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i Commodore Schley and some of his staff
Jind mjself stood on the forward turret
Commodore Schley said there In my
hearing and presence Gentlemen we are
conspicuous objects here In white 1
think we had better set out of this
Q What was then said
Ai Commodore Schley left and took his
place on the side of the conning towvr
Q At -what stage of the engagement
was that
A When we were standing In about
six miles off the moutli of the harbor
ti Had sou alreadj parsed the hirbor
It was while we were standing In
bcbre we had turned to the eastward
Q Did ou hear nny further conversa
A I Jicard a conversation when Com
modore Schlej was leaving the Massa
chusetts In which he stated that he was
satisfied with the reconnoissance we had
Q Can jou state what ranges were
given for firing on the bitterles from the
Massachusetts that daj
AT le I determined the nnges mj
selfi Tlie first range was fi yards
e At what distance a the Massi
chiletts rtirected to engage the batteries
A AtlMS yards A signal to that
feet was made shortly after Commo
dore Schley came on hoard the Mats 1
Q Which vessel Ied
AS The Massachusetts
Q ln whaCToMtlon were the other
two vcels the Iowh and the New Or
A The were In column Commodore
Schlej gave the order for 11 range of 9WW
v arils 1 saw that shot fired and noticed
thai It fell 5W jards short The next
range was 9500 jards At the cud of that
run we started back and as we got to
theJopenlng fire wns again opened nt a
range of WOOJ sards The hot from the
batteries struck me as being small with
the exception cf one One shot struck
the port turret of the Massachusetts
over our head Shortly after that Com
modore Schlej gave the order Put jour
helm astarboard and get out of this
How many times did jou pass the
mouth of the port buck and forth
A uncc each was from west to east
and from east to west
Q Do jou know of anj injurs being
done on the Massachusetts b the firing
of fliat das
A None at all
Mr Potts told of the coaling of the
Massachusetts at sea She received her
coal from May 39 when she left Key
West to Juls 3 from collier Then Cap
tain Lerals asked a question that aroused
great interest
Krcnll Excited
T ask sou what was the bearing and
manner of Commodore Schley during the
engagement with the Colon oa Mas SIT
he said
Mr Potts answered slowly and dellber
attlj His bearing and manner were
those of a man who was suffering under
extreme mental excitement of one who
had a disagreeable duts to perform and
was performing it reluctantly and tried
to get through with It as soon as he
Thats all sir said Captain Lemls
Mr Ravners cross examination oegan
with Mr Potts last answer He read to
the witness the testimony of the com
mander of the Massachusetts Admiral
lllgglnson that Schles s bearing ard
manner were those of a commander-in-chief
iou differ then from Captain
Higglnson that Commodore Schles s
manner was that of a commander-in-chief
suggested Mr Rajner
Ye s 1 have given ms Impression said
Mr Potts
Didn t Captain Higglnson have as good
an opportunity to see him as sou did 1
No not as well as 1 did because Cap
tain Higglnson wai Inside the conning
tower pnd 1 was outside
What do sou mean by saving that 1
Commodore Schlej showed signs of mtn
tal anxletj
The first that 1 otserved was his
parent anxiety to gel Into the conning
tower then his remark while 2 ta tiding on 1
the turret that we were consricuous ob- I
Jects observation of Commodore
Schlev previous to that occasion had been 1
so different that 1 was Impressed with
the change in his manner
Hav e j ou ev er been under ans mental
strain In time of battle
Ive been scared said the witness I
and the audience giggled
Have sou ans cthT facts to show that
Commodore Scfcley was suffering under
a mental strain
les A hen he came abroad the 1
Massachusetts Commodore Schles sid
he was going in to destroy the Colon
The Colon was not destrosed When
me engagement was itnisned he said it
was a rcoonnoisance
Mr TiasTier asked the witness If lhe
fact that orders had been issued b the J
Navy Department that ships muEt not be
vxpvea 10 nore naileries were Known 1
to him he would still maintain that
Schles were not right In not
pressing the bombardment but Captain
Lemlv objected to bringing in reference
to this order unless Commodore Schley
could be connected with It After some I
argument Captain Lemly said had no
objection to the presentation of this or-
dr In evidence if It were accompanied
by the orders modifying it Mr Rajner
protested that Commodore Schley did not
krow of these additional orders
The Court retired and upon returning
Admiral Denes announced that the first
erder would be admitted
Concerning the Clenfuegos blockade Mr I
Potts said that Schles s ships wrc much I
farther out at night than In the day They
were about four miles on shore In the
das I should sav he said that we
moved out four or five miles durng the
night j
Bejond the distance maintained during j
Yes beyond the distance during the
das making tight or nine miles off shore
at night
Itonicli for Mnull Vnnc 1k
Of the progress of the FTjIng Squadron
fom Clenfuegos Mr Potts said hat on
the Sth of May there was dirty weather
tquallj and rainy with a short and lumps
sea It was rough for small vessels Con
cerning the night blockade at Santiago
the witness confirmed the statements of
Lieutenant Bristol that the blockading
ships in patrolling did go west of Ca
banasmore than a mile west and that
thes went about the same distance east
of Aguadores He said he was quite cer
tain of this despite the statement of Cap
tain Tolger that Cabanas and Aquadores
were the limits of the blockade
Coming back to the firing on the Colon
the witness was asked who else was with
Commodore Schley when he made the re
mark that thes were conspicuous objects
pii x uiis auswereu mat ciommnncler
Schroeder the executive ninrrr f tiie
Massachusetts and Lieutenants Sears and
Wells of Commodore Schleys staff were
there He did not see Commodore Schles
go into the conning tower he said In the
opinion of the witness the batteries at
Santiago were so weak that the- w re
no menace to armored ships and such ves
sels could have safely passed within range
of the batteries
The Court then asked some questions
With their answers they follov
Q Did you determine the positions of
the Massachusetts on the mornings of the
ath Sth 3Mh and 31st of May or either
of them
A I did
Q W hat was the direction of the pre
vailing wind em the south of Cuba during
the month of May
A llasterlj
Lieut Kdward P Lelper who served on
the New Orleans In the Spanish war
told of the blockade off Santiago and the
tiring at the Colon When the Massachus
etts lowa and New Orleans began to
steam Jn to fire at the Colon on Mav 31
they were between eight and nine miles
to the west of the Morro The usual
blockading position was from six to nine
miles dlrectlj off shore but tome of them
were farther than that from the shore
The first shot from the Massachusetts
which the witness saw did not reach the
mouth of the harbor and the Colon was
1509 or 13W sards in from the mouth
The range had been given us TuM sards
but the witness set the sights of the alx
lnclsgun for 75J0 metres or about SJ0
janjs He fired his first shot at that
rangK but that like all others fell short
All shots were tired at the Colon W ac
corincv with a signal from the flagship
ttndjnotnt the shore batteries
Tlr turn to come back past the hirlwr
entrance was made wlih a port helm
vvhlm took the ships farther ay from
the ihprc The witness personally nlme d
his gvlris on this run past but he renum
bered dlsllnctls he Kald that the dls
t mes wa fo great that It was useless to
fire asthe Morro appeared so small lie
saw lithe Colon firing as the ships went
by Uie second time During that time his
6 lniii gun vhlch was rapid tire was dis
charged about twenty times Til wltneus
said he saw no evidence in the shots
fired bs the Spaniards that they had large
and powerful guns
Lieutenant Leirr said also that the
New Orleans which was unarmored had
Mngle handed on June H steamed in and
silenced the Spanish batteries at Santiago
In tjventj minutes
At this point the Court adjourned until
CroTci Ttttlen Chill Tonic cures MiUria
Umjunliflcil EiiiliuinMii ryoued ill
the Public aisles Meeting
Iiriiinniiit Testimonial to f lie Mcm
ir nt President Mclvliilcj A
nur d JrKnulzntloii KITorleMl
Tributes of llmpeel
As a fitting climax to the eloquent trib
utes from some of the nations most dis
tinguished orators and afttr an outburst
of public sentiment such as Washington
in her histors has seldom seen the Wil
liam McKinley National Memorial Arch
Association was organized last night at
a tremendous mass meeting of the Capi
tal s representative citizens held In the
Jlasonlc Temple The association is or
ganized with theJi1ject of erecting by
iwpular subscription a memorial arch
near the eastern approach to the National
Memorial Bridge -
As the unanimous rholcoof themeetlng
Henry B I MacfurlandPrcsiJent of the
Bojrd of District Commissioners was
elected president of the association and
Lsman J Gage Secretary of the Treas
ury was clwwentreasurer Distinguished
citizens of the nation at large one from
each State and Territory of the Union
and particularly those who have at some
time been identified with the capital of
the Unltet States will be named as vice
presidents aplllbe selected to fill the
various other otficesln the association
The association is to be national in scope
The meeting was opened with the ren
dition of The Star Spangled Banner by
the Marine Band under the direction 01
Lieutenant Sintieman The invocation
followed pronSuhced br the Kev Prank
M Bristol pastor of the Metropolitan
M H Church where during his life Presi
dent McKlnles was a communicant Dr
Bristol prascd earnestly that the grace
of Almighty God be given to the nation
loser of Its honored and revered chief and
that from the sorrow occasioned by the
death of the beloved Hxecutive might rise
a purer and nobler happiness
The band then plased Nearer M God
to Thee and as the melody of the Pres
idents favorite lijmn filled the densely
packed hall In which nearly 2000 citizens
were gathered an atmosphere of solemni
ty settled aboat the place and lent an air
of profound sacredness to the occasion
As the strains of the music subsided W
S Odell Secretary of the National Mem
orial Bridge Association read the call
setting forth the purposes of the meeting
Kobert U Doan President of that asso
ciation and temporary chairman of the
meeting delivered the opening address
The Oe pnlnjr Address
Preside nt McKinies has revolutionized
the wprld said ilf Doan and Ameri
ca in hTs death has become the Isaac of
the race The rivers of blood and the
vast treasures sjent In the successful and
constant endeavor to uuhold the sover
elcntv of the nation must not be lout
The American Pevolulion for seven long
and wears years resulting in the prtcious
heritage pt free Institutions Is due to
WashIngtonand has made America the
headlight X the universe The GemsUi
of our dentins is the Declaration of In
dependence drawn up bs Jefferson but
the gospel was written bj Lincoln Grant
and lis ilcKInltj who drov e the last
Spaniard from the Western Hemisphere
f orev er
it Was left to William McKinley to
stamp tts as a world power Independent
complete and bupreme the Mount Blanc
of the nations of the earth grand sover
eign and free Unaidetl he fought up
ward from bos hood through the army of
his countts to great fame in the halls of
Congress Governor of his own State
Chief of the greatest nation on the face
of the earth and dischtrgin the greatest
obligations bj the faith of God
An husband and father as Governor of
Ohio as Congressman and President of
eights million of people he lived and died
without a scar upon his helmet or a stain
upon his shield Up was a manls man
President of all the people of this coun
try he brought by his Keen insight and
worderful powers the world twents ftve
jrars closer together
It Is the touch of nature tnat has
made kindred of us all His power for
good shall glow in the hearts of each of
us as long as America has a name on
Sherman said War Is hell Grant
sold Let us have peace McKlnles
said We mut lie friends and In the
fulfillment of this promise made and
kept the people stand still and the earth
is a Sabbath Jt cannot be stopped nor
does ans one wish that It should be
stopped With flags unfurled in the par
liament of man we ore here tonight to
chrjstallze the sentiment in a great
memorial to erect a tribute to the mem
ors of our marts red President North
and South Kast and West meet in the
shadow of his kindliness and know each
other in peace
At the conclusion of his address Mr
Odell introduced as the chairman of the
meeting Commissioner Macfarland Said
Commissioner Macfarland
Contnilftloncr MncfnrlnndM
William McKinley lives again will al
ways live In lives made better by his
living His greatest memorial will be the
hearts of his countrymen In which he Is
enshrined His fame will there be kept
as Immortal as hs spirit But the affec
tion which the mans millions whom he
served and loved feel for hira mturallv
seekH expression In monumental forms
Men women and children here and all
over our country nre waiting for n suit
able opportunlts to contribute to a ma
terial memorial
We are here tonight to suggest an ap
propriate object for this universal de
sire We believe that whatever may be
done elsewhere the minor of McKinley
can be best honored here In the District
of Columbia where he lived so much
Tun He rhiuiiced li ICnon lriIKe
If there Is any doubt about miking
brain power by the Use of certain fowl
the doubter should make the following ex
Helen Frances Huntington of Gi Ines
vllle Ga sass Just a word of com
mendation concerning Gripe Nuts which
I Inve found to lie the most wholesome
nourishing and appetizing food that has
ever come to my knowledge
I am not a dsspeptlc but being con
stantly engaged In severe brain work I
found that I did not thrive on ordlnars
diet even a moderate dinner dulled my
brain so as to toe practically Incaptble of
critical work I tried meat Juice pepto
nolds the two meal ssstem of light break
fast and no supper which brought on
nervous elepetlnn and sleeplessness so I
reported to onennd another of the various
health foods which all seemed alike taste
less and valueless ax fi brain food until
quite by ehance I had a dish of Grape
Nuts feiod served as a dessert I liked It
so well that 1 liegin to use it dilly for
suppr four tensiKionfiils In a saucer of
hot milk eaten before It dissolves to
This point should be remembered as
after a eertaln tlm evaporation seems to
affect the sweet nutty flavor of the food
as In the case of certain flne llav ored
The result In my case was M npIy as
tonishing I had no desire what ver for
sweet pastrss meats or In fact ans thing
else nnd ms brain was as elear and ac
tive at night as on awaking from a lonj
refreshing sleep
The peculiar advantage about Grape
Nuts food Is that It supplies the nutritive
quellties of a varied diet without tho bad
results of heavy eating I cheerfully rec
ommend its use to all brain workers if
not as un exclusive diet certainly for th
last meal of the day I alnass take It
with me when traveling which save s a
deal of annosance and discomfort
wrought his greatest work and achieved
his greatest results
We luve a right to expect that Con
gress remembering President MclCinless
deep jersonal interest In the National
Mcmorltl Bridge which he aptly termed
a morument to American pitriotlsm
will hniten at the toinlng session to pro
vldo for Its construction in tribute to his
memors on beh ilf of the National Gov
ernment But there should be besides
this a monumental structure to be
erected here In the National Capital by
th subscriptions largo and small of
the people nt large
Tills it seems to me should take the
form of a memorial orch of size and
character befitting its purpose It seems
to me also that this arch should be con
structed over the Washlnrton approach
to tho Memorial Bridge Such a project
will appeal strongty I believe to all the
citizens of the Republic We of the Na
tlcntl Capital the official home of the
ate President who knew him and there
fore loved him will be Justified by the
rest of the countrs In taking steps to or
ganize the general purpose and giving It
fitting direction and Impetus We shall
doubtless do so tonight In a was that
will prove our own Interest ahd worthily
set before others a rflrfn for adequately
representing tei the ages to come the
honor and glors of William McKinley
IYillowlng Commissioner Macfarland s
address the Marine Band Tendered Lead
KIndls Light after which Israel W
Stone Commander of the Department of
the Potomac Grand Arm of the Kepub
lic was Introduced and said
Veternns Cettiiierntloii lromlNed
There is vers little I can say to sou of
Infnest other than to promise the hearty
co operation of the Grand Arms of the
Itepublic in sour efforts to have the
Memorial Bridge spanning tho historic
Potomac from the Capital to Arlington
where so mans of emr comrades and the
nations dead lie buried promptly con
structeel It Is a long neglected dues and
one In which our departe el comrade
President McKinley had a deep interest
and now that he has passed away In sjch
a tragic manner tho cftort to make the
bridge a memorial to him is one in which
everv patriotic American should Join
lhat the proposition to associate Pres
ident McKlnles a name and tame with
this enterprise is so generously responded
to by the people of the South Is a source
of much gratification to those for whom
1 speak pirtlcularls I believe it will be
the enduring ink which will bind the
North and tle South together in the
bords of mutual fellowship and thus ce
ment the two sections with a memorial
erected bv the people to the man who
was an Anerican In overs sense of the
word patriotic enough to realize that the
time had come to cast Into oblivion the
bitterness of the past and say henceforth
we are onls citizens of a common coun
trs proud of her destiny and united in
her future under one1 flag and that tho
Starrs banner of our f orcf athers
I am leads as the Commander of the
Grand Armv of the IlejSubllc In this de
partmen to pledge vou the hearts co
operation and good will of m comrades
The address on behalf of the Grand
Arms of the Republic was followed by a
similar tribute to the memors of Presi
dent McKinlej p eld by J T Callaghan
acting commander of the Confederate
Veteians Ass lation vrho also promised
the suppo t o his organization to the
erection cf a MeJCinley memorial arch
Mr Callaghan said
Cunfeilernlr Veterans Tribute
I on i half of the Confederate
Veterans that there Is no One more reads
than thes vo ad ince this noble and grand
project Lrt the work go forward and
when the wo k Is done blazon on the
northew approach the great names Lin
coln Grant und ilcKlnles and let us
put upon the epposite side the names of
Lee Jackson and our other leaders I
think It a proper and commendable pro
ject and believe that It will meet with
approbation throughout the country- 1 am
sure that Confederate veterans will re
gard It with the greatest favor and espe
cially those who heard President McKln
les speak at Macon saying that it was
time to take care of those of the Southern
side who fell under the other Hag
What did he doT He had an appro
priation of fcGOO1 passed by Congress
and had the remains of those of the
Southern cause removed from where thes
fell near Washington He had the sacred
remains removed to n spot where wo
shall have our own hallowed dead en
shrined I think that the Confederate
soldier will sav amen to this undertak
ing and contribute his little mite how
ever small It mar ue
Congress no doubt will make appro
priation for the spanning of the noble Po
tomac and the people of the whole coun
try will rise and qo opcrate In the great
and glorious work of honoring the na
tions sacred dead
The Sons of Veterans also paid their
tribute through C A Davis Adjutant
hat car be more in harmony with
the life of the beloved President than
that we shouil jLhus honor bs memorial
arch the memi i of William McKinlej
soldier in the civl war who was greit
enough to realize when the strife wat
over and that the time for reconcilia
tion hHd come He extended the hand
of good fellowship to his Southern broth
er and said to them let us now be breth
ren and stand shoulder to shoulder
against the nations of the world The
sons of Union soldiers are heartils with
sou and will support this project in all
that it means
Leo M Lipscomb Corps Commander of
the Spanish War Veterans added his
word of encouragement on behalf of the
veterans of the late war with Spain
We pledge mid he our hearty sup
port In the erection of this monument to
our lite beneel President It is certain
that the veterans of tho Spanish war will
undertake this work with the same read
iness with which they responded to the
call of President McKnles at the out
break of the war
Provide a beautiful arch exemplify
ing the union of the North and South
It is not true that the Spanish American
war reunited the two sections The
North and South were united thirty sears
ngo The Spanish war did not make us
a united neonle for we were that al
readj The war with Spain mercls taught
the world forts which we already knew
The speaker was followed bs John Jos
IMson President of the Board of Trade
who assured of the support of that or
ganization In the undertaking It Is not
a debating qustion said he whether
or not a memorial arch Is to be erected
at the National Capital That question
Is set In the minds of all people for
It Is appro lite that such a monument
should h bullded at the home of the
Union At Canton undoubtedly a great
museuleum will be erected bs the people
while at Washington will be a perpetual
granite to his memory the gift of the
whole people to his sacred memors
I shall work for It as shall every
member of the Board of Trado and evers
citizen I want to assure the citizens of
Washington that we will do nil in our
power to support this undertaking
Milch II Dyrentorth President of the
Business Mens Association stioke brieMs
on behalf of the organization giving
assurance of Its hearty co operation In
the work He was followed by Senator
Joseph E Hawley of Connecticut a life
long friend of President McKlnles
tyeniitfir Invvles nnthunlntlc
President McKlnles I am believing
more nnd more every day was the great
est man the world has ever known said
the Senator I knew him for a long
series of years when we were In the
House together and I hae seen lilm
grow In grace and honor Ills death was
a loss but a gain to the nation It was
a benediction and the nation rose up and
evers man threw his arms about the
neek of his neighbor in ev ers relation
of life he was perfect He worked his
was up without vanlts from a humble
position to the gnat place he occupied
In the world As time passes he will be
known as one of the greatest of mm
As chairman of the Committee on Mili
tary Affairs during the war with Spain
I had occasion to meet him often One
significant thing which Impressed me
many times was that I never saw an un
kind expression upon his face nor e in
that be said of many Presidents nl
thouh mans were great and good men
Illi expression was borrowed from di
vinity We worship him
1 ssmpathlze with the project to com
memorate his life In this arch It must
be grand it must be beautiful It inust lie
costls 1 will do the best I can for the
very best thing that can be Imagined
Commissioner Macfarland then read the
following resolution offered by Mr Ilon
Whereas It has been demonstrated to
night that there Is a strong hentiment In
behalf of erecting at the National Cap
ital by popul ir subscription n memorial
to our belovcsl Jepartcd President Wll
lium McKinley nnd that the same should
be air arch at or near the eastern ap
proach of the National Memorial Bridge
he It therefore
Resolved lhat we do organize the Wil
liam McKinley National Memorial Arch
Assoclaton for the purpose of earning
f UUs meetlne - be
Reaolved Thit the chairman of this
meeting name a committee of eleven for
the purpose of selecting oilicers and com
pleting the organization
PerfcctliiK the Ortrniilzntioii
The chair then selected the following
committee which retired for the purpose
of perfecting the organization of the as
sociation John Joy Edson President of
the Board of Trade Mitchell Dsrenforth
President of the Business Men s Associa
tion Chapin Brown President of the Dis
trict Bar Association C J Bell S W
Woodward A W Gould District Attor
nes W S Knox It n Doan President
of the National Memorial Bridgt Asso
ciation J W Stone J T Callaghan and
Lee M Lipscomb After the retirement
of the committee Commissioner Micfar
land introduced the Rev T DeWltt Tal
mage formerly Dastor of the First Prcs
bsterlan Church of this city who deliv
ered a most eloquent address
The violent paroxjsm of the taking off
of the President he said has devel
oped into a calm from which has grown
the question What best can be done to
perpetuate his memors The poets will
praise the sculptor will make Immortal
his form in marble ibut in the hearts of
his countrjmen shall his greatest fame be
kept bright and clear
In the great cits founced by him and
bearing his name rises the tall marble
shaft of a nations mounlng but this
momument which shall commemorate the
life of William McKinley Is to be an arch
Gods favorite form tho figure of the
rainbow of promise beautiful and grace
ful - -
As It has done flll that It tan for
Washington In tile erectlon of the marble
pillar In memory of the First President I
nm glad that thtr design chosen for
is an arch the arm of the nations
affection It shall be honored for thou
sands of years by generations and gener
It will not be llko the arch commemor
ating the victors of Napoleon at Auster
litz for that wns followed bs defeat It
will not be like that of Titus nor of Janus
the heathen It will b the arch of a pure
anJ hols life the arch of the triumph of
victories from mother knee to the Presi
dency It is In his honor that the arch Is
to be erected
His humanity was broad broader than
nil creeds and all religions will unite in
the building of this testimonial of the
love of a nation In grief He did not be
lieve that there is but one gate Into
heaven but that there were mans and
he held the doctrine that the right to his
religion m tilled vour right to yours All
religions are on the platform tonight the
run lies uown witn ine lamo inu me
lamb cannot be distinguished from the
I think that the greatest characteristic
of the man as 1 knew him thlrts sears
ago at Canton the characteristic which
Impressed me most was love love of wife
love of children love of country love of
God Why Is it that so many bell tolled
out upon that day of his obsequies und
that trade and traffic were at a stand
stll The love which others bore him
I am glad he lived long enough to com
plete the work of malting forever the
lnlted States a world power among tho
nations of the world That is what he has
done When It shall demand that the
Turkish Government atone for the kid
napping of the American missionary I
shall look to see an American warship In
the D -dandles demanding her return
nnd asking for satisfaction W llllam Mc
Kinlej has helped to make us this world
pow er
The arch which shall be built will be
hullt on public properts It shall be my
arch sour arch It shall belong to everj
man woman and child In the country
Trom the coast cf Maine to tho Gulf of
Mexico nnd from the Golden Gate to tho
Florida Kejs there shall be a closer
union a deeper and more holy sentiment
as a result of the death of this man
That was his greatest work He
brought together the North and the
South He said Peace to all the boys
who fell In battle blue or If a
mother went out and found her two sons
wounded In a struggle would she stop to
blame the one or the other No she
would nut one arm about one and the
other arm about the other and kiss them
both 8a I would that In the springtime
we put our arms about them both and
give them caresses of love
The Sculptors Tnslc
It Is but natural that the earthly
mausoleum of McKinley should be built
at Canton but Just as appropriate that
at the Capital there should be some
grand commemortvtlon Here It was he
did his work here It was he attained his
greatest fame 1 thlpk he expected to be
remembered bj the people in this way
We have a haWt of denouncing public
men while they live and of making
amends by Llg funerals after death but
this is no atonement li any especial
sculptorlng should be placed upon the
arch one Is William McKinley as Presi
dent taking thoath of ottice on Capitol
Hill I hope that -on the other side will
be given William McKlnles at home
Never in sour time nor mine has been
seen a better example of manhood Till
death do us part was said with clasped
hands In tho little church at Canton and
remembered until that last hand clasp
before the final good bje In this day
when light literature is putting sacred
ness Into frivolltj It would b wise for
artists to commemorate this sentiment
best expressed bj home
When Henry Clay was on his was to
take his scat In Congress he stopped on
the top of a mountain and standing out
tin a great rock gazed off Into the dis
tance lost in reverie A friend asked
him what he did T am listening to the
tramp of the oncoming generations of
A nenca he replied The oncoming gen
eration must bo told the stors they must
walk btneatn tno arcn Let it stand there
to tell the Mory of Ilbtrts until earth
shall be no more
At the conclusion of Dr Talmages ad
dress Commissioner Macfarland read a
letter from Rev Dr Stafford who sent
regrets at being unable to attend the
meeting Ms heart Is with jou In tho
cause said he althcugh 1 have found
it impossible to be with jou tonight
The Committee on Organization
through Chairman Edsrn then reported
that there had not been sufficient time to
make a complete statement He an
nounced the election of Commissioner
Macfarland as President of the asso
ciation and Ljman J Gage Secretary of
the Treasurs as Treasurer
As organized last night the association
Is on national lines fnd will embrace all
sections of the country The additional
officers it was stated will be selected
from prominent citizens of the various
States and Ter atorles specially those
who have been identified with the Na
tional Capital The report of the commit
tee was unanimously approved Although
Commissioner Macfarland thought that
no further action was necessary the eom
mltlee decided to continue Its work
Chairman Edson will make arrangements
todaj for the next meeting of the associa
tion which will protably be held within
a few dajs
Commissioner Macfarland expressed his
thanks for the honor conferred upon him
nnd said that he had evers reason to be
lieve that the undertaking would prove
successful He read a letter from P B
Chase offering the first contribution to
be received the gross receipts from some
one performance at his opera house
The meeting was closed liv the rendi
tion of America by the Marine Band
follov ed hs a benedletlon pronounced by
Dr Talmage
Pell liiTliMiril While IlelpiiiK In
Ltilond n sne 1
AVhile engiged in unloading the Fchoon
er Dennis Slmmonds at Llbbcys Wharf
in Georgetown jesterday afternoon
khortlj after 5 oclock Robert Lee a
negro laborer fell overborn and was
drowned Several of the workmen saw
Lee fall Into the water and made heroic
efforts to save him One of the men who
went to his assistance wns the captain of
the vessel J W Slmmonds
Lee sank beneath the surface almost 1m
mcdiatelj The Seventh preclnet polite
were at once notified nnd they communi
cated with Iiarbormaster Sutton who or
dered the police boat Vigilant to the see nc
Within Hfteen minutes after the nrrival
of the polite boat her crew had succee ded
In reeoverlng Lees body which was re
moved to the morgue Coroner Ncvitt
was notified and will view the rem Uns
this morning
Lee was a mnrrled man and resided at
XQ7 1 Street northwest wllh his family
Cllllllierllliil sound Dredge
A hearing v as held vesterelaj before
Colonel S ingcr JActltlg Secretars of War
in regard to the contracts for the build
ing of u dn dge In Cumberland Sound
Pla Some difficulty U understood to have
arisen over the award of the contract
After a ilay of mental and nrrvoiu strain tone
up ltli ltoinl llcaikieU Tablets 1 do3 ltK
news peom Alexandria
ALEXANDRIA Va Oct 9 The sev
enth nnnual convention of the Virginia
Division United Daughters of the Con
federacy convened at 10 oclock this morn
ing In the Parish Hall of Christ Episcopal
Church with Mrs James Y Leigh of
Norfolk presiding nnd Mrs Jame s E
Alexnnder of this city acting as secre
tarj rifty slx delegates from the twentj
four chapters embracing this division were
present as were a number of spectators
The hall was prettily decorated with flags
and lowers Jr the occasion The session
was opened with prajer bj the Rev
Frank J Brooke chaplain of the R E
Lee Camp Confeelerate Veterans Mrs
N llllam A Smoot dellv cred an nddress of
welcome on behalf of the city On behalf
of the delegat 5 Mrs Leigh responded ap
propriately A recess of ten minutes was
then taken after which the business ses
sion commenced
Mrs J E Alexander recording secre
tary presented her report It showed
that the division was composed of twenty
four chapters with a membership of 1291
an Increase of -eights -three since the last
report J
The report1 of Miss Llta Serpell corre
sponding secrethry Mrs W C N Mer
chant treasurer Miss Lizzie Walte reg
ister and Mrs J R Atwood historian
showed the organization to be In excellent
The convention received and accepted
an invitation from the R E Lee Camp
Confederate Veterans to attend a recep
tion In Hall tomorrow night
The various committees then made their
reports The afternoon session was taken
up with the reading of reports This ses
sion was concluded at 5 oclock
The following arc the delegates in at
tendance Mrs James Y Leigh Norfolk
President Mrs R Kmmett Crump Ports
mouth Vice President Mrs W C N
Merchant Chatham Treasurer MIsa Liz
zie Walte Culpeper Register Mrs J It
twood West Appomattox Historian
Mrs Charles M Blackford Klrkwood
Otey Chapter Ljnchburg delegate Mrs
Thomas W Henderson and Miss Mary
I Land Leigh Pickett Buchanan Chapter
Norfolk delegates Mrs Alice H Jen
kins and Miss Virginia Griffin Ports
mouth delegates Mrs Charles E Heald
Clara A Harvey and Mrs Narclssa
Owen Old Dominion Chapter Ljnchburg
delegates Marj Custis Lee Chapter Mrs
Dabney Herndon Mrs D J Howell and
Mrs R W Hunter Black Horse Chapter
Miss Blanche Sinclair Appomattox Chap
ter lira J It Atwood Shenandoah
Chapter Mrs George W Wllej and Mrs
Stickney Seventeenth Virginia Regiment
Chapter Mrs Vi M McCaffrey Mrs W
A bmoot Miss il V Smith Mrs A E
Smoot and Miss Colquhoun McComas
Chapter Mrs Hunter proxy Hawley
Mcrtin Chapter Mrs R Tredway Cul
peper Chapter Miss Mary Frazer and
Mrs Pace Mildred Lee Chapter Mrs
Merchant proxj Rebecca Llojd Taub
Chapter not represented Pulaski Chap
ter Mrs W B Cecil and Miss Mary Ce
cil Bull Run Chapter Mrs Alexander
proxy Mount Jackson Chapter Miss M
M Penny bachej Wjthe Gray Chapter
Mrs Thomas C Miller Gov William
Smith Chapter Miss Lloyd proxy R E
Lee Chapter Miss Scott and Miss White
Thirteenth Virginia Regiment Chapter
Miss E Hatchie Dr John Thompson
Chapter Mrs O L Evans Luray Chap
ter not represented Princess Anne Chap
ter not represented
The session will conclude Friday even
ing with the annual election of officers
The -visiting delegates were tonight ten
dered a reception in the Young Mens
Sodalitv Lyceum Hall by the Seventeenth
irginla Regiment Chapter The hall was
tastefully decorated with flags ferns
and potted plants for the occasion Re
freshments were served Several mem
bers of the R E Lee Camp Confederate
Veterars were present
The following were the members of the
Reception Committee Mrs W A Smoot
Mrs Thomas Perry and Mrs M M Al
bright from the Seventeenth Virginia
Regiment Chapter and Mrs Dabney
Herndon Mrs R W Hunter and Mrs
G William Ramsay from the Mary Cur
tis Lee Chapter
Capt James Elliott this morning re
ported to the police that he h id found a
trunk containing a quantity o wearing
apparel at Oxen Hill wharf on the oppo
site side of the river Lieutenant Smith
to whom the matter was reported sent
Sergeant Goods anil Policeman Knight
after the trunk It was brojght to this
The trunk was the properts of a
Mrs Balllnger of Stiffs Wharf on the
lower river who has been visiting at
the residence of Thomas Perrj 317 South
St Asaph Street
tached Indication lt3 destination
seems that the trunk was stolen from the
wharf before the steamer arrived and
the enrd wns iakm from it and placed
on another trunk aboard the steamer
i When found the trunk had been opened
and apparently rltled The thieves found
notning tnej aeeireu unu mj iiii
be ascertained nothing was taken The
trunk was turned over to Thomas Perrj
Tho police are investlBating the case
Last Sundaj night George Wood found
a quantltj of clothing In an alley near
the wharf and it was at first xupposed
that this was taken from the trunk
The funeral of the late Thomas T Car
ter whose deith occurred last Sunday
ifte noon took place at 2 oclock this
afternoon from his lite residence corner
of Xing and Henry Streets and was at
tended by a large number of relatives
and friends of the deceased The funeral
ei vices were conducted bv the Rev
Berrjman Green of Christ Episcopal
Church and the interment was made in
the Union Cemetery The following were
the pillbeirers O F Carter E It Car
ter Dr M W OBrien J C Creitshton
Jonn A MarJiall and J T Nugent
Mrs Amelia Schllchtlng widow of
Henry Schlichting died late last night at
her home 200 North Alfred Street The
deceased was seventj one jears of age
and was a native of Germany Four chil
dren one son and three daughters sur
vi e her The deceased had been a resi
dent of this citv for many jears and was
well known The funeral will take place
Friday afternoon at 3 oclock from the
German Lutheran Church
The members of the Alexandria Light
Infantry this afternoon decided not to at
tend the Richmond carnival as had been
their Intention This was due to the fact
that a sliilclent number of men would not
agree to attend
Hereafter persons who are sent to Jill
at Manassas Va will be placed on the
chain gang The gang will be started
at an early date
The Democratic Commlttex of Alexan
dria Countj today organized with the
election of the following officers Curtis
Graham clnlrman Walter V Varney
secretary and Capt Crandall Mackej
Miss Nellie V Stelner of this city and
George R Stephens will be married at
2 JO o clock tomorrow afternoon at the
Methodist Protestant Church The cere
mony will b performed bj the Rev Mr
The Jlplscopal High School foottnlt
team west of this cltj will pity their in
itial game of the season witii the team
representing the Fredericksburg College
on Jturday next The game will he
Diavcd on the High Schools grounds
west of this clt J
Mrs Charles Brenner and Sidney
Wheatlej of this cltj who for the past
j ear have been In the Philippines with
several other Alexandriins hive re
turned During their stay they vere
sent to China and from that country they
embarked for home
T C Howard has purchaseel from A D
Ilrockett a house and lot on the north
side of Cameron Street between Wash
ington jnd Columbus Streets
Michael Downey and Misses Klla Liw
ler Annie Hartlej nnd Virginia Downey
are visiting relatives in Richmond
Harry II Caton left this afternoon for
Richmond to attend the carnival Aliler
man Thomas W Clark Is also In Rich
mond at the c irnlval Miss Prudence
Emerson Is lslting Mr and Mrs Brown
ing at Portsmouth Vn
Charles Washington a wtll known col
ored man died jesterday at his home
Clt North Henrj Street at the age of
seventv Today the remains were sent to
Calverton Va for irterment
The steamer Dennis Simmons arrived
this mornln from A llllamston N C
with a loid of i hlnglcs for Smoot Co
loion Lodg No SOI Independent
Order of Gooil Templars of Lorton Val
lev Va vvlll next Frday night pav a
fraurnnl visit to the Golden Light Lodge
nt this eltv October 15 the local lodge
vvlll entertain the nine lodges composing
the thirteenth district of Virginia
The lnnclion lub gave their regular
weiklj dance in M Burnevs Hill tonight
which was largelj attended
to ttitj v coin i or ijvy
Taic f aiativ llromo Quinine Tablets MI drusr
giU r fund the irncey il it lads to cure L Vi
Groves signature Is on catli box Sic
Bilrel W A Balllnger Dr T V
it Mr
I iturdav was sent by Perry
toltardtoUns3 Wharf wWi a car1 a I mon 1 wis J Davis S orthingtou
It FP B Sands Hon John Ross and
Vrtlhnnlel Wilson
The active pallbearers were William
Boarmin Algernon Sartoris Paul John
son E 3 White Walter V R Berry
Douglas H Gordon and De Courcj Thom
Summer RemlnlscenceM In the Ilonlc
World ieluiiigeil
The Fifty seventh regular meeting of
the District of Columbia Library Associa
tion was held last night lit the Columbia
University President Francis A Cran
dall occupied the chair The gathering
was an Informal meeting nnd after the
transaction of routine business various
members made short addresses regarded
their bibliographical experience during the
summer months
Mr Crandall stated that some time dur
ing the past summer an enterprising
drummer for a lltcrarj concern called on
him for the purpose of taking his order
for a much advertised work In the course
of an extensive eulogy of the work the
drummer stated thtt In its compilation
llfteen million volumes had been con
Col Weston Flint the librarian of the
Public Tree Library reported his expe
riences at the librarians conference held
at Waukesha during the past summer
lie said that the men were largely in the
minority to thewomen attending quite
a departure from earij librarians con
ferences when the men far outnumbered
the women Mr Flint stated thit this
association of men and women had Its
benelicial Inlluence on the matrimonial
Our floors wo now noarly cleared of squaro pl
anoa and slightly usod instruments among tho fow
romatiiinsj aro flvo squaro pianos actually worth
from 8125 to 8160 each but wo shall mako quick
work of thorn at tho following prices
I Haines Bros Piano 75
I Schmitt Piano 70
I Linden Piano 70
I New York Piano 75
I rlaie Piano 75
Terms 3 to 5 Per Month
Ont new TutUi PIno worth 35 for 2X Thrre Ludwfe Pianos
nuliojcany caear have bu slitfhllx uwrj choice lor Z25 The
wlz Pi j do won a rilrer medal at the Part Kxpoaitiort and is one -
the successful exhibitors at Buffalo The factory wji entirely do
by fire- recently hence the e bargain prices
20 Per Cent Discount on Vega Mandolins
1327 F Street
Percy S FoBtor Manager
The Entire DNtric t Ilacj Attend In
n ltoilj
Funeral service over the remains of
Walter D Davidge was hetd jesterday at
2 p m at the family residence 1621 II
Street northwest The Rev John D La
Mothe assistant rector of he Church of
the Epiphany who conducted the cere
monj spoke hrleflj of the brilliant ca
reer of the deceased and extolled his char
acter His words caused considerable
emotion among the funeral partj manj
of whom bid been personally acquainted
with Sir Davidge for years Numerous
floral tributes were received manj of
them coming from a distance
The services were largely attended by
tho friends of the deceased and his fam
ily and the members of the District
bar were present in a body At a stated
meetlne of the Washington Bar Associa
tion held on Tuesday afternoon a resolu
tion was adopted requiring the entire at
tendance of the members of the local bar
at the funeral services AVith this pur
pose the members of the bar met jester
daj In the association rooms at the City
Han at i3U p m ana went irom mere
to the familj residence
After the religious services at the house
the remains were removed to Oak Hill
Cemeterj where the Interment was made
The honorarj pallbearers were Chfef
Justice Fuller Justice Harlan Justice
Brown and Justice Brewer of the United
States Supreme Court Justice Shepard
Justice Hagner and Justice Bradley of
the District courts Hon Hilary A Her
bert ex Secrctarv of the Navy General
EsUbllshcd IS7C Da t Sight
Eession t5 year Busil ess Shorthand Tjpe
Day and ercnicg classes In theoretical and sp
plied electricity Students actually construct
dynamos and other electrical apparatus
Courses thorough enlarged and implored com
plete in one year
Opens September 20 Catalogue on request
61 Twelfth at nw
St boarding and day school lor girls and jrous
ladies primary commercial and colleg pre
paratory courses music and art classes resumed
Vicndar September IS 1901 for further particu
lars address SISTEB JI AUGUSTA Superior
EXrERT STENOCRAPHERS roaranteed with
from FORTY TO SIXTY DITS work White
shorthand simplest system extant evening
classes commence October 13 Individual instruc
tion Addtcra Box 115 this office e7 lm
MAL INSTITUTE Model kindergarten achoot
and teachers department 1123 Q xt nir 1ILS3
srnciAt notices l
D C are requested to meet comer 15th an I
C Streets to take elcctnc car for llratUville MJL
tomorrow at 9 15 a m They are requested la
attend In a body and with badges to be present
becond Confederate Line reunion at above named
place All other Confederates invited to attend
hxercises HratUvilIe 10 a m el -
NOTICE IS 11IREB GHEN that on the
DU OF OCTOBER 1001 will ex
pire all licences Uiued by the District of Co
lumbia to Apothecaries Auctioneers Brokers
Banks and Bankers the Proprietors of Barrooms
Bill Posters the Proprietors of Billiard llasa
tclle Pool Jenny Lind Tables and Shuttle
Boards Howling Alleys etc Cattle Broker
Commialon Merchants Dealers in Ice Merchan
dise Dealers In Junk and Seconultand Personal
Property Dealers in Old Barrels the Proprietors
of Hotels Intelligence Oficcs etc Insurance
Companies Insurance Agents the Proprietors of
Livery Stables Manufacturers of Illumlnatta
Gas the Proprietors of Restaurants or eatlm
houses Real Kstate veents the Proprietors of
Theatres Wholesale Liquor dealers etc All
persons engaged in the above named branches of
business must promptly renew their licenses in
conformity with law By order of the Com
missioners D C H II DVRNE1LLE Assessor
WALTER B 1HLL1AM5 Auctione r
1 will sell by pubhc auction at 437 Eleventh
Street northst TiiCltsDVY OCTOBER 10 AT
7 P M all good on nhich interest remains
unpaid consisting of sold silver and metal
watches diamonds clocks chains rings jewel
ry of all kinds clothing books musical instru
ments guns revolvers mechanics tools satch
els cameras survey and surirical instruments
HENRY R CltOCE Treasurer
iron sale riA vot
Twenty Upright Pianos including each makes
as the Stieff Marshall Wendell Baumeister
etc at very low prices These pianos must be
Held T L Cole also spoke about the sold to make room for our Fall stock Prices
Waukesha conference
I H Carrington Bolton recited his
experiences white visiting at one of tho
Rojal Italian libraries it Milan Mr
Cjrus Adler of the Smithsonian Insti
tution spoke of tr ivellrg libraries and
he was followed bj Mss Gibson of tho
Public Tree Ubrary who also made a
short address on the benefits of this sjs
tem of education
Mr Burchird of the Coist and Geo
detic Survev recited his experience while
traveling last summer In Ireland Eng
land Scotland and Wales He said that
the British libraries nre ahead of us In
thit they furnish their patrons vlth the
latest books as soon as feasible He
spoke at length of the map making con
cern which is situated at Southampton
und which furnishes charts and maps
to all branches of the British civil and
milltirj srvlce
C roies Tameless Chill Tonic removes tie causs
The excitement incident t traveling and chang
of lood and water often brings en diarrhoea and
ior thU reason no one abould leavi home with
out a bottle of Cliamberlun s Colic ChoKra and
Diarrhoea Kemedr For sale by Hmrj Ivans
holeae and Retail and all druggists
KAMI t On October a at 116 h street north
west at 5 30 p m IIOIUr M KAHLIA be
loved daughter of John and Ella harley in the
eleventh jear of her age
The utile angels ihourdit it best
To take jour darling liome to rest
So mamnil and NHa do not weep for me
Vs Jesus said come home to me
lXOn VV nlnesda October 0 11 at
11 30 a m W ILI I vM t beloved husband ol
Ihvtina A and son of santus and Regilia uth
aged thirty three years
Mineral Irom nw uie resiuence niauensinirK
ltiud 1 u on 1 riilJv October 11 al a m a
m Requiem mass at SC Marys Church at V 30
Relatives and friends are rcspeetiullj invited to
DOtRNLR Suddenly on October 0 at 911
p m liUMIOIO J M DOrllMSIt beloved
husliard of Marj Regina Docrncr aged fllty one
j ears and tuentv -eight tLiys
Notice of funeral hereafter
range from 150 00 up Terms on some as low as
500 per month Every piano guaranteed STILFK
lli vti u viu ttuuHS ui iita ar nw j
Conlifl Mgr mit
W IIILZ the paperhangers strike is on hand re
member that F C NOLTF at S2I 0th st nw
The Old Reliable has first class workmen en
hand and is ready to do your wall papering at
2 and upward for rooms mla tf
Suits and Over
coats to Order
All the newest and moiS
attractift itjlea in menl
hot Blacks Uns pat
ent leather Equal to anr
D 13 rennsrlvanla Avenoft
ftL Complete Homefumlshers
G01 DO3 Seventh St
Corner I Eve St
The finest assortment of fall anil
winter woolens for jour choostffjr
Schwartz Pelzman
505 507 Seventh St
Popularity If Continued
Is based en merit Warners Sale Cure merits til
popularity for diseases of the kidneys and liver
Imlerlnker nnd Embulsner
OlO St Jf W
Everjthlne strictly first class on the most rea
sonable terms
Telephone call Main 340
tlndertaUer nnd fjlrery
Ji Pcnn Ave S W Washington D O
r s

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