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The Canal Tre nty
Reports concertiing tlio provisions of
the new canal treaty with Groat
Britain negotiated by Secretary Hay
anfl Lord Pauncefote have led to much
and probably premature comment in
this country and England The truth is
that it would be useless to attempt dis
cussion of tha proposed agreement in
advance of its publication Forecasts
whether semi official or conjectural are
of no value as we had occasion to learn
just before the Hay Pauncefcte Treaty
was presented to the Senate in the way
of a disagreeable surprise
All that can be properly or safely said
at this time Is the country hopes and
expects that the second
negotiation will be seen to have
avoided the strangely un American fea
tures of the first that it will frankly
consign the dishonest and long ago
abandoned Clayton Bulwer Treaty to
the international waste basket and that
it will concede the right of the Amer
ican Government and people to protect
their own coast line in time of war from
their enemies
If the proposed convention should
prove to be a document of that kind its
acceptance and ratification will be be
yond doubt On the other hand If the
amiability of Mr Hay or the patriotic
greediness of Lord Lansdowne should
appear to have complicated the canal
project with British control or inliu
ence detrimental to the exclusive Amer
icanism of the undertaking it is quite
allowable to say that the treaty will be
all but universally condemned and re
sented by the people of this country
and not improbably rejected by the Sen
ate of the United States
Should the instrument even seem to
give life anew to the letter or spirit of
the Clayton Bulwer Treaty conceived
In fraud and violated and abrogated by
the British Government treacherously
when we were immersed in civil war it
is impossible to believe that so good and
extreme an American as President
Rocsevelt is supposed to be would even
pay it the compliment of submission to
the Senate This country has suffered
long and exasperatlngly from British
overreaching chicanery and double
dealing We narrowly escaped a pit
fall dug for us jn the proposed Arbitra
tion Treaty which if ratified would
have -compelled us according to the
Bnglish construction of that measure
to arbitrate the Clayton Bulw er Treaty
and the Alaskan boundary question
We have had enough of that sort of
It Is not that the American people are
eager to hunt up excuses for misunder
standings or difficulties with England
They would be only too glad if the
bonds of Anglo Saxon brotherhood
could be strengthened and made per
manent by honest treatment from the
other side But as long as the British
Government Insists upon tying our
hands on the isthmus or continues to
grasp at our Alaskan possessions Just
so long will there be bitter enmity to
ward that Power In this country We
want peace and amity but we also
want justice and a surcease of British
meddling in our separate and distinct
American affairs
Some Turin Illatory Uec nlleel
The closing of the Argentine Lead
Smelter at Kansas City is a somewhat
notable occurrence and out West it Is
looked upon as a fair illustration of
trust methods In doing business This
smelter had been in operation for many
years and was almost the sole sup
port of the suburb in which it is lo
cated Many of the employes had been
with it for years and had Invested their
surplus earnings in homes Now It is
said that these homes will be rendered
practically worthless unless the smelt
er resumes operations which seems to
be rather Improbable For all of this
no blame Is to be attached to the man
agement if the shut down was a nec
essary result of business conditions but
such U not generally believed to have
been the case The prevailing idea is
that it was done merely to wipe out
the Industry at that point and add to
the business of the Smelting Trust at
some other How this may be we do
not know but it Is reasonable to believe
that a plant which had been in opera
tion for so many years would continue
to run In these piping times of pros
perity if there were not someihing
apart from legitimate business consid
erations involved It is morally certain
that an Independent company would not
have closed the works unless compelled
to by the peculiar methods of the trust
But aside from all this the closing
of the smelter recalls some Interest
ing matter connected with the passage
of the McKinley bill through the Fifty
first Congress At that time there was
a duty of two cents a pound on metal
lic lead and a cent and a half a pound
on lead ore But by far the larger por
tion of our lead product came from ore
which also contained gold or silver or
both as well as lead Gold and silver
ores were upon the free list and the
Treasury Department haJ ruled that
when In ores containing one of the
precious metals in combination with the
leaUj -the value of the gold or silver was
greater than that of the base metal It
should be classified aa gold or silver
ore and pay no duty The result was
that millions of pounds of lead in ore
came across the Mexican border com
peting with American lead just as ef
fectually as If there had been no
precious metal associated with it
The mining States of the Western
mountain region strongly objected to
this and sought to have silver lead ore
placed upon the dutiable list The
smelters of the Mississippi and Missouri
valleys including the Argentine in con
junction with the White Lead Trust
strongly opposed the levy of any such
duty claiming that the Mexican ores
were needed for iluxing purposes A
battle royal took place before the Com
mittee on Ways and Means and such
was the pressure from the opposing
sides that a duty was placed on the
lead contained in such ore and taken
oft again several times Finally It was
allowed to remain and the fight was
carried into the House Here in Com
mittee of the Whole a strong effort was
made to strike off the duty a number
of the Republican members having
smelters in their districts and sjch
other members as thoy could influence
voted with the Demociuls in favor of
free lead from Mexico They were
not numerous enouRh though to carry
their point and the duty stood becom
ing a part of the McKinley tailff
The Incident served welt to Illustrate
the thorough selfishness which 05 en
then actuated the advocates of -high
protection They wanted atarill riffnt
up to the point ot exclusion upon lor
eign lead but many of them includ
ing those interested in the White Ljad
Trust were willing and anxious to ad
mit Mexican silver lead ores tree be
cause they desired to treat the ores in
their Mississippi Valley smelters In
other words they wanted extreme rro
tectlon on one kind of lead and abso
lute free trade in another according to
their special interests and regardless of
all others Thus it ever has been and
doubtless ever will be until the end of
the chapter
Tnjlors Hc fnsnl to Leave Santiago
It became manifest yesterday when
Admiral Taylor was on the stand that
Admiral Schleys counsel hoped to show
that the reason he declined Admiral
Sampsons Invitation to Join him in
visiting thehdrizon was that lie was
preparing his ship at the time for the
battle which began an hour and a half
later Naturally Admiral Sampsons
Government counsel objected vigorous
ly to such a lino of enquiry and the is
sue was postponed
The Navy Department appears to fel
very keenly on the subject of the re
ported notice to Admiral Sampson on
the evening of July 2 that Cervera was
getting ready to run out on the next
morning If it can be proved that such
notice was received on board the New
York it is unnecessary to remark that
the fact would give an ugly lcok to
Sampsons withdrawal from the scene
and to our mind would render an ex
planation by him positively necessary
But if the Navy Department can find
any way to shut out testimony bearing
upon Admiral Sampsons transfer of
command to Commodore Schley early
on the morning of July 3 or relating to
his possible knowledge that an engage
ment was Immediately imminent at the
time he steamed away from the fltet it
will be--utilized and particularly in the
hope that the absentee can be kept from
appearing in the case It is likely
enough that he will be so protected in
any event His friends of the Naviga
tion Bureau already have skillfully laid
the foundation for an excuse on the
ground of physical or mental incapaci
ty or bpth But while Admiral Samp
son may be and doubtless will 4e ex
cused from testifying for some reason
or on some pretext it will not be found
possible to prevent his acts from ap
pearing in evidence and on the whole
probably they will serve every needful
purpose As Admiral Dewey so Justly
and frequently remarks what we are
all after are the facts Of course Cap
tain does not concur in that
view but then he is not the Court
tVllliliKTtouK Dcntk Hate
The Marine Hospital Service has been
trying to discover the healthiest place
In the United States Some of the sta
tistics which have been gathered In this
attempt are now made public with the
result that Washington appears to have
the highest death rate among the large
cities of the country
Among States Ohio has a death rate
of 1484 and Arizona and Colorado own
to 2529 and 322S respectively The
death rate of New York State is 1933
That of Washington is 2171 New York
and Philadelphia have the same record
1935 and Chicagos is 146S
There is an old proverb about statisti
cal lies and the proverb is true An
argument based on the appearance of
statistics is very likely to be flimsy for
the conditions on which death rates
birth rates and like averages are
made are likeiy to be somewhat com
plex and varied In this case for ex
ample it would be unfair to consider
Colorado or Arizona the most unhealthy
parts of the Union because of their
high death rate because this isobvious
ly affected by the number of incurable
consumptives who go there only to die
It is also easy to see that a State
lnwhich there are many large cities
stands a chance of having a greater
number of deaths in proportion to
the population than one which is
sparsely populated because the crowd
ed conditions of the cities make life
there less healthful than in the country
In the case of Washington moreover
there Is another factor to consider It
would be unfair to consider this city un
healthy as compared with others of its
size because it has a considerable pop
ulation ot people past middle life
drawn here by the peculiar attractions
or necessities of the Capital Some of
these citizens are in the employ of the
Government others hope to be still
others have independent fortunes and
choose to live here There are few
other cities which have so large a olas3
of residents who own homes but are
not engaged in any business The chil
dren of this sort of people are apt to
be grown and living in homes of their
own elsewhere and the city is as a
whole increasing In population through
immigration rather than through an in
creased birth rate This means that the
proportion of people past middle life is
larger than In other cities and this
naturally Increases the death rate It is
also augmented by those who are not
residents but only temporary Inhabi
The Sltiintlon In Pennsylvania
The Democrats of Pennsylvania rea
son correctly that there Is very little in
national politics that need concern them
at the State election now- pending
Upon national issues they could accom
plish absolutely nothing In a rock
ribbed Republican State like Pennsyl
vania with party lines closely drawn
But they may be able to do something
on behalf of clean politics and decency
in public affairs by going bout it in the
right way This they seem to realize
and accordingly they are Inviting the
co operation of the reform element in
the Republican party upon a basis
which to a great extent will Heprive
their campaign of a partisan character
The Democratic candidate for State
Treasurer Mr Palm has handed In his
resignation as a means to this ond He
says that there is something more im
portant before the people of the State
than quibbling over party names It is
to be determined whether bribery per
jury and general political corruption
shall be rebuked or willfully endorsed
at the polls That is putting it strong
ly and evidently he means it This
leaves a vacancy upon the ticket and
it is understood that the Democratic
State Central Committee will fill It by
naming an anti machine Republican for
the oliice
of course must depend upon
the extent to which Republicans are
dissatisfied with the Quay regime The
defection must be considerable to ac
complish anything for the normal Re
publican majority is very large The
most desperate efforts will be made to
bury the iniquities of the machine out
of sight beneath a Hood of rhetoric
nhnnt thp nas t erlorles of the Grand
Fold Party The voters will be asked to
forget the ripper laws and the fran
chise steals and remember only how
great and good Lincoln and Giant and
Blaine and McKinley were It will also
be urged that President Roosevelt has
promised to carry out the policy of his
I predecessor and therefore Pennsyl
vania Republicanism must stand by
i Quay and the machine in order that the
new President may feel sure of the sup
port of the Keystone State Coupled
with this will be a general impugning
of the character and motives 0 those
who charge the machine with corrup
tion Such will be the line of argu
ment and unfortunately It is of a
kind that usually proves effective with
large numbers of people The average
voter does not think so deeply as he
ought to The party slogan carries
more weight with him than the calmest
and clearest appeal to his judgment
In a State like Pennsylvania it is
hard to overthrow a strongly en
trenched machine that has been In pow
er for years But it is possible and If
the moral conscience of the people has
not been blunted by long familiarity
with political corruption it can be done
with perfect ease If -twenty per cent
of those who last year voted for Pres
ident McKinley and these included
many Democrats will now vote for re
form while it may not lead to perfect
conditions it will at least result in the
overthrow- of one of the worst political
machines that ever controlled the public
affairs of an American State
Here is a matter for Congressional con
sideration It appears that there la no
law- on the statute books under which an
anarchistic paper can be barred from the
malls although it may print articles en
dorsing the murder of a President and
directly Incite its readers to the commis
sion of crime This has been discussed in
connection with the attempt of the man
Isaaks of Chicago to secure re entry at
the postofllce for his publication Free
Society Such a state of things should
not be tolerated Congress must act
The report comes with something of de
tail that the Neely case Is at last ready
for trial The natural impulse Is to en
quire why it was not tady long ago but
If It really Is ready now we do not care
to press that point We shall Just con
tinue to wait with such patience as we
can muster until the trial begins If it
begins soon There are unpleasant Inti
mations that a portion of the evidence
may not be available There have in fact
been whisperings of this tenor abroad for
some time Butas we ai now assured
that the case is ready we take it that
the proofs are considered sufficient and
are prepared to watch the course of the
trial when it begins
Sir Thomas Llpton would like to take
another try at the cup next year but he
cannot do so unless the New York Yacht
Club should amend a rule which pre
scribes that a defeated challenger cannot
enter for two years after failure to lift
But the Shamrock II Is to stay on this
side for the present and the expectation
Is that races between her and the Colum
bia and Constitution will be arranged for
next summer which -would be an excel
lent thing for the noble sport of yachting
Contractor Thomas Worthlngton Is
building a railroad In Alabama He has
had a dozen of the Tuskegee students
working for him this summer I desire
to state to you he writes to Principal
Booker T Washington that the work
conduct and general bearing of these
men during their service with me has
been all that could be desired and re
flects great credit on them and the train
ing they have received
John Redmond Who is shortly starting
for a tour of America for the purpose of
raising funds for the Nationalist cause
will be accompanied by P A McIIugh
Last week a roan whose office Is not
far frornfthe stock exchange wrote Mr
J PlerpgntMorgan a note In which he said
he hoped he would be invited on board the
Corsair for some one day of the yacht
races Mr Morgan wrote the following
My Dear Sirs Unfortunately I have
loaned the Corsair to my friend Mr Led
yard for the yaeht races However If you
think you would care to go on the yacht
of either Mr Gould Mrs Goelet Colonel
Astor or any ot the others that may bo
going down the bay I will try to get an
Invitation for you and will assure who
ever may take you that they have- the
honor of entertaining the cheekiest man
I ever heard from
General Andre the French Minister of
War who has been to conspicuous In the
celebrations attending the Czars visit to
France Is n member of an enormously
wealthy Alsatian family He is sixty
three years old and has been a brigadier
general since 1893
Mr Shcpards present position as candi
date for Mayor of New York on the Tam
many ticket though he has In the past
vigorously denounced the organization
headed by Richard Crokcr Is only one of
numerous Inconsistencies in his political
career He opposed David H Hill for
Governor and afterward supported Judge
Van Wyck He opposed llryan in 1835 and
supported him in 100O From being a bit
ter opponent of McLaughlin for years In
1893 he made peace with him Four years
ago he supported Low for mayor ami now
he is going to run against him
It has been said that Admiral Dewey
was made prisoner during the civil war
at the time the gunboat Mississippi was
destroyed by Confederates The Admiral
says this Is not true I was not cap
tured said he when asked about the
matter when the Mississippi was run
aground and burned About 130 of our
men were captured but the captain and I
managd to pull away In ji boat down the
river and escaped capture T have seen
the statement made several times lately
and am glad to say that It Is entirely
Incorrect I have never been a captive
The University of Gottlngcn recently
offered the newly founded chair of Inor
ganic chemistry to Theodore William
nichards of Harvard University which
conferred upon Dr von Holleben the hon
orary degree of LL D says the Na
tional Zeltunij The effort to secure
Prof Richards failed because everything
wns done to keep him In his own country
The offer wa probably the first German
recognition of the young but zealous
American btrlvlng in natural sciences
and heretofore It had been almost un
heard of that an American should be
called to a German university
Dr F W True head curator of the
Department of Biology of the Smithson
ian Institution has been selected to rep
resent that Institution and the National
Museum on the board to select and pre-
the United States Government ex
Sare for the Louisiana Purchase Exposi
tion at St Louhi
Liverpool is tardily following the ex
ample of Truro and has decided to erect
a cathedral an admirable site for which
has been selected on St James Mount A
delightruliy characteristic gitory of Mr
Gladstones zealous churchmanshlp has
been sent to the executive committee by
hN son-in-law the Dean of Lincoln Dr
j Wickham dates that the last time he
heard Mr Gladstone talk at dinner in his
old way was at Cannes In February 1KB
when he amused us by suddenly ex
clelming I wish would give
me a million of money Asced what he
would do with it the veteran statesman
replied I would spend roost or It in build
ing a cathedral and founding a chapter
at Liverpool
During recenf years literature has been
abundant In thelattetnpl to prove that the
clover could not have been the ancient
shamrock of the liish but that It must
have been the Oxltlls Acetosella The
main nrgumenthasbeen that the clover
was an Introduction from the Continent
of Europe and could not have been in
Ireland at that time
A correspondent of the London Gar
deners Chronicle W G S goes over
the whole literature- of the subject He
shows that 11 was nbt until 1S3U when J
E Bicheno a former Secretary of the
Llnnaean Society started a doubt on the
subje ct In a paper read before that so
ciety V G S uuotes from publications
with their date going back hundreds of
years showing clearly that the shamrock
was clover and nothing else but clover
Indeed the correspondent shows that In
very early Christian limes long before
St Patricks birth the clover leaf was
used as an emblem of the Trinity
France Is preparing for another great
strike of coal miners and unless a radical
change takes place In the position as
sumed by the mine owners the greater
part of the 162000 coal miners of that
country will go out on November 1 The
specific demands are an eight hour day a
minimum wage calculated In accord with
the needs of each region and a retiring
pension of two francs a day after twenty
live years work In the mines without the
age of the workman being taken into
consideration It was the purpose of the
leaders of the miners to have a general
strike on May 1 last in support of the
strikers but the refer
endum was less decisive than had been
expected Only 560U0 voted for an Imme
diate strike IS000 voted against It and the
Jest abstained from expressing an opin
ion The Lens congress decided to count
the abstentions as favorable to the strike
but the executive committee rxfused to
assume the responsibility of calling out
the men In the face of this indifference
Npw however this body has sent out a
notification to all the miners not asking
them whether they want to strike or not
but informing them that the mines will
shut down on November L There seems
to be nd doubt that a vast majority of the
mlnersare heartily in favor of the strike
and that France is about to enter into a
labor struggle of the utmost Importance
One by one the links which bind Eng
land to anclentdays are being snapped
Old London and thejrelics of bygone day
In all the large cities are giving way to
modern progress In street Improvements
and structural architecture
By order of the city council of Cron
ton eight miles from Liverpool the
slocks that gruesome reminder of ancient
punishments are to be removed They
are actually rotting away and the people
are not proud of this ancestral legacy
The woodwork is old and worn the lower
piece being fixed tight between the sup
porting pillars leaving the upper portion
to work free in the grooves cut In the
btones staples hasps and locks held the
prisoner In durance vile Directly op
posite Is an Inn bearing the date ITU
A journey of about twelve miles from
through iKnowsIey over the
canal bridge aVAIntree where the great
est steeplechase of the year takes place
and Thornton is reached Standing out
boldly In full view of four lane ends is
a sun dial aod the stocks
Unlike the above these are made en
tirely of Iron including the seat which
must have been a veritable stool of re
pentance Unfortunately some vandal
has been at work one side and the top
being broken
An inn also faces these stocks The cir
cumstance of the place of punishment be
ing in both cases so near the house of
temptation would In all probability mili
tate to a great extent against overin
dulgence 1 1
For any ordinary event such as drunk
enness the culprit was placed In captivity
for six hours and woe betide the unfor
tunate wretch If he proved unpopular
Jeers mud and bad eggs were not quite
unknown In those days and were fre
quently used IT the women sympathized
with him he became the hero of the hour
One of the oldest Inhabitants of Thorn
ton can distinctly remember one poor
fellow having tea and toasted scones
brought to him and spending a regular
good time of itmuch to tie envy of those
outsiders who looked on
A series of visits to the chief European
Courts and countries Is shortly to be paid
by the young King of Spain It will form
at once his debut to the world nnd the
finishing touch so to speak to his royal
The boy King has now entered his six
teenth year for it was the 17th ot May
1SG when Senoragasta announced to an
anxious nation that the widow of their
dead King had borne a son
Late in the previous November Alfonso
XII had passed away In the palace of the
Prado near the capital martyr to a
sense of duty that had kept him so long In
Madrid the dry windy city that sends all
consumptives to their graves He was
only twenty eight years old and had
reigned some eleven years coming direct
from Sandhurst to the throne of Spain
His tact savolr falre and devotion to his
people shown in the time of the cholera
visitation and the Moods in Murcla
had done much to keep the turbulent ele
ments in check and the country worn
out by the long struggles of rival factions
was glad to be at rest He died and Spain
passed Into the hands first of the Queen
widow and her daughter Mercedes and
when Alfonso XII 1 was born into the
hands ot the Queen alone
Maria Christina now no longer called
the Austrian lias accomplished the great
er part of her task In May next she will
lay down her regency and her only son
will assume the dignities and
Mtc nf klntrsllln
Alfonso XIII is at first sight a delicate
lad thin pale and of nervous appearance
Some say he has inherited the constitu
tional Infirmity of his father others that
his appearance is something he shares
In common with all the men of the house
of Ilapsburg
During tne maneuvrts unu ul
in May the young King remained
seven hours in tho Bacdle without exhib
iting any symptoms of fatigue nnd his
personal staff noticed that even a pro
longed ennter did nothing to weaken his
vole When the days work was over
he was as animated us at the beginning
This is excellent news for Spain as far
aa It goes but It does not go far enough
It is almost inevitable that the young
King should have the seeds of consump
tion In his blood and Madrid is notor
iously the worst city in Kuropo for peo
ple with a tendency to lung trouble Ho
is already handicapped by ids responsibil
ities An American boy at fifteen ypars
whatever his position would not be car
rying half the load of knowledge borne
bv Alfonso XIII He speaks Kngllsh
French and German as well as Spanish
has had a careful mathematical training
is a student of history and Is devoted to
military matters For a boy his knowl
edge of the elements of military science
Is quite uncommon
Tho ancient system of military tele
graph In Norway was the banner or
huge fires built on the highest mountain
tops The bailner which were always
ready for iKnltlpg consisted of large piles
Of wood If an enemy were sighted the
people fired the bauner on the nearest
mountain top this fire would be sem
by the watchman on another summit
who would thei set fire to his bauner
and so on until jn a short time the whole
country was alarmed For the accommo
dation of the euard small log hut3 were
built on the mountain top3 near the
bauner The nimnurta of such a guard
house can still it- ecn Mount Tetcn
1 000 feet high situated at Kvanger near
Von the blrthplaef of Knute Nelson
United States Senator from Minnesota
According to a current tradition among
h rwnnlt of KvAnRer tho banner nn
Mount Tetcn Wazed for tho last time I
about 150 years ago
The Cenernl Inik k n Letter In Be
lifilf of Piilmn
HAVANA Oct 9 In view of the fact
that opponents of Senor Estrada Palma
are using his letter explaining his position
to the Cuban people as a weapon against
him In his candidacy for the Presidency
General Maximo Gomez has published a
letter In his defence
The point at issue Is the payment of
the revolutionary army Senor Palma
having spoken of the need to reduce the
rate of payment and to revise the army
lists General Gomez says that Senor
Palma deals with the matter -with a lofty
spirit of patriotism and makes all who
took part in the war inclined to forego
the receipt of the few cents coming to
them He adds that those who think mat
the candidate for the Presidency who of
fers to pay the army the most money and
in the speediest manner without regard
to the funds at the disposal of the coun
try will be the most acceptable to the
soldiers forget that these might feel of
fended by tne low estimate implied Let
the nation General Gomez says pay the
army as best it can but not before it is
really able to do so
Tho demonstrations organized by the
economic societies throughout the island
to petition the United States for conces
sions for Cuban products have caused
unceasing comment The antl revolution
ary papers claim that this movement had
to be organized by the industrial and
moneyed classes In self defence as after
three years mastery of the field the po
litical partus have done nothing but
scramble for office and clamor for a re
public They also say that the political
parties do not represent the wealth of the
island nor the peGple of standing
The radicals who do not like to have
the wind taken out of their sails by the
conservative Spanish element reply that
until a government is organized no con
cessions can be granttd and that it Is
therefore the first duty to organize a gov
ForclsiierM Organize to Protect the
Town AKnlnftt Helieli
NEW ORLEANS Oct 3 Passengers
from ltocas do Toro Colombia today
announce that foreigners of that town
mainly Americans have organized to
protect themselves against threatened
raids from the revolutionists in view of
the fact that the Colombian Government
has withdrawn roost of its troops at
Bocas to strengthen the garrison at Colon
and Panama
These withdrawals have left Bocas at
the mercy of the revolutionists who are
reported concentrated at Rio Code and
Creekamola with a raid on the town In
view The revolutionists forces since
their late defeat have degenerated into
bandits and marauders raiding small
towns In the interior and robbing the
merchants and traders This brought
about the organization of some 200 Ameri
cans in Bocas as a defence of the town
which is owned mainly by the Americans
An appeal will also be made by the for
eign residents to their several Govern
ments for protection against the revolu
tionists on the ground that the Colom
bian Government cannot protect them
JuMtlce to Aet on the Mntter on
NEW YORK Oct 9 John Most who
was arrested September 12 for publishing
in Die Freihelt the day after the Presi
dent was shot an incendiary article
headed Murder vs Murder was ar
raigned Tor trial today in Special Ses
sions He Is accused of outraging public
Assistant District Attorney Herman
prosecuted and Morris Hillquet repre
sented Most Mr Hillquet admitted tho
publication of the artlclebut said It had
been published many times before In
newspapers and in book form and no crirao
had been committed by Most in reprint
ing it The author was one Helnzen who
had printed It In a paper called The
Pioneer years ago
Most on the stand said he used the
article to fill up and as soon as he heard
that the President had ben shot he did
all he could to prevent the circulation of
the edition The court which was com
posed of Justices Hinsdale Holbrook
and Wyatt reserved decision till Monday
Meantime Mosts ball was continued
Cnpt II F Tiller V S X Clinrced
With llnliltunl Intoxication
Officials of the Navy Department were
surprised yesterday at the receipt of re
ports from Tutulla Samoa in which com
plaints were made of the conduct of Capt
Benjamin Franklin Tllley commandant
of that station It is alleged that on
more than one occasion the commandant
has been seen under the Influence of
liquor and that his conduct was unbe
coming an officer The following state
ment was made public yesterday
Frank W Hackett the Acting Sec
retary has directed the
of the Pacific STquadron to proceed
to Samoa to ascertain the truth with re
gard to the charge and if necessary to
hold a court for the trial of Captain Til
The department has detached Captain
Tilley from command of the Abarenda
and of the station and ordered him- to
proceed by the next steamer to San Fran
cisco from Tutulla
The charges It Is proper to say were
received by the department with surprise
since the record of Captain Tllley has
hitherto been unblemished The adminis
tration of his office as reported officially
from tlmo to time has been eminently
satisfactory There has been no ground
for supposing that this officers conduct
was otherwise than what it should have
Captain Tilley was born In Rhode Is
land and entered the Naval Academy
from that State In September 1S63 grad
uating In 1SB7 He was promoted to ensign
in Ma having served his first year in
the navy on the Franklin flagship of the
European fleet and the steamer Frolic
He was commissioned as lleutcnalt in
1S71 For three years 1S73 to 1S75 he was
attached to the Pensacola flagship of
the South Pacfic fleet From UTS to
1M he was attached to the Naval Acad
emy as Instructor
He was promoted to lieutenant com
mander In 1SSS7 and was placed on ord
nance duty at the navy yard this city
where he remained during 1SS9 and 1S9J
He was commissioned commander
in September ISM and after
serving at the War College from July to
October 1S97 was placed in command of
the United States steamship Newport
which post he held until sent to his pres
ent station On September 22 of this year
he waB promoted to be captain
Captain Tilley since being placed In
command ot the naval station at Tutulla
It Is said has given satisfaction to his su
periors He has been regarded as an ex
cellent officer No charges have ever
been made against him previous to those
Just preferred
Secretary GiikiN IM1111
From tlie CldcdKo Chronicle
This point against the deposit of Inter
nal revenue receipts has not been pressed
but It la quite sure to bo If Secretary
Gages plan Is seriously entertained by
Congress for that plan Involves practi
cally the abolition of the United States
Treasury except as the custodian of a
fixed balance and a mere collecting and
disbursing xnseney It would practically
turn over all the public money beyond
v tjpCOO to banks and make them tho
national treasurers without constitutional
Thi ory ami
Trim the Cincinnati Kniulrer
If Mr Roosevelt would rather be rignt
than be President nfter the expiration of
his present Unu he can Ignore the scala
wngs who gr as di legates from the
South to tu Republican National Con
vcvion nnd the officca on men of
worth and standing Presently Mr Roose
mt will find how much harder It Is to
be virtuous In practice than In theory
Case to He Itrotijiht Ilefore the Au
ilencln Shortly
The War Department has been In
formed that the judge of first Instance
at Havana has concluded hla examination
of all the papers and testimony In tho
Ncely case The case Is now after an
investigation ot nearly a year ready for
trial it is certain that the case will be
brought before the AuJencla within a
very short time
There will be some slight delay should
counsel for Neely and Rathbune take ad
vantage of the law allowing them ten
days preparation The report says that
the fiscal Is allowed ten days to prepare
his statement for the Audcncla and that
when he has made his preparation the
attorneys for Rathbone and Ncely will
each be allowed ten days
It Is General Woods opinion that the
trial will not last long as the prosecution
has every detail of the case already work
ed out and it is not probable that It will
continue longer than sixty days after
it is begun i
It is nearly a year and a half since the
first efforts were made to get Neely to
Cuba for his alleged conduct In connec
tion with certain defalcations existing In
the postal department of the Island Fol
lowing his arrest In the United States
nine months were spent in securing his
extradition and it has taken eight
months more for the Judge of the first
Instance to make his examination of the
case This examination corresponds to
tho work of a grand jury In the United
States the Judge examining every detail
of the charges He then determines
whether It is sufficient to warrant a trial
of the accused In the ense of Neely and
Rathbone there Is no doubt about the
sufficiency of testimony and the case-
goes to the Audcncla without delay
where the testimony is reviewed orally
and gone over the second time
An important point to come up In con
nection with the trial of both Neely and
Rathbone relates to the testimony of a
number of witnesses In the United States
When their depositions were wanted by
the prosecution difficulty was encountered
In securing them because thd parties fear
ed they would be used In the trial of the
accused They were assured at the time
however that the depositions would not
be used before the Audencia and they
were therefore secured Should It be nec
essary to have those witnesses go from
the United States to Cuba to testify there
Is no doubt that more trouble will arise
Frank S Cnlrnx of the Secret Ser
vice to Assist In Suppression
The War Department Is making stren
uous efforts to suppress smuggling In the
Philippines Plans toward this end have
been made upon the recommendation of
Governor Taft who recently cabled the
department asking that Frank S Cairns
former chief of special agents in Cuba be
sent to Manila to take charge of the In
sular secret service work- Mr Cairns will
leave Washington In a short time for this
post He has already received his com
mission and instructions
The Philippine Commission has made
several complaints concerning the preva
lence of smuggling in the Islands and It
Is in the interest of the suppression of the
open violations of the law- that Mr
Cairns has been selected to take charge
of the work
The customs service has been a source
of considerable worry and Is now receiv
ing the special consideration of the Com
mission and the War Department offi
cials It has been only a few months
Tlie Xnvy Department Offern a Gra
tuity for Ile enllMtmentM
The Navy Department will ask Congress
ln December for 3000 additional sailors
that number of men being now urgently
needed In the development of the sen ice
Special Inducements are being offered- for
men to re enlist Placards are being
posted tb the effect that any man having
an honorable discharge dated within four
months would receive a gratuity of four
months pay and an addition of 136 a
month to his pay for each re enllstment
The number of men now needed ln the
navy is said to be less by 2000 than the
number required this timy last year
At the Bureau ot Navigation yesterday
it was said that no difficulty Is being ex
perienced in obtaining enough men One
hundred enlistments per week is the aver
age now being maintained
In spite of the statement that more
than enough men are being enlisted with
out trouble the Navy Department has
Just Issued a handsome new poster more
pretentious than anything ln the same
line ever Issued before On the poster is
printed an alluring picture of a United
States battleship together with a com
plete list of advantages offered to young
men desiring to enter the sea sen ice of
Uncle Sam Every opportunity for ad
vancement is offered A prominent Navy
Department official said yesterday that
while plenty of men could be obtained It
was difficult to secure applicants who
would make good petty officers
Llcute nailt IlerthnlT ItrlnK Many
ltelmleer From Sllierln
A letter has been recelveil by the Com
missioner of Education from Dr Sheldon
Jackson General Agent of Education for
Alaska announcing the arrival at Port
Clarence Alaska of Lieut E P BerthofT
of the Revenue Cutter Sen Ice with 234
reindeer from Siberia
The letter states that owing to rough
weather quite a number ot reindeer died
ln transit The officials of the Interior
Department were gratified to hear of the
safe arrival of Lieutenant Berthoff with
the reindeer The deer are to be added to
the herds already colonized in Alaska
During the fall and winter the herds
are loaned to various institutions Gov
ernment officials and Individuals in that
country One herd ha3 already been set
apart for the Quaker Mission at Kotzc
bue and other herds of 100 each have
beeen loaned to trustworthy nnd capable
Not the Whole- Thine
From the Kciv York World
No President can possibly make an in
telligent personal selection of all the Fed
eral officers In tho Union And the exer
cise of such a power by one man would
be more dangerous than the patronage
peddling of the Senators can possibly be
A wise President will seek concord rather
than contention nnd while obeying his
rrn inr and maintaining his preroga
tives will not assume to be the whole
thing in government
The- Chief IOHcrje
From the Philadelphia ltecord
lf the new canal treaty be irr the form
indicated by the news despatches the
United States nre the chief losers through
the concessions reported to have been
made For this unwished for consumma
tion the nations thanks will be due to
the conscript fathers of the Senate
An Iinpowlbe Miwct
From the IJoton Herald
We have never believed that a man like
McLaurln would be able to lead the peo
ple of South Carolina Into the Republican
party not even lf the negroes were driven
out of it to get along as they may with
out a party and without votes
Pint tlie Warrior
From the Philadelphia Inquirer
The liatt la question does not stand
nine feet eighteen In his stockings nor
measure nine yards about the waist but
he rights like ten thousand demons when
fighting time comes and its near fighting
tlmo in New York now
DeleKateH to IriiTC for Mexico Sat
urilnr Afternoon
The American delegates to the Pan
American Congress to be held at Mexico
City on October 1 will leave Washington
at 31 oclock Saturday afternoon over the
Pennsylvania Railroad in a xpeclal train
Tor the capital of the elster Republic The
route will be via St Lou
The delegates from the United States
are- the following Volney W Foljr of
Illinois Charles M Pepper blrtrlct of
Columbia William S Buchanan Ir wa
Henry G Davis West Virginia and John
Barrett Oregon
The following is the official Ibjr of tho
delegates from the various countries who
will compose the party leaving Saturday
Argentine Republic Senor Mariltf Gar
cia Merou E E and M P delegate
filled 3
Chile Senor Don Alberto Blest Gana
delegate Senora Gana Senor Don Augus
to Matte
Colombia Senor Don Carlos -Martinez
Sllva E E and M P delegate
Costa Rica Senor Don Joaquin Bernar
do Calvo E E and M P delegate
Guatemala Not filled
Haltl llr J N Leger E E and M P
delegate Mme Leger
Nicaragua Senor Don Luis V Corca
E E and M P delegate Senor Don
Alejandro Bermudez
Peru Senor Don Isaac Alzamora dele
gate Senor Don Alberto Elmore Senora
Elmore Senor Don Manuel de Calderon
E E and M P delegate Senora Cal
deron and two children Senorlta Calder
on Senorita Rosa Calderon Senor Don
Juan de Osraa Senor Don P Davalns Lls
United States Mr Henry G Davis del
egate Mrs Davis Mrs Katherine Brown
Miss Brown Mr W I Buchanan dele
gate Sirs Buchanan Miss Buchanan
Mr Volney W Foster delegate Mrs
Hill Miss Eva Foster Mr Charles M
Pepper delegate Mrs Pepper Miss Pep
per Mr John Barrett delegate
Venezuela Senor Don Jose M Fortoul
International Union of American Repub
licsMr Wlllkvis C Fox Secretary and
Acting Director Ai s Fox Miss Fox Mr
C S Robb Mr A V Foster
Many ISIIIh Presented art evidence ln
a Strange Cnnr
amaker of Philadelphia Is plaintiff In a
suit against Simon J Weaver of Weaver
Palmer Richmond which was placed
on trial in County Court today The
amount Involved is small only J31 but
the principle Involvel Is large The jmlt
is for articles sold for the use of Mrs
Weaver who Is under Indictment for forg
ing her husbands name and those of club
and business friends to promissory notes
amounting to tllono and she is soon to
be placed on trial in the same court for
Mrs Weaver took the stand to testify
against her husband and she favored Mr
Wanamaker at every possible point but
almost at the outset Judge Sutherland
made a ruling which was a severe blow
to Sir Wanamakers chances in the ac
tion It was when Mr Weavers lawyer
in cross examining Mrs Weaver picked
up a big bundle of bills from Rochester
storekeepers to Ehow how extravagantly
Mrs Weaver had traded Sir Wanamak
ers lawyer objected Said Judge Suther
This lady was supplied at the time
with a quantity of the same articles that
she purchased from Mr Wanamaker It
seems to me that this must De tne law
that if a woman goes to a merchantTand
since Shuster collector of
was appointed
bUys articles for her wardrobe that
Hi 1ef f S li
customs at Manila and was relieved of v--0-
his work in Cuba to go to his new post- thrfadvs eautorTed
abundantly with
Since his arrival in the Philippines he has jj purchased elsewhere the husband
rXf S SffSSSSSr1 SEA Ti liablelolt ollleve3 that
the services Qf Mr Cairns Mr Cairns York and pIlrchas goods her husband U
has been connected with the Cuban I ijaDje
toms sen Ice for three years and was the rrwanamakers lawyer said that un
organlzer of the secret sen ice system of der thls rullne lt 3 necessary for ach
ew originally transferred from tradesman to write every other tradesman
the United States Secret Service with ln the United States and find out If he
which he was connected for s iveral years g semns Koods to a person before glv
and was one of the Secret Service men J inff credit
who attended President McKinley during The tradesman takes some risks of
his trip through the South in 1S99
necessity replied Judge Sutherland I
snau allow tne evidence
INDUCEMENTS FOR SAILORS - This ppened pp the
as ones arm being for goods purchased
Dy Mrs w eaver at various stores
Mrs Weaver admitted paying some of
the bills from her private bank account
She had an allowance of 1L50O a year bat
was unable to pay her dressmakers and
milliners bills out of this
Asked about the bank account she
kept she rffused to make replies saying
that her answers might be prejudicial to
her when the forgery case comes to trial
The court ruled that she was not com-
Selled to answer She admitted that her
usband had brought suit for separation
ln which he lost
She was also asked about the fortune
that was left to her by her father She
said she could not tell the amount of
money she received from the estate Thl3
evidence was ail given after strenuous ob
jection had been made by Mr Wana
makers lawyer
Went VlrRlnln Central nnd Pleel
mont Stckholflcrft 3Icct
BALTI5IORE Oct 9 The annual
stockholders meetfnst of the West Vir
ginia Central Railroad in Maryland and
the Piedmont and Cumberlanel Railroad
were held at the Baltimore office of the
West Virginia Central today No changes
were made in the directorates William
H Gorman was elected president cf the
first mentioned line and Thomas B Davis
of the Piedmont The latter company
has now becrr finally merged into the
West Virginia Central through an ex
change of stocks
The recently authorized increase of the
capital stock of the West Vlrgina Central
and Pittsburg Railway Company fromtl0
000000 to JI5O0O00O has been acted upon by
the directors to whom discretionary
powers were given as to the amount to be
used at present It was determined to
put out HOOOCCO of stock to be used in
absorbing the Buxton and Lanstreet Coal
Company and the purchase of additional
coal lands On January 1 the Coal and
Iron Railway which is the extension of
the West Virginia Central to a junction
with the Chesapeake and Ohio will be
ready to be ojertited It has been ar
ranged fo run fast trains over tills new
line from Cumberland to serve the local
An important advantage secured to the
West Virginia Central by this line is the
connection with the Chesapeake and Ohio
which will enable the shipment of eal
through to Newport News This road also
fills In a link that completes a route from
Pittsburg to Newport News via the Bal
timore and Ohio West Virginia Central
and Chesapeake and Ohio The construc
tion of this line and the policy carried
out In the last two years by the West Vir
ginia Central of merging its subsidiary
lines Into the parent company has cre
ated the impression In local financial cir
cles that the next big deal in railroad
circles may include this property
Its close alliance in a traffic sense with
the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Balti
more and Ohio has caused many to as
sume that It will eventually pass over to
Pennsylvania control Now therefore
there is considered a strong probability
that the Gould system may form an al
liance with the West Virginia Central
The Roosevelt Way
From the Xew York Commercial Advertiser
It Is the Roosevelt way asahp prac
tical lt while Governor of this State and
practiced it without variation otjvtolation
He takes counsel now as he took It then
with politicians and bosses and with per
sonal friends who are neither politicians
nor bosses and then follows hlsCwn judg
Still More De plornble
From the Philadelphia North American
It Is certainly a deplorable state of
things when high officials are denounced
aa thieves by the press but If thr high
officials happen to be theveslt would be
still more deplorable were the pre89 not
to denounce them s
The Tnmranny Twins
From the Sew York Trlbmw
Croker and Devery are Tanunanr twins
in politics They are bound together by
a Siamese coupling They stand or fall as
one Every vote for the Tammany ticket
In November will be for Crokerism and

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