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Evidence Adduced Yesterday of a
Docuincntiry Character
nrnl Itc lld lij ClerL
f he riintc Cinitilttc Iifent
Cil IlciHtiiiiP Mntc iiieit lit Ie
fence- ttf Hie AcciiKiit Icm nf IiiiU 4
With comparatively few spectator not
withstanding the Importance of the mat
ter undi r Ir estimation the Senate com
mittee o which were referred the charges
iFalii t Ileut Col 11 O S Helrtaml
conencd estcrdav morning startincr at
11 o clock at the Capitol The court will
continue In session at the Capitol for an
indellnltc period In th ImcstlKatlon of
what Is known as the hemp combine
scandal The numbers of the Senate In-
cstfiratlnrr commttttce before whom the
mutter Is belns entllaled arc Senators
Hawlcy Iroctor Burrows Cockrell and
Harris Senator Haw le was made chair
man of the committee The session was
held In the committee room of the Sen
ate Committee on illlltarj Affairs Lieut
Col II O S Helstand whose conduct Is
under investigating is a well known army
officer and Assistant Adjutant General
of the United States Army Major Hawks
a former olunteer olllcer and ex-Inspector
of customs at Manila I I is the
author of the charges Both were present
at the session
Promptly at 10 oclock the arlous
members of the sub committee together
with the clerks and stenographers began
to arrhe and by 11 o clock all was In
readiness for the hearing Before calling
the session to order Chairman Ilanlcy
called the committee into executive ses
sion with a view to determining whether
or not to allow the general public admis
sion into the court room It was iinally
decided however that none but those in
terested In the investigation and mem
bers of the press should be cntltlc d to
At 1130 oclock Chairman Hawley an
nounced the readiness of the committee
to take up the first days work Before pro
ceeding with business Major Hawks the
accuser of Lieutenant Colonel Helstand
was asked whether or not he desired
counsel and upon replying in the
ative was given the liberty to secure the
assistance of an atornej Major liawks
took advantage of the privilege and pre
sented as his counsel Crandall Mackey
fonvflom he telephoned Lieutenant Col
onel Helstand who arrived at the Capl ol
carl was represented b Charles W
The enquiry began formally w hen Major
Huxford the clerk to the committee read
the resolution introduced by Senitor Iet
tlgrew authorizing the investigation
Major Huxford then read the various
letters sent the War Department by the
committee asking for all data bearing
upon the subject the reply of the Secre
tary of War together with the sending
of official documents The clerk then read
letters from various high officials
throughout the country endorsing Major
Hawks candldacj for the position of
major in command of the Tenth Volun
teer Immunes together with all corre
spondence relating to his orders In the
rhilipplncs and the revocation of his ap
pointment by Secretary Root Among the
papers read by Major Huxford were the
ones containing the charges preferred
ogainst Lieutenant Colonel Helstand by
Major Hawks In which Major Hawks
charged Colonel Helstand with conduct
unbecoming an officer and a gentleman
hy reason of his having engaged In a
combination to control the output of hemp
in Manila and representing that Messrs
Melklejohn Corbln Bojd and Allen were
engaged with him
In speaking of his accuser In his reply
to the charges Lieutenant Colonel Hel
stand stated that he first became ac
quainted with Major Hawks when he
was an applicant for a position as major
in the volunteer service the latter being
Introduced to him by men of honor and
Integrity The accused officer stated
that shortly after Major Hawks had been
mustered out of the service an effort was
made to Incorporate a company for en
gaging In the hemp buslnets in the isl
ands and for the manufacture of hemp
ropes with modern machinery at or near
the city of Manila In his statement of
defence Lieutenant Colonel Helstand savs
The proposed enterprise was In my
opinion a perfectly honorable and legal
one In which any person might engage
1 made no secret of my prospective con
nection therewith and frequently spoke of
Jt to my friends in the War Department
Lieutenant Colonel Helstand added that
before long the Idea of forming the en
terprise was abandoned so far as he was
concerned owing to the Inability to se
cure funds and he went abroad Upon
arriving In Europe Lieutenant Colonel
Helstand savs he received a letter from
Major Hawks making a demand upon
him for money He sas
Through an attorney he presented a
bill for J1SS3 but as he was not an em
ploye but an Interested party In the con
cern I believed he had no right to the
money beyond his actual expenses In
fact I regarded his charge as excessive
Lieutenant Colonel Helstand said that
the major stated he would bring suit
should he not secure the money and as
he could not have spared the time nor
loss of money in attending court he au
thorized his attorneys to make a settle
ment with Major Hawks Lieutenant
Colonel Heistands statement continues
He accepted and signed a release In
full satisfaction and discharge of all
claims and demands whatsoever and a
copy of the same is herewith attached
Since the date of that settlement I have
not communicated with him but some
time afterward learned that he had been
cppolnted entirely without my knowl
edge to a rosltltm connected with the
cuhtoms service in the ll and
was subsequently discharged
Upon thecvevof leaving Paris for the
Orient I was surprised to receive from
him a letter with Copies of his appoint
ment and levocatlou of the same which
would havcjhtlu lo Inter--- for me fur
ther than evidence- that he hid been ible
to Impose for a short time upon Mmt one
else had it not bed for the threatening
tone of thu letter a id the effrontery to in
anv manner connect mj settle
ment with his appointment in
the Philippine with him and the un
blushing manner in which he therein
boasts of the falsehood and deception by
which hi secured the settlement 1 for
waided the letter and Its enclosure to my
I am informed also lint he has gone
personaII to mv friends and 4 ven had
the indteencj to take advantage of m
il sercc and impose upon wife at htr
home and m ike representations threats
and demands us above
At the conclusion of the reading of a
letter bv Hawks to Iieutcnint Colonel
Helstand It was after 1 oclock in the
afternoon and upon n motion of Senator
Burrows the committee aeljourned lor
luncheon until 2 oclock At 2 oclock the
session was rcsurnccl anil Major llawKs
was given an opportunity to read to the
members of the committee various let
ters written to him by Jleutenant Colo
nel Helstand regarding the proposed es
tablishment of a hemp factory In Manilt
There was nothing of unusual imortnncej
or interest duilng the rest ef the session
the entire time being given over to M ejor
Hawks for the reading of person il letters
copies of which he lrid retained
sjome little discussion was entered into
bv Mr Ncedham Lieutenant Colonel
Helstand s attorncv -and Major Hawks
regarding a set of pamphlets which
Major llewks stated had been sent him
by Colonel Hi Island relative to the tariff
in the Philippines When asked to pro
duce the letter which he sent Lieutenant
Colonel Heistaml Major Hawks replied
that he had turned all the original manu
scripts over to the armv officers counsel
whereupon Senator Cockrell ordered Mr
Nte dham to produce all letters In court
which that gentleman stateil he vvoukL
No little discussion was started shortly
alterward by Major Hawks statiner that
Lieutenant Colonel HeWtand had inform
ed him that he Heisland had sent a
cablcqram to General Oti asking infor
mation reganling a site for the proposed
factory Major Hawks further stated
that he receiveel a ltter from Helstand
containing a copy of the cablegram giving
the army officer Information regarding
ci rtaln sites
Ilie major then told of hiving escorted
it li JncKson a uircngo civil engimer
to the war uepirtment anil naving in
troduced him to Helstand in tint officials
office where Helstand he alleged out
lineel his plans toward forming the hemp
concern At this time Major Hawks
stated Mr Jackson with whom he
was ver well aoqualntc d took out his
note book anel jotted down therein the
names of people given him b Lieutenant
Colonel Helstand whom that official
claimed was Interested in the affair When
asked by Senator Burrows regarding the
date of the occurrence Ma jrtr Hawks
ald he could not remember bit thought
It was some time In Mav He slated how
ever that he lntendid having Mr Jack
sou summoned as a witness
At 5 o clock the elavs session was ad
journed until 10 oclock this morning
A IU Nprrntc Tncntjtltc Hound Go
AVI Hi Hum- SnIIIv mi
LOUISVILLE Sept 20 Kid Broad re
ceived the decision over Dave Sullivan
tonight after twenty rounds of bruis
ing fighting The mill took place before
the Southern Athletic Club In the Audi
torium before -1000 people tIm Hurst
was referee
During the whole of the fight Sullivan
showeel an aggressive spirit but he was
met at all points by Broad The fight was
straight Queensberry rules and Sullivan
received the most punishment The gong
saved Sullivan in the sixteenth seven
teenth and twenty second rounds when
he went down under Broads hammering
After the tenth round Sullivan showed
a dlsuosltlon to foul and when Broad
went down In the twenty first he claim
ed it was on a foul blow that was not al
lowed by Hurst Sullivan landed a blow
under Broads left ev In the thirteenth
raising a lump that had to be opened
At the end of the twentieth round there
were cries of draw but when the mill
went to the tvventv -fifth and the election
was given to Broad the crowd was sat
lToc Gnim KhocUh Out Joe Hnneller
With Eime
TRENTON N J Sept 30 -Joe Gins
the crack colored lightweight pugilist
found It comparatlvel easy to defeat Joe
Handler again In this city tonight The
end came In the first round and fvns so
decisive and clean cut that the large
crowd was amazed Good judges of pugi
lism argued that the bout which was for
twenty rounds would at least last half
the limit In view cf Handlers clever
performances of late he was expected to
give a good fight and his poor thowlng
was deplored by his friends who lost
hcavll on his defeat
Gang put up a masterly exhlbtlon He
was cool headed and skillful and cry
one of his blows landed The end tune
so unexpectedly that even Handlers sec
onds could not realize his downfall
Al Herford and a number of his Balti
more friends who attended the mil won
heavily on Cans Handler said after the
struggle that his tight tonight was not a
genuine lest He declares he lost through
sheer carelessness
Furniture to lie Auctioned
One of the finest displays of furniture
carpets mattings and other home needs
for the coming fall and winter seasons Is
now on display at 120 F Street formerly
occupied by the Julius Lnnsburgh Furni
ture Company This entire stock will go
on sale tod iy at auction Marcus Notes
the auctioneer of the sale predicts that It
will be one of the greatest money saving
chances of a lifetime and advises buers
to he on hand early when the sale starts
at 1030 a m today
I I 2 I X I I I I I
1219 F Street Northwest
desire to express our appreciation to our
many patrons and the public for Uu ir
many compliments and presence at the
opening of our new biifiiness home
The handsome testimonials of our patrons and
friends in providing Washington witli the finest and
most up-to-date exclusive Travelers and Fine Leather
Goods ITouse south of Philadelphia gives us much en
couragement and the belief that we shall have even
greater success than ever before
The very newest and finest Leather Goods obtain
able and the prices at which we shall offer them will
be our guarantee as to the future
Our opening continues all this week during which
time every article will be offeied at reduced prices
Come and see us
Factories on the Premises 1219 F Street J
llillllllll M
Paines Celery Compound
the National Remedy
Gndorscd by Leaders in Every
Walk of Life
Present Wonderful Demand the
Result of Merit
House of Representatives
Jeffert on City Mo Si pt 2 1001
AVells nichardson Co
Gentlemen ralnes celery compound Is
the great national fnmilyiremedy I can
cheerfully recommend IL- cry truly
Since the da when the great surgeon
and practltionei Prof Edward E Phelps
M D LL I announced the discovery
of the formula of Palnes celery compound
and Urn prescribed It with invariable sue
cess in cases of nervous prostration in
somnia Indigestion rheumatism and
other diseases that have their origin in a
disordered nervous system the demand
for this one remeely has gone on steadily
Increasing until today throughout every
civ llizcd countrv more bottles of the rem
edy are prescribed bv phyicluns and used
by those who are sick than of probably
all other prepareel remeelles combined
The formula of Palnes celery compound
which Prof Phelps freely gave to the
medical profession ranks In Importance
In the medical world with the antl toxlns
and anesthetics
Its discovery marks a new era in the
practice of medicine as the dlsccery of
ether marked a new era In the practice of
The above unsolicited testimonial from
the Hon Edward McKenny Is one of
thousands which might be published
In calling for Palnes celery compound
be sure that no quack medicine of pat
ented name Is palmed off on jou In Its
YcRterilnj K umnPR
St Louis 12 New York 4
St Louis 6 New York 5
Philadelphia 10 Cincinnati 2
Philadelphia 2 Cincinnati
IJoMon 5 Pittsburg 1
TmInN CiiiiieM
New York at St Louis
Boston at Pittsburg
Brooklvn at Chicago
Philadelphia at Cincinnati
IIimv the Clnbn Stand
Won Lost PCt
Pittsburg S7 43 W
Philadelphia ia W 5SS
llrookljn 77 M B7
St Louis 75 C3 53
Hoston 13 d 519
Chicago fcl 65 Sfl
New York K S2 SSS
Cincinnati HI S3 351
Qunkers 1oiiml lilt n Double
Ilendrr lit Clnelnnnti
CINCINNATI Sept SO Cincinnati
dropped two games to Philadelphia today
In the first game Phillips was batted nut
of the box in the llrst inning while Sut
hoff who succeeded him was easy In
the second game Helseman the recruit
was tried He was not hit hard but his
wlldness In the tlrst Inning cost the
game The contest was called at the end
of the eighth on account of darkness
The scores
11 HE
Philadelphia 30130003 0 10 7 0
Cincinnati 000001010291
Two base hits Dobbs Hnllman Beck
ley Thne base hit Hallman Home run
Flick Stolen bases Brown Thomas
Flick Delehanty Hallman Cross Double
play Magoon OBrien nnd Heckley
Struck out By Suthoff 2 by Orth 7
Bases on balls Off Suthoff 4 Hit by
pitcher By Phillips I by SuthofT 1
Passed ball Jacklltsch Attendance 1200
Time 1 hour and 40 minutes Umpires
Brown and Nash
I he SecoiidOivine
Philadelphia 2 0 0 00 0 0 0 2 7 0
Cincinnati 0100000 0 1 7 4
Two base hit nick Three base hit
Stelnfeldt Stoli n hase IFlarley Sacrifice
hits Cross Buy 2 Sttlnfelat Brown
Double plays Magoon O Uiien andBeck
Iey Bay mid Beckley Struck out By
Helseman 3 by White 3 Buses on balls
Off Helseman 2 off White 1 Wild
pitch White Time 1 hour nnd 35 min
utes Umpires Nash and Brown
The Ilrnten tlmilile to Score More
Til il ii Once
IlTTSnURG Sept 30
poor support and Clark changid his hat
ter In the fifth The fielding pickid up
but the brace came too late to be effec
tive Willis pitched well The score b
Pittsburg 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 01 G 5
Boston 012200000 5 9 3
Uatterles Doheny and Zlmmer Willis
and Moruu Two base hit Wngner Sac
rifice hits Long Tenney Rlckcrt Dou
ble pla Tenney and Long Wagner
Ritchey and Branslield DeMontre vllle
Ixing und Tenney Struck out Bv Poole
2 by Willis 1 Bases on balls Oft Do
heny 1 off Poole 1 off Willis 2 Wild
pitches Doheny 2 Hit lij pitcher- Lowe
Itltchey Umpire Emtlle Attendance
1 i Time of game- 1 hour und 45 min
ClirdlmilH Clone- the St Io ilx
Willi n Double llruilrr
ST LOUIS Spt 30 The National
League season closed hero today with a
double header between the Cardinals and
New Yorks fcrdii being taken by the local
agBregntlo i miking four straight The
patches up Giants proved to be veritable
pigmies nu they were outplayed at ever
point Joyce the Montre al yoAithpaw
and Smith a Becond baseman tWrled for
their respective teams in the lilltlul game
By agreement the second game was to
consist of but six innings With the score
standing 6 to In the last Inning und two
men on baBCn Jones drove a not one to
Wallace which was fielded to Padden
6 T
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unsc Mens Suits
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p IT
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chilla Overcoats
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5 cases containing Sample
Derbys and Fedoras In black Q CC
and brown j our choice each J
JicnB Soft Crush Hats aU A OC
forcln r Wall and the frame was over At
tendance 50u0 The scores
St LoulH 1 0 0 0 0 2 3 C x 12 21 5
New York 120100000403
Two luse lilts Wallace Krutjer Threo
liise hit Kroner Home run Smith
Sacrllio hit Donoan Double plaj
Wallice and Padden Stolen basts
Dals Stranir Murphy BurketU Hit by
pltdicr H Smith i by Joyce 1 Baits
on balls Off Jojte 3 off Smith 3 Struck
out Hv Jo-e- 1 bj Smith 4 1tft on
bises St Louis 11 New York S Time
of Kame 1 hour and 55 mlmiUs Umpire
Second Oniiie
St Louis OOCOOx CC2
New York 00200 35 72
Two base hit Hildrlck Threc biso
hit Wallace Home run Ganzel Ieft
on base- St Lonl1 3 New York 5
fatruck out By Murphy 1 by Jones 2
II imm on billi Off Murphv I o1 Jones
2 Wild illicit Jones Umpire Der
Time of game 1 hour and Jive
An AKtl niiK
Schwartz Telzman merchant tailor-
at fit and B07 Snnth Strict had an
aucplcious opt nlnfj jisterday The inttr
lor of the two bis stores wire handsomely
dciorntid with potted plants and Horn
pieces The counters and racl s were
laden with the cbolcext assortments of
forelKii and doniistic woolcis to suit the
man of stjle and cconoiny
Are You Playing tiie Races
tion furnlFlied on all the races liast and
Wist Sure winners handed out eery
d ly Come early and jet the benefit of
long shot today liio litst thins of the
je ar Terms 1 per dav or 3 per eek
Hours of hulnc x from 12 oclock to 3
cry day Itoom -5 lIANlMCAPItnt
Lawrence Hotel
Corner Plinth and E Streets
UntricN nt inn et ml
on 1FSEM pt SO nntnw for tomor
rows races
First race For two- ear old handicap about
six furlonss Cold 120 Lad Oodl a OS
whitneis emrj Tribes 11111 109 Lord Orcr
1enteco t 110 Iloro Pomona 101 Tar
lonce 101 Srlaukc t Lady Stcrllns 83
I Second race For filluw and geldings three jcaM
oia nannicap one and one lticntn
JloinnBlde 12C Itondy 115 Wiitncs entrj
Janice 121 Templeton 115 Af nra I 11 Bar
bara iTiftcldc loo Anna llarhn M
Third race The Mikes for
and upv ard about ix furlon c
ath 109 Hraiid miuinIi 100 Kilogram 13
S nrrt Tooth 10s The MhAetecr 101 Bedecc
102 Paul Clifford 109 05 Hliitncvs enlrr
Fourth race For and upward
sflluif about six furloiiKS -satire 110
103 Ante t p Maria Bolton 100 Crite
rion 105 Anecdote 102 Milltjr 14 I cajrue
Iland 10 Ooldilla IK I ou Itcj 110 Nanlne
104 MiiR telle 05 Ills Ib jal UlghnooS D3 Bobs
Potcrte 111 Mr Fuis 103
Fifth lace Ior and upward
non w Inncrs at this mrtluc one and
inilt s Alf KM The Amazon
103 II McColm 101 Ulcngar 101 hinmllnic
I fcixlh T3CC For selllnc five end
j one half Hans Manner 107 Little Cot
I lot haloma 110 fxhalie n Crall Ollagen
1 ill nil Hank 107 Pride of surrej W Fran-
ccs o 107 Locket 104 Caavllle 07 Face Blue
Mantle 102 Cornwall 103
First race nlulnrj i e itrj Tribes Hill Lady
Sccend hitnc s cntrv Janice Barbara
Third race Kilogram Bedpath XMutaejs cli
fourth raee Potcnte Satire Military
Hfth race he Amazon Alfred Varprave Kin
S11I1 rate Olljfacn City Bank Irancesco
Ilnrlen ItPHnlts
HUILEM Sept 30 Kuaiilts of todays races
trick fast
First race For three-rear-olds and upward
selling six furlonj s In ma IS Dean 1 to 1
on Coburn 4 to 1 second IrLh
Jewell ninMcld 4 to 1 third Time 113 4 5
Second race For four and one
half fiirloiijrs lar is UinkfltM 0 to l won
Callantne Otis 4 to 1 second Coacoa ilicLs
10 to 1 third Time 0 53 2 5
Thrd race For and upward
ii furlonKs Sharp Bird I rktnrutli
ecn won Banco BasInzer 4 to 1 second
Illial Dare HobertsoiO 5 to 2 third Time
1 13 2 5
Fourth rare OaV Park IrjniUean for
tar ulds one mile and a furlorur Silurian J
alsii i to t won it MHHiter hnislit even
stexmd I eo ewell Cohlirn C to 5 third
Time 152 2 5
Fifth race For three-rear-olds and uprard
one mile St larccM Knflit 3 to 2 won
ltollini Boer robtirn 0 tu 5 second Orontaa
Blake 10 to I third Time 139 1 5
Sixth race For and upward
sll 11 r one mile Ifred C Blake 4 tn 1
won Captain liamm Birkerruth 3 to 1 sec
ond Kveltn Bjrd Otis 4 to 1 third Time
race For anj upward
bellintr one mile Canoa Knight 5 ti 1 won
H Chor lti 2 to 1 second J II Barius
Ulce S to 1 third Time 1 11U
IlifrleB nt Iliirlem
HARIKM Sept 3 Entries tor tomorrows
First rare For two-year-old maidens fillies
six furloniis Bessie Spahr Appa 115 nii
Dance Jean Kaphael Corime Unland Blue
Mint Mary Pine Prue Here Bab Hall 111
Step Onward The Mewarde a Luc Locket 103
Second raci For three-year-olds and upward
seven furlonirs Taurus 112 Helen Paxton Kun
ja Ceort ie Hi Xocker Pay Tlie Fiddler Goal
ltunnr Little Jack Horner 100 Boomerack
nn Zollcrn Johnnie McCartv Plffeon Post
Henry Bert 107 Benckart Light Ball Angea
Third race Fcr all aes seen furlongs Con
falon lf5 Sevo llae Gyle Tom Klnrley Hrad
wmter 105 Constcllator 101 Senator Beveridge
J DeBoe 102 Ben Battle My Cblcken
Bausli aush Gene 10O Amirante 82
Fourth raee For four-year-old and upward
one and one eiehtli mPes Pink Coat lOri Ma
lay 97 Strangest 96 Orlie OBrien 93
tilth race For two-year-olds sellii fire
and one half furlociis Fmathion 109 Our Pride
PH Has Tag 102 Landiecr 101 Handsome Man
100 Ccreda Irmas Choice 69 Dodie S SanU
Teresa 98 Fade Men John II Carr Miss
Huire Lyseth S5 John A Clarke 100
Sixth race For thrccyear olds selling one
mile IKirothr lee Monos 101 Judze Itedwine
101 Bonnie Lisiak Hasvla3 100 Hylo Adelante
97 Vmorco Arachue Imma C L Flc etwlncr
91 John ilcCurk Zack Phelps 91 Unile Tom
seventh race For three-year-old and upward
selling one mile w hanjrdoodie 104 Guy II
101 Carlovisman - Zara Bur Iijun 94 Red
Apple 7 f B Campbell 95 Hanswurst Wood
slick Faraday jr 92 Frank M Little Low
h as Darline Give All Pencil Me 9
Harlem clectlon i
First race Step Onward Baby Hall Lucy
S coml race Henry Bert Hi Xocker Jchnrjy
Tlurd race Headwater Gcnfalon Tom
Fourth race Pink Coat Charlie OBrien iTa
lifth race LancLeer Lysbeth Podie S
ixtli race Bonnie Lcvsak Monos Emms C L
Seventh race Guy IL C B Campbell Farra
ca jr
I have used your Sozodont dally for
fifteen 5 ears It is useless for any person
to try to sell mo a substitute j
after so long and satisfactory
results Two sizes 75c and i
2 DC
Tor nt Teeth xttf rrMll
Hall Buckcl Proprietors X Y City

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