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NuMIEK 2693
Sir3Iicliael Hicks Kcncli iy Len
iency II1 9 Caused Delay
ii rrctnrj llrodrlplc In -support nf
the Attitude- In
South Africa Humls
Vrcc llulle r Upholds II Is Course
LONE ON Oct 10 In a speech at Old
liam Sir Michael Hicks Beach Chancellor
nf the Exchequer defended the Govern
ment on lines similar to thofe cmplocd
b Sir Brodrick He declared tint the
onlj bij In which the Governments
pollc could be hd to be answerable lor
prolonging the war was because of Its
humane mid lenient treatment of 1th op
ponents which he doubted was cer
equaled In hlstorj Jle added
The Goernment of the United Stale1
Is a humane Government The inlnbt
nnts of the Philippines have been fighting
for independence just as much as the
Boers for theirs The Inltcd States Go
has not scrupled to banish the
leaders of their opponents and to confis
cate their propertv but no countr at war
with another country ever before punt
thousands of pounds and Infinite trouble
in endeavoring to maintain with is little
hardship and s ffci ig as p ssible the
families of the i rj men in ai ms against
it Suppo e In the war between Spain
and the United States some 3f the inhab
itants of the United States of Spanish ex
traction had taken the side of the Span
iards and fought in doing so against
their own country Do ou think they
would have been treated as leniently as
we have treated the rebels in the Cape
Continuing Sir Michael declared tint he
did not mean to sa that the pollc of len
iency was wrong Jt was adopted in rec
ognition of the fact that with eventual
peace there would come a time when the
white races In South Africa would live
together and the Government was anx
ious even at the cost of prolonging the
war to do nothing avoidable that was
likely to increase the nnlmosit between
the two races But the time might come
for seerer measures If It did the oppon
ents of the British would have onl them
selves to bdme
He explained that the proclamation of
martial law in the Cape Colon had been
decided upon In complete concert with the
Cape Government it was mainl for the
purpose of stopping the smuggling of am
munition to the rebels and Boers whicli
there was reason to believe had been go
ing on at some of the Colonial ports
At the luncheon today given for General
Duller by the Kings Roai Rifles Sir
rharlcs Edward Howard Vincent M P
for Central Sheliield made a public state
ment that he had received an important
communication from Sccretarv Brodritk
affecting the whole militar polic in
South Africa
In his letter Mr Brodrick claims that
ever demand made li General Kitchener
for troops horses and supplies has been
itnmediatel compiled with He sas
We have XJOO O men and 40 guns in
South Africa One hundred thousand
men are training at home Our last re
turns show that we are furnishing sup
plies from here for SHOoO persons and 21S
000 horses and mules We retain In South
Africa a reserve of four months feed for
men and animals At present there are
in the field sixt nlne perfectl equipped
mobile columns under picked command
ers Ae deliver 10CJ remounts in South
Africa monthlv
1 am urged b man correspondents
to give General Kitchener a free hand
to push the war with sharp and effective
strokes It Is- suggested that inactlvlty
on the part of the Government Is causing
the people of the countr serious con
cern There is no wonder that the con
tinuance of the war should cause anxiety
but if It Is caused b any of the above
mentioned considerations it may be set
at rest The home Government hns never
in any wa Interfered with the militar
ilisjiosllions of General Kitchener In
whose vigorous prosecution of the war
it has entire confidence General Kitch
ener took command on November 29 1
Onlv once has he asked for more troons
in December isco when General rv Wet
p alace of Justice IJullcHii
entered the Ope Colou
Mr Brodrick states that these troops j Innes Attoine General of
were sent and adds that the onl reason
more troops were not sent was because
the military authorities said the war was
nearl over and the were not needed
The onl excuse for there being no meet
ings of the Cabinet is that none Is needed
Euch meetings might Indicate a want of
Gen Sir Redvers Buller whose recent
appointment as commander of an army
corps has been much criticised expressed
his condemnation of the newspaper criti
cisms of men who were doing their best
and risking their lives for the countr
He assc rteel that nobod junior to him
was fiLed to command an arm corps
and he challenged the critics to nime
G neral Buller said he had been attacked
on account of a telegram which it was
said he had sent ordering General White
to surrender Lad smith after his Bul
lers attack on Colenso on Dccembtr 15
1SS3 had resulted unsuccessful General
Bitier described nt length his own and
General Whites difficulties at that time
message telling General White that his
Buller s attack had failed and he could
not make another attempt to relieve him
within a month In the then slow lighting
General Buller slid he read this telegram
over several times saing to himself
Thats ft mean thing to send a fellow
but he knew the rewponsiblllt was his
and that General White could sa If he
surrendered that General Buller had nd
Ised It
The same telegram suggested that It
might be necessary to surrender and In
that case General Buller made some sug
gestions as to what General White should
do and how he should do It thinking tliit
It would be cover for a man whom he be
lieved to be in greater difficulties than
his own
General Buller declared that he wanted
to bring the man who said he had coun
seled General White to surrender Into the
ring Therefore he challenges him to
produce the telegram which he said he
knew waB In the hands of the editor of
a magazine and must have been stolen
liecuuse It was in clphr addressed to
General While and was perfectl private
The speech created a sensation among
those present
EitKllHli Pollc Attnrleel In mi
Is M Iiiituoiit
PARI Oct 10 - M Dumont publishes
an nrllle In Libre Parole denounc
ing Europe for standing calml b and
watching the destruction of n brave race
in Afrlcu Bojr women and chil
dren he i ays are dlng by thousands
nmid horrors that retail Dante h circles
o hell mercl because thr husbands
rnd brothers were flgnting for Independ
He declares that the onl equivalent of
th lr treatment of the Boers Is the treat
ment accorded tin Ir prisoners l th In
dians except that the latter omitted the
lopocrisy of sulng lint they actesl In
the Interests of civilization and humanlt
i lliilflmorr nml Itrturn In
II A O fcnluruii nun Minon
OctuUtr li 3il 1 ticWU Huod rctuniins until
folIoKlnx Monday ood en all tralm except
Bojtl Limited
12 liili 0liril lfl50 12lncli Bd
11V nml tin jui 1 Mn too it Ctk and J
K kvc
London Paper Consider SIN pnl
PT mi AiunrliiK Blunder
LONDON Oct 10 General Bulcrs
speech his made n tremendous stir The
newspapers are divided In th ir opinions
or It A majority of them Including some
that are not hostile to Generil Bailer
regard it as an amazing blunder and
grentl regret that the g neral did not
adhere to his latel avowed practice to
net answer newspaper criticism Several
papers declare that his cxplan ition that
he heliogriphed to General White sug
gesting that it might be necessar for
him to surrender and advising what to do
in such a case was actually an instruc
tion to surrender and th condemn him
according One paper compares the
message to Sir H Parker s famous
order to Nelson to retire at Copenhagen
which posterit has unsparing con
The Standard ma be quoted as ex
preying the severest view stt forth with
the greatest modcrition compatible with
such an opinion It snS
On the lutHll diiuiging episode of
the heiiographic message General Buller
admitted the wors that can be said
against him It is not the least surpns
Ing feature of the case that he docs t ot
evince mi consciousness of the real
ch trieter of his admissions 11 author
izing General A hlte to surrender he
ceuempHtid a humihitiou coiipired
with which all the other reverses of the
war would have been trivial His motive
it seems was a generous desire to shield
a subordinite from responsibilltv but if
this was chivalr it was not war it was
not leadership and it was not policy
The order was Issued under circum
stances which paIbl vindicate General
Buller s good nature but onlv at the
expense of his judgment and competency
to hold a responsible once It eems to
us there is on cno oourse left for its
unfortunate author On o r considera
tion of all that his admissions involve
it should be obvious to General Buller
that he would best consult his own dig
nity and the national b tesign
ing his command and seeking the retire
ment he Ins earned b jears of arduous
service He must see that he Is no longer
in his place at the head of an armv
General Bullers njiologlsts who as
said are in the mluorit are impressed
b his manl protest against hair brained
critics who hardl know a musket from
a field gun and the unhesitatingl ac
cept his explanation as m ml and frank
The Telegraph the chief of these
sas however that General Buller Is
mistaken in treating the hollogram affair
as involving theft or the Improper dlvul
gence of secrets It intimates that the
facts were falrl well known so far back
as August 1500 Although thinking that
General Buller had ample justification for
his indignant protest the papers think
It would have been nough if he had said
that Earl Roberts who knew all the cir
cumstances in which the despatch was
sent as General Buller s critics cannot
possiblv know retained him In his com
mand and subsequent deliberate con
tinued him in olllce at Aldershot
That surcl sas the Telegraph was
a complete and alisolute vindication of
General Bnlltr on an occasion which Is
responsible for so much ill Lmed and Ill
Informed scandal
Coin uilllicl However ltc ported
ill n rrecnrioiiN Ituntloii
PRETORIA Oct 10 Afte lighting a
rear guard action against Gen W alter
Kitchener on Sunda General Botha with
drew his principal forces toward Piet Re
lief It wns Impossible to heliograph ow
ing to the weather and was extremely
difficult to time the movements of the col
umns forming the cordon about General
Botha correctlv The Eoer commander
according to the British as still In a pie
carlous position It is said that If he
manages to withdraw his force It will be
in a greatlv depleted condition and that
he will lose nil the transport he collected
for his Nato expedition
A new Judicial Sstem will shortly be
put Into operation here A Supreme Court
of the Transvaal will lie established in the
Mr Rose-
Cape Colon
has accepted the position of Chief Justice
A permanenL high court will be etali
llhed at Johinnesburg presided over b
one judge The judge will take his posi
tion in tuni The high court will have
jurisdiction over the Rand The Supreme
Court will be ih final court of appeal
This will be a great advance over the old
tstem wnieh was expensive and tedious
Lurd Milnir attended a meet ng of the
Consultative Committee Monday It is
evident that he Is beginning the task of
reconstruction with cnerg He reviewed
the Rand Rifles 2500 strong at church pi
rude oj Sundu
KriiKer ll clnri s llitrtlnl I uu Will
Mill- Itll
PATflS Oct 1ft A lHliteh frAtn The
Jle said that at that time he prepared hat txjr1ent KnlK r
his declared tint the proclamation of
nnrtlal lavv throughout the Cape Colouv
will onl result in an increasi in the
number of Cape lebels
Tnllliitile ei fi n tinr In
Prison nml FIim if
PARIS Oit 10 Laur in Tallh ide the
anarchist ws todav sentenced to one
cars imprisonment and tu n a line of
V f0 for an nrtkle he printed In the Llber
taire at the time of th Izirs Wt
The article incited an attack on the Czar
nml gloritlid tin anarchists M Zola de
fended Tallhnde
Her Attitude I nvt nril l I liueol nrk
Isli lirilir to lie Itrnev olent
COLOGNE Oct l A St Petersbmg
despatch to the Cologne Gazette says
Russia I determined not to pcrinlfanv
unrest or trouble In the Balkans
It Is also rtatil tint the awuniptloii of
France that Russia U radj to Ikiek up
with her full resources the French claims
in Turtle and elsewhere Is Incorrect as
Russia informce France when approached
en this subject that she would maintain
a benevol nt altitude
The Russian diplomats nfuse to fo all
JVCVV lllllloOII Sill ft SMfllH si d
PARIS Oct 10 Sintos Dumont the
oung Brazilian aeronaut made some ex
periments with his new balloon tod i
He sailed over Longchamps In the airship
which was easll guide 1 nml returned
safely Jo the park ofthe Aro Club
HI 1X1 -in lliiriiern leir nnil
tlliKttiiri nml Return a J
V o
Invitig wat lilnnton S a in 0co
IT 13 Mopping t liitcrmtdiiue nUtiom Up
turning Iccve Jtartiiubiire 7 30 and Han r
Jerry S 13 p m same day
1 Doors If I Minim i
And White pine at that Libit cj
if II
Ilon e of to Ait on
HiInirs Aiiirnilinent
In ElniTcilomiil Return
ln Ieiiiis Isiiiliu Itnllronili
Other Iuvvm Itecnrillng InrrliiBi
Ilisxeil On Dr Donnld of Itosloll
tiiue a Mir li Ills llefi nee of
ItcNiiliitfrii selections for See
SAN 1 RANCISCO Oct 10 The Epico
piliin House of Deputies todi began the
consideration ol th nneiidments to the
chi ons of marriage and divorce submittcel
bv the Houe of Bishoos for concurrence
it did not reach the section pro
hibiting the mariiage of divorced persons
which is expected to furnish the most
contention Revolving Itself Into a Com
mittee of the Whole this afternoon the
house took up and pissed the lirst three
sections submitted bv the House of
llishops rftcr delining the solemniza
tion of matrlmon In the Episcopal
Chunli recommends the officiating minis
ter to ebserve the civil law in the place
where the marrnge is solemnized -Mid to
obtain the consent of the guardian of a
minor and to perform the cerpnon In
the presence of witnesses The onl other
ection remaining before the amendment
with regarei to in iriiage of divorced per-son-
is i cached concerns the keeping of
a iL oid of mairlages b the minister
Tills will probablv etccup onl a hort
time and then tie more wtlght eiuestion
will be taken up
B far the most sensational eeiit of
the da and possibly of the convention
so far was precipitated b the Rev Dr
E Winchester Donald rector of Trlnlt
Church Boston He presented what he
slid he regaided as an Infetlor substitute
for the Huntington amendment killed
b the convention the da before ester
d i He deplored the effect of the de
feat of that measure and offered in lu
place a provision allowing the Bishop to
assume oversight of a congregation not
in union with the Church but which
should agree to observe the forms of
The Rev Dr Fulton of Phlladelphl t
seconded the motion and the vvhole bod
was crv evldentl in strong acc nl v th
the speaker In response to a question
from the floor as to vvh he had omitted
the requirement that ministers of these
congregations should be Eplscopil elerg
mtn as a similar resolution submitted
three ears ago had piovided Dr Don
ald stated that the omission had been iC
deliberate because in his opinion it Is not
necesstr that a man be an ordaine I
clergyman te oihclate at the sacrament
There was an Immedl itt storm of protest
-urn uisseni ami jji l mum witndrw Ills
second to the motion
change in attitude of the house
from support of Dr Domld to opposition
was startling In its suddenness and com
pleteness He had hardl reached his
seat before a substitute amendment con
taining the omitted clause vvas offered and
seconded b Dr Fulton Both amend
ments will come before the hoUFe but Dr
Donald s will undoubtedl he crushed
The House of Bishops transacted consid
erable business of a routine nature A
conference committee vvas appointee to
meet wun a similar commm e rrom th
deputies on the matter of marginal read
ings New missionary districts were dis
cussed as well as candidates for bishoprics
in the districts
Tomorrow It Is xpeeted that the names
of the Jive proposed Bishops In the mls
sionarv districts of Olvmpia North Da
kota Hankow Porto Rieo and the Philip
pines will be sent to the Houe uf Depu
ties for approva
SJliKtin f a utliorilltH I iiniplliiielit
cil for I heir Hospitalities
SHANGHAI Ott in Before leaving
Singan fu on her wav to Pi ul Ing the
Dowager Empress tork o casion to com
pliment the local authoritu s on the hos
pitable manner in which the had treated
the members of the Court daring their
stay there Afterward Hie eunuchs at
tached to the Court made a el mand for
tribute on the local magistrate and when
he refused to give anlliing made a com
plaint against him to Ihe Governor The
Governor offered to degrade the magis
trate but the Dowager Empress upheld
the latter
Gen Tung fu Hsang the notroiotii
anti foreigner whose troops were re
ported to have attacked the legations and
who wa sentenced to be deprive of his
rankand dcgiuled on ncccount of his con
nection with the Boxer uprising offered
to scon tin Court on Its vva to Peking
with his followers hen 11 Bung hang
heatd of this lie l legraphed a prutefl
agnltst It and Tung fu Hsiings offer of
ttn escort vvas refused
The sfiaiiroekN Owner Iiiliiiinteii
I lilt I He Will IiuIIciikc
NEW lOHK Oit in -Mr Thomas Lip
ton it is probable will challenge again
for the Amcilnis Cup lie hs not yet
declared his intention of doing so but in
a speech to the members of the crew to
night he Intimated that he would do so
If no other Britisher did Be also said
he hoped the nun would dine with him
again after he li id been sjcressful
Sir Thomas I intuit entert lined the
crews of tlie Shamrock and Erin at din
ner at the Hole Marlboiough tonight
About 120 sal down tortile banquet and
as Sir Thomas never does an thing by
halves evervbod had a ioal good time
Sir Thomas Llpton arrlve d about 9 30
o clock and w is grc tesl with a storm of
die rs With sir Tn imas were George L
Watson Thomas Ratse J B Illllard
John Westwood W B Duncan 12 P
Benjamin W G Jameson and Robert
It was some minutes bto the cheering
for Sir Thomas stopped and then it was
renewed again vvh n Sir Thomas called
for cheers for Captain Scamore and then
for Mr Watson and Mr R tsev Cap
tain Matthews then proposed the health
of Sir Thomas and after It h id been drunk
the popular Irish knight said
If we cannot rejoice at winning thr
cup ou can at least rejoice at the show
ing pin made 1 think jou have nason
to be prom of Captain Scunoie and
that Captain Sxnmoro has reason to be
prowl of his crew I think Captain MCll
more did the best thing an man could
have done and that Designer Watson
turned out a boat Riitnin in i will be
prouel of 1 do not wunt a monopol of
cup ch illenijng but If no Britisher chal
lenges for the cup within a reasonable
time I shall serlousl consider the sub
ject mvsclf
Should an other Ilrltlhei challenge
for the cup 1 will do in best to help him
In ever wie possible In the interest of
sport Although we did not win the cup
I we were bv no means disgraced and 1
think we credit on our
tr I hete some time int vve shi dine
again nftr lifting the cup in
stead ol avler losing It It Is a bird tup
to lift but 1 think vv loos n d soni of
I the rivets which held it down and we
mi Have better luck next time
Captain Matthews and Captain Sci
more and Mr Vatsou also spoke
Pan Vmerleuli 1xpesitlon rxclindril sWji
train will leave W a ltinKtoli fa a m TlurseU
October 17 tickets limited to eleven date In
cluding date of ualc binular excursions October
23 and 29
Best Poplar ft vtn IWnt 1oplur 7 els
lrr foot and tnitfcl sol test kind Cth and N ay
First stmlnii of Thnse In Clinrge tif
the tiiilnn Memorial
CI E ELAND Ohio Oct 10 The Mc
Kinle National Monument Asioclatlon
held its first meeting at Senator Hanna s
oflice tola the following trustees being
present Judge W llllam R Da and W
I A L nch of Canton Gen H M Dudleld
of Detroit Senator C W Fairbanks of
i Indiana Cornelius Ni Bliss ex Secretary
of the Interior ex Governor Francis of
Missouri Gen Ell Torrance Commander-in-Chief
of the G A IL of St Piul Rob
ert J Lowerv of Atlanta Ga Alex H
Revel of Chicago W M Conwa of
Pittsburg and Col Mron T Herrick of
Cleveland Telegrams Were received from
Governor Crane of Massachusetts Hcnr
T Scott of Sin Francisco John C Mil
burn of Buffalo Thomas Dolan o Phila
delphia and Franklin Murph of New
ark N J sa Ing the could not be pres
Judge Da vvas elected Chairman Rer
son Ritchie Se cretar Senntor Hanna
ice President and Colonel Herrick
Treasure r 1 he main oflice of the associa
tion will be in Cmton the home of the
chairman The ofTki from which the bulk
of the business and all the clerical work
will be done is to be located In this cit
It will be In one of the downtown olllce
buildings the exact location to be de
termined upon toda The trustees en
dorse a stutemei i as follows
The purpose of the association as de
fined in Its certificate of incorporation
are the erection and maintenance sit Can
ton Ohio of a ibli mcmorl il to the
1 itc President and raising the ncccssar
funds for said purpose and after provid
ing full therefor the surplus of such
funds if anv are to be devoted to such
memorial as ma be provided for the late
President at the National Cspital The
memorial will be erected at Canton that
citv ha Ing been his home throughout his
public life and selected b him ns his
final rr sting place The memorlnl Is to
be in the highest senfe the sincere ex
pression of all the pe ople of the countr
or their love for President McKInle and
of their admiration for the qualities ex
pressed si emlmmlv in his life and deeds
It Is the purpose to have the offerings
of the people voluntar and a full oppor
tunlt will be given The ct opcration
of the Governors and oineers of States
and municipalities of the United States
and the religious educational civic pa
triotic fraternal bereVolent and other
organizations is ccrilUll invited
All public officials organized I odles
and the press are requested to take Imme
diate steps to secure at the earliest pos
sible time a full response to this appeal
The association looks tb the press of the
cetintr to lend its efficient aid to the
collecting and forwarding of subscrip
The trustees of the assort lion -ant
receive subscriptions Subscriptions
abroad are to be received b the Am
bassadors Ministers and Consuls of the
United States and In Cuba Porto Rico
Hawaii and the Phlllnnlrru bv th re
spective Getvcrnors thereof or persons
authorized bv them Remittances may
ue iiiiiueoireciiv to nil vron T Der
rick Treasurer C lev eland
The rsocldtlon will prepare and dis
tribute to all donors ML the fund a sou
venir certificate which avIU be vvorthv of
preservation as evldenee of the holders
participation in the work The name and
post office address of each contributor
should be forvvaded to the Treasurer of
me s ociatlon with the fund remitted
preMrvntlon In the permanent
archives of the associaati
behalf ma
It Is expected that th response of Un
people will re so Ilhefaitthat si memorial
ma be erected that vlll nttlnglv do
honor to the memorv Jnt our mnrtred
President and emphasize their Ioalt to
our Institutions and thilr nohorrence of
the spirit of lawUssnets which inspired
the assault upon his life
A Rescilittliin ioied b the For
eign Mission llonrd
HAltTfOHP Conn Oct 10 Offlcers
were elected at the baalness session of
the American Board of Foreign Missions
this afternoon and Oherlln Ohio was
selected as the place of the next meet
ing which will be held beginning the sec
ond Tueselav in October iy2 Samuel Bil
lings Capen of Boston was elected rresl
The following resolution was adopted
Resolved That the American board is
In deep and tender smpath with its
misslonar Miss Ellen M tone now held
in captivity b brigands that Its offlcers
and members are heartll grateful for
the prompt and strengous efforts of our
Government in seeking her release and
for the popular movement to provide for
The dispatch received on AVcdnesdav
nt the State Depaitment ftom Consul
General Dickinson saing that Miss
Stone the abducted American misslonarv
vas alive anl well on Saturda was con
firmed estrijfu jn a tahiepran lrm
hpenccr Ecldv e ere tary to the American
-Minister at Constan Inople
Cniilrlll Orders I hut the
Irlul Proceed
oclock to night the attorneys for Caleb
Powers entered court after having se
cured three cotitlnuanges in which to
prepare affidavits for a continuance The
were not rend at S 13 this morning mil
were given until 2 p nu and up m anil
linall until c p in
The prosecution charges that the de
fine Is trvlng to use up the court s time
to throw the case Into the Febniar term
Jude CantrfU told theflttornojs for the
defence that he was willing to give them
all the time ncessnryto prejmre their
affidavits The allielMVUs set frirth th it
the prisoner did not expe ct to be tried at
this term of court and was not prepared
with his defence that he had not se
cured all his witnses
After addresses by the attorne on
both sides Judge Cintrii ordered the tn il
to proeerel and the work of innancllng
a Jurv vv ts b gun at oatje
Notable- IV rsciinfM Eiitrrtiilre d
elc I UHlelluue
PARIS Oct t tint Bonl de Caste I
lttie I entertaining laiiel Duke Boris
A luellinlrovrh the Duke1 of Gramont and
other n tabilitles at a shooting parlv at
Maris castle
1 lie lv nrsui xe l Mill
NORFOLK u t 10 The battleship
Keiirsarge Aelmlril lilgglnson s flagship
is expected to follow her sister ships of
the North Atlantic Squadron to New York
and to still tomorrow morning
si 1 12 l
luiillpciHs nml Re tin
II A O It It
Ml trains Oiblur JJlh ccount football
games tjlMen Vj I ime ibitv anil iral t a
eleU to irgctoitll I linrlitv anil v Jolma vl
lric TUkel peo1 icturnii aintil following
lnilav incbi ivt
Norfolk A AYnsIilncrtiin Meniuliont Co
Delightful titris daily at 30 p fna foot
7tli at to Old Point Norfolk A a lleach Ocean
View and NCMort New Oneral Ticket Office
roiKlutUE llth lit and N ave Itiunc 2 j0
llresseil Ilniirils Dressed lids
Kl iV Aellow p nc and plenty of tliem If F
bitliey a Co
The Keiiiaimlcr of the Taininiiiy
County Slate Xanicd
itroiiK Cppositlcm to Hie ltenoilil
luitiin f the Deposed District At
toriie liidlclltiun tills
Unr I he Other Fixtures Aecepteel
NEW ORK Oct 1 The Tamman
count convention tils evening named the
lollowing ticket
tor Juticcs of the Supreme Court UOItUtT
N Mh VOltiW J O MUhV CllVltLbS
ll fO tlUIJLI s II 1MJ
lor Ju tke ui the City Court JOHN 1
sell C1IVIW
For sheriff John T KIKY
lor County Clerk ttOKCi 11 F xllltlt CIL
lor Duirlet Vttornev llMH UNOLlt
For KrgUter HI Vk T IH v
The Mnnahltan borough convention was
helel Imntdlatelv after this convention
and nominated this ticket
For Prauelcnt of the Iloroeuli ls C HtOUlF
lor C rontr I lltt U T I lflVTIlll Iv
All of these nominations were accord
ing to the slate which had been gossipped
about for the past week except that of
Mr Inger for the olhce of district at
torney WhcP Colonel Gardiner who vas
elected district attorne in 1R7 was re
moved b Governor Roosevelt it was an
nounced that lie wojld be renominated
and Mr Croker has been of the opinion
that Mr Gardiner should be vindicated
Mr Crokpr held this opinion right straight
through in spite of objections that were
raised by other leaders of Tamman Hall
1 P to 7 o clock this evening when the
executive committee of Tamman met
Colonel Gardiner s name was on the slate
but strong pressure was being brought
to bear against him This pressure linall
became so insistent that Mr Croker was
compelled to leld
In the executive committee meeting
Colonel Gardiner made a speech He said
that evtr since his removal from office b
Governor Roosevelt which lie considered
to have been unjust and oppressive he
had desired tc be vindicated b renomlna
tion and re election and he thought he
was entitled to renomlnatlon but if poli
tical conditions were such that It s md
inadvisable to put his name on the ticket
this cnr he would accept the situation
and support the man selected for the
Colonel Gardiner s speecli was ap
plauded b the executive committee and
half a dozen of them assured him that
tht had no doubt the time would come
when he would be honored b the i art
again It was said that Senator Tlmoth
D Sullivan was one of the men who stuck
out longest in Gardiner s i chalf
Mr Inger who was selected as a can
didate In place oStColonel Gardiner was
the colonel s first assistant He has had
a great deal of experience In the district
attorne s oflice lie was recently coun
sel for Bissert
The convention was crowded and en
thusiastic over uOy delegates being pres
ent When Mr Keller mentioned Shep
nrd s name there vvas an outburst that
lasted about a minute and a half The
platform declared that the campaign is
sue Is whether the Republican party con
trolled b Thomas C Piatt shall govern
the clt of New lork The history of
Maor Van cks administration is
given and this plank Is inserted
We again declare our opposition to
civil service sham We again clem ind a
genuine civil reform which recog
nizes that the offices belong to the people
as elf inherent right No qualification
should ever be demanded in a citizen
seeking public employment other than
honest capubillt and ccvotlon to the
Ex Uov rrnir Ioiicm lakes Out
fore livei Otllee rs
MONTGOMERY Ala Oct 10 Ex-Governor
Jon s vvas toda sworn in as Judge
nf the Tederal District Court A novel
feature of the ceremon was that he took
the oath twice once before Chief Jus
tice MeCIellan of the Stato Supreme
Court and once before J W Dlmmlck
clerk of th court
He desireel to be sworn In by the Chief
Justice bu there was possible doubt of
tli enlilltv f n nath be fore a State ofll
her ransom and trut that efforts In her Cer rather than Ield his wish to
peeuii oe crowned with sue sZL his respect for the State authorities
i he made assurance eloubl sure
The seSon this evening was addressed
by the Rev Dr Samuel K Herriek of
Boston and the Rev Dr S Parke Cad
man ofllrooklvn President Capen made
his annual address his subject being A
Million Dollars for Foreign Missions
How to Raise It How to Spend It
lntcrcstltii Disc i eric Almlt Ii
lliclelicrr Professor
PIT1SBIRG fbt 10 Pioi John A
Brashear the maker of astronomical in
struments ha rc ceived from Prof Max
Avolf of Heidelberg University a letter
telling of discoveries made with the as
tronomical camera sent to Germanv sev
eral months ago The observers discov
ered twent hitherto unknown small plan
ets between the orbits of Mars and Jipi
te r One of them thev named Alleghenla
In honor of Alleghen where Prof
Brashear lives
Prof AVolf savs the new Instrument
Is especlallv adapted to discovering the
faint nebulous bodbs in the firmament
On one plate covering fort -seven square
degrees- he has found lo of them He
intends to map and i hotograph the en
tile sky and map and catalogue the
llel nlle
lvvn li li Ivlllcel li tin Force nf the
FRANKLIN I i Oct 10- The plant cf
the Harper Glvcirlnc jmpan exploded
at -1 el doc
the plant am
The Ireslclc il of tl 1iorinoI1 ciinrcl
Expires Siulilenlj
SALT LAKE Oct 10 Snow
President cf the Mormon Church died
suddenly at 3 35 o clock this afternoon
The Immediate cause of death was hpi
statlc congestion superinduced h aggra
vated bronchitis He had been suffering
from a severe cold for several tlas but
not until early this morning did his Illness
afsume a serious aspecL
President Snow was flgho seven ears
old and until a few das
ago was ac
tive both physically and mentally He
was born at Mantua Ohio April 3 1S1I
and was educated at Oberlln College
He was brought up In the Baptist faith
but In 1S31 he
became a convert to Mor
monlsm and was an active worker In
the Church until his death He had
seven wives whom stinlvc him and In
1SS5 was convicted nn thl
sentenceet to eighteen months Imirison
eii m inc penuentlar On April 6
1SSS he became the
president ot the quo
rum of the twelve apostles and on the
death of President AVoodruff he became
president of the Church on September
13 1S3S
lonil Wo in mi Lenvcs Home- In
Secure Iniplct nient
NLH YORK Oct 10 Dressed In bov s
clothing Miss Mra Morgan twenty
ears old of Heartwellville Vt ran
awa from home three weeks ago and
coming tooths clt obtained a situation
as an offlceboy with a downtown firm
So well did she carry out her part that
during the week in which she held her
place she aroused no suspicion
Charles Morgan the father of the girl
practiced as a physician In Harlem for
many ears About two cars ago he
gave up his practice and bought an in
terest In a hotel in Heartwellville Three
weeks ago when the summer season at
the village was closed Miss Morgan dis
appeared Two or three days later a boy
appeared who looked nbout sixteen ears
old at the offices of the H AY Johns
Chemical Manufacturing Company at 100
vv tin tm street and asked for work
The boy seemed so respectable and so
anxious to work Charles E Horton one
of the managers of the company said to
day that I engaged him He worked
well and vvas quick in running errands
and we were thoroughly satisfied with
him but after being with us about a week
he said he vvas going to visit a sick sis
ter In Aermont and asked ir we would
keep his olace open for him I told him
I could not promise that and after leav
ing the oflice that night he never appear
ed again A few davs afterward I was
Informed that our Industrious oflice boy
was a oung woman belonging to a ver
respectable famll
To Mr Horton the girl gave Mvron
Morgan as her name AYorking In the
same office was a clerk of the name of
Townsend who had known her and her
parents when the lived In Harlem He
was struck by the resemblance of the new
office boy to Mra Morgan and also by
the similarity of the names Last week
he was walking with a ft lcnd In Harlem
who knew the Morgans well when they
met the new bo strolling along the
street Townsend mentioned his suspicions
to his friend and together they questioned
the boy The oung woman quickly
broke down and confessed her Identity
and promised to return home Next day
she left her emplo ment and keepirg her
promise went back home
Glliuc Invvs in Colorado
DENAER Co Oct 10 Ernest Seton
Thompson the author of works on wild
animals and John Goff the guide and
hunter who piloted Mr Rcosevelt through
the mountains last winter have been ar
rested b State game wardens for alleged
violation of the g tme laws
The charges arc that Seton Thompson
and Goff chased deer with dogs and that
the baited traps for mountain lions with
venison The wa dens allege that they
have amiJe proof for conviction on both
charges nnd promise to make revelations
when the cases come to trial
Seton Thompson and Goff have been
hunting in Routt Count for several
weeks The sav that the have not been
killing game much less violating the law
as alleged and sa the only deer killed
was one which Mr Seton Thompson shot
to secure an unusunll line specimen of
t antlers
Accident in n saiiniill ttciilled liy
F illll Iteiults
PKTERSBl RG va Oct 10 About 7
o clock this morning the boiler of R But
terviorthvr Bros sawmill near DeWItt
Station on the Seaboard Air Line
Knllwa exploded completel wrecking
the mill and killing two men and serious
injuring several others The killed are
A G Smith and a negro named Norman
A right
Among the injured are Norman Smith
son of A G Smith Young Smith has re
eentl graduated from a Northern col
lege The Smiths are from Stlisbur Md
and are relatives of Governor Smith of
th it State Mr Smith at one tlm lived in
A ilmingtoi Del where he Is wide
know i
altni 1 liottirlit In He Itnrtovv Wtirren
Fulls in His Vttcnipt
COLlMIHi S C Oct 1 At the same
spot on the Southern Railwa between
this morning destrening Columbia and Charleston where eighteen
mstanilv killing Clarence months ago one robber took 10000 from
Warel the manufacturer and Frank
Grosc his assistant hhI was llovn
to pieces Die bod f Gross was found
a quarter of a mile uii vlth the top
of his head blown off
The plant consisted of three buildings
Several lar Iron cakes were blown
ill different directions and watpod out of
shape Where the buildings stood it hole
two express messengers another attempt
vvas made last night also J one man
He boirded the train at Revesvllle get-
i ting between the and express
ears When he gave the conductors
knock on the door tht messenger was
suspicious and refused to open
Just then Conductor Carson with two
trilmneii came out on the platform The
thirt lhe feet deep and lift feet in cir- i robber poked a revolver in their f ices
ciituference wns found An agitator I forced them to hold up their hinds
weighing fOuO pounds was blown eighty be piillcel the signal cord As the
feet md In ever direction trees were train slowed up he stepped off in the
upiooted and Ftrippcd of their branches
ami roil t
lows In houses lor miles around
vv re broken md he exposfon was heard
in TitUffVllle Oil Clt aril Franklin The
manager ot the pliut can give no cause
for the explosion and as Ward and Gross
were the onlv persons nearh the real
cutis will alwas remain a mstery
Afore- Honor for ltirkln ssmp Co
Bl FFAlO Oct It The Pan-American
Exposition h is awarded six medals
for supremi merit to the varied products
of the IMirkln Soap Companv of Buffalo
wliise faetorv to famll thirl elis trill
plan Is known as the 1 nrklii Idea in the
homes of the entire countr
SrO In Ilirn mid Return v In II c
Ire litding aInusson tei die aieritc Train IcHHes
Wa lulutcn S a m sunjjy ober 23 stopping
at fiitriincliate fetation Keturmn leave Lura
G p in
Iljlin IluielnesH CulIeKe rllh and K
uiuiness stiortliand Tpewritinj 133 a year
ixo MiIiikIc n 9i UiltO Mill Klei -
per 1000 and the best kind too Cth aud N
d irkness and lias not been traced
The trainmen sa the robber was Bar
tow Warren Warren was arrested the
former robber at this point He was
tried at Orangeburg last winter and a
nisterious woman worked ill his interest
and although the evidence was strong a
mlstrlil resulted Thomas AVatson testi
fied that Warren Pad asked him to help
In thit robbery Warren got out on linll
and Immediately went to Brunchvllle and
killed Aatsou
There is a reward of Jo0 for his arrest
and the Governor a few days ago was
notilled that he had returned but those
who saw him feared to attempt his arrest
SI id To Itleliiuiniil nml Ite tnrii flou
Alu leiins lviitilu Itiillrnncl
ccount lticliniond Carnival and Horse how
Tickets on sale Octolnr a to 12 and limited to
uturn until Octotcr 11
111 To AiiiuipcillM nml lie- XI 12
turn via I elius Iviinln llullriinil
Vcceunt Naval cademy A ale InWersitr foot
ball came ticket on rale Slturday October li
good to return until Monetae OetoWr It
Window IIHiids OOe W Iiidoir
blinds tile and all kinda mill work Ij F
LlLbey Co
Price One Cent
Gives 3Ir Kayner a Chance to
hcorc a Point for Schley
Cnlls Attention to Inct Tlint i
Cerlnlii Avltnrsn Can Testify Tlint
rhley Did ot Receive- the- slcnn
Code to Knnlilc Him to Ilinunnni
cntc AAltb the Cnlinns Lleiilrnnnt
Cniiininnder Sclinetxe Discredit
the Rattle- Chart Bristol Mill VI
lieres to Ills Own Ohscrintlonii
Captain I cmly the judge advocate of
the Schle Court of Enquiry was very
magnanimous at one stage of the pro
ceedings before that tribunal esterday
He voluntarll indicated to Mr Rayner
where a point could be scored In the In
terests of Admiral Schley and In doing
so allowed the fact to be shown that one
of his former witnesses had to be very
generous with him been very much mis
taken In his testimony
It Is necessary to go back of the pro
ceedings of estcrda AAhile Captain
MeCalla who had been with his sub
squadron off Clenfuegos was op the way
to Key AYest on Ma 3 he encountered
the Flying Squadron en route to Cienfuc
gi id direct si the Eagle under eom
mard of Lieutenant Commander V IL
H Southetland to go and communicate
with Schle s flagship But the Scorpion
Intercepted the Eagle before the latter
vessel could reach th Brookfon and took
the message which Commander Souther
land communicated Then the vessels con
tinued on their respective courses
When Mr Southcrland was called to the
witness stand about ten das ago h said
that under Instructions from Captain Me
Calla he had megaphoned to the Scorpion
among other things that a landing pbice
had been effected near Clenfuegos where
communication could be had with the in
surgents In camp some of whom went
Into the town each day and were posted
on the situation The log of the Scorpion
which Schley had sent to receive any
communication from Captain MeCalla
contained no rectJrd of any such message
received It onl showed that Souther
lnnd had made some unimportant state
ments regarding the Nashville being dis
abled and that the Cincinnati and some
other vessel were off Port San Antonio
and that there was no news
Ycsterda Captain Lemly called Lieut J
H Holden to the stand and asked him a
few unimportant questions Then he In
formed Mr Raner that Lieutenant
Holden was the officer who had nvsdc the
entry in the Scorpion s log of the message
received from the Eagle and he allowed
the fact to be developed from the witness
that the entry in the log was as the mes
sage had bcn received and that Lieuten
ant Commander Southerland was wrong
Lieutenant Holden said that he had not
heard all that Southerland had communi
cated to the Scorpion but he had heard
the most of it- He did hear all that was
communicated from the Scorpion to the
Brook n and It contained no mention of
the fact that any landing place had been
arranged or communication established
with the insurgents
Disagrees AAltli oiitlicrIiiud
Captain Lerai then said that he had
been In correspondence with Commander
Marix who commanded the Scorpion and
who is now In Manila He admitted that
JIarixs statement did not agree with
Southerland s Mr Raner said he would
accept as evidence since Commander
of A lolntlnir llarix could not be brought here the ca
blegram and the deposition received fre n
him Captain Leml read them Com
mander Marix denied that Southerland
had ever megaphoned an message re
garding the landing place or communica
tion with the Insurgents He thought he
Southerland had said something about
Cervcra not having arrived at Clenfuegos
when the Eagle left there but nothing
more Lieutenant Holden said that the
log embodieel all that had been communi
cated from Hie Eagle to the best of hl3
He did not remember either as South
erland had said that the Eagle and the
Scorpion were so close together during
the speaking that the former had to back
her engines in order to avoid a collision
He thought they were 100 or 200 ards
apart Thus the fact was re established
that Schley was not advised of any code
of signals or communication with the In
surgents at Cienfuegos
Again yesterday the Navy Departments
official chart showing the positions of
tie vess Is during the battle of Santi
ago was discredited The witness who
discredited It as Lieutenant Commander
AYm II Schuetze the navigator of the
Iowa and one of the officers who had as
sisted in its preparation He said he had
signed the report of the board of navi
gators emboding the chart t nder
protest He was persuaded to do
so chletl b Commander AAaln
wrlght vvho said it was the best that
could be done undr the circumstances
The witness disagreed with location
of the Iowa as shown upon the chart as
in order to maintain her relative posi
tion with the other vessels It would have
been necessary for her to have steamed
IS knots nn hour whereas she only made
9 or 10 duiirg the battle Again he did
not agree with the initial position as
signed to the Brookln This witness did
not see the famous loop He said l o
chart of an great naval battle was ever
The tcstlmon of Lieut Edward F
Lciper of the New Orlevis vvas chiefly
notable esterda for the fact that he
disagreed with the commanding officer of
his vessel Captain Folger as to the value
of the rccotnolssance of Mu 1 and as
to the distance which the Fllng Squadron
patrolled east and west In front of the
harbor of Santiago He described the at
tack on the Colon and what he thought
was accomplished b it
Leut Mark I- Bristol the louijht
ehimpion of his own opinions who with
his naked ce determined distances posi
tions tanges md helghtB far better thn
the most delicate Instruments gave the
Court some further benefit of his knowl
edge and experience esterday He went
upon the stand t correct his testlm m
He had some grammatical changes to
make but Ins figures and estimates all
stood as he had given them
Ills Own Observations lle ct
Mr Raiier took occasion to ask If he
knew anything about an rciwrts made
by iiaval officers upon the value of the
stadlmeter as an instrument for measur
ing distances He did not He did nst
have to know He had his own experi
ence and oliservations to fall back upon
Mr Rayner read from the reports of v
number of office a stating in effect th it
the stadlmeter was ver accurate and
that It should be on all versels Mr
Bristol of course knew to the contrarv
To Baltimore nnil It- -I
turn 111 IniliN It illiln ItuilroiM
Ticket on Mk sjtura jom bumlar tletoN f
12 and 13 Rood to return until aletHlav Oclober
H U trains ex ept tlie tongrrs lotial Luuiteti
iMnorlns --
Ktuorinj 51 J aiMi i
that ith aaii N 1 ae
rimirlttir I-
1inc one wjiUi it

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