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n Georgetown ami V 31 I to Battle
lor Honors Today
llutli TeuniM in lirt ClnnM Coiullllon
V Clone nnd Kxoitlns nme
IroiulHi nml Clrt burc
T ictor llnril rnicHi A trl
This afternoon at 3J0 o clock tho
Georgetown varsitv football ttam Ill lino
up agalnn the crack Virginia Mllitarj In
btltutc eleven The came promises to be
A er close and exciting as both tunms
nre In first class condition and have been
working hard for this contest The Vir
ginia bovs ere here to gt revenge for
their defeat of last jcar at the hands of
the Blue and Grey eleven They will have
many or last ears stars in the line up
toda and will put thir Btrongst team
on the tieid They are verj confident that
the will be the victors
The local plajers are equallj as con
fident tht they will again defeat the
eleven from rcross the Potomac and will
do so In a veciMve manner This con
fidence is caused b the remarkable Im
provement in the work of every luazuon
the team since their defeat at the hands
of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute
eleven last Saturdaj Barry will be out
of the game this afternoon and his ser
vices will be greatly missed He is still
on crutches and there is no possibility
of Ws plavlng for a week or o jet
Coich Church has had the men hard at
work all this wiek drilling them In every
stle of pla
Yisterdav the team practiced the sig
nals and Interference The men were
very quick In getting away with th ball
and if they show up half as well this af
ternoon no fault will be found with their
Givens will play centre Ho is getting
to be cr reliable in snapping the ball
back and is at present playing a Btrong
offensive and defensive game and in
spite of his limited experience is expect
ed to hold his own The guard positions
will be filled by McLaughlin and Kcarns
Both of these mm understand every de
tail of the game and have plaved these
positions before McLaughlin pla3 ed a
strong fast game last Saturday and can
be rilled upon to do the same whenever
he Ik In the game Keains has not faced
a Atrong team this season but is in good
conditio and will make his man tight
hard to get through him Both are ex
cellent on Interference and vry often get
In tin erd plivs with the backs
At tackle will be seen two of George
towns bet plavers Drill and Mackay
These men need no introduction as their
work of list 3 ear will be well remem
bered by the local enthusiasts Both are
in fine cordltioT for the fray
Owens and LMmondston will look after
th ends Botn are good men Owens Is
ono of the fastest runners In the univer
sltv nnd is a sure tacxier Bdmondston
will have to work hard to keep up with
his mate but a 1 are confident that he will
do so
The men behind th line of whom much
Is expected will be Sullivan at quarter
Beilley and Hdmondston halfbacks while
Hardest will plav fullback This will be
Sullivan s big game but he has the
confidence of the student bod as well as
Uie team Ho is very fast a sure passer
and strong tackle Kclllcy Is too well
known to be mentioned except to sav
that he will plav the game of his life this
afternoon as more will be expected of
Mm with Barry out of the game Ed
mondston is a fast man In getting away
and is expected to get around the ends
more than once for good gains Hardest
will make his first appcanfnee behind the
lino on the varsty He has been plavlng
on the scrubs and has nroven himself
such a good man that Coach Church will
gi en him a tryout todaj He Is a good
ground gainer and Is a hard man to down
The V SI 1 lineup has riot been fully
decided upon et The game w ill be called
Bt 330 r m
The BnnlnrK Hifrli School Eleven
OvenvIicIralnKl Defeated
Georgetown Preps 50 Business High
School 0 That was the score of the game
which took place on the Trep Field at
Georeetown University esterday after
noon The game was witnessed by a
large crowd of enthusiasts and was
greatly enjoved by the students of the
University if not by the school boys fol
After the first rush it w as seen that the
Preps w ere to hav e a w alk ov er and from
that time on it was onl a matter of
w hat tlin final score w ould be The Preps
plaed all around their opponents indi
vidually and as a team The Interfer
ence was almost marvelous at times as
many as six men would be with the
runner The Individual plav a were amaz
ing On many occasions the runner
would dodge through his opponents and
go almost the whole length of the field
-without even being touched It looked at
times ns If the city bo were afraid to
get in the way of the Preps The work
was fast at all stages of the contest The
lialfs were fifteen and ten minutes but
even during this short period the George
town bojs rolled up a score of 3T points
In the first half and In the second half
added 17 more to the score Only once
did the High School have the ball in their
possession after the kick oft and this was
at the beginning of the second half
Weems kicked off for the Preps and
John ion ran back five ards and after
rushing the ball twentj frve ards the
Preps held for downs and started the ball
toward their opponents goal line and
after about two minutes play pushed It
ov er for a touchdown This was the only
chance during the game that was afforded
the Business to eIiow what they could
do in offensive work One during the
first half the Business braced up some
what after the ball was within a few feet
of their goal line but they were unable
to stop the r ishes of the Preps and gave
way before them
It would be n very hard matter to pick
out the men who plaved the star game
for the Prei as even man on the team
was In ever Play and all showed the ef
fects of good coaching They never lost
I sight of the ball each plaer taking care
Weak SVlen
Mail- Strang hy
Dr Howes
A Poult lie Cure f ii r
moui 114 Mllty
lsut JUIiij
A Itul WeakiiM
liujMitc n y
JC SCurct id icm time than anr other
known nnif d Fntlorxed by ali Ay i
Dr H May riillalrifjta tan
1 prescribed Howe DimJru
IeU in a ei of Loot AiUlity wit
won Jrrfn nult
Howes Damlana50cbox 7
By null in plain M alM wrapper or all
drugs Gl Il WTKE 1oiipv refund
ed Jn any ca- hert 5 boxrj do not
give entire fcatisf action
trial 1xx and l ooklrt by mall
in plafn ae alrd Alt
minfcs fctrietly prlrtr Write
VtH allllit St Ilillailr pliln lu
STETrSS Pj are and 8th tt
WtllA WJ Mth it
MUKAM Brofs ttb sd II U
1 V Ito tit F ft
VllIUAMS A CO CM 3th tt
J LniiiD Umxfista Everywhere
of the man directly opposite him before
starting on the interference The Inter
ference might be said to be the prettiest
seen In the city this jear The team Is
very fast In lining up and at times the
ball was in pla before till Business
placrs were settled in their positions
The work of Burns Keane Walsh Mc
Gettlgan and Mnnahan was especial
brilliant These plioers made runs from
ten to lift -live sards On three occasions
touchdowns were made fiom the centre
of tho field
The leairs lined up as follows
M idigan Left Hnd 1Inney
McGilligin I eft Tackle Can
Brown Lift Guard Jatquetto
Clmk Centre Scott
Cogan Bight Guard Hendricks
n Mouahan Kiht Tackle Marr
Weems Hight End McGrnnn
Jlagee Uuirtcrlack Lumsford
Burns Right Halfb ick Clark
ICcanc Left Halfback McQueen
Walsh fullback Johnston
Referee Mr Mnrnn G U Umpire
Mr Hanretty G U Touchdowns Keane
2 McGeltigin 3 Burns 1 Walsh 2
Monahan 1 Madlgan 1 Goals kicked
eems 6 fifteen and ten minute nalfs
Gnrintldct Won Iroin Ceiitinl IIIcli
Scliool Ii II to l
After having been defeated b the Cen
tral High School eleven by the score
of 5 to 0 several weeks ago the pigskin
hustlers of the Gallaudet College eser
day turned the trick on the cadets scor
ing a victor over them by a score of
C to 0 The mutes held the cadets for
downs several times in the first half and
prevented them from scoring a touch
down In the second half the Central lads
got dangerously near their opponents last
chalk line but could not score The Ken
elall Green bos got their solitary touch
down in the second half after they had
held their opponents for downs several
The cadets plaved a fast game and It
was onl hard luck that twice prevented
them from scoring Kenned the star
plaer of the team did some of the pret
tiest tackling seen in a mgn scnoui Kie
He made all of the long gains for his
Ipqm nnd wn the hero of the div
Today the nrst team irom vjauauuui
college win lace tne strung learn huhi
Johns Hopkins University on Kendall
Green and a hard fought battle Is an
The teams lined up as follows
Gallaudet Position Central
AMnemliler right end Hughes
Garrett right tackle Purceli capt
Kleberger right guard F Brau
Schulte centre Heindel
IovcIacc left guard C Br an
Stevens left tackle Magoffin
Coole left end Snow
ileunier riiUit half Kennedy
Pfundcr left hilf Senior
rriend tcapt quarterback ipp
Iatr full back Cox
Umpire Jlatteau of C H S Referee
iiv of Gallaudet College Timekeepers
Knglish of C H S and Cowley of Gal
laudet Linesmen Tlndall of C H S
and Toreman of Gallaudet Touchdowns
Pfundcr Goal kick Pfundcr Time of
halts 15 and 20 minutes
Deaf llufe in Good Slinpe for lliclr
lilt Gnine Toiln
The Johns Hopkins Iniverslt of Bal
timore and Gallaudet College football
teams will play a game this afternoon
at Kendall Green
Tliehonie team has improved consid
erably since Its last game and is now in
splendid condjtionand promises to give
Johns Hopkins plenty of work to do In
the effort to Score -against it This will
be Gallaudet s last game at home before
plaing Georgetown on Xov ember 9
Game will be called at 345 oclock and
arrangements have been made to accom
modate a large crowd
The teams will line up as follows
J H IC Gallaudft
GllUspie capt UB r GelltUS
Whipple T SicDonough
Dovvnman FerrisI G Hewetson
Campbell centre Worley
Yearley K G Iawrences
P Hill R T Nusam
Houghton Sharretts R E Elcherich
Dlckev Sharretts Q B Phelps
TaIor R H B Andree
Stroude L U B Errlckson
PIacgenmer F B Waters capt
Corcornim Won From rllnKton
lieeluien Jn n AV ell llu eel Gimie
In a well plaed game of baseball last
night at the National Guard Armor the
Corcoran Cadet Corps team defeated the
Arlington Wheelmen by a score of U to
8 It was a fast game abounding in
brilliant pla and bothJeams earned
rounds of applause for their snappy all
around work
The llno up follows
Corcorans Arllngtons
Zell LF Utz 2 B
Morlarty RS Cropiey R S
Shoemaker 2B Murphy UF
nnniuit 1 B McCauley 1 B
Bovle P Powers 3 B
Walter L S Venable US
Sheehv RT Moore LP
Chick C LeMot V
Barnholt SB MorelanJ C
Umpires Messrs Venable and Ross
Scorer Mr Hazard
The enlitor to PIbj With tile Cor
dinnln Veil Year
ST LOUIS Oct 25 Manager Donovan
of the St LouU Baseball Club wired from
Kansas City tonight that he had nlgned
John T Farreil who played with the
Washington American team last season
A private despatch received today ias
that Fred Dahlen shortstop for Brookln
has signed to play with the American
League team in this city next season
Srvfre Klncn Iro Itled for Player
A ho IlrenU Tlirm
NEW YORK Oct 33 The mtior less
baseball delegates to the meeting of the
National Association of Professional
Baseball Clubs continued their proceed
ings at the Fifth Avenue Hotel toda
The new national agreement was gone
over and it was decided to make It a
ten year agreement ditlng from Septem
ber C last Salary limits were deelded
upon as follows Class A 12W class B
1200 class C J1C0 class D These
are the limits of salaries which each
club Is to pay out to its entire list of
pla ers each month the limit being
raised 1200 In each tlass over the amounts
originally suggested
There Is no limit on Individual salaries
but the total must be kept within the
bounds specified Upon violation of the
salary limit requirements if the national
board of arbitration lias satisfactory evi
dence that such is the case the secretary
of the association shall warn the presi
dent of the offending club and fifteen
days will be allowed to that club to get
within the limit Failure to do this will
mean withdrawn of protection
The question of plalnx exhibition
games with American and National
League clubs came up Such games may
bo paed provided no ineligible players
who happen to be on the big leagues
teams take part in the games It was
also decided that in case of new plaIng
rules liclrg adopte d by the association
the rules shall be tliote of the homi club
In exhibition games
A fining system was adopted fo con
trirt Jumpers and sever enough fines
wire fixed upon to make a player think
twice before leaving the association clubs
for other organizations There will be no
I a JJIatlng but the following r solu
tion VtSLS adopted
Any playe r iirder reservation to ail
club a party t this agreement that con
tracts with or plah with an other club
without the written consent of the pres
ident of the club he is under reservation
to shall be disqualified from plaing with
an elub incmbir party to this agree
ment and all club mnrlera parties to
this agreement shall be debarred from
tmploing or plaing with or ugalnst
suth dlsqinlificd plijcr until the period
of disqualification be- revoked b the na
tional l ard upon the terms specified in
Article XXVII section 4
Hectlon 1 was then adopted which pro
vides for contract Jumpers ns fol
lows Clnss A Jt 010 class II J600 class C
UU class I SW A placr taken back
must rejoin the club he deserted and
clubs have the privilege of paving the
fines to the natloml board but the play
er must return the mone to his club
in other words the Ifiie must come out
of his own pocket
The committee on plaving rules con
sists of Sexton Hickev Fnrrell Murmne
0 Kourke and Chadwlck the latter an
advisor member The committee on con
tracts consists of Sexton Hicke Bar
rel Murmne Oltourkp Barnard 1- rank
and Lucas
Hcsolts n Morris InrU
MORRIS PARK Oct 23 Results of to
davs races track fast
First race Handicap for three- ear
olds and upward last six and one half
furlongs of Withers mile Lad Uncas
fJ Martin C to 1 won Uellarlo Shaw
3 to 2 second Cervera Mouncc G to 1
third Time l li
Second race For maiden
fillies last five and one half furlongs of
Withers mile Champagne Wonderlj
even won Destitute Walsh 3 to 1 sec
ond Early Eve Sims 6 to 1 third Time
1 IftVi
Third race ror three- ear olds selling
the Withers mile Wuward Boy Burns
9 to 5 won Rappenecker O Connor 5 to
1 Marothcn Shaw 5 to 1 third
Time ltJJ
Fourth race ror three- ear olds and
upward selling the Withers mile Astor
McCne 6 to 5 won Hammock Shaw
9 to J second Warrented Rcdfern G to
1 third Time lli
Fifth race For two- ear olds selling
last sK furlongs of Withers mile Hono
lulu Shtw 3 to 1 won Trump J Mar
tin 3 to 1 second Roc of May Wonder-
5 to 1 third Time 115
SIMM race Handicap ior uiiwj roi
olds and uoward one and one quarter
miles on Withers course Imp Odom 4
to 1 won Advance Guard O Connor G
to 5 second Raffaello Shaw 9 to 5
third Time 207VS
Untried at Morrln Pnrk
MORRIS PARK Oct 25 Entrles for
tomorrows races
First race Steeplechase Handlcnp for
four- ear olds and upward two and one
half miles Bulllngdon 150 Jim McGib
ben Jessie S IIS Boisterous 119 Miss
Mitchell 117 Salesman H2 Curfew Bell
137 Mars Chan 134 The Abbe 130
Second race or two- ear olds selling
last seven furlongs of Withers mile
Trump 95 Esscne 110 G Whittier 100
Kenote 107 Neither One 102
Third race The White Plains Handicap
for two- ear olds the Eclipse course
King Hanover 122 Whiskey King 120
Chilton 113 Rockwater 109 Brunswick
103- Disadvantage Lux Casta 103 Otis
102 Grail 93 Northern Star 89
Fourth race The Morris Park Autumn
Weight for Age Race for three- car olds
and upward two and one fourth miles
over the Withers course Imp Maid of
Harlem 121 McMeekln 121 Hernando
Gold Heels Blues Watercolor Ill
Fifth race For three- ear olds and up
ward selling the Withers mile Gautama
Brand smash 103 Big Gun 107 Inshot
Klmberly Curtsey 102 Malater 103
Ante Up 102 Shoreham 110 Rappenecker
10i Lad Chorister Snark 102
Sixth race ror three- ear olds nnd up
ward handicap the Withers mile Ad
vance Guard 12G Belle of Troy US
Mornlngside 111 Louisville 113 Carbun
cle 111 Roxane 110 St rirnan 101
Handicapper bS
ViiirrlH 1nrk Selections
First race Bulllngdon Mars Chan Miss
Second race K esnote Essene Trump
Third race Kiig Hanover Grail
Fourth race Watercolor Blues Gold
Heel -
Fifth race Lad Chorister Klmberly
Sixth race Handicapper Mornlngside
IlchultH nt Worth
WORTH Oct 23 Results of todas
races Track fast
First race For three- ear olds and up
ward selling seven furlongs Domadge
Harsiiberger 3 to 5 won Prairie Dog
Hicks 5 to 1 second Lad Idris D
Mitchell 10 to 1 third Time 128 2 3
Second race For three- ear olds and
upward selling one mile and one eighth
C B Campbell Gormley 3 to 2 won
Free Pass Domlnlck 13 to 1 second El
Ghor Rice 5 to 1 third Time 154
Third nice For two- ear olds five fur
longs Gallantrle Coburn 6 to 5 won
Nellie Waddell Blake 3 to 1 second
Julia Junkin Gormle G to 1 third
Time 101
Fourth race For ear olds and
upward one mile redtral Coburn 4 to
5 won Lenncp Gormley 20 to 1 second
Orontas Blake 5 to 1 third Time
129 4 5
Fifth race For two- ear olds six fur
longsRed Ht ok Coburn 2 to 5 won
Inspector Shea Robertson 4 to 1 sec
ond Tom Wallace Helcrson 10 to 1
third Time 1113 5
Sixth race For three-year-olds and up
ward selling seven furlongs Greetings
Hicks 20 to 1 won Eva Rice Dean
3 to 2 second J2veln Byrd Gormle
3 to 1 third Time 127 2 5
flntrlm nt AVorth
WORTH Oct 23 Entries for tomor
rows races
First race For three- ear olds and up
ward selling six furlongs Jessie Jarboe
110 Mountebank 109 Mr Phlnzey Bum
mer Precursor 10S Miss Conrad The
Star of Bethlehem Sim W 103 Harry
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Herndeen 103 St CuthbArt IOC Big In
jun IW AVatita 1
Second race For maiden two-year-olds
fle furlonffi Yampa 112 Dandola Tho
Was Iurjear Duke of Connauglit 101
Corinne Unland 1J Irmas Choice Aaron
Tond 16 Joe Crown 105 Frank Jones
Smiths Heel Foraj Jant Oaker Law
rence M 101
Third race The Morton Park Handi
cap for two ear olds seen furlongs
McCliesney IIS Iuclen Applebj 106 Ut
ile Scout 102 I Samelson Pronla 17
Miracle II it
Apprentice allowance claimed
Fourth race The Fljaway Handicap
for ear old and upward one and
one eighth miles St 110 Iloli
ing Roer If- Mlermencla IW Vulcaln
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Orndunnan 0i Odnor ST W J Dtboe
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wonderful success Today I am perfectly well I
would nM part with the information ym g2c
me for anv money
Mr T 1- Lmdenstruth 30 East SouU Strtet
MIkcsbarre Pa says Vour work on personal
msgtutirttn is a fortune to an j ore starting in lite
It is alnolutelr sure to bring success
J GO Ohio Mrect Allegheny Pa
ays When I wrote for jour book I was labor
ing by the dty Vow I am managlnir a business
This U certainly the best proof that could be of
fered of its grca value I advie every man
who wishei to succeed in life to get a copy at
G S Lincoln II D 101 Crntchfield Street
Dallas Texxs writes our methods of personal
influence are marvelous I liave ued them on
my patients with wonderful result They ttr e
dweajifs wlien medicine and everj thing else fail
S It King 31 D fillam Ind write You
liave trulj sent me the most remarkable book I
hare ever read By the methods explained in your
work headache backache rheumati m and other
diMavs of long standing disappear like magte
Vour Instruction iu personal magnetism is simply
grand It gies one a power and an influence oter
others which I did not dream it was possible for
tl average man to acquire our book is rorth
more than gold to anyone starting in life Its
value cannot be estimated My only regret L
that it was not Tn my Itands when I was a young
The Nev lork Institute of Science ha3 under
taken the free distribution of the book referred
to Hig rolleiwpresscs are running tlaj and night
to Mipplj the demand until the 10p worth of
books are distributed free On account of the
great expense incurred in preparing arJ print
ing this book only those are requested to write
for free copies who are especially interested and
reallj and truly desire to achieve greater fiuc
ceb obtain more happiness or in some Tray bet
ter their condition in life Please do rot wnfe
thrwugb irere curiosity as the free htipn Is
limited If you want a book write today as
the copies are going very fast eer before in
the hUtorj of the publishing buUnesx has there
been such a great demand for any look as to
day exuts for Tlie Philosophy of Personal In
Rcuirmber at tlic present time It will be sent
to jour address absolutelj free postage prepaid
Kddress ew York Institute of Science Depart
ment IW R 1931 Broadway Xew ork
ward selling two miles Strancest 103
Babe 93 Searcher 9t Delo
ralne 91 lammary Chief SO
Sixth race For three j car olds and up
wird one mile Gonfalon HI Constclla
tor 11M TJalrtl 10 Pay the Fiddler 97
Valdez 91 Henckart 8S
Apprentice allovvance clalmeU
AVorth Selection
rirst race Bummer St Cuthbert
Socond race Dandola Jane Oaker
Duke of ConnatiRht
Thlnl race McCheency Lucien Apple
by 1ronta
Fourth race lllldreths entn W J
Debo Cooks entry
riftli race Strangest Searcher Ken
turk Bahe
Sixth race Benckart Valdez Balrd
lU xulta at St Iotllft
ST LOUIS Oct 23 Results of todays
races track fast
First race For three- ear olds and up
ward selling one mile and twenty jards
Winepress O Nelll even won Kda
niiey tTioxler 6 to 1 second Ladas J
Dalj 4 to 1 third Time lk
Scond race For two-year-olds selling
live furlongs Carat Beauchamp 2 to 1
won Marie Trjon Walker 8 to 1 sec
ond Mr Timberlake U Dalj 5 to 1
I third Time 1 0H
Third race Foi threc j ear olds and up
ward si c furlongs Illlce Troxler 3 to
2 won Lasbo O Neill 3 to 2 second
Htiigal J Dalj 5 to 1 third Time
Fourth race For two- ear olds seven
furlonss KthIeue Kuhn 5 to 1 won
IIuntrts a O Brlen 2 to 2 second Taby
Toia Btauchamp 0 to 1 third Time
Fifth rac Handicap for threvear
olds and upward sK furlongs Fltzkanet
O Ilritii 1 to 1 von Kindred Troxler
3 to 1 second dales Beauchamp 4 to 1
third Timi 113
Sixth race For three-year-olds and up
ward selling one mile and twenty irds
Charles 1 Beauchamp 3 to 2 won
Nannie Nolan O Neill C to 1 second
Kiev en Bell Troxler 3 to 1 third Time
1 13
Ct rniiiii VIKjretl to Snnre lllnN for
Milliner Vhv
The police of the Antcostia police sta
tion arc much disturbed at the escape of
a man who i said to have been making
a business of snaring the handaomc
plumage birds in that vicinity for uale in
tin IurJs rrarktt He Is slid to have
made a largo amount of money at the
business In which he has been engaged
for months Some of the wings an
said to have brought large prices as the
were wanted In the decoration of ladies
The mutter was brought to the atten
tion of Sergeant Anderson who detailed
an ollicer to Investigate The ollicer
barely missed capturing the man as he
is said to have left for Paris to dUpose
of his stock the very day that the police
ascertained who he was and were pre
pared to arrest him as soon as he should
liave sprendhls snare
The tmn Is said to be a German who
for some time his resided In the south
east part of the clt With him lived a
joutli of probably fifteen years of age
Their outfit consisted of a most remark
able net made of silk Although fifteen
EISEMAN BROS Cor 7th and E Sts
The Attention of Mothers
is earnestly requested when the time comes to buy suits and
overcoats for the little fellows We know of no other clothing
store that is so superbly equipped which puts before you such u
comprehensive assortment We know or none which gives you a
guarantee of satisfaction which is as strong as ours And it isnt
often you have to fall back on it either for our qualities are
thoioughly tested our stitches hae been taken with care and
w here the strain is most the re enforcements are greatest
The 5S0 line of suits is worthy of particular attention and
when w e say they are equal to n iy offered elsewhere at 3 we tell
you the facts A dozen nobby patterns in the new Norfolk yoke
and the eer popular double breasted styles and in every size from
4 to 1G
Mens suits at 1000
The enormons demand for mens 10 suits is the cause of this
great variety at that price Blue and black cheviots blue and
black Thibets and a host of fancy mixtures embracing all the
new shades the same fabrics which tailors show you Xot only
every size but every proportion to fit men of all builds tind cut
in all the newest effects including the fashionable military cut
with broad shoulders
And all of these suits were made in our own factory under
our personal supervision and go to you w ith our guarantee We
shall be glad to have jou try but you will fail to find their equal
for less than 13 to lo
Fancy shirts for a dollar
Today just as a leader in the mens furnishing depart
ment we shall offer mens handsome madras laundered shirts with
stiff bosoms and with one pair of detachable laundered cuffs in a
host of elegant striped patterns for a dollar These are the same
shirts which you see about town at 150
200 hats for 169for I day
The celebrated Eiseman 200 hat which has never been and
never will be matched by others forless than 250 -Kill to
day be sold for viC9 This means that any Eiseman 2 hat in
the store may be had for 16 All the stylish shapes and colors
as well as black for men and young men We shall make a per
manent patron of every bujer of these hats Only for Saturday
L Cor Seventh and E Sts J
416 Seventh Street N W 416
Remnants and Special Bargains in
Every Department
Wo call your attention to a few Items of a wonderful llat of
bargains for todays selling If you are in need of anything you
dont see mentioned come to tho store and you are sure to find
Just what you want at about half its regular price
We bead the list of great bar
gains with 15 Mens Top Overcoat
In all wool Grey Oxfords lined with
good Farmer satin and sened with
siik as fooa as anr iu lop coat
sold in tne cuy
u an
LADIES 124c Fast Black iCC
Hose U
Childrens 12V4c Fast Black CiC
Hose - A2
1000 yards Gc Ribbon splendid O ic
quality J
ISO Black and Blue Dotttd QC
ing 7
hVtC Unbleached Muslin 4 2
10c Flannelettes variety of O C
colors 2
LadieV 39c Heavy Fleeced OIC
Vests and Pants l
Ladles Handsome 150 Seal QQC
Collars O
Ladlea Plain and Fancy H 50 QQC
Mercerized Waists O
Ladles Silk Satin and SO QQ
Velvet Waist3 J39S value A 7 O
A large line of Ladles Fancy Mer
cerized Underskirts prices ranging
from JiS to S Just a little soil- QQC
ed will be closed out at O
A beautiful line of Fancy Silk Skirts
regular IS9S values will sehC QO
About 50 Ladles Box Coats aUcoI
ors ranging in price to
J129S will be sold today only 7 QO
Dressmakers Opportunity
All Dress Linings are to be xlosed
out nnd we will sell about 200 pieces
of 12c and 15c Tercallre and CC
Sllecla Linings today at J
r J7irr - i
tt93 This
exceptional bargain The
it ill never be approached
1IENS elegant quality SI A A
Blue Cheviot Pant- valuelUU
3 I Si J Men Suits 1 cassimere
and Scotch
cloth four button sack and
double- breasted regular V SO C AA
and no values OUU
vviiieSei1actffInjth 5C
A large line of Mens Working
Gloves and Mittens odds and
ends regular 25c and 50c Inir
values iZz
Mens Heavy Fleeced Shirts tftC
and Drawers 39e value IV
Mens 75c Fancy Stiff bosom J r
Shirts with cuffs 4V1
13 dozen Bojs Golf Caps In
strictly all wool material 33c Iftc
value J tj
50 dozen Bovs Knee Pants in dark
mixtures ages 4 to 11 vears tftc
39c value 17
10 dozen Childrens Waists made
with patent waistband In va
riety of patterns regular 49c 1 PC
value 4J
73 resular IK DoubIe breated ft Q c
Boys Suits ages 7 to 15 jears VO
One lot of Childrens 3 Reefers in
blue chinchilla made with round vel
vet collar ages J to 9 v ears SI OO
Bargain price 1 7
130 Bojs Suits in blue cheviots and
oxfords ages 8 to 16 vears including
50 Vestle Suits ages 3 to 8 SI B7
years all J350 value iO
VfTnVC Palm and Castile Soap lo- cake Brooks Machine Cotton
nuiiuno n black and white lc a spool Ten cent Toilet Paper 5c Five
cent Toilet Paper Ic Archer Brand Sharps Needles lc Soft Rubber Ililr Curl
er 23c value today at 19c 500 yards Silk Dress Braid liHc value 14c the yard
Samuel Friedlander Co
The TJnderprice Store
feet high and several hundred feet In
length the net is of such line construc
tion that it can be folded Into a bundle
so small as to attract but little attention
Throughout its entire surface are man
pockets and birds which once were
ciught In It were never known to ecipe
The net Is slid to have been north at
least HW
The mans only operations within the
District are slid to have bctn In a swamp
on Oxen Creek which he visited at ter
rain Intervals At other times It is sild
he operated at places within the State of
416 Seventh Street N W
Credit if Desired
Tito VU ii Killed In Illinois nnd ths
AVnlinuh Line Blocked
DECATUR 111 Oct 23 Engine Xo 710
of the Wabtsh Railroad exploded early
this morning near Boody station Instant
ly killing two men and seriously injuring
two others Their names have not yet
been ascertained
Thf explosion caused a frightful wreck
which will blockade the main line for
several hours
Doctors ana Miawives Recommend
Mothers Friend
because it is used externally la cases of the delicate
situation ct expectant xnotherz It 1 a constant re
lief robbing childbirth of Its terrors Internal reme
dies are dangerous Mother friend isa blessing
in a Dottle mere is notning line it
Tit A mAfh at tTh kf1n ta mnWmA nt VAkJfch
i vrvTvrrBxHH rv i
m ww w uv not ostuoc i a ooria ci rneoa at my dre2or4Deioca
net iouixh connnnnenr ana was rtuereu citucuy au mowers iw un oti arrea mcir laoor yun tnoner
tad lew painful JOHN C ro LI I ILL MoaG
Sent bjrciDreii paU on receipt ofrvlcS per ImiIIIp Hook JJotTierhood ma3ed free to ladies
Sold by all Devccists

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