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house nnd placed in charge of the room
until the arrival of the Coroner excluding
allpersons from the room In the Interim
Vjoliceman Holton Wolf who lives across
assisted Drady when the
doorwns forced will be called J Frank
rircwi a member of the police force at
the United States Capitol whose room was
across the hall frcm the one occupied by
Ayres and who came In shortly after the
door vm forced will also testify
The- Coroner to Testify
Among the otHers arctoroncr J Ilam
ay Nevitt In charge of Uie invmtlga
ton prior to the inquest and who was the
next arrival upon the scene after those
previously mentioned Charles 1 Conn a
rcpftrte who was In the room a moment
aftertlw arrival of the Coroner and who
was one of the first to detect the cvl 1
denccs of murder h is expected to tes
tify as to the condition of the room and
building and as to subsequent fnvcstlga
tions which he made WilllamSchoneberg
cr the superintendent of the morgue wire
removed the bodv from the room and as
sisted the Coroner throughout the case
Detective Sergeant Charles T reck who
was the lirst umccr to arrive on mc scene
from Pollen Jliaduuartcrs after word of
the traced lfad been cajried there by
One of the triost interesting witnesses
Is James Burns the most intimate ac
quaintance or the murdered man and at
the time of the lading- of the body the
last known person io have betn with him
Arthur E McCubblns Michael Uogan
and John on J Hooper will tell of
ing a saloon with Ayres Just prior to his
lading- retired to his room on the nlnht
Z ofIhe tragedy John L Uownsilso sum
t mtftud had a Toom removed from Ayns
bynne and who was unable to see any
one descend the fire escape although
lwotooked out or his window for five mln
trajifter he heard th reports of the pis
tol Detective It 10 Wccdon told pri
marily of the condition of the door be
tween the room of Ayres and the one oc
i upeld by JJIss ilinae and of other mat
ters whiCjh came under his observation
Ijtpctivn Sergeant Kdward Home se
crcd the statement from Mrs Ddninc 1
and was constantly at hotel and In
consultation with Mrs Bonine LarMn
V Giazebrook the deputy coroner
formed the autopsy and described the
nature of the injuries
Klert in Chemistry
Dr JEdward M Schatffer th6 expert
made tho analysis of all of the susiiett
d blood inarks and demonstrated that
the bloody Imprint of the hand upon the
window sill could not be that of Ayres and
raust have been that of a woman Thomas
Ilaker was awakened fty the shots and
lrom Ids window in the adjoining house
saw tlie of a woman that he
minutely described the description per
fectly Iittl 5 Mrs Bonine and Mrs Bo
1lne alone emerge from the window on
the fourth Door and deiscend the fire
cscap iu llie moonlight
Robert P Hopkins and Us son Vincent
heard the rejiorts of the pistol and partly
Ceseended the stairs to Investigate but
returned to their room without
lig the source of the reports
Mary K Minas occupitd a room adjoin
ing that occupied by Ayres and separated
from it only by a door that fastened only
on her side and in which the cracks were
so large that small articles could be read
ily passed througlL Miss Minas heard the
phots and the groans which followed but
thought the noise came from the hall in
front of lier door and that the moans
i fchute the phvslcian at the Jail made a
Sfchute the physician at the jail made a
ortful examination of Mrs Bonine after
her admission to that institution In com
Iany with Dr William P Carr Eliza
Gardiner- a colored domestic in the hotel
testified as to the relations of the various
boarders and the condition of their rooms
She was suspected of having written an
anonymous postal card which has been
carefully guarded by the authoitles
Major Hichard Sylvester Cajit It H
Boardman iVIwin B flesse aud James
A Kemp all of the Police Department
will be expected to tell of the statement
which Mrs Bonine made in their pres
The Xersv
The sew witnesses in the cose are De
tective Sergeants Prank Baur Alpha IV
2 larham Collin E K Flather and Henry
Ijicy George B Gardiner James K
Ford John Buchanan Joseph C llcCabe
Milton M Miller Julia Sydney Michael
Kane -William IIargrave Dr John A
Taft Samuel V Beall Alfred J Henry
Thomas Francis Jamts S Ayres Julias
Helen M Pickerel was also one of the
witnesses before the coroner and testi
fied to having played the piano far the
lance in the ariy evening She also
Mated that Mi s Minas first informed her
of the ihootins
eome since that Hankes and Morgan are
to ue orougnt uacK to America They
have leen duly extradited and arc now
returning to the scene or their alleKtd
On Maroh A 11t it in vntd 4he nrlnnftrs
robbed one or two women of their pursesJ
In the Pennsylvania depot this city Ther
were arrested given a hearing and
gave heavy bond Then they
alrlpptd out of the laud Their arrest in
England followed
The lhllmlelphln Company to Con
Jrol the fillfliurK DiMtrlet
PITTSnrna Pa Nov 17 Tlie Iward
of directors nf the Plilladelphla Company
has completed arrangements to increase
its Iwnded indebted ntm to 12 and
ttr capital stock to n6W0v The- South
ern Traction Company is to be absorbed
the stock issue of which amounts to
Negotiations ore pending for the ab
rorptloo of the Suburban Jtapid Transit
Company and other smaller Interests
which when completed will give the
Philadelphia Company entire control of
traction operations in the Pittsburg dis
A report of a committee of the Phila
delphia Company directors will be pre
sented to the stockholders for their ap
proval onDecember i when the commit- j
-a iMtiiii iur ine aiMwirpuon
of the outside interesu will 1 ready with
Il report The present bonded
of the Phlladelplda Company is fl-
111 Ifnpe or I lov Nurse nt
IroJricne Hospital
Sibie r i oulso lu charge of Providence
liurpllal was reported sinking fust late
last night Her malady typhuid fever
which lias clung tenaciously for weeks to
the patient sfves no sign of alulement
Gradually Slater Souise grows weaker
and it ii now thought she cannot survive
Yesterday as usual Mrs Marv LawNr
mother of th patient was at her bed
side Mrs Iavier has beoi in the city
uhout two w ks having come from New
Yok whrre fhe reside
J ur two yvftry Hitter Louise las l en
In cliarge of Jrovide nce Hospital ever
elnee the- lath it Sister Beatrice to
vhom she was formerly united closely in
the work of the hospital Sister Ixnilse
is a native of New York and a graduate
of St Joph Seminary at Emmlttfc
burp Md She has spent the jiakt twen
ty 4v yjtrs t 1rovlderce HonpltuL
Mr Slolunl lo Aid the- Arrl
The Rev Dr Stafford will deliver a lec
ture at the New National Theatre on the
i ftemoon of Friday November 23 for
the- iwneflt of the fund for the JdcKlnley
memorial arch The lecture will itv givn
under the uusplees r the McKlutey Me
morial Arch Association The ntire gross
Itceipts will be turned over to the treas
urer of the sOciutloii
Liver ill
liiliousnets sick head
ache Jimidiec ludiges
tlon foiistlnaticii arc
cured by Ilooili Pjlli
liisjio take easy to operate DnusltU jZc
tllnltloii to lie Movement by
Cardinal Hihiiim und Lemlliiir
Arclililxhiiiili Other lues
HiiliR to Ue buttled
Tho Archbishops of the United States
composing the hierarchy of the Human
Catholic Church In this country will hold
their annual meeting at the Catholic lTnl
versity next Thursday Cardinal Gibbons
as the president of the body will occupy
the chair
Those -expected to be present are Car
dinal Gibbons Archbishop Ityan of Phila
delphia Archbishop Corrlgan of New
York ArchhMiup Williams of Boston
Archbishop Feehan of Chicago
op Elder of Cincinnati Archbishop Keano
of Duburiuei Archbishop Katzer of Mil
waukee Archbishop Christie of Oregon
Archbishop Kuin of St Louis Archbishop
Riordan of San Francisco Archbishop
Bourgale of Sunnr Fe X M and Arch
bishop Ireland ofSt Paul Minn
One of the most important iiuestlons to
he brought up foi discussion and final dis
posal and jiffclY is of vital interest to the
Cuthollcs throughout the Ignited States Is
undoubtedly the question of the fedem
tion of Cntbolio societies- of America This
project the- most notable exponent of
which is Bishop McFaul Jias for over u
year been a topic of universal interest
and keen debate
Many prominent Catholic laymen f the
country have lxen eager for its speedy
accomplishment The more Influential of
the clergy however have heretofore
maintained nil attitude of strict reserve
on the point
Kiildit of Coliiinbiiu
The rjuestipn of the order of the Knights
al Columbus will also be discussed There
seems to be much difference of opinion
among the clergy in regard td this or
ganization some of them holding that it
is a secret society and therefore should
not be tolerated by theChureh while others
argue that It Is only a beneficial organi
zation BiMiftp Jansen some time ago
would not permit the Knights of Colum
bus to organize in his dioctse whereujion
the matter was brought to the attention
of Cardinal Martinelll for decli ion The
Papal Dele gate will announce his deci
sion In the matter after it has been thor
oughly dls cusse d bithc ArchbiMions
On Deceml er 1j a convention of repre
sentatives of the lading Catholic so
cieties of the rmtcd States is to meet at
Cincinnati It is expected that over 2
The aim and
puriwse of ijayconventlon is the organiza
tion of fetleration the elec
tion of dttters and the formulation and
adoption ipJ ftrmtltutIon and by laws
Tin re reason to believe how
ever that the convention of Archbishops
which meets here next Thursday will ad
vise against the organization of any such
It is declared to lie a prae
tlal certainty that the conveniion will
Issue a clear and unmistakable expression
of its sentiments on the subje et
OjipOKCri the Cnrdlnnl
Cardinal Gibbons it Is stated on relia
ble authority lias in private freely de
clared himself s entirely against this
federation as well as against any Cath
olic order that even bear asemblance to
a secret organization He holds that a
general federation of American Catholics
for any other than purely religious pur
poses wouldut the present time be more
detrimental than useful to the cause of
Catholicism in this country
Most of the Archbishops are with Car
dinal Gibbons In the matter On the other
hand the supporters of the movement
point to the federated Catholic societies
lermany which hold the balance of
Z i liuwer ja inu raruamem ot xnai
iViS arLS Clue I ant Empire as an object lesson to offset
the argument of the antagonists of the
movement -
The last issue of the Catholic World
Magazine contains an authoritative dec
laration on the subject- The lollowing are
passages most applicable to the contro
Thert tnight have been some shadow
of a reason for the federation of Cath
olic societies under previous Admlnistra
TIiteieK Cnptnrc il in London tions but there will be absolutely none
under the present Administration
it i
IIrquKht IIiipU for Triul
dent iK3tlt Is determined to give
-Oil this -side of the sea friends wish I Catholics all that they reasonably ask
jpetrctives Weedon and Parham who j j fffi wI enDhins dnei them
tliat belongs to their rights This fact of
- fm 7 iii
sailed eKterdaj from London England
itself takes away the reason for the ex
bon voyage It is said the detectives Istcnce of national body to redress
Iue wltli tiicm John Morgan and James srievances
alleged pickpockets - These I luri many local grievances to
Uderes are high up in their class Thy
arc admired by their brethren In crime
while the ppliceycocsider their capture a
becomins climax to their recent careers
it ffrt l
be redressed Yes but there Is m n i
of a national organization to right local
VijUrimffH tf lleilrf HM
Moreojcr HieCatholIcs of the
d nQn tanJ fo their
trial on charges of larxeny from per- J7
bon did Weedon and larham go to tan- ow cJHzta wl11 a running sore to lie
don This was six wectts ago Word has l htaltd or a grievance to be redrejosed
We deilrc rather to unite with all tho
people of the efluntry and to do our share
In securinjrit ends
We are heart and soul American and
thoroughly 4n accord with the best sen
timents of Une American Government and
sympathetic With the highest aspirations
of the American people The time may
come when it will be necessary for us to
unite in a IGUhbllc party as the Catholic
people did in Germany but the lime- is
not now Nor is it wise to hasten the
necessity for such a state ot affairs
Another important subject which will
he brought up for discussion Is the status
of the Catholic Church in the insular pos
sessions of the Inited Slates
Inasmuch as the Archbishops are hon
orary trustees of tile Catholic Inlversitv
matters fiertalnlns to this institution wfll
also be submitted and discussed The
of the Catholic University will
meet on next Wednesday when the an
nual reports of the rector the secretary
the treasurer the trustees and the deans
of the various departments will be sub
mitted The matter of filling the chair
of GaeUIe litfrutmv and language will be
finally settle
The majority of the attending- Archbish
ops will remain oer until next Sunday to
participate at the consecration In the
Cathedral of Baltimore of Mgr Conaty
at Titular Bishop of Samos
Oiler of AxsUliiiice
Irlirlttens the J hle
Perry Wilsoij and John Snowden two
very black negroes were arrested yester
day evening by Policeman Fortney of the
Second precinct on a charge of petit
larceny The two lads are said to have
stolen a large bucket containing sixty
flve pounds of lard from a grocery store
nt the corner of Sevxnth and O Streets
north wtt
WlUjon was forme rlv a driver for Som
erset Waters the proprietor of the
and knnw the lay of the land On Satur
day night lie and Snowden entered the
store and pilfered the lard and made off
with it
Policeman Fortney who patrols the
beat near the store saw the Jxyjj carry
ing something that swined to lie too
havy for them ami being a good- fellow
went over to se if lie could be of any as
sistance Tiny declined and when Fort
ney presstd his services upon them tln y
dropiied the bucket and ran
Fortney ani to the conclusion that
they had stoien yje lard nrjd gave chase
but to no avail He seurMl a mengre
dcrltlon of the lads and arrest d them
ysti rdsy vning They were locked up
at tlie Second precinct
Kuiirm of the Undent Flghtx lllu
111 Ills llm iii
SFSQfEHANNA Pa Nov 17 When
James Wilcox a farmer residing pear
Cotno niered bis corn barn Friday night
Ii- found a score of lit ge rats helping
themselves to the grain Wilcox picked
up a whUJletrec and preee ededjo nnnl
liilaLc the rodntshlch Bavacely fought
for their liTCs
i Tlie animals swarmed upon him
inline him in- many niaett Mr
WXiind the hired lirlj canve to Wilcox u
or in nave jjcen ruie l ue
is n x critical -from Ids wounds
Twentv rats w re kllHiL
Itt Iircsentntlvc Illelinriljiun AVIHBc
Minority Candidate forJJnVnUer
The opposition to the renoRiinntlon ot
Representative James lit jBlcJiardsoiV ot
Tennessee as the minoritycttliijldate for
Speaker manifested shortlyajfter the ad
journment of the last Congreii seems to
have collapsed The few Democratic
members now in the city in discussing
the Speakership contest say that Mr
Itlchardson will undoubtedly he chosen
and practically unanimously
There was some talk th lt the opposition
would centre on Bcprcsc ntatlve De Ar
mond of Missouri and would put him for
ward to contest for the leadership But
Mr De Armond It is said by his friends
Will not be willing to make the light un
less lie is sure of whining
Yesterday the name of Representative
Lanham of Texas was mentioned as a
possible rival and candidate for the
Speakership nomination Mr Iinham
has served about sixteen years in the
House and he is regarded as one of the
ablest men on the Democratic side
However it is known lhatH majority of
the Democratic members have pledged
themselves to support Mr Richardson
which will ensure his nomination But
whether the nomination will be tendered
unanimously oil what the op
Iiositinn decides when it nieets In con
ference the latter part of next week
A Club Formed at Hurl mouth for u
Siiec iul In vt ttljcntliiii
HANOVER N II Nov 17 -A new so
ciety has been formed at Dartmouth Col
lege which is perhaps the iirit ot its
kind formed among college students In
JLhis country It is the Intelligent An
archy Club hut is not as its name might
Imply a scltty of conservative anarch
ists bred in the college atmosphere
The society owes Its inception to the re
cent assassination ot Ircsident McKin
ley Its membership is composed of many
of the lending students nnd debaters in
the college who believe that a problem
for study and Investigation has present
ed itself in the anarchist question
It is the Intention of the club to studv
aud discuss the principles of intelligent
anarchy with the view of determining if
possible to what end they tend and what
remedies must be applied if re strlction Is
During the winter the club will Invite
prominent men to come to Hanover to
make addresses on live political subjects
At the second meeting IU has been ar
ranged that two memhcK shall speak
upon The Position of the Anarchist in
America and Europe
lrAld tt Address
fiiiH of Aiiu rlemi Revolution
The first monthly meeting of the Sons
of the American Revolution will be held
at Rauschers on Wednesday evening No-
Hvemlier 20 at S oclock The addre ss of
the evening will be delivered by Justice
Thomas II Anderson In view of the fact
that the next natlonuttonvention of the
society will be held it Washington April
30 May 1 and 2 mi If Ja exacted that
the attendance at aU hp meetings tills
year will be exceptionally Urge
The propoi ed services in commemora
tion of George Clintonpnee Governor of
New York and af terxyard Vice President
of the United States have been jxist
poned until April A bronze marker will
be placed by the society at the grave of
George Clh ton and the addresses of
eulogy will be delivered the same day In
one- of the large halls ollie city it is
expected that the prlirelial spcecheK will
be made by President tftyosevelt and Sen
ator Depew
The iirelimlnarv plans for the national
congress are now beiny made Hon-
alter a Lgan otvtew lone me
Iresident General of the order ls ex
lectfd here to attend the meeting
Wednesday night An effort is being made
ill an States of the Union to make this
next congress the largest and most no
table patriotic gathering ever held in this
House nenoriits Not Scrambling for
Honorary Votes
From present indications mere will be
ne splUcd e o3cst among applicants for
the Democrat- caucus nomination for the
House offices such as marked the organi
zation of the Fifty sixth Congress
Thus far it is concede d that ex-Representative
James Kerr of Pennsylvania
will again he honored with the voters of
the minority for Clerk of tlie House and
ex Representative of Indiana
will be the choice oftie Democrats for
Doorkeeper as lift was in tlie Fifty sixth
Congress Just who will aspire to be tlie
ard the Postmaster
cannot at this time lie stated It is not
Improbable that there wjle several am
bitious Democrats in hi hld before the
end of the month
The nominations oDthe minority for the
ofllcos of Doorkeeper Clerlt of the 1 f ouso
Sergeant-at- - and Postmaster are
called empty honors butne vcrtheless in
times past there have been num rous
candidates and frequently more than one
ballot has been required to determine the
The successful candidate at this session
will have a lien on thcoffley in the e rent
of the Democrats currying the Houke at
the election in November
Francis II fc Co Ionu Heav
ily liy ljiiibe zzleiienf
NEW YORK Nov 17 Max Borchardt
a salesman and collector in the employ
ot Francis D Lcggett Co wholesale
grocers at West Broadway and Franklin
Street was arrested today at his home
yi East KlglitecnthStreet on a warrant
charging grand larceny Issued by Magis
trate Cornell
Tlie warrant charges Borchardt with
appropriating 113 which he had collected
on behalf of his employers A represent
ative of Legge tt Co told a reporter
however that the total amount of the
prisoners peculations was estimated at
I31tii not Including 4000 in which he
stands indebted to the firm and that he
had confessed in tlie theft of 15009
Borchardt hd been in the employ of
the company nearly four years as a sales
roan No suspicion was ever thrown on
liis integrity until last Saturday when a
mere chance led to a wholly unexpected
As an ordinary aleeman he would hnve
had no chance to misappropriate any
money at all but it has become the cus
tom in tiic wholesale grocery housc s in
this city for the salesman handling the
trade with bakers to do their own collect
ing Jn return they guarantee every ac
count opened through them
Borchardt had in Ins charge the trade
of Liggett Ar Co with the Jewish bakers
on the Hast Side a vtry important branch
of their business The Kmployefs Cas
ualty Assurance Corporation Limited of
London was on his oond for
When the first intimation came to the
Arm on Saturday tnat something was
wrong wltli Borchardts accounts a squad
of collectors was srt out ill once to visit
Borchardts cusioiners The result of a
single days work was the discovery that
the salecman under suspicion had eol
Kcted ROtW which lie hid not turned in
lo hl3tmployers
Ills method had been lo report his cus
tomers as being from two to four months
behind in their accounts when In reality
almost every out- had paid up to date
Coroners Jury lihlilH
Ctrl A t
CltEEPrc CeIo Nov 17 Brcauac she
Uilevcd her life In danger
Gertrude Simpson shot niM Instantly
killed her father Dr A NV Simpson on
Friday -veiling
Dr Simpson hnd bee n e Strang d frim
his wife- for years Lately he is said to
have threatened to kill bin itihtcr and
Uotirished a revolver In liArVju er
She found liln in bed lnloxicate1 on
Friday evening sle eping with his faie to
the wall She placed a ret dlwr ot his
Ick and the bullet peixM lik heart
She then crUd Papa is shot
The cvroiera jury w justi
fied -2
Grove Tastteifsi Ciail Tome cvn MjIatul
Ilirrrf urMrrriniii IIoiTevrrInmenl
tlir XtccHKity of KcriiliiK Jlany
CW rk More IVntiieil
fur tin Ilurrnn
The 30ii or more Census Office clerks
who for some months past have been
anxious regarding wholesale dismissals
from that otrtceJowlng to the completion
of the wort mapped out for that branch of
the Government service may reassure
themselves nsjthercls no danger of fur
ther discharges llefore tho first of tlie
mils reassuring statement is made by
Director Merriam himself In his last re
port just made public Referring to tlie
work of the census -the Director adds
with some emphasis that his department
lias experienceel considerable delay be
cause of the absence of emplpj cs from
either illness orMnnual leave
Regarding the fojiging of a large num
ber of the small1 army of clerks about
which rnmurs hilvabeen increasing dur
ing the last secml months Director
Merriam states that it had been hoid by
the 1st of November a number cf tho
clerks now emiHOycti could bfe dropped
But he adds Inasmuch ad- the work
has been retarded owing to the difficulty
of maintaining the- clerical force -at Its
maximum It Is not- likely that there will
be any material reduction ttntii after the
first of the year -
Frauds tulckly 1uuishel
Touching upon tho large number of
agents nearly 55009 in all employitl In
JTelU work the Director says that it was
hardly to be expected out of the large
number of agents employed In such work
that thero would not be some one who
would prove Incompetent and unfaithful
to duty The Director of the Census then
gives a somewhat lengthy statement
showing the vario js prosecutions conduct
ed by his office during the past year upon
enumerators who violated the Census Act
in this connection considerable space Is
devoted to discussing the cases of Ste
phen A Abeil a former Washington po
liceman who -was arrested on a charge of
padding the reports Charles II
Guylher Philip T Graves Daniel J
Bowles and Joseph iCchlng an attorney
at law AH of these men were assigned
to taking the census of St Mary Coun
ty Maryland and were accused with hav
ing made fraudulent returns by placing
on the schedule fictitious names those of
prsons who had died prior to taking the
census or who were non residents
More Scope -Wanted
In concluding his report Mr Merriam
asks that the scope of the work of the
Census lie enlarged and that the Direct
ors power lie extended more than it is at
present The Director accompanies his
rejiort wltli a tabulated statement show
ing the Census Office expenditures during
the past year and also encloses--an esti
mate of the appropriations required for
census purposes for the fiscal year ending
June 1MB which he places at about
Bonnet elt Children Shake tho AVliite
JIoue With Their 1Iny
White the ante room at the White Houe
was filled with visitors Saturday there
smote upon the ears of officeseekers Sen
ators Representatives diplomats and oth
ers of theassortedassembly which gathers
Haiiyto see or in attempt to see Presi
dent Roosevelt a rumble like thunder
The walls of the old residence of Presidents-
shook slightly Thechandcllers rat
Three gentlemen from Porto Rico
looked as If they expected a familiar
earthquake Attaches or the White House
nnd the doorkeepers- looked as mildly as
tonished rtslhAhV hftLitual dignity will
pernit Everyone Was perplexed Then
the mystery wai sojved
Sonic one explained that the Rooscve it
children were at play in tlie garret Their
cousin Philip Boohe volt from New York
came to Washington on Friday with Seth
Low gnd they were providing -him with
amufeement The noise when annlyzed
wltli a knowledge of its origin sounded
as if a bicycle was being rapidly ridden
about tlie floor of the garret The sound
was similar to that made on a board bi
cycle track of small diameter
It Js mnnvyears since the Whtto House
was inhabited by so many or such bright
children as are -the Roosevelt bovs and
girls Their devices for play are number
less aad they are not In the leHst re
stricted by any sense of false propriety
due to the fact that their father Is Presi
dent In the short time they have been
in the WJiite IIuuso they have become
personally acquainted with nearly ail tlie
attaches of the mansion r
Saturday Is their weekly holiday and
they make the most of It Philip Roose
velt will remain at the White House for
a few days longer Mr and Mrs Brock
of Plilladelphla old friends of the Presi
dent and Mrs Roosevelt are also guests
at the White House
One Senium of the IlnrKentlne
Illnnins Creiv Killed
ST JOHNS N F Nov 17 The large
British liarkentine LItania from Liver
pool was wrecked yesterday In a dense
fog near Trepasscy a few miles west of
Cape Race
One seaman was killed and all the oth
ers of the crew seriously injured
They were rescued with great difficulty
by the- fisher folk this evening the res
cuers being lowered down the cliffs
Ilolh ComhntnntN in n Sharon In
FlKht Will Die-
SHARON Pa Nov 17 As the result
of a desperate duel with pocketknlves
between Abram Ada and John Hnulan at
Newcastle last night both will die
The duel occurred In their hoarding
house but it has not been ascertained
nhat cause d It While a score of men
looked on the eombatants slashed and
stabbed each other until they fell to the
IVinr from loss of blood
They were taken to the hospital lu a
dying condition
Mary II Wilkln ItelurnM to Itim
lolpli lUii In Silent
RANDOLPH Mass Nov 17 Miss
Mary E Wilklns or Mrs Freeman wife
of Dr Charles E Fre eman whichever
she is arrived home today from
N J but absolutely refused to be
interview d on the subject of her re
purtii marriage to Dr Freeman On all
sides it Is said here that she Is still sin
gles and the townspeople who hold Miss
Wilkins very dear are outspoken in the
denunciations of the report announcing
iliat she iud been we Cdeil secretly
No less than three times have newspa
pers announced Miss Wilklns marriage
but on every occasion the falseness of the
stories lias been proved nnd the citizens
of Randolph have no hesitancy lu saying
the latest siory is untrue At Hie home
of the vriter the reported marriage was
laughed at and characterized as absurd
It was said that Miss Wilklns had been
in New York and Metuciicn since Thurs
day making preparations for her mar
riage which it was said will occur be
tween Thanksgiving and Christmas Soim
of Miss Wilkins furniture has been sent
to Metuchen
All tho reporters who called at the
house were told that Miss Wilklns wns
resting i
I otlmll PIiit Ilrr ukK mi Ann
WOOPBiRY K Ji Nov 17 Jnhn Sa
glrs one of tlie tromeit football players
in tin Uain of the rrth Wocdbiiry
Association while la a prai Ui e ganir
vest -relay ftrncct jfell n d broke jn
Nearly All Swedes Occupy Lnnl They
J Were Horn On
Tho population of Sweden In 1S0 by
actual countwas 50 B913 and the esti
mate forl0t5s5159000 nearly the same
as London tlie men number 2i666IS and
the women 25W2S0 which Is 1000 men to
1051 women whllcvthe ratio for all Europo
Is 1000 men tateM women Tho excess of
women in Sweden Is caused by the emi
gration of men
Sixty per cent of the population live by
agriculture 15 percent by manufacturing
and lumbering 10 per cent by commerce
and trsde S per cent by mining and the
remainder are 1 the professions and thn
army nnd navy and ensaged In different
By the last census there -were 333000
farms of which SJV0 were occupied and
tilled by tlie owners and 60000 were
leased This Is a larger percentage of
ownership I am told than ran be found
in any other country except Norway The
Swedish peasants have nlways been free
nnd Independent and have owned tho
land they till They have occupied it for
Sejno years at least and during all that
period have not assimilated with any of
their neighbors nor has their blood leen
diluted In- mixture with any other nation
ality so that except the Norwegians they
claim to be -of purer blood than other
There Is nothing in Sweden to attract
immigrants The increase In population
has been entirely natural The number of
foreigners In the country now is very
small only a few thousand Nlnety nlno
per cent of th Inhabitants were born In
Sweden and more than S3 per cent upon
the ground they occupy The present gen
eration in Sweden therefore are pure
Swe des
The peasants crn trace back their an
cestry into the Middle Ages as well as
the noDtlity iThe same families have
occupied tho sime farms for centuries
The soil has been cultivated for thousands
of years by tiro ancestors of tho who
cultivate it now Transfers of farm prop
erty are almost Unheard of and a farmer
was never known to move The titles
descend by Inheritance The families are
intermarried so that nearly the entire
population of certain districts are related
to one nnother
Tlie geographical sccliylon of the
Swedes separated from the rest of the
world by natural boundaries has had a
marked Influence upon the national char
acter Industry ingenuity honesty and
economy are lt j distinctive traits and
until recent years the ability fo supply
their own wants has been a peculiarity of
the Swedish people even when the rcanty
liarvests compelled the farmers to grind
up the hark of the birch tree and mix it
with their bread Recently however the
migration from the country to the manu
facturing centres has diminished the pro
ductive power of the agricultural popula
tion and has Increased the number of
mouths to be fed
Sweden with the exception of Norway
is the healthiest country in the world and
the mortality is lower than that of any
other Tlie two neighbors run a very
close race Sometimes Norway and some
times Sweden Is a fraction ahead and
taking tlie average for twenty years they
would be about equal During the last
ten years Sweden has been a little ahead
and the death rate for the entire King
dom has been 1143 per 1000 population
the lowest everTecorded for any nation
In certain partsof the United States and
Australia the rate is lower but not for
the entire nation During the same pe
riod the death rate In Norway was 163
England lUfand Frence 222
There are more Jews than Catholics in
Sweden The last census shows over 3-
generally men of business There Is
nothing In Swtyeh to attract the poorer
classes of Jeivs from Russia Poland
Hungary and other countries from
which they emigrated In large aumbers to
the rolled States but the business op
portunities arc tempting to capitalists
nnd some of tluejulargest enterprises In
the Kingdom are now owned or manag
ed by Jews
Tlie Jews claim King Oscar as a friend
of their race which accounts for the
friendly interest he has fre quently shown
in their affairs Before his reign there
was an intense religious prejudice in Swe
den but his favor has gained them pres
tige and has been largely influential In
moderating the hostility of the clergy It
Js still a matter of dispute but Hebrew
authorities claim that Bernadotte Napo
leons Field Marshal who founded the
present dynusty of Sweden was of Jew
ish ancestry According to his biography
tlie father of Bernadotte was the mayor
of a- little village near Pau France and
his home Is pointed out to tourists Chi
cago Record Herald
Transportation- IVoiv tlie Second
Inrcril Industry In the Conn try
When we consider that there arc over
eleven billions of dollars Invested in
steam railways in this- country and that
transportation outside oft a gri em It lire is
the largest industry in this country it is
with aHtonlKhmcntthat somo persons will
rend that the first man who ran a loco
motive in this oi ntry Is just dead in
the poorhimscB -We are willing to admit
that there IB atgrent coruoversy as to
the actual engineer who performed this
service but tho tnan in question was cer
imniv ntip of theDloneers
I hose who haVe reached only threa
score and ten cannot icv uick io - emie
when there wis not a considerate de
velopment of railways in this country
So soou as tlwy were seen to he practical
there was u rush of capital to these enter
prises most of whirh were aided by the
nation States or municipaliWes In lhW
there were about lolCJ miles of railway
either built or under construction while
ttmoIi ronre was contemplated The long
est line was tlie Erie which was com
pleted the next year and was consid
ered a wonde r since it reached from the
port of New York to Lake Erie For
twenty years more railways were built
much as suburban trolley roads are now
and not until some yeeirs after the civil
war did the genius of Commodore an
derbllt exercise Itself In the amalgama
tion of short lines into trunk roads the
outurowth of which forms tho big sys
tems of today
The railway Is today the chief artery
of commerce We cannot suppose
to the old condition of nnniis when
the horse was the chief motive power and
tlie canal was a wonder Today it Is easier
and quicker to go to Chicago than It for
merly was to go to Harrisburg We buy
anything we want at a low price simply
because dHtance has been practically an
nihilated It Is of iJitcreit at this time to
remember that one life spans so large an
amount of scientific development Morally
we may not lie better than our fathers
though we trust and lclleve that wc are
but surelv In every oilier way we have
progressed to an extent that the wildest
dreams of the Imagination could not have
conceived when young grey haired men
first saw the llslit Philadelphia In
Due tn Keononilenl Conditions find
fot Iiu relled TiintIon
The wonderful -development in the eco
nomical conditions of Italy is fully con
firmed by the figure of the budget for
tlie year ended June 20 lat which have
Just been published
Tlie surplus of receipts over expenses is
110000 -an hitherto unprecedented fig
ure and continuing the progress of the
year previous
The increase is derived from ail
brunches of tin State revenue and has
not been helped by any Increase in
Large State economies have been ef
fected and the terrible state of confusion
of six ears ago his been entirely altered
for the better Rome Correspondence In
the London Mall
Mild Eyed Mil Hd Concenled
John Junior the mayors messenger
was confronted by a wild eyed stranger
yesterday afternoon who demanded to
see His Himor Mr Aehbrldge He car
ried one hand In ids pocket and acted in
such a peculiar mann r that the
ilodgcel behind a desk out of range o
a possible- pistol Icfjre announcing that
for tlie day
the muvor had gone
hiin Ihls with my compliments
lid the wild eyed man pulling a note
from hWlifiOfct Instead of a weapon
much to h Ti4icf of the messenger Tlie
letter iadJ No all men by the prese nts
tint bearer wants work lie Is harm
i nr nm w sneaks unless spoken to
and if gtwnwork it will he appreciated
by tin ixsnrer This hails from 21 ward
Philadelphia Record-
Ceil isUilen tlnil T01L
Duffy Pure Malt Whiskey Is Used Exclusively by
Almost Every Prominent Hospital in the
United States on Account of Its
Absolute Purity and
Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey cures con
sumption coughs colds grips bronchitis
catarrh and all diseases of the throat and
lungs It also cures nervousness and In
digestion It givt s powerto the brain
strength and elastleitv tcv the muscles
nnd richness to the blood It Is a promo- TnE READING HOSPITAL
ter of good health and longevity makes Heading i a ucr u won
ths old young keens the young stronjf Wc have used Djiffys Pure Malt
It will cure almost any case of 1 m lKlAJSncr Wn5 -
It 11 l 1 Li i5XuJr
uuc factory ul JOSKFit clothier Res
Ilarrlsburg Pa Oct VO 19X1
We have been using Dcnys Pure Malt
Whiskey In our Institution for some time
ana nnu it agrees better than other
brands in the convalescence of disease
and In emergency work E O PEAR
SON M D Resident Physician II L
ICAUCHER M D Visiting Surgeon
ident Physician
Duff ya Puv Malt Whiskey has stood
ssvero tets for rieany fifty years and
has always been found absolutely pura
and to contain great medicinal properties
If you are sick and run down writ our Medical Department It will cost you
nothing to learn how toTJUn health strengin and Medical booklet sent
fn e jS f
CAITTON Our patoms are cautioned against so called DITTYS MALT
WHISKEY offered foralein bulk and in other than our Patent Bottle with our
name blown In same DfrFYS PLTRE MALT WHISKEY Is sold in sealed bot
tles only Offered in any other form It Is not genuine
PPCC To any reader oruhis paper who will write us we will send free two of our
I liLL patent game couriers for whist euchre etc Send 4 cents In stamps to
cover postage They aK tlaique and useful
It is the only whiskey recognized by the Government as a Medicine- Tills Is a
guarantee Ail druggist add grocers or direct 100 a bottle DUFFY MALX
WHISKEY- CO Rochester N Y t
The Sale of the Century
No Limit Itio Reserve
The entirefurniiure stock of Mayer Peltit slight
ly damaged at the rkent fire and 20 van loads from lead
ing installment house 3 carloads of extra fine furniture
from Grand Rapids Michigan the entire stock ofa New
York parlor suite manufacturer who is obliged to converi
stock into cash Also a rare collection of antiquesjjpon
which storage charges and advances are overdue
To be sold commencing
Tuesday Novembsr 19 1991 at 1009 am
and daily thereafter until entire stock is disposed of at my
temporary auction rooms
Magnificent jforiris Chair valued at 200 50 Mahogany
Oak -and 15irdH Eye Maple Bedroom Suites odd Dressers 75
Tailor Suites 100 Gilt Chairs 200 odd Parlor Pieces Library
Suites Magnificent Flemish Gak Dining Suites elegant 3 piece
Parlor Suite viiluttlati00 elegant Parlor Cabinets Ladies
Desks Music Cabinets beautiful Turkish Embroideries 100
pairs Lace Curtains Portieres 50 Brass and Enamel Beds
Chiffoniers Toilet Sets Tables Wardrobes Sideboards Buf iv
fets China Closets Extension Tables Leather and Cane seat
Chairs etc etc
These combined stocks must be sold positively asl have
given notice to vacate the premises The goods are all of ex
cellent iiiuiiiifactureViinfl persons contemplating the purchase
of furniture of iinykind will do well to wait for this sale as
it affords an unsurpassed opportunity to purchase new goods
at less than cost -
Antique Mahogany Furniture Brass Goods etc
On exhibition TODAY from 9 a m to J p in
Zht iOtiftMtonQimr
-Weather Indication
Fair tcday and tomorruw light to fresh
winds mostly northerly
Highest temperature 4 p m
Lowest temperature 4 a nj
Sun rose 613 AM I Sun sets 415 PM
Moon rise I Moon 8tsll10 PM
High tide
Low tide
1222 AM and 1243 PM
655 712 PM
Lamps lit today 522 PM
Lamps out tomorrow v jm AM
National Richard Mansfield in 15cau
calre evening
Columbia 1Iorodora evening
Lafayette The Two Orphans even
Cliases A Day and a Night In New
York atternoon and evening
Academy Thomas Shea In A
Kcrnans The Crackerjick Ruriesciuers
afternoon and evening
Bijou Ilurlesque nnd vaudeville ard
Alexandra Dagmnr afternoon and even
luting at Eeiiuing race trick beginning
t 2 m
XatlM s Dure Iearn to Ilsie In
lie Mreets
All IVa a Chinese bicyclist was fined
J25 und costs in the Police Court this
forenoon for running into and capsizing
a woman on Nuuanu Street near Mer
chant Strett yesterday afternoon The
f rrest was made by Officer Kalakiela the
clerk of the receiving station KalawMa
states that when he saw tho Chinaman he
had lost control of Ills bicycle A couple
of women were walking across the street
on the crossing and into one of these
the- Cliiuanin rode Both fell to the
ground The hlcycliit arose mounted his
wheel qulcklv and was about to ride off
when a detaining hand vas placed on his
Judge Wilcox told the -defendant that
he had no more right to learn to rido
a bicycle on the street than he himself
had to train n wild horse In the same
iv mile had a nfrfcct right on the
strict crossings Honolulu Bulletin
tlltfSIIXofiiiUer 1 1001 at 6 oclock p
in rllWAltl AMUTSII the belcsrf buibanl of
Maria Ambush and the fither of Joseph Kdirard
anil Elizabeth Aubluli
Imicrni Tuwdav Vor 19 l oclock p in from
Cliun li ml
writ in
will be a special meeting 1 the Iixjge JIOSDAY
XOV IS AT 7 OCLOCK to make irranjtenitata
for funeral of our late brother E W Knowlo
THE Childrena Ilorpital hu a deed ot trust on
it for tnenty thoucind dollars en uhich it U
paying interest Help to pay it
N umvir J KIG11TU business AND collece K STS
25 a year Business Shorthand Type-
St bearding and day school for stixls and joaii
ladies primary commercial ami coliese pre
paratory courses music and art classes resumei
Mondav September 1G 1301 for further parUcn
lara addresi SISTER M AUCUSTA Superior
j 812 F STREET
Cudertnker aud Emlmlmer
04O F St f W
CTerjtliln strictly Srst class on the most rea
sonable terna
Telephone call Main tM
Undertaker nnd Livery
33 Tcnn Ave N W Waslilnsrton D a
The dressiest kind of Overcoats In
the very latest cut and tailored
in our inimitable manner for as
low as
005 507 Seventh St
A tleiiglitfully pure mel
low ntL Mov distilled cx
vrojflr for wt tnde
SI full jt
Edward J Onion 604 Pa kn
cz ii

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