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Slock Prices Drift To
waul Lower Linel
Otuiiliitr at n Iiceltiii Hie Miirleit
ItulIliK lint i c Iciiel
th A iUiMluul 111 I- Ocn
crni TciiiIciicj Tlie OutluoU Iour
XnV YOIUC Oct 2S The stock mai
led todaj hail an Irregular drift toward
a lover level the movement being pro
nounced in a number of Instance but
occasional cheeked bv the appearance
of aggressive strcfgtli in certain special
quarters of the market Considered as a
whole the -subjects which engaged atten
tion upon the opening of business and
tne developments with the course of the
business session were unfavorable
The London market was mitcrl ill de
pressed in all of its quarters partlj on
account of the alarmist reports current
regarding the statu of health of the King
of EngHnd but chleflv because of appre
hensions respecting the monev rmrket
there It seemed to be felled that the
Bank of England would advance its olil
cial discount figures on Thumluv next
and the monev market was decidcdlv
firmer In connection with the continued
outflow of gold from Iondon
The dealings In the New York market
however for foreign account were upon
an extremilv small scale although
whollv on the selling side The local
money market showed little actual alter
ation and sterling exchange continued
txceedlnglv firm
Virtually no attention was paid to the
das returns of nilwaj traffic or to the
other more er less routine features of the
situation It is h irdlv necessary to sav
that the keenest interest was taken in the
return to active business of the present
foremost figure in American financial af
fairs particulars in view of the present
concentration of attention upon the
Northern Pacific situation No light was
thrown on that general subject however
in consequence although it Is commonly
assumed that Mr Morgans presence will
tend to expedite a thorough and amicable
settlement of the whole business
The market opened lower In practically
everv quarter but St Paul and Union Pa
cific developed temporary strength and
the course of these stockb was followed by j
quite a substantial rallv in the remainder
of the market The next downward dip in
prices followed the appearance of most de
cided weakness in Amalgamated Copper
Sugar Helming and the United States
Steel Issues notablv the fiist named St
Paul and Union Pacific also receded
slurps which deprived the market of the j
sjmpathetic steadiness it had derived t
from tre earls course of those two
ential issues It is hardls necessars to
bay that little developed to account for
the extreme weakness in Amalgamated
Copper and the gossip bearing upon the
stock was still vlrtualls confined to the
expected reduction in the selling rates for
its product
The decline In the United States Steel
Istues was perhaps in part owing to the
apprehensions that the capitalists who
have unsuccessful ly been endeavoring to
induce the United States Steel Corpora
tion to purchase the American Can Com
pans might engage It active competition
with some of the constituent concerns of
the United States Steel Corporation On
sen ers of the dealings in the United
States Steel stocks thought that
could trace the heaviest selling of these
Issues to the venders of the can
In addtion to St Paul and Union Pa
cific New York Central iiissourl Pacific
and Pennsslvanla showed occasional
firmness but none of these stocks was
able to withstand the weakness which ap
peared throughout the list with the course
of the elas The local traction issues
with th exception of Metropolitan Street
were also firm In the forenoon
but Jate r sold down with the remainder
of the maiu
Among the specialties Tennessee Coal
and Iron was particularly weak Peo
ples Gas cnjojetl a material rallv on the
announcement of the favorable rjuo war
ranto proceedings before the Chicago
courts but Its tt ndencv was short IIred
N vr l nrk Stock KirlianRr Oct i
High- IjOw
est et
x malframatrd Copper rG4 fcJi
xsjner Car f
x smencan Ice
xvme nean Loco
xAmer Loco pf
xAmcriran Suar
At T tSP
At T i S f pf
BjIio Ohio
Balto Ohio pf
xBroolc llapid Transit
Ontral of New Jerer
Che i Ohio
Chicago o Alton
Chicajro Vlton fi
Chic Great wetern
OiL Great pf A
Hii Great V pr I
Chi Creat 1 deb
Cin lnd L
Chi M A Paul
Chicago A
Oiiero U I A P
ChL Ter Tran
10 V
143 3
su VtVz
Chi Tcr Tran if 3 2W
C CL a ct L OSU W
Coi Fad A I 94 K
CoL A South 13 US
Col II a A I 15 ii
Consolidated Gat SlSTn 211
Crucible hi ptd 81 M
Del A Hudson I71H 167
Sen A Itlo Grande 41 41
Dirt of A fife 29 28
Erie 41H 40i
Erie 1st nM es G9
giihom s n o4 saH
Ct North pfd 1W 191
Hocilnc allo 5frtt 5C
Illinois Central 147 146
International Paper So1 1114
Louis A- Vadi 103 102
Manhattan FleT ltl 113
xlet t Rr 1MU IK
llexlcin Central 22 22
Hex Nat ctf Hi li
Mdlsan Central 110 116
Hum A St 1 110 10 4
Jliwouri Padflc lS5i fti
Nat Lead IB 19
New WV Central 15r ISdA
O fc W 3IH W
Norfolk A we tern 55S Sti
North Pacific pfd 10J lfo
Pacific Mail 44i 1JU
rin It It 147 ltS
Peo Gas A C 10S 4 10S
rrewnl i Car 40 40
Pradirr 42 41
Iteadinc Ut pfd 774 76
Keading 2d M 51 Ji
xRrp Iron A Steel 1j 15
xHtp I S pfd KA cr
xHubber Gvodn 5tt 27
ft LIS pfd 47 W
Southrrn Pacific Wi 5t
Nrtithera Hy 3i 3Ii
Soutbem It pfd STVi S8
Tenn C A I VP 5K
Texas Paeiflc 337 36
lnlon Pacific t MM Mh
Prion Pacific pfd StPi W V4
xU S Uather 124 11
xU S Leather pfd cl M
U S Steel 47 41
U S Steel pfd Silt Wi
ta Car Cliem no 60
Wabaih 20 Yj
Vabub pfd 3o SSt
ttett Union Tel PIN MS
wia Central 20 20
Deercase xLnlittcd
Total tale SU27S tliares
i ih
23 H
27U V
25 -S
i - s
117 -1
7714 IH
90 Si
104 -15
W4 K
1C7 S
77 -
2is m
M4 S
49 lt
41 4
157 3
206 5
141 U
3C4 Vi
SC 1
92 3
214 1
Mt -
167 4
40V 1
lJ 2i -
146 -14
WV4 - h
120 1
1MU Ti
110 10
109 1
i 1
118 -2
MS -
10i 2
43y 1
145 - 1U
103S -
15 -
2C - S
50 -1
31 -
59 -1
SMt - U
Is -2
S 1
11 K
W 1
41 1
tfjt -1
m 1
19 V
20 -1
The stock market jesterdas was quite
the opposite to that of last Saturday with
a Etrong opening that Immediate l gave
way to weakness a general sagging
tone all da and a dosing break all over
the list of from a fricti n to two or three
points The strut became pessimistic
In the extreme as the ltv l of prices wmt
off and toward the close of the das there
were few pecple willing to acknowledge
that there ws hop for the market Hut
it may be said with no hesitation that
ai the boom of last week should not have
been considered the certain foreru mer of
a further advance so this reaction should
not b considered to Indicate nns thing
partcularly Important in tin was cf ml
weakness The market is still In a wait
ing period waiting for sasy money nnd
for the largir interests to take advantage
of easy money to open a real bull cam-
Dr Bulls Cough
Curea cough cr cold st once fc -
Conquers croup bronchitis 5JW iJQ
grippe and coaurpUon jjc J J
palgn for some of the most careful mar
ket people belkve tint this Is the lr In
Untior Until there Is some change in
this situation purch isea after two or
three dass of advancing price pre al
most certain to show hisses very quickly
wnd In the same way salc3 01 the breaks
will prove disastrous If indications ate
worth ans thing
The operations in scsterdajs market
were almost entlrelv professional and It
is not worth while attempting to ascribe
reasons for them except In a very general
was The bank statement last vtek might
have been expected to quiet any acute
ftnrs that might have been felt regarding
the immediate monetarj outlook for It
showed that the New Sork banks have
moie monev than thes usualls have at
this time of the sar and it further in
dicated th it the outflow or cash to the
interior must be over er nearls so is
tleTe was n gain in cish irstead of the
loss tlTTt was expected Notwithstanding
tills statement however there was more
talk of alleged fears of trouble scsterdas
thin it anv time for some weeks The
recent shipments of gold from London
to Paris and Herlln were slid to forc
sludow certain exports of the precious
metal from New 11rk this week It
was said that the Hank of Uugland will
advance Its discount rate to 4 per cent
to prevent further shipments to the Con
tinent and that this will Incvitahls bt fol
lowed by American shipments It Is prob
abls true tint gold will go out in small
quantities but this Is not a sign of weak
ness In a hort time the movement of
cotton will be heavier and then it wlil be
eass to get gold from the other side if it
is ne ded At ans rate it is onls a tem
porars matter that need cause no alanvi
unless posslbls to iieopie that have been
bus IB stocks on n irrov margins on the
recent advance if prices Other ad
verse matters dilated on bs the bears
vesteidas were the winding up of the
steel pool of which there Is no Inform 1
tlon the proposeil cut In the price of
copper which Is denied bv the officers Qf
the Amalgamated Copper Company and
the storv tint there has been a disagree
ment between Mr Slorg in and the Union
Pacific interests which as far as can be
ascertained Is entirels without founda
tion It will be stenthat this entire chain
of bear talk is vers Illmss but It served
the purpose of preventing purchases of
stock perhaps and It caused the throw
ing over of some weakls margined hold
ings as usinllv happens
The most pronounced weakness during
the oirlv part of the session was In
Amalgamateel Copper which tumbled two
or three points to the lowest price vet
attained bs it It was impossible to tll
iaka ualllnrr nam fmm thnilnh
there was a disposition to believe that In
siders were still responsible for it The
m lo ivrtlr tltr tlit An i
conda and theIoston and Montana mints
nnd smelters controlleel bs the Amalga
mateel Company had been closed to cur
tail production and the assertions again
3 estereias in 11 me price 01 uuiei m c
cut perhaps to 15 cents nnd perhaps much
lower were the allegeti reasons for the
selllrg There was h recovers In Am il
gamated during the last half hour whle
the general market was at its weakest
The United States Steel securities con
tlnucel to how th weakness that was
their chief characteristic last week
both of them I to the lowest
level rtcentls attained The statement
was made in n quarter sometimes well
informed nhd it was taken up b the
beariohlv Inclined people gcnenlls that
the stetl pool has finlsheel Its work and
dissolved and thnt these securities will be
allowed to take care of themselves In the
future The stors need not cause much
iitletv among holders of the stocks if
there is nothing else wrong It Is of
course foolish to suppose that If there is
am reason for supporting the stocks
the- will not be supported bs Mr Mor
gan s lieutenants And it is out of the
question to suppose that the insiders have
disposed of their holdings Another story
heard in the street yeslerdas was that the
Moore Brothers arc dissatisfied with the
management ot the Steel Trust nnu in
tend to fight Mr Morgan For this lie
tion too thtre se ems little excuse
Peoples Gas was held fairlv steaels 1
though it did not retain all its I
gain of last Saturdas The quo warranto
case of the ctraipans was decided jester-
daV In the Chicago coun It Is
stood to have been strongls In favor of
the companv j
The ronl secairltles whIUl did ry will
last weel were dull sistrrdas though
I thes held their own fair well The out
look for the group Is considered excolltnt
bs well Informed people and it seems in-
tlrels probable that thev will reach a I
higher lev e I in the near f ut jre 1 he state
ments of the different lines for Sptemuer
ami Octob r arc certain to show large
gains over lat year es ieclalls the latter I
as It wns in October of last sar that the
effect of the strike on earnings v as felt
most heuvlls
There was much strength In Missouri
Pacific scterdas morning but It went oil
with the general mrket later as did the
other Westcirn stocks The talk
of a Gould deal soon to be announced
Is perhaps somewhat premature
tanv criiiuiiit lluncls
Bid ViVed
u s I 1900- Q J ipse inoif
V S ft C 1W 30 Q J 0 WH
V S STt II 10S Q P I07 I0
u s s n iw it c mik ioan
U S 4a 1900 Q J m 112
U S 4a 1W7 Q J IIV HJSi
V S 4 I 1925 MX 139
U S 4 C 1925 I3U 140
It E 5J It ll I01V I07W
U S 5a C 1904 Q F 1075 10hH
AVnalilngrlon Stock llxclinntre
Sales American Graphophone 5s 2000W
SO Union Trust and Storage Compans 10
jirf7 SOBlOu Capital Traction TOfil0l
14o10l4 Ianston Monotspe 135iiI12 10
124 After call United States Electric
Light Deb Cs 10003107 IVajhlnEtrn
Traction ano jiectric s s vqvi vi r
genthaler Linotvpe lOlTi Iiuser 60 10
Bid AtVed
Fund ng correncr 3 65s 1J5
Capital Traction It It 4 ICCt IC9
Watli Trac A Fire Cull 7 67
IVaJl Trac Ilee lirreipts
Met R It 5 1W5 117 IJO
llrt R K Cert Irdebledncsii A RH 107
Met It It Cert indditrdnesa It I03
Columbia R IL 6a 1914 116
Columbia It It 2d mort 5a 104 IDS
Cin A uburban It It
AnaeOfttla A Potomac 5s
Willi Cat Co ser A 1902- 27 107
Waih ast jer B 6 a 1901 2 107
U S Wee Liht Ileb Imp 1907 1115t 107
L S Flee light Cert Indebt IUJH 104
airs A Pot Tel Con 5s IOjH
American Security A Trust 4s 100
Wash Jlarktt Co It 6 a 1 892
1911 7W retired annually II2
WaJi JUU Co Imp Cs 19I2 27 lti
VVaili llkt Oi est 6s 1911 27
Matonic Hall vstn 5s C 1 o6 101 108
American Graihophonr Ileb Vs fj I JO
National Safe ItKU 140
Wahh Ixian and Trust 174
merlean Security and Trust 20 J30
v aqiinctin Fafe Deposit
Lnion Tnu t and fctoraife I07lj lDbW
atli IlanW 101
Bank of W ashincton 170
SlttroiKillan 7J5 kJ
Central o
iarmers and Mechanics 2J0
Seiond It
Citizens Itu
Columbia 171
Caiitsl liK 170
West lnd I 130
Traders I3j VM
Lincoln 1 13
Capital Traction 104 i 1MK
City A Suburban
Firemen 25
Franllll 40
Metropolitan 7j
Corcoran 60
Potomac nS
Arlington 7 33
Gcrman Alnertcan 220
National Union 7 8
Columbia I0H I
RIM 7 8
Peoples 6 7
Commercial 4
Colonial 120
Real Fftate Title CJ 10
Columbia Title X 4
Washlncton Title iA 3
DltUict Title 0
Chesapeake A Potoirac 73 75
Hashlneton Gaa C C4i
GeorcetoHn Gas 7J 2
SlerEcnthalrr Linotype 174t 1741
am1on vtonotyr ItU -
Amrttran Graphophone 5 C
American Graphophone pfd 8 HU
Pneumatic Gun Ctrrlacc 05 10
Wathlncton SJarket 14
NorfulL It Warhinctou 175
Ex -dividend
A lit lit llrrllntN on H liiirtii of llulii
In VrKi ntliili
CHICAGO Oct Traders todav had
the experience inevlt ible to a dry wtather
market After two weeks of the other
sort of news cables this morning told of
rains in Argentina Liverpool dropped Q
id ami our prices slipped olT He and re
covered but little Paris lost a cent 1
bushel Artwerp was olf It is still the
fact tint the foreign markets let down
their rccs on the least provocation and
rallv rchctnntls
There was a firm corn mnrkit Mas a
little betlei than holding Dcci mbcr was
onlv c under last night There is slight
ly moie oufsid interest Western offer
ings ire small The feature todas wns
spreading the busing of May and selling
of December
Cblincju Rrcln noil IrtivtHiiin alkrLet
Corrected dallj bj W B Ihbbs A Co
oers of the Nen lork Stock Lchansr 149 F
WHEAT Opcr niRh Low 2 p ro
Vetmtei 714 Pf 70H 7I 7 i
Mar 74tf 74 74s
ember 5GS 57 56S 5 Oi h
liaj 59 Vjh Soi l
1 errmlicr Mf SO1 3T TCi
Maj SbS 33- t Ids
Isruary 15 02 15 02 15 02 15 02
May lo li 5 1 15 L 151-
January EU 8 81 8 aJ Ili
Mas oj 6 t7 S bi 8 87
January 777 7 77 7 77 7 77
Maj 7 r5 7oj 7 So 7j
BALTIMOPE Md Oct 23 Following
are todass quotations in the local whole
sale provision and grain markets
Flour Market steady Western super
S2K42I5 Western extra i452 90 West
irn famlls 3JJi35 winter 1 stints fTbO
oS5 spring patents 3653 85 spring
straights 3 D05i3 G5 Spring bakers V fXtf
3 10 lliltlmorc JJest 1atents 1 13
high grade famliv S4Mj Daltimore
high grade eNtra W So Baltimore choice
fimllv J70 Mars land Virginia and
Pcnnsvlvanla super iLiatti 4o Maryland
Viiginia and Pi lnsjHaina utrj llija
Zr ilarslaud MrglnU nnd 1entsslvanla
fainils W ilty mills super Jbtf
2 4a itlo iNtra 73 5 ir37o re flour me
dium to choice KuOjJJo
Butter -Market was firm Creamery
separator ixtra 2i jc extra first Zlg
2 c crcamiry first 21ic do Imitation
ixtra Uiillic Iowa und Northwestern
Ladle ovtra 10aliC do extra first lJIilCc
Wisttrn store packed 13yllc Ohio roils
first loolbi second luiHc West Air
ginia rolls first II ft lie second ijiHo
Ulgin crt liners prints -lb 2jii26c do
1 Ib 25c do 2 lb 23Ic Marjland and
Iennsslvania creamirj prints ij lb iiu
25c do 1 Ib 23ii Mc
llggs The market is firm Strictly
fnsh IsitJtC Wesern ISfiSuc
Green fruits and veitaoles The mar
ket was steads Apples Mainland and
Virginia per I1I1I fancy 2iiJii 0 far
tej good Si ini6t do tommon small 1 2o
1 0 do Western Mars land and Penn
tvlvanli packed per bb Ji25ii75 to
New York assorted per bbl J2ikiM do
2 s per bbl CMI250 cabbage Xcw
York State per ton JlhjtU carrots na
tive per box 30if35c cauliflower long
Island per irate or bbl J2jJ 2o celer
New York State per dozen stalks 15a
35c do native per bunch 344c corn
per dozen native 40iil3c cranberries
Cape Cod per bbl 3i5 50 do Jerbcjs
per bbl 5ii50 eggplants Florida per
crate tZrni grapes New York per b lb
basket Concords lftlGc do per 5 lb
baskit Concords lOiflOijC do Niagaras
13ilk do Salems nttlic do Catawba
llhl2c kile native per bus box
1012Hc lettuce native per bus
box j0fMc lima beans native per
bus box C5ti75c onions Mary
land and IVnnsslvarla sellow per bus
raUaoc do Western v hlte per bus JLlOff
1125 do red perbus 7075c ossterplants
native per buncli Hii3c pears Kaslern
Shore Kleffer per bakit lSJanr tn Vew
York Hartlitts ptr bbl No 1 J350 do per
kig 10VJH25 do Seckel per keg HWg
Jl 50 peas Norfolk per 4 bbl basket 1 00
Ml 50 pumpkins native each 3V44fic
quinces New York per bbl No 1 J175W
J4 Oil do per i bbl keg SI 75ii2 23 spinach
native per bu box 124ftl5c string bens
native perbus preen 40f50c do Norfolk
per bafket 4Wro0c do wax 75fiS0c toma
toes Kastern Shore Mars land per bas
ket sound SfilJc do market stock 450
55c do native per measured bus S0gS3c
do Anne Arundel per basket Wil45c tur
nlis native per bus box 12H31SC
Groceries Haw sugar stcails refined
quiet Per 100 b lots CSranuliiteel J3 20
cut loaf fi70 ICivstoneA iZ 20 sellow
sugars 1 35 Molasses N O St Clare
SSc Klrgland 31c Sunlight N O 2to
St Vlment I It St Johns P It
19c No 12 Sugar House lc Ss nips
Market was steads Gold Medal 27c King
Vanilla 2Sr Rock Candy Drips 27c Gilt
Helge 24c Corn 2c No 12 17c Tea was
firm lis son superior to fine 2Sfj32c
choice to choicest 42glCc uncolnred Japin
new crop finest 31f3c choice to
choicest 32JiE4c extra choice ltc Oolong
Amos and Iuchow new crop finest 40f
43c choke t choicest extra llaest 30
lotatoes The market was firm Mary
land and Pennsslvanla per bus No 1
C5ft70c do seconds 40fio0c New York per
bus prime C3 Or common per bus 406
50c swi ts Uistern Shore Mrginla per
bbl truck JI 15iM J3 do Hour bbl 1 2Sfi
I 35 do culls per bbl C0ir75c Anni Arun
led per bbl No 1 tl 2ifjri is
Market firm Old fowls 9t
JhiC per lb spring chickens lOfflOic
roosters 25S20c apiece ducks SfciOc
pound elressed old fowls 10c springers
10iiillc turkess 1Jiillc
Jre en coffee Market No 7 Rio
grade G7c
ItensteMl coffee M erket steady RjIk
roaste d coffee Pure Java 32c Maracalbo
22c pure Iagunjni 22c pun Santos 13c
Afrit in Java 19tc Rio blend ISc Pea
berrv r fixture- lijc pure Mocha 3fc
Jvi Mohi blend 2T1C These coffees
arr In fanes bags paper lined If packed
in cans or tubs 14c higher
Package brands- E I C 10O tti cases
11ac W ib iaes 11 C ICic SC tb cases
II 7 lflc Lion coffee in 100 lb lots 11 lfc
In CO n lots 11 2Sc
Cotton Market firm Middling SHc
strlctlv low middling Sc low middling
75c Stock In Biltimore 7 53 bales
GinrcrloHii 1 111 111 Inferlur In stimc
if Its Ircdcce Nsorii
Among thi thlrts -eight men who re
ported to Coirh Church sesterdiv after
noon whin he mustered his victorious
team on Georgetown UnKerslts field
were two star athletes of the uninrsit
These were Holland the crack quarter
mile runner and Mln ih in the short-distance
sprlntT Both did well In the short
Never before his Georgetown had such
an cnthtisl istlc squad of candidates and
griat things can be expected If they con
tinue to take the interest in the woik
that thS now do The game of Satur
day seemH to have aw ikened the students
to the fact that Blue nnd Gres eleven
Is as good as If not better than any that
ever reprtsenteil the unlverslts and ev
ery man who knows the- le 1st thing about
the game will be anxious to make hs ap
pearance on the tU Id
Coach Church could hardly find work
enough for the men esterdas Three
full elevens lined tip when practice bean
Churili took the varsity te m from the
Held and held secret practice for half an
hour Then the varsits lined up against
the scrubs for twenty minutes The two
scrub elevens went through sign ll prac
tltc until the coach was riaely to pit
them against the vnrslts
The varsits succeeded In scoring one
touchdown Holland plijeil nt half on
the for a short tlmi nnd showed
up vell He is a fust man and showeel
to nevantage In starting Hurt who
plasi i nt fulluck on the scrubs did
well tnd mas be given another trial In
the sime position lie was promotid
from the third eleven
All the varsits plasers were In good
shape Morman was at half with Ab
Imtleihlo as running mate In plate of
Rlelley and Kdmonston while C Slctz
pi i til fullback Thtre wire several
pretty tnd runs by all these men They
ire being developed so that In case the
regul irs are ells ibled in ans of the big
gnmts thes will reel inrfectls at home
The practice will be hard all this week
C en unit Soup Itan Wultrr C G
-Archer of Brewer Maine says I hare had
Catarrh for teveral years Water would run from
my ees snd nose for dtys at a time About four
months aco I su induced 10 try Ir Atrnews
Catarihal Ponder ivid since iiItifr the wonderful
rrmedy I have rot had an aitack I would not
be without It It reltcvra in ten minutes
Sold by P 8 Williams Ninth and K Mrfets
and Edmonds W illlams Third Street and lenn
SjlianUl vvinue 22
Aqueduct Hcslilts
AQUEDUCT Oct 2S llesults of to-
j days races Track fastr
j irfii race rnr anu up
ward selling evn furlongs Mercer
Redfern U to 1 wonr Astor McCue 5
to 2 second Kilogram Sims 5 to 2
third Tlrre 1 2S 4-5-
Stcond lan For maiden two-scar-olds
five furlongs Jlajor DalngerlieUl Hums
3 to 2 won Extinguished McCue C to 1
stcond Jteisteisliiger Lothran 12 to 1
third Time 1 012-51-
Thlril rice 1 or and up
ward selling 01K Jnd one sixteenth
milts Iueks Star Booker 3 to 1 won
Bowtn iO Connor G to 5 second Trebor
J M irtln 6 to 1 third Time 1 4S 4 5
Fourth rice The Aqueduct Handicap
for all ages one mile and seventy sards
Potente Wnlsh 3 to 1 won Oom Paul
Cochian h to 2 second Barouche Red
fern 0 to 1 third Time 1 45
Filth rate For two s ear olds selling
five nnd one half furlongs Bon Mot
Shaw i to 2 won Carrington Burns
5 to 1 second Mary Worth Cochran j
to 2 thirel Time 1 8
SlNth rnee For nnd up
ward one milt and seventy sards Ple
derieh Cochran 3 to 1 won Alslke
Miles 10 to 1 second Templeton J
M irtln 3 to 2 third Time 146 3 5
Aqueduct Kiitrlcn
AQUEDUCT Oct 2s Entries for to
morrows races
First race For selling
six furlongs Mark Lane The Rogue
Cherries Princess H 103 Wunna 105
Snark 103 Gladt Run Jus J Corbett
Sentrv Lamp O Lee St David 106 Cres
son 108
Second raci For mares three sears old
nnd upward selling one mile and svents
nrds Althea 103 Anlmoslts W Fatal
ist 103 Marothen 33 Elsie 1 S3 Cher
ished U3 The Amazon US Curtses 3d
Third race For maiden fillle s and geld
ings two jiars old selling flvo furlongs
ischium 101 Jean Wood SS Rosecourt
Emma A JL Augurs Trailer Sand
ttca T Wild Bess 107 Iterrj Dawn
101 Tenagra 93 Bijou 90 Genesee Flirt
er 957 Sluicure 95 Succasunna 107
Tlioth 9S
lourth race For three s ear olds and
UPVard selllnir linn mli unit setentv
Sards Inshot 103 Fennlmore Ondurdls
na Arganauta let Connie 93 Jack Mc
Ginn lot Ante Up Kingstelle Punctual
Glennellle Flam 103 Lucent 116 Sur
mise 103
Fifth race ror two j ear olds five and
one half furlongs Sparklet 93 Halber
dier 115- G Whlttier 100 Bridge 113
The Prido of Surrey Bessy McCarthy
Messina 105 Dewes Leander UK Pluto
lOo lctwattr 97 Oclawaha 112
jlxth race For maidens of all ages one
miles and seventy sards Tact 87 Ze
mora 107 Justice 90 Lemos ne S7 Anna
Darling 107 G W hlttltr 30 Major Dan
gerileld 90 Miss Dart Hawk 107 Hot 30
Arrah Gowan 7 Biff Potasl 107
Not tllglble to stcrt
Aeineiluct Selections
First race Chin les Glade Run Snark
hecond race Althea Animosity Curt
Third race Bijou Emma A M Tena
Fourth race Ondurdls Inshot Ante Up
Fifth race G Whlttier Oclawaha
Sixth race Anna Darling Tact Biff
LnkeHltle IteNllltN
LAKESIDE Oct 2S Results of todass
races track fast 1
First race For three-year-olds and up
ward selling six furlongs Emma R
Rice 10 to 1 won Lady Contraiy
Harshberger 15 toil second Henry of
Frantsmar Seaton 10 to 1 third Time
1 14 3 5
Second races For two- ear olds live
furlongs Nellie Waddell Domlnlck
even won Merriment Blake 9 to 5
second Rag Tag Hicks IB to 1 third
Time 101 3 5
Third rce For all ages fiva and one
half furlongs Burnle Bunton Coburn
G to 5 won Monesmuss Domlnlck 1 to
2 second Lou Woods Davidson 30 to 1
third Time 1 06 2 5
Tourth race Handicap for threo s ear
olds and upward one ami one sixteenth
miia Omdurman Hicks even won
Havlland Dominiok even second
Orontus Blake 10 to 1 third Time
1413 5
Coupleel as F Cooks entrj
Fifth race For three-sear-olds nnd up
ward seven furlongs Federal Coburn
1 to 2 won Tom Klngslts Harshberger
8 to 1 second If You Dare Gormles 10
to 1 third Time 1 ZG2 5
Sixth race For three s ear olels and up
ward selling one mile and a furlong
Sarilla Dean G to 1 won El Ghor
BlaIe 2 to 1 second Linden Ella Dow
Ier 15 to 1 third Time 1 55
lnKeslele Entries
LAKESIDE Oct 2S Entries for tomor
rows races
Mrst race For two s ear olds e aniJ
one half furlonss Tursear 10G Grann
Chree IOC Our Pride 107 Miss Hume 103
Issbeth 103 Hcrse 101 Lady Bird 101
Hasdon 101 Herodes 100 Smiths Reel
97 The Way 95 Hat Mitchell 94 Fade
Meny 91 Miss Madison 94 Lingo 91
Tom Wallace 92
hecond race For three-sear-olds and
unwaril selling six furlongs Precursor
11J Frank M 110 Cora HavIIl II 103
Moroni 97 Minnie Cobb 106 The Butcher
107 Linmi R 10 Big Injun 14 Lads
Idrls 104 Olekma 104 Siren Song 104
Amoroso 104 Woodstlck IOC
1 bird race For four s ear olds and up
wurd one and one elhlh miles Orontas
10F Rescdi 103 Herrnrncia 100
Fourth race For three s far olds nnel
upward one mile and rrts vards Benck
Hrt 105 Lennep 101 Pay the Fiddler 1H
Charles Moore 104 Crosb 101 Admetus
104 Telatnov Si
Fifth race For two-star-olds five and
one half furlongs 1 Samelson 112 Pron
ta 109 Autumn Leaves 109 John A
Clarke 10S Bragg 10S Psrrho 108 Mira
cle 105 Hoodwink 105 Golden Glitter
105 Hopeelale Aegin 105 Pierce J
101 Dondola 1 Ccrlnne Unit nil 101
Innas Choice 101
blxth race For three s c a r olds and up
wnrel selling one nlle Sam Lazarus
Esq 101 Frcepass 103 Eva Rice- 103
MIsb Conrad lfet Greitings 101 Vernettn
101 El Ghor 101 Domadte 101 Prentiss
101 Prairie Dog lol Andes 93 Star Cot
ton 1 The Boer flu Rrnl Hamlin
Hilen Pnxton Tammany Chief US
iarmer Bennett Nsce ST
1 nlcenldc Se lee tlollie
First rice Hirodes Smiths Reel Lss
Second race Moroni Emma R Cora
Havil II
Third race Hermencla Orontas Re
Fourth raci Lennep Charley Moore
Pav the Tiddler
Fifth race John A Clarke Pronta
lS rrho
Sixth race The Boer Andes Sam Laz
arus Lsq
St Louis ItenuItH
ST LOUIS Oct 23- Results of todass
races track fast
rirst rate For two-scar-olds five ard
one -half furlengs Prima II J Dais 1
to 5 won Sillnda Bell 3 to 1 second
Pomella Irven 20 to 1 third Time 1 1
Second race For six fur
longs Chanterelle Troxler 3 to 2 won
htlng O BrUn 2 to 1 second Trio
Cl irk 8 lol third Time 113
Thlnl race For thrce s ear olds nnd up
ward selling one mile Menact O Brlen
6 to 5 won Terr 1 Intognlta He luchamp
4 to 1 setond Loone Wallatt 10 to 1
third Time 1 41
Fourth race Handicap for three-year-olds
and upward slxfurlongs A D Gib
son ONeill G to 1 won llllee O Brlen
5 to I second Jake Weber Beauchamp
G to 1 third Time 113
Fifth race Handicap for thru- ear
olds and upward one and one sixteenth
miles Brulare Beauchamp 2 to 1 won
Lunar Troxler 3 to 1 second Felix
Bard J Daly G to 5 third Time P47
Sixth rncc For three s ear olds and up
ward six furlongs Tremar O Nelll
even won Miss Mae Day Troxli r 5 to
2 stcond Lasso Irven 3 to 5 Intnl
Time 11354
lntonlu ltenults
LATONIA Oct 2S Rcaults of todaj s
races Track fast
First race ror three-sear-olds and up
ward silling six furlongs Jim Nap
McQunde 10 to 1 won Jena Miller
10 to 1 setond Salllc J D Hull 15 to 1
third Tlmi lli2t
Second race For two-sear-old fillies
five furlongs Lcenja Landry 4 to 5
won Lauretta Burke Mlchaelu 10 to 1
setond Lulu Flight Knlsht 3 to 1 third
lime 102
Third rncc For three-year-olds selling
one mile Adflante Lnlght 3 to 2 won
G W W Jackson o to 2 second Dolly
Wngnir i llchaels 3 to 1 third Time
1 43
Fourth race For f cur- ear olds and up-
SI S made over on nrcmLea 1 50 J
J HIVM 218 Illl it n rn29 3
LKCV turtains laundered OOi pair 521 D st
nu e 3
BD IIII LS cellected or no charge II D GOR
DON Lawjer CIS llth n m2i g
III milS of all kinds fixed to heat anl ear-
anteeil JONr S Till Hl U 32 Indiana aie
m23 3
1NCINC MISS 1 1 OS MUIO Iremlere Panwlse
jcadainlen 1213 12ttl it n CWederaatc
Hall llth st and WimodaushsH Club
New or are Miss Leonardo Is the onto repre
stntative ol National sfiocIalion Master of
Dancing In Washington lrotcct jourself from
others m2 3
I H eersthing JONES the Flier 323 lnd
ae -7-3
ATTFNTIOV LADItS ll Und of remodeling
done b Hrit elass dressmaVcr at reasonable
priec drop postal I will call ddrcas BOC
311 this office m27 3
IHOF JITT strictly private and
select dancins academy at residence 1500 N
Capitol st comer I St teaching onl m27 3
WANTFD IteVllion Ilecordi also Con luct
of the War reports cheap Address IIOX 315
thU office
STM ISII Lion suits made from 4 up even
ing goTAns cleaned remodeled and made to look
like new 1734 Mth st m27 3
J A 1100 r ITS 1X c Hat Store 610 9tn
st nn
e2S 3
MR J I ItlFChHtTfc 1212 O st Aocal
I iano violin lesson superior adtantages and
liberal rales 126 7
1517 iih st n Send postal good work m25 0
DORCLS secu ed without unnecessary delay
opinion and advice free good references 4d
dress B03l 263 this orBce m23 7
boucht and sold also book binding In all Its
branches 8 0 st nv
KsselnjisLai fxami Wfll OS
nich clsM drivers from THE HEI
ULILS IX 51 MMllVlir H i lujiiirvwi v-
st nw Butber tired vefclclcs of all kinds busl
ness and Dayton wagons alaaia en hand 0 li
To Purchase
AT T Cents Per Share
J Full Paid NonAssessabIe
Well on Spindle Top down 800 feet
Gusher expected any day
This stock is to be advanced 100 Oct 30
Within 60 days you will be unable to purchase this stock
except at a 400 advance
Pres Robert Legier Recorder of Mortgages
New Orleans La
Telegrams ordering stock may be sent at our expanse
Bankers and Brokers 40 Wall Street N Y
Capital S500000
bDIWIED ritOHTS 375000
Letters of Credit
American Security
and Trust Co
Capital l22yi00
urplm jOOOOO
Safe Deposit Ilexes for rent m 4arae burglar
proof vault 5 per annum and upnard
C J IJELL rre ident
vvird selllnc one and one eighth miles
Woodtrlee Mlnden i to 1 won Gov
ernor Uovd J Miller 4 to 5 fcecond
Klsie Lramhle D Hall S to 1 third
1 lme 16
Fifth rnce For three- ear old colts five
and one half furlongs Hermis Lyne 6
to 1 won Invention Jackson to 3
second Harrj Xtw Knight G to 5 third
Time 1 OS
Sixth nee ror three v ear olds and up
ward selling Fix furlongs Uyror Kelt
Knlgll 3 to 2 won Iola GIvtns G to
1 second Erema Jackson C to 5 third
Time 1 15j
Ile iniliic run vieeilnsr
The following are the entries for the
first of the handicaps to be run at the
fall meeting of the Washington Jockey
Club November 11 to 30 and gives some
idea of the class and size of fields that
may be expected
New Grandstand Handlcip for three-year-olds
and upward 7 furlongs to be
run on the opening dav
Buckley Btlley ch g Toddj i by
Hanover Hot ncotch
Br itton J S gr c Trospcr La Gal 3
bv Faradaj Altlvola
Hratton J S br g Meddlesome 3 by
Meddler Sheboj gan
Dab W C ch c Himself 3 bv
Eustis Y C b h Knight of Rhodes
4 b Knight of niIerlle Slster Louise
Hitchcock I It blk f Guesswork 3
bv Charade Edith Grav
Healy T J b g Carbuncle I by
Havman M L ch f Annie Thompson
3 by St Leonard Harpsichord
Jordan M b g Flngtl aged b
Lyman J Grant br g Unmasked 4 by
Domlno Mere Hill
Manahan J A b c The Ithjmer 3 by
The Htrd Eetulpolse
Mackessy J J b f Curtsey 3 by Lord
Esterling Mliuet
Malonev M J ch e Ohnet I by Conrad-Lucy
McCafferty J J ch c McAddlc 3 by
Eureka Addle Mc
McCaffertv JJbc The Puritan 3
by Decelver Llzzle Montrose
McCaffertv J J b g Potente aged by
Baclnt Pov Wovv
McCorkle iS Mahone b f Louliv Hie 4
by Lointaka VIruIent
Pangle J V br h Tlax Spinner C by
Sj mphorien Dlstaff
Heardon Murphj b c Alird 3 bj
Deceiver Fair Weather
ttardolph P S 1 b f The Armzon 4
bv Itussell Certomen
Sthrelber B br h Bannockburn aged
bv Hajden Ednards Bettle Bl ile
Sullivan S Harris ch c Isla 3 b
Tajlor II B b h Letington Pirate
aged by Pirate of Lex
Trarey A Co b f Scarlet Lily 4 by
Jlm Gore Bed Veil
The Pepper SUMe b c Lord Pepper 3
bv K intake Quccnte
ilon R T jr b f L Of the Val
ley 3 bj St Sivlour Lndv Violet
Weights to be announced liter
Co operative
Building Association
Organized ov 1S73
In the past twentj two Jtara the EQUI
TMLE as a local co opfratUe building as
BociaUon ha furnished the people of the
District of Columbia
First V reliable and ure way to se
cure hoircs and pay for propertr
Sconl The bet method for maklns resu
lar monthly savircs and reilixins profits
LOANS are made at the lowest rates of
interest charged by any building aswclation
in thU country No bonus or other extra
costs Loans are repayable fn monthly in
stallments Settlements in full or in part
may be made at any time bv paying inter
est to date of settlement Wt of a
loan is settled the monthly Installments fcr
reduced proportionately The borrower knows
at the betnnin exactly what he i to pay
bt on a loan and the time he has to pay it
ubwiptions recTel daily from 9 am
to 4 30 p m at the olflce of the Associa
tion Four per cent interest per annum ts
allowed on shares until maturity when full
are paid
Further information will be cheerfully fur-
the office
JOHN JO HMN President
A J CHFimT ice President
GYO W CVILER 2d lce President
HUNK P REDsIDE Secretary
ro25 tf
and Brokers
F Street
C cw ork Stock
1 WiisIinto t stocln
Cltlt hj If uirtl of
tloney to Loan
At AX and 5 Per Cent
OS stCAL FSTATE is d a
701 14th SL TW
4i and 5 Per Cent
txcctj on Rest Kstate Is District ct Ccturab j
Lowest Commliwloa
1009 F Street
uomu Tcn Am to iow
We Advance Money
For Salaries
To rrale or female employe of good character at
les cost than heretofore No endorser require
here e alio advance any amount on turm
ture Piano or jtrsoruJ proptrt without re
iroal Ijral rates Quicit and prhate acccra
irotations are our maxima Leave our app ica
tmn iHi ii ind ou will not be diap pointed
Tlie old reliable
Phone Main 115
002 F St S W
T per annum fn adJition to a small com
I misiion i ou can borrow from fifteen
I to fi c hundred dollars on jo jr
x ture or piano withuut removal paj It
I back In small monthly iastallments and
X thrrebj not Lurden jourflf or encroach
I on 3 our necessities or luxuries Buinj
I conndentuL Call and lnTetlate
t 8th and F Sts n v Take Elevator 4
OIR TNIQLE SliTFM does entirely away
with the hardships usually experienced in re
paying loans ou can borrow from JI5 to Coo
on jour piano or furniture without removal
The rate of Interest Is so small yoj do not
know 3011 have paid nn interest Call and
investigate Business confldential M3TEI
IO Room 34 Uariler Building Oth and F sts
nw Take elevator
MONLV TO at 3- to 5 per cent in sums
of 1 000 to 10i0 on I C real estate I ay ofl
5 and 0 per cent mortgages and begin anew all
tiansactiona conducted with economical considct
atlon for borrowers 111 II SU NUEItS k CO
1107 F st nw
1 II WE some surplus money that I will lend on
household good pianos etc at reasonable
interest and goods left with jou no publicity
eddres B0C 369 this orhe
MONLY L01NED salaried people and retail mer
chants upon their own names without security
easy payments TOLM IV Room 101 533 13th
st nw e21 tf
limns DOGS ETC
BFLCHV HARES 3 pair from pedigree stock
Cuban parrots 5 each dogs cau gold fUli
etc feCHMIDS BIRD STORF 712 12th St nw
m5 tt
mouci lAKIfi iiciiimuy
rinlMS electrical work Instrument repair
ing satisfactorj prices FARROW RMS CO
210 2d St nw
you should tale SCOTTS EVULSION Dont
stop bacause the weather is warm take smaller
docs but continue It otherwise you will lose
your strength and may not regain it
MmH Whiskey
Dl Young
509 12th St
01 VtTADC sucoessful
C ILAnO practice In
th Cure of Chronic Nervous
snd Special Diseases of Men
and Womon
Means Everything to You if You Suffer
fmm Catarra OWilty Aavmsllta CsaitlpstUa rllrt
Throat Lung Srsta Ceart Bsa sa rktr IHmsms
llus olMt fitilctws Tsrlcsl aai Hrdrscsls
sxel vlUost dtissUaa frsra BsalBtis Vo Bsinfal
butroaisst st
KfiToaj sad DclUlty Las bj Dnstas sr la
Uriat SrsMlls all iUim 11J rolssa sa4 Clears
curtd fiirlls Tiy ssta osUads
Private Waiting Room for Laalsa
OFnOi HOURS 10 to 1 3 to 6 bxitn U la 12
Cor 12 th
Plies h age longest located
Regular graduate two schools
Authorized by the District Goiefnment
To IrrMt all diseases of tbe Aoie Tbroit aai
Lungs lltart Serves train Blood Skla
Stomach Kidneys and Bladd r tilzht Losses
Sexual Weakness and all Special Diseases ot
either ser Stricture Varlcoch and Hydro
cele cured wlthojt cutilnz er operation iVj
pain o loss of time Syphilis any state
cured for lfo wlthojt mercury or potash Ao
Loal Guarantsa to Curo or Ro
tund mono In full given In ovory
caso accoplod for troatmont
Private Diseases QuickW Cured
Dally Ottlc Hours 10 to 1 and 3 to
Sunday 10 to 12
WnNliInerlmtii IcnillnL Sprclallnt
On Kidney DUdeler Blood Slin and Private
elivases Sj pliilw any sUze cured for life
Both sexes Coaultation free 3fedicine fur
nUbed Ilourr 9 to 12 and 2 to 5 Uo on
Tues Thurs and Sat tn 7 to 8 Closed
Longest established largest eipcrienre best
eeimpment Consultation free Otnce hours all
day till S p m Closed Sundays ml7 lm
m Loan Office
314 Ninth Street N W
Money Loaned on Watches Diamonds Jewelry
Businefs stncly confidential Xo connection
with any other Loan Office in th city
nlXI SAMTAKIUAI to Ueat i ilia
aou irregnUritieA Uomt comfort
tor eates before and luni1i co2ncuenc Traiord
tore and expert phjslcin in atteodancv at oar
miiUrijm Offle boim frsm 10 a la 8 p m
Cltr Office iVG Ctb it di Rooms 1U1 ID
Plone eat TM
Med nm nd Card Header VTaihlnetoas most fa
moiu clalr C7t nd palmist Cor suit her on
business lore and family affairs reunites Via
reparate removes spelli caused apeedy roar
tUzcs am1 luck Open daily German
spoken 25c and 50c KO II fct nw m277
MmFjoYeS 619 F STiTTw7
Scientific palmistry
Hours 3 to 9
25c card
reading 15c
rrcS 3
Hoi Corcoran St N
He tell all names dates and figures fn de
tail the object of visit and anything jou wLJi
to know our future and everything revealed
9 to 9 dailr ml
WORKINOMEN of th city do not have to work
ocrtimc Tthtle the have such friend u we
art ne have their welfare at heart by offerunr
them fine tailor made woolen suits of clothe and
orcoatd ff best materials only slta htly used
and at a poor mtns price TIIE UETXEPTIO
h JLSTU a OLD ST P 613 D st mg 7
CI FKK in Tension Office will transfer with an
other Departmental cle k Treasury Department
preferred ddrea BOA 377 thu ofilce ml
tents past present future spells removed lucky
charms soot reading open Sundays m2C 7
JIJ1E D iMS Born clairvoyant and card reader
Tells about btbinei removes apelb evil
reunite the separated and Kive3 luck
turts piles and drunkenness 1223 2tu st nw
m22 lmu
Stop to thnk that It u only a quetion of tim
urtil you will lu e your mind with the ot oi
tiull creditors who are constantly bothtnrff
ycu9 Tay them all eff at cne time we will loan
you the monej to do it anth and the systcn
we hae for paying the money back wilt please
707 GST N A
liOOM 3 First Moor Bear Opp Patent OlSce
t lowest rates nnd on th day ynu aj ply We
are loaning on the Ruildinc and Ian Usociation
Ian whith make i the cost of carrying loans
n uch lcd tl an vou pay el wbcr and a lows
you to pay it off in any ized note you desire
iunnir from one to twelve months If you have
a loan with sone other company we jvill ay it
off and advance you more monev if desired
Rates thceruliy piven and no co t to you unless
1 an is n taI and get rates Front room
fin1 floor
5 P ht AV
sVloney to Loan
on Pianos Furniture etc on terms to suit your
conveniens o expend unless loai Is made
Lay pamenta to suit the borrower ou havd
tbe ue ot both money and cood
We Also
to salsrled employes We hare prints oHcea
on nith floor Suite 7 and To Atlantic Builiiinsf
Telephone 6K i
928 930 F Street N W
iiniJCY ou n mni Sire w a call
you can make your own terms u to
repayment of loan and the good will
be left in your undisturbed po ion
Our raten will please you as thev are
loi ud our method of loaning is
the best and easiiest No publicity
Private offices
Washington Mortgage Loan Co
110 F 10
We Will Lend You Money
on your furiuture pianos crgans ett and yow
can pav it back in small weekly or monthly pay
Our bu n v n is trictly confidirtial no cm
barra4fn qustions to ask you Lowest rates la
the cit Private offices
U1S r Strret AV
LltAL No riUBLLb A llMhll Itooal
10 and U Metierot Iluildlnc U10 V Bt

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