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An Unfavorable Turn in the
Presidents Condition
TIic Dilficully Diagnosed by Dr
Klvntcr as Intestinal Toxemia
Nourishment 1niln to Aurre With
tin IrciIIcnl llio Kntiisuc Coin
Illlllnril t li Mr Mclvlulej
1 Nut nr il Result of ItcinK Com
pclleil o Remain in lrnctloiilly
the Punltlou for ho Leiiijr
J3 3 a m At 230 this morning a mes
senger was sent from the Mllburn house
and returned with Dr Mann and Dr
31y nter That makes fiv e doctors with the
President at this hour
Abner McKInley and Colonel Brown his
partner who were at the house during
the early part of the evening returned
for the midnight consultation After It
was ocr they left the house Neither
would answer enquiries regarding the con
dition of the President
Mr Mllburn who left the house late
the result of the physic
The following bulletin was Issued bj the
Presidents physicians at 250 a m
The Presidents condition Is vcry
serlous and gives rise to the gravest
apprehension His bowels have moed
well but his heart does not respond
pioperly to stimulation He Is con
scious The skin Is warm and the
pUloe small regular easily com
pressible and li respiration 30 tem
perature 100
BUFFALO Sent 13 1 a m What-
V ja irfiftaf
the President could take was greater
thin thej had been administering
Beef juice at frequent Intervals was the
regimen up to today This morning the
first experiment with solid foeid wis
mule The President hid a piece of toist
and sonr v ink coffee in addition to the
beef Juice and a cup of chicken broth
The 9 o clock bulletin this morning was
the firmest In tone and the most encour
aging one that has come from the house
It said
The President his spent a quiet
and restful night and has taken much
nourishment He feels better this
morning than at any time He his
taken a little solid food this morning
and relMied it Pulse 1 U tempera
tuie 100 2
Barring the fact hat the pulse contin
ues rather high there was absolute
nothing in this that was not calculated
to comer the impression that convales
cence had almost begun Een as ac
customed as people hae become to en
couraging news It caused almost a sen
sation It was so very positive and con
fident In toi that ncn the worst of the
pesimlts were ready to admit that
President McKinley was beyond all d in
This feeling of assurance was ccn fur
ther Increasd by the supplemental com
m nts of the physlclms and others who
came from the house The great point
was thit the solid food had been so well
assimilated and that the wounds In the
stomach give such convincing evidence of
hiving got well along In the healing
state Lr McBurnev went home by the
1 o clock train the Empire State Express
Sicrttary Boot took the same train Dr
McBurney said before leaving
the appetite for solid food proves that
the stomach is performing its functions
healthily and normally
The doctor ndded that the nourishment
In the way of solid food would be In
creased He said that probably the Pres
ident would have a soft boiled egg before
the day was over The President li id
even wanted to smoke He had spoken
of a cigar the day before Today he not
only spoke of the cigar but said very
positively that he wanted it There was
not the slightest indication that there was
any irritation or disturbance In the stom
Then following this came the bulletin
with the rather startling statement that
KIIU 11HI 1UI luu must it ut ll
the stomach had about been remoed as j SJmptoms while there was not a worl
to suggest that the doctors had fears or
vmnliinir T et that contingency naturally
suggested Itself The effect of vomiting
could hardly be otherwise than so detri
mental that it caused some uneasiness by
anticipation The doctors thcmselv es for
the first time avoided the newspaper men
who were waiting for them
Before the bulletin Itself was Issued
the meJical men went from the house by
a back door and were not seen Dr Klxey
and Dr Stockton remained behind They
wJI stav with the President air night
ever anxiety hid been caused by the j when It was learned thit the doctors had
letln of last evening announcing the de-
vclopmtnt of a sllghtiy unfavorable turn
In the Presidents condition v as quickly
set at rest at midnight At that hour a
statement was 1 sued by the physicians
thowins that there was a return to a
normal state of affairs This bulletin
read as follows
All unfavorable sjmptoms in the
Presidents condition have Improved
since the last bulletin Pulse 117
temperature MM I
At miunlght it was frank admitted to
a reporter bj one of those at the Mllburn
house that the President was very weak
from the physic that had been given him
which it was said was very powerful
There vvasjso disturbance of the wound
The same person stated that this morn
lng their functions
nA nntn 41 -1 tr Ifl IHR lUIUtC UIIU
a member of the household responded
He aid
The retention of the food taken by the
President is causins restlessness and Is
supposed to be responsible for some of
the unsatisfactory conditions tonight Dr
Stockton was called In because he is an
eminent general prai tloner AH the others
In attendance are svrgeons
The surgical end of the case Is com
ing on satisfactorily and the surgeons
wanted to fortify their own Judgment
with the advice o a man skilled In gen
eral practice The time has now come
for building up the President s sy stem
Dr Stocktor 13 to remain through the
night Before he went away Dr Mann
said to me Dont let this alarm jou
I think the Prcsdent will hive got j id of
the trouble by morning The President
VheenTemin to whom Dr Mann said
i ii Ho nil urn caiomei rau oc n
hid uuv -- - i
the doctors realized that Mr Xerk In the hope of getting rid
s discstive organs were not perform- of lnc matter which is causing the
For three dajs the lessncss
bowels It was found had been torpid
Castor oil and calomel were administer
ed in lirge doses throughout the day
Anemas were also resorted to and there
was some- response which tonight has left
the President very weak In consequence
of this It was decided by the doctors to
hold another consultation shortly after
midnight There was considerable anxiety
felt on the part of those outside the Mil
burn house tonight on account of the news
contained in the evening bulletin and the
statements obtained from those who came
front the house did not entirely relieve it
Secretaries Hitchcock and W llson and
Postmaster General Smith as usual were
In the house until the first consultation
was over They left about 11 oclock Sec
retary Hitchcock and the Postmaster
General were not disposed to say any
thing Secretary Wilson when asked re
garding the change in the Presidents
condition said
We do not feci much alarmed as we
are confident that It is only stomach
trouble due to the food which has not
agreed with him It has nothing to do
with the wound Wc believe he will be
all right In the morning That Is alt I
can say
Mr Milburn told a reporter that the
situation was now a medical and not a
surgical one He would not say any thing
more on the subject
BUFFALO Sept 11 There was a shade
of suspicion that all was not quite so
-well with the President this afternoon
when tho 3 o clack bulletin was issued
raying that the Presidents condition was
the same as at the time of the very en
couraging bulletin at 9 o clock this morn
ing but that he was suffering from fa
tigue Fatlguo was a new word In tnc
bulletins and It was not liked It was
fenreel that It was the forerunner of
something that meant a temporary cheek
Jn the steady even progress that hereto
fore has marked the history of the case
This fear was In a treasure confirmed
by the next bulletin It was dated S 30
p m and was follows
The Presidents condition this ev
ening Is not quite fo good Ills food
has not agreed with him and has been
stipred Excretion has not ct been
properlv istalilixhed The kldnejs are
acting well His pule Is not satis
factory but has improved In the last
two hours The wound Is doing well
He Is resting quietly Temperature
lot pulse ia
The statement that the solid food taken
by the President had not agreed with him
was regarded as meaning that the lui
tleatH wounded stomach heretofore
hardly heard from and supposed o be
healing rapidlv and perfectl has now be
come something of an aggressive factor
In the case This complication seemed to
have a double bearing The reason the
charge in the manner of giving the Presi
dent nourishment was made was btcaus
the former trethod bv Injection hid caus
l Irritation In fact it got to a point
wheie the nourishment so adminlstcd
was not retained
Then very eautlously and carcfully
nt the first the phvsicLuis began experi
menting with conveying the nourishment
direct to the stomach by way of the
mouth as has been related from day to
lay since this begun The success was
a source of much gratification among
the phislclans Dr McBumey siil that
they had now taken a new departure In
their treatment that the nourishment
ttS Spcelill Sntiirdn Trip JJCXVt
To Old Point Norfok Beach Ocean I
sik eiort Ne via urfull and UnsLlncton
steamer Mturdar JO p m Ituun1 trip iM
or tjaleroom plK ne fiyo pcneral ticket ol
ficc Uond building Ulli it and J ave
Beat Qnnllt In Lumber Vlvrnxx Hold
1 Frank Iibbey 4 Co and Ccorgia flootinr 2
Dr xfann when seen later in the even-
hfre are svmptoms of Inustlnil
toxemia and the high pulse which has
somewhat puzzled us may have some
thing to do with it The sjmptom Is not
serlouB because it is amenable to treat
ment I think the trouble will be over bj
morning bv the removal of the matter
from the bowels
Dr Mjnter seen after he had reached
his home said that the trouble was In
testinal toxemia and that It was nt
at all serious
Dr Park did not care to add anv thing
to what was contained In the bulletin
it is th general belief tonight that while
the incident may tend to retard to a cer
tain extent the remarkably rapid pro
grcFs toward recovery that the Fres
dent has been making It will have no
serious effect There was much relief to
learn that it was not so much the stom
ach as the bowels that was the cause of
the trouble
As regards the fatigue of the Presi
dent it is pointed out tint he has now
Iain for six dajs -with little opportunity
to change his pition except within vcr
narrow limits In addition to that the
wenthtr today for the first time since
Siturdav his been somewhat against
him It nas not only been a hot daj
but there was also a high degree of
humidlt enough to ciuse a feeling of
depression even to persons In robust
The President has felt this and It un
doubtedlv his something to do with the
fatigue and lisItude he has developed
Thus th dav which began with decidedly
the best news th it his come from the sick
room closed with this incident which al
though not alirmlng Is something of a
disappointment One thing that the bul
letin his demonstrated Is the absolute
frankness of the phjslciins in their state
ments to the plblic
Onlj a few persons have ventured to
doubt this from the stirt but even they
are silenced bv the issumce of a bulletin
which nlthough calculited to give an ex
cuse for ome sensationalism Is jet Is
sued giving the exict facts ibout th
Presidents condition irrespective of whit
exaggerations may be put upon those
facts bj persons given to exaggerating
Put Into a nutshell the pliln fact of the
situation seems to suggest that the ad
ministration of nourishment went a shade
bejond what the President wis able to
dispose of and thit the re has been i slight
clogging of the bowels which when re
lieved will free him from the uneasiness
and fatigue which hive marked his con
dition during the latter part of the day
Up to noon the conversation as to the
Presidents condition was all vhen he
v ould be able to be about It was thought
that in two or three dajs perhips he
might even be able to take a few whiffs
at least of the cigar which this morning
h expressed so strong a desire for The
question of when he would be able to sit
up wis discussed and Dr McBurney be
fore he left for New York was asked
about this and eaid
lint is ntitlj a question of mechan
ics ho replied H will be phvslcilly
lit to sit up long before he will be me
chanically M Hi is now Just like a man
v Ith an unbuttoned vv llslcoat The outer
wound mut have a eharce to heal and
get strong it will be between three nrd
four weeks before I wilt endorse his mov
ing arojnd unUss he should get uneasy
and we should think It best to favor him
a little
One of the attendants In the house sid
that the Presdent had taken four ounces
of beef Juice and a sin ill cup of chicken
broth In addition to the coffee ai d toast
and thit he also hid taken a small
amount of whlky by the mouth
Mrs McKinlev todav continued In the
atnc sitlsfntor comllloii which has
given so much encouragement to those
about her The usuil routlno of hr life
at tho Mllburn house was followed out
In the afternoon she took her customarv
drlv She was net informed his even
ing that anything unusuil was done in
tho waj of the treatment of her husband
U S O WecL Kiid Cutintrj Trips
Tickets sold Saturdaja and Sundaya ior return
until folloulng Monday at rcluie1 rates fmai
abinton to Cltarleiauwn iredcric Anuag
U Junction and intermediate polns
KInn IlnnlurkK Collcue btli anil IC
Uuincts Ekortliand Trpc riling y a jcar
Clcau Well Drcsneil Lumber Alnai
ready to ue at Ctb St auJ arc and 12
bxli bcard 150
Se t
Recommends Cliu e to Secure
His Removal From Ollice
Sensation Iie Griinil 4rm
Over the IJrniineliition
tit the- 1rnnlun liinimlilonir In
the iimiiiniiilcrlii CliIrfH Speech
CLEVELAND Ohio Sept li Leo Itas
sleur Commanclcr ln Chief of the Grand
Armj of tlie Republic threw a
bombshell Into the ranks of the dile
gatis at the opening session today
bv recommending that the G A It pre
fer charges of milfcasancc in ollice
agiinst Pension Commissioner II Clay
Evans and vork for his removal After
reidlng his address Commander Bassleur
Since prepiring mj annual address and
report I hive re id the report of our
Pension Committee It deals with the
pension question onlj In a general was
and offers no remedy I now recommend
that the U A R at this convention in
struct its Pension Committee to prefer
charges of malfeasance In office against
Pension Commissioner II Claj Evan3 and
use its utmost efforts to secure his re
moval from oihee
This bold recommendation was so
strong and unexpected that for a moment
ever body seemed stunned Then untl
Evans people began to shout and cheer
and for a time the session was a pande
Commander BassIeuH said that there
was a ncccssllj for an Immediate chinge
ihe speech bristled with despite cases of
alleged rank injustice He said the pen
sion questio without any desire on the
part of the order had been the ovcrslnd
owipg question of the ear In part he
said I
We insist that this is not a question
of the Justification of the present laws
it is simplv a question involving the pres
ent administration of the Pension Bureiu
the honest and fair administration of laws
which are already on the statute books
The necessity for Immedi ite change is
emphasized bj the lament of the present
Commissioner when ho deplores the fact
that he has not ben able to reduce the
number of pensioners receiving the max
imum rate
Hassieur said the G A B bill for a
court of pension appeals failed because a
bill emanated from tho Interior Depart
ment with some of the first bills features
The Interior Department bill he said de
prived of the right of appeal over 15000
veterans whose claims were pending He
slid Evans attempted to Justifv his cruel
and unnatural conduct of the medical
division of his office
One of the tirst acts of the encamprrent
was to adopt a resolution offered bv Gen
eral Sickles expressing sympathy of the
G A It for Comrade llliam McKInley
and congratulating hin upon the pros
pects for his speedv ecoverj
Comrade Thtle Woid of Illinois offer
ed an amendrrsnt to General Sickles res
olution to the fffect hat tho law should
be so changed as to n nue an assault upon
the President punish ibe as treason No
second to the amendment was received so
the Sickles resolution was adopted
Chairman Brown of the Pension Com
mittee submitted a long report which de
nounced Commissioner Evans and recom
mended the establishment of a boird of
appeals to consider pension claims He
was followed bv General Sickles who of
fered the minority report which was that
President McKInley be urged to appoint
a successor to Commissioner Ev ins when
the latters term of ollice had expired
General Sickles had not finished ills ad
dress when the encampment adjourned
until tomorrow
While Stewart still appears to be the
leader In the race for commander-in-chief
the Mcklcs boom has taken a jump sine
Bassleur delivered his Epetch today op
posing Evans
Eitimil Guldiiiinn Statement to the
Chicago Poller
CHICAGO Sept 12 Emma Goldmin
wants to go to Buffalo to the bedside of
President McKInley to attend him as a
profcsslonil nurse She made the an
nouncement today and declares that If
she secures her freedom and the people
around President McKInley will permit
her she will go and nurse him through
his sickness
I would go and nurse him at once If
thy would let me she said at the Har
rison Street annex I had talked about
It to m friends in a halt serious way be
fore I wis arrested and I mean whit I
say You can say that I wculd nurse him
as tenderlv as ever a man was nursed
I would nurse the President of this coun
try as tenderly as I would a hard work
ing man whose hands are begrimed
with dirt from the labor in which he en
gaged I would not be an anarchist If I
had not sympithj for all humanity
Turning to her favorite theme she said
Anarchy cannot be stamped out by
law It will go on and on and will work
Itself upon mankind so that all will cher
ish It I have no feir either for myself
or my friends In Chicago who are under
lock and key
Telegraph wires between Buffalo ind
Washington and Chicago were kept hot
todiv with messiges imong Secret Ser
vice offictils police and others Int rested
In running down those believed to have
been co conspirators Prosecuting Attor
ney Taylor held a conversation tills af
ternoon over the long distance telephone
with DKtrict Attorney Perniej of Buf
falo relative to the h lbeis corpus pro
ceedings here He asked the Buffalo pros
ecutor for the outline of pew evidence
that would be of value In resisting the
writ for the release of snsytcts here
After the talk with District Attorney
Penney Chief O Nelll cald things did not
look at all promising so far as ills ability
to hold Emma Goldman and Isaak was
With the arrival of a letter from Chief
of Police Bull of Buffalo the cisc ngunst
Emmi Goldmin tnc lfctuicr Abraham
Isaak the anarchist editor and the otht r
Chlcigo reds charged with conspiring
to kill the President has appirently fal
len through the Buffalo police failing ut
terly to assign any definite or substantia
reason for the detention of the prisoners
n Ariiteiilniin Avurlk llmiit
Kith font Him IIih IInce
tuno K Damoorjim an Armenian got
Into trouble bv making a remark about
President McKInley at tho shoe shop of
Hirry IC Johnson where he was employ
ed Some of the airls In the fitting room
wero shocked when they heard the news
of the attcmpteel nsassiutlon Im glad
of It nrd Id like to Hs the mm who
did It rrmirkfd the Armenian
The girls screamed and a couple of them
ran to their employer He Immediately
discharged the man Chief of Police Hay-
den was told tlit tho Armenian was
known to have been Ciiolgoszs compinlon
at the time he shot the President Tint
was ciiougn lor ituyucu anil ne sent for
the Armenlin Dimoorjlan his scared so
badly tint hs Jteeth chattered when he
was told he vas to be named as an ac
complice and he could say nothing
The fellow fimlly admitted he hid
mide the re mirk but sifd In eaceuse fhit
he was only trying to stnrtle the girls
He said he would keep a sober tongue In
the future and was allowed togo
1C tti Iultliiieire nml Ilrtiirn Ijtl
A In Ienliwj Iv nnlii Itiillrimit
Tickets on Eale and huiidar spteniii
11 ad 15 good to return until yioiula Spp
timbrr 10 All trains excel t CVjiisrc sIoiul
Prnntpt Ininlier Delivery ntsrnys Tiy
frank Libbcy J Co ud white pina4ouni 1
i3fgrS33Cssrr -
TC h
irinflttt Wimt
Asked to Succeed IIuvvIhoii on the
Conrt of Kiiqulrj
It was stated last night although the
official nnnoancement has not jet been
made that Hear Admiral Joseuh N
Miller retired has been agreed upon to
succeed Bear Admiral Howon In the
Schley Court of Enquiry A telegram
was sent to him by Acting Secretary
Hackctt last night asking him If he was
in a position to serve as a member of
the Court
It is said tint his selection Is entirely
satisfactor to Admiral Schlej and his
counsel and that thejwere consulted
upon the matter before the department
decided to request Admiral Miller to take
the place of Admiral Howlson There
was no disposition on the pirt of Ad
miral Schlej to dictate the choice of the
member of the Court and his attorneys
informed Mr Hackctt that they were
willing to accept any rear admiral on
the retired list with the exception of
two or three whom they specified It Is
understood th it thej objected to Rcnr
Admirals Walker and laice who are
known to bs pronounced anti Schlev men
and who hold decided convictions In
favor of Admiral Sampson
Admiral Miller however it Is said is
eminently satisfactory So far as known
he has never expressed himself upon the
merits of the Sampson Schley contro
versy and therefore is eligible to serve
as a member of the Court
He retired under the age limit in 1S
Just prior to the outbreak of the Spanish
American war It Is thought that ho will
accept the assignment and a notlficitlon
Is expected from him todiy His home Is
In Springfield Ohio and he will probably
come on to Washington at once so thit
the Court mav resume the hearing of the
investigation on Monday
Five IersiiiM Killed nml Mnn Hurt
In mi Kxplniiloii
PATERSON N J Sept 12 -A powder
mill explosion caused by the bursting of
a boiler at the E C E Schultze Pow
der Works at Oakland Junction killed
five men fatally injured two and seri
ously injured eight others occurred this
afternoon at 124 oclock No Information
could be obtained at the offlcc of the com
pany as C E Baldwin who was In charge
had ordered every onet in the ofilce to
keep rilcnt The workmen said that the
boiler exploded first and the concussion
causeel the storage room the mixing
house and the magazine to blow up The
dead are
WIILIAM TITUS engineer a fcel forty lcarea
uirinur and ciaht children -
AltTHl lt drlw a ted twenty two
unmarried Ihed at erIiBri7i v Y
JOHN DK PONT erapWi e of Hardma Hotel
aged tent flve leaves widoned mother
RICH It U VAV ULAItCOlt mason aged thu
ty of Oakland
IlvItltlSON WEVBTL driver aged fifteen of
Fatally wounded
Hartholomcn Itarnes aerd twenty two burned
about bead and anas Andrew Ltssmjer machin
ist aged thirty five back broken
Tho sparely Injured are William
Wcatherwalks mixer aged thirty five
blimed about fare nnd hnnl
Abraham McMonee carpenter aged forty
burned severely Frnnc Titus assistant
engineer brother of William Titus who
was killed burned orr fpr nml
John Fred and William Titus aged six
teen mieen anu inirteen respectively
sons of William Titus who was killed
They are all burned badly and have ribs
and arms broken John FarrelL roofer
aged thirty five bruisel by fill John
O Connor aged thirty -five burned and cut
about face
IlnroncxH on Kettelei ltejeeiel IIIm
Evjilntor A inlt
BERLIN Sept 12 It Ls rp7rttd that
Prince Chun offered to make a virit of
condolence to Baroness von Kettcler
formerly Miss Lcdyard of Michigan
ing that this would come nearer to heal
ing the wound caused by the assassina
tion of her husband and thit It should be
made before any other expiation B iron
ess von KetteleC refused to receive him
Prince Chun retUTicd here this even
ing He will go to Hamburg tomorrow
Snlc of I orlIdilen nml Mili
tary cioeilN leiuiideil
SHANGHAI Sept li A strong edict
was issued by the Court yesterday for
bidding forever the pirrchase or sale of
official positions
Another edict Issued nt the same time
directs the immediate establishment of
modern military schools in every prov
ince in the Empire
German WnrsIilpN AttncL the Shore
f tin- Guir
DANTZIG Sept 12 At 8 oclock this
morning the German squidrnn began the
grand maneuvres with an attack on the
shores of the gulf of Dantzlg which were
defendeel bv bittcrles and coast iron
clads The Kaiser and Czir witnessed the
sham fight from the flagship W llhelmz
There was a splendid array of ships in
bittle formation The weather was fine
The fight vas continued until the middle
of the afternoon
Prelf 7cLilI eif PotHilmil yoeill tn
MnUc nn Experiment
BERLIN Sept 12 Prof Zckell of
Fotsdim who took an active part In
promoting the chema for a balloon
search for Andree lat September will
shortly make an experiment with an
enormous balloon of 12000 cubic metris
This balloon is about four times the size
of the one In which he Is about to try
to cross the Mediterranean
Jnffel A ense il nt nil Veeeiniplire
Arretted In Antwerp
ANTU KRP Sept 12 Jaffei the al
leged accomplice of Brescl in the assassi
nation of King Humbert of Ituly has
been arrested here He was In hiding
under in assumed name
Li neritl Metliucii IliirnKCH n lorce
IhlHt nf eertist
PRETORIA Sept 12 General Methuen
has lnel an engigcment with a Boor
force at Bhenosterfonteiu east of Zee
ru3t in which eleven of tie burghers
were killed and twenty captured The
British pursued the Boers north and In
the chase killed seven and captured
of them
Skirmishes have taken place on the
Pletersburg railway line In which seven
Boers were killed
SLheopcrs commando of 2M men Is
being driven hither and thither by five
columns under Bealson They are now
near Worcester
Ri ports Indicate satisfactory progress
during the week Ati anonymous Boer
communication his beep received threat
ening rtprlsils If the confiscation proc-
limuion is carried opt
rtlOO Hnrpern irr nml Ittiint
101 Til Cunibcrln til mill Hefurii
troui 11 K O It II btat i ahinktoii t 0
a m iseptcmber ftoppinc at Inter
mediate Nation lttunlr ave Cumlicrlaud
U 00 MariirrM terry 8 oO p tame day
text Cpre Sliliil nnl 17 per
10W and full size 0 by 20 at Cth and A ae
Schleys Objection Sustained by
Dewey and Rcnbini
The- Conrt of Enquiry Meet nt the
AtnsiiliiKtnn Nuvj lnrd l Quiet
But ImprcNslvc Scene Duriiij the
Dcliberntlnim Iormnl Clinllmsc
funic lij the AppIIcniit in Person
Te Htiiminy in fruof of IiiellKiliilit
Vilinlrnl IlovviMinH Statement In
Hin Own Defence Vttorncr ficn
erul HnyncrM Strontr Argument
Before a Court of Enquiry ordered by
the Secretiry of the Navy the official In
vestigation of the conduct of Rear Ad
miral W infield Scott Schley during the
Santiago campaign was begun yesterday
In the new gunner workshop at the
Washington Navy Yard After more than
three years have elapsed since the pride
of the Spanish navy the fleet commanded
by Admiral Cervcra was totally destroyed
as It emerged from the harbor of San
tiago a Court has been convened to as
certain whether or not the actions of
Admiral Schley which resulted in that
victory were right and proper
The occasion was an important and an
Interesting one as it is not only Intended
to settle a long standing controversy be
tween the friends and partisans of two of
the most conspicuous ofllcers of the
United States but to establish Important
facts of American history concerning
what was the greatest modern naval bit
tie nnd regarding the campaign which
preceded it V
Yesterday after much preliminary skir
mishing and maneuvring witnessed the
beginning of the battle between the two
claimants for the honor of having brought
about the destruction of the Spanish fieeL
Admiral Schley after ignoring the charges
and accusations made against him for
three years had finally asked for a Court
of Enquiry to allow his brothers In arms
to determine whether or not he acted for
the glory of the navy and the honor of his
country and yesterday the first point
developed In the investigation was scored
In his favor
llejectlnn of Iovv nnn
The Court as constituted by the Navy
Department comprised Admiral George
Dewey President Rear Admiral Henry
L Howlson nnd Rear Admiral A E K
Benham Because of previously expressed
opinions and sentiments prejudicial to
him Admiral Schley asked the Court as
soon as It had organized to relieve Ad
miral Howlson from service He pre
sented evidence to substantiate his ob
jections and the Court after considering
the testimony of three witnesses decided
to grant the request In consequence
Admiral Howi3on was relieved and it now
devolves upon the Navy Department to
appoint some one to sit In his stead This
will be elone at once
In times of peace and on land there
his been in the history of the navy proba
bly no more Imposing spectacle than that
which was presented yesterday afternoon
in the gunners workshop where the en
quiry ls being conducted The occasion
was the beginning of what was virtually
a trial of one of the most conspicuous
If not the most conspicuous officer of the
service It Is In a measure to determine
whether or not he is entitled to occupy
the position which he now holds although
Jn fact nothing which the Court may de
cide will disturb him in popular esteem
There were present officers of high rink
and of distinguished services and ability
who sat with men whose legal talent and
forensic knowledge ls famed far and wide
throughout the nation The latter were
tnere in tho Interests of him who had
asked that the conduct complained of be
investigated There was present the Ad
miral of the American Navy
for his achievements in the dis
tant seas who by his greit deeds has
placed his name upon the pages of the
worlds naval history beside that of Nel
son Perry Porter and Farragut Garbed
In the becoming navy blue unform of his
rank embroidered with gold and lace
he sat and prcsldeel with dignity and calm
demeanor such as distinguished him on
that eventful Sunday morning in Manila
Beside him were two officers his imme
diate inferiors in rank no less gallant and
ty plcal of the high character of the Amer
ican Navy though their service had been
less conspicuous They were Rear Admi
ral Benham whose stern look and calm
deportment convey immediate evidence of
his power and ability to command and
Rear Admiral Howlson suave dignified
handsome and with a bearing which
stamps him at once as a naval officer
Such was the composition of the Court
when the gavel in the hand of Admiral
Dewey fell punctually at 1 o clock yes
terday afternoon
11 Ej c on Jsehley
But In the small coterie of officers
prominent at the opening of the Court
there was one who more than all the
others was the central figure and upon
whom the people of the nation hive
riveted their attention with interest anil
admiration not only since the morning
of July 3 1551 but for many years pre
vious That ofllcer was Rear Admiral
W infield Scott Schlev the applicant at
the Court
As he stood facing the tribunal which
is to determine the propriety of his ac
tions the minds of the spectators Inevit
ably turned In retrospect over his ca
reer They thought of him as a youn
mm In a border State casting his lot with
the Union while many of those about him
his friends and associates were jolninir
the cause of the Confederacy Tht
thought of him as a gallant young of
ficer leading the stormers over the
southern rampirts nt Chemulpo when
failure would hive meant not onlv death
but death preceded by horrible suffer
ing and torture They thought of him
igain us he plov ed through tht froze u
w iters of the Arctic to bring succor and
rctlef and to rescue the during Grteiy
starving upon the Icy plilns of the far
north Agiln they thought of him nboaid
the Baltimore at Valpiniso v lien an er
ror of Judgment or nn act of Indiscre
tion would hive plunged his country into
warfare with the sister Republic of South
America Agiln they thought of him 3
he stood upon the bridge of the Brook
lyn and gave chase and battle to the
Hieing Spanish cruisers never ceaslns
until the last of the enemys vessels hid
struck her colors then receiving on
board his victorious biltltship the van
qulshed foe and slgniling to his sister
hlp Well done brave Oregon welcome
Ihey thought cs he thought and cv
prissed himself thit In tint memorable
conflict tin re was glory enough for all
ami then they wondered why It was that
after ill this his conduct hid been called
Kill tn 11 u Until n mi Return Sill
In PeiiliNV Iv nnlii Itiillruiid
miriian I vpotion eveureion will leive
WaliIntton by fieiul train Tuesday
17 tickets nood returning uithin Keen ai in
eluiliiu date of rje s inilr evcur oiw sCj
timber CO October 2 S 17 3 and 2
Every tliisr ready to cmiietruct n
cottagi at one djy a notue Hooring l 2j
LiLUy i Co
Condition of the President n Ile
portcel by Ills lliyslclnnn
Following arc the bulletins Issued by
the Presidents physiclins yesterday
C 20 a m The President has had a
comfortable nighL Pulse 122 tempera
ture 100 2
r M RIhY
George B Cortelyou Secretary to the
30 a m The President has spent a
quiet and restful night and his taken
much nourishment He feels better this
morning than at any time He has taken
a little solid food this morning and rel
ished It Pulse 120 temperature 100 2
iintMVN vnvrtn
George B Cortelyou Secretary to the
S3 p m The Presidents condition
this evening Is not quite so good His
food his not agreed with him and has
been stopped Excretion has not yet
been properly established The kidneys
are acting well His pulse Is not satis
factory but has improved In the last two
hours The wound is doing welL He Is
resting quietly Temperature 100 2 pulse
iucem v tsDrv
George B Cortelyou Secretary to the
Midnight AH unfavorable symptoms In
the Presidents condition have Improved
since the last bulletin Pulse 120 tem
perature 1002
iLcrsn sniv
George B Cortelyou Secretary to the
2 50 a m The Presidents cordltlon Is
very serious and gives rise to the gravest
apprehension Ills bowels have moved
well but his heart docs not respond
properlv to stlTUlitlon He Is conscious
The skin is warm and the pulse small
regular easily compressible and 126 res
piration 30 temperature 1ft
Ill RSI A MivrFtt
George B Cortelyou Secretary to the
into question and he was compelled to
seek vindication
It was noteworthy that as Admiral
Schley arose and stood in readiness to
answer the charges made against him the
ovveep of his vision about the spacious
court room did not embrace one of those
conspicuous as his official accusers There
were none present who have made them
selves especlilly prominent by their of
fensive partisanship against Schley un
less an exception be made of Admiral
Howlson whoso expressed convictions
caused him to be challenged and excused
from service on the Court But It Is es
pecially worthy of mention that those
who have been foremost In denouncing
Admiral Schley as a coward and an In
competent were not in attendance
The absent Sampson was absent still
Behind the horizon when Schley was
fighting and destroving the Spanish fleet
he was in the seclusion of his summer
resort behind the granite hills of New
Hampshire when the enquiry was begun
to determine the truth or falsity of his
charge of reprehensible conduct Neith
er was the garrulous Chadwick the West
Virginian entertainer of royalty at New
port who commanded the distant New
York In evidence Likewise did the Court
succeed in opening conducting its affairs
and adjourning without the guldins hand
of the incomparable Crowninshield
Secretary Long was of course not
there and as for his understudy Assis
tant Secretary Hickett he was only
thought of when some correspondence in
which his name was mentioned was
brought in and introduced Into evidence
Fighting Bob Evans too was conspicu
ous by his absence but perhaps all this
miy be explained by the fact thit none
of the witnesses on cither side has been
ordered to appear before the Court al
though tho majority of them have bein
summoned to Washington to nold them
selves In readiness to give testimony
Yet even without them it was a scene
Impressive and inspiring it was an oc
casion not only of Importance to Admiral
Schley but one of great concern to the
American Navy It was official while all
the controversy- whch has been waged
for three years over the merits and de
merits of Rear Admirals Sampson and
Schley his been unofficial
The Court Room
The place was not one unworthy of
this momentous occasion and gathering
It was within the confines of the old
historic Washington Navy Yard where
have anchored some of tho famous war
ships of the American Navy and where
the great gun sheps turn out the mighty
defenders of American interests whre
the whirl of m my wheels and the busy
hum of machinery testify to the fact that
the American Navy Is still growing The
court room is in a new and unoccupied
building sufficiently apart from the
worKshops that their noise does not dis
turb the proceedings and intended for
uses entirely different from that which It
Is now being put
Ihe room Is spacious and its acoustic
properties arc bad so that It was with
gnat difficulty that those nf rest the
Court and the witnesses could determine
whit was said and It was practically Im
possible for the majority- of the spect i
tors to citch the utterances of those who
spoke Still every convenience had been
arranged for tho accommodation of those
whose business it was to be present at
the hearings Of decorations however
there wire none save the two large
Ami rlcan fligs vv leh were dripeel upon
the wall directly luck of the chair occu
pied by- the Presidint of the Court and
between which sit perched as in Inughty
authority the figure of an American
eale upon the n itional shield
It was in this room and amid these
suiroundings thit the Court assembled
Cantaln Lemly the Juelgc Advocite of
the Court with his assistants E P
llnnna the solicitor in he office of the
Judge Advocite of the Navy was thi
first of the officials connected with the
Court to arrive at the Navy Yard For
n n hour and a half they were busy ar
ranging the pipers documents and
records which are to be used as the
ca e progresses They also put things
in readiness for the members of the
Couit and for the applicant and his
counsel Whin the shrill whistles of the
big gun shops announced the hour of
noon everything was In readiness and it
onlv remained for the parties to the en-
Spcclnl Sleeper for Deer 1arU
u II A O It It on train leaving Washington
I 10 a in Situi day nights and reti rjin
Uatln Dur Park 12 at a in Sur ta
U In InillnniiiHiliK anil Ilecnrn ajtli
In PeiiTiNj Iv miln llnllrond
Veeount Soiereln Cram Lodse I O 0 r
tulcl4 on sale September 12 to 15 good to re
turn until September 23 Extension privileges
Ciut nml hunt lontleil Lumber
frie and dressed aueathin si 23 at Gilt and
p Pi tip3g8zr
Price One Cent
ulry to reach the placer In tho next hour
ind open the Court and begin the pro-
Rear Admiral Benham was the first of
the members of the Court to arrive Ho
lrove to the Navy Yard In a carriage
sent for him by Admiral Ten y com-
mandant of the yard as did also Rear
Admiral Howlson It was Just 12 20
oclock when Admiral Benham arrived
There were but few persons who recog
nized him as he passed down the hall and
ntered the Courts dressing room nt the
astern end of the building He was fol
owed by a colored men who carried a
niise containing the uniform of the rear
mmlrnl which the offlcer Immediately
proceeded to don
Ten minutes later Admiral Dewey the
President of the Court reached the Navy
Yard He drove In his private carriage
With him rode his Chinese valet The
Ailrrilrnl was In citizens clothes and was
received without demonstration save for
a few cheers from a crowd of small boys
who recognized him outside the main
Awaiting the Admiral at the entrance
to the gunners workshop were Rear Ad
miral Terry Captain Leutze and Lieu
tenant Commnnder Bowjer Admiral
Dewey- walked beside Rear Admiral Terry
to the elevator near the centre of the
building They were followed by Lieu
tenant Caldwell his secretary and sev
eral other officers He bowed and ssilled
as he entered the court room and recog
nized friends awaiting the opening of the
CourL He went at once to his dressing
room and a few moments later emerged
clad In his glittering uniform of gold and
A few minutes later Rear Admiral How
lson arrived and joined his colleagues In
the dressing room
It was exactly 1243 when the big Ar
lington automobile reached the Navy
Yard and as the vehicle rolled beneath
the broad arch Admiral Schley gave the
order to put the helm hard aport and
the automobile executed a loop not total
ly unlike the famous one made by the
Brookly n the admiral a flagship at the
battle of Santiago
In the carriage with Admiral Schley
were his counsel Judge Jere M Wilson
Hon Isador Rayner Capt James 31 Par
ker 31 A Teague of Baltimore Lieut
B W Wells Admiral Schleys flag secre
tary and the three witnesses who were to
testify to statements alleged to have been
made by Admlraf Howlson prejudicial to
Admiral Schley
They were V E Spon of New York
J A Nichols of Yonkcrs N Y snd F
A Frost the writer of the alleged inter
view In the Boston Record The party
was met by Admiral Terry Captain
Leutze and Lieutenant Commander Bow
Greeted ty Dewey
Admiral Schley was attired In a dark
blue fatigue uniform of the navy He
went at once to his dressing room back
of the place reserved for the CourL Ad
miral Dewey at once stepped across the
hall and the two officers greeted each
other warmly
There was a similar greeting a few min
utes later between Admirals Benham and
Howlson During the time which inter
vened before the hour for the Court to as
semble there was an Informal exchange of
courtesies by all parties Interested In the
investigation Admiral Schley soon ef
fected a chinge In his uniform and ap
peared In the rnijt room
He was In good spirits and wore a picas
ant smile as he greeted his old frietnds
and acquaintances While waiting for the
Court to Le called to order mahy spec
tators pressed forward to grasp his hand
To each he had some happy remark to
make and while It was evident from his
manner that he was some vhat nervous
he preserved a deliberate and even tem
pcrament He looked In perfect health
and to those who enquired he replied that
he felt in excellent condition
Everything was now in readiness for
the opening of thi Court There was a
strain of excitement as the hands of the
old grandfathers clock neared ths hour
of 1 oclock the time fixed In the precept
for the assembling of tho CourL The an
cient timepiece struck one and the
clear tone of tho bell could be distinctly
heard above the buzz and hum of conver
sation which had been going on for more
thin two hours
Just as the clock announced the ap
pointed hour Admiral Dewey followed
by his associates on the tribunal In the
full uniform of their respective ranks
emerged from their private rooms and en
tered the enclosure reserved for the Court
the witness on the stand the applicant
and his counsel They took their seats
about the table Admiral Dewey seating
himself between his colleagues
Openingr tlic Enquiry
Unceremoniously he took up the gavel
which lay before him and let It fall heavi
ly upon the table A hush fell over the
assemblage every voice was stilled there
was not a whispered utterance There
was just a half moment of silence and
suspense and then Admiral Dewey said
In calm but firm tones
The Court Is open
Immediately as Admiral Dewey declared
the Court opened the big guns on the
water front boomed forth the salute to
the Admiral of the Navy firing seventeen
Admlnl Schley was standing when the
Court was declared open but he soon took
a seat beside his counsel as they- sat about
a table ta the left and in front of the
members of the Court Captain Lemly
and Mr Hanna sat across the tible from
the Court
Th next step was taken when Captain
Lemlv the judge advocate himself In
the uniform of a captain of th mvy
arose and read Article 1791 of the navy
regulations reining to the clearing of the
court room rhile the Court was organ
izing hen hs had concluded Admiral
Dewey announced that instead of asking
the spectitors to ave the Court would
withdraw to the private conference room
Thus the fear of the spectators thit they
would b compHid to relinquish for a
time the seals which they had so paticntly
held for two hours was relieved The
members of th Court retired to tneir pri
vite consultation room and there re fj
teen minutes discussed the details rf
procedure of the Court During the
terlm Admiril Seliy remained in cein
sulfation with his counsel and chatting
with friends
VA hen the members of the Court re
turned Ciptain with the reeniislte
formalitv proceeded to read the letle
writttn bv Rear Admiral Schley to a
retary Long calling attention to the
tacks which had been made upon him
his conduct and asking for a roun
enquiry to ditcrmlne the facts This
pliccd before the Court and the ju
advocate then continued to read the l
cept prepared for the Investigation a
the v irious orders of the Isavy Depart
ment which followed it regarding the re
lief of Renr Admiral ICimberlv and the
substitution of Rear Admiral Howlson In
his stead These were likewise placed In
captalu Iemlv aiso read the corrcspon
detee In the case- regarding Schlev s ob
jection to on ot the points In the precept
where he ls Urectly charged with dis
obedience of orders his Liters and trur
llt OO In IiullminptillM nml Re turn
V Li II v U It It
lecount cocreiMi trand LwUe I O O r
riclaL si oil 10111 September 12 to 13 valid
returning until 2Jd eiecnt by deposit and uThi
fee of 1 u uU extension to October 7 may Le
ft to Hiiltimore uiul Return Via
It A tl viturelity nml humlny
September II and 15 tickets Rood returning until
following Momlae Good on all train except
Itojal Limited
Suburban CottiiRen Constructed
uithout delay u7cn suppucd by Frank Libbe
4 Co

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