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Number 2704
Declares President McKinley Had
Kcfiibcd Him Work
Committed Murder Ile cnuse lie Could
yat Cct n Juli Tin- ssnsslii Re
ticent as lo Ills Connection With
Anarchists Wants No Iitcjihhii
ArBlltS N Y Oct 21 When Mr
Collins State Superintendent of Prisons
was here the week before last with the
State parole board lie had n long talk
one night with Czolgosz President Mc
Kinle s murderer Superintendent Col
lins -pent several hours with the assas
sin in an endeaor to ascertain if Czol
gosz s shooting of the President was the
result of a plot laid by a band of an
archists who had chosen Czolgosz as the
Instrument to execute their designs Mr
Collins told Czolgosz that he must fully
reahic that he had to die and said he
might be able to help him should Czol
gosz detlrc to 11 all himself of the oppor
tune to turn States evidence as it were
In case he had acted through a conspira
cy of anarchists in killing tho President
You can t help mo said Czolgosz
No one can help me
This was the substance of Czolgoszs
replies to Superintendent Collins repeat
ed efforts to have him unbosom himself
Czolgosz refused to admit an acquaint
ance with prominent anarchists and the
only time that he apparentl showed anj
interest In his talk with the superintend
ent was when the latter remarked
Kmma Goldman sajs she gave you
come moncj once
liiu riic say thot nid Czolgosz
Yes she sas she gave ou twent
Ce cents
Well she never did replied Czolgosz
h did ou kill the President- he
xvas asked
Well I got to read of his going around
talking alKiut prosperity I did net see
anj of it I coudnt get a Job
Did oa ever a k the President for
Yes I saw him at Canton and asced
him for a job but he told me he could do
nothing for me
P id ou ask am one else for a job
Yes I asked scve al people1 but I
could not get an thing to elo
Why did em not km the others who
had refused to aid you
X dont know
Czolgosz related to the superintendent
the hard times he had had to get aloig
remarking that his mc ther died when he
was joung and that his father married
a second time He said that his step
mothers treatment of the children was
such as to drive them away from home
it has btn stateel that Czolgosz lid
read several books from the prison
library This Is not true Ht told fauper
interejent Collins that he hai never at
tended a public or parish school nor a
church ot any denomination Superin
tendent Collins asked him if he did not
desire to see a clergyman during his last
lew dajs on tajh and he replied
No whats the use It don t mean
en thing to me No one can do anything
for me or help me in an wav
In the mail received at the prison for
Czo gosz Is a postal card telling him to
bear up and that his friends will get him
out of the prison before the 2sth
ALBANY Oct a The list of witnesses
who arc to attend the execution of the
death sentence of Czolgosz at Auburn
prison next Monday has been completed
by Superintendent Collins and Warden
ZJead of Auburn Under the law aside
from the warden and prison officers only
twenty six other people can be admitted
This would Include a Justice of the Su
preme Court the district attornev and
sheriff of Erie County two phslcians
two clergymen twelve reputable citizens
and seven assistants or deputy wardens
Among the twenty six witnesses will be a
half dozen State officials Superintendent
Collins will not make known the names
of the witnesses Only three newspaper
men will be admitted and the will rep
resent press associations
Etranife as It may seem many requests
have been mid ry morbid rellc hunttr
for pieces of the assassin s body Of
course if Coigoszs famllj want the
body It must be delivered to them after
the autopsy They have not et made
any such request If they do not the
body will be burled in quicklime In the
priton ard The superintendent of
prisons has arranged that a gross autopsy
Le held and then if a sclentitic examina
tion of the brain or other parts Is deem
ed necessary by the physicians it will be
held at once
A woman has v rittcn to Mr Collins
eaing that as Czolgosz was sentences to
be put to death during the week beginning
October 2S he cannot be legally killed as
there Is no week beglnrlng October 28 the
Veek meant by the court being the one
beginning Sunday October 27
ron Aincricnn Dclejrntes 31cet and
Confer In Mexico
CITY OF MEXICO -Via Galveston
Cct a The delegates to the Pan-American
Congress met at t p m for an In
formal discussion preliminary to organi
zation The North Americans opposed the
efforts of the Southerners to select one of
their number as vice president It was
finally agreed thau there should be five
vice presidents ore from Central Amer
lea and one each from Peru Chile Argen
tina and Brazil
At the close of the meeting the Mexican
Minister uf Foreign Affairs Senor Marls--cal
who Is president of the conference
proposed a toast to the second Pan
Araerlcnn Congress and expressed the
hope that the result of its labors would
be Increased friendship and sympathy
among all American nations The ses
sions of the conference will be held in the
rooms of the Secretary of Treasury
which have been beautifully decorated
cspeclall for the occasion
The delegate to the conference formal
ly registered this morning Six of the
delegates who are accredited Ministers to
Mexico presented their credentials to
President Diaz There will be a further
informal conference tomorrow at 11
oclock The formal opening of the con
ference will occur at i oclock in the
afternoon It Is probable that afternoon
tessons only will be held
Merchants omc to establish Clover
Commercial Relations
NEW YORK Oct 21 Aboard th
steamship Ponce which arrived today
frera Porto Rico were C W Whitehead
chief of customs of Porto Rico and fif
teen Porto Kican merrliunts mostl mem
bers of the Chamber of Commerce The
mnt to the WdeYf Aatoria Hinry W
Dooley an English speaking representa
tive of the merchant said
Wi have conve to visit the various
chambers of commerce of the United
Stales with a view to establishing closer
commercial relations between the United
States and her new pocceeelon Every
body Is satlbfle d In Porto Rico and pros
pects arc bright
Mr Whitehead has bcn talked of as
Apt raiser Wakrman s probable successor
10 To IlnffMlo and Return 10
tin Pciimsj Ivunla Itullrond
srorrlcan hiliositloii exe undoa Special
turn will le hinton t 600 m
Wi Jnwli October S3 ticleU limited to Mitn
date of ale Last
day including apectal ex
cursion Tuesday October 29
32 Inch Hoard 1S0 1 liieh mix
1 X and the beat Y I kind top at Clh an J
X V afc
cttlnir Horses lroni Russia nml
Gun From France
LONDON Oct 21 The London pipers
print a m mber of reports from various
sources tending to show that the IJoers
are replenishing their war supplies In
Curopo 1 lie correspondent of the Stand
ard at Moscow sa the burghers are
lniIng horses from the peasants of South-
rn Russia at fnir prices The Impress
sis it learns the Boers are bargaining
uith a French compaii for the purchase
of field guns They are making especial
efforts to obtain the rrench guns which
were displaced at the military exhibition
in London and have not as et been le
They have also asked a small South
Vmerlcan State to bu guns and rlfh s
in England for the Boers and an agent
is now residing at Birmingham for that
purpose It Is added that the Boers have
also succeeded aire ad in getting many
gurs through Portuguese East Africa
The Brussels rcrs print u stor that
Sir Kruger ha received JC0U in Eng
lish bank notes for the purchase of arms
No LmiKor It In S11I1I In the driir
luids Custody
LONDON Oct ii The Sofia corre
spondent of the Dail Telegraph sas an
Improbable rumor comes from a Bulgar
ian source that EUtn Stone the
American missionary is hidden In Saloni
ca Mr Ditklnson the American Consul
General at Constantinople who has been
at Solla endeavoring to secure Miss
Stones release adheres to his conviction
of the complicity of the Macedonian Com
mittee in too abduction of Miss Stone
In missionary circles it is urged that
when the ransom for Miss Stone s release
is paid the brigands ought to be am
nestied and all records of the agreement
with them canceled
A despatch from Vienna sas the latest
news from Sola is to the effect that Miss
btone ard her companion are no longer
with the brigands The are vaguel de
scribed as being elsewhere
ltird Milncr tit n bervirc Held b
AiiicriaUK lit Jeihniiueslitirgr
PRETORIA Oct il A memorial ser
vice for President McKinlt was held by
the Americans In the Transvaal at Jo
hannesburg jesterda Rev Drs Gray
and Hertz made addresses Lord Mllncr
the Governor of the Transvaal and Or
ange River Colony and his suite and all
members of the Consular Corps w ere pres
A new commissioner of police for Jo
hannesburg will be appointed within two
weeks when Colonel Davies who has
acted in that capacity since the British
occupation will retire
Crnernl MetrlnRer Culls tin- former
Emptj Without the Latter
PARIS Oct 2L Speaking at a military
banquet In Marseilles yesterday General
Metzinger who was General Duchesnes
second In command in thr conquest of
Madagascar and who now commands the
rirtecnth Arm Corps referred particu
larly to the necessity of discipline
He said he dil not wish to say that
force should oppress right but civ illzatlon
without force was mere emptiness Fine
theories he said do not make for the
happiness of nations It was in the name
of fine theories that Cuba was torn from
Spain It is likewise In their name that
the Boers would fall were It not for the
fact that the are armed with good rifles
and arc able to utilize them
The Ilnke of Trent Lime a Gold
Wnteh mid Wallet
HALIFAX N S Oct 21 A robbery
occurred aboard the roa acht Ophlr
upon which detectives are at work In an
endeavor to discover the perpetrators
From the quarters of the Duke of Trent
a gold watch wh had been In his fam
ily for four generations and a wallet
containing a number of sovereigns were
The- Report t oneerniliB ICiMIT Leo
pold II Denied
BRUSSELS Oct 21 The Etolle Beige
sa there la no truth in the report re
centl published that King Leopold II is
to visit the United States in order to get
ideas In regard to the improvement of
Belgian ports
rrmicc Refrained Trotn Action for
lrnr nf Civil IVnr
PARIS Oct 21 It Is assert il tint
France is refraining from coercing Tui
ke ii the mttter of the claim of 11 Lo
ralndo because of the fear thut such ac
tion on her part would start civil war In
the Ottoman Empire It Is said that the
feeling of unrest in Jlateelonla and Ar
menia is Qo serious as to constant
threaten the prtseivation of peace
It is also stated that the Powers In re
sponse to the initiitive of Russia and
France are discussing the question of
Joint action to bring pressure on the
Porte to execute- reforms If thip should
fail the Powers will jointly take Mich
action as will compel the Sultan to Insti
tute the nectssarv reforms
The opportunity vviil also be UMd to
settle the Cretan question It Is further
stated that Russia has now decided to al
low Prince George of the High
Commissioner In Crete a free hand In
that country In that case Crete would
doubtless be annexed to Greece
AtleliiptK lo Irrvenl llir llnrrliiKC
InelTcctiiiil at Edinburgh
EDINBURGH Oct 21 Lieutenant
Cecil a grandson ot the Marquis of Exe
ter and one of the heirs to the Cunliffe
Brocke millions and Miss Bain daugh
ter of a Belfast Insurance man were
married at the Mornlijgslde Parish
Church here at noon today Lieutenant
Cecil is a minor and ward In chancery
nnd his mother made several attempts to
prevent the wedding She secured an or
der from the Court of hanry prohibit
ing the man lane lift Lieutenant Cecil
came here where the authority of the
Chancer Court does not hold Lnd
Cecil afterward secured n warrant for
Lieutenant Cecils arrest but the high
constable refuied to serve it unless the
writ was endorsed by the lord president
of the Scottish Court This the latter
refused to do and the banns were pro
claimed for the last time In St Cuthberl s
Church estcrda
LONDON Oct 21 Lieutenant Cecil
and his wife went on a wedding trip to
York this evening The will tome to
London tomorrow when Lieutenant Cecil
will surrender himself to the Chancery
The Trnlnlnir Milp IlnfTalo sails
PLY1IOUTH Oct 21 -The United States
training ship Buffalo sailed hence for
New York today
IJ1 Doom 1 Doom 1 Doura
Sni white pine at that Libbe 4- IV
Toiclilisit Piiiide and nn Illumi
nation in New Haven
Viirioos Clncxr ppenr ns Indians
soldiers and Millnrs Graduates of
Ibis icnr llrnrosriil llllpln
Other Odd Costumes in the Line
NEW HAVEN Conn Oct 21 Tonight
this town i ablaze witli Yale enthusiasm
A toichlight procession of students and
alumni for which the unlversit has been
P aiming tor six months was held and
there were elecncal illuminations on til
campus and on the cit s central green
There were 100i pel sons mustly Yale
men and their friends In the cit to tu
jo theVlght
When dirkness had settled over the
town the Dom iifchts on the green were
tiirnrii nn At i o clock the word 1
come was Hashed from the tower of
the tit hall and half a minute later the
entire front of the high bulldins was
aglow with lighL Up on the Yale campus
the lights we rt lit in the 7iXX colored
lanterns that htmin d the dormitories and
other buildings making the old qutd
ramlt as bright as noonda
Under all these brilliant ras the stu
dents the alumni and the visiting col
lege men everone In fact who could
carr a torch and was able to walk and
was a Yale man was getting ready for
tht parade Twent live bands were
breaking into college airs at different In
tervals and the cheers of the Yale bos
mingled with the music
For nearly an hour this dm was kept
up on the campus Then the procession
wheUed slowly from the campus through
Phelps Gatewaand into College Street
The parade passed down Chapel Street
the walks lined with thousands of ap
plauding and cheering spectators At the
cit hall the line was reviewed b the
Presidential party Scretar Root Chief
Justice Fuller and Colonel Ingham rep
resenting IYesldent Roosevelt President
Hadlc and college dignitaries Gov
Gtorgo P McLean o Connecticut and
Ma or Studley of this city and the city
The marshals throughout the parade all
wore striking costumes The marshal of
each section was assisted b five aides
each in the costume of his class and each
carr Ing a green lantern They rode in
locomobiles The men in the first section
were dressed as Indians These were the
class of 1W2 academics A companj of
Colonial warriors composed the second
section and were followed b the Conti
nental soldiers composing tho third sec
tion Then came a section Impersonating
the soldiers of 1S12 In the fifth section
were the academic sophomores who were
dressed as sailors All freshmen were
rough riders In the parade and as a body
of several hundred they made a great
sTiow ing
Tht students of the Medical School in
green caps and gowns the Dlvlnit men
in costumes of red the members of the
Law School in purple the Jupantse stu
dents In pink and the Art and Forest
Schaol students as Dominican monks
formed the seventh division
The oungest alumni of Yale members
of the class of 1901 headed the procession
of ae graduates who composed with
the visiting delegatts the third division
As Filipinos In gowns of brown trimmed
with red and large brown hats they cre
ated no end of fun all along the line of
The visiting delegations of students
from Harvard Princeton Trlnlt and
Vteslean In academic gowns of their
college colors were followed by tht fourth
division consisting of the alumni of the
university beginning with the representa
tives from the classes of fifty ears ago
All wore caps and gowns of the lightest
Yale blue and of the 3501 alumni In line
there were members of ever class from
1S53 to 1901
The prominent features of the parade
were the floats and transparencies The
Japanese students in Yale carried a olg
Japanese booth one tide having a rep
resentation ot Uncle Sam greeting a Ja
panese woman On the other side were
the words
Yale for Japan and Japan for Yale
The forty Princeton men were dressed
like tigers The line was an hour In
passing the cit hall reviewing stand
Early In the day the bicentennial cere
monies for Monday were started b the
dedication of the gateway erected b the
class of 1SSG in memory of Ward Cheney
and Gerard Mtrrick Ives who gave their
lives In the service of their ewuntry dur
ing the Spanish American War The
gattwav was formall presented to the
univerelij by Harry J Fisher of New
York Yale 9 i President Hadley deliv
ered the addiess
An address on Yale in Its Relation to
1 aw was dcllvcreel in Bottel Ch ipel by
1 homas Thach r A M New York CItv
This was followed at 11 30 o clock b an
address on Yale n Its Relation to Medi
cine bv Prof William Henr Welch of
John Hopkins University
Ai S o clock Preside nt Hadlty of Yale
delivered the formal address of welcome
to the visiting college di legations Re
sponses were made as follows The
Graduates the Hon Anthon Hlgglns
I L 1 The Cit the Major of New
Haven The State the Governor of
Connecticut The Nation Senator O
II Piatt The Univ rsltlis of Great
Britain James Williams D P L fel
low of Lincoln olkgc Oxford The
Unlv rrliles of Contlne nta Euroie
Fedor Martens LI D I nlversit of St
Petersburg The Universities uf the
South President Dabnev of the Unl
versltv ot Tennessee The Universities
of the West President Harper of tho
Uniktrslt of Chieago The Unlversitlts
of the East President Eliot of Harvard
Irsiinnii Iinrr d With Causing
E U Cnrrlfrniis Death
NEW HAVEN Ott 21 -Yale s bicen
tennial guests were shoeked tonight when
the heard that a Yale Law School stu
dent died this morning at 1 oclock In
the New Haven Hosnltal and tint an
other student a Sheffield Scientific Fehool
freshman was locked up at police head
ejuarters charged with bIng resMnslbIo
for the ilealh of the i student
The name of tht dead studi nt is Ed
ward F Corrigan He was
ears of age and his home was In Wlill
mantic The young man accused of caus
ing his death Is Hi nry McDonald Scd
ley whose home is -it 127 East Thirl v
Strett New York Cll where his widow
ed mother lives Still is only nineteen
cirs old
Corrigan who was a Junior In tht law
department and President of the VaIand
Debiting Club of the sthoo vvltl Jnsph
Jclferson GoMBtnlth another lav sool
man went Into William J Adams lunch
wafon known as the Yale Kennels at
2 30 Sunday morning for a oit to eat 11
Is a students eating- plate o i feet from
the campus on Elm Street just beoml
the Peahod Muiicum There thev met
Seiiley and four student friend The law
school fellows and the SheflleM School
bo got into a wordy war about the
freshness of Yale freshmen Finally
Sedley walkad over to Corrlgari and said
Well I am a freshman but 1 can tak
caro of ou Juet the same
With theso words ho gave Corrigan a
shove toward the small entrance to the
Ilcst Poplnr 5 cl llext Poplar 5 ct
w tool il finest toltnt lied Clh and X iv
lunih wagon Corrigan staggered back
ward striking against the edge of the
door and toppled over the half dozen
wooden steps leading to the wagon strik
ing on the back of hW head and crush
ing his skull He was removed to the
New Havtn Hospital but never recovered
Yestcrdn the local detectives Investi
gited the circumstances and found out
that instead of It being a case of pure
aceldent there wis more or less of 11 quar
rel in the wagon before Corrigan wns
pushed to the walk This morning Sedlty
was arrested b Detective Dunlap who
found him in bed He said he was angry
at the time and was surprised that
he had not struck Corrigan instead
of pushing him He lighted a brlerwood
pip and walkeel to police headquarters
This afternoon Coroner Ell Mix held an
Inquest ixamlnlng the students who fig
ured In the affair Tlw told the story as
stated Coroner MiC changed the tharge
from murder to manslaughter and fixed
fcedles bail at fJWI Many of Seelleys
student friends vlsiteel police headquar
teis but were not permitted to ste him
His mother has been summoned from New
The tragedy coming In the very height
of Yales festivities recalled that other
traged of the last Yale commencement
when Adelbert Ha son of Secretary
John Hay and formerly Consul to Preto
ria fell from a window on the fourth
floor of the New Haven House to the
walk and was Instantly killed
Tlie lumli of Hie I nlv TltB limii
tier Ilccorutcd
LONDON Oct 21 The wreaths sent by
Yale Unlversit were placed on the tomb
of the founder at Wrexham North Wales
esterday on the occasion of the opening
of the bicentennial celebration at New
There was a large crowd present The
American and British flags were display
ed and the school boS sang The Star
Spangled Banner
Description of the HchIkh AVltli E
ilnntitir Comments
The Yale medal Is of bronze 2 11 1C
inches in diameter and 3 lfi of an inch
In thickness of a line tone and excellent
workmanship The design and models
were prepared by Mr Bela Lon Pratt
B F A a graduate or the Yale School
of Fine Arts The dies were executed bj
the Messrs Tlffan ic Co of New York
The design is classical simple und dig
nified worthy of a university which In
cludes among Its departments a School of
Fine Arts The obversi contains a spir
ltetl design In illustration of the motto
of the university Lux ct Veritas Above
the clouds Truth guides the chariot of
Apollo bearing In her hand wreaths of
fame In the cause of truth The reverse
between two flaming antique torches
bears the legend
Yale Lnivemty in 1M1 celebrate the found
ing 01 Yale College in 1701
Sennlnr Dm Is Body Rcilmv ed From
the Cemetery nit3iJniil
ST PAUL Minn Oov It was with
a great deal of surprlsf tcday that thr
friends of the late Senator Cushman IC
Davis learned that hlwldow Mrs Anna
Agncw Davis had caused his body to be
remevtd from the vault at Oakland Ceme
tery late Sunday afternoon and taken to
the Union Depot where It was placed on
board a Rurllngton train to be taken to
Washington for burial in the National
Mrs- Davis departure from the city was
effected so quietly that the family with
whom she was staying did not know of
her intention Mrs Davis visited the
cemetery- accompanied by her cousin Mrs
Lillian Ditkson Jones and her attorney
Peter H Healey and followed the body
to the depot In a closed carriage After
seeing the coffin placed In an express car
Mrs Davis boarded th sleeping car In
company with Mr Jones
Upon the arrival In Washington tomorrow-
Mrs Jones expects to be met by the
depot quartermaster of the District and
Mr Ransdell Sergeant-at-Arms of the
Senate who will superintend the Inter
ment of the body at Arlington Cemetery
in a plot located among1 the graves of
the oitlcers of the civil war which has
been tendered to her by the War Depart
Mrs Davis was piqued at the delay in
providing a monument for her husband
She wanted the body burled In a iark
here Legislation was needed to comply
with her wish and sh refused to wait
EltMen Vlen VrrMted and Held in
e lurk state
UTICA N Y Oct 21 For some reason
the residents of FInivIew mar Clayton
were desirous of getting rid of the family
of John Town and on Saturday evening
a lartre number of the people of the local
ity attired as White Caps congregated
at the house anel discharged tlrearms and
thrtw stones and sticks at the windows
A vigorous defence was made from
within the house by Town and his brothel
and man shots were tired That no one
was killed semis tp be a miracle The
house 1 lalnl shows the result of the at
tack in broken windows and doors The
mob contalnesl fort or fifty people and
ten or fifteen did the smashing Eleven
persons were arrested as a result They
were arraignid before Justice W If Rees
at Clalon charged with rioting throw
ing stones and sticks and discharging
firearms All were held to await the ac
tion of tht grand Jurv Bail was tled in
each case at tSOO which was secured
It Is undi rstood thit the officers have
sever il more warrants to serve and that
more arrests are to follow
Clll Who Stole u vrl Her Husband
MEW YORK Oct 21 Mrs Willi im
Chase or Bessie M Henderson as she
calls herself tht storo girl who was ar
rested for stealing from her emploers
and said that slit had stolen to help her
husband pleaded guilty before Justices
Hinsdale llolbrook and Watt In Spe
cial Sessions today Her Uvver 1 Rln
grose begun a plea for her While he
was talking the woman ialnted She was
eirrled from the courtroom by attendants
When she had recovered she was brought
back and sentenced to thirty daS In Jill
ChaFe the womuns husband testilled
that he was married to her in Philadel
phia last June while attending n mtdlcU
school Ills home Is In Fall River He
has not tt been graduated
Norfolk A Washington teaiiiliant Co
Delightful trip daily at 69d p m from foot
Sth at to Old lolnt Norfolk Virginia Heath
and Newport -News fitnwali Ticket Offlce Braid
llldj Hill at and X v aVe Tlionr 20
Dressed Ilonrds 1J1 Dressed Dd
125 It lion tint and plgbtr of them by l
libber L Co
Sir Thomas Liiilon Determined to
Win tlie Americas Cup
Mill in ruck II to Race In These Wn
ters Net leur The benson After
ward a evv ChulleiiKcr Will Sllll
I nilt r the Irish KnlKlits Colors
NEW YORK Oct 21 -Sir Thomas Lip
ton will have a new challenger for the
Americas cup and another race will be
arranged to bo sailed in August 1M3
These are the Irish Knight s present plans
and he will start nt once to work them
Sir Thomas will sail for England tomor
row on the White Star liner Celtic and
with him will bo his secretaries John
Westwood and William Duncan Sir
Thomas decided to sail on this vessel
rather suddenly and has had to cancel
many of his engagements but he has
been away from home for a long time
and his business is such that ho must
give It some attention at once
Talking to a reporter at the Waldorf
Astoria today Sir Thomas gave some idea
of his plans He said
I am more than ever determined to
win the Americas cup if such a thing
Is possible and after the last series of
races between the Columbia and the
Shamrock II I think that the Shamrock
II Is a faster boat than the Columbia un
der certain conditions and I think that
my juclit can be Improved Before Mr
Watson went away some slight altera
tions to the yacht were discussed and it
was agreed by all that Shamrock could
be Improved
Now I have not yet decided whether
these changes will be made before next
season The Shamrock is to winter here
because I want to race her here next sea
son Here she can meet such boats as
the Columbia and Constitution on even
terms and I think we might have a fine
seasons sport If these three achts were
to race together In these waters It has
been reported that my acht Is for sale
That Is not so She is left here to race
and for use when wanted to help win the
I had thought of challenging again
with the Shamrock II and made a sug
gestion to the New York Yacht Club re
cently to allow- tho Shamrock to sail for
the cup again next ear but this is not
allowed according to the deed of gift
Then It was said the Shamrock would
remain here until lsB and race again In
that ear hut that might be only waste
of time
When I get home I am going to consult
with Messrs Watson and Fife about J
plans for a new yacht Platmlng and
building a yacht of the dimensions of a j
cup challenger cannot be aone in a lew
minutes and a race for next season is I
think out of the range of possibility but
it can be done for the ear after next and
I think that August is the best time of
year to have the race
If I can get a boat built Jn time my
idea Is to have her sailed against Sham
rock 1 at home and then send her across
the ocean and finish her tuning up against
Shamrock II which will be in these wa
ters I cannot say who will build the new
yacht or even who vill design It That Is
all to he decided when I nt home and I
shall start In at once and find out exactly
vv hat can he done Captain Sv 1 amore w ill
have charge of the j aphtand If I can get
any racing here next season he will sail
the Shamrock I sinctrely hope thaOhe
owners of the Constitution and Columbia
will have their yachts in commission
My sta in this ceiuutry has been an
extremely pUas vit one nnd I am sorry
to go away Of course it was a big dis
appointment not to be able to win the
cup but we hope for better luck next
Clerejliinn Missing Vfter Vctlnsr In
n Strange Manner
AUGUSTA Ga Oct 21 The Rev II
M Smith a Methodist minister from
Dahlonega disappeared from the city last
night to the alarm of friends He had
come here on the invitation of a local
minister and had been in continuous serv
ice for the last two weeks at Bethseda
Church During the last week It was no
ticed he acted strangely claiming that
God directed him through the will of a
oung convert who he Bald was the
prophet Nathan Ho had fasted for thrco
days consecutively and created a scene
at the church service yesterday In the
afternoon he was brought to the city to
be a guest of the Rev C S Wright of
the Broad Street Methodist Church where
It was hoped rest would restore him In
the meantime his father had been tele
graphed to come and take charge of him
In the early part of the night the sick
man disappeared and though his friends
have searched for him ever where no
trace has been found
Ilnaril of Considers the Ques
tion Joint lelion
SCRANTON Pa Oct 21 The Scranton
Board of Trade met this afternoon for the
purpose of considering the street car
strike that Is paralzirg business here A
resolution was offered that in case any
mtmber of the boanl is bocotted bv the
strikers all the other members should
support him The altorne of the board
was to be Instructed to see that tho mem
ber bojectted had all the protection the
law a lows
The discussion over this grew quite
stormv It seemee to be tne tonsensns ot
opinion that each member defend his own
case and the resolution was tabled How
ever the suggestion was advanced that
In cnse an member Is boCotted
ho at once prosecute the bo cotters It
was also suggested that the business men
make use of the cars as means of stop
ping the strike
After appointing a committee to at
tempt to settle the strike the hoard ad
Quoted at Per Cent for
SAN FRANCISCO Ott 21 The big
American ship Roanoke Is now quoted at
ffiperetnt reinsurance although out only
123 d lys from Norfolk Vn for this port
with coal Seafaring mtn say she will
not arrive for three v ctks tven though
In good condition and making her regular
speed ihert fear that the coal takea
In by the Roanoke at Norfolk was not en
tirely dry which accounts for the vtstel
11 Hut
ueing on ine ui
I The ship 1 enjamin I Packard coal
I - - 11 ill 1 tPkMMll 1 IS
laden irem isiirmts it
out W da9 tuelaj and Is on the overdue
list at IS per tent
Oreilll Steamship Vlnv enienls
NEW YORK Ott 21 Arrived Zealand
Antwerp Island Coptnhagen Menomi
nee London Buffalo Hull Arriveel out
City of Rome from New York nt Glas
gow Hohenzolleni from New York at
irljuua Uuslness Collcce bill and U
llLSilit ss shorthand TjipcwTtinj ti a year
W iudovv Illlnds 00c Window
nhmtr tOc and all kinda mill ori 1 T
Libit Co
Miepanl and In Sprnlc Before En
thusiastic Meetings
NEW YORK Oct 2i PolititaI rallle
were laid all over the greater tlty to
night The Greater New York Democracy
had a mass meeting in Cooper Union at
which William M Ilornblower Seth Ixiw
Edwnrel M Grout nnd Justice Jerome
spoke The latter received the most en
thusiastic reception
The big meeting In the Tammany camp
was in the Clermont Avenue Kink Brook
ln which was crowded en the door wlln
Shepard s old time folowers Mr Shep
ard v as chief speaker He enumerated
the reasons why he did not like the cam
paign of Mr Low especially the harping
on the necessity of distroing Tammanv
when there was the whole cit outside of
Tammany to be talked about
He said that the non partisanship ap
peal of the fuslonlsts was all a sham and
for the purpose of blackening the repu
tation of the cit with exaggerated de
scriptions of crime existing in Its streets
and wholesale assertions of the complete
maladministration of its busiues3 affairs
The Pcunsj lvnnln Democratic Com
mittee Meets Asrnln Todnj
HARRISBURG Pa Oct 21 A meet
ing of the Democratic State Committee
will be held tomorrow afternoon to re
nominate E A Coray the fusion candi
date for Stato Treasurer who was ruled
o the Dffemocratlc ballot by decision of
the Dauphin County Court on Saturday
It was held that his first nomination
was invalid for the reason that certain
Philadelphia members of the State Com
mittee had been expelled contrary to the
rules of the part and that the commit
tee not having been regularly constituted
could not certify to the nomination of
The Democratic leaders here tonight are
satisfied that the effort to exclude Coras
name will improve hi3 chances of elec
Hie KeiitncMans tfctis on the
IIuiiLer It nulilnetoii Affair
LOUISVILLE Ky Oct 21 ln a long
eelitorial In tomorrows Courier Journal
Henry Watterson will discuss what he
sas will soon be known as the Booker
Washington Incident One does not
know- precisely whether to laugh or to
whistle he sas Assuredly it is the
part of wisdom in Democrats to say noth
ing and saw wood
Mr Watterson contends that every
American citizen has the right to pick
his own company He goes on to argue
that Mr Roosevelt is only shown to be
true to hts political religion and cites
that the foundation of that political be
lief wns to free the negro to seat him in
the high places of the land and that for
a great moral lesson It kept the scat of
Jefferson Davis vacant until It could be
filled by a gentleman of color
Mr Watterson mourns for Booker
Washington and says that in the end he
Is to pay the freight Truly he sas
the President did Booker Washington
an 111 turn
In his concluding paragraph Mr Wat
terson savs Looking at it from a par
tisan standpoint Democrats may take
not a Hltleicoinfort to themselves- What
ever happens this Is not our funeral
Out in the rold as we may he shivering
as we are und hungry ea verll anil
thirst vet as we stand around the
W hlte llouya and look in through the
windows and fee Teddy nnd Booker hob
nobbing over the- possum and potatoes
not -one of us Is disposed to envy either
of them or to exclaim of either Wouldnt
it be bully to be him We prefer to take
our chances of the future
We had rather wait till our time comes
Somehow the look ahead does not seem
so hopeless nor the distance so long
For there is here a radical Infirmity of
Judgment a plain lack of common serse
and bless the Lorel we are not In it In
deed the shortcoming implied by It means
a great deal to us Mistakes like mis
fortunes never come slrgly They travel
In groups and are curnulous We Demo
crats have but to get together and to keep
out powder do to carry all before us
three ears hence because this oung
man Is a bronco buster and he is going
to raise more of that stuff from the very
hct place with the very short name to
the si uare Inch than was ever raised be
fore in that particular neck of woods
Sursum corda
Theres a gooel time coming boys
wait a little longer
An Arrest In A ilkeslinrres Myste
rious Explosion Case
WILKESBARRE Pa Oct 21 The po
lice tonight arrested Alexander DomZ
noskl on suspicion of trying to blow up
Reese D Morgans house by dnamto
last night Thev have locked him up and
will not allow him to be seen The ex
pect to make other arrests tomorrov and
declare that a consplrac existed to mur
der Morgan and his whole family
The man arrested and those wanted are
sahl to have made threats ngalnst tho
Morc ans It ha been discovered that
the bomb wus thrown last night from the
back fence at the kitchen vvhtre through
n glass door the family could be seen
It fell short and although It wrecked
the house the family escaped without
Quurterninsters Infntuatloa Ends In
Mtlnle r and Mllcidc
SAN FRANCISCO Oct 21 John Stano
a oung Turk who had recently returned
from Manila as quartermaster on the
Meade earl this morning shot
and killed Mabel Tranklln llajer a 1
ar old school girl with whom he
was infatuated The girl had repulsed his
advances and her mother had warned
him that if he repeated his declarations
of love he would have to leave the house
where he had boarded for several weeks
Just after midnight he went to the girls
room and shot her three times as she
la asleep with her little brother Then
as the mother rushed Into the room he
put a bull t through his own head dying
Slano was said to come of a good fam
11 In Pmrui where his mother U rlth
IslamliTN In mifrr With Vnierlcail
Cliainliers of toiiuiieree
NEW ltlltK OU 21 Among the pas
sengers who arrived toda per steamer
Ponce from Porto Rico weret A White
head Chief of Customs of Porto Rico
and a committee of fifteen members of
the Chamber nf Commi rce who come
here to confer with other chambers ot
commerce In this country in relation to
trade matters
Uoolliall Ilnjer tli nil
CHAMPION Mich Or 21 Sll Hugo
a member of tho Mlehlgammc Football
team died esterdav afternoon at the
hospital here as the result of Injuries re
ceived in the game Saturdaj with the
local leam Two other members of the
Mlchlgamme team were hurt
In the IlanLInc Dent of Union Trust
Moraee Iei Ill I t interest i paid on te
poalts subject to clieilt at an time
11x20 S GxiO Shln rlcs tj
rcr 100O and the best kind too Cth and S
Price One Cent
A Woman Clap Her UnmU at Mr
Itnyners Itcmrtrks
The Iroercilliius Yeste rdn of nn
Unl u teres lim Chnrncter Mr Hnn
nn Cross iiiniliintlou of Lieu
tenant Wells Prolix nml Tiresome
Iractle nll All of the Mintlniio
Campaign Rehearsed Several
Times Over Close Qne stloninir
Recrnrilinic the Correspondence nt
the- Ciifiiinnniler of the Ilylnc
For the first time since the Court of
Enquiry began Its hearins there was
yesterday an attempt made to applaud an
utterance made in open court
Mr Raner had just concludtd a brief
but somewhat spirited and forceful argu
ment when an enthusiastic feminine ad
mirer of Admiral Schley In the exuber
ance of her Joy clapped her gloved hands
together and the noise attracted the at
tention of everyone in the court room
The Court looked stern and tho other
spectators did not Join in the attempted
The proceedings throughout jie day
were moro prolix and less Interesting
than they have been at any time since
the enquiry began more than four weeks
ago The crowd was notwithstanding
one of the largest ever in attendance and
strange to sy a big majorlt of the
spectators remained the entire day listen
ing to long drawn cut testimony and a
tedious cross examination which devel
oped almost nothing of interest and very
little of Importance
No new witnesses were sworn jester-
day Lieut B W Wells jr flag secre
tary to Commodore Schley was upon the
stand during the greater portion of the
day He was testifying when the ad
journment was taken last Friday The
Court had not concluded with him when
the hour of t oclock arrived yesterday
and he will be upon the stand for a short
time tlds morning Lieutenant Wells be
gan yesterday with a narration of the
battle of Santiago as he saw it He told
of the events which came under his obser
vation and of the chase after the Colon
Regarding the conduct and bearing of
Commodore Schley the witness said thatt
he was with him every day during the-
campaign and was probably more closely
associated with him than any other man
The commodore Lieutenant Wells de
clared was always fearless and thor
oughly stif possessed on all occasions
He never saw iua laboring under any
mental excitement
Vot the Original Cop
It was developed during the direct ex
amination of Lictttnant Wells that Ad
miral Schley had sent all uf his official
papers to the Department after the cam
paign and that among them was tEe
original press cop ot the alleged dis
obedience of orders despatcli instead of
hav ing this original cup in the naval ap
pendix the Department elected to take a
copy which had ben first translated Into
cipher sent by cable and then translated
into plain English with all the resulting
errors By this means a foundation was
laid for the disobedienceofajordrridhiB
the Crowninshidcasev3ggj
The witness also testified that
dore Schley had received the Instructions
from the Navj Department not to un
necessarily endanger his ships ngalnst the
shore batteries on the da after th Bu
reau of Naval Intelligence had sent out
its plat and map showing the strength
and location or the Santiago fortifica
The cross examination of Schies flag
secrttar began before the recess and
continued all the afternoon He was
questioned b Mr Ha una who jumped
from one occasion and scene to another
in a desultory sort of a wa Lieutenant
Wells was made to repeat much of his di
rect testlmon and to go into long and
wearisome explanations of the manner in
whicn Commodore Schley handled and
acted upon his despatches and as to the
time when they arrived and by what
boats The solicitor took the witness
back and forward from Cienfuegos to
Santiago making a halt dozen retrograde
movements and occasionally getting as
far as Key West once when he had
gotten back to Cienfuegos for about the
ninth time Mr Ra ner suggested that he
go way back to Key West and begin over
After an hour or more had been con
sumed in an effort to determine some
thing definite in regard to despatches
Mr Rayncr said he would admit that
Xo 7 the Dear Schley letter was car
ried b the Dupont which arrived at
Cienfuegos on May 22 and that another
copv was received b the Hawk which
arrived the next da During the cross
examination Lieutenant Wells declared
that when Commodore Schley gave the
range of TOUU to TSuu yards at which tho
Colon was to be fired at during the recon
noissance of May 51 she then appeared
to be ling directl at the mouth of tho
haibor It was subsequently developed
that she lay inside the Morro about 2000
llunlej Testimony stands
While J H Hunlev the chief machin
ist of the Texas in charge of the port en
gine of that vessel during the battle was
upon the stand for the purpose of cor
recting his testimon the Judge advo
cate rcsde a rather extraordinary attempt
to discredit his testimony by an effort to
show that he hatl once made a mistake
In handling his engine Admiral Dewey
however ruled that Captain I mlys
questioning was out of order and Mr
Hunles stitiment that the port engine
of the Texas was neither hacked 0 stop
ped during the battle stood without ques
Copt Francis A Cook of the Brooklyn
the first witness ve sterdav was recullled
to the stand at his of n request in OTfler
to make a correction In his former testl
monv Captain Lemly stated this fact to
the Court and Captain Cook said
In m testimony I stated that the Ore
gon on the morning of July S was under
all boilers having hifted her boilers from
forward to aft I stated this from hear
sa and presumed t to be correct as ac
counting for her extraordinary spd I
find that she did not shift boilers that
morning but that she had stenm on all
her boilers at all times while on the San
tiago blockade
Lieutenant Commander Nicholson navi
pntor ot the Oregon was then r ailed
and announced that he had no corrections
to make In his evidence
While Captain I annum chief engine r
of the Texas who went aboard th ci lit r
Merrimac at the order of Commodore
Schley to repair her engines was -on
the stand correcting nis testimon the
Court asked
Q How soon after OU went on board
the Merrimac was the able to use her
owii power and make from live to seven
A 1 did not state that she could make
seven knots She eould hobble along In 1-
1 loorlug 912 Floorluc 93
llotrms nil N Pint one vtiilth at
that Mh and V 1- arc

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