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Tlie Busy Corner Market Space
auVaVj the iiust or n citvi him ron -run least mocv
men with talleta silk
bands a poMlhc 13 00
outfit for
50 Truit or Bern Bowls
burnished gold
lined regular price 32 for
50 Quadruple Plate Bread
Trajs finished with beaded
ejlge regular price 1 50 for
Endorses the Present
Aria thf frit re innt nll with the past AVe haxc the confidence of the peo
pled aniWwhen we comr to the frnnt nm mnkp clnim eer client Of this house
feejs Kt the truth has brcn told and that no further iroof is necessarj Our
stono Wi s for toda tells of the
1 fTIIie JIaeMrtosh Raglans
all silk lined throushout or A A
in eenvtite bo on sale ij
SOVFtrictU All wool Cloth Sultb in
preltx s of French llue iml dark
crc mHdc with nobln sllk linfd
jlckcts and ire skirts neatly trim-
125 Quadruple Plate Rutur Dishes
with Krtrc rest brignt
burnish regular price 3
198 i
follottinp Rood alues
A omens tine English Cmert Rag
lans both vox and
fitted backs with or
without yokii atJHSOO
13 50 and
1 lot of superior Imported cloth Rag
lans m ide of a ir line material In
shadts of oford tans ana niues
er stjlich and swag
ger 1 girment worth
I 23 i for
Suit Department Second floor take either cleaor
Women WSisses and Children Always Want
Something Different in Footwear
Thej do not wint stcreotjped stles In Shoes thit are cut out hj the hun
dreds at a tiie Footwear ou see here has indHiduillits such as particular
people appreciate Hach pair of our Shoes is mtde -separate
We are making a generous showing of sturdj School Shoes made of box
calftough wearing kid skin and our new Rubberette Patent Leather that
weiM with good thick extension soles the new two lift heel and the AQC
sprirg heel proper lasts and shapes to please the cireful U
We shall continue the sale for a few dijs longer of Women s Jjoudolr Slip
pers blark tin and red kid red green pink and canas madras n P f
made with neat satin bows pleits for all Yes tliej are the 50c kind
Our Smartest Lads Shoe sureH corectelj namwl ioull sij so when jou
see them smart shapes combination and designs of patent leather patent kid
patent enamel White Dros box calf and an endless ariet of eiery pleasing
kid skin with patent leather trimmings all made with the new extension soles
made tospIeaathos who know smart footwear the Smartest fij AA
Lndj has come to staj ou should see them alwas the same fjfcjrl
All sizes and all widths
Flannelette Might Robes for Women
Such prices as these ire responsible for o much hustle and bustle In this
Womens riannelette Night Gowns made Mother Hubbard stsleln pAf
plain and fintj
braid all sizes
stripes made with pointed collar anu trimmeu in lancj lie
Womens Flannelette Night Gowns
square voke back and front turn oer c
material j izts n iu k iui
Womens Night Gowns made of goo
of pink and blue flannelette la down c
lsheu wun suk crocnec tuse tu w
Homes riannelette Nisht Gowns
ten or more different stjjes one Ins rou
lar trimmfd in fane braid another st
round scalloped collar finished with sll
are made Hlshop stjle with pointed co
facnv braid sizes u to is lor
Seco d floor take either eeator
made Mother Hubbard stsle
ollar In plain and fanej striped
d qualitv flannelette with ok e Q PC
ollar and slccvrs scalloped fin- 7 w
in striiKf chnck and novelty patterns
na joke hack anu irort la j -down col
Ie has tciujre oKe back and front
k crocheted edge and others AAr
llnr nnrt Miff flnOiw1 villi 98
Lovely Tableware
Finds a prominent place in the affections of all houHwiv because of the
richness and daintiness it lends tc meal and the quiet refining effect it pives
to the table Timelines good Qualitv and Reasonableness of Prices are three
features centred in our Plated Ware Our displav will interest jou
75 Claret Pitchers Imitation
fflass patterns quadruple
plated mounted regular
price- 1 50 for
50 sets including Tea Pot Sugar
Bowl Cream Pitcher and Tea Bowl
the last two are gilt lined
all nre brightly bur- JO A E
nihed regular price 5 50 Cp US
10 Baking Dishes quadruple plated
Colonial pattern mounted O t J p
on feet regular price 3 9 j 4J
10 Quadruple Plated Fruit Baskets
new snanes anu designs
v ith Bohemian glacs Bowl
regular price 4 for
This department ou 111 find located on the first floor opposite the cle
atcrs In section A
j ftlew Clever Waist Creations
TKt ia Is are reallf prettier more original In design than
of those that hae been here iWimum cu- rV luit br1
thers are made with French back with the new bishop seees and cuffs
SThcj art lined throughout tnej are all designed bj men men who are design
All wool Flannel Waists In ljackj nay and red- tuckeil front and Aflf
back with bihop sleeves and detachable stock collars a ery timely UK1
garment at s J
Best qualit of Black Mercri7ed Sateen Waists tucked and hem- c r r
ititchcd back and front the sizes arc from 32 to 44 a pleasing gar- LI fo
ment at S J
Tine French Flannel Waists MrictH tailor made tucked back -
full blouse front new bishop slee e and stock collar the colors are s I f U
red rojal light blue green and black charming at lJ y
Eiccllent ejualit Lrdies Cloth Waists trlmmeel with straps of black taffe
ta back and front to form oke collars and cuffs trimmed to
match semi lined waists and lined sleeves the colors are red An
roal lavender light blue rose and black the price of this pretts Cp I UK
garment Is 1 U
A line of fine Sample Waists made of the best quality nUin and fancy mate
rial some are richlj trimmed others hao the plain tailor made ert r f
e ffect these we are showlrg In a arletj of new and effective UX
orlngs the sizes are Sb ard SS the price If about half of their worth I S K3
A line of Waists made of the best q uality soft tlnlhed taffeta silk rlcljly
liemstltrhed with either button front or back deep cuffs nnd new JO f0
stock collar the coorn are rose pink red royal white and black 4 Vf X
we can give jou everj size at J s J
This department adjoins the Suit Department second floor
Toilets and Druggists Supplies
Alexander Perfumerv Co grand prize
Beries perfumers six high grade Q CC
odors sample t lze 10c ounce 3
Fine Tat Toilet Soap 3 caktslAC
for 1U
Sunshine Tar Soap 3 cakes for J
lime Yales Iluir Tonic per I CC
bottle J
Ca Blache Face Pow der per O Q C
box 7
Pozzonls Complexion Powder OQC
per box
Munvons Witch Hazel Soap 1HC
large cakes
Local Will IlrhiK IliieU
Two Allege 1 Tllktn
Detectives Wtedon and Ilowktt nre
tusy completing thlr arrangements to
leave here next Tuesday for London
wbenco they have been ordered to bring
back to this countrv James Hatkcs and
John Morgan lhce two men jumped
their jUxs Iji tliis cltj after having been
lndlctJjt1ty the grand Jury on a charge
of larcenv from the person Accommoda
tions hve been reserved for the officers
on the steamer St Louis of th American
Uric which 1a sche duled to sail from
An Turn on Wednesday
larkes Is well known to the Scotland
Yard men who have furnished the local
department with his record but it was
only In Birmingham that Morgan was
found to J avo a bad record Morgan is
Mid to be a man llares
was arrested some davs ago but It was
only jesterday that word was received
through the State Department o Mor
gan s arrest-
The two men vcre rretel In this city
March 5 during the inaugural ceremonies
by Detectives Howlett nnd Parlnm of
this city and McQuade of Pittsburg
They Tjer charged with the I ircenj of a
pockcttjoolc containing 9 from Mrs Han
nah G Xi of tlantie Cit After hav
ing ueesij judlcted bj the grand jury they
Were relcad on tl 500 ball e ich but left
the cltl nddld lut appear for trial The
circular c nLlning photographs and
Dr Parker Prajs Nail
Sanitol Tooth Brushes each
Sarltol Tooth Paste per tube
Strong s Arnica Tooth Soap
per cake
Caldirs Tooth Powder large
Browns French Shoe Dressing
rirst floor main entrance
tillon measurements sent out by Major
Silvester resulted In the capture of the
men abroad
Mm i lnilk ClinrKe feir ierrlec IIil
Ieivveil n Impreier
Itegardlng the service of a subpoena by
telephone Robert J Tracewell Comp
troller of the Treasury has decided
I do not think It wise or prudent
to depart from the practice which pre
vails bj which as an essential clement
of service In order to entitle a deputj
marshal to a fee for service of a sub
poena It must appear thit the service
comprehended a delivery of the process
to the witness or a reading of It to him In
his personal presence
The most approved pnetlce In a case
where a witness is subpoenaed
by telegraph oi telephone Is to
make personal service upon his ar
rival at the place where he is
to give tcstlmonv and before he docs so
1 do not think the subpoena In the case
was personally served within the meaning
of the Tennessee statute nor under the
practice prevailing In Initcd States cas
es The disallowance of the auditor wa
The decision waP rendered on an ap
p al from thu lecIsioii of the Auditor for
th Stat Depirtment b Thomar 11
Walter United St ites Mar di ii for the
western district of Tcnncssie for dis
allowing a charg for service of a bub
pocni b telephone on ttK ground that
it was not a legal service
- ftf caiRH Ki C jl
ea BBfj cxbbvi ctsseaa jf Busy an BafZ
ansa no pssn y fessvs gooi
The ioy of a new arriv al in the famil v is
JpJJi overcast ly tlie shadow of the pain and
cornion me expectant momer must Dear
K 11 1 r 1 f e nMMBM
u nic Knew cji anu ubcu WHMBnkJx
eiUCHQ this would be all dispelled Tell
your friends about it as beintr a simole liniment
i exclusively for external use that relaxes the
muscles so that pain and sufferingare unknown
mo ua we coaiwuie mdi fctmc to czpecuat tnoattn frm to f tad J told htr of
THIS mUDnELD UECliaTUn CO Atlanta Go saoUrt Trimd
Extension of tlit Limilt of Har
mony Cemetery Opposed
CniuiuisNieinekrH AnL Ilifeirma
tloM HelHtivi te the- Permnnent
lmprtiv etiic nt cif Intties reeU Cnti
ul He eitlCHf s pilule In Citizens
Anton II Heltmuller of J5S Louisiana
Avenue northwest recentli sent a com
munication to the Commissioners com
plaining against the action of the au
thorities of Harmon Cemeten in mov
ing a fence and Including new land in tho
boinds of the cemetery He suvs that
complaint was made several jears ago
hit the cemeterj authorities were interr
ing bodies In a new plat of ground other
than the part originally mapped out as
tho cemeterj propcrtj Mr Heltmuller
states tint It was the adjicent property
holders who made the complaint nnd that
as a result the cemeterj authorities were
forced to discontinue the practice beun
bj them
Mr Heltmuller states that it has now
been brought to his notice that contrary
to law and without anj authorltj the
bouidarj of the cemetery has been en
larged b he mov ing of an old fence so as
to enclose more ground Mr Heltmuller
protests against this and asks that steps
be taken to compel the people who own
the cemetery to restore Its original boun
It appears from an Inspection made by
the Health Department to which the
complaint was referred that the east
fence was moved outward nbpu 150 feet
enlarging the cemeter along the cast
side After a thorough Investigation Dr
W C Woodward the Health Officer
mnde the following report
The original tract occupied by Har
mon Cemeterj comprised 1390 acres On
Jamiar 4 198 an adjoining tract not
then or previously used as a burying
ground comprising ISfcS acres was con
veed to John F Cook In trust for the
sole use and benefit of the voluntarj as
sociation known as the Columbia Har
mon as a burial place for de
ceased colored persons under the constitu
tion bj laws and regulations of said so
On February 21 1900 the Columbia
Harmon- Socletj filed with the Survejor
of the District of Columbia a plat of
Harmony Cemetery In an act for the regu
lation of cemeteries approved Januar 25
1838 On August 1 1901 the Commission
ers exempted the addition to Harmony
Cemeterj from taxes ByscctIon 5 of
certain regulations to secure a full and
correct record of vital statistics promul
gated b the late Board of Health in 1874
and subsequent legalized Congress
it is made unlawful to inter the bpdj
of any deceased person an where in the
District of Columbia except In such
grounds as are now August 1 1871 known
and used as burial grounds or such as
shall hereafter be by law designated and
authorized to be used as such
So far as the Health Department Is In
formed the onlj law In force at that
time or between that time and Januarv 25
1SS8 by which land could be designated
and authorized to be used as a cemetery
was the general Incorporation act of May
5 1S70 which provideel for the incorpora
tion of cemetery associations and for the
dedication of burial grounds Whether
or not the Coluhia Harmony Society Is
a cemetery association within the mean
ing of this act the Health Department
Is not informed Cemetery associations
were at this time rciftiired by law to file
plats of their burial grounds In the office
of the Recorder of Deqds but no plat of
this land was ilea
On Januar 25 1S5S while the proposed
addition to Harmony Cemetery still stood
In the name of John F Cook as trustee
for the Columbia Harmon Societj the
laving out of an new cemetery or part
of any ccmfaiwry wicmn tne tjity of Wash
ington or within the District within one
milt and a halt from the boundaries of
the cltv was forbidden b the act for the
regulation oi cemeteries anu uie uisuusui
of dead bodies
The onlj question presented by this
complaint stems to be whether the tract
of land deeded to John F Cook as trustee
for the Columbia Harmony Society on
January 1S98 and now sought to be made
a part of Harmon Cemetery was prior
to Januar 23 IMS by law designated and
authorized to be used as a burial ground
so as to make it a legally constituted
cemeterj prior to that date As this
question Is purely one of Jaw I respect
full recommend that It be referred to the
Attorney for the District for an opinion
The Commissioners yesterday approved
the above report and the matter has been
referred to the Attorney
The Commissioners have addressed a
letter to General Gillespie Chief of Engi
neers U S A requesting certain In
formation relntlve to a plan once before
Congress for the permanent Improvement
of the James Creek Canal The Com
missioners have under -consideration the
question of their authority anel control
over the margins of this canal and they
have In hand a report submitted to
President Andrew Johnson and bj him
forwarded to Congress bj a board com
posed of Gen Q A Glllmore Gen Z B
Tower and Major G K Warren The
Commissioners state that the have no
maps or data which will aid them in ob
taining a clear Idea of the proposed plan
of improvement and they request that if
such maps or profile are on file in the
Knginee r s office that the be permitted
to examine the same
Kdwari Chesley objects to the manner
of transporting offenders against the law
to stationhouses and to the wa In which
the are unloaded before the crowds of
curious people who corgrcgite before the
police st itlons or around the Police Court
He Is of the opinion that tTfe drivewas
of the stationhouses anil at the Police
Court should be so arranged that the
prisoners could be unloaded awa from
the ees of the gaping multitude
HlHm Baum has addn scd the Com
missioners rIativc to the la Ing of as
phalt pavement on Nineteenth Street
northwest He states that he Is
informed that the Commissioners
contemplate resurfacing Nineteenth
Street between M nnd N Streets
and he detires that the Improve
ment bo extended so as to tike fn the
stretch between JI and L Streets He
savs the annoanc causeel b driving
over the cobblestone pivement Is so
great thit It would be considered a
great advantage if the street could be
covereil with the comparative noiseless
The Hist Washington Heights Citi
zens Association his rcquesteel an exten
sion of the street lighting service t be
mado along Pcnnslvanla Avenue ex
tended Branch Avenue and the Bow en
road eastwardly to the District line Ihey
also request thit naphtha or gas lamps
be placeel on the Stittlind road from its
junction wun tne now en road to tne uis
trict line
The Klrctrlcal Engineer has reported
upon the application that lights hive been
erdered to be erected on Pennsylvania
Avenue extended from Twining Clt to
the Bowen road nnd he states that the
will be erected during the construction
of the- gis m tin along the road
B S Simmons of Ninth and r Streets
northwest recentl requested permission
to connect the old frame building on
Park Street northwest with the sewer of
the niW jKistotllce building adjoining 1IM
Park Street The mittet w if referred
to the Inspector of Plumbing who h is
now reported tint It Is epii ttlon ible
whether an etlel building should be al
lowed to be connected with a n w bust
ness structure such as tne one deserlbe ei
He retommends that the applicant be ln
formcel that no exception from the usual
legnlatlons can bo allowed In his case-
The Superintendent of the Water lle
inrtinent has forward d to tho Cominis
sloncru a schedulo of prouos lis for the
conduction of fitter Kates ut the Trum
bull Street Itimplni Station He recom
mends that tho nwnrtl for the contract be
gici to the Michigan Brtbs and Iron
AVoikflh or Detroit Mich
Social progress has done away with a
great many forms of punishment once
administered under the laws of enlight
ened people But mture nev er changes
or modifies her penalties She still has
the same punish
ment for the man
who neglects o r
abuses his stomach
as she had in the
far off daj s when
Adam delved and
Eve span
The phjsical dis
comfort dullness
sluggishness irri
tabihtj nervous
ness and sleepless
ness which are
viatcd upon the
man vv ho eats care
lessly or irregularly
ha e been from the
beginning the evi
dences of disease of
the stomach and its
associated organsof
digestion and nu
Dr Tierces Gold-
en Medical Discovery cures the diseased
stomach and enables the pcrfecLditrestion
and assimilation of food so that the
sluggishness irritability iiervousnessand
sleeplessness which Tesult from innutri
tion are cured also
1 was taken sick nine vcars ago with fever
writes Mr M MWardwell of Iiuwood Leaven
worth Co Kansas Had the doctor and he
brolce up the fever all njrht but I took diar
rhcra nrht away lie conldu t cure it and it
became chronic and tbeu he gave 4ip the case
I g ot so weak with it and had piles so badly I
couldnt he down nor hard sit up Was
that way two or three months thought 1 would
never be well again but picked up one oC Dr
Pierces Memorandum Books one day and saw
jour description of catarrh of the stomach I
thought it hit my cae We had a bottle of Dr
Pierces Golden Medical Discover in the house
that was rot for mother vou recommend it for
catarrh of the stomach so I went to taking jt
The one bottle nearlv cured me Ijrottwobot
ties next time and took one and one half ami
was well 1 Tiaven t been bothered with diar
rhoea since
Dr Pierce s Pellets cure biliousness
Jewelry Deported llixslnir Vlnnv
Times Acniti Alleged stolen
An alleged diamond robberj the genu
ineness of which the police are Inclined to
doubt was reported to Lieutenant Bojle
of the Third precinct jesterday afternoon
bj Mr8 Maud Wheeless of 1UH Twenty
sixth Street northwest Mrs Whecless
stated that she had been knocked down
In her own home ard while Insensible
had been relieved of Jewels valued at over
The police are Incredulous- Mrs Wheel
ess has reported the loss of these gems no
less than twenty times She has -as fre
eiuentlj announced their recovery and ac
knowledged that there had been no rob
The Jewelry which Is alleged to have
been stolen consists of a handsome mar
quise ring composed of a turquoise sur
rounded with twentj -three diamonds
valued at J400 a diamond and peatL ring
valued at J250 a Hungarian opal ring set
with diamonds valued at J100 and a small
silver toilet case valued at XL A white
chip straw hat trimmed In white ribbon
and a white dove valued at J1S is also
Mrs Wheeless Is of a rather excitable
nature and stnee her separation from her
husband about ten years ago has been
allowed to visit his home for the purpose
of seeing her daughter who Is now thir
teen years old Her mother Is Mrs Marj
Barlow employed In the Postofflce De
partment Although the latter is the
owner of the house in which Mrs Wheel
ess lives alone with her servants Mrs
Barlow prefers Jiot to occupy the rcom
adjoining her daughters which is kept
for her
Several months ago Walter P Car-pen-1
ter a jowiff man years old
wns requested to occupy a room In the
TJ1V tMi to Mrs Wheeless
and has since been doing to Mrs Wheel-
heSrCriesthilt J16 has not treating
tier rlghti and shown vrai riseM
substantiation of her charge The neigh
bors have complained to the police from
time to time that sounds of revelry In the
houre were annojlng to them At one
time Sirs Wheeless was takn to the po
lice station and forfeited her collateral In
the Police Court the next morning
Mrs Wheeless charges that she re
turned home last evening after having
been downtown shopping and that she
was rudely draggeel into the house by
Carpenter who ic -states had b en
drinking She allegefe that he struck her
several times and that he and his mar
ried sister were standing over her -when
she lost consciousness When she awoke
jesterday morning she found hcreelf
seated In a chair by the window and her
rings were mlsslnfr from her finger
She called upon her husband Malone
Wheeless an Inventor and an electrician
who till supports her Ho lives at 1S07
H Street northwest and has a lahrator
at the corner of Nineteenth and H Streets
northwest With him sho went to the
station to report the theft Precinct De
tective OBrien and Detective Serge mts
JI Ciller and Baur were- sent to the house
and made a thorough search Thv were
unabe to locate the missing Jewels
UnfKI1 1aB take to h IieL sta
tion and locked
up on a charge of va
granc nnd habitual drunkenness as the
officers thought it was about time to take
some action The oftWrs in i u
that an robbery has occurred and des
pite Mrs Wheeless statement have not
preferred nny other eharo uguinst him
Carpenter In the eivster season ln
an oster house at 1000 Twent -fifth
Street northwest nnd It was whllo hill
ing ojsters there that Mrs Wheeless first
met him about a ear ago He his been
accustomed to drink and at sueli times
is inclined to be quarrelsome
Kevrniip Slumps n oiixiil
ernllein of tjtJOtilMI
A de ed was placed on record esterela
b John L Weaver conveing to Annie
C Iloblnson an apartment house on lot
111 in square K7 known as The Leiulsa
21C New York Avenue northwest The
consideration named Is J10 but thi deed
bears stamps Indicating the value of the
propert to be about
ures Elood Poison
Eruptions Eating Sores Bone
Pains Cancer Scrofula Boils
If mi have a persistent plmjile ulcer
rati uk Mrc sore on Up huollwi glands
pilnful swcUInK or risings hhurp lancing
Piins mucous patches falling h ilr nore
throat or mouth itching tuirnliiR skin
Knawlnir pains iou suffer frnm linnii
poison or the lutfinnlnK of dtadl anctr
Don t experiment but tike the old rell i
hle Uotanic Tllood Halm IJ It H n
killn the polfron In the blood which cuums
all the bmptoniM ml cuiei the most ad
vanced case of blood poison and the
hjmptoms of cancer itn if the llcsh is
a iiiibi of boils and ulct rn or if tht dis
c i his reached the Mound and third
aiaKC Ilotinlc Hlood Halm H H H
lualH all the soren stops all p tins rcducth
the swtllinRS by Kblmr a jure htalthj
blood htipply Hotanic Blood Halm II H
H made especially to cure all intllnant
hlood troubles like scrofula eczema ItLh
inff tcabs or fcales iatr rheu
n ttlm bone pilnsi pimika car1 i iclrn
offmslw ctttnrrh Thoiisanda cured 12a
IKcliIIy ndIsd for old chronic cases af
ter all else fails Unmakes the blood pure
and rich It costs nothing to trj for w
send Hotanic Hlood Halm free to convince
sufferers of Its ahlUt to cure even the
vvorfet cases A trial of H H B is our
best testimonial
To obtain the free treatment describe
jour trouble and write Dr Gillam 1Tb
Mitchell Stret Atlanta G TMtdiclne
also book on blood troubles and personal
letter of advice sent atxmoe prepaid If
already satisfied that Hotanic Hlood Halm
Is what ou need it Is sold at nil drug
gists at 1 per larjje Jbottle and in Wash
ington by Evans SJ2 V Street northwest
Annual Schedule of Estimates Sub
mitted to the CommKioners
Tho Cet of Free- IiiKtrncllei
for the- Veil 1lnrnl lelir I
snlnrlcx eif nnel
Care er HiilIrtiiiK CJreinml
The Board of Education jesterda sub
mitted to the Commissioners their sched
ule of estimates for the purposes of pub
lic education for the fiscal jear ending
June SO 1S0Z Tills schedule carries an
aggregate sum of 183161 including the
ccst of sites and the completion and erec
tion of a number of new school buildings
The sum estimateil for the cost
the central office of the Board of Educa
tion is f05J0 distributed as follows
For seven members Boara of Education
tf3G0 for one Superlrtendcnt JlOw for
two assistant superintendents at 3lX
each XhW for one secretary 2000 for
one cl rk 1 W for two clerks at 1 OOJ
each 0 for one messenger fTiO for
one stenographer 310 I
In addition tho board asks for the
pament of the salaries of 1301 teachers
for which is required the sum of 9JSr5
The sal tries range from that of the Di
rector of the High Schools 2700 to that
of the lowest grade of teachers 130 In
the latter class are included ICO teachers
With reference to the payment of teach
ers salaries the following proviso la
Irovidpd That in assigning salaries to
teachers no discrimination shall be made
between male and female teachers em
pocd in the sffme grade of school and
performing a liko class of duties and It
shall not to pay or authorize
or require to be paid from any of tho
salaries of teachers herein provided any
portion or percentage thereof for the pur
pose of adding to silaries of higher or
lower grades
For the salaries of janitors and the carr
ot buildings and grounds the sum of
Ai Is asked Miscellaneous expenses ag
gregate J5103 Ti e cost of completing
new buildings in process of erection for
sites for buildings and for new structures
Is estimated at 173714 This sum will
complete four buildings for whirh sites
have been purchased and plans prepared
will re construct the Henry School build
ing and will provide for the erection of
four new buildings and for the eIUs ind
toward the construction of three- oehers
Jt will pa for the site and start th
construction ofta building for ti hsi
ness High SchooLihe complete cost Of
which Is
not to exceed 200 000 It is also
specllied in the Wedule of estimates-
That the totjWcoSt of the sites and of
the several and respective buildings here
in provided for when completed upon
plans and specifications to be previously
made and apprdved shall not exceed the
several and respective sums of money here
in respectively appropriated or authorized
for such purpose Provided That the
Commissioners of the District of Columbia
in c use cney snau consiuer tne tails received
for the constniotion of any number of
the school buildings herein provided for
not exceeding three to be In excess of
a reasonable amount are hereby author
ized to construct such building or build
ings by day labor and the purchase of
material in open market if the same can
be completed within the amount appro
priated or authorized therefor
That the- pluns and specifications for
school buildings shall be prepared under
the supervision of the Inspector of Build
ings of the District df Columbia and shall
be approved by the- Board of Education
and the Commissioners of the District
and shall be constructed by the Commis
sioners In conformity therewith
American nilns Dunk Receivers
Alplj t the Court
The rccclv ers recently nppointed to take
charge of and manage the affairs of the
American Saving Bank esterdavr tiled a
petition In the Supreme Court of the Dis
trict nrkmg that they be allowed to em
ploy an expert accountant to compile a
report of the affairs of the bank The
petition was granted and James E Batb
as named With the view of reducing
expenses the Cmirt wns also asked to al
low the receivers to remove the assetb of
the bank to the Jenifer building
The receivers under ordinary circum
stances woulel be expected to make a re
port to the court on Frlda Owing to the
great amount of work ahead of them it is
not probable that they will do so A par
tial report showing the workeloncsin e
they have taken charge of the bank will
however be submitted
MrDonoiiurh AkuIii Itefiited a
Decree if Divorce
For the econd time proceedings for di
vorce instituted by ArvlUa McDonough
againHt her husband Patrick J McDon
ough have been dismied from consid
eration by the Supreme Court of the Dis
trict because of the Insufficiency of testi
mony to support the allegations in the
complaint The second tuit for divorce
tiled b llrs McDonough and pending
before the District courts for more th in
a ear was dismissed jesterdav by Jus
tice Hradlej She asked for divorce on
the grounds of desertion and cruelty on
the part of her husband
The llrst suit was filed in December 138
at which time she charged that her hus
band had deserted her T he proceedings
were- dismissed in March 10 Pevton
Gordon appeared as counsel for thu de
of cttln it lUacksmitb
Mmp on Fire
William Nolan was acquitted of a
charge of attempted arson jesttrdav in
Criminal Court No 1 lie was charged
with having set lire to Keens blacksmith
shop near tho corner of Tourth Street
and Virginia Avenue southwest on the
afternoon of Jul 5 last
The room In which the Are was discov
ered was over the blacksmith shop and
but little damage was done In his own
defence Nolan stated th it he had been
drinking on July 4 and during the morning
of the day on which he was charged with
setting lire tb the place he t Ud he had
hud between Ilftv ami slxtj drinks and
did not remember all that happened lie
said that he went to the room where the
lire was discovered to get his co it
It developed that Knl in hud been In the
habit of sleeping in the room where the
lire occurred lie said he was tmoklng
a cgarette when he went to the toom to
get his coat
I lie Cltj t liter Sfttiu
Capt Thomas 11 Recs Corps of Engi
neers has bteu summoned to Washington
by Generil GillespU Chief of Engineers
Captain litem is assigned to the tusk of
making a thorough studv of the water
supplj t vsit in of the District of Columbia
He will parUcularlv investigate the con
struction of the Aqueduct tunnel and the
new reservoir at How ird Lnivtrdtv
Capt i In Kets returned fn in dutj In the
Philippine i few weeks igo since when
he ha- iKtn stationed it U Hit is Point
I lie Denllt He old
The Mlowimr tle illw for tuiit four him rc
rtpoited at th Health ij jrtinent uj o tiuon
I lien itutltr ht Man dlr I ih j
lUidse TS jtara Uilluni ainildl Ut jars
iorce oon 5 lears fwrge Wtllmm Vt
lean I ucy late 37 jcirs I iun Sulhtun R J
iar Karl ParUr 1S jturs fdiim Haines
7 jurs Irf tliy Mueller C m u lurlm n
I lUrnan swmi 1 Ir I
Villi Iitt i on i vii i S th dan14 Mi -Kit
n 1 iar lltnrj Oimiwjii aiulli 1 itontLs
John Nelson 3 mtnlli Mason tolnson I raonth
KniireM Creedum itinl Malilen Nntnc
In tue lUgnrr jestrda grantcil Vlabel C
Talor i dinrcc from htr hmhui 1 m tht
prmmd of doi rtlim Hie ww alw iwjrdd th
ciLaiMlj of h r infant ihiJ nI rmitt d i
nuine her nuiJtn name Mabel luuit
I himI for lliiiiitt n Vntiir
with conpletr atieraction in Uat Iilngtcn home
llavrnntrV Ilnad Tlie Atamlard of punt
and wlioleisDincncM cee that rour groter al
U3js tends IUenDtrV the heat obtainable
cT n m
m Anr - u
M la mado to YOU only and It hold jood J
jforaJewdayjonlyso WRITE TO DAY M
Atcatlicr liiiUvntlojiH
Iartly clomh todav probably showers
l orrow fjir light southerly vtind
Ihsliet temperature 4 p m
Loivct temperature 2am
Sun rose i 01 A M I Sun lets 5 30 TU
lioon rises 1M6 v Xr j Jloon sets
loir tide 1231 A JI and 12 50PM
High tide 6S2AM and Sll
I arnps lit tenia 6 07 PM
Laoiiri out tomorrow 530
National lnrnre and Dockstadcrs Minstrel
evening - j
Columbia I rank Daniels in JIisi Simplicity
Oiaes Oris Harlan in A Brass Monkey
afternoon ariLevc ninc
vcademy The Aolitnteer Organist after
noon and creeling
hernans The vierrj Maidens Bcrlcsnuro
afternoon and evnirc
llijou The Bijou Stock Company In burlesque
and vaudcTiile afternoon and evening
Committed to tin- Ufurm School
Anderson Ilailev colored aixmt fourten jears
of aje diarffei Itx tbe Uuiteil tatfi branch of
the loljce Court jestmUy with stealing I0
from Walter I Reynolds was commit
ted to the Reform School by Judze Scott
ItelenMeil on IeroiiiiLJiiniNa
Lulu Butler colored was comainlnwltnrss
in the Lnited Mates brantfKwrrfl SUicrolice
Court jesterdar against Thonyfr JUeMi zUo
colored whom Je charged wijU Iirtxtuunfc to
kill her The case did not ayftir to Jude
fccott to be 1 yen senou aix7Abh was
releised on i erwna bond
AIlt KtMl Theft of n Mint-
William Weutkcy wt4 fined 3 by Judge
cott in the lilted States branch of the l
lice Court yetenlay for tlie allege theft of
a hat from Pnnte Robinson colored It
Memed that ttciskey wat not quite himself
lien the hat wjw taken and that he mis
took it for hw own
Mx Month for Awault
Rufus Harri colored -was fccntenced to x
months in the District jail by JuiLje lcctt In
the United ctate branch of the Police Cuurt
cterday in default of a fine of 40 Imposed
for an alleged ajtult on nme Talor jlo col
ored Rufib bears an rtnomiable reputation It
m jid that in the ttuuhh with the Tjylor
nrnun be cut btr on tht anu F With a knife
llculed JlrlckM Wfcrlolcn
John Clifford cohred tltavnl with tte theft
of iOfjO bricks from the District was fined 10
by Judc Vott in the United states brjncli of
the Police Court yeterdj ttiffdrd demeil tlmt
lie lud btolen the lie said lie had taken
them because lw othir m prrrCH liaulin
tome awa ami thought he bad a right to them
slxlj Inj for striking JIN AIfe
Richsrd Dcrwy colorel charged in tlie Lnited
tatra branch vt the Police Court jenterday uitli
a ssaultinpr hi wife laotu c wad fined A by
ludge and m df fault will rtrve wxty
in the Diftnct lail It antwat tl in tho tKlimnni
j that tlie relations vt the lVpicjs hare been
Mrained tor some time ana tliat when Richard
met IjcmIk on the street TuchIm he knocked
hex doiru
Divorce ked for Desertion
In a petiticn fur divorce filed yeterday Mary
sjtttrMeld alleges that nineteenMaVs after her
nurrkge her hustand Salter t atterfield de
serted and nbandonfd her Miq reitea that she
wro5 married to the defentlant at Alessandria V
on Apnl II lb90 and on May 1 of the same
iiJttt her husband deserted her She asks per
mitolon of the court to reiumeJIier uutden na nc
Ur Harrison R It llonicr U named as
coiimvl for the petitioner f
llf Dollars Collnteral forfeited
Mmuel Jenon charge1 wih promoting gm
hhn forfeited 40 when eulled for trial in the
United States branch of the Iolice Court yei
terdar Jenon was anested during a raid
made by i erjeant Hartley and Prnates bamp
kOii Davis and McQuade of the polite force
on an alleged poker game in a building occu
pied as a uernnient office on O Street north
vtt a nisht or two ato
It Ij Anderson Released
Ilobcrt L nderon chirged with being dis
oiderl on b event h street on Sunday night Iat
was acquitted bj Judge Kimball in the Police
Court 3 eterdar vndt rs on w oa said to luv e
insulted a woman He claimed that he fjoLe
to the woman to ak her the whereabouts of
injothtr woman he deMrtst to line as a witness
in another cae pending against him and that
he did at the sujrgrMioii of the former em
ployer ot the alleged insulted woman
Slnrrlne IleeiiHcs Issued
Marrlaue licenses were ined today to Uilham
tpalding Macdonald and Annie Roberta Carter
lknrj E Jiintnunn and Mal el It Hopkins Sam
uel S Heck and Naomi P Boa deorEe T
lirason and Joeihire M Cole Kithard tord and
Jennie Heiteley Henjumm F Capito District
of Columbia and Rosanna V Sinclair Prince
George county Mir j land Uilham K Mcltenolds
and Llixa lotLre trancia E Srmn and Mary
y res Donovan Francisco Jtuzrone ai d 51 ra
Parsons Charles Janet and Carrie Tucker
Charles S Walter and Anes C Iitrpcrald
Iclin llarr buffalo and nna Krez
inurz Richmond a William K Header and
1 11a I Hlnton Jacob Ha kbaum and eturu
C 1 btrlv Ilrrrj Hackett and JIary Parr
Huthiid l Phihn and T ela Hushes W s
McCartliv and Mar M Hrvty
Croea Tasteless Chill Tonic tn kes you strong
Get What You Ask For
When you ask for Cascarcts Candy
Cathartic be sure jou get them
Genuine tablets stamped C C C
Never sold in bulk A substitutor is
alwa s a cheat and a fraud Beware
All druggists 10c
7P PgS
Mffi WhSsky
ery function ijol jet 11 mkiir
It Uyonr for tieatMfl wltfcmt t
WL This la - j mZ
ackeori nOFCheraoofaaylUncltoirts nionr ecus ef
yon oa simply eail joor name and addjrn and
westndyooUielMlt ItlsTouritokMprjrmrZnd
we under no ctrromitan9 uk tor or accent ny
moncrorit timer noworm v Tatar ThliUrljn
simple positive stateraent of acta lnMntMi
This Grand Free Offer 1 EeJesfJIc Wc B elf Made
- kiwi mjuuaii lOST17Dr
aiTiasr to Tro the streDatli aad inacaood vMahia
yemr UrUrijM All forms of
Nervous Sexual Urinary
Kidncv and Liver Discnsn
SwK2KT2xTleEmMt0ThleteTtflJ atoTiMtolurnarlelnrlMnce WesiToanr
licit Mil be sent lonroratejfratonca Address -
2022 FRasonlo Temple CHICAGO ILL
SI A Q tor oak Extension
vJi OTnble worth SZJ
SC 7 C f heavy oak Extension
v J 3 Table worth S J9
S7 ft C for mar slve oak Extension
7JTiiit worth 1230
for Oak Sideboanl
worth 15 r
for Oak Sldebdard
worth 18 00
for Oak Sideboard
worth 23 GO 1
for Oak Sideboard
worth 3010
Mayer Pettit
415 417 Seventh St
ZEH 702 llth St
Dininir Golden Oak Braced
Arm Caned Seat
Chairs worth 5125
Dining QQr
013 1015 Seventh St N W
w u s a jAJm
v u
3 ine oraia arui nerve centers
or money refunded with 6 boxes Qrculin cc
cure a i mn j
ur ne b ID Alt D STLVCNS Mnth Stmt snd Pennsylvania Avenue
It catcher quicklt make a roaring hot
fire Ieae no clinkers or dirt Its super
ior to Coal for Cooking CoU less than
any other Fuel Come to us for Coke
25 bushels Large Coke delivered 9103
40 buahrb Large Coke delivered 290
CO bushels Large Coke delivered 110
25 fcusheli Crushed Coke delivered U V
iO buslels Crushed Coke delivered 370
CO buheU Crushed Coke delivered 333
413 Tenth Street N W
Phnnp Faf 2v n iuart bottlra of he
I 11UI1C GdSsl iOt hinIon Brewlnr
n wii Cj s fomoiw Golden Hop Beer for
lll u 1 L ptiWHi
n unlettereO sgn
Washington Paris
Among Uiz loterestlcf exhibita
at the late Paris Lxposuion was
fine display of KoriUc Air Cushion
Truafet of all kinds lupportcrs
and various appliances or men
women 13d children from 1224
F St X V htch took the high
est i ward over ad competitors
American and foreign The Boriclc
Air Cushion Truss Company leads
tbe world Txo eeks triaL Two
yeirs guarantee Catalogue and
eonsnlUtloa free 1224 F St N
If Vati Scr Tkroa Ficplii Cspper ColrtJ Spots i lu OM
U3Te IQU SflrK viirt m tit Month Itir f5ins Writ
for proofs oi cure VV solicit th moot obrtlnat
caM VV m hava oared tha worst cues In 15 to S5 dsrs
CapiUliSOOuU Utf pfti book FREE Io branch offlcsi
1651 Masonic Temple Chicago 111
Instant Relief Cure in UJys eTPtulR I will
plAiily send to any ButTenrr in a jUiu sealed envelope
IREFft prrncriplfon Uh full Jimtion for x quick
cure fop Lo t Vlanhoo NUht Lot Nmttous
Lrlvate snrnll Went Iart VaiictxHe rte Addrrss
G B Wright Music Deaer Box 794 Marshall Mm
tsar cLiiFsiB
fl lalto5dtt j
C a Pmmtl fnBlarUn
Use Bl3 for nnaatnral
irritations or nkeratioot
of raucous membranes
Painless and uvt
JtHEEvAllSCrtEUICALCo Pt or polsonmis
iNNAnoPgg KoW r
or sent ia piain
hv exDreim for
l JX or 3 botth A rTS
Circular cent wwreA s
few mm tiieii iukjterw jumugiv cuics Uie vnt cases ia old sua oifc utjiiu iru a eJR
cf self Abuse disupallon excesses cr ciffirrleicokinj CUref LoCt ManhOOd Im
potency tost Power K ent tonses spermaiorrnoea IXfam
n Kacft Cll Doalros 3 mlral Emissions iarnac arvoiio
blllty Headncholintltnessto Marryi pqj of BfC 8551011 ocS
or eons lpatlon 8topa Quickness o irf I 8 FnatSiSPJJoEu
inna Tuisfhlnfr t fbnllrfL i lleU AtC lluniCUUic jidlujv kv
RttUires imaU uiulTeiT
Tit IV pitTauiCE VIWW
orrins sumuiares iv o t r i 50 ut mui - - K Cat
MUarC33 uisiiup nvmuuj ruaami 1

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