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Frnnee nnil Turkey
Much has been written and printed
Curing the past feu dajs of the UI
umpli that France has won in the East
and of the increased prestige that sh
has gained by seizing the custom houses
of Mltjlene and inducing the Sultan to
Buarantee the early paj ment of certain
oerdue claims
The ability to take possession of a
small and probably unfortified island
depends of course upon control of the
sea Now while the Turkish army is
nn exeedlnglj formidable lighting force
the Turkish navj is practically non-existent
The official lists show that the
Sultan possesses a feu ironclads but
they are respectable chiefly for their an
tiquity Sometlmeb the Commander of
the Faithful in a moment of reckless
ness orders that steam shall be got up
on one of his but it is un
derstood that the engineers never at
tempt so daring an experiment At sea
Turkey is helpless Chile or Brazil
could seize hei outlj ing Islands as read
ily as France can Slam could probably
do it for King Chulalongkorn has a
jacht that can steam and that carries
three or foui guns
Hence the French demonstration at
Mltjlene Is absolutely meaningless as
a display of military or naval strength
We nre fond of gl ing the statesmen of
Europe gratuitous lessons In the ele
ments of their business but it Is quite
Bate to assume that they knou enough
to understand this It is difficult to see
therefore bow Trance has secured any
valuable Increment of prestige at the
council board of the Povers
In searching for the motive that led
M Waldeck Itousseaus Cabinet to or
der a fleet to Turkish waters it should
be remembered that France Is a democ
racy with an acutely sensitive public
that her people loe the dramatic and
the spectacular and that the national
appetite for la gloire has had little to
feed on dvring the last thirty jeans It
may well be that the Government had
its weather eje upon the home elector
ate when it embarked upon this not too
dangerous adventure No one will
grudge Its success to a ministry that
lias shown sucti remarkable skill in
guiding the somewhat troubled des
tinies of the Third Republic
Tnklnc Their Menmire
This Is the time of jear when the new
Congressman arrives in town feeling
that the burden of governing these
United States rests heavily upon him
It is a very Ereat burden but he knows
he is equal to it
His election made him a big man at
home He is sure the eves of the na
tion are upon him His chest expands
his head is nearly bursting with grand
thoughts He hopes that a brass band
will not meet him at the station wher
he arrives In Washington because he
has made up his mind to be modest
He has i conviction that all truly great
men are modest
He soars In the blue empyrean Noble
periods roll from his lips To be sure
these eloquent flights are not crystal
lized Into words but that will come
The new Congressman hopes Washing
ton will not be overawed
It never Is The Capital looks at new
Congressmen through reversed opera
glasses In a little while the new Con
gressman dazed uncertain moves
feebly about wondering what happened
to him Nobody knows him nobody
cares about him He is just a pawn in
the game He Is thankful to bt alive
and to be able to draw salarj But
especially is he thankful that the peo
ple at home dont know
Emerson sajs a man ought to over
come his too great nearness to him
self The new Congressman must do
that It takes feu honors to turn the
head of most of us and if we get puffed
up with a sense of importance it is
bound to hurt our usefulness
Congress might as well say to the
new member You were able enough
or energetic enough to be elected which
qualifies you to enter this august body
There Is no reaon to suppose jou are
e strong man but you hav e a chance to
show that jou are
And that Is what the world saj s It
Is an old world and experienced and
It refuses to take a man on faith The
test Is not what a man is but what he
can do
The new member can console himself
with the thought that the percentage of
failures In Congress Is no higher than
It Is in business or in the professions
Iltirenu Ileforui
President Roosevelt has had expe
rience as Assistant Secretary of the
in the working of Government
Departments As a national Civil Fir
vice Commissioner and as president of
the New York police board he had op
portunity to know the inner workings
of the civil service laws
It was reasonable to expect that he
would seek reform In both and his or
der placing sixteen hundred Treasury
emploj es on the civil service list Is an
earnest of this
He has knowledge of the bureaus and
of their personnel that possibly no
other President of the United States
possessed He was the most ac
tive Assistant Secretary the Depart
ment of the Navy ever knew and as
the nature of the man Is he spent all
of his spare time in mastering the tech
nicalities of his work In ferreting out
the rcope and the achievement of his
Department But for his and
his determination the countrj would
have had to face a scandal at the out
break of the war In place of that the
navy was passably well prepared His
exrerlenee then outline his policy
He wants young blood in the huieaus
men of push and energy His course
thus far would seem to indicate a
scheme of general tightening up of
loose threads all through the Depart
ments a constant readiness for what
ever the day may bring forth As in
the Department of the so In the
Department of War President Roose
velt loves the private soldier In khaki
and is little likely to forget him In the
dajs of his occupancy of the White
House Efficiency all along the line is
likely to be the brittle cry of the Ad
Agulnaldo has rejqueslecT permission
to uim tj tills country ahd i jcpreas Ue
fore Congress the ilesirtSof the Filipino
people He would be an Inter
esting visitor but there is danger that
the anti imperlnlists might turn his lit
tle head great j to his own disadvan
Arrangements have been made for
large shipments of anthracite coal to
Dealers there find that thej
can secure It here on better terms than
at any European mines though a large
freight bill has to be paid American
Invasion goes on
It Is evident that a strong effort will
be made to establish the Census Bureau
as a permanent institution But much
will depend upon whether the advo
cates can show that the Government
would save monej on the Job The
clerks could
There ate obviously some limits to in
definite commeicial expansion As a
delegate to the Convention
pointed out we have little to hope
for from the fourteen million people in
the world who wear nothing but their
own hair
The kind of which the
manufacturers want is that which
can get as much more as possible
without surrendering anything they
have Thats business perhaps
Mfiteliootl for All
Charleston News and Courer The fact
is that there Is no honest reason why ail
four of the Territories should not be put
on the footing with such States as Rhode
Island and Nevada before Congress ad
journs and as President Roosevelt ap
pears to be inclined to disregard old party
precedents and is verj kindly affected to
ward the countrj he ma be
disposed and able to give the four candi
dates some effective help when Congress
comes to consider their application
A Word for John Cli I lilt in nil
Chicago Chronicle To sacrifice Ameri
can life and treasure In the Far East and
to become embroiled with the predatory
empires ef the Old World In Intrigues of
various descriptions with the object of
our commerce and influence In
that qur ter and at the same time to
maintain unfriendly laws against trade
and barbarous discriminations against the
very people whose good will Is sought
are projects thoroughly In harmony with
the heathenish sjstem of protection
which dominates department of the
American Government- Chinese immi
gration does not now and never will men
ace skilled labor in the United States
Ilrnt llooneielt lllll CIllli
Denver Republican A movement to help
secure the nomination of President Roose
velt in 1904 was launch d last evening by
a number of leading Republicans of this
county and a permanent organization was
forn ed The membership of the club was
limited to Arapahoe County but similar
clubs will be organized in every county In
the Slate and a central organization will
then be formed
the IInc l p
Philadelphia Ledger The Senators know
in advance on whlch sldc public sympathy
Will bein case tbeyget up a quarrel uith
the President on the subject of appoint
ments and promptiojjs
the lvcr Present btirpliiH
St Louis Globo Democrat When Con
gress last winter knocked off 40000000
of taxes by removing a large part of the
Imposts put on at the beginning of the
Spanish war In ISJS It imagined it had
abolished the Treasurj surplus Congress
was mistaken The surplus continues
and It Is as much of a menace as ever
1 lie IIIgKeat Aeftr In Meel
Buffalo Express The rail urders for I
next jear s delivery- now amount to 1600
000 tons with 400000 tons holding over
from this year Such a record has never
before been known in the steel industry
It shows that the railroads believe In a
continuance of the present prosperity for
a long time to come
Tired of the Stone etiiintloii
Hartford Courant The bus- Amerltan
people demand a new sensation and soon
weary of the old For a few dajs the fate
of Miss Stone was what everybody was
talking about According to all reports
she Is still as much a prisoner as ever
and by the same despatches ncgotla
tiens with the brigands have been going
on all this time as briskly as a dime nov
el could develop them and yet the ordi
nary reader Is tired of the subject Thats
the plain truth though perhaps it Is too
plain to be attractive
I he Same Old Morj
Im going to bet on that one
I Just know hell win said a joung
lady at the driving park one day last
w eek
Great goodness Miss Minnie ex
claimed her experienced escort That
beast hasnt a chance In that fast com
Look what he has to go against
I dont care Im going to bet on
hlin Hurry up nnd put this Jfi on him
Hurrj up Charlie thej ll start in a
And Charlie under protest put the
fiver on a rank shot The lace
started and the unexpected happened
The sure thing among the starters
broke badly on the first iuarter two
others heemed to have rheumatism and
the rank outsldei won In a walk
Well Ill be began the joung i
man Then he thought better of it and
went nfter the joung ladj s ISO The
bookmaker and perrons standing
around wondered at the joung mans
pained cxpresFicn as he took the I
ey Memphis scimitar
One OrlKlmil lileH
Rev Dr B was what Is commonly
termed a popular preacher not how
ever by drawing on his own stores bat
by the knack which he possesses of appro
prlatlng the thoughts and languages of
the great divines who have gone before
him to his own use and by a skillful
splicing and dovetailing of passages so as
to make a whole Fortunately for him
those who composed his audience wero
not deeply skilled in pulpit lore and with
such he passed for a wonder of erudition
It happened however that the doctor
was detected In his literary larcenies
One Sunday a grave old gentlmena seated
himself close to the pulpit and listened
with profound attention The doctor bad
scarcely finished his third sentence iwfore
the old gentleman said loud enough to
be heard by those near him Thats Sher
The doctor frowned but went on He
had not proceeded much further when
his grave auditor broke out with Thais
Tlllotson The doctor bit his lips anil
paused but again went on At a third
exclamation of Thats Ulalr the doctor
lost all patience and leaning ojer the
side pt the pulpit he cried Sir if you
douI hold your tongue you shilll beturn
ed ovl
Without altering n muscle Jhc old
cynic looking the doctor full in the face
said Thats his own Tit Bits
The Toolroom KImk of cvv York
A man of retiring manners and unas
suming In appearance sat in the lobbj of
the New Wlllard yesterday quietly smok
ing a cigar and reading a newspaper No
one would have taken particular notice of
him had he not been pointed out as the
king of all betting men In New York He
was Frank Farrell He looks rather like
a well-to-do merchant in a small town
than like the daring plunger that he is
said to be He is the man referred to in
the recent municipal campaign In the
Metropolis as the pool room king He is
said to have lost a good deal of money
wagering thstTammanj would win In the
recent New York election He Is also
credited with having forced upon Mr
Croker the nomination of Henrj W lin
ger for District Attorney He Is certainly
much aggrieved at the success of Justice
Jerome The average person would say
upon first meeting Frank Farrell that he
was a timid man they would learn better
upon acquaintance
The Onlj niunn Thornton
Another conspicuous New Yorker in
Washington jestcrday was Amasa Thorn
ton He is not very well known at the
National Capital but in Gotham the street
urchins point to him with admiration He
has a happy faculty of spinning long yarns
on a great variety of topics which he Is
successful In making a grcnt many people
believe are true They say he Is the best
storj teller not making a living at that
sort of business He is a Republican poli
tician over there but he doesnt ask for
office himself He Is a friend of ex Wicked
Glbbs He furnishes the campaign stories
for the spellbinders who work them off on
the public as originals
A nook on neonomleH
English Walling and his brother TVI
loughby Walling have come to Washing
ton to publish a book on economics The
young men not long out of college are
the sons of Dr Walling a prominent phy
sician of Indianapolis Their maternal
grandfather was the late Hon William
II English who ran for Vice President
on the Democratic ticket wfth General
Hancock in 1SS0 Those who remember
that hard fought campaign recollect how
near Hancock and English came to suc
cess When the distinguished Indianlan
died several jcars ago he left a fortune
estimated at upwards of three millions
of dollars His grandsons are the bene
ficiaries of his will to the extent of an
income upon about one half of that sum
Those who know the joung men declare
that they have Inherited their grandfa
thers shrewdness and business tact to
gether with his other sterling qualities
IIoMpltnlit j of Clinton
Never was a large crowd handled with
less friction or confusion than that which
gathered in Canton to pay homage to the
memory of President said
Bruce Carrell of Canion this morning
Canton is a small town jou know and
has but two hotels but the people of the
town threw open their homes to the mul
tltude aud we saw that everybody was
comfortably taken care of Not one critl
csm did I 1ar of the arrangements made
the committee In charge and that
ought to speak for itself
Mr Carrell was a member of the recep
tion committee and was the only one who
knew personally the memberb of the Con
gressional partj Mr Carrell Is one of the
trusted eraplojes of the House of Repre
o Pnrtj lnetlon Involved
There is no party question Involved
In the legislation necessary to start thej
Nicaragua Canal said Representative
Joshua S Salmon of New Jersej at the
Raleigh last night
Mr Salmon is a Democrat and will en
ter upon his second term when Congress
assembles on December 2 -
The countrj saidhe Is jlgniandlng
the Nicaragua Canal and there can be no
excuse for longer depriving tbfSnatlonal
enterprise I for one favorgolng ahead
without waiting for estimates Pass the
bill to authorize the eonstruetlon of the
canal and then we can consider estimates
of the cost later It wont cost anj more
and bslde we will save time
I feel satisfied that Congress this win
ter will pass the Nicaragua Canal bill
The President is for It the people want
it and Congress will give it to the coun
try Tlie canal will be under th exclu
sive control of the United States
Heported llneolnDiluiclnN Debntes
I know nothing but the truth said
Col R R Hltt of Illinois when asked for
a story jesterday by a Times reporter
Colonel Hltt was at the Census Office
acquiring some information in regard to
several einplojea It was noticed that he
wrote the desired data In shorthand This
brings to mind the fact that Colonel Hltt
was the stenographer who reported the
debates betweei Lincoln and Douglas
British Cool Vol InexlintiMillile
The British scientists and following
them the British business Interests are
devoting much consideration to the coal
problem and even there is much seri
ous thought already on the question of
how long the coal supply of the Islands
will last Professor James Giekc I R
S of Edinburgh is the learned
savant that Is now writing xn the lat
ter question A rojal commission spent
five jears on the subject between 18Cfi and
1871 and decided that there was then
1464S0000000 tons a practically Inex
haustible supplj Professor Glkle Is of
the opinion that another royal commis
sion should be appointed taking the
view that the optimistic report of the
first learned body Is hardly justified by
recent developments However Profes
sor Gleklc believes that Great Britain will
be able to hold her own for many jears
to come with other countries as far as
fuel is concerned
MinoHt lllliUee In v enl It enestt
Contact with Yankee Ingenuity Is not
entlrclj lost on the folks on the other side
of the Atlantic It Is said that the rec
ords of the patent offices of both England
and the Continental countries exhibit a
much greater sprightliiiess of imagination
of recent jears and in some eases the
inventions tur ied out arc of an mincnt
practicability A new time saving appli
ance for transnipplng malls and baggage
in connection with the cross Channel ser
vice was brought Into operation at Dover
the other day The appliance is In the
form of an endless traveling platform and
Is worked by electricity It brings part
ages of any weight ashoie at the rate of
one In fifteen seconds Some of the pack
ages unloaded weighed seven hundred
wtight and required four men to lift
them but they were carried ashore as
e asilj as a handbag The transhipment
was performed in less than half the usual
nieefloneerliiK b PhoiioKritph
A candidate for municipal honors In
Sheffield England has lately been put
ting his views before the electors by
means of a phonograph and It is possible
that the plan may soon bo extensively
adopted At a recent parliamentary elec
tion In Victoria one of the candidates
shirked the task of personally airing his
views by sending u phouograph arnund
the various townships in charge of a man
on horseback The electors however re
sented the application of this time saving
method and jeft the owjiey of the ma
tlilrie at the botloni ol the pol The
niajn difficult- Ecems U He lit pi fact
that while lhe phonograph wllj render a
speech plainly enough It cannpt be
heckled or got to reply to questions
The marriage ofsenator J C S Black
burn to Mrs E Blackburn of this city will
take place December 10 Only a small
companj will be present z the ceremony
The chaperons of the da ce to bo given
at the Shoreham nn ihn pninir of No
vember 29 will be Mrs A 0 Bliss and
Mrs J M Gulp The committee In charge
Is composed of Misses Towers Evans
Snj der Alexander Chase Edmunds Ly
man and Craig
Mrs Gardiner Hubbard will give a
dance at Rauscbers the last of December
for her granddaughter wnce coming out
was a pretty event of last week
The marriage of Miss Consucla Yznaga
and Lieut James Regan Jr of the Four
teenth Infantry U S A took place at 11
oclock jesterday morning in the presence
of a brilliant assemblage of resident
and a number of wedding guests
from out of town The stately white al
tar was bathed In a white and pink ra
diance of electric light and from a back
ground of palms and pink and white
chrjsanthemums twinkled mjrlads of
candles in sticks of gold and stiver The
ceremony was performed bj Rev Dr Staf
ford who also solemnized the nuptial
mass that followed The groom and his
bride hud seats in the chancel during the
service and the attendant maids and
ushers occupied the front pews As the
bride escorted by her father Mr Jose M
Yznaga passed up the aisle the full choir
sang Faithful and True
The wedding gown was of white crepe
de chine and point lace over white silk
The tulle veil was fastened to the beau
tiful golden hair with sprajs of orange
blossoms and the flowers carried were lil
ies of the valley
Miss Martina Yznaga her sisters maid
of honor wore pink liberty silk with a
hat of pink panne velvet trimmed with
pink roses and rich jellow lace She car
ried white chrysanthemums
Five additional maids were radiant in
white organdie and picture hats of white
felt They were Miss Regan and Miss
Ryres of New York Miss Murphy Miss
Brooks and Miss Burford of this city
Lieut Joseph F Gohn of the Fourteenth
Infantry acted as best man
A wedding breakfast for fifty guests was
served at Rauscbers the heart shaped
table reserved for the bride and her
maids being adorned with white roses
in contrast with the pink blossoms that
formed the decorations of the other
tables Lieutenant and Mrs Regan left
later for their wedding trip the latter
wearing blue cloth The groom is a son
of Colonel Regan of the First Infantry
and since bis return from the Philippines
has been stationed at Fort Snelllng near
St Paul Minn where he will take his
Mrs Charles G Ajres will not spend
the winter at the Capital but will rent
her residence 1272 New Hampshire Ave
nue and Join Major Ayies at his present
post at Morro Castle Santiago Miss
Emily A j res the joung daughter of the
house who Is a student at Dobbs Ferry
N V will be home for the Thanksgiving
holldajs Major and Mrs Ayies spent the
greater part of the summer t Newport
and when her husband sailed for Cuba
Mrs Ajres went to her girlhood home to
visit her father Colonel Fairfax who is
one of the oldest living representatives of
the famous Virginia family of that name
Representative Frederick J Kern of
Belvllle ill has arrived in the city and
Is located at No 17 N Street northwest
A very attractive entertainment is
promised by Douglas ji E Church Elev
enth and H Streets northeast on Friday
evening November 2D in which MIsb A
Rosalie Holberg Mrs Charles B
and Mr R W Bowen will be soloists
assisted by Mr Percy S Foster on the
A merry partj of boys and girls tnjojed
pleasant straw ride Tuesday evening to
the home of Mr Carl Stewart Chevy
Chase In honor of his sous Carl Stewart
jr eighteenth birthday Games dancing
and music were Indulged in until a late
hour Several vocal and Instrumental
solos were rendered by the Misses Eva
Cook and Gertrude Coter Those present
were Mr and Mrs Stewart Baby Stew
art the Misses Gertrude Coter Dorothy
and Elsie Cameron Lenora Hodgkln Eva
Cook Isabella Crumpton Elizabeth
Moore Marlon Darlington Bessie Shel
don Miriam Dement Ruth Eveictt anu
Messrs Le Roy Cameron Charles Howell
Harry Brooks Irvin Shepherd Edgar
Hodgkln Frank Cromwell Carl Stewart
jr Brother Stewart Harry Whitney and
Ernest Parsons After refreshments
were served the party returned to the
The Capitol Hill History Club met
Wednesday afternoon at the residence of
Mrs Roberts 612 G Street northeast The
subject dls usscd was The History of
England During the Period of 145 1603
Mrs Hall gave a rketch of Henry VIII
and Mrs Travis a paper on England Un
der the Tudors The club adjourned to
meet December 4 at the residence of Mrs
rietcher S03 East Capitol Street
Miss Mary Blanche Iay daughter of
Theodore A Laj and Mr Harrj T Wa
ters all of Washington were quietly mar
ried at noon Wednesday by the Rev
James F Macnln of St Pauls Church
There were no attendants and only the
Immediate relatives of the bride and
groom were present After the ceremony
Mr and Mrs Waters lelt for an extend
ed tour north and on their return will
reside with the grooms parents Ir and
Mrs O J Waters at 1C37 It Street
Mr and Mrs George A Trapp have re
turned from a pleasant trip north and
will be pleased to see their friends at
their new home 3103 Morgan Avenue
llolmeud Manor
MrK Elizabeth Marsh was given a sur
prise party by her daughters and grand
children Wednesday evening at her home
on lower Monroe Street nacostla In
honor of her birthday anniversary Her
presents were numerous and pretty Re
freshments were served after which
there was voeal and Instrumental music
and a number of pretty speeches by her
The engagement has been announced of
Mrs Thomas F Lane widow of Thomas
F Lane nnd daughter of Senator Black
burn to the Chevalier Trcntanove the
Florentine sculptor who is now abroad
but whe has been identified with the
Washington art world for the past six
years It Is stated that the marriage
will take place December 17 at the brides
home 1708 Massachusetts Avenue M
Trentnnove will sail from Florence his
home for this country the last of this
month and with his bride will return
to Europe In January Mrs Lane Ins In
herited valuable Interests In I ondon and
It is there they will spend the fashion
able season next spring Mrs Lanes first
marriage took place at St Matthews
Church this in 1893 Her husbands
death occurred a little more than a jear
The Children of the American Revolu
tion of which Mrs Sternberg wife of
Surgeon General Sternberg Is president
will give a patriotic entertainment enti
tled The Roll Call of the Nation on
February 22
Mr nnd Mrs Charles Rogers of Ger
manlown Pa who were recently married
at the famous Little Church Around the
Corner In New York becauso of some
IJttJe obstacle at home and who havo
been at thp Sbojcham this week combln
Ing the pleasures of lite honeymoon with
an enlojneut of the sights ot Washing
tan lefLJast ulght for Germantown
where IbV will make their home
KcminlrtceitceM of the Knnnnn lij nn
Old feennte diiploje
In the room of the Senate Committee on
the District of Columbia where tho board
of architects and landscape gardeners are
preparing their report outlining a plan
for a new park sjstem for Washington
there is an official of the Sergeant-at-Arms
office on duty who ha3 been In con
tinuous employ of the Senate for ncarlj
half a His name Is Charles S
Draper and he has known personally al
most every man who has been a member
of the Senate In all those jears -
The late John J Ingalls of Kansas was
once Chairman of the District Committee
aud In lecalllng reminiscences of his rd
mlnistratlon the other day Draper told
two very good stories One of them was
When the late David Davis of Illinois
was President pro tempore of the Senate
holding the balance of power as an Inde
pendent Democrat and preventing the
Republicans from taking possession of the
Senate patronage he was presiding one
at a long-drawn-out session Becom
ing very tired and hungry he was anxious
to have the Senate adjourn Sending for
a Senator he requested him to make a
certain point of order that would have
brought about such a legislative situation
that adjournment would necessarily have
to follow The Senator made bis point
which was a very bad one indeed and Mr
Davis promptly decided that it was well
taken Just as he did so Ingalls emerged
from the cloak room Strutting down the
main aisle he addressed the Chair and In
his sternest voice and most dramatic
manner shouted
Mr President I am amazed
So am I said the Presiding Officer
promptly dropping his head on the desk
to conceal his laughter and then quickly
entertained a motion for adjournment
and retired to the lunchroom
On another occasion toward the end of
a session lasting far into the summer the
usual proposition was before the Senate
to give everybody on the- employes paj
roll an extra months pay The bill war
about to pass when Ingalls arousing him
self sent to the library for a stack of
books and began such a fierce attack upon
the measure as to quickly fill the Senate
chamber with an audierce to listen to his
sarcasm and Invectives
There Is no precedent for this Mr
President was the burden of his speech
and over and over again at the end of
each well directed attack he would re
peat Thero Is no precedent lor this
Mr President
At the close of his speech as the Sen
ator was passing from the Senate chamber
to his committee room Draper who had
been standing with a group of other em
ployes anxiously awaiting the result of
the onslaught on their salary grab
stepped out from the others and spoke to
Mr Ingalls
Senator he said that was an able
speech from jour standpoint but why do
you oppose it We thought that jou of all
the Senators would be our particular
With a frown Mr Ingalls turned and
said In his most cutting tones Draper
do jou mean to tell me that jou men who
have so little to do and are so well paid
desire to draw thirteen months pay for
twelve months service If you are not
satisfied why dont you resign and let
some one have your places who will be
satisfied to draw a legitimate salary
Why said Draper uncon
sciously imitating the voice and manner
of Mr Ingalls in his speech there is no
precedent for this Mr Senator and In
galls went off laughing so that It could
be heard over at the House of Repre
The next day the bill passed and the
employes got their thirteen months pay
for twelve months of semi idleness
HeTletes He Cnn Ilfsjirove the
ClmrKe tcninst Him
Webster Street Chief Justice of the
Territory of Arizona Is In the city to
answer certain charges and specifications
made against him to the Attornej Gen
era The hearing was to havo taken place
jesterday but it was postponed until
Judge Street was seen last night at the
Shoreham but stated that he could not
make anj definite statement He is con
fident that be will have no trouble In dis
proving the charges made against him
which he sajs are In brief that he re
ceived bribes in a certain case which in
volved mining properties In Arizona The
case was brought before him for trial
and be decided it he asserts as he in
terpreted the law on the subject
He further states bis decision in the
case angered the defeated attornejs who
trumped up these charges which he has
come to Washington to face One of the
attorneys he sajs is instigated in mak
ing the charges against him by aspira
tions to hold the office of chief justice
which he Judge Street now fills and
whose term will expire in a few months
The master mover in the proceedings to
oust him Judge Street asserts is At
tornej J M Jamison the man who wants
his place and one of the attorneys his de
cision displeased
I am perfectly confident I can break
their ease Monday said the Judge I
know thpy have no evidence because there
is none unless they have trumped up
some lies Of course it will be a little
more difficult in that case I have come
here to establish my entire innocence of
any such charge as is brought by these
people and I intend to do it
The hearing of the charges against
Judge Street will be entirely Informal and
will be before ttorney General Knox It
Is expected that the case will take but a
short space of time
Merlins mill HHiioIm Ordered to
lKlern ln for HlimlrN
the purpose of thoroughly testing
the great new steel drjdock recently
towed to Algiers La to be permanently
located there for the convenience of ves
sels In the Gulf of Mevho the battleship
Illinois yesterday left Newport News for
New Orleans The collier Sterling a
much smaller vessel will be first put Into
the dock and if the test is successful the
battleship will bo sent in
The expectation among officials here Is
that both tests will be satisfactory and
that tho previous insufficient accommoda
tions along the Gulf Coast for rapidly re
pairing accidental injuries to Government
vessels will be remedied
The impossibility of handling battle
ships of the largest type In dydock on the
Gulf has caused the Navy Pipartment
mueh inconvenience in the past especially
as the rapid accumulation of barnacles
on vessels cruising In tropical waters is
Impossible of previntion The tests of the
new drydock are therefore- awaited with
interest and confidence
KleiilimitN 1led From Fire
PERU Ind Nov 21 The winter quar
ters of Wallaces show burned today
The fire started In the elephant house a
barn like structure and spread rapidly
The animals became panic stricken but
were safely removed The structure was
Aliilmiiins Constitution Proclaimed
ernor Jelks today Issued his proclamation
declaring the new constitution ratified by
27823 majority and fixing Thursday No
vember 23 Thanksgiving Daj jis the day
on whlth the new organic law will 0 Into
Goernor KIeet Cummins Here to
Confer Ith Mr IlooseTelt
A B Cummins Governor elect of Iowa
is in Washington At the Invitation of
President Rooevclt he came to the city
jesterday from New York where he de
livered an eloquent address at the Cham
ber of Commerce banquet on Tuesday
Mr Cummins election attracted na
tional attention inasmuch as it effected
a transformation In Ihe control of he Re
publican party In the Hawkeye State Ma
chine control was overthrown and a
younger element of the Republican party
with Mr Cummins at its head gained the
whip hand
Mr Cummins Is an old friend of Presi
dent Roosevelt and with Mrs Cummins
who accompanied him was a guest at din
ner in the White House last night His
visit to Washington however has no po
litical significance despite the unfounded
rumor current early in the week that
Senator Allison would enter the Cabinet
and that Mr Cummins would succeed him
in the Senate
Nevertheless Mr Cummins is consid
ered Senator Allisons logical successor
six years hence under the new order of
things political in rock ribbed Republican
Iowa Both United States Senators from
that State are to be re elected at the
coming session of the Leglslatue In Dcs
Moines Senator Allison will secure the
regular term of six jears Senator
Dolliver will fill out the unexpired term
of Senator Gear whose place he now fills
by appointment made soon after Senator
Gears death
There are many Republicans out In
Iowa however who go further than this
They talk of Mr Cummins as a possibili
ty for the Republican nomination in ISO
He has all the qualities of the successful
leader He is at the head of the bar in
Iowa and will next week make at lea3t a
temporary farewell to the profession in
that State An orator of eloquence sel
dom equaled he has a grasp of national
affairs which have caused his opinions on
topics of national Importance to ie widely
Mr Cummlrs Is a believer In reciproci
ty But he believes that the principles of
reciprocity should not be so applied as
to disturb existing satisfactory condi
tions According to his own statement he
believes there is room for the genius ot
ths diplomat in the administration of
this question
He deems advisable Its application in
such manner as will serve to solidify and
maintain the present prosperous condi
tions of International lide On this
ground he takes stand with a few West
erners of public Importance who while
they are in favor of the general principles
of reciprocity still recojnlze the danger
of tinkering with existing tariff sched
ules at the present time
It was on railroad issues that Mr Cum
mins secured the gubernatorial nomina
tion last July- For a numb r of years the
great trunk lines running across Iowa
have been a potent influence in the man
agement of the Republican party In Iowa
As a result the tax assessment of rail
road propertj became Inequable
Mr Cummins was a candidate for the
United States Senate against Senator
Gear two jears ago Senator Gear was
supported by the railroads whose ma
chine then controlled the party Mr Cum
mins withdrew from the race before the
election when Senator Gear was returned
The defeated element of the party
however kept up the fight until last sum
mer when Mr Cummins secured the
nomination for Governor and was elected
by a majority of nearly 100000
rielit At Ith Keren Ilennnleil nn n
Determining factor
In Republican circles last night the
statement was made that Secretary Hitch
cock of the Interior Department would
be the first member of the Cabinet to re
It has been known for some time that
it was Secretary Hitchcocks intention to
retire from official life in the near future
but the unforeseen complications that
have arisen over the distribution of Fed
eral patronage in Missouri has hastered
his determination Indeed it will not sur
prise his friends if the Secretary should
resign before Christmas
It Is learned that the breach now ex
isting between Secretary Hitchcock and
Col Richard C Kerens the national com
mitteeman ot Missouri is past mending
Colonel Kerens is the representative of
the Republican organization in Missouri
and under his leadership the Republicans
in the State have made some notable
Secretary Hitchcock it seems Is not in
touch with the organization and in mak
ing appointments under me Interior De
partmen the Secretary according to re
ports received here hes been guided al
most bj tie recommendations of
N L Alkens Republican Sute chairman
and by following the endorsement ot the
Stite chairman much discord has been
created within the organization
As Colonel Kerens is quoted as saying
the difference between him and the Sec
retary of the Interior Is not so much the
question of who shall control the Federal
patronage as it Is ot strengthening the
Republican organization The whole sub
ject has now been submitted to President
Roosevelt for settlement
At first blush it would seem but natural
that the President would side with the
Secretary of the Interior who is a mem
ber of bis official famly but then the
fact sticks out that Secretary Hitchcock
is not of President Roosevelts choosing
but was appointed President McKlnley
and therefore the President does not feel
under any particular necessity to stand by
Secretary Hitchcock aa against Colonel
Kerens who in addition to the Missouri
State organization is backed bj tho Re
publican National Committee And again
President Roosevelt has stated several
timts recently that ho proposed to keep
in touch with the organization for it was
by maintaining harmonj in the ranks of
the organization that victories were won
He did not mean however that he would
appoint unfit men to office who were en
dorsed by State organizations Now it
must be apparent that If the President ac
cepts the Kerens side of the controversy
there will be nothing left for Secretary
Hitchcock to do but to tender his resig
nation and In well informed Adminis
tration circles it was stated last night
that this will be the result of the first
serious difference that has arisen be
tween a member of the Republican Na
tional Committee and a Cabinet Minister
Petition to lie Sent to Mr Low
NEW YORK Nov 21 It Is the inten
tion of the Brookljn Woman Suffrage
Association to attempt to get five women
appointed on the board ot education and
to have the public library board repre
sented by women to tho extent of one
third ot the full representation to which
it Is entitled
A petition will be sent to Mayor elect
Low urging the necessity of these ap
AdmlnUtrntor Cetn AIOOO Verdlet
LYNCHBURG Va Nov 21 A verdict
In favor of the administrator of the es
tate of William Hall for J1000 against
the Southern Railway was rendered In
the Circuit Court this afternoon Hall
was killed while going home along the
tracks of the railway company about a
year ago The administrator sued for
Grent Activity Shorrn In tiimlifr
Oil nnd Cotton
BALTIMORE Nov 21 Lumber a first
rate index of industrial conditions In the
South Is displaying most satisfactory ac
tivity at present During the past week
as rci orled to tho Manufacturers Rec J
ora inc movement In soutnwest Vir
ginia and East Tennessee and Georgia in
both pine and hardwood timber haa been
very active while the development of for
est properties Is rather more prononnced
than usual at this season North Caro
lina pine Is in excellent shape and
throughout Virginia and Eastern Caro
lina the mills are all busy At South At
lantic ports shipments of timber during
the week were larger than usual In the
Savannah and Brunswick district the de
mand for both timber and crosstles is
gcod with shipments active although
complaints are made in various parts of
the Scuth as elsewhere of a scarcity of
cars Large shipments of timber havs
been made from Mobile Business In tha
Texas field has picked up a little earlier
than was expected with prompt sales ot
their crop by cotton growers
Plants for getting out timber and for
handling It to various purposes are in
creasing Among the announcements of
the week are the purchase of machinery
for a 0000 capacity hardwood and cypress
mill the organization of a 20000 com
pany at Salisbury N C to build a com
plete furniture factory the erection of a
ho factory at Chattanooga Tenn tho
letting of a contract to cut 50000 acres of
timber near Greenville Tcnn a furniture
factory and planing mill at Thorsby Ala
a shingle mill with 0000 capacity dally at
Wilmington N C the addition of a stave
factory to the sawmill at Hohenwald
Tenn veneer mills at Johnson Tenn the
addition of machinery for making hubs
spokes rims eta to the furniture fac
tory at Winchester Tenn and tho cutting
of J500 acres of timber lands near Yazoo
City Miss
Takings of cotton by Southern mills
continue to show an advance the number
ot bales taken thus far this season being
more than 13000 greater than during the
same period last year The new mill at
Monticello Ark Is nearly ready for oper
ation It Is equipped with up-to-date ma
chinery including 5000 spindles with ap
paratus for the production of sheetings
and osnaburgs and will employ 100 opera
tives Work is progressing upon the
Washington mills in Grayson County Va
The mill will have 50000 spindles and from
1200 to 1400 looms and will be operated
through water power development The
main building of tie Williamson S C
mills has been completed and 5 C00 spin
dles and 100 looms are In position There
will be room for 5000 more spindles and
150 more looms The Hoi Morgan mills
of Fajetteville N C will erect an ad
dition for increasing Its capacity Ma
chinery Is arriving tor the addition of the
Standard Cotton Mills at Cedartown Ga
which will Increase the number of spin
dles from 6500 to 12500 The -T
Weaver Power Company which has just
contracted for extensive
development on the French
Broad River near Asheville N C will
erect a cotton mill and perhaps a bleach
Other projects of the week include oil
developments near Florence Ala Prairie
Grove Ark Floyd County Georgia Al
bany Ky Wheeling W Va Spring
Creek Tenn and Beaumont Tex ccal
mining near Charleston Bluefield Graf
ton and Mount Clar TV Ya Ice fac
tories at Jacksonville Fla Crewe Va
Palestine and San Antonio Tex canner
ies at Hawkesville Ky Tyler Tex and
Thorsby Ala oil storage tanks and re
finery at Baltimore Md copper mlne3
near Salisbury N C metal and novelty
factory at Baltimore Md harness fac
tory at Nashville Tenn paper miU at
Moundsvllle V7 Va salt developments
at Lytle Ga and Weeks Island La
steel plant at Port Norfolk Vah brick
works at Jennings La and marble
rying by a company organized at Beau-
mont Tex r
AVnnese at neiule Conrt However
Allowed to Ilefresh Memories
NEW YORK Nov 21 Most of the time
at the sessions today of the general
court martial which Is trying Col Bobert
L Meade at the Marine Corps on
charges of drunkenness and false swear
ing was taken up in deciding whether or
not they would admit as evidence against
Colonel Meade the record of the court or
enquiry held last summer
It was while being examined by this
court that Colonel Meade made state
ments accusing officers of conspiracy
against him and also of collusion to de
fraud the Government It Is on these
statements that the charge of false
swearing is based
The court finally refused to admit the
record unless there was mutual agree
ment by counsel but In the afternoon a
decision was made allowing original doc
uments such as reports to be used even
in cases where such documents formed a
part cf the record
This allowed Judge Advocate Nlblack to
read Colonel Meades endorsement of the
report of Colonel Denny to the com
mandant of the marines in which Colonel
Meade first made the accusation that
Colonel Denny was In a conspiracy
against him and asserted that some of the
statements in Colonel Dennys report had
been made to neutralize his efforts to
prevent the Government from being de
In order to get out the testimony of
Colonel Meade before the court of en
quiry the judge advocate put Captain
Fuller of the Marine Corps who was the
judge advocate of that court on the
stand and then put Into his hands the
record and asked him if he remembered
whether such testimony had been given
Colonel Meades counsel objected Tho
court decided to allow witnesses if they
could not remember testimony to refresh
their memory from any documents
One more officer Lieutenant Hooker
was called today to testify as to Colonel
Meades condition on one of the dates
named In the charges Lieutenant Hook
er testified that in his opinion the colonel
was perfectly sober
Aevv lorker Had Jenrlj Iteneheil
Vk ot l O lenri
UTICA N V Nov 21 Abraham
Ephraim Elmer believed to have been the
oldest man In the United States died at
his home in this city last night aged
nearly 120 jears He had been In feeble
health for jears but his mind and mem
ory were good up to last Monday
His son In Wisconsin has the family
Bible and a copy of the record Is In the
possession of his son in this city It
states that Mr Elmer was born In the
town of Warren Herkimer County Jan
uary 6 17E2
Mr Elmer had lived with his son Wil
liam II Elmer for twenty years
Throughout his life Mr Elmer had been
a hard worker and when he was 104 years
old he walked from Washington Mills to
Chadwicks a distance of ten miles At
this advanced age he also did his last
work as a shoemaker earning a dollar a
Mr Elmer cast his first vote for James
Madison for President and had voted at
every election since up to the time when
Mr McFlnley first ran for President
Queen Wlllielnilim Improving
THE 11 GUB Nov 21 The condition ot
Queen Uilhelmlna has Improved but sh
Is still weak and will need much rest

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