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because the cause of the trouble could be
They evidently had no suspicions ot the
Crisis that was so near Had it been
otherwise they would hardly have left
the house and et Dr Mann In talking
of tho Presidents condition with a per
son of the Presidents household Just be
fore he left for his own home for the
night again referred to the Presidents
fatigue Ho Is very very tired said
Dr Mann
Dr Stockton had not been called into
the case before In addition to a er hgh
reputation he Is v ry skilled in stomach
troubles If It mere the Presidents stom
ach that was at fault there were all scrts
of possibilities vomiting for Instance
which presented themselves to the lay
mlnd as altogether fearful to contem
There was one thing in connection with
the tumins in of the 1S30 bulletin En
couraging as were the words the bulletin
caused some uneasiness When Mr Cor
telyou was asked after tho bulletin was
issued If there would bo another before
6 oclock in the morning the usual hour
he hesitated
Well he said finally if I were ou
I would not go away
Wltn that he went back Into the house
and what turned out to be literally a
death watch with the fatal news expected
every minute for hour after hour began
The night was warm and muggy and
by 1 oclock n heavy rain had set in It
was dreary enough In the newspaper
camp across the V ay The sentries with
their long ponchos glistening with the
wet under the electric light steadily
paced their beats to and fro all about the
house The policemen two blocks away
in every direction stood doggedly at their
posts and took the storm as It came
In the tents and tho election booths
turned Into newspaper and telegraph offi
ces the telegraph instruments kept up a
steady buzz the only sound to be heard
anj where about the place save now and
then a subdued rumble of a belated car
riage or the faint jingle of a remote trol
ley car bell
It was not until 2 oclock that the first
stir of what was to be the most exciting
and critical season of the Presidents ill
ness up to that time began At that hour
a servant came rushing out of the house
and made for an automobile standing at
the corner Tho newspaper reporters
swarmed after him
here are i ou going he was asked
Just donr town was the reply and
hewentoff at a swift pace down Delaware
Avenue In a few moments he returned
vlth Dr Park who bore evidences of
havlns nastily gotten into his clothing
By this time thero was a great stir in
the house It was plain everybody had
been aroused In a few moments DrsJ
Mann and Mynter came dashing up as
fast as their vehicles could carry them
Drs WasJIn and Stockton and Rlxcy
had not left tho house that night All the
physlciarj save Dr McBurne who had
left town were now in attendance Secre
taries Hitchcock and Wilson and Mr Ab
ner McKlnley and Col XV C Brown next
At 230 the bulletin was issued which
tod of the gravity of the crisis Start
ling as It was It was reassuring com
pared with what reached the watchers
without the house from tho watchers
It was known that the Presidents life
was hanging by a thread He had but
faintly responded to the stimulants w hlch
had been administered He was weak al
most to the point of tho last gasp
Messengers had came out with tele
grams summoning Cabinet officers and all
others w hose presence here In view of the
calamity apparently so near at hand was
deemed necessary It was now raining
and anxious groups stood about on the
sidewalks and in the middle of the street
talking In low tones For a long time
no word came from the house
If ever there was an occasion when no
news was good news It was then A di
rect coirmunlcntion made to the news
papers at that crisis it was well under
stood could be of but one terrible fact
As long as nobody took the pains to send
out an thing for publication It was pretty
sure that there was still life and hope
Finally one person after another ap
peared at the door of the house and
walked down the steps and along the
patch of flagging to the sidewalk They
were only the anxious watchers within
almost as little informed as to the state
Df affairs as the watchers without
The news that the President was still
alive and might even yet tide over the
peril was gladly received
The Presidents 1rientlM uiid lleln
tlv feeiit for In Huftti
BUFFALO Sept 13 It was Just 525
this afternoon when an incident hap
pened that really showed how serious
the situation was Before that there had
only been the bulletins to show that the
resident was growing weaker and that
desperate measures were Lelfcg used to
keep up his respiration
For a tle while there was n lull dur
ing which evcrjone waited with suspense
that was most intense AL 523 one of
the colored messengers the same one
who last night was sent for the doctors
left the house and Jumped Into a car
riage in waiting
Drive as fast as ou can he said
nd then whispered something to the
river which made the latter whip his
torses and start them on a run down
Ilaare Avenue
It was almost an exact repetition of
TV hat occurred when the sudden turn for
the worse came at 2 oclock this morning
and Instantly the newspaper men became
convinced that the President was djing
If not dead
Five minutes after this while the air
was thick with rumors that the end had
actually come Col XV C Drown of
and that the end was only a matter of
time All the doctors were then with the
At 740 the President again became con
scious Ho asked faintly to see Mrs Mc
Klnley Apparently tho period of con
sciousness did not last long At S oclock
word came from the house that the Presi
dent was again unconscious
It was said thit Mrs McKlnley hid
seen him nnd that ho had rcco jnlzed her
No ot e else outside of the doctors and
nurses were in the room at the time It
was after seeing his wife that the Presi
dent became unconscious again This was
about SO
A few minutes before that B Hcrmanus
Baer drove up with Mrs Abner McKln
ley Five minutes later another carriage
was heard the horses coming on the gal
lop Dr McBurncy was In it lie got out
very quietly and dashed through the
crowd without looking to the right or left
The excitement had become so Intense
then that precautions were taken by the
police and soldiers and the guards were
doubled Sentries were stationed at the
ropes at all points The wire used for offi
cial messages was also put under guard
A sentry was stationed at the door of the
tent with a fixed bajonet to keep any
newspaper men from getting in the tent
or trjlng to use the wire
There were over one hundred newspaper
men in the street then The night was
unusuall dark and the sentries had to
use the greatest vigilance in keeping peo
ple from getting up to the house The
first floor of the Mil burn house was then
illuminated and people could be seen in
tho rooms and on the piazzas
Back of the house to the northwest the
sky was illuminated by the reflection of
the lights of the fair Now and then the
sounds of fireworks could be heard dis
tinctly while tho great searchlight play
ing over the city from the tower cast its
besms ov er the building
Some of those who had been in the
houso when tho excitement began came
out early In the evening They said there
was no hope General Dodge who came
out at7M3 said that the end was consid
ered very near
At 8 Webb C Hayes Wilson S BIs
scll and Frank McGraw entered the
grounds and there were little groups on
the piazzas and everyone talked in the
lowest tones Carlton Sprague came out
about this timo and walked around the
corner to where he lives
I am going home he said they arc
simply waiting for the end
Major Symonds who had gdne in with
Secretary Boot came out just behind Mr
Sprague He also said he was going
The members of the family It was
learned had been taken up into the room
where the President was He was uncon
scious though then Each one was only
allowed to stay a minute
Governor Yates of Illinois arrived at
9 oclock He said that all plans for
Illinois Day at the exposition had been
The Rev T XV Wilson of the First
Methodist Episcopal Church of Tona
wanda who was minister of the church
in Canton that tho President attended
came out at 9 oclock having spent a
short time there He said the President
might live until midnight He had been
unconscious he said except for a short
time after the oxgen had been first
Mr Chard who came out later said
that the only signs of partial conscious
ness were a few groans heard now and
then from the President Abner McKln
ley had been with him part of the time
he added
At 923 a carriage drove up in haste It
contained Mrs Hanna wife of the Sen
ator and her son Dan Hanna As they
were going In they met Mr Hamlin com
ing out He whispered something to
them and then he came toward the news
paper men
Gentlemen he said In a solemn lolce
which trembled Mr Corteljou wishes
me to announce to jou that the President
Is dying He is too occupied to make that
official announcement himself
There was hardly an one in the crowd
who hearel the words but was Instinctive
ly hushed by them The news was spread
arqund until it got to the ropes where
the public were and there the same still
ness fell
At 90 Attorney General Knox arrived
Senator Depew followed him in another
carriage Senator Depew came from the
house at 945 and said with deep feeling
I fear It Is all over He Is still alive
but the oxjgcn no longer seems to have
any effect The end Is very near but
the phjslclans tell me that there Is a
chance that he may live many houri
Secretary Root caie out at 930 He
said he was on his way to Mr Sawjers
house where he would spend the night
The President Is still alive he said
that is all there Is to tell
After these announcements it seemed to
the crowd to be only a question of wait
ing for the exact time of the Presidents
At 1100 there come another brief state
ment from Mr Cortelyou indicating that
the end was at hand Mr Cortelyou said
the Presidents extremities wore cold and
that they were then watching for tho last
sign of life
Thomas Scalherd and Colonel Brown
left the house at 1103 There was no
change Evcrjone Is simply waiting for
the end said Mr Scathtrd The
President is conscious at times He may
go any minute or he may last an hour
Governor Yates of Illinois came out
live minutes later
Dr McBurney he said has informed
us that the President may live an hour
or two but probably not anv longer
Tliej J n1 Atteuilliil Doctoro lumueil
Only Coiirc Open to llieiu
Dr William C Woodward the District
Health Officer who was detained from
going to Niagara Falls last night on ac
count of Illness In his family talked of
the Presidents condition esterday morn
ing as not being hopcicss He said that
the fact that the phvtltlins yesterday
gave him solid food waii evidenco that his
svmptonis were then very favorable Ho
thought thej would not have ventured
upeu the experiment it his cunultlon had
not been good
Dr Woodvvnrel stated that Just as a few
days ago it cojld not be said the
Abncr I ldelt was out of ow uJ
McKlnlej party appeared with
telegram for the White House wire
which Is In a tent bj itself The Presi
dent Is worse he said H Is still alive
It was then plainly apparent that the
President was dvlng All over the city
the news spread It was five or ten min
utes later when an automobile came up
at full speed bearing Senator Hanna
The colored messenger had been sent for
Mm It was pitiful to look nt the Sena
tor as he climbed from the carriige ana
assisted by Secret Service Agent Ireland
hobbled through the crowd hi- ejes
fixed ahead of him on tho house
At 6 oclock another carriage came up at
the same speed bearing Mr Hamlin who
had gone for Mrs McWIIUams Mrs Mc
Klnley cousin The latter had been with
the Presidents wife almost constantly
since her arrival and when it was seen
that the last hours had ccme she was sent
for In oriler that she might be with Mrs
McKlnley during tho sad ordeal
Senator Fairbanks and friends of the
family began to arrive Secretary Root
who had left the houso after 5 oclock for
dinner arrived at 620 Ail the members
of the Cabinet now In the city were then
In tho house
Jt was learned that the excitement
which began at 23 had been occasioned
by the lapse of tho PreMdent Into uncon
sciousness The doctors saw then that the
ttmulanls were losing their ilTcctlvcntau
not be said that the erase was without
hope He called attention to the excellent
and t fllclent means for stimulating the
heart action and he thought it iiuite pos
sible that the President would be brought
out of his present condition and show
more favorable svmptoms
Dr William C Keiwler of the Health
Department jesterday dlscuved the ac
tion of the phjslclans In giving the Pres
ident solid tood In the hope of nourishing
their patient Dr Fowler called attention
to the fact tint in giving nourishment by
anema the rectum had been thrown into
an Inflamed condition and that it became
necessarv to resnit to other means to give
food He said tint this fact should not
be lost sight of in the tendercy to blame
the surgeons attending the President
Dr Fowler called attention to the ne
cessity of nourishment He slid the
problem before the surgeons was to 1 etp
up the Presidents strength This had
been done artificially since the idiootlnj
until ye sterdiy Then new conditions
arose and they had to try giving foeid
through the stomach He slid they
seemeel to have overdone- It Irjt he
thought the vurgeons pursued the enly
courrc open to them
WanliliiKteinluMM lit IliifTnln
BUFFALO Sept 11 The following
visitors to tho Pan American Exposition
from Washlngtonare registered at Buffa
lo hotels Iroquois XV R Speare and
wife Lenox ChnrTes T Harrison nnd
wife Glbbs A IC Tingle and wife Park
a C Hough Miss Irene Harper
Hope and Gloom Alternate as tho
Bulletins Appear
Scc ncH Aronnd the Mllliurn Home an
tin- Crowd Avvnltcel the New
1riini the UeelHidc The
Str eir the StruBifle for Life
BUFFALO Sept IS Today has been
ore of the greatest anxiety In and
In Its vicinity have been such as have not
been witnesstel at any time since the
President was shot
The news ot last nights happenings
seemed to spread like wild fire over the
citj and It brought people in hundreds
to tho vicinity Just after dawn Tho
conviction seemed to have seized nearly
everyone that tho President could not
survive the relapse and that his death
was but a question of a few hours Con
sequently those who came at dawn to
stand at the guard lines waited for
hours in the belief that they would carry
nway with them tho news that the Pres
ident had Anally fallen a victim to the
bullet of the assassin
The scenes that they wltnesscel were
indeed sufficient to convince them that tho
Presidents life washanging by a slen
der thread Messengers ran to and from
tho house Senators and Cabinet mem
bers came anil went with looks of the
deepest anxiety on their faces A strango
contrast to the looks of rejoicing that
nearly all of them had yesterday
The number of policemen at the guard
lines was Increased and the greatest pre
cautions taken that none went within
a block of the house who hadio business
There had been nothing like the ex
citement of the early hours of this morn
ing when all the phjslclans were making
such a fight for tho Presidents life since
the attempted murder It began a little
after 2 o clock At dawn some of tho
people who had been sent for and who
had been In the house during tho fight
to keep the Presidents heart beating be
gan to come out
They did not go away though but
paced up and down the block within tho
roped oft area From them tho first tid
ings were learned ot the slight rally tho
President had made and the excitement
subsided a little Those -who had been
in the house said that the President had
been practically kept alive by the use of
That the situation was critical In the ex
treme was very evident in the manner of
cverjone It v as apparent that none of
those who had been summoned dared to
leave the house Some of them sat and
talked in low tones on the piazza Secre
taries Wilson and Hitchcock paced the
sidewalk and were Joined in a few min
utes by Secretary Cortelyou and Dr
Tho President Is asleep said the doc
tcjf and Is holding his own We can
only hope that It will last His sleep Is
now more natural than at any time dur
ing the night
It was C30 when- the President awoke
His sleep had lasted an hour
Dr Rixey came out at 730 His face
wore an anxious look and he showed evi
dences of hav lng passed a terrible night
He said that he felt slightly encouraged
Dr Rixey said this mornings consultation
would be held earlier than usual BsS3
in ilij luiaus wcie mi in tuMsuiiuiiuii
It was a little after 9 oclock when on
automobile containing Senator Hanna
dashed up to the house Secret Service
Agent Ireland as usual accompanied him
Senator Hanna when ho entered the
house met Dr Rixey
Is there any chance the Senator
Some said the doctor There Is a
fighting chance If his heart holds good
but God knows what It will do
The consultation resulted In the follow
ing bulletin being issued at 9 a m
The Presidents coidition has some
what Improved during the past few
hours There Is a better response to
stimulation He is conscious and free
from pain Pulse 128 temperature
After the consultation Dr Mann and
Dr Mynter came out together They said
the President was conscious then and
that they had not given up hope
The official bulletin was considered
slightly reassuring and indicated that the
crisis might be prolonged The pulse was
still up though and the encouragement
offered was not great
There were many callers during the
morning for news Governor Yates
of Illinois was one of them and the Rev
Mr Corvvln pastor of tho Methodist
church which the President attended In
Canton was another Ho seemed to be
very much overcome
Gen Harrison Gray Otis of California
who came from the houso about noon
This morning while the window was
open the President turned his head and
seeing the cloudy sky he remarked that
It was notiulte so bright as It was
He was wonderfully conscious
and seemeel grateful far the chance to
see the skv ana trees
At U SO Secretary Cortelyou gave out
this official statement
The Presidents phjslclans report
that his condition practically remains
unchanged He is sleeping quietly
Representative Alexander came fro n
the houe shortlj after this bulletin had
been issued He said that the President
was aseep and was resting quletlj
It is not true said he that he is in
a comatose stnte When he Is not asleep
he Is peacefully conscious Mrs
siw him this morning and I under
stand that a few words w ere- exchanged
between them She does not know of his
Senator Hanna and John M Scathercd
when they left Jst biroro 1 o cluck
seemed In a little better spirits than when
thej arrived
The afternoon consultation lasted an
hour This bulletin was Issued after
ward at 2 30
1 he Iresldent has more thin held
his own since morning and his ondl
jtlon Justifies the expectntioi of
fuither lmurovement lie is better
thin at this time Pulse
122 temperature 59 4
After Iss lng this bulletin Secretary
e orieijuu aiei
There has been an improvement and
the Iresldent has g lined
nin it b said that hope increases ev
ery hour he was uskeel
No was the reply That Is going
teio faft I don t want to have any more
of these sueidcn ups and
jr ijnicr irit me House almost Im
mediately after this bulletin but he- did
not speak verj hopefullj
Pr Mann and Dr Stockton refuses pos
itlvclj to talk when eamc out but
their looks were anjthlng but encour
aging In spite of this the crowd which
increaseel as the afternoon wore- on
looked on the bright side of things
This was all ch inged however h llf an
hour after the- bulletin eame by Seere
tarj Corteljou himsdf He ald a slight
correction much te his rigret v nuld
have- to be mule- In tin bulletin The
statement that the Pre Vent tvas better
than this time jesterelay should re ad
letter than last night there hid 1 en a
mistake made In copjing It
Mr Corteljou r f use d to s whether
What is tho use of telling the rheumatic
that he feels as if bis joints were being dis
Ho knows that his sufferings aro very
much like the tortures of the rack
What lie icanla to know is what will per
manently cure his disease
That according to thousands of grateful
testimonials is
Hoods Sarsaparllla
It promptly neutralizes the acid in the
blood on which the disease depends com
pletely eliminates it and strensthens the
system against its return Try Hoods
Jn1IcKlnly realized the Presidents
conditlonr V That is unnecessary Just
now he said
How sesious the Presidents condition
was was revealed In the announce
ment made at this time that bulletins
would be Issued every hour
Abner McKlnley walked out a minute
later and had a talk with Senator Hanna
on the lawn He said that he felt con
vinced thdt If the Iresldent was the
same tomUrrow morning as he was then
that ho would get well As the after
noon wore on the reports that came from
the house grew less and less hopeful
Policemen soldiers and cverjone
seemed ttf be- affectedly tho nature of
th news and a sort of gloom seemed to
settle over everything This was ac
centuated when this bulletin was sent out
at 415 p m
The Presidents phjslclans report
that he is only slightly improved since
the fast bulletin The puis and tem
perature remain ts at that
At 513 oclock i
at the house 1 i
Colonel Brown wi r
him at the statl h
the hoube andv
came back towapi Lfc
Secretary Root
little hore not t i A
bulletin was issue 1
situation was gre Hi
This bulletin read
Tho Presidents
that his condition I c
He Is suffering from n
tion Oxjgcn Is bei t
sponds to stimulation I i
125 respiration 40
At C 13 tills was follow
letfn reading
The Presidents i
that his condition Is
spite of vigorous stlmi i
Brcsslon continues ar I
nless It can be relic
only a question of time
It Is almost n eprtnlntv
there was no hope and
waited then to get tho Una
President had passed aw a
ot arrived
panieel by
to meet
as far as
und and
re was a
o another
i hat the
w orsc
Condltlon ot he rrenldeni
ported by Ilia Physl n
Following are the bulletins Is
Presidents physicians j csterds
250 a m The Presidents c r
very serious and gives rise to tn
apprehension His bowels have
well but his heart does not resp r
crly to stimulation He Is conscln
skin is warm and the pulse sma
lar easily compressible and 12b
tlon 30 temperature 100
P M nitET
George B Cortelyou to the
9 a m The Presidents condition has
somewhat Improved during the past few
hours There Is a better response to
stimulation He is conscious anel free
from pain Tulse 12S temperature 93 8
George B Corteljou Secretary to the
1230 p m The Presidents physicians
report tlmti hlsi condition Is nractlcalli
unchanged since the 9 oclock bulletin He
is sleeping quietly
Secretary to the President
230 p m The Iresldent has more than
held him own since morning and his con
dition Justifies the expectation of further
improvement Ho Is better thrfn
day at this tim r Pulse 123 temperature
99 4
p si mEY
George B Cortelj ou Secretary to the
415 p m The Presidents physicians re
port that he Is only lmproveel
Mnce the last bulletin The pulse and
temperature remain the same as that
Secretary to the President
543 p m The Presidents physicians re
port that his condition Is grave at this
hour He Is suffering from extreme pros
tration Oxygen is being given He re
sponds to stimulation but poorly Pulse
US respiration 40
to the Iresldent
C 13 p m The Presidents physicians
report that hU condition Is most serious
In spite of vigorous stimulation The ex
pression continues and Is profound Un
less It can bo relieved the end Is onlj a
ejuestlon of time
Secretary to the Iresldent
945 p m Tho pulse has left tho Pres
idents extremities Consciousness seems
to havp departed finally He live
until midnight In his last lucid moments
tho President comforted Mrs McKlnley
Secretary to the Iresldent
Word Itenelied the Vice President at
oClocU Tast
ALBANY X Y Sept 13 Vice Presi
dent Roosevelt did not receive word of
the serious condition of the President un
til he returned to hl3 camp at 9 oclock
tonight Word to that effect reached the
railroad officials here tonight and also
that the Vice President could not reach
North Creek where a special train awaits
him until 5 or C oclock In the morning
In that event the Vice President would
reach Albanj or on his waj
to Buffalo about 7 a m tomorrow Mr
Roosevelt was at the Tawhaus Club In
Eesex County which Is reached by a
thlrtj -eight mile drive from North Creek
the nearest railroad station on the Dela
ware and Hudson Railroad
North Creek is about slxtj miles north
of Saratoga and one hundred miles from
Albany He arrived at the club jester
day On a special train leaving here for
North Creek at 913 oclock this morning
were William Loeb Jr the Vice Presi
dents secretary and Superintendent
Hammond of the Delaware and Hudson
Mr Loeb heard of the serious condition
of the Iresldent at 1 oclock this morn
ing and at ontc made an effort to inform
Mr Roosevelt that he would leave with a
special to taker him to Buffalo The spe
ci el was made dp of the private car of
thu vice president of the road and en
gine 2C2
Before leaving Mr Loeb telegraphed
Secretary Corteljou at Buffalo of the ar
rangements made to reach the Vice Presi
dent Arrangements have been mide by
the--Western Upton officials for communl
cition between North Creek and Buffalo
all night The Tawhaus Club is reached
by telephone from North Creek but Mr
Roosevelt h id started on a hunting trip
nnd was fifteen miles away before worel
of the Presidents serious condition reach
ed the club
Couriers were sent out to find the- Vice
Iresldent but were unsuccessful for
a long time finally striking 1 trill and
ocatlng him on Mount M t c Mie Viee
President did not get back in i u b un
til 9 oclock tonight when ments
were made for hlni to com t vUi the
speclil train at North Creek bj 1 or 7
oclock tomorrow morning
ALBANY N Y Sept 1 The railroad
officers at Alb my have received word that
Vice President Roosevelt had left the Ta
li ivvus Club at 113 for North Creek
where it Is expcctcil that he will arrive
at 5 a m This would brine him In
between 7 ami S eiclock where a
bpecial train for BufTalo will be In wait
Ithrilliilltlsni Tumi In 11 liny
Vtmtlr f uro lor rl mnuUri anl nctiralsU
radleallj curva In 1 to 3 elni ItJ at tion upon tlu
sjstem U reniartable am nnsienoii it re
mote nt enee tlie raewc an I the iH initnf
elatcv ili jppreri The firt dic grutlj bemltte
75 crnti and 1 Sod by Veriiu IlUrou s
lcniujhanla Aicnue nJ Ninth Street
Militiamen in Buffalo Ordered Ont
to Their Armories
Police IlneH Arnntl Headquarters
Extemleil AH Precautions Taken
tn Prevent Mob Violence The
Aimnnniii Declared to Oe Sane
BUFFALO Sept 13 As soon as the un
favorable bulletins began to -come down
town over the wire from the Milburn
house this morning before dawn Super
intendent Bull- began to make his ar
rangements to protect the assassin Czol
gosz from violent outbreak of re
vengeful wrath that might follow the an
nouncement of the end
Tho assignment of special details of
police was comparatively easily arranged
as were the plans for the removal of the
assassin to an lctual dungeon cell such
as some Imaginative writers have said
that he has beca locked up in for the
last week
At 730 oclock the polico established
lines around police headquarters At a
distance of two blocks from the building
ropes were stretched along the tree boxes
and lamp posts and a policeman was sta
tioned at intervals of five or ten feet
Deputy Superintendent Cusack said that
this was done because of the experience
tho police had a week ago tonight Just
after the President was shot when a mob
camo to police headquarters determined te
take Czolgosz out and kill him
The anger has lost much ot its terrific
quality since then but the police Intended
to take no chances that they would be
caught unawares At 8 oclock there was
I an ominously quiet crowd three deep at
I he ropes of the closed oft streets Small
oys of the sort who weld a mob together
I id stir it Into the fever which finally
ds In delirium were already running
11k and forth out of the streets yelling
III him String him up
iperintendent Bull held the full police
I rtment In reserve and made his plans
that 300 men could be assembled at po
lice headquarters on five minutes no
tice After communicating with Superin
tendent Bull Samuel M Welch ordered
out the Sixty fifth and Seventy fourth
Regiments of the National Guard These
regiments were assembled at their ar
mories at S13 oclock and stood armed In
readiness for any call
The members of the two regiments were
summoned to their armories by messen
ger from public places This news onlj
helped to direct attention from the Presi
dent to the cell which held his assassin
Superintendent Bull Issued a public state
ment in which he said he was prepared to
check by force if necessary any demon
station that might be made by the people
against the prisoner
New- details of police from the outside
stations came In from time to time and
Superintendent Bull kept In constant
touch on tho telephone with Colonel
Welch who was at the Slxty flfth Regi
ment Armorj les3 than a mile away
Among the crowds the report was circu
lated that Czolgosz had been removed to
the Jail or some other place of confine
ment but this was denied by Superintend
ent Bull and other police officials
Although the crowd near police head
quarters dwindled away as the night
wore on the police did not cease their
vigilance instead they extended the
ropes so that the people barely could get
In sight of the building where Czolgosz U
Another steD taken was to offset the
anger of the people by convincing them
that there were no reasons to believe that
there would be a miscarriage of justice
to the assassin however true the pretext
that he was insanely irresponsible for his
act or the possibility that he might die
before Justice coald be meted out to him
It was learned today Indirectly that
Superlntende al Bull had asked the insan
ity experts who have had Czolgosz under
their observation for a week and the po
lice surgeon Dr Fowler who has had
special charge of the prisoners physical
health to prepare a statement of the ex
act truth about the prisoners health of
mind and The phjslclans the in
formant said had prepared the state
ment slgneel it and put it into the hands
of Superintendent Bull It stated in ef
fect that the prisoner was sane
so sane that it would be Impossible for
any amount of adroit handling to make
him oat Irresponsible
The phjslclans have had almost dallj
observations of him with and without his
knowledge Thej have secured an unim
peachable record of his mental
on which base their diagnosis and
it Is so well backed up by corroborative
evidence that It Is asserted not the most
unscrupulous perverter of expert opinions
In the world eould well pick a flaw in it
There has been the liveliest curiosity to
le arn who the experts who have
been examining Czolgosz are On at least
one occasion when it was known that a
medical onference had been helel at po
llcehudquarters the two best known men
tal specialists In this division of the State
were seen leaving the prison Dr James
W Putnam was one of them and Dr
Flojd S Crego was the other Dr Put
nam hurried before he could be In
terviewed and Dr Crego refused f saj
anjthlng Dr Putnam Is living o c of
the city and it was impossible to reach
him last night to learn of the truth of the
storj that a statement such as that de
scribed above had been signed by him
Dr Crego has been out of town since
Tuesday rnd if his name Is to be at
tached to tbe statement the will
have to come by telephone or telegraph
Dr Tovvlcr the police surgeon said that
any Information given out must have
come from Superinteneler l null
Sct retnrs llnot nnel Atturnrj Gen
eral Kims llnlTiilii
BUrrALO Sept 13 Of the Cabinet
members Go emme nt officials and
frlfnels summoned and sought by tele
graph anil telephone when the situation
turned from hopeful to de perite Senator
Ilanni was llrst found and Vice Presi
dent Itoofe elt as List to be reached
AVhile Senator Hanna nas making his
record breaking trip from CIe el ind the
Hmoire Stite Express elrcw Into BufTalo
fivi minutes ahead of time for the rail
way ollicl lis anil the men In chnrgu of
the train knew that it was carrying Sec
retary Hoot to the Presidents deathbed
When the train reached lUiffalo at iG
oclock his eagerness to get to the illl
burn Iiousp and receUe the latest news
showed the Secretary In an excitable
manner new to him
Attorney General Knox was one of the
midnight arrivals As soon as he reached
the house he was admitted to the room
where the President lay eljlng Mrs Mc
Klnley was there with the phjslclans and
Senator Hanna Mr Knox eook his fare
well of the President and then went Into
the front bedroom where Secretaries
Hoot Wilson and Hitchcock and Senator
Burrows were waiting the end
Secretary John D Long reaeheel the Mil
burn house- at 122 oclock lnlng made
a fust trlu on the North Shore Limited
from Boston Like the other members of
the Cabinet Secretary Long slid his fare
well to the Preslelent and then went to
the iront chamber adjoining to await the
v it si Enn
UiiflertnUcr and Kmkalmcr
141 I St X XV
licrjthin strictly first class on the most rea
sonable tern
Telephone call Main 310
Sorrowful Vlajll of Official Darlns
Early Tart or the Xlchf
The State War and Navy Departments
building was dark and sombre last night
except for the few faint lights shining
through tho windows of the one or two
offices which were occupied Telegraph in
struments throughout the night clicked
messages of abandoned hope to the anx
ious group of haggard officials gathered
in tho telegraph room Among those who
kept the vigil and watched In vain for en
couraging word from the fatal bedside la
Buffalo were Gen George L Gillespie the
Acting Secretary or War in the absence
of Secretary Root Col Thomas Ward
Acting Adjutant General M O Chance
private secretary to Secretary Root Lieu
tenant Morton of the Ordnance Depart
ment and Colonel Edwards Chief ot the
Insular Division of the War Department
A large force of operators were In charge
of Capt C O Pearson Messages were
received almost constantly As soon as
the despatches were received they were
immediately transmitted to the various
Cabinet officers
When tho first news of the attempted
assassination was received at the War
Department ono week ago steps were
taken immediately to secure n through
wire to Buffalo and while the critical
condition of the President continued at
first the wire was retalneeL When tho
first reassuring news from Buffalo ar
rived the necessity for the private wire
was not so acute and with tbe Indication
of a permanent Improvement In the con
dition of President McKlnley the through
line was dispensed with Messages at the
War D partment last night were there
fore received after having been repeated
at New York but onlj a slight delay oc
Scarcely had the latest Intelligence been
received by the anxious and grief stricken
watchers at the Milburn resldenc r before
the Instruments in the War Department
were clicking the very latest word As
each bulletin was received an awc strickera
Troup gathered about almost afraid to
receive the message rnd dreading with
the appearance of each bulletin the news
that President McKlnley was no more
The early night wore on and as mes
sage after message arrived showing that
the President war barely holding his own
and that with tbe passage of each min
ute his life breath was ebbing fast away
the anxiety of the faithful watchers in
creased The strain of the past week
showed upon their faces and In their sad
elened eyes Colonel Ward left the build
ing shortly before 10 oclock Private
Secretary Chance followed him Colonel
Edwards and General Gillespie rcmalneeL
Neither Secretary Hay nor Assistant
Secretary Adee was present at the State
Department last night though both were
kept informed by constant bulletins of
the condition of the dying Executive
Early In the evening a discouraging
telegram was received from Major Sy
mons at Buffalo which indicated all too
plainly that all hope had fled The brief
message was addressed to General Gilles
pie and was as follows
SJ3 p m Just from Milburn houfe
President extremely low and slnkins
rapidly only kept alive by artificial
respiration All hope abandoned end
may come any moment
Other despatches from they various press
associations were received constantly
They showed that the outlook was indeed
without hope and sorrow and gloom set
tled like a pall about the mammoth build
ing To the east the White House was
shown so clearly In the light that every
detail stood out with perfect distinctness
There was no curiosltj on the part of
who passed the department build
ing although there was the suspicion of
a tear In the eyes of men who passed
the almost deserted Executive Mansion
and remembered the gay festivities of the
last Inauguration of President McKlnley
Among tho doorkeepers at the War De
partment many of whom have been at
the same posts for jears and who knew
President McKlnley but one topic was
discussed in hushed whispers the death
of the President
He was a Christian gentleman said
an aged attendant whose services at the
War Department jiae extended over a
period of j ears and who knew the
President when he was in Congress He
was a Christian and a perfect Christian
and it is hard for a man to live a Chris
tian life In this world He was bold up
right and courageous I never knew him
to be of a mean or discourteous
act There were few like him In public
life We here on the doors ought to
know for we see and are acquainted with
almost all of them I have seen Presi
dents come and go Ir my time but not
to a single one have I ever felt the at
tachment 1 have known for President Mc
The old mans ejes were tilled with
tears as he paid his humble tribute
The VlrRlnlll AMOlintleiii
1nHsefi lti foltatlons
Hesolutions denouncing anarchy were
adopted at a meeting of the Virginia
Democratic Association of Washington
held in the associations hall In the Har
per Building m C Street northwest last
evening A number of short speeches were
nlso Indulged In all expressing the asso
ciations unchangeable loyalty te the true
principles of Democracy The annual elec
tion of oftlcers was then held The fol
lowing resolutions wero adopted
Resolnd We Uie members of the Vir
ginia L emocratleTAssociation in regular
meeting assembled deeply feeling the
calamity which has befallen the country
by tho attempted assasination and con
tinued illness of the President of the Uni
ted States wish to express our sympithy
to hs family and the whole nation In
this hour of public sorrow and grief
Hcsohcd by the Virginia Democratic
AssoclatloM In regular meeting assembled
That the Constitutional Convention now
in session at Richmond Va recommend
the enaetment of a law whereby anjone
proclaiming or committing any acts of
anarchy within the Stite shall be pun
Ishetl by a severe penalty
Resolved further That any attempt
upon the life of the Chief Executive of
the nation shall be punishable by death
It N Harper was re elected president
by n rising lote of all present Clarence
Thomas was re electeel vice president- T
WingheM Bullock second vice preiidenf
Measurer XV Mosbv
illlams llnanclil Tl
Gregg sergeant-at-arms
The newlv elected officers are XV W
lalor uncording secrctirv Alexander N
Brtckenridge romsponding secretary
Committee R i L Yellott
William II Saunders XV D Cullcen I
K IMmonds It I Itvans
Committee R Titus J C Weedon Thael
eleus I uirfnx John Simpson and Wil
liam McKenna
Missouri Man VTlio WitnesHcil the
sheiiitliii eif Iine eilii ami Itclviulej
ST LOUIS Sept 11 I guess my fa
ther is the only man In the country who
saw attempts made on the lives of two
Presidents remarkeil XV H Johnson of
Spnngllcld Mo who is stopping at the
Moser lintel Mr Johnsons father W S
Johnson was a Union captain during the
civil war attached to President Lincolns
liodguard Ho was In Kords Theitre nt
Washington the night J Wilkes Booth
climbeel into the box nnel shot the
Rxecutive He made an effort to capture
Booth at the time but was unable to get
on the staqe In time to apprehend him
Iast Pridaj mj father was In Buffalo
said Mr Johnson I received a letter
from him toelay saying he was in Music
Unit on the exposition grounds when
Czolgosz made tho attempt on President
McKlnleys life He snw the act al
though he was not near tho scene Just at
the time I suppose he Is the only man
who witnessed both trageelles at least he
Is the only man I know of
The llent Preacrlptlon for Mntnrla
Chills and fever Is n bottle ot Crores Tasteles
Chill Tonic It is simply iron and quinine In a
Utedess tiirni 2to cure no pay trice 50c
VSTQ Tvvrr
Washington D C
School- t u Sicrrf Sciences PJuToioskr
njlel Science- Social Science Blolorieal
Science- Law Technological Science Includlnc
Mechanical Electrical and dill EcfuMtrlng
Open Toesiaj Qd jfcr I 1901
Prep School
Four Teara High School Cbnr te prepare fo
Freshman in Georgetown or any other Colleja
Special attention to Day Scholars lloura 8U
a m to 3 p m
Send for otalogue
Rev Jerome Daughcrfy S J
Loan and Trent Buildlnn corner F and 8th
Eitabliiheil M jean
The principal was oStial court atenoEraphcr
alao public accountant
COCRSW3 Shorthand Typewrttlnr BooVVeep
lns CftU errlc and all branefcea of Bmlne u
Stneknta In Shorthand may take without eitra
coat BooUcrpuur and the Buslreu and and Eng
lish Cbonn Practically prorata Inatructlon
Join at any time We find co dtlou for all
full course graduates Day and nibt aeasioni
Catalogue Call and lew vol
National University
Practical twe jtar leading to degret
ot IX B Post graduate c onrse o one additional
jear leading to degree ot LL M
Zith annual opening of all classes October 1
1001 at 630 oclock p m EreoiBg aesioos ex
cju metj
For Catalogue apply to EUC2NB D CARUS1
Secretary and Tr suurer Columbian BalMinf
Day and erenic g ilisses In theoretical and ip
plled ciertrfcUy Students actually construct
dynamo and other electrical apparatus
Cburres thorough enlarged and ImproTed com
pltte In one year
Opens September 2a Catalocue oa request
6U Twelfth at nw
Established 1SBL Dar or NIsht
Sesion 3 a jear Buaiataa Shnrtl aTid Trpe
St Johns College
A Select Day School for Youmr Uen and Bora
English Science and Btaineai Courses n ym
Applr for Catalogue to BROTIIEiriADDA3 i t
Alexandria Va
Boarding and Daj School tor Young- Ladles aad
Children The Kil year begins Tuesday Sept S
Terms n oderate a or catalogue address SISTER
Teacher ot Singing
Studios 833 F Street third floor Twenty
upils of the past season signed as principals for
JOOl Oi with the Dostontans Lulu Closer Com
pany Runaway Girl Francis H llson Foxr Chilli
er Florodora and other companies
fie uoaruins anu aay scnooi lor girls ana Jroung
ladies primary commercial and college pre
paratory courses music and art classes resumed
Monday September 10 1901 for further arttcu -
lara aenin H SISTER St AnULSTA SupenorMp
Academy for boys Home life amllmarfelial
Instruction Terms moderate Addresa -
ir p hasps y a
WASTED Evenin pupils in Pitman shorthand
lessons one hour eicli 25 cents ii clans prtrate
0 cents experienced teacher 107 I St nw
I st nw piano lesions one half iour each
Si cents ell 3
SFLFCT boarding and day school for small girls
and boys sixtc it miles from lVashicton D
C terms moderate references escbangeeL Ad
dress HOME SCHOOL RoelLTille Md
Undertaker and X2vcrr
tZZ Pcnn Ave JT W rashiiton D
gloom caused iir londoij
First ens of a Urlnpse Arouse
General Sorrow
LONDON Sept 14 Deep and suddea
sorrow spread throughout London when
the first adverse bulletin jesterday morn
ing regarding the condition of President
McKlnley was interpreted medically aa
leaving scarcely a hope The extraordi
nary rapidity of the pulsebeats for the
first two or three dais after the shooting
was reganleel as being not Inconsistent
with recovery but the failure to reduce
them after that period of shock was
taken to mean that the President was
passed the reach of human skilL
Beyond expressions of universal sym
pathy nothing has as jet been done to
show how wldefelt Is the common
mournlns Mr Choate left North Ber
wick on the Scotch Express last night
and will arrive here this morning
The Hon Schomberg McDonnell prin
cipal private secretary to Lord Salisbury
called at the Embassy in behalf of the
Prime Minister end the Hon Crlc Bar
rlngton called in behalf of Lord Lands
dovvne Secretary of State for Foreign
Affairs The Lord Mayor of London
called personally
The Morning Post declares that the sup
pression of alarm as regards the political
and financial situation becomes an ab
solute duty It sajs that If the worst
befalls the loss to the United States
incalculably great would be largely per
sonal Vice Iresldent Roosevelt though
he lacks the experience and judgment of
Mr McKinlej Is a good all round man
fie gained his great reputation by bold
and sagacious measures at a critical time
In New York If a crisis should unfor
tunately come he is probably the man
marked out to meet It but no crisis ought
to occur
Mr Choate cnt the following de
spatch In answer to Klnu Edwards latest
telegram of sjmpathj
My most sincere thanks for your Maj
esty s telegram I have Just received ono
from Mr Hay as follows
The President suffered an unforeseen
relapse last night and his condition U
critical At 9 a m today he had some
what improved and was responding better
to stimulation Pulse IS Ills tempera
ture has fallen to S3 ft
The Two ltniikiuj Jtot to
Gn to Buffalo
Secretary Hay and Secretary Cage
stated last night that they would remain
in Washington unless urgently called to
It Is understood that both the Secretary
of State and the Secretary of the Treas
ury will rrmaln here In order to give an
official head to the Government In Wash
ington upon the death of the President as
there will be much to attend to officially

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