
the work of reissuing the proilsionals in
engraved bonds and September 24 the
necessary denominations of 2 per cent
coupon bonds were delliered to the office
The work of reissue was presed forward
with great rapidity until the exchange of
proilslouals for bonds was completed
After that engraitd bonds were issued
directly In place of the 3 1 and 5 per
cent bonds recelied and without the In
termediate proiislonal stage The amount
of 2 per cent bonds Issued directly for
bonds of a higher rate of Interest was
coupon bonds 135017O0 and registered
bonds J104434150 This makes the total
amount of 2 per cent engraved bonds
which were issued on account of bonds
at higher rates of Interest as follows
Coupon bonds
Registered bonds
Bears tho
420 525200
It may be noted that the Issue of J32G
00lSO in temporary certificates which
under the circumstances was unaioldablc
increased ery greatly the work of the
diiislon oier what would ordinarily haie
ben necessary In refunding this amount
of bonds For ocr three fourths of the
principal of the loan It was necessary to
Issue all the amounts twice and to can
cel the whole of one of such issues
Of the Spanish indemnity certificates
the report states that the Spanish Indem
nity certificates represent a debt of the
Goiernment of Spain to certain American
citizens These claims Mr Lons
sajs arose from the seizure by priia
teers of esseis and cargoes belonging to
American citizens or from the seizure
and confiscation of the same cither in the
ports of Spain or of Its colonies but In
all cases under the formal sanction of the
Spanish courts On the lth of Ttbruary
3S31 a conientlon was concluded at Mad
rid between the United States and Spain
It was intended to coier suth matters as
had remained unsettled at the date of the
prior treaty of February 22 1S19 as well
as such claims as had arisen during the
period inttncnlns between the two treat
ies The document stated that It was a
full settlement of all claims of whatever
class denomination or origin then at is
sue The United States agreed to receile
and transmit to the proper parties such
amount of principal or interest as might
be forwarded by Spain The treaty pro
ilded for the appointment of a commis
sioner who awarde d to -certain claimants
against Spain the aggregate sum of KM
and the act of Congress of June 7
isi proilded suitable legislation for ear
ning out the treaty
For miny years the sum of 2S5jO has
been recelied annually from Spain
through the Department of State and dl
ilded pro rata nmong the hnldirs of this
slock No ptijinent has cicr be cn made
on the principal The Treasurer of the
United States was authorized to pay the
sixtieth Installment of Interest on De
cember 27 1500
It Is 5a fact worthy of mention that
Spain his paid In Interest during the
jears since the ratification of the
treaty more than twice the amount of
principal or oier Slfc50t0
This diiislon Is one In which ninc
tcnths Indeed I mty sty nil of the
work Is of a current nature So prompt
haie been the delli cries of original and
transferred bonds during the past few
ears that the business men the country
oier he come to understand th it cases
for trXisfer reaching this ollice In the
morning arc handled with such prompti
tude that the new certificates are deliv
ered to the mall or the express company
on the evening of the same day unless
there should be a fiaw in the assign
ments or a failure on the part of the cor
respondent to forward the necessary au
thorities for the assignments In which
eient the shippers nre promptly notified
of the existing defects and Instructed
how to cure them The business world
then hrs come to expect prompt sen Ice
its contracts for delivery are based upon
that expectation and It Is a source of
gratllleatlon to know that in no Instance
during the past year was there a failure
to clear the desk of current work each
Illislre to call jour attention to two
IiiMnnees where Ill order that this oltlce
inaj be put upon a plane with others an
inert use In salary should be made
The cuitodlin of the lault In this i of
fice be ides his regular work for which
he is paid SlvoO a car el en doll ir of
which he earns at his desk has under his
Immediate control millions of dollars or
the of the Uoi eminent He Is
compelled to I rep an no iiint of the in
coming and outgoing securities he maKes
demerits to the ind 1 ru upon ri
sltion of the bonds required for the dliy
work in the diiislon taking receipts
therefor In n book kept for that purpose
In- counts and cares for eiery bond
whether rclstereel or coupon wcOci
from the llureau of Kngrai ing and irliu
Kg through the Sccretarj s ollice anil at
in his cus
times h s oi er a billion dollars
tody in other oiliees of the department
the custodian of the lault is granted ex
tra compensation because of the extra
and responsible duties del oil cd upon him
The sinie rule should apply here where
th responsibility is as great and the la
bor necessary to the safety and care or
the securities fully as arduous as is the
case in other ollirrs
Ihe case of the prlrcipil bookkeeper
of the office is also one demindlng better
compensation The position requires care
ligllance nnd ability of a high order and
when comparing the labor and responsi
bility and salary with like essentials of
tho bookkeeper in other branches of the
department it would certain seem that
the position nere snuuiu v n
1 emolument equivalent to that of other
principal bookkeepers
It would be an act of simple Justice to
I grant these two faithful and efficient
clerks an Increase of I2J per annum each
to be charged to the one as custodian of
the ault and to the other as principal
bookkeeper and I most respectfully so
I recommend
I Concluding his report Mr Lj ons makes
the folloilng recommendations
Through the dailj interchange of offl
1 clal business with other offices of the
1 Department and the larious dutes In
trusted to the reprcsentatlies of this office-
on the different committees for the
destruction of notes etc together with
the necessary Iibor in boxing labeling
and tiling all redeemed securities of the
Goiernment a large amount of work Is
performed In this diiislon each sear of
a general and miscellaneous character
the amount of which cannot be deter
mined or stated in this report for the
reason that it can not be properly esti
mated or measured
t I would also most respectfully suggest
that the salarj of the Assistant Ttfcgister
be raised to 2500 per annum It would
take but 250 to raise it from his present
comnensation of J 250 and it would then
be on an equal basis with salaries of the
deputy auditors As the Assistant Reg
ister entirely merits this slight Increase
1 trust it will be allowed him
I respectfully recommend that this of
fice be allowed four clerks of class I In
stead of an equal number at a compen
sation of 9o0 per annum Should this be
done it would permit a partial adiance
of a number of capable and desenlng
clerks who were reduced from a higher
grade without any Imaginable fault on
their part
1 haic also the honor to recommend
if it can be done that the temporary
clerks now carried on the rolls of this
office be giien permanent appointments
either after examimtion by and crtlflca
tlon from the Ciiil Sen ice Commission
or by Congressional action The work of
tho office has Increased vastly during the
past three jcars and In all of that time
tho clerks hale worked under high plea
sure There Is no probability that the
work will decrease in future ears or that
a less force than now carried will be able
to keep it up The clerks now on the
temporary roll have become trained to
expertness In the performance ot the
work allotted to them and in consequence
are efficient and painstaking skilled la
borers If 1 may use the term If It be
found that they cannot be placed perma
nently on the rolls then they should bo J
appropnaieu tor as heretofore as their
sen ices are- indispensable
The business of this office has never
been In bettf r shipe than it is at present
It Is practically up to date In each branch
I desire tei state that for this condition of
the work I am Indebted to the faithful
and efficient clerks In ech diiislon who
hale zealously perfoimed their full duty
IMInolN nml fir Vorlr Grunted the
I LnrsreHt IVnnilicr
The Issue of patents of September 10
comprises 439 p itents 32 designs 26
I marks 26 labels and 1 print making a
total of 524
The issue Is apportioned among the va
rious States and Territories as follows
the first number giien signifing patents
and designs and the second trade marks
labels and prints Alabama 1 0 Arizoni
Terrltorj 1 Op Arkansas 1 0 California
19 2 Colorado 6 1 Connecticut 9 0
Delaware 1 0 District or Columbia 6 0
rionda 1 0 Georgia 1 0 Illinois 43 1
Indiana 10 0 Iowa 9 0 Kansas 1 0
Kentucky 6 0 Louisiana 3 0 Maine 1
0 Maryland 1 0 Massachusetts 39 5
Michigan 13 1 Minnesota G 2
1 sippi 0 1 Missouri 11 1 Montana 1 1
Nebraska C 0 Neiada 2 0 New
i shire 4 0 New Jersej 19 1 New York
1 17 North Carolina 1 0 North Dakota
I 2 0 Ohio 2 0 Oregon 6 1
nia 36 11 Rhode Island 3 0 South Caro
lina 3 0 South Dakota 2 2 Tennessee
2 1 Texas 4 1 Vermont 0 1 Virginia
5 1 Washington 3 0 Wen Virginia 2
tO Wisconsin 9 1 U S Naiy 1 0 Total
to citizens of the United States 411 52
I Among the patent rights Issued were the
I following to residents of the District
Henry L Becker shoe attachment Ed
ward D Hardy and W V Ilebuschatcs
type locking del ice Herman Hullerith
apparatus for perforating record cards
Samuel E Itabbitt fireproof partition for
buildings Eldridge J Siiith assignor of
one halt to T A Ulckersham tilting im
stl holder John T Thorpe machine for
forming paper tubes
Tlie United Stntf N lruit Cuuimiii In
a s Veiiluri
NEW ORLEANS Sept 10 The United
States Fruit Compans steamer Spero
leaies here today with a full cargo of
lumber for the erection of laborers cabins
on the sugar plantations of the company
near Clenfuegos Cubu The nece ss lry
sugar mill has already been ere cted and
the company will be ready to begin ship
ping sugar from Its plantation this ear
The fruit company announces that It
has not abandoned the fruit for the sugar
business but is elolng a larger fruit busi
ness than eier nor is it competing with
the Ami rican Sugar Refining Company
A Itrport in the Clilillll Toharro In
lutr 1re purci In Ilimiiin
HAVANA Sept 10 The M rch ints
Union has drawn up a report of the to
bacco industry of Cuba by which the ar
guments of the Cigarmakers Union arc
recapltul lteil The Merchants Union asks
that tin duti on cigars Imported Into the
fulled States be placed nt JiSO per thou
sand that the ail alorem dut be remov
ed that tho duty on wrapper be fixed
at Jl per pound Instead of 1 SO and on
fillers at 2 cents per pound Instead of 35
eents The union calculates IIlii b thest
duths the United States would gain
in Increased customs receipts
The union also sa s that Porto Ulco has
an unfair adiantago oier Cuba in tht
corfio from that Jsland enjojs the ad
iintagc of the Cuban irarket while Cu
ban cigarettes which werti formerly sold
largely in Porto Rico now haie to piy the
same rate of dutj as In the United States
l4IIUlt Of 000 IllllHJMfll 1 tllC
Cilliloi Ulier
BALTIMORE Md Sept 10 Willlim T
t tone collector of the port today im
posed another fine of J5000 this time upon
tho master of the steamer Condor for
coming Into port without a supplemental
bill of health The Condor sailed from
Caliao Peru with her papers all right
but neglected to get n supplemental bill
at Coqulmbo Chile at which port she
Collector Stone will i -commend that tho
Secretury of the Tivcsury reduce the fine
Mr nnd Mrs Lci P Morton who are
spending the late scasbn at Virginia Wa
ter their place In England are now en
tertaining Count Tallcjrnnd Perlgord
whose engagementfto Miss Morton was
recently announced r
Dr Kdlth Jewel has returned from her
Mrs William Cutlen Dicwster has re
turned to Washjngton and taken an
apartment at the Portland
rt i
Cards haie been issued announcing the
marrl rge of Hon William Henr ltigan
of GretncAstle Ind to Mrs Emily Iee
Sherwood of this city nt the residence
of Mr and Mrs 31 G Lee Aincostia
Heights V C The ceremony was per
formed last night at 9 oclock by the Kev
John Van Sehnlck Jr In the presence of
the brides famllv and i few mutual
friends Mr and Mrs Itngan left Imme
diately aftemard for Buffalo Niagara
and finally to Greencastle to ilslt the
grooms old home They will be at home
after October 15 on Mondaj s at the Lou
doun 312 314 East Capitol Street
Mr Itagan Is an expert horticulturist
nnd a medalist of the Paris Exposition
haling assisted in preparing this
mene s exiuuie oi pomology ior me lair
He is connected with the Division of Po
mology of the Agricultural Department
Mrs Itagan is a well known newspaper
woman nnd for years past has been iden
tifitd with out of town papers and maga
zines ltoth the bride and groom are na
tives of Indiana and were friends In
outh Their acquaintance was renewed
when Mr Itagan came to Washington
As the condition of President McKinlcy
Improies Newport Is gradually emerging
from the gloom which fell upon it with
the newh of the shooting of the nations
Chief Executiie so while for the past few
eienlngs all entertainments were post
poned last night there was once more a
semblance of life among tho cottagers
and several pretty dinners were given
The Misses Kleckhoeffcr formerly of
this city who haie been heard so fre
quently for seieral seasons at Newport
will go abroad next summer for an ex
tended stay
Mrs Albert G Brackett left esterday
for an indefinite visit to her mother at
Louisillle Ky
Imitations have been issued by Mr and
Mrs E U Hughes to the marriage of
their daughter Dorothy to Mr Arthur G
Bishop which will take place on Tuesday
eienlng September 17 at the Ninth Street
Christian Church
Mr Luis A Oiarzon will sail for Eu
rope today on the new steamship Phila
Dr J C McGuire has returned to the
city from Jamestown R I
Rev J T Heisse pastor of Wesley
Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church and
family nre again at the parsonage 509
Third Street after an absence of seieral
months at Kensington Md
Mrs G W Kldwollrand children have
returned from a pleaVint ilslt to their
uncle Mr T T Chiiihcster near War
renton Va
Dr William G Hchafhlrt has just re
turned to the city after a three weeks
trip to BufTalo NlagaVa Falls Montreal
and Atlantic City where he jiIned Mrs
Schafhirt The latter wlll not return to
INashlngton until October 1
An interesting International marriage
will be that of Muis Margaret Grace to
the Earl or Donoughinore The three
Graco sisters called rightly In England
the three American Graces are beautiful
young women the daughters of Mr and
Mrs Michael P Grace and the nieces
of William R Grace ex maor of New
York City The Michael Graces haie
Hied abroad for a number of ears and
they haie a loiely country seal in one of
the most fashionable shires In England
and go a great deal in society The elder
Miss Gracu married oung Beaumont
about a year ago He Is lery wealthy
and of excellent familv The young Earl
of Donoughmore has Just come Into his
titl HIS father died about a jear back
Young Donoughmom was btrn in 1S73 and
has been known a3 Viscount Suirdale He
has gone in for politics and has been pri
vate secretary to the Governor of Hong
kong and has a great future before him
He has a icry protty country seat In Ire
land known ns Knocklofty House He
has also another castle near Waterford
The Graces live In London In a handsome
mansion In Bclgraie Square and are seen
at many of tho entertainments at the
great houses
General llejsviioil Greet a Former
Murine From AVHUcnlinrre
W E Finney or Wilkesbarre Pa
called on his old commander General
Heywood at tho United States Marine
Headquarters in this city -yesterday morn
ing to renew their preilous acquaintance
of five jears during which time from
1K73 to 1S78 Mr Finney sened In the Ma
rine Corps Though General Heywood had
not seen Mr Finney since the latter left
the sen ice oier twenty jears ago he
recognized the Pennsjlianian and called
him b name as soon as the latter enter
ed the Marine Corps ollice in the Bond
When the great railroad riots In Penn
sjlianla broke out In 1S77 Mr Finney
was In General Heywoods command
which was sent from here first to Balti
more and Philadelphia and then to Read
ing the strike Tho general pleas
antlj recalled how his men slept on rail
road platforms In the latter cltj while
the strikers tried to overawe them with
thr ats and eieu bullets nnd how the
marines dispersed the lawless elt
ment after the local militia had failed
In the attempt
Mr Finnej saw hard seriico In other
places during his long enlistment and
became ierj much attached to his com
manding officer His pleasure In seeing
General Hejwood jesterdiy was -very
much enhanced by the latters cordial
greeting and his recollection of their
sen Ice in the Pennsjiiania riots
The Juile4 IllneHM IikWj to Delny
lliitte ri Until Then
Judge Arthur II Nojes of the Second
district of Alarka who is in Washington
to answer to tne Attorney General certain
charges which haie been preferred
against htm at Noirc is still ill at tne
Shoreham Judge Nojys has been order
ed by his phjsician to obsene absoluto
quiet and rest
A speedy investlg itlpn of the charges
preferred can bo iinllcipatcd howeier
though an accumulation of business dur
ing his long absenc will not permit the
General to glie the m itter his
attention for seiqral dns Mr Knox
Iionrier will take up Judge Nojes cim
immedlatelj njKin the disposal of this ex
traordinary business and should Judge
Nojes condition permit a hearing maj
be expected by th end of this neck or
the commencement of mt
Inspired Ciiiiiui iit mi the
He liitlon
BERLIN Sept JO The semi annual
Nordeutsche Aliegemeine Zeltung In an
ciidenlly Inspired article commenting
upon the coming meeting of the Kaiser
and Czar at Dantzlg sijs Chancellor ion
Buelon and Count Lamsdorff the Russian
Foreign Minister are certain to greet
each other as fellow workers in a policy
which is directed at Increasing the securi
ty of the peace of Europe
Thej are comluced that the interests of
Russia and Germany are often identical
and neicr irreconcilable
Comilijr lnnnelilnir of the WtillK
The torpedo boat Willis will be launched
at Morris Heights New York Clc on
September Ji She Is being constructed to
make 264 knots sjKed
Ilie Heat Iretierlptlon lor Miliaria
Cliilla snd lever U a buttlt ot Groves Tasteless
thill Tonic It Is sim ilr Iron and juinlne in a
tasteless form ISo cure no tuy Price 50c
An Intordcnominntionnl Service at
the Presidents Church
Tsso AdrireMMf M on the Subject fit the
AUemiitrl AssilNMliiutlou llelicf
n eprexNcil Tliiit Cimil Will Come
Out of the llrenilful Incident
The interdenominational prayer sen Ice
for the presentation of the life of the
President held last night at the Metro
politan Methodist Episcopal Church was
attended hj a congregation of clergy
and ltlty which well filled the large
auditorium of the edifice On the pulpit
stage were the Rev II R Najlor Irc
sldlng Elder of the Methodist Episcopal
Church of the District of Columbia the
Rev W H Chapman assistant pastor of
the Metropolitan M E Church the Rev
J G Butler pastor of the Luther Place
Memorial Church the Rev Luclen Clark
of the Hamllnc M E Church and the
Rev Donald McLcod pastor of the First
Presbyterian Church In the audience
were the Rev J J Mulr pastor of the
E Street Baptist Church the Rev Mr
Amiss pastor of the North Capitol Street
M E Church the Rev Sam Small the
evangelist the Rev Mr Hubbard ex
Mayor Emery and other distinguished
clerg men and citizens of the city
Two large silk ATnerican flags crossed
marked the entrance to the Presidents
pew which Is situated on the left of the
centre row of pews the fourth from the
pulpit The exercises consisted entirely
of addresses and prajers of which the
theme was the Presidents condition Dr
Najlor presided and prayers were delii
cred by the Rev Mr McLeod Dr Clark
Dr Butler the Rev Mr Amiss and the
Rev Mr Mulr Mr McLeod and Mr
Chapman both delliered brief addresses
The exercises were opened Dr
Naylor who commented upon the pro
priety of meetl ig In the church where
the President attended divine service
when in Washington The occasion he
said was one for hearts rejoicing and
thanks for the Presidents safety Mr
McLeod then delliered a brief address of
which the following is the substance
Wo are here to pray to God to restore
President McKInley to health again but
also to give glory to God for haling heard
the prayers that haie already been direct
ed to hi3 throne with this supplication
for his mercy The President is essen
tially a child of God He Is the high
Christian ruler of the greatest nation In
tho world
Mr McLeod then referred to the condi
tions of anarchy which led up to the at
tack upon the President If there is anj
thtug said he in the general conditions
of society in the land that wrongfully
caused such discontent I pray that the
Lord will remoie such conditions We
wish to mingle our prayers with our
thanksgiving JIad he died few men
would have passed out of the world In
a greater blaze of glory than William
Mr McLeod suggested that the people
would haie to look higher than Congress
for tho extermination of anarchy Phis
lui held could be accomplished only
through the work of the church of Jesu3
Christ- The speaker also eulogized the
colored man Parker as the striker of a
blow which prevented the assassin from
firing a third shot at the President
This deed howeier continued Mr
McLeod has brought us closer togeth
er In the bonds of sjmpathy If has
brought us closer to God This act will
work for good Let us not only thank
God for his mercy to us in the past in
having answered so la our prajers for
tho welfare of tho President but pray
to him for mercy In the time to come
and to spare us the life ot the President
At tho conclusion of Mr McLeods ad
dress Dr Amiss deliicicd a prayer
In resionse to a request that any mem
ber of the audience give expression to his
sentiments Dr Mulr led in prayer In
which he aked that peace and comfort
might be giien to the suffering Poxident
and that he might bo restored to hlln
to extend the kingdom of Goel H so
asked for this boon that the wife en the
sufferer might find bliss In his Mru ira
of life
The last speaker was Mr n
who said in part All here ai u illy
saddened In heart as a result cl as
sault upon the life of the President Not
since Garfields time his the country been
disturbed bj so atrocious an assault by
an Infamous wretch With the President
o well guarded it seemed impossible
The colored man Parker thanks -and
honor to that man preientcd a third bul
let being fired to further jeopardize the
Presidents life Hut I think some good
will come out of this calamity The In
tense bitterness which has developed
among the neople of the nation against
anarchy will grow until the supreme
council of the land will enact a law which
will obliterate this disease from the soil
Thank God McKInley still lives And
I hope that he will continue to Hie to
administer the affairs of the nation to
the glory of God Not since the dajs of
George Washington has there been a man
who has had a stronger hold on the af
fections of the people All hope for his
recoicrj Democratic and Republican
State administrations alike have called
their citizens to prajer for the of
the President This shows the high esti
mation In which he is held by people of
all political creed3
While he may difTcr with some in po
litical belief he Is regarded by all as
honest in the course he has pursued high
In Integrity and honor strong In Intellect
safe ns a counsellor a statesman and
above all a Christian Such men we need
and the more we have on earth the better
will be the world It Is appropriate that
this gathering should be held here to
night In the church which the President
himself attends and I belieie that God
will not be unmindful of our pravers
In our closets and ev erj where let
us continue these supplications In behair
of the stricken one and also In behalf of
his companion this handmaiden this
other stricken one And It be tint
she will be willing to leave It In the hand
of God to direct what Is best for her
and what Is best for the nation
The services were concluded with the
doxoiogj and the benediction Invoked
by Dr Butler
roily of the Iate GeorBetois n Ihjxt
cllin til He Hurled Tndnj
The funeral ot the 1 itc Dr Louis War
field Ritchie will be held from Holy
Trinity Church this morning at 9 33
oclock The service will be conducted bj
Tather McAtee Interment will be made
rt Holy Rood Cemetery
Dr Ritchie was born in Georgetown fifty-eight
jears ago and died nt his resi
dence 0259 N Street northwest Monday
afternoon last of Brlghta disease He was
the son of Dr Joshua A Ritchie a medl
cil Instructor of Georgetoivn University
He studied medicine under his father and
was for a number of jears phjslchn to
the Signal Corps at Fort Mjer During
the civ 11 war he was connected with the
Hospital Corps and later with scleral of
the larger hospitals in the District
He was president of the Georgetown
Citizens Association and aluais an en
ergetic factor In public affairs He is sUr
tlied by a widow three sons and a
IIIn Attorns i Wish to nme nn Ail
illtliiuul Defendant
In connection with the suit of Dr Le
roy R Stoddard against the trustees of
the Homeopathic Hospital Association
a motion was filed jestcrday asking per
mission of the court to make the cor
poration a party to the litigation When
tho matter came up for consideration be
fore Justice Barnard Arthur A KIrney
counsel for tho trustees showed nn In
tention to take an appeal on all matters
of law and final disposition of the matter
was postponed
Dr Stodderd some time ago filed a pe
tition asking tint a writ of mandamus be
issiiMl against the board ot trustees of
the Hoimopathic Hospital Association to
compel them to admit his patients to the
hospital for treatment
Oceun SteiiniMlill alovemeiitn
NEW YORK Sept 10 Arrived Steam
ers Koenlgln Lulse Bremen Kensington
Antwerp Perugia Genoa Colorado Hull
Sailed from foreign ports Patricia from
New York at Cherbourg
Orders AtTectlns Recently Promoted
Oineerit in the Artillery
The following assignments of officers
recently promoted in the Artillery Corpi
have been made
From lieutenant colonel to colonel John
L Tlernon Coast Artillery-
From major to lieutenant colonel
George S Grimes Field Artillery John
31 K Davis Coast Artillery
From captain to major Mcdorem Craw
ford Coast Artillery G N Whistler
Coast Artillery Henry A Reed Coast Ar
tillery Albert S Cummins Coast Artil
lery Alexander B Djcr Field Artillery
From first lieutenant to captain Hirry
E Smith 113th Company Coast Artlllerj
Wlnfleld S Overton Elghtj seventh Com
pany Coast Artillery Men jn C Buccey
Hfty seventh Companj Coast Artillery
Frederick B Johnston Seventieth Com
panj Coast Artillery Earlo D A Pearcc
Thirtj thlrd Coast Artillery
Arthur S Conklin Twenty seventh Com
panj Coast Artlllerj Benjamin 31 Koeh
ler Ninety second Company Coast Artll
lerj James F Brady Twenty first Com
panj Coast Artillery H LaF Apple
white 103d Company Coast Artillery
R L Carmichael Seventeenth Companj
Coast Artillery Harry O Bishop Seventy-ninth
Company Coast Artillery An
drew iloses Twenty third Company
Coast Artillery Thomas Q Ashmirn
Twenty fourth Company Coast Artillery
Sim K Bottoms Ninth Company Coast
Artillery Willard D Newbill Fourth
Company Coast Artillery Harold E
Clokc Thirty fourth Company Coast Ar
tlllerj Samuel C Vestal Eightj first
Comnanv Coast Artillery T 11 It
Intyre Eighteenth Companj Coast Ar
tlllerj it- Mc Master -coast Amucry
Philip R Ward Field Artillery
From second to first lieutenant Gwynn
R Hancock Sixty sixth Company Coast
Artillery Dan T 3Ioore Ninety sixth
Company Coast Artillery Clarence B
Smith Fourteenth Battery Field Artil
lery Russell P Reeder Sixteenth ltat
teiy Field Artillery Robert F McMillan
Fifteenth Battery Field Artillery God
win Ordway Ninety first Company Coast
Artlllerj Ljnn S Edwards Seventieth
Company Coast Artlllerj George 31
Brooke Twenty sixth Company Coast
Artlllerj Hugh K Tajlor Thlrtj second
Company Coast Artillery George Delss
Coast Artillery Aiden Trotter Coast Ar
tillery S 31 Bowman Ninetieth
Coast Artillery Charles R Lavvson
Seventj tifth Company Coast Artillery
Francis A Pope Seventh Battery Field
Artillery G A Youngberg Second Bat
tery I leld Artillery S B Hamilton
Blshtj -sixth Company Coast Artillery
William P Stokey Nineteenth Compiny
Coast Artillery William I Westenelt
Second Battery Field Artillery Edwin
G Davis Coast Artillery Frederick L
Buck Eighty second Coast Ar
tillery Jay I Hopkins nftcenth Bat
tery Field Artillery Leroy T Hlllman
Seventy fourth Company Coast Artillery
Upton Blrnle jr Twentj thlrd Company
Coast Artillery A H Sunderland Twenty-fifth
Battery Field Artillery Clarence
Deems jr Twentj -fifth Battery Field
R II Fenner Twenty sixth
Battery Field Artillery C L J Froh
wltter 111th Company Coast Artillery
Edward 1 Nones Fourth Cumpany
Coast Artlllerj Arthur P S Hjde Six
teenth Battery Field Artillery Clifford
C Carson Sixth Battery Field Artillery
Harry E 3Iltchell Eighth Battery Field
Artillery Ernest E Allen Eighth Bat
tery Tield Artlllerj Fred C Doyle
Twenty eighth Company Coast Artillery
Pressley 1C Brice Twenty fourth Bat
tery Field Artillery George T Perkins
iaghteenth Battery Field Artillery John
3Ic3Ianus Thirtj -fourth Company Coast
Artillery A 31clntjre Ninety second
Company Coast Artillery John B 3Iur
phy Twentj -ninth Company Coast Artil
lery Frank B Edwards Ninth Companj
Coast Artillery George R Greene bixtj
fifth Coast Artillery Robert
31 Elllcott Sixtj ninth Companj Coast
Artlllerj Theodore H Koch Coast Artil
lery Henry C Merrlam Ninety seventh
Company Coast Artlllerj R W Brlggs
Coast Artillery Harry C vuliams Tifty
first Company Coast Artillery
The Ilonril in Clinr e of Government
Exhibit Appointed
The following have been appointed to
constitute a board of officers to have
charge of the Government exhibit at the
Louisiana Purchase Exposition to be held
in St Louis
State Department Col W II Michael
chief clerk Treasury Wallace II Hills
chief clerk War John C Scofiold chief
clerk Navy B F Peters chief clerk
Po tollice John B Brqwnlow clerk In
terior E 3L Dawson chief clerk Fish
and Fisheries W de C Ravenel division
chief Labor G W W Hanger chief
clerk Agriculture Col J H Brigham as
sistant secretary Bureau of American
Republics William C Fox chief clerk
Uee Woninnn Pill IJnMlnCMH
W S Shallenbcrger Acting Assistant
Postmaster General yesterday issued
fraud orders against 3Irs B 3r Rowan
3lrs Bertha 31 Rowan 31rs B Rowan
and P O drawer 1587 at Milwaukee Wis
on tho charge of conducting a scheme
for obtaining monej through the malls
under false pretences
The scheme of the promoter It Is al
leged consisted In offering for sale medi
cine which she contended would cure
all diseases to which worpen were sub
ject Upon application from patients
for instructions and Information the pro
moter It Is alleged sent a prospectus in
which she said tnit the price of the meeli
cino was J2 25 and that it would cure
anything within n prescribed time She
also stated that if J223 worth of the medi
cine would not be effective worth
would do the business The number of
pills sent in response to the secondor
der was so large that it would require al
most a hfetlmo for the patient to tike
them If she followed the instructions
of the promoter
Arnij Orilern
Capt Joseph L Donovan
is relieved of ddty at Co
lumbus Barracks and ordered to join his
Capt Charles T Menoher Artillery
Corps is ordered to Fort Leavenworth
for duty pertaining to the organization
of the Twentj elghth Company of Field
3lajor John B Rodman Twentieth In
fantrj is detailed for recruiting dutj and
is ordered to Ixiuisville Kj
Col William A 3Iarje Ordnance De
partment will proceed to the National
Soldiers Home Elizabeth County
Va to inspect certain gun carriages and
limbers with a view to thir -condemnation
and to report upon missing ordnance
supplies at that nlace
Lieut Richard P Strong assistant sur
geon is onlered to report to the Surgeon
General of the Arms for temporarj duty
in his othee on completion of which he
wilt procteel to 31anlla I I anil report
to the Civil Governor of the Philippines
for dutj as director of the Government
biological laboratory at Manila
itvj Orders
I leutenant Commander W P Waite
assume duties additional InsjH ctor if
equipment and ordnance Crescent Shlp
jard Elizabeth N J and works Gas
Engine and Povicr Companj and Charles
L St - Co consolidated Morris
Heights N Y on September 1C
Passed Assistant Surgeon O D Costi
gan resignation hereby accepted take
effect S ptember IS
Pharm islst J Cowan detached Mare
Islind Hospital to home one months
sick leave
Report of Fiiunillliis llisriitul
The annual report of the president of
the Washington Hospital for Foundlings
h is been transmltteel to the of
the Interior During the fiscal jcar end
ing June 30 1S01 there were fortj -eight
foundlings received in the Institution The
total assets were lll0fl the total liabili
ties Jiil0 The total receipts were
7Ji91 07 and the total expenditures 777G
leai ing a balance In tne bank of J117 84
The MeClellniis Arrival nt Manila
Central Chaffee has notified the War
Dcpirtment of the nrrlinl of the trans
port McClfllan at Manila
foods Pills
Are used by
thousands of
the best families and arc worthy your con
fidence Try them once and j ou will prefer Uiem
to all others Sold by all druggists 25 cents
New York Washington Paris
Our business boum are 8 a ra to 5 p m
Call or send your address for
our September booklet The
Student containing a classified
list of students supplies every
thing for boys and girls young
men and young women
New Autumn
We sow show a choice assort
ment of advance styles in both
foreign and domestic dress fabrics
preliminary to the formal and com
plete exhibit which will be made
Among recent arrivals are Broad
cloths Venetians Henriettas and
Satin Prunellas
Also rich Golf Suitings for wo
mens street and golf skirts and
tailor gowns
Also a beautiful line of new
Fancy Watstings in handsome and
exclusive styles
First floor loth st
Three special items in Boys
Suits suitable for early fall wear
The attention of mothers prepar
ing their sons for school is directed
to theseitems Excellent values
all three
50 Fine All wool Tuxedo Suits in navy blue
dark stripes and fancy mixtures well made well
fitticir 4 pieces single or donble breasted coat
single or double breasted Teat shield front anc
pants sizes 3 to 12
Special Price 375
CO Fine All wool Sailor BIoue Suits in ditj
blue serges 2nd dark striped materials tot qual
ity finest workmanship trimmed and braidetf
with black or white silk iraid Sizes 3 to It
Special Price 375
75 Very Fine Single and Double breasted Suit1
also a number of est Suit also a few Xorfolk
Jacket Suiti in nary blue and neat atjliah mix
tures well ulxCc and well fitting sizes 7 tc
Were 600 to 750
Third floor
New Colored
Full assortment of Colored Pet
ticoats including sateens plain
and mercerized silk moreen and a
very hand some line of taffeta silks
in street and evening effects
Attention is called to some very
excellent values in Sateen Petti
coats ab lollows
Womens lllack i atcen Petticoats
umbrella stjic three rows of cord- t J
ire two rai Each - Xm J
Womens Black Sateen Petticoats
with deep accordlon Jilalted flounce Jl CQ
edged with narrow ruftle Kach lJJ
Womens lllack Sateen Petticoat3
umbrella svle We hemstitehed C t f
fies tach ZUU
Womens Black Sateen Petticoats
umbrella stjfte eight rows of cord- l C A
inff flmshed with corded ratle Each imJJ
Womens Outing Flannel Short Skirts CflC
with Jeep niiUe and joke Land Each J VI
Second floor
ecial Sale of
Doolittle Jars
We offer tl e new improved Doo
little Fruit Jars which have extra
wide mouths and all glass top at
prices almost as low as much poor
er kinds We reduce the price at
tais time to enibe our customers
to become thoroughly familiar
with the fiue qualities of this new
improved vacuum effect Fruit Jar
They are very simple and cosing
as tliey do with a vacuum enable
you to be absolutely sure that
your fruit is properly sealed
Pint Size 75c doz
Were 90c
Quart Size 85c doz
Were 100
Half gallon size 100 doz
Were 1 25
Just the iir for peaches pears
quinces and other lane fruits
Filth floor

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