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Jerome Declares They Dictated
Uturei V Nomination
Tltliimnil Asserte el In lime Defleel
tlic iNitne ef Bceeiie nntl
the IlUsert Sj Mem Honest Men
IfUsc el Il tiooel ItrKlHtrntlun
NEW YORK Oct 11 The fusion cam
paigners held a meeting in the Murraj
1 1111 Liceum tonight under the au
spices of the Citizens Union the features
of which was an Impassioned outburst b
Justice Jerome against the nomination of
Henr W Ungcr as Tammany s candi
date for district attorney
Justice Jerome charsed that he knew
of his own certain knowledge that Frank
Farrell the head of the gamblers
dlcate alone had forced Ungers nomina
tion Mr Jerome said that he could not
at this time give his aulhorlts for the
statement but that It was true In part
lie said
If ever there was a position of brazen
audacity of what are jou going to do
about if It Is found in Tammanss nom
inations on the counts ticket The took
for District Attorney the man who has
been the attornes for tho man Blssert
Henry W Unger They took him In
preference to a man who had fairly earn
ed the dignity of the nomination They
took him in preference to James Os
borne a Tammany Hall man for jears
and nn honored practloncr of the bar
In this State when Mr Unger was not
known They put aside Mr Osborne who
prosecuted this fellow Blssert who
brought about his conviction who had
every claim bj reason of services and by
reason of sterling honesty and merit
They nominated a man who stood for the
Blssert ssstem They challerge the issue
Well we are ready to meet it I state
it now I shall not give an reasons why
I state it I Khali ask sou to believe thai
I would not state it unless I had ground
to believe so But I tell sou that the
nomination of the Tammany Hall candi
date for district attorney was dictated by
Frank Farrell Yes Frank Farrell the
head of the gambling combine In this city
and I ask jou to take my word for It
Unger is and long has been a close
friend of Carroll Crokers deputy After
his common school course he spent a
few months as he himself expresses It
In the commercial course of the City
College becoming a stenographer In a
Iawoffice and then a stenographer In the
corporation counsels office
Studs ing law by himself he was ad
mitted to the bar in 1SS1 upon certificate
he represents some labor organizations
In their strikes and was taken Into the
the district attorneys office by De Lancey
Nlcoll and given opportunity to resign by
Eugene A Fhilbin the present district
attorney After that he took up profes
sionally the causes of the police officers
whom the district attorne and the Com
mittee of Fifteen found reason to take
action against for being Implicated in the
vice protection
Mr Philbln vras asked todas -whether It
properly represented his action In regard
to Unger -to say that he gave him an op
portunity to resigns Jt does replied
the district attorney Whs Some
persons say he was kicked out of our
office That replied Mr Fhilbin is
ihe same thing Then he went on In his
direct way I would regard Colonel
Gardiners nomination as preferable to
Mr Ungers I think It would be likely
to do less harm to the cause of decencv
The nominations according to the talk
of the politicians today showed two
things clearly first that Croker has set
out to destroy the Greater New York
Democracy which threatens his fcen
dancy both in city and State politics
and second that John F Carroll Timo
thy D Sullivan and the other backers
of Devery coastitute the controlling in
fluence in the organization after Croker
Frank J Goodwin was nominated for
Register and Charles W Das ton for Su
preme Court Justice It was said solely
for the purpose of making Inroads on the
Greater New York Democracy
Today was the first da of registration
In this cits and as usual both tides pro
fess satisfaction with the figures and base
on them prediction of victory
The police were very slow In -setting In
the figures of the registration At 1
oclock this morning onls five districts of
New York Counts and two of Kings had
been reported
The total first day registration In Man
hattan in UA7 the last municipal cam
paign was 111M7 The registration is
holding well up to this In New York Coun
ty and In fact is exceeding that of four
3 ears ago apparently although It is diffi
cult to draw an- conclusion from such a
small number of districts
In Kings Counts the registration Is ap
parently falling off
The da was a quiet one more so than
usual and there were no fights Super
intendent McCtillagh had 5u4 deputies on
duty and thes were buss- all das chal
lenging such as have no right to vote
Several gangs of repeaters were broken
up and driven back to the lodging houses
One gang In the Eighth Assembls district
had a fight all to Itself and the members
went away without trying to register
Three hundred men were challenge In
the Ninth Assembly district alone This
Is Councilman Frank J Goodwins dis
-v c
Mr Sheiuiril Placed in n Itiilher I li
ens Inhle Light
NEW YORK Oct 11 An odd story
was current In political quarters tonight
and Is cald to have been the cause of
much Irritation to Mr Croker The plat
form adopted bs the Tammany county
convention last night contained jtn at
tack on Seth Low on the ground that Kc
was not interested enough In the city to
pas his pergonal taxes and swore them
off In reply Mr Low Issued a state
jnent saying that the city government
had arbitrarily raised his ahseumciit
from J1CT000 to J500000
Mr Lot a statement continues 1 lm
medlatels asked a legal friend to advice
me as to the law on the facts as 1 laij
them before him It boon became evi
dent tliat 1 was liable to no personal tax
at nil Judge Fcltner the prsident of
the department of taxes and assess
ments asked me if I would not pay some
thing en though not liable remarking
that some jiersons did
It was announced that Mr Lows legal
friend was none other than his rival
rnasoralty candidate Kdnard M Shep
ard of the law firm of Parsons Sntp nd
Ocenn steiiiiiKlilp Movements
NEY YORK Oct 11 Arrived Colum
bia Hamburg Slnte of Nebraska GlRa
Eqw Consuelo Hull Arrived out La
Champagne from New York at Havre
Frlesland from New York at Antwerp
Campania from New York at Queens
town Grosser Kurfucrst from New Yoik
nt Soutliampton
Jn the IlaiililiiB Wept of lulou Trust
imd Storage Cora ny 1114 P st infr t in
raid on subjret to check nt eny turn
121neli Uonrdu SfLlSO ISfiich Ilels
SI d the beat Y IV land Ux at ill ana
Siijk the tnttcr Fronted lij III
XehriiKlil lleriilenlion
LINCOLN Neb Oct 11 The personal
and political lntegrlts of H L Goold for
the past six s ears a member of the State
Board of Univcrsits Hegents and a can
didate on the Republican ticket for re
election are at stake as the result of
grave charges made against him by ex
State Treasurer Bartlcj who Is serving a
term In the Nebraska penitentiary for
embezzlement The specific allegation bj
Bartles is that he lent Goold more than
1000 of State mores In 1S93 and that
Goold knew It wai State mones that he
never restored It and that he
now holds GooM a promise to nay
Bartles was convicted when ho went
out of office in 1K 6 of the embezzlement
of half a million dollars of State mones
and was sentenced to servo twenty jears
During the last summer Governor Sav
age entered Into an agreement to grant
Bartles a parole of slxts dass with the
understanding that while he was out of
prison he should use his best efforts to
restore the missing funds and for the re
mainder he should render a full account
of where It was placed when he was
Trior to this time Bartley had stead
fastis remained silent as to the where
abouts of the mone but It is understood
that some of It was lost In bank failures
while personal friends hid secured loans
of some of the remainder The Republi
can State convention In August demand
ed bv resolution Bartles s return forth
with to prison and Governor Savage
promptls annulled the parole and sent
him back
Recentls Baitley was told that Goold
a member of the convention supported
the resolution to send him back to prison
Becoming angered he has now given out
an Interview charging Goold with having
profited the shortage In the
treasurs and that the debt is still un
llr Goold has been requested by the Re
publican State Committee to come to Lin
coln and refute the charges Chairman
Lindsav of the committee said tonight
that his associates would expect Goold
to explain or his name would be with
drawn from the ticket Goolds friends
assert that he will satisfactorily stand the
Iitle Ij to He Elected to the Jcriec
Stnte Committee
NEW YORK Oct ll James Smith Jr
ex United States Senator will In
all probability be named as a
of the Democratic
State Committee at a meeting to
be held at the Hotel Washington In Jer
sey tomorrow morning The com
mittee has been enlarged to eight mem
bers The two additional members to be
selected this morning will probably be
Col E Livingston Price of Essex and
James W Lannlng of Mercer both of
whom are strong adherents of Sesmour
Newark Democrats are delighted with
tho selection of James Smith Jr as a
member of the committee because thes
regard it as an indication of restoring
narmons between the factions Into which
th j parts w ns split over the prospect of
inc nomination oi Major sesmour
Wholesale ChnrreM Filed Ajrnlnat
Mirevcport JLn OillclalN
NEW ORLEANS Oct 11 Mr Hicks
president pro tem of the cits council of
Shreveport La has brought charges
against Chief Lake of the police of that
city and his first lieutenant Laenger and
fixed October 24 for the trial Charges
were made some time ago against the
heads of the Shreveport police depart
ment but were voted down bs a majorl
ts of eight to seven on the ground that
thes were general and not sufficiently
Mr Hicks who voted with the majorlts
against the removal of Lake and Laen
ger now offers the following specific
charges against Lake Failure to keep the
police records properls releasing prison
ers without warant In law neglecting to
record properls pound fees collected fall
ing to enforce theavs against gambling
permitting chronic disorder in the negro
tenderloin district allowing notorious
bunco operators to fleece strangers with
in the shadow of the union depot permit
ting patrolmen to work without wearing
their uniforms not wearing his own uni
form on all occasions and conducting
himself In a disoderly manner ire the
council chamber
The charges against Laenger are failure
to enforce the laws against gambling
neglecting to keep the police records and
failing to respond to a call for assistance
sent in behalf of Mrs Carroll who hid
poisoned herself and her two children
Mrs Carroll and one child afterward died
The Indications point to a general over
hauling of the Shreveport police against
whom there have been many complaints
of late
Detective Relieve Tliej Arc- on the
llilerin Trull
BUFFALO Oct 1L It was learned to
das that a shipment of currency made bs
the Buffalo custom house to the Sub
Treasury in New York a month ago had
arrived In New York f5 20J short of the
amount it was supposed to contain Offi
cials of the customs department suspect
a certain man but have made no arrests
although a month has since elapsed Col
lector llenrs W Brendel says that no
suspicion attaches to an one In his Im
mediate service
The package wag put up bs the cashier
Edward G Bosden In the usual was All
customs mouev s are shipped dally to New
York the collector not being pe rmltted to
hold them overnight or to deposit them In
a bark The das s receipts consisted of
JSiliO of which 17700 was in paper the
balance in goid and silver The paper
mones was wrapped in a brown paper
package and sealed with the seal of the
customs house It was taken to the
office of the United States Express Com
pany where a receipt was Issued for J77UQ
as per package
The express compaus claims to have
the package In good order at th
Sub Treasury In New York When the
rackage was opened it contained onls
2WJ Special agents of the Treasurs De
partment Secret Service operators and
the detective stall of the express com
pany under Co Join Bjrne have been
working on the case and have reported
progress Although maintaining secrecy
In regard to the clues nt hand Collector
Brendel savfchc believes the mssters will
be clearl up end the thief caught
He intlmatS that It Is the conclusion
of th detectives that the mones was
stolen after the package left Buffalo
NEW YORK Oct 1L At the local of
fice of the Secnt Service In the Federal
Building the officers In charge said they
were Investigating the theft of 15200 ab
ftrnctod from a package containing J77X
forwarded from Buffalo bs the custom
house there to the Sub Trensury Beyond
admitting mat me pacKagc nan
Pcnnsyhniii i Democrats Accept
A J Palms Withdrawal
Corn to It nn ns Cimdlilnte for
TrenNiirer lt Mem
ber of Mute Committee Dropped
From the Rolls Fusion Effected
HARRISBURG Pa Oct 11 At to
dass meeting of the Democratic State
Committee e Gov Robert E Pattlson
Representative J K P Hall ex Judge
D L Krebs of Clearfield Col Frank
Fltzslmmons of Scranton W J
Brennan of Pittsburg
William McAleer 6f Phil
adelphia Robert E Wright of Allen
town and other prominent leaders joined
with State Chairman Casey In striking
from the rolls the names of the Rsan
Donrelly members of the State Commit
tee from Philadelphia
This action was followed by the formal
withdrawal of A J Palm of Crawford
Counts as the candidate for State Treas
urer and the substitution of the name
of E A Coras the Union partys candi
date These changes were not accom
plished without consideiable speech-making
on the part of harmony members of
tho State Committee Neither Rjan nor
Donnelly who have so long run the af
fairs of the parts In Philadelphia was
present They evldentls preferred to be
at a safe distance from the storm cen
There was a fair turnout of the mem
bers of the State Committee but quite a
number of the counties were not repre
sented including Adams Bradford Jam
eron Clarion Fulton Jefferson Lebanon
Ls coming Pike Potter Somerset Sus
quehanna Tioga and Washington Mr
Palm the resigned candidate was pres
ent and heard compllmentars speeches
about his patriotic action for the good of
the party When it came to substituting
Cora- for Palm fifts nine votes were cast
for Corjy and two for Palm Wsoming
and Erie
There is a very general sentiment
among members of the committee In
favor of fusion with the Independent Re
publicans which was scaled by the action
of the State Committee this afternoon
It ls the purpose of the Demo
crats through this alliance with the Re
publican Insurgents to give the Union
parts sufficient strength at the polls In
November to entitle the new parts to all
the privileges of a full fledged organiza
tion next J ear when more Important of
fices will be filled In brief the fusionlsts
hope to poll a vote large enough to en
title them to call a convention as the
Union party and nominate candidates bs
certificate so as to get a regular place on
the eft clal ballot
While the more enthusiastic members of
the new committee believe there ls a fair
chance of electing their candidates this
year thes are looking ahead with more
confidence to the campaign when a Gov
ernor and other State officers will be
elected The Executive Committee held a
meeting at the headquarters before the
sessions of the State Central Committee
and considered the trouble of the Dau
phin Counts Democracy
Mas or John A Frltchey of this city is
the recognized head of the Dauphin or
ganization and recenly resigned under a
new parts rule making Federal officials In
eligible to act as county chairman Mas
or Fritches is a member of the United
States Pension Board He circumvented
his enemies however by putting at the
head of the committee his chief lieuten
ant Col W S Thomas of this cits The
faction opposed to Frltchey Immediately
carried their grievance to the State com
Ex State Chairman James A Stranahan
appeared in behalf of those who are op
posed to the Dauphin County rules which
He contended were contrary to the rules
of the Democratic State organization
This controversy occupied the attention of
the Executive Committee for several
hours and It was flnalls ordered that the
rules should be revised In accordance with
the rules of the State organization State
Chairman Creasy gave the committee to
understand that some means mut be de
vised to raise money for the campaign
The business of the State committee
was rushed through In short order Mr
Palms letter of withdrawal was read
hf connection with his notice to the Sec
retars of the Commonwealth and when
It was about to be cted on Robert E
Wright of Allentown got the floor and
highly praised the retiring candidate for
his fearless and patriotic course There
was considerable applauEe at the men
tion of Palm s name There was as much
interest in the ejecting of the Rsan
Donnelly people In Philadelphia from the
present organization as In the elimination
of Palm The Rsan Donnclly outfit had
been threatened with expulsion bo often
that there were still doubts In the minds
of the members of the committee whether
thev really would be read iut of the
Those who were dropped were William
C Bennett Patrick Donahue Thomas J
Rsan Thomas E FItzpatrick E C
Bemmls and J A Thornton Those who
take their places are ex Gov Robert
E Pattlson ex Judge James G Gordon
William McAleer Thomas Dciehanty
Charles E Ingersoll and AlLert B Lad
These gentlemen were Immedlatels rec
ognized and or their substitutes
took part in the proceedings of the com
mlttee this afternoon There Is much
confidence among Democratic leaders and
they do not hesitate to predict the elec
tion of ex Governor Pattlson for a third
term In the gubernatorial chair next year
Thes hint that Justice Potter ls not ac
ceptable to a large number of Repub
licans and that both he and Harris the
Republican candidate feir State Treas
urer will be defeated
The proposed amendments for voting
machines and personal registration were
strongly endorsed
A lrc Hh Innel of TjiIonjicii Sum
immeil for Toillt
GEORGETOWN Kj Oct 11 Eleven
men have been condltlonalls accepted bs
both sides to try Caleb Powers The
names In the wheel have len exhausted
and Judge Cantrlll ordered a special panel
of 100 men to lie brought Into court to
morrow The defence askeel to have the
State bear the expense of bringing -some
of Its wltnc ses to court but the Com
monwealth objected though no objection
was made at the last trial
Judge Cantrlll sustalne d the oblection
been and Instructed the defence to m iko an
wit by the Lnlted States Kxpress Com- 1 affidavit The jurymen called today show
and the theft had been dlstovered
pan - th imriiii i
l to find
in this city they refused to talk a bout fd Possible ansonf
hereabouts who has
the matter
Sir Lloul MntthcvTiPnenil
LONDON Oct lnTsirSijosa WlWa mffJ
Matthews President of tho Ministry of
tho Sultan of Zanzibar aud a gensral In
the Sultans arms Is de4jJat Zanzibar
iflOO lei IlnrperH Icrrj iml Mnr
tlimhurc nnd Return via II e
It It
Le je in- w nglon S a m Sunday Of lo
I r 1 at IntesrocdUte Uloni in
t ix i a lartlnilurff 780 arj
In p it tame day
Doors Jfl Doom ffi Door
ud line at tliat Ubticy i Co
not already made
up nib mind about Powers
2Ti to Ilnltlmore nnil Return v In
II ill O Mitiireliij nuil
October 12 and TU tlrketa good returning until
following Holiday Good on all trains except
liosal limited
fjtlO In IlnlTnlo nnil Return ijtio
-v III PemiHylv nnlil Itlillronil
Pan- Vintrican 1 xposition exeundon sprcla
train nill leave Vahlnton s j in Thur daj
Octobrr 17 tltkeU limited to seve n eljri in
cluding date ol bale bimilar excursion October
23 and 29
Best Poplar 5 c Ileiil Ioplnr B cite
per cot and iuitst softest kind Ah and N Y av
o Authentic- VevVM RcKnrdln r Mist
Stone- It Is Slliil
LONDON Oct 12 A despatch to ihe
Dally Mall from Constantinople sass
that the American Government has suc
ceeded In persuading the Bulgarian Gov
ernment to allow negotiations with the
brigands f6r the release of Miss Stone
The negotlatlors will tit ponducted with
out molestation by the
The Constajitinoplc correspondent of
the Tele graph sass the American lega
tion has rccvd information which It
withholds of expected developments In
the Ston case The correspondent adds
that Dr Haskell an American mission
ary reached Samakolt Mondas He
brought no funds but Is empowered to
arrange for the lowest terms that will
secure the release of Miss Stone
The attempt to capture the band before
Miss Stones release irakes the brigands
slis The fact that no mom has been
produced mav caue the brigands to
mutilate their prisoners as a warning
NEW YORK Oct 11 The following
cablegram from 1resident Washburne of
Roberts College Constantinople was re
ceived this afternoon
Louis Kloppsch Christian Herald
New York
No reliable news of Miss Stone
Making cveiy effort to find her nnd
rescue her Public appeals In Ameri
ca are considered Inopportune
This was sent In reply to an enquirs
for authentic news of the negotiations
for Miss Stones release It Is evident
that her missionary friends in Turkey are
still without news of her1 actual safety
notwithstanding optimistic messages from
CTiIneiee CommlMHioiiem to fie Allow
ed to Raise Money Here
PEKING Oct 12 Mr Conger the
American Minister yesterday vised the
passports of the Chinese commissioners
and their attendants who will go to New
York San Francisco and the Philippine
Islands to solicit funds This plan of the
Chinese which embraces the Chinese col
onies throughout the world is condemned
by the British and Dutch Ministers
In reply to enquiries for Information on
the subject LI Hung Chang jsaid that It
was the purpose of the commissioners to
sell titles to obtain money for the relief
of the famine sufferers in Shertai It was
originally announced that the object was
to obtain money to help pas the Indem
nity LI Hung Chang belittled the enter
prise and said that since the plan was
launched an edict forbidding U afficklng In
rank had been Issued which frustrated the
intent of the commissioner-
The French and Japanese Ministers will
probabls vise the passports of the com
missioners going to Cochin China and
other French possessions and Japan but
the Chinese- representatives will be kept
under close surveillance Inthobe places
Open Letter- From the Dutch In Re
Iinlf of the IIoem
melne Algemeenhandeleplad publishes
an open letter entitled The Law of na
tions and the law of hujnnlty over
the signature of Charles Boissevaln It
Is art appeal from thtr Dutch t President
Roosevelt In behalf of tho Boers It
contains this passage the splen
did ultimate triumph of the Dutch race
In Africa be forwarded by the sympaths
of that American natlop whose triumph
had the ardent wishes of Holland
Lotter RecentlT Captured Seli
tcneeel for Trclisein nnd Rebellion
MIDDLEBURG Cape Colons Oct 11
Commandant Lotter who was recentls
captured has been found guilty of trea
son and rebellion and sentenced to death
General Kitchener has confirmed the sen
A Iehlch Car Inxpector Acc meed elf
n 70000 Theft
ITHACA N Y Oct rf Charlcs Nor
rls of Ithaca a car Inspector of the Le
high Valles Railroad vras arrested and
committed to jail this afternoon at 4
o clock charged with stealing bonds to
the value of CO000 and jewelry valued
nearly J10M0 of Mrs Marja Thompson
wife of Denman Thompson of the Old
Homestead compans
The robbers was committed at the Le
high Valles station on Friday October 4
the date of the appearance of the plas
In question in Ithtca The bonds were
mostls Pullman Palace Car Compans cer
tificates Thes were taken from the trunk
of Mrs Thompson and the jewelrs was
removed from her trunk1 anil the trunks
of other members of the compans
A CoiiHollelntlein veiw Under W n In
lill IranelHeo
nars stcjs have been taken to- form a
federation of ail owners of ships steam
ers and steam schooncrB eledng business
at this port It is expected that the or
ganization will be effected next
At two or three informal meetings held
recentls the owners or steam scheioners
whe have had no organization were rep
resented bs J R Iianify and C A Hoop
er the Steamship Managers Association
bv C Minor Gnodall and 1A H Damond
anel the Shipowners Association bs
Messrs Pennall and Goodman
The- purpose of federation will be to
concentrate the various Interests for mu
tual protection particularly with regard
to the hiring of crews
We sterii UoiiiIm Therefore Itefiliee tt
Abolish Free TlcJirlx
CHICAGO Oct 11 Railway- passes will
not be abolished on December 31 next
The plan to wipe them out of existence
was killed at a meeting here today of the
executive officials of the Western roads
Last week a committee of executive of
ficers of Western and Eastern roads
met In New York anel adopted a resolu
tion agreeing not to Issue free transpor
tation When a resolution tn the same
effect was prcsenteel bj the Chairman of
the committee1 President Felton of the
Alton iead Its adoption was stre nuousls
aelvocatetl lis representatives of the most
Important roads When a vote was taken
on the question of adopting the recom
meinlUlin of the committee nearlv all of
the big roads veiled in the jiffirmatlve and
all the smaller mads voteujjgalnst It The
majority against abolishing pauses was
decisive 4 f -
lj 112 to AiiniipeillM fiiiil Return -v In
II A Iit It
All iraiiiT October p V ount footlall
jtnei betnee n ale tniteTMt and Naval
fleoreetowH UnlverFltj arid ht rohna
Tickets ko1 returmns until following
Mondas inclusive
Norfolk A- Wnsliliiuliii Slcniuhoiit Co
UelifcUtlul trips daily at i 3- m run loU
7tll t t3 Oil 1 nt Nor 11 a nil O I
In mil V ir a tjI Ti s Ofii
bond lili 1 1 t nil i v ili j0
Drc Hxed RlllirelH Kl J Belie
SI 25 iniow jad iiiuitj oi imai bs F
Litticy L Co
Dip ities Oppose the Strict Canon
on the Upper House
Vote on the Mnttcr Postponed Lntll
Moinlnj Mnn Favor Allovvlnsr
Innocent I nrtie to Ilemnrrs Five
Mlsxlemnry IllieliopM Aonilunteel
SAN FRANCISCO Oct 11 All day the
House of Deputies at the Episcopal con
vention debateel on the canon regulating
the marriage of divorceel persons and
when tho session endeel it was found
necessary to postpone the discussion un
til next Mondas when a voto will
be taken
The speakers at the mcrnlng session ele
flned clearlv tho lines of argument as be
tween the absolute prohibition of all such
marriages as recommended the House
of Bishops and the more liberal posi
tion of the Episcopal Chutch at the pres
ent time allowing the innocent parts in
a divorce fiction to have a second mar
riage solemnized by a minister of the
church Supporters or this latter Idea
headed by Dr Huntington of New York
maintain that It Is contrary to the teach
ings of Christ to down such a sweep
ing regulation as that proposed The op
ponents claim that the church neeels to
take the most advanceel stand possible
for preserving the purity of the f imlly
relations which Is In the greatest dan
ger In the United States at present
The theological and moral side of the
question as such ls evidently not the
chief concern of the deputies The discus
sion soon drifting awas from these more
or less technical and rigid rules to the
broader ground of the expedlencs of
adopting one or the other of the alterna
tives offered and tho probable result on
the moral life of the country and upon
the Church and Its relation to the people
Against Dr Huntington who spoke for
the rights of the lnrocent parties to di
vorce were the Rev Dr Greer of New
York who favored the section as adopted
by the Bishops the Rev Dr Randolph
P McKIm of Washington D C and the
Rev Dr J C Bacchus of Long Island
Many other clerical and lay deputies of
note spoke
The most prominent las deputies speak
ing were Charles Andrews Chief Justice
of the Court of Appeals of New York
and George II Williams of Oregon for
merly Attorney General of the United
States Both opposed the section as an
attempt to abridge the lawful rights of
Innocent parties Another prominent
speaker and one who vislbls Impressed
his hearers was the Rev Dr R J Nevin
rector of the Protestant Episcopal Church
in Rome Italy He declared there was
much more marital infidellts In Europe
under the Roman Church which prohibits
div orce for an cause than In this coun
The House of Bishops today held an Im
portant session Five missionary bishops
were appointed as follows The Rev Dr
James Addison Indie of Hankow to be
Bishop of Hankow the Rev Charles II
Brent of St Stephens Boston to be
Bishop of the Philippines the Rev Fred
crick William Keator of Dubuque to be
Bishop of Olympia ho Rev Dr William
Cabell Brown of Bnzll to be Bishop of
Porto Rico the Rev Dr Charles Camp
tell Pierce chaplain in the United state
Army at Washington to be Bishop of
xvorin uaKota
The names go before the Jlouse of Dep
uties tomorrow for approval It is
tnougnt tnat tne Rev Mr Brents High
Church leanings will make his final
polntment doubtful while there is sun I
posed to be considerable opposition to Dr r
Pierce In that section of the country to j
wnicn ne is ueiegateni
The Bishops also appointed a committee
of five to act with five laymen to consider
the framing of a canon dividing the
United States Into provinces
The Qticietloii Airnln Lp Before the
Vlruliiu Convention
RICHMOND Va Oct 1L President
Goode called the Constitutional Conven
tion to order at 10 30 oclock Praer was
ofTercd by the Rev W B Beauchamp of
Broad Street Methodist Church Seventy
eight members were present
Gen FItzhugh Lee and Gen W II H
Pasne of Fauriuier were among the visit
ors and they were greeted bs a large
number of friends General Leo and Pres
ident Goode held a short earnest conver
sation The distinguished visitors re
mained only about fifteen minutes
Leave of absence was granted Delegate
William E Cameron of Ietersburg who
Is detained on account of Illness
Several of the usual petitions endors
ing the Barbour Quarles resolution were
presented praslng for the adoption of the
proposition to regulate the liquor traffic
Thes were referred without being read
The convention t motion of Mr
Moore of Fairfax went Into Committee
of the Whole The report of the Legis
lative Committee v us taken up section
21 relating to incorporation of religious
bodies belnff the pending question The
section is as follows
Se ctlon 21 The General shall
not grant a charter of Incorporation to
any church or religious denomination bJt
m is secure the title to church propcrts
to an extent to be limited by law
Delegate Robertson of Roanoke
fered the following substitute for c
tion 21 of the report of the Legislative
The General Assembly shall limit bs
law the extent to which corporations
formcel for religious purposes shall be
permltteel to acquire or holel properts
Mr Robertsoi discussed his amend
ment with great earnestness He was not
e member of uns denomination but whs
he asked shoplel church agencies mis
sion anil educational be inrorporated
while the p irent organization was not in
corporated Churches hail to conduct
thi ir work largels on business lines and
where properts was concerneel It was
right anil proper that there should he a
legal head to ill such organizations
Delegate Dumvvav of Lancaster fol
lowed Mr Robertson He was opposed to
the amendment and supported the report
of the committee He held that to InMr
porate churches woulel lie to secularize
them and would put them on the same
footing with other corporations nnd would
result In a struggle for wealth The
richer the church grows the poorer rela
tives grows the State he declared Was
there ans demand for the Incorporation
of churches Wnere were the petitions
which had Hooded the convention on ev
ers other great question Members of
the convention should remember that
eternal vigilance ls the price of liberty
A little cloud no bigger than a m ins hand
had been known to grow and expand un
til the heavens were obscureel find a de
luge had elescnded
UlKKt Ht eif the Mnlleirj Fleet to Sull
e t AVe elneKilny
NEW YORK Oct 11 The new Mallory
liner Denver whlrh will start on her
maiden trip for Gelveston on Wednesdas
arrived jesterdas from the yards of her
builders the Harlan e- llolllngswortli
Compans at Whmlnston Del
She Is the biggest ship of the line meas
uring 50 torn gross Is 393 feet long can
carry 400 tons elcjd weight and has a
cap iclts for 10 0W bales of cotton She Is
expected to average about sixteen anil
one half knots -
She has accommodations for sixty cabin
nnd sevents elght steerage passengers
FI iinft Business Colic Re Silt nnd It
ltuMnis itionhard TyprKritlnz S a year
CheslltiellKe Ilciieh Every Slllleln
50 cents round t ip Train leaves 10 30 a m
UiO Shinnies IfS tUSO KII
1 1 j0 and the Lest land too Ctu and X
Y ave
lie ItnninreilConsollelntlon IInnx
Urn led j J J Hill
NEW YORK Oct ll The sensational
advarce in the price of Chicago Milwau
kee anil St Paul stock toelay from l0i
to 107 closing at 1GG gave rle to rumors
connecting S Paul with the alleged plan
to consolidate the control of the stock of
the Great Northern and Northern Pacific
The denial by President James J Hill of
lh Great Northern that arrangements
were under way to place the majority
stockholders of that company and the
Northern Pacific in the custody of a new
corporation caused a cessation of buying
of Great Northern shares which devel
oped extraordinary Rt length on Thursday
It was suggested by well informed Wall
Street men however that President HllTs
denial wjs technical rather than absolute
Inanlcrs elosels Identified with the
Hariiman i jndicate Intimated that while
a proposition to form a proprietary com
pany to tak over the Great Northern and
rvorthern Pacttic stocks is under consid
eration the Idea Is not sufficiently de
veloped to T anint a publication of de
tails The contiolllng Interest In Northern
Pacific It was asserted had not assented
to the scheme One membenof the Harrl
man ssndlcate said
The plans that have been reported to
iiuee vteii inaue concerning tne northern
Pacific and Great Northern roads are en
tirely In the future rtnd nntlilni illlnlla
has been determined The representatives
of each interest have been working In cer
tain directions and are still considering
the situation
Late In the afternoon rumors were cir
culated on the floor of the stock exchange
that the Morgan Hill Interests had ob
tained undisputed control of the Northern
Pacific Railroad through the exchange of
stock for the Northern Pacific preferred
shares held by the Standard Oil Interests
Persons prominently Identified with the
Interests concerned said they knew noth
ing of any such transaction
A Union Lender of Ilurfnlo Snieei liy
ilx Men
BUFFALO Oct 11 A suit for J10000
damages brought by a laborer against a
union leader for alleged consplracs oc
cupied the Supreme Court today and en
gageel distinguished lawsers Gustave
Westlund a Hungarian Is the plaintiff
Martin F well known in the
State Federation of Labor ls the defend
Westlund nnd five other laborers went
from New York to Cleveland to work In
a foundry during the molders strike last
spring Murphs representing the strik
ers It Is alleged intercepted the laborers
though his agents and brought them to
Buffalo offering them 3 a das wages
When the men got here thes were arrest
ed as vagrants and sent to tho peniten
tiary for thirty dass All sir have brought
iciiuua eiaiitaL uurpii lor uumages con
spiracy being alleged
John G Mllburn the distinguished Jaw
ser at whose home President McKlttley
died appeared for the laborers while the
defendant was represented bs John B
Stanchlteld of Elmlra one time Demo
cratic nominee for Gov ernor Mr Mllburn
said he would show that the arrests were
Instigated bs Murphy
A Jlle Increase in Valnen Shown
XhroiiKlinat the Stnte
SPRINGFIELD 111 Oct 11 The 102
counties in the State have returned their
assessments to the State Board of Equal
ization There Is a big Increase In values
In the State amounting to 113673026 the
total assessment in the State being
Cook Counts alone shows an Increase
over last ear of H0l62SS07 tho remainder
of the Increase being participated In by
eights stx counties The Increase of 113
C75CCC Is principally in the item of personal
The Aacht Soon to Be TnLen Out of
the TA nter
NEW YORK Oct 11 The tad pole
mast of the Shamrock has been unstepped
and stored awav in one of the houses in
the Erie Basin docks All the othefspars
have been put awa and the sails have
been folded up and wrapped In burlap
The hull of the yacht ls now ready to be
taken out of the water and this will be
dope in a few dass and then a house
will bo built over the hull to protect it
from storms of the winter
Yachtsmen generalls were not surprised
prised to learn that Sir Thomas Llpton
contemplated having another trs to lift
the Americas Cup and his remarks to
the members of his crew at the banquet
on Theirsdas evening gave a very good
Idea of what Ms planb are It Is general
ly thought that Sir Thomas will begin
to make his arrangements at once and
that If there ls not a challenge from some
one else for a race next sear he will
challenge again for a race to be sailed in
When he announced this to his men
stood up and cheered heartily and
there was not a man in the reiem who
did not think that Sir Thomas would
keep on trying until he flnalls won The
dinner was a novel one It was the first
time that the ow ner of a big racing yacht
had shown In such a was his appreciation
or the work Ills me n did The men liked
the eomnliment too and If thes should
come back on another of Sir Thomas
Sachts this vull work harder for him
than ever
It was after 1 o clock when Auld Lang
Svn was sung and the men returned to
their berths Sir Thomas toasteel evers
one He paid Captain Sscamore a high
compliment then told what Mr Watson
hail done complimented Mr Ratscy on
his sails anel then called for a toast to
Mr Jameson who Sir Thomas said hud
done evervtlilng in his power to make
the Shnmiock a winner Mr Jameson
ir replslng took occasion to say that the
yacht had lost because of the baffiing
winds of the list das He spoke of the
uccusitlons made agrtlnst him lis a
writer on a morning i per anel saiel he
thought tint who saileel the Colum
bia were hvvlng just as hard a time in
the fiuke s wind as ties were on th
Sh immck and thit It vas the wind thai
beat the English vacht that day
Captain Barr and the crew of tht
Columbia were toasted and Sir Thomas
spoke hlghlv of the was ihcy had hnndled
their yacht and after the toast had been
drunk three heiity cheers were given
for the roan of the w Inning craft Be
tween toasts there was singing and story
telling bv some hired talent and some of
the siilors sang
Capt Robert Wrlnge will sail for home
on the City of Rome tomorrow Next
Wednesdas Thomas Raises Robert Ire
J I Hills ard and George L Watson
will sail on the Oceanic and the crew of
the Shamrock will also go home on this
boat Captain Svcamore will remain here
until the sacht has been placed In winter
The Erin will not leave until
after Sir Thomas returns from Chicago
which will be at the end of next week
IiordenH Fimt
BUFFALO Oct L Special Bor
dens Eagle Brand condenseel milk re
peats their Paris Exposition trl i I
Is again awarded first prize gold
at Pan American Exposition1 if to
over nil competitors
10 To IlnlTnlo mill Return s In II A
O R It October lit
Tickets good leaving Washinitton 7 03 a m
artlvlnz HuSalo 013 p ni nam day flood to
return within seven elais Through Park r lars
Similar excursions October 22 and SI Uouii via
rhiladilphta thence Lehlsb i alley
Window Blinds 0e TAIndotv
nilneb 90c and all kinds mill work by r
Lilbey i Co
Price One Cent
Captain Cliadwick jranifests En
mity Toward Schley
The Cnminnmllnir Officer of the Never
lorl sn He Does Not Think the
Tint Inuiler Deserveel SampsevnK
Ileluetnnt Comiuenilntlon Tinkers
Other Fllncx nt the Victor of San
tinco IIIx Itcceillcctlaii ItccnrUnc
the Denpntehen Llentennnt Tlnrsli
Most Ilenonreefnl its n AVItnriis
Capt F E Chadwlck having parted
with his patrician friends at Newport
appeared at the Court of Enquiry yester
day and being sworn as a witness suc
ceeded In finding an opportunltyjo mani
fest his enmity against the victor ot
Santiago He went far out of his way
to do this and it was with some dim
cults that he managed to register his 111
feeling toward Schley He was asked if ho
did not recollect that Sampson had sent
Schles a despatch on May 29 congratulat
ing him nn the effective blockade he had
maintained Captain Chadwlck remem
bered it and in that recollection he saw
his chance to deliver Schley a blow He
recalled the ifespatch certainly iezy
plainly because he had protested against
IL Whs 7 Because he did not believe
that the blockade which Schley had main
tained justified commendation
The man who made this statement upon
the witness stand yesterday was the man
who commanded the cruder New- York
and who helped Sampson to win the bat
tle of Santiago after Schley had destroyed
the Spanish fleet and received the sur
render of Cervera Captain Chadwlcks
manner upon the witness stand sesfrday
Indicated that he did not enjoy his posi
tion It seemcel to affect him with ennui
He gave some further testimony but
none of It related to the battle of San
tiago as hearsas evidence ls not admit
ted by the Court and he had no personal
knowledge ttnon the subject
He over reached himself in his effort to
show that Schley had been advascd of tho
communication established with the in
surgents bs Captain McCalla He said
that the memorandum containing this in
formation had been sent to Schley on May
13 As a matter of fact Captain McCalla
did not arrive in Key West until the af
ternoon of that day and according to the
testimony of all the witnesses upon the
subject and the evidence of the records
no ship sailed for Clcnfuegos until the
following das
At another time there appeared to be a
conflict In the mind of the New Yorks
captain upon the matter of these de
spatches to Schley by reason of which ho
admltteel that Sampson had written the
Dear Schley letter telling Schley to re
main at Cienfuegns and blochaJc that
port after he Sampson had been in
formed by the department that Cervera
was believed to be In Santiago Further
along In his Captain Chadwlei
stated that Sampson had also been ad
vised through Colonel Allen of the Sig
nal Service of the thai Cervera
was at Santiago
The doubt in his mind was not relieved
however until Colonel Allen at 6 oclock
on the cvenlnc onlay 20rtcelved a con
firmation of the Information from Ihe
cable operator in Havana who com
municated dally at that hour with the of
fice in Kei West Then It was that
Sampson sent the despatches by tho
Marblehead and later by the Hawk to
Schley telling him to go to Santiago The
message sent the Hawk Is the one
which Schles received
Captain Cliaelvrlekn Recollections
At another point In his testimony Cap
tain Chadwlck laid a further chargeMat
the door of Schles He said that on May
1 when- Schles reached Key West and
went aboard the New York he stated that
he Schles was pleased to be under the
command of jvomlral Sampson and that
be would be perfectly losal at all times
Ho further accused Schley of saslng Just
as he was leaving Sampsons flagship off
Santiago on June 4 that tho Spaniards
erould not be kept in the harbor If they
wanted to come out Captain- Chadwlck
said he remembered that remark very
Captain Chadwlck also made the asser
tion that the code of signals was espe
cialls established for the Cubans to en
able them to communicate with the fleet
conveying the impression that It was for
the benefit of the Insurgents rather than
the Americans He did not explain how
It could be effective however unless the
officers of the fleet were cognizant of It
The witness who preceded Captain
Chadwlck upon the stand was Lieut
Charles R Marh flag secretary to Ad
miral Sampson He too hail a great deal
to say about the despatches which wero
sent by Sampson to Schley while the lat
ter was off Cituiuegos Ho cvareined a
geat man press copy books registers
and Journals am made liberal use of his
memory to show when and by what ves
sels the messages from Sampson to Schley
hail been sent When he had concluded he
practicalls had all the vessels leaving Key
West the Iowa Dupont the Marblehead
and the Hawk carrying all the despatches
so that there was no was by which Schley
could have missed receiving the McCalla
memeirandum containing the Informa
tion about the landing place near Cienfue
gos and the fact that communication had
been established with the insurgents
W hat he could not show bs the press
cops book he showed bs the journal and
what that volume failed to produce In
the was- of desired information he found
upon the register and when all three
failed a ready recollection was brought
forward to suppls the omission and make
the explanation When he was Informed
thit there were two originals of the
Dear Schles letter one with nn erasure
and one without he went so far as to say
tliat possibly the Hawk might have car
ried a duplicate but not the first and the
original as that had been sent by the Du
When It was shown by Mr Rayncr that
Schles replied Immediately to despatch
No S the last ono sent to Clcnfuegos and
which advised him definitely to go to
Santiago and that he had therein men
tioned receiving the McCalla memoran
dum the witness said possibls Schley hail
gotten it before and had only Just then
taken it up
Milch of the testimony during the morn
ing session sesterdas was devoted to the
blockade off Santiago and the reconnols
sance of May 31 the witnesses giving evi
dence upon these two points being Lieut
Adclbert Althouse watch officer of the
Massachusetts and Lieut Theodore O
Dowey nephew of Admiral Dewey also
aboard tha Massachusetts Very little
that teas new was developed from either
of these witnesses and neither was cross
examined by Mr Rayner
Lieut Trancls Boughter who was
aboard the Marbiehead told of the block-
To nnltlmorc nnil 912
tarn v In iiuin Railroad
Ticket on sale SatunU and Sonday October
12 an 1 L n od t r I rw until Monday October
it Al trains cuvii tUt C ongTcJonal Limited
I loorlntr
S a ave
Flooring- St 3
Pine one width at

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