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Expired Amid
bers of tnt
Touching Sc
well to His
president Mckinley
tir IlcKinlpy Breathes His Last at the MiMrn
Home in Buffalo
bsoiute Peace Mrs McEinley and Mem
Family Present at the Final Moment
5 ie When the Dying Executive Bade Fare
Vife in His Last Period of Consciousness
hysicians Found Restoratives of No Avail
BUFFALO Sept V--X a m 1 The
President breathed his 1 si at 215 oclock
this morning Words j consolation to
bis wife were the passed his
lips They came as a jitle farewell to
the American people 10m he loved so
well and of whose m aood he was so
fine a tjpe
Onlj three times froti the moment he
received his death o did he speak
of him who so wantonj ruck him down
and It was cnaractcrlsc of the Presi
dents magr nimous character that In
each issuance his words were tho e of
pity for what he In Ills broad charitj re
garded as the delusion of a misguided
At the actual moment of djing the
President hid long been to all intents
and purposes bejond the world forever
For hourR he had been unconscious His
living became purely automatic the func
tions gradually crowing weaker and
weaker until at last they ceased alto
The phjslclans had ceased pljing him
with drags and restoratives It was but
useless w ork From the moment that his
final collapse developed in all its serious
ness they knew in their hearts that he
was beond their aid
Yet with all their energy and skill
they worked on and on until at the last it
was too clearly a case of whether the
dinR mans moments should or should
not be free from what onlj made them
more painful without hope of any benefit
The end came In absolute peace
Among those In the room were his two
sisters Helen McKlnley Mrs Barber
and W W Duncan Miss Slary Barber
her mother Mrs Barber Mrs Abner
McKlnlej and a Mrs Crendj who had
been takinK care of Mrs McKlnley
The wife of the President had been re
moved from the sick room about ten min
utes before the President expired She
had been with him for nearlj two hours-
The greater part of thit time he had
been unconscious
The reason for taking Mrs McKlnley
away at that late hour was that she was
eo fatigued that it was feared she would
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t nani ULuej Co and Georgia ficonijc
At the moment of death all the other
relatives assemble in a room adjoining
the chamber of death
The beginning of what appeared to be
the rno came In the same way the crisis
of last night began There was a sud
den development of weakness of the
heart thit organ becoming faint and
The first intimation to the outside wait
ers of the danger was when a negro
servant came hurriedlj out of the house
and started awiv toward town at a swift
Iace Then in rapid succession came a
s ries of bulletins some formal and some
Informal hurried by Secretary Corteljou
Thej all told one story The Presidents
condition was verv grave he was very
low he v is practically djlrg there was
little or no hope
Then followed State Senator Dodge
from the Cleveland district an old friend
of the President His face showed strong
sign- of emotion lie spoke hardlj above
a whimper to the dense throng of report
ers who gathered about him
The President Is djing he said lie
Is unconselous He recognizes none of
those about him
Soon after this Dr McBurnej In a car
riage came rushing up the lints his
horses on the gallop He said not a word
but hurried almost at a trot from the car
riage door to the house Col W C
Brown came next He ran as fast as he
could from the carriage and dashed up
the porch three steps at a time
At Her JIiihIiiiihIm Iledxide
The report now came out at 7 M that
the President had recovered conscious
ness that he fully realized the end was
at hand and th it lie hid asked for Mrs
McKlnley She was taken Into the room
and to her husband s bedside
All left the room then save one nurse
and the huEband and wife were practi
cally alone The President was able to
rpcnk faintly as his wife bent over him
Those who know how tenderlv and eon
stantly he Ins cared for her and how
great his anxletj has been for her ever
since he was stricken down by the an
archists bullet can spcik of that
Mft Inn Aiinrlciiii Kxiioalllon rjv
Ciirolon vlu II A I It It ei
rhllailcplna theme fihwh ahr Jloulp leave
Washington 7 63 a nu arrive Jiofflc 0 13 p in
Til osli rrof r ecurc siut in arhanri
Ticket xol ri lurninj within wtn ilais sin
itar eieurJuiut Sept 15 Oct 1 10 j aIHi 3
Clean Well llrrl Lumber AIivujn I
rcau to uac at Ctli st an J 2t aic uuU
board sl30
pitiful scens without almost breaking
down at the thought of It
Meantime the door of the sick room
vas thrown open and those nearest the
President were ijuietly gathered about it
In the group were Mr and Mrs Abner
McKinlev Mrs Baer the Presidents
niece MIs Barber Mrs McKlnlos niece
Judge Dav Secretaries Boot Hitchcock
and Wilson Senator Hanna and Mrs 31c
Up to this time the crowd hid been
steadily gathering at the outer barriers
of ropes stretched across the streets two
blocks away in all directions The news
of the relapoe seemed to have spread over
the city like wildfire
It was first reported tint the President
was dvlng Then the rumor spread that
he was dead People began steadily gath
ering about the barriers speaking in low
tones carcel above a whisper asking
the policemen on gutrd for news
The officers several of whom were visi
bly affected by the solemnlt of It all
could only give such reports as now and
then reached them from the sick room
Scores of women whose apparel and bear
ing showed them to be persons of refine
ment and comfortible means were In the
groups Ahen they had Iearneel the
Presidents condition they all wanted to
know how Mrs McKlnley was
Next to the President eomes Mrs Mc
Klnley It was a matter of current be
lief that she would never survive the
hoek There were plenty who said and
believed that she would not live through
the night that the papers tomorrow would
tell the world that Emma Goldmans dis
ciple had murd red a woman a frail Inva
lid as well as the President of the United
It was recalle d that jesterday the
President for the first time had spoken
of his assassin and had expressed satis
faction hn he learned the man had not
been harmed b the crowd
The labt news from the bouse said Mrs
McKlnley was at her husbands bedside
and that the rest of the famll person
al as well as oirielal who were In the
house were gathered about the open door
of the room where the President was
breathing his last
Then nt 8 25 Senator Sj monds came
out of the house and walked slowly down
the paved path to the sidewalk It was
evident he came with something to sav
and that it was something of sid im
port At first it was thought to be the
final message tht It vvn all over Yet e
was believed that this event would be an
nounced by Secretary Corteljou
Next to the btatement that the Presi
dent was dead thnt which Senator Sy
monds cime to tell could not have been
worse The President was In extremis hi
said It was not belived that he coud
live three minutes when he Sv monds
stepped out of the door He might even
be dead at that moment
As this report spriad the hush thit nl
rcady was upon the hundred of people
within the ropes seemed evin to become
deeper Scarce a word was sunken it
was like the solemn stillness of a church
so far as those nearest the house were
concerned Tin only ound wis the faint
clicking of the telegrni h instruments as
the news was rushed away
The oiI thing that Jarred In all the
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rluljn date ef far fa miiar excursions fcep
ternber 20 UiluUr i 6 17 li untl 2J
Prompt limer iclvr nlvvnjK Uj
liar Livliej Co arJ nhttc pin doom L
I crtnn tn 1
ov mc nu3 me smie ni ipe exposition
nreworks something likefja mile and a
half awaj The dull repeat of exploding
bombs could be heard Jjnd the colored
lights plaved directly up3rTone of the
windows of the room inSwhieh the Pres
ident lav djlnff
The exposition people evidently had not
heard of the PreIdentsCTJtlcal -condition
At all events theygartcd up their
pjrotechnics nt the usijtP1 hour Then
the hair whispered -comments of the
groups within the roplferc word3 of
Indlgniflon at the heedlessness of some
body jSt
At 9 o Mr Jnmea rjgyi irii brought
out l onlj news thatffarre from the
house- for some tlmeJtpractlcally
amounted to the statementlthat the
Idt nt was on being kepyfollve bi oxy-
g n
m inlfest only
by a low moan now andfthen
He said nothing It fsfdoifbtful If he
even dimly iccognized those about him
Up to 9 oclock the onlytvvo persons who
had been by the bedsldesave the doc
tors and nurses were Mrs McKlnley
and Mr Abner McKInleMrs McKin
lev remained by her husband about ten
mihules It was thoughttlien she was
bearing up very uelLaMrAbner Mc
Klnley only stood by thejjfbedside and
looked at his brother formoment and
then wilked out
At 920 Mrs Hanna andtjDan Hanna
came htrnedlv up In an automobile and
entered- Then came- Attorney General
Knox who had hardly gotynsiae the door
before the mense fromJSecretary
eeijou came oui me message that the
end wis at hand Secretary Cortelyous
words were
I wish to announce toUhe press and
the American people thajysthe President
is d ing j
Almost at the same tmo there came
word from Dr M nterVLwhosald that the
death chill had set InBjthIs time the
nrcworKs at me exposition were banging
away Nobody heeded them now Atten
tion was too concentrated on every move
ment about the door of thejhoute to heed
for a moment anj thins else
At 9 13 there came another formal
statement from Secretary Coftelvoti It
was that the President wis unconscious
and that his last lucid moments were
spent with Mrs McKlnleyt It continued
The pulse has left the Presidents
extremities Consciousness seems to
have departed finally He may live
until midnight In his last moments
of consciousness he spoke words of
comfort to Mrs McKlnley
This statement of Mr1 Corteljou was
dated 9
nt 9J0
It was delivered to the press
At 10 oclock there Were etill four mem
bers of the Administration who had not
jet reached here Secretaries Long Hay
and Gage and Postmaster General Smith
Secretary Boot had received a telegram
from Vice President Roosevelt saving
that he was coming fromtjie North with
all speed a special train
The Iant Words
At a few minutes nfter 10 oclock Mr
Corteljou gavo for publication what In
all human probability as the outlook was
then would be William McKinleys last
words on earth They were Gods will
be done not ours
Ihej were addressed to Mrs McKlnley
as she sat by his side taking her last
farewell of him Immediately after ut
tering them the President lapsed Into un
At various times the Presidents mind
wandered during the night and In his de
lirium ho spoke of his home In Canton
That he was suffering seemed evident
from the pltful way In which he poko
about his longing for rest To get home
and rest that was the one thought that
ran thrcugh his delirious moments
Nothing was received after the state
ment concerning the Presidents last
words until 3040 when Dr Mann came
out and said that the President was still
breathing and might live an hour
What Is the cause of his condition
was asked
Apparently It is some trouble of the
heart he replied But we do not know
1 nit it Is exactlj Senator Hanna has
given us to understand that there Is to
be an autopsy but we are in the dark
The Presidents heart has never liehaved
right It has steadily and progresslvelj
grown weaker
Tor the last twentj four hours he has
been having sinking spells off and on
each one worse and eich one harder to
bring him back from The President did
not believe until late that he would
die He told me this morning he had not
lost heart We were laughing and joking
while I was dressing the wound He said
to me I feel that I will get well
This evening he spoke to Dr Rlxev
about djlng lie said he felt It was
almost over He then asked for Mrs Mc
Klnley who was with him for an hoar
and a half They conversed together
sajing their farewells
Mrs McKlnley liears up splendidly
She shows no signs of breaking down
The Presidents last words to those about
him were Good bve good bjel It Is
Gods will his will be done not ours
and then he said speaking to no one ap
parently Nearer God to thee e en
though It be a cross Is mjr constant
His mind wandered considerably at
the last and he lay scarcely breathing
When Dr Mann was asked who was in
the room he said
All of the Pnsidents friends went In
Slrio Snee tul Sntuiiluj Trip
lo Mild Point NorfoX Uath Ocean imi
jnd Neuport Neua via Norfolk and Washlnst i
tamtr satuiuay 0 3tf p m Ituum trip j
lor KtateiuoriLi lit ne j0 central w u cf
flee liond building llth tt and N V ave
tll7 To ton Im ii e 1 x co Caf anil
Itiliru In 1 - It It
aeiount anc ral Tvirrna Conuntfon Protestant
rpltcopal Cliureh Thktli rajjj iei temliei
IS to 25 rituriuniT until NoierrhiT lj Via Port
tall or Punet sound illt one va J addi
tional u I cm iiKils and 1crtlind m ujj
Tl3 Wi additlmal lor further Information en
quire at II K O otlieia
j Imiiih iluliie I lillrco SIli mill K
lluines Shorthand Tvpeivntlnj 23 a jcar
fet Cj prexs Milwrlro iilj S573 per
1W0 full tke 0 hj iv at Cth and avc
Price One Cent
and bade him good bye most of them
went away again but somestajed
Senator Hanna was In the room from
time to time and the members of the
Cabinet went in
Secretary Itoot went In
several times A front bedroom was de
voted to their use Attorney General
Knox was the last member of the Cabinet
to arrive
CrovvdM Ilvviiiille Away
Between 1030 and 11 oclock the repeated
assurances 3f inch man who came from
the house seemed to convince those who
were not newspaper men that there was
no use In stajlng any longer that the
President could not possibly live until
morning At 11 30 there were not
half as manj about the corner as
there had been an hour before At about
the same time the crowds waiting in
Delaware Avenue and the other closed
streets ceascel pressing on the police lines
They realized that it was over and went
home with their sorrow
The one or two who stajed left when
Judge Daj came from the house half an
hour before midnight and said that Mrs
McKlnley had been told that her husband
had but a few minutes more to live Judge
Day added that the phjslclans since the
danger from peritonitis and blood poison
ing had disappeared were obliged to look
elsewhere for an explanation of his sink
Thej found that his heart was
weak and the weakness In the
light of what thej had learned from those
who had studied the Presidents phjsique
was from the use of tobacco
A Killsc Humor
At 12 21 Coroner Wilson came driving
from his house and ald he had positive
information that the President was dead
It was thought that he had received his
information from the telephone It proved
however that he had gotten It from a re
port that had spread down town and had
even appeared in an evening newspaper
The storj as it was printed was so cir
cumstantial and purported to come from
an oflclal source thit it was for the mo
ment fully believed and all of the news
paper correspondents made a mad rush
for the telegraph wires and turned It in
The improbabilltj however of Mr Cor
teljou withholding the news of such an
event until It hid been communlc Ucd to
the coroner soon became apparent and
there was an Immediate rush to the wires
on the p irt of the correspondents send
ing word to their papers to wait for con
firmation before publishing the bulletin
A me senger sent to Mr Corteljou
ijuicklj brought back the response that
there was no truth in the report and that
the Presidents condition remained un
A few minutes after Coroner Wilson
went Into the houcc he came out again
hastllj Representative Rvan followed
him out and slid with some evidence of
Inelfgnation that the coroner said he had
been bent to the house bj the district at
torney The kroner had nothing to saj
evecpt tint there had been a misundeT
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11 and 13 Bcsxl to return until Monda
cr 10 VII trains ejtcpt Cbnresiora
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rt OO lei Cumberland itltil Hi turn
rrom II V- 11 riatioii Washington 3 fe
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trctliatt Ution5 Itetuiairg Icalt Aimberlauu
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wl at at one dajs n tiee
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flooring- 1 2j
GrnItr of the President Condition
Sut Realized at Flritt
BlitTALO Sept 13 The news of the
Presidents collapse was us lightning from
an absolutely cloudless sk Among those
brought here last Tridajs terrible
event who still remained in the city It
produceil a shock second In Intensity only
to the news of the assassination Itself
But there were very few of the Govern
ment officials left
The members of the Cabinet here
were Secretaries Hitchcock and Wilson
Secretarj Root left at 1 o clock jester
elay afternoon Postmaster General
Smith got away earlj last evening Sec
retary Haj went on Wednesd ly night
Senators Hanna and Morgan and M T
Herrick went away several dajs ago Vice
President Roosevelt was up in the Adi
All had left Buffalo absolutely confident
that the chances of a fatal issue were too
remote to be con Jdered Dr McBurney
w hen he left on the Empire State Express
at the same time with Secretarj Root was
fairly bojlsh in his expressions of sat
isfaction at the President s condition
The morning bulletin had had u clear
firm ring of confidence whieh had pro
duced the sanguine prediction that the
doctors would formally pronounce the
PreslJcnt practically out of danger with
in the next hours Over news
paper row as the group of tents across
the way from the house Is called there had
fallen mi atmosphere of and
peace secur
ity which had nut been known
since the news gatherers pitched their
camp on the scene
Yet even with this there were some
who awaj down in the bottoms of their
hearts were not eiuite so much at case
iur uuueun ot J i a m say
ing the President felt better than at any
tlme up to date The s tme bulletin said
he had taken solid food and had relished
it It seemed to be a clear case of con
valescmce That this was the view taken
bj Secretary Boot and Dr McBurntj
stemed to be sufllclentlv evidenced by
their going off to their business Sicretnrv
Root to the bed of a sick son In New
York and Dr McBurrej to Albany on
his to Massachusetts
And jet with all there was just one
thing that sirretly troubled some of those
who were closelj watehlug the case That
was tje Presidents pulse It fluctu ited
so curiously It took such sudden turns
The temperature was all that could be
As tu the respiration the doctors for
some reison h id not 1 een giving thit for
the last two dajs There was a lltte
wundeTrentas to this but no explanation
was firthcoming slmplj did nut
gi e it and In view of the pos
itive reassurance which went with the
supplemental statements that matle
in addition to their bulletins the eiuestion
was not pressed
But the pulse was nncther matter
There were rumors that the Presidents
heart was not ail that could be desired
Secretary AS ilson aid tbat never H all
tl e v e irs he had kro vn the President
had he heard a word to give rise to the
fear that he hod aweak heart
Tben there was D- IIxev who had at
tended the President for year- He had
said repeatedly slne the President was
iI5 ti nuil Itetttrn VIn
II A 41 Snturiltii inul Stintlu
Siptemler H and 15 tieketa good returning until
followirc Vfondai God on all triina except
ltojal I imited
Cnrs nnil IifintM liindeil with Lumber
frt- in drceted Ii atliiu 123 at oih and
N Y avc
stricken that he normally had a high
pulse that It was an uncertain fluctuate
ing pulse Yet all this did not quite re
assure j
It was known that the President hac
been for jears a heavy smoker That his
heart was more or less affected by ten
bacco was not doubted How far was it
responsible for the high speed and tha
varying speeel of the pulse now Taljr
was the question more than one person
was asking himself for hours esterdaj
before the first signals of the alarming
events of the night were seen
At 6 20 a m the pulse was 11 at 93
it was 120 At 3 p m it had leaped UJ
to 126 During all this time the temper
ature remained at one point 100 2
It was not until the 3 p m bulletin thai
the first premonitory hint of the great
crisis of the night appeared In that bulle
tin there was a new word one that had
not appeared before The word was fa
tigue Translated from doctors Ian
guage to lay language fatigue meant
weakness- Heretofore there had comS
from the sick room nothing but gratifjM
intf assurances of the Presidents return
ing strength of how he turned hlmsell
In his bed and how he would be able to
sit up were it not for the mechanical facta
involved in the abdominal Incision
The fact that there was fatigue ancl
that fatigue meant weakness was dis
quieting But after alt the President
had been six dajs In bed with the pos
of changirg his position only In
verj narrow limits Besides that the day
was verj warm and filled with the de
pressing tendencies that go with hlgtf
humidity a
This sufficiently explained the fatigue
provided It was accompanied no othes
sjraptoms There was not a thought a3
jet of the solid food taken for the tirsf
time that as being In any res
sponsible for the trouble It is true thera
was surprise that the patitnt could take
solid food so soon There was even somJ
marveling at the kind of solid food which
It wus said he had taken
Ihat he could dispose of the hard grit
of toast was also surprising and the fact
the doctors had diagnosed his digestlva
condition so favorablj was regarded as
reassuring It was not until
J30 oclock that this same food on which
such strong hopes were built began to
appear as a disturbing element In the bul
The bulletin at that hour said his cone
dition was not quite so good that hl9
food had nut agreed with him and had
been stopped that his puNe was not sat
Isfaetorj In medical terms It added what
amounted to the statement that the bows
els were clogged
Even this bulletin did not cause what
inUht be called alarm It was not satis
factory by t good deal though The doc
tors apparently to avoid going Into ex
planations left the house bj a back way
thus avoiding the newspaper men a thing
they had nut done before
Thev were soon reached in their homes
Thej emphasized the fact that the bow
els were clogged and told that calomel
and oil had bc n administered to bring
relief It was this checking of the in
testinal functions this Intestinal poison
lag which was tn cau of tie Presi
dents unsatisfactory condition There
was nothing alarming about It they said
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Suburban Citttugrc Constructed
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