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umcg of Vlr HoohlcH mid tlcne ml
-Mile to He Winched to Icti
tlmi fur ii
The signatures of President Roosevelt
General Miles and Gen Wallace F Ran
dolph will be attached to a petition for
a charter In the National Societi of the
Army of Santiago de Cuba which v ill be
forwarded to the headquarters of that or
ganization today Besides the three nota
ble soldiers named a number of cterans
of the Spanih AniTican war are Interest
ed in an effort to establish in the Dis
trict of Columbia a branch of the society
which was organized in the Governors
palace at Santiago Just after General To
ral surrendered
A preliminary meeting was held at Na
tional Guard heedquarters in the Star
Building last night General Harries will
submit the petilon for charter with
twenty four names already attached to
the President today and also to General
Miles and to General Randolph
The President is even now a member of
the council of the national organization
He was at Santiago when the meeting
imi iith rmn1trt In the
t 1 t several Oinu tml I lent ijiB msiory 01 uie cii ica
tlon of the society by
soldiers who were anxious to perpetuate
the memory of the victory which proved
the death stroke to Spanish domination
General Shatter was then elected Presi
dent The list of vice presidents Includes
the names of General Wheeler and Gen
eral Chaffee The gallant Law ton was
also a vice president
ComlltioiiH for Mriiiliernlilii
Any soldier who participated in the
campaign between June 16 and July 17
the date of the surrender is eligible to
membership in the society The enroll
ment runs into the thousands
The meeting last night was fairly well
attended Gen George II Harries com
manding the District National Guard
presided He was colonel of the First
JlnrrlltKe License Clerk Wmiltcl l
n Tintlil IlnHtniureiiii
Just step over to that desk and stand
under the green shade was the direc
tion gicn to a prospective benedict
James Stiflcr of Baltimore yesterday as
he walked into the office of the Clerk of
Court at the City Hall The visitor was
directed to the desk occupied by the mar
riage license clerk
The Baltitnorean was accompanied by
Miw Jennie Gem nil ofStewartstown
Pa The waj in which the groom hesi
tated and looked around when he en
tered the office told plainer than words
bU mission The bride elect was gowned
in a neat fittlag traveling suit of Jlght
brown cloth and waited quietly while the
would be husband answered the questions
propounded by the clerk
After securing the license the happy
couple were directed toa nearby minister
who tied the two Into one
H 13 w
m ft
Dr A IlIliiuiN Coimldcn l MlHtiiUc
to Cuter to VAenlllij Cln
With General Shallenbergcr the 1ourth
Assistant Postmaster General presiding
the twenty fourth annual convention of
1 he Columbia ssociation of Baptst
Churches of this city was opened last
light in Calvary Baptist Church Eighth
and II Streets northwest In a few brief
but well chosen reraarhs General Sballcn
borgcr tendered a welcome to the meet
ing as did the pastor of the church Rev
Dr GreLne
During the evening prayers were of
fered by Rev Dr C C Meador pastor
of the riflh Dartlst Church and C C
Coleman the Interesting and youthful
pastor of tlio West End Baptist Church
After the church choir had rendered
the old familiar Dovolcgy Rev Dr G
S Williams the pastor of the lletro
politan Church was Introduced bj Gen
eral Shallenberger Dr Williams was
scheduled to deliver the annual sermon
to the members of the association
In a voice tint rang throughout the
immense charel the speaker told of the
mistakes made by churches in catering
to the wealthy class He impressed upon
his auditors that it was not wealth that
speeded the advancement of a religious
bod but work On the contiarj he
s iid there were many wealth persons
who according to statements made and
vpnlied failed to contribute as much to
ward the churchs treasury as many of
the poorest of the congregation The
addition of wealth persons to the con
gregation of a church said Dr Williams
only tended to lessen the religious bodjs
progress and was nothing moro than an
impediment to progress
Dr Williams also discussed to some ex-
monarchs but had in the end survived to
3Ir llnller Objects to btnteticnt Tlint
He Ih Prnctlcnllj Insolvent
Nicholas T Hallcr yesterday filed suit
in the Supreme Court of the District
District of Columbia Volunteers during i against Alexander Wolf and Charles Fran-
the Santiago campaign Most of the vet
erans who attended last night were mem
bers of that regiment although thee
were on hand several Regular Army offi
cers at present stationed n Washington
Practical the only business transact
ed was the signing of the application of
the petition for a charter and the ap
pointment of a committee v lnch will
draw up a constitution and bj lavs for the
organization to be Known as the District
of Columbia Branch of the National So
ciety of the Army of Santiago de Cuba
Lieut L W Herron of the District of
Columbia National Guard acted as secre
tary and Lieut Charles MK Salisman
of the United States Army as treasurer
for the temporary organization The com
mittte en by laws appointed by General
Harries will consist of Lieut Col S T
Norvell of the United States Arms
Captain Saltzman and Corporal J A
Brcsnahau of the District of Columbia
National Guard Another meeting of the
organization will be called as soon as the
charter is received
The dues of the society are 2 per year
Of this sum one half is turned Into the
treasury of the national organization It
ib expected that when the movement is
once well under way that the member
ship of the local branch will run into
the hundreds Many Regular Army offi
cers who saw service in the Santiago
campaign are at present stationed in
Washington and will probably become
members of the organization
Ior the President to ilm
The signatures of the persons named
below were attached to the petition last
night At the top of the sheet three
spaces were left blank for the signatures
of the President General Miles and Gen
eral Radcllffe The names following are
given with the rank and command luring
the Cuban campaign Lieut Col S T
Norvell Ninth U S Cavalry Major J T
Kirkham Sixteenth V S Infantry Capt
Eton A Edward Twentj -fifth U S In
factrj Sergt Leon Chaplus Twenty
second U S Infantr Corporal James
Richie First U S Cavalry Lieut
Charles McK Saltzman First Cavalry and
Col George IL Harries CapL F L Gra
ham Lieut T V Walker Lieut Francis
B Wheaton Lieut T S King Lieut
H M Bell Lieut R B Hays Lieut L
W Herron Lieut Clifford Cox Sergt
R L Quackenbush Sergt W T Place
Sergt Charles G Mortimer Corporal J
A Brcsnahan Private J L Smith Pri
vate Heitmuller Private L C Dyer Pri
vate A D Taylor and Private W C
Hiekey all of the First District of Co
lumbia Volunteers
see its enemies laid away in their final
rcstiii place
At the conclnsion of Dr Williams ser
mon a partial report of the committee on
oider of exercises was brought to the at
tention of the association The meeting
closed with the singing of a hymn bj the
congregation and a benediction vias asked
by the pastor
The convention will continue until
Thursday night meetings being held
every morning afternoon and evening in
Calvary Baptst Church
cis Carusi two of the receivers of the
American Savings Bank to recover 20000
because in a petition filed in equity a
few days ago they referred to the plain
tiff as Nicholas T Hallcr an architect
practically insolvent
The suit will in a measure dccde
whether or nti receivers appointed by
tions made with reference to the status
of the matters turned over to them for
Investigation and settlement
The American Savings Bank of which
Hallcr was one of the three organizers
suspended payment some time ago On
the petition of Hailer the court appointed
receivers to take charge of the affairs
of the bank In his petition Hailer
stated that he was a stockholder to the
amount of 10000
In a report to the court submitted some
time ago the receivers stated that the
bank was organized with an ostensible
capital stock of 50000 but that only 270
was paid in in cash the balance being
made up of demand notes -
In his declaration Hailer also takes
exception at references made by Wolf and
Carusi to a statement made in their pe
tition proposing to relate his method of
dealing in vacant lind He Is represented
by Charles W Darr and Joseph Salomon
as counsel
A Iteslilent A ho KneUs the
of His Neighbors
According to tho testlmonv of his
neighbors a resident at 417 Ninth Street
southwest has no respect for Sunday
George M Griffith has voiced the woes
of the neighborhood in a complaint to the
Commissioners He avers that the resi
dent of 117 has no regard for the nerves
of those who dwell in the vicinity
Mr Griffith states that his neighbor keeps
a chicken slaughterhouse in his back
yard at 417 Ninth Street He najs the
slaughter of chickens in this place on
Sunda has become a nuisance which
ought to be abated
Mr Griffith calls attention to his ex
perience when the compraint was made of
this matter once before He savs an
inspector cf the Health Department made
an Investigation on a day when the kill
ing was not going on The report of the
inspector nc sa was O IC and
nothing was ever done about the trouble
Mr Griffith says that the slaughter of
the chickens is carried on on Sunday
Tuesday jnd Thursday and he hopes the
irepectors will time their visits so as to
Investigate when there is a likelihood of
ascertaining the source of the complaint
Services to He Held Todn Inter
ment nt Wltiutit Ga
Funeral services will be held this
morning over tho remains of Mr L S
Brown jr son of Col L S Brown of
the Southern Railway who died Sunday
morning after a lingering and painful ill
nes of consumption After the funeral
the body will be conveed to Atlanta
Ga for interment
Mr -Brown is vell known in this city
batiilg attended Die Washington pcbllc
-schools Later he went to Harvard Uni
versity graduating with high honors He
then decided to stud medicine at Johns
Hopkins Universit While pursuing his
studies at that place he contracted the
disease which ended his life Every med
ical attention was given the young man
He was snt to North Carolina but he
was found to be getting worse and wts
sent back litre that he might pas j his
last days at home
Dont Be
Shabbily Dressed
When 3ou can pui chase i stjlinh
Suit or Ovcitoat and jmv for it
at coiiuin intervals without de
pleting your pocketbook
For Today
We are oiTerhifx a handsome as
sortment of liens Suits in a beau
tiful selection of mateiials These
Suit sue fash
ionably made and
are worth 1
at other stores
Our pi ice
fi g ffW
415 417 Seventh Street
Trnntiort Muleteers InvelKleil
Sieiiln Pniicrs mill Iori eil
Sen e in llnttle AKillimt
tlie Hoeri
A remarkable storj of the cmplojment
cf American boys as muleteers on board
the transports earning horses and mules
from New Orleans to the British forces
in South Africa and the subsequent im
pressing of the lads into the English
arm for service against the Boers was
related at the State Department jestcrday
mornim by a father who was seeking his
sons release from the obnoxious condi
tions wrich he is informed exist
The vlsitoi was Frank Porter of Lo
gansport Ind He told of the apprehen
sions which he ielt for the safct of his
son Lenun Torter a bo of fifteen jcars
who left New Orleans on October IS on a
transport bound for Cape Town
Al VfslHtiinee of Mute Ilepin tment
Mr Porter presented no affidavits or
legal leprccntntions of an sort to tho
Dcpartinpnt but asked for the emploj
rtient of Its ofTcIal machiner In securing
the Lojs custody upon his arrival at the
South African port The transport on
which oung Porter shipped as a mule
teer Is due at Cape Town and the State
Department sent a telegram to the United
States Consul General there to appre
hend the boy when he came ashore and
send him back to tho United States at
Mr Porters expense
Though Mr Porter did not specif any
direct charge as the basis of a formal
complaint his represeutations to the De
partment involve charges of bad faith
against the British Government He ex
plained that according to information re
ceived by him a wholesale trade In ship
ping boys to South Africa is being car
ried on by an cmplomeut agenc In St
Tho boys are shipped as transport
muleteers and just before reaching Cape
Ton Mr Porter is Informed they are
told that they cannot go ashore unless
they sign the ships papers as British
subjects Only too glad to get on any
land tne bos sign and Mr Porters u
foimants sa that they are Immediately
impressed Into the British military serv
vice as subjects of the King
Hojm Secured In St Louis
Mr Torter said that he had made an
Investigation of the matter and had re
ceived letters fiom young Americans who
shipped from New Orleans on British ani
mal transports who asserted that many
the District CSrt are liable for bos under seventeen years old were be
t 1 11- - I the St
inE secured for this service bj
I ouis employment agency This agency
Mr Porter said was given a commission
of T3 for every bey employed by It for the
British Government He believes that
hundreds of American minors have been
forced to go into the British military
service through the method referred to
Hl3 Investigations have convinced him
that for the past eighteen months tnns
ports Lave sailed from New Orleans for
Cape Town at the rate of one a week
each carrying an average of eighty Amer
icans shipped as muleteers
CiniiililliitN From Mr Stuvvc
James G Stowe until recently United 1
States Consul General at Cape Town
made frequent complaints to the State
Department In regard to the shipment of
Americans at Xew Orleans as muleteers
on British animal transports Mr Stowe
said that these men became destitute at
Cape Town and besieged the consulate
general with requests for money to return
home Many of them became desperate
and enlisted in the British army Mr
Stowe said In one of his letters that he
had spent much of his private means to
help his distressed fellow countrymen
Conditions of the loor Ilcicrllif d li
Mr A filer
Many citizens of Washington realizo
that there is plenty of missionary work
to be accomplished in the slums of this
city Thl3 was made evident last night
when an LnusuiIIy large audience assem
bled in the auditorium of the Columbian
University to hear Charles Trederlck
Viellcr General Secretary of the Asso
ciated Charities of this city deliver his
lecture on Social Settlements
The lecture was given under the aus
pices of the Monday Evening Club I
which Is composed mainly of people con-
nectcd with the various charitable and i
correctional organizations of the District i
This lecture on Social Settlements is
one which has never before been given
and Mr Weller has collected pictures
stories and data on the subject throuqh
several years of work at Hull House
Chicago Commons Neighborhood
House and other social settlements of
Chicago The pictures were of the build
ings and grounds of various social settle-
ments both large and small
Special mention was made of the day
nursery conducted at Hull House and I
the new labor museum which has
lv ieen opened at the latter settlement
A photograph of Miss Jane Addams
Prisoners Aid Depnrtmciit sslsts n
Hoy JlneU lo rinlnml
As soon as h can make the journey a
boy who in his short life has received a
grown mans jshare of tho hard knocks of
adversity will be welcomed home by his
parents in far off Finland A father who
was powerless toregan his child to the
home from which1 he had for years been
lost will be reunited with his son throjgh
the agency of a Washington charitable
organization the far reaching effect of
whose good work is cloaked In unostenta
tlon The Prisoners Aid Department of
the Episcopal Diocese of Washington sent
to his far northern home this boy who
had apparently been racing straight down
the steep sloping path to ruin
Tho restoration to home and parents
and to a wholesome atnrosphere of the
boy so long a waif from bis native land
Ib but in cvami le of the extent lo which
the Prisoners Aid Department goes to
aid a case which it has once taken in
meeting held at trs residence of
Bishop Satterlec on November IS brought
to a close one of the most successful
seasons in the organizations history The
object of the organization is concisely
expressed in a clause of its constitution
An organized cfTort for saving the oung
from becoming criminals
And the success In achieving this end is
remarkable especially in view of the fact
that a scant 11000 per year is all that is
expended More of an effort will bo made
in the near future lo bring to the atten
tion of the public the work of tho or
ganization which makes no appeal for as
sistance and support more eloquent and
forceful than is the record of its work
There were 5G3 people assisted In vari
ous wajs during six months ending Oc
toler 1901 Sixty persons were sent to
their homes in this country and Canada
and the single boy to his far off Finland
Employment was secured for thirteen
clothing supplied for forty five homes se
cured for twelvcwhlle the release from
the workhouse was obtained for ten per
sons and release from jail sentences for
At the meeting at Bishop Satterlees
residence the Rev Mr Williams arch
deacon of Trinity Church presided Fif
teen members of the Prisoners Aid De
partment were present tjuite a large
sum was pledged for the support of tho
Hunt lii ItrenKt of Ictitotiic Iore
rmliorx Snj Dr Ann Scliuiek
The principal speaker at the regular
monthly meeting of the Continental Chap
ter of the Daughters of the American
Revolution held at the Ebbitt House last
evening was the Key Dr John Van
Schaick of the Church of Our Father
The subject of hh address was The
Spirit of 76
He said that the spirit of 76 was the
spirit of liberty a hatred of wrong and
oppression and a desire on the part of
every man to enjoy the fruits of his own
toil He traced the spirit of II back to
the time of the w iting of the Magna
Charta Concluding the speaker said
Born In the breasts of the Teutonic
forefathers the spirit has grown and it
will continue to grow -until the whole
world has felt It
The rcmalnderof the programme includ
ed a reading of a historical paper by Mrs
Mary C Beach a report of the meeting
of the Daughters of the American Revo
lution at Buffalo last summer by Miss
Ccrnelia C Llovd an address by Mrs
Mary S Lockr ood State Regent and sev
eral musical selections by tho Medley
Mandolin and Guitar Club Mrs Gertrude
Buckingham Dlnertcr
The meeting was presided over b the
Vice Regent Mrs Lucy Marsh
founder and head resident of 111111 j The draft which was drawn bv George i her counsel of 30
House ana a piciure oi rroi urauain
Taylor and his family who established
and are now conducting Chicago Com
mons were among the views displayed
A I Hllfj UecoverH ltiiiiiiK4 IVimi
Glen Kelio Ilililvvii Coliipmi
ROCICVILLE Md Nov 18 The jury In
the caBO of William T Riley agiinst the
Glen Echo Railway Companj rendered a
verdict in favor of the plaintiff this even
ing avnrdlng JSOO damages for personal
injuries sustained The Milt was the out
come of an accident wllch happened nt
Riley station near Glen Echo In 18SS
Riley was a passenger on a westbound
ear and when he alighted at Riley sta
tion was struck by itn eastbound car and
sustained several serious Injuries
The grand Jury for the November term
il the Circuit Court wil adjourn tomor
The new board of county commission
crs will organize tomorrow
tl lill llotiMp CruiiU rrMted nt
of Chief Will-
The sanity of John ODonnell will be
mado a subject of Judicial enquiry on
Friday next in the local courts Ho is
known to the police as the White House
crank and was arrested a few dajs ago
at the instance of Chief Wiiklo of the
Secret Service
ODcnncll is about forty fivo years of
age nnd claims to be a native of Ireland
He Ins betn nt the White House on sev
eral occasions lately endeavoring to bee
the President Some time ago O Donnell
spent ten months In an asylum for the
Insane at Houston Tux
K iolut AttneU of Ckiiiii furi il
l it wfitlir an infant eltiM of mine had
c cup in a ioltnt form wiva I ldr John A
1cifcrj 3 ClulIian Ivansrrllt ot I illcv JIo
ft lirr u fi ilocc of 1iamleruliv Onisli
Mnlilrmnii lfitl lu Hivtr Prom n
ltnllrom Trnln
A single name written uponan old piece
of paper was the clew that led jesterday
to the identification of the body of the
negro who was knocked Into the river
from the platform of a Southern Railroad
train Satuiday night while crossing the
Long Bridge as that of Jack Cole The
body was fished from the river by tho
crew of the harbor boat Sunday after
noon after dragging all day
Cole was a driver for a second hand
furniture dealer on Pennsylvania Avenue
The big key found In his pocket was to
the stable In which the horses had been
patiently waiting ever since Saturday
night for tho feed which Colo will never
agjln supply them with
The body was Identified by a colored
woman residing on Sixth Street between
D and E Streets northeast where Cole
had been living recently The investiga
tions of the Coroner showed that the
deceased had been beating his way on the
train and was banging on outside of the
vestibules when the accident occurred
certificate of death from accidental
causes was accordingly given Captain
Eoardman has telegraphed to Charlottes
vllc where Cole formerly lived to try
to reach some of his friends or relatives
The bod is now at the morgue
A Jiirtir Iom h u Vnlu - Paper In
tilt- lt Hull
J T Dyer a Juror serving In Circuit
Court Xo 1 yesterday lost a draft for 110
in the north corridor of the City Hall
N Mjers in favor of Joseph L Ilarlcy
was made pavable at the Metropolitan
National Hank in this city
It was dropp d bv Mr Djer a3 he left
Circuit Court room No 1 at the recess
hour Two hours later the envelope in
which the draft was scaled was picked up
In tho corridor The envelope however
had been opened and the draft abstracted
n1nnnn nr n nnM
UlUuUUUU llJ 11 vUUVtll
conquers the mot stubborn Cough or Cold
it oimcy cures Ilronilutis Hoarseness
Grin Asthma Jnilueiiza and Consumption
Wm II BrcdrroIChrysteStNewYotkCity
writes l had a cough ever since childhood It
was so bid that hood would spurt fiom my nose
which wouldlcavc mc weak so that I was often
comclled tolcavc inj work Started to take Dr
hull s CuuKhSjrapaiidbciorcthcthirdbottlewas
mushed inj cough vas ertirelj gone
The formuli for Dr Hulls Cough Sj nip
wa li covcrtd by Dr J W Hull Balti
mores most successful throat spu ilitlaml
vas prescribed by him formanj jiurs It
has cured thousands of caei of Grip
tjuglis Colc Hoarseness Bronchitis and
Consumption It never Wl3 large bot
tles ic ntallnigil RdiucanbstJtutcs
tlicv are injunmi There is nonoiCstas
1 ciunlv and in a s Iiort tiinr all ilanjw wa patt pioil us Dr
and the chill rftovcrwl inu ruiuily not onl
ones croup but when civcn a jon a the
Ert ivmptoma appear will pm nt the alta k
It contain tip opium of other hannfu sublamc
and may be clrin a confldentlv lo a habv a tu
an adult For kale by lll lt I V Whole
sale and Hctall and all drugsisU
Hulls it has stood mo le si
fir CO vears ami ii toiliv tire i ribeil by
nl Uadin odors and ummI csclusiv cly by
prominent hospitals
Medical Tiook
let Irre to anjone who w I v me A C Mejer
Co Baltimore Md and pienlion this paper
Save the Babies
NFANT MORTALITY is something frightful We can hardly realize that of
I all the children horn in civilized countries twenty two per cent or nearly
one quarter die before they reach one year thirty seven per cent or more than
one third before they are five and one half before they are fifteen
We do not hesitate to say that a timely use of Gastoria would save a ma
jority of these precious lives Neither do we hesitate to say that many of these
infantile deaths are occasioned bthe use of narcotic preparations Drops tinctures
and soothing syrups sold for childrens complaints contain more or less opium or
morphine They are in considerable quantities deadly poisons In any quantity
they stupefy retard circulation and lead to congestions sickness death Castoria
operates exactly the reverse but you must see that it bears the signature of
Chas H Fletcher Castoria causes the blood to circulate properly opens the
pores of the skin and allays fever
a i c pMiTP wF5 t h i him mm
similating tticFoedandBeg da
ting UieStoinachs andBowcls of
Promotes DigeslionXheerfur
ncss and Rest Contains neither
OpiumMorplune norfineral
lsTox Narc otic
Jape afGUHrSiKVamaiER
Apcrfect Remedy for Consbpa
lion Sour StomachDiarrhoca
ness find Loss OF SLEEP
Facsimile Signature oP
Modem luvliif to lie Ialtl
Itliin n lpur Ciilureil Di
vorce IiItlKUUtM in
Corporation Court this morning Lulr
V illlams through her next friend Emma
Rills Instituted suit to obtain a divorce
from her husband William Williams and
to obtain custory of her
infant daughter now in the possession of
her husband All the parties to tho suit
are colored The complainant was repre
sented by S O Brent and E B Taylor
and Charles Bendheim appeared for the
Judge Norton heard the argument on
both sides as to who should be entitled
to the care and custody cf the child pend
ing the suit for divorce and the amount
of alimonv and counsel fees to be allowed
pending the suit After hearing the evi
dence he delivered his opinion He de
cided that the child should remain in the
custody of tb2 father but that the mother
should have the right to visit it as often
as she should desire until further order
from the court and awarded the wife all
monj at the rate of 7 50 per month until
the final decree In the cause and fees for
The father and mother oi me cnuu are
separated Several days ago the father
of the child was in the Police Court on
complaint of having taken the child il
legally from the custody of the mother
Irom the evidence elicited at the hear
ing it seemed that the father had taken
the chid from the custody of itt aunt
who resides In Washington and brought
it to his home in this city Tho
mint tplprranhed the mother who
child came to Washington and then came
to this city and had tre ratner arresicu
The major after hearing the evidence In
the case decided that he had no authority
to aet in the matter and let the father
have the custody of the child
The Committee on Streets of the City
Council tonight held a meeting with
Chairman Leadbeater presiding and de
cided to order the vitrified brick for the
navlng of Alfred Street from King to
A bad congh la more stubborn than a Queen Street tomorrow It was decided
rniilp and if tlie right Jticthod is not used to award the contract for the work on
it is raoro diilicnlt to conquer
lonuaj morning me- euiu -In
connection with the work is already on
Its way here This work It Is expected
will be finished before Christmas
The work of paving King Street from
Fairfax Street to the river front is being
vigorously pushed In the contract it is
specified that the work must be finished
by December 3 Thoe in charge expect
to have the work completed by that time
If the weather holds good It maj be fin
ished before
It Is now vcrj evident that Alexandria
Is forging nhead in the line of street improvements
Is already
modern square
provements as one
ready completed and two more are under
wav The work of paving two more
streets with vitrified brick will bo com
menced before tho expiration of another
week It is expected that In less thin a
year from now Alexandrias streets of
cobblestones will be replaced by modern
There was to have been a meeting of
the Citizens Progressive Association in
the rooms of the Business Mens League
for tho purpose of hearing tho report of
n coramlltee on assessment Owing lo the
slim attendance the met ting was not
called to order and the report of course
was not read The follov Ing members
Tho Kind You Have Always Bought and which lias been
in uso for over 30 jcars has homo tho signature of
us7yr euu
The Corporation Court was In session
this morning with Judge J IC II Nor
ton presiding and the following business
was disrosed of- Lula Williams vs Wil
liam Williams both colored decree
entered awarding child to tho custody of
Its father and allowing alimony and coun
sel fees to the mother Harlow vs Mc
Kenzles executors et a and Emerscn
and wife vs Price et al decrees direct
ing special commissioner as to distribu
tion of funds in his hands
John Jennings died this morning at the
Hotel Rainer on upper King Street after
a protracted Illness The deceased vas
unmarried and thirty nine years of age
He had been a sufferer from Brlghts dis
ease for some time pist The deceased
was a son of the late John Jennings and
was a tinner by trade and up to the time
of his death was employed at the tinware
stoie of Henry Baader The funeral will
take place at 2 oclock tomorrow after
noon from the undertaking establishment
of B Wheatlej and will be attended by
the members of Alexandria Council Xo
3S Junior Order of United American Me
chanics of which the deceased was a
Chief of Police James F Webster this
morning complained to Major Simpson of
certain conduct on the part of Policeman
i then in New York Tho mother of the Fran Bcttls of the police lorce which
the chief alleged to be disrespectful to
himself He announced his Intention of
preferring charges against Mr Bettls
A musical ind entertainment
was given tonight In the Del Ray school
house Alexandria County for th benefit
of the piano fund Among the partici
pants were several prominent Washing
ton and local talent Those who partici
pated did well and the entertainment
financially was also a big success
llnUnnmnn VV tllloTTl llvl trtl11V
dered his resignation to JIajor Simpson
and has been mado trader his per
sonal unnerrisinn sinin If n
S AIlfYnr nn nn i f n ilpppf va in
All Counterfeits Imitations and Just-as-good aro but
Experiments tliattriflo with and endanger tho health of
Infants anil Children Experience against Experiment
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil Pare
goric Drops and Soothing Syrups It Is Pleasant 16
contains neither Opium Morphino nor other Karcotio
substance Its ago Is its guarantee It destroys TVbrnia
and allays Fevcrishness It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles cures Constipation
and Flatuleucy It assimilates tho Food regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels Iving healthy and natural sleep
Tho Childrens Panacea Tho Mothers Friend
jJ Bears tho Signature of
The KM You Hai8 Always BougM
In Use For Over 30 Years
were present J R Zimmerman C C
Leadbeater It F Tucker James Bayne
George D Hopkins C G Lennon and
Frederick Paff jr
It is understood that the committee will
report In favor of lowering the corpora
tion assessment as was outlined when
the movement for such an association was
inaugurated and that It will recom
mend that the property be assessed at
Its full value At the present way prop
erty is assessed it Is said that it Is not
assessed at Its real value The members
of the association it is said believe that
If their plan Is carried out It will Induce
manufacturers to locate In this city They
claim that the present rate of city as
sessment 1 00 on tho 100 is a draw
back to people not familiar with the mode
of assessing
It is understood that a meeting will be
called before the next regular meeting
of the city council and that the plan pre
pared by them will be adopted by the
members of the association They will
then ask the city council to adopt the
as a member of the t for T
commissioners at their
Wednesday night will have two vacancies
to fill The other vacancy was caused by
the resignation of Policeman Jamrs Dean
There have been more resignationsnnd re
movals on the force In the last yeir than
ever known before
The schooner John J Hanson which
has been loading railroad ties at the
wharf of W A Smoot Co today cleared
this port for Boston The barge John I
JIcNallj with fertilizer for the Bryant
Fertilizer Company has arrived Irom
The funeral of Mrs Ellen Murphy wife
of John Murphy who died at her home
700 Franklin Street Saturday last took
place thl3 mor it 0 oclock from St
Varys Catholic e - a T e innr t er
vlces vero co lu ti
J Cutler am t
In the vault f i i eme i
The funer i I
Lylcs who u i a
fat County on Fri iy 1
yesterday afternoon from the baiah I
tist Church In that county
Earle Bogue eight menths of age son
of Oliver Bogne died at Its parents resi
dence 521 North Alfred Street last even
James Ferguson who died in Brooklyn
N Y on Saturday last at the age of
fifty six years formerly resldtd here
where he and his brother conducted a
One or tho handsome vasa on the north
Ido of the Confederate monument at the
Intersection ot Wtshington and Prince
Streets was broken this morning bj a
wagon colliding with it
Several members of ntsgerald Council
Knights of Columbu of this city to
night went to Washington to witness the
exemplification of the third degree which
took place In Carroll Hall in Washing
A game of basketball will be played in
Armory Hall on South Royal Street to
morrow night between the Alexandria
Light Infantry team and the Gibraltars
of Washington Messrs Catts Green
Grey fisher Shuman and com
pose the local team
Charles B Elliott of this city has en
listed in Troop M of the Eleventh U S
Cavalry which Is now stationed at Fort
Mycr Va Mr Elliott expects to sail for
the Philippines January 15
Paul the infant son of Mr and Mrs
Daniel McDonald died at Its parents
residence 312 Commerce Street this
John P Clark yesterday celebrated the
seventy sixth anniversary of his birth
Woman s
No womans happi
ness can be complete
without children it
is her nature to love
and want them
us much so as
it is to love the
Ji beautiful and
The critical ordeal through which the expectant mother must
oass however is so fraucht with dread pain suffering and danger
that the very thought ofit fills her with apprehension and horror
There is no necessity for the reproduction of life to be either painful
or dangdrous The use of Mothers Friend so prepares the system for
the coming event that it is safely passed without any danger Thii
great and wondertul
remedy is always
has carried thousands
of women through
the trying crisis without suffering
Send fer froo book containing information
of priceless valuo to all erpecian mothers
The Bradfield Rcaulator Co Atlanta Ga

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