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The Mclier Ficldss of Washington
matinee ever day ORr
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KKVT W KrK Montgomc y and Stone
COMING La Hello TorUada
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Licller L Co Production of Hall Cainea
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The Christian
Jli EUic Leslie and 100 reople
Mr F C Whitney announces the
Lulu Qlaser in dolly
Opera Company VARDEN
Fmment Cast Clionis of 40 Orchestra of 0
1ULL or
iVr Thursday Ocl 31
Mail and Telephone Orders filed now
The only theatre in Washington offering
siveh American and foreign btare
of the first rani
From Dalys Theatre X 1 lncludins
Prices 23c 50c Tic tt00 and 50
Ncit Monday Sight -Seats Tlmruday
Vn Greet of London Presents
CharSes Dalton
In an adaptation cf Bertha KunVlefi thrilling
novel fin time on any ttage
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A Trip To Chinatown
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Plum Pudding
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himself one of our greatest hu
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number of short stories with all
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House Boat faeries such a suc
cess Most of the stories were
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Harper Brothers
Franklin Square York flew
The President Consults the ithode
Island Senator
Rcc nmmciielntleinM In tlie Forth
ceimln leNnge lleciiroti mill
Turin CIiiiiikc s Ilkelj to Ho iKiior
eil Mr ltoueiell SfeUiiiif Counsel
Interest In the probable recommenda
tions of the President in his first annual
message to Congress was actively re
vived jestcrday bj a consultation between
Mr Roosevelt and Senator Aldricli of
Ithode Island Chairman of the rinancc
Committee Mr AlJrlch Is gen rally rec
ognized as one of the ablest and best
iitted men in Congress so far as finan
cial questions are concerned Since be
ing elected to the House of Representa
tives a quarter of a centurj ago he has
mado a continuous ami exhaustive study
of the financial and tariff questions He
has been in the Senato continuously for
twent Jcnrs and in that time has been
a power In- the forming of financial and
tariff legislation
It was generally known that the Frcsl
Hnt had asked Mr Aldricli to come to
Washington jesterday to discuss with him
questions that are to be dealt with in
his message and It was expected that
after the conference the Senator might
have something to sty that would Indi
cate his views with regard to legislation
to be proposed at the coming session
The Senator however disappointed those
who were anxious to obtain his views by
arriving at the White House just In the
nick of time to keep his engagement for
luncheon at 130 and after his consulta
ton with the President going directly to
the station to catch the Congressional
Limited train for New York at 4 oclock
During the two hours and more that
the President and Senator Aldrich wire
together they unit over every important
subject to be discussed In the message
nid the Senator gave his opinions frcclv
and fully and In the straightforward man
ner o characteristic of him Something
of what he must have said to the Presi
dent imj be guessed at by a knowledge
of the Senators attitude on questions that
formed in part the subject of jestcrdnj s
Senator Aldrlth thinks now as he
thought during the last session of Con
gress and as he more than once said to
President McKlnlej first that there
should be no change In the currency laws
at the coming session the IndHnapolis
committee and ail other currency reform
ers to the contrary notwithstanding sec
ond that theic should be no tinkering
with the tariff through the medium of the
proposed Babcock bill the negotiation of
reciprocity treaties or otherwise third
that there should be as little general leg
islation as possible as In his opinion
what the continued commercial prosperity
demands now Is a recognition of the old
adage let well enough alone
Because of Senator Aldrichs well
known oppositlor to the ratification of
the pending reciprocity treaties with
France the Argentine Republic and other
countries It is fair to assume that he
talked about them with the President yes
tcrdaj Whether or not he did so the
fact has developed as a result of the In
terest aroused bj the Senator s visit that
these treaties some of which are on the
Senate calendar others having been re
ferred back u the Committee on For
eign Affairs will never come to a vote If
for no other reason than that they have
died by the lap e of the time during which
they shtuld have been ratified by the
Senate The time allowed by the DInglcy
tariff law- under which the treaties were
negotiated has been twice extended and
if it shall not have entirely elapsed bv the
time the Senate is readv to consider the
treaties It will not be lengthened
The fat almost forgotten by the pub
lic that the DInglej law provides that
these treaties must be agreed to by both
Houses of Congress after being ratified
by the Senate has been brought to the
attention of the President several times
of late and those who favor the treaties
are now willing to admit that even
should the Senate ratifv them they can
not beceme effective without the further
approval of the House of Representa
tives The acceptance of this fact adds
a new feature to the discussion of the
probable fate of the pending treaties and
makes their ratification within the time
limit or afterward should it be extend
ed as practically impossible
Several of Senator Aldrlchc Republican
colleagues on the rinance Committee
agree with him In opposing the reciprocity
treaties They are particularly opposed
to the convention with France which
they say was made at the Instance and In
the Interest primarily of the manufac
turers of agricultural Implements and
that this treity as well as nearly If not
quite all of the others Is so unscientifical
ly constructed as to give the United
States the small end of the bargain all
the way through
Those Senators think and many of
tnem as benator Aldrich did yesterday
have spoken their mind freely to Presi
dent Roosevelt They believe as probably
he does that reciprocity treaties are con
stitutional when approved by both Houses
of Congress as the law provides that
they must be but that the regulation of
the tariff should be left to the more di
rect action of Congress the Initiative of
course being with the House of Repre
Judging by what the Influential Sena
tors and Representatives who ha e In en
In conversation with the President during
this month have raid to him it Ik prob
able that his first message to Congresn
will be less radical than has general
been supposed It will not recommend
changes in the currency laws Ii will not
recommend the ratification of the pending
reciprocttv treaties and it will not recom
mend specific changis of nny kind in the
present tariff laws It will be brief and
roierv alive and it Is reasonably safe to
Fay thit its more pointed recommenda
tions will be on the subjct of legislation
to deal with the growing power of indus
trial combinations or trusts On this lat
ter subject however Mr Roosevelts rec
ommendations will not be radical but
rather In the line of calling the attention
of Congress to the Importance of dealing
with the subject In some way of its own
that will be effective If such a can
1 found
The message 1r now written In ouline
hut the finishing touches will not be ap
plied until after the first of the omlng
month and until the President has hail
opportunity to further consult the influ
ential men of the Senate and House
hcnitor Allison of Iowa Chairman of the
Committee on Appropriations and second
ranking member of the Ilnane Commit
tee will give the President his lews by
request when he comes to Washington in
about ten davt Mr Allison Is known to
be of much the sime opinion -is his col
league Mr Aldrich on questions relating
to tariff and finance
Mrs Cm lit Suffering Merel lroiii a
SIIkM Cold
A report to the effect that Mrs Julia
Dent Grant widow of General U S
Grant was striously 111 at her home In
this city was emphatically denied lart
night at the residence 2111 Massachusetts
Avenue northwest
When a Times reporter called at the
residence last night he was Informed by
one of the servants that Mrs Grant was
not seriously 111 She Is suffering from a
slight cold It was learned and at no
time had her condition been consldere d
Acildcnt to fienrrnl llnlex on Wnj
Here Krom Vcn York
Genoal Bates who has just reithid
Washington after finishing nlmost the en
tire distance between this city and New
York In an automobile accompanied by
Lieutenant Colonel Robr nnd other gen
tlemen will soon make a statement to the
Secretary of War upon the value of the
automobile as a vehicle of war
General Bates and his party were
obliged to abandon the machine twenty
live miles from Washington and the re
mainder of the trip was made by rail
Br TlioninH J Count Honored It
the Pope
The brief of appointment of Right Rev
Thomas J Conaty D D as titular
Bishop of Samoa was received bv his
Eminence Cardinal Martlnelll the Pro
papal Delegate yesterday nnd transmit
ted to the Bishop elect at the Catholic
The appointment Is purely honorary be
ing that of a titular Bishop and comes
directlv from the Holy Father through
Cardinal Rampolla Secretary of State
The consecration will take plate at the
unlversitj Sunday November 24 His
Eminence Cardinal Gibbons ChahccMor of
the university will be the conecrator
The two assistant Bishops will be
Right Rev Camillus P Maes D D
Bishop of Covington Kv and Sec
retary of the University Board of Trus
tees and Right Rev Thomas D Beaven
D D of Sprlngleld Mass the represen
tative of the diocese to which the newly
elected Bishop belongs The sermon on
the occasion will be preached by Very Rev
Thomas J Shahan D D professor of
ecclesiistlcal history at the unlverslts and
editor-in-chief of the University Bulle
It is expected that the consecration of
the rector of the unlversitj will be made
the occasion of the assemblage of a large
number of Church dignitaries from all
parts of the country The ceremony will
take placo on the Sunday Immediately
after the meetings of tho trustees of the
university and of the Archbishops of the
The Bishop elect was born in Ireland
In 1S47 and at three years of age ws
brought to Ameiica by his parents who
settled in Taunton Mass where his fath
er had previously spent tight years of his
boyhood his parents having emigrated
there in 1S11 returning to Ireland In lb S
After graduating from the Taunton
schools Dr Conaty entered Montreal Col
lege In ISft and spent four eirs there
finishing his humanities after which in
1M7 he passed to Holy Cross College
Worcester Mass where he graduated In
IMS Returning to Montreal lor his sem
inary course he was ordained priest for
tne diocese of Springfield December 21
1STJ and entered immediately upon par
ochial work in the city of Worcester
where he remained In active ministry un
til he was selected by the Bishops in Oc
tober 1MW anil appointed by 1ope Leo
XIII In the following November to suc
ceed Archblshcp Kiane as rector of the
Catholic University at Washington D C
He was always active In social and ed
ucational work and from the first years
oi ins pnesinoou lucntineet nimseir Willi
the Catholic total abstinence movement
In which he Is still a prominent factor
He assumed charge of the university in
January 1K7 and since that time has
given himself entirely to the upbjllding
of the university In 1S3S he was honored
by the Hoi rather with an appointment
us domestic prel and the insignia of
tills dignltv were conftrrcd upon him by
Cardinal Gibbons In the presence of a
large gathering of the hierarchy of the
cojmry Anomcr year remains or ur
Conatys first term and the new honors
which have been bestowed upon him by
the Holy Iather have caused the friends
of the- unlversitj to rejoice that the work
of the right rev erend rector has been so
Dr has been heard on manj oc
casions during his life in public hall and
pulpit on aii questions affecting the wel
fare of the people and the progress of
the Church lie has always been a warm
advocate of the peoples rights a stanch
American and an uncompromising clu m
pion of the Church on all questions of ed
ucation social and moral reform
Bishop elect Conaty will continue as
rector of the unlversitj his new ttlc be
ing but an added dignity to his office
One Million Samples
Of the Greatest Kithey Medicine Ever
Discovered Warners
Safe Cure
Sent Absolutely Free
Post paid to sufferers from kidney liver
bladder and blood troubles who will write
the Warners Safe Cure Co of Rochester
N Y and mention having seen this lib
eral offer In this paper
Thousands of people have kidney dis
ease and do not know It Our doctors
have met with manj cases in their ex
perience where kidneys had become so
Impregnated with the dlretse that thej
would be called Incurable bj most doctors
jet the patient ws not aware that his
kidnejs were diseased Test for joureelf
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of saving your life
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glass or bottle let it stand for 24 hours
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eased and you should lose no time but
get a bottle of Warners Safe Cure as it
Is dangerous to neglect jour kidneys for
even one day
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Judge T A McMahon of 73S Farragut
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he had kidney and liver trouble whlih
seriously Interfered at times with his offi
cial duties and he suffered so from pain
JtrnrE thomas a mmviion
that he walked with great difficulty Af t r
all other remedies failed he tried War
ners S fc Cure and sajs eight bottles
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ceived from prominent people who have
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Safe Cure Co Is In charge of the most
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Please bear in mind this liberal offer to
send a free trial bottle of Warners Safe
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ner Safe Cure Cc Rochester N Y stat
ing that they saw this liberal offer In this
The publishers of this paper guarantee
the genulienesi of this offer
Iirlghts disease gravel liver complaint
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gout bladder trouble dropsy eczema
blood diseases too frequjnt desire to
urinnte nnd painful passing of urine arc
all caused by diseased kidneys nnd can
be speedily cured by Warners Safe Cure
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tors for 23 years It Is purely vegetable
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ners Safe Cure Company Rochester N
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DNtinguNlicil SneaKers Ailtln s
Sunday Sehool Conventioi
iii I t
CommlMioiicr Mnefflrlniiil Preside
nt tin- OiirnlniiNrAlnn Ur Wliit
liiiin President of Co
lumbian CoUcire iilurKc Work
nl i
An hnmce religious gathering last
night filled the- Calvary Baptist Church
for the opening session of the eighth an
nual Sunday school coiAentlon of the Dis
trict of Columbia Distinguished speak
ers churchmen and lajmcn loaned their
encouragement to the Sundaj school en
deavor in Washington and inaugurated
in impressive addresses an event which
already givis promise of considerable lm
portance Every seat in the church was
filled and earnest attentlveness charac
terlzed the congregation
The convention was opened bj a song
service conducted by Percy S Foster
Jerome F Johnson President of the Dls
trict of Columbia Sunday School Associa
tion then Introduces the presiding officer
II B F Macfarlnnd President of th
Iio ird of Commissioners who said
It Is an honor to preside over this con
ventlon which represents In Its twelvo
handred deleg ites over fifty thousand of
the people of the District of Columola
There Is no other clement in the District
which contributes more to the permanent
Improvement of our citizenship If all the
learners whom these delcg Ues represent
practice the lessons that thej are taugtH
there will be a wonderful advance toward
the nobIet ideals of living
The six thousand teachers In the Sun
day schools of the District of Columbia
all of them volunteers serving without
any other reward than the results of
their work are rendering a service to
the community which many of them do
not realize and which of their fel
low citizens do not appreciate It Is an
unselfish service On their part Involving
not only abllltj attainments and con
stant hard studj but self sacrifice pa
tlence persistency through all difficultly
and discouragements For the most part
It Is done In obscurity and without tho
recognition or the praise or men but
with an eye single to the glory of God
It has become however a delightful
service to manj who would not give It up
for any other It is full of Inspiration
It deals with the eternal things and with
Immortal spirits and at the same time
In the most practical way it steadily im
proves the character of the community s
life These teachers who are helping to
make good citizens deserve the thanks
of the District and all the encouragement
that can lie given them
Rev S M Newman D B conducted
the Scripture service and was followed by
Mr Johnson who delivered the presi
dents address
Mr Johnson complimented the associa
tion on theearnest support glv en it by the
pastors of Washington -churches Ad
vance in the work he considered required
greater preparation among- teachers
Rev Ii L AVhltrhnn D D LL D
fcnnerly President ef Columbian College
this city and now pastor of the Fifth
Baptist Church of Philadelphia who
came to Washington for the purpose of
being present at tho opening of the con
vention was Introduced try Commissioner
The Columbian Cnlveplty said Mr
Macfarlatd has never been able to fill
the place mado vacant when Dr Whit
man went to Philadelphia This is the
first time that he has spoken here since
he left the city Dr M hitman respond
ed in kind referring to Commissoaer
Macfarland as an IdeaLa citizen With
Good Citizenship aa his theme Dr
W hitman spoke aC some length of the
need of morality for the proper discharge
of public dutv Purity of morals was to
be obtained ho asserted through such
efforts as the association was furthering
President Johnson announced the ap
pointment of the foliownsr committees
Committee on Resolutions Rev Stanley
Billhelmer Mr A L Dietrich Mr E A
Mulr Grant Leet Arthur Robb
Committee on Nominations Mr A M
McBath Mr B I Booraem Mr V J
Bowman Mr J E Dawson Dr II II
Dr Whitman offered prayer and pro
nounced the benediction
The convention will be In session until
Wednesday night The following is the
programme for todaj
Tuesday October 23 213 p m Devo
tional exercises Rev Gerhart A Wilson
Dr F A Swariwour cornetist Mrs
Thomas E Gilbert pianist 231 ad lress
The What Whj and How of Normal
Work Rev A H McKinnej Superin
tendent of Normal Work for State of New
York 3 0 addresses How I Conduct nn
Adult Class Judge Stanton- J Peele
Francis W Vaughn Miss Katharine J
I aws 330 A Normal lesson Taught
with the Audience for a Class Rev A
S McKinnej 410 singing 420 round
table subject Normal Training Classes
Tuesday October 29 730 p m Judge
Thomas H Anderson presiding Service
of Fong- led by Church choir
William J Palmer director Otis T
Swett organist Dr K A Swartwout
cornetist 7G0 reading of Scriptures and
prajer Rev Granville S Williams D D
S annual report of secretary and field
workei W W S 10 annual report
of treasurer J II Llchllter offering
music led by Hnmllne Church choir 820
Decision Day ten minutes each F I
Middleton E J Booraem Dr II H
Seltzer S V address Adolescence Rev
A II McKinnej prajrr and benediction
hrtv Civil Se rv lee fmiiillner
Will AsMiinie Dulles ovemlicr I
illlam Dudley Foulke the new mem
ber of the Civil Service Commission who
succeeds Major J B Harlow recently re
signed Is at the Slcrehnm Mr Foulke
will assume the duties of his new posi
tion about November 1 He will live with
his fnmilj In Washington
Mr Foulkes views of the proper po icv
of the commission are very similar to
those held by President Roosevedt Un
yielding adherence to rules of civil ser
vice and its extension wherever practical
is the Idea he has always advocated Mr
Foulke was frequently In Wasnlngton
when Mr Roosevelt was a member of the
Civil Service Commission Ho has manj
frieids In the National Capital
Mr Foulke is telling a good story on
himself In the batchof letters soliciting
positions which began to pour in upon
llm immediately after bis selection as
Civil Service Commlssloner was an
nounced Mr FoulKc found ono which
reael as follows
Dear Sir I dislike to bother jou but
it weiUd give me great service by seeing
If there would be anv place In Washing
ton where I could give mj scrvicis 1
can manicure nails nnd take can cf
Mr Foulke was so nmuseel at the mis
sive that he told Jhls family that he
would bring the mattir to the attention
of the commission as soon as he arrived
In Washington Thcraupon his joungest
daughter a roguish miss of seven an
nounced that she was the author of the
Deimrtureof Mnfeoii
All the visiting Scottish Rite Masons
except the members or the Supreme Coun
cil have left the city The council spent
jestcrday In executive session to complete
the consideration of mutters relating to
the secret work of the orelcr Tho work
on hanel will probably be finlsheel
Never Bought Any Other
I began using SOZODONT 15 jears ago
and think It the best and most
pleasant dentifrice I have ever
used and have bought nq other
Icrf r Ttrf nil Urn ft
Bj mall 5 and 75c II VI L J ItLCKLL City
Physicians Recommend Castor ia
QASTORIA has met with pronounced favor on the part of physicians pharma
ceutical societies and medical authorities It is used by physicians with
results most gratifying The extended use of Castoria is unquestionably the
result of three facts First Ska indisputable evidence that it is harmless
Second That it not only allays stomach pains and quiets the nerves but assimi
lates the food Third It is an agreeable and perfect substitute for Castor Oil
It is absolutely safe It does not contain any Opium Morphine or other narcotic
and does not stupefy It is unlike Soothing Syrups Batemans Drops Godfreys
Cordial etc This is a good deal for a Medical Journal to say Our duty how
ever is to expose danger and record the means of advancing health The day
for poisoning innocent children through greed or ignorance ought to end To
our knowledge Castoria is a remedy which produces composure and health by
regulating the system not by stupefying it and our readers are entitled to
the information Halls Journal of Health
Afegeable Prcparalionfor As
ung ihe brainacns anaijowcis 01
Promoles DigcstioaCheerfur
nessandRcstContains neither
OpiumMoiphine norfincxaL
jiapc croUOSiHVELPIKlBjl
KiOmyrmn flavor
Apcrfecl Remedy forConslipa
rion Sour Stomach Diarrhoea
ness and Loss OF Sleep
Fas Simile Signature oF
The MnroouN Intrrtnfii Aitltors in
the Vssoclntlon llullilln tf
A sieclal reception at the Young Hens
Christian Association tendered M the men
of Washington was held last night in the
Association Building The reception was
given under the auspices of the Ma
roons and the large number present
were entertained by the members of that
division of the organization The recep
tion committee was esslsteil In entertain
ing the guests the Y M C A Or
chestra and Hiss Jlaj Adeie Levers who
sang a solo
With the object or increasing the mem
bership of the association a very unique
plan is In operation The membership
committee Is dlvideel into two camps One
canip known as the Grejs is headed
by John 15 Slcman Jr tho other the
Maroons is led bj Charles F Nesblt
Euch side Is engaged In a contest to se
cure the greater number of recruits to the
roll of membership of the organization
Ihe contest will close at 531 p m
November 4 At this time the side hav
ing tho greater number of points will be
declared and the lobing bide acting as
waiters will serve the winners of the
ceintest with a line turkey dinner to be
furnished by the association After this
dinner the members of the losing side
are to eat mush and milk The contest is
open to all members of the association
and a verj large number are actively en
gaged Including many of the members
of the board of directors All are mak
ing strenuous efforts to secure as manj
mt mbers for the nbsoclation as possible
1 or everv elolnr piid into the associa
tion on account of dues a ioint la given
to the side securing the member All
new members are enrolled on the side
through whose Inllueuce thej were ln
lluenced to Join the association and thej
become interested In the outcome of the
contebt also
The Grcvs held a most entluisustic
meeting at 1 le tra s Hotel last evenlig
us the gucMa of K S L t Tetra erne of
thelx number
The score of the contest is now a secret
and will be until the result Is annoanced
on the night of November 1 The Grejs
hive led on everj day of the contest save
one the Sth of October wheii Maroons
were nine- points In the lead The score
at the close of business Saturdaj was JJ
for the elrejs and 7ib for the Maroons
a lead for the Orejs of 1CI points the
highest since the contest began
1llUoniie 1nrk AxNOcintlem niectit Of
HoeTM mill New MrmlierM
The Takom v Park tntlzcns Association
last night held its annutl meeting for the
election of ottlcers and re elected the oill
cers of the past jear as follows
President J II Kinnear Vice Presi
dent J Vance Lewis Secretary- HenJa
mln C Davis Treasurer George Francis
Mr Kinnear made a short address re
viewing the work of the past jear and
COmnieilllUK em I ii vww uwu
largely through the efforts of the associa
tion and Including the new public school
tho free postal delivery the public sew
ers and the Marjland water sjstem
Tho association adopted a memorial on
the death of President and it
was ordered spread on the minutes of the
Tho following residents of Takoma were
elected members of the association
Knoch Marls postmaster Prof U T Gal
lowaj J A Ultmore Irof L C Corbet
Howard risk and Mr and Mrs S
Masters The meeting then adjourned
rrauk IVrrnru it Irnlt Ileoler Hun
Over lijr a Train
Seriously ill and mentally depressed be
cause of the burden of Increased famllj
responsibilities Frank Ferrara an Italian
fruit dealer committed suicide yestetdny
afternoon by throwing himself In front
of nn express train on the Pennsjlvanla
Rillroad Tho trage dy occurred near the
South Capitol Street crossing The unfor
tunate man was ground beneath the
wheels of the New York express lcavlnc
the local depot at 12 15 ocloi k nnd duo
at the cross lng five minutes liter Death
was Instantaneous The body was le
moved to the morgue In the dead wagon
The news was convejed to the wife of
the deceased at their grocery and fruit
store 122S Seventh Street northwest The
deceased was twentv elght jears old and
a native of southern ltalj He leaves a
wife and two children the joungest but
ten dajs old
Tho Kind You Have Always Bought and which has been
in uso lor over 30 years has borne tho signaturo of
and has been mado under his
J7 eoual supervision since Its infancy
All Counterfeits Imitations and Just-as-good aro but
Experiments that trifle- with and endanger tho health o
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
Castoria is a harmless substltuto for Castor OH Pare
goric Drops and Soothing Syrups It is Pleasant 16
contains neither Opium Jllorphino nor other Narcotlo
substance Its ago Is its guarantee It destroys Worm
and allays Fcverishness It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles cures Constipation
and Flatuhncy It assimilates tho Food regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels giving healthy and natural sleep
The Childrens Panacea Tho Mothers Friend
Sears the Signature of
lIe uteiiniit Keiiiiej Returns From
the Ileelslde of Ills fcon
Lieut John Kenney has returned to duty
In command of the Tenth precinct after
having been quarantined at his home for
over a month Ills appearance shows evi
dence of constant vigil at the bedside of
his son who has had a severe siege of
diphtheria The boy has practically recov
ered and the quarantine on the house nnd
its occupants has been raised the In
spectors of tl c Health Department
Lieutenant Kenney Is one of the most
popular as he Is said to be- one of the
most elticient officers n the Police De
triment Ills return to duty under such
auspicious circumstances has been a mat
ter of congratulations to him from everj
The Kind You Have Always Bought
in Use For Over 30 Years
A Committee Aitpolntcel to Confer
With Street Itullivny Men
At a meeting of the Central Labor Union
held last night it was reported that five
delegates representing Paperhangera
Union No 4J0 were admitted to Member
ship and obligated Delegates from the
Bartenders Union also reported that at
a meeting of that bodj recently neld over
one hundred new members were enrolled
Though the organization Is but two
months old It Is reported as- having a
membership of more than four hundred
The committee appointed some time ago
to wait on the Secretary of the Treasury
to present a petition asking that the
wages of the machinists employed at the
Bureau of Engraving and Printing be In
creased from 150 ta U per da stated
that the Secretarj promised to take the
matter under advisement It was also re
potted that a committee has been appolnt
eel for the purpose of organizinJ a trades
label league and ladles auxfliarj with
a view of advancing the Interests of or
ganized labor In the District
In connection with the action of the
Central body In placing the City and Sub
urban Railway Companv on the unfair
list it was reported that several of the
ainilated organizations have adopted res
olutions Imposing a tine nn of their
members who patronize that railway A
committee was also apppinteel to confer
with the members of the Street
Union in tefercnee to the matter
TIe election for a delegate to the an
nual convention of the American Federa
tion of Labor will be held on Mondtj
November 11
le eirfCC K Purr Ceininiitteel te St
Klirnlie tliM ltim
George K Farr who was a prisoner at
the Twelfth Street Police Station
was removed to the Government
Hospital for the Insane during the after
noon He Is thlrtj two jears old nnd
came here from his nome at Hanover
Kan about three weeks ago
Farr had Invented a car switch as he
calls it and desired to look
after the seevrinft of a patent He rented
a room in the Central Building In which
he slept anil which he made use of as an
olhcu in the daj time emplojlng a joung
lady clerk and tjpevvrlter
after midnight Sundaj night he
attracted attention bj hiring every mes
senger he could reach and station
ing them in front of the Patent Ollice
Building with instructions not to permit
his application for a pitent to be removed
The attention of Policeman Snjder was
called to the euiecr actions of the man
and he was taken to the lockup
The Army nnel yn y Apartment
House- Company a Dcfenelant
Carrie M Levengood of Langhorne Pa
filed proceedings in equity
against John O Johnson the Army and
Apartment House Charles
F Nesbitt trustee and Edward C Hal
liday In which the court is asked to de
clare the deed of convej ance from John
son to the Army and Navy Apartment
House Company null and void The
court Is also asked to decree a sale of the
apartment house property to satisfy a
Judgment for e0whlch the complainant
alleges she holds against Johnson
It Is stated in the petition that on June
3 last Carrie M Levengood obtained a
Judgment against Johnson for J6OO0 This
amount It is stated was due en two
notes one dated May 1 1W6 for JlOOt and
another July 15 1SW for KtXx It Is fur
ther stated that In the early part of
100 Johnson organized or
caused to be organized the Army and
Navy Apartment House w Ith a
nominal capital cf UoW for the osten
sible purpose cf carrying on a business of
rertlnr apartments at fell Twentj -second
Street northwest It is said that Johnson
was and is now the largest stockholder
and that the other stockholders are
trienels and relatives
It Is further stated that the complainant
avers upon Information and belief that
Johnson organized the Arraj and Navy
Apartment House Company for the sole
purpose of hindering delajlng and de
trauding creditors in the collection of
their Just claims and that the stock In
the corporation was never In fact paid
for was fictitious
It is also alleged that the transfer of
the propertj lot 13 in square 55 to the
Army and Aavy Apartment House Com
pany bj Johnson beirg after the raa
turlty of his notes to the complainant
and while khe was endeavoring to collect
har IndeLtfccess from him was a fraudu
lent conveyance for a preteneled consid
eration was not a bona tide transaction
but merely a subterfuge and cloak to
hitie the interests of Johnson from his
In an aflidavit Clark J Lawrence of
New York states that while acting for
the complainant enucavoring to collect
her claim against Johnson anil while the
latter from time to time was promising
settlement he conv ejeel the property
mentioned to the and Navy Apart
ment House Comianv bubject to a deed
of trust Barnard Johnson are named
as counsel for the complainant
Patients nt St Ullznlirthx to Go to
the Asjlum at iinkten 12
Several Indian patients will roon be re
moved from the Government Hospital for
the Insane to the new State Insane Asj
lum at Yankton S D O S Gilford
the newly appointed superintendent of
that Institution was in the jester
day He conferred with William A Jones
Commissioner of Indlm Affairs regard
ing the transfer of the Indian patients
who formerly lived on the Pine Ridge
The Indian cases of mental aberration
are bv no means severe For the most
part feeble mlndedness and dementia are
the complaints Mr GIfTord will visit St
Kllzabeths to gain Information regarding
the best manner in which to open the
new asylum
Work on the new buildings at St Eliza
beths is progressing As jet the labor
Is conflred to excavation and foundatloi
lajlng on the sites for new build
ings within the old limits as well as on
the newly acquired territory across Nich
ols Avenue
Every Moffier Especsam Mother f
can hav c a practical treatise on motherhood telling
will save months of pain and troutlte sent free j
by sending name and address of self or friends to
The world can produce nothing like MoUitrj Friend
Soli t7 belt DrojrUti 9 1 OO at scsi bj cxptejj puJ on receipt of price

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