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Memorial Services the Most Kolc
Ti ortliy in the Citys History
Denominational Lines Swept Awny
in the Outnonrliii of Patriotic
PKIkPiiM Grieving for the riatlonrt
lrtiKjt At the Melroi iilHnn Church
While tlic body of the bdocd President
William McKinley was being placed
within the tomb at Canton yesterday scr
ices of eulogy and reverence to his
memory were being said in all the
churches of the Capital From the altars
of all denominations arose the same mes
sage of human supplication Songs of
Burrow from thoi sands of voices swelled
the air of the Nation s Capital and pray
tr3 of devotion were offered up from the
pulpits in which the Divine blessing was
asked for the invalid widow
The occasion was the most unique one
In the history of the cltv of Washington
Never before on a secular day have so
many thousands of people gathered into
places of public worship They came from
all walks and stations of life and al
though in answer to the request of the
new President But apart from any neces
sity for such a command the services
offered up were voluntary given out of
full hearts surcharged with sorrow and
love At all of the churches hundreds of
people were turned from the overflowing
doors Never before had there been such
on influx of those seeking ministerial
weirds of comfort and hope It was as
though each man and woman was drawn
toward the altar by the invisible hand of
Not only did the regular church mem
bers attend the services but the various
pastors expressed the belief that among
the great gatheilngs addressed from the
pulpits esterday were many who had
scarcely ever before entered the portals
of a place of divine worship Gentile and
Jew stood in crowded aisles upon a com
mon footing and the rich and exalted
pressed elbows with the poor and lowly
Priests in their sacerdotal robes and
clergy in the vestments of their office
stood in their pulpits and dellv ered eulo
gies which brought tears to the eyes of
the eager and devout followers who list
ened to the comforting condolences
- Within the church which was the spir
itual home of the late President a loving
and sorrow ing congregation gathered y
terday in response to the proclamation of
President Roosevelt and paid with deep
reverence the last tribute to the departed
Chief Magistrate of the United States
Long before the hour of the opening of
the divine services the largest gathering
ever present in Metropolitan Church was
present to do homage to the memory of
the dead Executive
The people came of one accord to honor
publicly for the last time the memory
of the man who was never absent from
his pew on Sabbath mornings except
when slcknrss or absence from the Cap
ital prevented The great crowd of sor
rowing members of the church their
friends and others entire strangers many
of whom perhaps went Into the church
jesterday for the first time in their lives
completely filled the edifice Every seat
was taken while rows of standing mourn
ers surged into the aisles and covered
every available inch of bpace within the
building The galleries were filled and
the rear of the organ In the choir loft
was banked with a dAnse mass of people
When no more people could gain admit
tance Into the church the Sunday school
room on the ground floor was thrown open
to the crowds which gathered at the out
side doors anxious to partake in the
Services were held here also Upon
the conclusion of the observance in the
main auditorium the speakers went to
the room below where a similar pro
gramme was observed
All creeds and denominations met on
equal terms in the broad expanse of the
church Thero was nothing of sect All
stood in route benediction bowed down
with the sorrow of the past calamity
The only empty pew in the great edifices
was the one draped in heavy folds of ta
ble in the fourth row on the right of the
centre aile The single word President
upon a plate of silver Indicated that this
was the pew of the departed President
Arourd the walls of tne church were
rows of people Many stood In silence
Whle the organ played an anthem the
speakers entered the church room On
the platform were the presiding elder H
R Nay lor Dr W II Chapman acting
pastor the Rev Hugh Johnston of Balti
more formerly a pastor of Metropolitan
Church the Rev Dr W H Crawford
President of Allegheny College at Mead
llle Pa and Bishop Henry W Warren
cf Denver
A hush fell upon the Immense congre
tion as Presiding Elder Nay lor stepped
forward and announ ed the opening
hymn which was sung by the choir con
sisting of Perry B Turpln leader and
tenor Miss Elisabeth Whaly soprano
JIiss Mattle E Gray alto and Herbert
D Law son bass A P Tasker presided
at the organ Following the strains of
music the Apostles Creed was said by
the entire congregation standing after
trhlch Rev Hugh Johnston delivered the
opening prayer
A solo was then sung by Mr Turpln
Sometime Well Understand after
which the audience joined in the Mngirg
of the favorite hymn of the President
Nearer My God to Thee The mo
ment was Impressive in the extreme As
the volume of music swelled it seemed to
carry with It the benediction of a great
nation Louder and louder rung the rev
turrtial word
Tears ran uncontrolled from the ejes or
the bereaved congregation and many
oices fultered as they took up the clos
ing lines of the anthem The last verse
was sung almost in a whisper s nd as the
sound died away there was stillness for
a moment while the gathering paused
as though in contemplation of the loss
which It has sustained
yi The Rev Dr Navlor then spoke of the
absence of the Rev Trank M Bristol
pastor of the church who Is now In Eu
rope and who was unrou to reach the
United States in time for the service Dr
Bristol he said had snt an expression of
li s great grief and regrets by cablegram
The presiding elder then read a tribute
from BUhop Cranston contained in a
lette r
Bishop Warren concluded with an elo
quent tribute to the memory of the mar
And Proved the FrtipOHlUon
I wish to give my experience with
coffee for the benefit of other people I
used coffee for several years and as a
terrible sufferer from dyspepsia The doc
tor told me not to use coffee or tea and
put mc on a light diet and I felt better
Then I commenced to drink coffee ngalc
and had the same trouble come on
One day I told a friend about it who
said if I would stop drinking coffee alto
gether I would feci better and advised
me to use Postum Food Coffee in its
I tried the Postum but did not like it
so I told him about It and he said I dldn t
cook It right that is didnt boll It enough
and tint I shoulet use cream inctcad of
milk and to make sure I would use It he
sent a package to the hoube
After I uM d that package I would have
no more coffee In the house Now 1 dont
ltnow whrd it Is to have dyspepsia and I
can eat irsthlng I also give Postum to my
chilli n and they arc tho healthiest
children yi I could find anywhcic Thr
youngest v- a boy IS months old and wo
have been giving him Portum for sevin
months three lilies a day He weighs
SO pounds and I know that Postum Ki
Wiint keeps both of them so healthy
I think all people who have dysocpsU
fet It from coffee drinking
Yours truly Mrs Jno Stringer 23 S
Florida Ave Atlantic City N J
tyred President He was followed by Dr
W II Crawford who said
I need not tell you that the American
1 cople are assembled today to pay tribjte
to the life and character of a great an 1
good man Channing said at the burial
of Edmund Burke that there was one
event In the world Burke Is dead The
American people standing today la the
hadow of a great allllctliin sav There
IS one event in th world William Jlo
Klney 13 Jcad The mystery Is profound
We can only stand reverently by and
marvel at the understanding
It was Abrsh m I lncolij who bowed
first to thc Mo of thJ assassin Twenty
7 m liter it v s Garfi Id Today it is
our beloved PrcsUent William McKin
le It seems but yeMerday that he left
home smiling and happy Ah in fact to
many of us It seems nther like ages since
wc lift saw his face In life That speech
at Buffalo shall rank with Washingtons
Tarcwcll Address It seemed that the
acme of achievement had been reached
and all was happinecs and gladness at the
Then in a single intant the merlcan
people hid a feeling as though the slnd
ow of falling night had settled about
them There came for a brief moment a
feeling of hope and then the Hag nunc at
half mast That Saturday came and then
that Sunday In the churches of all de
nominations Hebrew and Gentile alike
services of deepest sorrow were held
Never before had so many people
Into lhr rhiirrhrs Men turned in
stinctively to the house of God Wc have
come now to the last day
William McKinley was a true patriot
No one who has ever heard him pro
nounce that word patriotism could forget
it Patriotism was to him no narrow al
legiance to petty party It was to him
the abiding Interest In the welfare of his
country His was the patriotism of the
men who fought at Lexington who
starved at Valley Forge v ho died on the
battlefields that the independence of the
United States might be gained
His was the patriotism of the men who
framed the Constitution aid fought to
maintain it at home and abroad His
was the patriotism of peace as well as
of war It was the patriotism and love
of country which Is good government
happiness and contentment Above ever
ballot bo s he would have written In
telligence Conscience Independence
Such a patriotism we can never forget
When we recognize that divine reign
of liberty protected by law wc seen in
it the object of his everlasting search
When the great imprint which ha3 been
left upon political parties and leaders U
unucrsiooo 1 nave no nesiiati n in say
ing that the impression left by William
McKlnlev will be realized as great He
stood for good government for laws for
the benefit of our e ommcrce As a joung
Congressman from Stark Countv Ohio he
was in the front rank fighting for what
he believed to bo right and which he
thought would mean prosperity
He was a man of the people coming
from lowly ranks He never when raised
tc the nignest position in tne ianu torgot
his old friends He was forever the
friend of the- man who needed help
I remember the last occasion upon
which 1 saw him It was when there was
a great crisis In the affairs of state He
sat that morning in hi3 pew a devout
worshijiper and when the time came for
the congregation to partake of the sacra
ment he came forward walking with firm
step and took from my hand the cup
containing the emblem of the Lord s
blood I said to myself then Thank God
that such a man is President He was
one of God s noblemen
What did he say when he calmly sur
veyed the assasln whose mortal bullet has
taken him from us He said Let no one
harm him That sentence will do more
for the cause of law and order than any
other speech in the next fifty years
By the common consent of the whole
American ptople he will be placed in
never dying grandeur in the hall ot fame
I do not mean that Hall of Fame upon the
hanks of the Hudson but that greater
and more enduring hall endowed by the
American neonlc for the nations mighty
Dr Crawford concluded his address In
the most profound silence His voice fell
to a whisper as he added his last tribute
but the words were clearly audible
throughout the edifice His own eyes
were fillca with tcara which rolled down
his cheeks while sobs Lhook the great
audience paying its last tribute to the
honored and revered dead
Then the well known words of thedox
ology burst forth with mightv acclaim
and filleo the church The great gather-
tury He was born In the same year and
they had both started In life in Starke
County Ohio about the same time Mr
Campbell told of the struggles of the man
who was to be President as he endevored
to gain a foothold In the legal profession
tnd of the manner In which his Integrity
and broad Intclllgenco soon brought him
to the front In the public esteem In all
the years of his public life Mr Camp
bell said Major McKinley never changed
In thlse relations towards friends whom
he had known early in life and in the
justice of character molded at the time
Then Mr Campbell passed on to sneak
of his tender devotion to his invtrtrawifo
and mentioned incidents expressive of
the unceasing devotion he alnjys dis
played toward her In conclusion he said
A President has been taken from us by
the ruthless hand of the assassin and we
today bow In humble submission unable
to understand Great and good was
President McKinley is a citizen and
friend He was a man In whom there
was no guile one pure In thought word
and speech honest In purpose and noble
cnaracttr une wnose private life
mlcht vcil te emulated bv cverv Amor
can citizen He has gono and we ask
Why was he taken We know not now
but we Fhall know hereafter
General Spear in speaking of Piesldent
lIcKlukys cartel as a soldier said In
If I were simply to recite the bare out
lines of the hlatory of President ilcKln
ltys military service I might perhaps
better read wlat has recently appeared
In the public prints and Is known to you
all So far as I am aware he has left no
record of personal reminiscences of that
We arc told that he never lost a day
from duty nor was absent from any en
gagement In which his regiment took
This is a good record surely A boy
under twenty one years of age a volun
teer utterly without previous military In
struction or training he lore like i vet
eran the hard fare and harder marches
the exposure to lieat and cold the ma
laria of camps and the strain and stress
of thirty battles and skirmishes and so
hire himself was of such character and
strength and discretion that he Is found
after his severe trial fit to command
men In lattlc nnd cimp at an nge when
most youths are at school
But the paragraphs which recte thes
hravc acts of hlJ military rervlec mrst
be read between the lines Whit it inram
for a bov of seventeen loidcd with n
soMlers burden to bear the tp sure of
active campaigns to march and light in
companv with strong and mature men
and to dare nnd bear as much as they
fnd all that men can endure and to face
vounds nnd death In a war such as that
whch began in 1861 you vihojire fathers
mothers with boys of that nge can
j iniewhat comprehend
From what wo have learned of his
character and high nnd noble spirit ve
mny be sure that to him it was no mere
iote of ndventuro which impelled him
nor even military ambition but rather
Iovo of country
The Nation Itnilf Wounded in the
Attack on the Chief Magistrate
At fet IntricKx Church Tatlier Dolnc
Lrirt the eecsslt or Obedience
to Law Ilr MnlTord Itcelte N n
Special lnijcr for the Occasion
St Patricks Church Ins seldom if ever
witnessed such a vast throng within Its
walls as that which attended the ser
vices held yesterday in memory of the
late President McKinley Its worshippers
were Imbued with a more genuine feeling
cf soriow and with a more reverent de
sire to offer prayers to the Almighty for
the repose of the soul of the dead
lhe services were beautiful in their sim
pllcity in keeping with the character of
the man in whose memory they were ob
served The solemnity and impressive
ntss of the ceremonies were heighteneel
by the beautiful rendition of a musical
programme consisting of numbers that
contained comfort and consolation to the
suffering and inspiration and divine as
sistance tc the stricken and dejected
The services opened with Prof Gum
prechts organ recital of Beethoven s
Funeral March While the majestic
strains of this tonepiece resounded be
neath the vaulted roof the priests of the
church slowly lied in from the sacristy
and proceeding to their cathedral pews
knelt In silent prayer The quartette
consisting of Miss Mamie Grant alto
Mrs Annie Grant Fugltt sopiano Mel
ville D Hcnsey tenor and Mr Sheetz
bass sang Lead Kindly Lieht bring
ing tears to the eyes of many as the
sympathetic strains of the hymn which
the President loved so much were heard
This was followed by the Gregorian chant
Pace Domini after which Miss Mamie
Grant sang with sweet and impressive
alto voice Barnards The Plains of
Rev Father Dolan followed with the
sermon of the day and his discourse was
a strong argument in favor of obedience
to the laws of the land of the laws of
the church and a portrayal of the neces
sity for giving to the authorities the re
spect that is due to them Father Dolan
said in part
Were we to Investigate the history of
the human race In order to find out Its
most ancient and praiseworthy character
istics among the chiefest results of our
research we would find the custom of
honoring greatness personal greatness
In sanctity in genius In military prowess
civic virtue ard patriotism This custom
is most ancient because we can find it in
the early morning of the worlds history
most pralsevvortny because its basic line
is the appreciation of the good the true
and the beautiful In conformity with
this custom wc are gathered here today
to honor a great and good man and to
offer a public testimonial of our sympa
Viewing Mr McKinley under a two
fold aspect first as the representative of
the supreme authority of the American
people and the repository of that peoples
confidence secondly wc look upon him
as a great citizen and a noble character
Our memorial has then for its fundamen
tal motive respect for authority that au
thority which Is the formal principle of
society that authority essentially neces
sary to societys organization lastly that
authority which makes national life a
So thoroughly imbedded in the human
heart and mind Is the Idea of authority
that an attack made upon It convuises the
world An outrage was committed
against this authority vested In the per
son of Mr McKinley and a great Chris
tian commonweaitn was piungeu into pro
found grief The nation1 Itself was wound-
I- 1 II1 u viiu A iui iiuiil euii uu
YXti Z 7Jr fufml t second viewpoint concerns ilself with Mr
pweruIlunlt TnlRe Jc IMiKmlev as a public servant and as a
Gilbert Secretary of the American So
ciety of Religious Education pronounced
the benediction and the service was
PrcHiilent Mcltlnley Described as a
Man n Soldier and u Stnteftliinn
T- three prominent phases of the life
igood citizen Though milllons of lionrst
men may disagree vvitn tne political doc
trine held by the deiul President and
may honestly criticise according to their
convictions the acts Of his Administra
tion yet viewing his period In otilee
calmly and coolly as wo can now thit
the turmoil of political controversy is
hushed in the general grief we come face
to face with the conclusion that It was
Mr McKluIcys function to guide the ship
and character of President McKinley aa M5fS lscci
a man as a soldier and as a statesman
were eulogized at the memorial service
yesterdav morning In the Mount Pleasant
Congregational Church The serv Ice was
conducted by the pastor the Rev M
Ross Tishburn Frank L Campbell As
sistant Secretary of the Interior spoke
of President McKinley as a man Gen
Ellis Spear dealt with his career as a
soldier and Major Horace L Piper spoke
on McKinley the statesman The music
was of a high order of excellence The
opening selection was Chopins Funeral
March Mrs Thomas C Noyes sang
Sometime Well Understand The fa
vorite hymns of the President also found
places In the programme
In opening the service the Rev Mr
Fishburn likened the feeling of the Amer
ican people to the sentiment in the writ
ings of Channlng upon the death of Ed
mund Burkn over a hundred years ago
There is but one event Burke is dead
Mr Campbell In speaking of Mr McKin
ley as a man and as a citizen snld that
the subject In a way Involved the holy
circle of family association too sacred to
be touched upon He said he had known
President McKinley for a third of a cen
IJWiitLis it ii iiioiut diiu tvr aic ui t ium
to answer the query Who of our public
men could have better performed that
duty or who Indeed could have been his
Father Dolan spoke of Mr McKinley as
a model citizen and husband He said he
was the Idol of the American people I
to the diminution of respect for authority
The speaker said that the deed was the
result of lrrellgion lawlessness and free
dom of speech to thote who are Ignorant
and dangerous in their ideas nnd concep
tions of law and order Father Dolan
concluded by saying that a good solid
Christianity Is tho best bulwark of a good
citizenship and the stability of a good
Following the sermon the choir ren
dered Davids Pic Jcsu after which
the Rev Dr Stafford recited the follow
ing prayer for the authorities
e pray Thee O Almighty and Eter
nal God who through Jesus Christ hast
revealed Thy glory to all nations to pre
serve the work of Thy mercy that Thy
church being spread through the whole
world may continue with unchanging
faith In the confession of Thy name
e pray Thee who alone art good and
holy to endow with heavenly know ledge
sincere zeal and sanctity of life our
Chief Bishop Leo XI11 the vicar of our
I ord Jesus ChrJst in the government of
his church our own Blhop all other
Bishops prelates and pastors of the
church and especially those who are ap
pointed to exercise among us the func
tions of the holy ministry and conduct
Thv people intei the wavs of Fulvilion
We pray Thee O God of Slight wis
dom and Justice through whom authori
ty Is rightly administered laws are en
acted and Judgment decreed assist with
Thy Holy bplrit of counsel and fortitude
the President of these United States that
his administration may be conducted In
rlgite ousness and be eminently useful to
Thy people over whom he presides by
ncouraging due respect for virtue and re
ligion by a faithful execution of the
laws In Justice and mercy and by re
straining vice and Immorality Let the
light of Thy divine wisdom direct the de
liberations of Congress and shine forth in
all the proceedings and laws frame d for
our rule ana government so mat they
may tend to the preservation of peace
the promotion of rational happiness the
increase of Industry sobriety and useful
knowledge nnd may Dernetuate In us tho
blessings of equal liberty
ve pray ior tneir excellencies the
Governors of the States for the members
of the Assemblies for all Judges magis
trates and other olllcers who are ap
polntcil to guard our political Vrelfare
that they may be enabled by their
ful protection to discharge the duties of
thlr respective stations with honestv nmi
We recommend likewise to Thy un
bounded mercy all our brethren and fellow-citizens
throughout the United States
that they mav be blessed In the knowl
edge anil sanctified In the observance of
Thy most Holy Law that they may be
preserved In union and In that peace
which the world cannot give and after
enjoying the blessings of this life be ad
mitted to those which are eternal
Tin illy we pray Thee O Lord of
Mercy to remember the souls of Thy
servants departed who are gone before
us with the sign of faith and repose In
the sleep of peace the souls of our par
ents relations and friends of those who
when living were members of tills con
gregation ard particularly of such as arc
lately deciased of all benefactors who
by their donations or legacies to this
church witnessed their zeal for the de
cency of djvlne worship nnd proved their
claim to oar grateful and ch irltiblo remembrance-
To these O Lord and to all
who rest In Christ grant wo beseech
Thee a place of refreshment light and
everlasting peace through the same Jesus
Christ our Lord and Saviour Amen
At the conclusion of the prayer the
choir sang the hymn Nearer Jly God to
Cca mill Aohc Itnn Winer C G
Archer of Itrtner Maine aya I have had
Catalan for several years Water would run from
my eyes and ncec for dars at a time About four
months apo I was induced to try Dr Acnewl
Catarrhal Powder and since using the wonderful
remedy I have rot liad on attack I would not
be without it It relleTcs In ten minutes
bod by P b Williams Ninth and F Streets
and Kdmondi Ic willams Third fctrtet ond Penn
sylvania Avenue 22
lesion taught by the death of President I y10 Silent Land was sung in the rich
McKinley was that the people have an d fI ce of Mr Nola assisted by the
exaggerated notion or liberty wnicli leads i llc wncts cioscei wm
Itillibl S lcrnM TRrotincnt Tribute to
the Inle President
The Psalmists meditations on death the
greatness of God and the Insignificance
of man read resjponilv ely by the con
srregatlon and sung by the quartette
formed the greater part of the services
conducted yesterday afternoon at the
Eighth Street Hebrew Temple In memory
of the martyred President Rabbi Louis
Stern In a brief dltcojrse pai a glowing
tribute to the character of President Mc
Kinley ine servlccrf commenced at 4
oclock with the resnonisve reading of the
90th Pslam Wifh Impressive solemnity
the words of Israels king appropriate to
the occaion were Intoned by congregation
and teacher Thou turnest man to dust
yet sayeth Return ye children of men
The days of our years are three
score and ten If by reason of strength
they be four score years their gain Is
often but labor and sorrow yea
the work of our hands firmly establish
thou it
Tie quartette composed of the well
known vocalists Mrs Wilson Shi Cliffe
soprano Mrs Nolan Martin alio John
Nolan baritone and Mr McFarland ten
or took up the requiem psalms and voiced
them with equislte pathos- They were
accompanied on the organ by Mr Walter
The responsi c reading of the Psalms
was resumed the 103d Pcalm being select
ed to express the grief of the occasion
Lead Kindly Light one of those hymns
which the President is supposed to have
loved and never perhaps before heard In
the Jewish Tcmpla was sung by the quar
Rabbi Sterns discourse which followed
was listened to Intently by hl3 congrega
tion and the sentiments expressed were
those of his hearers
All that was mortal of the nations
best teloved citizen he said has this
day been consigned to its last resting
place If the word of our wise men Is
true the manner In which a man Is
mourned upon leaving the earth Is his
everlasting happiness in the life beyond
William McKinley more than any other
citizen of the United States in the last
hundred years has been mourned and
lamented by the nation He has been
mourned by jll people all creeds all be
liefs Not by an insignificant coterie of
clergymen of a singlet denomination but
by all Every heart in this wide land is
sore and grieved
But six months ago the city was
draped for the second Installation of Wil
liam McKinley as President Thousands
gaped at the glittering pageant which
swept through the streets and as he pass
ed In triumpn through the throngs They
applauded the man who was their choice
for the head of the nation
Again the city is draped but sombre
black has takn the place of the gay
bunting and an awful htsh has fallen
and tho solemn march of the funeral cor
tege has rtplaceel the quick step of the
triumphant column
In the consciousness of our creat na
tional loss wc realize once more the truth
of the words O Israel thy Ios3 is great
How have the mighty fallen
The sense of right and Justice the
heart ovtrtlowlnir with iroodness a soul
or modesty yet fllfeil with true refinement
and nobility Such was the man All the
world loved him for the goodness of his
heart nnd the gipieness of his disposi
tion He was a self sacrificing husband a
sincere friend cf the people and a lover of
all mankind lb saw good all men He
saw things wlth a breadth which is typi
cal of ail true Americans
We rememben the i honor conferred
upon us at the laying of th cornerstone
of this eelifice when Tit only himself but
his whole Cablnetipartlclpated in the cere
moties Nor can i ever forget the warm
grasp of his handlnor the kindly words of
good will with which he received mc
ine luture before us will assign to
William McKinley the place to which he
Is enrolled In the hearts of his people
he is already enshrined- He already hokls
a place in their affLcBon and apprecia
The liberties of the people are not
Jeopardized- by the treed of anarchy
i nose iiDeriieStounueeuana secured upon
the Constitution jare secured hy the char
acter and scIf coiiiroT Of the Amencan
The mantle of William McKinley has
fallen upon the shoulders of another And
the pravers of the whole country are be
ing directed to Heaven that he may con
tinue in the footsteps of hi3 predecessor
Ihe blow ot the assassin struck down the
life of our highest executive but it can
not strike down American liberties They
will last forever
Let us thank God that William Mc
Kinley belonged to us He approached his
death fearlcssy hoping trusting in the
God and in the hereafter William Mc
Kinley has taught us how to live He has
also taught isr how to die Indeed the
memory of th righteous Is blessed
After prayer the requiem psalm Into
prayer by Rabbi Stern
Grief for the Dend Chief Unlvcrxnl
Snjn the Iter IJr CInrlc
Memorial services were held last night
in Ilamllnc M E Church Rev Lucien
Clark D D pastor presided Among
those who delivered addresses of eulogy
to the dead President were B II Warner
and Judge Charles Fletcher Scott of the
Police Court The services were opened
by a prayer by the Rev W D Parry
pastor of the Woodslde Methodist Episco
pal Church He was followed by a rendi
tion of Lead Kindly Light by the Ma
sonic quartette composed of Douglass G
Miller Harry Simons John r Blackmar
nnd J Walter Humphrey Dr Clark then
paid a tribute to the memory of Presi
dent McKinley
He said In part This Is a dav of
mourning such as the nation has never
known before Sorrow so far reaching
has never before been experlenceel in the
United States Few men this day have
not grieved for the great bereavement
which has befallen the country one rea
son being that the President who has been
taken away represents a tvpe of all that
Is upright and manly Ihe blow has
fallen upon every home and hamlet In
the broad land He has reunited the
North and the South and made us once
more one people happy and prosperous
with no sectional differences He rose
above party nnd although a party man
embraced in his great Intellect them all
He believed In his own church yet em
braced all religions lie believed in his
friends vet was a friend to all men
B H Warner delivered an address full
of tributes to the character and achieve
ments of the man whom the whole nation
ysterday mournesl Washington City he
said owed much to William McKinley
who had formed many plans lor tne ad
vancement of the Capital
Judge Scott spoke of the early life of
the great President whom he knew years
ago when a boy He spoke feelingly of
the mother whose counsel had done so
much to elevate the man to the highest
ollicc In the land and said that the Mc
Kinley family consisting of father moth
er three daughters anil three sons was
a model domestic example
The lOKtiil TeU KrJiili Comnnnyii
Tribute tn the Irenideiit
The Postal Telegraph Cable Company
closed down all over the United States
Canada and Northwest Territory yester
day from 3 50 to 3S5 p m on account of
the funeral of President McKinley At
exactly 3 0 William J Slater the chief
operator opened the switch which fur
nishes the cicctrlcpower connected with
the seven dynamos- that supply- battery
to the whole system of wires running Into
Washington from North South nnd West
and for the first time in the history of
the company everything was as still as
Not an operator or a messenger boy
moved or spoke and customers who came
Into the office gladly waited until the
current was turned on again at 3 35 p m
Cnriln for School Children
Cards of admission to grades below tho
High School vll he issued at al school
buildings today and tomorrow from 8 to
10 a m nnd from 1 to 0 P m Parents
and children are requested to npply at the
nearest school building for tickets of ad
mission or for Information The princi
pals of the High Schools mny be found In
their rcfrectlve schools at the times
named above The prirclDal ot Manual
Training School No 1 will 1 e In his office
at K6 O Street northwest and the prin
cipal of Manual Training School No 2 nt
the Douglass School at the above named
afe ryyftv4tT fiU Jfi
No v
for jc
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suits 759 values
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skirts 398 values
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or collar effects I18S J3 to J5 values
2j new fall tailor made suits for wo
men Lton style of blue grey brown
and oxford cloth4 skirts have new
panel flounce and Jackets are new double-breasted
Eton effects and silk
lined All sizes Choice for 5 08 in
stead of 750
33 womens rainy day skirts made
of oxford black and grey cloths with
heavily stitched flounces generous in
width actual 3 9S values for J21S
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skirts S5 values
S5 womens dress skirts the latest
fall effects in cheviots and serges
some with two rows of satin trimming
some with corded and tucked flounces
with satin bands all are full flounce
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lengths in the lot from 40 to 45 Choice
of them for J2 9S they are 5 values
73 taffeta silk
skirts 12 values
73 womens black taffeta silk skirts
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at J750 Ono style Is tucked all over
with flounce another style has four
row velvet turn flounce you cannot
equal them elsewhere for less than
Jli Choice for 750
Childs 59c
felt school hats
cute round effects with soft crowns
trimmed with silk 1inds
Childs 75c and 89c
felt school flats
Lot of misses and childs felt school
flats plain and rough and small me
dium and large shape and all colors
the same hats others ore just now
showing at 75c and SDc Choice for 50c
ncmlnliccncen or Mr aicKlnley Re
luted by the llcv L M Kubn
At the Luther Place Memorial Church
no sermon was preached at the 11 oclock
services yesterday but addresses were
made by the Rev Dr J G Butler the
pastor the R v Dr L M Kuhn pastor
of the Trinity Lutheran Church at Can
ton and a personal friend of the dead
President and by the Rev Charles II
Butler pastor of the Keller Memorial
Church The large congregation Joined In
the singing of Mr McKinley s favorite
hymns Nearer My God to Thee and
Lead Kindly Light after which Dr
Kuhn spoke as follows
The losswhlch this country has sus
tained is a calamity that has caused the
world to stand In amazement in awe and
in horror a calamity so abhorrent and
great that we can only stand and await
the future to penetrate the mystery of
the workings of the Almighty We can
not understand it now but we hope to do
so seime day Some day a clearer light
will be sh d upon us and make evident the
reasons for this particular disaster that
has befallen our nation
In 1S61 I had the privilege before the
outbreak of the war of the rebellion to
attend a meeting of the synod of this
church In Canton I was entertained In
the family of James Saxton and spent a
week most pleasantly Miss Ida Saxton
afterward Mrs McKinley was then a
young girl who attracttd everybody to
her by her genuine worth and attractive
ness Eight years later in 1SCD I became
pastor of Trinity ejnurcn In canton and
met Major McKinley as he was known
then nnd many years afterward
After the war he had studied law and
AisAw r i
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trimmed felt hats
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same womens and clso misses trim
med ready-to-wear felt hats for which
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ment of shapes
Two lots readyto
wear hats
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for 1 98
Both lots are newest style trimmed
with taffeta silk polka dot Persian
and plain colored silks with pom pom
and quills some tailor made cloth ef
fects All are bargains
50c satin taffeta and Qf
changeable silk ribbon
Tou see this same ribbon selling
about town as special leaders at 33c
regularlv sold it 50c Hence at 29e It
Is a bargain These are 5 inches wide
guaranteed all silk and are shown In
the newest fall shades and are cut
from full pieces Satin taffeta and
changeable and glace silk ribbons are
exceedingly fashionable Just now
Wrapper sale
39c for SI 50 values
Great lot of womens best grade
lawn and light percale wrappers some
with embroidery trimmed ruffles over
the shoulders others with braid trlm
meel bretelles have knee Mounter
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A case of childrens fast black rib
bed school hose with double knees
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3gc for tea toweling
Twenty five pieces of assorted
toweling generous width
located in Canton and at the time had
been nominated for the office of prosecut
ing attorney I had the pleasure then of
voting for him and have done so at ev
ery election since He was the first ac
quaintance that I made In the Ohio town
outside of my own church and I was
wonderfully drawn to him Since then I
have known him not only as an ac
quaintance but as a friend throughout
all of his career although he has spent
but a portion of his time in Canton From
the first day of his acquaintance to the
present time I have never known hlra by
word or act to do that to which I could
take the least exception
He had a wonderful heart clean pure
and upright He was so unassuming and
so unostentatious that none could know
him and not respect him He united with
the church when he was fifteen years od
and everyone that came In contact with
him felt that he was a Christian man
No one element so greatly contributed to
this as his intense love for his mother
He was his mothers rhild his mothers
boy As long as she lived she could be
seen going to church each Sunday leaning
upon his arm and looking up into his face
He never was prouder than on such oc
casions He was never morose never
repcllant but always friendly always ge
nial He made himself Interesting and
attractive in his associations with men
but never used lightly the name of the
Deity and no one In his presence ever
dared to do so
There Is but one reason that wo can
now see for the taking away of the great
man and that Is the necessity of arousing
this people and the whole world against
that great evil anarchy Anarchy which
should have been put down at the time of
the Hay market outbreak in Chicago but
which slumbered In silence for a time
but which now shows evidences of an
awakening There i3 a radical alteration
lucessary in tho laws that permit even
women to come across the seas to incite
715 PIrkct Spce
Experienced Salesladies Wanted In All Departments Good Salaries Permanent Positions
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waists 5 value
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heavy fleece
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patterns double bed size
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One lot of checked muslin school
aprons embroidered fronts shoulder
straps lace trimmed sizes C to 12
25c for 39c window shades
Opaque window shades with heavy
fringe all colors full 2 yards long
Complete with fixtures
the lawless and appeal to the mentally
Irresponsible The tendency is and will be
to crush the monster through whose
presence the- life of the present Presi
dent and the ltve3 of no man in official
life is safe The time for such action Is
now- nnd the authorities cannot act too
soon or too energetically
Invitation to the yiemorlaf Exercises
at the Capitol
In a Ninth Street window is exhibited
a card of invitation Issued nearly twenty
years ago for the memorial meeting In
the House of Representatives on the oc
casion of the death of President Garfield
In the lower right hand corner of this
card Is engraved the bold signature of
William McKinley Jr as chairman of
the committee from the House and in the
left hand corner Is the signature of John
Sherman chairman of the committee
from the Senate The card which is
about sK inches wide by ten inches long
Is surrounded by a deep black border In
the centre Is an excellent portrait of Gar
field surrounded by stands of draped
Hags On the left In the background is
the Capitol of the United States and on
the right is the White House Over the
White House is the date of the meeting
February 27 1SS2 and the announce
ment that James G Blaine of Maine will
deliver the eulogy in the chamber of tho
House of Represuntatlves Over the Cap
itol are the dates President March 4
1SS1 died September 19 aed forty
nine years
It Is significant that all of th5 men
whose names are on the card have now
passed away The last to die was Presi
dent McKinley
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fcfcv l -
J afcJy a-
I iiV7l
sai - - --

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