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The President Aide to Take and
Enjoy Nourishment
Good Results Follow the Reopen
ing of the Wound
Tlio 1stient Continues to Improve
lliilifillj In 11 Host Cheerful Moml
Local Irritation the Ciiunl tif the
Itciuntnl of the mIIcIicm From the
lliteriuil Injur Ileti ution of lie
Jle ef Jtllf c u JslKll of the llcnllllK
r the htoiiinc h bis Weeks the
Limit bet IJcfore Mr MeKIiilej
Will He Alile u htmt Ilulinlo
KUrrALO Sept 11 I have passed the
best nlglit of any since I was shot wore
the cheering words with which the Presi
dent greeted Mrs McKlnlcy when she
paid him her regular morning visit today
The physicians in their bulletins and in
their supplemental communications en
dorse the Presidents own favorable ac
count of himself
There was not the slightest reaction of
any kind from what was called the re
opening of the wound after the consul
tation last eenlng The term reopening
of the wound Is in itself technically cor
rect The incision made at the first opera
tion was reopened to the extent that the
hair like silken threads which held the
severed parts together were cut That
In a way re opened the wound and jet the
Impression possibly conejed by the term
might be that the wound to its entire
depth was laid open This is dlstinctly
not the case
The irritation which the phjslclans
wished to allay by washing and fresh
antiseptic treatment was wholly a surface
trouble Jt was the skin that was irri
tated In the case of a man as inclined
to portliness as the Presilent this outer
Irritation was separated from the inte
rior membrane lining by a considerable
depth of adipose In the late bulletin
last evening it was said that the Irritation
was caused by a fragment of the Presi
dents coat that was carried In by tnc
One of the rhjsicians said today What
was done last eening was little more
than a dressing of the wound No anes
thetic was used because comparatively
no pain was inflicted Ycsterdaj forenoon
the irritation was observed and it was
determined to head it off then and there
with a fresh antiseptic dressing and that
Is precisely what was done
The President did not lose ground by
the treatment He gained by it The irri
tation today had diminished The vcund
was in a healthier condition The tem
perature hovered a shade aboc 100 The
pulse ranged during the hours of daj light
from 120 at C oclock to 116 at 9 oclock in
the morning to 120 again at 3 oclock in
the afternoon The patient rested easily
was entirely without pain with his mini
not only absolutely unchanged but cheer
ful and hopeful
The physicians have spoken with much
satisfaction of the fact that the Presi
dents condition Is now such that he can
take nourishment In the natural way
through the mouth This not only is in
dicating satisfactory progress on the part
of the wounded stomach but it also is
of advantage for the reason that some
local irritation had been developed by the
artificial methods of suppljlng the patient
Tith food
The President greatly relishes the beef
Juice that is administered to him at fre
quent intervals and the amount has been
increased For a time at lean probably
until Fridaj nothing but the beef juice
will be administered All these details
simply confirm the optimistic attitude of
all those who came from the Mllburn
bouse and refute the stories of sensation
mongers as to things being kept back
and the President being in a much more
precarious condition than has been re
The President is not In a precarious con
dition and never has been from
he was so quickly treated In the
Emergencj Hospital and was safely taken
to the place where he now rests In sur
roundings that are ideal for a patieiit
Condensed into a nutshell the President
is a man who was seriously wounded and
Is now on the high road to recovery At
the present rate of progress it will not be
man dajs before his phjslclans cau
tious and conservative as the are villi
be ready formally to pronounce him prac
tically out of danger
The cheerfulness and courage of the
President himself are greatly In his favor
and aYe factors which greatly please his
phvsicians He has taken to makirg
mildly humorous remarks about thing-
It Is getting rather lonesome In hero
Cortelyou he said to his Secretary I
dont get as much s oclcty as Id like
Then again to one of his phvslclans
after he tad been something like a hun
dred hours without food In the sense that
food suggests Itself to the lay mind he
aid Do you know doctor I am getting
hungry It seems to me it is a prettv
long time between meals
About his future plans he has onlj said
that when he was well he would go direct
to Washington and that he would shut
up his house in Canton As to when he
will leave the subject is one that has teen
considered onlv in the most general way
f3S0 Siieclnl Mtturilii Trip fi o
To Old Point Norfolk Va Uercli Ocean X lor
and cwport Sn via Ncifolk and nathlncton
steamer Siturdaj 6- p in Hound trip 350
or lUtcrooins plionc 22W central tktct of
fice bond bulletin lull it anil X V are
Bnl Quality In Iumlx r Alivuj old
ly Frank IiUwy 4 Co ard CwreU floorins si
Dr said this morning that If
It were a case of dire emergency he could
Washington tomorrow-
be moved to
out hurting him by putting him on a cot
and in a special car
But of course he added there is no
such an emergency His surroundings
here are as good as they could bo any
where In the world
Even when he Is so far recovered as to
reduce the danger to a minimum he will
still remain here Sit weeks is the very
shortest time anj body now speaks of as
the limit of his stay here His brother
Abner McKlnlcy who arrived here jes
tcrday from Colorado spoke very posl
llvelj on the question of removal today
I think I am entitled to hive some
thing to say on the subject of when my
brother shall le moved he said And
If I can have mv waj he shall not leave
here until he can walk out of this housi
as firmly as he walked into it
While one of the phjslclans In atten
dance Is quoted todav as snjlrg that the
dressing of the wound last evening would
delay the time when the President would
be r bc to go awiv others of the phjfci
clins ald that it would have no bearing
upon the subject whatever
There is one interesting thing about the
Jresidcrt s conversition since he liar been
in the sick room in the Mllburn house
and that is that in all tint Interval of
live davs he his not once mentioned the
man who attempted to murder him He
has not asked his name or even made
an enquiry as to the motive which inspir
ed the died He knows absolutely notn
Ing of what has been done about the an
archists knowj nothing except what he
has evolved In his own Inner conscious
ness about the tremendous outburst of
horror and rage that has swept over the
country and in fact over the entire
w orld
Por the man to whom only a few dajs
ago he affairs of all the nations of the
globe were in u way more or less a part
of the daily routine of business the en
tire world is now narrowed down to the
boundaries of the bedroom In which he
lies Bejond this his anxiety only reaches
out to the ncarbv apartment where his
Invalid wife stays nearly all of the time
It Is never forgotten in all the enquiries
that there arc two patients under that
same Mllburn house roof Mrs McKln
lcy Is watched almost as carefully by
her phvsiclan Dr IJixey as is the Presi
dent himself The reports regarding her
condition today are of the most reassur
ing character The way she has borne
herself through this ordeal Is the marvel
of all who have been about her
Of course the happy turn which affairs
began to take In her husbands case so
soon after he was stricken down has been
the great prop on which she has leaned
She like all the rest has passed novvtfrom
the stage of hopefulness to that of con
fidence She fully believes her husband
Is going to get well and the fact has lnd
1 marked effect upon her health She
sleeps well and at the house today it
was said that her appetite was surpris
igi tfood
Her favorite niece Miss Uay Birber
is her constant companion except when
she goes for her daily drive and then It is
her cousin Mrs McWilliams of Chicago
who accompanies her In the house she
remains nearly all the time In her room
where Miss Barber reads to her a good
deal and that composes her greatly
Col Wilbur C Brown came down town
today and got a supplj of books for her
and immediately after she got back lrom
her drive Miss Barber read to her from
one of them Twice a day regularly she
Eoes to see her husband In the forenoon
and In the afternoon After the first
greetings what thej say to each other I
of course iot heard As soon as she
takes her seat by his side all those who
are in the room withdraw and leave hus
band and wife alone together with only
the door a little ajar In case the President
should require sudden assistance As a
matter of fact ticy do not talk very
much Mrs McKlnlcy knows tint the
doctors do not want her husband to talk
much and he knows it too
Colonel Brown spoke with much ear
nestness today of the splendid spirit
Mrs McKinley had shown from first to
It Is unspeakably touching he said
to see the poor gentle woman who Is
so weak herself try to nerve herself for
meeting her husband without breaking
down She has been told that his very
life may depend upon her bravery be
cause his constant and greatest anxiety
is for her It Is impossible for those who
do not know the marvelous tenderness
there is between this husband and wife to
understand what the suffering of each
Is to the other The one thing that preys
upo the Presidents mind Is his anxiety
for the effect upon Mrs McKinley of the
ordeal which he is going through and
what it Is to her to Tie separated from
him is more than can be appreciated ex
cept by thos who know how constantly
she has lennr d upon him for years
It is as though the very foundations
of cverj thing were pulled away when he
is away from her I never knew anj
thing like such a touching devotion us
there Is between these two I think no
bodj ever did There is one thing I wish
to say about Mrs McKlnlejs phjslcal
condition She is not under the Influence
of any narcotic drugs whatever She is
bearing up under all this bj the sheer
btrength of her will and by her own phvl
cal strength
And there la another thing I would
like to say by way of correction The
condition of the President his not been
concealed from Mrs McKinley It was
not concealed from her at the start Dr
Rixev broke the news to her as has ben
stated The details arc In this way Mrs
McKinley first expressed surprise liv
the President was so late In coming frim
the exposition grounds When it became
dusk nnd he still did not com she 1 e
came dc cldcdlj anxious Ir Flxev ap
peared and she slid to him
Where is Mr McKinley Whj does
lie not come J ha e some bid news
for ou Mrs McKinlij said the doctor
What is it she cried Is there any
thing wrong with him lias le been
hurl Yes Mrs McKlnle j the doctor
said he Ins been huit he h it been shot
She staggered sllghtlj but Instantly re
plied Then 1 must go to him I mu t so
to him at once No tin- doctor said
we are going to bring him to ou and
cverj thing di ptnds upon jou Mrs Mc
Kinlcj Ma be his life depends upon ou
We look to jou to help us It Is jour
bravery that will do evcrj thing
Now continued Colonel Brown lint
Is just exuetly what occurred and it Is
due to Mrs McKinley to say It for too
much credit cannot be given to her for
the splendid way In which she then and
there rose up to meet the relcit and for
the splendid spirit she has shown firm
that time right on to the present mo
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Inch buardi 159
Anxiety Over the Reopening oftlO
Wound Quickly Calmed
The lMijslelniiH Drelnre That the
Itemovlll of eruiil Has Creatlj
llenellteil the PreHldeiit I he Ilnjx
UventH lit the Mllliurii Miinkiun
BUFrAI O Sept lb Though there was
great anxietj felt early this morning on
the part of those who watch the Mllburn
hou e regarding the bulletin Issued dur
ing the night describing the reopening of
the Presidents wound the davs develop
ments have been such as to leave no room
for doubt that this was unwarranted In a
great measure Visitors who called at the
house todav including the Cabinet olli
cials still hcie gave no Indications that
their hopes had In the least way been di
minished re girding the rapid recovery of
the President and the bulletins Issued
from the house at the regular Intervals
hav e been of the same rcasuring clnrac
ter as heretofore
On account of last nights bulletin
which a great miny thought before they
had the matter explained indicated a
slight setback there was no end of In
terest taken in tho early morning bulle
tin An Impression had got around among
some that the President was worse and
before the mornng bulletin was issued
policemen and soldiers about the guard
lines were stopped by anxious enquirers
as to whether this was so Nothing had
In the meantime come from the house but
tho bulletin which was given out at 6 a
m When compared with others that have
preceded it it seemed to be a sufficient
answer to any f ars that had been felt
over the consequences of last nights
opening of the wound This was the bul
C a m The President has passed a
very comfortable night Pulse 120
temperature 10 respiration 2i
It was apparent from this that there
had been ro change to speak of in the
Presidents condition as shown by the
temperature pulse and breathing and it
caused great relief
Dr Itlxey himself made his appearance
soon after this bulletin had reached the
newspaper men He only confirmed tho
impression it had created that cverj thing
was all right and stated most positively
that tho alarm which was occasioned In
a good minds bj the bulletin of the
evening before was unwarranted The
doctors when they arrived for the morn
ing consultation were all of them appar
ently In the best of spirits Dr Mjntcr
arrived first and the others soon followed
him The consultation to the
Issuing of the forenoon bulletin began
about S30 It lasted three quarters of an
hour This bulletin was then issued
9 a m The President rested com
fortably during the night Decided
benefit has followed the dressing of
the wound made last night His stom
nch tolerates the beet juice well and
it is taken with great satisfaction Ills
condition this morning is excellent
Pulse 110 temperature 100 2
Whin the doctors left the house after
the consultation all of them declared that
last nights bulletin should not have oc
casioned alarm and that ever thing today
v as most encouraging Dr McBurnej
sild The President passed a most com
fortable night and I am now perfectij
certain that he will recover
What we did last night he continued
should not be dignified as an operation
We simply cut out two stitches and drew
off a little serum that was there Then
I cleansed the wound and left it to heal
At the time the operation was performed
it was foreseen that an irritation might
arle but it was of no serious importance
A wound that has been treated under
perfect conditions does not develop these
sjmptoms but In this case the elamage
was done and the surgeons knew it That
is thej knew the flesh might become ir
ritated It was not pus that was there
merely a thin waterj fluid The President
is now taking beef Juice by the mouth
nnd be given the white of an egg
bj night
Dr said that rverj thing
pointe d to a recovery He said that
he would not leave the just jet but
gave as his reason that he had simplv
taken a great Interest In the ciso and
wanted to natch it Dr was
asked regarding the Presidents removal
to Washington He aald in his estimation
such a thing would be foolish because it
was He had every comfort
where he was he said and for that rea
son he should staj there for four weeks
Dr Park spoke in the sime terms He
said the President latt night had been
conscious and calm and that
not the slightest dcpress lon had follow
ed the incident
After the doctors had left visitors be
gan making tneir morning calls at the
house Major Die hi was one of the first
of these Then came Abncr McKlnlcy and
his partj The Cabinet Ministers who are
here began arriving about 10 30 o clock
S cretarj Hitchcock Secretirj Wilson
and Secretary Hay came together and
after them came General Grosvenor and
Postmaster General Smith Secretary
Root was tho last to arrive coming alone
Senator John M Thurston of Nebras
ka was another caller
After the Cabinet Ministers had been a
little while in the house were seen
all walking put to ther Instead of go
ing awa as was thought to be their in
tention went into the house adjoin
ing the Mllburn house the residence of
Mr They Vere Inside the Glen
ny house for about an hour then they
came out together and hid vuitc a talk
on the Hwn Afterward thi y went back
Into the Mllburn house All of them with
the exception of
were seen
after that going through the back ard of
the Mllburn house and into the residence
of Carlcton Sprague which fronts 011
These mjsterlous movements of the
Cabinet Ministers excited no end of com
ment on the part of the watchers across
the street Before this tliej had not been
seen together much If mj Secretary
Haj who came before the otherb s ild
that thej had simply met by accident at
the Mllburn house and had adjourned to
the adjoining residences slmplj for an
informal conference Mr Hij refused to
answer questions bearing on the suhjict
of their talk lit said that th re 1 id
been no Interference thus far with the
work of the State Dcpnrtmmt because of
the attack on President nnd
In did not anticipate any dlfllcultj what
soever In tint direction He hiU he
might leave for Washington this evening
but might possibly wait until tomorrow
It was learned afterward that he ether
nimbrn of the Cabinet hid gori to the
resilience of Mr Spra ie fi r iimhoii at
his Invitation After luncheon thej went
buk to the Mllburn house-
One of the callers nt the house this af
ternoon was Governor Yates of Illinois
accompanied by Senator Templetai of
XI Ol To llnrperH 11 ml lleturii
tjt OO 1 o tliiiiberliiiiil iiml Uettiru
lrom II O It II itatlon Wellington g 00
a in sunlav feptenihtr 15 stopping at Inter
medute rtatlons hate Cumberland
000 llarptrd 1errj fi CO p m sume dij
Prompt Lumber Ilellver itlivnjM hj
frank laltcy 4 Co and white pine iluurj L
the commission of the Pan American Kx
posltlon from that State Their tall hkd
a double purpose that of con
vcjing sjmpathy jind also to talk over
with Secretary Corteljou the propriety tf
celebrating Illinois Day next Monday at
j the exposition In view of the Presidents
condition secretary Corteljou told them
thit the original programme should be
followed by ail means and tint he hoped
the exercises would be successful
All of the visitors to the house came
aw with the most encouraging news
concerning the Presidents condition The
afternoon consultation of the phjblcians
began about 3 o clock and was attended
bj all of them as usual It lasted only
about fort J -five minutes Just nfter it
started preparations were mide for Mrs
McKiileys usu il drive She went to
dav as usual with her cousin Mrs Mc
Williams and was gone a little more thin
an hour
Trom the glimpse that was caught
of her Ip the carriage it seemed as
though there hniF been quite a change
In her condition from last
when she vent out for the first time
after the shock of being told what had
happened to her husband She scarcely
needed the assistance of Secretary Cor
teljou and Mr Mllburn today In getting
in and out of the carriage It wns about
4 o clock when the bulletin formulated
at tho afternoon Consultation was given
out and it contained no signs of dis
couragement It read as follows
3C0 p m Tho President continues
to gain and the wound Is becoming
more anel more fcealtrij anel nourish
m nt taken into the stomach Is grad
u increased iusc 120 tempera
ture 1W2
From the doctors when came out
nfter the consultation it wa3 learned that
the President was taking about four
times as mucli beef Julco as or
half an ounce an hour Regarding the
Incident of last night end its conse
quences Dr Park said
If the inflammation such as was ob
served in the Presidents wound had oc
curred in a hospital It would probablj
not have been regarded even as an in
cident nor would it have been recorded
in the history of the case I hope the
newspapers wont exaggerate any of our
bulletins as we are trjlng to make them
most frank I can tell jou this that
If anvthlng happens and we get ratted
we will let ever one know- about It Be
fore issuirg the bulletin last night we
talked it and decided that it was
best to give out what had happened but
the utmost caution was vsed so thit the
wrong ideas might not be convejed
Dr was the last of the phjsl
cians to leave the house after this after
noons consultation He said that a most
careful examination his been made of
cverj thing and that he was verj certain
that the irritation discovered last night
would be gone In hours The
President would be Improved decidedly In
consequence of the treatment
We have decided to move the Presi
dent from one bed to another as he com
Plined that his back was a little sore
Tnls will probdblj be done this evening
bj the nurses I have not decided when I
will go back but I have made so manj
friends In Buffalo I stay a few dijs
longer I shall attend the consultation
this evening
Dr Park was nsked when the Presi
dent would be out of dancer
The President he said c nnot be
considered out of danger for some time
He Is not out of danger anj mor than
one Is safe from being hurt bj the cars
until he Is out of the train shed
There is ery little prospect that the X
rav apparatus brought from New- York
will be used for some time If at all Dr
II A Knoll who came from New York In
charge of the appiratus said this morn
ing that he expected to return home this
afternoon or this evening and thit he
Would not come back to Buffalo unless
summoned by the physicians The appar
atus however wll be left here Dr Park
Kald this afternoon that It was very un
likely that any be made of it
as the bullet was now th
phjslclans anj conf rti
Flowers for the fresldcnt and his wife
were leceived all day at the Mllburn
house One of the finest of the floral
offerings was from the Italian colony of
New iork It was a large American
flats about four fret long surmounted
by an American Kaglc done 111 white
Immortelles and fringed at the top and
bottom with American Beauties Giovan
ni VanchettI the Italian Conul in Buf
falo made a formal presentation of the
flag on behalf of the New York Italians
Accompanying It was a card on which
the senders as citizens and representa
tives of the In New Yrrli express
ed their grief for the mlsforftne which
has overtaken the President
We thank Clod the message said
that jou arc spared to us and we send
this small token to show tint jou arc
alwajs dear to us and that we love our
President and our country with all our
heirts and souls and wih jou a specdy
re cov cry
Another gift consisting of flowers and
fruit came thU nfternoon from the Put
nam Plnlanx of Connecticut The gift
was addressed to Mra McKinlcj Toward
the latter part of the afternoon an eldcr
Iv woman whose clothes rather indicated
the pinching of poverty appeared bearing
a bunch of flowers and was stopped at
one of the police lines The flowers were
of th kind seen In old fashioned gardens
and about them was tied an old and faded
pink ribbon She seemed surprised that
she was not permitted tu go through the
line and started to go avvaj Coming
back she handed the lowers to the po
licemin and said
I brought these for Mrs
and If I cant pass will jou be so kind
as to give thm to her
The policeman said he would and he
The following bulletin was issued by the
Presidents phjslclans at 10 p m
The Presidents condition contlues
favorable Blood count corroborates
clinical evidences of absence of any
blood poisoning He is able to take
more nourishment md relish It Pulse
120 temperature 1001
The consultation this evening was at
tended by all the doctors with the excep
tion of Dr Mann The latter said he was
satisfied with evcrjthlng and thit
he felt he could suifely absent himself
from the consultnlion It lasted almost
two hours but one reason for this was
that during it the Presldi nt was mmei
from one bed to another This was done
bv the nurses under the supervision of
the doctors
the bed Is one special ordered and
admits of the Presidents heud b Ing rais
ed A test was made of blood drawn
fiom tiie Piesidenfs ear this afternoon
and the result was announced after the
consultation The test was made by Dr
Wasdln and was for the purpose of find
ing whether then Was any danger of
Dr Wasilin said th it the test hid been
most sitlsfactory Had theje been more
white cells tliVi the normil number
it would have shown ho said that there
wart elanger of peritonitis In the mat
te of white cells he said normal
were found nhis was not quite
so true however of tho red cells he
said but that was due cntlrelj to the
fart cf weakness du to lack of food
Kriintllii St lex CziiIkiH7s Act 1111
Vttempt lit Common Murder
LONDON Sept 12 The- newspapers
print an lntcrvlcv with an unnamed an
archist who retailed the views he hid
gathered from prominent comrades re
garding tho attempted n satsin ltlon of
President McKlnb j lie quoted Prince
Krapotkin as that It was simply
an attempt at common murder He re
fuse il to express an opinion as to whether
uny political slgnilcance cemld be attach
ed to the outrage Malattsti was repre
sented as sijlngtliit there was no re isnn
for Mich an attempt In a countrj like
the United States
The man who was Interviewed said that
arrangements wcro being made to Induce
Fmina Goldman to lecture in London this
PcrntimiH Cnmltictctl Tour to the
IltclHc CiiiiNt
Aln IeiiUHj limlu lliiilroiiel
Hate for the roi nd trip t ovenng all fe aturcj
of tho tour 1U ThlrtJ day trip leavinsr Wash
ington Septi mUr M Vllting all jwInU of in
terest en route Including the Cranil Canon of
the Colorado ior dctaiU consult Office Iamen
gcr Ajent HIT O tt nw
Heiet Ciirc a hlilimleM imlj sfS73 per
1000 and full stie 6 by 20 at Clh and X Y ate
Money Offered for the Assassina
tion of IoepIi Chainherliun
AunrehUt Who lief rle luled n 1or
elunrr Irges Him ti Co 111 111 it the
Crime Ilifnsnl to Do ho Lends to
n Gc riiinnM Murder in n MriiKKle
LONDON Sept 11 A Frenchman of
tho name of Marshal Faugerou who his
been In iall for a week on a remand
charged with murdering a German named
Jung in the Cierkcrwell district stated
in the police court today that there was a
plot to assassinate Joseph Chamberlain
the Colonlil Secretarj and that Jung hid
suggested that he Faugerou should com
mit the enrue
When Taugerou wa3 Informed that he
would bo committed for trial on the
charge of having murdered Jung he said
thit about six weeks ago when lie was
out of work another foreigner spoke t
him outside n restaurant This man told
Faugerou that he need not work and took
him to Jungs house
Jung said to him that It was absurd that
some persons should have their purses full
of while others have none Juns
also added
There must be equality for every
Beforo Faugerou left Jung gave him a
pound note On a subsequent visit Jung
said to him
Dont j 011 think all the of the
Transvaal war is due to Chamberliln
and that he deserves to be stabbed just to
make him feel a little of the misery he
has Indicted upon others I will not take
any risk mjself but will undertake
through Intermediaries to guarantee a
fortune to the man who will do the deed
Faugerou went on to say that Jung
showed him W which he said was for
the purpose of allow ing j ou to dress j our
self decentlj In order to accomplish this
object Jung added
I do not expect to sec tho man who
Introduced jou to me whoso name Is
Doots agiln The latter has gone to do
his duty I hope jou will do jours I
mentioned you to Chamberlain
Faugerou said in reply I will not do
Jung then said Very well jou hav
had about j since I first assisted jou
Give them back and we will be good
friends again
Faugerou retorted I have not got the
Then Jung returned You must give
me the monej or jou cannot leave the
Jung then went toward the door and
taking a piece of iron threw it at Fau
gerou A struggle followed Faugerou
drew a knife and stabbed Jung who said
A good many others like jou have done
me before jou rascal
These were the last words Jung spoke
He died a moment afterward
raugerou concluded his statement by
sajlng he hid committed the crime and
pleaded He added
But I committeel the munler in legiti
mate self defence 1 regret the occur
rence much not for the sake of Jung but
for his I think I have rendered a
great scrvbe to Hurope
Faugerou swore to and signed his
statement and was then committed for
trial on a charge of murder
There are two extraordinarj features
about this case In the first jincc Fau
gerou has been kept in the strictest cus
tody for the last week and could not
have known of Czolgoszs attempt to kill
President nnd the world wile
anti an irehist denunciations of the past
dajs The other point is thit the
staff of the rrcst expert secret poice
who follow the anarchists in England
has recently been- working short hand
ed owing to the- doubling of the guard
around King Edward
A Writ of llnhens CorpiiM for the
Other Annrehlnts
CHICAGO Sept 11 Emma Goldmia
was named as arch conspifw
the life of William JlcKinley In the Har
rison Street police court Assist
ant Prosecutor Owens made the
charge He demanded that she be held
without ball She started to argue the
case and called the charges of the prose
cution a trumped up case
When tho prosecutor told the court that
she was the central figure In a plot to kilj
the Chief Magistrate of tho United States
the little woman was Hushed There were
tears In her ejes but she spoke firmly
and her voice did not betraj her emotion
The case was continued until September
19 The qiicitlon of ball was set for argu
ment later
The scene In the dark little courtroom
packed to suffocation with a curious
crowd were full of theatrical effect Miss
Goldman was unable fo secure an attor
ney until late in tho forenoun She was
brought into the courtroom four times be
fore Charles T Brown the attorney who
with Leopold Siltlel represented her
mado his aupearance When the case was
called Miss Goldman announced that her
lawjers were busy with other mitters
anel she would conduct her own case
Prosecutor Owens thereupon renewed his
motion to have the case continued until
tho 10th and the prisoner be held without
After some argument Justice Prlndlvllle
remandtel Miss Goldman back to jail
without bail
Cipt Herman Schuettler is working on
a clue tint miy establish a meeting be
tween Lmm 1 Goldman and Czolgosz later
than July 12 Sbc states that the night
cf Jul li was the first anil last time she
ever met the would be assassin A rumor
la direct refutitlon of this is being in
vestigated b Captain Schuettler
it was at the request of the Buffalo po
lice that the aiirchlsts wcro arrested by
thc Chicago police It is at the request of
the Eastern pjllce that thej are being
held Evidence If an is expected to
come from Buffalo
Oeeiiu Steiimslilp M e-me-11 1
NEW YORK Sept 11 Arrived
Oceanic I iverpool Werra Genoa
Arrivcil out Rotterdam from New
lork at Rotterdam St Louis
from New York at Southamp
ton Deutschland from New York nt
Cherbourg Me sab 1 from New York at
London Ethiopia fiom New- Jork at
Glasgow Sucvlc from New York at
I iverpool Servii from New- York at
Quien aown Salle d frem foreign ports
Knser Wllhelm eler Grosse from Cher
bourg for New York Teutonic from
Liverpool for New York
iMu i110sKfn11 Hx
Clirslon v In v- O It It Sept 111
I htlailclphla thence Lchuili Valley Route Le avc
aahlnstoii J 03 a lit arrive llu Ialo D15 p in
Tlirouh parlor lari ecurc seats in advance
Tickets giod riturmiu within neven dais suru
liar txcuruuii i Sept Zj Oct 1 10 16 H and Jl
fO iscnshure Weel iml Trips G
Vln II Vv 11 It
ISef Inninr Jul 5 all trains Iridajs and Sat
urdajs good to return until Tuesday
to Atlantic City Cape Slay Sta Iile City anil
Ocean City 0 for the round trip
Kvc rj thlni renel to coiiHtruct a
cotta rc at one dajs notice lloorin 123
Libbcy i Co
Condition of President ns Ite
ported hj Ills IIi nleln ns
Following are the bulletins Issued by
the Presidents physicians jesterday
C a m Tho President has passed a v cry
comfortable night Pulse 1J tempera
ture KM respiration 20
r M niXET
George B Cortelyou Secretary to the
3 a m The President rested comforta
bly during the night Decided benefit has
followed the dressing of the wound made
last night His stomach tolerates the
beef Julco well and it is taken with great
satisfaction His condition this morning
Is excellent Pulse 110 temperature 10O2
M n M VW
IIFItVlW myn ttr
MtihM v S11
George B Corteljou to the
330 p m The President continues to
gain and the wound is becoming more
healthy The nourishment taken into the
stomach is gradually Increased Pulse
120 temperature 100 2
p jr nrxEY
noswKir mnK
George B Cortelj ou to the
10 p m The Presidents condition con
tinues favorable Blood count corrobo
rates clinical evidences of absence of anj
blood poisoning He is able to take nour
ishment and relish It Pulse 120 temper
ature loot
l jr itrvEY
George B Cortelyou Secretary to the
The Seiintr Droppeel 1 the Balti
more Inion LcdKiic
BALTIMORE Sept 11 By a unani
mous vote the Union League Club of
Maryland tonight expelled George L
Wellington from that organization The
board of governors met early in the even
ing and framed resolutions which were
unanimously adopted Later a club meet
ing was held and the action of the gov
ernors ratified
The spacious rooms of the league were
filled to overflowing with Rcpuo
licans many of whom failed to obtain
admission to the big parlor In which the
meeting was held President J Stuart
McDonald who occupltd the chair an
nounced the ooiect of the meeting an
then submitted the resolutions which
after reciting the act of the anarchist end
the horror it caused continued as follows
Whereas the people of Marjland have
learned with shame and loathing that
George L Wellington a representative of
this State In the Senate of the lulled
States has countenanced the act of this
traitor to his counry anel en ruy of man
kind by repeated and public exnressioi s
of indifference to the act or its results
Whereas the said George U Wellington
Is a member of this organization now
therefore be it
Resolved by the Board of Governors of
the Union League of Marjland That we
consider the conduct of George L Well
ington demonstrates his unfitness to as
sociate with lojal citizens and right
hearteel men
Resolved That George L Wellington
be and he is hereby expelled from mem
bership In the Union League of Maryland
and that his name be stricken from ts
Before the resolutions were adjptcd the
president called on Senator Pltzel who
was a member of the Legislature which
electcel Wellington to the Senate He
said the club owed It to itself to every
Republican to Marj lander to evcrj
Amerlcan to expel Wellington from the
Capt S I Ford another member of the
same Legislature who was one of Wel
lingtons rncst ardent supporters was in-
bitter lie Ukeneei Wellington to
a crawling reptile and said that even as
a receiver of stolen goods was as gullty
as the thief so also was the man who
incited to violence as guilty as the wretch
who struck the blow He concludeel bj
sajlng that Wellington was a disgrace
to Marjland and the Union League could
not too quickly strike his name from
the rcster
Both speeches were vigorously applaud
ed After the adoption of a motion that
a copy of the resolution be sent to Wel
lington they were adopted unanlmously
and by a rising vote
Tonight Representative Jackson of the
First Marjland district sent word that if
Wellington was guilty of sajlng what he
is charged with he should be rceiuested to
resign From all sections of the State
come demands for his resignation
Vnlet Said to Have Tnken Objects
V eirtli SO000
LONDON Sept 11 The Marquis of Ang
lesej who is stopping it the Walsingham
Hotel was robbed last night of jewels
of the value of JCMOuO The marquis was
at the theatre when the occurred
The Central News sajs that a French
valet of the name of Jullen Coult is the
robber He is missing and a warrant has
been issued for his arrest
The samo states that when
the m iniuis returned from the theatre he
found jewels to the value of U0OO miss
ing from their cases A detective wis
called In anel he discovered about 12000
worth of the jewelry under a beel
Tin remainder of the valuables are still
missing The valet was seen to leave the
hotel an hour before the marquis returned
inti 110 nas not necn iounu since
llelise il l the Geield eiVN of the
President Con litieiu
LONDON Sept 11 The following des
patch was recelveel at the American Lm
bassj here this evening
I am delighted to hear jour list
most satlsfactorj account of jour
1 resilient I sincerely trust that his
convalescence maj soon be completed
Tin- Trial of Ten lee iiseel lleicr
Ilnlshi il lit Ire lorin
PRFTORIA Sept 11 The trial of the
ten Boers accuscel of violating their oath
of neutrality was concluded todaj The
prosecutor made an able speech He
eleclarcd that tne prisoners were guiltj
of i cowardlj crime Believing them
selves In sccurltj thej Instigated others
to go out and fight belongeel to a
elargerous class Knowing that tesist
ance to the Brltlh vas hopeless thij
ruthessly furthcreel unnecessary suffer
ing and death He asked the court to
impose the severest punishment
The trials will begin at Johannesburg
tomorrow of sixteen prisoners-
An attack on constabularj post at
Calabasfontein was repulsed the de
7 To Snn rriiuc isico JftflIT1
nml Hi turn
tin PiMiiistj Ivnulii Ilnllroail
TiekeU on iU September IS to 23 limited for
return passage to November 15 Variable routes
at special rates Stop over privileges Por de
tail consult agents
Price One Cent
The Schley Court to Convene To
day nt the Xavy Yard
Preparations for Ope nlnc the Inres
tlBntlon History of the Contro
Evident Conxplraer to
Defame the Motor of Santiago
In tho spacious second story room of
the new gunners workshop at the Wash
ington Navy Yard will begin today the
hearing In the greatest naval controversy
which has ever occurred In American his
tory Today will be organized the Court
of Enquiry which Is to hear and deter
mine the charges which have been made
against Rear Admiral Wlnfleld Scott
Schley regarding his conduct during the
Santiago campaign which resulted in tho
destruction of Admiral Cerv eras fleet
the pride and practically all of the Span
Ish navj
Notwithstanding the fact that the em
brogllo has agitated the public mind for
more than three years during which there
has been almost no d of discussion and
recrimination charges and counter
charges one naturally enquires even at
this time what It is all about why
brothers In arms each fighting for the
same flag and for the honor of a common
country should be quarreling over the
ephemeral bubble of personal glory
The whole case is somewhat of a para
dox and In the hearing to begin today
there is presented the spectacle of a naval
commander who fought the greatest bat
tle and achieved the greatest victory In
the annals of modern naval warfare vir
tuallj being placed on trial for his conduct
In so doing
Admiral Cervera was tried by court
martial in Spiln for having been defeat
ed in the great battle of Santiago Ad
miral is to be tried for having
been victorious in the same conflict Ad
miral Cervera was acquitted and his con
duct approved -what Judgment will ba
passed upon chley remains with Admiral
Dewey and Rear Admirals Bcnham and
Howison who compose the Court of En
quiry to
Two Qncfttionn to Consider
The story of Admiral Schleys actions
during the Santiago campaign which are
to be investigated Is in reality the his
tcn -0 the navy during the war with
Spain so lur as this hemisphere Is con
cerned It is what will be remembered
after all else Is forgotten The story 3f
the attempt to rob him of the glorj of his
achlevementiand crown another with the
laurels which are his is entirelj a differ
ent matter and as the scope of the en
quiry Is broad it Is highly probable that
the entire will be brought out
Into the limelight of publicity
What prompted tho petty Jealousies
which have brought about the attacks
made upon Admiral Schley none but those
who are within the inner circle of the
Navy DeDartmnt ring can say The
facts which have led to the investigation
now about to begin need only be stated
at this time
When war broke out between the United
States and 3paln over tho Cuban question
it was evident that the navy would play
a conspicuous part In the conflict and
preparations were made Tho
American navy was In incomparably bet
ter condition than at any time In its pre
The Sampson Schley controversy had its
Inception when plans were first laid to
meet the Spanish fleet which was mak
ing ready to sail for Cuba and perhaps
bombard the Atlantic coast cities Samp
son then held the rank of captain while
Schley was his ranking officer holding
tho grade of commodore since abolished
Notwithstanding this fact without reason
or explanation Sampson was jumped over
the heads of other officers including
Schley made acting rear admiral and
placed in command of the North Atlantic
fleet when Rear Admiral Slcard was re
llev ed because of ill health
Origin or the Control ers
Here was prepared the ground for the
controversy which has embroiled the
for the past three years and gives
evidence of continuing for three decades
longer Popular Indignation was aroused
at this action for Schleys record In the
rescue of Greely and in the Chilean epi
sode was well remembered and to ap
pease clamor as much as anj thing else
was placed in command of the
Fljing Squadron which was to form a
part of Sampsons fleet Ills ships Joined
those of Sampson In the blockade off Ha
vana Harbor
In the course of events which were fol
lowing each other in rapid succession at
that time and wTTile the of the
whole country was centred on the where
abouts of Cerveras fleet it was learned
that the Spanish vessels were at Curacoi
and that they had on board supplies for
Havana which they would endeavor to
land so that they would reach the Cuban
capital Sampson sent Schlej with the
rijing Squadron by the Yucatan channel
to the south of Cuba to meet and engage
the Spaniards who were espected to seek
harbor cither at Cienfuegos or Santiago
de Cuba
The Impression prevailed that they
would endeavor to reach Cienfuegos and
was directed to go there ami es
tablish a blockade He arrived on 21
An arrangement had been made by Cap
tain McCall 1 with the Cuban insurgents
on land to signal the fleet and advise
whether or not the Spaniards were
or were not in the harbor of Cienfuegos
some neglect which has not jet been
explained but which perhaps be de
veloped at the hearing all of the officers
In command of the ships of the block
ading squadron were aelvlseel of the code
of signals with the exception of Commo
elore Schley and Captain Cook who com
manded the Brooklyn Schleys flagship
When he was Inforrreel of the signals
and learned that the fleet was not at
Cinfuegos and by a despatch from
Sampson brought the Hawk learneel
that Cervera was at Santiago
he at once sailed for Santiago
This was on 21 Charges have been
midc against because of his delaj
and again because of the slow progress
nade en route to Santiago notwithstand
ing the fact thit explanation has been
made that he could not procecil fister be
cause the Eagle and some other small
vessels of the fleet could not make inorei
than seven knots In the rough sea which
was encountered He reachcel Santiagi
on the evening of Maj 2C ami remained
until I oclock on the following daj when
having been assured by Captain SIgsbee
In command of the St Paul and others
that the Spanish fleet was not at Santi
ago or that If it had been there it hail
Friday nml Snturdii enMheiro Hi
c lirslons VI11 1eilUH Ivnulii Hull
Between VaJiirgton and Atlantic Citr Cape
Maj S Isles City and Ocean City J sunt
round trip Tickets on sale for all tram i
elays and Saturdays good to return until follnn
inj TucsdJj I ut se llmg elate September II
Cam mill bouts lomleil with Lumber aiihurlnn CottnKCH Countrnrteil
tree am elrcsscd bhcathln slJ3 at Cth and uithout delay when supplied Ly Frank UtWj
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