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The Busy Corner Market Space
Colli Acxlthcr mid VTisruee of Hull
ctm friiKiieml luhllr I3tIticntioii
On account of the cold weather it be
came necessar for the Superintendent of
Schools esierda morning to close five of
the District schools because the heating
apparatus of the buildings were not ready
for use The schools closed were the
Force Henry Peabodv Stevens and the
According to a report made by the Sec
retar of the Board of Education to Com
missioner Macfariard hp roums wcr so
cold yesterdav morning as to endanger
the health of the pupils and it was de
cided to suspend school until arrange
ments could be made for heating the
jooms or until the weather should grow
The matter was referred by Commis
sioner JIacfarland to the Engineer De
partment to ascertain what steps could
be taken to heat the buildings In case of
the continued low temperature Captain
Beach the Engineer Commissioner
Etated that the reason why the heating
apparatus Is not In place Is that con
tracts were cntrcd Into after the llrst
of July to place new boilers In the
crhcol buildings mentioned The time for
the completion of the contract Is So
v ember 1 the records showing that the
cchobl houses have not usuall been
heated be fore that time He stated that
tho present cold snap was in a sense un
precedented and had caught the schools
wltho it boilers In ppec Captain Beach
Etateel that new bolleia are being in
stated In the buildings mentioned and
will be rend befoie Xov ember 1
Captain Beach stated further that ar
rangements would be made immediate
lo plat lemuorar boilers in these build
ings rr that they could be heated sufl
clent while the contract work 13 b
competed He said it would be nces
fcaiy to set up small portable boilers
which could be doue quick He antici
pated that no more than two or three
das will b required to make these ar
rangements when the schools can open
DIxchnrKfd Irniu a Soldiers Ilimu
for Miillcnlni
John C Smith a veteran of the civil
tv far has been ejected from the Soldiers
Home at Leavenworth Kan because of
disrespectful lancuage dlree ted toward the
late President McKlnle The actio was
taken bv the governor of the home after
the matler had bti n reported to him and
thorough lnv estfRt d
Smith was formTlly a member of Com
pany F Fifty fourth Indiana Infantry
and was granted a pension December K
1SG3 at a month until September 7 3S70
when he secured an increase to JS June 4
3877 the pension was discontinued be
cause the disablllt had ceased Under
the act of June 27 3W he was granted
another penslon September 12 1W1 at 6
a month from Februar 23 31S3 Ss a
month from March 3s 1H7 and 12 a
month fom Detxrabi r 27 J M
Vnderthls grant he received back pay
amounting to ntarl 700 On receiving
the notice of the grant he is said to have
used the languuge regarding the late
President which ci sed his dl th irge
from the home
v U9 Vt W W a
Pure Confections
GockI judges of Iion bonn are our best rustomfrs No store In
this city Ins qualities lint comiiri with ours Our business Is large
because we chance such moderate lirlcs for such remarkable candle Its a
pleasure and gratification to those that re reguhd with the choice flivors and
smooth delklous cosi trrij of our chocolates bon bons creams caramels
etc Tresh ecrj da at 39c and 1 c per pound
First floor mld waj of the store
esial Purchase of Portiere
fcS pairs of portlerc all 31 3 jards lone ill full width thej Include mercer-
ircfi ottoman rep ieru onenni uaijuau anu iiinirj mt j tie u iiruiuua
turers accumulation of from 2 to S pairs alike all bought to sell
for one uric none worth Iss than Jo son uid sorm 17 and
some ten Si tho art all put on the eame basis at per piir
Sfi and GO Inch wide Bleached
Cream Table Damask with a
range of prelt patterns the
price per yard
OG lnch wide Cream Irifh Ta
ble Damask assorted patterns
and designs lowlj priced at
per jard
Kxtra hcaj Cream Irish
Damask 70 inches wide er
weiuht and durable this
qualit Is specially priced at
Extra hcaw Silver Bleached Ger
man Table Damask inches wide
32 choice patterns i tend of Of
75c wp haw made the price SX
This department Is located hi the old
One of our Market Space windows has ac hiblt of same which will
gic ou a cr good idea of these manj ittrntic ilrnperks
IVIore New Linen Values
From our Standard Household and Table Iinrn Deportment
mercantile power Is demonstrated In these prices
Our Imincible
Extn special alue in fine Bleached
Scoten Damask of viperlor weight
quality and finish the patterns are
nil new and the width Is S jpf
Inches kind usual sold at SI J
per ard special J
Pine Bleached Irish Double Satin
Damnsk c faint choioe open bprder
patterns full 2 arils f
wide silling tegubiin at i I Ef I
133 per rd spcei ll w
A e can gi ou Vapl ins made of
the same tloth c lm lies
Muare to match an pit
tern at per dozen
quarters ilrstfloor section SI
fFrom the IHiSSsnery Section
The m that birds of a feather will flock togetlii r Jn this case Its differ
ent We offer todax
Samples from seera manufacturers showing the different stles an J quali
ties and prices of the f athcr tribe who have neer known to commingle with
other during their n ltural existence and Mt the are bunched hra ap one
Thcv consist of fane feathers breasts wings quills and high class novelties
In all fane colors as well as black divided into the following lots
Iot 3 Showing a big assort
ment of lane featln rs worth
25ci selling at
Lot 2 Showing a big asort
merit of fane fcattnrs worth
He for
Lot X Showing a jyll dis
plaed lot of fano Jeatlurs
worth 50c and 7 for
Lot Showlng a line of
high cost fane feathers
worth c and SI 23 for
Our milliner parlor Is on the second floor The old location
iScloths LinoSeums and Rugs
I3ver housekeeper is thinking about these home t ecessltles just about now
and we are thinking about ou at the same time Our offering toda Is one
which should appeal to those who are looking for fljor coverlng and rugs
AVe offer 50 rolls of floor Oil Cloths
In all widths aampit pieces patterns
arc mosaic marble and fan
ciesits a qualit worth C9c fEi
elsewhere offered here at per v
yard -
100 rolls of extra heavy floor Oil
Cloth the are what the manufactur
ers call drop patterns the are taken
out oi tne regular line out we
guarantee ever ard perfect npf
- 35
onerea at
25 rolls of qaalitv
13 rioor Linoleum
patterns A fC
dark and light
regular selling price per ard lU
Is 60c offered at X
20 rolls of er much heavier Floor
I Inolcura In width of E l the r fC
regular price of which Is
per square ard -our price Is
Ths department Js on the third floor
35 rolls or best quality Floor Lino
leumstanch as leather inlaid tiling
patterns suitalle for vesti
bules and bath rooms instead Bpr
txf 1 S- n nrl Itlfii of 75 V
square ard
R rolls of heavy 3 4 Inch thick In
laid Linoleum 2 yards
wide regular price Tier
square ard J20 Special
500 All wool Smrna
Kugs size SO b CO the
price Is made ver spe
cial at
100 Cotton ingrain Art
si7e 2 Dy j
price Is also
special at
London E Moquet Rugs ever
aginaoie pattern on ngnt
and dark colorings the
size Is 30 by CO ver
clal at
ards this e- fQ
made tr j JX
new section take tfther elevator
To He Ill Ided When Gram Children
Bench Mnlurll
HIIam A MuKcnne jesterdaj offered
for urobate the last will of John V
Thompson The document Is dated Jul
5 1 ind was on deposit In the vaults
of th American Securlt and Trust Com
panv which the testator named as execu
tor and ttuste e of his estate
In the document the testator states that
he leaves his cutlrc estate to the execu
tor In trust to hold and to manage It
Is directed b the terms of the will that
the executor at tho end of each car
shall make an accounting of all rents in
come profits and revenues and after
deducting all costs and charges nnd alter
further deduitinff the amount paable to
his daughter Mary Ida Thompson and
further deductlngthercfrom the sum pa
able to his son Ross Thompson the
of the rents incomes and profits
shall be Invested In good safe and secure
Interest bearing or dyidend paing se
curities either in the nature of bonds and
stocks but not railway bonds or stocks
or notes secured by lrst deeds of trust or
mortgages on real estate in the District
of Columbia
It is directed that the executor shall
pa to Mao Ijja Thompson the testator s
daughter the sum of Sjceo amiuallv ir
equal quarter pajments duiirg her life
time or until the voungest of the ehll
dren of hi son Jtosj Thompson shall
rcich his majorit It Is directed fur
ther that thcMCCtitor shallvpajwito Boss
Thompson the sum of Sumo aniuall In
quarterly paimcnts during his natural
life or untilhis ioungest child chould
reach twentv one cars of age AS hen
the oungest child of Ms son shall come
of age the executer Is clirectiil to de
liver to Mar Ida Thompson and to Boss
Thompson and Jo tho child or children
of the kilter and to the survivor or sur
vivors of them al the estate of the tes
tator In equal shares
On the rf the -death of Boss
Thompson before Ills vuungest child ar
rives at the ago of a the- executor is in
structed to pa to the guardian of his
child or ihildrcn th sum of Jv an
nuall until the vourgest or them ar
rives at the age of mnturit - It Is farther
directed that the pjment of the 3J0
annult to his daughter and the to
his son or his sons children shall be
made by the executor solel by cheeks
or drafts drawn to the onler of eacli of
his children or grandchildren ns the
case may be and ri quiring their person il
endorsement No asgrment of the
whole or an part of sueh paments pro
vided to be made to them shall be recog
nized by the executor nor shall an
money lie prid by the executor In respect
to an assignment real or preti nded by
the childrm or grandchildren of any in
terest which the may be or may be
come entitled to under th provisions of
the will
The te statnr further sas that he has
made the hnusts mentioned after care
ful consldeiation with a ev ef pro
viding his children and the issue eif his
son Willi an Income and to prevent as
far as possible a wasting of the estate
He tin re fun directs that should any of
th persons n imcd as beneficl irles nt
tempt to contest jr set iside jni of the
provisions of the will such persons will
not lv entltlid to receive an part of his
iFtate and an bequests made them shall
b revoked
Thta erctt YereUble ViUlftcr tht prMcnptlon of s ftaoos Fit neb ph jueUn will quleklj
ran ron ot til nrru or diuuMof th nnoeraUTS crnauiiicb Lout siunlimid n
Iftonnlm Ialnie In Ui llnchz hrtnlual LiuUiIuui Arrfuui Itrltllllr
Iliuple Untnr to JIarr Exlianlnc lrulu Varicocele ntttl Com
iftllpHllou itfctpUlwiibl7ornicht rrvtenuquicknftwof diKharfic Trhicliifcot
erirfcrflfd toBnrmitotThco tnd all tbe horron of imtolnCT lIllDHVi ucu
thllTrth UnC3 t ItDCTiU etrnclhecB and rvforra rraiH wvikorfna Tlmreaiion saffrersara
ot Cord brr i bc aui niDtr per cent are tronbUd with Irofalltl CCII1HM u the on it
knova remlr to etr without an operation AAtratimoniala Awfittencnaracteienaot mnoof retanira
If ixboxelff OdtaJUrt a innanart core tlOOaboz aixforOO by mail fiend for frtw cirCDlaraod
UaUmonUlf Addrtaa A1 OL to har frntoUco Cat
Vor cal by FDWATID STTVrVS Xinth 8tr anrt rVrmrrlranU Avenue
The Quc tion of Opening 3Ioiri
Joad in Aiiacoxlii
tllijl pllfins to KidinllnK tin I Imr
oiiKliflirck llevoilil IiftieUtli Stre et
Suppression of Aeils lnrroM
1 he- Mildlcrs Honii tVimterj
Jerome DIebs and a large number of
other re sldi nts and propert holders alonR
the line of the proposed Improvement
hivi united in a petition to the Commis
sioners to InstUute condemnation pro
ceedings and to open Morris road In Ana
costl i from Nichols Avenue to the Hamil
ton Jload The pitltioners say tint the
proposed improvement will be of ETeat
aelvantaxc to the public as well as to the
propert holders most interested The
sa that tlicr Is a large territor adjoin
ing Anacosti i er near the ell that
cannot be re icheel without great dlllicult
owing to the lack of ro id facilities
Tor this reason the petitioners are of
the opinion that a beginning ought to be
made in this direction at the earliest
possible moment as the territor referred
to is partleularl adapted to the building
of homes at moderate cost and the opin
ion Is expressed tint it would rapldl de
velop if the road accommodations could
b secured
W 1 Richard assistant engineer In
reporting upon the project set forth In
the petition encloses a map of the per
manent sfem of hlghvas In the vlcln
lt of Mo ris Jload This road accord
ing to his at one time connected
Nichols Av Tue and the Hamilton Jtoad
hut It has alwas been In an impassable
condition On account of its poor topo
graphical situation ilr Ilichards sas It
was abandoned In great part b the street
etenslon plans of the Tourth Section
being retained only from Nichols avenue
to 1 ifteenth Street Mr Richards states
that this portion of the road Is only 33
feet wide and Is intended to be widened to
M feet
One connection conti mes the report
now laid elown between Nichols Avenue
and Hamilton Road Is by wa of Morris
Ro id Fifteenth Street and Staunton
Avenue- the grades being much more Xa
orable over Ihe latter route than over
the fornvr An lmpr ement to be made
to Morris Road can onl he local In char
acter as it would be limited to the section
between Nichols Avenue and Ilfteenth
The Commissioners have approved this
report and the petitioners will be In
formed in accordance therewith
The Attorne for the District h is sub
mitted to the Commissioners an opinion
upon the feasibility of the ndoption of a
police regulation prcveitlng the keeping
of nols parrots Durinsjhe past ear
or so the Commissioners have received
numerous complaints from residents of
the District against the noise made by
parrots These complaints Were so per
sistent that the Commissioners tinall re
quested their Attorney to aelvlse them
whether the are authorized b law to
promulgate and enforce a regulation
against the nuisance caused b these
birds In refetence to the matter the At
torney says
It appears that from time to time
complaints have been- made respecting
this matter and that the acting prosecut
ing attorne in the Police Court also call
ed the attention of the Commissioners
thereto la a communication dated Jul 31
3W1 suggesting the propriety of 1 police
regulation on the subject
The Commissioners are authorized by
the joint resolution of Congress approved
February 6 1S32 to make and enforce
such reasonable and usual poliee regula
tions as they ma deem necessar for
the nrotectlon of the comfort and uulet
of all persons within the District
Under this authorlt the Commission
ers have made the follow ins policeregu
Article VIJ Section 4 3so person shall
keep within the District of Columbia
anv fowl which b crowing cackling or
in anv other manner shall disturb the
comfort and quiet of an neighborhood
This regulation nas cecre rcpeaicui en
forced In the IoIIee Court and I see no
reason vvhv us terms ma not oe en
larged so as to cover the matter com
plained of This can be done b Inserting
after the word fowl In line two the
words narrot or bird and bv Inserting
after the word cackling In line three the
words talking or singing so that article
VII section 4 will read as follows
No person h ill keep within the Dis
trict of Columbia an fowl parrot or
1 Ird which b eroiIng cackling talking
singing or In an other manner shall dis
turb the comfort and ejulet of an neigh
Andrew 13 Duvall the Attorne for the
District has sent to the Commissioners
an opinion as to the bearing of the laws
of the District of Columbia upon the Na
tional Cemeter at the Soldiers Home
The queiion was raised li n Communica
tion to the Commissioners ifom Major T
J3 True depot eiuartermastcr I S
Army who suggesteel that th provisions
of the act of Congress for the regula
tion of cemeteries In the District approv
ed January 15 1S38 did not appl to the
National Cemeter on the grourds of the
Soldiers Home
It appears s ns the Attorne that
on September 25 1S0I the superintendent
of the National Cemeter at the Soldiers
Home was notlllcd b the Health Olheer
to file with the Survejor of the District
of Columbia a plat of said cemi tor In
accordance with the act
of Congress The act regulates not only
cemeteries but also the disposal of diad
bodies In the District of Columbia
Among its provisions is a requirement
contained In section 3 that a i Lit if
such remetel shoeing the arei so oi
vided the division Into lots and tin num
her of such hus shall be lileel in the of
lice of ihe Survcor of the Ditr t
The said acl of Congress loututns a
comprehensive system for the regulation
of all the subjects embraced within its
title it contains no exceptions In itspe et
hereto oemptlng from Its operation un
part of the territory of the District of
Columbia and th objects sought to be
attained arc manlfestl not confined to
an part of said terrhor
11 will be observed that these require
ment are not contained In a police regu
latlon promulgated b the Commlsioncrs
but in an act of the 1tdrral Centres r
latmg to the entire Iistrict ot Colum
bia over which it his exclusivi jurisdic
It was of course within the provlnci
of Congress If It chose so to do to ex
empt the Nation il Cemeter at the Sol
diers Home from the oneration of this
net but It did not do so
I am thi rcfore of the opinion that
the provisions of said act of Congf ss re
late to the silcl cemeter
13dward A Mosele Secrttar of
Interstate eomrneree Commission re
ef ntl wiotc to the Commisslom e dling
their attention to thi condition of the
hlghwDs In the vicinity of Kmlworth
and requesting that the improvumnt of
thesis roads 1m considered In connection
vlth the making up of the istimat s to
be sent to Congress this enr Mr
states that from personal
In using the Anacostla Road liil ne
can describe It only b saIng that h Is in
a horrible condition Hi sas ih t shhc
building the Kenllwortb extension nf the
electric railroad necessratlng tin grill
ing of the road and the oci upillo l ot ti
road for a part of the wa b the r nlr iad
compin It his become almost iirr si
ble to uc the road espcclall n the
leiinslvanla Railroad Coinpn s m
plocs are using It to Jraw he i v in ms
of gravel
Mr Muscle also calls atlei tlon to the
conditions i xlstlng vvheie the electile rail
road runs under the tr ick of the 1enn
Slvnnia Railroad on the branch li iding
to ClHsapeukc Junction He sis tint
persons driving along there cannot sec
the cars and that s rlous accidents are
likely to occur tnere Hi thinks that as a
measure of safety the ro id at that point
ought to be widened and straightened so
as to avoid a close proximity to the elec
tric ears lie sas tne road Is also with
out light which renders the locality
spoken of especially dangerous nt night
Capt H C Newcomer Assistant to tho
Engineer Commissioner and In charge of
tht Surface Division In reporting upon
the matter recommends that such work
a may be deemed advisable on the Ana
costla Road near Kenllworth be done un
der the Item which It Is now proposed to
Include In the forthcoming estlmites for
the grading mid mnend imlzlng of the
llennlng and Anacostla roads
The Commissioners recently received a
communication from Miss M V Dorsey
of 12W Hlghtcenth Street northwest rela
tive to the installation of a meter In the
house occupied b ier She states thnt
she Ins received legil advice and that
she has no right to place a meter In the
house it being rented propert She re
fers the Commissioners to the owner of
tho propert who is John S Glttlngs of
The case of Miss Dorsey was before the
Commissioners some time ago on com
plaint from her against nn excessive
water bill presented for iament An
Investigation folio a j and It was ascer
tained that the house being occupied as
a boarding school came within tho pur
view of the law and that the bilLtcn
eVred was coirect She was Informed
that Inasmuch as the bill was aliove 23
she was entitled to a meter and to pay
for the actual amount ir water used
The last letter ot Miss Dorsey was re
ferred to tho Water Department und
Captain Chester Harding assistant to
the Engineer Commissioner now reports
his recommendation that a bill accord
ing to the schedule rates bi sent to Miss
Dnisfv with the information that as
she is the consumer tho District looks i
to her for mi ment unless she nrefers to I
have a meter Installed as before stated
to her Captain Harding states that the
meter will be furnished by tho District
and that the only expenses to be In
curred by her will bo the cost of In
These recommendations the Commis
sioners have approved nnd Miss Dorsey
will be informed nccordh gly
Robert Dutton Chief Erglneer of
tho Fire Department has forw irtied to
the Commissioners a report of tho opera
tions or his ofllce for the month of Sep
tember He states that there were
bell alarm- sounded during the
month of which one was false Accord
ing to the report the twcnt three alarms
entailed a loss of J17S3 covered by an In
surance of 930 Besides the bell alarms
there were nine local or silent alarms and
the report shows that these Ilres caused
losses amounting to with an insur
ance of 10
Of the thirt two alarms occurring
during the month two only reached ad
joining property and In both caes had
done so before the arrival f tho appa
ratus The other fires were conllned to
the buildings In and to the lloors on
which they originated
There avere several casualties during
the month Three of the persons Injured
were members of the Fire Department
who were hurt by the breaking of the
front axle of Reserve Truck A while that
apparatus was responding to a lire on
the morning of September 27 Their in
juries were not serious
From the report or the Fln Marshal it
is le irncil that the total losies by lire
for the three months of the pieseut fiscal
vcar have been 10 3171 distributed as follows-
August 17X3 Jul J6S70 and
September The insurance for the
three months was 7S23 The number of
bell alarms hav been S7 or 3S in July
25 in August nnd 21 In September The
local alarms were 2 In July 1C In August
and 3 In September
Capt Tensing II Beach the Engineer
Commissioner esterday forwarded to his
associates the following recommendation
That section 2S of the plumbing regula
tions entitled brick pavement repairs be
amended by striking out the whole of said
section after the title and inserting In
lieu thereof the following
Section 2S After the filling of nny
trench in a brick sidewalk the earth shall
be thoroughlv rammed and made flush
with the surrounding sidewalk The side
walk will then be relaid by the District
of Columbia and a charge of 3 cents per
square foot and 1 cent for each brick lost
will be made against the deposit referred
to In sex tlon ITi to cover the cost of the
work and maintenance In the same man
ner as Is provided for in said section 27
for repairs to otlfer pav ements
This action was taken at the Instance of
W It Iapbim m charge of cuts who
recently made th recommendation em
bodied In the llroposed amendn cnt In a
report to thn nnglier Commissioner
This report was refcrreal to the Surface
Division and was approved by the Cotn
nuting Engineer and was afterward ap
proved by tho Inspector of Plumbing
A few davs ago the Commissioners re
ceives an anonmous letter relative to
the establishment of a liquor saloon on
the eorner forming the Junction of Flor
ida Avenue T velfth and K Streets north-
ast It was stated in the letter that an-
otuer saloon exists on the opposite corner
and that the proposed saloon was not
neeess ir and should be prohibited by the
refusal cf llcenre for selling
Commissioner Macfarland eterday In
speaking of the matter said that many
such communications aro found from tlmo
to time in the mall ot the Commissioners
He stated that there seemed to be a mis
apprehension on the part of some resi
dents of the District that the Commis
sioners have supervision over the issue
of licenses for liquor selling Suca he
said Is not the case He pointed out that
the law has placet the responslblllt for
the isui of these licenses with the Ex
cise Minrd of the District and that the
Commissioners have no authority to in
terfere with or to reverse their action
Iltut XT W Jordan of the Eighth
police precinct has forwarded to head
quarters a report upon the reeent arrest
of George Corliss and Patrlek Qulgle
foi reckless and unlawful driving Lieu
tenant Jordan commends Privates C C
Estes J T C Nebb nnd C il Iord and
A It limb the Inspector of Hacks for
credit ible work in com ectlon with the lo
cation and arrest of the men
It appears from the report of the lieu
tenant thtt the men arrested ran down
and Injured n wnlte ho residing on New
Jersi Avenue The bo was scrlouslv In
jun d and was taken to the Homeopithlc
Hospltil for treatment The officers were
put to a good dealof trouble to find and
api re bend the men
The tlcin Is the seat of an almost end
less variety ot diseases They are knewu
by anotis narnc but arc all due to the
same cause acid and other pojsoasin
the blooel that irritate nnd interfere with
the projier action of the skin
To have a tmooth soft skin free from
all eruptions the blood must be kept pure
and healthy The many preparations of
arsenic and potash and the large number
of face powders and lotions generally
used in this class of diseases cover up
for a short time but cannot remove per
manently the ujly blotches and the red
dcfigunng pimples
EtocnsS vCgtlsnao s the prico
of a beautiful camgsloxion
when such remedies are relied on
Mr II T Rliobe 3704 lucas Avenue 6t Iouis
nsas My dauKhtcrwasafllicted for vcars
Willi a duCgurlnc eruption on her lace which
rcustcd nil treatment She wan tiltcn to two
celebrated health springs Lut received no bene
fit Mauy medicines were j rescribed but with
out result until we decided to try S 5 S and by
lie tnuetlic Cist bottle was finished the empton
gan toclxappear A dozeu bottles cured 1 c
nriu left I cr sVin jicrfcclly smooth
ilieti now seventeen car old rad net n sign of
he c abarrassiil j disease ha eyer rcturrcd
S S S is a positive tmfahrg cure for
ic worst forms of skirt troubles It is
ae greatest of all blood purifiers and the
jaly one guaranteed purely vegetable
Bid blood makes lad complexion
ISj i5J5i 1 purifies and luvigo
3p3feTN nJes the old and
ffiy vSfn K tacs new rich blood
t Jo fe Jjpl vJE k a hoari bes the
VS7 SSy body and keeps the
chin active and and iu proper
condition to perform its part towards
trriuiOtt the impurities from the body
If jou have Eczema Tetter Acne Salt
Kheutu Tsonasts or jour skia is rough
nd pimply send foriour book ou Blood
uid bkm Diseases and write our physi
cians about our case No charge what
ever for this service
Declare There is a Sure
Cure for Nervous
Use of Paines Celery Is Openly
Wonderful Results Recently Ef
fected by Compound
Buffalo Oct H 1901 An evening paper
publishes a smposum of phsiclans
opinions regarding the cfllcac of various
remedies for the cure of nervous prostra
tion and attendant Ills Each phsiclan
was asked to express his opinion first
whether those diseases were curable when
once the had gaiiied a foothold upon the
patient and second whether the same
remedy would be beneficial In all cases
Without exception the phsiclans Inter
viewed declared that nervous prostration
when not too far advanced insomnia
rheumatism Indigestion resulting as it
most frequently does from deranged
nerves dizzy headaches and most liver
and kidney complaints were absolutely
cu ruble
But the answer to the second question
was most remarkable because with two
exceptions all the doctors mentioned by
name Ialnes celery compound a well
known remedy manufactured by vVells
Richardson Company of Burlington Vt
and first dlscovere d by the eminent Dr
Edward Phelps some jears ago after a
thorough investigation and the accumu
lation of a great deal of data both here
and In German
It Is probabl the one Instance sas the
newspaper where a prepired remeel has
been openl endorsed by phslcians of
such standing It seems that the formula
of tne compound has alwajs been fur
nished to phscaiis in regular standing
and that the reicdv Is generally pre
scribed by up-to-date practitioners both
here and in England and German where
It Is quite as well known as in this coun
Many wonderful cures by the use of
this famous compound are cited one of
them the well known case of Commodore
Howell ot Washington
Ile ni beiitcficen for Tvv o Ie n At lm
Took Them
Alfred Coleman and William Skcs
both colored pleaded guilty In the United
States branch of the Police Court yes
terday to stealing bloclcs from four dif
ferent persons The were each fined J20
in each case and in default will serve 240
das In the District Jail John Beverly
colored charged with receiving one of tho
stolen wheels was fined 10 with the al
ternative of serving thirty dajs In Jail
Edward L Love alias Edward L Wil
liams sixteen years of age charged In
the same court with stealing a biocle
from Anthon Mauguln colored was
committed to the Reform School Judge
Scott The lad said he was from Raleigh
N C He had a letter from n brother in
that place warning him not to go back
there or he would bo gobbled up If he
Weather ludlcntlous
lair tcxlay ami wanner Itain tomorrow
iresli southerly vtlndg
Highest temperature 1 p m
LoneM temperature Cam
cun roe
Moon rises
High tide
Lou title
C 3 M 1 un sets
3 19 I j Moon ts
5 10 M and ih Ivr
tamps lit todaj r os ll
Lamps out tomorrow 3 12 vm
Vational Primrose and Doekstadcrs Minstrel
afternoon and cvliing
Columbia I MnL Iljnicls m Jiiss Slinnlniir
Uiac OII Ilarlin 111 i Tra Monkey
afternoon and evenlni
Vcadcmv Tlic Volunteer Orjrani t cienins
Ivernjn The Jlerrj Maideiu ISurleaqui iV
afternoon and evening
llijou The llijou Motk Companr in Lurlociuc
anj vaudeville afternoon ud evuiiui
ItulliiiF7 Truilen Council Mecfn
Tlir Iluildintr Trades Council iiut ht nicht
it PJastrrrr IlaJl There wjjs a full quota nf
thlfffatrs jrwnt from affilutrtj trade lut no
Ihimikts cf puMIe intc rot was n nstilutil
InrfeKril SO In I o lire Court
Hir W00W11 forfutM j in the I rutin
hUtt H lrnrnh of tlie lolii c Court jefcterdaj
ulicn tJlKiI to aiwwtr Id a Lnrjjc of kepwtr a
dUordtrl hotix MomIi place is un Mis
iown wnup Ip wad arreted during a raid
nude on it lat night
iuire l ft to tin- Uhlou
KrancU htnney by hu will dated June 3
H k filed jerttfrdav Iratcs his otatf fOiiMtin
of ireiiiwes No 222 and 2Za uMnii
to hw wife Mi rjlunim tOMtlar with
all hi iKTsunal frorxrt lnm lar death he
ilrwts that the rtjitrtt Mull Ire dmded
ainon his children Kate MOambndj and
Ifhn lYanl4 and liut grand ihild iU
il ht nnet
Ilnri forilirft rrom KiuiiIo vr
nsan AIaonf was flruil flO hi the
Lnlttil States 1 ranch if he INdue CVurt ye
terda for tin alhted larttin uf a rmar alLtd
at I0 and i ilrt Ks ulued at the iirojiertv of
Mrs Iduanl 1 lUrUr of 31i C lrtt north
iut In default he will wm tlurrj dajs In
the UUtrict jail The Ma- ii unnun xvjv
eniiloetl liv Mrb Itjrkir and i fei dai
aci fjlkil to return tn her wurk It a thtn
disiOMied that the ring aiid da m imin
Mie wo1 arrested at ht r lioni in 1 -e outt
idiidj jihI the kuhU recumiil
llitrrluKt LItMiiMiH IkiiuiI
Ajrrlaji lirtues urre iMHtl cateidj to il
Mtlunir lortune ind limte Mi Mhsttr hoth
of MleKhenj eviint Mrpima Utlduii Cant
will Vndirson ItKhmnnd a and Mamie
hj Columbia a Jiuhh Iljmer
and Margaret I jit n llolutt finan
ltlatkuian New ork an 1 Mar louke Hester
Diitmt of Columbia Jrpi Ai and Ht
I 1 1 1 rod Kichard HluIriih Baltimore Md
and Martha Coer Dittrut of Coluinllj
Walur Hrne Hint net of Columbia and u
nke Vlda rcinijmtt hrii Carln a lom
II Mire ami 1 thel Uandall Idnr It Me
te and Ian ltrawner both of Mt tundra a
Ilitharil It ItravMit r and Mirllu 1 Uoodtwrd
kti f IIIkih1 a Hrad li u C Olner and
V i Irw 1 i I fi toiiitv Marj
la id Iattis it Uhtinir t aoliurg a an I
1 u Mornn iKtthanu fouut Mrffinia
larles U Jaiues and Hattic llrant Charlu
jntii1ke and Sarnli M Itouu Iwitli of
1iquli Md rmmainifl T Koer and Mary
Httwta Mtrtdith U de 1 MKney and
Mar hillintffuortli Itinun MtxaiuUr Uroun
an 1 ii Ita Hnoks Frclerick wcntzel Tor ham
uihI nnie m la trnund Iewis M Kline and
iurv i Hohn hdwanl Harris and Martha
Kro n
TmiiiiinIoii In Hi Coal lliitlna H
On account vt growth in hi coal busnicw and
for the convenience of hU patrons J Maury
Voe iua cncneU au office cor 12tU aad F sU
Get a
realest Opportunity to Buy
Your Winter Clothing
At Less Than Manufacturers Cost
Il catches quukh nuke3 a rearing hot
fire leave no linker or dirt It s bupt r
ior to foal for wknr tots li ss ti3T
anj other Kiiel Come to us for Coke
3 bushels tarfce Coke delivered 1200
40 fccshla Large Coke delivered 290
CO bushels lairpe Cote delivered fl 10
So bushels Crushed Coke delivered 253
40 buhels Crushed Coke deliver id 370
00 bushela Cnulied Coke delivered 30
HI Tenth Street X W
and keep your lawn
looking slick and scat
by trimming the edges
along the ferce and pare
ment every time you
mow the rasa 7 f 0
Special Pnce M Jt
730 Mens Suit 325
10 Mens Suits 475
12 Mens Suits 500
15 Mens Suits 725
20 Mens Suits 975
25 Mens Suits 1350
125 Mens 1ants
200 Mens lants
300 lants
500 Mens Pants
700 Mens Pants
3aa o9
Mens Overcoats
5 Mens Chinchilla
Cheitoats 200
S Mens Chercoats 400
12 Mens Overcoats 550
20 Mens Overcoats 975
30 Mens Oeicoat 1450
Genuine stamped C C C Never sold In btIk
Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
something Just as ood
DUorenl on tntutorj Orouml
Mice Mchira I eighton was jestenUi grant
id a duorcc from lar hu lnnd C Juries Henry
I f ihtoii ou statutory gmunds The decree I
bigned b Justice Ilarrurd
Uriel lit Itomls fur Crniiil Jurj
fhomat Carner colored tlurRed m the Pc
lue Court yi sterdav tvlth stealing a diamond
ring fTm the reIdcnee of John Ilechintr
ff I3 eenth Mreet northwet was held In
Lends jtsttnby to await the action of the
grand jurj Carner was emplowd b Mr
lli ehmper last Saturday to h Ip put down oine
carpet h and H ua while he was at thiA work
that he U alhgcd to hatt taken the ring from
a bureau drawer
lli Death Ilucorri
The following death- ftr twrnt four hourt were
niiorteil at the Health Department up to noon
3 ttrda Lawma Pinkwood IS eans CI irlrs
II Hare 6i eara Ita htnt 82 jears Mary I
Ihrton 2 ja Juliet VAUc Umflcld Gl war
ttt I al Pamhon 46 ear Minnie Milbui
24 Hat tie Ilrewer J3 team d ristlne Ni
le n 0 Jolm cinndr y Arthur
2wlrn it veaiN Kubanl Tler sJ nn Hor
eiHi I Moran 11 jear Hallie Mamhi years
1 loreme rcils Prockcnbcrry S cars
nKh Irt 1I11111 mill Mulilcii nIne
Kate Micaltoj t tmla filetl ihuU fr diorce
acant her lnbanit I Vmk Mjcalmj on
the grounds of desertion It I Btaled that the
parties were married in the Dntnct of Colum
bia on Ma li lStte and lited together until
Marih 1W ilrs Mataboj declared that her
husband thm derted her an I her child and
hat suite failed to contribute to their support
Mie as the court to permit lur to reyme her
maiden name hate Miree Proton Wil
liamson Is named a counsel for the cmiplaln
The I J est Prescription for 3Ialnrla
Chilla and fever Is a bottle of Crov Tastelcsi
Chill Tonic It is simply iron and quinine in a
tasteless fcrxn No cure 30 pay Price 50c
Canceled by the Rochester Clothing Co on Account of
Their Building Not Being Ready for Occupancy
Bought by Us at 50 Cents on tne Dollar
Crowds coming ever rrinute Enthsiasnr reipi rnpreme Buyers from all
parts of the clt are swarming after the man bargains were offering at this
sale Don t be among the late arrivals The stock Is now In Its completen sa
and early comers get tho choice
Childrens Suits
Ages 1 to 14 jeara
2 Cashmere Suits for 3S00
Cassimere Suits for 140
5 CHsiineie Suits for 240
100 tlo7en Childrens Heavy
weight Knee lants sizes 8 to
10 yiiiis worth 5c for
Young MensSuits
Ages 14 to 20 years
5 Young Mens Suits 265
0 Young Suits 350
10 Yoimg Mens Suits489
12 Young Mens Suits565
Mens Furnishings
Two cases of Jlercerlzecl SHIe
Heavy Inderwear worth Jl
All wool Illack Sox
23c a pair
worth 10JC
H Friedlander Bro
Corner Ninth and E Streets
of Fver Kind
and all hurried
M rcentlialer
1 liable
Haywortii Publishing House
512 8th St N W
Snliil nilr vino BMt
Ior box seat pol
ished oak diner
orth JXjO
ZEH 702 Nth St
Chair high badr1
nell made and fin-
For brace arm diner
worth 123
For hrace arm diner
worth 5200
21x4 Inch top heay Oak Parlor Ta
ble -with under sheir a JiCO al- Qrt
un for 03
Mayer Pettit
415 417 Seventh St
Washington -- Parts
Among Vt Interesting exhibit
at the Ut Pari ExpouUon was a
fine display cf ItorUk Air Cushioa
Trusei of all kinds tup porters
and Tanous appliances for mn
women and children from 1221
F St X V which took the high
eft aw ard ovr ail competitors
American and foreign The Itorick
Air Cushion Truss Company leads
the wo Id Two weeks triaL Two
years cuarantee Catalogue and
cocsultaticQ free 112 F St N
t T5
Iirfln Sore Tkr6aLiwHCcrpr Cl3nd Spots
IiaiC I OU sor uxn tii Koala Ha Iztf Yt
ffiF nriwfn rtf mrH m solicit the RXt obtlttaa
c tt harv earM thd won rue in IS to SS dan
Capital JlSOOjiii UJ pai book o branch oe
1651 MasanicTemBleChicajoIll
Instant Relief Onr in IS days eTr retnriw I will
triad ly trni to any a3errr in a plain m1h1 envelope
HELL a prescription full directions for a Qutc
enre for lawt JIanhood Matt Ijoe Nrrons
ErlTBte Smalt Weak IarM arole tUz Addrem
G B Wright Miwc Dealer Box 794 Marshal Mich
irricicai una vmj resume
for JIIIiiIlX LlL JtiLK5
ln it II M CtttJ mcutll toui mltl
j wiiauuer tboi TokcaosLber Kefaio
3 Itnnseran Knbtltatlan and lmll
tlrn Hay r yr Prvjcgbl ot o l 4e la
tamp for Iartlentar Trail Mlals
Dd Keller Tor itr 07 re
turn Hall 1 1MJO TattSM als SHtr
all Ilrc rlUt klhaatr kmleal i k
VutloQ UUj pir lladU toQuarc 1A
F PS230
Mflssffi Whiskey
Phone East 25 1 onhington V
OolJen 1IC1
fni Rour Ci limoiu Cr r
v uwv 1
I cUTtrca la unletterea wajon

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