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The Busy Corner The Smifuilding
always Tin iinsr op nviiiYTin rim tiir leavtjiomsy
Open Until 6 oCIock Saturdays Until 9
Our Floors Connect in Both Buildings Complete Elevator Service on Either Side
From One of the Best Equipped Departments in Washington
White Nottingham Lace Curtains
3VS J arts Ions W Inches wiue
Jozen patterns rrom
which to -select north
225 per pair
White Nottingham Iace Curtains
Zz yards long extra wide patterns
of tambour ami plain Q f Q
centre worth W0O per WQ
White Scotch Lace Curtains 34
Jk ards long dainty patterns of bow
Jinots and floral designs a AA
V worth 350 per pair ifJ Jjy
White Nottingham Lace Curtains
full Hi sards long 55 inches in f Q r
width worth very near double W7
the price bf per pair
White Nottingham Lace Curtains-
heavy cable net centre
border 01 ueep renais
sance effect worth J500
Imitation 12 and 14 point Brussels
Net 1 ace Curtains lull Qp AA
34 ards long worth J I II I
S650 for W
White andocru Irish Point
Lace Curtains 3A jarils rt Q
long worth J40per pair 0
White or ecru Irish Point I acc
34 jards long ff f AA
JG50 per pair PUU
Genuine Saxony Brussels Net Cur
tains 3 jards long QA
SO inches wide worth JS50 t XU
per pair for JJS
Renaissance Lace Curtains edge
and inserting 3 yards C n AA
long worth J900 per pair J j
New assortment of Saxony Brussels
Lace Curtain lnas 1
yards long for small win
dows per piece
Third floor take either elevator
Market Space
Ills CIotlicB CntcU Klre rrom n
Llchted Match
Little Norman Hullings the five-year-old
son of William Hullings an employe
at the Yale Steam Laundry in this city
was seriously and perhaps fatally bnmd
at his home S15 Four-and-a-half Street
southwest shortly after 2 oclock yester
day afternoon his shirt waist taking fire
from a lighted match The child Is being
attended by Dr C C Winters who it Is
stated has given up all hopes of saving
his life owing to the numerous burns
about the childs face and body
The boy had Just returned from school
in the afcrnoon and his mother directed
him to go up stairs and change his clothes
He had not been in the upper part of the
house long however before Mrs Hull
ings was startled by hearing him scream
fur help She espied the little fellow
running down the steps leading to the
front door with his clothes afire The
frenzied mother ran at once toward him
carrjlng in her hand a blanket which she
had picked up
With the assistance of several motor
men and conductors of the street railway
she smothered the names Their efforts
did not sa e the boys face and body from
being terribly burned The heart rending
cries of the child could be heard a great
distance and attracted a large crowd
Dr Winters who was passing at the
time of the accident Immediately applied
treatment and had the victim remoied
to the upper part of the house where he
was made as comfortable as possible
Why he struck a match is not known but
the white shirt waist which the boy wore
was cotnplttMy destroyed before the
flames were extinguished as were also his
The reserves of the Fourth precinct
were summoned to the scene by a citizen
but being of no assistance returned to
the station No alarm of Are was turned
Id the flames in the house being extin
guished by citizens before gaining a
John Forrester Arretted for Stealinir
n Panic Containing 0
John Forrester a well dressed young
man was arrested shortly after 4 oclock
yesterday evening by Detective Sergeants
Tyser and Trumbo and locked up at the
First precinct station on a charge of hav
ing stolen a purse from Mrs T J Smith
of 109 Fourth Street northeast The purse
is said to have contained So
When first taken into custody by the
detectives Forrester denied his guilt but
later admitted the theft and returned a
dollar of the money stolen to Detective
Tyser The purse which he thew away
after having removed its contents was
found in a sewer at the corner of rifth
and A Streets southeast later In the night
by the detectives
Forrester the detectives allege served a
number of years in the Reform School
and was released from that Institution in
November 1SS9
Yesterday Mrs Smith reported to Cap
tain Boardman that her purse had been
stolen Forrester and a fellow workman
had called at her home to repair a stove
andTshe gave their names to the chief of
detectives who at once assigned Trumbo
and Tser to the case
Forrester will be given a hearing in
rollce Court this morning on a charge of
petty larceny
The Monlnnn Society Orirnnizcil
Willi n Good Memliemhl
The Montana Society of Washington
was organized here yesterday afternoon
ty the tiectlon of the following officers
President George K Boos vice president
fc W Kinsley and secretary II J Hock
the society is composed of present and
former residents of Montana who are
making Washington their home Senators
Clark and Gibson ex Senator Carter and
Representative Edwards of Montana
wero elected honorary members The so
ciety starts off with a good membership
Alexander McKIc Replies to Charge
In Suit for Dltorce
Alexander Mclvie jesterday filed an
swer to his wifes suit for divorce de
nying that he ever treated his wife with
cruelty or ordered her from his house as
alleged in her bill of complaint He de
nies that she had ever saved a sum of
money deposited in bank which lie with
drew and used for his own purposes
Any money he had he claims was his
orn it portion of It being left him by
his irothtr in the shape of life Insurance
knd iome derived from the sale of a lot
Ho jays that he never treated his wife
wlli cruelty or deserted her but that on
tne contrary she deserted him Rnd has
Rlnce refuertl to live with him although
lie lias often requtsted her so to do and
offered her a home with him Whntcvir
money he had he xim was squandered
ly his wife Njth uixm hcrtelf and upon
her family He prays that Mrs McKles
bill of- complaint may be dismiss d
Kdwnrd Nllrs is named as counsel
tor the defendant
The Busy Corner
IluIldliiK Trnilen Council Will Not Be
Interfered With
The action oC Uie building trades sec
tion of the Central Labor Union In
establishing a universal working card
was the principal subject of discussion
at the meeting of the Eiilding Trades
Council last night It was stated after
the meeting adjourned that the organi
zations affiliated with the council have
no fear that the- action of the section
will interfere with their plans
The section It was stated on Mon
day night decided that after October 1
next the members of unions represented
would not be permitted to work with
members of auy craft who are not pro
vided with a universal working card
There are several building trades or
ganizations connected with the Building
Trades Councl which are not affiliated
with the section
J H Mitchell Chairman of the Labor
Day Excursion Committee reported that
so far as statements hae been made by
the sub committees there Is every rea
son to be confident that the outing was a
great success particularly from a finan
cial point of lew
It was aLso reported that a communi
cation was received from the Building
Trades Council of Atlanta Ga asking
for information concerning a local busi
ness firm In connection with the erection
of some buildings In that city The mat
ter was referred to a special committee
which will report at the next meeting of
the council
Dr Robert Koch Ir IMwnrd KoIi
The Koch Lung Cure
Home Treatment
That Cures Consumption and
By the inhalation method as used by
the Koch Lung Cure this germ killing
remedy is combined with healing oils and
breathed directly into the tubes of the
lungs and it comes in direct contact with
the disease Itself and thui the poison
which causes consumption Is killed and
the healing oils of the Inhalation are en
abled to heal up their sore places The
old way by Injection was successfully
used by Prof Koch and hundreds of phy
sicians who attended his college in Ber
lin and became educated in its use but it
has now generally given place to the more
successful treatment the Koch inhala
At the Berlin University Prof Koch
teachra this treatment to his students At
the German Government Laboratory of
which he is the chief he promulgates his
formulary for curing consumption By
the use of the Inhalation invention which
carries the healing oils directly Into the
air tubes decay of the lungs Is arrested
and the sore and diseased places are
healed and the oily medicated vapors art
brought directly In contact with the af
fected parts through the tubes of the
lungs and results are secured in con
sumption bronchitis catarrh and ustli
ma which never were and never could be
accomplished by the old way of taking
medicine Into the stomach
Many have published at their own ex
pense what the Koch Lung Cure at K27
1 Street northwest- Washington D C
has done for them The Koch Lung Cure
also have offices at 4S W 22d St New
York J334 Arch St Philadelphia Ml N
Hutaw Street Baltimore and In Ashe
vllle N C Rochrster and BufTilo N Y
They have no branch offices in Washing
ton although lmltetootxwho claim to be
connected with thenar ore decehlng the
public Consultation examination and
the first treatment ore free
A Communication on the Kirc De
partment of Manila
A Iiiittli of Information Sent to Chief
J It limine In the Philippine In
line of IiiNiiriuice IleeniieN to Itrul
ern Pro Until to December ill
Robert W Button the Chief Engineer
of the Fire Department Is In receipt of
a communication from J R Dodge Chief
of the Manila fire department In which
he grceta the authorities here and re
quest1 them to send him rhcCHt reports
and such Information as may be available
with reference to the organization and
equipment of the District Fire Department-Mr
Dodge lirlellv iU scribes the fire
department of Manila lie sns that the
facilities pruldul do nut usnmml to much
In the wny of lire protictlon lie slutes
that all the npparntux Is Itecondhand
stock left iner from the Spanish mlinlii
Istrntlon There it one Htcfiii lire cngltm
of GOO gallons rapacity built b the
Shaiul Mason Company In England n
sicond steam fire engine of 4W callous ca
pacity built by Mcrrlwiilur Xr Co Ill
England n third steam lln uiinlnl f 51U
gallons capacity built by Hhtuul Miinoii
Co In Eimtaml two hand piimiilnK 01
glues built by Merrlwvllier coi
each of 250 galloiiH capacity two
hose cart- carrylrg 200 fut inch six
hose carts carrjlng f000 ftt of 2H
Inch cotton cam as hose Thli
hose says Chief Dodge Jit riot rubber
lined and Kof a cheap grunyliutiunllty
and has been In use for abmitJvc years
Mr Dodge states that all the apparatus
except hand engines and hose reels are
drawn by nathc ponies The hand en
gines and reels are drawn by hand The
department has three fire stations and is
manned by 72 Filipinos With reference
to the water supply and the efficiency of
the department Mr Dodge says
The water supply and sericc consists
of the Pasig Rler and tidewater canals
throughout the different districts of the
city also hydrants from the city reser
voir The pressure obtained from this
latter source is ery inadequate to the
citys needs not only for the purpose of
fire protection but also for ordinary
household use Having only a 45 foot
gravity fall from the reservoir rjnd en
tering the city through a 2G inch main
and then radiating through the city in
12 10 S and 4 Inch mains no pressure to
speak of can be obtained From a per
sonal test I found that the highest pres
sure that could be obtained ranges from
2S pounds maximum to 14 pounds mini
The department as at present consti
tuted is very poorly equipped The sys
tem In ogue in the pastas based upon
the English and the Spanish sj stems per
taining to fire stations and equipment and
from an American point of view is anti
quated and faulty
Manila is a city of about 2M0M inhabi
tants About 235KX are Chinese and Fili
pinos the remaining 25000 being Ameri
cans and Europeans The city is flat w iih
no hills The River Pasig runs through
the centre and Is a little wider than the
Chicago River but with a current very
swift especially through the rainy sea
son when the river overflows its low
banks and Immediate sections of the ety
to the detriment of wheel traffic Boats
are then in order The city is sltwed
upon the shore of Manila Bay and at the
mouth of the Pasig River
The houses in the main business and
resident sections are generally two stories
high the upper of wpod the lower of
stone with massive doo jnd iron barred
windows Very few strtfiUrcs are three
stories in height and tlone are four
stories on account of darcer from earth
quakes which shake Vup n a ralId
Mr Dodge states that thfcclty of Ma
nila became a munlcipalltj September U
with five municipal departments of which
the department of fire and building in
spection is one He states that extensive
Improvements are under way in the city
and that one of these- Is the establish
ment of an enlarged water service after
which there wilt be introduced adequate
hjdrant pressure for fire protection An
other improvement is the- re organlzit Ion
of ihf fire denartment uiton an American
basis and with the latehnwjrParnu3 and
appliances Ho says tliUtJpe personnel
or tho department win oe cnaiigeu so
that there will be thirty two Americans
and sixty three Filipinos a total of ninety-five
Mr Dcdgc states that Dills for the tcw
firo apparatus were opened July 21 last
and that contracts to furnish will soon
be awarded by the munlcipil boird
There Is also to be installed a fire alarm
sstem which will consist of fifty boxes
now and will be Increased as occasion de
mands Mr Dodge sajs that arrange
ments have been completed for tho es
tablishment of six fire stations and that
In addition to the apparatus now on hand
there will be two steam fire engines of TOO
gallons capacity two hook and ladder
trucks three chemical double of eighty
gallons capacity and four hose wagois
About COOO feet of new hose will be added
American horses will be cKil to draw
the engines Mr Dodie states that he
hopes to have an efficient department
such as may be seen in an American city
of the same size
To this end Mr Dodge Is accumulat
ing Information from the leading Ameri
can cities for ue in the organization of
the department In Manila
Forwarding the report to the Commis
sioners Chief Dutton Mated that he had
despatched to Mr Dodge all the informa
tion available relative to the District Fire
The Attorney for the District Andrew
B Duvall has submitted to the Com
missioners an opinion relative to the au
thority of the Assessor to issue insurance
licenses for the coming fiscal year The
question was calkd Uj by a letter from
the Assessor calling the attention of the
Commissioners to the fact that a new In
surance law is to go into effect on Janu
ary I next and hi wishel to be informed
in regard to his authority In the premises
to Issue licenses to insurance companies
pro rata until December 31 of the present
1 ear
The act of Congress kijs the At
torney to establish a code of law for
the District of Columbia approied March
3 1301 provides In tub chapter 5 for the
tstauusnment ot a department or In
surance and for the Issue of llcoues to
lnburance companies and Insurance agents
and brokers The District code is to go
Into effect and operation from and after
January 1 1902 and Its provisions re
specting Insurance companies anil Insur
ance agents or brokers are totally Iri
concllable with and therefore operate to
repeal existing law upon the buhjeC
from and after January 1 1032
I am of the opinion that these protls
ians of the code are to be read as curtail
ing the authority to issue licenses to In
surance companii and Insurance agents
or brokers for the ordinary license jear
and as limiting the authority to issue such
licenses to December 31 1U01 and that the
Assessor should accordingly Issue tin li
cense for the period Indicated and col
lect pro rata license fees therefor
The Superintendent of the Water De
partment recently received a letter from
a Baltimore firm asklTg that the specifi
cations for the water gates for the Trum
bull Street pumping station Jie changed
so as to admit of the use of i iraliel face
valves The claim is m nle In the I Iter
that confining the specifications to taper
seated valves the Commissioners will
shut out all competition -
The Superintendent of the Waler De
partment in reporting uponi Jjinjnatter
states that the specifications for the wa
ter gates call for wedge shanidvalves
and he states that while this prevents a
bid from the Baltimore firm he thinks
that almost every other nanufastui r if
large valves Is In a position to offer pro
posals In his opinion throfn c the
specifications do not Injuriously limit
competition He thinks that gates of the
dimensions of those to be used in the
Trumbull Street station tbould be of a
single piece of material it Is recom
mended that the Baltimore firm be Ill
formed tint no charge can be made In
the specifications tfc prlrted He stntes
that In these speeiiieatlons the Commis
sioners reserve the right to untie infor
malities In the bids received If they so
This report has received ihc approval
of the Commissioners and the firm In
question will be so Informed
Theres Great
Assails Character of His Wife and
Attitude of the Court
Kilen AiiNiver to Itnle Requiring
Illm tn Show Cnnsc for Dlnobeyinjr
Order to Pay Alliaonj Offer So
Excuse A ltcmnrkable Document
Since a few weeks after the marriage
of Robert Burton Rodney V B N re
tired to Miss Margaret E Owens at
Toronto Canada on November 3 last the
domestic troubles of the couple have on
several occasions been submitted to the
consideration of the Equity Division of
the Supreme Court of the District Im
mediately after the marriage ceremony
Commander Rodney and his bride left
Toronto for Washington Mrs Rodney
was accompanied by her cousin Miss
Elizabeth M Cole who claimed that she
was employed by Mr Rodney at a salary
of JjO per month as a companion for his
Since then three petitions for divorce
have been filed by the Rodneys two by
Mrs Rodney and one by Mr Rodney
The first suit Instituted by Mrs Rodney
was withdrawn Besides this Miss Cole
also Instituted proceedings against Mr
Rodney to recover an amount claimed to
be due for wages
In defence to all these proceedings Mr
Rodney has always taken occasion to
give his opinion of his wife and Miss
Cole Never before how ever has he given
such run to vituperation as in his answer
filed yesterday to the rule to show cause
Issued against him on rriday last Mr
Rodney does not offer or attempt to of
fer any excuse for disobeying the order
of the court requiring him to pay alimony
monthly to his wife during- the pendency
of her suit Mr Rodneys answer follows
This defendant in a court of equity
contends for principle and against a per
version of all equity An adventuress per
sistently works this honorable court and
her husband for alimony oil her beauty
birth and eff ronterry and without f o
much as one affidavit er -witness but with
all alhants emphatically against her and
for that outraged husband She calls for
limited divorce with permanent alimony
by which to indulge her unchastlty and
free swing upon her bctraved and de
serted husband and at his compulsory ex
Sh Is an alimony fiend a shrew un
tamable by either Shakespeare or Satan
Try no more conclusions but seeing her
coming dodge up the nearest alley and
till she passes pray that she the Irre
sistible soon collide with somebody
or something the Immovable nnd
he be blessedly absent between them
Only through philosophy and humor can
the elefendant endure the sorrows and
tantallzatlons by which this lovely Thais
makes him as it were the St nthony
of the navy And certainly never on his
road to heaven has he hitherto met such
all rare and singular bedevilmont Jchn
Bunyan would have put this woman in
Pilgrims Progress
Her ancient heraldic motto trans
lated reads Honesty is the best policy
whence that maxim arose But she af
fects to find better Beauty Is the best
policy For she Is confident beauty Is
not only always right but alwavs sulll
clent She alighted In our country out
of her aerial car BurkeB Peerage That
Is where she halls from Burkes Peer
age article Owen the only wife In the
army and navy ot such celestial origin
She finds too prosaic the blng pro
vided for directly by husband and de
mands the amusement flattery honor and
dignity of being cared for through the
mandates of a court husband pay by a
fixed hour or go forth into custody of
the marshal It Is Inexpressibly delight
ful unto her And her mosquito mind
cannot fancy why every wife in the land
is not at this moment elolng the same
thing This vain joung foreigner Is never
weary of tojing and plajlng with the
judicial machinery and txultantly think
ing it subserves her every caprice her
enjoyment of free lovers and her abso
lutely unearned profit Vows and duties
husband and fireside modesty and meek
ness decency and common sense are no
where She dares to stjle this honorable
court her supreme plum tree responsive
to her gentlest shake responsive to my
gentlest shake It Is the science of sirens
to be musical
She notes with complacency that Cods
appointed estate of hiislund has little
consideration opinion or authority In the
eves of our courts American law is ran
cid with the spirit of false gallantry
which would leave wives no duties or
penalties nnd husbands no rights or sife
guards Alimony alimony without bene
fit of Jury alimony seizing money with
out stipulating the sufferer to be ren
dered or nt least ofTered some degree of
equivalent is the anarehj of mitrimon
And that we have any security any
homes at all Is through the praiseworthy
conservatism of respectable women them
selves who Ignore the alimony tempta
tion so conveniently utilized by attorneys
for seduction as last Jimary was the
coso right here
The siren sang Sing hey the merry
mailen and the tar She acted propriety
till the day November 2 last she found
herself safely married Then sho tossed
mask one way and haip the othr and
began cutting up the shines of the Paan
A man marrjlmr in Canada is n t
peaceably allowed to get away with onlv
one of those girls I lie first or sob
bridesmaid Is ex otllclo privileged to
force herself alongais a brevet wife- and
curlouslv enough rev 1th the hrldcH ac
cord The seem lirought up to do It
doulic Of course Canada mars well
wants Its brdrgrooxns to cet good meas
ure but defendant tlio glit this reported
custom or the eoimtrv a Joe He soon ex
perienced however that the Cnuadjan
Institution of brevet win- was earnest
J hey Insisted 011 beln Inseparable
duplicates at all times doings Tlicv
sat down on his laptogether one on each
knee Their ultimatum was both of
none Everything since has flowed from
this dilemma Keeping both he would
The Hem Prescription for Mularln
Chilb and lever is a UU1 ot Crates lasteleii
Chill Tonic It I tlnjpljr iron and quinine in a
lasttlua Icrni So cuic no pajr Price 50c
not have had this misery but morality
lost him both They wantonly ran away
January 5 last tempted by their attor
neys assurance of alimony All the
same however badly they cut up and
that as corporations have no souls so
courts have no morals which advice
suited the fair clients exactly But when
her Church of England clergyman father
heard alimonv had broken un the mar
riage so fervently performed he recalled
10 canaua nis daughter the brevet and
the wife remained here to work the court
for alimony Ariel with short intervals
of futile reconciliation has been working
It ever slme And this court can never
get rid of her till her husband first suc
ceeds In doing so He hopes he will not
be thought sportive in calling for the
prayers bf everybody as any man con
lenuing with a woman well needs to
This woman demands she always de
mandsa dost want the earth sort of a
woman needs a Spanish matador fcr a
husband as expert dodger demands the
take advantage avail heisclf of her own
wrongdoing Thus outraging the vital
legal maxim she defiantly says her own
wrongdoing never yet stopped her In
anything and never shall
Within two or three months after the
arrival of the bride and groom In this
city the relations between them became
so strained that they hardly Bpoke to
each other and Mrs Rodney Instituted
proceedings for separate support and
maintenance T6 this suit Mr Rodney
filed an answer n which he laid the whole
blame of his marital troubles at the door
of Miss Cole whom he accused of having
hypnotized his wife nnd of having stolen
her affection from him Miss Cole Insti
tuted proceedings against him to recover
75 claimed to be elue her for services as
companion to his wife Miss Cole how
ever did not obtalna judgment and soon
afterward left Washington for Canada
The suit filed by Mrs Rodney for sep
arate support and maintenance was aban
doneel and the differences between herself
and her husband to all outward appear
ances amicably settled
About two months ago however she
again begun proceedings for a limited di
vorce and upon ttie presentation of her
petition to the churt an order was signed
requiring Sir Rodney to pay her J45 per
month as alimony during the pendency of
the suit A few- days after the filing of
Mrs Rodneys petition Mr Rodney filed
proceedings for divorce in which he
asked for a legal separation from his wife
on the grounds of cruelty Twice since
the filing of these suits counsel for Mrs
Rodney has applied to the court for an
order requiring Mr Rodney to show
cause Why he should not be committed
for contempt for failing to pay his wife
alimony as stipulated In the decree of the
Wcnthqc Indication
Fair today and tomorrow uimb becoming
fresh northeasterly
Highest temperature 2 p m ci
Lowest temperature G a m 51
Sun roe 550 AM un sets 53 PM
Moon rifcs i Moon txls 217 AM
High tide
Lon tide
505 AM and 532 PM
1133 AM
Ijmps lit today
Lamps out tomorrow
159 AM
National The I ist Appeal afternoon and
Columbia Liberty Relies evening
Chads Polite audcle afternoon and een
Academy Through the Breaker evening
Kernans Twentieth Century Maids after
noon and evening
Bijou The Bijou stock company in burlesque
and vaudeville afternoon and eninff
Rjteball At American League iirk WaihiLg
ton Detroit at 430
MlNHinKT 1riim Hit Ilnme
The police have been aked to look out for Wil
ier Knapp who lias lieen minoiryr from hU home
40 Mjrtle blrcet northeast unec 0 oclock Mon
day mornin He ii c ighUm jurs old and wore
black t roust m and coat
A Ufe IntiTCNt In IWtnte
The will of Mi Caroline Hick dated August
4 lSi3 was filed jcstcrdi for probate the
directs that her estate shall revert to her hui
band John McClair Ilkks during hw Ufttlme
and upon ItLs death be etjuall dmded atuon
her children
Xon uuport and Urscrtioii
Anna L Cook yesterday filed Miit for duorce
against her husband William W Cook on the
ground of non support ami desertion TIh par
lies were married at Alexandria a on Maj
27 1SD7 Turner A Mitchell are named as couu
mI for the complainant
SecMiiK fur IIImnIhk Trunk
Sarah K Calloni colored of QUb Huet
northwot 1i bjokm for a trunk which has bun
lost wmewlfctt between Ijiuhbur ami tlii eft
and asked the aMancc of the jniIjcc in
in it She sent it trotn ijwiuurs on niihij
and was gin a a card at the plan- wlicre he
lwtclit lirr ticket in Iinililnin Hh the name
of a local IUKI4KC exirrx eomiuii whom che
was informed would ilHner ncr trunk to ncr i
These ix oplc know- nullihur f lite trunk lh
informed lur ami the ilcjiot lussajc mitr had
not receheil it The 1 m linura auuioriuia win
he communicated Willi
in knowing where your food comes from and who handles it Thats
mc of the good things about biscuit and wafers packed in the
Inter seal Patent Package You know they were baked in the
cleanest bakery in the world you know they were sealed in the
Inter seal Patent Package right at the door of the oven you
laiow they have not been handled by any one between you and the
baker It pays in many ways to buy biscuit and wafers in the
Inler seal Patent Package
When you order Soda Milk Graham Oatmeal Butter Thin
and Saltinc Biscuit Vanilla and Banquet Wafers Ginger
Snaps Sultana Fruit and Sea Foam dont forget to ask
for the kind that cotnejin the Patent Package
Look for the trade mark design on the end of each package
11 mt 11
7m - jrjitfC3 Wj5sau
New American Novel
The Strength
of the Hills
The scenes of this powerful story are
laid chiefly among the Adirondack lakes
The characters are the roughbut manly
lumbermen of the illaee and a family of
wealthy New Yorkers visiting their sum
mer camp There Is both comedy and
tragedy In this book and Miss Wilkinson
has handled her material In such a way
that she has productd a noel which will
unquestionably occupy a high and per
manent position In American literature
Stomach Diseases
Treated Free
Tlir meaim nnd rented leu irhlch
enn lie obtained nowhere else nnd
which the Itlce Medlenl Society ban
provided Ttlthont rcKnril to outlay
r expense belonsr to those vho nrc
now cnmlne In renponie to theite rt
mnrknble in ltutloim
All perxonx HiifTeriiiK from any
Ktnmncli illiieiiNe who npply nt the
oilier of the Hire Medical Society
before October 1 will lie riven the
treiitiucnt free of cliarse what
It In stlTen for the purpone of
prov liter the Meientifle character of
the treatinelit ami to elnr lilute by
iictitiil test the trnth rrenrillne
Germ tlineiiKCM tnajrlit In tueHc col
uitinM It will not lie slven njrnin
Gall or Write for Chart
Charts of dieaed organs furnished
Microscopical examinations of Germs and
Urfne free to patients English German
and French spoken Book on Germ Dis
eases free by mail Home treatment pro
vided With these facts before you the
IUce Medicil Society Invites jou to call
or write for chart
Rice Medical Society
Prof F R Rice F R S Manager Edtrsrd hff
M I Director E C Rat stow SI I Consultant
Offices 613 13th St N W
Office Hours 10 a in to 5 50 p m
Tuesthy Thursday Saturday Ereninss 033
to S Similars 10 to 12
Varieties representing ten
large vineyards Lar Mt
stock south of Xew York
Quality House
I Phone HIS
Fire in n Brick Ynril
An overheated stove in the office ot Charles R
Monroes brick jard at the corner of Twcntietlt
and It Street southeast jMtcrilay ahernoon tt
fire to the building which was damaged to the
extent of 100 The firemen responded lo a local
alarm and extinguished the flames
The Ilcntb Itccoril
The following ileatlis for twenty four hours were
reported at the Health Department up to noon
ttrtlay lame Shedrtch 73 jfnra Ann it raugett
07 jears John Mainins 67 years Chatlc K
Shrjock C6 jean Mathia Oeho 57 years Mar
Ingram 51 jear Mary Marciau 31 years Xellle
Amle 31 car Mar- K Pornmcrvillc 27 jears
Albert luj Carpenter 20 year Ethel I Oatts
7 cari Joseph Irad I yean Thome Katev
4 vears Charles Walker 2 jears Klizabcth
loiiie YHnn 2 ilivs Samuel Ralph Simmons 1
jear William Wells 1 da
Miirrlnce Llceimen Iwxuetl
Marriage liccaes were lisued yesterday to Na
thaniel Waters aril Cornelia Virginia Illaclmorc
Rudolph Strother and Rebecca Brooks John A
telliy anil hhiabeth Allen John F Roland
and Lottie A Mmrbon both of Giesuoro I C
Morris penccr ami Chant Warlev Charles VT
Pur and Lula M Grantham Charles Hell and
u tori J Mostn Joseph T and Ma V
Malier James K llraily Tinted States nn and
Mabel Hornot District of Columbia Altiert C
hurgcx and Margaret tanlnir Micliael J Dun
nigati ami I llbati f 1restele Martin L Harper
and Mar f McCaule
SAVES Liquid aPowtfer
TEETH ZveryMgfo
MFVV I7F1 JU LIQUID octt POYiDER eof pqbox zat ny city
not cured br doctor U V5ffr2 mABK A mten euinntee proa and mouer return
knownreraeMtoearwit6oatinorrtiori 2if for SlC0br mail swl lor tree circular a4
i iin nit ueri k iirniiiurTii nir w rT -
na mm wriwv a at Man muw -
for rale by EmVAItD STFt ESS Ninth Str t nd renniylwnU Areppe
475 for larsro
Oak GhitTonlor
worth 700
S650 for Hat
Box Chiffonier
worth 900
S975 for hand
some Chiffonier
with beveled
plato mirror
worth 81400
Mayer Pettit
415 417 7th St
l qt Jars N O Molasses 12c j
1 qt jars Jellr M J
1 dozen bores Matches 5c J
Pyles Olelnc Soap 4C1
Pyles Old Time Soap 24 J
Best Gloss Starch 4tjeJ
H lb box Ball Blue 5c
It eot only a fraction ot the amount
of Coal It males a quick hot fire There
is not a bit of waste erery ounce la burn
23 bushels Larpe Coke dellTered f200
10 bushels Large Cole dclrrered 290
CO bushels Large Coke ddirered HIS
S bushels Crushed Coke delhrered -
M bushels Crushed Cokr deliTered370
60 bushels Crushed Coke delivered 538i
413 Tenth Street N W
Get a
and leep jour IawB
looking slick and neat
by trimming the edjea
along the fence and pare
ment every time jou
mow the grass 7Rn
Special Price Ob
Book Rack
Solid oak Book lo
Rack 3 ft wide fl 4o
5 ft high with 1LW
folding shelves
Walker Burks
1013 1015 7th St N W
ZEH 702 llth St
Complete Uomefumlshers
001 003 Seroith EL
Cerner I j St
s AUfNV JVW tllllw tSA
Genuine stamped CCC Never sold In bcK
Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
something Just as good
Among Hi rot treating exhibit
at the late Tails Exposition wj a
fine display of llorfik Air Cushion
Truartt of all inds rapporter
and various appliances for men
women and children from 1221
F St W wbich took the high
eat award over all competitors
American and foreign The Rorlck
Air Cushion Truss Company lead
the orIJ fwo weeks trial Twt
yetrs guarantee Catalogue and
consultation free 1224 F SL X
tnntant Relef - In t erer returns IwtH
rlaiilT aend to any sufferer In a plain iwalmi envelope
rUKEa prvscrlt tion with full dirrrtioiu Uv a quick
priTate cure fur Lnot Manhood Melit errtUS
bebdity Small Weak larts anrwr le etc AdJtvss
B Wright Music Dealer Box 7M Marshall Mich
au m
Maatiaa tola paper
Phone 1254
for Beer
II rs Yaii Srs Tirat riscles CoprCobrc4 SpoU Icbit C1J
ItaiCIOU SornBi jj ti ti Hu rsBun Writs
for proofs ot innu s solicit tbs moet obtUnus
ease m bsTocursJ th wort casaninlS toSSdirs
ralttW0l lmirar book tKEK No hrsnch oOosI
1651 Masonic TbdxdIc Chicago 111
AV v CriitasT i llnlr Ceio
to P dU cmCuEsTKirRiisn
with blot ribbon TaLe other Uefca
UVlllla UK J lsnltjfe
tla Boyf jMrDraeiUL or nl
lumri tor VmrtttnUrw TeMtaaoiilala
aw Keller r w
laraMall lMOTUwail 8Ub
- - --
12 quart bottles rt tHWsh
Inirton BrewiDe Cs Ismoas
Golden Hod Beer It D
Urcred la imiciicrta

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