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WIc so far as that picket boat ras con
cerned He Bald she was three miles ott
shore and could not nae seen the Span
ish fleet escaping at night unless the J cs
jsels had turned to the westward nhcre
the Marblehead was stationed
Cmttniii Icinls llilles
JIuch of the effort of the judge advo
cate has of late been directed toward an
atteirpt to prove that the affair of Hay
21 was not a rLConnolance but that
Schley went In for the purpose of de
stroying the Colon and failed to do so
Contrary to expectation the Govern
ments side will not conclude todaj jl
lhough Captain Lcmlj anticipates having
all his evidence In u Mondaj night or
Tuesday morning The attendance at the
Court jetterdaj was iiuU Urge and then
were as usual many ladles in vhe audl
At the opening of the Court the jJdge
advocate corrected the oltidal rtport of
his statement Thursdaj in rcl ition to the
cablegrams as to the nugaphone message
of Slav 13 from the Eagle to the Scorpion
and Urookljn He said lie did not quts
tlon the acturacv of the report wnlch
made him saj that h would not offer the
cablegrams in evidence because thej vvtre
not sworn testimonv but he wo aid like
his t tatemunt to appear that although
the depositions were sworn thej veto
not in the xhape of such ex parte sworn
evidence as Is usually admitted 1 fore
courts of enquirj hut that taking them
at their full value there was no objection
to them on his part
Rear Admiral Henry C Taj lor the
Indianas commander In the war with
Spain was recalled to correct his testi
mony anfl while he was on the stand he
was questioned on an Important and In
teresting point Admiral Schleys coun
sel have endeavored unsuccessful to
Introduce as evidence signals betw cen Ad
miral Sampson and Admiral then cap
tain Tavlor on the morning of Julj 3
I desire to ask the admiral one ques
tion before he leaves the stand said the
judge advocate after Admiral Tajloi had
certified to the report of his evidence
Did jou have from any source Infor
mation that the Spanish fleet was going
to make a sortie on the 3d of July
None whatever answered Admiral
Taj lor
Then Mr Itajner asked a question Ad
miral jou didnt get a message from the
Vixen as to any smoke arising from tho
Hone was the response
Captain Parker Admiral Schlej junior
counsel fresh from a days vitlt to his
home In Perth Ambov J concluded
to take a hand In the questioning
You didnt get a message from Admiral
Sampson or Admiral Schlej 7 he asked
None repeated the witness
A hile waiting for the next w itness Cap
tain Leralv put in evidence a report fron
Captain now Hear Admiral Merrill Mil
ler of the crulstr Raleigh In regard to
the accuracy of the stadlmcter for meas
uring distances Captain Ixrnly present
ed Captain Millers repot which showed
that the stadlmetcr was accurate up to
too 5 ards but that at 1 WJ ards an error
of Mi vards was fourd to cxUt
Lieut Adelbert AHhoue USX sta
tioned on the Constellation at Xewnort
was sworn and cvamlntd by the J dge
Q Describe what the Fljlng SU dnn
did oft Cicnfuegos In the nature of beck
nding that port bv day and bv niaht
A Dilng the -id of May the ships re
mained six or seven miles out urti aLout
4 oclock whn thev steamed In passing
east opposite the f ntrance a distance of
between 20W and 33 jards at ver slow
speed Then thej headed out again about
5 oclock and steamed to the south for
a while and then to the southward an J
eastward Thev tonpl about an J
durirg the night they held positions In
column lying almost dead in the witer
Q What effort If any was made to
communicate with the Insurgents off
A There was eo effort whatever that
I sa -
Q Describe what j ou saw of that
fair of May 31 The firing on the Colon
A We commenced to steam In about 1
oclock from the westward The speed
was ordered for ten knots I had com
mand of the two after S Inch turrets
starboard and port
lirliiir on the Colon
Q Hadjou any instructions from the
In regard to the fir
A After we started In I received a mes
sage by an orderly that the commodore
wished to se tho trret officers I do not
recollect talking with the commodore He
was present Captain Hisgmoi instruct
ed me that we were to steam by the en
trance at 7000 j ards range and at ten
knots speed I asked the captain if the
speed should b so fast He said hat was
the order I returned to my turret As
we steamed past rnj port battery was en
gaged and I stood In the port turret and
cave my cadet the range at 7SW ard3
That was the first time that we passed
the entrance We fired two shots at that
Q Why did jou not fire more
A Wo were not able on account of
time We were not able to discharge and
load the gun In time
U the Court
Q DJ you take cross bearings or use
en other means to determine the position
of the Massachusetts at da light on the
morning of the 3th ISth 3L1h and 31st
cf Mav
A did not
Q Were jou directed to direct the fire
of jour division at the Colon or at the
A At the Colon
Captain Lcmly took occasion In the
interim between the depaiture of Lieuten
ant Allhouse and the next witness to in
troduce in evidence the telegraphic report
and the mailed report of Commodore
In regard to the reconnoisaance of
May 31 when the Massachusetts the
Iowa and the New Orleans fired at the
Cristobal Colon The reconnolssance he
said was made at 70W j ards for the pur
pose of destrojing the Colon The first
despatch also stated that the guns at the
east and west of the entrance were of
large calibre and of long range The sec-
ond despatch was to the same effect but
in greater detail This despatch also
stated that the fortilications were pro
vided with long tange guns of large cali
Lieut Theod re G Dew ry a nephew of
Admiral Dewev now serving on the Ala
bama was calcd and described the char
acter of Schleys blockade off Santiago
while ho was attached to the Massachu
setts The distance of the American
shins from the harbor entrance was from
live to eight miles In Meaming past the
harbor entrance at night the -hips went
three or four miles on each side of It
The dai blockade was maintained at
about the same distance as the night
blockade He did not recall that the
squadron malntincd any particular
forms tlon In the da time He knew of
no orders for the squadron to follow In
the event lhat the tnemy came out
By Captain Lemlj
Q Did ou have conv cnutlon with
the commanding officer of the rijlng
Squadron or with anjone In hlH presence
on the Ilrt of May in regard to tiring on
the Colon What were jour Instructions
from him or from anjone in hit presence
A Shortly before we started In to the
entrance I was told that the commodore
wished to see the turret officers In the
pilot house ard the commodore stated
that he Intended to go In a few minutes
to have a try at the Colon and that we
must fire at the Colon and he hoped we
would sink her I asked what speed we
were to make and was told ibout ten
knots I remarked that I thought that
Was giving us verj little chance at the
Colon as she would be in sight hetween
the headlands only a couple of moments
and as the smoke from the guns would
robablj make our firing very slow To
he best of mi recollection the commo
dore said we would have to do the best
we could and that the speed would be
en knots
Q What ranges did you employ In fir
ing the 13 Inch guns from the after tur
A I had only one shot going and one
fhot coming I fired the second shot on
the run to th eastward when I first had
the Colon in sight I was told thit the
hot fell short I raised my sight to 3 SO
yards I did not see the fall of th it shot
owing to the smoke but was told that It
fell short On the return trip my sight
was SEW yards
Q Did any of tho enemys shots come
near jou
A None of the shots from the Colon
came anywhere near us and onlj a few
other shots Two or three shots fell
about the Massachusetts and ono I b
Jleve went slightly over
Q What did jou think about the
calibre of the enemys guns
A I do not think they wi re guns of
Jarge calibre about six Inches
By tho Court
Q Were jou ordered to direct your
flro on the Colon or on the batteries en
aiay 30
A On the Colon entlrelj
Q By whom were jou so ordered
A I cannot recollect v hi ther the order
was given by the commanding officer of
Slojm Ihr Congh
and UorL Off the Cold
Laxative Bromo Quininc Tablet cure a cold In
toe da Sa cure no pa lrlce 23 ccnti
tho ship or by the Commodore probably
the cornrniifidlhc officer At the con
versation in tho pilot house nothing was
said about the batteries The Idea vas
to go in and sliik the Colon
Admiral Sthtevs counsel said they had
no questions to ask Lieutenant Dewej
IVomTiIit Mnrlileiicntl
Lieut rrancjs Boughter told the
Court what he saw from the Marblehead
In the Spanish American war In
th Santiago blockade hj Srhej
the MarWchead which was one of the
Inner pickets was about three miles from
shore and about si v miles vest of the
Morro Lieutenant ltoughter was ques
tioned bv the Court as follows
Q Was the Alarblehead In such a po
stlon oil Santiago that the enemjs ves
sels could be seen If thej had attempted
to leave the harbor
A That would depend upon circum
stancesupon the state of the weather
upon how close to the shore line they
kept ard upon their being able to conceal
their fires If kept close to the
shore we were three miles off we
could not see them provided thej con
cealed their fires
Mr R ijncr cross examined the witness
to get at his understanding as to the
clnnce for the Spanish ships to escape
from Santiago Harbor and Lieutenant
Bouchtcr explained that those on the
Marblehead could not have seen them if
thev had come out at night in the manner
which he had stated to the Court
Junior Lieut Ernest L Bennett who
was Hag lieutenant to Admiral Sampson
in the war with Spiin and who is nov at
the Boston Navj Yard where he served
as aide to Admiral Sampson up to the
latters recent eVtichmert from tint sti
tion followed Lieutenant Boughter He
was the first witness from the New York
who has been called by the Judge ad
To Captain Lcmlvs questions he said
he could not remember what despatches
were sent bj Admiral Sampson to Com
modore Schlej on May 20 1S33 bj tho Du
pont Iow i and Hawk as it was not his
business to keep track of them The New
York arrived at Santiago on the morn
ing of June 1 and found the rijlng
Squtdron there The witness added that
as soon as tho New York arrived the
Colon which was Ijlng near the entrance
to the harbor steamed back farther
Cininln Iemlv then turned over tho
iwitncss to Mr Rajner -with the explana
tion that he could not object to naving
Mr Rajner examine Lieutenant Bennett
as aa he pleased without being re
stricted to the testimorry given In the ex
amination In chief Mr Rajner said he
had nothing to ask the witness
The Bear fjdilej Letter
important was
given by Lieut Charles E Marsh 1 ovv of
the flagship Kearsarge who was flag
lieutenant to Admiral Simnson In the
Spanish war By him the Judge advocate
showed that according to an entrj In the
official journal kept by Admiral Sampson
the Dupont carried the Dear Schlej
letter for Sampson and delivered it to
at Cienfuegos
The Judge Advocate It appears In
evidence before the Court that the tor
pedo boat Dupont left West on the
20th of May with despatches to the com
mander of the rivlrg Squadron at San
tiago Were jou Ir the performance of
j our dutv at A est at that time
l Can j ou from state what
despatches were so sent bj the Dupont
to be delivered to Commodore Schley
A To the best of my knowledge and
belief the documents sent b the Dupont
to Commodore consisted of a letter
from Admiral Sampson and a memoran
dum w hich had been rcceiv cd from Com
mander McCalla
Q Describe these two documents
A My reason for remembering the In
cident Is that Ve received a telegram from
Iho Navy Department requesting Admiral
Sampson to ask Captain McCalla for cer
tain information concerning the neighbor
hood pf Cienfuegos and the possibility of
landing troops there The arrival of that
telegram was nearly coincident with the
arrival of Captain McCalla and he
brought a replj to It In the form of a
memorandum That was written In ci
pher and was sent to the commander of
the Fljlng Squadron
Lieutenant Marsh said he would be able
to ted from the oilicial record of the New
York when these communications had
been sent He asked for the official Jour
nal whkh Admiral Sampson was required
to keep bj the naval regulations the
press copy book and index books By ref
erence to the index he found entries show
ing that two letters to Schley had been
written Sampson on Maj ID numbered
5 and 6 and that the second letter en
closed the McCalla memorandum and one
letter on Maj20 beginning Dear Schlej
and designated as number 7 With the
Dear letter was enclosed a ci
pher despatch from the Department
to Sampson advising him to
spnd to Santiago on account of a
report that the Spanish fleet was at that
Mr Ravntr crcs cxamined Lieutenant
Marsh After some preliminary qustions
he devoted his efforts to an attempt to
show that the Dear letter was
carried bj other vessels than the Dupont
Q What vessel carried No 7 despatch
The Dear J3chlej letter
A The Dupont carried it
Q Dd the Iowa also carry the No 7
The Iowa also reached Cienfuegos on
May 22
A No sir
Q Was the Dupont tho only vessel
lhatcarrled No 7
A I think so
Q Have there not been duplicate
copies of No 7 introduced here
The Ji dge Advocate There have been
two copies of No 7 ihtrcduccd
Mr ltAyner to the witness How do
jou account for the other copj
A I know nothing about the other copj
It Is possible that the Hawk carried it
Q Then your testimony Is that the
Dupont carried No 7 and that jou have
no recollection of any other vessel carrj
ing it
A That is right
J Now as to No 8 the despatch of
21 JKSS from Admiral Sampson to
Commodore Schley beginning Spanish
squadron probably at Santiago what
vessels one or more carrird that
JV No S w as carried the Haw k
Q Did not the Marblehead carry a
duplicate of No S
A I think that the Hawk and the
Marblehead had duplicate copies
Q The onlj oper question Is whether
thi Iowa did not carry No 7
A She did not carrj it
Hitter Axnlnat behley
There was a stir of Interest among the
spectators whn Capt French V Chad
wlck was called Captain Chadwlck was
commander of the flagship New York
and Admiral Sampsons chief of staff In
the war with Spain He was admonished
the Navy Department last jear for
saving that he would not tako Admiral
Schley by the hand If thej should meet
est rda he sjt live or six feet from
Admiral Schlej but thej did not speak
Captain Chadwiek has been regarded as
the most ardent purtlsan of Admiral
io questions by Mr Hanna the judge
advocates asslstunt Captain Chadwiek
told of seeing Contain McCalla of the
Marblehead on board the New York at
Kev West on Maj U and that Captain
McCalla had told him of making arrange
ments vlth Cubans near Cienfuegos bj
whl h the Amirlcan vessels could com
municate with thim Captain McCalla
told the- witness of the secret ee d of sig
nals which he had arranged with the Cu
lians but he did not want anj thing said
about It as the Marblehead was going
back to Cienfuegos the next day
Did jou communicate these signals to
Commodore and If not not
asktd Mr Hanna
I did not communicate them to Com
modore Schley answered Cuptaln Chad
wiek because Captain McCalla said lu
was going to Cienfuegos the next day
Other qustlons brought out from Cap
tain Chadwlck that the Brookljn with
Schley on board had left Kej West when
Captain McCalla arrived there and told
the witness of the signal nrrargement
and that the witness didnt remember
having told Captain Evans about it Cap
tain Chadwlck said he lemembercd a con
versation between Sampson and Schley on
board the New York on Maj 10 when
S hleys squadron reached Kej West
Schley In the presence of the witness
assured Sampson that ho was very loyal
to him and was pleased to be under his
eommand The wltress told nlso of In
terviews In his presence between Samp
son nnd Schley on tho New York on Juno
1 and June 4 off Santiago On June 4
there was a council of war between Ad
miral Sampson Admiral Schlej and the
commanding officers of ships and on that
same day there was a conversation be
tween Sampson Schley anil the wltnes
Asked by Mr Hanna to tell what passed
on that occasion Captain Chadwlck said
I would not care to state It eleflnltcly
as my memory 1 not sufficiently accur
Do jou remember anything that was
said about the feasibility of a blockade
off Santiago
Yes I remember that as Commodore
Tho Ilest lrecrlpton for Malaria
fliilU and lerrr ia a bottlo of Grovea TajteleH
Chill Tonic It i simply Iron and quinine in a
Uitclc form Io cure no pay Tries 00c
Schcj was leaving the ship he said In my
pretence nnd I think to me You cannot
blockade those ships if thej waut to come
Olijecteel to I rnlxiiiK Vclllej
Mr Rajner Do jou remember a de
spatch from Admiral Sampson In which
ho congratulated Commodore Schlej on
Us success
A Yes I remember that because I pro
tested ngilnst this congratulation and
asked Admiral Sampson whj he persisted
In It he said 1 want to encourage him
I said that under the circumstances I
thought It was Improper
Mr Kavner read tho congratulatorj
dcqsitch It was In replj to the one from
Schlej to Sampson saj lng that he was
lLOckading Cervera in Santiago and was
as follows Congratulnto you on suc
cess Maintain close blockade at all haz
ards Espeeiallj at night verj little to
fear from torp do boat destrojers Coal
in open sea whenever conditions permit
Se nd a ship to examine Guantanamo with
view to occupj lng It as base
Mr Rajner Yeni states that this sig
nal code with the Cubin Irsurgents was
not mule known to Commodore Schlej
and jou gave the reason whj Let mo
as jou if jou havo not fallen Into an
error In point of time Did not tho flj
lng Seiuadron leave Kej West before
Captain McCalla got there
A Yis or course th refore It was not
possible for me to communicate it to
Commodnre beforo he left
Another question- by Mr Rayncr
brought out cno of the secrets of the war
with Spain that a telegraph operator in
the cable office at Havana was sending
information to the United States This
scemcel to account for the failure of this
Government to cut the Havana Key West
Q what source did the
tlon come to jou that the Spanish fleet
was in the harbor of Santiago
A The first information we had was by
a telegram from the Navy Depirtment
The next Information was a statement of
Captain Allen of the Signal Corps Lieu
tenant Staunton of Admiral Sampsons
staff had met Captain Allen on the
streets In Kej West on May 20 ami had
Informed him that the evening beforo ha
had received a communication from a
telegraph operator at Hnvanf that the
Spanish fleet had gone into Santiago
Harbor Ho said he was only waiting for
the evening of the 0th aa he could com
municate with Hav aA once a day
to havo that information corroborated
The fact was corroborated in the evening
nrd It was that which caused Sampson
to send tne despatch to tho Navy De
partment and to Commodore Schley that
the Spanish fleet was at Santiago
Mr Rajner said he had a few more
questions to ask Captain Chadwlck but
Admiral Dewej would not consent to
have tho session prolonged bevond tho
regular hour of adjournment which had
then arrived and declared the Court ad
J A Itnvvllns Post Celelirntes the
OccuKlem Ilttlnslj
John A Rawlins Post No 1 Grand
Army Republic celebrated Its thirty fifth
annlversarj last night at the Grand Armj
Hall with song speeches recitations
and muic The- hail vas crowded with
od soldiers cf 63 jounger comrades of
the Spanish American war and their
manj friends Alvej S Taber Past Com
mander of the Post presided and the
programme kept tho patriots in sociable
assembly until a late hour
S L Cross Acting Commander of the
Post In a short address stated the object
of the meeting and referred to the glor
ious past of tho organization He was
followed by Comrade John McElroj who
spoke brleflv Sherldan Ride was re
cited Duncan Haywcod
D I Murphy cx Commlsslbncr of Pen
sions was called upon for a few remarks
and he spoke of his profound respect for
the Grand Armj and its lofty purposes
He salel he hail on many occasions
spoken In praise of tho organization and
never had had cause to retract his words
or to qualify his utterances
Tho founders of the Grany Army
said Mr Murphy were actuated by no
ble and patriotic Impulses and the mem
bers have alwaj s been faithful to tho
Ideas of the organizers I am not ono of
those who In tho latter dajs forget
tho sacrifices and the struggles of the
bojs who Wore tho blue not one of thoso
who affect to look upon the Grand Army
as an organization that measures its pa
triotism bj tho governmental bounty It
Mr Murphy In the course of his re
marks referred to ther Inconspicuous and
Inappropriate location of the Rawlins
statue fronting the Centre Market He
said that a movement ought to be Inaugu
rated to secure the removal of the statue
to a more appropriate location where it
could be pointed out as the statue of one
of the heroes of the civil xar remarkable
as well for his abilltj and heroism as for
his wisdom both In time of war and as
President Grants chief adviser during his
first administration When Rawlins
died said Mr Murphj General Grant
lost the wisest anil safest counsellor he
ctr had Mr Murphj s remarks were
recelvcI with loud and sustained applause
Israel W Stone Department Command
er made u short address In which he re
ferred to the contest which the Grand
Army of the Republic had to undergo on
March 4 and In which he said that or
ganization came out btst He is In favor
of the erection of a memorial arch In
honor of the late President
Among others who contributed toward
thev entertainment of the evening were
George Rollins I M Donoghue Comrade
Charles H Reanej Harry C Statum
Major Bthle and others
Among those present were Gun E W
Whltaker once chief of staff of General
Kllpatrick and also on the staffs of Gen
eral Custer General Wilson and General
Cook Dr Robert Rcjburn who attended
President Lincoln after the attempt on his
life was made was also present as Well
as Col E F Noske Refreshments were
served during the evening
ited Colored 31nil Charged AVith
lie in a SncnLtlilef
Robert Johnson an old coloreel man
apparently about slxtj -five or seventy
jeais of age Is locked up at the Eighth
precinct on several charges of petit lar
cenj The complainants arc a number of
residents living along Brlghtwood Ave
nue and In the extreme norihVvest part
of the cltj
Johnson had a card that he presented
to everjone that came to -the doors of
the houses where he appealeel for assist
ance Ipon the card were related all the
Incidents and misfortunes of the mans
career Among his complaints was one
to tho effect tint his house had been re
centlj destroyed bj fire when all of his
eirnlngs and earthly possessions had per
ished In the flames The card also enu
merated several accidents lu which John
son was said to have ligureel
Journcjlng along Eighth
west he Ftopped at several houses and
picsentcil this card Ho claimed to be
verj hungry nnd tired and beggeel for
something to eat Touches by his ap
peuls at several eif the places where lie
stopped those who came to the door
re tired to the rear of the house to get
him something to cat
During their dbsenee lie woulel slip into
the front rooms and secured h number
of fancy cups and saucers and several
He wi nffrom house to house with the
same story and stole a number of uni
ties before Pallet nun Wight of the
Eighth precinct was notified and placed
him uneler arrest When nrresteil John
son claimed that he was not the man
vvunteel He slid that ho was moving
Into a house which he had Jut rented In
that pirt of the city He will be glve n
a hcarlns In the Police Court this morn
Inillmi Iliircnu CeimpleteN Plnns for
HcIiimiIm mill DormKeirltN
The plans and specifications for a new
school bullulng at Truxton Canon Colo
rado and a new dormitory at Fort Mo
juve Ariz havo been completed by the
lndiin Office and bids will be advertised
In a few days Congress Jus made an ap
propriation of 112003 Tor the school build
ing and 115000 for the It Is
also proposed to erect a new chool build
ing nt Keams Canon Arizona nnd a new
stone dormitory at Port Apache Arizona
The total cost of the new buildings will
be about tUOCOO
9250 To Lurny nnd Return II
O It It
IneluOInj admission to the Cavern Train Iycj
w at hlngton S a in Sunday October 13 Stonpin
at intermediate fetation llcturniiif leave Luray
rnrry oDelesntos Leaves for the
City of jevico Today
The TrlrMqDe Mnde In n Luxurious
Traill fuller Auspices of the
Peimieyiranin To Moke n Short
Mon Insfj Louli The Pasnengcrs
The delegates to the International Con
ference of American States to be held In
the City of Mexico will leave Washington
this afternoon for the scene of their la
bors The United States Government
through the Department of State has
commissioned the Pennsjlvanla Railroad
to provide the transportation fa
cilities and i completely appointed special
train has been placed at tne disposal of
the delegates
Tho train Is composed exclusively- of tho
best tjpes of modern Pullman cars ln
iludlng a dining car and is equipped ac
cording to the Standard of the celebrated
Pennsylvania Limited The delegates wilt
find it not onlj a comfortable but a lux
urious honied during their long trip of
nearly 4000 miles The train has been
equipped and the schedule arranged by
the Pennsjlvanla Railroads personally
conducted tourist department and an ex
perienced representative of that branch
of the passenger service will accompany
the partj and direct the movement-
Every detail of tho trip has been pre
arranged and the time table mado In ad
vance over the railroads exclusive of the
Pennsjlvanla system Although the ar
rangements have been perfected on cry-
short notc6 they are complete in every
detail and the distinguished tourists will
have an excellent opportunity of testing
the perfection of travel that lias been at
tained under this comprehensive sjstem
of pcrsonaUeort
No attempt will be made to break any
time records but tho special will bo run
on the schedule of one of the fast ex
presses to St Louis It will leave Wash
ington at 3 30 p m and arrive at St Louis
at G40 p tomorrow Tho passing of
and night In tho next
World s Fair city will be the only break
in the Journey Leaving St Loul3 Mondaj
at 113 p m the train will nrrlve In the
City of Mexico at 1020 a m October IS
Following Is the list of passengers on
the train and the countries which they
Argentine Republic Senor Don Martin
Garcia Merou E E nnd M P delegate
Brazil Senor Don Jose Hjgino Senora
Hjglno Senor Don Luis Perclra Guema
raes Senor Don A Iontoura Xavier
Senora Xavier
Chile Senor Don Alberto Blest Gana
delegate Senora Gana Senor Don Au
gusto Matte
Colombia Senor Don Carlos Martinez
Sllva E E and M P delegate Gen
Rafael Rejes Senor Rafael Kejes Jr
Costa Rica Senor Don Joaquin Ber
nardo Calvo E E and M P delegate
GuatemnTa Senor Antonio L Arringa
Haiti Mr J N Lcgcr E E and M
P delegate jMaaamo Lcger Miss
Bourkc in
Nicaragua Senor Don Luis r Corea
E E and M P delegate
Peru Senor Don Isaac Alzamora dele
gate Serf Don Alberto Elmore Senora
Elmore Senor Don Manuel de Calderon
E E and M T delegate Senora Cal
deron and two children Senorlta Cal
deron Senorlta Rosa Calderon Senor Dor
juan eie usina senor uon x uatuu iu
Salvador Dr rranclsco A Rejes Dr
Tomas Miguel Molina Mr Manuel M Mc-
United States Mr Jlenry G Davis
Mrs Davis Mrs Katherlne
Brown Miss Brown Mr W I Buchanan
Mrs Buchanan Miss Buchanan Mr
Charles M Teppcr delegate Mrs Pep
per Mis Pepper Mr Volney W roster
delegate j Mrs Hill Miss Eva Foster
Mr John Barrett Mr J C Williams sec
retary MrsTVIIIlams and two children
Uruguaj Dr Juan Cuestas E E anil
M P delegate Senor Juan Etchcgarraz
Venezuela Sanor Don Jose M Fortoul
International Union of American Re
publicsMr Williams C Fox secretary
and acting director Mrs Fox Miss Tox
C S Robb A V Foster L H Stevens
J V Noel Don Juan Terrazzas
Receivers Report Nominal Aiesets of
The receivers nppolnted some time ago
by Justice Hagner to take charge of tho
assets and manage the affairs of the
American Savings Bank jesterday filed
a report selling forth the condition or
the aifairs of the corporation Tho appli
cation for the appointment of a receiver
or receivers for the bank was made by
Nicholas T Hallcr a large stockholder
and also a depositor In the bank On this
petition Tracey L Jeffords and Conrad II
Sjme tho former representing the peti
tioner and the lt ttcr the bank were
named as receivers letter on the petition
of other depositbrs Alexander AVolf and
Chailes Trancls CarusI were named as
additional receivers to represent the de
positors generally
In brief the report of the receivers
shows that they found no funds In the
bank at the time thej took charge and
thirty promissory notes aggregating
77003 16 together w th the bank furni
The report submitted to the court is as
The receivers heretofore appointed
herein report ojwets of defendant bank
which have come Into taelr possession as
follows Bank charter stock book ard
records one Iron safe one chair one
table ono counter one illo case ono cor
poration seal one check punch Iron wire
lattice work partition and doors ac
count book letter book letter files check
books deposit books blanks nnd statlon
arj thlrtj promlssorj notes which may
be class lied as follows fifteen note3 over
due I3 97CC3 four time notes not due
S23 9C10 eleven demand notes 3750319
a note of bankrupt maker In Baltimore
Mil JIM0 overdue note in Philadelphia
for collection L7u19
A receipt of v hich the following Is a
copj Is also found Note 171S October 9
James E Padgett Kate C Evans and
It I Evans it0 Interest 1 30 note 1747
John M Thomas October 9 ame en
dorsers 225 Interest 1 13 note 1CS4 R A
King October 3 W P M King JIM
note lCSJL Harry King October S R A
King 191 note 1CS3 It A King October
S Ilarrj King- 131 Total 997
Received above five notes as described
aggregating the sum of 997
iiuur a cuill
All these notes are unsecured There
Is oni eoltvternl note but collateral Is
missing Due defendant bank from Hun
over atinnal Bank New- York Cltj 5 07
Total 77Mdiy Receivers found no
inonej In th bajik
PlftJ fivr pnnnisiorv notes nearlj all
overdue wcje Xqunel In the bank and so
far as the receivers have been able to
arc there for collection Nearly
all are for hlnallamounts
The stoijt book of tho bank shows
tint live htmdeel shares of its capital
stock are outstamllnr ind Issueel to the
following nnmedpersons Shares are 103
ea h at parviitue William Oscar Roome
171 George T -Parker i0 J II McCor
mick 100 N T Hnller 100 E B Stock
ing 10 WilllairtrP Lock wood 5 Leverett
I Englcsbjt 51 T Davis 5 James II
Trimble 1 Charts N Wake- 1 Certlll
e ates of all thlStock amounting to 9S
shires out of the 500 shares of Its capital
stock were found in bank George 1
Robinson nnd iviljiam II Mathews re
sp ctlvely being credited on the books as
the owners of the other two shares
Coloreel Girl lleniln iulllj Theft
Blanche Talbot coloreel who was nr
restiel on Thursday evening charged with
the heft of S790 from Mrs Johanna
OLearj yesterday pleaded In the
Lniteel Stall a branch of the Pollen Court
and was held in 103 bond to await the
action of the grand JLry
Blanche TalliOt knew Mrs Olx arv
having formerly worked for her On
Thursday morning she Is said to have
gone- to Mrs ilaarv s house on First
Str ft northwest nd taken the money
from the porl et of a skirt which was
I lng on a table Mr O Leary Is eighty
j ears old and the monej represented her
savings for jears All but about S10 was
Headache rau I I i t m i imptlj cured
by HojjI lieudaihc Tablet fcjfc Sure
Considerable Reticence Obncrveel In
the Cniie of Jnilire Street
It was learned last night at the Depart
ment of Justice that the Investigation of
charg s against Chief Justico AVebster
Street of the Supreme Court of Arizona
was now under way but that tho nature
of the charges would not be made public
until the Investigation Is completed
About six weeks ago tho department
received complaint Intimating It Is al
leged that Judge Street had accepted
5000 as consideration for his alleged de
cision In a mining case Other charges
were also said to have been fileU against
him one In regard to his alleged ap
proval of the annexing to or lncluellng In
the corporation of tho city of Phoenix
certain private lands
At tho time tho complaints were re
ceived Judge Street was visiting In the
East Hearing of the matter ho carao to
Washington at ence It has since been
understood that President Roosevelt has
been making personal enquiries regarding
the matter It is said to be the Presi
dents determination to make rigid in
vestigation of nil charges against tho
United States judiciary
Interest In Judge Streets caso Is being
revived by the recent arrival In Washing
ton of Julius M Jamison whoso appoint
ment as Chief Justice of Arizona in place
of Judge Street It was rumored the
President had under consideration
It was stated last night at the Depart
ment of Justice that Mr Jamison had
come here and had requested that he be
appointed to the chief Justiceship of Ari
zona In case of a It was also
stated that no determination to appoint
Mr Jamison hael been arrived at and
that Judge Street would continue in office
unless the charges against him now being
Investigated were substantiated
Will Probably Confer With the
President Toelny
Senator Trye who will undoubtedlj be
elected presiding officer of the Senate at
the coming session of Congress arrived In
Washington late last night He will call
upon President Roosevelt An im
portant conference will probably be held
either at that time or in the near future
In addition to being ono of the party
leaders whose advice Is liable to be sought
on almost any subject Senator Frjo is
the senior member of the Committee on
Foreign Relations It Is quite likely that
the President will draw on Senator Frjo
for advice regarding his message
A number of other members of the up
per house will appear In Washington soon
Senator Fairbanks of whose 1904 Presi
dential boom little has been recently
heard Is expected almost any time Sen
ator Culberson Is due here on October 15
Inll Armeel Colored Man Arreieted
on the Street
James A DIggs colored will this morn
ing be sent to the Government Hospital
for the Insane Dlggs still a free agent
jesferday morning armed himself to the
teeth and started out looking for trouble
When at the corner of Thlrtj -second nnd
U Streets northwest dlsplaj lng consplcu
ouslj a Springfield rifle he was discov
ered by Policeman Davis Tho gun wa3
cocked and the man was carrying It at
port It was nfterward found to be load
ed The officer disarmed him and took
him to the Georgetown police station
where two revolvers a knife and a pock
et full of cartridges were also found In
his possession Drs Burch and Maj field
examined him and pronounced him insane
The police had been looking for Dlggs
for several days as a warrant had been
Issued charging him with having threat
ened tho life of Lewis II Douglass col
ored the eldest son of the late Frederick
Diggs has a piece of In Bur
v Me near Bennlng D C on T hich
Douglass holds r mortgage Tuesday
afternoon Dlggs ntered Douglass office
CCD F Street northwest during the ab
sence of the proprietor It is said he was
armed with the Sprlnngeld rifle and sev
eral revolvers and announced that It was
his purposo to kill Douglass upon sight
On hearing of the affair Douglass ln
forrotet the police and secured a warrant
charging Diggs with threats When ar
rested at and
U Streets northwest Diggs carried the
same weapon that ho had when he ap
peareelat Douglass office and his pockets
were filled with ammunition Diggs for
merly worked at a Hverj stable near the
corner erf Fourteenth and Park Streets
Mount Pleasant
On If 1900 Dlggs mounted on a
horse paraded up and down the streets
flourishing an old sabre with vhich he
made thrusts at imaginary opponents
shouting at the top of his voice He was
on that occasion arrested by Policeman
Sweet and on being adjudged insarc was
sent to the asjlum He cscapeel July 5
and has since eluded the authorities
Severn llunilrcel Deillnrs Dmunfses
to the Store of Elseinan Bros
An electric wire In the show window of
Elscmin Brothers store Seventh and E
Streets northwest caused a lire last night
about 7 oclock ami resulted In a loss
estimated at several hundred dollars
Policeman Galpln turned In an alarm
from box 123 on discovering the fire and
several engines truck companies and the
water tower responded
The firemen found It necessary to break
in the big show window on tho Seventh
Street side of tho stores In order to
reach the fire which burned away a
portion of the structure of the window
itself A quantity of clothing and other
stock arrangeu in the window was dam
aged to a considerable extent
During tho progress of the fire a big
crowd gatnered about the store attracted
by the engines and excitement The po
lice assisted the firemen keeping the
crowd from the immediate vicinity of the
fife The loss Is covered by insurance
Condition In the De
partment eif the Culniuhlll
The annual report of Maj Gen Sam
uel B M Young commanding the De
partment of the Columbia was made
public evening by the Adjutant
General General Young saj s
The strength of the command during
the j ear has Increased 13 officers nnd
K0 enlisted men who have been employed
sold j in tho usuit garrison duty The
health and efliclcncj of the troops have
improved and the percentage of trials and
desertions has decreased
Large numbers of horses nnd mules
and quantities eif forage required to meet
the elemands of the troops in the Philip
pine Islanels have been purchaseel within
the limits of this department and shipped
to their destination bj the Quartermas
ters Department In a highly satisfactory
manner and this department has also
supplied the posts of Forts Liscum Val
dez and Camp Skagwaj Alaska with
such stores and funds as were required
for the needs of those garrisons and in
connection with the Subsistence Depart
ment nas arrangeu a mucn simplified ana
improved method of supplj for the re
maining posts In Alaska Under orders
from the War Department 4100 riding
horses havo been purchaseel by me at a
cost of 29SKC averaging 7233 3 3 each
ItceelverM for Selvc it Concern
Justice llradley jefctirda aptwluted Alexander
Voile and Jopli I Iiallej to take charge of
tie tutscU and veind up the buslneai of tlie De
partment Investment Company It i stated tl t
the company is perfectly solvent and reeehera
were asleil for merely for the purpose of wind
ing up it affair vmong the assets of the com
pany is quite a great deal of real estate which
will be cold
People everiere arc acquainted with ihe re
markable cures oi milder forms of bowel com
plaints eiTeeted by the use of Chamberlains Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea llemedy It u not cener
jlly known however that this remedy has proved
vr mccewihil in the treatment of aiallc chol
c and is now sold and used all over India
SJ L Hiscocks writinz from Clacr Road
lljculla India sajs I have used a good many
bottles of Chamberlains Colic Cholera and Diar
rhoea Itcmedy and have found it invaluable u
a cure as well as a preventive of cholera So
far 1 have never known it to fail if given in the
early stages For sale by Hcnr Evans IV hole
sale and ItcUlI and all druggists
Coart of Appcnls Decides In Favor
at Mrs Roth
Tho Court of Appeals for the District
yesterday affirmed tho Judgment of the
Supremo Ccurt of tho District in its
award of 2300 to Mrs Catherine Roth
against the District of Columbia for dam
ages to her property premises 122S
Fifth Street northwest Tho matter has
being a subject of litigation before tho
local courts for several years Twice
Mrs Roth was awarded damages by
Juries in the Circuit Division of the Su
premo Court of the District and aa many
times has tho District made an appeal
to the higher court
When tho case was first brought to
trial the presiding Justice after hearing
the evidence for the plaintiff ordered a
verdict for the defendant From this
decision counsel for Mrs Roth took an
appeal and the Court of Appeals for tho
District reversed the lower court and
remanded the case for a new trial At
the second trial when tho Jury rendered
a verdict awarding Mrs Roth 2305 tho
upper court sustained the Supremo Court
of tho Elstrict
Several jcars ago lira Roth conducted
a grocery business at tho premises
1223 Fifth Street northwest The District
Commissioners established a police sta
tion Immediately adjoining her place of
business In cqnnectlon with tho police
station was established a stable which
Mrs Roth alleged created such a nuisance
as to ruin her business Sho alleged that
the flies from the stable swarmed about
her store In such great numbers as to bo
objectionable to her customers besides
ruining her stock In trade
The eir Blonmlngdnle Pnrlsh to
Hold Service Tomorovr
The first mass of the newly established
parish of Bloomlngdalc will be celebrated
tomorrow morning at 10 JO oclock by tho
Rev Father Eugene A Hannan pastor
of St Anthonys Church Brookland at
tho old Mooro mansion North Capitol
and T Streets northwest Miss Brown
the organist of the Soldiers Home will
preside at the organ John A Foley has
been appointed sexton making the
church organization complete
Sunday school will bo held In the same
place nt 3 30 oclock In the afternoon At
4 30 oclcck n meeting of the parishioners
and all others who -arc Interested In the
new church will take place
All efforts are being made by the pro
moters of the new church to collect suf
ficient funds to erect a suitable church
edifice To advance this purposo a pro
gressive euchre party will be held on
Wcdncsdaj October 1G at S oclock In
the old Moore mansion
A meeting of the parishioners was held
last Sunday at the old Moore mansion
and there were about 300 persons present
who signified their Intention to become
members of the new church The Sun
day school was also opened la3t Sunday
and there was an attendance of 117 chil
dren a number largelj In excess of the
most sanguine expectations of tho pro
moters of the church The Rev Father
Hannan at last Sundays meeting stated
that the Cardinal had assigned an assist
ant to him In tho person of the Rev
Father Mack Father Hannan said that
the Cardinal had given him Instructions
to proceed with the work and bring It to
a successful conclusion
The Rev Father Hannan and the mem
bers of the new parish extend a cordial
Invitation to ail Catholics to attend the
flr3t mass of the new church tomorrow
morning at 1030 oclock at the old Moore
llilddlenton Partially Identified as
Haslnrc Cashed Morrows Drnft
Harry Huddleston the War Department
clerk who was arrested on Wednesday
on a charge of hav ing forged the name of
Lieut Charles II Morrow Forty -seventh
United States Volunteers to a Treasury
draft for 12331 was jesterday hold in
1000 bond by Judge Scott in the Police
Court to await tho action of the grand
At the hearing of Huddlestons case
Charles Brandt and Francis B Heltman
clerks in tho Treasury Department de
scribed the channels through which the
warrant passeel until It reached Huddle
stons hands Lieutenant Morrow who
when the draft was drawn last April
was In ther Philippines testified that he
did not receive It that he wrote the
Treasury Department to that effect and
got a stating the draft had been
cashed In this cltj
Miss Lulu U Monahan the cashier of
a local department store took the wit
ness stand and testlfieel that she cashed
the draft and that to the best of her be
lief Huddleston was the man who pre
sented It
Asthma and
Consumption Cured
Showing Diseased Lung
At the last International meeting of
consumption doctors at Berlin ono year
ago last Maj Prof Koch of Germany
was the only man recognized as having
successfully cured consumption
Dr Edward Koch is a professor at the
National German University In Berlin
and the discoverer of the germ polsorr
bacillus causing consumption also of the
Tuberculine Medicine that kills this germ
and cures the disease
The Koch Inhalation machine Is here
It is the latest Invention for throwing
Into the lungs these healing oily vapors
lark M
which heal up the sore places and cure
consumption and asthma Consultation
nnd the first treatment free The Wash
ington office is at C27 E Street northwest
The Koch lung cure also have offices at
43 West Tvventv -second Street Xew York
1331 Arch Street Philadelphia 50 North
Butaw Street Baltimore and In 3uffalo
Rochester Ashcvllle and many other
large cities
Hundreds of patle nts have published
their cures and 60 more testimonials are
on file at the original Koch Lung Cure
offices nt C27 E Street northwest Wash
ington D C
m utitinn
JIOOIlE PvnhEIl In llaltlmore Md Thurs
day Octoler 10 1C0I by the Itev Frederick
frier JVMIS I PvttKUt of Washington n
C and ILCi BELIX MOORE of Iecandna
Alexandria papers please copy
ROOT SudJenlj on October 10 at llalesthope
Md SVMltL II lxlovrd husband of Kloae
It E Root nee Tolson afed thirty three rears
luneral Sunday October 13 Irom residence of
his parents Broadway a
Ti hard to break the tcniler cord
Where lovo has bound the heart
Ta Iiard so hard to say the word
Mut we forever part
Sleep liusbanJ thy task is oer
Thy loving hands shall toil no more
20 more thoser tender even shall weep
tleep dearet husband gently sleep
-BY 1113 WIFE
DLCKETT On Thursdar Oetober 10 1901
RUFLS nUCKlrrT at 7 otlock a m aied
eleven jcars only son of IXnnis and Jane Duck
Funeral from Mount Carmcl Baptist Church
Saturday October IS 1C01 at 2 oclock IrienJj
and relatives invited
IHJCKETT In memory of onr dear daughter
1IVTTIK M DUCKETT lio died tfto je rs
0 tudar
Important Historical Study
of Paris
This book is an Intelligent outline of tho
course of authoritative opinion upon the
VU iiitta m eiiv rreierai
Government and especially the legislative
iwjwer ui e orgrcss 10 acquired territory
It Is written with great clearness and
vigorously presents many points
ekiiij iiie uiue rcuces in me opinions oc
justices of the Supremo Court In insular
313 net
Franklin Square New York
Every garment 19 f
made here in Washington X
Has Cornered the i
Tailoring Orders J
X Only a day more of this
X sale the greatest money j
v saving opportunity the tail-
X oring business has offered
2 in Washington We have X
j never seen such fabrics to
J sell at the price in all our 4-
X experience Cheviots in j
blue black and grey and J
fine fancy Worsteds made
X up into suits to your X
V vidual measure 1080
f That Raglan were
X ing for 13 is a close seqpnd X
X to the 10S0 suits Those T
j weve made have demon-
X strated that weve got the
X knack of cutting the swell- i
r est Raglan in Town Order t
X early
I Tailoring Co J
1 409 7th I
Makover Prop
Phone East 52 Y r
- Jb
-a - t
Established 1678 Dar nt Klght
Session 23 a jcar Bualaesa Shorthand Type
it boardlnff and day school lor gtrla and youn
ladies primary commercial and college prf
paratory courses nusic and art classes resumed
Monday September 18 1501 for further particu
lars aaareis SISTER II AUGUSTA Superior
E TPEI1T ST0GE vrilERS guaranteed with
Irom FORTT To bKTY DViS work Whito
shorthand simplest system eltaat ereninr
classes commence October 13 indiTiduat instruc
tion Address Box 115 thU olOce c27 lm
IK YOU CU1E to be proSteel by the semcea of
a B A write to S SVJLMIt CM Hth at nw
JIL INSTTnrrE Model kinderjirten school
and teachers department 1123 Q at nw lUa3
IlU OF OCTOBFIt 1001 wUl ex
pire all license l ued by the District of Co
lumbia to Apothecaries Auctioneers Brokers
I j nil and Bankers the Proprietors ol Barrooms
BillPosters the Proprietors of Billiard Baga
telle Pool Jenny land Tables and Shuffle
Board Bowhnir Alle etc Cattle Brokers
Commwjon Merchants Dealers in Ice Merchan
dise Dealers in Junk and Secondhand Peryjnal
Property Dealers In Old Barrels the Proprietor
of Hotels Intelligence Offices etc Insurant e
Companies Insurance tsentl the Proprietors of
Livery Stables Manufacturers of Illuminating
Gas the Proprietors of Restaurants or eatin
homes Real litate Ajrents the Propnctors of
Theatres Wholesale Liquor dealers etc All
persons engaged in the above named branehes of
luc incs must promptly renew their la
conformity with law By order of the Com
missioners D C II II DAUNEILLE Assessor
CKLitcii oncns
first Mreet betnecn M and N Itcr ext naive
improvements the church will be re opn d on
dawar will preach at 11 a m and 7 CO p n
Rer F T TaBS D D will preach at 3 p rn
011 Irlenda of the church and the public are
cordlallv Imitcd to worship with us ml
Street ne between F and C Elder W V
Westuorlli Pistor Services tomorrow evcrImc
at T SO Subjeet Gods Eternal Purpose and
Why Sin Was Permitted Seat free All are
welcome mi
small bottle o SCUTTs EMI LIOV than from
any other flsty ccnta worth that lould be pro
vided for It Its the essence of nourishment
It is Wise to Meet
danger boldly and rely upon others erpalenc
who have found Warner1 a Safa Cum curative for
Uver trembles
Undertaker anil Umbnlmer
IMO r St N
Everything strictly first class on the most rea
sonable terms
Telephone call Main 5W
Undertaker anel LlTcry
n Tcna V w WasMncton D 0

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