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Number 2667
Arrangements for the Nations
Final Tribute of Grief
Military ami Civic Orgnniz itions
to Be in the Cortege
The noilj of the Lnto 1rpnldciit tu
Arrive- In uxhlnctoii Tiimurrun
NlRht To llr Kuriirtfil lmmodlntely
to the- Iiilc House The Iniieral
lrocc Nlon ou Tiiesdny Itomiiins
to Lie in Stntc UellKonK Hver
eie nt the Cnilltol on Wetlnen
flit Hie Departure feir Caiilon
Washington was the Capital of the na
tion esterday In name only The Gov
ernment of the United States is tempo
rarily located ot Buffalo where one Pres
ident lies dead with no more sincere
mourner at his bedside than his successor
Only two members of the Cabinet are
here The others who are in active
charge of executive affairs stand by the
bier of their dead chief and issue orders
that are keeping in motion the govern
mental machinery now under the Admin
istration of Theodore Roosevelt who jes
terday took the oath of office as Presi
dent of the United States
The people of Washington generally
public officials us well as private citizens
appeared more grief stricken when they
learned yesterday mornlag that the Presi
dent was dead than they were when the
news came a week ago that he had been
ihot by an assassin The reaction after
tht hopeful assurances of the doctors was
almost overpowering but when once Its
full import was realized every official of
the Government- from the highest to the
lowest set himself bravely to the task of
arranging for the state funeral of the
dead President and the Inauguration of
his successor
The most forlorn and desolate spot In
all the city during the day as it has been
for the past week was the Executive
Mansion where the clerical force sat
gloomily reading the few bulletins that
came over the telegraph wire The ser
vants of the White House have been for
a week preparing to receive the Presiden
tial family who had arranged to return
direct 0 Washington Instead of going to
Cantonfrom Buffalo
-ill Department Cloned
By executlvejorder issued at an early
hour jestardavinornlng all the depart
ments of the Government were closed and
the great arras of officials clerks and em
ploys Joined with the general population
In mourning for the death of the Presi
dent These executive workshops will be
closed again on the day of the funeral
but in the Interim the work of the Gov
ernment will be proceeded with as usual
The precedent of stopping all department
work until after the funeral services and
the burial of the President that was es
tablished when Lincoln died and followed
in the case of Garfield will be honored
this time In the breach rather than In the
The process of turning the Government
ocr from one President to another is so
simple that the transferring of the reins
of poer from the dead handr of William
McKInley to Theodore Roosevelt will
hardly cause a Jar in the workings of
the governmental machinery- The sim
plicity of the procedure was well express
d by Chester A Arthur in his first In
augural address on assuming the office
of President upon the death of Garfield
Tor the fourth time In the history of
the Republic Its Chief Magistrate has
been removed by death All hearts are
filled with grief and horror at the hideous
crime which has darkened our land and
jhe memory of the murdered P esldent
His protracted sufferings his unyielding
fortitude the example and achievements
of his life and the pathos of his death
will forever illumine the pages of our
history Tor the fourth time the officer
elected by the people and ordained by
the Constitutloj to fill a vacancy so
created Is called to assume the executive
chair The wisdom of our fathers fore
seeing even the most 1 jsslbilltlcs
made sure that the Gov cniiient should
never be Imperiled because of the uncer
tainty of human life
Men may die but the fabrics of our
free Institutions remain unshaken No
higher or more assuring proof could exist
of the strength and permanence of popu
lar government than the fact that
though the chosen of the people be
struck down his conatltutional successor
Is peacefully Installed without shock or
Mralti except the sorrow which mourns
the bereavement
The Government Com On
Though written twenty years ago those
words fit the case today and faithfully
describe the situation as they did then
There will be no shock to the people of
the country except that caused by with
the newt that William McKInley be
loved b all Is dead Under the Consti
tution Of the United States Vice President
Theodore Roosevelt became President of
the United States yesterday at the mo
ment President McKInley drcv his last
breath Although he may have per
formed no executive functions until nftr
having taken the oath of office nt Buf
falo th re is no question in the minds of
constitutional law era that the new Pres
ident was fully qualified to perform nny
executive act at an time after the for
mal announcement that the President
was dead
There seems to be now no need what
ever for an cxtrnordlnarj tsslun of Con
gress and it Is tho general uplnnm that
there will bo none President Arthur
after Issuing a proclamation announcing
tho death of Garfield and calling upon
the people of the United States to inike
the day of Bis funeral n daj of mourn
Iks nnd worship called on cxtraordinii
accslou cf the Senate In order that the
selection of a President pro tempore
might be promptly made Under the
present law however Senator William
Pitt Fre of Maine who is now the Pres
ident pro tempore of the Senate will act
In that capacity during President Roose
velts term of office h having ben chos
en to serve during the pleasure of the
No legislative net therefore is neces
sary to inaugurate Theodore Roosevelt
President of TTie Unlteel States The new
President will come to Washington as
qulctl as Chester A Arthur who In the
present nunth twent cars ago modest
1 went to the house ot a friend Senator
Jones of Nevada adjoining the Capitol
grounds and there waited the hour when
tho Chief Justice of the United States
met him nt the Capitol and administered
to him for the second time the oath of
office as President
There will be no general draping of the
Government buildings owing to the re
cent passage of the law abrogating this
time honored custom Following this new
practice of the Government it Is prob
able that the business houses and resi
dences of Washington will also lw un
marked bj outward signs of mourning
but theaties and other places of amuse
ment will be closed and the people of
the Capital Citv will avail themseivts of
ever opportunity during the coming week
of showing their sorrow at the utath of
the President
The following orders for the funeral
have been Issued
The remains of the late President of the
United States will arrive in Washington
at 8 50 o clock p m on Monday the 10th
of September lyOl and will be escorted to
the Executive Mansion by a squadron of
United States cavalry
Un Tuesday the lith Inst nt 9 a m
they will be borne to the Capitol where
the will lie in state in the rotunela from
lu o clock a pi until t p m that elate
The following morning there will be re
ligious exercises nt the Capitol at 10
o clock At 1 o clock p m they will be
borne to the depot of the Pennsylvania
Railroad and thence conveyed to their
final resting rlaee at Canton Ohio
Order of procession for Tuesday
SECTION I Funeral Ecort
Under command of MaJ Gen John R
Brooke I b A
Artillery Band
Squadron of Cavalr
Battalion of Light Artillery
Companv A U S Engineers
Two Battalions Coast Artillery
Marine Band
Battalion of Marines
Battalion of U b Seamen
Brigade of National Guard of the District
of Columbia
SECTION II Civ ic Procession
Under comma id of Chief Marshal Gen
Hear- V 3oj nton
Clei b men in aviciieuince
Physicians wno attended the late Presi
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the
United States
Grand Army of the Republic
Guard of Honor Bearers Hearse Bear
ers Guard of Honor
Officers of the Army Navy and Marine
Corps in thistle who are not on duty
with the troths forming the escort
will form In full dress right In front
on either side of the hearse the Arm
on the right and the Navy and Ma
rine Corns on the left and compose
the Guard of Honor
Family of the late President
Relatives of the late President
The Ex President of the United States
SECTION III The President
The Cabinet Ministers
The Diplomatic Corps
The Chief Justice and Associate Justics
of the Supreme Court of the Unltjei
Senators of the United States
Members of the House of Representatives
of the United States
Governors of the States and Territories
and the Commissioners of the District
of Columbia
Judges of the Court of Claims the Ju
diciary of the District of Columbia
and Judges of the Unlteel States
The Assistant Secretaries of State Treas
ury War Navy interior and Agri
The Assistant Postmasters General
The Solicitor General The Assistant At
torney General
Organise d Societies
The troops designated to form the es
cort will assemble on the north side of
Pennslvanla Avenue facing the Execu
tive Mansion the left resting on the east
ern entrance to the grounds and in in
verse order to that when the column is
formed to the left the organization will
be in the order above designated The
formation will be complete at a in on
lucsua tne litn instant
The civic procession will form In ac
cordance with the directions to be given
bv the chief marshal
The ofheers of the arm nnd navy se
lected to compose the special guard of
honor will be at the Capitol so as to re
ceive the remains on arriving there
Orders for the procession on Wednesday
The military guard will escort the re
mains lrom the Capitol to the railroad
station The troops on that date will as
semble on the east side of the Capitol
and form in line fronting the eastern por
tico of the Capitol precisely at 1 oclock
p m
The procesfion will move on the con
clusion of the services at the Caplfol
commencing at 1 p m when minute
guns will be fired at the navy ard by
the vessels of war which may be in port
and at Fort Mer and b a battery of
artillery stationed near the Capitol for
that purpose At the same hour the bells
of the several churches fire engine
houses and school houses will be tolled
the firing of the minute guns and the
tolling of the bells to continue until the
departure of the remains of the late Chief
Magistrate from the railroad depot at
29J p m
The officers of the army and navy se
lected to compos the special Guard of
Honor will assemble at the Pennslvania
Depot In line to receive the lntdy of the
late Presldi nt and deposit it in the car
prepared for th it purpose
As the necessary limit of time does not
permit personal communication with the
public officers of the United States and
the several Stujes enumerated In the
foregoing orders they are rcspcctfull
to accept the invitation to take
part in the exercises conveyed through
the publication hereof and to send notice
of their intentions to be present to tho
Secretar of War at the War Department
Washington D C
Organized civic scrittles desiring to
take part are requested to send similar
notice at the earliest time practicable to
the chief marshal of the civic proces
sion Gen II V Boynton att Build
ing Washington D C
Secretarj of Slate
Secretary of War
Seeretar of the Navy
President Board of Commission
er District of Columbia
IIIh Life Heiiuirhitlile nnd Ills Chttr
neter liovc Itejiroiich
CHICAGO Sept H J Bran who
postponed his speech toda before the
Harrison League out of ifspcct for the
memory of President McKInley said-
It Is Inexpressill sad His life was
remarkable and his character above re
proach His personal qualities were such
that he -had no enemies The blow aimed
at him is nt hi Government and Is felt
In all
An Order to Hint IZItfCt Iioiiicd lij
the Kins
1OND0N Sept IL King Edward has
commanded the Court to go into mourn
ing for n week on account of the death
of President McKInley
l r to Ihiltlluore tend lleturil In
It A O Snturilny mill Siindfiy
Ki ptetiilx r II and 15 tl k tf good rrturnlni until
f lo iiw lloncljj Good ai ill train except
llojal ltilif
Physicians Ollieinl Statement
Holds Gangrene Itc iionlble
The TlKMiie lnllir the Tilth of the
Bullet found to lie IJlMlnleitrnted
feiiMilclon Hint the Vlislle tViix
lolnoned CnltnrcH to He Kvum
Ined The fuse One IJejond All
Meilfenl SKI1I 11M the VAouud Mm
aiortnl Condition One to the Mint
BUrPALO Sept H At 11 oclock this
morning the phslcians who had attend
ed the President since he was shot with
two representatives of the United States
Army gathered at the Mllburn house
where the Presidents body lay to wUness
an autops to be performed by DrIIcr
man P Matzinger and Dr Harvey D
Cavlord two Buffalo practitioners who
have had a great deal of experience In
autopsies The oincinl report of the au
topsy as Issued from the house after
the departure of the last phslcian is as
The bullet which struck over the
breast bone did not pass through the
skin and did Utile harm The other
bullet passed through both walls of
the stomach near Its lower Dealer
Both holes were found to be perfect
ly closed by the stitches but the tissue
around each hole had become gangren
After passing through the stomach
the bullet passed Into the back walls
of the abdomen hitting and tearing
tho upper end of tho kidney This por
tion of the bullets track was also gan
grenous the gangrene Involving the
pancreas The bullet has not et been
There was no sign of peritonitis or
disease of other organs The heart
walls were very thin Tiere was no
evidence of an attempt at repair on
the part of nature and death resulteel
from the gangrene which affected the
stomach around the bullet wounds as
well as the tissues around the further
course of the bullet Death was un
avoidable by any surgical or mcellcal
treatment end was the dlrett result of
the bullet wouncL
IMtE n f1IHD M I I1F11M V
m I MvmiMV n vuw M D
surecon V s v CIIULLs CvltY
M I H VIII L Ml si VsMiUnt
surceun I S A llERAUNLS L
Those who witnessed the autopsy were
satisfied that no human skill or care coald
have saved the life of President McKInley
after he had been shot by Czolgosz any
mistakes if there were any made by the
surgeons and ph sclans who attended
him were of no effect in heightening the
probability that the President would die
from his wund
Indeed ILwas established to the satis
faction of all the surgeons including Dr
Janeway who did not reach President
McKInley until the death rigor had set in
that if the President s heart had not
given aw under the strain esterdav
death would have come today anyway
following the peritonitis that would have
been the inevitable result of the disinte
gration of the tissues of the stomach a
process which was far advanced
One of the surgeons who attended the
autopsy and who had been present nt the
original operation on the President at the
exposition hospital on September 6 inti
mated very broadly to a reporter this af
ternoon that he believed the bullet had
been poisoned There had been vague ru
mors that the phslclans have from time
to time considered the possibility of such
a contingency
Dr Roswcll Park however made an
authoritative statement this evening in
which he advanced the opinion that the
poisoning which was the immediate cause
of the flure of the Presidents heart
was due to the escape of the pancreatic
Juices from the gland behind the stom
ach which had been penetrated b the
bullet The escape of these juices could
not have been stopped he said and It was
practically Impossible to foresee their ac
tion or to know that their malign In
fluence was -at work
The autops as has been said began at
11 oclock in the mornirg At i30 oclock
Dr Herman Mnter came out of the
house He said that the autopsy was still
going on He was satisfied from what
had already been learned that the opera
tion which he and Dr Mann had per
formed had been properly done More than
that he declined to say
The other surgeons anC phslclans came
from the house from lime to time after
that the last of them leaving the Mllburn
residence after 4 oclock It was said
then that the only thing not determined
b the autopsj was the actual stopping
place of the bullet It will probabl be
necessary to use the X ray apparatus for
the purpose
There was reason to believe it was
stated on good authority that the report
given out was adopted only after another
report suggested by one of the ph si
clans w is considered and set aside The
report v hlch was actually issued was pre
ferred because the surgeons thought that
It was less technical and less subject to
being misunderstood by la men In ef
fect It was the same as the one already
quoted except tnat It described the course
6f the bullet with rather more detail and
particular th extent to v hleh the gan
grene had followed the path of the
In addition to the facts enumerated In
the official bulletin about the path of the
missile it was said that the last traces
of the bullet were lost In a sack of gin
grenous matter in the posterior wall of
the peritoneal cavity
The phSlcan who consented to com
ment on the autopsy without authorizing
the use of his name said tli it he h id
had a wide experience In gunshot wounds
and had never in his whole experience
known a bullet to permeate every point
of Its path with a gangrenous growth
At the points where the bullet pissed
through the anterior and posterior walls
of the stomach there were gangrenous
areas on the stomach on both sides of
the wounds made b the bullet
They were as large as a habH hand
and disintegration in these areas had so
far set in that had not the Presidents
heart failed as It did ebtcrda and this
morning It was absolute certain th it
somi time toda these two walls of the
stomai h would hiv a fallen to pteees and
the contents of the stomach would hive
entered the peritoneal cavity and the
President would have died nlmost in
stantlv from gineral peritonitis
The sutures In the two wounds of the
stomach were still Intact and the wounds
were absolutely closed In the vicinity
of these wounds and In the wound which
had been made In the abdomen for the
purpose of operation there was not- the
slightest Indication of septic poisoning
caused Improper Care during the op
The operation In Itself had been so well
done that It might be spoken of as perfect
ns theory Itself In speaking of the gan
grenous poison nlong tho p ith of tho
wound the surgeon said It was an ab
EOlutel new experience In his knowledge
of surger It was entirely Incomprehen
sible to him unless there was that in the
composition of the bullet Itself which
would account for it
I have never seen to my knowHdge
said this surgeon a wound mde by a
bullet that had been poisoned Now if
tint bullet had been poisoned with some
peculiar asnt wnich we may not Identify
off hind I cannot see how It could have
acted other than the autops shows that
It did aci Mind now I did not say that
I believe the bullet was pofsoned I Eim
ply when ou ask me that question say
that it Is a very strange thing nnd one
that we will know more about when we
have studied the cultures which were
taken at th autops
Cultures were then taken asked the
reporter ard vvh
lis they were taken so that it might
be known definitely -what was the nature
of the poison which caused the gangrene
Twent -four cultures were taken alto
gether from every organ which the bult
had touched In Its course Each one ot
course was put In a tube and It will be
alloweel to wait forty eight hours for the
full development of the germs before anal
ss Then we will know more than we
do now -
Dr Roswell Park who had arrived at
the Exposition Hospital Just ns Dr Mnnn
and Dr Mnter were finishing the opera
tion was also interviewed this evening
about the autopsy He said that in his
opinion the death of the President was
Immediately due to the effect of the es
cape of the fluid from the pancreatic
gland Into the peritoneal cavity
Dr J Tabor Johnson when shown the
result of the autopsy as reported by Dr
Wasdln stating that the death of the
President was caused by toxaemia due
to necrosis of tissue In the abdominal
cuvity said that the statement was too
indefinite to permit of a thorough under
standing of the situation Dr Johnson
Interpreted the technical language of the
phslclan to mean that blooel poisoning
due to dead tissues was the cause of
death j
This may mean said he that the
tissues around the wound Ih the abdomi
nal walls and the walls of the stomach
through which the bullet passeel ivere
not cut awa sufficiently by the ph si
clans when they sewed up the wound
and gangrene resulted In the wounded
iic h It is possible that the- bullet car
ried with it part of the cloth of the suit
worn by President McKinly or that It
was Infected from being carried in the
pocket of the assassin or In some other
All tho phslcians 4ho attended the
case were able men and It Is to be pre
sumed that everything possible wos done
It Is to be hoped that the physlclars were
perfectly frank with the public cut there
are some reasons to doubt this The
successive bulletins indicating that the
temperature of the Presldenttwas around
10j while the pulse registered wa above
normal seemed to physicians who were
not engageel on the case hardly to Justify
the sanguine views of thtvattrmllng phy
sicians As far as I cansee there is no
criticism to be made1 of the methods of
the ph sicians All are eminent and thor
oughly conversant with their duties
-It Is not an uncommon occurrence In
sewing up a wound that ph sicians
are unablo to see the extent of the Injury
to the spot and are compelled to make a
second operation cutting li wajL dead flesh
and taking new -stitches f
When the news came dfthePresidents
relapse I was afraid that the food that
he had taken had opened the wtound In
the walls of the stomach and found a
way Into the abdominal parage I know
of nothing however to- sustain this ap
prehension 1 do not believe that the giv
ing of solid food wis In ltselC danserous
or caused thCdfnth 1 hate often given
patients solid food after the expiration
of seven ilaS such a -was permitted In
the Presidents case when lTkHeett That
conditionswarrantesliltj undersinrtlar cir
clrcumstance s -
Police VeeeTetJiei picort Columbn
ewKmper Miui
COLUMBCS Ohio Sept ll The po
lice rescued Clarence M Jones editor
and proprietor of the Press Post a
Democratic paper of the city from a mob
which besieged his office at C oclock this
evenlnp and took him to the home of his
mother In East Broad Street
Because of intemperate i utterances
which appeared in three eeons of his
paper today and whlcty are I ults to the
memory of the dead Prcsdvnt a mob
ot several thousand began t assemble
In front of the Press Post office soon
after the third edition appeared on the
streets at 4 o clock Memberof the mob
grabbed papers from the newsboys and
bought as many as they coujd from news
stands heaped them up in front of the
office anel made a fire
hlle the mob was shouting and threat
tnlng outside the proprietor who was al
most alone In the building sat nt his
desk In fear Finally he telephoned for
police protection and a carriate Both ar
riv d at about the same time Chief T
ler with thirty policemen forced his
wav to the building Betwein two rows
of stalwart policemen Jora was brought
out and while the erbvvd hooted cursd
nnd hissed he was put Into the cab and
hurriedly driven away
Jones utterances today wore the most
Inexplicable of his erratic course as ed
itor of what he himself has tailed that
queer p iper
leiuav the principal headline of nj noon
edition was a vicious paraphrase of the
Presidents last words It reads
Ills last words to his loving viife are
said to have been these to wit lt s the
evils own way of trying to clreumvent
God amen
On the editorial page In bold faced tpe
was this
I he spirit of William McKInley
I J - i tl T1 1 Ltntnr rt
UIII1 ITCSKltm Ot Liu i iiiitrn cinivn i
11 America has flown to Its white home in
i the skks Hcqufetrcat In pace Maj It
never lc impeueu vo uannvia
rclrniles vvjr on the spirits of innocent
riliplno pitrlots
These and more rabid expressions ex
cited comment following the appearance
of th noon edition and on their repeti
tion in subsequent editions Indignation
became widespread with the above
Before leaving the scene of the dis
turb inee Chief Tvler locked the doors
of the Press Post buildlpg and said to
the mob a
Yeiu see the buildingTW dark No one
Is inside I give yon myword of honor
the Prets PosV will not resume publi
It Is understood he was authorized to
make this promibe b Jones
AiiinlKmiinte il Koelitlon Surren
ders Coiupletel to the- TniHt
NEW YORK Sept H The great steel
strike Is over and It Is ended on the Unit
ed States Steel Corporations own terms
President Theodore Shaffer of the Amal
gamatcil Assoc itlon came here from
Pittsburg this morning and held a con
ference with officials jf the steel com
panies lasting from early morning until
late in the afternoon
Shaffer before returning- to Pittsburg
tonight wired to his hendejuarters order
ing notices to be sent Immediately to all
the different lodges of the association In
forming 1 m that an ngreement with
the companies had been reached and that
the strikers were nt llbert to go back
to wrL a otoc That will mean on Mon
day morning
The victor is wholly with the emplo
irs ShifTer on behalf of the Executive
Committee of the Amalgamated AssocI i
tlon accepteil the terms offered two
weeks ago by Charles M Sehvab Presl
denC of th Steel Oorporatlonterms
which at theTtlme were rejected by Shaf
fer and his eolleaguch
In Jirlcf the companies rctuln nil of tho
mills thej have succeeded In opening and
those v hlch have been kept In operation
during the Etrlke The strikers keep n3
union mills onl those vhleh they have
succeeded In keeping closed altogether
riiuiK Iliifcliioiii Cnllece Slli nnd IC
UusinctiR Phorlhanil TypcwTitins J23 a year
tTimiKe In ChcMiiieiikf llenrh TrnliiN
ct dirclult muler excursion LUective Mon
day SnitcmLcT 10
s -
3Ir JRoosevelt Takes the Oatli at
the Wilcox Home
Administered li JimIkc Ilniel Cnll
nct Member Iteiiuenteel ot to
Hexlgii Mr VIcKlnli j PolIc to
He Continued In Impi e ftnlvc Scene
BUFFALO Sept H Theodore Roose
velt became President ot the United
States this afternoon after he had gone
to the Mllburn house in order to offer
an expression ot smpathy to Mrs Mc
KInley In taking the oath of office he
announced that his energies were all to
be directed to tho continuing of the poli
cies to which President McKInley was
committeel and to continue them as near
ly as possible In tho -way in which he
believed President McKInley would have
continued them
There was a Cabinet meeting
dlately after tho ceremony of the taking
By the President
JOHN HAY Secretary of State
of the oalh after which It was authorl
tativel annpunced tfiat President Roose
velt had asked the members of President
McKlnleys Cabinet to hid him in carry
ing on President McKlnle s work by re
taining their present positions even at
some personal sacrifice to themselves
President Roosevelt will go to Washing
ton with thp body of President McKInley
The speech of Seeretar Root to the
Vice President in making the formal re
quest that Air Roosevelt should assume
the duties of President of the United
States and the reply of Mr Roosevelt
were so charged with feeling that each
was forced to pause through emotion as
Tie spoke It Is not over imaginative to
say ttiat when the new Pteslderl after
having taken the oath lifted his head
from thp attitude of prayerful consecra
tion to his rfewrMutles he met in the ees
of tho Cabinet officers who surrounded
him a new and fuller appreciation of
his qualities as a man With ees brim
mirg With triers they advanced one by
one and took his hand nnd one or two
of them turned back to press It again In
the extremity of their emotion
The ceremony took place In a front
room of the home of Ansley Wilcox at
641 Delaware Avenue The house Is an
old fashioned marsion which stands on
a terrace at some distance back from the
avenue A little after 8 oclock Mr
Roosevelt reached the Vvllcox house in
a carriage accompanied by Mr Wilcox
and Judge John R Hazel of the United
States District Court
The members of President McKlnIes
Cabinet arrived soon afterward and then
came a number of the Vice Presidents
friends Among them were Judge Halght
of the Court of Appeals Dr Park Dr
Mann and Dr Stockton John N Scatch
erd F resident McKlnes secretary Mr
Cortelyou the Vice Presidents own sec
retary Mr I oeb Senator Depew Mr
and Mrs John G Mllburn and Mr and
Airs Carlton Sprague
Ail these entered the a large
room with a celling of oak and furnished
with a dignity which was singularly in
keeping with the occasior The members
of the Cabinet had preceded the othci
musts All of them were present except
Secretary Gage and Secretary Hn
Secretary Root advanced to Sir Roose
velt and Icel him to one side for a mo
ment speaking with him In a low tone
Their arms were affectionately linked
during the conversation It was under
stood afterward that there was some
question In the minds of the members of
the Cabinet as to whether Air Roosevelt
ought to sign a written deposition In tak
ing the oath or whether he should tate
the oath and sign the paper afterward
A minute or two Inter Root
released the Vice President s arm and
stepped back toward the middle of the
room The Vice President turned around
and stood before the high window The
members of the Cabinet and the other
persons present gathered in a small
semicircle behlrd Secretary Root
Air Ice President he began I
the Seeretar of War choked he
dropped his head and was silent for al
most two minutes No one stirred Mr
Roosevelts ecs filled and his face was
set in n stern effort at sclf composuic
Mr Root raised his head and In a voice
that was tremulous with feeling but
speaking with the utmost deliberation
and clearness continued
1 have been requested on behalf of
the Cabinet of the late President at
least on behalf of those present to re
quest th it for reasons of weight affect
ing the Administration and the Govern
ment to ask you to take the constitu
tion il tilth cf olhce as President of the
United States
Judge Hnzel stepped forward and stood
beside Secretary Root facing Mi Roose
velt The Vice President after one or
two quick efforts to control himself be
gin speaking He too hid difficulty In
governing his voice and in keeping down
hU emotion He spoke ver slowlj He
I shall take the oath at once in re
sponse to our request and In this hour
of deep and terrible nation il bereavement
I wish to state that It shall be m aim to
continue absolutelj unbroken the pollc
of President McKInlej for tlu peace and
prppperlty for our beloved countr
He then stepped back Into the recess of
the window and Judge Hazel advanced to
ward him In the Judges hand was an
engrossed copy of the oith
Please raise our right hand and re
peat nfter me said Judge Hazel Mr
Roosevelt raised his hand Judge Hazel
read the oath clause by clause and
phrase b phrase and nt each pause thi
lee President with an intensification of
that earnestness which has alvas char
actcrized him when speaking repeated the
vv ords
I do solcranly swear read Judge
Hazel and after a pause Mr Roosevelt
I Theodore Roosevelt do solcmnly
swear that I will faithfully execute and
then the oath continued
The office of President of the United
States and will to the best of my ability
preserve protect and defend the Con
stitution of the United States
And thus I swear added the Presi
dent after a pause when he had droppeil
his hand to his side His head was bowed
on his breast There were sounds which
told that he was not the only one who
had not been able to maintain his com
posure It was fully three minutes be
fore he raised his head and spoke
Now he said questioning Judge
Mr President said the Judge handing-
the engrossed oath to him please
attach our signature
The President turned to a table near
the window and wrote near the bottom
of the document In the homely characters
which have alwas distinguished his
handwriting Theodore Roosevelt
By the President of the United States of America
A terrible bereavement has befallen our people The President of the United
States has been struck down a crime committed not only against the Chief Mag
istrate but against ever law abiding and llberty lov Ing citizen
President McKInley crowned a life of largest love for his fellow men of
most earnest endeavor for their welfare by a death of Christian fortitude and
both the way in which he lived his life and the way in which in the supreme
hour of trial he met his death will remain forever a precious heritage of our
people It Is meet that we as a nation express our abiding love and reverence
for his life our deep sorrow for his untimely death
Now therefore I Theodore Roosevelt President of the Unlteel States ot
America do appoint Thursday next September nineteenth the da in which the
body of the dead President will be laid in Its fast earthly resting place a day of
mourning and prajer throughout the United States
I earnestly recommend all the people to assemble on that day In their re
spective places of divine worship there to bow down In submission to the will of
Almighty God and to pay out of full hearts their homage of love and reverence
to the great and good President whose death has smitten the nation with bitter
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the
United States to be affixed
Done at the city ot Washington the fourteenth day of September A Done
i eat I nousand nine hundred and one and of the Independence of the United
t L States the one hundred and tw cnt -sixth X
ter the signing of the document he turned
to the others In the room andjsald
I should like to see the members of
the Cabinet for a few moments nfter thfe
others have retired
Then with some traces of the feeling
he had shown while accepting and assum
ing the office still discoverable by his
voice he advanced gravely to the mem
bers of the Cabinet
I desire to shake hands with ou all
he said He shook hands with everyone
In thefoom and then all except the
members of the Cabinet filed out
President Roosevelt s first Cabinet meet
ing was held Ji the same room In which
he had been Inaugurated It lasted for
nearly an hour When it was over It
was announced with authority that the
deliberations had all of them tended to
ward ascertaining the best way In which
the sentiment which the President had
expressed in accepting office might be
carried out It was agreed that the first
and most important step was the reten
tion in office of all tho members of Pres
ident McKlnle s Cabinet The members
of the Cabinet were tirged to retain their
portfolios even at the expense to them
selves of some personal sacrifice
It was announced that the President had
received assurances from Secretary Hay
and Secretary Gage that the woud fol
low the same course It seemed advis
able that the even tenor of the countrys
way would be better preserved if Con
gress were not called together until its
regular time for meeting
In the evening Governor Odcll William
C Warren and Representative Lucius
Llttauer called upon the President after
dinner and had a long consultation with
him about many matters of vital Impor
t irec to the State and tho nation It was
decided then that both President and Gov
ernor should issue proclamations to the
people regarding the death of President
Mclvinle The following proclamation
was prepared b President Roosevelt and
made publc by Mr Cortelou
A terrible herpn imc hi hArMA
I ut people The President of the
euueu scales nas oecn struck down
a crime committed not only against
the Chief Magistrate but against every
law abiding and libert -loving citizen
President McKlnle crowned a life of
largest lo e for his fellow -men of
most earnest endeavor for their wel
fare by a death of Christian fortitude
and both the way in which he lived his
life and the wa In which in the su
preme hour of trial he met his death
will remain forever a precious her
itage of our people It Is meet that we
as a nation express our lovo
and reverence for lis life our deep
sorrov for his untimely death
Nov therefore I IheoJore Roose
velt President of the United Stotcs of
America do appoint Tnursliy next
September ninetrerth the day In
which the bod of the dead Presi lent
will be Isltl In Its list earthly resting
1 lace a do of mournng and praer
tnrougnoui ine i nieeu states
1 earnestly recommend all the people
to assemble on tint day In their r
spectivc places of dllne worship thee
to bow down in submission to She will
of Alrnlshty God and to pa out of
full hearts their homage of love and
reverence to the great and good Presi
dent whose death has smitten the n i
tion with bitter grief
In witness whereof 1 have hereunto
se t m hand ard caused the se il of the
United States to be affixeel
Done at the citv ot Washington the
fourteenth da of Sptember A D one
thousand nine hundred and one and of
the Independence of the United States
the one hundreil and twent -sixth
By the President
JOHN HAY Seeretar of State
The President will probably reraiin at
the Wilcox heme all d i tomorrow ex
cept when attending services at the First
Prcsbteilm Chuich
He nnd scimtor VlrVHllim Evpect to
tench Here- Monday
Senator 4iiam P Tre of Maine
President pro tem of the Senate will
nrrlve in Washington Monday night A
messige from him was received list night
by Colonel Ransdell of
the Senate sttting that he would leave
Iewiston today and expected to arrive In
Washington tomorrow night Senator
Irc will In the natural course o events
preside over the sessions of tre upper
house and will also rvcelve te salary
of the Vice President of the I nited
States an increase of 3000 over his al
ary as a Senator
Colonel Ransdell has also been advised
that Senator McMillan will arrive on Mon
da All the members of the higher
branch of the National Legislature who
are within accessible elictanee of Wash
It gtor are expected to attend the funeral
services here
Ickm Than Hnlf Hntes to California
find Return
With rrnercma etop ovrr privileges for Fpiscopil
CVnicnticn TieVets on sale via Southern Hml
wav September IS to Si A J loton General
Ageat 511 Ta aie nir
Price Tiirfe Cents
i H
The Shadow of the Tragedy Deep
Over the City
Jfr nnOHcvvlt Arrive nnd lo Strorn
In IrepnrntlonK for the Funeral
HcKnn The - Broken to Mr
riunx to llnsten the
Trial atml Execution of CaolKO
The Train 111 tit VV 111 Ilcnr the
llody to the Vitloua Capital
BUFFALO Sept H Funeral formali
ties and the outward manifestations of a
nations grief are alt that now remain
With these over the curtain falls upon
tho third great tragedy in the annals ot
American Presidents and that tragedy
and the career of William McKInley will
pirssMnta history
Already the machinery of the chief ex
ecutive branch of the Government haa
resumed Its routine By a brief cere
mony deeply Impressive from Its simple
dignity Theodore Roosevelt this after
noon became the President of the Unlteel
States and the seat of government iru
established tor the brief Interval between
now and Monday morning In the rather
stately old homestead of Ansley AVilcox
OU Delaware Avenue which now has be
come the Buffalo White House
President and Cabinet have now but
one topic under consideration and that
is the funeral of Mr McKInley Prac
tically nil tho arrangements In their out
lines at least for the funeral of the late
President are complete
Hie ruuernl Arrangement
It was at first arranged at the Cabinet
meeting this morning that the ceremonies
here should be of the simplest The plan
first decided upon was to have services
at the Mllburn hotlse at 5 oclock this af
ternoon and that they be to a certain
extent private Thp people of Buffalo
however strongly desire to have an op-
portunit of pa Ing their last respects to
the late President and a committee which
was the same that had charge of the
Presidents reception here on the occa
sion of his visit to the exposition waited
upon Root and requested a
change lnJfie plans
At tnelMImtance therefore it was de
cided services shall be
at the house atll oclock tomorrowmorn
ing Afterward the body will be removed
to the city hall where It will lie in state
until Morday At 720 Monday morning a
funeral train will start over the Penn
sylvania Railroad for Washington where
there will be a state funeral on Tuesday
nftfr which the body will be taken to
Canton for burial General Brooke who
returned here this mornlmr ias eharra
of the funeral arrangements In Washing
ton which he Is now perfecting
The condition of Mrs McKInley as re
ported by those who are In attendance
upon her remains surprisingly good It Is
said that she Is undergoing the ordeal
with a calmness and fortitude that It was
not suspected she had In reserve She
was not definitely Informed of her hus
bands death until this morning although
when she left him last night she knew
that he could not llv e
Col W C Brown one of the warmest
of the late Presidents friends was at
hand to break the news to her
Is Mr McKinlcy sleeping she asked
Yes Mrs McKInley replied Colonel
Brown he Is sleeping the ileep that
kiovvs no awakening
She broke down and cried for a few mo
ments but under the consolations of
those about her she recovered her com
posure to a certain extent What the ef
fect of It will be ia the end is something
that those who are closest to her do not
like to contemplate That it can be oth
erwise than disastrous is hardly to bo be
It seemed Indeed to thse most Inti
matel acemainted with the two that Mrs
McKlnle drew the very vitality on whi
she lived from his constant presence u I
hs patient tenderness which through all
the years she has been an Invalid never
faltered and never wavered
Short Shrift for CrolRosz
Of the principal characters In the ter
rible drama now drawing to a close there
remains only to speak of the wretched
down in the police headquarters
dungeon who does not know whether his
murJerxu3 spots took effect or not and
f to wham not an echo of all the wild tur
moil of excrement that has been raginff
all about him has come His shrift now
will be a short one In all human proba
buitv he win die in the electric chair In
Auburn prison somewhere about the Sth
of November That Is the shortest time
in which they can get him killed by duo
process of law
The plans of the district attorney aro
Already definitely mapped out There Is
a grand Jury now in session Czolgosz
will be indicted on Monday day after to
morrow On the same day he will bo ar
raigned in the county court before Judga
Edward IC Emery From Judge Em
ens court the case will be transferred to
the Supreme Court and will probably
come to trial a week from Monday Sep
tember 23 before Judge Truman C White
The prisoner has engaged no counsel as
et He has not even spoken about do
ing so Counsel will be assigned to him
by the court and It Is the determinatioa
that the lawCr shall be no pettifogging
notoriety seeker who will occupy the
time of the court by senseless quibbles
and spectacular rant The counsel chosen
will be the best lawyer who will take tho
case so that for one thing it cannot bo
said that the man did not have good legal
advice and for another that tho pro
ceedings be not delayed and suffer In dig
nity by the antics of some legal mounte
It Is not believed that any great tlmo
will be consumed In getting a Jury and It
Is the hope that by W cdnesday the 3th
the trial will be over and Czolgosz sen
tenced Under the law he cannof bo
executed for six weeks after the passing of
senfnee This would bring the time ot
his exit from the world somewhere around
th date mentioned
Mr Roacit then Vies PrclcUit ot
f m

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