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Religious Services Tomorrow In
stead of Wednesday
A Material Alteration of the Pre
vious Arrangements
The Remain lo le Icorteil lo the
White llonse liiitiiedintcl Cor
tege to Lcme for the Cuiiltol ext
MornliiLT The ObsecinlcH lit the
Ilotuiitln i Follow The Remains
to Lie In State Only Six Hours
Depiirtare for Clinton to Be Made
ill the Evcnln of the pilule Day
Arrangements for the funeral scrvlccj
ovtr the body of tlie late Prcsdent were
materially changed lite last night when
a telegram was received at the White
House from Secretary Root stating that
the religious ceremonies in Washington
would bj held on Tuesday Instead of
Wednesday as originally planned
This change has been made at the re
quest of Mrs McKinley who is extreme
ly desirous of reaching her home In
Cantc tvth the remains of her husband
not later than Wednesday evening Col
onel Sanger Assistant Secretary of War
was at his office In the War Department
last night in consultation with General
Gillespie and Commissioner Macfarland
perfecting the details for the obsequies
when the announcement came fiom Buf
falo that a change had been decided upon
It has vcrj materially upset the ar
rangements which were contemplated All
of the functions however will be carried
out but It will be impossible to have the
body He in state nt the Capitol for more
than six hours
In line with Secretary Roots telegram
Colonel Sanger at 12 oclock last night Is
sued the following statement
In compliance with the earnest wishes
of Sirs McKinley that the body of her
husband shall rest in her home at Can
ton Wednesday night the following
changes in the obsequies of the late Presi
dent will be made
The funeral services in the Rotunda
of the Capitol will be held Tuesday
morning on the arrival of the escort
which will accompany the remains
from the White House The body of
theMl president will lie In state in
the llatn iirCor the remainder of Tues
day and w ill be escorted to the rail
road station Tuesday evening
The funeral train will leave Wash
ington at about 8 oclock and will thus
arrive at Canton during the day of
Secretary of State
Secretary of War
Secretary of the Nevy
President Board of Commissioners
District of Columbia
The body will arrive in Washington at
SS0 oclock tonight on a special train
from Buffalo as originally planned and
will be met at the depot uv two troops
cf the Eleventh Cavalry from Fort Slyer
under command of Major Findley The
body will be borne to the White House
where It will lie In the East Room until
10 oclock tomorrow morning It will be
guarded by two artillerymen standing on
cither side of the head and who will be
relieved every hour during the night The
Loyal Loglon of the District of Columbia
has also designated ten of its members to
act as a special guard of honor at ntght
while the body of the late President lies
In the Executive Mansion The late
President was a member of the Loyal
Legion and as a mark of respect to him
the following members of the order will
attend the bier of their dead comrade to
Admiral Walker President ef the Nic
aragua Canal Commission Col Cc cll
Clay of the Department of Justice cx
Justlce Charles C Cole Major F C
Larrabee Col Archibald Hopkins Clerk
of the Court of Claims Capt r W
Mitchell Gen George B Williams Col
G A Woodward CoL Carroll D Wright
United States Commissioner of Labor
and Capt R W Tyler
The OlHeinl Kx nrls
The military and civic escort provided
Tor in the arrangements made on Satur
day nlsb will accompany the remains
to the Capitol Immediately upon arriv
ing there the casket will be placed In the
centre of the Rotunda and the religious
services will begin shortly after 10 oclock
The Rotunda has been prepared for the
reception of the body and admittance
owing to the- limited space will bo prac
tically confined to those composing the
escort with the exception of the troops
Seats will bfeslacc d In the Rotunda for
the family of the late President his rela
tives os PresIdent Cleveland President
Rucsevclt the Cabinet Ministers th Dip
lomatic Corps and other distinguished
persons comprising the escort
In deference to the wishes of Mrs Mc
Kinley the services will be brief and sim
ple but Impressive The arrangements
for the religious functions have been dele
gated by Secretary Root at the request
of the family to Commissioner Macfar
land Last night he was in communica
tion with a clergyman who Is expected to
be present and deliver the funeral ora
tion The change in the date may make
It necessary to secure some one other
than the clergyman first considered and
s dellnltc announcement will be made by
Mr Macfarland this morning In regard
to this matter The ceremonies will be
practically limited to a prasor scriptural
reading a brief address and the render
ing of two of the late Presidents favorlie
hymns Nearer My God to Thee the
Bent Qnallty In Lumber Alvvnyn old
by Frank Ubbey Co and CconIa
lines of which he repeated with his dying
breath and Lead Kindly Light which
has always been his favorite sacred song
Commissioner Macfarland has selected the
singers and their names will be mails
known In the announcement which he will
make this morning A number of other
Washington clergymen will also be In
attendance and assist in the services
To Ile In Mate sl Hours
It is expected that the ceremonies will
be concluded by 12 oclock or shortly
thereafter and the body will then lie In
state until C oclock It will first be view
ed by the distinguished persons compos
ing the escort after w hich the public will
be permitted to form in line and pass by
the casket to view the remains of the
late Chief Magistrate The lire will form
on tlie east plaza of the Capitol passing
through the Rotunda und out upon the
west front of the building A guard of
soldiers will stand at parade rest while
the citizens pass by Col II A Green
will be the officer of the day In command
at the Capitol
At 6 oclock the body will be taken un
der escort of two troops of cavalry from
lIm Capitol to the Pennsylvania station
ind placc d aboard the special train which
wll bear it to Us last resting place in
Canton The arrangements which were
originally planned for Wednesday after
noon will be carried out Tuesday evening
Minute guns wilr be tired at the Navy
Yard by vessels of war la port at Fort
Mj r and a battery of artillery stationed
near the Capitol for that purpose At the
same time the bells of the city churches
the tire engine houses and public schools
will be tolled The firing of the minute I
guns und the tolling of the bells will
continue until the train leaves the depot
It wps announced last night that in the
civic escort from the White House to the
Capitol on Tuesday morning following
the Assistant Attorneys General and pre
ceding the organized societies would ride
the officials of other departments com
missioners of the Government In the or
der of their precedence and the official
representatives of tho Insular govern
In section three of the escort which Is led
by President Roosevelt all persons except
members of organized societies and citi
zens are requested to report at the White
House to Col A M Miller Corps of En
gineers before S oclock Tuesday morn
ing In order that they may be assigned
to their carriages The organized socie
ties will receive instructions from the
chief marshal Gen II V Boynton as
to positions In line Citizens will form
In the rear of the organized societies
The Guard of Honor
The spc ciai guard of honqr com
posed of general officers of the army and
of the navy will not march in the pro
cession Tuesday morning The guard
will assemble In full dress uniform at the
White House at 8 oclock tonight to re
ceive tho body when it is borne- from the
depot to the Executive Mansion and on
Tuesday morning at 9S0 the guard of
honor will assemble at the east front of
the Capitol to receive the remains when
they reachthtre They will also be at
the depot Tuesday night when the body is
brought from the Capitol to be placed on
the train
Acting Secretary Hackett yestcrday
designatfd the following officers of the
navy to represent that branch of the
Government as a special guard of lien
The Admiral of the Navy Rear Admir
al A S Crowninshleld Rear Admiral
Charles ONeil Paymaster General A S
Kcuey and Biig Gen Charles Hey
wood Initc d States Marine Corps The
special guards of honor will accompany
the remalrs of the late President on
board the train to their llnal resting
place In Canton
All officers of flag rank will constitute
an additional special guard of honor and
will assemble at the same places as those
indicated for the special guard of honor
The additional special guard of honor
Iiowever will not accompany the remains
on board the train
The special guard of honor upon behalf
of the army was originally intended to
comprise Lieutenant General Miles MaJ
Gcn John R Rrooke MaJ Gen EIwcll
Otis MaJ Gen Arthur MacArthur and
Brig Gen George L Gillespie Lieuten
ant General Miles however will not be
able to reach Washington In time to par
ticipate In the services He startd from
Seattle Saturday evening on a special
train accompanied by James J Hill but
b telegram was rccehed from him yester
day stating that he liad met with delay
at Whitehall Mon and that he expected
to Join the funeral train en route to Can
tori at Pittsburg This plan however
was made when it was thought that the
funeral would occur here on Wednesday
Now that It has been changed to Tues
day General Miles wll not be able to
Join the funeral party and it is thought
possible that he may stop at Canton on
Wednesday No one has as yet been as
signed to fill his place on the special
guard of honor
Orders to Vuvnl OilieerM
Acting Secretary Hackett yesterday is
sued an order requesting all officers on
the active llt of the navy and Marine
Corps on duty In Washington to assem
ble in full dress uniform at 730 o clock
tonight at the Pennsylvania Railroad sta
tion for the purpose of meeting the re
mains of the late President also re
questing thc m to assemble In some uni
form in the grounds of the Executive
Mansion near the east gate tomorrow
morning to march as i guard of honor
In the procession from tho Executive
Mansion to tho Capitol They wll also
act as a guard of honor In conjunction
with officers of the army to march In
the procession from the Capitol to the
Pennsylvania station tomorrow right
Tlie following order was issued by com
mand of Brigadier General Harries last
night to the District Militia
By direction Of the Acting Secretary of
War the National Guard of the District
of Columbia will assemble for escort and
parade duty on Tuesday September 17
1M1 to participate in the obsequies of
William McKinley late President of the
United States and Commander-in-Chief
of the Distrlet of Columbia militia
The brigade will assemble at 830 oclock
a m In column of companies on lenn
sjlvanla Avenue facing east Its right
resting on Nineteenth Street northwest
Tho order of formation from right to
lift will be nc follows
General Staff and General
sioued Staff
Brigade It mil
Engineer Corps
Second Regiment of Infantry
Iimt Regiment of Infantry
Corps of Field Music
First Separate Battalion
Signal Cor h
Naval Bittnlion
Ambulanee Corps
Undress uniform forage cup leggings
white standing collars and white giuvts
will be worn the Naval Battalion to be
In its prescribed unifonn
Continued on Scrcnd Paje
Norfolk A- Wnnlif nuloii Meiimlioiit Co
DeliChllul trl dafl at I 30 p m from foot
Till u to Old Point Norfolk Uracil Ocean
View ami Newport Netra Central Ticket Office
Itond IIuiMIn7 lull l and X are 1honc
220 For Mlittlulr tec page 7
Clrnn Well Ilremieil Lumber AIvrn
ready to use at Ctli t and X V av and 12
Indi board J1S0
i iv ill ivi 1 1
Pnpcrn Wnnt the Unite of York to
Attend the rmenil
LONDON Sept IS Owing to the prac
tice of English daily newspapers of sus
pending publication over Sunday it is
only this morning that they announce
the death cf President McKinley and
comment on the event which has already
engrossed the world for nearly forty
eight hours
Their black bordered columns are chiefly
filled with descriptions or the final scene
at Bjffalo subsequent events in the Uni
ted States reminiscences of Mr McKin
iey sketches and estimates of President
Roosevelt a general reflex of the worlds
reception of the news and anticipations
built therton
All the papers comment lengthily and
sympathetically repeating the sincere re
gret they expressed when the outrage was
committed All deplore the removal from
the worlds stage of the great and con
spicuous figure from whom a continuation
of Ms signal and beneficial services was
expected The fact Is specially empha
sized that Great Britain may claim the
right through common origin to share
the grief of the American nation al
though she may not realize it with the
same poignancy There Is not a discord
ant note in the chorus of appreciation of
the dead President
Dwelling upon the conspicuous rtrcnglh
cning of the amicable relations between
Great Britain and the United States dur
ing Mr McKlnleys Presidency the
Chronicle makes the suggestion that
some special and striking means be taken
to display British Eymnathy on the oc
casion of the funeral It sas
The only way in which this could be
effectc d with more emphasis than by the
presence of our Ambassador would be by
the attendance of the Duke of Cornwall
and York at the command of the King
and as conlirmation of the sympathy his
Majesty has repeatedly expressed during
the past week The distance between
Montreal and Washington Is not an ab
solute Impediment and the Canadians
would not grudge a partial dislocation of
their own arrangements
No doubt there are obstacles In the
way which to tho official mind may
seem fatal and Insurmountable More
than one new precedent would be created
by the despatch of the duke on this mis
sion of sympathy and good will but It
is in the power of the King and Govern
ment to Create precedent if the time de
mands It
A similar sentiment Is expressed by the
Dally News which believes that it
would afford satisfaction to the British
nation to see the Duke of Cornwall and
York stand by the side of President
Roosevelt at the grave as the representa
tive of the mourners of the British Em
Turning to the future the editorials
with practical unanimity base great
hopes on President Roosevelt The Morn
ing Post says that the American people
are to be congratulated on the fact that
in the hour of national affliction the
guidance of the Republic passes to a man
who won distinction as n soldier a man
of letters and of experience In the gov
ernment of the vast Commonwealth of
New York
The Chronicle Is convinced that Mr
Roosevelt will maintain the traditions of
his office and that he will surely add to
his reputation Speculating upon his for
eign policy the paper says
We can glean an indication of the line
he will take from his record He believes
In big America He s an expansionist
and imperialist and will out Monroe the
Monroe doctrine In his Interpretation of
the policy winch goes by that name He
was a mest earnest advocate of the ac
quisition of Hawaii and was foremost In
demanding a strong navy He was thor
oughly oppose d to England in the Vene
zuelan question We can gather from
these actions what his attitude will be
over the canal ouestion
Mr Roosevelt Is far too level headed a
statesman to do anything rash but his
policy will be firmly it not aggressively
American in the widest sense of the term
Whatever course of action he may adopt
on particular questions we are safe in
thinking that Judging from the past this
youngest of Presidents will prove one of
the greatest
services nr England
Tonehliis References to the Prewl
ilentK Ilentli In Many ChnreheN
LONDON Sept Id The churches of
every sect In Great Britain unanimously
and spontaneously turned their thoughts
toward America today and Joined in
prayerful sympathy for the bereaved na
It Is doubtful if a single preacher In
the country abstalred from making a ref
erence to the assassination of President
McKinley while among the congrega
tions where prayers are extempore In
stead of liturgical petitions were earn
estly raised to the Deity to comfort and
bless tb widow of the President and the
American people and to guide the new
President With quite remarkable una
nimity too Nearer My God To Thee
was sung being introduced with some
sympathetic reference to the deathbed of
the President In not a few Instances
Mr McKlnleys last words Hi3 will bo
done not ours were taken by preachers
for a text and condemnation of the as
sassins hideous rln was combined with
moral lessons deduced from the tragedy
At many churches the services were
concluded by playing the dead march in
Saul and other funeral music on the or
gans the congregations mcinwhlle stand
Amerleiiii mill eriitnii IlIiilomiitN
IteHpeet Mr Meliiile Memory
BERLIN Sept ID A special service in
memory of President McKinley was held
at the American church here this morn
Mr White the American Ambassador
and the staff of the Embassy were pres
ent Baron von Richthofen Minister of
Foreign Affairs was also present though
the fact was not noticed until after the
service The church which was draped
with Hags was crowded to overflowing
Among the hymns sung was Nearer My
God to Thee
A special prayer was offered for Mrs
McKinley The Rev Mr Dickie preach
ed the sermon He said that Mr Mc
Kinley always listened to the voice of the
people and unJcr him the hermit nation
of tliu West irst tool its rightful place
nmoug the Powers of the world The
new President Mr Roosevelt he added
was a type of the modern young Amer
A meeting of the American colony will
be held at the Embassy 011 Wednesday
to give soujiurners In Berlin an oppor
tunity VCMrcts their horror of the das
tardly assassination of President McKin
ley and sympathy for Mrs McKinley
their ftllow rountryrnen at home and
the American Government
Services will be held here on the day
of the burial
10 Iuii Amerlcrui Exposition nx
Clirnlon via II A it It Sipl n
rhllailelpliia thnce UllIi Valley Haute Leave
V aaliinttton 7C3 a m arrive Buffalo V15 p m
ThrouRli arIor ears KCure watt In adwnce
Tickets good leturiing nitliill fceven dajs Sim
liar cxeutbiona jsrpt 25 Oet 1 10 1G 22 and 31
Prompt Lumber Delivery nlvvnyH by
Frank Ltbbcy a Co and white pine doom JL
Simple Funeral Ceremony at tlie
llilburn House
Government Ollleialir IlelntlveM mul
FrieiulN nt the liter of the Dcnil
resilient Hlx Knvnrltc Ilymiix
butiK The HevJiirLocUeM Prayer
BUFFALO Scptjlj In the Ivy eovercd
house on Delaware Avenue which has be
come historic a simple funeral service
was thi3 morning held over the body of
the dead President
Such a service as thatwhich took place
In the hcuse whoseportals were the last
over which he had parsed alive and
whose very walls seemed to breathe with
memories of tha last days of his life will
never have an equal probably In the his
tory of the country w hose President ho
was Anything or the nature of pomp
had no place in it and there was nothing
of the kind A eulogy of the man who
as President and -In the summit of his
fame had been shot -down would have
been uncalled for and none was attempt
The simply ceremony held in the pres
ence of his relatives and friends the
members of his Cabinet and tho man who
has taken his place as their chief was
characterized by the same simplicity
which had been pre eminent throughout
his life
The solemnity of the scene In tlie Mil
burn house when a few of his associates
in the Government itogether with the
new President stood around his casket
while his favorite hymns were being sung
and of that scene which came atthe end
when Senator Hannahis friend walked
up as if by common consent alone and
standing there in silence besldo the cof
fin bent down his head upon his breast
and looked into the face of tho man whom
he had loved and helped was such as
will remain In the minds of those who
witnessed it until their memories perish
An fi Simple Citizen
To most of those present tlie dead Presi
dent had been friend and comrade
a relationship beside which that of
President seemed for the moment to
sink Into Insignificance It was as
his friends that they heard two
hymns sung and the passage from the
Bible read Other scenes of tho entire
funeral programme may follow that will jXTi 7w
led back Into her rooni
The rlnnn Chnnjrcd
The icrvice at the JdUburn house be
gan nt a few minutes after 11 oclock and
It was aver in about fifteen minutes it
had been tho orlginamntentlon to have
have some of the pageantry and pomp President
were many amy officers from
befitting the position which as President I Fort Porter There were also some vet
he occupied but that in the Mllburn I cans who appeared Ir their uniforms
Some of them had been In the
house today was a service over a simple
citizen of the United States
It was so Impressive that the people
who were there simply stood silent with
something tugging at their throats and
making sobs impossible There were no
sobs heard Many eyes acre filled with
tears but they were rftlteoftly
While they stooel aroundT
the casket and about ieroomV there
not one whose thoughts did not go
slzc to the other One was of red chry
santhemums with 0 bunch of whim roses
and the other of white chrysanthemums
with a bunch of red roses Both were tied
with purple ribbon
The Army nml Xuvy
In one corner of the room stood a ser
geant of the Fourteenth Infantry and
In the other a sailor from the Indiana At
the door through which the people en
tered the library were another soldier and
sailor A soldier was stationed at a door
leading into Mr Milburns study in the
extension adjoining the library and an
other sailor stood In the doorway In the
rear of the room leading Into them The
soldiers and sailors carried no arms
Throughout the service they were as mo
tionless as statues
Chairs for those Invited were placed In
the hall and In the dining room opposite
the library The library was reserved for
tho family and the most Intimate friends
Before the people began to arrive for the
service the relatives among them Mr
and Mrs Abner McKinley Mrs Bacr the
late Presidents niece Miss Duncan and
Lieutenant James McKinley a nephew
observed the arrangements made and
looked at the body People began to ar
rive about lt30 Members of the Cabinet
were among the first to come President
Roosevelt arriving with Secretary Root
about 1030
There was no one In the library then
and the new President went Into the
study where he sat with the relatives un
til the services were about to begin When
the members of the Cabinet arrived a
piece of crape was placed around the left
sleeve of each They gathered along he
side of the room to the right opposite the
door through which the people entered
By the time they had ranged them
selves the house had begun to fill with
people They were directed as they enter
ed to the library door and then passed
around the head of the coffin and down
along the line of Cabinet members
Tlie shades of the two windows ai the
coffin head were lowered half way mak
ing the light about the head of the dead
President very soft In his face there
was no trace of pain The expression was
decidedly calm and peaceful as though he
had fallen Into juiet sleep Those who
had seen him most declared that he
looked very natural except that there
was a Klight thinness In the cheeks He
wore a black tie and the plain frock coat
was buttoned up entirely In t there was
one thing missing It was the Loyal Le
gion button which he invariably wore
except on certain occasions when he
wore a carnation
After the service was over Abner Mc
Kinley went up to the undertaker as the
body was being borne away to the Citr
Hall I want you to see he said that
he has that button or a carnation In his
buttonhole for he was never without one
or the other
In the throng that for a few minutes
around the head of the bier and
on the face of the dead
ment with 3fF McKinley
Nearly everyone who had been at the
house during the last days of the Presi
dents life was In the throng
Senator Iluniinx Grief
Some however did not pass around the
bier One of these was Senator Hanna
nltelv from the bier lo ths frairltn I spoke a few W0rd3 to the people in there
man In the hall above whom the I f efe the sclc sanhe cane
out an1 Ok a seat at the side of tho
sin s bullet bad deprived of a husband thc
r00m ncar rear and of he one
and protector Supported by two ofher Governor Odell was occupying
relatives one of herdearest frlcnd3 and Itesldcnt Roosevelt stayed in the study
her doctor she sobhed all thc time but unUI ve minutes before the service
i when he made his appearance at the door
thc sobs were so soft that they were in-
1 of the library Those who had been seat-
siuuiuie ora it wassau over sne was 1 rose to thcir fcct amj the ne Pres
this service at S oclock and the change of the late President It was very
in cnt that he was restraining himself with
was made this plan only last evening
Their were a great many who would
probably have been ay the service had it
been held In the afternoon but who re
celvetl notice of the euange In the plan
too late
About 200 Invitations were sent out The
persons Invited Included friends of the
family and of the Milburn family nnd all
persons of official position in the city
Admission was by card only Represen
tatives of three press associations were
the only newspaper men admitted
The house was early the centre of a
large crcwd People began to gather
soon after S oclock The same guard
lines were preserved as during tlie Pres
idents Illness
Many persons got through these lines
In some manner so that by 10 oclock
there was quite a crowd on the corners
at each end of the bjock on which the
house is sif Jitcd
By 1030 hundreds of people were mak
ing thcir way to the house on Delaware
Avenue ond the guard lines were solid
walls of humanity About the house it
was unusually quiet The undertakers
had placed the body in thc casket This
was carried down stairs and put in the
place It occupied during thc funeral This
was in the library to the right of the
lhe room Is a large one running the
entire length of tho hall The coffin was
Placed between the two front windows
The head was toward the windows
Thtro was no attemptat funeral decora
tion ine room wnere tne h
held was Just a3 it nlwavs lia
cept that It lacked somp of
pieces of furniture There we
crs or potted plants In the ro
three wreaths with the caskcl
The arrangements throughol
the simplest character Ove
e was
i ex-
of the coffin with one of Its jids Just
touching the floor was a bright Ameri
can flag It was thone bright bit of
color in the room Upon the llag was one
of the three floral pieces It was n
wreath of violets red roses hnd white
chrysanthemums tied- with purple rib
bon Resting on a marble shelf about
a foot from tho floor between the two
windows and Just opposite tlie bead of
thc casket were two wreaths similar in
1erHonnlIy Comliiejril Tour to the
Inclflc CoiiNt
Vin PcitiiNlvnniu llnllriiuil
Rate for lite ruuml trip covfnnol natures
of thc tour SIM Tlilrty iUy tup lriinng Waih
Ington September 23 visitjnff all points of in
tcruL en route lncluiliiig the Gfcmt Canon of
tlie Colorado Kor dctailft consuIt Office Ijmi
Etr Agent H17 G st jif
Bent Cypremi ShirJsle only- flT per
1000 and fall size 0 bj M at eta and X V a
t i 1 ri iiii - 11 n 1 11 iririi 1 fv tot miu tnti
ed When he stepped back he wiped his
face with his handkerchief
The service began at a few minutes
past 11 oclock The Rev Dr Locke of
the Delaware Avenue Methodist Church
a son of the old minister of the church
In Canton which the McKInleys attended
took a place in the rear of thc room near
the door leading Into thc back hall so
that his voice could be heard In the other
rooms and upstairs where Mrs McKinley
was The latter had been brought out of
her bedroom and sat In the hall With
her were Mrs Barber the Presidents
sister Miss Barber her niece Mrs Gar
ret A Ilobart wife of the former Vice
President and Dr Rlxey None of them
could be seen from thc hall below
The rooms nnd hall were comfortably
filled by this time For a moment there
was complete silence throughout the en
tire house Then the quartette of tho
First Presbyterian Church began singing
one of the favorite hymns of President
McKinley Lead Kindly Light The
quartette was in the dining room opposite
Tenrj in All E es
As the strains of the hymn were heard
It could be seen that everyone was deeply
affected President Roosevelt held his hat
up at his shoulder his arm across his
breast Often his eyes would wander to
the face of Mr McKinley Several times
he had to use his handkerchief So did
all the Cabinet Ministers and others in
the room
Senator Hanna had risen to his feet and
stood with his eyes bent on the floor Ho
did not show any trace of emotion then
It was plain to ce that he was exercising
great control Four verses of the hymn
were sung amid a silence that was per
fect Then after the Amen had been
sung Mr Locke began reading the fiftieth
chapter of the First Epistle to the Corin
When he read the portion O death
where is thy sting It seemed as though
his voice was about to break but he kept
on and read the whole chapter When he
finished the choir sang four verses of the
other hymn so much liked by Mr McKin
ley Nearer My God to Thee When
thc verses had been finished Mr Iicke
said simply Let us pray This was the
prayer he offered
Oh Cod our help In as past
Our hope fur eari to come
Our liellcr from the- ktormv hlati
And our eternal home
We thy servants humbly beseech
thee for manifestations of thy fnvor as
we come Into thy presence We laud and
magnify thy holy name and praise thee
for nil thy goodness Be merciful unto
us and bless us us stricken with over-
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Uaslilniiton by rpecial train Tuesday September
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cottage at one daya notice
Libbey Co
eoilstrnct a
whelming sorrow we come unto thee
Forgive us for our doubts and fears and
faltering faith Pardon all our sins and
shortcomings and help us to say Thy
will be done
In this dark night of grief abide with
us till the dawning Speak to our trou
bled souls O God and give to us in this
hour of unutterable grief the peace and
iiulet which thy presence only can af
Comfort in Iiiiniortnllty
Wo thank thee that thou dost answer
tne sobbing sigh of the heart and dost
assure us that if a man die he shall live
again We praise thee for Jesus Christ
thy Son our Saviour and elder brother
that ho mice to bring life and immortal
ity and because he lives we should live
also We thank thee that death Is vic
tory that Ho die Is a gain Have mercy
upon us in this
dispensation of thy prov
idence we believe in thee we trust tte
our God of love thcr
same yesterday to
day and forever
We thank thee for the unsullied life of
thy servant our martyred President
whom thou hast taken to his coronation
J P rray for lhe lnaI triumphs of all
tho divine principles of pure character
nr rce EovprnmMit for which he stood
iiue ne uvea
by his blood
and which were baptized
n his death Item- our
1 r Ior esslngs of consolation upon
all those who were associated with him In
the administration 01 the affairs of Gov
ernment and especially vouchsafe thy
presence to thy servant who has been
suddenly called to assume the heavy re
sponsibilities of Chief Magistrate
91 bIeS3 our ear nation and guide
thei ship of state through stormy seas
ilcip thy people to be brave to fight the
s Ule Lori und wlso to solve
all the problems of freedom Graciously
hear our prayer that comforting bless
lugs may rest upon the family circle of
ur departed friend Tenderly susUin
thine handmaiden upon whom the blow
of this sorrow most heavily falls Ac
company her O God as thou hast prom
ised through the dark valley of the
shadow and may she fear no evil be
cause thou art with her
A tl1 thlns w ak In the name
of Jesus Christ our Lord
Then followed the Lords Prayer in
the resolution of which every one Joined
v hen the service was over and Dr
Locke had pronounced the benediction
Which marked the prwl nf tho iifi1
there was a moment during which no one
itiuved Then Senator Hanna stepped out
rrom where he had been standing behind
Governor Odell When he reached the
head of the coffin he stood beside Presi
dent Roosevelt with his head resting on
jo uitdbL iiiiu ins nanus ciaspeu oemnu
his back looking down on the face of his
friend He stood there possibly a min
As thc Senator turned his -head around
those in the room saw his face There
were tears trickling down It One of the
Cabinet members offered his arm and the
Senator instinctively seemed to follow
him He went between Secretary Long
and Attorney General Knox and sat down
In a chair near them Then he bowed
his head It was some minutes before he
could recover himself
Thc Coinn Dome Awnjr
As Senator Hanna turned away the
undertaker put the cover over the glass
top of tho casket and on It were then
placed the two other wreaths Then tho
four sailors and four sergeants bore the
coffin out of the room President Roose
velt followed immediately after it with
Secretary Root and then the other Cabi
net members followed In order
There was no regular order after that
In the way the rooms were emptied Tho
relatives remained In the study As tho
casket was borne out on the piazza the
strains of Nearer My God to Thee
were heard again This time they camo
from the band of the Sixty fifth
siuiiiuieu on tne lawn Down the
Ho entered the room about ten minutes 1 walk the suilers and soldiers moved with
before the zervlce began He carrieeLhis a P8 regular as though they were on
dent walked through a lane made for him
along the line of Cabinet officers to the
dfers Who Wpr tn tint nts mnrl n I
City Hall Including a company of marines
a company of the Fourteenth Infantry a
company of coast artillery sailors from
the rrigate Michigan and a detail of
guardsmen from the Seventy fourth and
Sixty fifth Regiments
While the carriages were being filled
and the casket placed In thev hearse the
escort marched by and took up a posi
tion to he in readiness to lead the column
At a signal from Colonel Bingham the
band started Chopins Funeral March
and the procession moved First came a
platoon or mounted policemen then the
head of the casket He carried his hat in band which was followed by the infan
his hand I trmen then the artillerymen and after
mat tne marines The guardsmen and
When he reached tho head of the bier saiiors from thc Michigan brought up the
iiu iiauBtu uiiu me people in me room saw 1 reixoi me escort
that his gaze was fixed on the features
immedlately behlntl them came tho
carriages In the first of these were
President Roosevelt Secretary Root At
torney General Knox and Secretary
Smith In the second carriage were Sec
retaries Wilson Hitchcock and Long and
Secretary Cortelyou In a third carriage
was Major General Brooke and another
carriage contained Mr and Mrs Locke
The hears followetl these carriages
Marching beside it were the soldiers and
sailors who had been the bearers Sena
tor Hanna Senator Kean and Senator
Fairbanks and Governor Odell were In a
carriage Immediately behind the hearse
and several other carriages followed
Tlie Xi nx of the Preside nts Dentil
CnilHes Genernl Sorrow
MANILA Sept li The news of the
death of President McKinley from the ef
fects of the assassins bullet reached hero
Saturday afternoon The Philippine Com
mission which was holding a session Im
mediately adjourned and prepared a proc
lamation to the thirty three provincial
force of telegraphers was kept busy
the narrow seas over the mountains e
Panay and Samar and finally to the Mos
lem villages of Mindanao Tlie proclama
tion said that a great sorrow had come to
Americans and Filipinos nlike in the death
of the truest friend of the Filipinos who
exercised the greatest ability and anxious
solicitude for their welfare and devoted
his sincerest efforts for their uplifting
It carefully explained that the death of
Mr McKinley in now way affects the sta
bility of the Government of the United
Stales ir of the Philippines
The mourning Is universal and most sin
cere Numerous messages of condolence
have been telegraphed by loyal natives
from the provinces The gay colorings of
Manila have disappeared beneath crape
Many Filipinos and Chinese display pic
tures of the murdered President draped
with black Governor Taft says that the
Comml sion has received many evidences
of hearty support and personal co-operation
from loyal nativs all of whom
mourn the loss of the President as of a
loved friend Commissioner Legarda who
was recentli a delegate to Washington
savs he that every Filipino loses
his greatest friend
Rumors are already current of posible
changes in the Government but those are
entirely due to the general uncertainty
regarding the situation H the UoJted
States The must splendid tribute to Mc
Kinley however is the overwhelming de
sire for a continuation of his policy
Thc Congressional party which is visit
ing here will all south on Tuesday Sen
ator Bacon requested General Chaffee
not to place a transport at their disposal
until there were soldiers nnd freight to
go south ns tlie paity did not wish to
disturb the plans of the quartermaster or
to incur criticism General ChifTee said
he would obviate the difficulty by sending
a transport with one soldier and a ton of
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Throngs View the Late President
as He Lies in State
Hnln Ilrcncheil Crowdn In Buffalo
Walt for Mount for n Final Look at
Miu Faee Tlie Time Twice Extend
ed linn i for the Knnrrnl Train
BUFFALO N T Sept IS The funeral
of William McKinley the devoted hus
band loyal friend and type of all that is
best in the simple American citizen took
place in the house wherein he died at 11
oclock this morning Thi funeral of
William McKinley Preslc nt of the
United States began an hour later and
vill continue with all fitting solemnities
until Thursday next when both as Pres
ident and simple citizen he will be laid
to rest forever in the family plot In the
Canton cemetery
In the house early the Presidents wife
his relatives his personal friends nnd his
official family were gathered for their
last farewell The stately procession
which started from the house and wound
away toward the city hall with military
escort was the beginning of the formal tri
bute the American people are paying- their
latp Chief Magistrate
How closely the late President had won
the love of those who were nearest to him
in private and In official life was mani
fested by the deep emotion of all those
present at the Mllburn house The grief
of those whose contact with hfm had
chiefly been in official life was almost as
profound as that of any of President Mc
Klnleys relatives of any save one the
pathetic figure seated at the head of the
stairs and sobbing softly while all the
solemn seryc r was going on
Grief is too weak a word for what 3ra
McKinley Is suffering It is the loss of
all there was In the world the one strong
arm on which for years she has leaned
for support- Even in their own sorrow
the thoughts of all who were gathered
about the dcad Presidents bier were go
ins out In pity to her whose desolation
was so utter so Jar beyond ail Jnope
But the feeling of personal loss and af
fliction was not confined to these who
were gathered in the house It went out
to the streets and was reflected In thou
sands of faces that lined the route the
funeral cortege was to follow It was not
a throng of mere sightseers that lined
Delaware Avenue when the procession
started There were thousands of mourn
ers among them mourners to whom the
loss had come almost as a personal af
It was in one of the Intervals when the
weateher was fair that the procession
started But the skies soon became over
cast with clouds so thick and black that
there was a darkness almost like
1 light and then the rain came Just as
me neau oe ine procession was in signt
of the city hall it broke loose It was
like ii cloudburst
In almost an instant the marching sol
diers sailors and marines who proceed
ed and followed the hearsct were wet to
the skin their plumes and military trap
pings soaked and bedraggled Even -hose
in carriages did not escape
President Roosevelts high hat when he
came under shelter at the city hall was
dripping with rain
The scene as the casket was borne up
the oicjia to lhe place In the rotunda
where tastcJrestvasorieU
presslble sdessJnndlooniljKAlfead
TWirtTv ItV Hfo hmina fftloil V1I t 1
streets for blocks away They stood mo
tionless and silent in the pouring rain un
der one great tent of dripping umbrellas
It was originally aranged that the body
was to lie in state at the city hail until
5 oclock this afternoon That was the
first plan Then It became dbyroua that
teas of thousands of people who for
hours had been waiting much of the lime
In the pouring rain to take their last
look at tlie Presidents face must be turn
ed away unless the time was extended
Reluctant consent was given that the
hour for closing the doors be 6 Instead of
fV oclock But as C oclcck drew near it
waniapparent that even this length of
time was utterly Inadequate At the
stroke of 6 there were nt least 20CW
people waiting- This Is not counting
those in line two by two theline reach
ing fully a mile T
It was not merely the people of Buf
falo who swelled the throng the thous
ands of people who are here In attendance
upon the exposition were heavily rep
resented Besides this trains from all
the country around about Buffalo liad
been bringing in people from the early
The crowd that waited for a chance io
pass by the casket In whjch the late
President rested seemed rather to be in
creasing than diminishing when the hour
for closing came Again the question of
a further time extension came up and it
Was decideel to extend the time again
and to extend it by four hours
It was announced that the doors would
close at 10 oclock this evening and as
the rumor spread the long line again
closed up and rapidly grew In length
For hour after hour It filed by
It was the original plan that the body
should remain in the city hall under a
guard of soldiers all through the night
until it Was taken to the Pennsylvania
station for the Journey to Washington in
the morning But against this Mrs Mc
Kinley protested She insisted that the
e asket be brought back to the Mllburn
house and there remain through the last
niaht of the sad visit to Buffalo She
was persuaded however to t th
inal plans be carried out and the botly
mrougnoui ine nignc leiegrapmng tne wl rcrnain j tIle hall tonight
proclamation through thc Jungles under 1 Mrs McKinley did not go to tl
i eirv
hill Every effort Is being made to fqsier
iier sirvngin mat sue may bo able to
bear the ratlgue of the Journey to Wash
ington on the funeral train tomorrovv
Dr Rlxey alJ this evening there was
even propfct that she would he strong
enough to go and added that even after
the tnncral services this morning she
seemed fairly composed
The train that will carry the President s
bouy to Washingtrn tomorrow is in part
the same that carried him and Mrs Mc
Kinley and their party acros3 the conti
nent to San Francisco recently The
same car by which they then traveled
the Olvmpla will be at the rear of the
train with tie casket containing the body
cf the President resting on a bier In tho
middle of the coach raised so high it can
be seen through the windows
Next In order counting from the rear
will tome thc ears Hungary nnd Naples
and then th dining car Waldorf the last
named in addition to the Olympia hav
lnir bten made a part of the Presidential
trans continental train of a few- months
ago In front of the Waldorf will b the
iiicinc unit tne Kaiefsh
One car will be reserved for Mrs Mc
Kinley with her friends and attendants
and another for the members of the Cab
inet flier will also be a car for tho
newspaper men Photographers however
will be excluded from the train The
train is due to leave at S30 In the morn
ing fifteen minute ahead of the regular
day express to Washington
Even wli n 1 oclock the hour for clos
ing the hall came there still were
great trowds ill about the building and
the line filing by the casket rt fclied for
several blocks So great was the pres
rift that It was nearly three quarters o
an nour lil lo be exact when the last
to look upon the Presidents face filed by
und nut of the hall
For mure than nine hour a line
of men women and children- had been
moving steadily past the casket and so
fur as possible kept moving at li remark
ably rapid pace
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