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The Ex Prcsiiient Eulogizes Wil
liam HcKinlcvs Character
An KIcMinonl Aililrrun nt llic lrlncp
tn Unl entity Memorlnl Sen lco
The Sorrel of the SueeeKufnl
Cnreer of the Honored Utnil
PRINCETON N J Sept 19 Princeton
University paid Its tribute to President
MqKinicy this morning when memorial
exercises were held in Alexander Hall
The big auditorium was fllled to the doors
President Patton occupied the chair On
his right was Grover Cleveland the only
liring ex Ircsidcnt Like the other mem
bers of the faculty he wore the Ions
academic sown and the mortarboard cap
Dr Patton Introduced Mr Cleveland who
stepped forward with slightly bowed head
anj began in broken tones
Today the grave eludes over he dead
body of the man but lately chosen by the
people of the United States from among
their number to represent their nation
aity preserve protect and defend their
Constitution faithfully to execute the
laws ordained for their welfare and safe
ly o hold and keep the honor and Integ
rity nt the Republic Ills day of service
is ended not by the lapse of time but by
the tragedy of assassination He has
passed from the public sight not joyously
bearing the garlands and wreaths of his
countrymens approving acclaim but amid
the sobs and tears of a mourning nation
He has gone to his home not the habita
tion of earthly peace and quiet with do
mestic comfort and joy but to the dark
and narrow home nppolnted for ail the
sons of men there to rest until the morn
ing light joi the resurrection shall gleam
In the East
All our people loved their dead Presi
dent His kindly nature and lovable
traits of character and his amiable con
sideration for all about him will long Lve
In the minds and hearts of his country
men He loved them In return with such
patriotism and unselfishness that in this
hour of their grief and humiliation he
would say to themr lt is Gods will 1
am cortent If there is a lesson in my
life or death let It be taught to those who
still live and have the destiny of their
country in their keeping Let us then
asour dead 1s buried out of our sight
seek for the lessons and the admonitions
that may Tie suggested by the life and
death -which constitute our theme
First In my thoughts are the lessons to
be lcarnceTlibm the career of William 11c
Klnley by the young men who make up
the student body of our university These
lcssera are not obscure or difficult They
teach the value of itudy and mental
training but thty teach more impressive
ly that the road to usefulness and to the
only smefiS worth having will be missed
orJost Xtpt It Is bought and kept by
the light oi Uiose qualities of the heart
which -it is sometimes supposed may safe
ly be neglected or subordinated In uni
versity surroundings
Thus is a great mistake Study and
study h trd but never let the thought
enttr your mind that study alone or the
Rruitist possible accumulation of learn
ing1 alone hill lead you to the heichts of
usefulness and success The man who is
iinivnsLn mourned today achieved the
highest distinction which his great coun
try can confer on any man and he lived
a useful lire He was not deficient In
education but with all you will hear of
Ills grand career and his services to his
country and to his fellow citizens you
iv 111 not hear that the high plane he
reached or what he accomplished was due
entirely to his education
You will Instead constantly hear as
accounting for his great success that he
tvas obeditnt and affectionate as a son
patriotic and faithful as a soldier honest
and upright as a citizen tender and de
voted as a husband and truthful gener
ous unselfish moral and clean In every
relation of life He never thought any of
those things too weak for his manilnr33
Hake no mistake Here was a most dis
tinguished man a great ixan a useful
man who became distinguished great
and useful because he had and retained
tinlmpair Hl q ialities of heart which I
fear unlveisity students sometimes feel
like keeping in the background or aban
There Is a most serious lesson for ail
of us In the tragedy or our late Presidents
death The shock of it is so great that H
Is hard at this time to read this lesson
calmly We can hardly fall to see how
ever beliTnd the bloody deed of the as
sassin horrible figures and faces from
which It will not do to turn awjy If we
are to escape further attack upon our
peace and security we must boldly anJ
resolutely grapple with the monster of
aairchy it is not a thing that we can
Fafcly leave to be dealt with by party
or partisanship Nothing can guarantee
us against Its menace except the teach
ing and the practice of the best citizen
ship the exposure of the ends and alms
of the gospel of discontent and hatred
of social order and the brave enactment
and execution of repressive Jaws
The universities and colleges cannot re
fuse to Join in the battle against the tend
encies of anarchy Their help in discov
ering and warring against the clatlon
ehlp between the vicious councils and
deeds of blood and their steadying Influ
ence upon the elements of unrest cannot
fall to be or Inestimable value
Ely the memory of our murdered Presi
dent let us resolve to cultivate and pre
serve the qualities that made him great
and useful and let us determine to meet
any call of patriotic duty In any time of
ear countrys danger and need
During ills entire speech Jlr Cleveland
showed rigns of being greatly afftctid
tnd while the favorite hymn of the hon
eired dead was being sung he remained
standing with bowed head Speeches were
also delivered by Prof Wowlrow Wilson
of thp department of politics and by
Prof John II Flnley a personal fiiend
cf Mr JlcKinley
In the afternoon Mr Cleveland spoke
again In the First Presbyterian Church
here He said that he recalled with sharp
distinctness some incidents that occurred
at the first Inauguration of Mr SIcKIn
ley how the incoming President in his
amiable manner manifested his serious
ajpreciati n of the responsibility he was
about to assume
As we sat side by side amid the chers
of many thousands said Mr Cleveland
I shall pevcr forget his manner as re
turned to me and said What an impres
sive thing It is to assume tremendous re
And added the ex President I have
always thought since then that I was In
possession of the key to Ids manner of
administration I recall too continued
Mr Cleveland our parting at the White
Houso As I held his hand and wished
for him tie greatest measure of sucoks
I added And I hope Mr President when
your term ends you will not have all the
reasons that I now have to welcome re
Mr Cleveland told how the thought had
come to him while standing beside the
dead President in Washington on Tues
day that he had been related In a Tnoia
intimate way to the beginning of a dis
tinguished Presidential career of which
the end was before him in death death
with honor and without fear of the judg
ment of God
William McICIniey said Mr Cleve
land has left us a priceless gift in the
example Of a useful and pure life of his
fidelity to public trusts and his demon
stration of the value of the kindly virtues
that not only ennoble mankind but lead
to success
He concluded -with these words
God still lives and reigns and will not
turn his face from us who have always
been objects of his kindness and care
IXcinorlnl Service Held in Cltlea
Tovrnn nnd Villagers
DALLAS Tex Sept 19 Every city
town and village In Texas held memorial
exercise or the late President McKlnley
today In Dallas Fort Worth Houston
Ean Antonio Waco Galveston and Aus
tin the ceremonies wero exceedingly sol
Many public men and prominent preach
ers delivered addresses Every wheel em
the railroad lines In the State Mood still
for a given time on official orders and
from 130 to 233 p m every sounder In
every telegraph office was as silent as If
electricity had disappeared from the In
dustries of the earth
Hoods Pills ruT
cess Jinndce ilcX headache nouses indiges
tion break up a cold prevent x fever 25c
Vl cull of C u Uood Co Lowell Mass
t -
Contiiuied from First Page
nether has hastened to repudiate the
dreadful deed This gentle spirit who
ated no one but to ulibm every man
vas a brother was suddenly smitten by
Lhc cruel hand of art assassin and that
loo while In the very act of extending a
kind and generous greeting to one who
approached him under the sacred guise of
Could the assailant uavc realized hov
awful was the act he was about to per
form haw utterly heartless the deed me
thlnks he would have staved his hand nt
the very threshold of it In all tho com
ing years men will seek In vain to fath
om the enormity of that crime Had this
roan who rell been a despot a tyrant an
npprissor an Insane frenzy to rid the
world of him might have sought excuse
but it was tho peoples friend who fell
when Wllliim McKlnley rrcelvcd the fatal
wound Himself a son of toil his sym
pathies were with toilers No one who
lias seen the matchless grace and perfect
c ibe with which he greeted such can
i ver doubt that his heart was In his open
land Every htvirt throb was for his
mrtrymen That his life should be
at such a time Just when there
was abundant peare when all the Ameri
ras were rejoicing together Is one of the
ncrutable mysteries of providence Like
many others it must be left for future
revelations to explain
In the midst of our sorrow we have
much to console He lived to see his na
tion greater than ever before All sec
tional lines are blotted out There is no
South no North no East no West
Washington saw the beginning of our na
tional life Lincoln passed through the
night of our history and saw the dawn
McKlnley beheld his country in the splen
dor of its noon Truly he died in the
fullness of his fame With Paul he could
say and with equal truthfulness I am
now ready to beoffcred The work as
signed him had been well done The na
tion was at peace We had fairly enter
ed upon an era of unparalleled prosperity
Our revenues were generous Our stand
ing among the nations was secure Our
President was Safclyenshrined In the
affections of a united people It was not
at him that the fatal shut was fired but
at the Government Ills offering was vi
carious It was blood poured upon the
altar of human liberty In view or these
things we are not surprised to hear rrom
one who was present when this great soul
passed away that he never before saw a
death so peaceful or a dying man so
crowned with
Lruiina of the Snd Event
Let us turn now to a brief considera
tion of some of the lessons that we are
to learn fromths sad event
The first one that will occur to us all
Is the old old lessorr that ln the midst of
life we arc inpdeath
Man goethfofth lnhis work In his la
bor until the evening He fleeth as it
were a shadow and never continueth la
one stay
Our President went forth In the full
ness of his strength in his manly beauty
and was suddenly smitten by the hand
that brought death with it None of us
can tell what a day may bring forth Let
us therefore remember that no man
livcth himself and none of us dleth to
lfimself May each days close see each
days duty done
Another great lesson that we should
heed Is the vanity of mere earthly great
ness Jn the presence of the dread mes
senger herw sm ill are the trappings of
wealth and distinctions of rank and pow
er I beserch you seek him who said I
am the resurrection and the life he that
btiieveth In me though he were dead yet
shall he liver and whosoever llvcth and
btiieveth In me shall never die There is
but one Saviour for the sin 3ick and the
weary 1 entreat you find him as our
brother found him
But our last words must be spoken
Little more than four years ago we bade
him as ho went to assume the
great responsibilities to which the nation
had called him Ills last words as he left
us were Nothing could give me greater
pleasure than this farewell greeting this
evidence of your friendship and sympa
thy your good will and 1 am rure the
prayers of all the people with whom I
have lived so long and -whose confidence
and esteem are dearer io me than other
earthly honors To all of us the ruture
Is as a sealed book but If I can by of
ficial act or administration or utterance
in any desree add to the prosperity and
unity of our beloved country and the ad
vancement and wcli litlng of our splendid
citizenship I will devote the best and
most unselfish efforlsof my life to that
end WUb that thought uppermost In my
mind I reluctantly take leave of my
friends and neighbors cherishing In my
heart the sweetest memories and thoughts
of my old home my home now and I
trust my home hereafter so long as I
We hoped with him that when his
work was done freed from the burdens
of his great office crowned with the af
fections of a happy people he might be
permitted to close his earthly life in the
home he loved
He has Indeed returned to us but
how Home to the strains of Nearer
My God to Thee and placed where he
first began lifes struggle that the peo
ple might look and weep over so sad a
home coming
Hut It was a triumphal march How
vast the procession The nation rose and
stood with uncovered head The people of
the land are chief mourners The nations
of the earth weep with them But oh
what a victory 1 do not ask you In the
heat of public address but in the calm
moments of mature reflection what oth
er man ever had such high honors be
stowed upon him and by so many people
What pageant has equaled thls that we
look upon today We gave him to the
nation but a little more than four years
ago He went out with the light of the
morning upon his brow but his task set
nnd the purpose to complete it We take
him back a mighty conqueror
The churchyard where His children rest
The quiet spot that roita him best
There shall his grave be made
And there hut bones be laid
And there his countrymen dial come
With memory proud with pity dumb
And strangers far and near
For many and many a ye ar
For many a year and many an age
While history on her ample page
The virtues shall enroll
Of that paternal tout
Bishop Joyce who lately has been In
attendance at the Methodist Episcopal
conference at Alliarce offered the final
prayer and the service eloped with tho
singing of Nearer My God to Thee
March tci the Cemetery-
When the last notes of the hymn had
died away and Bishop Joyce had pro
nounced the benediction President Roose
velt with Secretary Gage on his left led
the way up the main aisle to tho door
followed by Secretaries Boot and Long
and the rest of the Cabinet and after
them the army and navy officers who
ranged themselves In a double line from
the church door to the sidewalk through
which the casket was to be carried to the
President Roosevelt stood nearest to the
sidewalk with Secretary Gage on his left
and all remained uncovered until the cas
ket borne on the shoulders of soldiers
and sailors was placed on the hearse As
the hearse moved away Troop A drawn
up on the opposite side of the street
bwung Into line In column of four to act
for the last time as bodyguard for Presi
dent McKlnley at both of whose Inaugu
rations they had served in that capacity
The order of the advance body of the pro
cession as It left the church was as fol
Military Band
Military Escort
President and Cabinet
H II F Macfarland President of the
Board of Commissioners District of
Judge Williams Ohio Supreme Court
Governor- Nash and Lieutenant Gover
nor Colwell as honorary Hearers
IxKral Honorary Bearers
Funeral Car
Family Party
Special Committee from the G A R
Following this came the various organ
izations with a small detachment of Ohio
National Guardsmen the great body of
the troops being extended In a double
line for a distance of two miles from the
Harter house to the cemetery to keep the
crowds In order
It was arranged that the seven divisions
of the procession should march to the
cemetery nnd back but that tho cere
monies at the tomb should begin as soon
as the body arrived as otherwise It would
have been long after dark before they
were completed so late In fact that It
would have been necessary to delay until
a much later hour the departure of the
Presidents special train for Wahlngton
j si
Ii 1
which had been scheduled to leave at 710
this evening
The line of march was over Tuscarawas
Street and then down Lincoln Avenue to
the cemetery When tile procession start
ed from the church it was precisely 31
This exact time was announced officially
for In various cities of the union it had
been arranged to suspend certain lines
of business and to oegln various WeT
cises as a tribute of respect to President
McKlnley while his body was being car
ried to the tomb
Just ts the hearse started the distant
booming of a cannon announced that the
firing of the salute of twenty one guns
by Battery A of Cleveland had begun
and at reirular Intervals along the march
came the dull reports louder and louder
as the cemetery was nearcd for the guns
were placed on an elevation Just back of
It Meantime church bells over the city
were everywhere solemnly tolling
Dense crowds lined up the streets along
the cemetery fence near the vault and as
near to the main entrance through which
the procession would pass as the firm line
of military on each side of the route
would permit
A Klcli Floral Display
Probably never before nt any funeral in
the United States was there over seen
such a display of flowers an at that of
President McKlnley today The floral
tributes which began at Buffalo steadily
accumulated on both the route to Wash
ington and from Washington here while
in Wasl tngton there were enormous addi
tions from the different diplomatic bodies
and others
All these were brought here and since
the arrival In Canton there has beenm
genuine Inundation They came almost
by the ear load on the dozens of special
trains yesterday and today until finally
they were delivered at the church and at
the cemetery by the wagon load
AH day long a force of florists was en
gaged In disposing them about the vault
and by the time the recession arrived
the effect was indescribably beautiful
The vault Is built Into the side of rather
a high knoll Above the vault and on the
grassy side of this knoll the floral decora
tions began flowing in a brilliant cascade
down to the stone -peaked vault where
the stream rartcd dividing Into two
parts and came rippling down to a great
pool on a level with the vault entrance
whence there were spread broad floral
brooks that followed the winding drlvc
w ays on each side all the way to the main
cemetery entrance
Through this beautiful iane the hearse
with the Presidents and the other car
riages closely following wound Its way to
the broad flagstone walk that leads up to
the vault entrance Here the President
the members of the Cabinet and the
army and navy officers alighted and
formcel in two lines on each side of the
walk as they had done -at the church
door Through this lino the casket was
borne to the little stone porch before the
vault door where it was placed upon two
The President and Cabinet officers stood
uncovered and with bowed heads several
of them pressing their handkerchiefs to
their faces down which the tears were
streaming There was a moment of si
lence and then the Ttev Dr Manchester
began repeating lhe solemn service for
the dead A brief prayer by Bishop
Jojce followed and then the coffin still
draped with Its bright American flag and
bearing the wreath of tho Loyal Legion
was carried within the door It was
placed in the centre of the vault oppo
site tho door through the wide spaced
iron bars of which it can be seen plainly
from the driveway some little distance
away The casket wras laid In a fine cop
per finished cedar casket which was al
ready In the vault to receive It
The Final Honors
As soon as the casket wae deposited
within the tomb thePresTdenYand mem
bers of the Cabinet passed In after It
and remained there several minutes com
ing out at last with their eyts wet With
tears Then another salute of twenty
one guns and the three volleys for a sol
diers grave crashed -cut from tho guns
of a battalion of guardsmen on the hill
Thirteen buglers of the Grand Army
Band ranged in crescent form about the
of the vault sounded the wall
ing melancholy notes of taps and all
was over
The President escorted by Troop A
drove to the residence of Mrs Harter
where he dined and then atTflUtle after
7 oclock this evening went back to
Washington on the same train that
brought him here The train -was made
up In three sections just as it came with
the Presidents car and the members of
the Cabinet and the officers of the army
in the middle section the whole to be
preceded by a pilot engine on the way to
Washington where the President and
party will arrive early tomorrow fore
At the McKlnley house this evening It
Is said the condition of Mrs McKlnley has
not particularly changed and that she Is
as composed as could be expected
The vault in which the late Presidents
body rests tonight is regarded as one of
the finest In the Slate It was given to
the cemetery some years ago by Mrs
Frances M Werts who presented it as
a memorial to her husband the late
Henry M Werts Mr Werts was one of
Cantons most respected citizens during
tho many years of his residence here
Fnther OLenry Says Tltry Are the
3TiirMeriM of AsMaxMiiiN
At the memorial services yesterday at
St Aloysius Church the Bev Father Tim
othy Olary arraigned secret societies
hoidini them responsible for the assas
sination of President McKlnley After
briefly deploring the assassination of the
President Father OLeary said
The church is nnd always has been
the States best friend This Is learned
from the founder who taught us to re
spect authority And from the apostles
who preached that all authority Is from
God and that he who resTsteth authority
rcslstcth God Back of all this Is the
eternal law or God commanding the ob
servance of order OrJer cannot bo main
tained without authority Hence author
ity must at all cost be maintained In fam
ily in state and in church
The church teaches her children and
has ever taught her children to respect
the authorty of the law and warns them
against Influences that would or might
prove detrimental to the state Among
these Influences nro the secret socletie s
which have arisen In our country and
which by their very nature are a menace
to the state For in the relations of men
to men order requires that the state
should be supreme But where- there Is
an absolute oath of secrecy the state can
not be supreme and therefore these se
cret organizations are essentially In oppo
sition to law nnd -order whichmeans pro
tection for the citizen from tho highest
Executive to the most obscure private
individual Moreover with a ritual of
their own they substitute their ceremonial
for religious worship and hence they are
opposed to revealed -religion I do not
mean to say that In this country all of the
members of secret -societies Tealtze tho
trend of their orders
But experienee teaihn us that they
are the enemies alike of church and state
and a nursery of assassins ns witnessed
by the murders of the late King of Italy
the Empress of Austria the President of
the Unlteel States and vnrlous attempts
upon the lives of other rulers
Every loval citizen should be on his iruinl
against them and good parents -should see
to the Christian education of their chil
dren for corrupt -human nature has from
the beginning snown ltseir averso to ac
cepting revelation and Its obligations and
in consequence has fallen into material
Ism Paganism and the most degraded
Cholera morbus often results fatallr before
medicine can be procvircd or a phjrician sum
moned Cliamberlalns ColicChour snd Diar
rhoea Keracdy is m evrtaia cure for Uiis dvrcasc
Kvtry family should Wprotided with it It
costs but a trifle snd is certain to be needed
sooner or later Iluj it now For sale bjr Henry
1vana wholesale snd retsll 934 r Street and
ail druggists
A Remarkable Hnsh Over Xcw
York at the Funeral Hour
Trnfilc or All Kinds penned -While
Peilrntrirtnn njt In the Streets
With Hurra lleiido Joluliiir In
Irayer Many- Memorial Serslcc
NEW YORK Sept 19 Five minutes of
todays mourning in this city were spent
by the people in silence that showed
more impressively than anything else
could the genuine grief or all over the
death or William McKlnley At 330
oclock the hour according to Eastern
time that the body of the late President
of the United States was to be taken
from his homo In Canton to Its last rest
ing place a hush fell over New York that
cannot be likened to anything that ha
taicen place In this city berore There was
a complete cessation or activity People
stopped short in their tracks wherever
they happened to be and if they resumed
their ways again ft was slowly and In
stinctively on tlp toc
Wheels everywhere ceased to turn
Thousands uncovered and spent the in
terval In silent prayer with bared heads
other thousands burst into those songs
which forever in this country will bo as
sociated with the name of William Mc
Klnley Nearer My God to Thee and
Lead Kindly Light Funeral marches
played by bands which volunteered the
service brought tho tears to many an eye
In various parts of the city
In Madison and Union Squares there
were scores among the thousands whose
emotions broke forth at the stirring
music and these wept unrestrainedly In
the churches other thousands sang the
hymns while on the streets In front of
some of the churches the strains of the
music set others who could not get in
side to singing too
All over the boroughs of Manhattan and
the Bronx all over Brooklyn and Queens
and ltichmond everything came to a stop
the moment the hands of the clock point
ed to 300 Such a sudden cessation or all
sound and movement was remarkably
striking Tugboats sailboats every craft
that was in either river or in the bay
stopped and from tho Battery the sight
or hundreds or boats drifting with the
tide was such as no one that witnessed
it had ever seen berore It was an ebb
tide and while boats off the Battery were
not seriously inconvenienced by it those
In the river were taken some distance out
or their course during the five minutes
Oft Tompklnsviile the revenue cutters
which had been booming their sorrow
every hair hour since sunrise could be
Jieard at this momentous second deliver
ing a broadside and it was the only time
In all the day of flrirg that tho guns
could be heard In tho city
Ever- theatre of any Importance In the
city was closed at night The sea and
land wires or the Corhmerfclal Cable Com
pany stopped carryipg messages and up
in tho great operating rooms of the West
ern Union Telegraph Company every In
strument was still
In every church ire the city there were
services and it is doubtful ir there ever
were so many people In New York who
wanted to go to ctaurcl The churches
simply would not hold thm and in some
places the police had the greatest diffi
culty in kceDinir thaineonlft from
llng over one another in their eagerness
i bci insme id near wnat tne clergy
WOUld Sav in triblltn tn thn rfOflri Tri-
Denunciation of Established Cus
tom Gneonrac Anarchy
One of the most largely attended memo
rial services conducted last night in ac
cordance with the proclamation or Presi
dent Uoosevelt was that at the TJnlver
salist Church or Our Faher Thirteenth
nnd L Streets northwest The proclama
tion was read by the Rev John Van
Schalck jr pastor or the church In of
rering prayer the Rev Alexander Kent
said in part
Our Father gathered as we are this
evening to pay our tribute of affectionate
respect to the memory of the beloved but
departed President of our nation we most
earnestly desire that al the thoughts and
feelings of this hour may flow rrom a
spirit akin to thine own and draw us Into
closer communion and fellowship with
May our reelings toward him who has
wrought this great wrong and those who
have consciously or -unconsciously moved
him thereto as well as those toward his
victim be such as are- well pleasing to
thy sight and wholesome In their Influ
ence on our own characters and lives We
thank thee for all that was beautiful and
noble tender and heroic in the life or the
departed for so much of thine own self
as he in his high position was able to em
body and express in character and con
We rejoice n the public outpouring of
affection and esteem which not only re
vealed the common belief in the worth of
the departed but showed how large a
reverence for goodness exists in the com
mon heart May this reverence Increase
May regard for justice and love grow
and strengthen until It shall become the
ruling passion or the nation purging Gov
ernment or every cruelty every Injustice
every wrong and abuse so that the seeds
of anarchy shall find no spot of ground In
which to root themselves or grow
May the comforting influences of thy
trust and spirit carry healings and con
solation to all the stricken and sorrowing
ones throughout the lands and especially
to the dear bereaved companion of him
whose loss we mourn May the lessons
of this event sink deeply into the heart
of the whole nation rousing the selfish
and thoughtless everywhere to a keener
sense of their duty to their fellows and
their obligation to make this great Repub
lic a visible embodiment ot the right
eousness of Heaven So shall thy king
dom come thy will be done on earth as
it Is In Heaven
Nearer My God to Thee was sung
and then the Rev W W Curry formerly
Secretary of State for Indiana delivered
the principal address Ills subject was
Anarchy What We Have Done to Cul
tivate It What We Should Do to Reme
dy It Every man said he who in
dalges In abuse of the public service with
out speclfvlng the offence and naming the
office tends to break down our institu
tions Ills address was a most powerful
The Rev W W Dean ninety years old
sopke on The Presidents Hope of Im
mortality His feeble voice rang out
with the fervor of youth as he voiced the
public execration of the murder and sor
row for the loss
The Rev Alexander Kent spoke last
vigorously attacking anarchy I ct an
Island be secured and these people sent
there to try their throries The Rev Mr
Wllgus made the closingprayer
A Dlntlnnul4lied Inrty Attend the
Frincrnl Service
Tho remains of Calderon Carlisle were
laid to rest at Rock Creek Cemetery yes
terday afternoon 1The casket covered
with wreaths and other emblems sent
by numerous friends was followed to the
grave by a most distinguished party in
cluding some of the best known men In
the Government nnd foreign service and
citizens of the District of Columbia
Beginning at 1 oclock services were held
at Mr Carlisles lato residence 1722 I
Street northwest The Rev Dr Alex
ander Mackay Smith rector of St Johns
Church officiated and rend the simple ser
vice of the Episcopal Church A selected
quartette from St Johns choir rendered
the music
The honorary pallbearers were Justice
David J Urewer ex Justice Walter S
Cox Justice A II Hagner Jere M Wil
son the Duke dArcos John A Kasson
Admiral Dewey Admiral R D Evans
Admiral Harry C Taylor and Frederick
B McGuirc
The following served as active pall
bearers Dr Frank B Loring Samuel
Maddox Allison Wllmcr C G Cole E
Francis Rlggs Maurice Kelly Norman
Bestor nnd Henry E Davis
Amung other prominent persons present
at the house were Secretary and Mrs
Hay Admiral Sands Mr Sllva the Co
lombian Minister John B Horner and
Mr Morse representing the District bar
and Admiral Morgan
Dr Paxton Spenfcn of the RellntinUh
merit of Kurthly Activity
Dr John R Paxton former pastor of
the New York Avenue Presbyterian
Church yesterday delivered a memorial
address which moved his auditors to
deepest feelings Abraham Lincoln wor
shipped In the New York Avenue Presby
terian Church under the pastorate of Dr
P D Gurley Dr Paxton was one of the
first to lift up President Garfield after he
had been stricken by an assassins bul
Before the strains of Chopins funeral
march had ceased to peal from the great
organ every pew in the church was filled
Gen II V Boynton conducted the
service nnd opened It by reading the proc
lamation of President Roosevelt appoint
ing the as one of general mourning
and memorial throughout the land At
its conclusion General Boynton said
We citizens of a sorely stricken na
tion are assembled by virtue of a procla
mation by the President of the United
States who as his first official net calls
upon his fellow mourners throughout the
land to lift up their eyes unto the Lord
of Hosts from whom cometh the help of
nil nations It is a fit time to recall the
words of our second murdered President
when as a private citizen upon hearing
of the assassination of our first martyr
he exclaimed God reigns and the Gov
ernment at Washington still lives
The quartette choir accompanied by J
Porter Lawrence organist rendered an
anthem which was followed by reading
of the Scriptures by the Rev J L
French Then Mrs N M Shirr Cliff sang
Angels Ever Bright and Fair Preced
ing the rendition of one of the Presidents
favorite hymns Lead Kindly Light
Dr Paxton offered prayer
Dr Paxton who then delivered the ad
dress said In part
The funeral or the late President Ii
the largest one that ever marched with
solemn tread to a grave in the annals or I
an nisiory ine wnoie country is in mat
sad procession Eighty millions or citi
zens are shaking tears of pity in cathe
drals churches chapels as they lay the
body or our late great and beloved Presi
dent to rest In Canton not food for the
rnnnnprlrnr hnn lut n rni nf f3nt with
1 an immortal destinv not a clod of the
valley but a traveler on his way to the
New Jerusalem
But AVililam McKlnley has only truly
begun to live He has ceased rrom his
labors He Is alive rorevcrmore Relin
quishment becomes possession Women
adore him men exalt him He pulls our
heart strings till they break In tears He
has hung crepe nt every door all over the
land as If a death In the family He has
crossed retarding seas and made all Eu
rope mourn and Asia lament He has
stopped the clamor of crowds in the
streets of many cities He has hushed by
his death the shrill voice of children at
Is It death to start the tears In mil
lions of eyes to empty exchanges to
cause traffic to cease to clothe a land In
mourning and set a whole country back
a day in the world of Industry and toll
Is it death when one name leaps to mil
lions of lips today when one thought one
feeling one grief makes the whole world
kin I call this life true life eternal life
The verdict of history will be that Mc
Klnley was a great man His faculties
were large and proportioned He had no
eccentricities did not do some things well
but all things well
William McKlnieys taking off Is in
certain wavs similar to the last hours of
our Lord Christs last thoughts were of
his enemies and the virgin mother Mc
Klnieys thoughts when he was stricken
were of the wretch who had shot him
rrom an ambuscaded hand Dont let any
one hurt him and then or his wife Dont
alarm her
Committee Planning for n Public
Meetlucx Snndny Afternoon
A meeting or the committee selected to
make arrangements ror holding a national
memorial service In honor or the late
President or the United States was- held
yesterday afternoon at the office of P B
Chase in the Grand Opera House Com
missioner John W Ross presided After
some informal discussion it was decided
to leave to three committees the arrange
ments for the mass meeting which is to
be held in the Grand Opera House at 2
oclock Sunday afternoon Commissioner
Ross named the following committees and
chairmen Programme E Southard Par
ker House and Invitations Thomas C
Nayes Music Scott C Bone Another
meeting was held last night in the Post
building at which the following commit
tees In full were named
Programme E Southard Parker chair
man the Rev George Buckler Walter S
Hutchins H K Willard John B Wight
and Chapln Brown
House and Invitations Thomas C
Noyes chairman Sidney T Smith H II
Darnleile Barry Bulkley and George W
Christlane y
Music Scott C Bone chairman John C
Scolleld Dominic I Murphy L A Cool
Idge James L Norris and A B Browne
The Committee on Programme will meet
at the National -Metropolitan Bank at 11
oclock today the Committee on House
and Invitations will meet at the same
hour at the Star building and the Com
mittee on Music at the Post building
to perfect further arrangements
The mass meeting will bejaddressed by a
number of clergymen one having been
selected rrom each of the various denom
inations Their remarks will be limited
to about five minutes each Secretary
Long has consented to allow the Marine
Band to participate and last night at the
r qutst of the Committee on Music is
sued an order directing tho band to bo
present The use of the Opera House
and the services of attendants has been
donated by Mr Chase the manager of the
It has been decided to reserve a box
for the exclusive use or the President
and others will be occupied by the mem
bers or the Cabinet all or whom are ex
pected to tie present A section or the or
chestra will be reserved tor the members
of the diplomatic corps who will he in
vited to attend The house will be ap
propriately deconted out of respect to
the dead President and it is planned to
make the service as impressive as is re
quired by the proprieties of the occasion
Slyfiterlontt Appenrnncc of n Couple
IMixzIch the Detective
Mystery hovers over two persons regis
tered at an Avenue hotel Both stylishly
nttlrcd In womens clothing the one a
beautiful blond with auburn hair the
other tall and muscular with deep bass
voice even masculine In tone the two
people arrived In this city late Wednes
day night over the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad- Krom the depot to their hotel
a dttectlve followed in their wake because
of certain suspicions Porters about the
tlepot the detective Katemeri and even
trainmen were aroused by curiosity and
the question grew that a man might pos
sibly be traveling In the guise of a
Even yesterday this anxiety wjis not en
tirely dissipated nnd detectives sat beside
the couple in question at the breakfast
table Nothing has yet come of it all
vet the investigation has not been
abandoned The story of tho person with
the deiD voice tne masculine features
accompanying a small woman occupying
apparently the same hotel apartments
and altogether so different from the aver
age of her sex btcanie noised about last
night in tne uowntown section xne
couple are registered from an Ohio city
nnd the quantity of yielr baggage and
effects would stem to Indicate intention
of rather an extended stay
No one ean say what It all means not
even the detectives themselves The
vexed question of sex in the one case ap
parently Is yet a question Meanwhile
the gossips about the hotel keep watch
that nothing may escape their acute per
KREIS On Thursday September ID 1901
JXIZABETII beloved wltc of Jacob Krcu aged
fifty three 3 pars
Funeral from her late residence NiO J Four-and-a-half
Street bcutbtetr on Saturday September
21 nt S39 a m Itomcim ma- at St- Domi
nics Church at ft oclock Relatives and friendi
are respectfully Invited to attend
1MEUSON On Wednesday September IS 1G01
JOHN A PIEItSOV at In- laic residence Col
onial Heath after a long
Kuncral from Lees Chapel catunuy Septem
ber 21 IWl at 2 oclock p m
PIERSON Om Wednesday September 13 1031
JOHN A HEREON at his late residence Col
onial Beach nfLer a long illness
Notice of funeral hereafter
MVSTERSON A noena will begin Scptrmhrr
20 and erd on the h the feast of St Michael
tle Archanel the second anniversary of thi
Maw will be offered up for her ainl her ihr
dren and the souls in purgatory In St Stephf n a
Chmxh Friends earnestly invited to participate
M - W
Session 2i
fcwt V5 es
A Slemorlnl Service of the Adah
Iirnel Consrrcitatloa
Solemn services of memorial for Pres
ident McKlnley were conducted at the
synagogue of Adah Israel Congregation
at Sixth and G Streets northwest nt 1
oclock yesterday afternoon by Itabtl
Julius T Loco who delivered an eloquent
address Almost every pew In the syna
gogue was filled The musical pro
gramme was elaborate
Tho service opened with the Mlnchah
or late afternoon service After the read
ing of selected Psalms followed the ad
dress of Rabbi Loeb who said
We are here today not for the purpose
or chanting the ordinary set form of
prayer as is customary with us but for
a thoroughly unusual occasion A chltt
and a great man has fallen In our land
and we have assembled In this our haus
of worship to pay a tribute or respect t j
his blessed memory and to share In th
grler or the American people of whom
we are an Integral part
I chose for my motto tho lamentable
words or King David in bis mourning
over tho death or Abner son of Ncr a
chief and a great man fell today for Wil
liam McKlnley was not alone a chief to
whose rule the people were subjected will
ingly or unwillingly but Indeed a great
man great in the love of the people great
In his own love ror the people gTeat In
his love Tor those who survive him great
in his perseverance and his true tnnnll
ness In his private character he was a
noble soul a God rearlne and hnminlrv
loving gentleman a lover or Israel and a
Triend to all men without discrimination
He was certainly or the pious or the word
ly nations who are to partake In ruturej
His public career needs no commenda
tion As a statesman he was one of the
greatest of the age and foreign Powers
had to bow their heads with respect be
fore hie Just and upright dealing in all
International questions
Let us give vent to our sympathetic
feelings to our deepest regret over this
public calamity and let us willingly ac
cept the rule of him who under Gods
providence has been chosen to replace
the Illustrious departed Let us acknowl
edge love and realty to our new Presi
dent And may God watch over the des
tinies or this land In the future may he
avert from us ail duc calamities and
may never again such innocent blood
come to rest on the head or the nation
and stain ethe annals or our history Ma
he bless and protect us and all the in
habitants or this blessed country now and
The service closed with the rendition of
prayers in English and in Hebrew and
the chanting or Olenu and Kaddlsh
by the rabbi
National University
Practical twojear course leading to dgree
of LL B Post graduate course o one sddittoaal
Tesr lesding to dejree of LL M
3tth snnual opening o all classes October 1
1S01 at 630 ocloct p m Evening sejakos ex
For Catalogue apply to EUGEXE D CARUSI
Secretary and Treasurer Columbian Building
Established IS7 Day or Xigm
year Business Shorthand Type-
Academy or boy Hon life and JHTidral
icstrucuou Terms moderate Addrto
KNIGUTS OF COLUMBUS Institution of new
council at Ljnchbtirjr Va postponed to SUN
DAY SEPTEMBEH23 A special train win leave
on Southern Railway Saturday night September
23 time of departure to be announced later
tickets can be secured from mem ben of council
Transportation Committees or from ED VOGT
723 7th at nwv
Trustees of the Corcoran Gallery of Art held at
the gallery on WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 13
1M1 AT -100 OCLOCK the follawins resolu
tions were unanimously adopted
UcsolTcd by the- Board of Trustees of the
Corcoran Gallery of Art That we hare received
with profound sorrow the sad tidings of the deatb
of our associate Mr Calderon Carlisle a death
ao sudden and unexpected as to be a drerdful
blow to his devoted family and a shock to all
his friends His father James M Carlisle Esq
as one of tLe original trustees of the gallery
and the first president of this board and it was
altogether fitting- that upon the death of Mr
James C McGuire another of the original trus
tees in lS58r Mr Carlisle should be elected to fill
his place During his membership in this board he
had always ebown a most lively and intelligent
interest in the welfare of the gallery and his
conscientiousness sound jodmentf and excellent
taste commanded our highest respect and made
him a most useful colleague while his fine abili
ties high character and professional and social
standing made him an ornament to this as he
would have been to any Institution with which
he might be connected
Resolved That we unite with his large circle
of friends in that heartfelt sympathy for his be
reaved family whith may in some degree tend
to temper the hardness of their ore trial
Resolved further That the flag be placed at
balf maat and that the Seventeenth Street and
New York Avenue entrances to the building be
draped in mournings for a period of ten days after
the funeral that the secretary of the gallery be
directed to place these resolutions on the per
manent minutes ot the board and to transmit an
attested copy thereof to Mrs Carlisle and that
these resolutions be published in the Washington
Post the Evening Star and the Washington
rimes F B McGUIHE Secretary
U S ENGINEER OFFICE 735 Xorth Capitol
Street Washington D a August 24 1W1
Sealed propo ais v Ill be received here until
NOON SEPTEMBER 23 1001 and then publicly
opened lor furnishing Electrically driven Pumps
Cold Drinking Water Plant Fire Hose and Rackv
and Pipe Covering for new building for Govern
ment Printing Omce Information furnuhed on
application JOHN STEPHEN SUWELL Captain
LIAM E TYLER No- 2J37 Equity Dotket
No 30
On motion of the plaintiff by Campbell Car
riogton and Samuel D Truittr her solicitors it
Is ordered that the defendant William E Tjler
cause his appearance to be entered herein on or
before the first rule day occurring forty days
after this day otherwise the cause will be pro
ceeded with as in case of default
The object of this suit is for absolute divorce
on the ground 4 of liabl tual drunkenness and
cruelty Provided a copy ot this order be pub
lished once each week for three successive weeks
In the Washington Law Reporter ajid The
Washington Tim
By the Couit
teal T IL ANDERSON Justice etc
True Copy Test
J R YOUNG Clerk etc
By M A CLANCY At Clerk
TIIOS J OWES fc SOV Auctioneers
913 P Street northwest
Vy Tirtue of a certain deed of trust dated
July 5 1SW ami recorded July 11 1S0S in Liber
230 folio 3U1 ct seq one of the land record of
llic District of Columbia and at the reqeest of
the party ecurcd thereby we will sell at public
auction in front ot the premises OX SEPTEMUER
lJ 1001 AT 30 OCLOCK 1 JL the followin
described land and premises situate in the Dis
trict oi Columbia and described at lota 33 and
3a block X- oi Oregon L Green subdivision of
nart of Chicr cster fronting forty feet on Jef
lereon Street Anacostia D C by a depth of 10
feet Improvements corsist cf ten room house
and stabler
Terms U1 be eaj I3d will be made Inown
nt ttiue of sale A deposit ct one hundred dol
hn mart wilt he irqinred at time of sale
Convcjaictns recording and revenue stamps at
cost oi turchaser
3 II JOSES Trustee
Th sale postponed out of respect io
onr late President nntil S1TURDAY SEP
TElHER 21 1301 same hour and place liy
order of the trustees
Usidertnker nntl Embnliner
Everything strictly flrst claa on the most rea
sonable terms
Telephone call Main 310
Undertaker uud Ltverv
3 Pcnn Ave X V Washinctoa a
Washington D C
Lnder the management of the Fathers 0f the
Society of Je sus Over one hundred professors
and seven hundred students
Department of Arts
and Sciences
Catholic College In the United States
Complete courses for HOARDERS and Dil
8U A M TO 3 P iL
Graduate School
Lectures returned on Monday October V
For information and catalccues address
School o Medicine
Lectures will begin Monday October 1 at 130
m Examinations September M All exercises
arc now given during the day This wllL enable
students to arail themselves of the advantages
of the laboratories bbraries aad hospiUIclinLcs
of the city
The University Hcapltal now In full operation
tinder the control of the faculty will give ample
facilities for imtroction in ward classes
Address for particulars the Dean GEORGE Jl
KOBER Jf IX 830 II Street northwest Office
hours until 1 oclock noon 330 to S p m
Tel Main 632
Dental Department
Lectures will open Monday October 1
Catalogues and information may be obtained
from the Dean W N COGAN V D S 1748
31 Street northwest
School of Law
CAssociste Justice Court of Appeals of the Dis
trict of Columbia
Lecturer on Comparative Jurisprudence
Associate Justice Court of Appeals of the Dis
trict of Columbia
Lecturer on Constitutional Law the Law of
Corporations and Equity Jurisprudence
Late Associate Justice Supreme Court of tht
District ot Colombia
Lecturer on the law of Contracts aad the Law
of Evidence
Late Associate Justice Supreme Court of the
C District of Colombia
Professes In charge of Fourth Year Course and
Lecturer on subjects included therein
Aaociate Justice Supreme Court of the Dis
trict of Columbia
Lecturer on Common Law Pleading and Practice
and Equity Pleading and Practice
Dean of the Faculty and Lecturer ott Testamen
tary Law
Lecturer on Natural Law
Lecturer on CivB Law
Lecturer on the Law of Torts and Negotiable
Lecturer on the Law of Personal Property
Judge of the Circuit Court and Lecturer on tkt
Law of Real Estate Criminal Law and
Domestic Relations
Late Register of Wills for the District of
Lecturer on Probate Practice
Court of Appeals Hon JOB BARNARD and
Clerk of Courts HARRY W nODGES LL M
Quiz Masters R ROSS PERRY Jr A M
Secretary and Treasurer
The thirty second annual session opens on Wed
nesdar October 2 1901 at 630 p m in the
Law School Building Nos 506 and 503 E Street
northwest at which time announcements will
be made for the ensuing term All interested
arc cordially invited to be present
The Secretary will be at his office in the law
building dally from 0 to 7 p in- for Information
enrollment payment of fees
Students proposing to connect themselves with
the school are earnestly requested to enroll be
fore the opening rught
Circulars can be obtained at the book store of
W IL Morrison Sons 1423 F Street northwest
Lowdermilk t Co 1124 F Street northwest and
John Byrne fc Co 1322 F Street northwest
Washlngton Law Book Co 623 F Street and at
W S Thompsons drug store 7C3 15th Street
northwest or upon application to the under
Supplemental circular giving detailed infor
mation as to the Fourth Year Course will be
ready for distribution at the office of the secre
tary on and after September 2L
- - National University
The eighteenth annual course of lec
tures will begin Tuesday October 1 IML
at 8 oclock p m Entrance examinations
will begin Tuesday September 21 instant
at S oclock p m For information and
catalogue apply to H II BARKER 31
D Dean 1116 H Street northwest
Loan and Trnst Buildinfr corner F and 9th
Established 2d years
The principal was official court stenographer
aLo public accountant
COURSES Shorthand Typewriting DooUeep
In Civil Service and all branches of Dnsinea
Students in Shorthand may take without extra
cost rtookkcepmg and the Business and and Eng
lish Courses Practically private instructions
Join at any time We find positions tor all
full course irraduates Day ana nifht sessions
Catalogue Call and see us
st boardinjr and day school for girls and youn
ladies primary commercial and college pre
paratory courses music and art classes resumed
Monday September 16 1301 for further paiticu
iars address SISTER IL AUGUSTA Superior
St Johns College
A Select Day School tor Youm Men and Boys
English Science and Business Courses
Apply tor Catalogue to BROTIIES All DAS
Day and evening classes in theoretical and- sp-
electricity Students actually construct
and other electrical apparatus
Courses thorough enlarged and improved com
plete in one year
Opens September 30 Catalogue on request
01 Tnellth at nw
MAL INSTITUTE Model kindergarten school
and teachers department U l t nw JIISS
V 1 ran Golden Crown Coffee free with a
- barrel of -Star of the East flour
f Price tMlO
T Old Time Flour 3S0 per barrel
X 2 lbs Best Cream Cheese for iSa
L 2 pktr Grape Nuts for 25c
J Kirkmans Borax Soap
Pyles Best Oleine Soap
Best Gloss Starch
jr ftj 52 esL

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