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Tiidce Fuller on
Court of Land Claims
Ircnlilr nt Airulii Vclecti it Southern
lifnifernt for IViiernl ltrneli rtili
lie Miry Hi- KxcIiiiIimI Iroiu the
cw le nr While IlcniHe lle cciitiiiii
President Roosevelt yesterday appointed
and Col John XI Uradv
another Dun to a Federal position oi Vo nm s wluV West
i rume j usuorno 01 enai lotto rs
Rill 1111 the vaciency in the Court of Land
Claims caused by the recent death of
Fuller There are five members of
the court and it lins been customary to
have two Democrats and three Repub
licans on the bench Judge Fuller was a
Democrat and President Roosevelt de
cided upon a Democrat to succeed him
The terms of all the judges of the court
expire on June 30 next
This Is the third expretsion of the
Presidents non partisan policy toward
the South Jlr Osborne is rated one of
the brightest lawyers In North Carolina
He Is a brother of Assistant District At
torney Osborne of New York who pros
ecuted the case against Roland Mollneux
Luis Alunez Rivera leader of the Fed
eral or Liberal party In Porto Rico
of Jesus The President took the matter
under advisement
Captain Brownson Tnlted -States Navy
commanding olncer of tlie Alabama was
the Presidents yuest at luncheon yester
Among others who called on the Presi
dent yesterday were Senator Quay of
Pennsylviini1 W JJ Dean of St Paul a
member or the Monetary Commission
Representative Hartholdt of St IouK
Civil Service Commissioner W A llo
denberch Chapin Drown President of
the District Par Association Jlvron M
Parker ex Commissioner of the District
Kdwnnl Mend Rev J Fred Helss Her
mann Ilalz Washington correspondent of
the Cologne Gazette Allison Nallor of
this cit advance
After 311111 Drill Work Ih Ordered
In Hi- Murteil nl Onee
After an txtended delay caused by a
number of misunderstanding existing be
tween the olliclals of the Interior Depart
ment and the cltlens of Congress
Heights Secretary Hitchcock yestuday
announced that work would be started
todaj by the Government contractors on
the erection of twelve new buildings near
the Government Inane Asylum The new
structures which will be used ns hos
pitals lor patients were author
ized at the last session of Congress
The contract for completing the work
was given out some time ago and the
necessary ground secured but owing to
called on the President yesterday and ex- 1 tii0 vigorous protests of the Congress
pressed to him the desire of the members
of that party to gain as soon as possible
all the benefits of full citizenship in the
Inlted States He expressed the senti
ments of satisfaction with the existing
form of government felt by members of
the party The Federal party Is said to
be composed of the most Influential men
on the island although not numerically
superior to the other parties Mr Rivera
was accompanied to the White House by
AVenccsIic Bora and Wenceslac Bora jr
Some speculation has of late been rife
regarding President Roosevelts rumored
Intention to curtail the public
of the New Year reception It is ios
rible that this notable function may be
limited to the Diplomatic Corps the ofll
cers of the army and navy and ofllce
holders In this case the public will not
be generally admitted The public re
ception usually scheduled at the end of
the vfhite House social season does not
this year find a place In the programme
Although scheduled during the previous
Administration It was several times can
celed for various reasons The death of
President MeKlnleys mother caused its
abandonment one year
No deflnlVc decision in regard to the
New Year reception has been reached
ho vever The social list is made public
at this early date in oi irr to guide tlie
society of the National Capital In making
up thflr season programme so as not to
conflict with the functions at the White
In case the New Year reception
does retain the character of traditional
publicity It its said that the President
may omit the ceremony of shaking hands
w th the vast throng w hich will pass
through the nast Room after the Invited
Euests have been received Each of the
invited guests bidden by the Cabinet offl
cers through the various Departments
will ns has always been the custom offer
hi hand to the President The action
of President Roosevelt in omitting the
sinking of hands at the public reception
at Yale is ground for the belief that the
same rule will be In effect under similar
circumstances at the White House
Hear Admiral Walker chairman of the
Nicaragua Canal Commission had a talk
witn the President concerning the com
missions forthcoming report It Is
that the full report will be in the
Presidents hands about November W
Jlr Roosevelt wished to learn as much
about the contents of the report as pos
sible In advance fot use In the prepara
tion of his message
Elwood the Irrigation expert of
the Agricultural Department talked with
the President about irrigation plans for
the West President Roosevelt Is much
Interested In irrigation It Is expected
that he will devote some attc ition to the
matter in his message to Congress
Mr Roosevelt has received by express
fromn anonymous donor somewhere In
the South a large fat possum Tlie
possum Is alive although like the rest
of his Tdnd he Is fond of playing dead
when approached The giver attached a
label to the box Indicating that the ani
mals name Is Booker Washington Henry
Pinckney the Presidents steward is a
South Carolinian nnd understands the art
of cooking possum In savory style Un
less there should be a definite objection
from Mr Poosevclt Pinckney will cook
the possum for the Presidents table
President Roosevelt Is said to be fond of
the classic Southern dish of possum
and latere
President Roosevelt has decided to re
appoint Aullck Palmer United States
Marshal for the District of Columbia at
the exriratlon of his term in January
Mr Palmer had the almost unanimous en
dorsement of the bench and bar of the
District Several days ago Judge Ander
son Judge Cole and Judge Clabaugh all
of the Supreme Court of the District
called upon the President and strongly
urged Mr Palmers reappointment Simi
lar recommendations have been made by
number of others
The President decided that Mr Palmer
was the best man available for the place
and the decision regarding his reappoint
ment was announced yesterday
Prof Dr Waldcyer the German anato
mist head of the Berlin Academy of
Science was among the Presidents call
ers yisterday
Frapcls B Loomis Minister to Portu
gal ho Is in this country on leave of
absence saw the President yesterday
Mr Loomis has Just come from Ohio
where he says the campaign is extremely
t Is the shortest campaign In the his
tcry of the State lasting but fifteen
davs Mid Mr loomis I attended a
number of meetings with Senator Hanna
and deem the chances good for a Repub
lican victory
Mr Loomis did not discuss Portuguese
matters with the President but will eon
fer with him In this regard before he sails
lor Lisbon
The proposed establishment on a per
manent basis of the Census Bureau was
brielly discussed by the President and Di
rector Merriam yesterday The President
may make a recommendation In this re
spect In his message Representative
Hopkins of Illinois will It Is said In
troduce In the coming Congress a bill
providing for a permanent Census Bu
Dr D C Martin of Ilrooklyn N Y
a representative of the National Reform
Association called on President Roose
velt yesterday and on behalf of that or
ganization reeiuested thflt the President
Include In his Thanksgiving proclamation 1
tome rezerence to j sus Christ Previous
proclamations of Presidents while they
have contained allusions to the elty
have not contained any sptclal reference
to Jeu Christ although President
Cleveland made reference to him In one
of his proclamations The reference has
been found offensive It Is said to those
whusc cre ed does not Include the worship
Heightfa citizens who argued that the
election of tlie hospitals on the sites se
lected would eventually eaiifce the price
of real estate In that vicinity to diminish
considerably Sccretaiy Hitchcock elid
not order the starting of the work think
ing that the Government might possibly
be able to change the site to the advant
age of the citizens
After numerous conferences it was de
cided by the Government to have the
owners of property known as Wilson
lark agree to trade ground with the
Negotiations 10 this end
were opened under the authority of Con
gress at its last session and since then
no cd of conferences Have been held by
citizens and Interior Department oiilcials
A E Randle who Is one of the largest
property holders In that vicinity re
opened the negotiations which had been
at a standstill for months past on Mon
day last He offered on behalf of the citi
zens to exchange a tract of land for a
part of the Government farm land at the
same place but his offer was declined
by the Government
After due eonsldeiutlon Secretary
Hitchcock decided to let negotiations pro
ceed up 10 1 a chick yesieruay aitcrnoon
and If no delinite arrangement had been
determined upon at that time to close
all negotiations and start the work
With the passing of that hour no final
action was determined upon and Secre
tary Hitchcock announced the close of
the negotiations and ordered the con
tractor to proceed with the work of build
Hl Ilenlllt Cnnses 3Ir Ilrnmlcnliurgr
to Retire ni ANNlntnut Attorney
The resignation of Clarence A Bran
denburg as Assistant Attorney for the
District tendered about a month since
has been accepted by the District Com
Mr Brandenburg who has a large and
active practice accepted the position of
Assistant Attorney much against the pro
test of his friends because of the In
creased amount of labor Incident io the
public business As was anticipated the
active conduct of cases for the District
together with his private practice over
taxed his strength with the result that
under the advice of his relatives he re
cently went West for the purpose of vis
iting his brother at Denver and at the
same time to get the benefit of an abso
lute rest His ofllce was left in charge
of his two brothers with whom he some
time since formed a partnership
Mr Brandenburg M at present at Mar
ion Lodge in northwest Colorado hunting
jur em mo season lor wnicn expires on
Crovcl Tutlless Cliill Tonic euro Ualarla
Theres Only One Shoe
The Regent 250 Shoe
The Same Service as a 5 Shoe
The Regent frj Pa Ave
1 iiuiuu tun uuii UUiiuiunu ijutler then - mom did 1 very Individual
1 In a whoe rigment of National Guards
go as urgln i s mginlzed into the
ltl1 States service even when
1 r 1 11 1 1 ii mustered
Inspector General Olllllieilllri All In under its Xalunal Guard number And
Hranclies of the Service
Xnlhe nnrn Kiillslmrntii Lnrgely la n riuiars vnunte rs and
e rciiNeil MiKllritj of
Collriue tintr Ill II Affn
Jiiree nf Irldt tit tlie
- iimiiui pt0 n in us UOIIlullQUK
Oillci rit In ehclce the other with Its special service
In Aliroiiil ii fur the given occasion and the third with
till 1 11 11
The annual report of Brig Gen J C
Rreckiniidge Inspie tor G neral of the
Army to Lieutenant General Miles con
taining statements conci rnlng th Inspec
tions of posts and commands the various
branches of tlie service the several de
pal tments of the army and de aling also
with other eiuestious of importance was
made public lust night
The War Department hps reason to
congratulate itself says General
on the success which has
tcuded the recruitment of the new or
ganisations and It Is a high tribute to
tin training whicli has enabled the old
tlmi army ollicers to turn out regiment
after regiment which a few months be
fore embarkation for foreign service had
no existence whatever The old organiza
tions were completely annul and
eeiuippcel for foreign service The great
necessity for tcrgtt practice In the Phil
ippines was apparent even among thu
od organizations en route thither Some
of the new regiments had had only two
or three davs practice while others had
had none Company D Tenth Infantry
sailed with 40 per cent of the men not
having had any target practice whatever
The reports indicate the prevalence of
harmony and good will among the com
missioned ollicers and while the absence
has been noted of the eiprcsslon all
ollicers are thoroughly instructed and
ctticlcnt so general prior to the Spanish
war which is due no doubt to the large
numuer or young and inexperienced offi
cers it is gratifying to lie able to state
that many r ive been ravorably and only
a very few unfavorably mentioned
It Is certainly marvelous and will al
ways be a great source of pride and
pleasure to the nation and espe cially to
the army to contemplate the ability and
sagacity with which the army ofllcers
have conducted the civil affairs entrusted
to them abroad The novel duties Impos
ed upon them as governors school su
perintendents revenue collectors
iiiieiiuems 01 street departments etc
which have been the test of their admin
istrative abilities have been well and
faithfully done in that true spirit of pa
triotic devotion which should always be
the guiding stai of the American soldier
Under the circumstances these duties
were nnd ore considered necessary by
proper authority Nevertheless the re
ports show that they materially interfere
with the efficiency of commands espe
cially at the small stations In the Phil
ippines where they consume much of the
valuable time of officers that should be
devoted to the training tjnd Instruction
of the troops It is slnccreU hoped that
conditions now so promising of universal
submission and the restoration of peace
may soon warrant the extension of Amer
ican civil government in alUIts suitable
entirety to all parts of the archipelago
and the return of all army officers to their
regular legitimate sphere of duty
The coveted prize of r commission is
within easy reach of the soldier who
demonstrates his fitness therefor and on
tne wuoie tne inducement for a younE
man to enter the army Is strong But
what has been dene for the man who
stands by the Hag and receives an honor
able discharge accompanied with char
acter excellent for duty faithfully per
formed Formerly his military record
would help him to a position at depart
ment headquarters or In one of the Btaff
departments or depots but these situa
tions are now denied him unless he passes
a civil service examination and awaits
his turn Not long since a clerical va
cancy existed in a certain military office
and it is reliably stated that two of the
otcmber 5 As an Idea nf ih nnniinnn ni i
amount ef game in that portion of examination by a w noints through er
rado Mr Brandenburg reports that Ian
wcck 11c camped with his guide In a
snowstorm near the summit of one of the
mountains the next morning at 30 he
started to track deer and before one
hour had elapsed he shot two magnificent
During Mr Brandenburgs lncumbency
in the ofllce of Assistant Attorney with
Mr Duval he has met with signal vic
tory In a number of Important cases both
in the Court of Appeals of the District
ai u in ine aupreme court of the United
States among which was the very Im
portant on- of the
question of street ex
tensions While it Ik uncertain as to the
exact time Mr Brandenburg will return
to the city It would not surprise his
friends to see him at any day
Justice Ilrmlley Ueclnre
loners llnveVn Power
In the cases of the several national
banks of the District in which they asked
that the District Commissioners be en
Joined from levying and collecting a
special tax on ther capital stock Justice
Bradley presiding in Equity Court No
2 announced his decision slating that the
District authorities have no pow er to levy
and collect such a tax
The banks which joined In the proceed
ings and their capital stock are as fol
lows The National Metropolitan Bank
J3WO0O Farmers and Mechanics Nation
al Bank 230 Second National Bank
jaSOjO Citizens National Bank JJOVjOO
Central National Bank J20000fi National
Pank of Washington 200000 Columbia
National Bank JKOOOOj West End Nation
al Bank J200Oi0 Trailers Nntlonal Bank
EM0O0O Lincoln National Bank 200000
nnd the Nations Capital Bank fiHOO
The proceedings were filed about two
years ago and very little action was
taken In the matter until recently A
short while lie lore the suits were insti
tuted the Commissioners were It la said
about to proceil under act of March
3 It 1 to tax the capital ctock of tho
local national banks in passing upon
the matter Justice Bradley followed the
precedent set by the decision of the Su
preme Court of the District In general
term many years ago when It held that
under the act of March 3 1S77 the Com
missioners did not have the power to
tax the capital irtock of local national
banks Since that time Justice Bradley
stated therA has been no change In the
law which umiM now give this power to
the Commissioners
different baiks were represented by
Messrs William Mnttlnglv n Hois
Pe rrv A S Wmthlngton nnd Nathaniel
ror in solving a schoolchilds problem or
tvo which could not In any sense be
considered a practical test of qualifica
tion for the position sought Moth appli
cants were honorably discharged soldiers
f of excellent character and It is said were
thoroughly competent as practical mili
tary clerks for the position One had
served in the artillery and had performed
the duty of a general service clerk at
herdquarters for a number lit years and
was at one time an Inspector generals
clerk In which capacity hlsl ervlces are
known to have been entlredy satisfac
tory The other had been first sergeant
of a cavalry troop with e onslderablc
clerical experience In the army
The discipline nnd behavidr of the
troops are reported to be generally very
good In Alaska the conditions of the
service have been cheerfully and loyally
accepted by the troops Nevertheless the
great amount of labor required of them In
the building of posts has to ir certain ex
tent stamped hem as workman rather
than soldiers The deportment of the
troops in 1orto Itlco is reported to be ex
cellent and In Cuba above the average
of that in the States Very few men de
sert In Cuba th percentage being about
IC In the Philippines the eommands are
so scattered anil the officrM so few In
number and burdened with innumerable
duties that the conditions are not favor
able to a high standard of discipline nnd
the reports show a decided falling off In
the observance of regulations regardiig
dress appearance and saluting In oti er
respects the discipline Is unquestioned
General Breckinridge says concerning
the China relief expedition
The reports of Major J M Lee and
Caul Grote Hutcheson show that the
American soldier compared quite favor
ably with the forces of the allies and
considering the fact that fighting Is the
business of the soldier the rtinnk of the
Japanese officer the American soldier Is
the best soldier a a fight and tin- poorest
soldier out of a fight that I have seen in
North China referied to by Captain
Hutcheson as aptly describing the im
pression of other foreign officers regard
ing our forces will not be found objectionable-
On the subject of clothing several rec
ommendations are made and the quality
and color of khakt cloth is said to be
Improving The present cavalry boot It
Is recommended should be eliminated
while tlie blue flannel shirt Is said to be
the best even for the tropics Tlie leather
legglns are reporieu io oe unsaiisinciory
At the Joint of the centuries sas
General Breckinridge the old one gone
niul the new one iut beginning It may
be well to give a backward glance at
some minor matters that have bocn ac
complished for the betterment nnd ad
vancement of our military establishment
experience being u good teacher The civil
war Interested the Ainerlcsn people In
their army and made thm acquainted
with it In a way unknown before lor In
stance the detail from the volunteers
of half a light battery In the ngiilars
and the re enllstment of many more In
IMA or 1SCC gave the required change to
the enliHted foree as reorganization
of I860 did In regard to tlie ofllcers But
at the bi ginning of the last deeade of the
nineteenth century the United States
Army au to enlisted men was still large
ly composed of men of foreign birth the
percentage of foreigners In the ranks be
ing about 40 and many of tbem natives
as well as foreigners were Illiterate mid
signed their names with a cross tx and
occasionally men of unknown character
were enlisted
Now the ranks of the llegular Army
are fllli d with bright eager self-respecting
voung Americans types of the best
average and not infrcquuntlv of the best
that the land affords alert quick ready
and under the direction of their ofllcers
capable of being made eejual to auv
emergency they may be called upon- to
meet as they did In 1S0S And In char
acter as well as In education thev are
commendable and rival thu best of the
volunteers that have ever inarched to
tlie front anil since the civil war this is
possibly the first time In the history of
our country that this could be said and
our Regular Aimy recognized as typically
Americun representing fairly all sections
and divisions of our people The Ameri
can Regulars are today mobile ductile
compact The experience In Asia may
be different from that against our aborigi
nes and the old perfection of Instruction
and practice may bo In abeyance a while
but It Is not forgotten
The volunteers of the civil war were
spontnnionus and founded upon nil the
enthusiasm of patriotism e nd tlie de
mands of a great cause were an exam
ple of a nation In arms like the rise of
the Spanish people ugninst Napoleon But
there was In the preliminary stages of
organization for our Hiianlsh war a power
and potency among the National Guard
that were at all well organized and u
demand for recognition and reward tlwif
I me excellent ipianey ami local spirit of
1 these organizations were well -proven
I The essential dstinctlon was not oblit
erated in recnt expeditions to the Islands
us more localized uiity mough all were
IM rlnglcil 1 such volunteers as Green
nnd King and Roe and Hale and others
being alo igilars and names equally
well known like General Punston Indi
cating how duties were interchangeable
Nur should th college ba talions b ig
nored though tluir lack of united or na
tional organization forbade their having
more thin d al weight The enthusi
asm and localization of volunteers gives a
homogenous character elan to the
leglment mot 1 n pcial In service
Tin military discipline and instruction
of the army his iloubtrtss received all th
attention constantly wlilchclrcumstances
pirmlttcd and the enthusiastic praise the
nntionnl volunteer regime nts raised nfter j
me signing- oi tne iriaiv or peace with
Spain won from cirtrui and accom
plished Inspectors everywhere who were
unexpectedly ordered to inspect them at
their camps before thy could leave the
country wns one of the most interesting
phenomena of the expensive series of re
organization of forces through which the
nation has reeently passed
M M Ciilloevny ScrvliiR nn nielile cn
Mouths Sentence In Prison
M M Calloway convicted in the Uni
ted States Court Northern district of
North Carolina has been pardoned by the
President Calloway was charged with
having unlawfully entered a distillery
warehouse and was convicted and sen
tenced on April 22 lKe to pay a line of
Jo3 and to serve elchteen months in h
Album- Penitentiary
While the prisoner was being Conducted
to that Institution he escaped and went
10 iexas ue was not rearrested until
December 1153 The court then amended
the prisoners sentence so as to have him
serve his term in Mie Tennessee State
The Victim of n Itiillroud Accident
Inld to Itcst
The rvnalns of the late Miletus J
Wine killed Monday night on the Balti
more Ohio Railroad tracks near the
Chestnut Avenue crossing at Takoma
lark were laid to rest yesterday after
noon at Rock Creek Cemetery without
formality and In the presence of onlv the
family and n few of the immediate
menus oi tne ueceaseei
The funeral services were In charge of
Takoma Lodge F A A M of which
the deceased was a member and were
impressive in character The family resi
dence on Baltimore Avenue North
lakoma was crowded with thoso who
wished to pay their last respects to the
deceased and floral offerings were numer
ous and conspicuous
Fall MreiiKlh Mot Lined Up ARulnnt
lint erf onl
NEW YORIC Oct 30 The Columbia
football team did not have Its full
strength out at the Polo Grounds today
for the game with Haverford but won by
a score of 29 to C For that matter the
lightweight Haverford eleven which play
ed the sandiest sort of a game with their
stronger and much heavier opponents
had two or three of their best men on the
hospital list The energy shown by Col
umbia against Yale was shown today
but only In streaks
urcorniiH D fen I the- Urell Itllli H
Ilefure n Inre Crmvil
In the presence of a largo crowd of
rooters and admirers of the game the
Corcoin Cadet Indoor baseball team de
feated the Urell Rifles last night by he
score of 14 to 10 The game was played in
National Guards gymnasium which
was foand to be well suited for the pur
Both teams put up a fast game nnd at
times played brilliantly as a result of
good team work It was the Urelis first
game and they made a good Impression
Tlie batting order of the teams follows
Corcorans Mastln 3 t Shoemaker 2
Ii Donovan r s Handibol c Bouvet
1 b Boyle p Walter I Sheehy r
f Chick captain 1 tj
Urells Kane r s Hunt t Keiine 3
b Brown p Ashley 2 b Hartnett 1
b Campbell 1 s Brian captain 1 t
Rnlney r f
Umpires Messrs Ross and Platz
Scorer Mr Hazard
A Simple Remedy Which Will Interest
Catarrh Sufferers
In Its earlier singes catarrh Is more of
a nuisance than u to the central
health but sooner or later the- disease
extends to the throat bronchial tubes
and evi n to the Ptomach and Intestines
Catarrh Is ersentlally a dlheatH of the
mucous membrane tle local symptom
helnir a profuse discharge of mucutt
EtiiHKe of the noiitrlls Irritation In
thioat caulnjr coiishlnB sneezlnir sib
Klntr and frequent clearings of the throat
and head
The usual treatment by local douches
smuts salves etc often Klves tem
porary relief bui anything like a cure
can only be obtnined by n treatment
which removes- the catarrhal taint from
til blood and the illsippeaiance of the
IntlHminatlou from the micous surfaces
A new remedy whleh meets these re
eiuircments nnd v hlch so far has b in
remarkably ucecsslul In curing catarrh
is Klunits Vtnrrh Tablets
These tablets uct upon the blond and
inucoui membranes only They can hard
lv be called a secret patrnt medicine as
they nrt composed of such valuable n mi
dies as Hanirufnarla Ilydrastln Kuealyp
tol and similar cieausln anticptles
which cure by vllinlnntlnsr from the blood
and mucous surfaces the catarrhal
Stuarts Catarrh Tablets are Iarse
phasant tastlntr loii nges taken In
ternally nllowini them to dissolve slowly
in the inoutli in this way they naeli the
lliroat fauces ami the enllie alimentary
If desired they may also be dissolveil In
water and wu ii ns n eioutlie In nuuiunn
to the Internal uk but It Is not at all
necessary to use a douche a few ol them
dls inlvid In lh mouth daily will be suf
ilcient However when there is much
stoppac e of the none a iIqucIu made from
these tablets will glvu iiimiliaie relief
but Ihe riBuiur dally ure Internally of
thise tablet will cure the whiile catarrhal
trifuble without fsortlnc li the Incon
venience of a douche
Dr liement stuteji that ihe internal
treatment for catarrh Is nipldly takinff
he place of the old planjf doiichini and
local application and futtbur hays that
probably the best and lutainly the
sarrsl remeay at present on the marhei
is Stuarts Catarrh Tableis ns no secret
is irnde nf their composition and all the
really elllclcnt remedies forveatnrTh are
contained In this tablet
Dru tKlsts st ll Stuarts Catarrh Tableti
at Co cents for full nlzcil paikaces Ask
jour ilriiBirlst and if he Is honest he will
tell ou there is no sufi r inort palatable
mole fill lent and convenient renudy on
til market
DIACRAM showing the Lirnjx the Windpipe
ad the Bronchial Tubes in their exact position
from which the rewmblance to an Inrerted tree
Is moat itrlking 1 The Larynx 2 Windpipe
or Trachea 3 Bronchial Tubes
The bronchial tubes sustain the same relation
to the luae tissue as do the branches of a
tree to the foliage The most important part of
a tree are Us branches it is with the limps
The mot important part of the lung are the
bronchial tube and when the bronchial tubes
are affected the lungs are proportionate dLs
eaard Dont be deceired by your doctor when
he says only your bronchial tube are affected
Whaterer your affliction whether It be Deaf
ness or Bronchial troublesV or disease of Stom
ach Liver or Kidneys fF iiheumatism or Ilay
Ferer or Nervous diwfttiti or Catarrh of any
form you are welcome to a personal examina
tion FREE of ccaU l
Aifiieilnct Ilcsnlts
AQUEDUCT Oct 30 Results of todays
races Track fast
First race The Bay View Handicap
for all ages seven furfongs St Finnan
Vondcrly i to li -won Otis Cochran
12 to 1 second Lady ijf the Valley Mc-
Cue 10 to 1 third ime l7 4 5
Second race For four-year-olds and up
ward selling one mile and seventy yards
Dr Riddle Wonderly 4 to 1 won
Handlcapper J llartln 5 to 2 second
fiercer HUdfcrn i to 1 third Time
1161 5
Third race For two-year-olds six fur
longs Barouche Cochran 4 to 1 won
Andy Williams Burns 4 to 1 second
Ben Howard Pickering 12 to 1 third
Time I154
Fourth race For three-year-olds and
upward selling one mile and stventy
yards Kilogram Walsh 2 to 3 won
Prince Richard Booker 9 to 5 second
Bowen Jlounce 5 to 2 third Time
Fifth race Maiden two-year-olds sell
ing live and one halfjurlongs Reformer
Doggett 4 to 1 -low Ururr Booker S
to 1 second Connecticut Mounce 3U to
1 third Time liWii
Sixth race For all ages one mile and
seventy yards Oom Paul Cochran 3
to 5 won Advance Guard Burns to
1 second Champagne Iledfern U to 1
third Time- 143 4 5
Aqueduct Untrles
ACQIIDUCT Oct -30 Entries for to
morrows races-
First race For three-year-olds and up-
wnl sellln r six furlongs bnarK ivo
Ilappentcker IDS Mark Lane Princess
II 1U5 J J CcrbeltAUoyal Sterling
113 Zanone AlpacalitfnVhinna luu Bold
Knight 113 The Puritan 119 Fennlmore
107 Bastile 110 Shorehum 111 Sadducee
115 Cormorant 11G St David 10S Cher
ries Sweet Tooth lfc Fcdcrallst 110 On
durdis 105
Second race For and
upward selling one mile and beventy
jards Animosity 53 Elsie Skip 103
limp O 1 ee Punctual 9 S Gjay Dolly
1U Bowen 10G Alfred Vargrave lib
Ijidi Chorister M Itanaelo 111 Nitrate
iff Sweet Tooth SI Warranted 102 -Missionary
Third race The Babylon Hnndlcap for
two- ear olds fUe and one half furlong
jlajor Dalngerneld U Franceico Uj
Xumlor 124 joseptm llli Femeeole 119
B ii Mot 117 IMdle Busch 112 Neither
one 111 Man O War Lady Holjrood 110
JUnwJter lio John Barleycorn Kath
irine C 10S Lftfettun 103
Fourth rate The Kdgemere Handicap
for all ages one mile and seventy
ltoxaiu 119 Lombre 113 Ethics 112
Iui Stirling Althea 105
Fifth race For maiden Utiles and geld
ings two j ear- old selling seen
Sunderland Donna Honora 92
Ischium 9 Stella 107 Leslie Bruce
Ml lact 92 Arrah Gowan S7 Tenagra
Pearl Under 9 AIs 92
Sixth race For and up
wind Mlllng one mile and seventy
vunR Nannie 102 Volantln li0 The
Burlington Route 103 Fresnal 91 Jim
McGlblieu los Hawk luJ Geo Simons
Tour 97 Catidlimr 10S Carl Kabila 103
Anna InrlhiK HI Bondman 105 Mollle
Peyton luu
Aiiieiliut Selections
First race Shoreham Sadducee Smrk
Stcund race Raflaelo Animosity Gray
Third race Francesco Femesole Neith
er One
Fourth nice Althea Ethics Roxane
Fifth race Arrah Gowan Tenagra Is
Sixth race Tour Anna Darling The
Burliimtm Route
liiUiItl IlntrleH
LAKESIDE Oct 30 Entries for tomor
iows races
First race For maiden two-year-old
colts and geldings six furlongs Puryear
111 Howendobler 113 Gra My Chree 115
Ashbrook 9i LlnilriM entry Joe Iliown
112 Inspector Shi a Ill Tripp Iiwrence
Crescent City 10S The AVay Dandola
Marcos 105 Wild Oats 103
Second raci For and
upward selling six furlongs If You
Dare Ill Tlie Hush Id Carl B 105 B
G Fox 101 Many llerendecn lt3 Mag
gie D is 113 Andes Hummer M The
Itoer 9 Already Donatnr 95 Shut Up V
Third race Feu all ages one mlle
llenry of Franstomar 101 W J Define
93 Omilurman Telamon Ml Lou Woods
IleliKhlf1 Hell fnim Cntnrrli
Here is one of a thousand fnch testimonies Tlie
Kt v A 1 Bucjilfi c Bullalo sais I wlili
all to know nliaj jjloinn Hr ne Catarrh
al 10 der is in u i atc cf Catarrh I v as
troubled with thl disease for yean but the first
lime I used this remedy it gate most dellghlfal
itlicf I now regard myself entirely cured after
uinc it lor two month Mild by P S YVII
hams nili JUl P streets and Edmonds k
V 1iwis ThirJ Mfi et and Pcninjhama Avenue
FB Shade Treats ftiiroAejii -
Hot Only Lung Bronchial
Trouble Catarrh and Deafness
Sut Chronic Diseases of Everv Nat
DrSliades Oily Vapor
and Ghioriclum Discovery
For Consumption Throat Lung
Asthma and Catarrhal Diseases
Roaches the Diseased Parts
by Inhalation
- - - mi swa
of acsopluKu which convey the food from the
throat to he stomach 2 Cardiac end of stom
ach 3 Pyloric end of stomach 4 Duodenum
5 Jail bladder 0 A 0 Small Intestines 7 Cae
cum 8 Vermiform appendix 9 Ascendins co
Ion 10 Tranarenie colon 11 Dwcendina colon
12 Sijrmoid fiVxture 18 Kctum U Anutv The
duodenum is continuous with the small intes
tine The small intestine empties Into the
large intestine or colon at the caecum The ar
rows indicate the direction which the contents
of the bowels must taVe In parent through the
alimentary canal
Tills condition may result from
everal cnimen lint the uhiihI cnane
tn rntnrrlt the mncus dropping
down Into the throat and Iieliixr i
Is there nausea
Are you costive
Is there vomiting
Do you belch up an
Have you waterbrash7
Are you light headed
Is your toneue coated
Do you hawk and spit
I there pain after eatmc
Are you nervous and weak
Do you have sick headaches
Do you bloat up after eating
Is there ditust for breakfast
Have jou distress aftr eatin7
Is your throat filled with slime
Do you at times have diarrhoea
Is there a rush of blood to the head
If you get up suddenly are you dizzy
Is thers constant sensation in the stomach
Stomach Disease does cot remain stationary
It keeps getting a little worse all the time A
simple form becomes a sereve form thus those
who rely on remedies for relief for stom
ach difficulties ao on from simple indigestion to
Catarrh of the Stomach and from Catarrh of the
Stomach to Chronic Gastritis and from Chronic
Gastritis to Ulcer of the Stomach and from
Ulcer of the Stomach to Cancer
SO Santa Teresa Hoodwink Cercde
Miracle II 77
Fourth rate Handicap for
and upward one mile St Marcos
Federal 112 Vulcaln 105 Hermencia 95
lllldreths entry Ilaviland 105 Odnor 95
F Cooks entry W J DeBoc 92 Andes
92 Arthurs entry
Fifth race For three-year-olds and up
ward one mile and seventy jards Guy
II Rasselas Elmer L 117 Laearto
Fleetwlng Big Injun 114 Nyx Kohn
wreath Little Lois 109
Sixth race For three-year-olds selling
one mile and seventy yards Hanswurst
117 Amoroso Mary Moore 114 Azlm 112
Zack Phelps Evas Darling Lowell Form
Give AH 109
Lakeside Selections
First race Inspector Shea Dandola
Lawrence M
Second race The Rush Bummer Mag
gie Davis
Third race Telamon XV J Deboe Om
Fourth race Hlldreths entry F Cooks
entry Arthurs entry
Fifth race Rasselas Guy II Elmer L
Sixth race Zack Phelps Azim Form
St Lnuls KntrleM
ST LOUIS Oct CO Entries for to
morrows races
First race For two-year-olds five -and
one half furlong Royal Athlete Taby
Tosa 100 Meditation 13 and Bvrno of
Hoscrea 102 Lan Co Little Hindoo
10 Maria Elena 1H0 Rnbus luG
Second race For all nges six fur
Iron Bed
Made with haked
enameled cover
ings the most dur
alilfi bed for the
Hall Rack
Made of frolden oak
with beveled cds
mirrors worth 5
ISEriiSB s
Dr Shade alio hM the htest IirproTrmenU la
electricity and In conjunction with Mi Eclectla
remedies cores the most olutlnitc and compli
cated diseaiM No mattcr wh4S Jora UmU
may be consult Dr SliaJe
I you hare Citarrh DroncMal or Lunj
Trouble consult Dr Shade free ot charge Thirty
yean practice Located in Wathicjton oter
ten ytara
Reference Captain Barnci WI Mth St mr
Mrs Zoller cog H St uw W T Cramp esq
1331 9th St n TV p tea A S02 II St
mr Henry H Drew cured ol brain and nervous
trouble 1133 Corcoran St nw W Sanlord
Brown esq 1711 Pa Aye cure ot
tlon weighed 0 pounds now neighs 160 Mrs
Bertie Hughes 6 7th St sw cured ot con
fumption of the luncs and catarrh Mrs D E
Graves 1710 32d St nw cured of asthma and
lung trouble Miss ilary E McKin JOt B
St se cured ot pulmonary consumption and
Special att ntlon given to complicated eases
catarrh lung kidney Brights disease brain
and nervous diseases and all diseases ot ths
human body Hours 0 to 6 Sunday 10 to 1
p m Curer 13th and G
If -yon cannot coine to the otllcm
Mend tor home trcatmvut
longs Huntrcssa 94 Terra Flrma 105
Iady Strathmere 113 Mario Tryon 94
Ethylene 102 Peaceful 107
Third race For four-year-olds and up
ward handicap six furlongs Tremar
102 Ed L ICO Verify 95 Grantor 92
Lasso S5 Jake Weber 10S Tom Collins
101 barred
Fourth race For three-year-olds and
upward handicap one and one sixteenth
miles Menace Found 93 Spry 90 Joe
Doughty 90 Oudenarde 95 Nettle
Regent 9S Winepress 101 Clales 99
South Breeze 92 Albert F Dewey 93
Fifth race For four-year-olds and up
ward one mile Patrtieliis V Sklilmnn
I 102 Alice Turner 105 Glenwood 103 Edna
iue y ito euimoonet iio frosper i a ual
93 Felix Eard NX Crocket 1
Sixth race For three-year-olds and urrt
ward selling one and one quarter miles
Burnetts Walkaway 91 Swordsman UOt
Charles D 109 Orris HO Irving Mayer
93 Tulare 105 Klsme 102 John Bull 91
Banquo II Admiral Schley 103 Sir
Rolla 110 Terra Incognita 107 Grey
forge 102 Wallabout 103 Miss Theresa
St Louis Selections
First race Lane entry Royal Athlete
Taby Toa
Second race Ethylene Huntressa
Thlrtl race Ed L Grantor Lasso
Fourth race Found Oudenarde Clales
Fifth race Felix Bard Crocket Sklll
Sixth Race Sir Rolla Charles D
Book Rack
Made of sollJ oak
Z feet wide 5 feet
high and 1 folding
shelves for
Golden oak finish
swoiled front nice
ly carved and plate
glass mirror
You cant help being amazed at these grand values Theres
not another store in town that can equal cm in quality and
prices Remember wo sell ovorything with a guarantee for re
liability and you are always privileged to
Ask for Credit The Service Is Free
Made of oak or
mahogany with bIx
pins bocurcly fast
Oak Easels
Theie are six feet
high and nicely fin
ished worth 75c
Dining Chairs
Made of polden oak
braced arm and
caned scat worth
1J5 for
Hook Rack
Fine solid oafc
Boole flack 3 feet
wide 5 feet high
Frsnch beveled
plate glass 6x14
Made laid nnd
lined free Fine In
grain Carpets
Walker Burks

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