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413 Tenth Street N V
lAn nxhllilt for Little Ones nt the
femltliKonlnn Innlilutlon
The childrens room at the Smithsonian
Institution opened jesterday morning is
located Just across from the main en
trance and hai been especially prepared
for tho edification of the little folk The
cases containing the specimens on exhibit
are so low that the top shelves can be
easily seen by cn very small children
and th specimens themselves are labeled
In English all technlca Jatin titles be
ing omitted
A number of children visited the ex
hibit there yesterday morning some ac
companied by rurses and others large
enough to be alone Among the very little
children the stuffed specimens did not
awaken the Interest that was aroused by
the live singing birds and the darting
gold fish In the aquariums
Mr Roosevelt Takes Pos esssion ol
the White House
Tlic Illnll or the Cceutle KJ
pettetl lomurroH Trtiiiirj Olll
elalK lii lliclr Jtciiietti llnlij
Other Cullers One Ippiilntiucnt
Tor the first time bince his induction
Into office the President slept last nitht
under the White House roof where he
took up his oHlcial residence csterda
The flag of the Ahlte Houe has been
run up to the top of the staff slgnlfsln
the presence of the President while on
nil other public buildings the mourning
character of the national emblem for the
dead President Is maintained at half mast
President Rooscelt also lunchtd ami
dined at the Vhite House esterday for
the first time as Us master The offlclal
famtlj will be complete tomorrow when
the wife of the President with their chil
dren will arrhe In the cltj
Since early jesterda mornine the per
sonal effects of the new President hae
been arriving at the White House and
emplojes hae been engaged in arranging
and placing in position the furniture in
the prious rooms Flie women carpet
sewers have been fully occupied In unit
ing the strips of carpeting which were
sent to the Executive Mansion jester
di An exquisite brass bedstead with
spring and hair mattress was among the
new furniture sent in for the President s
use Host of the furniture in the White
House is owned by the Government ind
few things other than personal ornaments
and bricabrac pictures cc are required
to render the mansion habitable
As has been the custom of the President
since his return from the funeral of his
predecessor at Canton ho walked to the
White Houso jesterday morning from tho
homo of his brother-in-law Commander
Covvles He was accompanied by another
brother-in-law Douglas Robinson who
arrived in Washington Saturdaj night
Numerous visitors wero again awaiting
the arrival of the President and a con
tinued stream of callers passed In to sec
him during the forenoon The greater
part of the Presidents time In fact was
occupied in the reception of callers At
12 SO oclock Mr Roosevelt suspended busi
ness and lurch was served in the dining
room of the W hlte Holso for the first
time In many davs MaJ Gen
Charles Miller who arriv cd at the Execu
tivo Mansion shortly before that hour
was tho Presidents sole guest Com
mander Cowles entered tho house before
lunch was completed and entering by tho
Presidents private entrance found his
waj to the dining room
One appointment was made bj the Pres
ident during the morning Joseph J Lon
ger of Nebraska was named United
States Consul at Sollngen Germany
A deputation from the Treasury Depart
ment which was received by the Presi
dent was headed b Secretary Gage and
consisted of all tho heads of the va
rious divisions In the delegation were
O L Spaulding Milton D Alies and H
A Taylor the Assistant Secretaries of
the department Charles Ljman of the
Appointment Division J E Wilkie Chief
of the Secret Service Robert J Trace
well Comptroller Judson W Lyons
Register TV E Andrew Henry A Cas
tle and Nolen B Chew auditors Ellis H
Roberts United States Treasurer and
Senator Millard of Nebraska was one
of the early callers He was interested
In thti extensive renairs to the Federal
building at Omaha and also in the ap
pointment oi air ianger as united
States Consu at Sollngen Germany As
surances have been given Senator Millard
he states that the desired alterations to
the Omoha ledcral building will be made
Ho left for Nebraska last night
Dr Stone of this city who it is said
will succeed Dr Itlxey as surgeon at the
White Iloue was with the President for
a few moments
I rom the Interior Department and its
various bureaus were a number of oillcial
visitors Among these were Judge Rsan
Assistant Secretary of the interior Judge
it an said he naa no otner ouject in can
ing upon the President than to pay his
respects William It Merrlam Director
oi itto Tw eum census anu u uiay
Evans Commissioner of Pensions were
among the callers Messrs Merriam
anl Evans called at separate hours and
declined to discuss the nature of their
business at the White House The ques
tion of the retention of Mr Evans at the
head of the Pension Bureau which was
so much discussed during President
period in office Is a matter that
may it h said receive the attention of
the President at an early datef
Senator McCumber of North Dakota
ex Senator Blair Representatives Patter
son and Gibson of Tennessee and Long of
Kansas wero also cany cauers at tne
Gen R S G Dvrenforth Commander-
in Chief of the Union Veterans Union
called at the White House about noon
He was accompanied by Capt Harlan
Street General Dyrenforth desires to
urge the appointment of the latter as a
quartermaster in tne arm
Gen Israel M Stone commanding the
Dejartment of tho Potomac Grand Army
of the Republic rccompanled by Past
Commander BIckford and Slivbaugh
were also received by the President
Postmaster General Smith drove to tho
White House in his carriage and spent a
few moments In consultation with the
President He declined to be Interviewed
Senator Penrose of Pennsylvania was an-
otner visitor
Ex Senator Carter made an appoint
ment with tho President to discuss the
affairs of the Louisiana Purchase Expo
sition of which the Montanan i3 one of
the commissioners npnolnted by Presi
dent McKlnley Senator Carter returned
in the arternoon and was closeted with
the President after 3 oclock for somo
time The affairs of the Louisiana Pur
chase Exposition were discussed and will
receive lurtner consideration by the
Dr John R Neely of Chicago a phy
sician connected with the Chicago board
of health was among tne Iresldmts
callers In the afternoon Among other
Clients during the afternoon were General
Hooker Representative from Mississippi
Representative Prince Rear Admiral
Walker and U H Warner
Mr Theran valet to the late President
and a member of the Secret Service will
not act In that capacity to the new Presi
dent Tho valet is ro longer an lnmato
of the private felde of the White House
but lias been placed outside In tho ex
ecutive branch of the Presidents home
He served as assistant to Colonel Lotlller
The hecrctnr lenveii for Hit Home
In llliiKlinin MnH
Secretary Long left Washington jester
day afternoon for Hlngham Mass where
he will Join his famllj He received yes
terday morning a tel gram from Dr Ger
ald Webb who Is accompanjlng Mls
Long from Colorado Springs to Hlngham
which docs not confirm the press de
spatches that she Is note The telegram
Is dated at Chicago and savs
Doing well Had comfortable Jour
Miss Long who Ins been sick at Col
orado Spring for tome time Is accom
panied by her sister Miss Margaret
Long her grandmother Mrs Glover and
Miss Carter
Colonel Allen MnLen n Report of the
1 ork for July
Colonel Allen the engineer ofilcer In
charge of the improvement of tho Poto
mac River has reported to the War De
partment that recent dredging In the
Virginia channel above the Long Bridge
by the Atlantic and Pacific and Gulf
Companv has resulted In the completion
of a chinnel 400 feet In length for a dis
tance of 3M0 feet from the end of the bar
During the month of July 143W cubic
yards of earth were dredged and placed
on the data
CASTORIAFwI ftCMfaa Bears the
IftiKU You Have Always Bought Ctffiffa
The- Cnlitnililn Libert Belle
The season nt the Columbia Theatre
was rung In list night most harmonious
ly by Klaw and Erlanger s new musical
come dj The Ltbertj Belles the handi
work of Harry II Smith as regards th
HbrUto and 1 half dozen or moro com
post rs of music who luive in tho past
scored successes with their popular
songs The large audience gave the
Belles a cordial vvdeome and encored
time and again several of the best songs
of the entertainment while Harrj Gil
foils Imitations familiar to patrons of
vaudeville shows and recalltd as ore of
the features of man a llojtian farce
were about as mach appreciated as an
thlng offered during the course of the per
formance Etta Butler too gave imita
tions and mimicries that were liked im
menstly Mis Butler was in evidence
during a large portion of the performarce
but hr undeniable cleverness is pcrlinp j
a sufficient justification for the allopathic
do es of her mat the auJience was asked
to stand
Ilarrj B Smiths reputation will never
bo greatlj enhanced bj his latest work
for a more inconsequential bit of writing
than is the uook of lhe Libert J Belles
would be hard to Imagine The savins
grace of the entertainment is whllj in
the music and the interpreting compjnv
which as an exhibition of tho beauties or
tht metropolitan stage h s never been
equaled while thele arc sevtral come
dians In the cast who are altogether too
good for the work thty are called upon to
do In this newest of musical pieces One
thing that Mr Smith has done for which
lie deseives a world of thanks is the ob
literation of the old timo merrj merrv
baud of chorus girls who have alwajs
figured so prominently in his previous
works In The Liberty Belles the
chorus Is a thing of inemorj It has been
supplanted bj sixteen girls girls who
looks abandon frcshntss grace
and a knowledge of how to wear rich
clothes that the ordinav member of a
chorus has never displaced In v the
one great big strong point of t s BUIcs
is Its coterie of belles It is deededly a
girl she v and as such will doubtlcsj at
tract such as no production of rtcent
seasons has those theatre patrons who
take especial deligl t in the light and friv
The piece Is divided Into three acts al
though the first is as a matter of fact
nothing more than a prologue For his
chief theme Libretti it Smith has merelj
borrowed from the samo French source
that was responsible for Jane and
Lend Me Your Wife and other farces
that made It necessary to pawn off a wife
on the conventional wealthj uncle who
lives In a distant land The opening act
discloses a lot of school girls in their
dormitorj At the rise ot the curtain
some of the maids are abed These are
quicklj Joined b nearby roomers Every
girl Is In some state of noctural dress
One blonde Pauline Chase Bliss of
W ashlngton comes trooping on th stago
clad in pink silken pajamas It is a
delightfully unconventional scene these
school girls make and although there Is
not a single thing said or done that would
shock the most fastidious jet tho audi
ence involuntarly gave a littlo gasp of
surprise at the disclosure of the scene
last night The president of the school
Interrupts the spread and threatens to
expel girl concerned whereat two
of tho more determined misses take
French leave and gain the name of
Belles And there j ou are the plots
diclosed 30 far as the title of the piece Is
Simple and familiar as the story of tho
plaj be Its Interpretation could not
be better nor could anj set of
plajers get more genuine fun out of the
lines than do Harry Davenport John
Slav in Harry Gilfoll J C Marlowe Etia
Butler Sandol Atllllkln and Augusta
Glose Harry Davenport is the Jack
Evcrlelgh tho joung husband and he
plajs tho part with a delightful spirit of
humor Sandol Mllllkin portrays the
joung wife with much grace Ingenuous
ness and sweetness John Slav In is the
resourceful Fullerton EverMghs chum
and most of uie comedy success of the
performance comes to him The uncles
are played by Harry Gilfoll and J C
Marlowe Both arc excellent character
drawings and are faultlessly interpreted
Glose comes Pretty near to scor
Inir the most pronounced hit or the even
ing in the musical line her rendering
ot A Lesson With a Fan To Many a
Millionaire and A Billet Doux
The production Is elaborate The
last act transpires In Florida at one of
tl e large hotels and the scenic artist has
been effective In this bit of
work the chorus is a verita
ble dream and were the handsome joung
women only cancel upon to go through
the three acts without endeavoring to
sing there would be much to be thankful
for Still one cannot expect a wealth of
such exceptional feminine loveliness and
musical ability as well
There will be matinee performances of
The Libertj Belles Thursdaj and
The Antlonnl Tlic LnHt Apjienl
It was a simple storj redolent with
that quality known as heart Interest
that pleased the New Nationals audience
last evening and will please constantly In
creasing audiences throughout the week
Leo Ditrichsteln Is te author of The
Last Appeal and Is known to the Capital
as a clever and ersatlle man
an actor of exceptional merit a trans
lator of ard an author of Ideas
In writing this last effort he has carefully
avoided the pitfalls of melodramatlcs and
as a result has given a simple love
without counterplot or other unnecessary
elaboration The story is unique in some
respects certainly tho play Is exceptional
In the excellence of its cast which ex
tends to the merest bit
There is historic foundation for The
Last Appeal In the career of a German
nobleman who married a commoner and
committed suicide rather than respond to
the call of dutj and renounce her ut his
monarchs command Mr Ditrichsteln
has lightened the tale by giving It a happy
ending less artistic perhaps jet more
pleasing and Inilnltelj more profitable
The oiposed marriage is unique in that
the father of both the young people con
siders himself wronged And the denoue
ment appeals to each similarly all
ends as as the hackneyed inar
ri ige bell
More than passing notice should be
given the dialogue of The Last Appeal
for It Is keen and bright throughout the
little comedy relief Is Introduced naturally
and adds color to the heavier emotion In
contrast The scenic equipment Is perfect
and adequate while the costuming Is ex
cellent and true to the locale
No more even cast has been seen In
Washington than that Mr Harris has
given lhe Last Appeal Robert Drouet
an actor of magnetism and personality
has tho fertile role of tho unfortunate
prince and wins n deserved success In
many respects it is the best work of his
career less possibly than that In
The Chribtlan jet moro finished and
cvm jet he has not reached his cllmat
A fine Ihsslque a rich voice and a per
fect underst Hiding make Mr Drouet one
of the verj best of the jounger leading
men His last scene in the third act
would perhaps be better if done moro de
liberately but aside from this little Im
provement suggests Itself Kate Hassett
a newcomer to Washington his the most
difficult of the feminine roles Without
personal graces of m irked degree she
-cored a genuine success The elocution
ist crons out notably In the more emo
tional scenes and a lack of repose and
aplomb suggests Itself to the critical jet
withal Miss Hassett shows great promise
of supreme excellence Her light scenes
are especially clever few American
women would be more natural or more
charming Frank Mordaunt is natural
and as the King authoritative and
powerful while hl superior Is found In
John Glendinnltig tho original Laird In
Mr Glendlnnlng Is exception
ally good forceful jet reserved and nat
ural The scene between him and Mr
Mordaunt Is one to bp remembered Anno
Sutherland a Washington woman for
merli Mr Jeffersons lead Is burled In a
small part but Is sweet and natural In It
raising herself above the average as does
Eleanor a former Columbia stock
companj favorite George Boniface is
singled out for mention by reason of ex
cellence In a humorous bit Edwin Brant
and MjrtU Vinson both do some effective
work In rolei of lesser Importance Mati
nees Wednesday and Saturdaj
CliltNeft Pnllle Vnndev Uie
The fourth season of vaudeville nt the
Grand was Inaugurated under
quite auspicious circumstances The few
changes about the house are conducive to
the comfort and enjoyment of its partons
and the goodlj number that attended the
opening performance responded to the ef
forts of the performers In a way that
would seem to signify that the bill pro
vided by Manager Chase left nothing to
be desired The theatre orchestra gave
two seloctlons before tho regular over
ture and acquitted themselves fairlj cred
Flood Brothers two pantomime acro
bats after somo preliminary and inter
mittent comedj of the slap stick order
Introduced somo clever and somewhat
original work and were followed bj Mlna
Gleason and companv in a si etch entitled
The Late Major this although rather
crude In construction and com
monplace In Idea was made redeem ible
through the able efforts ot tho interpre
ters The Three Brookljns who provided
the musical act of the bill performed on
a number of odd Instruments satlsfac
torilj but their grote sque make up and
their attempts at acrobatic work were
not clever
Persons who saw the English Bal
lei on their visit here last season with
The Casino Girl wero glad of the op
portunity to witness their excellent
dances again and those to whom they
were strangers quickly recognized the
fact that this combination of young and
attractive women are well worth seeing
George Gorman and Francis Keppler In
songs d inccs and a little conversation on
tho bide opened tho second half of the
entertainment and won tho house at
oiee or to gie tho credit where It Is
most due the joung girl did She Is so
much more daintj and mpetent and
clever In her Janes than one has grown
to look for In these very jouthful aspi
rants for honors on the vaudeville stage
tint overj thing Miss Keppler did was
refreshing and she made friends
In the audience Above the Limit the
second sketch on the bill presented bj
Charles Grapewin and Anna Chance and a
companj of one won hearty encores
for being more amusing than the usual
affair of this kind Nat M Wills received
innumerable and insistent encores after
his several songs parodies and Jokes and
concluded his offering with a dramatic
effort In the form of a serious poem The
tableaux vlvant Illustrated by Mile Chea
ter and a remarkable dog elecltcd manj
ohs and ahs and some doubts as to
his being really a vlvant until at the
conclusion of the series of ten hunting
pictures he was brought out of the at
tractive setting In which the tableaux
were given and took his curtain call with
his mistress Matinees daily
The Acnilemj Through the llrcnk
There Is a sniff of the briny In every
act of Throug the Breakers which
pleased a packed house at the
Academy last night Each situation of
the multiplex plot laid on the rugged
coast of England during the dajs when
smuggling abounded was sufficiently
stirring to elicit prolonged applause
Tho general Impression produced bj the
piece Is that It was written with the In
tention of giving Peter Turner the
respectable citizen who really
heads a smuggling gang an opportunity
to display his versatllltj In the game of
villainy The part Is well Interpreted bj
J T Nicholson who nonchalantly meets
each opposition to his treaeherv with In
creasing desperateness until he is ap
parently despatched in an ultra rcallstlc
seacoast scene which carries a promise
of virtue reware and wedding bells
Tho scenic effects do not overshadow
the good work of the sup
porting company As Maude Radford
Emily Dodd carries herself with excellent
poise through a number of strong tcenes
and rises most satisfactorily to all the
occasions The telegraph code Is brought
Into clever effect when the hero Stephen
Douglass unmasks the villain to his
friend Willis Baker jnakes a very bluff
and salty old revenue service captain
while the object of his affections is well
personated by Jesslo Dodd Clever char
acter work is dlsplajed by Robert Dudley
and John Fenton respectiv el who por
tray an English clergyman and Bill Dare
a smuggler whose desertion of his felluw
evaders of customs duties hastens the
final There will x matinee performances
of Through the Breakers todaj Thurs
day and Saturday
Ivenianii Ttvrntleth Century
Harry Morris and Tits Twentieth Cen
tury Maids came to town jesterday and
opened at Kernans Lyceum to two big
audiences and no - iccica
promptly scored a hit with a breezy
blending of bright music fresh fun and
dainty dancing Mr Morris has alwajs
prided himself on his chorus and this
season he has not fallen below the stand
ard he raised sometime ago
The curtain ri3es on a bit of nonsense
which it has pleased some one to name
Opervltch a la Russia and serves the
purpose of showing oft the chorus in sev
eral well rerdercd selections The lead
ing spirits are Messrs West and Bryant
and Misses Josetto Webb Nellie Fenton
and Manola Duke
Whatever his co funmakers may lack
In their efforts to nmuse Harry Morris
supplies in good quantities for while he
Is on view there Is an endless of
merriment amply mlxexl with spice that
makes good with his audience
Sandwiched between the opening and
closing pieces is a good olio tho numbers
of which are Interspersed with artistically
posed maidens representing well Known
paintings The Parkers and Liz
zie have some new things to offer In the
waj of Jokes and squibs In their breezy
talk Mareena and Smith present novel
and difficult acrobatics Josette Webb
one of the most attractive of singers of
popular songs pleased with several num
bers Brjant and Brennan are a decided
ly funny pair who dance better than they
sing Van Leer and Duke arc amusing
in their sketch which would go better
without the slap-in-the-face Interpola
tion lhe novelty of the ullo was pre
sented by John A West who as the
Musical Brownie scored a big hit
Daily matinees
Tho Bijou StocI HurlCfffine Coni
The opening performances ot the Bijou
stock burlesque company under the stage
direction of John Grieves wero given jes
terdaj before two large audiences that
bestowed an unusually large share of ap
plause upon the many excellent features
of tho entertainment Tho company Is
the largest and best that has ever pre
sented stock burlesque In this city and In
cluded In the membership of the organiza
tion are a number of exce ptlonallj clever
Tho burlesque on Florodora stjled
by Mr Grieves tho author For Her
Dough Itah Is a very interesting affair
and gives the performers ample oppor
tunity for the Introduction of musical se
lections The entire company is seen in
the piece and there are a number of
cleverly arranged ersembles and chorus
es that nro exceedingly popular with the
audiences The cnlef roles aro Interpret
ed bv Emlllo Beaupre a talented bur-
lesquer of rare phj steal charms and a
sweet sjmpathetlc voice that wins sev
eral encores for Its preisessor and May
Audobon who during tho piece renders
some high class song mat do not seem
to please the gatherings as well as tho
more popular songs Of the day Nellie
V Nichols a sprightly soubrelto Is in a
all by herself and shares the
plausu with Matt Sheridan who In an
eccentric jrisn part mooeieu somevvnat
after Johnny Itay s work was yesterday
compelled to acknowledge a half dozen
encores when he sung Iho Tired Man
Tho BIJou has splendid comeillans In
Charles Rice Fred and Lew Har
vev while in John Rodgers M inager
Grieves has se cured a basso of remark
able worth His solos yesterday were all
demanded tlmo and tlmo again and the
audience could not have enough
of them Bessie Jhllllps a vivacious
joung woman with a pair of wonder
fully nimble feet sings and dances herself
into the favor of the assemblages whllo
Lizzie Frellgh lends beauty and melody
to the entertainment Tho chorus Is gooel
looklrg and splcndidlj trained its work
in the songs with Miss Nichols In partic
ular is up to uie nign standard set by
such pretentious performances as those
given by the Rogers Brothtrs and Weber
and Fields The burlesque is well cos
tumetl and moved us smoothly at tho
matineo as if It had been presented all
Between tho two acts into which For
Her Dough Rah burlesque Is divided
there Is a vaudeville bill of great merit
The chief vaudevilllans that contribute
to tho affair are Flo Irwin nnd Walter
Haw ley In a new sketch entitled Caught
With tho Goods It Is a brief plajlet
and Is particularly adapted to the talents
of Miss Irwin and Mr Hawlej The
Aherns have a strong Juggling and equili
brist turn while the Brownings win a
greet deal of praise In a humorous skit
Bessie Phillips ndds to the olio bj singing
two songs verj cleverly Lew Hawkins
makca his usual hit with his black faced
monologue and his concluding song In
which he selects persons In the audience
as subjects for the different verses goes
with a rush There will be dally matineo
performances at the Bijou during the sea
son of the stock bjrlenquc company
After a ia ol mental and nervous strain tone
up with Ilojal Headache Tablets i tlous 10c
mj W Willi hi
5 Painless Extraction Free
When Teeth Are
Mth the re enforced 6uctlon our plates lit
more gccurately
Cold Croniw 5 Torccliln 1 Gold Fillings
1 SO up While Idlings 50c and up
DR PATTOH Dentist 910 F St N W
i SI4 Tlh TIB Market apaea
Ladies we are hivin a spsciil sale this week on Mme Yales
celebrated line of Toilet preparations and Health remedies There is
no need for comment on their value as their great merits have long
since been established and their international fame has mtde them the
standard preparations of the world Mine Yales specialties are not
cheap they are too good for that Cheap preparations are apt to do
more harm than good Mme Yales own phenomenal beauty offers
the best proof of the efficacy of the Yale remedies All women
should follow her example by taking advantage of the Yale system
Cut Prices Free Samples
Commencing today and continuing for the balance of the week we shall
sell Mme Tales entire line at greatly reduced prices and give a large sized Jar
of Mme Yales famous Almond Blossom Complexion Cream with every purchase
amounting to 75 cents Mme Yale advises the removal of sunburn and tan from
the skin as quickly as possible as it ruins the complexion if allowed to remain for
any great length of time Dead skin soon becomes callous and wrinkles follow
Mme Yales Complexion Cream will remove 3unburn and tan Mme Yales Skin
Food will nourish dry harsh skin and make it fresh and youthfuL It Is a specific
for w rinkles
Mme Yale has a complete line of Internal and external remedies from which
ladies can make their selection Kindly read the list quoted below and our prices
for this week
Wc are also pleased to announce that one of Mme Yales expert assistants
will be In charge of Mme Yales department In our store during this week for the
purpose of answering questions and assisting ladles in the selection of the remedies
best adapted to their needs We cordially invite the ladles to visit ourYale Beauty
Department to meet her MME YALE S BOOK FREE
Mme Vales Scientific Hair Tonic regular price 1 00 our price 75c
Mme Yales Skin Food Youth Bejurenator and Wrinkle Eradicator regular price 150 and
3 00 our price 1 30 and 250
Mme Yales Almond Blossom Complexion Cream regular price L00 jar our price S3 cents
Mme Yales Complexion Bleach regular price 200 bottle our price CS3
Mme Yales Special Lotion and Special Ointment Cure for Skin Discuses regular price L00
each our price S3c each
Mme bales Hand Whltener regular price 1 00 our price 63c
Mme Yales Great Scott Cure for Superfluous Hair Sample Size regular price 100 our
price 63c
Mme Yales Skin Refiner regular price 1 00 our price S3c
Mme Yales Lily Skin Whltener regular price 1 00 our price S3c
Mme- Yales Blush of Youth External Tonic for Flabby Flesh regular price 300 our price
Mme Yales Bust Food regular price SL5Q and 53 v - - - -
u r nccKU wire Tor Freckles regular price 100 our price 83c
Mice laics Fruit Cura an invigorating tonic for women regular price 100 our price 83c
Mme Yales Digestive Tablets regular price 100 our price 63c
Mme laics Complexion Tablets rapn olood makers regular price 100 our price 83c
Mme Yales Fertiliser Tablets Constitution Cure regular price 100 our price S3c
Kme Yales Blood Tonic regular price 1 GO our price S3c
ilmc tales Elixir of Beauty gives brilliant expression regular price 100 our price 83c
Mme bales Magical Secret a bcaotificr regular price 150 our pnee 130
Mme tales Face Enamel a skin dressing regular pnee 1 50 our price 130
Mme tales Antiseptic for toilet and medicinal uses regular price 100 our price S3c
Mme Yales Eye Lash Grower regular price 1 00 our price 83c
Mme Yales Mole and Wart Exterminator regular irice 1 00 our price 83c
Mme talcs Complexion Powder regular price 50c our price 42c
Mme tales Complexion Soap regular price 25c our price 19c
Mme tales Corn Cure regular price 25c our pnet 21c
Mme Yales Hair Cleaner for shampooing regular pnee 1 00 our price S3c
Mme tales Remedies are Health Restoratives and Natural Beautifiers their action is
hygienic not artificial
S KannSonsCo
Market Space
Samuel Friedlander Co
Tho Undor Prlco Store
416 Seventh St N W 4I6
Wo Trust tho People
Surprise Sale No I
Every Item Here a Surprise
Womens Ready-to-Wear Surprises
O A Q for 1 omens New Fall Silk
AyO Satin and elvct Waists all
colors all sues ery latest styles real
worth 4 00
CO 7P for Womens Tailor made Home
O 3 spun and Serge Suits new Y ton
Jackets flaring skirts latist fall styles real
worth 1200
fkQC for Womens Stylish 1 W Waists
y O imitation Albatross newest colorings j
otsuop sieeves an extraordinary oner
O Q O for Womens Fine Quality Serge
J0 Dress Skirts new corded efTect
handsomely trimmed -with taffeU silk real
worth 5 00
Mens and Boys Fashionable Fall Wear
DU black cheviots and Scotch mix
tures warranted all wool perfectly tailored
all sizes
1 ZA for Mens Fall Trousers worsteds
1 y and caiimercs pin stripes and
neat check patterns real worth J3 00
Millinery Surprises
5198 5298 5350
for dainty trimmed Hats new fall styles
immense assortment tallies up to 5 00
1 90 for B33 S0100 Suits cheviots
1 y and catrnercs double breasted
style sizes from 3 to 16 years regular price
2 00
QC for Bos ll wool Knee Pants
Ty Scotch mixtures and blue cheviots
sizes from 4 to 10 real worth 75c
Household Linens
C for Linen Huck Towels 20x40 inches
hemmed lalue Ilk
C or Pure Liren Fringed apkin
red and blue borders value 5c
Mens Wear Surprises
A CC or Mens New Fall Veckwear all
3 the fads of the hour newest designs
and color effects will worth 50c
AQC fr Mens Fancy Shirts stiff bosom
Try detached link cuffs nearly all mzes
real worth 1 00
Samuel Friedlander Sc C5
416 Seventh Street PJ W 416
925 Pa Avo
CO Ualo Store comer Jib and g
Streets Brancues all otct the cltj
nd in all markets
-- v
New Tori WajMan Paris
Our October booklet The BriJc now In
press will bf of great atisUnce In selecting the
bridal trousseau It also contains a cotuprehen
sive list of appropriate gift articles If of In
terest to you leave or send us jour address and
wc will mail you a copy
Imported Coque
Feather Boas
From Paris direct and just
arrived An exceedingly stylish
neckpiece and never quite so
fashionable as now Made of
coque feathers in a variety of
colors suitable for both street and
evening wear
These colorings include the
light and dark shades of grey
solid black black and white sol
id white lemon light blue pink
also white with a touch of deli
cate lavender pale blue and
grey Very full and fluffy and
gantly finished
14 yards long 300 each
2 jards long 700 each
First floor
Swiss Ribbed
Corset Covers
Just what are needed to wear
with shirt waists in the fall They
conform to the figure are amply
heavy and they do away with the
necessity of wearing heavy under
A special lot of 25 dozen with
high neck and long sleeves nice
quality at
50c Each
First Poor
Made of Sorrento Gloth stamp
ed in various simple designs with
material for working Will
teach the children to become in
dustrious and when finished the
squaies can be used for mats or
sewn together making a small
co er or creeping rugs
10c Each
Art Department First floor
The Arnold Knit
Abdominal Bands
For Infants
A band so soft light and fine
as to be very soothing to the ten
der skin no more irritation from
contact with an all wool fabric
Fliant elastic seamless no
more binding of growing muscles
Fulled and washed no more
And especially this Buttoned
flatly over the shoulder can be
adjusted without turning and
twisting the little arms through
sleeve holes
40c to Silk Ones at SI 10
All styles have tapes and open
shoulder straps
Infants DepL Second floor
Sewing Machines
As autumn approaches the
housekeeper has sewing to do and
naturally needs a good machine
We invite you to come in and see
our full line of the very latest iin
proed Sewing Volumes You run
no iisk in purchasing of us as vc
are responsible for each machine
for fie ears They have all of
the best attachments and are ball
bearing The lightest running
machine on the inniKet
Our shuttle machines range in
price fiorn
1350 to 2500
Automatic Machines single
3500 to 1900
Iland Machines
950 Each
Second floor
The Late Presidents
Last Speech
Delivered September o 1901
Presidents at the Pan-American
Exposition Buffalo N Y
In attractive booklet form
beautifully printed bound in grey
cover paper
10c per Copy
Book Dept Basement
Woodward Lothrop

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