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Irnf Slej jiecirn Claim nnil qimr
liltlunx of Other hclentlnt Iixli
VriKt nd Ilnvr
Irgm Hie Cloml V Itnt
Prof Leonhnrd Steyneger of the
Smithsonian Institution was inter
viewed recently on the subject of show
ers of animals The professor dis
and there
Iver for lie Amir nnil my
yu j
Apurtiuelit IIoiimc Coninnn
In the case of Carrie M Ltvcncood
against the Army and Navy Apartment
House Company John O Johnson and
others asking for the appointment of a
receiver Justice Bradley yesterday after
hearing the answer of the defendants
and arguments by counsel for the respec
tive parties denied the petition
mlJalnant sought to have a re
rnmnpoinc1 toT tlc Apartment House
JmSEE y caue of a claim she hal
nJn80nvh w alleged
Joratlon J ny of lne Bock r lhc cor
Wat wafttttjitott fimt -
Womens warm lined
Beaver Juliets 7FC
and Laced
poned the general and widespread be- of the car to slp on the ras and ren
lief that fishes frogs and other small
creatures fall upon the earth after the
manner of a shower of rain and gen
erally indeed accompanied by the lat
Until I see a shower of animals with
my en n eyes said Prof Steyneger I
will not believe such a thing possible
and even then I would be inclined to
doubt the evidence of my senses It is
true that in spots adjacent to -water
large numbers of young frogs have been
found lying upon the ground but I
iliink they have come up on land to en-
Joy a shower bath and cannot find
their way back again
Notwithstanding the skeptical atti
tude of Prof Steyneger who is one of
the most distinguished scientists living
on thi3 question there are on record
numerous instances of showers of fall
ing animals On the 20th of September
1S39 an English officer residing in the
neighborhood of Calcutta saw a quan
tity of live fish descend in a shower of
rain They were about three inches in
length and all of one kind Some fall
ing on hard ground were killed some
which fell on soft grass continued to
The most strange thing which struck
me in connection with this event said
the oliicer was that the fish did not
fall hclter skelter everywhere or here
and there they fell in a straight line
not more than a cubit in breadth
Shortly after this event at a village
near Allahabad India 3000 or 4000 fish
were found on the ground These were
about a span In length
On the 14th of April 1628 Major
Torbes Mackenzie of Fodderty Iloss
shire Scotland whilf walking In a field
on his farm saw a great portion of the
ground covered with herring fry three
to four inches in length fresh and en
tire The spot was three miles from
the Tirth of Dingwall About two
years afterward in the island of Islay
in Argjleshlre after a day of very
heavy rain the Inhabitants were sur
prised to find a large number of small
herrings strewn over the fields per
fectly freh and some of them alive
On another occasion during- a strong
gale herrings and other fish were car
ried from the Firth of Forth as far as
Loch Levin eight or ten miles distant
More recently a Wick newspaper
stated that on a certain morning a
large quantity of herrings were found
Jjlng tcattered in a garden about half
a mile from the shore at that town
The peasanLs cooked and ate them
not without misgiving on the part of
others as to the possibility of some Sa
tanic agency having been concerned In
the transfer of herrings to such a sF
In Hasteads History of Ken
narrated that about EaMcr Jn
Pontus of Cahors communicated to the
French Academy in ISO the particulars
of a shower of frogs near Toulouse
Fontus saw the young frogs on the
cloaks of two gentlemen who were
caught in the storm on the road When
the diligence tn which he was traveling
an lied at the place where the storm
burst the road and fields were observed
to be full of frogs in some places three
or four deep the horses hoofs killed
thousands during the passage of the
vehicle along this spot The railway
trains and street cars of a town in New
York were stopped several months ago
for the same reason the immense num
ber of small frogs causing the wheels
derlng progress Impossible until the
tracks could be cleared of this strange
Concerning showers of insects there
is a notable instance recorded in the
Journal de St Petersburg for 1S27
A heavy snowstorm occurred on the
17th of October at Pakroff In the gov
ernment of Ter The snow was ac
companied by a prodigious number of
black insects about an inch and a
quarter in length they had fiat shin
ing heads a elety kind of skin
marked with rings or bands and feet
which enabled them to crawl rapidly
over the snow Such of them as weio
carried into a warm place died present
ly but the rest remained alive for a
considerable time in a severe tem
It has been supposed by many that
winds whirlwinds and -waterspouts are
the thief causes of these curious phe
nomena Waterspouts it is said are
ifot unknown in that portion of Itoss
shire where the shower of herrings took
place in 1628 The herring fall at Islay
occurred after a day of very heavy
rain and that at Loch Levin during a
strong gale irom the Firth of Torth
The occurrence at Wick was attilbuted
by the more intelligent Inhabitants to a
waterspout At Stanstead a thunder
storm preceded the fall of fish At Cal
cutta the fish shower was both pre
ceded and accompanied by a smart
shower of rain At Allahabad a blast
of wind came on suddenly so -violently
as to blow down several large trees
and it was after this wind that the fish
were found upon the ground At Tou
louse the shower of frogs vas preceded
by the sudden appearance of a very
thick cloud from the horizon and the
bursting out of a thunderstorm In all
these instances the results were proba
bly due wholly or in part to the fact
recently demonstrated that wind hah
a strong tendency to become circular or
rotary sucking up from beneath any
small light objects that may be In the
way earning them to a distance and
depositing them when the force Is nl
lajed If this occurs on land the result
is a whirlwind if on sea a waterspout
There is one case on record in Norway
of a colony of rats while migrating In
vast numbers from the high to the low
countries having been overtaken
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1914 1916 Pa Ave
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o IlptiHfiii for Appointment of a
The appointment of a new Portuguese
Minister to succeed Viscount dc Santo
Thyrso In Washington is not understood
at the State Department where it is
claimed that no reason can be ascribed
for the action of Portugal
It has been alleged that the Isco mt
cabled prematurely the news of the denth
of President McKinley to the Portuguese
Foreign Olllce and that this is the reason
for the change If this be tiuc the State
Department has not been so informed
The oindals state that Portugal sent
her condolences at about the same time
as the messages were received from the
other nations thus Intimating that no pre
mature announcement was made
Certain reports to the contrary notwith
standing It is understood thit Santo
Thyrso left this country with no
or bad feeling He recently
went to Portugal for his vacation and
the announcement was then made that
he would return in the spring
Mllllnr Iiihni iikitk for tin- lhlliii
IiliKM iintl Honolulu
The Adjutant General yesterday re
ceived the following telegram from Major
General Young dated San Francisco No
vember 1
Transport Kllptrlck sailed at noon
today with following military passengers
Chaplains Dickson Twenty sixth Infant
ry and Silver Thirtieth Infantry Cap
tain Ahem Ninth lnfantr Lieutenants
Tajlor Twenty fifth Infantry llllgird
Sixteenth Flelschaue r Twenty sixth
Uugbec and Bury First Clark Thirtieth
Kclland Nineteenth Jones Carle ton and
Sohr Artillery Corps and Captain AVcir
iek Medical Department
Four Hospital Corps men for Honolu
lu 13 casuals and 12G recruits assigne d
us follows Infantry Twenty fourth
39 Twenty llfth 30 Twenty sixth 3 cav
alry Ninth 2 Tenth 1 Coast Artillery
for Honolulu Sixty sixth Companj Z3
Sixty seventh 2S YOUNG
Major General
Appointments Promotion nut IteaH
JKmitloiiH JiiKt Announced
Tho following changes In the War De
partment have been announced
Appointments by certlticatlon of the
Civil Service Commission Adjutant gen
erals olllce Frederick L Davis of Illi
nois clerk at tlVQ Commissary gener
als olllce George D Sutton of New
York clerk at JlOVi OHlcc of the rhior
of engineers William T George of We t
Virginia cierK ae jyvv
Appointment bv transfer from Postof
fico Department Office of the inspector
general Georgo W Talor of the Dis
trict of Columbia assistant messenger at
Promotions Ilecord and Pension Office
Thomas J Calloway of Tennessee from
clerk at llW to clerk at 1200 Henry -
Austin of Pennsylvania from cler at
tl flO ti n tl Atlfl rnnl T rtUrke
of tho District of Columbia at
JlViO to clerk at J12IX Howe
of Colorado from clerk t i0M to clerk
at 1205 Aeljutnnt generals olllco John
Juhnstun of sew lork irom cierK at
1000 to cWrk at 120 Pa master
al h oltlce jonn v Moore oi
from clerk at 1200 to clerk at 1100
Oftleo of the chief of ordnmce Hugh M
Purccll of Ohio from xt 1400 to
clerk at 1600 Nathan Hazel of
from clerk at tl2eW to clerk at
rt0 Henry Gulllksui of North Dakon
irom clerk at 1000 to clerk at 1200 Of
fice of tho chief of engineers Walter Bar
ton of Tennessee- from clerk at 900 to
clerk at 1000
Itesignatlons Ilecord nnd Pension Of
fice Frank D Park of Indian i clerk at
1200 Adjutant generals olllce John
Bojle Jr of Pcnnsjlvanla clerk at 1200
Olllco of tho Itliliri iiiKnrit AnAnl
Frank A Lucas of Kentucky copyist at
900 OHico of the- commissary general
Henry L Metcalf of Texas clerk at 1 OW
Olllce of the chief of engineers Miss
Bessie N Bailey of West Virginia clerk
at l0vo
To Make- mi Kxtcndcil Vlxlt
It W Thompson of the Census Office
leaves this evening for New York and
New Jersey In Jersey City ho will bo
the guest of Bishop and Mrs Alexander
Walters He will spend some time with
T Thomas Fortune at Red Bank N J
and with friends at Orange N J In
New York Mr Thompson will bo enter
tained by Sir and Mrs I L Burke
The Hooker Washington Dinner
Discussed by Leading Colored Men
NodiliiK Soelnl
IlcHirril Onl Clvle IUkIiIh
VV iiiKi iI liirlilent Vol Cnlculiin d
to Clinic- All- Iurthe r Trimble
All those who have expressed alarm
on account of the possible consequences
of the Booker T Washington dinner at
the White House have baed their fears
upon the belief that the negroes of the
South would become more assertive
bigglty impudent and in general
not stay in their places Just what is
the negros place never seems to be
clearly eleflned but In general it seems
to mean that he must not aspire to
pass beyond a vague dead line called
social equailty In the Transvaal
under the Boer Government It is re
garded as social equality for the black
Africans to walk upon the sidewalks
hence the natives are forced to walk in
the middle of the street And yet in
asmuch as most of the Hoers live in
one room houses their African servants
sleep in the same room with the family
In parts of this country it is a violation
of the laws of social equality for white
and colored children to Bit in the same
school loom and jet the same children
play together for hours without the pro
tection of a teacher to direct them
The most intimate relations frequent
ly exist b tween emplojer and employe
In which there is a freedom of inter
course quite impossible among social
equals nevertheless if the emplojer and
the employe are of different races and
must take the same train It Is social
n some of our States for them
to sit inside of the same coach or to
secure a lunch provided for passengers
In the stations at the same counter
But as indeterminate as social equality
be It has been universally decided
in the South that there must be none of
it and the colored people thoroughly
understand tills Further than this the
negroes of the South do not wish or
seek social rights pure and simple It
is as civil rights are taken away
under the false nampbt social rights
that the negro finds complaint No one
who has ever known negroes intimately
has ever heard them express com
plaint at not being admitted to white
churches of not being invited to tea and
euchre parties to the balls and dances
or to anj social functions of the
while people But -whenever the negro
is invited he usually accepts and re
gards his Invitation -as a mark of dis
tinction rather than a matter of person
al pleasure to be thus received The
one grat wish of the negro Is to enjQy
his ull civil rlgtits the freedom to use
the public hlghwajs and accommoda
tions the freedom to secure employ
ment where his talents entitle hirn the
equality ot proieceion iraore me law
the equality rffeduetitional opportunity
the of political privileges in
proportion an he prepares himself to
bear them But bejond these funda
mental right- the negro believes with
hib greatest spokesman Mr Booker T
Washington that We can be as sepa
rate as the flngrs In all things purely
social and yet united as the hand in nil
things essential to mutual progress
The simple dining of a colored man at
the White House will not and cannot
change this practically universal feel
As a proof of this assertion a study
of the editorial columns of negro news
papers is inviting- There are about 200
such papers published by colored men
in various sections of the United States
It will be concerted that they ought to
refiect the opinion of the race The
press of people or race Is al-
waj s the most Independent and the
most exact expic Fslon of the true feel
ings of the people A careful canvass
of this entire piess since the discussion
has arisen ovr the dinner of Mr Wash
ington at the White House discloses a
rematkable of expression of
the negros p sltlon
In the Strtr of Zlon organ of the
African M 11 on Church published
at N C is found the follow
ing by Bishop Clinton
The persons who are criticising the
President seem to think that this act
on his part wilj cause the negro to get
beslele himself AVhen It Is remembered
that Mr Washington has been the
guest of such Institutions as Harvard
which gave him the degree of A M
and whose piesident entertained him
further that he vas the guest of a
social otgantratlon at Birming
ham Ala one jcar ago and Invited to
the homes of leading white families the
next daj and later the special guest of
the groat Missionary Conference of the
M E Church South held recently at
New Orleans J to say nothing of
many maiks of distinction which he has
enjoj ed at home and abroad because of
his work and worth all of which are
well known to the leading negroes of
the coulry seems passing btrange
tnat this great ado should be made and
such direful consequences predicted as
the outcome of Mr Washingtons din
ing vrth the President The white peo
ple of the South need no fear that
nls will turn the head of sensible
negro The negroes are not half so silly
as many people seem to think
are and not as unwise as those
who seize upan everjthing that seems
to show them respect and encourage
ment which they assuredly deserve- to
raise a hue and cry against them nnd
their friends The worst effect this
whole affair will have will be a renewal
of the overwrought race ques
tion Such bitter and uncalled for dis
cussion about a matter that no true
Christian people e consistently find
fault with will sify the hatred and
bitternega of those people who do not
want the negro to be anything but a
drudge nnd a minion nnd bring fortli
more ilots upon the slightest provoca
tion The negro will keep the even
tenor of his way ever onward and up
ward until his progress Jn character
will command the respect at home
which command everywhere else
In the world No negro of standing
gives himself a moments worrj about
the social bugbear which bcems to cause
so many people anxiety by day nnd
which brings on nightmare experiences
by night
The Southwestern Christian Advo
vate New Orleans La is the organ
of another blanch of the coloicd Meth
odists the Methodist Episcopal Church
Itev I B Scott D D editor has this
The fear a few weeks ago Just after
the appointment of ex Governor Jones
of Alabama to a Judgeship was that
the Presidents popularity in the South
might strengthen his Hence U1I3
discussion over Mi Washingtons enter
tainment Is Intended as some of these
editors virtually admit to counteract
the iniluences set in motion and at the
s ame time to frighten the negro and jiis
friends It is simply the negro ques
tion In politics in another form The
attempt is to uc this prominent negro
whom the Intelligent South admires as
greatly as Mr Uoosevelt possibly can
as a scarecrow With the declaration
that the Presidents act in entertaining
a single individual of the race though
he be a man of the highest standing and
character vv ill tnd to excite or Innate
the negroes generally and cause them to
try to rrfc rce social upon the
South they hope to control Southern
Democrats who are tired of their party
and Its methods Now that Is nothing
more or less than doing the act
Are the Southern white people such
poor helpless creatures as this would
Indicate or are the negroes such nin
nies No and there Is not a sensible
man in the whole South who believes
The Baptist Vanguard Lltte Rock
Ark Itev Joseph A Booker editor is
published at the Arkansas Baptist Col
lege andajs
Roosevelt did not dine the whole
race nor did he do this as a pr edent
for the balance ot the white people to
dine the balance of the negroes He
simply saw and admired a great useful
man and forgetting about his color and
his constituents or what is better dis
regarding these he asked Mr Wash
ington to stay to dinner This Is not
the first time Mr Washington has been
so treated nor Is he the only negro that
has had such honors from distinguished
white men of this country- The whole
round of discussion is unfortunate and
detract that mueh from the peaceful
relation of the two great races in this
The Georgia Baptist Augusta Ga
Rev W J White D D editor is a
strong organ of the negro Baptist
Church which numbers nearly a million
communicants among- the colored people
of the United State- It sajs
We do not believe that the action of
President Roosevelt had any social slg
nlficancej We cannot admit that his en
tertainment of Prof Washington was
more than a strong ev idence of his re
gard for a prominent citizen a man
whose name and works are familiar in
places of which his critics some of
them have never heard The President
as he Is anyone elses President 33 well
as he is any one elses Iresident and it
Is bosh to say that he was not privi
leged to entertain him as much as he
was to entertain well the Rajah of
Catamorantow n
The Reformer Richmond Vaf rep
resents a distinct business constituency
as It Is the organ of the True Reform
ers a large Industrial institution Saya
the Reformer-
The fear on the part of some of our
Southern contemporaries that this af
fair will spoil the negro of the South
and make him clamor for social equali
ty with the whites Is simply mental
hallucination or the of political
tricksters AVe wish to say here that
the great majority of negroes In Air
ginla are seeking no social recognition
from the whites they are content with
their own society Never was this bet
ter shown than when during the recent
carnival here numbers of our largest
merchants who number their colored
customers and patrons by the hundred
had booths with seats In front of their
places of business for the accommoda
tion of tired pedestrians and those who
wished to view the passing- throngs
Not a single complaint was heard that
the colored people were orclng them
selves upon the whites or giving trou
ble Or the contrary the papers
that are making the assertion that their
social fabric w ill be attempted to be de
strojed were loud In commending the
negroes for their v excellent conduct
as not a single one was arrested for dis
orderly conduct
Bishop Turner of the African M E
Church well known agitator for negro
emigration to Africa thus expresses
himself in the Voice of Missions At
lanta On
Most of the crowd In
speaking of the of our emi
gration position have said On it is
not vour color the white people object
to it is your povcrtj Get the dollar
everything will be right But I
reckon ev erj sees now Billions of
dollars would not lemove the curse ot
being a negro Piesident Roosevelt
simply dined with Booker T AVnshlng
ton who was a lepresentative of twelve
millions of his iupporters
fiag detendcrs land and sea and
jet two thirds of the are curs
ing bellowing vomiting- and disgrac
ing themselves because a colored man
ate dinner with a white man AVe will
no more about the fool stuff uttered
by fool negroes AVe wish had
some sense
Tne following papers are representa
tive of various sections
The Journal Clarki dale Miss
says The white people of the South
need not be alarmeil 01 afraid that ne
groes will push themselves on them
seeking social He knows his
place and no other people know the ne
gro better than the Southern white peo
ple AVe might Justly say that had Pi Jf
AVashlpgton not been invited he never
would have thought of dining with the
Tho Dallas AVorld Dallas Tex
pajs Some aigue that the negro will
forget himself owing to this episode
and try to seek social functions with
the whites The World on behalf of
the negroes sav s no All that the ne
groes ask Is to give them equal rights
and calf head omelet and AVhite House
pudding and they will find all the
bocialitles the- desire among their own
The Advocate Charleston AA Aa
sajs The average self respecting ne
gro does not ueno social equality
wants to eat at a table where he
has not been invited Social Is
a misnomer the humblest man demands
the right to eloose his own associates
but there Is no more social equality
about llding In the same roach sleeping
under the same loot and eating In the
same public diiilns room than there Is
about walking- along- the same road
bre ithlng from the same air drinking
from the same spring orsltting in the
same sunlight
The Atlanta Ase Atlanta Ga
saysr Some papers have seen terrible
isions and dcelare that it Is a dreadful
precedent for every negro will expect
to be entertained by his white neigh
bor for when it comes to recognition of
manhood Mr AVashlngton is on the
same plane as a sleeping car porter
Now the roloieej man ot this country
has more common sense than to attempt
any snch foolhardy tnlng Nd self-respecting
and Intelligent colored man
win to go where i In not want
ed or where his civil ani political
rignts do not entitle him to go
The Planet ltichmond Aa sajs
The talk of social equality win deceive
no one Prof AVashingtons views on
this subject are open pages and his In
structions have been in accord with
those of the most conervntlve white
citizens ot the Southland Colored peo
ple have rightly Interpreted the act of
President Itoosevelt as meaning that
ability will oe recognized and the
men of race accorded all
their rights under the law- It Is a sig
nificant fact that Prof AVashington was
there In advocacy of the claims of
Southern born and bred white men
rather than in support of the much-detested
carpet baggers who have been
the bone of contention In the matter ot
appointments for moie than thirty
j ears He had accepted the advice that
the citizen of color would be far better
oft in the hands of the upper class
aristocratic slave owning Southerners
even though Democrats than In the
hands of some of the alien place-hunting
white Itepubllcans It seems to be
then the of fate that the ery
Democratlc white people whose claims
he was championing
should have been thrown off their guard
the clamor of the negro hating white
masses and led to ridicule and abuse
two of the best friends the South has
ever had It emphasizes the fact that
the hope of our people is with the
wealthy business classes North and
South rather than with that lower
strata of humanity which the progres
sive classes of us are but surely
outstripping Ignorant dissolute shift
less non progressive white men will be
placed in the same class with the Ig
norant shiftless non progiessive negro
Ileie Is an American citizen who is
able honorable learned of admitted
He has been honored by
the leading white citizens of the South
and legislatois ot many States have
listened to the peisuaslve powers of his
oratoi y He pieaehed at first the doc
trine of a place for the negro the gos
pel of inuuslilal education for the
masses Time and time again white
men have said that if all the negroes
were like AVashington no objection
would be made to them AVashlngton
dines with the Presdent of the United
States and the vials ot wiath are un j
corked the deceiver- throw off their
Mr AVeller to Icel iro to the Ionl
Legion of Wulne tl
Tomorrow evening CI irlcs I AVcIler
Secretarj of the Associated Charities will
speak to the Legion of Lojal AVomen at
the ir headquarters -119 Tenth Street con
cerning the conditions of the poor of
tills and how simll r conditions
have been ameliorated In other cities As
tills meeting umter th direction of the
Gooil of the Order Committee Mrs 11 N
Itose chairman is designed for consul
tation and looking toward increased use
fulness of the legion a large at
tendance of memb rs Is expected
A special legion meeting has been call
ed for 730 oclock to arrange for the cele
bration 6f the legions ninth
SDvember IS for tho International Rus
tic ralr business und also concerning
tho furnishing ot 1710 Pcnnsjlvanli Ave
nue for social centre purposes
I isunncc of Xevv Alonej
Ellis II Itobcrts Treasurer of the United
States stated yesterday that on next
Monday 0000 of the nw series of ten
dollar United States notes will be sent to
the various sub treasuries throughout
the countrj
Crockers Invincible
Shoes for Men
W lisivp o thank yon for the enthusiastic reception
fieconltd our new Crockers Invincible shoe for men We
have had a wonderful weeks business It is the best pro
tective shoe made for Mail Carriers rglicemery Express
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lowest possible figure for so grand a shoe
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At 249 298 1 Jenness Miller
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est hand welt hue and but
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AvomenV trade is growing so
shoes for women are the
best values in America
Womens Turk
Womens and Mens Bath
Slippers 25c
Shoes ShJnod Froo
j 939PennaAve
Am Important Decision Handed
Down by Justice Hagaer
An IntPriiretntlcin of nnnctmrnl
Married Women Kutlllrit
to Shore In Equitable aAVII n
Leunl Property of llnxltnntl
Art Important decision was recently
made by Justice Hagner relative to the
equitable and legal dower rights of wid
ows la the estates of their deceased hus
bands The decision ras rendered In
connection with the litigation of the salt
of Mrs JIarj P A Siangan against Kate
JIaurice Maggie and John Mangan in
fants and others in which she asked the
court to award her dower rights In the
estate of her husband Maurice Mangan
who died in November 1S98 The pro
ceedings were Instituted in 139
Prior to the passage of the act of Juno
1 H90 entitled An act to amend the laws
of the District of Columbia as to married
women etc a widow was entitled
to dower in the legal estate of her hUs
band or that propertj which he owned fit
the time of his decease unencumbered by
either deed of trus or mortgage- Sec
tion 10 of the act referred to Is to the ef
fect that dower shall hereafter be as
signed to a widow entitled to the same
in the equitable as well as the legal es
tate of her deceaseel husband
In November 19S Maurice Mangan
died In this cltj seized and possessed of
sublot 43 In square 54i unencumbered
and an of redemption in sublot
1 In square KD He made a will which
contained no provision whatever for his
widow P A Mangan in lieu of her
dower She filed a bill in equity prajing
that the dower might be assigned her in
both pieces of property and as the
was Incapable of subdivision In
specie she prajed for a partition and
sale of the
Justice Hagner before whom the cae
came up for hearing held that she was
entitled to her dower In both pieces of
and that she could maintain her
bill for a partition ind sale He
cu trustees to sen me
This appears to be the hrst ruling upon
this question since the passage of the act
and is an exposition of the rights of wid
ows under the present law The ruling
is important for the reason that most of
the property at the present time is mort
or less encumbered mortgages and tho
dower of widows can onlj be asigaed out
of such propertj The decision is also im
portant for the reason that the equltj
court is enabled to take jurisdiction of the
case and grant the widow complete Te
ller giving her a gross sum out of tho
proceeds of the sale of the In
cases where the is Incapable of
subdivision in kind
The complainant was represented by Ed
ward L Oles
To lie Commuted to the Government
HoNuitul for the Insnne
Mrs Ida M Kirk was pro
nounced to be insane Marbury
and Aale and will be committed to the
Government Hospital for the Insane She
is j ears of age and lived at 3t
McLean Avenue southwest with her has
band James A Kirk a mechanic
She was arrested jestcrday morning
at lour-and-a-Half and G Streets south
west Policemen Frederick and Carlln
and Precinct Dtteetlve Cornwell nnd was
locke d up at the House of Detention as
a dangerously Insane person
Mr and Mrs Kirk have lived in this
city for about live jears with the ex
ception of a few months when tht
moved to a little place in Alexandria
County Alrglnla owned Mrs Kirk
returned to the c tj about threo
months ago Mr Kirk stated
that his wifes mind had been dis
turbed for about two jears but that sh
had been growing worse since
October 1 Since Sunday last rhe has
required the constnnt attention of her
husbind who from exhaustion was
compelled to ask the assistance of the
neighbors in watching her Friday rght
morning she evaded their
watcfulnessand e scapeel from the rouso
only to be apprehended by the police
King AAnntcil In Iovrn for Hav Ins
Con iterrelt Alone-
Albert King alias Larry King and
otherwise known as XV XV Ladd charged
with having counterfeit money In his
possession was jesterday afternoon
taken to Council muffs Iowa for trial
King on Monday last finished serving a
sentence of ten months Imprisonment in
the District Jail for violation of the Dis
trict gaming Iiws AVhen he wan releated
by AVarden Harris he was rearrested at
the request of the Iowa authorities Ho
was sent to Council Bluffs In charge of
Deputy United Seites Marshals AVIkir
son and Reed of this city

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