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Is there room enough for a man to con
ceal himself behind it
I dont think there Is
Mr Gould then produced the undershirt
worn by Ayrcs on the night of the tragedy
a common half cotton affair almost cov
ered with blood stains There was an in
tense silence as the policeman and Mr
Gculd hold up the garment and exhibited
it to jury- The blood stains were
pointed out and identified The holes in
the garment made by the bullets were
shown nnd the burnt parts of the shirt
Mere pointed out
As the garment was being shown At
torney Fulton leaned over to Mrs Bonine
and engaged her in conversation until tho
shirt was removed
tbltceman Brady recognized Chesleigh
lJcuinc the son of the accused woman
as the boy who hid told him to go up
to the Kentnore Hotel
Policeman Holton Wolfe who accompa
nied Policeman Brady to the room was
the next witness called He corrobo
rated all of the statements made by tho
previous witness He said that he found
no hairpins anywhere in tho room
On cross examination by Attorncv
Douglass for the defence Policeman
Wolfe said that the arrangement of the
furniture in the rcom differed In the
photographs from th3 way In which the
articles were placed when he Brst entered
Ho said that there wero two pillows
Dn the bed ono lying on top of the other
There was but a single Indentation in the
top pillow
3Iaii Hlnmly MftlnM
Policeman 13 F Williams a little man
with a huge red mustache said that
the rev oh or found on the trunk was
covered with bloody handprints Some
blood bad trickled down tho handle On
tho window outside there wero blocd
stains which looked to have been made by
some one dragging a bloody cloth over the
tone ledge There were spots on the
fire escape
The Government offered In evidence two
photographs of the dead body Thcsa
wero passed over to Attorney Douglass
for Inspection As be studied them Mr
Bonine and Mrs Meacham leaned over
nnd closely scrutinized them
Williams found no hairpins in tho room
There was not a drop of blood anywhere
in the room between the door and the
body The finger marks on the window
ledge pointed into tho room He identi
fied the undershirt worn by the dead man
ond said that the upper buttonhole had
been torn oren
Tho shot which hit him in the chst
was fired at very close range Williams
declared There were powder mirks all
around the wound
Mr AVnrllcJd Culled
V XV Warfleld the proprietor of the
Kenmore Hotel described the building in
Ho gave the names of the occupants of
he vsrous rooms on the fourth floor
where tho Bonine family occupied rooms 60
and 0 Mr Bonine he said lived at the
hotel when he was in the city Ayres
bLregiUered at the hotel June 21 1900
Jrs Bonine went to live there on Septem
ber 1C lSiO The witnetra could not iden
tify tho writing lu which tho entry was
fade in the hotel register
Mr Gcid emphasized the fact that thro
was an electric push button on the wall
beside the door in Ayres room
Under cross examination Mr Warfield
said that the windows of the hotel par
lors on the second floor were always left
open ct night fcr ventilation He was
asked whether or not Mrs Bonine had
made any arrangements to leave the ho
tel Just prior to tho tragedy
Mr Gould OIjcct
1 object to the question said Mr
Gould It is not admissible
attorney Fulton made an argument In
which he said that the defence couid
prove tint the defendant had made ar
rangements with the witness to leave
the hotel This he said would refute the
Governments theory that the accused
had killed joung Ayres bicausc the latter
was about to leave her
Justice Anderson refused to permit the
question io be asked
Capitol Policeman J Frank Drew
a large man with a small voice that
could hardly be heard said that his room
in the Kenmore was near that of Ayres
He described the condition of Avrcs
room on the morning the body was dis
At 3 15 oclock Justice Anderson sug
Kstcd that the lamination be stopped
as he was about to adjourn court The
attorneys on both sides held a consulta
tion which resulted in an agreement that
the session be adjourned over today so as
to give them tlne to review the evidence
This was decided upon and the session
was adjourned until Monday morning at
in oclock
Schooner Otllcer May Know home
flilni of llerzcifc Cnnc
On board the schooner S L Beware
just up from the ovstcr fields on the
lower Potomac and Chesapeake Bay Capt
James Herbert and Gracian Ilusscll mate
were seen last night They claim to know
something of the murderous assault upon
Edward Herzog oyster dredger now a
patient at the Emergency Hospital The
fctory of Herbert as told to a reporter is
ah follows
On Thursday night two weeks ago we
were lung off Loner Machcdoc Point in
the lower Potomac It was stormy ths
wind blew a gale and one could see noth
ing Not far from us was another boat
the name cf which 1 do not know It was
after midnight and we liad gone to bed
when cries of murder eamc down
upon us
Russell myself and a negro deck hand
turned out and went on deck As we did
so we heard other shouts followed by a
Fjjlash as though something or some
body had fallen overboard Then wo
lnard a boat lowered Shortly afterward
the calls for help were renewed and then
nil was still I shouted to stop beating
that mrn but got no response
Captiln Herbert raid he did not doubt
thtt thi cris he heard were those of
Herzog vvlw was fearfi ily beaten on the
inht htatul
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fc acsiidiwi to leae tnyr
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vKl r y i wjgli iAt entirety
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Dr Hulls See that tho Bulls Head51
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Tree to anyone whn will write A C Jleyer Q
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ITlMclinrcil lrnm llnspltnl n VWiU
or Sf Aki Thought lo Have Ux
ctcImimI Too A iiilrntl His
tory if tli Cnie
Hcrson Smith a negro whose chief
claim to distinction lay in the fact that
he was wounded in a similar manner to
the late President McKinley is dead
The negro was shot by Ernest Norrlss
a joung whit man on the farm of Zach
ariah Brlggs near Gaithcrsburg on tho
evening of September 11 He died at tho
home of his mother near Quinco Orchard
Md jeslerday morning HJs caso at
tracted much interest by reason of Its
similarity to the wounds of President
McKinley Xcrriss is now out on ball in
the sum of 500 He was indicted at tho
recent session of the grand jury for as
sault with jntent to kill
Trt nttil nt
Smith w hen first shot was brought to
this city in a critical condition He was
taken to the Emergency Hospital
Under the eyes of physicians Smith be
gan the battle for life His case was ex
traordinary in that he seemed dally to
Improve It was shortly after President
McKinley had been shot at Buffalo He
ports generally ffinoXvcd that his wound
was located almost precisely as was that
of the negro mlth
On reaching- the hospital In tLe ambu
lance from he Baltimore and Ohio de
nnt smith was hastened to the operating
room Dr George Tullcy Vaughan of the
Marine Hospital Service was there as
were several young phjsloians This is
the way the patient was treated as told
bj Dr Vaughan
On examination I found that Smith
had four holes in the Intestines A large
artery was also severed by tho bullet
The course of the ball could be traced
through the lining of the btomach the in
testines and into the muscles of tho
back It was located in a harmless rest
ing place by means of the X ray It was
net extracted
On lite Iloiiil to HtMotir
On the first night wc performed an
operation following Smiths arrival This
was successful The artery was properly
tied the lacerated intestines were sewed
up One or possibly twice we subse
quently opened the wound to a certain
extent to cleanse it The patient was kept
as cuiet as possible Only liquid food was
at first udralnistered As time passed the
patient grew stronger Then he was able
to take a little solid food His condition
was eminently satisfactory when he left
the hospital This he did against my ad
vice as I did not believe his strength suf
ficient to permit any prolonged evertion
It is the opinion of Dr Vaughan that
Smith would have recovered had he re
mained at the hospital ten dajs longer
Tne negro was able to walk when he left
the lustitution It is supposed he under
went exertion which forced the wound
caused by tho bullet to reopen thus bring
ing about a relapse and resulting In death
SevernI iti ivort Ciiucm Heard 11c
ftire JuiIbc llradlej
William A L Gresham a distant rela
tive of the lato Walter Q Gresham Sec
retary of State during the second Admin
istration of President Cleveland was yes
terday adjudged insane in a hearing in
lunacy proceedings held before Justice
Bradley sitting for probate business He
was committed to St Elizabeths Hos
pital for the Insane
Gresham formerly in Government em
ploy believes that he has recently been
engaged as the universal agent of the
J II Ryan Gold and Sliver Company of
New York at a salary of J8000 a year and
claims that has been already ad
vanced him en account It developed at
the enquiry that the Ryan who Is the
supposed head of the concern by which
Gresham believes ho has been employed
Is an inmate of the Government Hospital
for the Insane where Gresham came in
contact with him while himself tempo
rarily committed there Mr Greshams
jealousy of his wife and vagaries in re
gard to the control of their only child
were the subject of evidence submitted
by Henry K Davis an old acquaintance
of the family
The daughter of Rear Admiral Aaron
W Weaver Mrs Mary I Decker was
also the subject of a judicial enquiry Into
her sanity on complaint of her father
Mrs Decker was unable to be present at
the hearing in view of her condition
Mrs Decker according to tho testimony
adduced Is subject to strange hallucina
tions believing her home to be tenanted
by evil spirits at whom on ona occasion
she discharged her revolver Beveral times
Mrs Decker was also committed to St
The White House Crank as John
ODonuell is known was also adjudged
Insane and committed to St Elizabeths
ODonnell supposes that he has a claim
against this Government and Great Brit
ain for falise Imprisonment which he will
compromise for 10000 He also believes
that he Is the subject of religious perse
School tltlldriMi Invited tti lie
Masonic Hall will bo crowded with
school children today Special induce
ments have been held out by tho man
agement of tho Poultry Pigeon and Bel
gian Hare Show to get the youngsters to
attend Although the attendance every
day thus far at the show has been In ex
cess of expectations that of today it
is thought will top all records
An auction said will be held tonight at
7 oclock Many of the crack prize win
ters will go on the block and a large
number of lovers of poultry and pigeons
and admirers of tho Belgian hare will
be on hand to enter th bidding AH the
premiums have been awarded but not a
bird wlli be moved until after 1J oclock
tonight when the show closes
Tho cfficrs of the Washington Poul
try Pigeon and Belgian Haro Associa
tion are already congratulating them
selves vpon the success of tho show
which li many respects Is the equal it
not tho suicrior of any ever held In the
United States This is especially true
of the pigeon classes Nearly all of the
blooded birds whldi won prizes at the
Pan American Exposition arc here in ad
dition to high scorers In pigeon shows
both In this country and abroad
rootliull lit Auierlcun InrL
The Baltimore High School foothill
eleven and the team representing the
Washington high schools will meet on
the gridiron at the American Leaguo Park
this afternoon at 3 30 The- local team is
one of the strongest in the city and has
been coiched to perfection Several
strong teams have been vanquish by
ibis team and the TJaltlmoreans are ex
pected to receive similar treatment this
afternoon A large numtwir vi ilckelshave
been sold for todajs game nnd plenty
of rooters for both aggregotions wtll be
on hand
kimtril of CfiliKtrnciimi Helcn Two
Iurtcrfui celt of AVnr
The plans for the two heaviest and
most powerful battleships projected for
the United States Navy were comploted
by the Naval Board on Construction yes
terday These arc tho vessels which Con
gress dlitctcd the Navy Department to
design and the plans will bo sent to tho
Naval Committees of the Senate and the
House at an early day with a recommen
dation from Secretary Long that author
ity be given to build them and an addi
tional one of similar type
At the meeting of tho board Thursday
the much discussed question of tho ar
rangement of the battery of these formi
dable armor clads were arranged amicably
An agreement was reached that thero
should be no superposed turrets as the
minority of the board wanted but that
the other main features of the minoritys
battery should be retained At yester
days meeting the remaining parts of the
battery were arranged and all details
concerning tho vessels were agreed to by
n unanimous vote
Each of theso ships will have a Irial
displacement of 1R500 tons The only war
vessels of greater displacement are some
recently laid down by England These
will displace 17500 ton3 ofiftr It was
hoped by the Board on CenJstrurtlnn that
a ship capable of making nineteen knots
could be designed but this was found to
be impossible without lengthening her
considerably The engines will be ca
pable of driving the tveSiel eighteen
J 1 Slurplty Mirrnvvly lcillip ht
rlous InjtirlfM lit Pccullnr Accident
Had It not been for quick action on
the part of a friend John P Murphy a
member of The Times staff would havo
met a horrible death on ono of the II
Street cars In coming from Benning race
track late jesterday afternoon by having
the shaft of a heavy wagon run through
his body As It was Mr Murphy was for
tunate enough to escape with a painful
wound on his hip while the slmrp pointed
shaft tore a big hole through the over
coat which ho were
The car upon which Mr Murphy was
riding was a closed one and was filled
with a crowd of returning racegoers The
car was making esfeclally good Unit and
Just as it passed the corner of Seventh
and H Streets northeast a horse attached
to a heavy wagon dashed around tho cor
ner and plunged nead foremost into the
Quick as a flash Richard Baker a
friend of Mr Murphj who was stand
ing up saw that a collision was inevi
table Reaching down he caught Mr
Murphy by the coat collar dragging him
from his seat The sharp pronged shaft
penetrated the woodwork and came
thrcuch on the In3ide striking Mr Mur
phy a severe blow on the hip
The car was brought to a standstill at
once and with the assistance of a num
ber of citizens the shaft of the wagon
was withdrawn The car continued on Its
way Mr Murphy was looked after by
friends and his condition Is not regard
ed as serious
A cvv Superior for the Irnnclscnn
Mimuxtcry nt UrooUlund
Within a short time there will be a
new superior at Mount St Sepulchre the
Franciscan monastery overlooking Wash
ington from the heights near Brookland
and a new United States commissary of
the order
Father Goefrey the commissary of the
Fathers of the Holy Land for the United
States and at the head of the college and
chapel at Mount S Sepulchre has been
recalled and is nowon his way back to
the Holy Land Ho left Washington on
November 3 and on the following day
sailed from New York and will journey
to Palestine by way of Southampton and
After the completion of his tour Father
Godfrey will return to Rome and will
then receive from tho general of the or
der his future assignment
The brotherhood at Mount St Sepulchre
expect to be advised some time next week
as to Father Godfreys successor Ho will
doubtless be an American as the mem
bership of the order at tho Brookland
monastery is composed almost entirely of
It is customary to change the commis
saries once in six years and Father God
frey had nearly completed his term when
he went abroad The new commissary
will also bo the superior at Mount St
Father Godfrey is a remarkable scholar
and a fine linguist Besides English and
Lntin he speaks German French Ital
ian Spanish and Arabic He preached
In the lalter language while serving as
parish priest In Nazareth
o Cluliiiniila for lod of lloi Iun
clor VlcVIurry
The remains of William McMurry dog
fancier lightning calculator and ex clerk
in the Treasury Department who for the
past four years or more had been a fa
miliar character in this city still lies on
a slab in the morgue awaiting the call
of relatives
McMurry died Thursday afternoon at
the Emergency Hospital As it was un
derstood he had no relatives In this city
although he was at one timo possessed of
a number of friends and as no ono came
forward to offer the body burial It was
removed to the morgue
Many well known citizens upon hearing
of his death called at Police Headquar
ters csterday and Informed the police
that McMurry had relatives in both Wll
llamsport and Elmlra N Y Captain
Boardman at onco wired the police of
both cities to ascertain If the report be
true and is now awaiting a reply
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A Slave to Catarrh
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deafness are caused from catarrh or from
sore throat trouble
The little tube which leads to tho car
from the throat is lined with a sort of
velvety structure called mucous mem
brane This membrane is simply a con
tinuation of the mucous membrane lining
the throat When disease of any sort
attacks tho mucous membrane of the
throat it is very liablo to extend into
the Eustachian tube and up Into the ear
The history of nearly all cases of deaf
ness Is like this A cold is contracted and
neglected othcrf colds are taken tho
throat becomes sore and Inflamed which
Is aggravated by particles of dust and
germs from the air This condition causes
the disease Is spread into the tube that
leads to the carC J
It seems a Httlo far fetched to say that
most cases of dcafncs are caused from
catarrh but It Is certainly true and
anyone who hashad a severe catarrhal
cold must have noticed how the hearing
-was affected white tho cold lasted
With catarrh sufferers this impairment of
hearing becomes chronic nnd grows worse
the longer the catarrh Is neglected
You can cure satarrh and cjeafness by
the regular use of anexcellent new prep
aration called Stuarts Catarrh Tablets
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blood eliminating tire catarrhal poison
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People whose hearing is defective may
tfcjik it a little remarkable that a simple
and harmless tablet would very often re
move all traces of deafness but when it
is remembsred that catarrh causes the
deafness and that -the catarrh is easily
cured by the regular use of Stuarts
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If you are subject to nasal catarrh or
catarrh Of throat bronchial tubes or
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Tells of Vhilt Io Cniilnin fuller
iiIch Wccnlnc in 3Icmle Iarlor
Knew of Ao Plot ABillnst
the Colonel
NEW YORK Nov 22 Captain Fuller
Judge advocate of the Meade enquiry last
summer was called to tho stand in tho
court martial of Col Robert L Meade
today and testified that Colonel Meade had
declared on the stand that Major Lauch
helmer arrived at a party at
Colonel Meades holse in tho Bos
ton Navy Yard in 16i In such
a maudlin condition that he wept in
his parlor and that Major Lauchheimers
conduct before the Puritan Club of Bos
ton in the same year was such an to
cause the club to withdraw Its invita
The Visit to Cnptuln Fuller
Mr Semplc Colonel Meades counsel on
cross examination drew from Captain
Fuller the fact that one night in Boston
Major Lauchheimer had come to his room
under the lnfiuenceof liquor and attired
in undershirt and drawers and wearing a
helmet on the side of his head
Did he say that he had just closed up
the PLritan Clubasked Mr Semple
He sid something to that effect said
the witness
In the afternoon Major Lauchheimer
was called again no said he might have
had a cocktail before going to the party
at the Meado house but did not shed
tears in the parlor In reference to his
visit to Captain Fullers room he said it
was on his return from a dinner he had
given at the Puritan Club where they
had had a good deal otwlne
I should say I was exhilarated hard
ly sober but I never Was In such a con
dition that I did not have full possession
of my mental and nbslcal faculties said
He dmled that ihe had been asked to
withdraw from the Puritan Club
I think your powder the very finest
thing of the kind I ever used
Tli llnulit Id arv en- I -
cleansing and I feel sure that if used It
wuuiu it suu iu u omen im
proved condition in the mouths
oi our paucuis sanipie jc
for tie Teeth and Breath
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and thrust one nail entirely through htr footand
a second one lialf wa through Chamberlains
pjin Balm wa promptly applied and five min
utes later ihe pain had disappeared and no more
tuHcring vtj experienced In three djjs the
child was wearing her shoe a uaual and with
ibsoIuM no diwcmfort Mr Powell i a well
known merchant of Fork land a Pain lUIm
is an antiseptic and heals such injuries without
maturation and in one third the time required
hj the usual treatment For pale by llhllY
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am MAIM isfa i t
Leaders Since 1867 5 JBuMa I
Theres Io Clothing H m j
I ilfo Salfc ninthinttir iliii SLi I
The Reason is as Plain as the Fact
Saks Clothing is mailc expressly and directly for Wsisliing
tonians made in our own workrooms with no other interest to
conflict The highest talent the best taste join with the toat
advanced methods in serving you exclusively
Where others are clamoring for Long cut Overcoats a nil try
ing to niakethe short ones do because they are dependent upon
li freachexous market weve the long Coats in abundance in
every sWle and fabric and size in every grade Our control of
production gives us selling power that is uncqualed
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The Greatest Values in Washington Today Will Be These
s Overcoats and Suits
Xo man has to be satisfied with what he can get here but gets here vvhat he wants From
maker to wearer is only one step and thats across our threshold
TX LACK and Blue Kersey and Grey Oxford
Mixed Cheviot Overcoats the latter
cut tue extreme length the former regular
box style Kerseys Serge lined and Oxfords
lined with wool They are regulation J10
Values Special today
A BOUT inOGrcy Oxford Mixed Ovccoats
Fancy Plaid Scotch Cheviots and Plain
Dlack Thibets cut long with full nack
and bell skirt with yoke and cuffs Pned
with high grade Italian cloth Hotter
than most 1250 Coats Special for to
AN extra big lot of extra fine Grey
Overcoats full of style and value
long cut full back with yoke back and
front cuffs and velvet collar by far the
best Coats ever offered at the price or
shown elsewhere under 15 Special for
MENiS Grey Green and Brown Oxford Mix
ed Plain Brown Kersey and Fancy Scotch Over
plaid Overcoats some with yokes back and front others
plain front and back with culls serial stitching self
ard velvet collars lined with Serge Ital
ian Cloth and Wool the popular lengths
and fullnesses Good J20 value every ono
of them Special for today
MEXS Fancy Cheviot Sack Suits in
cluding mixtures stripes and checks that
are very dressy and fashionable and all new and
slve cut In the most worn of the seasons
I styles Under ordinary circumstances such
Suits must sell for 10 and 1230 Special
for today i
TX IG assortment of Single breasted Sack
- Suits In plain and fancy Cheviots Casslmercs and
Oxford Mixtures somo military cut
others regular Sacks perfect Biting well
tailored and trimmed They ARE 1250
and 1350 Suit grades Snecial for to-
dav 7 - vi
IIOICE is offered of a line of Mens Winter
- Suits that includes Black and Blue Cheviot and
Thibets Armor Strength Ciieviots Oxfords and Fancy
Scotch effects that are Immensely fashion
able cut In the latest style and made in
the best Fit Reform manner AVe want
to guarantee you full 15 satisfaction Spe
cial for today
STRIKINGLY New and Nobby Fancy Chev
iots Plain Black Thibets and Winter weight Rus
sian Iiavy Serge Suits Single and Double
Breasted military and square cut if sav
Ing J on from 250 to 5 Is a bargain these
are barga ns Special for today
- long and extra full In back with man
nish bell skirt slash pockets Italian lining
and velvet collar Splendid Coat value for
5 all sizrs from 1 to 15 years Special for
1 Ever a New Story in Our Boys Clothing Store
A great business but not a phenomenal one for theres nothing phenomenal in greatest de
mand following greatest value Today wo ask you to inspect what is practically our fourth
stock edition this season Last weeks offerings are overwhelmed Being open to buy weve found
opportunity waiting at a half dozen of the leading makers who supply us under our direction and
dictation Thus the greater economy side is presented to prospective buyers of both Boys Suits
and Overcoats
rOUBLE - BREASTED Short Bants Suits in
Grey Check and Plain Blue Cheviots T I A
theyll fit ages from 7 to 13 years and are v 9 jl
J fully worthj50r Special lot for today
a iu
D OYS Reefers made in Blue Chinchilla and
OTfnril llrl f hnvlrtf IT 4 B ra
ed buttoning high In neck and small vel
vet collar warm and wearable sizes 3 to 8
years Worth 250 Special for today
XFORD Mixed Overcoats for boys from 4
- to 15 years cut the stylish length and fTL f
full back lined with durahle Italian KB 8
Cloth worth 150 Special for today hu93J
ROYS Oxford Grey Overcoats cut extra
n OYS Oxford Mixed Overcoats cut long
- and full also Fancy Scotch Cheviot
Overcoats with yoke both all v ool with
velvet collars slash pockets and strong
Italian lm us sizes 4 to 15 years Worth
G 0 Special for today
citra full back wide tell skirt very man
nish in elfect and the best made to sell
P All sizes 15 to 19 jears Special for to
ent Kid Button and I icc with solid soies
and extension edges Cuban and Military
heels 3 50 is tho value Spo
Eland turned Juliets in
Black Vicl Kid with patent leather tips
worth 130 Special
Sporting Goods
TV ENS Wool Sweaters in the lat-
IVI - est colors and styles Special
Skates with coiicit
rollers worth 1 a pair Special
Hunting Pants and Yests
strongly made and worth 150
PUNCHING Bags double end
good bladder Special
BOXING Gloves regulation size
and weight for set of 1 Gloves
Saks and Company
Pennsylvania Avenue and Seventh Street
VOFXG Mens Oxfo d Mixed Overcoats
with yoke buk and front eitra long
OYS Fleece lined Underwear both
Shirts aid Drawers sizes 26 to 31 best
the 33e Lnderwcar Each garment
Another Lot of Mens
Fine Shoes asS
S 750 1
They are all fresh from the makers bench and com
prise In the variety all the popular leathers Including
Vlci Kid Calf Enamel and Patent Leather Velour Calf
0lde Velvet and Russia Calf and In all the leading
shapes Single and Double Soles with plain and extension
edges Mango and plain heels rope stitched English back
stays stjles for dress and for street wear Sizes are
well assorted and with the values this gives us the most
Important Shoe special of the season 51 and 5 Shoes
for 215
COSMOPOLITAN is a favorite make of La
dies Shoos and we shall have a comnlete line of
sizes to oiler to lay in Box Calf Vicl Kid and Pat
195 1
ROn PAIRS of Boys Youths Misses
JJ J Child cni Button and Lace Shoes In
Kid Bo Chrome ax and Satin Calf
single and double loles all soimi leaiaer
througliouf newest shapes and guannteed
to wear Worth up to St a Mir Special
and t
Vicl X

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