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Wm Cannon
An Official Report on Czolgoszs
i jlcntal Condition
Buffalo Iliyslclnoit Give the RexuItH
TjfTIiclr ExumlnulliiiiM of tlie An
aanln Kully Responsible AVlien
the Foul Crime V Committed
BUFFALO Nor 2 This afternoon
Drs J W Putnam Floyd S Crego and
Joseph Fowler the three local physicians
who examined Czolgosz regarding -his
mental competency filed their report
with District Attorney Penney The re
port goes Into all the detalU of the case
exhaustively arid tells of the dally inter
views the physicians had with the pris
It says in part by way of introduction
In conducting- tho examination of the
prisoner we eliminated all bias and per
sonal revenge which so revolting a crime
might suggest to reach a Just conclusion
as to Ills mental state
isiThe early opportunity afforded us to
examine Czolgosz such examinations be
ginning Tiut a few hours after the com
mission of the crime while he was still
uninformed of the fate of his victim or
had time to meditate upon the enormity
of his act aided us n aterlally In our
As will be seen from our report the
prisoner answered questions unhesitating
ly during the first three examinations
After this he became more cautious and
less communicative when Interrogated as
to the crime From September 10 until
after his trial he never volunteered any
Information to the examiners and an
swered only In monosyllables except to
his guard to whom he talked freely
The conclusions the physicians reached
are as follows
In conclusion as a result of the fre
quent examinations of Czolgosz of the
reports of his watchers during his con
finement in Jail of his behavior in court
during the trial and at the time he re
ceived the sentence It may be stated he
was sane at the time he planned the
murder when he shot the President and
when he was on trial
We come to this conclusion from the
stori of his life as obtained from him
He had been sober Industrious and law
abiding Until he was twenty one years
old ho was as others of his class a be
liever in the Government of his country
and In the religion of his fathers After
he cast his first vote he made the ac
quaintance of anarchistic leaders who In
vited him to their meetings He was a
good listener and In a short time lie
adopted their theories He was consist
ent In his adherence to anarchy He did
not believe in government therefore he
refused to vote He did not believe in
marriage becaue he did not believe in
law He killed the President because he
was a ruler and Czolgor believed as
he was taught that ail rulers were ty
rants and to kill a ruler would benefit
the people He refused a lawyer because
hi did not believe In lawyers or courts
We come to the conclusion that In the
holding or these views Czolgosz was
sane hecausc these opinions were form
ed gradually Under the Influence of an
archistic leaders and propagandists In
Czolgosz they found an intelligent and
willing tool one who had the courage of
his convictions regardless of personal con
We believe his statement I killed
the President because I done my duty
was not the expression of an insane de
lusion for several reasons The most
careful questioning failed to discover any
hallucination He had received no special
commpnds he did not believe he had been
specially chosen to do the deed
He always spoke of Tils motive for the
crime as duty He always referred to the
anarchists as having taught that the kill
ing of rulers was a duty He never claim
ed the idea of killing the President as
original with him but stiid the method
of accomplishing his purpose was his and
that he did It alone
His Is not a case of paranoia because
he has not systemized delusions diverting
to elf and because he Is In an exception
ally good physical condition and his un
broken record of good health and his ca
pacity for labor have been equal to that
of his ffllows These facts all tend to
prove that the man has an unimpaired
mind lie has false beliefs the result of
false teachings and not the result of dis
He Is not to be classified as a degen
erate becauee we do not find the slg
nata of degeneration His skull Is sym
metrical his cars do not protrude nor
are they of abnormal size His teeth are
regular and his palate not highly arched
Physically he has not a history of cru
elty or of perverted tastes and habits
He is the product of anarchy sane nnd
Police Sny the Hoily Is That of n
Trnln Holiuer
NEW ORLEANS Nov 2 The body cf
a man was found in a swamp near the
Illinois Central Railroad just beyond the
city limits this morning The Indications
are that the man committed suicide The
jiollce say the man was the partner of
Channing Barnes the train robber who
last year robbed an Illinois Central train
just as it was entering New Orleans
Barnes was hotly pursued by the police
and his body was found In the swamp
where he had apparently been murdered
and robbed by Ills companions No trace
of the latter was ever discovered
The found today was near the spot
where Barnes was discovered and it Is
believed is that of the missing man
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Ifor sala bj EOWAItfl STECSg yint Street and Pennulvsnla Avenue
New 1easons Jiven for
gents Attack on A A
IlitereolIoKinte lllmice Ih v tiIimI
All Vrounil CoiiU ti nt Y M t A
Cnrrollk iimntiiiiii lroKrnninie
Mielilierbuiiil lloss lliilf Team
The athletes of New York Boston
Pittsburg and ltaltlmnre who are plan
ning an open war upon the Amateur Ath
Iitlc Inlnn and an extensive bolt from
that body in the event that favorable ac
tion Is not taken upon their petition to be
presented at the annual meeting Novem
ber IS asking certain changes In the gov
erningruies and giving them some rep
resentation upon the board of directors
are lying low and awaiting develop
ments If things are not decided as the
complaining representatives of the above
cities desire then n new legislative body
a rival to the Amateur Athletic Union
will be formed
In addition to the above the so called
kickers believe they have good cause for
complaint against the methods pursued
by the big New York clubs to corral all
I the best performers In the country and
J with the knowledge of the Amateur Ath
letic Union This matter alone has tend
ed to widen tho breach between the two
sides as mucli as anything else
It is claimed that certain New York
and other big athletic clubs gobble Up all
the good men In various lines of sport
and with them win all the honors at every
large open meet in the Kast with an oc
casional invasion of other sections of the
With vat financial resources these
clubs have been enabled to get together
aggregations of champions which have
completely thrown into the shade the men
belonging to the smaller clubs and thus
greatly interfered with a general partici
pation in amateur sports With so many
tried experts In a single club there was
no chance for a smaller one to do other
wise than make Itself ridiculous In an ef
fort to win points at a big meet
Are Tlime Jlcii Inldf
Whether or not these men are actually
paid by the big clubs cannot be satisfac
torily proved lut those who are protest
ing against the system hint that there
must be Inducements of some sort to se
cure them and they have been trying for
some years to bring about a reform It Is
true that some concessions have been
made in the way of regulating the partici
pation of crack college athletes In meets J
under the colors of clubs but they have
not accomplished all that was desired and
a strong movement Is on foot to make
even more stringent rules
IntercoIIriflntc Allinnee
The most Important factor in specula-
ting upon the prospects of the success of
the proposed new organization Is the
action which will be taken by the Inter-
collegiate Athletic Association Under
the present agreement between the Ama
teur Athletic Union and the
Iegiate Association the latter does not
i recognize the suspension of men who are
out of the Amateur Athletic Union for
reasons which have nothing to do with
f their status as amateurs This was shown
I when the Baltimore Insurgents took part
In the games of Georgetown University
without Georgetown suffering a penalty
although the Insurgents were under sus
pension by the Amateur Athletic Union
for taking part in unsanctioned games
Should the Intercollegiate Association
make a new alliance with tlie Amateur I
Athletic Union and agree to recognize
Its iiolltical suspensions or expulsions for
causes other than professionalism a
J serious blow would be dealt any who at
1 tempt to set up an opposition union and
j would be a rod which would probably
I hold the Intending bolters In line for many
days to come
hen the next meeting or the Amateur
Athletic Union Is held In New York on
November K this Intercollegiate matter
will be one of the most important to be
discussed There may be a break witli
the college boys on the ground that the
present compact between the two organ
izations means nothing at all as suspen
sions by one are not recognized by the
The Insurgents realize that a new alli
ance between the aliove named bodies
would be a disastrous blow to their am
bition to start a rival to the A A U- and
they will from now on bend every effort
to prevent such a step being taken
Athlrten nt V M C A
The basketball team of the Y M C A
as at present arranged Is very strong and
should win a majority of Us games The
players are Bateman left forwartl
James right forward Mueller centre
Brewer left back and Pimper right
back The team still has a number of ex
hibition gamts to be played before the
regular league series begins It experi
enced Its first shut out on Thursday last
when It lost to the Carrolls 10 to 0
Prof Beckett has Issued a call to all
members who are Interested in the forma
tion of basketball nnd baseball teams to
play for the championship of the associa
i tion Notices have also been posted re
questing that names be handed in by No
I vembcr S
The dates for holding the semi monthly
contests for tho all around athletic cham
pionship of the association have been
fixed and arc as follows Novemlier S
and 22 December 11 and IS Jnnuary 10
and 21 February 7 and 21 Slarch 14 and
23 The individual championship contests
of the Uastern Branch will be held
April 11
The opening events November S will be
Springboard high Jump fence vault nnd
pull up These will be scored as Indi
vidual trials and at their conclusion the
contestants will meet and the make up
of teams will be chosen by lot
Tlie team captains decided upon are H
S Neal C P Bavenbiirg M J Gleuson
J Pewkes It N Richardson ami J J
Reamer Others will be appointed as re
The indoor baseball team will open the
championship series next Saturday in
tlie association gymnasium with a game
against the Arlington Wheelmen
Tho basketball team has been made n
member of the District National Basket
ball League formed last night and
which consists of the following teams
Y M C A Corcoran Cadets Light In
fantry Morton Cadets Carroll Institute
and Sixth Battalion National Guad All
games of the new league will be played In
the gymnasiums of the respective teams
and not In one central hall as In former
A lift -weight football team has been
formed and is open for games with local
teams J Burrows Jr Manager may b
addressed at 1137 S Street II C Fon
taine la manager of the big team and
games may be arranged by addressing
him at 1109 K Street
Tlie association track and field tram
will be entered in the indoor games
scheduled In Baltimore and Philadelphia
Cnrroll Iiintllnle i niiiii 1 urn
The candidates for places on the Car
roll Institute basketball team are doing
splendid work Tlie playing of the teams
lined up against the Y M C A last
week was of the star order One game re
sulted 111 a tie and the second game was
won by the association by a margin of
only one goal and the Carrolls won Weil
nesilays game if to 0
Tlie Boxwell boys are putting up good
work as backs Whalcn and Harding
have few equals here in the same position
so it will be seen that Prof Joyce has
plenty of good material with which to
fill theee places Thompson Dreyfus
Phillips Hollander and McAnnallev will
hold their own with any stt of for
wards In the league Costello and Kerr
may have a chance fur Uis regular team
Thompson will probably be made cjp
taln of the team
Kach of tlie games hahkethult and base
ball will have one night each week et
iiparl for prjetice and every player will
have an opportunity to put in all the
work he can stand
Th haHfltull team Is looking up well
and Is lmprovfcig in its llclding Klrby
and Murphy re doing the pitching and
they look like winners Hurdlug Is
catcher lie Is a new man but Is do
ing fine work Vurnell is one of the reg
ulars who wilt secure a place on tho
team The other players and substitutes
are Sheehy Clary Dreyfus Iviifesl
Thompson Kerr and Bayly The ttam
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A IooirlMutforin
From the New York World
The Ire Trust and pt fk e Trust make
- -
Wash B Williams Dealer in Furniture Carpels etc
Seventh and D Northwest
Specially Low Prices
on every piece of Furniture and every yard of Carpet
in the house We intend that this shall be the banner
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the latest scientific dii P
covcrics and anatomical
wonders relating to inen
and their special com
plaints Nothing obscene
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thing- anil surbly illustrated withe
Points the wav in treatment at home
forall obstacles Positively
invaluable to all men who suffer from j
depleted nerve force or drains on the
sytem caused by excesses improper
habits worry or overwork Sent by
man in plain sealed cover ior icn icuw
Address the Author naming this paper
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i Wash B Williams and p n w
will play a match game with the Urell
Rifles on Tuesday night
The programmKt work for the gym
nasium for the season us laid out by Prof
Joyce is as follows i
Monday and Thursday nights at S
oclock regular physical training and
class wort i
Tuesday night3 At DM oclock practice
of basketball teams
Wednesday nightu at 830 oclock base
ball nrsctice
Friday nights from X to 10 oclock clas3
exhibitions and athletic contests
Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 430
oclock xfiiysical training and drill work
Monday and Thursday afternoons from
330 to o 1 ladies classes
Wednesday and Saturday afternoons
at 3 oclock junior classes and drills
The Junior basketball team is fast and
In good shape It would like to arrange
games with Junior reams whose average
is not over 100 pounds The team consists
of Howell Crograri iDrurr Smith nd
Qulnn ii
The work in the gymnasiura classes Is
not neglected by auy means On the
contrary the classes are largo and doing
splendid work regularly under the direc
tion of Prof Joyce Two Juniors who are
doing fine specialty work with their in
structor are Masters Jack Daly and
Malvln King
Corcornn Cudet Cornr
The basketball team and substitutes of
tho Corcoran Cadet Corps will be as fol
lows Centre Mastln Boyle and Dowl
Ing right forwards Zeil and Xash left
forwards Barnholt and Mastin right
guards AValters and Shcchy left guards
Morlarty anil Shoemaker
The team lined up against the Cirrolls
regulars last Wednesday and defeated
them 13 to S
The baseball team Is doing good work
but not quite up to the standard set by
Captain Edwards manager The players
piacticc twice each week
In most of the games the team line up
has been Chick catcher Zell pitcher
Bouvet first Donovan second Moriarty
third Handlboe right short L S Wal
ters left short Barnholt and Masten
lielders The substitutes are Sorrell
Nash Sheehy Boyle and Iglehart
If these teams show up well in their
work Captain Kd wars will arrange
games for them to be played In Baltimore
this month
The Urcll Bllles played a game of base
ball with the Corcorans Wednesday night
In the Guards Armory The Corrorans
won by the score of 11 to 10 It was a
splendid exhibition and both teams
It Is a well known fact that
a cow can bo affected with tu
berculosis and yet give non-tubercular
milk in fact Is not li
able to do so UNLESS EXTEN
TRESENT or else tuberculosis
of the leats milk glands or ud
der exists Columbus Medical
What system of Inspection will
draw the line for us with the
thousands of cows supplying
milk to Washington
It will not afftct Its digesti
bility nor as a rule produce
constipation And it may save
those whose power of resistance
is impaired from an attack of
Wont Inst Much Longer
From the Philadelphia ecord
Notwithstanding President Roosevelts ample and
bitter experience of bureaucratic methods while
Assistant Secretary of tlie Navy the veteran bu
reau chiefs do not hesitate to apportion among
themselves in advance the patronage and plums
of the natal service in which it would seem the
fighting contingent should at least share equally
In the estimation of your true bureaucrat the
naial hero U a mere workman while he himself
is the whole outfit engines big gun foghorns
and all
A IVir Venrs Unprovided for
From the Minneapolis Times
Speaker Henderson is said to have declared for
Roosevelt in 1U04 and Fairbanks in lig Now
if the Iowa gentleman will kindly take care o
1912 1916 and 19M the country will tjr to con
centrate its mind upon the ordinary affairs of
this workaday world
snoweu trie goou resuns ui iia ir i rrit ff i T a
tlce It was the Urells first game and I ha Knfh I rpafmpnt
they worked like winners The Sixlh Bat I
talion team will play the Corcorans to
morrow night
HueiiKerlitinil nonllns Tcnni
The bowling members of the Washing
ton Saengerbund having held the District
League championship two seasons 1837
S and lSto lSOO are in the field this sea
son for tlie avowed purpose of again land
ing the honors and the handsome trophy
a silver bowling cup donated by the
South Washington Business Mens Bowl
ing Club which becomes the permanent
property of the club winning it three
Iist season the team did not make a
very good showing because of the fre
quent changes In its lineup This season
it is proposed to select a team which will
carry the work through the season and It
Is probable mat such players as Burdlne
Lajp IJonl and will be among the
candidates chji a for the team The
above bowled nil or part of last year
sometimes changing olf with Markley
Berens Kcrmnein and others all of
whom bowled well but on account of tho
changing about thny never reached true
team form
The team will be Anally named tomor
low night by a committee of three ap
pointed for tlie puriHsc and team prac
tice will be taken up at once The season
will open November 11 and It promises to
lie full of good buwliiig from beginning
to end
Henry Laue thfjerest strike bowler of
the Saengcrs Is quit willing to bowl
again but prefers to sfive some new man
a chance to work himself up in the game
lie will abide by the committees decision
Dr Hubert ICocb IDr Edirnrd ICoch
Endorsed by tho Best Physicians
Dr Koch has returred from Germany
nnd the Tuberculosis Congress of Lon
don He lias brought with him the latest
cure and the only one endorsed by this
All other treatments have proved fail
ures The latest and most wonderful ap
paratus for giving the newest treatments
for consumption catarrh and asthma
is now here at 627 E Street northwest
Washington D C Dr ICoch and his
physicians in charge at the Koch Lung
Cure have made u lifetime study of these
diseases They ciiarge nothing for consul
tation or trial treatments and nre always
plened to talk with tho allllcted These
doctors have for many years been In
Washington and axe established at C27
E Street northwest Their method of
killing the germs of the disease Is by
the inhalation process which throws the
healing oily vapors Into the lungs and
not the old way of taking medicine- Into
the stomach and It has met with a most
ivnnilerfnt mrrpw Thpv brve ctiril hun
dreds of patients and will be glad to
give the names anil addresses to any per
son who will call for them at the original
Konh Lung Cure at C27 E Street north
west Washington D C
Those who suff r with Malaria Chills
Ftvt r ami kindred ailments will find
ELIXIR BABEIC art Infallible remii A
fine tonic and liver regulator At all
druggists 50c
I UUII 3 Safest surest cure for
all throat and lulitf troubles People praise it
Doctors prescrilie It tuick sure results Re
fuse substitutes Get Dr Bulls Cough Syrup
Washington Alexandria
Mount Vernon Railway
From Station Pennsylvania Ave and 13H St
In effect November 1 1901
For Alexandria Week days SSO 704 730
S00 819 8S9 8S5 1000 1015 1100 Ill
a m alz OJ ijo uj xlS tJ 100 130
x302 S3Q S JO xlill 23 4 il SfW V
540 803 630 700 730 800 S 930 1015
1120 1159 p m
m 12 V noon 1230 100 uo n - i esi
SS0 itO 430 500 530 400 30 703 730
800 845 930 1015 1120 1150 p m
For Mount Vernon Week days 030 800
1000 1100 a m xl03 xl05 200 xJ02
xlI4 x522 705 9S0 p m
Sundays 900 a m 1200 noon 200 400
530 700 930 p m
ror Arlington
m M 2K1S in l rr
125 200 230 302 1JH 39 MS3 M54
522 003 6S0 700 800 p m
SUNDAYS 745 900 915 1020 1100
1130 a m 1200 noon 1S 30 100 120 200
220 S O0 -330
-400 4 500 530
600 630 700 7D0 800 p ra
x Expiess To Arlington only
Parcels carried Baarace checked
J COLVIN Superintendent
C E ABBOT President
Frieland Nov 0 noon 1 Havcrford No 27noon
PhPphlaNo 13 Wara IPhlU Dec 4 10
EL PaulSo20 10 am St Paul Dec 11 10 a ia
FrieslandNoT 8 noon I Haverford No 27noon
SouthwarkNo 13 noon I Zeeland Dec 4 noon
Vaderiand Nov20noon Friestand Dec 11 noon
New twin screw steamers calling at Cherboure
Piers 14 and 15 N R
New York Office 73 Broadway
Washington office i3ou f st s w
Or 0 W Moss 1411 0 St N IV
Should be read daily as changes may occur
at any time
FOREIGN MAILS are forwarded to the ports of
sailing daily and the schedule of closings Is
arranged on the presumption of their unin
terrupted overland transit For the week endin
November 9 JJOl the last connecting closes will
w nunc irom ine jiu urtlCE u follows
Trnnn Atlnntle JInlU
iiuvuil o i n p m for EUROrK per a
s K M Theresia from New York via Plymouth
and Bremen Mail for IRELAND must
be directed Per s k K it Tiieresfa
c At 1103 p m f0r irLY direct per s
Archimede from New York Mail must be direct
ed Per 8 s Archimede
c At 1105 p m for AZORES ISLANDS per
s a- Tartar Prince from New York
TlESDAY c At 11KB p m for EUROPE
per a a Majestic from New York via Queens
c At 1105 p m for EUROPE per s s Fries
land from New York via Southampton anil Ant
werp Mail must be directed Per s s Friea
per a Augusta Victoria from Xew York via
Plymouth Cherbourg and Hamburg Mail for
Gascogne from New- York via Havre Mail for
other parts of EUROPE must be directed Per
s s La Gaseogne
FRIDAY c At 1105 p m for NETHER
LANDS direct per s Rotterdam from Xew
lork Mail must be directed Per J e Rotter
c At II -OS pra JorTTALTdirecrtier 9
Columbia Irom KcvTorlc JIail must be di
rected Per a Columbia
c At 1105 p ni Mr EUROPE per k a Lra
bria from New York via Qucenstown
Mnlls for Sonth nnd Central America
AVchI Inilles Ktc
SUNDAY Nov 3 h At 11 M p m for
GUAY per s s Buffon from New York Mail
for NORTHERN BRAZIL most be directed Per
a a Buffon
TUESDAY k At 1200 m for JAMAICA per
s a Admiral Dewer from Boston
c At II 03 p m for CENTRAL AMERICA
except Costa Rica and SOUTH PACIFIC
PORTS per i Allianra from New York via
Colon Mail for GUATEMALA must be directed
Tcr s s Allianci
c At 1105 p m for INAOUA and HilTI
per a Lauenburz from New York
c At 1103 p m for FORTUNE ISLAND
per s s Adirondack from New York Mail for
HAITI must be directed Per a s Adirondack
c At 1105 p m for CAMPECIIE CHIAPAS
TABASCO and YUCATAN per s Monterey
from New York Mail or other part of-MEXICO
must be directed Per a a Monterey
WEDNESDAY c At 1103 p m for JAMAI
CA per s a Admiral Sampson from Boston
o At 1105 p for the BAHAMAS and the
toga from New York
c At 1103 p m for BAHAMAS per a a
Antilia from New York Mail must be directed
Per s s Antilia
THURSDAY c At 1105 p ra for MEXICO
per a a Seneca from New York via Tampico
Mail must be directed Per a s Seneca
FRIDAY c At 1103 p m for PORTO RICO
per s s San Juan from New York via San Juan
c At 1105 p m for CURACAO and VENE
ZUELA per a a Zulia Irom New York Mail
for SAVAN1LLA and CARTAGENA must be di
rected Per s s Zulia
e At 1105 p m for FORTUNE INLAND
GREVTOWN per s s Athos from New York
Mail for COSTA RICA roust be directed Per s
s Athos
c At 115 p m for BRAZIL per s s Brit
Ili Prince from New York Mail for NORTHERN
GUAY must be directed Per s s British
c At 1105 p m tor ARGENTINA URU
GUAY and PARAGUAY ir s 3 Castiliaa
Prince from New lork
Malls for NEWFOUNDLAND by rail to North
Sydney and thence via steamer clom here daily
except Surdars at 1200 m and oa Sundays only
at 1130 a ni d h
Mails for MIQUELON hr rail to Boston and
thence via steamer close here daily at 315 p
m fd
ClitA MAILS cleose here via Port Tampa Fla
Mondays Wednesdars and Satuidars at 230 p
m 0
Mails for MEXICO overland unless epeeially
addressed for despatch by fcteamcr sailing from
New orfc close here daily at 1030 a m and
10 p m
GUATEMALA by rail to New Orleans and thence
via steamer close here daily at 1000 p ra the
conneetina closes for which being Momliys
Mails for COSTA RICA by rail to New Orleans
and thence via steamer close here daily at 1000
p m the connecntirr closes for which being
Mai for CHINA and JAPAN via Tacoma
clcc here daily at C20 p ni up to Novemlier 5
inclusive for despatch per s e Olympia o
Mails for CHINA and JAPAN via Seattle do
here daily at 630 p m up t Novemlier 6 in
elusiie for despatch per s R Idunii Ma u Reg
istered mail must be directed Yia Seattle ol
Mails for AUSTRALIA except West Australia
tthkh U forwarded via Europe NEW ZEALAND
FIJI SAMOA and HAWAII via San Framisco
close here daily at 630 p m up to November
9 imiifcive for di spaUh s s Ventura o
Miih or AUSTRALIA exceit West Australia
which goes via Europe and New Zealand which
goes ia San Franew o and FIJI INLANDS vis
Vancouver clcwe here dailyat 630 p m up to
Novemlier 9 inclusive for dctiaUli per s s
liammun Mall ranst be directed Via
IPPINE ISLANDS via San Francisco here
daily at 630 p m up lo November 11 intlusive
fur despatch per s Maru o
Mails for HAW ill via Sn Francisco dorf
here daily at 630 p in up wNovemier IS in
elusive for despatch jwra s Alameda o
IPPINE ISLANDS via San Francisco clrxe here
daily at 630 p in up to November IS inclusive
for destatch per s m China o
via San Francisco close liere daily at 630 p m
up to November 21 inclusive for despatch per
s s Australia o
Mails tor CHINA and JAPAN via Vancouver
close here- daily at fi3 p m P te Novenibtr
ill inclusive or despatch er s s Emprc of
China Registered mail must b directed Via
Vancouver Merchandise for the U S Postal
Agencv at Shanghai cannot be forwarded via Can
ada to
Mails COCHIN CHINA are fi rwarded to
New York for connection with European stearrers
patched to San Francisco at all doses for that
oMice to connect with Government tranport the
sailings of uhiii are Irreguar
FICE as follows 10 At 101 p m same day
C At -S X p III same day d At 500 a m
same dav 0 At 100 p m p rvious dav h
At 12i p ni previous Sarurdav k At Stt
p m prfvious Uv o At 611 p m previ u
day JOHN A MKItittTT Postmaster
and Dining Cars Ilarrisburg to rittaburg
Pullman Sleeping Dining Smoking and 0b
servation Cars Harrlsbarg to Chicago Cincin
nati Indiarupolla St Louis Cleveland and
TaImIk nr t i
Jjffirrl9 20i0 I0M DAILY FACT LlNFilnunBuffet
Parlor Car to HarrUurz Buffet Parlor Cat
HirriK ru11
iu i uuoiirr
Car Waihlnjton to St
Louis and Sleeping and Dlnuuj Cars Ilarrlv
lunr to Indianapolis St Louis Nashville via
nncinnjti and Lnirtnllll n1 ninnt
15 1 H DAILY srr films Poll
anil Amtft nJTTrlr man Glui n 2
j - - fi 10 su umiis
VoX i 1 -3 - rJ WEBfKIW EIPRFSS Poll
man Sleeping Car to Pittsburg and Chicaso
vr lw t nicago
- b
NATI EXPRESS Pullman Seeping Cars Wash
Ington to Pittsbirrc and Ilarrisbnrz to Cleve
VJnJ vliIe vU Cincinnati and Louis
ville Dining Car
Sleeping Car to Pittsburg
with through Parlor Car Dining Car ami
Coaches to Buffalo via Emporium Junction
- or Kane Canandaiirua Rochester and
Dftnru dllr xcept Sunday
10 SO A M for Flmlra and Renovo daily except
Sunday lor Wllllamsport daily 330 P M
w ith through Buffet Sleeping Car and Coaches
- i Emporium Junction
Pv1 AH T or Erie for Rochester Buffalo
and Niagara Falls dally except Saturday with
SrpnBC Washington to Rochester
- M or Canandalgna Rochester
i J Klwra Falls dally Pullman
Sleeping Car Washington to Rochester Satur
days only
Jor New JTork all Parlor Cars with Drain
Car from Baltimore
For Philadelphia Xew Tork and
tbe Enst
Express 700 Dining Car 7M 815 300 190
Dining Car 1015 and 1100 Dining Car from
Wilmington A Jl 1215 315 450 Dinlnj
Car from Baltimore 650 J000 and 1150 P
M On Sundays 700 Dining Car 7M 815
900 1025 1100 Dining Car from Wilmington
A 31 1215 315 450 Dining Car from Balti
more 650 1000 and 1150 P M For
Philadelphia only Express 745 M 1215
P M week days 201 410 and 540 P M
For Boston without change 745 A JJ week
days and 450 P M daily
For Baltimore 615 700 ISO 745 750 S t5
000 10 00 1025 1050 11D0 A M 1215
1215 12S 5rfll S 1S a WV riW IlmlteHl
410 4 433 450 540 615 650 715 743
1000 1040 1135 and 1150 P M On Son
days 700 7 20 750 815 900 905 1025
1050 HrOO A 31 1215 115 2 01 315 330
400 Limited 410 420 450 540 615
650 715 745 1000 1040 and 1150 P M
For Popes Creek Line 745 a m and 433 p
m week days
For Annapolis 700 900 A 1L 1215 and 510
P M week days Sundays 9 O0 A II and
540 P 1L
Express for Florida and points on Atlantic Coast
Line 4 JO A JL 312 P M daily
Express for Florida and points on Seaboard Alt
Line 1101 A M daily Florida and Metro
politan Limited 655 P M dally
Express for Richmond only 905 A M week
days 500 P M daily
Accommodation for Quantlco 746 A 1L ailj
and S P II weekdays
Ticket offices corner Fifteenth and O Streets
and at the station Sixth and B Streets where
orders aan be left for the checking of baggaff
to destination from hotels and residences
Telephone call 1111 for Pennsylvania Rail-
road CUh Service
General Manager Cenerl assencer Agent
Schedule corrected to November 3 WOL
Trains leave from Pennsylvania Stationl
801 a m Daily Local for IlarrisonbvirgrWarJ
renton Charlotte and way gtations
1115 a m Daily U S Fast MalL Sleeping
cars to New Orleans Columbia Savannah and
Jacksonville trailing at Salisbury with sleeper for
Ashcvllle Chattanooga and Memphis and at
Danville with sleeper for Birmingham and at
Charlotte with sleeper tor Augusta Solid trala
Washington to New Orleans Dining car service
1137 a m Daily Local for AVarrenton and
401 p ra Week Days Local or Front Royal
Strasburg and Harrisonburg
430 p m Daily Local for Warrenton and
950 p m Daily Washington and Chattanooga
Limited Via Lynchburg Sleeping cars t Roan
oke Knoxville Chattanooga Memohis and New
Orleans Through coaeb to Memphis Dining car
955 p ra Dally N Y Fla Express Sleep
lag cars to Angusta with connections for Aikes
and Charleston and to Atlanta Savannah Jack-
sonville and Port Tirsugh coaches to
Jacksonville and Atlanta Uniting at DarrriUa
with Pullman sleepers from Richmond and Nor
folk for Charlotte Tourist sleeper Washingtonfri
San Francisco Mondays AVednesdays and Fridaysj
Dining Car Service
1045 p a Daily- Washington ana Southwest
ern Limited the only exclusively Pullman train
between AVashington and the South Sleeping
cars to Ashville Knoxville Chattanooga and
Nashville and to Atlanta Macon Birmingham
Memphis Montgomery Mobile and New Orleans
Club car AAashington to Atlanta Dining car
Leave AVasI igton S10 a m 10 p m 4J3
p in and 1 V rn week days and 91 a
m and 65 I W Sundays only for Bluemont
and 625 p m week days for Leesburg
Returning a Te Washington 824 a m and
S00 p m datt and 834 a m and 215 pm
week days Iromemont and 657 a m week
days from Leesburg
Through trains from the South arrive Washma
ton 642 am 632 am 735 am daily 215 pm
and 900 p m daily From Harrisonburg HOT
am week days rd 910 p m daily From Char
lottesville 83 am and 940 pm daily
Tickets Eieeplng C2r reservations and other in
formation lurnished and baggage called for and
checked from hotels and residences by Union
Transfer Co on ciders left at Ticket Office 70S
15th St XW 511 Penna Ave NAV and at
Peri1 St linn
Phone Main 1141 Ior V IL R Cab Service
FRANK S l UN Jd V P aa jtgr
II HARDWICK General Passr Agent
L S BROArV Ccneral Agent
3 00 P M DAILY Cincinnati and St Lou
Special Solid train for CincinnatL Pullman
Sleepers to Cincinnati Lexington Louisville In
dianapolis and St Louis without change Con
nection for Virginia Hot Springs Dining car
Parlor cars Cincinnati to Chicago
1110 P M DAILY F F V Limited Solid
train for Cincinnati Pullman Sleepers o
la xirurton and Lnulsville without ih se
Compsrttrcnt eepcr to Virginia Hot Springs
Tuesdays and Saturdays Dining car Sceprs
mennati to Chicago and St Louis
Reservation and tiiketv at Chesapeake and Ohio
ffices 513 Pennsylvania Avenue 600 ltlh Stret
near F and at the station Telephone call
Main 1411 far Pennsv Irani Railroad Cab Service
Ti lmhone Main lOtt Gen Passenger Agent
Capital City Route
Leave Washington Penna R ft Station
DAILY Through Pulman Sleepers
to Jacksonville connecting at
Hamlet with Pullman Sleeper to Atanta
DAILY I IMITED Through Pullman Sleep
ers to Tampa and Atlanta
These trains offer excellent schedules and servtcs
to Petersburg Raieigh Southern Pines Pine
hurst Camden Columbia Savannah Jackson
ville and ail Florida points Charlotte Athens
Atlanta New Orleans Chattanooga Nashville
iioirts West and Soathwcst
430 A Hi LOCAL To Petersburg Raleigh
DAILY Southern Pines Pinehnrst Ham
let and intermediate points
Office 1131 N Y arc and Penna R R Offices
General Pass Agent Cenersl Agent
Norfolk and Washington
teamboat Go
Every day in the jear Icr Norfolk N w
port Nexs ami all points South by th
niperh pownlul Meet palace suamers
Newport News -Norfolk od
- Inclon oh the following schedule
Lv WashingtouB30 pm I Lv Portsmouth500 pro
Lv Alexamriai 00 pm Lv Nwlolk pa
Ar Ft Uonroe7UJ am I Lv Ft MonroeO pm
Ar Norfolk SaMiral Ar AievndriS0 am
Ar PortraoutkS15 jtn Ar Wahiiton 700 am
Ticket on sate and staUrooms reserved
at general ticket oiflce Bond Building 14t
it and N Y ave at downtown office
Cth t and Pa ave at office on wharf
and on hoard steamers
laVFur turiner information apply at
eral offices foot 7th st phone 750 ol
Bond Building 11th st and N Y ave
AAashinjton D C Phone 2290
jiiuw utaauiii General Managtav

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